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luihtlitsol I') (lilts, Inn Ou tcry Krl
J day night tit luilf-luM men, in (11-
Kcllowii' Hull (J It SLArK,
i. n niriiiur MiniiiiHiiuir.
tuili-m-inti-iit Order of OtM'.l,
low, tiicetn nrry 'I liurwljty niifhl
-'.-jtwii- uinnii pun .even, 111 im-ir'imii mi
.oiiiiiifrclul aunuv, hrlvvcen mjiii ami ftvvtntti
Mtnll JuL'V II (ioSSUJll, .N (I,
( 1AIIIO l.NI'AMI'JIr-NT, I O. O. K., luivt
V -In Odd-fellows' Hull mi llii- (lnluml lliinl
'lurfulny in vtry iihiiiIIi, nl lmir-it srven
uss i.imi ri'u mur miiiiiiiiiiiifii
nlc Mill, riirmr toiniiK-rclul mcnur
' anl KlKhtli ititTt, .1
Mirth Monday uf null nmiiUi
-Nulicc nl llcinovnl.
I 'lulling the present store room too small
for our ltihIi)k btilslneM. I Will, In the
latter p.vt of February, rimove l the !-
clous building loim rly orcllplcil liy hlliott
.V ll.iytli'irn, where, wlththo lncreai.nl la
cilUcr. I will ki-rti a l.nr'er Hock id Hoot t
M11IH110MI1.111 ever before. In the wear.'
tlni", to"uvolil tlio expense of uiotlngnnd
to prepare fur Mitln I rule, I w 111 offer my
entire stock of winter eoods at actual
ni. ti, nLMiNKhH. mid ureal bat
.gain arc oil-mi to the fortunate
A. Murk,
MM-36-tl t'lty .Shoe Sloro.
nriiillr ('mil.
for jjrutes, Ueain or
Tin- twit
freoli Supply
,Mr. 1'. I'ilzger.iM liaJut received and
has on alc at !iU -ales room, n l.i t Mock
of KiikIMi air, Mirtcr, Ilennessy brandy
mul wine, ami llipior of nil limit, which
liu will dipo-c of at reasonable price-.
Sutiil I'linrlt'k.
(ioo.l olriklM rocinu on tlie upper lloor at
tlic faint Charles can be bail, with board,
at tbt' very low rate of 43) per uiooth
. I, limber Yur.l.
Charles l-mcaslcr und Newton Nice,
both well known to our citizen, ami
to river men generally, havo es
tablished a lumber yard in Cairo, eorner of
Mxlcciith street ami Commercial avenue.
I'bcy will keep every description of build
ing material nml Mcamho.it lumber, door,
ii-lt, blinds, mouldings, shingle, Inth, tc,
tc, anl are determined to fell loner than
lumber lia ever been il In Cairo. 'J'liey
olicit a fair trial from ktiMiuboat men ami
hultdi rs, and guarantee titi-faction In nil
... 3M0-27-tf.
S'nlro i;:il-rirlsc
Sproat, ISO Ulilo Ivee, l reeeliii(; SeW
'iileann i.yrra every ninniiiii; III bulk, lie
U makltiK lili on rant and piekiu; lilt
inn oyiler, lliereby uvi.bl ii the rxorbl
'ant charges for trnuportatloii, and Ien.v
"led tD furulili a better artlele nt a lem
prlee Hun any otber dealer. 1'atruiiUc
borne luttitutioii, nml benefit njr.e'r.
IH-l'M tf.
4'oiuprlllluii In llio I.lte tif Trr.de.
,Mn l.tftle Ool'iinn, Vlim Ijninlreu,
.No il, I'durta ulrcet. between WliIn,'toii
lud Cointiienlal .iNoiille, doo all k lid of
line and roare laundry work lor UiItk and
t-i nt tinea, fluting, Ae (Ienllcmen' shlrti
uabedaiii polUlied. Miile i-Mrt and rot
lar, lOe: pir doen We; ock .V; two col
lar, f.e; lwi lindkereblel, ot; veiti !!0r;
a il all Kentlcintii' wear. S'Jc. per
dozen. I.adie" drue, to WV;
klrlil) t) i)r; drawer lO to lie; two
pair lioe fr; io rollarifi to 10c. Kor la-
lie plain clolhck ?1 00 per dozen; lor la
difH line elotb(, $1 '- per dozen; done
.ramptly, and promptly dellvereJ. l'a
rona'e llelted.
Il.t-l.s-d 1 in.
I'nrnillir ronl.
Fni' lrom sulihur and other Impurities
Hull l.niirli.
