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ASCALos r.oitui:, no si.
Knliriil of I'ythlal, meet cue ry Krl
day night nt lmir-iiut eeveti, in Odd'
KillowV Hull ; K. Ht.AtK,
Chancellor CoininaiKlrr,
AI.V.YA Wlir.II tflllflK. VII. Ml.
.MtiUVi. i.r l.lrl.r.l.
2(z&ji$ lows, meet every 'I liurly night
WmW1 nt linff-Miitsven, In their hall on
roinmercliil nctiue, iielween mxui mm Sfimin
ttieeU Joitx M (Iossmax, N. U.
f 1AIUO KNCAMPMKVr, I .O. O. F..inect
Viii Odd-Fellows' Hall on the llmtunJ Ihlnl
'Juedy In iiery month, lit liair-jiuit wren.
I. K MLACK, C. I',
Mold rvtilar
TJ noulc Hall, u.
1 ml Klghlli II
mar ?,niiiiuniciiioiis inji-
miner Coiiiini-rclul nienue
-lIuMli BtlTrt. on the a-roml and
fourth .Miindajr of eadi intinth.
nrnilUe- Conl.
Thi' lH'"t for grates. tt-nm or black-
I'ri-ili Niiil)'.
Mr. 1'. l'lUKfralil haaju't received and
has on wlf nt bis lalei room u large tock
of KuglUli nlc, porter, Heiiniiy brandy
and wines, and liquors of Ml kind, which
lie will d!ro-e of nt reasonable prlres.
Hnlnt 'linrle.
(loo I ulnlli- room" on the upper floor at
the Saint Cliallca can tie had, with board,
at the very low ratu of $30 per month
. Lumber Yiird. .
Chatles LaTicastt-r anil Newton ltlce,
hoth well known to our citizen, and
to river men (,'ciicrully, lino es
luMUlied nlunfhcr yard In Cairo, corner of
Sixteenth itrect and Commercial avenue.
They will kf rp every description of build
ltK material . mil rleambo.il lumber, doors,
ah, blind', moulding, shingles, lath, etc.,
tc., and are detertnluud to roll lower than
lumber has ever been io'd hi Cairo. They
lollclt a f.tlr trial from iteamboat men and
builder-, and guarantee ntl-fjotlon In all
ae. 3SM0-'2Mf.
Calm i:iilerrlr.
."proat, 1X1 Ohio l.evcc, In receiving New
Oileaut oyster every morning In bulk. He
i making hit own cant and picking bit
jwii oyster, thereby avoiding the c.iorbt
nut cuirgfi for IraniporUtleu, and Is cna
'iled to furnl'h a better article at a lest
price than any other dealer. Patronize a
hoiiir Institution, and benelll yniunclf.
(iiiiilirlllioii l I he Life of Trade.
Mr. Leltlo Colenmi, 1'lne l.aundref(
No 12, Fourth tlrecl. between Washington
idiI Commercial avenue, die all kuidt of
fine and eoare laundry work lor Udic and
rent'emm, fluting, &e Hclitlcmen's hlrt
wanhrtlan 1 pull-hid. Mngle birt and col
lar, I O: i-r do7cu Njc; socks .V; two col
lar, fit-j tw i lAiidkerchlet', .; veti 'Jft;
and all ccntloiiiiii't wear, .)c. per
dozen. I.idle" dree, 'ii to Mr;
"klrtil'J t 80; drawer 10 to Kc; two
pair hie fr; two collars ." to 1V. Kor la
lle' plain elothet ?I on per dozen; tnr la
Ilea Cue clothes, I 'i' per dozen: done
irsmptly, and promptly delivered. 1'a
.rouai;u tollelted.
1 m.
I'uur r.ll.
Whoever habltiiilly ue any aleobollc
preparation at an "appttler" will tj
likely to urter from fourcvIN, viz: an over
p!ui of food In the tomach, Impaired ability
to iHgoM It, the patig of d)peifla, and a
doctor', bill. Dit. 'M.KeitS Ver.KT.iti.is
VlNKHWi IttTTKIts, the groat Teetotal lie
Xorathcof the age, without over-tlmu-Uting
the palate or Iritating the ttouiach,
impart a hcalllifnl appetite, promote! di
t;ettlou,rciulatethelivcrariibow'eU, purl-lit-
the blood, and thux, InMead of entailing
fourcv confert four Intet iinible benrtit-.
l-lfi Iw.
I'nriiille mill.
