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gfrs ttllitiir.
Rrnillnf rtAHcr on Krrrf rK.
JOHN H. OBKRIiVi Editor.
Tiibki: nro twenty
teacher In Illinois.
UioiiMiid school
iln. HuMVRRto Sir. Urnnt: "Tako
away the awonl; Male cnnlicFaved with.
ot II." .
Mn. Tii.to.n Hwears llko a book, and
i nts Mr. Needier to the raw with every
sentence that lie utters.
Tin: Mnyor, Ills raid, will not permit
onlers.lo k drawn upon tlic troaury
11 it II money U In It to pay them.
Tiumi-ow Vi:kd cannot ngiml the re
sult of the Tennessee wiatorial contest
"In n simply amusing or ludicrous as
poet." So glad.
Tiik Marlon Monitor says lion. U. O.
.loncs Is one of thoc who went up
through great tribulations to Springfield
This Is not true. He went up music
Tin: arbitrary ruling or Speaker Maine
which enabled the. ultra llaillcals to
change the rules of Uie House, hits nude.
the passage of the civil rights bill abso
lutely certain.
Evex the London Times, that has here
tofore endorsed the ltcpubllcan party of
this country, denounces the Louisiana
policy of (he administration, n? 1 he policy
of tyranny.
Tub carnival In Memphis this year will
Ikj n big affair, but the Cairo festival on
the Oth will not be eclipsed by It. Our
Hough and Heady boys arc preparing
for a glorious time.
Tn e Marlon Monitor denies that the trou
bles In that county had thelrorlgln in po
litical differences. Did not the first light
between the Uullliigers and Hendersons
occur at the polls?
Lately the Emperor of China died.
Tho Empress, overcome with grief, com
mitted suicideand the "Son of the Seventh
Prince," three years old, was proclaimed
Emjieror. The Empress Mother is the
Cavt. Wiuti:, the famous horse thief
and dejcmdo, was attacked by a party
of officers of the law on the 2d Inst., and
killed near Memphis. White was a
bad man, but was bold, dashing and open
handed. The Woodhull has returned to
Brooklyn to be on hand If
wanted In the Ueecher case. The
preacher has the largest purse, and It Is
therefore probable this peculiar woman
will bu his witness.
W. H. I'ekuy, a school teacher of Wil
liamson county, whipicd a daughter of
Mr. Stum with n small hazel brush. Mr.
Stum procured a shot gun and wbk about
to kill the teacher when he was checked
In his wild career by a neighbor.
Gr.x. Sueiukan left New Orleans tor
v leKsourg on the 2d Inst. He sailed on
the steamer K. E. Lee. He continues to
not be afraid, and has begun to hob nob
with the banditti. He 'smiles" with tho
members of that bloody profession Tcry
WEatinoimced the lecture of Dr. Parker
before the Erie Heligious Association
prematurely. Ho will not lecture next
Monday night nor next Sunday night.
Probably he will respond to the invita
tion, and entertain the Association Sun
day week.
The Marlon Monitor says that Alexan
der has more representatives In the peni
tentiary thatfkny other county in the
State. This is not true. The persons
sent to the pcultcutiary trom this county
are nearly all river negroes. There Is not
a more law-abiding community In the
State than this county.
Klvt. Kai.akaua sailed on the 2d Inst.,
lrom San Francisco for Honolulu. Fare
well to the King of the Cannibal Islands.
He was a Jolly fellow uud while with us
often got "mellow." He could drink
straight whisky with a congressman, and
would not go back on a bout even when
confronted by the guzzling ability of a
Pnducah toper.
The Peoria Democrat says the doctors
of that place could not tell whether a
Cairo man had bilious chollc or hydro
phobia, and allowed him to die of Intlain
matiou of the lungs. The Cairo man not
ashamed to be found at Peoria ought to
suffer on accouut ol the stupidity of the
Peoria doctors, ami should die without
Tiik Democrats have very properly de
nounced the arbitrary ruling of Speaker
waine or the ashuigtou House of Con
gress ; and, so Inconsistent aro uolltl.
