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ASCAftfN' i-ooi:, NO. 5l
UiilirtiM o( l'vlhbia. Hindi c. ei v 1'rl
Kilt nt half pact H'VCUi In Odd-
nan. v it ni.Ais.,
chancellor conunaiulir.
'tWWmti ln(U.-inlrit Order or Odd-lcl-""
Trmrtdny nllit
nt Ituir-pnit M-Vfii, In their h.tl I oj)
( oinmi rdnl art-hut, between Mttli and Peteulli
str.eu Joutfll (Ji;'tA.f,. U.
C1AIIIO KSCAHrili:.ST, I. 0. 0. r..nu-ft
In Odd-lVllovr' Hull mi lliu mil nml Ihlnl
ludy In ucrr mouth, nt li ilf-pnt eiti
I, K slack, U. IV
a cAiitor.onoi:.No.2nj,A.i'. aa.;m
w7iV- HeM icaulur riimnmilnttloiia In Ma
X ionic Unlit miner tnmintrclil avenue
' mkI litglitli ulrrtl, ou Hit second dtt-1
riitulli Monday of each month.
T) JtANCHETT ....... Manairr.
Meeond vitrk nt Iho t.lentcd yoiitis Arllite,
M'inOiiy I'.vinlnif, IVIirnury t, IS7.1,
Will I- piwmloi llidvur'sfniaUIve Act I'ljy,
VAI;l.l.S'K Slut I'akmik II I'niir..
AtliiilIoli. ........ ....5D mill 7.1 rcnli.
In ItrlimrMil, '! tif ."in of Ice "
Sltmined fccaM can be nwurcil at Mm.
Ilatlltran's ilw S-'J-tf
Stilief of Ito(in!il.
finding the prect.t -tore room too mull
lor mr Rrovvlnsf hulnlneM, I will, In the
latttrrrvt Of Kobritsry, mimic to the ni
don building luriu rly upli il by Klliott
A llaylborn, where, with the Incroa-ed la
i illUf, 1 Mill keep lirjjer MOcU ol limit
ntnl ;lioe than wr before. In tbo mean
time, to avoid the ctpcimt o? iiiovIuk ami
to prermra for "prliif trade, 1 will ofl'er my
entire tok of winter fjooiln at actual.
r. Tun I IKMIKKM. and great bar
gain arc ollvrtil to the fortunate
A. lll.iclc,
lOM-iO-lf Oily Shoo Store.
"roti diitniiy.
Mr. 1'. KIlzjtciuM haJut rrolvcd nnJ
ba on Kilo at 111' Kile room, a large Mock
:if Hnglhdi ale, jKirter, llentieMy branily
jihI wine., nml liquor of nil Wlmli, which
lie will di.poiuofat rcaronabte price..
Akti:u IVbtuaiy lot, l,OO0 reward will
b given for lif y goi paying day bourdon
at the Deline-nlco Hotel?! a week.
Competition Ik flip I.tfo if Titiilr.
Mrs. I.:tfe Coleui'.n, l'lnc l.nundreH,
So 12, Tourta itret. between WanhltiKton
toil Omiiiisrclal avetnte, ilooi all kind of
lnetmlcOAttelatinilry work lor ladirs anil
nt inin, llullux, Ofiitleineii'a ililrtu
trakbeilaixi Jiotlsli-ii. iiltigle iblrt aud col
ar, JOc; i:r dozen 8Jo; oek Oc? two eol
ar, le; twa lundkercbleli, 6c; vein UOe;
jnd a'l Kentlaracn'i wear, 80c. per
lozen. .idlei' drecf, 25 to Wr;
'klrtilO ti -'); drawer 10 to l&c; two
nilr bone !k two collar 5 to Kc. For !
JIV plain clothes l?l OOpt-r dozen; lor la
aicntlnc rlotbc, $1 25 per dozen; done
promptly, and promptly delivered. I'a
'.rouage tollcltcd.
II3l-Si lm.
I'nrailUc runt.
FmMroin tuliihiirnnil itlierlmpurltiJ.
Aitkk I'etirunry 1st, SLW reward will
lie xlven lor tllty g od paj Ins; day boirder
at lb! Delmonlco Hotel i a week.
IHillj I.unrli.
(icorge I.tltnfr comerof Fourteenth and
U'alilnstuu avenue, will ftltliiMi hcrealtrr,
nery day to bin patron a No. 1 lunch, be-
icen tlmhouM of ten and twelve o clock
Freb Milwaukee beer and fragrant 1! ivaiu
to bo bad at hi bar at all time.
."rttlCO of IIN'Olllllllll.
'l liu partiu'rililp li'.TetoloruvlfUn:bt'-
iwiN-n Chas. II. XLwIanil nml .liinie I!.
Ilvniilc, ha till day Ki n tllnilvcil by
iitiiii.il cousin, C. 11. .Vuwlaiulcollcctliif,'
all MIU iliif tliu linn ami paying .ill
Jclits. '. It. Nr.wi.A.n,
I. K. Ki:..mi:.
:.uko, Jiiimary 10, 170. l-'.'l
I'iir.-iitltr Conl.
