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Urn. Ilntr 31 otter n I'.tfrr l'ngc.
JOHN H. OBERIjY, Editor.
' S-ccbil to the lliilletln
SiT.isnr.i.t, 111., .Inn. 27, 1S7B.
Strong resolutions comleiiiiilii,' Uic
rn-Mtloiitnuil UioiuliiiliilMnttloii, ami tic
noiiiioiiiL' Hit? I-oiil-l:in otitnip', l'od
.1... liwl:lV mitl liavu Intn for-
III ' .
Wiinkil lo Senator I.opm.
A .inVllfAWMllllllLMlTOtlKHiy, at MllP
itel in a niot sol
ium mil) ailfartor.v manner." The lire
ay mi.
I'liri'DiiMilracy of the Ihullcal mem
Im i-..111u' IIoiho of tliU State lias eol
l:ii.-e.l. Tho .loue'-HaliH." row of :i fw
ibivs :il'o.
I iiImocnM i.m.1 'inlnt lin reinuliinlon tlie
legislative l'otomae tver since.
Tin: board oreoiiimlnloni'r.j appointed
to reconmuiiil a plnn for tlie luwntlon
of overflows hi the .Mlll)iil river, re
commends the appropriation of three
millions of dollar to realr tliecrevasc
In Louisiana, II v hundred thousand to
repair tlio-c In .rk.'iuvts ami the at-' M"
toreulr llio.-eln MM-lpol, appro
priations to he Immediate K prevent the
rvetltlon. of the tlki-tr"" overflow of
lat year.
Tin: poetical lion. Hen. O. JmiM, In a
profile eoiiiiiuuiicatioii to lii paper, the
Jl:ivac Journal, Jfeiltlydt'lioillicos lion. J.
Sleainill, Farmer rolleatrite of hi", for
voting lor Hon. if. M. Maine?, a lawyer,
for SiM'akcr. ''jSN'tisRill should have voted
lor (.'uHom,'' hlandiy remarks Jones,
ind-ed! Out of the frvlii"' pan Into tlx
lire, t III would have Ihi-ii. A Farmer Is
not Jit-tilled hi voting for a lawyer.
(ir.intiil. .Mr. Jone. Then from whence
would eoiue tlii'Jtt-tlllcutlon ol a Farmer
who would votv tor a man like .Mr. Cul-
Iiiiii, a lawyer and a national hanker?
i:. lli'iii.iiuitr, iiii-iiiIht ol Conjrivfs
irom uic I oiirtn Illinois dl-trict, Is tlie
man who has proposed in h Itt-jiuhlleaii
fallen-, that the l.'epiihliiui majority in
Con-jn-s should take advauta-re of their
prc.-enl oppo.iuulty and at this si Ion
appropriate minify enou-rli toMipply the
army for two II -cat yeaiv lu-tcad of one.
a- ha li"iitlii'is.toui since Ilk' foiui da
tion ir the government. Tlie Oiten-ible
leason forldi lovolutlonary propo-iiion
N (he t'.pre."-td fear on the part ofltc
piililhiiiK that ll:o DemiM'nitle llou-e of
. ' ""r1 ,"'N't winter wiil nfn-e to make
"rfri fippro'prlatlon for (lie army altogether,
ami thereliy rripple tliat lii-.meli of the
ptlblle Hrvie.-. Con-erviithu ltcpubli
cunt. are said to lie oppo-ed to the nica
lirt', anil it will imiiialily U' ueieaieu u i.
U liioillit up ill thu Jloil-e.
V rejoice at the clitllon of Andrew
JoliiitMi to tht) .Senate or the Tnited
Slain-from Tern ee. lie is the man
for ihi) plaii', and nvUI give to the Kadi
cals more double than any oilier man in
the .Senate. JIN election N al-o a rebuke
to that ultra faeliou of the Democratic
parly hi Tcntncc, which U devoted to
the Iil".is of the rebellion, ami would If it
had Iti wai ruin the country.
