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Reacting XMIrr on Kvrry I'nur.
JONHH. OBKHIr, Editor.
Hon. JoskI'H K. MeI)t.VAi.t, tlic
ircnUctnati who im-lclietl the Hon. 1).
W. Voorhrcn, Is nfoolit sixty ycara-of njrv
At Uic Eighth of January I't-tlvnl at
U'oostcr, OlJo, Governor Allon was nom
inated for ro-vlvctioii. Illgliur. Willi.iin;
go tip higher.
Tub Louisaiw matter continues. In ac
cordance with the rrquMt of the IK-mtv
chitlc Liberal commUtec of this Shite, to
"roll and reverberate."
Ho.v. L. F. PiAtkr has Hi preparation
a bill for an act to ham; Airy nljigrr con
""vlcted of" the crime of muling; wrlUiiff
Mn, 1'LiTCit. of Unities' theep, Is the
'tVrorife latntf. ft'c' Wats wllh pathoc,
whenever his eyes fall ujon a nlfrgcr,
Jlati t bah ! black sheep, don't you come
nigh tnc!"
Although It nmy startle into Indigna
tion the patriotic soul of Mr. Jack Win
teT, the great vlllAge. statesman, we are
of the opinion five hundred dollar; per
annum is a big license for wharf lK.it.
Senatok Dt'RKK, (lie gentleman who
his buckled on his armor and advanced
to the atucl: of the Normal schools of the
.State, will probably Introduce a hill to
make -ignorance compulsory. Tho bril
liant genius of the House, Hon. L. F.
riater, will undoubtedly unite Ids forcei
with those rf the Senator.
In Khtisao very cold weather I the
fashion. Twcntv-onc men have been j
brought to Dodge City in a helpless con
dition, having been frozen on the plains.
Mr. Vantrew, a member of tho legisla
ture, had both his legs frozen while nt
""'teBipUhg.td rtneh 'the capital; anil It U
JbeUeved amputation will le"iieetnry to
ave his life. '
Skkitok An.NT7.EN, of Ailams county,
baa Introduccil into the Senate n bill jr(
Titling tliat so much ofthetUite levy for
rA waeji pi itf.i :u was ticcisirsii iiiicoiitiiu
tloual by the supreme court bo refunded
to the counties whtrc It wa colleeted,
and either paid burV hi money to the
tax-payer or credited in .their tax re
ceipt for the present year.
'IUiXAm)." In the Hlanilvllle AViri,
crushes Col. Oscar Turner thus : "When
tho current of a man's life Ini-s become
foetid and eiuits 'only spume plugiipv.
neh a man can be, will lx-, nay! has
been rejected." After thts nothing re
mains for Col. Turner, lie should In
stantly hide his s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 r 1 head from
the public gaze, "llalliird'' lia tlMirtl
Wp suggest to Alderman nalllday's
economy and retrenchment committee,
that a dollar or two may be saved by re
ducing the salary of the mayor to n
couple of hundred dollars a year. As
municipal matters are now, tho mayor has
little to do. He preside at the council
meetings. Ho has nothing elc to
do, In truth, the members of the coun
cil do more labor thau the mayor, who
cannot allbrd to glvu up his business for
$1,200 a year, and would have very little
to do if, he did. The members of the
council glvo their services to tho city for
nothing, and there is no good reason
why the mayor should not do so also.
It may be this would be asking too much
of a citizen, but we do nut think so. The
city isin financial dlstres. high taxes are
crushing out our prosperity, mid wo have
no doubt citizens patriotic enough to
. give. for -nothing the time nectary to
perform the dutie. of mayor, could read
ily be found.
Hox. Wit. M. KVauts, the great law
yer, has. been a republican above re
proach, but ho lias revolted at the Louisi
ana, Iniquity. At a great Indignation
meeting In New i'ork city, called to pro
test against the Interference of tho army
with tho political affairs of I.ouUlana, lie
made a forcible speech, in which he
charged the respoiitlbilty of the outrage
upon President Orant. "Thus far," ho
said, "we have only the fact that the
President has approved, for Secretary
llelknap's 'all of us' Is mere surplusage.