Vw Iront .-tilplitir and other Impurities
Ikiill) l.imrli.
(Jeorge I.itturr comcrof Fourteenth and
Washington avenue, will furnlnh herealter,
very day to hi patron a No. 1 lunch, be
tween the hours of ten and twelve o'clock.
Knili .Milwaukee beer and fragrant Havana
cigars to be had nt hi- bar nt alt timei.
Kilty to Seventy-five dollar per month.
Agenti wanted everywhere. Tear-he r, la
dlei, gent, etc., elc. No capital or out
lay reiptlicd. Send 20 cent for postage on
i.utlit, to I). C. Wklciiman,
tt Ir in Station. Union County, Ohio.
Wlnlrr'n tJnllrrj".
Open Fridays atidSatiinlayt. only.
nllrr of llk4olullon.
TIm' jiarluer-lilp lieretoloriiuxlitlup l)c
nucii Clia.. II. Xfwlaitd and .fume-. K.
Ki nule, lias ihU ilay Iwett illtisolvTtl by
iiiutiial eiuiseiit, ('. 11. Xewlamleolleetliij,'
till bills due tin: linn and paying all
ilebt. J. It. Xnwi.AXii,
. J. K. ItK.NMi:.
fAiiio,.lauuary lit, 1873. 1-21
IN i r. Nil I e.
A young hore 1 yeari old Ia.t Jlay
workii tingle or double; will bo told on ti
months' time note with good security.
Apply nt Tub ltrLLK TIN' oltke.
I'lirmliip I'ohI.
Tim bo-it In lilt' Stati- for coolJnp,
Kiato, stoves or Mi-iuii.
iln mill Steiuii fitiliiir.
Charles II. Newland Is prepureil to do all
klttdt of nan and btcain lilting, repairing
pump, drlvltr,' well., bell lunglii';, etc.,
rilioji on Commorclul Avenue, between
.Ninth and Tenth street. 184-1-2MW.
I'uIIoiih nuil Nlilrllnif I.luen.
Stuart A' OboUoii, niiuoiincn new ar
rivals ofllu above named j;ootU, anil
lake pleasure In slitting that they are the
cheapest good which they have ever
owned. Housekeepers should buy these
eottous now, an price are tending: uj
wnrtl. They may never bo us cheap again.
J?etneniber thl.s ladles; buy while they are
heaj). Our stock comprises nil the lead
ing brands, which wo oiler at manufactur
ers' prices 1-21-It.
OUntiicle tu MiirrlMxe.
UrtPI'J' Keller for Youiik Men from tbt
etrects of Krrorn and Abii in early life. Man
(ivkhI restiuiil. !niiillnieiit to Murrlnee iv
aisled. New method of llTUtnifiil. Newuiiil
ivni kublu rvmcdlrt. llooka and circular M'Ut
five, In N-alel rneloie. Addiess, IIOWAItl)
ASSOCIATION, U9 N. Ninth tml, Philudtl
I'll la, Pa , u Institution linvlng a high reputa
tion for honorable conduct "and professional
Jiklll. 10O-l-15-dAw3iu
TUESDAY, .lANL'AUV 20, 1873.
Lornl Wentlier Keporl.
Caiiio, ll.L,, .fniiiuiry 2., 1d3.
THOMAS JOXK-9, Obmrvcr.
We nre glad to unnoltnre to our pa
troni that County Treaurer .Martin wai
much iR'tler yestertlay, mid hopes are en
t.'rt.tlnctl of his recovery.
Only $22 per month for prompt pa) lug
diy boarder at the St. Chnrlea Irom Feb
miry llrt.
liirllnrtl i-lHiie.
Tin Cairo & Vlnceiine.s HaIlro.nl re
cclvcr, Miviri. Kallonl ami .Morrill, have,
let the contract lor putting In an inclined
plane near the rotind-hoiHe of that road,
in the upKT part ot the city.
Jmnl enrrallwliiio,
I'. W. llarclay. K-., has leen :ii
poluted (J rand Oeuerali'ilmo of tin;
(rand Commander' of IHIuoN, n'ee
I.oul" .lorgeiiM-n, decea-eil. A iR-tlerman
and therefore, as a matter of course, u
better .Mason than .Mr. llarclay rotild not
have been ehoH'it.
A I'ertlneiil QiipnIIoii. a
.Mn. Km nut : Iihotild like to modestly
iniatlre, Ivhy the children in the Thir
teenth street school have not been taught
German for along time? If it was a
necessary ntttdy In the lieclunlug of the
term, the Kituu neccsity must still exist.