Ueorgu l.ittner cornerofrourtfentli and
Waililnxton a untie, will fimiMi be-ealter,
awry day to hN patron, a No. 1 lunch, be
tween the lioum of ten ami twelve o'clock.
l'r:li Milwaukee beer and fragrant Havana
cigar to be bad nl hli bar nt nil time
IVIiiler' Onllrry.
Open Friday.; and ij.iturday- oxi.t.
KW-l-lO-tf. "
.tnllrr wf llNsoliillon.
The partnemhlp hcrelolore cvi' tint; be
tween rinn. II. Newlaud and .lames H.
Kelililc, has this day been di-olvcl by
mutual consent, ('. It. Xewland collecting
nil hill due the linn and paylii'' all
ilebK .1. It. Nkwi.avp,
.t. i:. Kr.NMi:.
t'.uiso, .lanuary 19, 1ST."). 1-21
INirmlKi' Cnl.
The best lu the Slate for cookliif,
grates, stoves or steam.
(.lis nml tileiini t'lltlui;.
Cbarlex It. .N'cwlnml l prepared to do c. II
Hud of an and Heam llltlnp, repulriiiK
puuiin, ilrivln; wcl'f, bell IuiikIu1;, etc.,
tShoii on Coniiiiurclal Avenue, between
N'iulli and Tenth ttrceti. ISM-'-tt-lw.
4'iCtiis ami Slilrlinif l.tiieiii.
.Stuart ,V (iliolsou aunouueo new ar
rivals of the above named jrnods, and
lake pleaurt! lu t-latln that they aie the
cheapect tiowU which they have ever
owned. Housekeepers should buy theo
cottons now, as price are tending up.
ward. They may never he as cheap again
licniPinbcr this ladles; buy while they are
cheap. Our stock comprises all thu lead
hi; brands, which we oiler at imiiiufaelur
cih' prices. 1-21-lt
I'our r.vll.
Whoever babltuully uses any a'coholl
preparations as an "appetizer" will bo
likely to miler from four ovIW, viz: an over
plus of fond In thon'omacU, Impaired ability
to dlKCft It, the pimj,'i of ilyfpeprla, and
doctor'd bill. 1K. W.M.KRH'n rK(IKTlll.X
VlNKflAU lllTTKits, the uroat Teetotal lie
ttoratlvu of tho use, witbout over-'llmu
latino tbe pnlato or ll'ltutlng tlio utoniueli
Imparts it healthful appetite, promote ill
i'ei,lloii.ronulateiftuo liver acuoowen, pun
,tlei tbe blood, Mid tbu, Instead of entnll!n
.fourovlls, conforn four luemiiname uoiichib
Kilty to Soventy-flvo dollars por month
AkciiIh wanted cvoryvvbero. Tcacliew, Ih
slle, Knt, etc., etc. No capital or out
lay required. Send 20 cents for posUtfo on
oulUt, to V, 0. Wklciiman,
tl Irvlu BtatlouUnlon County, Ohio.
I.ocul Weather Itepurl.
Caiuo, I l.i... Jnnnary 17, IsTI.
Hah. I'liir I Vv'imd.
" uTltolil,
U l.t. IUili.
i l.t Hulii.
. in
30 "U IV M
M.WI W I Calm
I p in
4i IN W.
IUili full 1.5! IncliM
'1 110)1 AS JO.NKS, OLhtvit.
Clilelien lx.
'Mil dlr.iiu It prevailing in tlic;
nmoiiL' tin clilliln n. It li it Jbtc:iM
always comci with tlio unall pox.
Ostrtil per moutli for prompt paying
iliy boarJcH at the St. Cbarlea lrom Feb
miry ilrt.
'J'he Winter Hint wan licrwibout lat
Wi-vU lias koiiu lliiiiiu'rin, taking tlio
Ice :iloii nil except that which h:n Ikvii
stored In tlio city.
I.nle Ilium.
Thu telegraph olllce will 1; kept ojk-ii
hereittlcr till 12 o'clock ut nlfiht. It hat
lufii cloiln nt half-p.iKl 7 l thu ;reat
eiiibnrranieiit of our htulnoi-A men.
Aftkb Kebtuary l.t, ei,XW reward will
be K'lven lor Ulty K'od paylni; day bosrdcra
at tlie Uilunnleo Hotel W a week.
(iloomjr Hay.
Vwtcnlay was u rainy and very
Kloomy day. The t-trcctH wen iniuldy
almot linp.as.'il)lu, and MKlettrlaiu
''eiivtil" while they wnlked drlpiln
Our XcMillner.
