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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, January 09, 1875, Image 3

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ahi.ai.on i.oixii:, so m
1' M Klilfflilnof I'JIhlas, lim l ever) I'll-
IVi?VtJ llnj lll'll Hi li:lHHIt M'll'll, III Odd"
vSKZy Fellows' Hill HAiil.l" si tin.
' ( li. nil I'll r l niiiinamli r.
iy AI.KANIU:ll I.OIKiK, NO. iH
lllilflrt'llilrlll n "i ii'
Iu ", meets over) Tliursili) night
III ll lll-wt"l M'tt Hi in nit ii iihiiiiii
iillilili ti-'al atcinii'. 11 tt i in ltll Mini Seventh
Utetl. I- h Kr.iT, N. li
1 WW! l:l MP.m'!N"I', I O. O. P., limit
V in Oilil-tvllmvn' Hull mi tin- ilrstnnd tldnl
'Inr-dst In i i ri iiinuth, nt half-pa-l .even
i.... ii ii. ........... i- ii
run", li lit 1 1 1 f . i
t limit iiiii in im It it Ml
J t llllir,.wiM,........t,,i I ivn i'i
w,V-. Hold irguhir cniiiiiiiinlitillnii In Ms-
7A otiii' Mill, turner l.oiuliu iclil nvemic
' il eighth -.11111, mi tlio second uinl
I'ipiiiIIi .Moiiil.iv i,l i-,ii li iitonlli.
A. Ilnlli j.
Now I-your llmi:. Ynd can get belter
bargnlns tlitn wore ever olTcrod before In
th line ul stove, tinware ami home fur.
lil'hlng goods, nt A. Halle)'", No. KM ami
171 VkIiIii;Ihii nve. 10-1 Ml-1 mi
IVesli Hnplllj .
Mr. I'. I iigerald has Jui leeched ami
ha mi alc .it lilt snlc loom it large lurk
of llngll-h air, porter, Hemic)' brandy
mill wine", nii-l llijiKirt of nil Mini", which
ho will dispose of at reasonable prices.
I.nlnl ('buries,
(tool lii'. Ir rooms on the upper floor at
tin saint ('hallos can I chad, w ith board,
at (lie very low rate of '!) per month.
'noil llni'Knlna.
llo, for good bargains, tit A. Italic)'.
Hi! will sell at greatly reduced prlrcs for
tin- m-xt thirty day. No. Ids ami 170
VA'ashhigtou avenue. 10-12-Mm
4I I'ltlllllllKH.
Mr. Winter Ii limy pallida;; omo large
portrait In oil. Wo are glad to nee tbo
people waking up to tlic apprerlatloii of
truo grn H". A line photograph of tbo Itcv
Mr. Thiyer, on exhibition, l life Itit-lf.
I "or Hoots ami Shoe" id any
stylo, fpiallty or description o
to Win. Killers on TwentUih
street, or at No. Kl Ohio Lev cc. lie guar
antees to each purelia'cr the Mock ih.it ho
selects, uml manufacture" boot" nt allpricc"
ringing from X 03 to 1.1 01. OHtomers
trotiMcil with co mil or tender feet, arc
guaranteed nn eay fit, as boot! are btted to
I tic loot. In the absence, of Mr. Khlcr, who
will -upei intend Imtli "hops, 1'lillllp llaugh
will have charge of the I.oveo "hop ami IM.
ritzgcrnlil tlio -Imp on 'J'iv cnticth street.
Thanking hlii patrons fur pat favors lie m-
licit a eontlmi.inrc of the aim.
JS .JM2-ir,.u
.N'evi l.iinilirr I'm it.
Charles I-ancatcr ami Newton Jllce,
both well known to our citlen', ami
to liver men generally, have es
tablished n lumber yartl In Cairo, corner of
sixteenth street and ('oinmei'elal nvemie.
They will keep e cry IeerlptIon of build
In,' mairri.nl ami rtcainUo.it Ininbi r, duor,
vi!i, blind", moulillns, uhlnle", lath, etc.,
U-., ami aro ilotrnnlm-J to mH lower than
lumber hai ever been io d In Calm. They
ollrlt n fair trixl from xteamboat men and
builder.", ami K'laranici- ntlifacllim In all
ia-e. 3710-27-tr.
fntrtt i:nlerirlse.
Sprnat, 1.15 Ohio Lovee, li rei-eixlng Now
'ileani oyilen every morning In bulk. He
-i making U own ean- ami parkin; hi"
own oy.en, thereby avoid ng the exorbi
tant elurgc" for trniiportat'on, ami U ena
bled lo fiirnMi a better altlole at .1 le
prlee than any other dealer, l'atnuile a
humn lii'tltutloii, ami lie tie 111 yriur-Vlf.
Alter Hie I'lrr.
1 ell. I havu n few llrti-la-H Wood and Coal
t'ook .-tovei-; al-o l'arlor, Oilleo and llo.v
Heating stove; Sugar Kettle'', Oveni,
Mkllletn ami I.M-);.lr(Sr4tei Mantel Orate"
Chain l'uiiipi, I.llt l'ump", Mo c-jilpe,
Klbown, Zinc, ,Hhcct Iron. Tin-plate, Cop
jicr, etc. AHo it fow drain and Orans
Se thee, not Injured by the tire. Alo n
variety of other good", which I am ntlerlng
nMiom'J.'i to "riper cent, below eo-t. Call
Immediately H you want a bargain, an 1 am
determined to e'o-e out wllliln ten iby..
No. Commtrebd avenue.
123 li-3I-10l. T. .1. Kkiiiii.
IlllU II.
D.wii, down they come tlio prlosn of
dove ml tinware at A- llnlley's. No. MS
and 170 Watliluslon avenue. Heating
Haven at c nt. 1IM2-Im
Ncwly-ntteil, finely furnUlicd barber
bop by (leorgo t'telnhouo, corner Com
niiirelal avciiuo and Klghth Htrect. Yearn
ol pract'eo havo given him a light hand
tint mikei! a Mnooth Hbuvu ilclUlilfnl. All
who try him once will call again. All the
lain dully p-ipom are kept on hl tiblo llr
the benefit nl lui e.oHoniLT.H, mid there l
no tedlom waiting for turns. tf
Willi led.
Kllly to Seventy-live dolluM per month.
Agent" wanted evcrywheii!. Tcae'iois la
iIIph, genu, fctc , etc. No capital or nut
lay reipilrcil. tend 'ii rents for po-Ugo on
outM. to 1. C. Wki.ciiman",
tl Irvln Slfttlnn. I'nlon County, Ohio.
WIiiiIIiik: l'i.
Ml pernsr.i knowing thcin-elvci to tie
tmK'Wed to mo are ratnectfully ivque-itf il
topaj' up thelr'aceounti. by .lanunry 1, as I
am dcblroui of winding up my Iiumiicm as
noon ns poillile, prcpnratory to making a
nuvvMart. AH aceiiunu unpaid by.lanuary
Mtli, will bo placed In tlio haiuN of an
attorney for collection. T. .1. Iviunit.
i'jt-12 ni-iot
rneliilineil M'iiIcIicm.
All Watches, Clocks and .lowelry, that
havo been loft with inn for repair", on which
the caargos aro unpaid, wilt be tills day
loft at thojowelry Htoro of Mr. II. Houpt,
on Washington avenue, and will at tho end
of thirty dayx irom this dutu ho sold to pay
har,'e. H human W'U.i.i:!!.
