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ASOAt.ON I.OUM1:, NO. 61.
KnlRlit of I'j tlilas, meets every Ft I
daytilKht nl luilf-pixst seirn, in Odd
Fellows' Hall 0 K. Slack,
Chancellor Commander.
itKrivlit'll I (IIIIIV:. NO. 221.
fe Independent Order of Oild-Fel.
loiis. imrtit every 'IhunMlnr lilglit
Commercial avenue, between nlxlh awl HMi-nlli
C1AIU0 lINCAMrMKXT, I O. O. F.. Inrs-ts
An odd-Fellow' Hull on the Unit nnd thlnl
'lueolny In every moutli, nl lialMiuntMtrn
( K. ft LACK 1 (J- 1
ACAtltO LOIXil'.. NO 2.17,A.F
Hold rt'ttllnr foiniminitAtlo
onle Hall, corner Commercial iiyiiiuc
-and Kliihth street, on the second und
fourth .Monday ol t-ucli month
D HANCUETT ...... Manwr.
Third wk of the, t'anny II. Price combination.
Tnendny I'.vuilnir, 10, 178,
Will lie produced the irnut Sensational Drama,
In rile Acts, entitled
the iinni:' hand.
OAl'ITOLA Mls yr II. Pule.
To-morrow nlglil. U-nrfU of I) lUncliett,
hen will IfC pnMliu-rtt DAMON ANI Pi-
AiIiiiIhoIuii -30 nml 73 ccnU.
tCJ-lleserved Keats fan I secured nt Dun.
Ilartmsn's store i-'Mf
A Card.
Owlngto protracted ill l.rillli nml coiiMinu-iit
imblllty lu deiute the, attention t my rrl eslalr
business nrcvitary lo (lie filthlul protection of
the lutcrcits of inv numerous tuitions, I hai e
this day transferred ald bushiest to Mir .1
U I.) nrll mi'l M .1 llnuley, III the belief tint
Hit Interests of my patrons will Iip entirely sare
In tlirlr hands
lliolr KiniH'liii-n newi nil ruin
iiieiihillim from
lUlr character for
lr multitude ami
mp well kmi wn,
aud the olDrlat ioltlon of both of tl.ein Pirjear
ban In Cnnncciioi. wiiii real einiriinuvr mr.,
ktsmiMeiiti nnit title, i a itifflclent pi.irs.titv or
the safely of ull real estate. Intereit cunmilttnl
to them I therefore, without limitation, ak
my ltron to continue their lnilne in the
lMiwr of Mrun l.yndi A llowlry I will
etlloMillieaceiuntorilieoM firm
' HeMtfnlly.
(alro, III . Ktuniary li, IM75
The miierlt:nr, liaie thlt iluy aofiatfl
IheniKlrei III irtiierthii fur the j uri"':
orrini on the real ette umlne, ntcliiu
Jlr t Vlnton, who retire! trom tin1 l)unie-.
From Mr Wlnlnn' patron ffe wouM reiect
Iiilly willclt a rimtlnuatlon of tin Ir buliie.
himI from the public v'enerally any litilni In
our line Wepleilife otirrelte to f illlifull) at
tend to any builne, that may lie Intnl. lul to u.
I.YNl II A ili i.i;v
Cairo III., Feb, 1", 1-7S. OM-tc-tf
Having purrhawt the entire furniltire anJ
IxVen a Irax on thlt rn ictilllri'iit hoti l, I tulle
ailinitteil Mr namtiel l lurner, forinerly of
theohl I reinont ilotw sik! lu'e of the I'aliaer
II jii, Ultra,!, and Mr I y It r It OnUll, f.,r
metW i.f Ihe Itrirte Hi.u-r, llmton, to an inti r--t
In tl.elKliiien, whleli w ill r rnniliif leil un
tier the lame of JOHN II IIICAKK A CO.