clans! the very men in Illinois who de
nounce Maine applaud Seaker Haines
who lias ieeii guilty ol grave oflcnscg
against the rules of the body over w hlch
ne presides, while the very men In ML
noU who denounce Haines applaud
mi: Hallway economy committee is
napping, but It is u wide-awake commit
tee for all that, mid will report In time to
make its recommendations of avail before
the commencement of the next fiscal year,
Nobody knows what the committee will
recommend, but it is said, the reduction
of tho Mayor's salary to $500, tho aboil'
tlon of tho olllcc of Comptroller and the
reduction of the City Clerk's salary, will
be among Its recoiiimondations.
k have been admonished to not ob-
eet to the rulings of Speaker Haines
vuy? Who lias made this gentleman
the political dictator of the Opposition
party? Ifhols not In tho right ho H in
the wrong, and we have not yet read any
Kiaa-mciiijiistiiyingius conduct in tho
dialr. The State JltgiiUr even that most
truculent of party orgims-lma not at -
tempted to prove that tho Swakcr's rul
ings were correct, and has been satisfied
with the poor apology that tho; Iladleal
minority taunted him Into ancrl '
Tub Pennsylvania House i oMleprcscn-
tatlvea 1 tho rival of tlm Illinois HonCi
A ltcpubllcan incmtor took exception to
the ruling of tho Speaker on the 2d lnst.j
and Was ordered under arrest by that
functionary. Tho Radical lnciiilicrH
rushed en tnaatl to rescue their fellow
parllsan from Uio clutches ol the Scr-
gcant-at-Arms. A scene of great excite
ment ensued, and pl'tols woro dra,wn. So
great was the confusion the Speaker ad
journed the House on his own motion.
A Sun correspondent, "First Ward,"
says : "Men competent mid well quail
fled to fill every position of profit and
honor can be found to orve for far less
money than the present Incumbents nre
receiving, and aspirants for olllcc will do
well to govern themselves accordingly."
We fearthe Correspondent does not know
what he is writing about. What can the
candidates for oftlce at the ensuing city
election have to do with salaries?
Would "First Ward'' have candidates for
an olllcc bid against each other, and the
lowest bidder take the ofllco?
Tiik Texas Pacitlc railroad will bo of
great advantage to Cairo and all this part
of the country, and It will be completed
If Congress endorses Its bonds. This
Comings, In the present condition of the
public mind, is not likely to do. The
Congressman who votes for it, no matter
how honest ho may be, win dc iookcu
iioii with suspicion. So corrupt the
"public servants' have become, that a
vote for a public enterprise Is regarded as
prima facie evidence that the voter has
received a ipihl pro quo. This Is the age
of robbery, and the suspicions of the peo
ple see robbers In all the most exulted
and responsible places of tlio govirn
meut. Mr. Lamak, of Mississippi, during the
discussion lu the House on the proposi
tion to change the rules so that the mi
nority could not obstruct the majority by
dilatory motions, made a good iolnton
General Uutler. "This is a rule estab
lished by the old slaveholders," said
Htitlcr. "1 admit It," retorted Lamar,
"and to tho credit of those slaveholders
be It said, that while In a great majority
In this House Uicj established this rule that
obstructs the majority In passing legisla
tion without proper discussion and pro
tects the minority, and they never, In the
days of their power, attempted to rescind
it." Even Uutler saw the point.
The" A'ate RtyUter endorses every act
of Its 'party, right or wrong. If Speaker
Haines were to declare It In order to hang
Jones of Jo Davies, the llegister would de
clare the ruling proper, and denounce any
one who objected to the hanging as not a
Democrat. The llcguter is u creature ol
impulse. It does not reason; It obeys.
At one time it was a Pcndletonlan grecn-
baeklst ; then It became a Frank Malr
bavonet Democrat ; then it regretted
Chase; then it opposed the new departure;
then it took the new departure.
At one time It was the advocate of a tariff
for revenue with incidental protection ;
then It Hopped over to the free trade side
and became a pest lu its laudations of the
Merritt resolution. It denounced the
Huli.eti.v when the IJullkti.v objected
to the Indiana domocracv, and within a
week thereafter itself denounced the de
mocracy of that State. For awhile It llng-
red upon the vclvctty edge ot
soft money, and suddenly mounted the
gold hobby, it denounces Cullom now ;
last Winter It praUeit him. It has been
a little of everything and not much of
anything, but for all this Is a good sort of
a little thing, sure to follow after awhile
after the leaders have gone before. It
has often abused the IlULLKTiN,buthas al
ways followed our advice.