Tlii'SjiriuxficId Juuri'iihoa-Ud, after
thcdijcat of Koliiou's I.ouUIana r'o-
lulloiK In the Hmi-c, that the coalition of
the Democrats aid Independents I tt'ioriu-
crs had Imcu hrcken. Hut the Journal
was ml-laken. Yesterday re? ol utlons
(lenoiiucliitho Louulaaa outrage and
condemning the admlnl-tration were
pa-ed I iy the Ilon-e. This shows that
the coalition U not only Intact, hut that
the Oppo-ltlon In tin ll(iu-e are In hostil
ity to the deMi uitlve policies of the Kadi-
utl parly.
mo it.vYA.iMi'iii:nM t:iu'..Ai
A correspondent of the. Mauae Journal
advocatis an apjiropriation by the S'ate
to open a canal Irom the waters of the
"KIk Hay" In I'opeciiuiily to ("ache river,
ami make tlie Cache navljfablu to It
There can he many uood reasons urtred
In favor of uch an appropriation by the
ieiier-,it As-einbly, and only one
aalnM It; but that l fatal its uncoiistl-
It tlio canal su'eitcd bv .Mr. Yost
(and dUeitfil by n years ao) should
ecr jcoine an accompll-licd fact, It
would add Wi.MicnM'iy to tlio weallli ol
Smtiiern Illinoi.. It would redeem to
aricnltiire not los tlinii one 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r-, I
Ihoii-aud acres of 1 1 1 mo,t ft.rm0 all,
the world, and open to market alon
more than a hundred miles of It course"
.mmiry wnuouiroaii ami, as .Mr. Vo-t
fayg, anuou lnipasi.11,1,..
This N the era of I )u linjirovcuicnt of
waier coiiivjs ami tlie building of canals,
w.i nuucMiiHii i. in sctrcli of cheap
Iran-portJitioii, ami the cry 1- for relief o
.i" iiricuuunui-i. .soiitbcn, ,ms,
Iho nexleelcd portion of . state, lias
iiu.er a,heii ecii-lve favors of tin
wan-, ami nas not been stingy In Kn.,
TheXorlh and Cenb r liavc Ihtii built mi
by our lilxrallty, and they certainly
would not relu-e to Kivo us souh-HiIip'
that would add much to the pro-perlly of
wi" ") 'e iievciopment ol our rwit
aL'rieuitural lutiTCkb,. now iletm..u.ii i.v
the same cjiiuoh that uru otpresln other
agricultural districts and compelling
iiicui io (lemanu relief Irom Congress by
improuiiifiii oi water conn ami
ie miiiuing of canals.
In vlw of tbcfco facts It Is to be regret
ted tliat tlio coiitltutloii prohibit an ap
propriation of tlinklud ingBcktcd by .Mr.
, . " -hl or any
...ii,... .i iniiu , ()
tho Jiix't-statesman, U-,um
. JoilCii,
-.nniioiio-ilie , Jinx,), V1..1 if...
lonnerly,,f('alro,,ho f.i,,,,, uml
of Mr. Jones, has iiiccuiabcd to thy ,)0ct.
fcal ln(lucncc ofhti jrrottgt, and now dis
cuses the dryest of subjects In IninjnnRC
that Tcnnygon mlj,'ht applaud, iako ior
Imtanci1, Mr. Yost' communication on
the "Klff Hay and Cache Klvcr Canal.''
It is in the form of proe; but It is a com
pact nuns of poetry, as any one may as
certain by rcadlnjr It. -Mark with what
beautv of expression tlie ar
guments In favor of the ca
nal are urtfctl. Alter Mating uie
subject, ami u-lnjr a number ot argu
ments Mr. Jones would ilcnoininate
common place, Mr. Yost poetically pro
cecils :
It seem"? to mo that the representatives
of a preat ulnlc. vboe coil-t tliellts III Oil
bulldlnjr material ami roam, aim water
iransporiauon ami aoovcHii ioii nu un;
coming inous'imiami iiumirciiH oi ukiu
sands who will soon (lit up tbeaccesal)le
parts of our land, cannot fall to see the
Importanif, of looking up all such
chances as this, of bringing life and
lieautv, a Joy for all ages, out or what Is
hut a t'lrcarv waMe, a worthies wilderness
of giant oaks, ami mastailou poplars, that
have been waiting for age. for tlie com
ing of their masters waiting for the skill
and enterprise and genius of great and
noble men to re-cue them from their
wilderness home, and transform them
Into things of beauty and usefulness for
This Is very pretty, and might lie done
Into blank verse In tills way :
To inc It KTiiu to every one It MiouM
Tli.il of IhU Sink-the Itqin-fcntntltn,
Knowing Hint llitlr oiii-tlluoiiti, kihhI fiiult,
Kur Imllilliiffs mill limit lime materials
Kur IruM'lliK iirnl, unit mint luw, rouds
Ami rlimn:iK-rlr.insl, iinJ atlll in in1, c
linlaj Tlint for Ihvnuny iwoiilr, fl unlxini,
Wlm rmii tins I it txl will nil ultli limy llfr,
food iiiiut Ik. Iu'I, or Kuiiiine rule tlie ruut(
To Inr It irvnis, that knuwIiiK all tlicsc tilings,
The men who In ourlcxliliture lit
Miultlil nut neglect ii chance m) grvut lis Oils
OflirliiKhiK l"v unit Ixnuty tu tlie Stule,
Anil joy furuKvs uut ofilrrary ttniU
Out ofn worthless H llilfrntss ol oiits
And iwjilur,, nuihiilon, Hut yours lme stooil
Wulling the skill unit enleriii I'e of nun
To rescue them from nut Hit- luiy WikhIs
Ami useful nuke them to the lullliiK world.
