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AM. At O.N 1.00(11!, J0
KiilpliM ill Pythias, mi-eli emy Krl
iUv iilxlit nl linir-).iil K im, in Odd.
fellows' Hull ' Jv. SLACK,
(.Imnrellor loininainltr.
,MLiyu l,liiii(lpiit Unliriif O.I.I V' I
KT' Ions, "if I" every '.' hurmUy nlxlit
''rtV nt linif-i't " u n, in tlieirlinllon
i ointini vliil uieiiue, IcMvifii .sixth ami St-i culli
IniH Juu.h II (i'IOOIA, N. (I
f KN AMl'MKNT, t 0. O P., Inset
KAn odd-fellow,' Hull un tin' ilrstluid tlilnl
'Iiu-mIi) In even iimntli, l lmlr-ait wvrii
(;.llt() I.OllfJK, NO i.TT.A V AA.'VI.
Ilulil HKUlnr ruiiiliuiiilcAlloiH I u -iin-
miiilc 1 lull, eirner C'oiiiiiiciiIiI airline
mill Klulild ilntl, on Hit mom! aii'l
fourth Monday of mi ll month.
Nutlet' or Removal.
h'iiiilluK the preterit store room too mall
lor otir Krnwitij; biilidiic". I Will, In the
latter jia't of February, relnovo to the sp.
rloiH bulltpnj' In) in rly ociiipli l Klllott
.Vila-thorn, where, with the lucrcmed la
cutler, I will keep larger itock ol lioiti
nml felniM thin ever beforo. In the liicuii
tlinn, to :tvuM tlic cxpeme of nmvlnu and
lo preparo for iptlm; trade, I will idfer my
I'titlrc Mock of vvln'er ootl nt acii'ai.
i 'JUT. TdH 1 M'SINKt-s, all. I grout b
guliK uru oltt ril to the furtumu
A. lll.At'k,
IUS-.UOtl City Shoe Store.
I'lii-iulUr t'onl.
for finite, itmiii r
J'rrxh iiily.
Jlr. I'. Flli'i'oralil ha Just received and
bus on tale at Ids sales room largo flock
A i:iiglUli ale, porter, llcnncssy brandy
jnd wlnos, and liquors of all Und, which
lie will ilitpo'e of at reasonable prli-cn.
Siilul 'hnrlei.
(ioo I sliwle moms on tlic up; cr floor at
the Saint Chalks can he had, Willi board,
it the mt low rata of tX) per iiionlh
I'ntru llnterprlsr.
Sproctt, I. Ohio Levee, U rereiviiiL' New
'rli-ans oynli.TB every morning In bulk, lie
is liullng till own cam ami picking hU
;imi nvsli-rs, thereby avoiil.ng the exorb'.
'.ant charges for tramportnt'oti, and ! una.
ileil to fiirnl-li a better artMo at a Iom
price thin any other dealer. Pslrunle a
I.oiiiv Institution, and busetll youiX'T.
TlIK fct. (Juries Hotel uill t.ike a lire
telimmbrror prompt p'jln,' Uiwi,lr,
r.'in I'oli! tiny If', at i2i per b oufl.
oirin i:ttoii In tlif I.ir r Tnnlc.
Mr. l.c tie Cvl m n, Kiuc l.aunJrc,
N.) 2, I'ourfi ilrctt. between Waihliitft' ii
n.l On inor.UI nvouiv. !oo al' k nJ f
'ueniii!i'oliiiiiiilry wrk fir lad n ami
i lit (Hie.i, fliillug. Ac Ociitkiiuirit fli'r1
..aliHlmi I vo!Sli'il. Elnglx Ulrt and col
ICe: ii rd'-zciiU'c: nik 5c; tD bjI-
, fu; tw lun.lkiTclilul', ."; vivt 2V;
id a I Kicilenu'ii' i wear, te. JH-r
licn. l.a.lttV i'r-i'., -J'. t to.;
k rt-1) ti 2V; driurt 1ft In l.: two
i .ir lie fe: two dlri In 1 c. r' r In
!.. ilain ufeillicf $1 (Opir ilovn; lor lu
I e. lino cloth ct 2.' per doen; donp
i inplly, and promptly deliver 1.
roii3(i- tolleltod.
1M.!.I 1 in.
I'nrniHM null.
Kriv Iivimi -iilpliiiriitnl oilier iinpiuitit".
Imlly I.mirli.
fieirgp I.itlnrr cornt r of Komle ruth ami
W'a'lilnirinii av,mi, will ftrnMi he caliir,
.very thy to Ii'k pjtriiii a No. 1 Itiurh, be
if ti the hour of ton and twi'lvo oVliek.
I'ruih Milwaukee beer and fragrant llavum
Iguri to be had :it lil bar at nil tlinoi.
Vvinler'H (iiillfrj'.
0M-ii I'rliliiya nml .Saturday o.m.t.
poller or lllsnutiitloii.
Tin' partuiT'liip liiTrtoloroiAistliiglif
.wreii Cli.i. H. Nuwlnml uml Jtunrn K.
