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Heaillng Mntlrr on 'T I'nirr.
JOIIN H. ODEULY, nillor.
TlIK MlpJP'Mlon nf llic Son tli.it tllf
offlre of .lalliT, Street Stiiwrvlsor nml
Chief of I'ollei- lloill(l ho united, mid tile
snliiry llxi-il nt $"0 a month, irllleitloii.
If Jlallhlay'f committee wniulern Into
itch iDoIlshtic" It will ) n jjiv.it failure.
V) have not ahl anything nlxiut It,
Ihi-.hisu wemv tired; lint the ejectment
nfthe shorill'iit Vlekhnrjr from liN oilie
st the j)olnt of hayonetH of the I'nltetl
.States Army U n jjn-ntcr ontrajje, nlmot,
than the. Louisiana nflatr. lint what N
the tie to vnte hrcath ? (irant will tlo
a he pleases, ami the people will prolm-
blv submit,
Itr.v. Un. TitAvr.it h:n ln-i-onio restive
tiiulor the applause of the SplrltttalNt,
ami yesterday lltinjr n tnlel nt them
through the columns of Tht llultttin.
Wc would surest that the Doctor
shoidd awlellvcr the lecture In thli city,
and let n all take a "rest" nt It, so that
vc may learn how great has been the In
justice thu Splrituallstt have done him.
Titr. .lonesboro Gai'lte sujrjrcts to the
Odd-Fellows of Cairo that the fair jjround
at that city would be. nn excellent place
for the proposed Odd-Fellow-' jjrand
ple-nle. It would be Indeed Ju-t the place:
and the order ha-i ample time to provide
for the t'tivltles. since It 1 not pn))o-cd
to Indulge- in the plc-nic until the narrow
gauge road ha been completed.
Tnr. .S.oi savs : "It should be a viola
tion of law for the City Clerk. City Treas
urer or Chief of 1'oliee. or any salaried
ofllcer In the city, to buy city scrip." We
do not think so; but this w ill not be a
question in the future. Scrip U now at
par, and cannot ajjaju be depreciated.
The council cannot without a vote of the
people, spend moro inonej hi a year than
U collected. Hereafter Cairo City orders
thanks to Alderman Kallidav and other
member of the llnance committee will
be a good as jjreenback.
IIo.v. (ii:o. F. Ilo.tn and wife, of Mass.
aehu'ett-'; Hon. Win. A. Wheeler and
wife, of Xew Vork ; Hon. Win. I'. Fr.vo
and wife, of Maine the gentlemen com
prising a part of the Mon-eCoinnilttec to
Investigate houMaua u!)'ilr paed
through L-jiiNvllle on Welm-day on
their wav to Xew Orieaif. TIi i-.minill-tee
Is accjinpaiiied by Alexander Lynch,
Ciuk; S. S. l!l;K-!;l'iir,l, . - ii-t.iiit
.Scrge.ml-al-ariii: .1. II. lilt .-iie-ick.
Deputy .S'argent-at-a-iii-i: Andrew IK--v,
no awl 'ha. Hayes, ftcnoraplier.
.loxr.sno.t'i I- ::n.lini to (il)talu the
uiae'iini' .-liop1- of I be Cairo and St. I.otil
rallroad. and 7V (nr-'r l aiialiug to
the eitl.en-. to be aotltv in llie cllort. .Mr.
Wlllard, of that pbiee. iropoe to give
four acre-" of ground for the sbop-i.
Murphytboro, Sparta and lintSt. l.onls
are also active In t-lVort to secure the lo-i-atlon
of the -Imps, but Cairo make-no
motion. The committee appointed by the
City Council to confer with thu railroad
company on tills subject has U:ine noth
ing. Why ? Who I- holding It ?
A Ili.oo.tHXOT.i.v correspondent of the
IVoria Dtmoirat says : "I have no doubt
that Iiioomingtoii I- on a dead stand-till
to-day, as it has been for some time past.