A colored lad testified before the Ala
bama congressional Investigating com
mittee. He swore that he had been very
much intimidated witli shotguns, bowlc
knives and so forth. "Coburn," 6ays one
account, "fairly reveled in tills witness,
and examined a long time for the purpose
of getting all ol these bloody Items upon
the record.
"When Coburn had finished, Luttcrell
asked the witness, 'How old are you?1
" 'Kcckon Fse 'bout 20 boss," said the
'"How long have you been voting?"
said Luttrell.
" 'Ever since Gen. Grant wasllrstclcct
ed,' was the reply 1"
Ur. Von Meek advertised at Peoria
Ills ability "to perform the most dltllcult
tricks done by any spirit medium."
On January 27, Mr. John M. Follett, of
Cambridge, Illinois, wrote to the editor
of tho Peoria Democrat that, If the doctor
would go to Cambridge and jwrform the
same tricks one of the mediums of that
place would iKirform, his rare to Cain-
bridge would be paid, hlscxpcnscs wliiiu
there defrayed anyone hundred dollars
bo given to him, "If tho doctor docs not
do It," adds Mr. Follett, "he shall pay
ills own expenses and ball hire."
On the 23th, the doctor replies, saying:
"I will visit Cambridgo and endeavor to
expose as trickery whatever 'manifesta
tions' may be exhibited in my presence.'
"This will not do," responds Mr. Fol
lett. "1 ask him to Jo tho tricks of our
medium. Ho replies: 'I accent the dial
lengeand will endeavor to cxposo tho
"All right," Is tho prompt response:
"I will go to Cambridge, and do the tricks
rut up tlio money. It may be difllcult
for me to perform at sight what 1 have
never before witnessed, but I will risk a
Tho trial will tako place on the night
ortnc 7th inst.
Dr.W.F. VonVleckhnowatreorlaex
posing iSplrltuallsm. He llliibtratc hU
lecture hy experiment which am tho
1 "w'omfctlUl luanlfvfiUtJons" ot' llicuiost
eminent spirit mediums. Among other
experiments aro tho following:
Plays nponMivcnd Musical InUiii
mMits while bbutuUwllh rones, and also
wldlc being held by d committee from lie
audience. ' j .
-Hclcascs'hlmsclfynfter being bound by
a committee, in less limo than was occu
pied In binding lilui. j
Muds himself .more securely t han a
committee would Ihi likely lo dolt.
Hapldly produces a series of most won
derful "manifestations" with Mimical In
struments, etc., while his hands are linn
ly bound together behind him and fasten
ed to nu Immovable' maple, his head ami
feet being also secured to staples.
Writes on a elate while holding It with
one hand beneath a bible, the merest frag
ment or a pencil being ued.
Writes on n slate while It is enclosed In
a stand drawer, the latter being held In
by a committee.
Gives the astonishing "llnllot Test,"
and produces the "Mood red Writing on
the Arm."
Gives the "King Test," which consists
in placing a solid ring on the arm of one
of the committee while he is holding botli
hands of the ojierator.
Causes "Spirit-Pictures" to form from
the sediment of a wash bowl of water,
by simply Immersing his hands in it.
The bowl may be provided by any one
and never before seen by the operator.
Produces loud raps without any me
chitnleal contrivance or apparent muscu
lar eflort, Ac.
A XlKKer II"' Nnlofy-Vnlvc.
The old'Mlsslsslppi river joke has, curi
ously enough, become a political fact.
The Kcpubllcau steamer Is already
quivering lrom stem to stcrn.thc Itrcmcu,
with faces of grim determination, nre
lourliig in fresh supplies of turpentine,
and "tho nigger is sluing on the safety
valve." It is no fault ol hN, poor fellow;
but there lie K mid there he is likely to
stay until the explosion. Springfield 1U
puilican. .
Our Worthless Xiivj--VliutSecorlCob.
oxon hns Tlnite It.
(V'roin Uic Cincinnati Uazittc.l
The country has no navy and no arma
ment, and our navy olllccrs. Ktcam en
gliiecri, and army engineers have yet to
learn what kind of snips, steam engines
and guns It is bet to build, they having all
confessed that In nil these things we are
Inferior to the rest of tho world, and that
we have got to begin by experimenting,
inonlcr to find how to rescue the coun
try from this defenceless state.