Hut if the Itcpubllcan party In Congress
approve ; If they have no voice, no ac
tion, no authority, but to adopt and his
tain and maintain tho right of;i Ille
of soldiers to decimate a IctrlMaturu oven
then I'll not admit the Itepublicah party
Is to be held responsible for that action
till you have given us llcpublieaiis a
chance to see and do what we
W.C8;" e. l'ren.Ncs."
"If," he added 'the depositors or power
in the Itepobllcali party am ready to put
IV' .-.uilllll UllVIIUItlll-
HtltuUotlttl,prvnofttlou that a fllfeof aol-
tiler can etuptjr-a State Igli-lature un
der wiyof.'tlu; ilroumsbuices prbpo,ei
' by anybody as nruvallhiL- in l.n.lin.,. i
j think Uiat tliU rH)re;iitatloiiof power of
thl. nnihll.wii n. ...til .11.1... .
v few mipportc-rs hi the party"."
M - r V
r !JIALl-lOX.-VirATSiM tl., Wi: Iiu
'. By reference to our local columni n
jwlll bo seen that yesterday morning a
negro, put oQ' a steamboat at our wharf.
Fwaudcred alwut tho citv
Mi i... . . " .i:"'
uuf o;ng,-omeioiy who had tin
thoritj' totakocaroof ihn. Tfr. Wood,
Creprpientlng tho county, could not do mi,
fcbecaute Uia upgro is not a citizen of Al
&ttudr. Mayor Wood, renrenentliiir tlm
city could not do so, because, he has uo
auinonty; Sir. Fisher, representing tin
roderal govenimont, could not do so, he
c'iusc the negro Is not a "marine." Meet
ing a citizen, the negro wm sent to Ir,
noou; ur. Wood sent him to Mayor
Wood; Mayor Wood wnt Lim, to Mr.
Fisher, Mr. Fisher scnl'hlmto J)r. AVood,
and ao on. Tim was the small-pox
-..knocked nliout ft-om tho county to the
city, ft-om tho city to the United mates,
aud from tiie t'nlted Hntr. to the county
all around tho circle like a luisc ball
pa'-ed from the tlrt base around to
Wo blame neither of the oltieern
named; but we lnlt that ionicllitiig
should, and we know oniethlmr can - lie
done to prevent this l)roadcnstlng of the
small-no.C hi till-' I'oiiiiiuuiily. Tha'dl-
eae nlwnys come to u oil the river til
.way no-aim dlcnwlewloiiWtn a negro
on n steamboat. The boat lamW ut our
wharf, and the negro N put oft" In our
niltlt. Hcdon't know where togo,undhe
tlieivflire wanders about the street, coin
ing In contact with citizens, anl eomiiiu
nlcating to them the tlUeii'e. Tills has
been, year alter year, the hl-torjr of tho
eomuuncMiient of thesmall-povlu Cairo,
It U, unlawful-condii't in the uflWvrs
'oTn boat to put oil at thl-' pine." n H-r-on
having a contagion dl-im-. but this tact
doe not deter the oflleer- of any bo.it
frouigctliur rid of Uieiniul'iox. They
would rather lie lliied than bo contanil-
nateil by the dl-eai and o they take
their chaiuv. Wlely too, for tm-y are
never lintel. You must llrt catch your
hare liefore you can cook film.
What Is'to lw done? Well, wo don't
know exactly ; but we believe the city
and county would save money by locating
a pest house somewhere convenient to
the river down below the old fort for
Instance and permitting steamboats to
transfer their sma1l-ox patient.- to It- for
projor can-anduursing. An arrangement
might Ito-niade with the b'iat to share
with the city and county In the expense
of such n pet hoti.e In any event, no
matter what It may eot, the city should
haven ot home and olllcers who-e du-
ty It should beto take to It, without delay,
all persons, not citizen-, allllcted wltli
thdisea-e.' f The.vi olHoer- should hover
around the wharf boat!-, night nnd day,
and prevent the landing of .-mall-pox a
tieiUs; or. if they cannot, report the boats
violating the law and have them lined.
Men covered with the mall-pnx wander
ing about the streets are not n cheerful
sjiectacie, and they should lie abolbhed.
We may be. told that to publi-h Mich
facts &J we have stated N not riglit. To
have, the facts exlt Is not nearas right a
to publi-h them. Let tlio'e wlio'e iluty
It is to iiotjienult the facts to exl-t do
thi'ir'ihily, and then there will be no dan
ger of publication. We are laboring to
procure an ounce ot prevoulion, so that
c shall not be compelled to invest In a
pound of cure.