I am told that no Improvements of any
kind were undertaken during the la-t
summer, but like the boy who whistled
to keep up hl couraire as he was going
through a grave yard, llloomlngtouhns
say something will be done the coming
season, sure." ThMsthc mournful song
now being sung about every place. Cairo
has reason to congratulate herself that
she In not as miserable as her neighbors
.h.hsr. Ci.aiik, a white fi-llow.teacher of
a negro school in Williamson county,
gave exprcs-lon to fears sometime ago
and announced Id- beliel that the Drum
erats of that bloody-minded count v would
kill him if he did not abandon the InM
nc.ss of teaching tlie young colored hie
how to sl.oot. .!esc ha- come to grief,
but not at the hands of the Democrat.
Tiie other day lie took n club and began
belaboring a uumberofhi pupllson their
heads and backs. One of the hoys seized
tiie club and took It to the school direct
ors, and a big row ensued. The Marlon
Farnum' sJift-ottiredcuiantN that thegraud
jury shall investigate the matter.
Cavi: Spring Grange, Jackson county,
has resolved that, If the county commis
sioners, or either one of them, shall offer
to compromise the suit now pending In
the Supreme Court to test the legality of
Si!00,0(H)ln bond-, subscribed to the Cairo
it St. Louis railroad company, the Cute
Spring Orange will look upon said com
luMoucrs or cotnuiii-sioncr as men or a
man who have or lias voted and prosti
tuted a po-ltlon of honor nml trust re
posed In them or him. This I a lucid
declaration of the intention of Cave
bprlng I j range nml the coiumU-loners of
.lat-kwin county will govern tliem-clvei
Cum: following the expo-iue of Kntlc
King comes the exposure of Mr. Nelson
jioimc. 'i nth gentleman i a native of
Xew Vork, forty-one years-of ago and a
presMiian by trade. Un wa married In
Atlanta, Georgia, In the year 1S.W, to an
estimable woman, whom he deserted
three or lour years ago. At that time ho
became a witness to the performances of
the Davenport brothers, was "con
verted" to Spiritualism, paint In contact
with the woman now known to the nub
ile as Mrs. Holmes, and who was then as
now, a medium, and wan claimed by lie
as Ids 'atllnlty." Holmes Is a weak mind-
cd man and gaye hlimclf up without nny
moral struggle, to the tolls of the adven
turess, and since then the two have made
n comfortable living oil" the credulity of
t tie believers in bplratuuilsm.
tub Illinois t'ress Association mctts
at SpriiiKllcld on the 33th lint. The pro
gotuitue of tho proposed couvcntlon lias
been published. It Indicates that the
managers have learned wisdom by expe
rience and Intend to abandon the junket
ing system entirely. Ileictofore the coin
ing of the editors Into any community lias
been as much dreaded by the cltlens as
the advent of the grasshoppers by the
people of Nebraska and ICana. The ed
itors came, tlmy .iw, they eat, they
drank, and they puld no hills. They did
neither themselves nor their ohlerlnlner
any good. Hut the coming scslon of
the Association Is to be conducted upon n
new plan. The editors will meet, will
di-ous questions of their trade, enjoy
each other's society for a few days, pay
their hotel bills, and go home. Thcy;wlll
".sponge" no more hereafter.
Witnva prodigal person determine-" to
reform, he generally, In the tlrt parox
ysms of the reformatory enthusiasm,
goes to the extremity of penuriousness.
Our city In It present attempt to become
economical will probably become meanly
penurious, and will lie too penurious for
Us ow n good If It follows the advice of
Tht .Vim and we have no doubt it will.
The Sun has .ugueMed, and the llalllday
committee ha acted upoiithesugge-tloii,
that the City Comptroller should be ill-pen-cd
with. It I- ald the City Clerk
can do ids duties. We do not agree with
Tht Sun in this matter. We do not be
lieve it to be good policy to dispense with
the Comptroller, and we do not believe
the'Clty Clerk could do liN ihitie". The
Comptroller is thu purchasing agent and
account keeper of the city, lie ought to
lie a good accountant and a good book
keeper. The City Clerk being an elec
tive otllcei, i not ollen eilherau account
ant or a hook keeper. The people arc
not always careful to elect a man fur
Clerk who can perform the duties of the
Comptroller. Thcrctoiv, It was wisely
provided that the Comptroller should lie
an appointed oilier, and he should, In
our opinion, remain so.