CAtito, Ills., December nth, 1871.
1II..I.I iklLIMlllltl Itll lllllllltltl.
Havo tho roullns mcdlclnoi of tho profeK
Kloudonoyounogoody Aro you dleour.
ngod and miserable)1 ir ro.tctt tno proper
tlos ot tho now vcgctablo Specllie, Dr.
thus, already famous as tho tlnest Invlgor
unt. corrcctlvo nnd altoratlvo tint lm over
Nnnn thn II, -lit. IHannnllea nml nprions of
bilious habit should keep It within reach, If
iiiey value honitii ana ante.
QJItc tili.cfin.
Mrn.teil ni'Kloleii.
A Willie M'lter , with leliinu rnlnri'il
liaek nml -iiiy. Any one Itlu Itilurimi
llmi (ifllic liit will bflllMinllyrewiirileil.
I -d-1 1. I'our.iir Siviii,
I'ln.Vliil llarlt ".
Two polnri'il incii, coiiIIiumI In Hie
I'oiinlyjiill, vvlin mi' nl ttphivDil ilpol
Hon, iM'-iiino lonely 'I'lmr-ilay nlU'i iinoii,
nml. knnwlii nf niK.t Iht luoileofiitiiu-i--inent,
Im'iii wri'-lllnx :iml throwing
tui'li oilier iiljiiiit Hie cell, 'J lmy kept
llil up until mil' lluvw the otlu r nnliil
u "l.inil upon whleh nicwnli't jiltclit'r wm
lilnceil, knoeklii-; llm i'iii'llieriiilU'licroll.
One nl Hie iieyiiH'i Niw Hie pltelier trt
Id Call, uml (liliil'in-r ho could mve It frolii
bi'i-okliijf, tried lo mleh II, nml In u ilo
lrir Hie Jiltelier ii" lirnl.eu, nml one of
the piece ftliil.ln' the nero on the writ,
.eyenil 1 tic main urtcry oftlie iiriu. The
lilooil lloueil freely, but nolliliiv win
llimiglit of ll. Inil when the nc;ro be-rnti
to yiow weuk, lie pl m-iiiinI mid mlleil
lor !Hlliinee. Sherlll" Irvln win eoenl
lirinil, ami In company with .tailor I'll.
frcniM, they worked with Hie iinliteky
il.irl.ey until they gotUr ll-w of blood
fttoppl, which vviih no tity thlnjr. It
keejilntlieiu Iiikv until a lute hour nt
I. I.. V llllillll-i. Uenllsl,
will coiitliim; to npursti! fur the ilU!etvut
K'hool",cxelulvi'ly. on ineli uml every
Satunlay. Wt-'Jt
A V.i-;r:iiit.
.John Mine, a eolorcil geiitlennii, who
Im been lmui-;iiig about town Tor f-otni
time, ilolu nothing- Hint would liulii-ntc
that lie hml liny h gillinal" iihiiii of ii
port, vvii" nrn-'lul by lllleer llrown v
terilny, ami taken iMdore .Imlge l!ni" on
a eharjjt.' of vagrancy. Mine" is a roxuMi
lookiui; Individual, twenty-two or twin-ty-threo
yeairi' ofnfe. with a inu-i of vviki!
on hi" Imnd. mid a fneitni bhu-k a" He
arc of jhuIim. Ili.'liai Imi'ii lio.irdiii'
with a colon-! woiiuui iihiikiI .Motile
llrooks tuif liU Mijouni in this city, ami
Molilo. titllleil in John's iHvor, but her
tcsilinony wa". of no avail, the .lud-re a"
'"ln,f a line of tlrty dollar ami uot
aaiu-it him. .loliu cxplatueil to UN Hon
or that ho did not have tin money, hut
thought if he vva. ivon a Uiy of execu
tion, he could procure a sulllcieiit
amount of the nece"nry wheruwitli to
carry him out of town, ami If, in cu-e In;
was notable to gut money, he would take
up lilt journey on foot. The .Judge lu
forimil him that he had not the power to
give him a May ; that lie niit-t apply to
the city attorney. ThN Hie colored muii
did, ami. after con-idering the matter,
Attorney Webb came to the eoin.'lii'Ioii
that it would be policy to get him out of
town, rather than board him for thirty
day; at the c.vpeiMM nf thecity. Accord
ingly, he wa given ten hour, In wliloli
Him: lie wa- to make his exit from f'ttfini.
or, lie wa- informed by Olllecr sliccluui.
he would lie put lip.
1'or Stile.
A young hor-e 4 ytiar old ht May
worki flugle or douh!1.; will be o!d ou (!
months' time nolo ntlOper ccnUaml good
ei urlty. Apply at Tun IIu.i.stin otllee.
I'rlilny Jiinunr.v lllli. IHT.",.
The grand jury returned into court,
three indictment" for larceny, one for
burglary uml lanvtiy. one for gambling,
one for robbery, ami one for an aault
with a deadly weapon,
.loliu Kcnily on a plea of guilty to
the larccnyof a watch and Mime, money
from a friend, was liivilcil by the court to
pcnil eighteen niontli" in the Statu
Hou- at .Inliet. The Invitation being
extended to him in all sliircrlty ami car-
uc-tne-", though somewhat lacking in
cordiality, John accepted, aud will In a
day or two, lu tliuuoinpany of .Mr. Irvln
and other-, hasten to fulfill hi". engage
Three of the parties indicted were
brought Into court and pleaded not guilty,
two of whom were heid for trial, and the
oilier gave ball for liU appearance next
week. Another one entered his appear
ance, and wa-i relca-ed on hall, to await
his trial next week, w hen the traverse
jury will be impauneleil.aml the fate of a
number ol Dick I'ltgnrald'-? spirits will
lie decided by their peers.
As the liit week U feet apart for the
M'tlllng of pleadings Hie trial nf Milts will
not begin until next week.
Notice is hereby given, to all those who aro
Indebted to Wall Jc Knt, that tho ImlslncM re
l.itlu; to tho llrm uuM bo settled by tlio 13th
ol this month. 1I.mi.mov II. Itt.Aoit,
lin-l-n.-if. Attorney lor G.T. Wall.
At my wile roonii', No. Ill ('omiunr-
elal avenue, this Saturday night; a large
asfiorliiK'iit of hoot-!, .-hoes, dry go-nK
notions and clothing. l!cgukirnde every
.Saturday nlglit.
I.ons II. .Mvimf, Aueiloueer.
Africa vs. Clilnii.
A war U biewlug In thi-: city
Afrloa Is advancing slowly hut surely
upon China. Wall Lung, a 'hlnaiuaii
hailing from San Kranclsco, came to this
city a week ago, and, after Inquiring Into
the liiislness of walilng, and tlndinglhat
none of his countrymen had found their
way here, lie determined to start a laun
dry. He went to work nt once, rented a
room near thel. anil V. depot, on Com
mercial avenue, had tickets with his
prices printed, aud commenced opera
tion?. Wall I.ung, no doubt, Is n shrewd
gentleman, and may have calculated right
ly when he eanm lo the conclusion that ho
could have things all his own way In tho
laundry business, hut lie 1ms a conipotltor
lu the person of Mrs. I.ctHe Coleman, who
will make thing- lively for him,
or we am nmcli mistaken.
