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tHng MnlUr on I'.terr !!'
I'orr. I'll" l "K" nml ',r-"")
nlnriii !fi-lta tlu- rcult.
. ; :
t'otoiMii" mid Xtw Mexico am knock
ing at the dooroftlif I'nlon furuilmUslon
a slate. A ktrotij; lobby i nt work for
tbcni. nml the liniirusslon iin'Viill in
Wnthlngton tliat It U not working In
tain. ScnntoM .tones nml Sti-wnrt. both
of whom own gold mines, Atnnt tlicm
The MUtatlon In Xuw Orleam remains
unchanged. Tlie two legislative Imdlcs
jneet every day. The Kellogg body do
not constitute n legal quorum, mid the
members are becoming uneasy in re
gard to their ier die in. The conserva
tive Hre ,ald to bo "rliecrful, hopeful,
unanimous and linn."
Tin: senatorial light in Teiinence
waxes warm and l)ltter. There are no
le than fight or ten candidates not only
willing but anxious to tep Into Hrouti-
low' i-hovi. Ks-I'ro'ldent Johnson has
more bitter opposition on one side and
warmer support on the other, than nnv
of the other numerous candidate", mid l
conildentof iiU'cw.
In his special mef.ige apjirovlng the
tluance bill, the rnldeut rct-oinnii.'imul
the estiibli'liinont of a new .Mint, and
Miggcled .St. Louis or Chicago as the lo
cation. An Ohio Congressman, Gen.
Uanning. has introduced a bill to make
Cincinnati the place, and it l-i probable
the bill will Hnd favor in the eye of the
Hou.sc. The Southern member- are all
iH'lleved to prefer Cincinnati.
While dining at the house of Speaker
Maine- In Washington, on the lSth Int.,
Wliitelaw lieid, editor of the New York
Tribune. was arrested for Mini at the In
(tance of Kx-Gov. Shepherd. The war
rant it-cited that .Mr. Held. In the Tribune,
had charged Slicphard with plunging the
District of ('oiuinl)ia Into bankruptcy for
the purpose of extricating hltn-clf from
tliianclal dillU-nllies : and alo w 1th giving
out contract-" for fraudulent purpo.-e;!.
Mr. I Si-id wa rctcu-ed nn'll the next day
on own n-ciignlAinir. The nilicer
who wa to coudiirt the cac wa- ISichard
Harrington, who lately ton 1 trial In
W a-hlliglon a one of the nfe burglary
nn-plriiior.-. Thl llarringlon was en
tertained by President Oram at the
White llou-e during llie trial, and the
friend-hip of Grant for .Shepherd 1- well
known. The whole allalr wear- tlicap-ix-aram-i-
ofan administration n-anlt up
on a free pre-.
VtCK I'KI.MDKXr Wit.soxi plan to
Kive the ISepuliIican jiarly I hnpr.ietica
ble. In rfli ct, he would have llie organ
kallon to be "born again," and thl- U an
impossibility. To give up all liope of a
third term for Grant, to remove many
ollice holders, high and low, and especial
ly some of the higher olllcers whoxe ml
managenient has become oll'ciiihc to
the people, and whose conduct, both in
their departments and hi general nlliilr-,
make them and the party odious 13
adopt a conciliatory policy in Southern
atfalrs avoiding any Irritating Federal In
terference, to avoid unconstitutional nets
and unconstitutional measure, etc.,
etc., are not suggestion liable
to prove popular with the Iie
publlcan party as now constituted.
To give up all hope of a third term for
Grant would be to di-aflect a powerful el
ement ; to depo-e olllee holders, high
and low. would be to alienate an equally
powerful element ; to adopt conciliatory
mea-ure. avoid Federal Interference fu
Southern allair, and unconstitutional acts
and measures, are propositions so tin-ISe-publlean
as not to be entertained by the
leader. of that party fo ra moment. In
fact the Vice-President's ipi-imimi.ii,i-i.