A I'wii.ADKi.riiiA man has invented a
new motive power which promises (If re
port tire correct) to revolutionize the
mechanical Interests of the world. The
Invention Is a ecrvt. but rumor uives it
credit for setting five tliegases contained
in water, producing a pics.-ure of seven
thousands pounds to the siiuarc inch. If
the Invention proves a success It will beof
lucaicuiauic ii-e toraiiroaiis, .steauiooais
and all indii-trles requiring motive power.
Patents are being taken out hi every civi
lized country on the grobc Kxrhnnge.
The motor Is a success In one way. All
the power claimed for it It ha. The
trouble Is. that, like the deacon's "One
I loss Shay," when an engine I- started by
the power it will not stop until It I- worn
out. If the iron would lat It would go
to us-' the languige of the Ilurge
L'nderwood de ate. from everlasting to
everlasting. We're Interested in tin-
motor. It M our hi" hope; and when
o ir people" have learned to control it,
d-dll nv don't sell Tim: Hn.i.m.N for
a o:ig and begin to live a life of easy in
dependence hi which we will forgive our
enemies and make happv our nuinerou-
friends, take to Milwaukee beer mid Odd-
Fellowship with renewed energy, and
not care a cu-s If all the railroad, banks,
merchants and wharf-boat In the world
sc id to Kvanvllle, St. I.onl, Xew York,
ll-uig Kong, or any other ea port for Job
printing. We'll he "fixed."
tiii: :m:uk'.h vr.r.s.
The Sun and Alderman llalllday V
committee- believe It to be good policy to
cut oil' the City Clerk. fees for Issuing
licenses. We do not ; and we would like
to be told how this will save to the treas-
urv oi the city a dollar.
The elfeet of cutting oil' the Clerk's
license fees will be to reduce such llceu-e
one dollar; only this and nothing more.
The action of the Council In refurhig to
reduce wharf-boat licenses Indicates the
Indisposition of the Council to make any
reduction In licenses. If the Council be
lieves that $r00 license for a wharf-boat Is
not too high a llccn.e, will the Council go
Into the small business of reducing
liquor, merchants', and other licenses one
dollar? TliK Is the proposition of the
-S'-)i and the llalllday committee.
If it Is believed the Clerk get too much
inonev for the cervices he performs, hi
salary chould be l educed. This plan will
save inonev to the city. For Instance:
the Clerk receives $l,'J0O a year alarv and
?CO0 license lee. The city pays the sal
ary ; the citizen who use licenses pay the
fees. Cut oil' (lie lees, and SOW ! caved
to the license n-cr. but not one cent to
the treasury. Cut 5000 oil' the salary and
that amount Is snu-d to the city to all
the tax-payers.
This Is what should be done. License
are low In Cairo; taxes are high. If the
committee propose to pay the Clerk f 1,200
a year the amount would be saved to the
fax-payers the payers of taxes on real
and perconal properly if tho Clerk's fee
for issuing a license were raised to ?''and
the salary all cut oil'. And would there
be any Injustice In tliN? Heal property in
Cairo, ujioii which, the great burden is
now laid, is groanluj; under taxation.
From it the burden should he lilted.
Make taxes on u-alty light, and you will
have more merchants to pay license.-).
Make taxes In u-alty heavy, and you
drive out citizens and keep away enter
prise, livery dollar taken oil licenses Isau
additional burden put upon realty, and
every Increase of the licenses, If there Is
no corresponding Increase of municipal
expenses, is a removal of part ol thu bur
den that crushes realty hi this city.
ws. it.o.jo.i:s, i,oi:t-stati:.sm,v.v.
The Klfty-l'lru Senatorial District Is
honored above any other district in the
State. It can point to It Senator and
Heprcsentatlves lu thedencral Assembly,
and say, a the Roman matron said oilier
children: "These are my Jewel."
There is;iassford,aii undeveloped states
man of distinguished abilities ; .Slcagall,
purc-nilnded as the day and sure to vote
correctly If he known how ; Hater, nn
Intellectual giant, rugged as the Polar
hear mid reckless of consequences and
grammar; and, greatest of all, Jones, the
poet-statesman, who could write "The
Seasons," If the poem were not already
written, and whose presence glorilk-s the
House. s
It Is of Jones we propow to sjn-ak at
this time. He h our theme, and utidcT
Its Inspiration we are. liable to become as
musical as a hand organ.