The I it In Uiu Slain Lr cookltiii
nitoi, fctoves or siwtui.
(in mill hlcnin 1'illliic
Oharb'f H. Newland li prepared to do til
kinds tf and ktcam lilting, ro; airing
pumps, driving wcl, bill hiiijjlii);, etc.,
Jioii on Cotumcrc'al A 01111', between
Ninth and Tenth itrcus. m-l-21-lw
I'our I'.vll.
Whoever lmlilludly Ufes any a'cohollc
i-cpar.itlotn a an "appetizer" will bo
llVely to Miller fr..in four evil, viz: an over
piua of lood inthetomaeti,linpalroil aliility
to dlt H, tho piuigi ol dypeplit, and
Joetor'i. bill. Mi. ALKf.it'x lukt iilk
VlKriisit IllTTXRK, the crcat Teetotal lie
'toratlvcof the vt;o. Without ovcr-itlmu
luting thupulutii 01 liltnllt s tlio ttuuiai'h,
iinpurts n bcnllhfiil appetite, protr.niefi di
'Citloti, rogulnte the liver nnd boivcl, purl
Jos t' e blood, and thus, lr.taad of entailing
JourovlU.Vonferi lour lnrttlinblobcnftlt.
Niilnt ClinrlcH.
tlood MiiL'ln rooms ou the upper floor at
tho S'-ilat Charles can be had, with board,
Ht the viuy low ratn of fr per month
Wlnlcr'n Jnllery.
Open l'rldays and Saturdays o.ni.t.
AiTnu Knbruary 1st, Sl.COO reward will
bo glvcd for tllty good paying day boarders
it the Dcluionlco Hotel?! a week.
I'aruillsc foul.
Tito bc.'t
mill thing.
for grates, steam or black'
Illinois (Ji'.XTitAi.Hni. Hoad Co,,-)
Urriut: Gr.x'i. .Sounimtx Ao'r,
Oaiuo, 111., Kebiiuiy .i, 1S73. )
On anil tiller the date of litis notice, the
charge for special funeral trains from
Cairo to Hooch Grove or Villa ltldge, will
hu its follows : 1 coach mid eujiino &2i
'i coaches and engine $10; II coaches ami
'iiL'lno SuO: mill $10 for each additional
loitch, Ja.mks.Ioiinhos,
General Southern Agent.
l"ltty to Soventy-flvo dollars por month
Acents wanted everywhere. Teacliois, la
.dies, nents, etc., ote. No capital or out
lay required. Send 20 cents for postiijo on
OUtBt, to 1). O. Wklchman,
ti Irvlu Station, Union County, Ohio
Bin 1
I'urMiilr'i AKornry,
JCiilinKlln.I.triM. l'loi'eiuiDuiiiH-etliat I out
afjiilillilnlofor ineonlreof Slttc' Attnnnynt
Hit eojiilni? 'ikkUI election to L lif Id on tlie Ictli
dy- oftebiuiry VM. C. MCI.KKr
'or ?Inj(r.
Kniiori Hfj . Plen-o nnotirtce JOHN II.
Ill If J. IH in a citwliilutc. fur Major ut t aim, at
thunmlDif munlcliml 1 lection
.liminr; Zi, lr,3. Ma.ni Oitucm
Prof. H. J. Ilaniind, of MeKumlrec
Colli'C, l In the city, ami will preach at
tlic M. E. cliiirili t lil- iiiorniiiK.
Hev. Dr. Tlinycr will pitucli nt the
I'ruebytirlaii church thU itioniln at tlio
uetial hour. Illihtibjcct will be, "Wlutt
.Sm!u of II00U, Sliof, Notlom, Dry
(Softriit, Ac, t my utorc room thU .Satur
day nml Momlay iilglil".
l-C-2t I.OL'M II. Mywm.
Ni Minull I'm.
Wis mv liifonninl by the SI?U?r of St.
.Mary'" Inllnnaiy, that tin- lio'pitnl Is (;it
Hn ly free front mnnll pox. 'Iliim arc
Ihn-ii men hi thu ho-pilKl who have each
had an attack of thi.Mltvndcil tlWeiw;, but
tlioy aronow (Kiiivalccx;iit.
Iliirliiliiicit Ititarirnui' nl Auction.
A lot of unclaimed baac', left at the
rlliiKtoti HoiHc. will Ijc sold ut auction
Momlay nif;lit, nt H. Mycrw'.
JIri. Alvoril'K Lecture.
,Mr. Alvonl will lecture at the IIIpli
School liiillillni' to-morrow night. Her
ibjoct will be, "The Hard of Scotia."
In connection with the Ictttre Mm. W.
I', llalllilay nml Mrs. J. M. I.andcit, In
comjiliaitce with the rcqtiei't of tho school
director:?, will kltig tevural Ijeautifttl
Scottbih ."oi)".
Mlaicli, Ntarcli.
