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mm 1
ntng Matter an Kiry rsr-.
Wiirvsliall wc slnjr: "linnl tlmpsmmc
nraln mo xioro?"'
Hon. Ciias. II. iIamu.n has )wii ln
ntifriirutcii Governor of MUnuri.
Thk Pennsylvania Hon; ofT;rnrccn
fallvos luis denounced the I.oulMana
Ejc-Govjsknoii UiuMLKm:, of Kin-
tucky, dlrd nt his residence In Lotilevllle,
on the 12th lust.
IlgrxiUR's trial I iirojfrt:liir, anil tins
reverend gentleman U again on the ra;;-
KHt lgc of despair.
Iiirmr.iUA Is prevailing at Murphy,
boro. There have Inen several dej-',g
amonff children, :md many are d'4ngcr.
oiulr ill.
Skotoi: Howk replied to &iintor
Selmrz'a frrcat Hccli. r,'he reply did
not wrakni the utUck viKc upon the ad
ministration by the .Vjourl Senator.
PixcimiCK, tbr, urgro, ,ns been dieted
United States Senator by the Kellojfjr.
legislature ort Louisiana. He will nowuu-
tloubtMllv K admitted to his sent. ThU
M anoV.icr straw on the ramd'a back.
T" kk hloody'ljiisitios.s of assassination
jjocaon In Williamson county. Five of the
Henderson bsndltti, nriued with double-
barreled fehotguns,nrttscourliitho coun
try with the Intention ol sliontiti? down
any ol the HutllngiT parly w ho may cross
their path. Where Is Sliurldanr
Thk man who said lion. I.. 1. l'later
Is an ass. must jrfvu MitUtitctlon for the
Insult at the mouth of the pistol. Mr.
Plater is not an ass. He couldn't le If he
tried. He Is n genius whom only ases
denounce. Among tiie Houil)ru of
Southern Illinois lie Is a bright particular
Ax nicer In the. navy of the United
States cannot accept a prevent from a
foreign ruler. An oltlccr wife I also
prohibited from accepting such a present.
The Khedive of Kgypt lately cent a wed
ding present to Mrs Thonia V. l'lteh,
Ucn. Sherman's daughter. 1'lti h I- an
engineer hi the navy, :ind before lit wife
could accept the im-ent, t'ougre had
to give consent by resolution.
J'i.ni n! i'i.mki.!
MgXfr liafrr,
'WPt's hrlltljnt noriifii lurj
Son of Ham, i
Voii'll l)iito!pil inon- ttinn r
MiiLrll Ull, 0
Hive him h-1, U,
ilkf the llouw the lip to uii.
l'Ulrr! 1'lutrr!
NlkKf lutrrl
t'Utrrl l'Utfrl l'Ulfr, dr.!
Skxatok Itunxi;, p-ntlemanly and moss
covered, has concluded to go extensively
Into the repudiating biislues. Having
Introduced bills to abolish the Normal
Schoolsof the State, and thu repudiate
the contracts made by the Statu with the
people of McLalu and Jackson countle,
and liclng pleased witli ids ell'ort In thi
direction, he has taken n step forward,
and has introduced a joint resolution pro
poring to Instruct our Senators In Con
gress to vote against a law the object of
which is to compel counties, cltle, town,
rtc., to pay their honest debt. Another
step, and the Senator will Introduce a
resolution to repudiate the national debt.
The State litgitter defend the address
of the Democratic State Central Coin
mIttH,l and pronounces it to be "both
timely and proier." No iktmhi on the
Demooratlc-Ubfnd side of the house has
ever hinted that It wa improHT conduct
In tin; commltti-e to denounce the Loulri
uua outrage; but many men of many
inmds, Democratic In politics, lielleve that
the language of the address was in bad
taste. A dlgnllled protest was demaiuh d
of the committee, and would 1 ave pro
duced a good effect upon the country ;
but the adilrc.s that the committee did
issue made the Judlelou grluie, fork tore
political passion Into tatleu. It wasstagc
Indignation. Its sentences rolled and re
verberated too much. The Mlltontc
ejaculation : "Awake, urNc!" the joetIc
declaration that "the sands run low;"
and the soul-harrowing shriek that
"dangrr It abroad in thu land," are all
well enough each In Its place, but hi the
address they look like paste diamonds on
the shabby rolie of a stagu Mug cheap !