Iti'iinli. Iim IliN day lieen iII-miIvimI by
iiiitual consul, C. II. NenlatuluolUrtln';
ill WIU dim tlic tlrm ami paying all
JtbU. H. Nuwi.vsi),
.1. ::. Ui:.sniu.
Cuiio, January 19, ls"5. l-'Jl
IMiraillsc onl.
TIio host In tin; Stab; for cooking,
i. rates stoves or Mcain.
CnvuiMl Mi nin nttlui;.
Charles 11. Ncwlaml l prepared to do til
LSl.iUtf gnk and ileaui titling, repairing
)iinin, driving wvln, bill hanging, ttc,
M op on Commercial Avenue, between
. nth and Tenth street!. lbl-LSMff,
roiir t:iu.
Whoever lialiltually unes any a'cohollc
preparation" as nn "appetiser" will be
likely it miler fr.Mii four cll, vii anover
liliu of food In llu'N'oinueli, Impaired ability
lo dlgett it, tbo jiangi of il)peplit, and a
.loctor'a bill. Ill. W U.KEIl'b VlfOKT lll.K
VlNKdAlt IIitikic, the great Teetotal He
.tor.itlvuof thn age, without over-Utuu-litlng
the palate, or Iritatlng tbo Moniach,
ImparH a healthful appetite, promotea di
lution, regulate tlie liver and bowel!, put I
int Hie blood, and Ibtl', li.atead of eiitalllug
fourovilii,V)iirera lour lueitlmeblobcucllu.
Hlly to Sovcuty-flvo dullara per month.
Agent- wanted everywhere. TeachoH, la
dioi. grnt. ite , etc. No vnpltil or out
lay reiiulicd. .Send 2) cent for poiMga on
outlll, to 1). 0. WlU.CIIMAN,
tl It via Station. I.'iiIjii County, Olilu,
Til I'H,
Thiiattciitlunoft ii public 1 called to the
fi.tihat tliu Oily Council, by orillnnnoe,
havu directed Ili3 Colloclor to loceivo only
In payment o( tliu city portion of the taxe?,
Ig il cuircttry of thi I'ni ed State h. City
warrau'H will tticrcfnro no longer bo ro
I'elved lor any portion ol hucIi taxei, lly
tbo jirovlalon of Seetlnn 1117, chapter 120,
Jlunl'i rovMon, the Collector la reipilred
to uilluet and rlurn all pcraonnl taxca by
ihaUnh of March nuxt. 'J'hU prol.lou
a 111 ho vigorously enforeed, and tav payers
111 tako .due notice or tho t tit.
Amcx. II. IllVIN,
JOG-l-23-dlOt Collector.
l'or Hale.
A young horno-4 yearn old lat May
work hltigb or double! will bo cold ou u
iuonlk' tluio-noto with good senility.
Apply at Tiik Huu.btin olllic.
Aitku February lit, $1,000 reward will
Uo glvcd for llfty good paying day boarders
At the Dclmonlco Hotel ?t week.
i II mt .in I --iri
. I.-,.. ' ! 1 II I .11 , , I
I'orMlnte' Allornvy,
Kmrnii IHi.i.etin -I'lin'minnniinu' lh.it tarn
a mndl'lalt! fur llie olllie nf NtnUi'n Attorney t
tlie eoiiiliiK tiH-rlnl i lirlion to lie lnM on Hie UAh
il) of l elminry W.M. (.. ML'I.Ki;V
Tor Jliiyiir.
CtHTon Sl'.X: I'lea-- nmioutire JOHN It,
I'll 1 1.1,1 mi n camlliUte lor .Mayor of l.itlro, lit
theiimuliitc liiiinlrlnl cttrtlon,
jHinur it, HTi .Ma.nv imr.M.
HUXIIAV, JANl'AItY 31, 1875.
I.ocnl tfrnllier Hrporl.
Cairo, III. , Juiiair; 3D, IjTt.
Hah. I The
Winii I 'tu I Wkatiiui
7 ii in.
II "
t p in.
WW. 4 I lear.
WJ.Vli l
-"J T,l
3C IMV I 4 ( liar.
M' S. W I l Fair
I'lUll'l-ill .Vol In1.
'I'liu I'ltticral .i:rkTiol' the latu S'u.
Martin will take plaeu to-day, at ono
oVloik, Irotii thf (.'lnlltaii i liureli on
Kiglitci'iitli stm l. In place of his latort'f-I-tli'iicv,
ui utntiil In our coltitniu on yes
terday. Ite . Mr, Wiilliir'M l.eclnre.
While ill" i-oiniiillU-u do not jiropoe to
inako tliN a iuihIuiI cut;rt.'iliiiiiciil, they
will lx.' abb' to offer a few gems of onjr
In wlikli Mri. Monarrat, Mr. Wright
and othern will participate, and wu pn
dlet that tlio who fall to attend will
inltsit ran1 treat.
UiinUcrt'liy l ine White Hlilrt.
Kluart A (!liolon, manufacturer'!
agent.., offer a full llnu of llieisi; celebra
ted i-lilrl- for tin; Hprln trade, at a
leiliictlon from former price.. Measures
taken and a lit guaranteed.