I have takrn the ajrency for Clement'ii
Laundry .Starch, and am now celling it at
wholemle Mow .St. Louis prices. Gro-
rv 111011 will save money by buying at
home. W. Titioc,
2-C-2t. St. I.ouU Grocery.
Hull Ticlict.
Those rH'rsoiH who with to attend the
maHjuerailu ball to be given by the
Hough anjl Hendy Arc company, at
Scliee!' hall next Tuesday night, who
have not procured tickets of admission,
can secure them by calling at the Jewel
ry store of Under Hrotln-r, McGauley's
drug store, Paul G. Schtth'ii drug eUab-11-litnent,
or Iltirgcr's dry goods store.
In the lower part of the city, Friday
night, a gentleman's linen cull' with a
old cull-button ntuchad. Button ha.s
large "It" on the facj(old Kngllsh). The
under will : well rewarded forreturnlug
the iame to this offlcc or 112 Commercial
avenue. W. G. Hount.vs.
Circuit Court.
The circuit court was engaged nil day
Friday nml yeterd.iy, in the trial of the
Milt brought by Michael Coyne agnin.st
Daniel Ilartman, which grew out of
a dllllctilly between these gentleman laf t
fall. A number of wituei-e were exam-
nod upon both .-ldei, on Friday, and
eterday was taken up in arguing the
cawbr Mesr. Mill key & Sou for the
prosecution, and Mcur. I.lnegnr A
aiinlen for the defence, 'lite Jury took
the matter under deliberation late lu the
fc moon, nml have not nt this writing
coneludcd upon their verdict.
The jury In the suit brought by Mich
ael Coyne against Dan llartitian, re
turned n verdict late hni evening, acquit
ting Mr. riartinan.
.Vollct CIiiiiibc ol Time.
On and after Sunday, February 7th, 1
trains ou the Illinois Central railroad
will run a follows :
Mall leaves at 1:15 a. m daily.
Kxprets leaves at 2:30 p. in., dally.
Mall arrives at 2:30 a. in., daily.
Kxpiess arrives at 2:30 p. in., daily.
Jamks .lonxso.v, Agent.
Mr. Ithoiles. correspondent of the St.
Louis Vummereial Gazette, Is lu the city.
Mr. Sam L. Southard, ol Trenton,
New .Icr-ey, formerly assistant superin
tendent of the Cairo, Arkansas & Texas
railroad, is -pending a few days In the
Mrs. Jacob Maiiln, Mrs. Dr. Arler and
Mr. M. It. llarrell, of the Cairo Gazette,
took passage 011 the Illinois Central train
yesterday morning forTerre Haute, Intl.,
on n pleasure trip.
The Key. Dr. .Tames Do Ivoven has
ieen elected HMiop of the DIocceo of Illi
nois, by tho KpNcopal Diocesan conven
tion lately held in Chicago, and to which
the Hey. .Mr. Gilbert, rector or the Kpis
copal church of this city, was a delegate.
K. A. Uuruett. business manager of
tho llri.i.ivn.v printing establishment.
Ictt yesterday afternoon ou tho Illinois
Central train, but where he has gone re
mains a mystery that no ono about the
Ik i.i.urix olllce can fcolvo.
Col. Sehllllto, agent of the Fanny U.
Price theatrical company, now playing at
the Atheiioiim In this elty, was, previous
to the acceptance of!p present position,
associate editor of 0110 of tho leading
newspapers ol Terre Haute, Indiana.
Mrs. Hobblns, of this city, received n
telegram Irom Louisville, Ivy., Friday
afternoon, stating that her daughter, Mbis
Ella Hobblns, who is on a visit to fiieds
... . .. '.. E. Ill
and relatives lu that city, was vyy in
with erysipelas, and requesting ier to
come to her at once. Mrs. H. lefon yes
terday morning's train for Louis illc.
A 1'UKlllst
A few nights ago, one of'tho young
bloods ot this city took more Robinson
county corn Juice Into his stomach than
was good for him, and, fomequently, be
came slightly Inebriated. He went Into
a saloon on tho Lcvco where u lady wai
busily- eugagad lu waiting on a ,ttuitvuier
and asked for n drink, but the lady, ob
serving that he had too much 011 board
already, did hot pay nily attention to hU
request, nt which tho young mnn got an
gry iilil begun to make n big noise. He
was told by tho woman that it he Hid not
behave hlmiieli In n more gentlemanly
manner, she would put htm out, where
upon he drew oil" hU coat and vest,
assumed ti ptigillstlo position, ami
remarked Inn blustering way : "I've met
belter women than you arc lu my time,
and never was whipped yet. 1 cm get
uway with any woman of my weight In
this town." The gentleman who was be
ing waited upon by the lady, gathered
up the pugilistic gentleman's wardrobe
and nel.lng lihn by the collar, llulded
him and his clothing ou the sidewalk,
and ijtilely dosed the door 011 him.