I, for one, do not rclMi buying (lermau
looks for my children, for the akij of
having them take only three or four le.
sons. If the fcehool fund pay foralJer
m.tu tiiicher, all the children who are far
enough advanced fchottld have the lieucllt
of his instruction. .Iacinio.
12 per month for prompt paying day
bo.irdert at the St. Charlet, from February
SIlRlitly liifbrlnleil.
Alwtit two o'clock ycftcrday afternwn.
a man, who we are very Mirry to lie com
pelled to Mate, was somewhat tinder the
iuiluenee of tangle-foot, iMiume Incen'
eil at a ntuiiber of men and Ihivk who
were endivorhig to have a little 'port at
his exK'ii', and ileierinlued to put an
end to their fun by running after
tlioni with -tout"i, Mlek, tic. and mak
ing a big iioIm". He was not, however,
delivered from his tormentors until Chief
Mcllulc and Oltlccr l.allite made their
iipN'aninee and took liltu into their loving
arms and marched him oir to the cal.v
boo-4'. WhenalKittt half way to their
dcitltiatlou their ue-t lK'e:iiue so drunk
that he fell down upon the Mdcualk,
where, in spite of all their ellorts to stand
him upon bis pin-, he lay until they
procured the services of t. dray, upon
which hi" manly form wai, placed, and
conveyed to McCarthy's Klevetith street
A MMiTKiinumbrro! prompt piying dy
boarders will be taken at the St. Charles at
til per month.
A ttemptril Itoliberj-
Olllcer Calne luforins u that on la-t
.Satunhiy night, about 2 o, clock, while
two men, employed in Howie llrotlicr-
jiork packing establishment on Washing
ton avenue, were engaged at work in the
cellar, two burglars elli-ted an entrance
Into the upjier room, by reaching through
a broken window und unbolting the door.
While the burglars were busily engaged
In hunting tor spoIN, the two packers
made their apeaniuce, and tiKu seeing
the thieves, made no iK'moiMr.ition to
wards capturing them, but coolly uked
them what they wanted. The thieve were
in too big a hurry to wate Jany lime in
answering any questions, and both made
a da-h for the door, bursting It open and
running up to the wood yard, where
they separated, one going through the
yard and the other up to Commercial
avenue, where be va lost to -Ight. Of
fleers Calne and Drown, who were stand
'ng on the corner of Tenth street, heanl
the nol-e made by the Jarring of the glass
door, and hurried to the .-eeue. hut they
were tori late to get any Information as to
the whereabouts of the thieves, notwith
standing a thorough search was made tor
Tub St. Charlet Hotel will taki a lim
ited number of prompt pay In; boarders,
Irom Kebtmiy 1st, at iii per month.
Monday, January 33.. IN7.1.
The circuit court changed Its ba-e this
morning, from the Arab engine, house
hack to the court house.
The sheriff made proclamation at 10
o'clock, mid the criminal docket was
taken up.
Flrt on the docket to-day was the
ca'e of ICddie Johnson, a 1-1 year old
mulatto boy, Indicted for stealing n watch,
chain, money etc., from the residence of
Sheriirirvin. Tlju principal witness for
the prosecution was the partner of the
prisoner, w ho bad already plead guilty,
und been sentenced to Jive years In the
house of correction, The trial occupied one
hour of the court, and tlvo minutes of the
jury's time. Verdict, guilty. Sentence,
Hvo years in the bouse of correction.
The next case was that of Lafayette
Chrlssotn, a colored boy, who, a fen
weeks ago, rode a mule from tbo country
Into Cairo, as he stated, "for a little fun,"
staid too long and was arrested and In.
dieted lor stealing said mule. The jury
returned u verdict of guilty, and he will
bo permitted to go to the Heform School
for a term of years.
The balance of thu day was taken up
In tho trial of the lSeverend .Mr. Smith,
Indicted for tho common sin ot horse
92! per month for a limited number ol
prompt paying diy boarders at tho St.
Charles, from February tint.
Timk. IIah, I Tnr.. I Wtnu. Vku
7a m. 30 W I !U Calm. 0
II " . 3D.ll.1i 3 I Culm II
2 im. 30.3 II' I . U. -i
(Iptieral Heina.