Mr. Yost then proceeds In this way :
To our Keprt'ccututivcs Ulasford.
Stcagall, l'laterand .tones, Vu,t(in, Iui
core, and others, we specially address
tills article, (icntlcmeu, can you not a-k
JleprcK'Utatives, (,'asey and Uullom and
others of the centre, and Haines, ICarlv,
ami others of tlie Nortli, to Join you lit
lids matter. Thoy are clever gentlemeii,
genial, warm hearted ami true. They
may prove themsclu-. to ba State.-incii of
no conimou kiml, iiml aid you In this
once. The work lr donuat all must bo
bone by the iK-oplc, through their repre
sentative'; U only remains to lie teen
whcthiryou shall Ihj eouuted iiinong
tliat happy iiiiiiiImt, w ho -hall hearitfcaid
well tlouecMx ami faithful servant, or
whether your failure to act shall cau-o
the iK-opic to say iUjxtrt! dtpitrt ! depart !
Tlii s beautiful and might be done
Into verse thu; :
To (ihisifuril ihennml Mcj-.ill, honest men,
Anil l'hiier, f.uu in. fur his lulruud oire
AiI-'iiiu-j, thcluui ful piK-tnf the Ilon-e,
And Winston, patriarch with wKdoni lllled.
And .M.ilthew' luscuiv, tpilhily its Hieili-,
l nun uauiViS till, sunjoif mine uwl ilu:
(in, net the Cuey of the Sen ite mom,
And llulnes und Karly oflhe senate net.
And tell IIkiii, tell tlitm ulut I tell tn'yon
Till them, there Llteiueu, tlul wc want their
Irll Ihi'lil tlult we II ill t liaie thin girut Clliul,
Not ntlni as uiuls nn: woit in i-jkc,
Hut calm und Mimll und jet ii xreat "IiIk
thins,' "
Vour work ucconiplliln-d, aid the money cot,
Wellnuy.iy: "Well iluie, (-ood senuuts,
And iiot.iw wc mutt do If failure come,
Kxclaliu; "Deuart froiuusi step don und
Kisingto the climax, Mr. Yoit con
cludes in this manner:
Provide tit this session of thn I.OL'i-la-
ture for this great work to be iH-giin and
carried forwanl to final completion, then
while those who voted for thu ("operas
creek Dain.sludl sleep where the Owl and
'IVl.lJ'n, I I.I.I
iMi v.ii. iiiiir.,: infill lllui'UII", llirOM lite
Nightengale shall sing herswcetc,t song,
and the glow worm shed Its brightest
oeains to guiuu the stranger pilgrim to
your niosi covered !:rave.s. W ork !
This is magnillcent, and in vere would
read as follows :
Provide this w,lon for this (frcat canal i
Thci thooe wlm 0vl for the Coiinu dam
fcluill uleep where hootlux owl and tom-cat llc.
While you shall die the rivat men of your tlinej
The lillitlni;ule bliall sliiitlier aeeteat konir
Aml (senile Klowworni thul herlirluhteat U-anu
jiv jour ifrae mox-cotereil und all Ihut,
To which the llf rliu-ntrunnvr oil will .
And wi while snylnic In a nad, low olce,
'I he,c men nil oteil fur the Cache canal,
And woii the plaudits of the ureal Jake Vo,t
I'IIIm .MOItllttWM Itlll'OUT OS I.OV
In response to the Senate resolution ot
inquiry in regard to Louisiana allUlrj,
l'reldent Grant has sent to that body a
large quantity of manuscript copies ot
documents iK-arliiL- on the Louisiana dis
orders. Among the most important or
uiesu papers is me report of Col. Henry
0. Morrow, who was detailed by (Jen.
,. -," u" " " luspecllou
through tlio Kcd Klvcr couutrv. Col.
