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aw( ,r.os loixii;, no si
Knight of I'tlldas, meets r tcry Krl
(Inv night nt liulf-p.v t seicii, in Odd
Kelliitts' Hull. il.wtl kh k i
( haiii-cllor Commander.
AVW!. Ar.i:x.Mii;u ""'.,?,".
VHPis Independent Order ol O.M-1 H
Vmtfr' i, meet rtcry lliursdu) night
-rr"' ' , ,,.(., ,,.( m-ihi. In t ie r luil on
t oiumcrrlil iitcniic, lirlttcru I x lit ami "etciith
Stir-Is I" Kl.1T, N. tl.
f UIU :Nt AMI'MIAT, I (. O. 1'.. meets
I. u iidd-fellows' Mill tin (In- flirt mul llilnl
'liiu'tlav In etery iiinnlli, hi li-iir-Ktt iinm
.Ions II Itontxso-;, C. V
l A I III I. MM. I: . NO IV,, A V . A !M
llol.l it'ifiilur ci.iiiiiitriu atlom hi Ma-
milk Mill, cm hit (. oiuim-n l it nt t unc
nnil Eiuhtli stru t, on the "icond nud
lourui .Moiel i)- ot em u i 10 1 1 1 1
A. Unite).
Now Is your lime. You tun get licltcr
bargain than were over offered befora In
tlia line ol stove, tinware and hoii'e fur
hlililng goods, at A. Ilally', No. IKS ami
170 Washington live. 10-l2-il-I.il
I'rcsli .Siiiil.t .
Mr. 1. Kllzgi-rald haJu-t rcccltod mul
hai mi -.du.at lili sale- room :i larjro stock
of KuglMi ati, parti r, llcntie-iy tminly
imj wlne, si it il Ibpiors of nil kinds, which
lio will dispose of at reasonable pi lee,
i-o-ft-ss ir.
Si.liil Charles.
(tool shule rooms on the. upper lloor nt
the .ilnt Charles can r.o had, with board,
ut the wry low rate of i'JI per month. Two
hrf (ami y rooms, fronting on the Ohio
liter, can lie secured at anl flCO pi
month. Tlicin room, am double and very
desirable. lf
liooit Itiirunlns.
Uo, lor good bargain., at A. Halle'.
lit will sell at greatly reduced prices for
tin' next thirty day. No. It'., tin! 170
Washington avenue. liJ-U-Mtn
on I'ltnmiiK.
Mr. Winter Is btiy pulntlir; some large
poitmlts in oil. Wo are glad to sco the
people waklnx up to Hit appreciation of
true gen il'. A tine photograph of the Ili-r
ilr. Thayer, on exhibition, Is lift' lUclf.
I'ur Hoot and fdiocs ol any
tj If. quality or description go
lo vt in. i.inu-s on itiemieiii
street, or at No, lit Ohio I.cvrn. Hp guar
antee to each purchaser tbu Hock that he
elect, and manufacture!! lootJ Jtiill price
ringing from W 03 to PIS 03. Cuitouiers
troubled with, corns or Under feet, aie
guaranteed an cay fit, an boot arc titled to
the loot. In the absence of Mr. libit r, who
will superintend both hop, l'hlllip Jl.unch
will have charge of the I.ctcc shop and IM.
Kllzgerald Ilia shop on Twentieth -trect.
Thanking his patron for past favor In- so
licits a continuance of the sauif.
'' Lumber Ynrd.
Charles Lancaster and Newlou HIcc,
both well known to our iltlzfiin, mul
lo river men (jeiicrally, !i.t,o e
lablUbed a liiinber yard in Cairo, coiner of
Hxtfcntli itreet and Comincrclal uveiiue.
They will kceji every dcucrlpllon of bnll'l
lu mati'ilj) and ttcaiuboat ImiiLiT, doors
ah, li'.lnd', liiouldlii;4, ihlnc.s 'nth, etc.,
rtc., and arc determined to Hell lower than
lumber ha ever been to'd In Cairo. They
ollclt a fair trial from Meamhoat men tiud
builders and suaranree atif.ictIon In all
ear. SST-IO-Mf.
Cnlro IIiili'rprNi.
Sproat. 135 Ohio l.evee, j reeelviiiK Now
iiilesiuojiltr!" t verj moniln In bulk. He
li InaViii'f lili own ean and plckltij liU
own oyitern, Ibereby avoiding Hie exorbi
tant charei for tranHirtat.iiit, nud ItiMia
liled to furnl-li a better arll.di' at a b-K
lrlce than any other dealer. Patronize- :i
houiA iuitittitloii, and benefit your.elf.
AHcr Mil- I'lre.
I li.l have a few flrt-r'ai Wood and Coal
Cook stov'; nlo 1'arlor, Ofllccatid llox
llcntln Stoxe1.; Mttrar Kettle-, Oxeili,
SLIIlcU and I.ldnj AlrOnte MmtclOratcH
Chain l'uinps I.llt l'ltnips f:ovu-plpc,
Klbow4, itic, Sheet Iron, Tlu-plato, Co
per, etc. AIo a few drain and Gran
.Scythes, not injured by the tire. AM a
variety of other t;ood, which I am otlerltif,'
nt Iroin 55 ti 75 per cent, below cost. Call
Inim'-dlately If you want a bargain, a- I am
determined to e'oc out w.tbln ten diyn.
.N i. lu'l Commercial a cnuc.
m-li-OMOt. T. .1. Kkktii.
Don ii.
I) wn, ilowu they come tho prices of
tlow and tinware at A. Halle', No, lf;s
and 170 Vnbln,ton avenue. Jloatlni;
Hives at c ft. Hl-iu n-lm
Ncwly-tllteil, finely furullieil barber
bop by tlror'o .Stelnliou,o, corner Com
mercial avenue and Ki'Iitli utrcct. Year'
ol practice hive j;lvcn ,l,nl hand
that mikcii n tmiootli nbac delightful. All
who try him oneo will call again. All tlio
htc dally ii.ipora uro kept on bU tible for
the bencllt ol hii costomers, and there In
no tediom waltlngfor turm. II"
Kilty to Seventy-llvo dollnM jior mouth.
Afcnti wanted everywhere. Tcae'iois, la
dies, Kfift, etc., etc. No capital or out
lay required, feend '2) cents for pottic on
oiitut, to 1). C. Vi:i.ciimax,
tl Itviu Station. I'nlon County, Ohio,
Wliulliii; I'p.
All peron. knowing tlieiuclves to be
indebted to me arc respectfully icipiutcil
to pay up their accottuU by .lauuary 1, nt, 1
mil diblrous of wlcilliih' up my Ijiimiich as
Hoou as po-ilble, preparatory to in.tkln:,' a
new start. All account i unpaid by January
15th, will ha p'nccil In tho hamh of an
attorney tor collection. T. ,1. Kkiitii.