Their I.ml l'Hrty to l Jtven next
Tuusilny Nlulit
Tuesday night the Thalians will con
clude a scries of parties which have been
given under the auspices of that club", by
giving a dress ball at the SU Charles
hotel,' Tihlch will be the llftlt and last de
montrat!on lor the season. The parties
given by the club have all been of the
most enjoyable character, wpeelully the
lat one, w hore each and every one who
participated found It dllllctilt to And
words with which to express their satli
fuction. The Thallani Igniry their Intention to
make the lat ell'ort a suece-is lu every
-en'c of tho word, without regard to
time or expeiife, and we have every rea
son to believe that they will fulfill their
promise. The pteparation- now being
made by them are of such a character as
to Insure a very enjoyable entertainment
to the young folk, and we would say to
thoK1 who are Invited, attend the Tha
llan party, by all means. It will be the
la.t opportunity that our people will have
ot showing their appreciation of the
many pleasant evenings the Thalians
have fill'onkd them.
Uciieml IleiiiK.
Glllet's Haklng Powder the best lu
use always reliable.
One week ifrom to-day Is St. Valen
tine' day.
Glllet's Haklng Powder for fale
The Jone.-boro Gaiettc say that the
track of the Cairo and St. I.oul narrow
gauge railroad is finished to within one
mile of that place, ami that the road will
be completed through that city before
another week has gone by.
Call for the best Glllet'ii Making
Powder for it never disappoints the
Mr. Dan Ilartman, le-ee of the Cairo
Athenetun, received a telegram from the
manager of the Adelaide Phillips Italian
ojiera troupe, requesting him to ofTer
Mr. Hauchett, manager of the Fanny II.
Price theatrical company, who has en
gaged thu Athetieiim tor a sca'on, fifty
dollars for the Ui-e of the hall Monday
night, Sth lust., but Mr. Ilitncltett, who
has an eye to bulnes, refused to accept
the proposition.
"I.ucrclla llorirli" "Tooillcn" Tbc
"I.nu ori,,vout."
A large audience assembled at the Ath
enetun hut night to witness the play of
Lttcrotla Horjjla as prefcnted by Ml:
Price and her company, who did their
respective parts lu a most creditable man
ner. All there is of love, plot, pathos and
Intrigue, iu the famous tragedy, was
brought out, and was received with de
light ami enthusiasm. The I.ucretia Bor
gia of Miss Price as rendered by her at
the Athcneiim last night, w-.is the most
thrilling pieceof acting that It has been
the lot of a Cairo audience to witness for
many a day, and was, from
the beginning to Its conclu
sion, beyond criticism; nor was Mr. Pope's
Gcnarro scarcely less admirable. Il pos
sessed that naturalness, spirit aud earn
estness that gave the audience as Into a
representation of tho author'b hero as
they will be likely to see If they should
live to witness a score of personations
of the character. .Mr. D. Ilauchett lu thu
role of Duke D'Kstc acquitted himself
most coinmeudably, winning encomiums
from our most factitious play-goers, of
whom there were many In the audience.
Mr. Voorhecs' Oubetta was also very
good, aud thu remaining characters, as
they were entrusted to the care of the bal
ance of the company, were cnaeled to the
satisfaction of everybody.
Tho "Toodles" was executed as It
should have been, aud created much mirth
among the audience. Join Hampton has
gained great credit as a comedian, nml de
serves It.
To-morrow (Monday) night, will be
put upon the boards Ilulwcr's beautiful
and allectlng play, entitled, "Thu Lady
of Lyons." Miss Price will appear iu the
character of the true hearted Pauline,
and will no doubt do her part with a
fidelity to the ninny good traits of the
heroine. With Mr. Cook Pope as Claudu
Melnotte, wo look forward to a true and
spirited personation of that character,
Tom Hampton no doubt will do the un
assuming Col. Dumas lu good style, and
Mr. Voorhee.s lu tho role of
lleaiiseaut will also prove equal to his
Tito Athcneiim has lately been furnish-
ed with a new, complete nml elegant lot
of scenery, which Is equal to that used In
any ol the theatres outsldo of Chicago In
this State, and which has;ueverbeen In use
until the appearance of the Fanny 11.
Price troupe last Wednesday night. This,
combined with tho excellence of tho per
formers, renders tho entertainment offer
ed by tuu troupe tnticii more interesting
than any amusement that has visited the
elty for a long while.
Ncwiy-nttod, finely furnished barber
shop by Ueorgo Stelnliotuo, cornor Com
mercial avenue aud Kighth street. Years
of practice have tlvon him a light band
that nukes smooth saave delightful. AH
who try him once will call again, All thu
lato daily papers are kept on Jils table lor
the benefit ol his costomers, aud there is
no tedious waiting for turns, tf
WbAt Correspondent of tho Bt. tools Com
mercial Oatette Thinks of Our City.
lie Pronounce H Oimiif Die Jlciillli
lent l'lHcrn In thnlnloii
Her rstllltles Equal to Thoio of any City
in the United Butei.