Morrow's report Is substantially to the
i-iicci mat me people are dispo,ed to he
peaeame, quiet ami law-abiding; that
uiej evince not the sIIKlitest dlspo,itlon
to oppose tlie general government, but on
me contrary cntcitalii a sincere
desire to lle quietly under the protec
tion oi im, constitution and enjoy the
blcs-hiifs or the National government,
but tliat there Is a determined opposition
io uie state government, an opposition
which maiiiiests itseir In disat!sfiet!on
and discontent, in an Injury to Industrial
ami misiucM utiuiru mid consequent
P'oeuy. .nidges are charircd wltb enr.
ruptlon and United State Marshals hayu
Used Federal soldiers in Inst
It was iiuuecessary to do so, and In other
vo used their prlvlle
harshly and cruelly.
Col. Morrow Klvcs It as his deep-seated
eoi.vlctIouthafiheprcse.it State mtv.
ernineiit can not ntalntalii Itkririn
a hlnglc hour without the protection of
loei cuerai troops, and, even with this
.ioicuuoii,uiey win not bo able to col
IjMll 1,1 1 '.
XKa periorin iiiu functloiu of
-oernincnt. The State government has
not uie couiiiieiice or respect of any iior
tlou of the co.iiiuuiilty.'
'J'liis report of Col. Morrow's was r,,r.
warded to tVashlnirloii hv den. t.'
who said In connection with It that Hi,,
Male government of Louisiana, lor two
years had shown hf Wmbi u, ,i,.u
with the dllllc'Ultles siirroiimlims u . n, .,
it . ... O 1 " I
m mis,iou of the tinny to keen thu !
peacx", without the power to remove tlio
causes which disturb It,ha been carried as
fir as practicable, and that he therefore
recommended that the powers of the mili
tary commander bo greatly Increased or
some other measure"! be resorted to, to
obtain the desired end.
Oen. Sherman's endorsement of
Col. Morrow's; report reads: "1
know of no ollleer of Col. Morrow's
rank who Is better (pialUlcd to speak and
write of matter like this and his opinions
arc entitled to great consideration." This
endorsement Is dated January -Itli, and
Oen. Sheridan's dispatch aklng to have
the people of I.oulslaiti, Mks--lppl nmi
Arkansas proclaimed oamllltl was dated
the 5lh. The contrast It striking, and In
view of all tlie circumstances worthy the
serious consideration of III- people.
IlliM'ilInc from I. II iiioi, t'nfeirrli, llron
rlilllH, l'oiiiniitloti- A t mule rlnl
ItocilKMimi. N, Y Jan U, ltSTt.
it. V. 1'iKitct:. M. 1)., llumito. M. .:
Ukah sin-I had siilfurcd from CVtnnli
in an agravated lorni lor uliout twelve
) eir aim lor several ye rnlrnm Itroncilil
trouble. Tiled miny iloctnrs uml thili?
With no lasting bunetit. In May, be
coming ncirly worn out with exccslve
Kditortal labors on it ji.ipcr lti New Yuik
City, I was tilticktil with nronchltln tu u
seeiu lorm, sutieriiiK aliii'ist a total l)s ol
voice. I returned noitiu lure, but had
been homo only tw weeks w.ien I wni
cmnpletvly proitrMcd with IKinonliiwc
froiu the blliii;-, having lour scero LKe !
liiK spells within mo Weeks, and first tilleu
Intldu ot nine iljys, In tlie Se tern
be r following, I improNcd nillleien'
ly tn bv klile to ue aim"', ttnmgli in a very
reelilo ,Ule. My llroneldal trutlbtc rem lin
ed !nd the Cat i ill was triif dd worsu than
bvloro. lciy eirort lor l ell-1 teemed
lrultlcc. 1 seemed tJ be lorllK (;lolilld
oally. I -inilnuc(l in this Iconic stat-,
r.HliiK bio id alii.usi , a, 011l .
Ilrt ofiUreh, ', when 1 becunu n, t,..l
as to be entirely eoittlned t thu house A
friend utitMc.tcd your remedies. nut
wnextfunely skepded tliat they would
d i mo good, as I had It st nil heart In
lies, and began tolo.k upon medicine mi l
doctors w i h dlspu t. However, 1 obtained
one of your Ircillsrs, and read It eirefu ly,
from which 1 emo to the oi.diiston that
oil understood your bubiiess, ut lua't. I
iiiully obta tied jmintlty of Dr. Sitre's
Catunli Itoi.iedy. .your lioldeii Mullcal
Discovery ami l'clets, and couuiit'iiccd
ilii-lr vigorous ii'r ae ortllng to tlirtctb in.
To my suiprifc, I won be(?ni to linpi iM'.