Iliilllinore Oj'NfrrN,
(ieorne l.ittncr cornerof Fourteenth and
AVushliiKton avenue, will fuiuUh heroalter,
nvcry day to hN patrons a No. 1 lunch, be
tween the hour of ten and twclre o'clock.
Vre.h Milwaukee beer und fragrant Havana
cigar to bo had at hU bar at all times
l'liilll qiictitloii lor Iiiii1iN.
Ilavo tlio routliu medlcliiM of tho proreK
tloti dono you no goodV Are you dlteoiir
nged and miserable? If to,tcst tho proper,
tics ot tho now vegetable Specific, Dr.
TKtts, already famous ub tho tlnent lnvlgor
ant, corrective and ulteratlvo thit has ever
iiAnn il,. i II, .lit niunpnllia mul nfirfntlh of
bllloua hubit .liould keep It wltlilti rcauli, If
tlivy value Ueultu anil ease.
THl'liSDAV, .TAXrAItY 7. 1375.
In tills city, yu'lcnlay, ol" lilp ilUeaso,
Albert, youiien miii of .Incoli mid Wll
Ik'IiiiIii.'i Wiilli'i-a. A .'pedal trulii will
leave I he loot of Kllilh nlm l thU iiller
nooti ul linll-iiuot 'J o'tloek, to fotivi-y tin'
iftnaliit to llwteli (irovi! reinelcry for In
Icriuciil. I'lIfttiU of llic family ntc In
vited to ultciiil tin; I'iiiiitiiI.
Ml" .M. 11. Leinoti, i-Ulir of.Mrs Dr.
Wllllani", leil ypteril;iv lor her lioinc nt
Mr. II. Mnxwell, ii ploinlncnl oil
inerclmnl ot St I.ouMiimlii fntini r ii'sl
iletit of tlil liiti, U i-toppliiiit tho St.
(.'liarlci for n lew tiny.
Hoi. .Silver hit been reappointed njji'iit
of tin SI. I.oitU mul Metiiplils packet
company, nl thU port, lie liu alio re
ii'lvnl (ho iippoliitiniiit of u-reiit
ol' liu KviucvlllG pneli l l oiniiaiiy. Sol.
ii wldo awuki, and u lieller man eoitlil
not have lieeii Rtjleideil lo rrcent llioe
cotiipiiiilffi lit Cairo.
KiiIkIiIn 'I'l'inplnr.
The follow In' I a lit of the oUIwi-m
tkcltil .Monday nlht by the Cairo ( dm
iiniuili'ry of Kul'lit 'IVtuplar, lor tin: eti
siilu' ypar: C. W. Diiiinln. Hnilitint
Coimuamler; .lewett Vilco.s. ietnnilU
.lino; I'. Y. Itarrlny, Captain (Joiu'ml:
II. Wnnlner, I'relate: V. II. Morris
S.iilor'arb'ii; K. C. I'm-.'. .Iittiior Vr
den; .liio. Antrim, 'rrca-itrcr; I'. Kor
meyer, lleciriler: II. K. l'niker. Standard
Hearer: Hen. I.. .MtUec, Sword liinrcr:
Clia. Wll-oii, Vanler.
Jail 1 1 cnn.
Dick Fitjrpralil, the corpulent ,'etit
who jux'-ldis over tin- county lionrdln
lioil-e. furnt-lli" II- tin follow In'.' Iipiim In
lizard lo hobd: Total iiiiiiiIht of
boanlcrs now on hand, of which
number 1 1 an oolonil and 15 are whlti'.i;
no females They are held on the follow
hi i-linroi : tnttrder. I; nuults 2; btir
.'I.iry and larivny, ; hatauiv, lansny.
A majority of tlwiu prol'i home religion.
iilKjciaHy anions lh eolortsl prUoiicrs
tlio I'reo-Wlll, Hani-Shell ami Straight
l!apti-tH, and MethodUu, predoiuhuitlii';.
ThU crowd will Im; thtiiiii.il out before the
court ndjoiinti,
l lrciill Conrl.
'I'h'. Knitid Jury ictiinicd ct;lit lnorc
liiiHeimi.iit-. two of which were :ipiln-t
Henry Snyder on the cliiirp; of larceny.
He plead guilty and wa M.-nteuci-il to tho
penitentiary for two yiitr. The third
wa. aalnt .lule-i An,,'erot,oii the eharge
of burglary and laneiiy. Hp aUo plead
rnllty and wn-, wiit up lor one year. This
belli;,' default day. a number of defaults
weie entered a.'uint artlc falllu,' to
put In an npifirancT. Wo csitiuot give
the names of the others Indleled ; Ilia
much m all tlio wiliie.-eN had not b(i ii
-ubpii'li.-ied, It w.li tin. light heft to with
hold publication.
Married, at Dojf Tooth I'lveiiict,
.lauuary tth, by N. Huti-aekcr. I.,
Mr.Ceo. ISyletoMr. Mary I'illow. The
couple are pciidiu- their honeymoon at
the St. Charles hotel. We tender them our
Iji-I lhe In tln ir iinluii.
t ;-ii. Si'Ott (.'lark, a r'-tdent of Ken
tucky. wn inarrleil lat lilglit fit the St.
Nicholas hotel. We could not learn the
inline of tin bride, .lude liro tied the
knot, and mine ho-t, Win. Wetzel, nive
them ii jomI miiiI-oII. Alter the cerc
tuony they, w It I ii few li lends. -t down
lo a table loaded wIlhoyMcrscoufcctioii
arie, cake, etc. They have Ihi- tuorn
lnfjlbr l'ocahouta-, Arkuiisu, their fu
ture lioiue.
The 4'oiiroi-li:i I'uneerl.
A good crow.H was In attendance at the
Concordia concert, notwith-tandln tho
('.xlrciuely cold weather. Ki-onherjr'
string hand was jirccnt and furnished
inu-lc forthoie who wl-hed to trip Hit
liflht liinla-tle, nnd the whole nll'ulr wa
one of tnoro than usual iileauri.. The
liroraunne eoiilted ofMnlniiniiil.iuo
In. and was no arranged tliat utter each
ct there wm a son1; by the society,
and In this way the dance, instead of lie-
Inj laborious n most dances are where
the programme, is a ton1,' otto and lisiiti
-iuut lie ned In order to get througli with
It, was a very pica-nut one. It being the
birthday id' Mr. Schle-inger, the society
presented hltn with a nU token of their
appreciation of his untiring en
ergy. Mr. Kit. Huclucr, proprietor of the
Haulers' hou-e, alo made Mr. Schles-
Inger a preM'iit of a IihIIhIocii bottle- of
Ithluu wine. Singing and daneing were
kept up until one o'clock, when the audi
ence dl-pofi-ed.