When Mrs. Coleman heard how Wall
Lung was trying to get up a corner on
w.i-hing, he rcolvc(l to put a Mop i-i
h(- little game, nml break up lil would
hi monopoly. She has go, ie to work to
nccoinplUli her ilctcrmluntinii by pub-ll-hlug
a ticket Just like W.ih l.u'iu-s in
iippcnrami. but by eomp.iiiug the two It
will al onii'lic-un that there is a vast
dlll'erenee In them. Tor a gentleman'
white shlit and collar. Mr.. Coleimm
charges ten cents; while Wdi I.ung
charges llllecii cent" for wam .. ildrl
anil live cent" for a collar, Thus
it will be ceii that the heathen Chi
nee demand" double Hie priii- akcd
Ihe Afrienn, for Hie -ame amount of
labor, and ilc no heller work. Thi"
will not do: if Wall I.ung expects to
win the victory, he must come down.
.Mi . Coleniati' population as a laumlre""
U well establlhel In ( iilro. wlille Wall
I.ung is an cnlii.' ..iningir. lie inii-t
come down or lie u n goner. And then
Mw, ('oh man niheitUei in Tun Hi (.Mi
nx, nml Wait l.iuigilfM'snol. This alone
is enoiigli to fxpiush lilni. nml if
Hn.'ie is nny Imnine"" In him
he ought io know it. The vvtir has not
yet hi en lliniigiliateit, .but when It does
liur-l forth the battle will lie a stunner to
I hlim, while Africa will stand l"i lh 111
umphmil. TVollre.
It t.i.voi.s Ckxtiiai. I!. It. Company,
Oiixhiiai. Aokvi's omrf,
Cairo, .Inuunry 0, ls7fi.
On ami alter the date of thi" notice, I
will wlili'iut regard to utlouaIlty,iige, le,
color, invvlous or protelit i-oinllllou, prn
cent) 'o the full extent oftlie law, any and
a 1 l'ctoils who in ay be detce'.ed In robbing
thn Moid; pat s of this c'.mfany In Cairo, of
Iced of any Mi d, r who In any way inter
fere vrlth Mock while in pose"lon el tbl
oompaii) "Ueli a oinliig the gat?i of Hie
pen, racing olm-k arouid, throw log Modi-,
cI.iIm, etc. Thlrvs nml buimneri inuko a
note of till" ami krep away.
Jamiis .loilSisox.
llV'-vnt li.-nrrl Agent.
irnernl tlcm-t.
lliiiueM l gradually improving in
this city. Ilioujjli very slowly.
A big thttw and tnuikly lreet Is the
next thing on Hm programme.
The New York "tore, it Is wild, is
doing the Urget bulnes of nny hoti-e
in Hie city.
The next lecture al Ihe High School
will betc'llvcre-l by Dr. Smith. lit- ul
Jeot will lie "A iJrnp of Water."
City Clfrk llnwkhi" 1ib leeii rushed
with vvork slmx-the llr-t day of the new
year. Iist Wedne-day lie made out one
Ininilnsl ami ten licenses.
Chief Mellalo has been drumming up
the people who are doing bii'lno.-s hi
Cairo, who have failed Intake out a li
wine for the cn-iiiiig year.
Police bii'iness has Ix-eii uiiU"Ually
dull lor the la-t four liny". '1'he city is
full ol rogue", hut they keep mighty
The negro who was tnken to the pest
hoii-e eoniieeliHl with St. Mary's Inllrm
ary, alllleteil with nml!-pox. U getting
on very well.
There Is general oli-crvnaoe of the
Veek of Prayer In this city. Theattend
auccat the Mcthodi-l and Pre'liytcrian
churches inee the lM-ginnlng oftlie week
ha- been very good.
Mr. N. I.. Wiekw ire. of thi- city, has
Ih-cii nominated by Hie Dcinix'raHcnml In
dependent incinber- of the llou-e of
Kcprc-wntatlve", as aitanl door-keeper
of the House,
Work on Poster tV l!cxford'- big ice
liou-c. sltuatnl on the llat below Ihe St.
t.'liarlei Hotel, 1" progre"lng llnely.
Thi- will Im a creditable in-litiilion to
Cairn, when completed.
The boy- and girls of our city are
having a gay time on the ice. ami plenty
ofcu--lng was done by the former ye-ter-day
morning Ix'cau-e the Lord -aw HI lo
have the sun -hiue.
Prom Hie way .ludge Maker U dN-po-lng
of the inmates of the county jail,
Shcrill' Irvln will have to charier a ear
for an excur-lon to .lollet.
Itcv. Jacob Ilradley i- lu trouble.
Some one necu-c him of the ungentle
manly and uuchri-tiaiilll-e act of stealing
corn. TlieUev. Mr. Ilradley, we under
Maml, will have hi" trial liefore the
circuit court before long.
Tabcr Hi-others have on exhibition
at their -lore, four Centennial medal",
which are very beautiful. They were re
ceived direct from the mint at Philadel
phia, and are manufactured of gold, silver
aud hroii.c,
William .lohn.-on, the negro who
Mole Hiat twenty-two dollar overcoat
from .loliu Antrim Tnc-day morning,
was sentenced to three years In the peni
tentiary by Judge Hakcr, Thursday. No
doubt William thinks that he ucd had
Judgment when he Mole tho coat.
The Delta City Cornet hand will hnve
a grand ime-ipierade hall on tlio '2.1th Inst.
The proceeds will bo expended lu pro
curing a new set of silver instruments
Tho holder nl each ticket of mlnii-lon to
the hall, entitle-that person to a chance
In the lottery for a silver combination
ca-tcr and fruit stand, valued at twenty
live dollar-.
Isaac Catharine, a colored re.-Idcut of
Happy Hollow, was examined before .!,
V Carter, Kxp, last Monday, on the
charge of stealing hogs from another col
orcl man refilling lu the upper .suburbs
of Cairo. Mr. Catharine was held for
trial lu tho sum of i?200, aud being una
ble lo furnish the reipii-ite bonds, was
scut to Jail.
The Liberal dance on Wednesday
night was very plea-ant. Tho hall was
crowded with young and old people, all
of whom entered Into the amusement
witha will, and made Hie occasion one of
mirth ami pleasure. The parties of the
Liberals are always successes, and those
who wish to spcimn pleasant evening,
should not fall to ntlend them. Tlio next
one will he given two weeks from last
Wednesday night.'
In speaking of the Cairo mid SI.
Louis railroad, the Jone-horo Adecrther
says : "The Cairo and St. Louis railroad
is' now completed within three mile-,
south of this idaee, and owing to Hie sup
ply of rails giving out, all the hands hut
twenty-live have boeu sent to meet the
pnrlv coming from Murphyaboro, who
are iiow near QueUL hi this -county, ami
If It doifl rain, or the wcatl.c don't git
too cold, or nnii thlngele don't happen,
Hie road will Ik- coittpletcil oimiinie.'
(leorge Green, n colon il gentleman,
got on a -piii' lat Weilne-day night,
went home about 11 o'clock in Ihe morn
ing, ral-nl a rumpus with his wife, raised
the whole uelghboi hood and raised Olliccr
La Hue, who took til ii In the lock-up.