Tin! only man cjnix'ti'iit u )iroerly
llll tlio oillee of .Mayor It .Mr. Itovls of the
.S'n. IU ccoiioink-al notion' are .
happy he f-liotihl m iTinltted to ct
them into fdinpc, and cannot do to out of
the mayor' ollltv.
Tub .St. Charles Hotel will tako a lim
ited number of prompt payln; Ooarders,
lrom Kebriury lut, at ill per tnonin.
MretliiK 4'nllril
The lndie.i of the KpUcopal church
an; carne-tly re'iU'-tcil lo meet at the
n-tory thU (Thur-dayj aflernoou, to
L'teriuiiii' what they will do lor the pro
posed mi"ionary Imix.
OlIAUIXs A. (ill.HF.HT, llcetor.
Ak(ki: February l.t, 31,'jOO riward will
be Kteil for ttrty ood ia)in day boarders
ntttic Uclnnnlco Hotel tl a week.
Itero erllil."
We are ulad to be able to announce
that Mr. Martin, County Treasurer, who
ha hern ilanerom-lv 111 for K-vcral
ivirk-, U Ixjllevcd to Ih out of d.mer.
His api-rtly convaleicciihe Uatis oli'ly de
sired bv all his friendo.
I'llllernl of Mr. I'lrinlnj.
, larr liuuiber of friends of the fam
ily lollowtd the IkxIv of John T. 1- letn-
iiij;, ibii-a&ed, froui the church of the
Ucdccmcr to the depot ol the Illinois
eiitral railroad yc-terd.ty. It wa taken
to Stubeiiville for intenuciit.
A limit Ko number of prompt pJ)lnh' diy
boirders will betaken at tlieftt. Cli.irle at
J per mutitli.
On it llrmlrr
What more natural than that Itiicchus
nhould drink wine and Ixroine drunk?
Hut this Itaechus F. C, was very drunk,
so drunk that he fell Into the hands of a
policeman, and wa arraigned tN-forc
luilire Itro's vestcrdav. lie was lined
2 and wist, which he paid, and departed
to ct drunk aalu.
Aktkk February l.t, 61,000 reward will
be tjlvcn for llf y goad paying day boarder
tube Dehnonlcj Hotel ft a week.
Attention, IIiiiikIis.
Vouarehercbv notllled to appear In
full uniform at the Uou'lt and Heady
Hii-clne house at 1 o'clock p. in . to-day,
(Thuri-day), to attend the funeral of our
lntebrother Henry T. Martin.
JOSKI'II M. Vl'.lltl'.V,
Chairman of Committee.
JJ2 per month for prompt paying day
l.oarduriat tbe St. Charles, from February
Mnnmlr N'ollre.
A The members of Alexander Chap
Vr ter, No. 127,"Kastern Star,"are re
ripieteil to appear at the Lodge at
12J o'clock, p. m., sharp.
Wives, mothers, daughters and sisters
of Master Maons are cordially Invited lo
attend. lty order of W. M.
Fanny K. Lyon,
Afteh Felmciry lit, 1,000 roward will
be given lor lllty good paying day boarder)
at tbo Deliiionleo Hotel ft per week.
' ,1 V. It It. Hirer Kim.
A meeting of the stockholders of the
0. it V. K. It. company held a meeting
lu this city yesterday and elected tlie fol
lowing directors: J. l'ierpont Morgan,
New ork; .Solon Humphreys, New
York; A. J. Dre.xel, I'liiladelphla ; J. N.
Hoblnson, New York; M. Iv. Jcssiip,
New York; James J. (ioodvviu, New
York; W. I llalllday, Cairo; John
(Jivr.tr, Chicago, and Itosvvcll Miller,
(2! por mouth for n limited number ot
prompt paying diy boardera at tbe St.
CbarlcK, from February Unit.
The ltlrliiiioiitla.
Then! are already six or seven Illcli
inoiuls in tho Held for mayor, Wu have
heard mentioned as probable candidates
for this olllce, Messrs. l'hlllls, Winter,
llalllday, Wilson, .Stocklleth, Hennle and
ltross. Mr. l'hlllls has been announced
as it candidate, and Mr. Winter has pro
claimed his Intention to carry oil" the
pil.e. For clerk, Messrs, Hawkins mid
Howley will probably content. Mr.
ltlaku hopes to again knock down the
treasury persimmons. Candidates for al
dermen will be at numerous ax sands on
the sea shore.
Arrmt Fc.bjuary Ut, $1,000 reward will
bo . hen for lllty pood paying diy boanlcrii
littjio Dchnomco llo'.el fl a week.
Mnrtln'H I'linrriil.