TrentliiicTIic Wronjr Ulsouse.
Many times Women call upon tbclr f.nn
lly physicians, nno with dyspepsia, another
with palpitation, another witti trouble of
the breast, ntiothcr with pain hero and
there, and in this way they all present
aUk to tlieniscivcs and llitir caswolug
and tnJItlerciit ilocloi. sepiratu ami dis
tinct diseases, f-r which lie pretctibes his
fiills and potions, n'Mimtiii; to be nucli.wiicu,
n reality, they uro all syuipt' m e.ui'td liy
some uterine disorder; anil while ibeyaro
thus only &b1c perhaps to palliate lura
time, ihey are Ignoiant of the cause, anil
encoumo their practice until laro bills
ate made, whea tiio eiill'ciini; patients nre
no butter in tho end, but probably worm
for the dcl.iv, t e-ucaeut, and oilie. a iiipll
c.ttlons made, and which a proper medi
cine directed to the Mine would liavu en
tirely rrinowJ, thereby iusiltiittuj: l.ualih
and com'oit Instead of prolonged misery.
From MIjS I.ortnda K. St. Clair, Shade,
Allien Co., Ohio:
"Ur. It. V. l'lcicc, Ihiflulo. X. V. Your
Favorite l'rcsc iption Is working almost
like a miracle on me. 1 am better already
than 1 have licen for over two year."
From KU A. Schafer, .ancivlllc, Ind.:
"Ur. Pierce I rccied tho medicine
you sent me and lioan ming It immediately.
At a result or the treatment J feel better
than I bsvo for tliree years."
From Mrs. John K. Ilamllin, Odcll, UK :
"Ur. Fierce-The Favorito Prescription
has done me cood, which 1 am very thank
ful for.
Dr. Pierce s Favorite l'rescrintion is
sold by dsalcra inmidlclnus.
"Vj"otlc la hen-UT kIvcii taut the im hooks for
X Uie ymt IsTS hat own pUrol in mv hunds,
uml Unit I well be ut the fiilluwln nuinnl ijcca
at th timi- below set forth, for Uie puriiu-e of
coiirctini; I nit laici orenlil year.
Clear Crwk l'rrclnct. Cully A Marchlltlon's
ator, February V.', leC5.
Clear Creek Trtciuct. U. A. LihniniM.n'ji
Mora, February 21, 1871,
iutin i-reciuct, J. u. iiciwing'n Hore, Ktb
rnaryiM, 1S75.
bsDt V l'rceinct, Wm. Ireland's More, Fib
ruary 55, 1ST5.
Gooee Iiland Preeinct, O. Grcenk's store,
February Wi, 1S76.
DoslooUi l'reclnct, X. llunisitkn'a house,
February '."7, ls;5.
Unity I'reolnct, ITodges Atherton'a Ktore,
Murch 1, IS75.
lliulcwood Precinct, George W. Sbott'a ttoie,
nrins Tour but vcAr'n tax rrwloti. m it Is nn.
ml to tru.t to the tux book alone for decrlp
Caieo, 111., January 9, 1"6.
ALEX. II. IltVl.V,
lM-l-14-wtd. UUtrict Colleetor
BhorUTs Sale.
"OY irtueof three teeial executions to
XJ ilirectwl by the clerk of the Circuit
Court ot Alexander county. In the sLitc
oi Illinois oue in lavor oi Daniel Price
one in favor of Patrick Mocklar urn
one In favor of llernunl JlcManu. und all
a?aint the Cairo anil Vine? noes Kullroml r,,u,.
puny i iwtttiL-vivuuiioQ tiiuroiiouinKUrcrlji
nrotiertr. In thecountr of Alexander ami simu
of Illinois, to.wit Lots numUrcil one (l and
two U), 111 block numljerul tnehe (Ii), and
luU limiibereil teen (7) uml ilt'lit (el, lu block
numbered twenty-thii-c (-J3), In the Fln-t Adill-
lion io uieviiy oi Lairo, in tne county or Alex
ander und Mate or Illluoli, us the lirnTt of
tuc Bum vmru nuu , ioccilui:i junroail conjpan
which I shall offer at public cult- ut the soul
west door of the Court lloue in the rlty of
uiiro.intne rouniyor Aiexonuer ami hlaic
Illinois, on the 'ilthdjy of February, A. I,
loin, mwwi im, iiours oi nine o'cioex, a in
and sunwt of mid day, for h. to hutlsfy tali!
executions. AI.KX II IKVI.V,
Jsutriu or Aisxuuder county, III.