Hons for the salvation of his party are
reeomenuaiioiis lor the formation of
new party. If Uenubllean, wcr,.
adopt them, their party, as it has existed
ior me last ten years, w ould become
thing of the past. Hut they will not.
Tlie.S'un man denic that bo wmt,. tin.
commniilcatlon charging that the .Mavor
and members of the City Council had
been purchased by free pa,es over the
Cairo & St. J.oul ISailroad, and deinanda
that wo i-ltall give him the benefit of his
denial. Wedo o licrcby ; but still wcaie
forced i' in l vc that wn were not mis
taken. The evidence that the communi
cation wa-from the pen or Mr, Davis is
very -trong. In the first place, our
neighbor usually reports to communica
tions when he wishes to make
n attack upon any person or
any thing, and In the next place the bung
liug manner, and the weak.sllpsliod style
of the communication In question I- pecu
Marly DuvMike. IJut If The H,m man Is
not guilty, who Tint editor alwinn
require a rei-ponslblc name to accom.
pany every roininunlcatlou published in
ids paper, and of course such n name w as
attached to the communication of "A
Candidate for Ahlermau." Who,e imlne
islt'c is he afraid to ununuk hlm.elf or
to permit .Mr. Davis to uninask hint?
He ought to know what he is talking
about, and we with to have n ntun...iA
witness to the corruption the rhoan cor-
riiuiuii ui w Jiayor ailll toilllt'11. We.
arc anxious to hanir them.- Mrim. ti
up-quartcr them and all tliat sort of
iiung, ami wiin a renponsible witness we
can thus dij)Ose of tliejn.
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Eastern Travellers, Mandevilie, All the
i'tar Rounds On the Vatna .Jokull, Qra
er; Tlie Life of the Prince Consort,
Spectators Advise to Voung Housewives,
Saturday Iterietn together with lnlal
incuts Vi (he "Three Feather," by Wil
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lo.itynuf. I.ittell A Gay. Hoston, Pub
in tiii:
Hon. I.. F. Plater and Hon. F. II. Al
bright, hate Introduced bills into tlie
Hoite of the General Aeiubly ol this
Stale to repeal the law of 1871 to protect
colored children in their right to attend
the public school.
Tills law ha been called "the mixed
school law." and tlie .tonesiioro Umetie,
the Cairo 0i;tttt. the Murpliysboro lnl
P'ndenf, and other Democratic Jour
nals, have demanded its repeal,
ami have baed this demand upon the
assertion tliat the law In question gives
to the negro children of the State the
right to attend the public ehool. Many
of the reader of thejournals named believe
tills, and the action of Mer. Plater nml
Albright in seeking the repeal of tlie
law carries with It the Implication thai
they nlo believe the law to have the color-mixing
clleet tliat lia been attiibuied
We arc ouiLWliat atonMicd that edi
tor a Intcllh.'eiit a the gentlemen who
write tlie column of the two (SnsettetawX
the Iii'lepetide't : t lint citien a Intelli
gent as the reader;- of those papers ; that
lawyers as learned a Messrs. Albright
and Plater; tliat any pcr-ou with Hie
ability to read and a knowledge of llie po
litical event that have transpired In Illi
nois during tlie last few years, .should en
tertain the opinion oftlie law of IS" I, re
ferred to, tliat they entertain of It. To
debate with them would be a ion-of labor
probably, since upon till- quclioti they
hac formed an opinion against the facts,
and have, wedo not doubt, concluded to
stand by II; hut nevertheless, the fact re
mains that tlie law of 1571 entitled an act
to protect colored children in their right
to attend the public school doc not do
'what is popularly cdlcil. mix llie schools'.
Tilts we cm prove to the satisfaction of
any unprejudiced reader, and lid we now
propose to do.