SiTVlees will 1 held to-day at the
church of (he Hcdrciucr a- tuual, at 10 :ItO
a. til. and 7: 30 p. in. Tin; nibjeet of
the .'eriiion nt the evening service will bo,
'The Mother Church in early time."
There will Ik- religious htvIccs at
the M. n. Clmrcli tills iiiornlt)'' nml eveu-
iii,', at the ii-ual hour-!, by tlie pa-tor.
I'Rucliliig a" iMinl to-ilay forenoon
and evening, at the UMtal Iiour by the
pastor, at the l'robyleriuu Church.
Oiii'I'nrnilNe foul.
W'v have Ir-cii tiling Pannll-e coal for
Mime weeks and when weprai.-e It fpeak
from iHjiional knowledge. ItU without
doubt the liuej.t coal now in thN market.
It buriH to ahiM a line m wood allies
Ititvvk no ellnkcrV In the nde, gives a
hot, bright, clear and glowing lire. We
re dellghlcd vvllh "IMnidiM;'' coal and
shall ii -e no other while we -(ijourn in
t'liui-ml .nlli e
The ini'mber of Alexander Lodge, No.
'121, I. O. (). I'., are hereby untitled to
meet at their lodge-room at 11 J o'clock,
a. iu idi.-irp, .Sunday the .'!l.t, for the
purpo of attending the funeral of our
late brother, Win. .Martin. Yl'iting bro-
llier-i are conllally invited to attend. Hy
order ol the N. (i.
C. Iv. Suck. Secretary.
.ot n Cniullilnlr
Caiiui, I i.i... January 'lit, 17."i.
Knnoii Ht'i.i.KiiN Dkaii Sin: In
looking over your i-ntie of the
27th InH., I cc that you
mention my name as one ol" the "lx
or seven 11101111101111-1 In the lleld for
mayor." Allow me to fay empliatlcally
thai I urn not a ciudlilatc, nor can them
be any lOi'llilo contingent' that would
induce me to become one.
Yours truly, Tihh. Vii.s .v.
Only f 22 per mouth forTprompt paying
diy boarder at the St. Cha-Iei Irom Feb.
rtnry flrt.
Tlie llnlly 1'roicrmuine.
Mr. Chas. A. Saiip lia procured from
Mr. Ilartmau the programmes of the
Fanny 11. I'rUt; cotubluatlon for two
weeks, commencing next Thursday. lie
Intends to Issue a four page sheet, with
tlie programme ou tliu first page and
rcadin;- matter uml udvertlnMneiits on the
other. The price for a hu.lnoss card for
two Weeks III Tn Daily l'royramme U
three dollar. Local noticis ten cvi.U a
line lor each Insertion. I ilteen liundreil
opies will he l-.Mted dally. This is 'nine-
thing new for Calto. and our business
men onglit to take advantage of the oc
casion mid adveitlM'. Atlverthcinents
can be left in the job room, this olllee.
Ai ikk Kctiruary Iht.JltOOO reward wl I
be given lor lllty g od pajlng day bo irdera
nt the Ui'lmoiiico Hotel v I a w:ek.
The people ol this city will be well lec
tured by the time Mr. Waliar's turn
comes. The llrt of the lectures that are
to be delivered, that comes under our ob-
irvation is that ot Dr. U.S. lirlgliam.ou
Astronomy," which will take place In
the Liberal Religious hall this evening.
As a scientist, Dr. llrlgliain Is very well
known to our cltl.ens and will, we are
as.ured, entertain his hearers very credi
The next lecture Unit will' attract tho
attention of tlic community, and the one
destined to be this topic of conversation
for many days to come, Is that of Mrs.
Dr. Wardner, who will deliver a lecture
in the High School building to-morrow
(Monday) night, ou which occasion she
has chosen for Iter subject, "Woman."
Mrs. Wurdncr's ability as a literary char
acter needs no praise at the hands of the
Journals ; sulllcolt to .say, t-hu Is acknowl
edged by all to lie one of tlic most intel
ligent ladles who adorn our city.
On Tuesday night, at the Methodist
church, tlie Hev .Mr. Wallar will offer tho
public an address upon the "Natural and
Supernatural." For mouths past, Mr.
Wallar has been engaged In the prepa
ration ol" this lecture, and vvlll no doubt
deliver It in a maimer that will ho worthy
of both himself uml his subject. Twenty-five
cents will liu charged asun admis
sion fee, the proceeds to bo expended Iti
tho IntcriMts of the church.
I'liiierut Mntlrr-
Tim iiicmlicr?) of the Delta City Tire
Cotujiany are hereby nolllieil lo meet at
the Knglnc lloitKuin full itnlforiii to-ilav
(.Sunday) tit 11:30 a. in., aliarp, for tlic
purpose of iilteiiilliitf lliu ruueral ol our
late brother fireman, Wm. Martin, lly
order of company. M. J. .McGaui.ky,
Ala .wclal inectlng of tlie Tliallun?,
held at their rluli room lust evening, it
was decided to give the la-t party ol the
scries on Tuesday evening, I'obruaryOlh,
in lieu of the one of the J2d, u? hereto
Ion: announced.