Thur-day morning George win taken be
fore Judge I !ro for (rial, and while in
the com t room, not being altogither -i -bcreil
up, he kicked up a commotion by
cur1ng, yelling, etc., which ill I not
plt'iiK- Ills Honor', who ordered the nlllis'i
to take him hack to jail anil keep him
there until he was hi a III condition for
trial. The olliccr did a he was bid, ami
lu the allernoou again made his appeal
auce with hi" prisoner well in ham). The
illdge, niter iiilnilnlterlng a doe nf ad
vice to George which lie will not -oon
forget, lined htm. and lei tiliu lake his de
In reply lo the renlni-J." m .tie by
Tin: llrM.nix hi regard to the marriage
nf a certain bu.lue-n manager, nf whom
the .S' -poke in a recent Iue. the Sn
ny :
lie 'lines doe he? Ami he snv-tbe
.Vim 1" tuitrutlitul. eh? Well, we ivferrcil
this mutter to "Jim'' and he N n
hot n ti hornet, lie says he don't care
so much about the Sun being limrgi'd
with Ivhi"-. bill thai the "hiitlues" luaii-
tiger" aforc-nld is iniiilnging Id-Impeachment,
mid he don't intend to Mihuilt In
such "ratlliug tirmtml him. "Jim"
says that the "feller" l hniid-nme and
Hie lndy alo; Hint the 'feller" is tall and
commanding, that he wears good
clolhe-, and hn a privitnt for pet", such
ns cobr.i. coiiperhenils, nml "slcli;" that
with all he Is a clever gentleman and
ought to he married : that us our neigh
bor say, hi- henre and her
heart ought to Im-iiI a" one.
but "Jim" wys lie Hunk" hi- soul
and her "old ought to have more than a
"single thought." "Jim" congmliilaies
him before the nusplcioii hour arrive
when he can truthtiilly say:
"I saw two rloii.l" at nmni
'liiif-nl with the li.liu mm.
Ami In the dim ii tln-y Cttl on
ml mlngliM Into i.i.i-. ' '
Your "Jim" may be mad, but Hint bu-Iik-v
manager of w hom he "poke Is mad
der; you Just ought to see him. If ever
Hint man meet" your "Jim," or any other
intui, connected with the .Vim. he'll make
it Hot for lilni. sure. All we have to say
lo you I", you had better Milliner on thl
iibjcct. or there'll be murder.
If you wont fresh oyMerj nltbout pay
In for the em and .tranortatloii, go to
Siptoal's, 18.1 Ohio Levee, anil get them by
the pall full, fre-h every morning, li-t-t
Ilavln; given up my oil stand on the
levee acd taken lCcohter .t lire's shop, on
lllglith strict, I -hilllio prepared to sup
ply tlio citizen- ol Cairo wlih the best
meat the market afford-, lie.vo call and
see me. I'liu.. IIowaiiii.
Go to Sproat's, 133 Ohio I.ovrc, and
get your cy-dns by tho hundred or can
trc-b ovtry morning. 12-l-tl
Sproat, 13.1 Ohio Levee, I turnlthlng
oyite-- lu the llgbt dhipe. r.imillrs can
be mpp led lu am- maiitl!y i'reh cvery
uiotn wj. I2 t-tr
.leo ItuLtktr I" now In fuVcoiUrol ot
tho W.vliington bikeiy, and hairing learn
ed the want-of tho public, 1 prepared to
surply on call all demands for Preach loaf,
Iloston, llrown and Ornbam bread, and
even thing die ordinarily louml In a llr.-t
chi-i Ink ry. He innliitaiu- a fif 1 stock ol
confectioneries, and ean, as well fs any
oilier dealer In the city, lilt till order" in
that Hue, Cakes baked, fro-ted or orna
moated on nhort notice. .Hpccia lattentlon
glvon to the order- of wedding or picnic
parties. i) 12-tf.
Coyne's nvster dejiot and reMaurati.
Ovater" In the -hell and can , lre-!i every
day, at 1'hll Sauji's old Hand, between
Sixih and scvottli streets, Cairo, lllluoi-.
Nloeliliolilers ;icetlnu'.
Orrit'K Caiiio.I- Vincksskh I!. It. Co..
X i:w Yoiik, .I.mii u-y 'i, lt-T." (
Tlio annual meeting oi the stockholdrr
of the Cairo and Ylneenues I'allroad com
pany wtl be h- Id at C'lro, Illinois, on
Wed .josday, January 27, 157.1.
Kosaki.i. Jlu.i.nn, s'ce'.
4'.t in iot I ( I mi l tile I.ll'e of Trade.
.Mr-. I.citle Culuuiiii, Pine l.aundrcs,
No 12, Pourlli street, between Washington
and Commercial avenues does nil kinds of
line andcoarse laundry work (or lad rs r.til
g nt'ciiicti, liming, .v.- Uentleiiien's shlrt-wa-bedaud
poll-hsd. Singh sblrt and col
lar, 10c; per docn 8i)e; souks .V; two col
lars, fie; two handkerchief", Tic; vcMs 'JOV:
and a I gentlemen's wear, Me. pi-r
diucn. Ladle-' dr.-su's, 21 t) 10.:
tkirtil) ti 2)c; drAwors 10 lo Kk'j two
pair Iipso Be; two collars .1 lo ice. Por ladle-
plain clothes 1 CO per doon; lor la
dies lino c'otlic, $1.2.1 per dozen; done
promptly, Mid promptly delivered, l'.i
tr uage tollcltcd.
11.1-1-S-d ljm
l'reh llaltlmoru oysters received dail)
and sold by Phil. II. Saup. 5'.M)-U-'J0-tf
Go 'io WiNTKli's (lAl.l.Kltv nml sie hh
specimens of photnragbln art. Half an
hour can be cpciit very pleasantly la view
Ingsoiuuol tho we'l-kiuwu taecs of our eltl
zjns. Mr. W. ha- on hand a large stock ol
now and elegant frames, mi Pablo lor hol
iday gift", l'not Jgvaplis mains only upon
Prlday and Saturday", oxcep'inj by -per-laliippoliilmeiit.
Gallery open every evening
for vhlttnv.
'In Itent.
Collage hniise, five rooms hall, closet,
wash-room, wooil-Jhed ami a good el Horn.
Located convenient Ii bu-iin'Si part or tl.e
city. Apply to 0. P. I.y m Commercla'
avenue, near Sixth street 112-1 S-i;t.
Ilitlllinore 0.-lers.
(Icorgn lattner corner of Pomlconih and
Wnshlnglou avenue, will furnish hereafter,
every day to his patrons a No. 1 lunch, be
tween the hour of ten mni tvvono o eiocic.
Presh .Mllwaukcu hour and fragrant Havana
cigars to bo hail at his bar at all times.
WlNXntS nribirc blgbet mubils iindill
iibima nr lionnv, nt leiuiu, ls7:l, nml
Pails, Inn, nuvv offer tlm ilae-t iwiortnient ot
IbclifHt cabliu t orgaas In the world, inrlndliiK
new stvles with recent linpiovenients not only
t'M'lmltrly lurcnvb, as fnimeily, bntiiUo on
new plans or easy pnyintnls, Die most fuvmnble
ever oiliiel Oipiiua rented Willi nrlv liege ol
imrrbiu-e, lo uliuost any pail ot tliu emmtry.
Vlrstpatment W W or uptviiiili
Illustrated calaloKiies and circular;. wllbAill
pnrtleilliiH, sent flic oa nnue't. Adai'i
lloilon, Xtw York or Chicago
ll Oiitlnniiee lo iivov lile lor llienni.
ini'lil or cllj InleicHl-licnriiitj War.