The Cairo Ht. Louis bond suit hai
been docketed in thu supreme court now
In session ttt .Sprlnglleld, ami will receive
the. attention of that august body, It U
lioKil, nt an early day.
Thosw mlng base-burner stoves have
found Just what they want In I'AUA
Owing to the universal Interest maul
feted by his congregation during tho
pat two weeks, the l!ev. .Mr. Wnllar has
decided to bold protracted meetings, the
first of which commenced on lift Wed
nesday night.
Last Thur.-day afternoon, a young
man named Charles Hardy, who resides
in this city, went to the Custom House,
but from some cause was unable lo open
the gate. After tolling a considerable
length online, he became Impatient, and
laying his hands upon the Iron pickets of
the ll'iieu attempted to Jump over, when
liN hand Mipicd and the sharp point of
the Iron picket went through the palm,
coming out at the back, and Indicting u
very painful wound; and now he swears
be never will Jump over another fence.
The I 'nil ucal i AVicaand Ktntuclian arc
exposing each other's grammatical blun
ders, ho far the AViot has the best of It.
We don't boast of our grammar; but we
derive mtteli satisfaction from the reflec
tion that we tin; n better gnimtnnrcr than
John Obcrly Is an arlthmctlckcr. lie
can't add together two unit, and trust to
i:orrectne"s of the result. Uazettr.
Mr. Oberly does not lay claims to any
ability as an arlthmctlckcr, but when It
comes tc counting up how many dollars
it will take to purchase shoes for six little
girls, ranging from Hie mouths to eleven
year of age, you can liot on the correct
ness of the result every time.
HeiiK'inber that .Stewart it Gholson
keep the best stock of bleached und brown
cottons and shirting linens In the city,
and that their prices tin' the lowest.
1-2 Mt.
Sunday morulng, two gentlemen,
who were coming from Mound City to
Cairo in a skiff, when nlxiut halt way be
tween the two places, caught sight of a
di-er, that was making his way acro?s the
river as fast as )oslhIe. lly a little hard
pulling the two men managed to come
up with it, when one of them reached out
and caught hold of Its tall, took it to the
shore where they dispatched It. then
threw the carcass Into the skill', brought
It to this city and .-old it to one of our
We learn the following Irom the
Cairo (itu'ttr: "The Lllwral Uellgion-
IsU of Cairo are crfeetlng arrangements
foracottr.-eol fire lectures, Intending to
employ home Intent. The coure will
embrace :t dl-cu-stou of politic'', religion,
IIiiatuv,astronomy, geology, chronology,
paleontology In fact each lecturer will
be allowed to select his own subject and
to treat It In Ids own way. Quite n nuui
bcr of our ix-t scholars and thinkers
have already put their name- down for
oneor more lectures. The clergy, be It
uuderttood, are by no means excluded
from a participation. On the contrary
thc:isoclatlon would be pleased to have
them participate."
Stewart A ClioNou are offering an
excellent stock of ladle,'. gfittN and
elilldn.'u'i underwear and hosiery at a
great sacrifice from former price.
Tile Ite.eur or Willie Iljim.
Our readers will remember that some
six week- ago, an Item was published In
the IU'llktix regarding the abduction of
a son of Cornelius Hyan, lVp, of Chica
go, and the discovery of hl whereabouts
by Sheriff Ham Irvln of this county.
Sheriff Irvin Informed Willie's father by
telegraph that the boy was at l'aua, and
the father went after hitu. In a letter to
Sherlll Irvin the father tells the storv of
his on's recovery :
Chicaro, January 22, 1S73.
SiiKitirx litvt.v Du.u: Sue 1 went to
l'aua, found Mr. lltickley and he In
formed me that the boys were at Shelbv
vllle. I took him with me to that place
and to my surprise found him sacked up,
under S1C0 bonds., It seems that his
companion, KuglUli, stolen coat and sent
him to get a pair of glove.
He and KuglUb were arres
ted at the depot. Kuglih was trading
the coat and had on the gloves when ar
rested. I then had to try and gi-t the
bonds reduced. It caused me coiildera
ble trouble, but I at last got them reduced
to $23. Their trial would not come oil
until March, and I did not like to leave
him there, so I forfeited the $23 and
brought him home. I paid Mr. Huekley
the reward ($23) when 1 got to Chicago.
The total ot my exenc amounted to
three hundred and two dollars.
Mr. Irvln, If you ever come to Chicago,
Ih one you will not fall to oil ami see
me, I would feel more than happy to re
ceive n call from you.
lte-pectfully yours,
Coit.NKi.ics Hv.w.