MnMonle .Viillee.
A Hegulnr conclave of Cairo Com
manilry No. 13, Iv.T., will beheld
at the Afylum, Monday evening,
J-'ubrtiary Jt, 1S75, Sojouniln blr
Klghtff are cordially invited, lly order
off. W. Dunning, H. C.
Atii:si : F. KoniMr.vK.n,
I'ainiy II, I'rlco.
Next Vednesday night, the third Inst.,
-Ml"s Kutiuie 11. I'rice. supported by a
liowerlld company of ladles and gentle
jiicii, selected from the kuding theatre'
of the country, will open a short season
at the Atheuetim. Tin; company Is now
fiillllliug an engagement at Vlneennes',
Indiana, where they have met with ninth
siiceem, and will come direct from Unit
city to this place.
Thoy will present on their first appear
ance "1'Hiichon thu Cricket," with .MUt
Price In the tillo role. Mr. D. Haiichett
asMiiiiing the character of Father
A I'orri'i'tloii .
Mit. EotToit : I mid In your Issue of
the 30tli, that during tlie present term of
the Circuit Court, I was Indicted for hog
stcallng. This is true, but you failed to
state in said Item that I was cleat rd by a
comoteiit jury, there not ludng- Milllcicnt
evidence to sii-talu tlie charge. sJlvu the
devil his due. 1 was arrested for the
crime at the Instance of my enemies in
Cairo, who have on more limit oim occa
sion tried to ruin my character, liut Iiuve
always failed, as they did on tl U occa
sion. The man who I believe wi s lntrii
inelit.il in having mc arre-lcd sli juld not
throw stones. Let him return to- ill- wile,
ami stop running after his niece.
lly a gentlcniau,arooin-mateTtwo, in
a large, furnMied room, with Light and
fire, in a xow locality. Object. j. reduc
tion of cxiwti'es; ffereno; reiptl ed and
given. Address P. O. Hox, 73ti.
I'liiKrr 4'licrlliK.
Ye-tcrday morning about onn n'clock.
Olllcers Cain and Itrown were a .traded
to Scott', .alooii on Commercial avenue,
by ii light between two oioret ladies
wliocall them-'lves ri'-peclively, Mag'.'le
lto-tou and I.i..le Carter. Maj gie and
Llz.ie arc very quick to get up ou their
ear, and when Magirie began tc talk to
Lizzie, a the latter thought win not be
coming a lady, and that -he had l ecu In
sulted, she made for her autagni-Lst, and
began to scuIHj with her,
but finding thil .Magglt was
on her muscle to a gr.-atij. ex
tent titan wiiat she gave her en slit for,
she kept her off us well as she :C uld un
til tlie proper timti arrived, when she
caught Maggie' fore-linger in Iter teeth
and gave It a good .scliniiichlng. At this
stage of the performance tho above
named ollkcrs appeared upon thu scene,
took the two erring daughters of Ham
into their tender care, and lodged tliciu
in the calaboo-e until yesterday after
noon, when the wcro taken before
Judge Illrd, who asoed them eleven
dollars and eighty-live cents each and al
lowed them to depart.
!.( Ill re.
Hev. J. L. Wallar will deliver
fur the lienellt of the M. K.
Tuesday evening, February 2d.
t lecture
"Tin: Natuiiai, and Su i'kiina-tukal.
Admission, W cents. I-'JU-lt.
Lumber Must beNolil.
Wu have on hand a large lot ot as
sorted lumber, which must bo sold at
once. Parties in need, will save money
by calling on us, or at the lumber yard,
formerly Wall oV I'ut. where Mr. McOtdiy
will be found, and prices given.
10-l-31-3t Ni:w YoitK Srom:.
Tho 1'oIhiiiiIiiit 'a-io
Caroline Harris was yesterday prelim
inary examined before Judge llross,
on the charge of administering poNou
to Levi Harris, her husband, with tlie in
tention to cause death.
Levi Harris testified that on tlie 14th
Inst., he went home to his dinner, cat It,
which consisted of batter cakes and nio
Iumos ; went to his work , became very
thirsty ; drank three dippers of water,
and after each drink was taken with a vi
olent attack of vomiting, pain hi the
stomach and other symptoms of poison
ing. John King a Millie King both testified
that they wcro present when Harris sat
down to his dinner; that contrary to her
usual custom Mrs. Harris sat the table
for only one. Harris asked her: "Alut
anybody cNe going to cat V" Site replied :
"No, by (i d; I got the dinner for you,
and 1 want you to cat It." After Harris
had L'ot done dinner, Millie King sat
down to the table, and poured out some
syrup Into the dish that Harris had been
tiling. Mrs. Harris asked : "Isir that tho
plate that Harris usedV" Millie
said It was: "I ain't afraid to eat after
Harris; lie ain't poison." Mrs. Harris
said: "Hy 0 d, you set Unit plato
down." Then a child ol M rs. Goodwin
came In, and took the plate and put her
linger Into the inolascs. Mi's. Hariig
snatched the plate uwny from Iter, nml
made the child wipe oil Its fingers on her
Lula Ward tlstilicd that Mrs. Harris
and she went to Sullivan's drug store to
gether, and that Mrs. Har
ris bought half mi ounce of
arsenic and said she Intended to put Harris
mil nf On, wnv. Mrs. Harris carried the
arsenic hi her hand home. After Harris
wan taken sick witness asked Mrs. Harris
whether the had given It to lilm. .She
wild: "Pli kill tlio d-d 8-n of a b h
If 1 can." Witness asked her: "Why
don't you leave him 'r" She replied: "If
I did he would be following mo all over
Dr. Wardner tetitleil that the syni'i
toms of Harris' sickness were tlnji-e ol
poisoning by arsenic.