.limes, as we have remarked, Is a poet,
and has been from Ills youth up. He
lisped In numbers, lleforc he got out of
hi diaper he got Into poctrj, and ha
been In It ever since, as much at home as
to ue the language of one ol his own
poem -
"A lilff llilK
111 ii IttiK,"
and a happv as a negro with the llrst
water melon of the season, lleforc he
lelt the breast he published in the village
paper verses of great beauty, and w as
called the Infant Homer.
It afl'ord iwgreat pleasure to state.that
although done- has arrived at the age of
thirty year. nd has bi-eome a statesman,
ho 1 still delightfully poetical. Proof of
this fact may lie found In a letter written
by him from Springlleld to his own pa
per, the Masac Journal, and published
this week. Speaking of Senator Olasfotd
and lleprcsentatlxe Slcagall, the great
Farmers from his district, Mr. Jones tear
fully declare that they "have enU)ly.
or ln-enlbly, drifted, or wandered, Into
the Democratic party," and he charges
that Senator (lias-ford committed the un
pardonable crime of voting for an old
lime Democrat. Then he hurst Into poet
ry like a ro-e hud Into full bloom, thus
"Oil consl-teney, whither hast thou lied?
Where now are tl'iv court? Not hi syl
van grove a of yore, where sturdy yeo
men repair to enjoy bucolic pleasure-,
not In the I'ore.-t -embowered temple
where the son of toll congregate to
spend an hour of pas-iug plc.isuic.nr ex
change Idea upon questions that eon
ecru ihclr interest. Where ha-t thou
Thi Is beautiful, a-, beautiful a- the
morning Mar. There i nothing hi -.
siaii' poems that can be compared with
Kvldcnily .tones got no answer to his
question, anil has not ascertained wulth
er Consistency ha lied, lie I however
sure Cousi-tcncy ha wandered away. 1m--caii'e
Senator (ilasford "voted twenty
nine time-for an old-time Demoerat ami
could not -pare his vote and Influence
onetime for a Ib-pulillean." Hut hegoes
on :
"Comeback, O precious jewel: Return
to the bosom of tliy beloved, that again
we may behold the plea-lug sight of hon
est, patriotic farmer pur.ulng that
straightforward course, which, hi alt
age, has proved thcirgrcate-t honor."
Wa- anything ever more poetical than
tills? Conssti-nev, the jewel, wander
away from the tanner-, as Jewel are too
apt to do, and .Jones crie- out : "O whither
hat thou lied?" He pau-i-s for a reply,
hut receives none, when he sobs In the an
u'lddi of -orrow : "Conic back mid rot
on the bo-oni of thy beloved." Charm
In;:.' In Shak-puMre there i nothing like
lid, nothing.
lli'.inj .fnnei In- lias a tint!.
And harps M- im t all tin- d.iy,
All the ikiy
Iti-iiny .foniM In- ha' a lmr,
Ami li.iris lie In Ills nun su.-cl ,
Own swiit way I
Ili-nii.v .lows he Im a linij),
Aii-I turps tie in tits own i-i-t Hay,
Own ert way.
ll.-iiny .linn-- lie Ii is aliiirp.
An-l Inirps lie on II nil t tic- ilay,
Alt tlii-iluy t
IK-iiny .Icmri if v- wi-n- von
WV'il lurp up m nur Ii irp all iUy
Harp nil ilny,
llfiiny Jones If wi-u-jou
W'l-Miiluuji' harp In your mvu-i way,
Your cwi-i-t way
Illeeilliiir from I.iuim, Cntiirrli, Ilron.
ltnriirCTMf V V .I.... in
.(.(.. ....(111,. ,1,, 1CII.
It. V. 1'IEltci:. M. 1) , llull'a'.u. .N. Y.:
Okau sin I had Mill'und from Cnliir h
in an av'Kravatcd loiiu lirali.nl twelve
earn mm lor several ye rlr.ui llronc.d I
trouble-. Tried iiniiv ilmt i millings
With no lasting beimllt. InMii), Li-
uiimii rniiiij worn oni iviin i;c.-
IMItorial labors on a paper lu New York
City, I was attickeil with llranchltls In a
uttvitr,. fi.rl.i ,ii ll'rl.i.. ..1...nk, .. I ...