The constitution of l-s70 direct- that
"the General Assembly shall provide a
thorough and ellleleut ytem of frm
schools", whereby nil ehlUireti vf Mi State
may receive a good common -ehool edit-
Tlie first G. nenil A-enibly that met
alter tlie constitution of 1S70 had "one In
to effect enacted a law untitled "An act
to establish and maintain a y-lcm of free
-ehool-," which was npproved April I,
1872. Section H of this act provides tliat
all children in any district over theagc ol
six and under twenty-one years liallhavc
ecured to them the right .iml opportunity
to an equal education In the public
lieforc the law complained of bv the
editors above referred to, and which
Mers. Albright and Plater are seeking
to repeal, had been introduced into the
legislature, the school directors of a. -ehool
district In McLean county erected a sthool
house for the exclusive u-e ol educating
tlie colored children of the district, and
hired a teacher to teach said children.
Certain cltl.eus of McLean 'county there
upon tiled a bill In chancery against the
school director, in the circuit court of
tliat county, praying that tlie directors be
enjoined from maintaining said school
for the exclusive education of colored
children. The couit decided tliat, un
der the constitution and the law of 1872,
the school directors had no right to etab
lili the separate tchool for the education
of colored children. The case went up to
Hie supreme court of the State, and a de
cision w as made before the law of 167-1, ut
which the editor referred to and Mesr.s.
Plater and Albright are hurling their an
athemas, had gone Into clleet, nlllnnlng
tlie decision of tlie McLean county court.
In the opinion rendered in this ca-e by
tlieSupretne Court a unanimous opinion
this language i u-cd :
"Tlie free schools of the State are pub-
iiisuuiiituis, .ion in wieir management
ami control tno taw contemplates
What law? Not tlie law of 187-1, at
which the edltoi- referred to and Messrs.
Plater and Albright have become augrv,
but the law of 1872.
the law contemplates, that thev
should lie so manaLicd tht nil w,,7,,.
witlilu the district, between tin.
six and twenty-one yeam, regunlUti of
.u.i ..uiwf, mum ii.ix- i-iinai aim tno
same rl .t to participate In tlie benefits
u in- uvmi-u iiiurciroiii.
While the directors very properly have
larire and discretions-.' m.ur. i
to tliv management' and eontrof of
dciioois, mi oilier to uiereflsc their useful
ness, they hare no power to make clm i.
tinetiont, wither enn the; discriminate be
tween teholart on account of their color,
race or locial condition.
It will bo seen that tlie law of 1872 and
not the law of 1871 mixed the schools.
This h as "plain as a Hike stall'." and evci-v
lawyer knows that if the law of 1H7-I were
repealed to-morrow Hie repeal would
have no effect to separate the white and
eolored children In the public schools.
In the opinion of tlie Supreme Court
from which we have quoted, it is said,
tliat "had the district contained colored
children sufficient for one school and
white clilldien for another, and had tlie
directors in good faith provided a separate
room for each, where the facilities for in
struction were entirely equal, that would
have presented a question not raU-dlutnlt
record, and upon which wo express no
opinion." Here the inference Is, we think,
clear, that the .Supreme Court believes,
tliat under the law separate schools may
bo maintained In districts in which there Is
a sufficient number of colored children to
be organized Into a .school. It wouldscem
therefore that all that is necessary to be
done is to provide someway In which the
colored children in country precincts may
be, If it is Die with of the majority of the
people, educated separately.
To do tlii it h uot nceeVniry to repeal
tfio law of 1871, the object of which Is to
protect colored children In the right to
tie educated. It provides that school olll
cers shall furntli facilttle to colored
children to attend school not necessarily
tlie same school wltli the wlilte, hut If
not the same school then a .separate
school; that they shall, n the constitu
tion provides, lx; educated by the com
mon school system of the Slate.
It provide, too, that eolored children
having the right to attend a school hall
not be assaulted for lining o. This Is
Hie whole of Hie law which the editors
referred to by u and Mers. Plater and
Albright are shouting tiiuM be repealed.