Several other witnesses were examined
but testified to no Important lacts.
Judge llross held her In Sl.OuO to an
swer at the next term of theclrcultcotirt.
Uviipnil Item
All elegant line of new and choice
styles prints this week at Stuart & Ohol
noii'.s There was only one casein the (to
lice courts yesterday, tlie result of w hide
can be found in another column of this
Tlic Delta City Fire, company will
turn out In full uniform to-day, to attend
the funeral of Mr. William .Martin.
It Is said that the wheat crop of this
State will bo very light this year,
unless the weather Is more favorable
The Special Convention of the Dio
coeof Illinois, called for the purpose ol
electing a HMiop, w ill be held at Chicago
lids week, commencing Monday morn
ing. A valentine party, preparations for
which are being made, to be given by
several young people at the residence ol'a
prominent young lady of this city, is the
next thing ou the programme.
In another place in this Issue will lx
found a card from Mr. Thomas Wil'ou
In which he says lie wants it distinctly
understood that he will not, under any
drcum-dauiajjt, become u candidate tor
the mayoralty at the coming election.
Stuart A: (iholson are offering tlie
greate-t bargains In bleached and brown
cottons and shirting linens ever ofi'ered
In this market. Iluy in time as they are
going up every day.
There Is considerable Interest being
developed in the approaching municipal
election. The candidates for mayor each
have friends and the citizens ot the difier
ent wards are dl-euslng the qualifica
tions of the various persons suggested
for the council and the school board.
I will be noted, we think, that an un
usual number of deaths have occurred
slue: and during tlie late very severe cold,
period, and then; l a great Increase hi
cu'oc of sicklies-, particularly lung dls-ca-es.
In no previous year have so many per
son packed Ice to sell as is tlie case this
and there nroal-o many more packing leu
for their own use Until have ever done so
In-fore. TlieK' fact will probably bring
the price of this luxury down within tlie
reach of nil.
Stuart & Gliolson, are offering grear
bargains hi all department', to make
room for an tmiiMially attractive -tock of
spring good-. We arc going to work
chean this vcar. ami will oiler sucli in
ducements lo oa-h buyers as will compel
them to trade with us.
There was a minor atloat yesterday
morning, to the effect that the mother of
lleiirv.M.irtln, deceased, had come on to
this place from Philadelphia, for the pttr
po;e of having the remains of her son
taken up and removed to her ho.ne In the
K.ist. How much truth there Is In tlic
report wr are unable to say, but give It
for what it is worth.
The Liberal liellgioni-i. wilt again
favor tlie young folks by giving them an
other opportunity of spending a very
pleasant evening in their hall on Wednes
day evening. I-enberg's string hand
will be present to furnish tnitde fur those
who wish to trip tlie light fanUstie. A
cordial invitation Is extended to all.
Hunting items is a dull business now.
There Is very little doing In business or
Improvements, !md fewer Infractions of
law than ever known in Cairo before. A
large majority of tlie commonwealth
case- hi our cotti ti are drunks ln-lgul-lleaut
breaches of the peace, and viola
tions of the Sunday law. However, this
is a state of affalrj. at which nobody should
complain except newspaper reporters and
police olllcers. Wifni Piif'.
Stuart & Oholson have cctired,
before the late advance in cottons, one
hundred pieces bleached cotton, which
they will oiler fur this week ;uily at old
prices. lloue-kocpors buy your cottons
now; it vvlll be years before thoy me as
cheap again.
"Our Saloon "
Fred Hofhoinz, proplctorof tlie above
ponular saloon, on Eighth street, an
nounces to hi patrons that ho will here
a tier spread a No. I lunch every Sunday
morning, to which nil are Invited. Ho
will aNo have on tap fic-h Milwaukee
beer ; tlie finest brands of liquor, wine,
cigars, etc. Fred's gonial hospitality,
and the tine quality of Ids drinks have
gained for "Our Saloon" an enviable rep.
utatlon. 1-:W;-t
I.ollec I.NI.
List of letters remaining uncalled "for
lu the Post Olllee at Cairo, Illinois, Satur
day, January 30, ls7. :
I.ADll'.'S list.
Addams Augusta, Addams Kitty.
llamcy Sasanalt.
Carter Lizzie.
Davis Jennie.
Fitzgerald Annie ,
Ganes Hell.
Hintuan Mr. A. S., Hatnlilck Maryau,
Hutchison Mary.