A correiqxmdent of the St I.ouis Com
wtcrtmf Oatette, writing from this city,
gives the following nattering description
of Cairo;
"Cairo Is a city of several years' munic
ipal growth, and contains over 10,000
Inhabitants. Five railroads center here,
and owing to the taut that II is now tho
head ot navigation ou tho Mll.tlpnl
river, its shipping lntoret are unusually
animated. Thu facilities for coming to
Cairo are equal to those ot any other elty
In the Union, as they extent! from that
place to nearly all points of the compass.
Cairo Is blessed with cnterprlslng,lberal
mlmled manufacturers ami business men.
It Is rich In manufacturing resource,
and has several extensive w mills in
full operation during the lumbering sea
sou. A large wish.door and blind factory,
a box metory.ti furniture faetorv of which
.Mr. Win. Elehoiris tlte energetic proprie
tor, send these classes ol materials to va
rious parU of thaSouth and West. Two
extensive tlurlng mills are busy the year
round, filling orders Irotn the adjoining
Statei". There are alo several smaller
manufactories, the uatttal udjimets ot
ihose already named, in a city Mtuated In
1 rich agricultural district, with such ev
tentlve resourc's for tranportatlou and
eehmgc. It has also extensive wheat
! cu cotton markets, and a well orgaulod
bauk to accommodate the biwhie-n of the
"The society of Cairo Is of n high or
der, it iwh pientroi einircnc, wnieit
are well attended, making iu religion
priiiiege.s 01 a sttHTior oruer.
"An erroneous statement hns boon re
peatedly circulated that Cairo was un
healthy, but It may be said, without tear
of contradiction, that it Is one of the niot
I....,.,... - :. .1... r...." x-"..
iicaiiuy jii.ice 111 11111 (.'iiiuii. ciiciui
sickness or epidemic has provalletl here
lorsonte time past, ami an peopic. long
resident at Cairo, parent as fresh and
liealiy an apcnraiicc as If hi the hilly
regions of Nwmgland.
"The St. Charles has long been the
leading hotel. It stands outhe main bus
iness street of tlte city, and U llrt- la.'s In
everv respect. Col. .lewett 'Wilcox, a
gentk'tnan well-known to the traveling
public, Is the general proprietor, and he
Is ably asl?tcd lu the management ol the
. -. . . . . . " .... .. .1
notfc i) .apt. .1. u. wean, who inur
ougltlv uniier-tands the business of kee
Iiil' a hotel. All the appointment of the
St. Charles are de'igned with direct ref
erence to the cave anil coiulort or
'In our rambles about Cairo we no
ticed some vorv line and spacious bti-l-nes
houc. buildings that would do
credit to 11 elty of far greater magni
tude. K.Smyth & Co., and btratton x
Hlrd are the prominent wholesale groeera
and liquor dealer pf the city, aud are
continually extending their trades. Iloth
nrins nreoiu estaousiicu concerns, unit
the gentlemen are noted lor their enter-
prl'e and hOtlorablu business uealings.
Ainoug tne larger commission nouses
we visited tne estaWMimeni 01 .laiiiuss
&Uhl..I.n.Phllll.ASon,and Win. II.
Thomas. These gentlemen having been
for a number of years In the business, are
tlinrotiiblv twisted Iuall Its details, and
arc deserving of the success which Inva
riably results to theenergetlcaiul upright
"TiiUticwood it Co. havejust creeled
a wnreliotisc anil elevator 01 immense
storage capacity, and are doing n large
commission business. Their facilities
are very extensive for the purchasing
and selling of corn and wheat, nnd the
transacting of other bulnesln their line.
"The most attractive and wrhans tho
largest drv goods establishment hi Cairo
is that 01 unarics u. fatter x ko propn
ctorsof the 'New York Store,' a It !
called. They do 11 general wholesale
and retail business, und aro seeming
a liberal patronage trom lite atijoinm,
tetter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
In the Port Olllce at Cairo, Illinois Situr
day, February 0, 187.1.
LAHIKS' t.tsr.
Illai-dle Athena, Brown I'aM. Hanks
Nellie, Uriter Annoy,
Clay Luclutla.
Fuqua Alice.
Homes Mary V., Hare M. .1.. Hollinan
Mary, Harden .Itilln, Hamilton Martha.
Kelley Mrs. D.-K., Kiuuouu Johanna,
Kleley Mrs. Timothy.
I.aneKllcn, Luttn.il Julia A., Lent.
MaMh Amanda, McCoimae Mary,
McCanllf Honora, Mayson KIIh, Man
nahau Mrs. Kllen.
Ncal Alices
Powers Lizzie, Powell Klmlna.
Hussell Julia II.
Stancil Mary, Simpson Alice.
Taylor Sarah.'
Vanltrocklin .Mrs.
Woods Martha A.
Anderson Albert, Amonet James.
Hanks Anthony, HlaxlellL. N.,Hrown
Wells D,
Clark Ci S., Caswell James, Cochran
John H., Carney John, Conleii P. 11,,
Cros Wm. II., Campbell Win.
Drake Granville, Dounvtiii Timothy,
Flanagan James, Fountain Wyatt.