Cairo, Ills., Feb. 4, 175. .'2-4.ut
The Rreat discovery of th
aKe lliere Is no iiulu eblch
the Ceutanr Mnlnirnt will not
relieve, no swelling which it
win noi miKiue, and no lann
ness Tfhlrh It will not em
I his Is strong Iuniuaye, but it
is true, it is no humbori th
relle IS orlntrd urour.il Mrli
bottle A
circular conbilnln csrliucntM of
wonderAil cures of rheumatism, neurulKia, luck
Jaw, sprains, swellings, ocalds, caked breasts
.mlMnnriiiM liltJ frr.init ffnul.uli ... .
ache, Ac., and the leclpe of the Unlmeut will be
uraus 10 any one u is uie most nonuerlul
nenlluirund pnln.ielielnir uuent the world l
ever produced It sells us nourticle IWure did
reu. ana it tells becuu.. It does Just what It pre
tends to do One bottle of the OMituur I.ini
meat jor uniraui tellow wrumierl is worlh
hundred dollars for spuvlned, shruined or culled
norses ami mules, and for crew-worm sheru
No fuinll v or stock-owner run afford to be with
out Centaur Liniment. Price, M cents, lsr
UOIIIIV191. .1 II, UUD i( uu,.
M Broadway, New York
OAfTOniA II more tlntii a biibstiluU fo
Castor oil. It j theonlr safe aillcle In tx
IiU-nc which Is mre to trgulntp the bowels
euro Tt'lndcolln nm1 imxluro iiuliiinl slecn It I;
plcusnt to tale. Chlldieii need not cry and
Mivtti ,,iuj rirrp, Ul-nlf
UafKMmr imnUhh iwvicUUTf!itii7
smpl l' k.S'i. li'i I n IJ.l, in, nit v cnu. B
FIUil 'KltiMt MttL.hl rhur.. Liu ft.k.t.r.l
.aiisJHTJMCu.,jtU,-k4.l).1ri, Ycik I
IIUW.RT1X l puMWmlsveiyinornlnt
(except Monday) In the Iliilletln Itullitluft, cor
ner Wndhfngton aTenue nnil Tweinh'alrtet.
Tnx lltttjtrw Is acrred lo city stilwcrlbera by
ftltliful crrlrn t Twenty-FIvo CenU a Week,
pajrabhs weekly. llyXall, (In ailrance) , (inner,
OJinurai tlx montlis, )S llireo fnontha, ) no
montht 1
PublLshwl every Tburlay morning at 1 25
pcratmum, Invurlably Inadvauce. IbtiiottAte
on Uae WtwMy will b irtaIJ at UiU oOlco, to
tbut aubiorlbcrs will obtain It for a ubwxl))Uon
rice of 1 n yeur.
Dullness Cnrdj, jxr annum, W 00
Ob equan, one interUon,-...M-... 1 W
One square, two loertloin,..... 1 M
One tqunrr, one weuk, - 'J M
One sqnmv, two wetkJ, 3 CO
One square, Uir week, CO
Onu kquie, one month, 00
One rquaxe, on luwrtlou
Kncli evbiequciit Intertlon,
.11 Oil
$3-One Inch is a Fqieuv.
S3-T0 n-ulor advulu-iTS wcoQrrmpetlorln
dnciuiraU, both aj to rata of cliarxca and man
ncr of displaying Uivir Civora.
E3Xoticeo in locnl column lncrtcd for Flf-
twn Cent Iht line for one insertion, TWenly
Ceutu n lino for two Inwtlona, Twtnty.Fltc
CenU n line for three Inicrtiosi, llilrty-Fltc
CinU a line for one wttik, aud Scenty-Fltc
CcaU a line for one month,
Communications upon subjects of Ron-
vrjfl Interest to Uie public sollcltod.
E3All lctten ihouM be ivMrc.'M'd to
john ii. (iiii:i:i,y,
Pmidcnt Cnlro Ilullutlii CVuntuny.
t J fc.fc..ri
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wide Reputation.
Acknowledged by nil xooil Munlcbins to K' the
wn riano now maue.