r.i,...,.,, 11,11,. is. I1S HI
VflllV-,. I rillll.lilll llllli.il I. .. I. ...I
--".. it-llliv-l liwtltu II1IU IJUl lltlll
been boiue old) two weeks w.ii-u I was
...i..it.i....i.. ...... ........I ...i.i.
i-iiiini. n:i piosiiniuii ii ii jii'iiiorriiajc
frnin llm I im... I. , ... ii
ii... ii... .4iinst ua.,1, nun nu.eiu Illl-t'U-Inir
-nells witiitn m-n wi-oks. nml ilit iii..a
liislJu ill nino days In Ilia Sei lem.
bur following. 1 Improved sullloluu'
ly tn bo able to bo about, iliou-'li in a very
leebln f.ln. Mv III ...... I,.,t I,-.., .1.1..
I , "". ..'.. "MlI LIII'IIH-
ed and tiie Cat-trli was tt nf -Id wnrne than
before Kveiy effort lor mil I seemed
inn less, i K'emcii to tic lo-iiiL' mound
...lllx T I I.. .I.!- . . .
vi, in, . , i-u.iiiiiueti in linn leeuie Sllll '.
r .Islni litiinil nliii.ikt ,i.iiu. H...O ..i.n....t..
llrst of .Mireli, 7.i, w hen 1 hcoiinu o bad
as to bo enllr. ly eontllicd 1 1 the hotiso A
Irn-inl ni'i.esteil jour remeilli-H. Hut
wjse.irriiniiy skepili-U that tliey would
lb) llin irnnil. us I liml In.t uil I11..11-. I.. -
.. . .... i. ' I IH I villi
Oil's, .-mil l.iiir.ni 111 li .L- 11. 1,11. ......Ii
- nin '" i-.jiv -ii iiiviiiuioo null
doctor w I h ill.it t. lloivever. I obtained
niiu of your - In-ul irs, and read It i-irelu ly,
from vvlileli I eame to tho cni.etii.lon that
un uniiEiKuniii juur niii-iics. ui lent. I
lln.tlly nblinnud u quantity ol Dr. S-iun's
Catarrh Itumudy, j our (iolduii .Medh-al
Uiscnvery mid I'o'lett, and common, cd
ineir viKorou, u-e nc nniliijr to 1II11 i tion,
To my -urpri'e, I soon bi-sn to Inipr vi
'I Im Kifcoverv nn I 1'. llet. la a short time,
brousnt out 11 severe ei option, vvh cli c-ui
Itolli'il lor si.i-iirnl u-iiiil- I 1.
.... 1.1 o". 1 un 1 11 1 1 cii uei-
tcr, inv appetltn hiiproveil, nml I cabled In
nii.ii,;iiiuii,i iiv.ii, 111 v r'u iiioiiiiis ,.yery
vestlg.i 01 lipid nrrli wasir-iiii.thc itron
ch ti'hail nearly ill nppea'ed, bail noCoiiuh
Wll.lfllVl.r flllll I llflit iillllri.ti. ....... ...I ... - .1
v.i in t) l-4'v.-l iOl.lM
blood; nml, cimtr.ry to tins cxpi-i-inilonnf
i.mii.1 .11111. 1 f i.,.i. .1 1. - . . 1 1
r v. -iij ii J1"", un nun lias r ninneii
im 11, inuiii. 11.,, 11 inn, hi, iiioru iiemor.
rha-.'es Iroin the Kun. an-l am eiitlielv
I e-lreniOitarrli. Iiomwh i-li I ImdMill'o-eil
so inuclinniUoloiur. Tbndubt of Krit'tu.le
I owe for llie hle-iln I Imve r-ceivt-d at
your Ii mils, known n'i b'uniln I am Hi -r-nunhly
siitlhtleit, Ironi my exiierli-nee, that
I'l.lll. .Ill.llll.l M11M ll'lll ...H .1 . .I
bII1I ll.l 1IIVIMUS Mill ll,'L'l IIIO ,!iL I'TUlt
of Hint odliH ills ase Citarih. a well as
1 nruai nun 1.1111' in-eas.f. iiinvcrecm-inimiti-d
them lo very ni-iny mid -ball evr
speak In their praise, (intclul y our, "
I'. O. IIoic 507, Itoclicster, .N. Y. 1
"Tho Best Thing in tho West."