Thu Dlscorry mW IMIets, la a short time,
hi might out a severe eruption, which eon
tiuued lor several .vecks, 1 kit much bet
ter, my appetltu Improved, and 1 gained in
strouth und fled. In t tree months every
vrstlg) ol tlio Cunrrh was jronc, thu llron
eh Hi had nearly l.aipeaMi), bad iioCoiinli
whatercr ami 1 bid entirely ceased to raise
blood; ami, cotilnry to lliu i Npvctaliou of
Kiiue of my troinJs, tins cute lias rttuiiiied
permsnvnt. I lrve liad no more llemor
rhayes irom tliel.urjjs, and am i'iiil e)
t c IrciiiCHarrli. tromwh cli 1 h.id-till'e id
so tn'rlifiiidsabii. The debt ( fgrt tudd
lowofortlie lii-ln:,' I line r ee ved at
your hands, knows no bounds. lauilliT
otiflily sallslle J Irom my expi'rleiiec, tliat
your medicines will ma-tertlie wunt foiui
of that oilltts d.'s?ne 0:tari b, as w ell n
Throat and i uii Disease. 1 have recjin
mended them l) very tii'iuy ml it all ev r
speak in the! rrahe. CrUultd y mir,
I'. O. Ilox .Vi". U ehe-ter. N. V. 1-J"
rpili: HUt.LUTlN UpuMUhe-KviTy morning
(CACWJ', lllUIDMJJ ... . ........... n , v .
ner Whiui;toii uveuu and Twelfth itnvt. '
Tni ltw.urrix Is erel to city subscribent by
falUiflil carriirsntTwrnty-Flte CenU u Wtfk,
payable Wevkly. By Mall, (Inadiance), IOs.r
uiiu; alx mouths, $C Uirrc months, 3 one
month, 61 2S.
1'ublUhed every Thuiwlay morning it l 25
perauuura, InvuUbly lu advance. The putai;e
oi Uie Weekly will 1st priiilJt tliii office, so
Omt tulMcrileni will obtain it fur a lubscrlption
ric ot 91 a year.
nuns Cunts, per a&uuiu, ......1' 00
Due fiuare, one Ituertlon, 1 W)
tne iwiuare, to lnrtlonM.... 1 00
Onu iiuire, one wk im
One square, two weeks 3 w
One squiiic, Uui VTiek,.. 4 UJ
Oim Kure, oue mouth .... 0 uu
One square, on Insertion, tl 00
Kh bteipjent iuaertlou, .. w
13-Onc Inch U (qtur.
ECfTo reifuUr adrertber we ofTer mpri ior In
ducemeuU, both ni to rat of duirgei nnd man
nof ill(ilnyln(; their farorj,
t3--V'otIce In total column inoerte.1 for l'lf-
Urn Cent er line for one hueilioii, Tvrenly
CenU line for two limrrtioiu, Twenty-Klve
CeuU n line for thiw Insertions. 'Ililny Kle
Centit a Hue for on week, und bevent)-l'he
Cents a Hue for one mouth,
OommunlcationH upon uulOcctB of Ken
era! lntoreat to tho public solicited.
EJ-All letters should lie uddicsi.nl to
joiis ii. oiiKiti.r,
rresldent Clp llulUtin Coinpuny.
Normal University.
jnerewill lieni npiwitunlly for filndimts Io
i.i. ,- . imnieiiiattiy Her the hoi
mil J Of OH
Jioiiilny, Jiuiimry llh, H75.
Ku,.,lfilo.n 'i "'."! wh" """nt by County
Hurlnlendent. hiiiervlors, Judiies or bv a
!n".o U ,'""rK"1 "r Urm-
n!i,,h.,r" ,Ul,l'i" '" "" Nitl Deimtfinenl is
law KLV'WJ" ' ;' '"("""lory ie,,rim et
mentVuV " ry ur '! lK.int
Tlir ImtriK lion h Tliorausli,
i.,i.u..i , i , . .. :r' : ."e .' i"ii
J , .V. imiviliiK. S.nKlnii. (-ni
mil U inn! -it .... t.i.. . .i.
3 Wto.S.tsjiKr wix'k.
'the Si
r'i will .optn .Monday, Match
JAJlt.-j KuUAItTs, M ll ,
Spend 5rTour Money
that you wit jrt It nil Imek In rent solid com.
fort, by lnret?nt It In on of our
new pm-jit
Evening Star
t'smuiis for (tlvlnp mil ri wonderftilly filr.njr,
l'ltsumit uut t'ulfnrm llet ft
Small Cost of Fuel.