Itiillroml Miois.
A corrc-pomlcnt of The Sun, ill peak
lugol' the Cairo and St. l.oui Narrow
gauge railroad shop-, -ays: "Are there
no steps to bo taken to get tliein here'!1
Other cities are working to secure this
improvement, hut Cairo Is doing nothing
towards It. Waku up! you bu-int!.-.s
men and lax-payer; call a meeting of cit
izens; have, a committee appointed to fou
ler with the Trustees of tho Cairo City
Properly, ami tlio railroad company, and
not let KastSt. I.ouK Sparta or Mur-phy.-bnro
get ahead of you. Strive to get
an improvement here that will do our
clly more good than all tho railroad
coining into it put together." In answer
to tlii'M iuipilrics of the correspondent of
The Sun, we are glad to Inform him that
at n recent, meeting ol' tlio city council,
Mayor Wood appointed a committee of
three to confer with the directors of tlio
Cairo anil St. Louis road, and fee what
could ho done about lln) matter. As yet,
we have been unable to learn how well tho
committee have succeeded In their cH'orU
tobceuro theshops, hut woassuro The Sun
man that they will do all In their power
to bring them to tills city.
Fresh Multlmoro oybter.s received dally
and old by Phil. II, Simp. 600-H-2i-tf
Tlirlr I.nle lrrc iltilloli,.
Tupday morning, about 0 o'clock, two
colored gentlemen named Harris and
.lohnon, went Into the clothing store of
Mr. .lohti Antrim, on Ohio l.evee, to look
at hU (dock ol clothing. Han is te
(tte.lcd one of the clerks lo show him
some articles, for which In was obliged
logo to the rear end of the ro'ju. tV-
lowed by Harris .lohtt-on .-n t ii..'' in
the front of thestorc. While the en i K was
engaged with Harris, .lulnison nianaged
lo inake away with an overcoat that was
lying near, valued at twenty-two dollars
When llarrl thought his partner had
had Hiillleieiit time in w Id it to perform
his ta-k, he informed the clerk that he
did not c what he wanted, and the two
left the store, .loliti-ou taking the over
coat with lilin. 'I he clerk did not sti
iecl there was anything wrong wllh the
colored gentlemen, until Mr. Ike ll.irixll,
who had been nu eye witness of the
whole transaction, informed Chief Mc
Hale of tlio Hu ll, nud al-o the clerks
Chief .Mcllale went In -catch of hc
thief, mid succeeded In arresting him and
getting hack the coat, which was re
turned toils rlghllid owner.
On Monday night, .Mr. Chris Hatmy
wa robbed ol'a .suit of clothes consisting
ol coat, pants vet, ami overcoat, a while
shirt and several other article of value,
and we an informed by Sheriff Irvhi,
thnt.lohn-oii and Harris nreMi-pectcd of
being (he parties who committed the
crime. .Inhn-ou. il is -aid, hud two over
coat on, lie-Ides the one stolen from An
trim, when Chief Mcllale caught hint,
lie in powerful negro, over .six feet
high, and look- as If he was capable of
committing any crime.
Other jmrtl(s hne -uU'ercd recently
unm the depredations of thieve-, and we
take Ihi- meiliod of siege-ting to our
merchant- to kep n t-lmrp out look,
(.lull" a uiiuiIk'I' ol llght-llugei-cd gentry
lire around, nud thing- are liable to stick
to their lingers. The hero of Tuesday
morning'-oM rutliiiis 1-a bonnier nt the
Hotel do l'ilgi T.iM. and will there lt
malu until he I- tran-lcrtcil to ijuartcr- at
lame- Vlukle. who-e mind was
shuttered, and who wa- taken off the
steamer .lohn Kyle, Is still at the sheriffs
olllee. under the charge of a deputy
sherill. Mr. Winkle was on hi- way to
Xew Orleans with a lot ol' produce and
poultry. The ollleers noticed that Mr.
Winkle acted strangely, and Captain
Hutchln-ou, fearing that in would do
bodily injury to himself, called the atten
tion of Sherill" Irvin to id- ca-e, who
took bini to hN olllee for -afc kn-phig, un
til he could notify the iileniU of the un
fortunate man, who live at Hiawatha,
Kansas, and reo,uct them to conic and
take him home. II rcivivcd word from
them that some one would Ik sent to con
.oy him to his iiomea- soon n pos-lble.
Mr. Winkle had eight hundred dollars on
his pcr.-ou, and al-o x elus'k on the
llr-t national bank of Hiawatha forllftccu
huiiilnsl. He has been receiving medical
attendance at I lie bands of Dr. Dunning,
and there lias been some improvement in
ids condition -hire tin doctor took liiiu
In charge. It I-thought, by his conver
sation, that doine-tti- trouble- arc the
cause of hi- lu-aiilty.
A l.'cainl .'Ill-lent Treat Till- I'liliur.
A ptrlor concert will be held at the
nidence ot'l.'ev. C. A. dlllteri, n-ctorof
the Church of the i'ulcemer. Ibis even
ing, under the auspices of tin ladict ol
that church. The ladles who-e names
are on the programme given liolow, are
all highly acconipli-hcd In the art of mu
sic, and the concert will bo a great
mu-Ical treat, the niule selected being
the production of the mo-t noted coin-po-er-.
The-e concerts have been very
pleasant on every occa-ion, and this one,
there U every rea-on to believe, will bo
even more brilliant than any of the
former ones The ladies under who-e
control tho concerts are conducted, ex
tend a cordial Invitation lo all to he pre
cut. Helow we give the programme of
the evening's entertainment :
I'AHT KlltVI'.
1. The I.at I!oe of Summer, Wy
tnan Mls Annie Alvonl.
2. Solo Vocal, from Millard MU
Annie Pitcher.
II. Fiilling heaves, Muller-MUs Ale
rt Ida Carey.
I. Itedtatloit, The Whiskers Miss
Katie Alvord.
5. Darling, Solo from Millard Mrs
W. 1'. Wright.
(I. Mulligan fiuards Quadrille Mi-.-cs
Pitcher ami Hobblus
Heading I 'rot'. Alvord.
taut sr.coxn.
1. Miserere Trovatore, Clias, Vose
Mr-. H. h. llalllday.
-. The Ark, Hecitallon W. II. Mor
ris. :i. "Oh, iis fait as a Poet's Dreaming,"
l.ticrctia Ilorgla Mrs. .1. M. I.ansden.
I. hast Hope, t.olt-ehalk Ml-s Hen
nie Snyder.