If these gentlemen will seek to amend
the law of 187:1 that did mix the school,
thny will come nearer hitting the mark
than they will by how ling about the
harmless law of 1S7I. tlie olyVct of
which was to make any Democrat or lie
publican Indulging lu the luxury ol
knocking nigger children on llie head lie
cause they wili to learn to read and w rite,
pay for It, and school olllcers who will
not permit negro children to enjoy their
constitutional right to be educated by the
common School ytem, to do so by put
ting into the public treasury the lulgn!lt
cant sum of .$2.p.
The February number of thl delight
ful pcrlodlcat contain a greater variety
than usual, and -evcral of the article are
of a decidedly popular character. Tin
number opens with a econd and conclud
ing paper on "Follow ing Hie Tiber." Il
lustrated. Another Illustrated nrtlele I
"Six Months Among Cannibal." "An
American Girl and Her Lover?," by Mary
K. lllalr, Is a very amusing and sugges
tive paper. "A .lapane.-e Marriage In
High Life," by W. K. Grilll-, depicts, in
a vivid and entertaining manner, the so
cial cutoms of the lapancsearltoeraev.
"The Lost Haby," by Clara G. Dolllvcr.
1 a little poem of .oven verso, but con
tains more lieauty and touching pa
thos, and more poetic fervor of the re
fined, Intense, and yet subdued kind than
we have found in -ome pretentious vol
ume of rhyme. Mr. Muck's serial.
"Three Feathers," goes on charmingly,
the young heart" hi It steadily getting
tlie advantage of social cutom, and the
story becoming more and more fascina
ting. "Fever," by H. C. Wood. Jr.,
M. D., I- an admirable and very Instruc
tive paper. Charlotte F. Hates contrllt
ute a charming Sonnet, the lat six lines
of which are remarkably oeautlful. Mr.
Trollopc1 paper. "Sonic ISccollectlous of
Hiram Power-," I lu hlbct style, and
makes the reader thoroughly familiar w ith
the great American sculptor. "Corn."
by Sidney Lanier. N a poem of consider
able merit. There I a good deal of en
tertainment iu "Gentleman Dick," by W.
Maekay Lafl'.in. The story of "A Singu
lar Family l- well told by Clelia Lega
Weeks. Of "The .Matchless One," a
story, iu four chapter., by Ita Aniol Pro
kop. Chapters L ami II. are verv vivac
ious and aiiiii-in. Luev II. Hooiier des
cribes, iu a pleasant way, Hie Impression
made upon a stranger by tlie customs
and maimer of Paris and the Parisian.
-Our Monthly Gos-ip" contains thetmial
charming variety of short paper.- that are
sure to interest all reader.
Clll.ln innl tllin n ... T MAt.l.. . 1
iii.iv; iiii'i, .lb .v 41. III., 1 iCSHirill UH'IIII
111 tin. clinlr ; nrnvi-i- In- tin. Hi.v r
N ebster.
itr.roin niovi stanm.w, co.mmittkks.
Mr. Warren, from the ISevenue Com
mlttee. renorti-il b.ir-1: Scn.-itu 1.111 V, ir.
to refund i. SHI of the tax. nnd recom
mended that It do past. Iteport concur-
4111 114.
t.vrnoiiccTiox ok iiim.s.
HyMr. Plumb: Amending section 1!2
of act concerning Incorporation of cities
and villages.
IlyMr. Plumb: Amending section 11
of chapter 121, entitled roads and bridges.
lly Mr. Marshall : Exempting Circuit
Judge from payment of co-U lit manda
mus proceeding- against them.
lly Mr. Arnt7.cn: Tofacilltateltliu col
lection of taxes iu Incorporated towns
and cities.
lly Mr. Hunt: Amending section 1 of
the act relating to the Supreme Court.