The n-ort of the New Orleans Mil -committee
of iuve-tlgation. which hss
Imvii submitted to the full committee, is
not the sort of a document which the
Iladlcals ol the full committee, In view of
all the elrriun-taiiccs had a right to ex
pect. The main points of tho report,
which was not accepted by the f till com
mittee, hut only permitted by them "to
lie pre-cnted a the report of the .sub
committee." show that no intimidation
Was used by the Democrats or the White
League to prevent colored men from vot
ing the Republican ticket; that the
Returning Hoard was a mou-trous
and clum-y fraud, wlio.-e members
had lint even skill enough to
conceal their wrong and duplicity; that
United .States soldiers, under orders of
Marshal Packard, scoured the pari-Jies
for days bet'oro the election, with war
rants in their Dockets for Democrat, mill
appeared at the poll on election day.
thus driving oil Democratic voters; that
at the last election many colored men
Voted the Opposition ticket on account of
tho failure of (he l'rccdtnen's
bank;' the pirsonul te-tlmouy of
many to thl effect havlm?
been given before tin committee: that the
Kellogg government has no hold on the
people of the State, and that It U sii
ported by hot more than two-thirds
of thu colored vote, and by no white men
except tin olllce-holders, and tho-o who'c
relation- hold olllre; that the police of
New Orlcau Is demoralized and u-cless;
that order is maintained through the ef
forts of the White League, ami that thl
organization Iscompo-ed of tho be-t bu
iness men of tin; city. ThU report, the
Uadlcal members of the full committee
complain, is "Mib-tantlally a Democratic
document," and a resolution was puscd
strictly forbidding the publication of all
or any part of it. The cnterprMslng
coiT?.-pondent of the N'ew York tlernld
'surreptittou-1 v obtained the renort.and
the enterpii-Ing fmiMlurreptitlouly"
published It.
'J hi report Is a moral rebuke of Gen.
Sheridan's attitude toward the people of
Louisiana, and a moral reproach to Pres
ident (Srant fur ulacliiir Sheridan In It.
mis the Jtadlcaln In tho committee know
full well, and till-, Is the reason whv
tjicy" refii'-ed to accept the report
of tlic sub-!!oniuiittee and whv llu-v en.
deavored to hide a knowledge "of it from
the people. The Clilcairoi'Viiioie'a Wa-h.
higton correspondent Informs ids miner
"inai tiio Uepubiicaii members of tl
, . - a -i
couiinutei! were not in favor of vl-ltin
New Oilcans; they thought nothln
could coiuo of tllO illCtlL'ation. noil ,n
now troubled because so liiucli has come
ol It. I hey evidently had coulldenco
the partbau reeling of tho llcmihlle
eub-oommittec, and did not count on an
lionet aud unbla-ed renort. Hut tin
are determined no harm "to thu party
Mian i-oiuu ot It. It, was detcrniincd til
the coin'iulttee. with tin.
tho sub-committee, who might piov
iruuuii-hoiue, Klioillil luoeeed at onci
New Orleans. Hy this beauilfnl .-ire-iium
ment, u report in Weeping with the senti
ments o tho administration and thu
recoru ot the Jtepublleaii party, can
doubt bo llxed up.
Schonck'a Pulmonio Syrup, Sea Weed
-xomc, ana MandraVo Pills,
Thesij decrvedly colt-brattu" and popu
Ijr med elneij Uvu effected a revolution li
the healing art, ami proved the fallacy o
several maxims which have tor many years
TtlK iKi( fclllmnMltllin ,lm I '.... nM...ftl.