Fire nml Itobbery.
From Sherlll' Irvln, we learn the fol
lowing particulars regarding the burning
and robbing of the residence of Mr. James
W. l!oylc, of Johnson county : On Au
gust 1 Ith, Mr. lloyles, who lives on tho
Metropolis road, four miles from Vienna,
left In the morning to go to Vienna. He
walked to town, but returned In the Me
tropolis hack, about 10 o'clock the same
morning. When he reached home, he
lound his reiddence nearly burned to the
ground. Mr. lloyles is a bachelor, and
lived alone. There lieing no cau.-e for the
accidental burning of the hott-e, suspic
ion was directed to two young men who
were working In the neighborhood,
named William and Alfred Bridges, from
the fact that the former, on the
morning of the lire, had liecn wounded
by a shot from a gun, which took cH'ect
hi tlie thigh, and claimed that an attempt
hud been made to a-sasshmto liltu In the
woods. This was considered very im
probable, from the fact that be is but sev
enteen years of age, and hlsmoveinents,as
well as those of his brother, were clo-ely
watched up until last Friday night, when
Alfred, in company with a man named
l'erry jlrldges, but no relative, however,
suddenly discovered Mr, lloyles bad In
the hoiisii at tbetiinn of tho lire, about
llfteen hundred and slty dollars In cur
rency, besides three watches and two one
hundred dollar Johnson county IkuuIs
Mr. lloyles, by hard work, managed to
recover live hundred dollars of the
currency, which was concenled in a part
of the biiUdlog which had not up to that
time been ivuched by the (lames, and
which had been overlooked by the
thieves. Some of the articles stolen from
the house weroaftcrward found concealed
in the woods close by, but the money and
watches have never xxn brought to light.
When the two Dridgcs left Vienna Fri
day night so suddenly, the sheriff of
Johnson county telegraphed to Sheriff
Irvln that they had taken thu train on the
Cairo and Vlnceiines road for Cairo, nnd
that he should Ixt on hand to receive
them, but the description given was so
bungling and unsatisfactory that It was
Impossible for him to detect them. Tho
sheriff of Johnson county and n deputy
sherlll came down to this place, on Satur
day, and after scouring the city in compa
ny with .Shcrill'Irvln and Deputy Sherlll
Calne, returned without bringing the
theives lo light. They are con vhiccd that
thegttllty parties weroln this city Saturday
night, but where they went to from here,
Is the question that Is now pu..IIng their
holier of Iteinovat.
Finding the preient store room too small
for our growing bulslntss. I will, in the
latter part of February, remove to the rpi
clous building formrly occupied by Elliott
A; Ilay thorn, where, with the Increa-cd la
ciltlet, I will keep a larger ilnck of Hoots
and Shoes than over before. In the mean
time, to avoid the expense of moving and
to prepare for iprlng trade, I will oiler my
entire stock of winter goods at actual
COHT. Tnu Is nusi.NKhS. and great bar
gains are offend to the fortuoatd.
A. lli.AC'k,
lOM-tC-tl City Shoe Slore.
Caiko, III., Mommy Kvkm.mi,
January 23, 1873.
The weather to-iliy and yesterday
was warm and pleasant, with clear skle
and warm sunshine.
Thi! river is clear of Ice here and below,
ami from present indications the river
will In a few days be open to St. Louis.
The bottom seem to have fallen out of
the grain and hay market. There
Is no change In Hour, that branch of the
market being about as dull as It could
lx; with anything at all doing.
Oats and corn are In large and exces
sive supply and weak, closing 2 cents
lower to-day.
1'eceipts for last four days were as fol
Iowj :
23 cars oat; 10 c.ir com; 4 cars wheat.
JiTOur Irlcuds should bear In mind
tliat the prices hen-given ate usually for
sale from first hands in round lots. In
lilliug orders and for broken lot It Is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
There Is no change for the better In the
ilour market. The stock ot all grades is
moderately heavy and the demand very
small. Order-" come in slowly, and are
eontlned generally to the lowe.-t grades.
Prices remain us prevlou-ly quoted.
Sales were : 230 barrels city mills, $1 30
Qt) .V); 200 barrel-, $i uV,) 00; -100
barrels. $4 rsjlj 00 ; flOO barrels, $- (x
3 73.
. .HAY.