Gulliver J. IL, Ulasor Jacob, Grcany
.T.is,, Gllson .hiD., OHlon Pat'k.
llmnmond J. 1).. Haiicrlian Mlch'l,
Iloyan Win.
Isham Denis.
Jackson James.
Klein A Borhclm, Knight A. J., Kelly
Jlleh'l, KninVm.M..
Little Titos.
M.cUulro Andrew, Morris G. L., Maul
don Morris, Mackey M., McDeiinott
John, Manning. 'ames, .Martin Joseph J.,
Miller John, Molen Morris, Majors Win.
IL, MeKeo Will, tf.
Norton J,civl
O'Donucl David.
Price A B-i 'bilHps J. W., Pollard
Jnhu, Phillips Jamee.
itovAlll), Il.,StoreyJohn, Stranzc J.&
)C-Shean Mtdmel, Stravdcrd William,
Stoddard m.
Thompson V in. A.
Vaudcrbclt A.
White George, Wallace John, Whitney
N. Wdsh KIclianMNTloy Wm.
Pertons ctillliig for these letters will
please say "Advertised."
Gi:o. W. McKiuin, p. m.
Obstacle to .llnrrinsc.
Uniipy Heller for Young- Men from tU
effect orErrors and Abuicn In urly life. Man
liOl rcntorcd. IniiKllincuts to MarrlnKe re
moved. New method of treutmeut. New and
..n.,ikiil)le remedies, llooksand clrcuUri tvnt
tnt, In staled envelopes. Addreis, HOWAItf)-
ASSOCIATION, MIN. MOlli btrvet, rtiliaity.
nhia. I'a, , an Imtltutlph luvvlnjr a high reputa
tion for honorable .ctmJuct and profcutloual
iktll. 100-l-15-dw3m
AfTn Fcbrtury 1st, l,00O reward wilt,
bo jilven for llfty good paying day boardon
at tho Dclmonlco Hold f I a week.
J 1-iW-lm
Thoao using hae-burner Ktoves have
round Just what they want In PAKA
Hailtitf given up tny old stand on thu
levee and taken Kcohler Hiiro's hop, on
I.lglitli street, I Mull bo picparcd to sus
ply tho cltkfii ol Cairn with tho bcl
moats the market tiflurdii. l'lcaso call and
seeino. 1'lllL. HoWAltu.
Try PAUADlSUCOAL, the cheap
est and best.
-lltty PAltADI.SK COAL. '
Try PAUADlSi: COAh foreooklng.
Glllet'n Flavoring F.xtracts the best
lu me, and for sde by nearly eveiy gro
cer. AtTKit Kuhrusry 1st, 91,000 reward will
bo given lor fifty good pajlng day boarders
nt the Dchnonlui Hotel 81 per week.
All that have tried I'AKADISH
COAL will use no other.
.loo ltn.'.oker is now in full control of
the Washington bakery, and having learn
ed the wauts of the public, I prepared to
upply on call all demand for French loaf,
lloston, Drown and (Irahtim bread, and
everything el'o ordinarily lottnd in a llrst-clasibik-ry.
, Ho maintains a fttll'tockol
confectioneries, and can, n well ns' any
other denier In tbo city, (111 nil orders In
that line. Cakes Inked, irotcd or orna
mented ou tdiorl notice. Hpccla Inttentbai
ph-Mlo the orders of wedding or picnic
4artles. r- li-l'-'-tf.
-Order PAlIADISC.COAL rrom tiny
elty denier.
The attention of tlx-public Is called to the
fa.t that tho City Council, by ordinance,
have directed tho Collector to receive only
In payment ol tho city portion of the taxes,
legal currency of Iho Culled State. City
warren's will llicrefore no longer bo re
ceived for any portion ol such taxes. Ily
the provision of Section 1ST, chanter PJ0.
Hurd's revhton, the Collector is required
to collect and return all pcif011.1l taxes by
the lOth of March ttuxt. This provMon
will bo vlgorouly enforced, and tax payer
nlll take due notice ofthe liet. .
ALtx. II. luvi.v,
W l-23-dlOt Collector.
Corrected Dally by E. M StfJilu, roinmllon
inrri'iiHni, ewrtuiry oi tnc cntro iioani or
'1 nidc.
Flour, nccmillnz to mule i....... SI Colli oc
Corn, mixed. moW ... 7.V
Corn, vvtiitt-, mi-lki! .. in 70c
Uat., mixed- G.I4UC
iir.111, prr ion (j-s.'.'ui
Med, tlealil dried W 75
llutter, choice Northern mil 2Jc
iluttcr, choice southern Illinois ........ tog.'lc
r.tif), prrdori-jt m.'.'c
Chicki'iM, pi-rdou-a...... $2 .'Ou.3 ,V)
'l urUys, rr doitn ., 64810 O)
.iii-i, enotce, ir DAriTi ...M,-,;..i.: ,if j -a
Ai!e, commuD, trluirrel - W)o" 7j
Potutors. ir banvl... 1 t;iyi
Onions, ixrtMirel .... . t0
IIUCkHlinll DOIir.... MK'lO
IEe flour ...... ...r 5 7')
Bhorlff'i Sale.