5. "lly the Streamlet thro the
drove," llohemaln (ilrl, tiuattette, by
Mrs..l.M. hansden, .Miss Pitcher, Mr.
Morris and Mr. l'hlllis.
Concert to commence prccl-ely atS
o'clock-. Admis-lou, 25 cents.
The Hue piano used upon this occasion
Is kindly furnished by .Mr. Chandler Holt
hius, of tho Mti-io Ilazar, ou Conuner
elal avenue.
(leiieral Ilein.
The police Judges, like the rest of
mankind, complain of hard times.
There was not a single ca-e in cither
courts yesterday.
We mot Policeman Sliceliaii driving
a dray on tho levee, yesterday afternoon,
with a dead-drunk personage for
a passenger. lie emptied his
load at the McCarthy house, nud tho gent
will he brought hefpro the police court
litis morning to ho Interviewed by tlio
The services tt the Presbyterian
Church grow mom Interesting every
night. Owing to tlio cold weather the
crviccs were held In the lecture room
Monday and Tuesday evenings. Last
night It was found necessary to change
f'ttarter.s to the church. The proceed-
Ingmire very lnlcrellug, consisting of
prayers, singing, and a short sermon by
the pastor. The revival of Inst winter
was the offspring or these services.
The report set In circulation by neol-
oreil boy lal week, nbottt the hanging of
three Cairo boy.", Iielow Memphis, turns
out to ho n hoax. The father of one of
the parly has returned from the neigh
borhood of O-ccola, Arkansas, and ays
thallm left, them workliiganddolngwcll.
lie gives It ns Ids opinion that the colored
boy, being at enmity with the parly,
took tliW coure of revenge.
Iti-Klilni .Mcellnic ol He Council.
Cou.Nni.CiiA.Miir.it, l
( 'Aitto, III',, Jan. !, 1875 7:!i0 p.m.
Present Ili Honor Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen llalllday, Mcl'wcu,Mc(!auloy,
Mnlhuss, Simp, ThUtlewood and Walder,
utirniiTs ok crrv ornixus.
Itepnrti ot tho following named ol-
llcers were prc-cuted, and, ou motion of
Alderman McKwcn, approved and or
dered tiled, vl.: Of II. I llliikc, city
treasurer, for XovcmlxT and Deecmlicr;
of Police Mayl-trates Hross and .1. ,1.
Hlrd, for November, anil of D. McCarthy,
city Jailer, for December.
Alderman Wright appeared In Ids
UKi-ojtT or nu; fOMMimn: o mtkixts.
The cotninltlce ou streets to whom was
referred the iietlilon of (.'. hanca-ter,
.lanie. Carroll and others, rc(juellngthe
council to order the construction of a
sidewalk on Twenty-eighth street, be
tween Commercial avenue and hevce
street, reported the sum back, recom
mending that no action be taken thereon
without the e.prcs-lon of tho owners of
proMTty abutting on the proposed im
On motion of Alderman- Wright the
recommendation of the committee was
concurred In.
The same committee, lo whom was re
ferred the propo.-als of M. .Tonkins ino.
P. Allen and W. I". Kus-ell, for the con
struction and reconstruction of certain
sidewalks, reported the same back, re
commending that the contract for the
construction and ncont ruction of the
sidewalks named in said propo.-als he
awarded to M. .Icnkiu, at the llgures
named In his proposal, excepting such
portions of sidewalks, provi-ions for the
con-tructlon'or reponstiuctloti of which
have been made by the owners.
Ou motion of Alderman MeCiauley.the
recommendation of tlio committee was
concurred In, and the proper olllccr. were
instructed to execute a contract with said
Jenkins for the coii-truction and recon-
tructlon of.-ald sidewalks, hv the follow
ing vote:
Ayes-Halliday, Mathuss, MeKwcti,
McOauley, Sanp. ThUUowMlvVnbler
and Wright P.
iixanct. com mitt nr. itr.i'onT.
Tne 11 nance committee reported that
during the month of Xoveuiber, lS7 l.oity
i-crip to the amount of $205.00, and Inter-e-t
coupon- to tin amount of Sl.OI'O.OO,
had been paid and cancelled bv the treas
urer, and that during the mouth of De
cember, IS7I, city -crip to the amount of
$225.(K), and Interest coupon- to the
aiuount of $1.:HU.(HI, had been paid and
cancelled by the treasurer, and that they
had this day dc-troyul the -anie by
ttnt'oitr or t'OMMinm: ox roi.ici: ash
The comtnlttce on police and jail to
whom was referred the petition ofMrs.
mien McCarthy. reported that
titter ii careful Investigation,
they fully sustain the action
of the. mayor In revoking the license of
Mrs. McCarthy, but at the same time be
lieve that she was ignorant of the char
acter of the parties In her house while the
same was In charge of her barkeeper.
On motion of Alderman Saup -aid re
port was received and ordered Hied,
itr.rour or commute: ox nut: iuh'aut-
The committee on lire department re
ported that ou Investigation they Hud
that the amount required by the -cveral
lire companies to put the same In good
working order Is $1,500. Theyalso n
coininended that the sum of $15 00 be al
lowed the Hibernian Kiro company for
repairs on their largo engine.
On motion of Alderman Wright said
report was received and ordered tiled, and
Die recommendation of the committee, as
to tho allowance of $15 00 to the Hiber
nian Fire company, concurred In, by the
following vote :
Ayes Hallidnv, Miithus-, MeKwcu,
.McOauley, Saup, Thlstlewood, Walder
and Wright S.
Petition of K. W. llalllday, requesting
the council to grant him permls-ion to
construct a Hue of telegraph, from the
corner of Tenth street and Commercial
avenue, to a point on Tenth
street, In rear of hi- re-ldeiice, was pre
sented, and ou motion of Alderman
Wright, said request was granted.
Petition of the night police constables,
requesting the council to re-tore gas to
the city jail yard was presented, and on
motion ol Alderman llalllday, referred
to the committee on -trects, with Instruc
tions to take such action in the mailer as
they may deem necessary fur the best In
tel est of the city.
n i l.i.-..
The following bills for salaries were
preacnleil, and on motion of Alderman
MeOatlley allow ed, by the follow lug
Ayes llalllday, Malhttss. .McKwcn,
McOauley, Saup, Tlil-tlewood, Walder
and Wright tf.
Xays 0.
John Wood, mayor's salary for
December $100 00
W. K. Hawkins, clerk's salary for
December 100 (10
Win. Mcllale, marshal's salary for
December 1(1 I till M ( III t 100 00
D.J.Oalllgan, superlntcnilnnt of
streets, salary for December......