The HoiijjIi ami lteadv lire contj.iny
held it nicctlnj: yesterday to niaki ar
raiiKetuenl for tliufiuier.il of llenryMar
tin, the mtlcldu. Mewr. Jos. Vertlne,
Jno. KiM'hler. ''enllnand Ivoehkr, Chas.
Frank and William Campbell Mire ap
pointed a conitnltleu of arrantf"11'11''
The commlltw! Ielent)ihcd to Ms rela
tive In; Philadelphia and received a reply
that they were too poor to !flkeelurj,'o of
his body. The company will therefore
bury the ilcceas.ed to-day at Villa llldne,
hi the Itouh and Heady lot. The body
will betaken tothe ceinetryon the regu
lar train this afternoon.
'iiiiiiliiKlimuH Home fine.
The eaie ot Ciiunlngliain naln-'t thu
city will be tried In a lew day. Thu
facts arc : A horse of tlie plalutill' w alk
lug or trottlne; or galloping on Twclllh
atreet, between Ohio levin and Coinmet"
clal avenue, fell Into a hole and wns ru
ined. Mr. Cunningham claimed a low
mm of money hs damages, hut the mayor,
forborne rcaion, rel'UHtl to permit the
council to pay It, and the city was died.
Mr. Cunningham has Marched the law
books thoroughly :tnd Is f lire of his cau-.
He will make the principal argument on
hit side, and we idiall hciuirprhcd If even
a grease epot Is left of cither Mr. Webb
or Mayor Wood.
Itallronil Mull bellied.
Thu suit of tlie Hallroad Commission
ers against the Illinois Central Hailroad
Company lu tills county was M'ttled yes
terday. The suit wa lor extortion and
unjust ill-crimination. The extortion
couuU wen: all diiulsH'l nml a judgment
for one thousand dollars was rendered
upon bnc of the ill-erimiuatioii counts.
This was agns'd to by the company Ih.
eaue it ha abandoned the cetillar dis
crimination e.l-llng at Cairo, and lor the
aditional reason that hcvcral Milts Involv
ing the validity of the railroad lawareon
their way lo tlie .Supreme Court of the
Uultwl .States.
Tlie .lliirthi Snleiilc.
There was uiiieli excitement In the city
yesterday over the new of tin; death of
Henry Martin by suicide. The dcwsfwl
was well-known to almost every jiersoii
lu the city, and great ciirloilty was man
ifejteil to learn particulars of tin; tragedy.
F.vei since the resignation of tliedee.-aseil
from tbe police force he ha expressed a
determination to take his ow n life, hut
did lu a manner jocular that no
jierson believed he meant anything serl-
oii-. At nri ii wa Miipecieu nv some
that he had been iiiunlereil. hut when the
facts were made public by the impiest,
there was no doubt left that he came to
hi death bv Ids own hand.
Tlie attention of t' e publle I' called to tlie
futlbat tho U.ly Counc'.l, by urdluance,
have directed tlie Collector to receive only
in pay tnelit ! tlie city .ortioti ot tlie taxe,
5l ttirrcmy of lbs fnl nl ut . t'lty
warrant will tbervfure no louder be re
ceive. I for any portion ol tueh taxei. l'.y
tbe provblon of i ecilou 1,17, elupter l'io,
Hurd'a revision, tin i; dlector l required
to collect ami rdur.i all tersonal taxes by
tlic 10th of .Mur-li tirxt. 'Ibis Jitovl-iiitl
Will lie Vigorously rinureeu, uu,i t-.. iS(r,
n ill take due notles of tbe I u t.
lf-I-U3-dl0t Collector,
Tlie Klinl of n (.Irl We Wniit.
We have had loo aianyol'theglrU who
want to bos the hoiie, and now are in
.search of a maid ofall work, who when
she Is told to do anything, will not reply :
'That ain't none of my work.; I wan't
hired to do that way." .She mint al.o
Im: a young lady if colored w ho ha. no',
fallen into the habit of going to w akes,
and of preferring a small pox corpse to
one that dies a natural death. A gentle
colored lady who has never availed her
self of the mixed school law to learn to
read Is preferred. Heading girls are too
troublesome. Their minds ale too active
for labor, and their thirst lor knowledge
Induces them to devour tlie postal cards
and even to get inside of tlie letters,
Tlie last one w e hail was interested hi tlie
Louisiana matter, and the Itrooklyn
scandal, and had her mind so torn up be
tween the actions ot bheridau and
Hecdier that she couldn't get down to
common household matters at all. A col
ored lady who, like Moultmi, is a hea
then, Is desirable. Your Christian fe.
male colored servant Is as troublesome as
a lore toe. She goes about the house nil
day singing
".shall wu tf.kMer nt ilv r I blur
lie l-:llltlllll,
lie Wttlltlnil,
I)e riblmr,
J)at tlows by ile throne uli (Jodt"
and that U about all she does. You up
braid her. .She is patient. .Shu turns
her back upon you, and mournfully a-ks
in song :
"Miall we KieMcr al ilc rlubar
He Iw-ttit im I,
He IhmiiiIi'iiI,
I)4t iloivs by ile tlironc of Uwl ?"