Hy Mr. Casev : Creating an additional
term of the Circuit Court In Jcll'eroii
UyMr. Castle: Amending article 10
oftlie constitution.
Hy Mr. Sliutt : For the relief of Fred.
Hy Mr. Warren; Authoring commit
tees to make requsltlon for such book
papers, Ac., upon tlie Secretary of i3tatu
as they shall need In thedUcharge of their
The Governor's Guard extended an In
vitation to the Senate to attend their drill
and dress parade on Thursday cvenhi"
next. A resolution to accept lies overim"
der rules.
Senate adjourned.
House irit).irrieiitntlteii.
Met at IU a. in., alickcr Halne iu th
Mr. Landrlgan asked and obtained
At i., ,ur . ,u . v-ouiuuiiee on nibllc
C harities to be absent for the purpose of
visiting State charitable Institutions.
Mr. Albright offered a resolution call
Ingfor various Items or Information from
Cllliiir-lntfimlniitfx nrct.il.. f ,... .
- v........... ut W4.4II,- v. iiiuiiuuiu insti
tutions, showing number of inmates, ar
ticle lll;l 1 1 Illnl-1 1 1 r.-il mill ...... ll 4
. ....... ......., ,,,,,1,4,,, 1 il-ill'll
from sales thereol, and at whose expense
the Inmates are sustained; also, number
of olllcers and attaches connected with
t-.iv.-ii, nun uiiiuuiii in saiarv or each.
The resolution was adojited.
Mr. Clllfllll Oll'HrCll !l l-.lvnlllllr... .......I I
lug that Hie ivjiorts of superintendents of
jiitbllc institutions under the resolution
J44-.1 iuitiiiiL-11 tiiuiiiii uc inane lor the veai
ending .November TO. 1871. It was amend
cd so as to uclude thepreccding year
anil iiilntitr-fl. ' '
o tlie law regulating mines and mining,
ltefcrrcd to ho Committee on Mines and
'r. .... "'""r IMitition was present
ed byIr. cox. Same reference.
Itecess until half-past U p. in.
1 he speaker submitted a eomnuitilca
Hon from llie Secretary of Stale, trans
mil ling depositions in Hio Scharlan-Ar-wcd-oii
coute.led cleellou case, liefer
led to nie Coniinllteeon Klecllons.
cinchuie.'''r Vt mU ,'t'",,l"ls' wa
.Mr. Mo..'re. of Marshall, offered a Joint
resolution, which provides that there
shall be submitted to thu voters of this
State at thu next election of members of
the General Assembly, a proposition to
amsiul article seven, section one. or the
Constitution of this State, entitled "Suf.
Ir.ige," so as to read as follows ! "Every
iierson residing lu this State one year, lu
the county ninety days nnd lu the elec
tion district thirty day next preceding
any election therein, or who ha obtained
a certificate of naturalization before nny
court of record in this Male prior to Hie
tlrl dav of January, . I).. 1870, or who
shall ben elll.en of the L'nlted Slate
above the age of twenty-one years, hall
be entitled to a vote at such election."
The resolutlonjwas rell'ei n d to fit om
nilttee on Election.
Mr. Plater ofcitil a ieoluu .n -wiling
for Hie appointment of a i-oiiniuiiir
of three to Investigate eae of murder
V.iat have occurred in Wlllianiou county.
Tlie resolution was referred to n select
committee of live, to he appointed by the
Mr. Jones, of M;isae. offered a reso
lution requiring the Committee of Public
Charities to investigate and repoit
whether there I any discrimination iu
the management of the luaue Asylum
of this (state. Adopted.
Adlourned until 10 a. in. to-moirow.
rjlllt Itt'I.t.WTI.V lij.nkll.ii-.lftfryinorniii
(rsY(it MuiiiUt) In the llnltitln HnlMIni, cor
nr WnlilngDu tttburiui-l Twelflti tltret.