A few weeks ago Fielding t5. Jlender
ou, one of the parties lu the Williamson
county lliilllnger-IIendcrfon war, vwi
Indicted for the murder of Hluehclin; of
that county. The Deputy Sherilt, with a
posse went to bUreslil.-nec andatlcmpUri
to arrest him, but tnlleiU He llred iih,u
the officer mid his party several times
from a navy revolver, and retreated to
the wood,. ThU Incident has h-atd the
blood of all thy Heudemoii". ami thev me
out upon the war-path. Five of them
urnied with djiulde-Uureleil ehotguiis,
jjotoff the cars at Curtervdle, ni-jr the
oW battle IWiU, a day or two ugo, mid
cttd as If they were very anxious to kill
home person. "Look out forbushwhael -
log as soon as tho snow disappears," says
4 nt .unnoH ittnoerat.
Mr. Uepry Winter, a gentleman of necu
liar manners and disposition, has i-om-
tnenced to make tint round of the sjdoous
and solicit votes for Mayor. In his nil.
grlraages, be takes occasion to denounce
us and promise In the event of his elec-
on to the high and honorable o!llce he
l seeking to crush The UirLi.KTix by the
Mtablishmeut of a rival lournul. wt,v
Heor' khoulil dt.Voto himself to us In this
maatier we cannot understand. We
never sitokou mm baekwanl-nerer laid
hair In the way of his onward progress;
uui,uu me i.uiiirrjr, nave necn anxious
Uswuraelf upon hU manly breast
wi bf forgiven by hhu.
tlM Hie Act of thw facts, Henry con-
tlnuw to rcvllo a nd dlipllcfidly uo u.
I this necessary In Henry's canvas
Can't ho ilnmus.out oftho htofthoJo lio
abuses? Mint 1 je, while declaring that Ihu
cncouraj;einei jt ofpimhlenand the build
In up of ha wdy hnue U neccsiuiry to
the prosperity of the city, lujr in in lor
castljratloi $,y hit abusive tongue? I .it us
hint to hi in that we are a hot potato, and
to drop as would be tlio part of wisdom
In him.
TiiK.UfLi.irnN lia fottffht many a l
tle fe.r the Intends of Cairo: It "has -advocated
railroads, niul Ixtju kl&cil
by them after completion; It
lus advocated railroad?, and been
persecuted by cltUens who belle ved. their
Interests would "bo Injured by t'.n: comple
tion ol .uch road ; It hatndviteated gc.i
tlcmen for the mayor offlec, the
clerk ' onice. (he Ireamr'i ojllce,
and XTiayor and elerk and trojiMitrr and
oUcr olllcers havedenouii.trd us In pay
ment; wc have doim all thec things
without money and without prior at
great los of time and tli, mid have
Ix-coinctlrvd of Mich display of patriotic
devotion to even Interest except
our own. We have therefore concluded
to let railroad build Ihemselve i nd am
bitious gentlemen elect thcmsclvuH to of-
lice have concluded to crawl Into our
shell anil Im as aflilsh as the devil
if wo can be. .This wo conelu led to do
after carefully considering the remark of
a good friend ot ours, that the Interest
we have taken In what he called "outside
matter;"," h:i done our business nogood,
meaning thereby that our advocacy of
"outride malterV" has robbed up,
as we Know it lias, or the
patiDiiagu of citizens who have patronage j
to give, and ha given lo us nothing hi J
return, Hawng arrived at Uil conclu
sion, we were In a calm tato ol mind nnd
would probablv have iiermlttcd Henry to
amble, without protest on our part, Into
the mayor s olllce. A e didn't and don't
care; but really If Henry will persist in
making gambling and that sort of thing
hi platform, nnd will not discontinue his
abuse of it, we shall lie compelled to
skin him iiud hung up his hide In the pub
lie gaze.
linn. I., r. 1'lnlcr M'aul TJirce or
31irr. font In ttis l.olili.v uiitt S'o
lien In (lit-Uiillrrr. A llrllllmil Or.
nlorleiil DlHilay.
.Tnst betore the Hnise adjourned last
Monday. .Mr. Albright, of Jackson,
moved to authorize the Speaker to a
jiolntlwo policemen, when Mr. l'later, of
Hardlu. moved to amend by striking out
the word "two" and Inserting hi lieu
thercot the word "thrcu or more."
t'pon this amendment, Mr. l'later made
his iiialilon sjtecch, a full report of which
we obtained from The StaU Journal. Ho
Mu. Hi'KAKT.n: lu ovctonmcnd that
resolution. Mr. Snciiker, 1 want that
resolution amended ho It will read three
or more. We want three or more nollce-
meu lor this House, Mr. Speaker; three
or more. Louder, by several members.