You w ish she would, but she don't, and
you go on losing your soul while she Is
going straight to glory siiah ! e also
desire to procure a maid to whose lingers
articles will not cling; who will not He
except when she U greatly pressed ; who
will work without being Impudent ; wiio
will not Insist upon going out every night
to a "icstlbal"; and who will not he per
sistent In attempts to draw advanced
wastes. To a good girl wo will give a
gold mine wo have waiting for her, nml
will. In addition, ri-o up ami call her
blessed, Apply Immediately to tlie Hits!
itess Manager In the IIi i.i.ki in olllce.
WeiliiCKilny, Jniiuury 'J7tli, 1H73,
III thu suit of tho People vs. tlic Illluoh
Central Hailroad company, tho pooploan
noiinccd tliey would not pro.ccute the
company for extortion, whereupon, by
agreement, judgement was entered
iigaiiist tlie road for unjust discrimina
tion!., and a Hue of $1,000 ami costs im
posed by tho court.
It was thought Unit Hubert Leo bad
stolen a coat from the house of Mr
Macklins, wherefore tlieOrand Jury In
dieled Hubert, who had Ids vindication
to-day before a Jury. The two luul
ladles, who test Hied, gave very conflict
ing reasons of the manipulating piocess,
ttnd convinced the jury there was "ad
blood" and evil deign? agalmt Kobcrt,
whereat tlie Jury gavu tiiu young man
his lllwrty.
Charles Coleman, bouw time Mnce.
wrapped hlmelf arotuil too itiutli had
whlky. and ctarteil out to cce wloni he
could devour, but, lo hlaidiauic, avoided
men of Ills size, and ipiarrcllcd with an
nciptalutaneo named Alice Jan.r., which
rcMiltcd in Ills Inflicting. Willi a knife,
several l!eli wounds up Alice. Thu
(Jraml Jury thought Charles unj,'eiitie
inanly, and tixlay the Iraver-e Jury de
cided his conduct tlastirdly, and placed
him under restraint foillve yi-.trs.
John Henry, who was cu'plcioneil
by the (Irand Jury !' having entered
Col. lludsoiiV house, mid purloined tliere
Irom some valuables, tills afternoon se
lected from among his iwr, twelve good
and lawful men to establish his iuiioccna'.
lie will have his trial lu the morning,
Henry T. Martin Eldillli Frlendi OooJ.Bye,
and then Shooti Himielf
Through the Head.
Ill I.lfclcxN llmly I'oiniil nun Clileketi
.u IlenHon
for the Itnali
This city was thrown Into a state
of excitement yesterday morning
by a report to the effect that
Ollleer Henry .Martin, who for
lev end years past lias figured so conspicu
ously among the police force of this city,
bad committed suicide, hy shooting him
self through the head with a revolver.
Thu act was committed at about llftren
minutes after two o'clock yesterday
morning, at the corner of Ktglith stivrt
and Commercial avenue. Tl' imrtlcn !
of the sad occurrence, n stated hy olll
cers Cain and llrown. who were thellrt
parties who lame upon the scene, are a"
follows: While they were Maudlug on
the corner of Klgbth street and ('onitner
elal avenue, about llftecn minute after
two o'clock Wednesday morning, they
were startled by the report of a revolver.
They -opposed the sound came from the
direction of Itedford's saloon, between
Fifth and .Sixth streets, on Commercial
avenue, whither they directed their steps
at a quick pace. Their search did not
bring to Ugh. any evidence of
nil-chief, hut Icing anxious to know
who had llied thcdiot they retraced their
steps to .Sixth stmt, thence up .sixth to
the levee, anil up Ii-vee street to Kighlh,
down Llghtli to Commercial, and then
back to the corner if Sixth, but still lliey
were lu the dark a, to who had llnil thu
shot. The ollleer. state that they re
mained on the eoner for several minutes
conversing, when Jrowu stepped out to
the edge of the siievvalk on Sixth street
and turned rouudto go back w hero Cain
was leaning agah-t a po-t on Coinimr
clal, when his g:..c fell upon the form of
a inau lying on a chicken coop, standing
agulii't the side of the building. The olll
eer, supposing It to lie some
drunken man, went up and
shook him. hul swing that he did nut
-- ' ..nt ulin It was
bv turning his face upward, llrown was
shocked when he diseoveml the dead
fiiec of Henry Martin.