James Allen.
I.ovittt Maiy.
McDawd Girlie, Maloti Mary A.
Plgo Marv, Portcj- Harriet.
Russell M. .
Slmpkins S., Sliumaker E.
Taylor Mary, THIuum Hlddlc, Trauor
Vaughn Catharine.
. White Clara, Williams Eliza, Walker
Yearwood L, 11.
niiNn.i'MiiN'-t LIST,
llelk D. L IHIss Geo. H Hoiitli Goo.,
Hlaclc it Hro., Ilaitoti Jack, llledfoo
Joseph, Hams Matthew, Illggs Wm. J.
Clayton Alford, Connelly Jolinio, Cas
scl A. It., Ca'sl A. F., Carey Foster J.,
(.'ass II.W. (2), Charlton John, Cagrnvh
Michal, Crow Newton, Crry W. ('.
Doty J It. Dr. (3), Donnally ('apt. A
Dieket-ioii A. II., Day Harry, Davis C.
Hills fleo,, Karly George.
Fox John.
Orillln David, Green Ailhttr, Good
Howard 1'.. Harris Lazrus, Hutching
Luther J., IllggsT. J., Hunter Hill. Hol
tonW.J. Imnaii A.
Jones HIchardThomas.Jiihtisou Alex.,
Johnon John II.
King Afford, Kupps Anton, Kipper
Thus. P., Klnuear. Win.
Luchaiicc Mr., Long John.
Met. II. Frank, Morrison K. A. (2),
Murphy John W., McCarthy Jasper, Me
Clanahan J. W., MeC'arty J. N., Morgan
Norton Lewis.
Paul Mike, Phelps G. II.
Kolnirtsoii Dali'l G., I'lcharil-oti Char
lie, lladalovii; Giovanl, llccce George, (2)
ltyoii John, Hauby James.
Smith All., Smith Dcllralu, Street
Isaac, Sullivan John, Story Howiln,
SthkerW. O. II., Strany Win. C. & Co.
Thompson Mr.. Thompson John.
Wood G. C, Walker John W., Wool
lalk Tilbouru 1!., Woodward W. H.
IVikoiis calling l'or these letters will
please say "Advertised."
Gr.u. W. McKkaiii, v. .m.
A UMlTi:!inimilrrir prompt paing diy
bo inters will bo taken nt tlie nt. t'barlcs at
il'l tx r mouth.
In reply to the Proprietor of the Iki
nioiileo hotel, hi yesterday's Hiii.i.ktin',
1 will say he has a very cute way of get
ting around that "$1000 reward for W)
good paving day-boarders, at $1 u week,"
and I feel very much hurt at his not slat
ing lo give bond to pay the $1000 re
ward, etc.. as his advertisement read.
do not doubt his ability
to yive "good board to 60 good paving
boarders at SI per week," but his wil
lingness to pay $1,000 reward therefor.
I stated to my boanltH my Intention to
board them at his hotel gratuitously, (I
paying the board to get the $1,030 re
ward) but they Indignantly rcfu-cd to ac
quiesce, for thoy were faring quite well
at $20 per month as long as they live like
the following Sunday's
Mock Turtle, Oyster.
White, Trout. ;
Mutton, Veal, Turkey, with
Oysters, Prairie Chicken.
i:viui:r.s. . '
Cutlet, Quail-on-to.i.t, Mutton
Chops, ham,
Green Pea. Corn. Hie, lluttor, Heaii
, Parsnips, Carrot.-lleets po
tatoes, Kraut.
Potato, Celery, Lobster, Lettuce.
riKs ami iir.ssiniT.
Mluce, Apple, Pumpkin and Cranberry
Pics, Custard and Rice Pudding
Coffee and imported Cigar.
l'ocriercr and 1 Icidsiek.
In coticlu-ion I will say that I stand ready
to fiirui-li tliu Dclmonico hotel at any
time 50 good paying lxiarders at $4 a
week, and guatautcu the payment, for
$1000 reward as his advcrticiueiit states
If he gives good and efikicut bonds to
pay the $1000 as soon as the boarders arc
furnished him.
Edmund Hur.i'.si:it.
2t Proprietor Planters House.
Arrnu February 1 -t, 1,('00 reward will
be given, for fif y good paying day boarJcrs
at the Dclmoulcu Hotel $t a week.
Port 1. 1st.
Steamer Jim Flsk. Paducah.
Idlcwild. Evansvllle.
" Burksvillc. Nashville.
" Alice Hiown, tow, Ohio river.
Steamer Jim Fl-k, Paducah.
Idluwlld, Evansvill .
" IJurksvillo. Naslivilic.
" Alice llrown, tow, New Orleans.
Tho weather has undergone another
decided change since Friday morning.
Yesterday morning dawned bright
aud warm; about ton o'clock n bright
southwesterly wind sprung up and con
tinued until about four.