Hccelpts have been large and tocks tire
accumulating. The demand has fallen
oll'aud prices are weak and lower $21 00
Is iptoted an outside llgttre for choice to
day. We note tales as follows : 2 cars
choice timothy, delivered, $21 00; 2 car-
choice timothy, delivered, $21 00; 1 car
mixed, delivered, $17 00; 1 ear good
mixed, delivered, $1800; 1 ear choice
mixed, delivered, $10 00 ; 2 cars choice
timothy, $21 00.
The market is somewhat over.-tocked
and .very dull. 1'rlces are weak and low
er. Sellers are ready to make conces
sions to etl'ect sales. Transactions con
sist of 5 ears Xo. 2 mixed and white In
sacks delivered 75c; ft cars 'o.2 mixed in
sacks delivered 73c; 2 ears Xo. 2 white in
sacks delivered 75c; t car-, Xo. 2 white
mixed In bulk on track (i?c; 3 i-ars Xo. 2
mixed In bulk on tniek C7e.
The market Is dull and declining.
Stocks are heavy and the demand light.
Outside quotations to-day are We, kicked
and delivered. Offerings at Kto were not
taken. We note sales of 1 car mixed in
sacks delivered (Me; 1 car mixed in sacks
delivered C3c; 3 cars mixed In -acks de
livered, sold early, G3e; 4 ear? mixed In
sacks delivered, sold early, C3c.
The market Js steady but ijulii, not
much doing. Stocks nre light, but there
seems to be plenty ottering for the de
maud. Prices hold unchanged, hales were :
130 bbU kiln dried, $'A 70; 30 Mils green
meal, $3 ,C0 ; 100 bids steam dried,
$3 70;
Tho market rules steady and firm with
demand In excess of the supply. Sales
reported were: IW0 sacks delivered,
$22 00; 1 ear in sacks delivered, $22 00.
Some dealers report a better feeling in
this branch of the market with the pros
pect of a better Southern trade and an
ndvance In prices, while others see little
encouragement. Stocks of common and
medium are certainly too heavy for the
demand. The only scarcity felt Is In
choice Xorthern yellow. Sales were:
100 lbs common Xorthern roll, 20o ; 200
lbs choice Xorthern roll, 2:i23o; 100 lbs
choice Xorthern roll, 23e; 1!00 lbs choice
Xorthern roll, 23c; 400 lbs choice South
em Illinois, packed, 20e ; 100 lbs choice
Southern Illinois, roll, 2223e; 1,000 lbs
choice Southern Illinois roll, 2023e.
The market is steady, demand good
and prices tlrm. The supply Is very
scant for the demand. Sales were: 200
dozen, 20a; 500 doen, 22e; COO dozen,
23o; 1,000 dozen, 20e.
Theiu are no chickens coming In aiul
none on the market. Thu demand Is
good for both dressed und live chickens,
Choice would command $.'1 50 per dozen,
ready sale. Dressed turkeys nre over
stocked nud dull. Sales were 20 do.eii
chickens $3 003 60; 100 pounds drei'cd
turkeys 10c.
The demand Is very quiet nnd dull,
very little doing. We itotu sales of 20
barrel common $2 00; 50 bairels com
mon $2 50; 50 barn-Is choice $.1 00.
The market is weak and" declining.
Mess Mrk Is quoted 60c lower on the bar
rel nnd cut meats to Je lower till round.
Stocks arclarge nnd the demand small.
The only sale we have to report Is 115 bar
rels mess pork at Sit) 00.
There Is a good demand for all kinds
of Irish potatoes and none offering.
Prices are steady and tlrm. Sales were
IK) barrels peach blows $3 00; 20 barrels
pink eyesuid early rose $3 50.
The largest stock ofkld gloves In the
city nt StewarUt OholsonV. 1-21-lt.
If you want fresh oystert without pay
ing for tbo cm and .transportation, go to
Sproat's, 133 Ohio Levee, .and get them by
the pall full, fresh every morning, li-l-t
Having given up my oil stand on the
luvcc and taken Kcohler & Hro's tliop, on
Eighth ctrcet, I hsll ho prepared to sup
ply the citizens of Culro with the bed
meats tho market aQ'ord". lieaso call and
sec me. l'mi.. IIowAitn.
Stewart A' Cholnon are receiving the
choicest styles of prints as last as they
appear. Look out for a choice lot this
week. 1-21-lt
Try PAHA DISK COAL, the clieap-
est and lest.