Inouratilo dutorrud pliyslclun Iroin attcinj
patients atlllctcd with it reconciled hi
belrca to dnuth tclilinnt innM.i.. ....
esoapn from a doom which they supposed
to bo tioavoldaule, It Is now provedhow
mi, iuv wuii8uiuiuuii euu ue cured, and
that It has been cured lu a very great num.
her ofcascs (pome of thcra annarcntlv dos
prrsto ones) by Sclieuck's lMiliuonlo Syrup
nlonc; ami In other eases hy tho sime med
icine In connection with Hclicnck'B Sea
weedToair and Jtandrnko rill, ono or
both, ncco.-dlng to the rciitlrcmenta of tho
Dr. Suhenck Iilni'cll. ibo enjoyed Hole-
icmipten koou ueiuiu lor moro until tony
year, w.jsniipiHjieil, atoaetliao to l,o at
lint M-ry k'n'coi'doiitll.til-'phyMclniH bavins
prjuour ceo ins ctso nopeicFS, ana sunn
deneH blni to lilil fte. He wns cured bv
tho alo :cald uuJIeluu, and sloes lilt i eeov
cry. in iny tlioti-ntuls Imilirly allectcdliave
iitciijir. .oucncK'.-i prcparauuns iviiu uic
Miino i-cinurknlilu hiccci".
t-'ull tlireullnns ace.miauy each, making
Knot ab-.tluleh iiet-esarr toportonally sro
Jr. tVtienek tiulif-is inllciili wlti their
liill?s e.Nnuilneit, tud for llii urpne he is
prulQislniully t Ida prinelptl ofllce, corner
Min anil Ann ttrceis, I'liuaucipnu, ocry
.Aiouday, where all letters for :inl c mini
bo !ililtofeil. SohecW medicines nro
sold by tit druggists- II :!)-lin
A St lory for rtilllt-en.
Come, little one, all of you who are
too small to attend lectures and sermon',
and while wo sit by tho lire, 1 will tell
you n tory. It was sugge-tod to my
tnlnd by a lecture lately delivered hi tills
city: and out of It. Should I tell you
that the name of the subject a a
great big word that i now Interesting the
whole civilized world, you would not uu
dcrstand the word, o I'll not name lt.hiit
ro on with myMory.
There wn once an old
hen whtM' name wu Cock
atoo, and n little drab thick named
Skaddles. The hen hail lived tin the farm
a long while lieforo she ever heard of the
duck, which fact accounted for the jku-c
between them. ( oekatoo had a nice nest
In the hay, alo had oine tluek ot
tho Skaddlcs I'anilly. whlcli fact wn.- a
great source of trouble to Cockatoo. Slie
had a great fancy to be a leader of the
society in which Oie moved, and de
manded ownership of the whole barn
yard, ne.M included. When a duck coin
pleted her soil not, Cockatoo ran her
out, and occupied It hen-elf, 'till In her
desire to disturb the comfort of others,
she liad hut little herself, and sometime
got bewildered In lier choice of roosts and
nests. One bright morning Skaddles
stepped out of the hay, followed by a
wonderful number of little ducks, as tiiev
all mado their way toaprcttv pond bv
the hillside. Day alter tlayslie took lliein
there, and they scooped their wing- In
the water, and dug wonn out of the mud
with their broad bill-, and had a good
time generally. Soon they learnt to
swim, which feat Cockatoo saw often, and
always witlt the greatest surprise and
dignst. She told the storv in a verv ex
aggerated way to her friend--, and de
clared that no lc-pcctable, genteel fowl
would or eowW swim. .SVie could not do
so, and why should another? How could
tlieyV These were tpteitlons he raln-d:
and answered by avow ing that it wn-, her
conviction that Skaddles wa m-i-ted by
the Devil. I am a ware, inv dear-, that
this Is a very ugly word, but ome peo
ple seem happier for ( - iw
and us Cockatoo ahvavs un-d It. I am
obliged to repeat It, if I give a true ac
count. -l la-l sue became verv ninrrv
with Skaddles, and was ever cruel to the
little one", and declared her Intention to
raise Inn one little chick that should
vanquish the last duck from the fare of
the carlli. Whether she really flattered
hcTeclf Into tills belief, or whether .-he
said it for the sake of cackling and mak
ing a great nol-,o, I have no mean of
knowing, but certain it Is, that from that
day she seemed to devote her whole time
and talent to tho planning out a bright
future for the little chick that she some
day hoped to pocss. 1 fay and night i-lie
at hi her nest, racking her brain with
brilliant fancies of a victory over the en
emy, and denied herself tlnio even for
proper food or drink. .Sometimes she
Hew from her nest with a loud screech,
and Hopped in anticipation ol tho time
when she would display her young hlck
to tile Jcaloil "AM Of thn-u aioimil
her, and ca-t tli-dalnfiil glances
at poor Skaddles and held her head 'lde-
wUe with a very knowing look indeed.