H. F, Jllake. treasurer's salary for
M. S. Cox, comptroller's al.ny
75 (HI
:a) on
nil icccinucr ,
A. Cain. John .Shechaii, J. C. hn
1 Inc. Win. Itrown. O. Mehner
and W. W. Woolen, police con
stables salary for December,
F. Hross, police magistrate' salary
for November '.,
J. J. Hlrd, police magistrate's sal
75 00
25 00
ary for November. 25 00
The following bills were presented and
road, and, on motion ot Alderman
Wrlghl, referred to Hie committee on
claims, viz:
It. II. Cunningham, rent of conn
ell chamber.
Obeiiyand Davis, publishing or
$20 00
umances, etc. to l-t
I). -McCarthy, dieting prisoner In
D. McCarthy, extra meals fur
nished prisoners
Cairo City (Ja cotnpanv. ga con
sumed In 87 street lump-In De
cember Thus. Fitzgerald, 2! duv' work
on lrcet" '.
P. Conlan, 25 days' work onstrects
W. Ojilnti, 2(1 day-' wort; ou drain-
J. 'Mitrphey, 20 days' work on
I), Foley, 25 day-' work on drain
age .1. Keating, ti days' work on drain
age J. -Martiel. U days' work on drain
age J. Sullivan, i! days' work oudrain
age .'
J, -McKimni, 5 days' work on
J. hane, t! days' work on drainage
D. McCarthy, 12 day- In charge of
chain gang
M. K. Power, hauling If! load,
sewer lumber.
:is 00
50 00
52 00
.VI 00
52 00
52 00
.V) 00
12 00
12 00
12 00
11 00
12 (10
21 00
H 00
20 25
0 (k)
Thomas Median, 7j days' -craping
with team
Thomas Median, hauling 17 load,
James 1'oss, 2 days' cleaning
streets with cart
M. Drl-eoll, 1 day' cleaning
streets with cart
Thomas Median, hauling valve for
James Power-, sharpening tools...
Cairo lliilletin Co., blank bonds
and two vear.s suh-crlptloii to
dallv P.iillelhi
2 Ml
:i 25
.'10 00
21 CO
8 00
13 00
2 25
I 13
t 10
John T. 1 Semite, 2 Inch rod and
steady bar for sewer ....
George Seldainer, 8 days' board
for .-mall pox patient and nurse..
J. Oiunin, 0 days' attendance on
small pox patient
James Jto-s, X ton coal for pest
house '.
(Jolil-tlne A: l!o-cnwater, 12 pairs
of blanket s for jail
Cairo Citv Coal Co., 1 ton coal for
police fieadquartcrs
James l!o;s. 1 ton coal for police
lames IJo-. 2 ton-of coal for Intl..
James Ho--, 2 tons coal for city
crtk s oiiicc
(!. W. Whltloek & Son. sundries..
Lancaster S: It lee, 'J thousand
-hlnglcs for Jail
F. Vincent, 1 barrel lltne for Jail..
Cairo Hox and lla-ket Cotnpanv,
7.2III feel lumber at $10
1 25 !
5 05
1 50
115 fiS
J. It. Cunningham, for hauling
small-pox patient to pe-t hou-e..
I!. F.l'arker. glazing I lights in
council chamber.
5 00
I 00
5 00
50 00
50 00
J. J. Anderson, repairing pump...
Juo. P. Hdy, o-tablishhig grade
uncommercial avenue.
Delta City Kin Coinnany. 1 quar
ter's allowance to .lauuary 1
lllliornlati Fire Company, I quar
ter's allowance to January 1
Arab Fire Coinnany, 1 quarter's
allowance to January 1
Hough and Keadv Fire Company,
1 quarter's allowance to Jan
uary 1
M. Sullivan, removing from limits
it dead cow
-M. Sullivan, hauling a drunken
man to jail
M. K. Powers, hauling a drunken
man tojail
S. Hradlcy, hauling a crazy man
to county jail !
Thomas McCabe, rciuovlugit dead
animals from city limits
i.iquon noxns.
50 00
50 00
2 50
1 (10
7 50
State and city liquor bonds of the fol
lowing named per-ons were pre-ented,
and, on motion approved and ordered
Wed, viz: John Tanner, Joint Sack-
berger, Chas, Weber, Henry hattuer, C.
O. Patler & Co. and Win. T. Scott. City
liquor bond of F.Sclieler, In tho sum of
$500, was presented, and on motion ap
proved and ordered Weil.
On motion of Alderman Thl-tlewood,
the council adjourned.
Will K. Hawkixs, City Clerk.
Goto WiNTnii's Oai.lkkv ami see lilt
specimens of photoraghlo art. Hall an
hour can be -pent very pleasantly In view
log some ot the well-known taccu of our citi
zens. -Mr. W. has on band n large stock ot
now and elegant frames, suitable lor hol
iday gifts, Pnotjgraphs lumle only upon
Friday and Saturdays, oxcepilng by spec
ial appointment. Gallery open every evening
for vl'ltor..
I'lieliilineil Wiilclies.
All Watches, Clocks nud Jewelry, that
havo been left with ine for repairs, on which
the caargus are uupald, will be tills day
left at the Jewelry store of Mr. II. Houpt,
on Washington avenue, and will at the end
of thirty days Iroin this date bo sold to pay
char,'es Hkuman Wim.i:ii.
Uaiko, Ills., December llth, 1871.
I'orl l.l-l.
Steamer Jim Flsk, Padticah.
l.llewild, Kviiusvllle.
" Charles Hodman, Xew Orleans
.Steamer Jim FIk, Paditcah.
' Idlewild, Kvansvllh.
(.'has. Hodinnn, Cincinnati.
" Mary Alice, Xew Orleans.
(iicat Itepubllc, Xew Orleans.
'liu river has fallen 12 Inches within
tho hist 21 hours, and Is still coiuhio; up
pout in:.us.
V( tiro intbrined by a eutlonmii who
itrrlved In this elly from i'.:xi Olrnrdeaii,
that thu river Is blocked nc that point.
Wo llud tho followltif sleaniers laid
up horn In what thu boatmen term the
"Horn-Yard," viz: City of Viekslmrfr,
Tom Jasper, Grand Tower, City of Al
ton, City of Chester, City of Helena.
I-ady f.co, Commonwealth, .loo Kinney,
,St. IJeiiovluve, Xelllo Peek, i'tid Ihni-
uocl; Clly.