(So to Sproat's, 133 Ohio Levee, and
Kt yourojrlrra by the hundred orcan-fre.-h
every morning 12-t-tt
Try PAHA DISK COA I. forcooklng,
Sproat, 136 Ohio Levee, It furnhhlng
oyiters In the tiht shape. Families can
be supplied In any quantity fresh every
morning. 12-4-tf
Order PAHADISE COAL from any
city dealer.
VII that have tried PAHADISE
COAL will use no other,
Xcwly-tltted, tincly furnished barber
shop by (icorjro Steluhouio, comer Com
mercial avenue and Eighth street. Years
of pract cc have fflvcn blra a light hand
that niikCM a smooth ahavc delightful. All
who try him once will call again. All the
late dally paper are kept on his t ilde lor
the btnttil ol his costomcra, and there is
no tedious waiting for turns. tf
Stewart & Gholson are offering great
bargains In whiter dry goods. Flltycents
will buy nearly a dollar's worth. Go
and mi' them. 1-21-lt
-Joe Koieker l now In full control of
the Washington bakery, and having learn
ed the wants of tho public, Is prepared to
upply on call a'l demands for French loaf,
Hotton, llrown and draliam bread, and
everything else ordinarily found in a tlrst
ciatsbakiry. lie maintains a full stock of
confectioneries, tnnd can, as well ai any
other dealer In the city, fill all orders In
that line. Cakes baked, frosted or orna
mented on short notice. Specla lattelition
given to the orders of wedding or picnic
parties. 912-tf.
"-. .vii.M. uii itir trill Hint. ,
Witlbm It Harris axed 21 years, uii.l .lanici
1 Harris, kI '-Hrji, Imtli fuimrrl; of C'h""
1 I n I rl..w An t - f .. t. I ....
Mrnihl umlM I.oul juiwni le.i"-cojy
W'aii DEP.utniKNT, ItivEit Iti.ronr, J
Jumur) ii, 1-75.
IT IS. 17 I IX.
l'ltUbili-R I) 10 01 0
Cincinnati If 0 0! (I
l.nuiMille -.. JO o! 0
Kvansfllle -.. i
Nashville 10 I'. 0, fl
St. Iuis 0 i (l U
lrrutMl nllvl.-1' M CtAirin. MmmltiU
inrrchant, swrttary of the Cairo lloanl of
Klo-ai, aeronllni; to Kri'lr................. tl CO.Kl 00
Corn, Illixnl, artt-I (sTSt
Corn, white, aacknt (aTi3c
(lata, mlxnt iVal'i;
Ilrun, n-r ton ww
Meal, trani ilried ; 7.1
Iluttrr, rlidlee.Nortlieni mil 2.1c
lluttrr, ctiolre Snuthern Illinois ....... 'JOUlc
Kiiic', kt ilut-ii title
Cfilrkini, m.t dozeii SJ fsaa so
'liirki-ya, pcrdnrrn (SIU(s)
Appln,, choice, kt turrrl tl .'xla.'l M
Ailei, common, per barrel J0Oa'.' 'i
rotators, -r Irarn l ; 10
Onions, wr Inml. tl.ul .'0
Iluckn brut Hour f Ml
Ityr Hour. 15 TO
"VTotlce 1 hen-br Riven that the tux books for
XV the year I-T have Ik-vii plcnl In my hanila,
and that I ssell beat (he following named ilurri
at tl.c time Urlow net t'orlh, for the purpose nl
colliftliiK the taxes nfi-alil )t-ar-
Clear Cnek l'rn-lnct. Cull) X .MurrtiiMon'a
store, Kebniary '.'.,, IS75,
ClKir Cn-rk Prx-clnrt, It. A. Kdiuunxiu'a
store, IVhruary 23, 1S"J.
TlieU-s l'reeinct, J. U. IEoIwIiik's store, Krb
niary'J). 1S7S.
."-aula Ke 1'reclnct, Wni. Iielaml's tore, lib
nuryS, IS7.1.
(ioose Islanct Ii telnet, O. (ircenle'a stoif,
febniary -X, 1S75.
lluK'lixilh PivcliKt, X. Hiinrncker' house,
Keliniary 27, 17J.
1,'nlty I'lYidnct, IIikIrch A Atherton'i store,
.March 1, 1S73.
Itazlfwooil I'recliift.GeorifrW. .-Short' torv.
March 2, Irta.
llrliiK sour lust year ' tax recIita, us It la un
safe to trutt to the tax books alone for ilicri
tlons of laml.