I'lllliX. '
lie II iinlullKtl b Ilie ( II) (oiiiii- I i,l ihelllv '
of I .til 11
"n rms I '1 lint Tor Ilie puiliivf .1 pint lithii
roi'tlii'i.i.vinenl (ifcllj lnteie"tlmirlii(Warniiit",
nml nn- inieie-l llien-ili. Ihei-ily eninplriiUer I
lit ivliy inmirtn hikI ilirtrlt I to placj' In l.i
"siiinml 1-tlnnli' nf tiiutiev eefe"in tn di
Oil) tlierxiK-nip nf tlic riri"inllon ' ' in iw Ii
yen- for ihe )n 1 17.1. lsK, ami 1"77, nn
iiiniinnt siuni'lrnl to r.i . nne-lliiHt. a- ncirfv a
be ntne-tlmalf, nl Ilie nr" nl otiMinilitirf i iij
lnldi'-t tirariiiK tmrnuii" smt Ilie liitin-l tlmi
on, mil liu'liellnx tlm-e Hip MtiiH'iil ol' ttlii.-li
in slmulr inivl'lil lor. In. unit by tltiiii -K (Hi
of Sivtimi one (ll, III Ihuiiii N. ebftilt -out'
(si) . iippiot i-l .lul t l"lli. I-,. I'mtlilitl. Ih.it
In the lal (iflhf Mild thnv tc,ir llii poiiiitiTilci
Imll itlmili nil atiiunt' minielenl tnn llir
llicn rMiirtlmli r nf until Inti'it-.tln-iring ttnrnint",
nml Ilie IiiUicM tliemm
t-r.iTiiiv i Ihe uiii'iiint "O ('lininleil bv tlic
rniiiitrnllei, "Imll be niitili"l fir, ami liielist
eil In llu' nniiiial uiirlnlliii lilll. in-Onll-iinnie
Tor iwli .tear nt Ilie -ild thn- t(rn tu d
tlii'titoollllt "oniii.riMiriiili"! "ball lm enlln iwl In
Ilie avneial transnl rnruKliof Ilie -aid Unci
Tears. Hr.rrioN .1. That -ellon lluti- (1; of Orili
imnieX'n. ii, aiipminl Jul) lh, 7l. tn-mul
the Millie I" lii lcli; iv).itnl.
bi riov I. Tlast -erllini four (0 of Hh..
Il naiiint Onllimnrr (No. f) brawl Hit-kuii.-I"
lii'i'lij- aniiwlKl. mi as tn i sail a" rnllntts m
ttlt. ll -Imll l Ihe duly nriherllr Iiiumimt,
whenever llw rmintv etillivtw or Ah-xanilir
roillilv slmll ni oti'i to him eil) lave-fur tin
vtar 1-74. to aivniliun nKlctii Ittintylllth.
Iin-HA) of Ihe aiiKHlnt. or animinl-.
mi imM iiVrr. la'tttren Ihe llrit, Mvonit, fmitlti,
llflbi and -ixlh, liriii" nt innirlnlliini. hi
llmi inif (I) nf -uhl iinlliinnii' Nn s, hi prn
Mitllnll .illit!ulii'itoit-nrlil lli'ilKmpertitelt i
aiwt the Him- tttftilt -hlih. (n-il) , Imlamv of the
ami. mil or mnmuiN mltl titer "hall I c .lniT'.
lit the ttru-iilcr In Hit- Ki'in ml JVniil.
m:i ti.c. S All inuiK't" i.mlmf Into w
haul-of tin- flit tnaiiri r Inr the )in!il or
luli'iiiptluii of I'llr Inti'ivft buirhift vvurrantii,
lull be ptiirt") bt him In a n uimti)unil ilUtlnrt
fnml, and Ilie tiuaniirer shall ny nut the same
.ml; upon the pii'-i'iiluth n ol' mIi vvarmnls,
vt l'iih r-li.tll ! miit lit lilni. with the hileii't
tht rt'oii, in Uh' iintfrnf Wirit Imiioimc, tsln
nlint ttllli tho nl'li'-r iliite met 'erlr-, nixl ..
Iiihi-M iiiiiiiIkt In mrli n-rii't. I'rovMetl, lh.il
If turraiil" hii- not piwiili-l In tlieiipleriiaiiint
liiMvin, (he ltnlilii-r Is hfn hyaiilhni'lieilanit u
inlrril to iTt.iln lunni r In said I'nii.l tulllrlcnl tn
liny Mtrli liiili-iii'.'iili"l vtarntnts, nml Ilie lu
ll n-A therenti, and to inlterll-e nml Kite nntlec
hi Ihit"' miree-ltf ilnllt Iin nf tin-ntlli'lul
new it nf lliet'ttv , Cut lie I" pi i.irt"l In v
wild ttnrraiitM unit tlie Indict Iheie'in. gltinir
th-- ilsli-. iiiimlnr, nnsl Die nainr nfUiv person In
Hliom ImihiI, urn) lliat the Iiitt-rc-l lln-n.iii will
i'ji'artr ten il.it" trnin the iliilenf the llrtt
lllk:illnn nf Kil'l linlli i't nml vt hen -lli-li tv.ir
rdiiUnre thfreiftur prf enteil (nr mt mcnt. In
teimt rhall only In- l totv.il ami Mld I J Ih..
tteasurer In ll.e lnlc of the lApinillon nf i-iii. I
-tl-rinsO. Ml nrilliinm'e" and pnrt" of onll
nnnrvn, lnriiiltent Willi the prntl-imi" of Ibli
intinnnre, ine hi'ivbf rritiilt'l
Approteil ilunnurt .'itli, 1ST.-.
.HillN WOOII. Mavi.r
tit Wn.t. K Httth" t il Merit.
t'liinieslloiuil.ly Hie Ix-st ttimtiilncil
ttoilt ol'llie ntiiil In the World."
notices or Tin: wii..ss
The evr lucreatlni: circiUtloti of this
excellent monthly pnvus Its r intlnu- d
adap'lon to itupular desires and u , J. In.
deed, when v,' think In'o how tu-uy liouics
it penetrates eveiy month, wo must nt
tlder It ti one ot tlic eiliicitiT ii" well as
enterlRinor" of the pub le mind fnrltsvat
popularity ha becti vvnn by no :j p al to
s'.upld t rejii'llces or deliravcdla.t s. -lloi-t'll
The ehararter wlile'j this Mas.a.Ine nos-
sofe fnrv irle y enterprl-carti-tii w- al'h,
ami iterary cuuurciimi ui-Kcpt raccvviin,
If It lin not led the thin-, shnuld e tnsi Us
soiidmtorr. toreg.i-dlt with imtlllalU com
tlaeeicy. It flo etit'tlci them ti a great
claim upon the public gratliudo. The
Ma,':i7li.e lu- done good ami not evil nil
the diysol'lt-llfe. liiooklyn Kiglc.
PoUage free to subsclbera lu tbe t'nltcd
llarpur's Magazine, one year ...81 00
S-J 0') Ine'.iuU's prepayment of U. ri. pott
agu by thi publbhei".
julcerlptloas to Harper's Magazine,
Weekly, or Ilazar. to one nildrc-s for one
year, if 10 (0; or two of Ilarpet'- perloill-ci'-.
to one addret- for one year, ?7 DC:
postage free.
An etr,i e py ol cither the .Magazine,
Weekly or llHsr will be supplied i:rttlls fur
wry club of live suVrrib.-rs at i?4 to each,
in one remltt tiice; or tlx copie- b r ?iu 1)0,
witbout o.trti copy; po-tage free.