Tnr. Ht.l4.nis: It lenul to rltj- Mib-ctlWrt tiy
filUifiil ovrrWrt at TwtnlyVlve Ctnl tHVl,
V'tj-nWe TTftklj- lly Jtall, (In mltnr), SI0M-r
annum U monthi. f. lliiff uiontlu, .1 oiu
nwuth, SI Hi.
rublUlml i-Tfr Ttinmlajr morula; .it si iv
Jssrunnmn. latirlnl.lj tn ndnoci-. Tlio ixi.tMKi'
en Ilii-WoVly will I ptrwKl nt thin ultli''. o
IhattuWriUrt will Mnin ll fnrti niWriflion
rltt of SI a J tar.
i a i l r .
l:nslnei i'nnts, prramuuu, m
One -qiuis-, oiu. latrrtlon I (J
Ont- 'iLsrt-, two InMrlfnn 1 flo
Urn.- iiii.rr, unr -j M
One S'jUAir, two wfeVi ..... a so
One qiiarr, tbrr uis-Lj, 4 lu
One iin-, ont month, A ii
Our 'inure, one insertion, St "I
l.vh Mil'Jfquiit Uiseiilon, .Ml
!EJOn Ir.cli 1 a iqaiiru.
ET"lu regular ivli-rtL.-i-ri' wenffvruterliir iu-
iltimenl, l.th ni to late of chrxes tat inan-
ntrnf ili-ilaying thlrfnvori.
SJ-.Voticis In local column liurle-l for Kif-
ls-ii lent lerlin for one luierlfon, Twiniy
CVnH h line for tno Inwllont, Iwenly-Klte
LVnti Hue fur Ihiee In-crtion, Tlilrty-Viii!
Oiits n line fur one mil, nml swurnly-l'lir
luts a lint for one month,
Communication upon aubjocts of gen
eral tnterott to the public vollcited.
CTA11 leitera sbnttld fce addreiK-l to
JOHN H. OltKltf.V,
1'if.Went Cairo l'.i.llillu Company
.f i.s('i:i.i.AMi:or.s.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between Waahington and Commsrclal
Avintlal arllnltilncv ll.n.1.
- I vwkm.ub in. j m
KEKPS for taU tbe be.t Rtt, l'ntk, Mutton
tal, Ijimu. Sauge, 4c . and i Lie
jiartd to terve Umlllt. in an accerlatle luuiiLer
-Utalw Ib
All lLnU Lard and ton,)
Mill and Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Street and
Ohio Loveo.
Fashionable Barber
Bstwtun Waahington and Oommtrofal
Dtaleri lu
Wo. 010 North Uuia Street,
w-w. B.-ta
KllilliMIFiW ill lit Ifal
ruKii Kff'L'.X"" "" '"Tnr "ail
H.iuM. ..." J 1X1
Vini Htvr T,ik,
I'BuuisaHnnablj- thti leat aiiatulaH'tt
work mt the bind In tin- World."
MOTICIB UI-'S'lll! 1-ltKS.s.
The erfr lncrcalnK i-lti-ul itlon or tfila
excellent monthly prove Hi contlnui'il
nijapllon to pupuUr Uetlrn and neods. In
deed, when we think Into liotv mttiy homes
It uenctratei eveiy month, no must rot.,
aider It a one. oftlio educator! a well as
eiitertainrri of tlm pilli.U' mind, for Its nt
pnpul.tritT Iiim lieen won by no appeal to
itiiptd i rcjudlcea or depraved l:t'tc. llo
ton (llolie.
Tim rlmricter wliirh thU Magazine pus.
esc for varlr'y,eiitcrprle,nrll.tlc wealth,
anil literary culture Hint li.nkcpt pace Willi,
It it III lint led the time", Minllld caiiso it,
condilrtora to rejutcl It Willi luMllbhle rnui
fUceLt-v. IliUa mtltirs tlirtn t't ngieat
i-InIiii upon the public Krittltildr. Tim
Mnilne hs done itood und not evil nil
t lie itvs or lt life. Itiooklyn II-ifIf .
l'uitaifc free to Milncrlhen in the I'nlled
llarpctN .Mnsailne, oue nar ...H nd
St 00 include a prcpajmciit of V, S. pott
B;c by the pnlillthrn.