Alton, Topsb & Santa h L 1,
a, 000,000 AoriBs
ml.rlih!.'l,llK,'', Atfrlinlliirnl ImvU In
1 ..n.r. 1""" ,'" ''r tl- Iniiulifiil
ojt, nua !0 jior cont. DUcoun;
for Improvement.
i .1 it 1: 11 1; r , N ,.
To jiuitli m m n jii,i
irHi Ki,i,,itmn ",fn""'
A. n. .IOII.VNO.V,
Aeilup L-in-l Cvrniiil'MoMr, Toilui, Kn-117-1.7-wSm,
rpilK tlt'M.UTIN' It titiMUhnl every mnnilng
(f.vcept MomUy) III th' llulli-lln lliilMlujt, cur
tur Wellington aiennr nml TBtlrth uln-d.
The 1U-LI.K1IS It -i-rveit to rlty subtrrltiers by
falllifiit Mrrirrtnt Twenty-Five lintt nWeil,
pa)nM Wii-Vly. JlyMnll, (lu tvlvnncc), loprr
nnutmii lx month', "l three month, $3 onu
moil tti , $1 2j.
I'iiMI-Iki! rury ThuMday morning at (I Si
cr annum, Invariably In mlvaiiee. 1 lie poitnite
on Hie Weekly will U.- prepuM nt Hits ofdee, so
Hint tuh'crlbir III obtain II for n aubvrription
rlrs-uf it a j car.
1) A 1 1. v .
Ilii'lurM Cant, piriiuuiuii,.
Oik- opiarr, om-In-crllun, ...
One qnnre, two Inrcrtlont,
K ("I
.. 1 U)
.. 1 .V)
.. -i M
.. .1 to
... t ui
.. i ()
One iiiaiv, one wuk,
One S'lliair, two vui-ks,..
Oni- iiian-, Him- weeks,.
Out- -pm-, one- month,
w i: e : i. v .
One "(ilaiv, uni- In-i-rlloti, $1 o
Kach nili'fim-nt Insertion, ,M
jJ-Oiip Inch I n NUun
K-ronitiilarnitvertl-ni weoirorpiiKiIor in-
iluri-iiitnt". both nt to rate of charges nml man-
ner ef itl'playlnjt their favor.
J3N'otUe.t hi tnc.nl column incerted for I'if
Iren li-ut ier Hue for one tnv-rllou, Twnily
CViitt n line for two lute rtloiK, Tninly-KIe
l.Vnlt n lino for Hirer limrtlons, 'Ihlrty-l'ive
Ciiitt n line for one vrevk, nml M-ventj -Five
Ont n line forone month,
Communlcntlona upon nubjocta of Ken-
ernl lntoroat to tho public solicited.
E3".lt letters ulioubl be a-Mre'sed to
I'n-.-lili-nt Cairo llilMIn C'omisaiiy.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between Wash Inn ton and Commercial
ft.vonu.6u, iiujolnltiK llanny a.
K KKl'S Inr snle the bi-l lluf, I'otV. Million
. Vml. Ijinib. SiiUMiL-e. Ae . mul U tin
-arisl lo serve luiiillli-4 lu nn urientiilili- iimnuer
Denier In
All klnilt hard and soft,)
Mill and Ynril,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Strcot and
umo Xjovoo.
Fashionable Barber
Betwenn Waihinnton and Commorcial
Dealers In
No. 010 North Main Stroot,
r-N. B.-tS
. 1
Hotel and Restaurant
No. 122
Tiro itoirt n'jrtli of the Culm nml Vlncmnm
.rullron't iUhi.
WM. WETZEL, Proprietor. CBI
TIHJilTV wttdi Wpt ntlit n.t iUy for
tialm ami neafdlHmu
'I be limt of Hrrimrn'Mlnlloim for tmnsli-nt
KU Bt'lvtM I)ollm.riUr.
Ii. wttbout ctftrKf. Tut iwi
r" v w' nnLIIi r but ctift.
"I'nqiirvllntiRtily lio henl oimlnlneil
ork irilM lilnil in tii. U'nrlil."
NOT1CK8 OK Till: I KHS8,
Tho urei- Increnslng elrciiUltou or thin
o.xccllent inonllily pr.iTeH It-t conlhilleil
ftilap ion to popular denim nml iii-eiln. In
deed, wliuri w think Into how umiiy Inline
It t)t-netr.itci rvcT iiiontl., wo iniisi i- .