Tlie unfortunate man had put a hall
through hN head from the left ttiuple to
the back of the right ear. Further search
brought to light a revolver Ivlng betwien
the tlead man's legs on the chicken coop
with one chamber einptv. and the other
live loaded. The weapon had lately been
purchased hy Ollleer Martin in New York
city, ami Is known there as jneof the
most deadly pistols now In u-e. Iielug
idled the '-New York Hull IVg." Mar
fji wa lying on his back, with hi- leg.
frjin the knee hangiili; over tlie end of
th coop. Ollleer Cain left llrown to
tak; euro of the body, while ho went after
Coroner Co-sinan, who was not long in
ippearing upon the scene, but Mug un
able to Mud a Jury at that hour of Ihe
night, the body was eovered and allowed
to remain where It was found until seven
o'clock, when a Jury was brought to
gether. After hearing the evidence of the
two olllecrs named above, the same
being substantially what we have stated,
the jury returned a verdict loihe ellcct
that Ihe deceased had come to his death
by ids own hand. The corpse was then
removed to the Hough and Heady engine
house, of which conipauy Maithi was an
active member.
The cause for tlio rash act is unknown,
even Ihe mo-t Intimate friends of Hie de
ceased being unable to assign any reason
for it. It is said by gentlemen who were
very lutlniale with Mariln, that he went
to several of bis friends and bade them
good-hye,saylng that he wa going away,
that he would never tee them again. It
is also said that the night befoie he com
mitted the deed, he was very much under
the liitlueneo of liipior, and seemed to lie
Indisposed to talk. Ho was heiiid
to say, while in conversation wllh
friends ut the J tough and
Heady engine house on Tue.-day morn
ing, that he did not care a continental for
his life. "1 would just as soon die this
minute as not." lie. we me told, slgnllled
his Intention to kill hliiiM-li ts longn- two
years ago, but ha neer male an attempt
to do so until his siicccssiiii one ot yes
terday morning. ' dm-ased was u
man or twenty-eight or th ly years of
.,1 . ..1... .. ,.,
age. tie came to ims euy iroiu Ham
ilton1, and has since his sojourn heio
been connected with tlio fdico force a
largu portion ofthe time. Ile has rela
tives living In the east.
Coireeleil llnllr bv K. M Sleniis, coiimilsslnn
iiicre.luiiit, hivivlury ol' Ihe (.'aim lluuld of
Flour, nccoislliij; to isnul
41 (X.. 0 IK.
Mini, lliixeo, wieaisi
Com, white, saelvisl
bills, uiivcil
llriili , per toil
Mini, sleum ill'ltsl n
Hotter, choice Noillii in roll
lllltler, choice. Sniitheill llllliol
Clfk's, lK.-1-ihueii
t'liickeii', ierilo7eii....
Turkey, iei'iiieii
Appli'd, cliolie, per bini'l
Aiile4, coiiiiiioii, (H-rlunxl
I'ululi.ed, iT bnrivl
Onion, per I .unci
Itiickwfiriit Hour. ,
life lluttr StMMSMItt ( IMIMII
.. (i.kJ0O
50 is Til
Uur.t .VI
, fcittlOUO
.VNi :i
...aitk)..r.' V
( :i
.. $ I nt. Mi
wi so
&3 70
The largest stock of kid gloves in tlie
city at Stewarts flliolson's. Ml-lt.
-I'm; I'AUADl.Sl'2 COAL.
If you want fresh ojstors without pay
ing for tbo cm and transportation, go to
Sproat'n, 1?.' Ohio Lev ee, 'and get llicni by
tlio pall full, fredi every morning. 12-4-1
Those using hase-burncr ktoves have
round just what thev waul In FA HA
Having given up my old stand on the
levee and taken Keoblcr & Uro's shop, on
Klgbth street, I Mi ill bo prepared to tli
ply the citizens ol Cairo with the bent
lucats the market afford-, l'lca-o call and
see inc. I'll 1 1.. How'Altt).
Stewart iCdliolsnn are receiving tlie
choicest style of prints as last as they
apiKr.tr. Lock out for a choice lot this
week. 1-21-lt
Try FvltADl.Si: COAL, the cheap
est aud lAst.
Strwartit Ohol-on ate ottering an
cxceWciit stock of ladies', gent's ami
children's underwear and hosiery at u
great sacrifice from former price'.
(!o to SproatV, 13."i Ohio I-cvcc, au
get your ojstera by the hundred or can
trc-li every morning. 12-l-tt
Try 1'AltAIMSH COAl. Ibrcooklng.