Of whlcli wo have sold over 400 durintr
twelve year pa-t, becoming mora and more
popular every day.
Splendid tone, Power and Durability.
Kimball's Orchostral Organ,
A very lino Instrument, adapted to Instru
mental as wen as vocal music.
XX. Kasy Jlonthly Payments, at low llgtirct
regaruives ui i riecs.
In groat variety, including all tho new
and popular iiimio ol thu day.
Orders from the Country
promptly llllod and scut
by mail.
Band Infltrumonts of all KindB
Furelshcd to Order.
Of tlio Host (Quality,
Classical Studies and Exercises
Of all grades for Piano or Voice.
tjf'Kvtry docriptlon of Musical Mer
chandise rurnished to order, promptly and
ai prices tower man over uucieu uciorc,
or.ucx ALSO ov
Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Price
i.ih oi ucso bcautnni grouped.
Ml Goods Warranted as Represented.
Cairo, Illinois,
Dealers in
Nc. 010 North Main Btroot,
'l'riuflliiiiil1.v flic hnt ulnltii'.l
worn or inn mnii m wiovionu.
Thn ster-.tncrcnsinir circuhtlon'of thla
tiyellnnt immtlilv nr.nfis its roiltltltlfil
ntlnjitlon to popular ilcslns anil nti'ilf. In
Uml, whan we think into how luiuy homes
it penetrates every mourn, wo umu run
ldor It as ono oftho oilucators as w ell as
ctitorlMiicm of the jmhllo ifiliid, for Ibt n.t
popularity ha.1 been won by no nppeal to
atupiil t rujmllocs or Ocpravcd tastes. Uos
ton Globe,
Vim Mntractnr w lileh lliia MucnzllliMms-
tiesses for Vatic. y.cntorprue.artii-llij wealth,
anil lltornry cuhtiro that hatkept piice w It la.
IT It has not icillliii'iiincs, snoinii causu us
conductors to rcsattl It with luMlliahle com-
placfliicy. Itnlso entitles tlicm to iiKrcnl
sdaliu unon tho imbllo uratltililc. Tho
IMaciizii.f linn ilone nontl and not evil all
tlic U.iyn ol lis inc. urooKiyii ingic.
TE11MH s
rolago ireo to Milcribirs lo tho United
Harper' MukiuIiic, oae jcar 00
it 00 includes nrcimviucnt of U. H. po-t-
In thn ItllblltiluMs.
v' " : .v:. .:. , . t....-i...
nuoscnpiioiis 10 jiurpcr n iiihaiii,-,
Wnnvlv. nr ll'i:ir. to onn nildrcss for Olio
year, ?10 CO; or two or Harper's periodi
cals, to ono addrcts for ouo year, $7 00;
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aii extra coiiv 01 ciiiu'r liio jiai;n.iiit'.
Weekly or lta.ar will bo mpplled criitls for
every liUi) oi live niuscriouin ni t ov i-ai ii,
In one reiiilttmcci or lx cQplcs lor 00,
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Hack numbers can bo supplied at any
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Volume, fincio voilllliu, uy man, inisii.iiu,
93 00. Clotu cases, lor ninuing, os cent,
by mall, postpaid.
riTNewpapers nre not to copy this ad
vertisement without tho express ordor of
Harper A llrotliers.
Address HAItl'EK A IMOTHKItS, N. V.
Cherry Pectoral,
For Dlseosoa oftho Throat nnd Luntfi,
euoh as Gcuaha, Colds, Whooping.
Cough, llroneliitis, Asthma,
Ktxd Consumption.
Among tho great
tliscovines of mod
em ncicnce, few aro
of inoro real valuo
to mankind tlian
this elicctual rm
eilv for nil iliicascs
'of' tho Tliroat and
LuDt-1. A vast tri
al of Its virtuDP.
throughout this anil
other countries, has
shown that It dues
rarely and effectually control them. The tes
timony of our best citizens, of all clasM, ci
tni,hf.ei tho fact, Hint fm.linv I'f.ctohai.
will and docs relieve and cure the afflicting
disorder of tlio Throat and I.ui.rs beyond any
other meih'-inc. 'I he nur-i dnngcrou' nlfvc
ti 'in of th Pi:ln:onsrv Orsns yield to its
I lowers ami cnes of Consumption, cuied
ir tills jirepamtion, nie publicly known, so
rmarUsl.le as hnnlly to lo U'liovenl, wero
the' net proven beyt'iid dilute. As a rem
c It- It it rule.pmtc, on which tlio pnbllo may
re v for full protection, lly curing CourIis,
tlni forerunnert of more serious diieaso, it
snves unntimlierpd lives, and nn amount of
sulPirinj; no: to he computed. It challenges
Irinl, nti't conrinees the roott sceptical.