At hint, one fair day, Cockatoo walked
proudly forth with her Infant prodigy;
cackling, clucking ami .scratching, as
only a hen can do, over her llr-t offspring.
Occasionally she gave a loud call, ns If In
terror, and by her various exclamations
ittracted a largo crowd of admirers
around her. Skaddlc.-i canio no nbo. mn!
watched tlic excited movement; and
listened to tho extravagant praises be
stowed upon tho new-comers, and wish
ing to bo neighborly, she invited tin.
whole company down to the pond to
catch Hies, hunt worms, or to swim.
Thu invitation was very unfortimati. In
Its results, lor Cockatoo became fearfully
enraged, and ordered Skaddles away; de
claring mo wlilio that chick .-liould
run the whole Skaddles family into tlic
water, and keep them off of ground for
ever. Skaddles turned slow ly homeward.
amncd at tho pas-Ion and poor taste dis
played by her conceited friend; who.
boasting aud scraping her wings on the
ground, followed the ducks to the water's
edge. While she flew and lloundered
and spattered In the water, wcarim.' her
self out with her foolish exertions, h-r
young one spread its little wings ami ad
ded one more to the happy brood that
sailed peacefully upon the smooth waters,
and followed tho motherly Skaddlei.
Poor Cockatoo ran up and down by the
pond, calling In vain to her heedless
child, ami had no amwer but thu "quack,
quack," that nlmost drove her frantic.
In her lo-s, she realized for thu
llrst time that she had -at on tho
wrong neit. In her tksire for ad
miration and her ambition to mortify
an unoffending neighbor, she. exposed
her own Ignorance, and added to happi
ness which she Intended to destroy.
Cockatoo now sits on a modest perch, her
eye closed In reflection, a w ticr It not
a better hen. .tvr . utu
Caiko, January 1, Jh7.ri.
No tue of anj
11V 1.1 tltr .
kin Iholurgo,
I unite, gripug, iira-i-.li! ai.il uaiueoii.
I' Ills, eonipotcd ol etude and bulky Ingrc.
llenta, and put up In cbc.p woid or trn te
board bores, wheu we can, by a careful
application of chemical science, extract all
the eatbstrlc and other medicinal 'prop-
crtlcs from tho most valuable
roots and lierb.. and concon
trato them Into a mliiiitn (Ir.iniilc, leait-ely
lurgnr than a mustnrd tcul, that can be
nudlly nwallowed by thoso of tho tnOst
fciifltiro tonincln and fastidious tastes.
I-.ac.Ii or Dr. no.ee,' 1' caiant l'uruat vo
l'ellcttf lepi-oscntu, In tho most concentrated
lotni, aitmieh catliartlcpower as Is embod
ied lu any of Hie Urge pills found lor alc In
tho driiit ares. From their wonderful
eatli.vtlc power, lu proportl n to tholr 're,
people who hae lut tried tliem arc apt to
suppose (list tney are narsn or urnsuo
in t n'ecl. but such Is nut at all tho ci.c. tho
different active medicinal principle of
wulcli t icv aro comuosed belnir hi harniun
Ir.cd, ono by tlic others, as to 1 rod net; n
ino-t earchuie acd thorough, yet Kentlv
and kindly operatlngcatliartlc. Tlicl'ellots
ore told by deficit In medicines. 1-15
rpilK IllM.ini.N IspiiMMieitettryiiKinihiit
(cxeqd MoiuLi)) hi Hie llnltelbi Iltiil-lhiff, rAi
uer Wadilnytnn im-micnnd Twetnii mt.
Tar. Itt i.tl.ilN U jrritil to elty stil)crlberi by
fitttinit eanW-rialTHentyl'lte Unit aVek,
lnjntilr vritKly lly Mall, (ill uihancr), $IOpvr
untiiu) nix uiontti, $t time-montlK, M one
mouth, $1 iV
I'ublhlu-t eery Tbumlay monilnunt 1 li
I -era n n ii m, Inrnriably In a-hamc. 'I lie i-taxe
on IhoWtvLly will be pirpald at till onhv, o
Hut ;iibcriUr will obtain it rorasubx-riptlou
rife of tl n )cr.