Idi-r It ni onu nl iht i-dnc.i-i.i-. as wi-il a
cut ilu tiori if tho pnh lu niliiil inr lt vn-l
lioi"ilm ity h is been w ti by no ii p -ul 0
i .il.l 1 li-n.lleii i,r tleprnvcilUsto.itos.
t 1 I - i .
'It. - i nter which ih Miutazliin po
fwu lor itin y.i'iit(:rtiM.r.nri.i-,-w. mill,
11111I iltt-nii y en uiro tlir.t Ii is Wept rnto with!
trlt lino tint IcU ttic llni-n, Miouhl ciinolts
comhietnrs 10 ri-R.i d it with liiulllaUu com
M.iceLey. It lso cutitli-) lliem fi a treat
11I111 upon thu ptihllu Kriillnnli!. The
.Miu'irli.i) lins done nonil mid not cxllull
the linn ot lUllA... Iliookljn lUtfv.
TlIitMb !
roMge frco to Mihu-rltiuM in the United
Ma ten.
llarpcr' Mnif.iliii, oni year ...f I 00
ti 00 Ineliiilrs prepajini-nt of U. S. pod
ago by dm puhllshuiH,
Mlh.t-rlplliuis to Harper, Magazine.
Weekly, or ll.-izar, to im- a'lUresi lor nnu
yeur, li) ill; or two ot Ilarput'i, prrloiil
h, lo one mill rest- for iiim yi-nr, $7 00l
An xlra r py ol eltlmr tho Magazine.
Wei kl or lla.ir will ho lippllt:,l crnllH for
ev ry ehih ol Umi Milm-ilbz-r- Ht 61 to i-.ii-h,
In nm riniltt lire; or six roplri Ur Jinoo,
without e.Miii i-opy; iostiKi- Irt'e.
Ihii-k iilinibciv i-an he ulipplled at nuv
A (olnpii-to set of llnpi-r'-i .Miir.ilm-,
now eoinprlMriR HI vir.iiiiii-, In n:it i-Ioth
hlndln-r, will lie si-til liy r.iivss, iri-tuht n'
the rp-n v it pureli i-i-r, lor fi -.'j pi r
Milllllic. .s-IpkI'I Mihlilirs, liy lii:iil, os'piii,
ill W. Clolll l-.-l-e", for hlndlliK, i t'llts,
hy ' nl. e.stpaid.
Jj.NBvpaperH are not to i-opy thlx id
vi rilsi-ini-nt without thu express ordiri of
Jlunier .V ltrthi-r-.
Ail-ln-s, lIAUl'ini.V IIItllTIIKIl-i. N. Y.
Is widely known
a om- ol thu moit
t-ileitu.il rv.'iiiL'-ilu-s
i-ii-r ilhi-ov-titil
lor fieans-
iii'4 the system
nml purifying thu
Lloo'.l. 'It
Ftoiiil the tt"t of
yi-. r, wi'Ii a con
r i "rowing
rent;.tion. lian-d on (Ik iiiiriu--ii- virtue!',
mi'l ntaiiu"l ly in ri :ii.ul.ilili- i-uref.
.-.) mi' I in 1 1 I - - -ii ,-'i 1 licni-fu-i.il to
i-hi!Jr n. n:t I i t mi si ln-hin as to
i-ti' ' tunllv nm- tl." jrrr.it corrup
tioni of the h'.ou'l. sm-li us tin- ferof
iiIoih anil rvphiliiii- i-ontniiiinntion.
Ii,ii!irities or (ii i-.i cs lliat li.ivi' hirkoil
in thu M-fiti-tii fur car? loon ii-M to
thi Mwrrfnl nntiiloti', anil ili.-npio.ir.
H -nei' its fi:nl,.rful (iiit., niiiiiv of
vlii, h a'-o p-i'ilii-K known, of Sn-oNilii,
and all h-i-oI'iiIouh ilivi-a-e?, Ulcers,
liritjitioiisi, and i-ruptiio disorders of
tho tV.n. Tiiinors, ISlotelies', Iioils,
Iinile.H, I'nsttiles, Jiot-cs, St.