CtiySimplo in construction, easi
ly manugLd, carefully mado of tho
very beat materials, always linn
llrst-ruto draft, and guaranteed to
givo satisfaction ovorywhoro and
under nil circumstances.
hOt.I) 1IY
Czoolitlor Manfr.oturlnu Company,
018 and 014 W. Main St. St. Louli, Mo.
anii iir
Insurance Agent.
OHIO Xj 33X7-3313,
Over Mnthaii 4 Uhl'l.
'VJOM; but Kirvt-Owj Comntiie lv.n
XN Mtel.
Insurance Agents,
City Katltc&l Hank Bnildisg, up. stain,
Tho OtdestKitablished AKency tn South-
oru jwincu, icprosununir ovor
505 000000.
ST. JOHN'S and
OrdorH for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or in hoRHheiida, for Bhipmont,
promptly ttttonded to.
tea-To largo oonaumors and all
manufttcturcfH, wo uro proparcd
to Htipply uny quantity, by the
month or your, at uniform rates.
f-Iliilllila tiro 's onlce, N'n TO Ohio I n
ffj-ii.tlliib) Uio sMlmrtbout
li-M Kg) .. Imi .Mill., or
tne?U Ul" ' 111 ,""n' fuo1 of ThlrtyKlahl
SQ-Post ODiie Drawer, i.
Coal and Wood Yard
'17"r.T ronstanlly on hand at lton
oiuiuerrlul avtnue, oppotlt
Ontt iiromptlr filial
I'oasnd vtoihI dellvsied free of charge
Tern tlrliily chsh SI7-IO-6ml
low-Boat For Sale
TIM subscriber offers for sale tie Mmm
Twlmi Slrrn-Whetl Hunt, ILv Hummlll,
wltlui'lh.., niucliliiery, tackles, iuarl and
furnllie asshunow lies at Cairo, III,,
lli'iieiihiii It 1 1 J fuel, her bieadth il feet, kur
lentil, fivi and nirasuies '.Til tons, the ha t
bullvrfl tut long Mini, H inches dinmttir, 2 hlfh
nie. , in. e:i;luf. with eyllnders 17 iarhrt in
likiiiekr sudu list atokii) 2 IVnl pump, 4'4 Ul
dni. IndliuiieUr and 17 luclirt ttroku and all
model! Itnprof wiiiuts,aiid I. in stury i,n-r
tluiiutl, tu, win th) , snd la good eoutldinn lot
imvlitliii, for Uinii upply to
Cairn, lilt,, NovauWI, U74 tW-ll.iMht.
Coal J
i '
't7iiitirtlnnnll.r the htni Kiiitnliieil
I It or It orilie kiml In llu World.'
Nt) TICKS OK Till". PltKKS,
Tim ev r lum n-lm; cl culithn ot thin
exi client monthly prow- Its rontinui il
n liip Ion to popular drMr.s mid needs. In
il' til, when vv think In kj how ru ny home
It ticnrttatus cvi-.y uiont.i, wo must r
fldir It ns imr ol tin i dm ns well a
('iilitHincm nf the puh Ii-n.ind lorlUva-t
popnlKr'ty hn hpcti vv n ny tin a, pml to
h uplil ri'Juilci'siirli'pr.iViiiltn,tus, llus.
ti u Glohu.
The I'hnrsclsr vv ;. '!i's Mairazinn pnv
n;-e furvirlo y.n i i nili.tl 'W. tilth,
nnd itrrury culture tli in. iept piucvvlth,
ll 11 lot- tint led the lltn , -U mid c.iimu U
ctiiitlucUirs to ri!?a il It with jutll!,iiile com-
I hu'O cy. It Is.) piit'tles tiieiu ti a prrnt
rhilm upon thu public grmltmle. Tim
M:i.':zii o lis ''one itu.id uml not evil nil
tho lUyn of lis life. Il'ooliljn Knplr,
tE iois :
l'otag! free to tub-i'rlticri! In the I'nltcd
llnrpcr'n Mnirim', ons year 00
tl 00 Includes prepayment or J. S. poit
ajf hy th- iiubll-he (i.
uh-friptlri'is to Harper's Musninc,
We okly, or llazar, to "tie uddrr-s lor one
yoir, eld (Oj or two of llnrpet's perloiil
e , to one (vddrcin for one year, i?" 00
postage lr e.
An i xtra o py ol either tlie MurdIm',
Weekly iTliaz ir vwll ln tiiipllcil irrutls for
ev ry villi' ol lire sabfi'illn r ut t Ul ncli,
lu one n mitt ipej ur siv ropli's . r ?M uu,
vvlttioul f.t a copy; pott ij;c Iree.