I) a 1 1. v .
l;u.nc Cards, per annum,...,
One xpiarr, one liiM-rtloa
Hue opiatv, two insertion-,,...
tine Sipiarr, one week
One fpiair, two wiVs ..
.qtuiv, llirn; Mi-ell,
One- itpuv, tiiu- mouth,
...! CO
... 1 00
... 1 30
... -.' :a
... S.V1
... I to
... & Ol
w r. k r; i. v .
Dm lujuare, one Inirrlion,....
llidi .tiliMtpifnt intertloii,...
. tl (0
.. :
3"fne Inch I. a jqunK.
J3"J'u regular adtertirers we offer superior In-
dueenieut., lioth to rate of i-h.irii-1 ami man
ner of dl.play lug their fat or.
Ef.Votlcei In local column luterted for t'if-
U-en Cent par line for one insertion, Twenty
Cents a line for two Itimrtloin, Twi-nly-Klfe
CeiiH a line for llin-r Imcrllom, Thirty-Kite
Ceiiti a tin,- for one nael, unit etenly-Fie
Cenli a llneforone inontli,
Comrnunlcattona upon aubjuota of uen-
oral tntereat to the publlo uollclted.
t3"AU Ulten kUotlbl beaiUlremnl In
l'n-ldciit t.'alnj llcllutiu ('oiiiuuiiy.
"A Hvpotllory of I'hnIiIiiii. IMcusiir,',
nnil Iiintrttrltoii,"
ll.l.l s i ilti:u.
The lI.-UHrl edited with n contilbutlon
nft.tctaud talcmthatWL-.eldoui find Inuty
Journa ; end the journal itft-ll U tho ort,- n
ol tliu great world offualiluu, ltn.ton Tiav
The liazar eomiuend-iltielt to every nitm
her of the household to the cldldrcn by
droll and pretty picture.H, tr, the young la-dlt-H
by IU fat-hliia-pluti - In cudlt-ts sarictv.
Ui the proldvnt mutton bv iu patterns rir
the children's chtbea, to" piiterlainill.it bv
its tas'eful de-lso- for embroidered slipper
nnd luxurious iln-.lm- i-nun. tin, ,,..
u-adinciiMtterofllm liazar jt UDlforrr.ly ol
Kfeat excellence. Tho paper lies actmirud
a muc iMpumi ii; lor lllB lirc-iue cnjo liltnt
H aHord-i. X. Y. livening Ton. '
Harper's Hazar, one year... .$4 (S)
i'our dollars includes prepayment of l
9. po.tagu by tin- publltlicrs.
hubjcMptloDs to Harper's .Magazine,
eckly, and liazar. to onu addrem for one
ye.r, eiO W; or two nf Harper'a l'erlodl
cal, to onu adJre .i for one year, 87 00:
postugo free. 'VV , '
An extra ropy of cither the :riSazlne,
Weekly, or llazar will to -upiilk-d irrbUa.
for every rlub of fivu subu-ribers at etCb'
S!f. remlltal'Co ; or, alx coplca for
$20 01) without extra copy ; poitaRe free,
time1 ,m" 'c" can l,u ""Pplled at any
1 he seven t oluine of Harper'- ilnrar, for
the years IfiS. 'a,, ;o, Vi, '7n. '74, Vhs
pntly bound In green morocco doth, will
liSJS,'" ''' o freight i repaid, fjr
?7 00 each. '
t3.Vewpapt-r are not to copy this ad-
ermcnioni without the cxprt-ta orders of
Addre l HAJtfKit.t illtOTHKIie. N. V,
ItlUI, khtati: ,lF..T."
Real Estate Agents
7-a. onio JLtasT-jaja,
(Swjnd Kloor.j
ahttneu of till..
X'jTlAtA CornliiUlon'r.
Real Estate
Land Atranta cf thu Illlnola C.Mrtl a,nd
uurllntfton and Qiilm.y 11, 11.