Kverv fuiiily should keep It on hand as a
protection r.iVn.tt tho oarlv an I uii,.rceivcd
u'.tncks of Pulmonary Aflcetions, nhich aro
e.sily mot at first, but whlcli la-come Incura
ble, ind too often fatal, if neglected. Tender
lun; necil this defencn; mid it is unwise to
be without it. As a safeguard to children,
amid tho di'treslng diseaos which besot the
Tlirowt and Cliest of chltdbol, Chkrrt
I'r.CToiut. Is invaluable; for, hy its timoly
use, multitudes aro rescued from prematuro
graves, snd saved to tho lovo and (UTcctloa
centred on them. It acts speedily and surely
against ordinary colds, securing sound and
health-restoring sleep. No otic will suffer
trouMssoms Influenza and painful Jlron
chltls when they kuow how easily tboy can
bo cured.
Originally the product of long, laborious,
and successful chemicnl Investigation, no cost
ot toll Is spared in making every bottle In tho
utmost posslbl perfection. It may bo confl
dsntly relied upon as posclng all the vir
tues It has over exhibited, and cnpablo of
riducing cures as memorablo aa tho greatest
hu over effected.
Dr, J. C. AYER it CO., Lowell, Maw.,
Prsvctical and Aualj-tlciU Chtmlstw.
SAT V 1!
For rostorinr; to Gray Ilalr its
flattixttl Vitality and Color.
A droning
wliicli h at
onco agroou
blo, lit'iiltliy,
anil ofTft'ttiul
lor jin'serv-
rAiint; tlio Iiiiir.
$?)t soon re-
or tjray hair
I) ilx original
color, with the gloss and freshness of
youth. Tliin hair is thiclu'itcil, full
iriR liair clicckod, anl baldness often,
though not always, cured hy itK
use. Nothing can rostoro the hair
whero tlio follicles aio detr'ed, m
the glands atrophied and decayed;
but Mich as remain can bo unveil by
this application, and stimulated into
activity, so that a now growth of
hair is produced. Instead of fouling
tlio hair with a pasty sediment, it
will keep it clean and vigorous. Its
occasional use will present tho hair
ft'om turning gray or falling oil',
and consequently prevent baldness.
Tlio restoration of vitality it gives
to tlio bcnJp nrrest.s and prevents
tiio formation of dandruff, which is
often ho uncleanly und oli'ensive.
Frea from tlioso deleterious sub-
htanccs which inako homo prepara
tions dangerous, and injurious to tho
hair, tho Vigor can only benefit, but
not harm it. If wanted nioroly for
a HAIR DRESSING, nothing visa
can bo found so desirable. Contain
ing neither oil nor dye, it dous not
noil white cambric, and yot lasts
long on tlio hair, giving it a rich,
glossy lustro, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C, Ayer & Co,,
Practical r.nd Annlytlcul Chemists,
bold nr all rutuooisra isviinvwirmtit.
"1T10II the speedy cure of Seminal Wmkntts,
X1 lAist Muuliood and nil disorder luoiiKlit
on by imllicietloiis or exiiits, Any Driitrnlst
has tliu iiiKivdivntt,
Adiliws, Dr. U, IIII.TON A CO .
l-Ul-diAT-ly. C'issliiiKill, Ohio.
i ii 1 r
patiint nremciNEO
Tl TJ 1 1
UJixi UU11UUU.
l. l.rii i.rn-j. , I. icmiiu! orlt . "i i
V nr ; rdsln nnrllhe .tiiil I i. i .t
llllol Willi uli.i'ile l'ru al iHM.iii.il.1. i.
WHOLr.SAl.E & 51ETAIL, -)'
71 Ohio I.evoo. '
tunrc jriATJC w ,t rr. c, atti,'
The Sprague
Should be told by tho Hanliv..
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n crsjto zrnr k:t :r 121 n:ir
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oiiil Uotull
mv mm
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