Hack number- ean be -uppllcd at atn
A conipUta set of Harper's Mugudne,
now eoinprllng Hi volume-, in mat cloth
binding, will he sent by expre-s, frehtht at
the expen-e of purchaser, lor $2 2.1 per
volume. Single volumes, by mull, potpald,
511 (K. C'lotli ease", for binding, .18 cent",
by trail, postpaid.
r-fr.evvr,.ipers aro noi 13 copy mo. in-
vertl-ement without tie express ordtri of
narper .v urnner.
A.ldre-- llAKPPlt .t tlltOTIIKKS, N. Y
"A ltepo-llory or I'iisIiIoii. IMeii-ure,
111111 iii-ieiieiiiiii. '
n.1.1 sntA ri:i.
The llaarls edited with a eontiihutiou
oftaei ami talent that wereldom liml lnunv
Journa'; omt the journal it-ell I- the nrg.h
ot the great world of fashion. Itoston 'fiav
The IMzir conuuendsli elf to every mem
her of the Iiaiiseliold t j the children bv
droll aud pretty pic lire", to the young la
dles by Its lash.oa'platcs In cmllc variety,
lo the provident malion by its patterns for
the ehlblren's el tbo", to paterlanillla- by
Hi tas'ellll de-lgns for Clnbioldercd -Upper-aui
1 ixuriolis dre hing i;otvn-. Hut the
leading m .tter of tho fia.ar Is unlfnru.ly ol
irn at excellence. Tlio miner li - aeuiifrcd
a w ido popularly for thi- lire Mile enjoyment
it u fiords N. Y. Evening l'ott.
Harper's H.izar, one year... .51 'ID
Four dollar includfs prepayment of J.
S. po-tage bv the publl-hers.
aub"eslptlbrs to Harper's Magazine,
AVcekl)', Mid llazar. to one nddicsi lor one
yor, 51 oouj or two of llarpn'n I'crlod1-c.-iIh,
to one addresser one yea", ? 1 (JO;
postage tree.
An extra copy of cltlrr the .M igilne,
Weekly, or Ibizar will lie supplied gratis
for every club of live eubseribrs at $1 UO
each, hi olio reinlttaneo ; or, six copies for
if JO u) without extra eipy ; pontigo tree,
Hack numberi can bo supplied at ntiv
'1 he sotcii volumes nf Harper's llezar, for
tbo years I IW. Nut, 'Til, 'TI, '"'.', '7.1. '71, ele
eaiilly bound in green inoroceo cloth, will
be.-e.t bv exp es, luight 1 repaid, f. r
i! en cacli
ItTtT'Xewspapers are not to copy this ad
vertieiuent without the exprcs orders of
Harper & llrothcrs.
Aildrc s HAl;i'i:it.t IlltOTHKIt8. N. Y.
The great ille.ivery of tbo
age TI11 re Is no pain wbli Ii
Ilie Centum' l.liiinirul will nut
nllete, no Mttllimc ttlili'b II
vtill not hoMiic, nml no limit -ni'rfs
ttlilili it will lint rule
This I, silting buigiiw, but it
i-JtIu. l" 1 1 tit' 11 1- 1111 iiiiiiii'.im 1 ii'
vWlvP'' utipe I" pilnteil inniinil each
bollle A eliTliIiii- contiilnlng etrlllK'-iti'S of
tvnmli'i nil cure toll ln'iiiiiiill-111, 111 unibtln , lock
Jaw, spi-iilns, swellings, n'.ibli, enketl biv.i-ts,
pnitouiiiH bile", finnn IW't, gouUill llifiim, i.ir
iiobe, r , nnd Ilie leelpe nl Ilie llulliK'iit vtill be
u nt Kintls In any on" It Is Ilie must wonderful
healing mid p'llielilievliig iigeiit Ilie world lias
ever produced It sells in no aillcle wore did
..11 11 ti lu 1 -. -ti 11 - It lint s hist it lull It me-
li'iiiis to do One bntlle of Ibu CenluiU' I.lul
rot'iit fiivnnhinls (yellow tiniii"or) Ih wmtli 11
i.iiiniiH.l ilnlltiej 1'iir Mikitinisl. sbiiitneil nrirnlleil
burei and imiles, nml for riett-tvoini mihmi
, .No nunily or stock-owner can iill'iml to be with.
out (.'eiiliuii' I.lnlini'iit. Price, fsi cents, loigo
1 linttles t .1 H HOSS .V CO ,
1 M llnuiltvav, Xew Ymk
Ct.VSTOItlA is more than n nibstituto fov
Castor oil It IstheonlysarenrtlcIeliieK
Utence which Is tllif to ivgulate tba bowel,
utile wlndcollo nnd piodnce natural aVeeji It lj
pleasant to take ( blldteu neel bet cry and
molhti'i may deep. o-7-wly
Dullatln llulldlnsr, Comer Twelfth Strosi
unit Washington Avonuo,
Orvix-o, Illiiioli.
; rt oiiiilv ami Itiiilroml Work n "i.sl.dit
miii.tv sroiti:.
NevvT-lTork Store
GoouVSold Very Close
Comer 10th St. nnd Commercial At.
Consmnption Cmied
To i:tiiron or Tin: III Li tTI v
KsrKKUH, Kmrs-ii You will pli-a-e Infnrm
your nMiti'in Hint I bste a imsltlle
Cure for Consumption
and nil dl-ordcrs of (be itirmit nml I.nugs, nml
lluit. by It- mm. in my iinirlirc, I lime cuiwl
Inuutlnls nf ea-e", ami will rite
for a rae II will nut U-nellt Imlis-I, ) "trnns
I will nt-nd n rumple J'lli:i; tn nny Hilbier
uil.lM-lnir me
I'lni-e .how this letter tn any one yoit may
kii-ivv Wlm I" suili'rinif fiiun tlit-f ill-ea-tes aud
iiI'IIkc 1 uuhnilly tiiiirs,
tut t r iiritr.
M WllllullP 1 . Vevt- lurk
rillinil". Is mmr fun m the
1 ( hioiinit I'MXK than ant
lu.nlitl or prlnteil fUtry Hint litis
lit n Klven i. tlie public fort-,irs
Never Ix'lcrt' ban u 11 arrnntnl lo
any pietiiiroru'lnf pletnrt", tlie
pn; ularlty llir-c .lirimii" have
utt:.li.t"l Size, r by tttinl)
tito Inches I'rlee, ten iliilbus
" p ar
.it'lu -s r.nlrr- to
.1 !' iniuii:,
( leteland.O.
Q.tnn nn i:i:w.iii)-r,ir or
0'J)tX)U (bill" vvhlrli my Imllun
VKiie Itfiiu-ly will not fllVetllully rriuUftiti.. I111I11
llieayxt-in. (Inly .'"I rents for lull illrrrtious lor
eompiiuiiililig tlic im-llcine, Nitlnfactlnn gnsr-iiulit-i
or inniiey ri'tumlcil. Aililrvsv It.' W
itt'-f-r,!,!,, ,-uinimi riiriiizt 1111111.
"V complete I'lctorlnl Illitttir.v of (lie
Tillies" "'liic liesl. elie!iie-t. nml
most Micccs-tnl riimlly I'ltper
lu Ihe I'll In 1 1 .
soticks or tub phess.