North Oor. Sixth anil Ohio Loroo,
OAirto, n.Mrfoia.
ioiy iixmisiii.1 iuniaarusn
sr i...., 7:.T".'. 7 -r"m-" ?"j i
I, i .... -1 .i . I I . . 1 l I. . r. 1 . . I
'L'iiiticlltinlil.r Hie heat Niinlnett
work oftlto Uliid In Hie VVorlit."
ii.!.t.srit.VTi:n. '
notiorh uv tub vnitto
The ever Inercastrli! cln uUllon o
axeeltcnt motithlr muvea Its i-untlnuetl
adaption to popular doalres nnd need?. In-
ticeil, w ncii wo iiiiiik innvnow tinny tioines
It iouoltlo.oveitf innndi, ve-mnit ron
sldoi' It a one of tho educators in well as
cntertntncis ofthe pub fc mind, forltH mi -a
popularity li t bci n won by no a peal to
stupid fliji r depraved latloir lioi
ton (italic.
T'lif cli:inetei'V - i'i i'i's .Atiica.lnp pos
C!oi forvsrle y.n i i-pile,arii-tlcwcaltli,
and llterjiy ctilluro tin t h i kept pace wllh,
If It bus not ltd the limps tll-nild cniuo 111
conductors to regn'd it wllh lutlliHblo coin
plaeetet. It fls t-utltlnt tlieiu to ngre.it
claim upon thu public gratitude. Tlin
.Mat.M.lnc ha done good and not ctlall
the (l, el llilllc, JlKMiKljn Csgle.
T FlOls i
I'c-lsge live to subscribers In the t'nltod
Hitri'T's fiuazlun, one Je.tr .. $ is)
SI 00 Includes prcpa) im-iit ol L'. pot
ago by the piibll-he'is
ftlib.crlptlons to It-ii'per's Mntuzlie,
Weekly, or ltuzar, to one addict for ono.
year, ?I0 (0; or two of Harper' perlmll
calK, to onu addrcn for one year, 7 00;
pol age free.
An rxtr.t c-py ol t-lllier the Magalne.
Weekly or Ita.sr will be Mipplled gratis fur
every club of tlvo stib'ctlbeis at ?4 ul csch,
In one reinltt uue; or alt copies Ur 9:000,
without extia copy: potige trod.
Hack numbern can be supplied at any
A eoniplfto rt of lltrper's .Magazine,
now comprising 4! volumes, In neat cloth
binding, will be ent by express, Irelght at
thu extu-n'e of t-iirchster. for iJU B3 i r
soluinu. single volume, by luailj poaip.-tid,
?:i tw. Clotn r:iej, for binding, lis cent,
by mnll. ppotpald.
STITNowf papers are not to clpy HiIasiI-veril-ctiicnt
without the exprcs ordtri of
litrper ,v tiroiner..
Hair Vigor
For rostoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is !nt
once agreea
ble, healthy,
mid effectual
for preserv
ing tho hair.
It soon re'
'stores faded
or gray hair
to its nri'iiml
color, with thc$los and freshness of
youth. Thin lnir is thickened, fail
ing hair checked, ami baldness often,
though not nlwuya, cured hy its
use. Kothing can restore the) hair
whero tho follicles aro destroyed, or
the glands atrophied timl decayed ;
hut sucli as remain can bu saved by
thiit application, aud stimulated into
activity, t-o Unit a new growth of
hair is produced. Instead of fouling
tho hair with a pasty ttetlimcnt, it
will keep it clean nnd vigorous. Its
occasional use (t ill present the hair
from turning gray or falling ollj
and consequently prevent baldness.
Tho restoration of vitality it gives
to the Hcalp arrests and prevents
tho formation of dandruff, which is
often so uncleanly and offensive.
Freo from thoso deleterious sub
atances which make some prepara
tions dangerous, and injurious to tho
hair, tho Vigor can only benefit, but
not harm it. If wanted merely for
a HAIR DRESSING, nothing else
can bo found bo desirable. Contain
ing neither oil nor dye, it does not
Boil white camhric, and yet lasts
long on tho hair, giving it a rich,
glossy lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C, Ayer & CdJ
Practical anil Analytical ChemttU,
old ur all Dnuooisra isykktwubm,
Cherry Pectoral,
Tot Dlaoaaea of the Throat and Lanes,
aah as Coupha, Colda, Whooplna
Couh, llroncmtla, AaUuna,
and Consumption.