.lil)ctiptlon to Ilarpcr'n Jlnftaxlue,
WceKly. or lliar, to one aildre, for one
year, tlO 10; or tvro of llnrpcr'a perlodl
ca'a, to one addrets for our ytur, 87 00;
An extra r-py ol either tlie Mai.'iii'inr,
Wcoklv or ll.iar will bo supplied cmils for
e vi rv club of tlv r Mibkctlbern nt 4 10 each,
in (hp reinitt nco; or alx i-ople It r C.W00,
without cxtia copy; pntige Ireo.
Il.tclv nuinbem i-.m he 'uppllrd at hit
A coinplitu "rt cf llHiper'a Msalm-,
now I'omprl'ln' )(! volume", In li'at t-lotli
blndlnu, nil! be -cut h rxpre-s, frclylit ni
tlm epcn-c f piirclutrr, fur $J prr
volume. sMnKit) oliiiiim, by mill, post paid,
t?:i no. Cloln eac, fur hlndlnp, ha cents,
by ir nil. (otp.ilil.
CTTNewniapcia arc. not tt copy tliln id-vi-rtlienirnt
without lie cxpri'm nrdtl'i of
Harper Uriitlier-.
Addres, HAItrilU mtOTlir.HS, N. Y.
I vv'nk-ly known
us oiu- of the most
oliiTtunl ruiiio
dii ever ilisi-ov-
r-'putatloii.l.i-t-lonfl" ii.triii'k- virtm-.,
r.n I t.is;.-.ini'il I'V in t'i'iiini'kalilu euro.
o inilil r.s; t.v Ik; s ifi mwl licnt-fii-ial l
ihil'lrt'ii. .-iii-l vi-t 4l i'.in-liiiri a to
tlli'i-tiia!!'.- i'.i':.i' r '. tin tv:tt rorrup-tion-i
of th . I!u !. 'i -li as tin- fcrof
tiloiM nml s-. j l-.iii'ii- toiiuunination.
Iiniifi!irH rr lii-i-iM iii.it liavo lurked
in tli" i-y" -in f'ir vi-trv soon yk-M to
thU jwi-v t-rt'ul aiitii u-, mill ilis,ipK-ar.
I ifiii-a iK nnnilirful cuivs iiianv of
vviii. li are ptililielv liiio.vn, of .Sc-l iiAlIli,
ami a!l K-rofnldti iliM'atu., UIm:i-s,
ICru pt im-s, ,irl criijitivo ilUonli-rs of
tlicfkinrimmi-s, IMutL-hoM, Iloils,
Pijuplcs Pits(tt:K.s, Sores, St.
Anthony's I-'irc, Itoso or I3ry
fsiifln?, Ti-tter, Suit l.licnm,
Scald Head. Itinxworm, anil in
ternal Ulcerations of thu Uterus,
Stomach, and Liver. It al.'o euros
other complaints, to which it would not
fcetn c'spi-ci.illy adapted, Jticli n. Drop
sy, D.v.sH!i.sIn, Fits, Neural Kin,
Heart J)lf-rnso, Femalo WeaU
ii o.ss, Delilllty, nnd Lencorrlioia,
vrlicn tliry arc nianifi'stationi of tilt
fi,i'ofuloii"ioon. It i an cxcf-llcnt rctorfr of Iioaltli
and trrn2tli in the -Sprinj. Hy rpiit-w-U
tin' appetite1 and vi'or of the dipes-tivi-
ori:fitis. it dissipate" tho depression
and listle" lansror of tilt- fcason.