If you want fresh oynten without pay
Ing for Hie can and .transportation, go to
SproatV, 115 Ohio Levee, .and get them by
tho pall full, freh every morning. 12-I-1
Ilnvlufghcn up my old stand on the
Invcc and taken Kcohlcr Ilroi shop, on
Hlghth street, I slnll ho prepared to aup
ply tho citizens of Cairo with the best
meat tho market afford", lieano call and
,CC ""J Plltt.. HOWAIUI.
do to Sproat's, 135 Ohio l.evee, and
get your oyt(rs by tho hundred or can
lreU every morning. la-t-tl
-Sproat, 135 Ohio Lcvce, It lurnbhlng
oyitois It. tho light "shape. Families can
bo supp led in any quantity fresh every
motmii','. f2-4-tf
.foe ItlCCker Is IIGW 111 Ollt nnntr.it nf
the Washington lukeij, and halng learn-
n inu wains 01 iuo piildlc, is prepared to
supply nn call n'l demands for French loaf,
llostou, llrown and Oraham bread, ami
ovcrylhlng (bo cnllnarlly lound In a nmt-
ctassiuk ry. lio inaintaliH a full stock ot
confectioneries, and can. as welt aa nnv
other dealer In tho city, till all orders In
mat tine, cakes baked, (rostcd or orna
incnted on short notice. Snccln lattcntlon
given to the orders of wedding or plcnlo
parties. n-12-tf.
Coyne's o)icr dciiot and restaurant.
Oysters In the shell and can.fresb ivcrv
day, at Phil Saup's old Hand, between
sixin aim seventh streets, Cairo, Illinois
A bank check, calling for a small amount.
The owner can have the same by cat, Ing on
Joint Tanner, comer ol Ws-hington ave
nue and Eleventh street. lu'M.5 lit
.Vol Ice.
Illinois. Ci-.ntiui. ICailiioah Co.,)
(II'MKIIAt, aoknt'i Okkick,
CAtito, January 4, 1S75. )
On and after this date, round trip tickets,
now limited to live days, will bo good for
30 days lrnm date of e.
James Johnson,
13J-U3t. General Agent.
NloeltliiildciV .HcctliiK.
Oskicb Caiiio.;- VtNCKNNKS It. It. Co.. 1
kw 1 ottK, Januiry 2, 1875 (
The annual meeting ol the stockholders
of the Cairo and Vlnccnnes ltalIro.nl com
pany will bp held at Cairo, Illinois, on
Wcdnoiday, January 27, 1575.
Koswki.i. Mii.lkk, Scc'y.
.Sin lie Tour rainlly lluppy
lly ordering tlio Paradise White Ash Coal,
Tho best lor grates, stoves or lor steam.
.Ml city dealers can supply you. 123-l-S-.1t
All Ordhmiice to protlile lor llic liny.
ineiii 01 cn.v iiiirresi-ocariiiir niir-riinl-i.
liu it onlniuiil by the City Council ef the ( Itv
of Cairo
SE.-riovl That for Ilie iuriM-e of jirov blliiic
fiirllicpuymi-ntor rily Interest isiiriiiKWHiraiits,
uii'l tlic luttrei'l thensin, llic city foiiiiilrollrr Is
lienby lnstructnl ami illn.-cti.il to ilm-)' In tils
"annual rsttiiiatc of moneys nrcr-vsry toil--fray
tlit? c.rnsva of the cnrisimtlnn" hi cncfi
ji-Hr for tlx- years 1S73, IsTB. and 1-77, nil
umuunt siilUckiit to pav oiir-thlnl, lis nt-nrly as
lie cnnc-lluuite, iiftfie jire-ent out-tanillni clly
lnlriTt Iw.irtiijr Wurranis mul ttip hitrrrst Itierr
nn, not Inrln.lliitr tho-c the pityint-nt of whtcll
U iitmuly proviilcil fur, In, anil by Itrni -l (li)
if S.sllull one (I), UnlimUK-v No. clKlily-cni
(SI), iiiii.nmil July isili, 1-71 I'rot lilist, Hint
In the Iut ol'llie .aid thns years His coin)troUer
olmll uttninle till iimuttt unlUf lent to pay the
then rvinulniU-r or satil tnti-re-l tjcnrtng wnrmnU,
unit tin- Interwt tlif rcon.
miction" -i 'I tie amount so vsllmatnl by thr
rnmptrnlk-r, shall be prnvlili-l for, mul Itirltitl
c.t In Hie iinmiul iiiiiniprl)itlnn bill, or Unit
nance rhrrucli jKirol tlie sulil thns1 J ears; nnd
the aiiioiuit so apiiroiiriuti-l aliall Is rollrrtisl In
tlie ffrnrml warrant lor each of the said tints-
Skitiov 3.
That Section three (3) of Onll-
iiunct-N'n , iiiipronsl July lsth, 1-71, Ix- anil
llic -suit-1 lieivfiy tvptiitiil.
mhtios I 'lliul M-ctioii four (4) of tlie
lii't iMiiii.il lliillnnnce (No HI) I ami thr Sams
is licichv nini'inliil, no its to mul us follows, to
wit .
It shall Ik- Hit ilnty nf the city titTUiircr,
vvliini-x vr the county collector of Alrxantli-r
coimly -hall pay oTt-r to htm city taxri fur the
utu- 1S7I, to :iii)Mrt ton -Ktci-n twrnty-ilftlis
(li-.-.'A) of llie amount, or uiununK,
o iiai'l orr, lictwccri the ilrnt, srcnnil, fourth,
llllli, tint I sixth, Itnns of appropriations In.-cc-tlttn
one (I) tif i-ui'l (Inlllliince Sn SI, in pro
purlieu tu the iiliKiunts ofniitil Items rr-pcctii el y (
unilllieiilni'twt-nly-linhs (li-'il), tmlaiireol the
nniiiiiut oriiniounts so silil mcr shall W placed
bv the tnaiiurr in the pencnil flunl.
'skctios fl All money. cotuiiiK Into the
hanilsot'the city trrasiirt-r for the pajnit-nt or
n-lfinptlon of city interest liearliiK nurrunts,
hhiill Is- pl.iceil by liim in a st-piimteanil ill-tlnct
mud, and the tu-asuivr shull payout tlicsame
oulr iiinn llic prc-pntatlon of said wiirrauts,
which ith.ill lie palil by him, with the interr-l
tlipiiKin. In the onlrruf thi-lr Isiuiuusi. hrzlu-
nlnj! witli the ohlc.it ilute ami m-iIih, unit the
toue-t iiuiiimt in men seru-s. I'roviutsi, uiui
If warrants art not inr-eiitft In theonlcr imintsl
lurclu. (lie trtii-urrr In hcrrby autliortzt-tlanil re
ipilrcd to retain looney In sutil funil sulllcient tu
ci est tin-nun, unit to udvcrtlse ami trite notice
In tuns- siircesslte .Liny l-i-iiesol tlieoinciai
nrw-naocr of the dir. I hut lie l nix-iiiirvit to nav
said tt'iirninU ami tlio Interest thereon, Kit Ing
the date, iiiiiiiIht, mill the inline of the rson to
ulioui UmimI, uiui Hint the lutriv-t then-oil trill
rcn-euui-r ten H.IV9 iroin llic uaieoi uic nmi
piihllcutlon or hSli notice; unit whi n such trnr
mills an thrrcattrr provided for payment, In-tcr-'t
shall only lit-ullowcilnml paid by tin-trcu-uitr
to the date of the e.plnitloii of talil
i-r.CTloir 0. All nnllnancea and parts of ordi
nances, luciinslHteiit wllh the provhlons of I his
onllnance, are hereby ivitiilod.