'OVvlrtueof thrw evcrnl miuIoiis to m
ID dni-ctnl by the clerk of the Clicnlt
toijrt ol Alexander county. In the st.itc
Ul llilililff-.inn in I'lvnr ui i.uniri iiicr.
one In fiivur of 1'atrtrK Mixkbt nnit
mir In fuTiir nf Upmanl MeMunus, mid all
aznliiM the ( alio ami lnrennei Itillnuil com.
pany I tiiveluvulumiilhef')llrinlim.U.Scrlld
nroiirtr. Intl.erountv of A)euiidernnil slate
of llllnol. to-s it : Iit niunU-rcd nne (I) nml
tu'o ('.'), in block ntinilwteil tnilve (li), mul
lot numbered feven (7) nml ellit (-). in Muck
niiiiiiirinl itrcnty-ttirn' riij, lu the iirt .vnui
tlon to the city of Culm. In the conntviif .llev
Hiiiler and Mute of Illinois a the, iii'uktI.i nt
the wild (.'aim mul Vlnrriinn Uillroiulounpany,
ulllen I shall ofier ut lu'ille l.ilo nl thcviiith
wtitilnorof tint Court llousu In the eltj of
Cairo. In the 'county of Alevamlir and .-stale of
llllnol, on the -Aitluluy of I'cliruary, A, 1.
1-75, at tho hour of tlmeii o'cloik, u. in , lur
c ili , tonatl-l) said exKtitiun
AI.I5.. It. IKVIS,
.'herhfof Ali'tuiiiUrciuuty, III.
Cairo III. Feb. I. 17.V iil--.'-l-3t
"VTotloe I lieivbv glien Unit tho Lis: books fir
l.N tin- Jnir IS7I iiiivelM-eii il.uetl In )n balul,
and that I well beat (he fnlliinliiiiariK-il plaiet,
at the tlniM belmv net forth, for the purpose ol
collet-tlni: thu t.i or.uld r:ir.
Clear I url I'lrt iiirl. Cully A; .Mauhtldan's
Klore, Filnvaiylv', le7.i.
Clear Citsk Piiclnct, K. A. h'lnitinson'ti
stole, February 33, lb75.
'IlicUs 1'irciuet, J. li. UolirlugUatoie, Feb
riiary l, 175.
Santa IV I'lt-ultict, Win. Ireland' stole, lb.
Gooc l-luinl I'leciuct, O. Cmnlc's .tote,
Kebniarv M, ItiTft. ".
Ilou'lootli I'urliict, N. IIuiij.icLci'ii hcufe,
February 27. 1675. .
l.'nlly I'reuliict, Uodifes A Atlutloii' slnre,
March 1, lt-3.
HaileWiioil Precliirl.UioigeW f-noft's toic,
March S, K.I. - r
III InK J our hud ye:' ta ircrlpts, a it i. tin
eale to truit to the ta lusokM iiloiiulor dJsci'l1'
tloui of luii'l.
C.miio, 111 , Jjuuarvtf, l--"3
1JI-1-I l-wtd. JIUtrlct toll. lor
The Kie.it dl.caveir of Hie
y of
tin w
ait. I lisle li ,lia luiln villi II
thr Ceuuiiir I.luhuiut will not
ri-llerc, no .ttt'llliiR whlcli it
villi not mlidJie, and no hull)
ncti vyhlrh It will nut clue
'I his I strong language, but It'
I. I. I. .... k,nli,.i II...
i , IT lOC I , I- III- llUllll'ltk , II,.-
flqrpta: ic-i-l e U prlnli d amiuiu each
bottle A circular cunhilulnp lerllllcalu of
wonilfifulnire. of iliouniiilUin, nebmlKhi, lock
jaw, Miniiiis, mu'lllliitSi M-aldi-, caked bim.ts,
pnl-mnuiubllei, I'luin feet, (.-olttwiltl Ileum, nil
ache, ,Ve,raiul the rcciie of the llnliueiit vJM
cnt jititl to mi) one It U llm moat vvimdai fill
hilinf and lilll-ielle IliK uccnt the world ha
ever iiindiici! It sell in im artliie lloru did
M-ll, und It tell. lH-cuucllllu Jtui "hill 1 r lit c
IiinU to do Due botlU ol" the Centaur I.inl
inenl fur animal (jelliiw wniiici) Is wonh n
liuuihisl dollar for pat InM, .liraliicd or ii.illcd
hor4 aud nmleJ, mid for crew-woiiii .beep
,Nu family or .tuck-uH ner cm uiioin in nu un
cut Centaur I.lnliiu'iit J'llre, !i cents, large
butllc.l. li hujs cu.,
Kl llroadway, v loik,
OASTOItIA is more than a substitute for
Cn.tur oil. It is thu only safe article In ;
Utt'iire which U kii.e to lf'llLlIC the bowel.