.liiim.iiy au, ls7.'i
l'ituhurir m.. 7 10 xl I
(Jiiiciin.utl..... in n I s
Louisville- s 7 xo 7
NAilivillr S!l i xi 1
.(. I.mib ,1 lu ill 1
Corrected Dally by II. M. Mourn, commission
nieiehaiit, ssTit.iry nt" the Cairo lloaul of
ITolir, aeconthig to gr-i.te $1 (Oijrt K
Com, rnlxisl, sui'Uil u'.'e
Corn, lilto, siu'Lisl ; Ii'ile-
Dills, llllMit v (Uillilc
limn, i.er Ion fctS.-.'im
Meal; lie mi ill leil 9I7.V
Itulter, t-linlce Nnrlliein lull .... '.'.Vo
llulli'i-, eh. ill MiullieiM lllinoU -.Hff.'tc
KgKi, .erdiiieii n'-Me
L'iilckeiu, iei i.iien $J M.l M
Turketa, htiIi.mi (U$li) 00
.sl'l'i", enom'i per n-siTfi .f- s.i
Apples, C4JII1U10II, per Uiiui. J0J.iv2 7t
t'oliitot-s, rli.tuel (.i.'l 50
Oniiiiis, perliriii , lnl ro
Il111kwl1r.1t tlinii- torsi
lte iiour $i7o
Tow-Boat For Sale
Tilt; .sulntrllsr offeis for isle tlm Strain
Toninjt bttrit-VVIiwl Host, Ua HulnnilM.
witlicnKinvs, mneSiinery, McMes, uppaiel snt
rurnituro she nair lies nt Culm, Ills.
HerUnRtli Is III fwl, her biwwlth 21 frel, hrr
V.ithJi fi-t mnl nmisuvn .Tli tons. Sli Ins S
liulU.itl fet Inniriiml So jlirtiei. diameter, thixh
iirwuiKtinijiiin ivitlieyllii.lis 17' IntUisiln
titni9te'iul 6feoUtol.il ! fwl liuiups I'iUx
3iiM 111 dlsnivtiv nud 17 Infliet Hrnke Bpilnll
liimleiii tii.pl'Oiuinw.iU.Anil Is lu vfury rejt
iIiiiiiidIi, iiu sruilUy, nml in rooA eiilltiuii for
mil ixtitlem. r'ur t. rim apply to.
. H, TATlon.
t.irno, tils. 1 Noninl vt J, isil. itflMl-W-lf.
Astkii February 1st, $1,000 reward will
be ilven for llfty kooi! paying diy hoarders
at the Dclmonico Ho:el 1 u week.
If you wantfrcsli oysters without pay
ing for the cm and .transportation, go to
.Sproat's, 13 Ohio Lev en, Jand get them by
tho pall mil, rreh every morning. lJ-l-l
Those Using ba'c-btirner stoves have
found Just what they wantlnPAUA
Ilavln given up my ol 1 stand on the
levee and taken Keohlcr Hiiro's shop, on
Hlghtli street, I -dull bo prepared to sup
ply tho citizens ol Cairo with the best
meats the market atlbrd. Please call ami
sco inc. I'lllL. HoWAitD.
Try PAHA DISK COAL, the cliea'i
cst aud best.
ti'. per month for'a limited number ol
prompt paying diy bojrdcrs at the St.
Charle, from February lint.
Go to Sproat's, HIS Ohio I.ovee, and
get your ojsters by the hundred or can
frcdi every morning 12-l-tt
Try PAUADISi: COAL forcooklng.
Sjiro.it, ISTi Ohio l.nvec, Is ttirnl-hlng
oysto's la tho light shnpe. Families can
bo stlppied In an; quantity fresh every
inoriilinj. 12-Mf
Order PAUADISK COAL from any
cllv dealer.
All that have tried PARA DM'
COAL will use no other.
Newlv-lltteil. Unely fiirnMicil barber
sbop by George1 SUltihousc, corner Com
mercial avenue and Klirlitli street. Years
ol practice hive given him a light hand
that nukes n mooth shave delhhlfiil. All
whotry him once will call again, All the
l.itc dally pipers aro kept on Ids table lor
tlio benefit ol his coHomerH, and thorn Is
no tedious walling for turns. if
Annn February 1H, $1,000 reward will
bo given lor lllty good paying day boarders
at the l)elmonlC3 Hotel 1 per week.
-Joo Itoicker l now In full control of
tho Washington bikety, and having learn
ed the want of the public, Is prepared t
tlpplyoncallai demand for French louf,
lloston, llrown ami Oraliatn bread, nml
everything tbo ordinarily lound In a llrt
classhak ry. He maintains a lui stock ol
confectioneries, ami can, us well us any
other dealer in the city, till nil orders In
that line. Cakes baked, irotcd or orna
mented on short notice. Spocla latteiillon
given to tho orders of wedding or picnic
parti-.. 0 12-tf.
iii per month for prompt ul"g day
hoarders at the St. Charle, from r'tbtnary
nhMuiic In .ilnrrlnjto.