Hack number can he tup t!ed at i:y
A (oinpl ti et of 1 Iar.crit Magazine,
nniv i'Oiiiprlf' id vo'imii's, In ii at elntli
blndliiL-, will in- ent by rxpri's-, Iretuht n
the rvpen v nf iurch im.t. for 8'i m r
volume Slrl voltum , hy m ill, pos pild.
3 00. l.'lotn case., for binding, iH rents,
Uj nil, oitpald.
ITlTNnv fiupors are not lo copy thin id
v. nlseme'it vv tliotit the rxire-!i ordir of
II rp''r & "f r
Addrr'h IIAHl'KIt A llHOTMKItS, N. Y.
Ayer's Cathartic PiUs,
Kor the relief
and euro of all
derangements lu
Uic stomach, liv
er, and bowels.
Ihry are a mild
aperient, and an
excelluit utirca-
live. llviiiK pure
ly vegetable, Uicy
contain no mer
ieury or mineral
I whatever. Much
erlous slckneos and atilTcrinK l prercnt'd by
their timely use; and cry family mould
have them on hand for their protect, n and
relief, when icipUrud. Lon cxperlein.0 haa
rroved them to be thn eafejt. urest, and
test of all the 1'IHt with which the market
abounds, lly their occasional use, Uic blood
la purlilcd, lh! 'orruptlons of the yslem ex- '
pclled, ob-tnirtiona rfi iovcil, and the whole
machinery of life reitci ed to lt healthy activ
ity. Internal orpani which bvromo clnnt-cd
and thiKRl'li are cleansed by .turr't Villi, ,
nnd atimulated Into action llmi incipient
disease Is chatted Into hr;iith, the value of
which chan?' when reckoned on tho vavt
multitudes w io enjoy It, ran hardly be com. J
puted. Their uirar-eoaliiiR makes Uiein I
pleasant to take, and meservet their vlrtura (
unimpaired for nnr leuittli of time, so that
they arc ever frch, and perfectly reliable.
Although searchlnc. f 'y lire mild, and oper
ate without dPttirbaucv to the constitution or .
diet orf:citp',"n. . . j
l"ull directl .is are clven on the wrapper to
each boi.howiiMisePi ,i usa Family I'lijslc,
and forthc followim; inplaluts, which tieie ,
J'iir rapidly cure
Kor Iys, mlit or Tinllcrttoii, I.ltt
lraurs, I.. .lienor, and a.n of ,ppe-Ills-,
they (hould le tnkiu m leralrly to
f timulate the -tomach, and icstoro Its healthy
tone and actloi,.
For Llvri' Comi mi and its Tanotn
pyniptnins, lllllo i llruiluclir. Hick
It-uriMClir. rui.mllcc or CJrren Mlrk
prii, Illllnu ullc nmi lllllon '
ri-ri, ..i'jr n,. x,K jiur ju.lv taken for
each rae, to rorrect ' dlsraseil action, or
remove the oli-trm lo wh. home It.
i'"r Itjtrntprj or lilarrbcru. butone
mild dofo Is if ncrally renuiied.
tor Illiriimnil.il,, out, Oruvr.1,
Palp IKtlnn of ilie llrttrl, I'uln lu
tit Mlilr, Hack, at ' I.o.ii.. they Miould
be contlnuomly lakei n iiilred, to chanse
tlie tlUcv cd n-tlon f the y tein. IVIUi euch
chango those comi .In a illtatipcnr.
For Iroiir and lriilcitl ftnell
lnir,thoy shoild lio taken I large nnd fre
quent dose to ) rod u re the ..ifect of a drutle
For Nnpprsaiinn, n larntdoie should ba
taken, a it pralnce tho di tired eJect by
A a lilnnrr UU, tajteoiie or two Pllli to
promote dlCThilot. and mile Uie stomach.
An oceaihii.il dono stlmi te Uio ttomaeh
nnd txiwels, restoies toe appetite, and Invigor
ates tho system. Iterro It i often advanta
geous where no Mrious, iloranrement exists.
One who feels toloi ably well often rinds that
a dosn of thliO I'tlli make him foci ilerld
edly iR'tter, from thUr cleansing and reno
vating effect on Uio (hgestlve apparatai.
ruiPAitKti nr
Sr. J. C. AYES & CO., Practical Chemiiti,
LO WELL, 31AHH., V. H. A,
inv iu uninxjurrs KveitrwncRK.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
Tot Pever and Aguo. Intermittent Fe
ver, Chill Fever, llomittont Fovor.