The Weekly l the ablest and mn-t pow
eiiul litu-tratcil perinilical publi-hed In
this country. Its editorial- aro tcholarly
tind eonvini'l'ig. and carry much vvclitht.
It lllu-tratlons of current events are lull
and iresa, nod a'e prepared by rur lie-tde-slguots.
vYItb a ctreul.itiou ot l,'iO,0oy. thu
Weekly Is read a' least by half a million
per-nnii, and it- liillucncft us uu organ of
opinion I- simply tremendous The Week
ly maintain- 11 po-hlm po-Itlon, and ex
preses decided vieivaon jiollllcal and so
cial problems I.oul-vlllo Contlor-.Iournal.
It. article! are models of high-toned tlU-cu-sion,
and Us pictorial lllu-lrntlons are
alien corroborative argument" of no -mall
tore. N. Y. K'C'.iinlnerand Cliroulclo.
It- papei- upon oxi-teutipic-poiisnnil It
Inlmit iblu unoous help to mould the sac
tlnieut" ot the country. Pittsburg Com
mere'.al. TKH.Ms ;
I'oilaga free to Mibcrlber- lu thu (Jolted
Harper's Wsekly, una yeir....?l no
four dull 11- include prepayment of U.
S. po-tage by thu publi-bcr-
Miberip.t"U" 10 Harper's Magazine,
Weekly, ti'iil llaar, to cue address tor one
year, $10 Oil; or, two o' Harper's l'crlodi
eals, lo one address tor ouu year, 7 OUj
postage free.
An extra eopyofhe .Magazine, Weekly,
or Il.izar will be stimiPcil unit's for every
club or live subscribers nt i?l "J euh, in
one rem itaucc; or, ilx copies for 00,
vtlttuiill ex ra eojiyj po-tage tree.
Hack muuhius can testipp led at any time.
'llm annual volumes ot Harper's Weekly,
In nea' clodi binding, will in seat by ex.
pre-s, ir e o! cxpei se. lor 00 eaeii. A
unnplete let, coinprl-lug elghteui volimu s,
vent on receipt ol cash at llm r- te o( j,1 '2,1
j 1 e i- voliuuo, I re 1 3' 1 1 at the expeu e 01 thu
inrNeWspan'rs are not to eipy this ad
vciiUi incut vvlth'iut tbo ekpress ordcis ol
Harper tt l'rnther.
AdJie s HAIiri:it .V IlltOTIIKKS, N. Y.
u ifi 1 s a 1
Miliar it j Ui
(Vnlfiilly lioraled, Klegaiitly Funiisliwl,
'llltlII'.S slollKHATH.
Tho Commercial Hotel of the Oity.
Pro. Fowlor's Groat Work
Love Its laiws, Potters, Ac
A (HATS iuv silling fl-"UU 15 to 8 eoplej n
Jl. day send lor specimen juiges mid terms
liiagvnia, mni mv ttnj it . ... .
,11 lOCt'UI, llll'l es. mil it " , . I ,r '
ithtrbook Ail.lress Nntloiial Pnbllsblnir Lo ,
I'hlliaUlphhi, Pu , Chicago, Ills , or St Uuls,
nthir nook
... ..Li.IL II,., .1., in
Flntsl CsUBtll ltilM eSsnh a"v"r"
Micuwi Si'triul Vts, ivl "'"Ji
Cortected Dally by K. it. SteatM, rommlulon.
tnfrrhanl, Srcrilary of the T'.trli tHtt
I rade.
I lour, according to Knvl'.. -
Com, mlaril, srkp...
Uorn, tttillr, aackrd
(at", nilxwl
Ilrau, r Inn
.Vital, tlrntii ilrlnl
Jlutter, tlmlct! NnrUirrn roll
Mutter, choir Nnulturu Illinois ....
Kitki, prriloicn
l.hirkfus, rilor.n... ..'
turkeys, prrUnrrn. . . M....,
llabblts, .rrilom
(Jualls, ptrilozen .,
Appl, rliolcc. per htrttl ...
Apples, ruintnoti, per barrel
I'otntnes, ir barrel -....
Onion", per barrtl M .
Iluckttfieat flour
Iljr flour
.... no m
..IK UiJ,-K UU
M 7
...41 Ctx&l oa
I 00
... la it
.. j noyi w
... tun CO
M 80
rnu HAJ.V..
I" bercby (dtn that tlffault lisrlnu n made
roi-inoie limn sixty ilnyi In the payment of a
portion of Ihe amount irrurrl tn lx pikl by
eirtalti .VturlKsKerxi-ctitnl by Mlrharl Sjotl Ut
Samuel Maals la)liirnnit llwlu l'arsiiiia,Tnu-ti-i
s nf Ihe Calm City Property, ilalt.1 October
litli, lis'.l, iifonleil in the Iteeortltr'i Offler, In
and fur Ate tnmler county, in the NUta of 1111
nnlt, 111 bonk " .M " ofibeils, iiage 1111, etc., we,
theumleriilirnril, said Trustees, will nn Satur
'IsTi lbs th ibiy or January, next, A ll ls7J,at
lu o'clock In the fun-noon of that day, nmler and
In- virtue of the potter t.r mdr runtafurd In aalil
.'t'W' Mj' 1,1 1'ublle Auction, to the high
ett blililir, for e.mb.at theofllce bulldlna of
aid 'trustees, rnrnrrnrWahlngton Arenuaand
IMithteeutli dtm-t, In aaM ( Ityof Cairo, In Atx
ander enmity anil Mate of Illinois, nil th riant,
title nml interest nrmkl Michael Pgnttnr hit
slirn-, in ami to lots numlieieit 0 (tire) and 0
(six) in block iiumbereil irj (nine tjr-two) In tho
First Addition to said I lly or Cairo, according
lo tlie recorded pint thereof, with the appurten
ance". In Mtisfy the purposes anil condition of
"alii Mortgage. S. STAAT.S TAYI.OK,
Trusties of the Cairo City Properly.
Dated, Cairo, 111 , Drrrralwr Mth, 1871.
Is hereby given that default harlnff bctn marla
for more than sixty days In the payment of a
portion nf the amniinl aecumt lo be paid by a
certain Mnrtpise executed by Thomss u'llara to
Samuel Mania 'laylor and KOwin l'arsons. Trui
tiTS of the t.Hlrn City Property, dated (lctobi-l-lh,
lt"'.l, rrcurileilln Ihe ltecordrr'a OtBca, la
and for Alexander county, inlheHlati of 111
Inoi", In book "M" nfilirdi, page 200, etc, we,
the iuiirrlKiiiil, nilil 'lriifltes, will, on Satur
day, tbrlltli day of January nml, A. ! 1KJS, at
10 n'rlnck in the forenoon of that day, under anil
bv tlrtui'iif the potter nf fair contained lu laid
Morl;n(fe, fill, at Public Auction, lo the highest
bidder, for ausb, at the office building cf laid
Trustees, corner of WafhiDKtnn annus and
l.lKliteentb street, In said Utr of Cairo, In Al
exander enunly uml State of Illinois, all Ihe
rlKlit, title and Inlrri-t of said Thomas U'llara
nr his asslKiia. In ami to lot numbered !I7 (Iwen-ty-ietrn),
In block numbered 40 (f.irtj-lx) la
the I'irt Addition tn said ( Ity of Cairo, accord
ing to the imiriled plat thereof, with lha an
puiteniinres, to sntlsly the purposes and condi
tion of sulci Mortgage
Tni'tis-s of the Cairo City Property.