Happy Itolli-riof Voiiiik .Hen 1'iotii I'.it-
effects of I'lrnrs anil Abuses In (inly life. Jinn-
lioisi restored, luisllmiits to Marriage le-
ln.mil. New liie'liod of treatment. New uml
rem.irknbl- reiimlh- lI'Miknaiid liic-tilnis ,-nt
Cm-, In mmUiI i-tivi'lQs". AiMtf. lloWAIM)
ASSOCIATION, 11!) N. Ninth .tivel. l'tiilaiid-
pliL-i, I 'a . an In-tltiitliiii lu Injr a liijfli n-ut.i-tlon
for li'iieiiuMe cimiliii't uml ir!'t-ss!iiii.il
skill. lui-I-l.V.I.V'A.'lin
nt:.. 1. i:Tvrr: Aiiiixr.
C. WINST0W ?: CO.,
Real Estate Agents
v-i omo atj-ia-vxj.-cj,
Ificiind rloor.)
'IDUY and sell mil r.lat,', pj Uii"
J-1 inisir.iru or inn
JCf"liiid loninil.toiu-ii
Real Estate
Land Atrents of tho Illinois Ceutrnl aud
BurUiiKtou and tiuinoy It. It.
North Cor. Sixth anil Ohio Lovoo,
sxjjrwi wiiwj 11 1 1 tmmnmmt iws7 nHrrnxxsmj
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Dotwoon Wanhlnirton and Commorcfal
Avonues, acijotiiliik' llanuy'b.
"1" "" t:t:i". tirs:ilelliil.i Itisf. I'lik, .Milium
I.. V ml, Ij.iiiIi. ..umi(:i-, Ac . milt U pie
p.-ired to seive luliillli's lu 1111 aeu pialile iiiuiim 1
Denier III
All kinds, hard ami soft,)
Mill nnct Yard,
Cornor Thirtv-Fonrth Strcot nnd
Ohio Lovoo.
Fashionable Barber
haih xszi'inisifit'EZ'rt.,
Sotween IVnahlnutoii and CouimorcJa!
1.1 .... r-.t.......
fl.ciiMijtmiuiOi iIJ.ly,Ni nl
VilWIflj ItiVI. Hlllt I'rirf UIU MUs rBll "OH. 11
III,, Yrr. Tit fVkWIkli UWt
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wido Roptttntion.
Aekiiowlislpil till rf.i.fl Mum. iuii 1 1 tl:
U'-I I'uili, ll.iW llli.lf
Of vviiloh wn have il '. over 4im dtirin
twelve yo.ir pat, becoming mure ami more
popular every t'a).
Sptemlid lone, Power and l)itr..')l Itj .
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A Very line Ill'tlUlilelit, a.lnpteil to hist, .1
ni'.iitul iis well a. vmnl tiitlsl .
Al.t. Till. AV.OVI l.l Ml H. I!l I) (IN
i:i Mimtlih l'.iiiuiit-, ,'tt.t, tl ur 1
regardles- of I. 'it Price-.
In grctt variety, lneludiii nil Itr mv
ami populir iiui-io ot I'm day.
Orders from ilii (. .ini't)
iroiiiptlvlilli!d and 11'
by mail.
FHEN'CII II A It PS. Kl'f Ll'(
Band Instrnmcnta of till Kinds
Furi'i'hcd to (lidei.
ot tho Hast O'lnllty.
Classical Studies anil Exercises
Of nl! gndi" fin- i'liino or rjje
I lT"i:vei'j doeiIpll,ili nf Mif-l M I
ehambsu lurnlsheil to older. luom, lly ,;ii I
atprlcfs lower thin ever niln-ed liefi.ie.
1 i.M V l -11 III'
.Semi tur llu-trated nitalojn- a,. I I'll 1
I.Kt ol the..- b-'iiiiilliil group.
All G::is V.'a.T-iated ai RwrejeatcJ
Vobbins' music CAZAR,
Cairo, I lincis.
i.iO.vou i::.i.::i;s.
Wi. v v -iii.v It.-: nl 1 1 in
Foreign nzid' IeKj.ostic
No. 60 Ohio .Lovoo,
"VfEssif- MrriI .. CO li.ive r.-i v
iA L 11 laip-stoeV. uf tlie lust (.''iisl ' ' l'i 11
ket, uml k!o orpis-lul aUriill ni In il k 1
raiivli of tlie liiulmw.
MilH'J.V DIU'lll'.
Stcamboiit, Hotel nnd Family
Groceries, Vegetables, Game,
Fifth, Eggs, Northern Ruttcr, &o.
Eighth Street,
Batwoou Washington ami Ciaimon.dl
1 A..n....A
JTj-lioi-Mls dipVtUst nee of rli:ir'i
no v.isioi:i;s.
No. 110
OXi. j.o Xiovoo.
rniiK.si; i;ufHii
1 m nsn inl re
plfjsnl with lln liin
nio l'eets, wlileh foi1
thMl humAr sn.l fill.
mural If-mn s wtll
si lhj,irrlliff "f ix
mull. is. sie Die iv H
..ujl-ctilvmos efil.j
iluy. iiid iliiiiild li:oe
pUwln miry ftimily
If not LjiiikI at rtmt plituro illr, M-n.
vaur uiilw, or fur iiUTlpiiu- lrutr t-i ll.e
imMUliu J r" ItTUrllt Cl.iliit, o

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