AliplOMil.Iuinuiry Sth, 1S75.
Attest Will K IltwKixs.Clty Clerk,
'l'iiiiiestlonolil.v llie best NinttiiliieU
ttorli orilieliliiil In I lie World."
The ever Increasing circulation of this
excellent monthly provoa Its continued
adaption to popular desires and need., In
deed, when we think Into how- many homes
It penetrates every month, tvo must eon-1
shier It as ono of tho educator as well as
entertainers of the public mind, foriu vast
popularity has been won by no appeal to
blupbl f rejudices or depraved tastes. llos
tou (ilobe.
The character which lids .Magazine pos.
ses-es for variety, enterprise, artistic wealth,
and lltcrarv culture thnt his kopt pace wllh,
if it has uo't led thu times, should cause its
conductors to regard It with lustltlablo com
placency. It also entitles lliem to a great
claim upon the public gratitude. The
Magaziuu has done good uud not evil all
tho da) a of Its life. Htooklyn ICagle.
Postage free to subscribers In tho United
Harpor'a Magazine, ono year, ...f I 00
1 00 Includes prepayment of U, 8, post-
ago by tho publishers.
tjUliscripuons to uarpers magazine,
Weekly, or llazar, to ono addres- for ono
year, $10 CO; or two of Harper's periodi
cals, to ono addres for one year, ?7 00;
postage Iree.
An extra eanv ot elthor tho Macazinc.
"Weekly or llaar will bo tupplled gratis for
over) elliu oi uvo suusuriuera at ou cucu,
In one remlttince; or tlx copies lor f 40 00,
without exiru eonv: nostai'0 Iree.
Hack" numbers Van bo supplied at any
A complete set of Harper's Magazine,
now eoinurliinijr 4(1 volumes. In neat cloth
binding, will bo bent by express, freight at
thu oxpciuo of purchaser, for ti 2ii per
volume Slnglo volumes, by mall, postpaid,
S3 00. Clotn eases, for binding, 68 cents,
by mall, postpaid.
rrr-r-"Joo;iinn.ira nr not to COOT till! Id'
vcrtlsemont without the cxprcsa ordtn of
UArd,ureH,ur& N.Y.
Klour, acconllnic to grade-
Com, m in, Mrkfil .,
'- -S.4T8U
l'.",rj CI" .. 77i7i
'Hll, iniXtl . ......... tZmll
limn, Kr lo. $aa65
J i. Memo itrlnl . .J.. MM
In .r, rholffl Northern roll .....J..:... MJ!
"'''t cholr Northern roll
llntti r, cho n Southern Illinois
r.irgs, iriloien.... ...
i,. i '"' l"'lown t i
Turk. . 1 JZ, :. ;'.'
iu i.T.if. ',l...i'"Vu M..-.-a 00010 oo
'Vu'ulZ' Si! 'r lM.rr1 T W Ml 28
.i i 'T l tl gr! no
On on.. Mr barrrl ZZ "Z IW !S
Onions, per lrnm
Iliicktvlimt flour
lire nour
0 90
17 J
lortlon of thr amount secumt to. Tb paid by a
rtrtalii MortiraKeexecuteit by MlehaeTsgoti to
."amiiij sitaats Taylor and KiWln Parson-.: Troi
.U.,ie 'f? f"y 1'ropertr. dated October
ou. ic-.t, rrconim in me KecnnJer'a Offlee, la
an-l for AleAaniler county, la the Stat of Illi
nois. In book "M" nfilm i.t1oi .1.
thn Htxln l-.l . I . t t . ' .it. .', ' . 1
,1.- .. V.," '! - . imirm, win on ctaiur
tiny, the (iih day ofJanuary, next, A, D I87S, at
IU o clock In the forenoon of that day, under and
M vlrtueofthe power nfaale conufn-d In aaid
. .'CT' "J1 M ("ubllc Auction, to the high
t bhliler, for cash, at the office building or
viXi "'ViT". """'"orVMhlngton Atenueanit
Kiihteenth street, In talil CltrofCalro, lnAlex
amler coitnty ami .HUt nt lUfnnU. all th right,
title and tntcreit of said Michael Sgottorhla M
;if'"i In and to loU numliered ft (Ore) and 8
(six) In block numbeml Vl (nlnety-two) la Uw
t im Aititttlon to aald Clly of Cairo, atcordln
to the rrconleil plat thereof, -with the armurten
aiir4, to ratUfy the rurponta and condition of
aaid Mortgage. A. STAAT.i TAYI.OU.
. , .Tr"""' he Cairo City 1'roptrty.
Dated, Cnlro, III , Deceralier llth, 1874.
Is hereby git en that default haThig'been mad
lor more than tlxty ilaya In Uis payment of a
imrtion r.f the amount eecurtd to be paid by a
certain Mortgage executed by Thomas O'llara to
Samuel htaau Taylor ami Kdtrla Tanona, Trua
tee; of the Cairo City I'mperty, dated OctoUr
16th, I MM, recorded In the Ueronler'a Office, la
ami fur Alexander county, In the Stat of Ill
inois, In book "SI" nfdeeda, page 200, ate, w,
the undersigned, said Trustee, will, on Satur
day, llie th day ofJanuary next, A, I). 1IJ75, at
lo o'clock in the forenoon of that day, under and
hv virtue of the power of sale contained la aald
Mortgage, sell, at Public Auction, to the hlgntat
btililrr, for aasli, at the office building of aald
Trmtces, corner of Washington aranu and
t.lghtrcnth street, In said City of Cairo, In Al
exander county and State of llllnolt , all the
right, title ami intrrvit or aald Thomaa O'llara
or his asslgna. In and to lot numbered J7 (twtn-ty-ren),
In block numbeml 4A (torty-aix) la
the Kind Adilltlon to said City of Cairo, accord
ing to the recorded plat thereof, with the ap
purtenances, to satisfy the purpoea and condi
tion of said Mortgage.
Trustees of the Cairo City Property.
Dated, Cairo, III , December 14th, 1874.
Not Ire
I hereby git en that default baring been made
forinort than sixty days In the payment of a
portion of the amount Mvurril ti W pahl by a
cirlnln Mortgage e.xccutctl by Henry Dunkrr
to Samuel Miwts Tavlor and Kdwln I'arsoni.