Caiuo, III., Jaiinaryv, lfTJ
lM-l-H-wU, Ilistrtcl Collector,
Dealers In
No. 610 North Mala Stre.t,
Cprnor Twenty-Eighth Stroot and
Comraoroial Avouue.
J, l, Zationr, , J. Tallft,
ForNtatc'ai Attorney,
KotTolt tlULLXTlX: l'lratrnnnniinrvlhil I am
a ntixlldate for theonirenr State's Attorney at
mi; coiiunK nw:iai rieciion t is nem on Ine Kiln
ilay of lebniarr. W.M.C MUI.KKY,
far Maj'iir.
Kiiiior 8u: l'leae announce JOHN' B.
rllllJ.IMannranitlilalerurXlayoror Cairo, at
the cntnlna; municipal election.
January 1, 1(73, Mamt Citiiiss
Monday night, January 2.1th anbject, "Tha
I.uiu?s Ihelr IHneaiieji."
Mclnetav alifht, January 27 subject, "I)l
eases inrlilcnt to the lIlKrutlse Hjntenit hovr
irrxlucel howera.lclli kinds of foot aniill
rabletothe merchant, mechanic, mlnitter ''etc
.-aiiinia niHui, .laiiuary .101 xraim lecture 10
Itentleiiwn only, on "Man 'a I'liyslcut Nature,"
a milijeet replete with Inturnutlnn.
Ailialsslon totirlvatc lecture, 41 centa lec
ture commences at 8 n. in, ldd-l-24-M
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wido Reputation.
Ackiiouh-lgetl by nil good Mm icians to be the
beat I'uuo now nuue.
Of ivhlch i'e have (old over 400 during
twelve years past, becoming more and more
popular every day.
Splccdld tone, Tower and Durability.
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A very tine Instrument, adapted to Instru-
nuiuai n wen us vocal tntiilc.
r.iry .iioniuiy i .iyineius, at tow tlirures
rdlx of 1.1st Trice.
In great variety, IncliHlInt,' nil the new
and popular music ol the day.
Orders from the Couutiy'
promptly tilled and tent
by mall.
Band Instruments of all Kinds
Kuri'ijbcd to Order.
Of the Kent Quality.
Classical Studies and Exercises
Of all grades for Piano or Voice.
tSTKvcry description of Musical Mer
chandise furnished to order, promptly and
at prices lower than eer offered before
Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Trice
List of tlicc beautiful groupes.
All Ooodi Warranted ai Represented.
Cairo, Illinois.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Between Waahtna-ton and Commercial
Avenue, adjoining Hauny a.
KKKt'S foreide the bejt lleef, I'wrk, Jtutton
. Veal, Ijimb, aUMge, dr . uml U ini-
paml to nerve tamiltea In an arceiitable niuuinr
Dealer In
All kind bard aud loft,)
Mill and Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Street and
Ohio Lovoo.
Fashionable Barber
Between Waahlui-toa and Coamerclal
Subscribe for
W 9m Wm Mm I ll
Leading Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
WUUtcadfattly oppoic the policies of th
ftcpubllcin party, and refill to be tram
melled by tho dictation of any clique In the
Democratic organization.
It believes that the Itepubllcan party has
fulfilled Ita million, and that the Demo
cratic party ai now organized ihould be re
stored to power.
It believes the Radical tyranny that baa
for tevcral yea'e opprued the South
ihould be overthrown and the people of the
Southern Statet permitted to control their
own alTalri.
It bellevel that railroad corporations
ahou'.d be prohibited by leg'ii'ative enact
nunta from extorting and unjustly discrim
inating In tbelr business traniartlooa with
the public.
It recognize- the eipulity of all men be
fore the law.
It advocate! free comccno' tariu for
reveiiuo only.
It adrocatei resumption of pecle pay
ment, aud bunest piymcnt or the public
It advocatei economy in the admlnlitra
tlon of public attain.
The Ilulletln will publiih all the local newa
o Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, Po
litical, Foreign and General Newt, and en
deavor to pleaie all taatea and Intereat all
JVeekly ulletin
Is a thirty-two column paper, fiirntbed to
tubicrlbera for the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
roitsgr prepaid. It U the cbeapeit pa; cr
In the Weit, aud It a pleanlng V'lrtilde
Vliltorand Family Couipaoloa.
Cannot fall to tee the unrivaled Induce
mint offered by The Bulletin In the way
of cheap and prodtsble adrertUementa.
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