Jai-h nhere no di-ordcr apjicary. people
f el l i tter, and live longer, for vlonnsin;;
tlie blood, 'lite system move on with
renewed vigor and" a now lease of life.
PJtJ.'PAUL'D ll y
Dr. J. C. AYER it CO., Lowell, Mass.,
l'raettcal and Analytical Clitmittt.
Hair Vigor
For rostoring to Gray Hair ita
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is nt
otiee ngieeu
hle, liealtiiy,
and elleetiia
li r-
lei. ' inf!l-iv-
JiKSlIXi till. Ii'iir
tfi itti nt'itiiitil
cnhr.V'irh the ijh . nil fmhnrrs nf
youth. Th;.i hair is tliiVlicned, fail
iiif? liair ehei kwl, and baldness often,
thoiijjli nut i.hvuyn, cured hy it
use. Nothing can te-forc tlie' luiir
vvliere the fnliieles are destroyed, or
tlie gl.imU atropliied nnd ile'eavul;
luil such as uiiiiiin i nn lie Kiveil liv
this ni)plioatio!i, nnd htiinulated into
activity, that u new Riowth of
hair i produced. 7ntead nf fouling
tlie hair with n pasty .ediiiicnt, it
will keep it clean und vigorous. It-,
occnioiial use will ju-csent tlie hait
from turning gray or falling olf,
and consequently prevent haldness.
The restoration of vitality it gives
to the sculp niTesU and prevents
Hie foiniation of dandruff, whioli is
often so uncleanly and otl'cnsive.
Free from those deleterious .nil),
stance. which intiho wmio propara
Jii'iis dangeroitii, and injurious to tho
hair, tho Vigor can only benefit, but
not harm it. If winded merely for
a HAIIt DI.!':rsSr.V(i, nothing elso
ran he fmindrode.siralile. Contain
in;,' neither oil nor dye, it does not
Miil white cambric, 'and vet last
long on the hair, giving it n rich,
glossy hi- tve, nnd a grateful porfume.
Prepared by Dr. J, C, Ayer & Co.,
I'nictlrul nnd Analytical CliemUta,
r.owr.i.L, mass.
coi.n nv all imuaoisT EvrarwiiERE,
LllMt CtUa.li Wlikl Ainu. t. K.i.. I
Rant. I'M km.. 111 1 rrWt LI.L IMilWf.. Ia. I
IVvhiKa Irrrml Cv-. til Wnfit, Fi Yw K-l
trii"' t'-5wiJl,S?i' l iru in" tlm
W'' ! -f
Jttt:C:L;.:' yvm nil a con-
Wll -
WK-nlir.ti-'iiK' '1ii-- atvl rlrr fiom llnu,-i.ti, l'i.riani an-l (xnrrnl Mm." In want
uf i:ols In nnr Inn .silmnl-.at, I'Untatejii aul J'.iiinf v .Mi.tlrliii- tan funil-liiil nr tc-
nilisi Mm, i.iikUlt iru.' ai it-.i-nnauir rni.K
74 Ohio Levoo. ' Waahlntrtor Av Cor. 8th St.
The Sprague Can Opener Co.
This house contains 35 Rood rooms.
Travelors will always find tho best accommo
dations. A trusty watch for trains and boats day and!
Wo have voploni.ihed our Job Printing Oilice with
many fonts of new type and have orders out for other
fonts of tho latest popular styles. Wo aro determined
to establish the reputation of our olliee for first-class
work, and make our prices so low Unit the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will be compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lowor prices than any other of
fice in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of the job printing de
partment, and will ondeavor to givo satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nmt nstnll
. icsol'l 1, the HarJwarc. Giocetr anil Canned
dr Is Tia !c cvcr)-vhtrc
err:?: ivi:.t :t rr.t Tittizi ziz:n xm i:xitlt.
Hill .m l Sun,,!,, I ,rf nil Irttlil nf S 3 Cnl.'

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