Sptoat, I S3 Ohio l.cvce, Is lurnhblng
oytc' lo tlio ll'ht slupc. huinlllr can
bo suppled In any quantity fresh eviry
mornim;. 12-Mf
Onler FAHAIMSi: COAL from any
city ibtder.
Heiiieinber that Stewart it (Hudson
keep the liest stock of bleached and liuwn
cottons and shirting linen In the city,
and that their price are tlie lowest.
l.'jj if.
All that have Iriisl FAHADISi:
COAL will use no other.
Newly-tnte.l, tlncly furtihlicit burlier
sbop by George .Slelnliou-e, e irncr Com
mercial avenue and Kls'iih s'reet. Years
ol pract co hive given him a liht band
tli At ill ikes a smooth sbuvo delightful. All
who try bun onco will call again. All the
lite dally paper- aro kept on his tiblc lor
the benefit o! bis roitomert), nml there Is
no tedious waltlugfir turns, tf
-Stewart cs Ohol-ou are offering great
bargains in vhitcnhy goods. Fitly cents
will buy Hem ly a dollar's woith. (So
and He them. 1-21-lt
Joe Itot.eker Is now lu full control ol
the Wellington bakciy, and having learn
ed the wants of Uio publle, is prepared to
ur,p!y on call a I demands for French loaf,
ltoston, llrown and (iralisin bread, and
everything lso ordinarily lound In a first
elassbik ry. lie maintains :i fu I stock ol
confectioneries, and can, as well s any
other dealer In tlie city, lill all orders lu
that lino. Cakes baked, rottd or orna
mented on sburt notice. Specia tat tenlluli
given to the ordeis of wedding or picnic
partlis. UlMf.
Obstncles lit Jlnri'iui:)'.
Ilnppy Itellcl lor Viinnt .tlrn IV. mi the
ifTeel iifKrrnrsaiiil Alni.c III mil) Hie .'lull-
liO!sl le-tonsl. liiiKslluiiiiit t Jliuriiiiw ie-
limlesl. Xivv indlewl r lic.itliient. New uiid
l.iiitk-.ible tviiiflli-s. UiM.ksiiiul elivul.ir tnit
flee. iiiMal.sl.nvloi. AHli. llllWAItll
Asli;i.Vll)S', ll'.l.N. Mnlli stnst, I'lilladib
i.h'ei. l'a . an Institution liavliu; bUli lepiita
lion for honorable conduct nml pvnfes-lmiul
skill. liai.l-l.v.UwI'.m
A yottnc horse-4 yeaw ol i last May
vvorl.s single or double will be sold on l
months' time nolo with ;;ood security.
Apply nl 'I'll K lil'l.l.ETl.v oillee.
W.tu lihrviUMK.Nr, 1(1 mi lli.i-oiir,
.liiiiuary '. IsT.'i y
I nor. ,AVJ,.L.
.moss. i.ovv wiir.ii I ".
I'jtt sliuitr
1 1 1 o 1 1 1 1 1 : t i
M lilli- ...
Deal.i-s In
No. GIG North Mnln Streot,
Comer Twonty-Eighth Strcot nml
CommorciiU Avcnuo.
.1. II. jiiione. . M. Vnlla,
Pro. Fowler's Groat Work
Lovn lis 1-iiivs, l'owcis, Ae.
Alll'.STS inn kHIhk fmm is to iJ coplci n
iLny f'l iiil lor iiivliiii ii uti;e. mid li nils
to iiKruls. mill sin why It sells fu.ler tliuii uuy
ilti, - hook AiMlcss -Niitluiiul I'liblldibiK Co ,
riiilnili lihl:i, I'.i , I hlciiKo, III!., or St. IjuU,
Wholesale, Retail and
XV iloo ac'Ri Bloo lc.
Corner Toplar ftr.il Eluvjnth Straaa.
C-HighoBt Cash Prieo paid for
IIoub una Cattlo.
1'nr S1hIo' Attorney,
Kkitiui lli i.t.r.Tix : PUfl-e nntiuinrelliat I am
n caiiilhl.lr Tor tlienrlireor Mat a Attornerm
Ihe roinliiK stl,il ih-etlim to be If Id on Hit- linn
ilsy of February W.M. U .MI'I.KKY
I'or Mayor,
F.niroit Sr-e : l'lea.c nnitmitrc .IOII.V It
I'll I I.I. Is) nil n mmllUate for -Ma) r of talio, at
IhciM-iiliitf inunlclml election.
.Iiimuir) -li, l73. il.ixr TI7KV.