Amonc tha mre(
iliscorerict of mod
lernicicncc, fow era
J of mors real Talus
;to mankind than
'thii effectual rcm
Itiv fur all diieascs
of the Throat and
Lungi. A vait tri
al of 1U virtue,
throughout thW and
other countries, liuj
shown tlmt it duen
surely and elTsctunlly control them. Tho te
timony of our bett cltlicm, of nil clauci, -t.ihlithe
the fact, that C'ltuniir I'l.cnoiiAL
will and itoet relieve mid cure tho nlHIctlng
(llnorden of tiio Throat and Lungj beyond any
other medicine. Tho rnott dangcrotn nflec
tloni of the I'ulmonury Organs yield to iU
Jioweri nnd cae of Consumption, cured
by thli nrepamtlon. are publicly known, 10
remarkable a hardly to ho believed, wcro
they not proven beyond dispute. As n rem
eilr It Is adequate, on which tho publlo may
rely for full protection. Hy curing Coughs,
the forerunners of more aerious dlteate, it
taves iinntimberoil lives, and an amount of
aullcrlng not to he computed. It challenges
trial, mid convinces the most sceptical.
Kvery family ahould keep It on hand as a
protection aplntt tho early nnd unpercolvcd
attacks of Pulmonary AITectlons, which are
eailly met at flrot, but which become incura
ble, and too ollcri fatal, If ueglected. Tendor
lungs need this defence mullt Is unwiso to
ho without it. As a safeguard to children,
amid Ihe dlUrcssing dlsoanos whlcli beset tho
Hiroat and Chet of childhood, CiiEimr
riCTORAi. Is Invaluable) for, by Its timely
tut, multitudes aro rescuod from prematura
gravei, and saved to tiio lovo and affection
centred mi them. It acts speedily and surely
ygalimt ordinary colds, securing tound mid
health-rettorliig slcop. No one will lufl'er
troublesome lutlia-tuii nnd painful Ilrou
chltla, nhen they know how easily tiny can
be cured,
Originally the product of long, laborious,
and successful chemical Investigation, no cost
or toll Is spared hi making every bottle In the
utmwt posslblo perfection, it may bo conn.
Uwitly relied upon as poHsesslng ull the vir
lues it luu aver exhibited, and capable of
producing cures as rneraorablo as U10 greateat
It luu ever effected.
pjiKFiaitn nr
L Dr, J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Maw.,
Practical and AmUjtloal ChamlaU.
old ut all UHuaaitiB xvBftrsrasH,
vravoair iiaMsaiiiHi MisuiiftiaaTiTD
!1U l',k. Ll.l, njUUS ii un iVI
MMUua irruis Cw., J1 Bnia ')-, Nit Vnt I
pattw? TrrmTrrrrrRH
t B.uBaa
KSKrES? y It ' WbbIbbbbb. bMbIbbbV
VI. ' I" '1 rottiinil,tier uti'l -.nli-r fr--ni Hnii.-Ki4l, lh -1 iaiia and Otnrral .St'ite In wnt
i-r ("d. In nur Ion, ntrjiiuliuat. I'i .ntuii 01 and t miiih li,lirlu t fiimlliel or tr-tllli-l
wuli lelialitc lrfl? al m-iuile mlta, m. , . .
74 Ohio Lbvoo, I v I Wnahftutoi Av., Cor. BtaSt.
The Sphague CanQer Qo.
bhoulJ 15 Mlil by tin- llar-lwiri. (it j try andtaiinei
:r ::r.r: iviit k:: er r. w.un tXKiT a xut-1.
This house contains 35 good rooms.
Travelers will always find tho best accommo
dations. A trusty watch for trains and boats day and
Wc have roplonislied our Job Printing Office with
many fonts of now typo and have orders out for other
fonts of the latest popular stylos. Wo arc determined
to establish tho reputation of our office for firat-clas3
work, aud make our prices so low that the moat cnthu
siastie patrons of foroigii' cities will bo compelled to ad
mit that we do work at lower prices than any other of
fice in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to be ono of
tho best practical job printer "West and South, has
assumed porsonal supervision of tho job printing do
partment, and will endeavor to givo satisfaction to our
many patrons.
Mil C-
It H I
S If m
o If 'L g
nnd Rothll
a A 4 A llik 1 AiU14iJa
Wholesale, Retail and
KXT iloo ac' Bloo lv,
Cornor Poplar and Eluvontll Streeta,
CGTHlKbost Cash Prico paid for
Hobs nnd Cattle

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