Thk Si'KAKr.u Tl e gentleman from
Hardlu must siicak loud enough for all
the members lo hei r him. Laughter
ami cries of "louder."
Pmtkh Mr. .Speaker, I say wo must
have three or more policemen. Two men
alu I enougn, lor It will take three or
more policemen to watch our coats lu the
lobby, rproarlou laughter. Ves, sir:
I want that resolution amended so as to
read three or more policemen. Wc wai.t
more, policemen. It's n shame to the
ureal State of hlauobu that this House
can't lme but two policemen, rshottts
of laughter, which encouraged l'later to
go on. We must have three or more
policemen to look alter our coats In thu
lobby and the women lu the gallery,
rimmensi) applause. As I was saying,
Mr. Sicaker. I want that resolution
amended so as to read three or more po
licemen, and
At this point, says The Journal, the
member from Hardlu weakened down In
to his scat, whispering the words "three
or more. ' 'J he House adjourned, and at
once scores of members, headed by Gov
ernor Ileverldge, proceeded to congratu
late l'later on hi maiden snccch. lie
wa much elated, and declares his pur
pose to carry his amendment or butt.
Senator llurke, of Macoupin coiintv.
has Introduced Into the Senate two bills
that will create much discussion, one "to
repeal the act creating and establishing
the Southern Normal University at Car-
bondale, and to turn over the buildings,
ground, iU, lor the use and can; of
feeble-minded children of the State," the
other "to repeal the act creating and es
tablishing the Normal University ntNor
nud, Ills., mid to set apart tlx
buildings, ground, Ac, for the u-oof the
hfiirable Insane of the Slate."
The Senator who Introduced thce bills
Is a peculiar gentleman. The world docs
not please him, and he lias fallen into the
habit of snarling at everything that at
tracts in attention. Kducatlon.lflt Isatthe
exenso of the tax-payer, Is, next to the
nigger, his particular aversion. Itelng a
lloiu-lion, above reproach and even above
suspicion, uk nigger 1, as matter of
cour-c, the great object of his dislike, ,-ut
me mucinous idea or popular education
ranks next lo Sambo lu the list of hU
aversions. He has hated It from his
youth up.
Having made this statement, the
reader can understand why thu Senator
has aimed his lance, with the audacity of
a Itourbonio (Quixote, at the Normal
schools of the State. He hates them lo
calise he cannot appreclato the good
work they have been and are still doing
In Illinois, "
We know thu Normal sehools are ex
pensive luxuries, and that not a lew cltl
reus believe with Senator nllrkt! tlat
they should be dUpciiKd with; but we
re not of that number. Wc think they
might lie made irn expensive; that, In
fact, with projier management they could
be made self-sustaining, ,u,d wo would
support any movement looking to this
end; but we hold .k to be ridiculous to
attempt lo abolish them at this time.
They are yet hi their InCuicy tlw ono H
Southern Illinois bclug not yet thor
oughly organized. They should bo tried
before they are condemned.
l.e.iiiig' out of view considerations like
these, we wish to call the attention oftho
mcmlMjrj or the General Assembly to the
fuct.th-utile bill Introduced Into tho Sen
ate cr.mnot bo enacted Into n law without
outraging the good faith of tho State.
Th'kc fur Instance, the Normal at Carbou
IJc. The State concluded to establish a
formal .chool in .Southern Illinois, and
Mid to the different localities: "The
school will be located In tho town that
gives the mot money, land, Ac" There
was not a village In this part of the Statu
tliatdiil not defclre to ccurt! the location
of the school. In the hope
to bencllt the locality to se
cure an educational Institution that
would Induce people having children to
locate there, and thu contribute to the
propcrlty of the place. In the excite
ment of the content, Carbonihilc gave
bonds and her citizens contributed lands
outbid all othcrloealltlM.nndlhcunlver
slty wa established at that town. And
now Smalor llurke, before tho buildings
arc completed, propose that the State
thnll say to Carbondalc : "Von wore
proinNed a Normal School It you
would give lionds and lands, and jou
gave them; but the Slate hat
concluded to repudiate ito contract, and
hiBtiad of giving you a Normal School
give you a school for I'ceble-inludid chil
dren !' There Is no proposition to pay
back the bond, or compensate citizens
who donated the lauds upon which the
buildings have been erected. The town
and the citizens must stand by their part
of the contract, but the State will shame
lessly act In bad faltfy Senator llurke
nuy understand this to Imj honcbty.
he do lie learned his morals In the
school that gave to his county a court
house, the bonds Issued lu payment of
which the Sciiatorlsiiiixious to repudiate;
lint we do nut liellevethc people of the
Statu have yet approached Ids standard.