Anthony's Kire, Itosc or Kry
sijieliis. Tetter, Salt ltlietiin,
Scald llciiil. Kiiijj-worin. and in
torrJ Ulecralions oftlic Uterus,
f '.otnacli, mill Liver. Itnlsncurui
ctlicr romplalnt, to which it would not
teem pspii-ially adapted, fiiclun IM-op-y,
Dyspepsiiii, Fit., Neuralgia,
Heart UNeasc, Fonialo Weak
ness Debility, and Leucorrlia;a,
when tlu-y arc manift-stations of tiie
It is an oxeellent restorer of health
and strength in tin- cprinj;. lty renew
inj tiie appelito and vior of tho ilio.
tiw organs it difsipati-s the ilt-iitvsbion
and linli-s-i languor of tin; eaon.
Kven where no disorder appi-ar. peojile
li-i-1 lieiter, and live lunger, fur cleatiMns
tin- hlrmd. 'Ihc .system motes on with
renewed vigor and" a new lcasu of life.
Dr. J. C. AYER h CO., Lowell, Mass..
I'raetleitt imJ Aixilitlcal Chtmiitn.
Every year increases tlio populari
ty oftlns valtiahle Hair Preparation ;
which is due to merit alone. Wo
can assure our old patrons that it is
kept fully up to its high standard;
and it is the only reliable and perfect
ed preparation for lestoriiiL' (inw
on Fadi:d Haiii to its youtliiul color,
making it Boft, lustrous, and silken.
Tho scalp, by its use, becomes white
and clean. It removes all eruptions
and daiidruli; and, by its tonic prop
erties, prevents the hair from falling
out, as it stimulates and nourishes
the hair-glands. Hy its use, the hair
grows thicker and stronger. In
baldncs, it restores tho capillary
glands to their normal vigor, anil
will create a ncv growth, except in
extreme old ago. It is the most eco
nomical IIaik Di!i:.ssi.so overused,
as it requires fewer applications,
and gives tho hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D.,
State Assayerof Massachusetts, says,
"Tho constituents nro pure, and care
fully selected for excellent quality;
and I consider it tho Bust I'iikpa
itATio.v for its intended purposes."
b'M ly all nruggUlt, anil Dialen in Mlicintt.
I'rioo Ono Dollar.
Buckingham's Dyo.
Ah our Ilonowor in many cases
requires too long a time, and too
much care, to restore gray or faded
Whiskers, wo have prepared this
dye, in one preparation ; which will
quickly and effectually accomplish
this result. It is easily applied,
and produces a color which will
neither rub nor wash ofl'. Sold by
all Druggists. Price Filly Cents.
Manufactured by F, P. HALL & CO.,
ITHllttlii- Kiii-rdyriiii- of Sunliml VVeakneM,
lio-t Mimliooil nml all ilUoidcru liroii;lit
on by liiillHcrt'llnni or fxce. Any Drtigtrlit
liai the liiKii-Jlmt.
Ailarcmi, Dr. K. HILTON & CO..
l.'Jl-itAw-lv Cluclnimtl, Ohio
TK solicit rorrisji'-ii'tf nfe ami nnl-r fiom Unu-xUI", I'lnnlrUns ami (irnrnil Moms In wunt
t of (.'imkI In our llm- Mmmls'it. I'liiilittlon hii'1 'Aiinly Mislirliir Catrt furnlslmt or i
11 1 It-it n i Hi rilUlilt' Ilmrs at itiwoimlilr nitri
7-t Ohio Jieveo. 1 I Wmhintrto. Av., Cor. 8th St.
The Sphague Can Qpener Co.
bhouht- ht jold hy the llatdu-atr, Grocery, ind Cnned'
Clootls Trade ever)-whcie.
:: :tts: zrzn ;r er :n. rxuist ihu.t Aits vutlt
II III trial .S,i,ii)lr, Vrtr, un rrrtlpl 93 CnU,'
This house contains 35 good rooms.
Travelers will always find the best accommo
dations. A trusty watch for trains and boats day and
Wo liuvo replenished our Job Printing Oflico with
many fonts of new type nml have orders out for other
fonts of the latest popular stylos. AVo are determined
to establish the reputation of our oflico for first-class
work, aud make our prices so low that tho most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit that we do work at lower prices than any other of
fice in the country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nml Retail

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