Dumb Airue, Periodical or UUlous Fe
Tor. 4o., and indeed all the aSbotiona
wruon arlie from malaxioua, marah. or
mlMmUlo poiaom.
"f ono remedy Is louder
called for by tho ncccsiltics
C of tho American people than
Br i a ura and tafu euro for
JB-J F'ver und Airus. Such
M we are now enabled to offer,
m with a perfect certainty that
It will eradicate Uio disrate, and wlUi atittr
ance, founded on proof, that no harm cuu
arise from its uie In anv quantity.
That which protects from or prevents this
disorder mutt be of Imniontn service In the
communities wheie It prevails. I'rertntlon
la better than cure; for the patient escapes tho
risk which ho mutt run In violent attacks of
this baleful dlttoniper. This "Cum:" expels
Uio miasmatic H)lton of t'rver mill Aifiir
from the ayttem, and prevents the develop
ment of tho dltcatc, If taken on tho tlrtt
approach of lu premonitory symptoms. A
jcreat superiority of this remedy over any
other ever dltcovrird for the tpeedy and ccr.
tain euro of Intcrmlttents Is, that It contains
no Qulnlno or mineral; roiiscrmently It pro
duces no rpjlnlsni or other injurious effects
whatever upon the constitution. Those cured
hy It arc left as healthy at if they had never
bad the disease,
I'eiirr unit .kgnr Is not alone the con
sequence or tho lulatmatlc poison. A great
variety of disorder arlte fiom Its Irritation,
among which are XpuiuIkIh, Iltiriimu
tlant, Oonl, Ilriulucbti, lllhulnr,
Xonttiuchr, Euruchr.C'iilarrh, Atlli.
tnu, IulilIutlon, Painful Airrcltuu
of thn Mnlrrn, Hysterica, Puln In tor
Jlonrlt, Colic, Purulyal, and derange
ment of tho Momach, all of which, when
orlglnatlm? In this cause, put on tho Inter
mittent type, or becomo pcilodlcal, This
"CuitKipels tho poison from the blood,
and consequently cures them all alike. It Is
an Invaluablo prolcctlon to Immigrants and
persons travelling or temporarily rosldlng In
the malarious districts. If taken occasion
ally or dally whilo exposed to the Infection,
that will bo excreted 11 out tho system, and
cannot accumulate In stiOldcnt quantity to
ripen into dltease. Hcnco It is veu inoro
valuable for protection Uian cure; and few
will ever suffer from Intermittent if they
avail themselves of the protection Uils rem
edy affords.
For Mver Complaints, arising from torpid
ity of tho I.lvcr, it It an excellent remedy,
stimulating tho Liver Into healthy activity,
and producing many truly remarkable cures,'
where other m ,cines fall.
f RtrAHKn BT
Dr. J. O. AYKH a CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Practical and Analytical OhtmUti,
IpOitthe speedy cute of -iciiilnal Wintnrit
I' I,ol Manhood mid nil dlMiuleu biou .,i
n by iudieeretioiis or em-x Any Unuil.l
as the liiKlid elltj.
Addrtui, Dr. I!. HILTON A CO ,
1-31-dAw-lr CUiflncill, Ohlu
'j wKikKiij
Ti: - licit eoii-i"n l.iiirr and order from Drtiziri.l', Physli'lans ar.d liuierjl Mines In wan
f ir.Kj, In nur line lnmti,i.'ii . Plantation uml l umily Mnlii me (. u.es fnriilh"l or le
llirl v.ltu irllihle Uni nt rrivoiubir rate
7 t Ohio Lovee. 1 Waahlnifto Av Cor. Oth St.
The Sprague
Shoi'ld he sold liy the Hardware, Grocery, and Canned
Goods Trade everywhere.
y :? ::zvz zrzn kit
This liouso contains 3.5 good rooms.
Travelers will always find the best accommo
dations. A trusty watch for trains and boats day and
Wo havo replenished our Jol Printing Oilieo with
many fonts of new typo and havo orders out for other
fonts of tlio latest popular styles. Wo tiro determined
to establish tho reputation of our ollice for first-class
work, and make our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foroigu cities be compelled to ad
mit that u do work at lower prices than any other of
fice in the country. Mr. Oborly, admitted to be ono of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endoavor to givo satisfaction to our
mnny patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nnil Rotnll
Can Qpener Co.
:r rn: tizziii rx::-7 isz vum.
n'ltl itml .Siimj.r, Vrrr, oi rcf nf 35 Cntt.f

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