Uatist, Cairn, 111 , Ileeembtr 14th, Irt.
Is hereby jrlvrn that default hiTlnir been Hiada
foriuon than eisty days lu the payment nf a
portion t f the emnunt lecntH tn r paid by a
ci rlnln MinlKi?e exicutcl by Henry Hunker
to snniuel "-tails Tat lor and Edwin Tarsons,
liiKlte- of tee Cairo illy l'lofeTty. dated
Aiimi't tn'.r, tw,v, rreotdril In the Iteeorder's
dUioe, In and for Alcs.anler ronnty. In lha
.-tnif of Illinois. In bonk ofdetls, pane
1 l'.i. Wr, the uuilrrrliineil, ald 'Iruvteea,
vtill on Sflturlay. Ihe 9th day of January naxt,
A. I IsT.V.at .Oc flock In Ihe f.irtnoouof that
day. under and l y tirlue. ct the power nf aale
coin iititsi in sai'i .tu.rinxe, reu, at 1 ueue Auc
tion. In Ihe hUI.e.l b.dder, for rush, at lb of
litv Inillillngor itsnl litittrfi corner of VVash
liiKlun Aventir iiml Klifhtienth street, lo taid
City of Cairo, In Alexsnder rount? and t tat of
llllnns, nil tt.e l.rfht, title aud Interest of ld
llinrv Hunker or his nsslgus. In and to lota
nufilstvst 17 (M'tentctn), and la (olzbteen) in
block iiiiuilirt-rjl (tweaty-one), in the. Fourth
nddltlon to said city of Cairo, according to the
rveurdisi plat thereof, with theappurtenanfen, to
i-atl. IV Ilie purtioi-es nnd condition of said Mort
T'nuteeH or the Cairo City Property.
Dulcl, Cairn, 111., December Uth, lS7i.
Is beiTby Rlren that default baring been made
for more than sixty days in tba payment of
portion of the amount securad to be paid by a
certain MnrtKKe executed hr Hebecca J. Close
In .-ainurl Slants Taylor ami Kdwin Parsons,
Truster! of Ihe Cairo City l'ropsrty, dated iiarcU
;Wlli, IKii. reconlatt In liie Recorder's oKre, ia
mid for Alexander county, in tha .Slats of Illi
nois In Hook "4" or deeds, pa317, we, the
undersigned, said Tnirtcrs, will, on Saturday,
the Mil ilny of January next, A. D. 17.1, at lu
o'clock in Ihe forenoon of that day, under aud
lit-virtue of thepntterof sale contained In talit
Mnrnnuc, sell, at 1'ublle Auction, to thahlakest
bidder, for eath, at the office building of said
Trusties, corner of Washington Avenue and
F.lghteeiith fitrctt. In said City of Cairo, in Alax
ntider county and State of Illinois, all the right,
title mid Interest of tald Heliecca J. Clots or her
nsslgns, in nndtDlotsiiumliereill (one), J (two),
a (tliiev). 4 (four). 3 (dve), 8 (six), 7 (MTen), 8
(elirht) , U (nine) , In block numbereil (eighty
I'litht) in thu First addition to the said f Ity of
Cairo, ucrnrdlnic to the recorded plat thereof,
with Ihe appurtenances, to satisfy the purposes
and condition of tuid Mortgage.
Ttiislees of the Cairo City Property,
Dated, Calm 111. December Hth 1871.
Is hereby gltin that default having Dtii made
for mote than sixty days la lha
eminent of a portion of the amount
M-ciirfl to be paid by a certain Mortgage
executisl by William Vltipiitrlck to Samua.
Slant" I'll) lor and Kdttiu Parsons, Truittvtof
tlie Cairo (ity Properly, dated February JJIb,
laUS, leconbsl hi the Kcconler'a OUlrc, in and
for Alexander county, in the State of Illinois,
in Hook "I"' of tltcdspageilt), we, the under
signed, mid Trustees, will, on Saturday, lh
Dili day of January next, A. 1. WiJ, at 10
o'clock In the foiYiionn nf Hint day. under and
bv virtue of the power or sale contained in said
Mortgage, cell, at Public Auction, to the high
est hitlik'r, for cash, at the office building of
kid I Tniett es, cornerof Washington Avenue, and
Klghteriltll street, lu said City of Cairo, in Al
exander county and Mate of Illinois, all the
rlht, title mid Intnest of said William Hu
patrlck or his assigns, In and to lot number! t
(llti). In block numbered 1 (one) lnlhScoa
Addition to nld City of Cairo, according to tho
recorded plat thereof, with the appiirtenaneea.
to satisfy Ihe purpofes and condition of said
Moitgage. H. STAATS TAYI.OK,
Trusties of the Cairn City Property.
Dated, Cairn, 111 , December Hth, 1671.
.Voder '
Is beieby clren that default baring been luada
lor more Hutu sixty days in thte najmeal of a
portion of tlie amount i-rnucl to. ha istld by
ciitnin MorfgBae executol by M m. Caasln to
Samuel -lasts '! at lor aud l.dwln rarsona. Truj
tis.inflhuCaliiH.lty rroperiy, dated May Uth.
1M-.V lei'iirilist in tlie net-order's orBce, ir, and
for Alexander eoiinlj In tl.a state nf Illinois, la
lltmk "I"' of deeds page ICO, we, the nnder
uined. .dd 'liusteen, will, on Salurday, the
tali dm or Jaimsty next. A D. 179, at It
o'cl.'fk'iii Iheloierii.oni.ril.stilay.undfraatl br
tlltlie nr Hie poiter or sale cnntalnetl In said
Minlga-e, lell, at public auction, to the highest
lilddfr, tor rash, at lb onlte tulldlcg of asld
Tiu-lieo, nr of Wasblnalon avenna and
l.tuhas'tub strei l, lasaldnlj nrCiilio. lu Alex
Biiili re mill' a',d -Isle nf Illinois, all tha right,
tillnmid tin's 11 -1 of "id W m. assltt or hla as
sign", 11 ami lo lot nuinbiiettJ'J (thirty-two) la
bloik iiuiiiUied'Jl (tttenly-one) In Ihe Fourllt
Addllloii In said city of ( aim, accortlng to Ihe
tccoriteil plul ll.eie.if, with th appurtenanrtts.
to tati-ft Ilie eurpo.es and eondltlnu or slid
.Mnitpive ' r hTAAIS TAYI.OK,
Tiii-iiesortbe Cairo City Property.
Daltst ( alio, III... 1 ev I4tb. l7l. lH-W-lil
. H L - -! 1 -1 n
Normal University.
Then- will be an opportunity for Studr nU
eater the IJnlvcrslty.'mnieillatrly aner the hot
Idays, j0rtnyt JnMIry Uh. 1(178.
1 ultlon Is t iiKV. to all who are tnf by Conuly
SiiiMilntendenls, huiriion, Judges orby
Ireof Two Dollars is chsrged per terra, accord-
'"ottm'tuili'a In 'Vomal l-tlf
iiicut -.'.m
The lnalrucllou U TUmra.
and embraces WrltlBg. 1wId. Blixglig, Oal
l. henlcsand Klocutlou, In addition W all U
Common and lilgU Sthool atudiaa. and 1H
uud llreik. Higher Mat nsmatlca, ChmltiTa4
''ooooirtloinbebitAat MasoiuMa prlsso-
wiotJ.iwiyawef'. Wa

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