cmc witulcollc and proiluic iiauind sleep, It i
pleasant to taue cimuirn uccu noi ery nun
inolhen may ikeji. u-7-w I y
Consumption Cured
To Kditoii or Tnc nvUniNi
KsrKKMtu 1'mtNui You.wll. jilnise 'inform
your leiuUM mat i naye a uo.iiito r
Onro for Consumption
uudull dlioiJeis of thvtluoat und Luuks, and
tlvit, by it lice in my praencts, i nave cur.
uuuuieui oi cascn, ami win xiva
for a caie it will not btmettt Inded. to stronx
1 will neqd a euiuplo 1'ltni. to auy tullrrer
addfeuiaa inc
I'Mnaa hour thU latter to auv one von may
know vtlio ii luaerinfr from Uitte dUeatta aud
oolite. . raitiimuy yours,
Ull, T, V. 11CUT.
OU Williams at . New York.
f l.Mk r.kTta ,ltilM thrM. Tu. itBMuualHl
Spend Your Money
that yoti iVII trti It all Imrlt In tral tolld colli'
fort, by Inratsiif It In one or our
new ilcnt
Evening Star
rainou fur rI Inpr out a vromlcrftdly Strontf,
I'lfuMuit uil Ltilfiirm Unit at a
Small Cost of Fuel.
ifzfSimrjlo in oonstrtiotion. iir1
ly managed, carefully rondo of tho
very dcsi mnicriuiH. niwnva nnn
llrHt-rato draft, and Kuarantoed to
give 8ati8factiou overywhero and
unaer nil circumstances.
solu nv
Ezoolaior MnafaaturinK Company,
CIS Mid 014 N. Slain St. St. Louis, Mo.
and nv
Insurance Agent.
OHIO la 33X7" 13 33,
Over Uathuti & Uhl'i.
N sented.
Fliit-Clrji Companies repre
Insurance Agents,
City National Bank BolUlng, up-stain.
Tho OldnstCotAbllshocl Airencr in South
era llllnol., reproscntine ovor
805 OO ,000.
ST. JOHN'S and
Orcloru for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
promptly attended to.
Kni'To largo consumers nnd all
manufucturors, -wo nro propured
to s-ipply any quantity, by tho
month or year, at uniform ratos.
TT)"Halllilay llro office. No TOOhioI.ciec
tj""!,ll,tiy llro ' haitboat.
O-At llKyiitlaii Mill., or
!IJ-At the Coal Hump, foot of Thlrly-Klglit
Cj-t'o.t Unlet; Humeri 300,
Coal and Wood Yard.
$jS coal ssr
TUIT constantly on hand at Jtoi.' Yiml.
Column clal avunuo, oppeull llixi.i'
uruers promptly nuoi
Coal and wo, id ik-lUmd fiei of charge
Ternu strictly elith, ' "8l7-lo-Cml
Tow-Boat For Sale
'PIIK SubMrlber olen fur sale the Stiwtn
X TowliiK Stnu-VVlia Iioat, Iktt lUmmltt.
wlthengimrt, machluiry, tnkle4, appaftl and
furultur a sh noir IIm at Cairo, HI.
iter Itnrtti II Ui fet. her breadth 'II (Wt, hw
iepthS feet and manures '170 ton. Sh hat 1
boilers 21 foot longandMlnchcadinmsteri Jhlifh
preJiuni uslneivrlth cylinders 17' lachnln
litP'tterandaftxtitokei '1 td puinpt ln
thta in dhunetir and 17 InchM itroke aud all
modem Improvements, and If In every rpct
itauaali, cmi worthy, and In good condition for
oaTltratiem. i'ot ternil "IT'-g TArt0IIi
Ciao, HU,, NoTcmber J, Ifll.' iJS-lMMf.
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Leading Journal of Southern
-v - i ir --
The Bulletin
Wlllbtcadfaidl; oppoie the policies ol tho
Kcpuhllcan party, aud rcluse to be tram
melled by the dictation ol any clique In tho
Democratic organization.
It believes that tho Kcpubllcan party has
fulfilled Its mhslob, and that the Demo
cratic pirty as now o.-gan'zed should be re
stored to power.
Itheltevci the ItadlcU tyranny that has
for fc viral yeats oppressed the South
should he ov( rtlirown acd the people of the
.Southern States permitted to control their
own affairs.
It believes that railroad corporations
ehou'd he prohibited by legislative enact
in tiU from extottliiK and uu(utly dsscrtm
luatlug In their business trantactlons with
the puhllc.
It recoKnlces the equality ot all men bt-
foro the I iw.
It advocates freo eoiuToroo. tarliT lor
revcmio only.
It advocates resumption of spocle pay
ment, and honest pjjiueut or tho puhllo
It advoc.Uw economy in the administra
tion of puhllo bffAka. '
Thu r.ultetin will publish a'd the local news
o Cairo, aad a variety of Commercial, Po
litical, IViuIku nnd (ieucial Nova, and en
deavor to please all. tastes and Interest all
Is a thirty-two column pnp:r, lurntvhed to
subscriber! for the low price of
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