Trii-ttr., nf the Cairo Cltv I'mperty, dated
Aiuu-t !Mh, ltv, rcconlcif In the ltecorder'a
Olllre, ill nml for Alexan.ltr county. In th
Male of Illinois, in book 1" ofdreils, page
111) . We, the under Igncd, said Truateea,
will mi S.itimtjy, tlie lull day of January next,
A. D l7ft, at iu o'clock In the forenoon of that
d-ty, timter uml by virtue of the power of sale
contained in -aid Mortgage, sell, at l'liblic Aue
tlon, to the htKhet hMiltr, for rasb.at the of
lice building of -aid Trustt-vi, corner of Waab
liigtnn Atenue nml Eighteenth atrrrt. In aald
I lly of Cnlro, In Alexander county and state of
Illlnos, all the right, title and Interest or aald
Henry Dunkrr or hi, uanlgns, in and to lot
nuials-ritl 17 (seventeen), nnd 18 (eighteen) la
block numbered 'Jl (twenty-one) , In the Fourta
tidilltloii to said city of Cairo, arcordlng to the
recorded plat thereof, wltti the appurtenance, to
satisfy the purpose, and condition of satd Uort
Trusleca or the Cairo City I'mperty.
Dated, Cairo, 111., December 14Ui, 1874.
I hereby glren that default haying been mad
for more than alxty days in the payment of a
portion of the amount aecurad to be paid by a
certain Mortgage executed by Itcbecca J. Clo
to Samuel SluaU Tajlor und Edwin I'ariona,
Trustees of the Cairo City l'roperty, dated Martlj
3lth, IsT'-'i reconlisl lu th ltecorder'a office, la
and far Alexander county, In the Stateof Illi
nois, in Hook "4" of deetU, pare 617, we, the
undersigned, aald Truateea, will, on Saturday,
the Hth clay of January next, A. I. 1875, at 10
o'clock In the forenoon nf that day, under and
br virtue of the power of sale contained la aald
Mortgage, sell, at Public Auction, to the hlgaeat
bidder, for cash , at the office building of said
Trusters, corner of Washington Avenue and
Eighteenth airret, In aald CltrofCalro, In Alex
ander county and State of Illinois, all the right,
title und interest of aaltl Itcbecca J, Cloie or her
assigns, in and to lota numbered 1 (one) , 2 (two) ,
a (three). 4 (four), ft (Hie), tt (tlx), 7 (cvrn), 8
(eight) , U (nine) , hi block numbeml 88 (eighty
eight) In the First adilltlon to the aald city of
Cairo, according to the recorded plat thereof,
with the appurtenance:), to satiafy the purpose
and condition of aald Mortgage.
Trustees of the Cairo City l'roperty,
Dated, Cairo 111. December 14th 1871.
Is hereby given that default having been mad
for more than alxty itaya In th
payment of n portion of the amount
secured to lie paid by a certain Mortgage
executed by William Flttpatrlck. to Saruue.
Staats Taylor and Edwin Parsons, Truiteeaof
the Culm City Property, dated February 27th,
lst, recorded In the ltecorder'a Office, In and
for Alexander county, In the Stat or llllnoli,
In Hook "I"' of deels,puge 3d, we, the under
nlgucd, said Trustees, will, on Saturday, th
'Jlh day of January next, A. D. 1875, at 10
o'clock lu tlie forenoon of that day. tinder and
by virtue of the nwrr of sale contained In aald
Sfortgagr, sell, at Public Auction, to th high
eat bidder, for ciuh, at the office building of
aid Truntt-ea, comi-rof Washington Aveuue and
Eighteenth street, In said City of Cairo, in Al
exander county and Mate of Illinois, all th
right, title unit Interest of aald William flu
imtrick or his assigns. In and to lot numberel 5
(tire). In block numbered 1 (one) In the Second
Addition to said City of Cairo, according to th
rrconlnl plat thereof, with the appurtenanc,
to satiify the purposes and condition of aald
Mortgage. S. STAATS TAYI.Olt,
Truileea of th Cairo City l'roperty.
Dated, Cairo, 111., December 14th, 1871.
Is hurt-by given that default having been mad
for more than sixty days In the payment of a
portion of the amount sitiii I to be, paid by a
certain Mortgage executed by Wm. Cassm to
Samuel Moats Tutlor and Edwin Parsons, TruJ
tiYSofllie Cairo City l'roperty, tutted May llth,
lwii. rtvordeil In the Ktrordrr'a office, fn and
for Alexander county, lu the Slate of Illinois. In
Honk "I" of deeds, page 1H0, we, the under
signed, said Trustees, will, on Saturday, th
Dili day of January next, A. D. 1873, at 10
o'clock In the Ininioonnr that day, under and by
virtue of the iMitter of wile contained In said
Mortgage, sell, al public, auction, to the hlf hMt
bidder, for cash, ut the olllee building of said
Kk-himoh tie,l. iii sa lil rltvofCalro. InAIsx-
anilirciiiiiilr ami Mate of Illinois, all th right,
tilluiiml hitcu-d of said Win. Cassln or hl aa
slgiia, in nml to lot mimUeieiUJ (thirty-two) la
IllnCk nillUIH'IVU -I livteill-imr, in nv suu.w
Addition lo Mild cltv of ( aim. according to th
nvonleil plat thereof, with th appurUnanra.
to siitbfy the put poes and condition of aald
' a kill TU T-4Vtftlf
Tnittss of 111 Cairo City Property.
Datwl Cairo, 111., Pwi, Itth, 1874. ia-M-ld
Normal University.
inere win ue u oi.imi,...j w- " , r- ,
enter the Unltrraltv. Immediately after IU hoi-
1 Holiday, Jeuauarx tth, 1T.
'luitlan Is nut to all who are tent by County
Suiwrlntrndciits, Su)rvlsora, Judge or by
ItepresenUtlT uuirici. to aucii, m i..ciucui
fee of Two Doltara la charged per Urro, accord
ing to tho SUtut.
To other tuition la the NomaJ.Datt I
M .00 per term 1 In the I'r-pa'H.OTS Oepartmsat
ta.uo,' and In the Primary or Model Depart
ment v.sv r
Th InalrnctlAra la Tkovoaali.
and etnbracea Writing, tirawln. Slag Inr, Cal
isthenics und Elocution, lu addition to all th
and Ureek, Higher MathemaUca, Chemistry uA
V Ooo?oJril can be bad at reasonable prlc
60 to Hi. 00 per ww-k, .
Tlie SnrlnK Term wUl ovtu $??ii7,Unn
13th, 1073. J.VMES nOUAHW. M D.

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