We do not believe they will, after Indu
cing communities to Impoverish them
selves by suiiscrlblug bonds and lauds to
obtain Normal Schools, repudiate their
promises to those communities. Thepeo
ple are not mean enough to promise
bread and give a stone.
iC f. i'. v.
No moot any long' r ttklng the large,
repulsive, gilplog, iIihsIIu stiil nan-emu
put', couipomt ui mulo una bulky Ingrr
illrnf", and nut uu In canMi wo nl or ua-le
board Line, wlieu wu mil, by a c ireful
application of cliimlenl releoce, extract ull
the citliutrlc mil oilier liicdlcliinl prop
erties irom no most valuable
roots and licrbs, ami tonccn-
trnto tac m Into a uut.ute Granule, scarcely
Inrger tlian a mustard sud, that can be
ic illly swallowed by tlioso ni thu most
scnsltiva stoulnclm and fastidious taste.
bach ot Dr. l'le ec's I'lcassut l'urcntlve
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loim, atnuielicatliartlciiowcr n Is emboli
ld In un' of the Urr pills Innndlor sale In
the drug s ares. From their wonderful
catlia tie power, In proportlsn to lliclr size,
people who Ijmc not tried them are apt to
supposo that they are harsh or drastic
In ( live', but Mich Is not at sll the esse, the
dllleru t nctltu medicinal piinclubs of
w lilrli I hey are composed liflug so harnion
Ized, one by thu otheiv, a to reduce a
inot sesrebltu; acd tboroiiKh, vet Kently
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ndspilon to popular desires and needs. In
deed, when wo think Into how many hoinci
It pejclrnles evety month, wo must coi
stiler It its or.c of tlio filili Jton ns well as
entertainers of thn pub.le. mind, Tor Its vn-t
populnrd. i l i i:n won by no afpcal lo
stupid fti'i,; r deiiravudtuttis. lios
ton (ilohc,
The eharsrter which this Jlajjar.lnc po
scse forvarlu y.enterprlne.arthtlcwealth,
nnd literary culture thnt his kept pace with,
If It lias not led tho times, should csliso Its
conductors to reta il It with ItntllULIa com
placency. HsI'O entitles them to it great
rtalin upon thn public gratitude. Tho
Magazine has done Rood and not evil all
tho iHys or its life. llrooklyu I'i(!e.
Postage Iruo to sulucrlbcrs in the United
Harper's Magazine, ono yenr . ..Jt 00
ft 00 Includes prepayment ot U. S. post
age by the publUlieis.
eulMcrlptlom to llsrprr's Jlncszloc,
Weekly, orllnzar, li ono address for ono
yesr, $10 (0; or two of Harper' prrlodl
ca's, to one addrcs for ono year, $7 OC;
An extra opy ol-elllicr tlio Magazine,
Weekly or llazsr will be xippllcd unitls for
evry club ot tho tubtrilbcrs ut (4 to each,
In one reiiiltt-nrej or six copies I. r $2J 00,
without extra copy; postage Irce.
Iljck numbers can be supplied at any
A coinpli to Mt of Haipcr's Msnzlne,
now comprblng If) volumes, in ii'at cloth
binding, will be sent by express, Irelulit nt
the cxpome of piircliitcr, for i'l 2S prr
Milume. SIokIo voluini", by mall, postpaid,
i.l 00. Cloth canej, Tor binding, 68 cent',
by mull, postpaid.
rTNuwuiaiiurs sro not to copy this id-
vcrtlsement without tbo express ordtri of
llanier it brothers.
Address IIAlll'KIl A UllU IlIKll!-, N. .