-Monday nljrlit, .lanuary -iMhi subject, "The
Liniifs Ihrlr Ili-ine4 "
WisliH-l.iv uliflit, .lanieiry subjivt, "Ills
enes ineiilent to the Hljr.-itive Sjrm mi
inHliics liowiraillnilnti kliulsor r.xl aiill
eulilelntlieiiirrrliant, Inn hulili:, inlnl.i. r ''rtc
.atunliiy nlirlil. .lanuary SOi Krnnit In-line to
gentlemen only, on "Mini' I'hjdral Nniute,"
li subjivt reitrle w lib liilnriuutloii.
AilinNslon loirlvat! lecture, il mils av
tore euliilneiices at S i. III. Iss-l-'.'l-Jt
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wido Reputation.
Acknowledged by nil Boot .Mu-leinin to be the
U-it l'luliii noli llliele.
Of which wc have s'd.I over 4in diinng
twelve )cars past, becoming more and more
popular ever) if ay.
.Splc idld tone, I'owcrand Durability.
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A vciylluo lii'truiiieul, a-laptn1. to In-tru-l.ielltnl
as well as vocal iiill-lc.
A I.I. Till; -Itovi; aiii;
. K.i.y Moutblv l'.i.v incut
tegirdhss of Ltd Prices,
om:ui.i ON'
ut low Ik'iires
In '.Teat variety, Including nlllbo ne.v
and j.i.il i"r niii-le ol Hie d:iv.
Orders from tbe Counti
liromptly lllluiiuid sen'.
ri.'KXCII II A Ills.
i:rr'., inc.
Band Instruments of nil Kinds
I'urrlsbed 16 Order.
Ol tbe lle-t Quality.
Classical Studies and Exercises
OfallKraiU'it for l'bmo or Voice.
tal'llvery decrlptIon of Musical Mir
ebunillso liirnlshed to older, proniplly nn I
nt price- lower than ever altered before.
Send for Illustrated CatnloKiio and Price
l.lst ol llie-e bciiulllul uroupos.
All Goods Warrnntcl ns Repreientei.
Cairo, Illincii.
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Jlatwoon WimhlnKton nntl Commornlul
Aveuuea, udjoliilnif Ilanuy'H.
Ki:i:p fiioiilelliebt-l lluf, 1'i.ik, -MntliHi
Vc.il, Ijilnli, Mini.i)ie, .e . mill K pie
..-.Hi to tuve liiliillies ill nil iicci-Miible milliner
Dealer in-
All Limit hard nnd soft,)
Mill aud Yard,
Cornor Thirty-Fourth Strcot nnd
Fashionablo Barber
rrAin xn.nasii33xx.
Botwetn Washluii ton and Commercial
Subscribe for
Leading Journal of Southern
- s. . a : r --'
The Bulletin
WIIIte;ulljsy oppose tlie policies ol tbe
Itcpubllem party, nnd refuse to be tram
melled by tbs dictation ol any clbpie hi the
DcmocrAttc organlatlon.
It believes tbat tlic Itepublltian party hn
rtillllled Its mbsloii, and tbat the Dcuio-
ratlc party as now orgnn'zed sbould be re
torcd to power.
it believes tbo Kvlleal tyranny tbnt has
for sovir.il yc.i! oppressed the South
sbould be overthrown uud tbe people of tbo
southern States permitted to control tbelr
own :ill'.ilii.
11 believes tlut rnllroAd earporattous
sbou'd bo prohibited by legt-'atlve enact
m nts from extol tlnz nt,d unjustly dsscrltu
iimtlni; In tbelr biishies. trau-aetloiis with
the public.
It recognizes llio '.pi illty ol alt men be
fore tbe law.
It . Km. ,.. -..... - ...... . .
- .alio nil
revenue onlv.
It advocates resumption of specie pay-
IIIAIlt rlCl.l 1... a. .( It
- 1 '4 " - '- 'aif!-l
It advocates cconouie m tbo admliilstra
tiou of iul,liu nl!';ilr.
The llullclla will pulillsli &'. tbe local news
o Cairo, nnd a variety of Cotnuierclal, I'o-
lllual, l-'oivli;!! aud (teneral Neves, and en
deavor lo please alt tastes and Interest ah
- T II K
Is a thirty-two eoliium paper, lurni-lied to
subicrlberj for tlie low prlee of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
t'ostsRc prepaid. It Is llio cheapen paj er
In tho West, and Is a pleasing l-'ircslde
Visitor nnd Kauilly CompauluD,
Cannot tall to see tlio unrivaled Induce
ment's uttered bv The llnlletln In tbo way
of cheap and prolluhle adverllscments.
Subscribe for
- Sh.

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