Hair Vigor
For restoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is 'nt
onco ncreca-
ble, healthy,
nnd effectual
for preserv
ing tho hair.
restarts faded
or gray hair
to its original
color, with the gloss and freshness of
youth. Thin hair is thickened, fall
ing hair checked, and baldness often,
though not always, cured by its
use. Nothing can restoro tho hair
where tho follicles nro destroyed, or
tho glands atrophied and decayed;
tut such as remain can bo saved by
this application, and stimulated into
activity, bo that a new growth of
hair is produced. Instead of fouling
tlio hair with a pasty Bcdiincnt, it
trill keep it cloan and vigorous. Its
occasional use will present tho hair
from turning gray or falling off,
and consequently prevent baldness.
Tho restoration of vitality it gives
to tho scalp arrests and prevents
tho formation of dandruff, which is
ofton so uncleanly and offensive.
Free from thoso deleterious sub
stances which make somo prepara
tions dangerous, and injurious to tho
hair, the Vigor can only benefit, but
not harm it. If wanted merely for
a. HAIR DRESSING, nothing clso
can be found bo desirable. Contain
ing neither oil nor dyo, it docs not
soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long on tho hair, giving it a rich,
glossy lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. i, C, Ayer & Co
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
Cherry Pectoral,
'Tor Eiseaaea of the Throat and Zius0
uoh aa Cougha, Golds, Whooping
Cough, Bronohltia, Asthma,
and Consumption.
Among the crest
discoveries of mod-
I era science, few sro
of more real value
;to mankind than
'tht effectual rem
tedy for all diseases
"of the Throat and
LungJ. A vnit tri
al of Its virtues,
throughout this and
other countries, has
shown that It does
nrely and effectually control them. The tes
timony of our best citizens, of all cissies, es
tablishes Die fact, thst Ciiehut I'icioiial
will and does relieve and cure Die afflicting
disorders of the Throat and Lungs beyond any
other medicine. The most dangerous affec
tions of the Pulmonsry Organs yield to Its
?ower; and cases of Consumption, cured
j this preparation, are publicly known, so
remarkable as hardly to be believed, were
they not proven beyond dispute. As a rem
edy It Is adequate, on which the publlo may
rely for full protection. Ily curing Coughs,
the forerunners of more serious dlteuse, It
avss unnumbered lives, and an amount of
offering not to be computed. It challenges
trial, and convinces the most sceptical.
Every family should keep It on hand as a
protection against the early and unpercelred
attacks of Pulmonary Affections, which are
silly met at first, bat which become Incura
ble, and too often fatal, If neglected. Tender
longs need this defence) and It is unwise to
be without It, As a safeguard to children,
aunld the distressing diseases which beset the
Throat and Chest of childhood, Chubby
Fictobal Is invaluable 1 for, by its timely
use, multitudes are rescued from premature
Craves, and saved to the love and affection
centred on them. It acts speedily and surely
agsinst ordinary colds, securing sound and
heslth-rcstorlng sleep. No one will suffer
troublesome Influenza and painful Ilron
httU1 when they know how easily they can
be cured.
Originally the product of long, laborious,
stnd successful chemical Investigation, no cost
or toll is spared In making every bottle In the
Bhnost possible perfection. It may bo confl
5nUr relied upon as possessing all the vlr
tuss It has ever exhibited, and capable of
producing cures as memorable as the greatest
it has ever effected.
rmwAJuro by
Dr. I, C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mm,,
V fweHeal ssssd Analytical Chtmlaf.
n.l. PukHH. vuk immLI.l. ktiujl.. flnHMf.
I'.i-fui iuuu wiuo.i Taa Biwuial
MAava mvTfktrw v, III prttl, FIT IWS
IaMii imiiut'i
11LWI- al
skPure Coffee
aLaLm' f ' i aaV
aaaajJplgjRt .J mK
mm flu Wl M Lm
mm mm nrilHfAi srw gk
Is now prepared to show ono of the most su
purb stocks ever offered in this community.
He will not be undersold.
Gentlemen desiring hats of a precise fit
can have the measure of their heads taken to a
hair, and their head gear made to order in the
latest fashion and finest style.
This house contains 35 good rooms.
Travelers will always find the best accommo
dations. A trusty watch for trains and boats day and
"Wo hnvo replenished our Job Printing Oflico with
many fonts of new type and hnvo orders out for other
fonts of tlio latest populnr styles. Wo are determined
to establish the reputation of our oflice for flrst-clnss
work, mid make our prices so low that tho moat enthu
siastic patrons pf.proign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any othor of
fico in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to be one of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing do-
t i
pnrtmont, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
113 Commorcial Avonuo.
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