Vier one entire block, tiaiine a fionlwr outli
anilia tcf oier'lfet Is a'lmlrabl) lucatl
for theroimnleare of ifiie-lm It th-oronlily built
in the belt maul er. w Hit all llluiltlll llllurule-
mrnt Fiery nVir frm basement to roof, en
rloteia f ur-.mli laer of reinenl. whleli with
other afeufl, n-nlrr It praetie-illy lire
lirituT. Ihe viMillliilloli i perftvt, nij'l
the nlnlt; li Ulnr itHttl with Hip ablitloiiof
new BDt elennt nirnlture at loinirol
ItiC mirr'. table amt other uroimmodatlona
liug the Mine to all Kuet, ill l- mnlnUlne,!
fully up to Ihe hlith Uiiilanlof their prnln-r.-or4,
nml equal to any home In thin or any other
countrv, but the proprietor hic tlrrlilnl to
meet tfir!ulfXrtalion of the i.ubllc In llie'
time of llntiieul ilepreioii liy pra'liuilii?
price at from ti t to M Ui r clay, acronliiij;
10 Hie 1 mi'iii 01 ww iimoih u Mti
Nolirr of Iteiinnnl.
V'.n JlnK the preent More room too imnll
for our Ktowlnj; IiuMbms. I wdl, In the
Utter p.i t cf February, rtrnove to the M'
clou building lotin rly occupied by Elliott
ilU)thoni, where, wlthlhu hierea-cd la--llllct,
I will keep a larjjcr f loik of lloati
iiid slinei than scr helorc. In the mean
.Into, to aold llio expenie it', mot lug and
lo jitejiare for f prlns trade, 1 will oiler my
entire atoct of winter troods at ACTU.M.
josr. Tjii Is iiUbINJ-.bc, und great bar
laliuareolf.ndtntlie fortunaU
4 A. lll.cck,
City Shoe Store.
It'rrih Nuiily.
Mr. 1 Fltgeruld has just received and
!ia on ale at hi .ile room, a largo stock
nf KnglUh ule, porter, Htimeny brandy
in J wine., and liquor, of all kinds, which
tr will dijpone of at reaMilinble rrlcc.
AFint IVbni.vy M, tl.000 reward will
be ulvci. 'or fif y i;o-d p.tyliis day boarden,
it Hie Dul 1 uleo Hotel l 11 week.
I'nr.'iiline rout.
Fr.s from sulphur and other Impurities.
Aftek I'eTruiry" lat, Sl.'WJ reward whl
be glvf n lor illiy g od pa) ln day hoi rderg
at the De'uionko Hotel ft a wctk.
Dully I.imrh.
(leorso l.itlner corncrof Fourteenth and
Vahlni.'ton avenue, will futuUlt he caller,
ery day to his patrotiao. 1 lunch, lie
tweeii the hours of ten and twelve o'clock,
Frcih Milwaukee beer and fragr.int Havana
slgars to hu had at his I r ut ull times.
,ntlre of II aolutlon.
The partnership Ip rtotore existing be-
;woen Chas. II. Newiand and James 1-
ltennle. lias this day been dissolved by
mutual couent, C. II. Newiand eollectlti;
til bills due the ll nil and paying all
Jebtii. .1. H. Nkwla.ni),
J. K. Hk.n.nik.
(Jaiiio, Januaiy 10, 1S75. 1-21
I'ariKllse t'oul.
The best In the State for cooking,
grates, stoves or steam.
Willi to (I.
Fifty to Soventy.the dollars por inonlh.
Agents wantod every where. Tcacbom, la
dies, gents, etc. , etc. No capital or out
lay required, Send 20 cents for postage on
outtit, to D. C, Wklchman,
tl Irvlu Station. Union nunty, Ohio.
Illlnolw Iron mid i'oul Couiiniiy.
F. M, Ward , agent at Cairo for tlio nliovo
company, is furnUhtng coal cf tlio best
quality from their mines at Itaum's Station
at '-bed rock" 11,'urcs, Thoir nut and lump
Coal canint bo beaten by any mine ouUldo
ol I'cnBylvatila, and willbofutnlahed to cit
Uons mtiua half tons or car-load lots on
short notice, and satisfaction asaurcd, 2-10 Ot
Winter' Gallery.
Open Fridays and Saturdays only.
KtirNlnlr's Attorney,
Kiiiron Ilt l.l.KTi.f. l'lmir nntiuiince tliat I m
a candidate for theoniccof (State's Attorney t
the coming tiieclal election In Ik- held on the 16th
lay or February W.M.C. Ml'l.KKY
I'or Mnj or.
KlitTOK HfX : Plente nnnounce. JOHN' U.
PIIII.I.IS nti u candidate fur .Ma)or of Cairo, ut
the ensuing liillliltljmt election
January a, 175 Maiv Citizlns
i o . r.
A rt-jfular incclliiv; nf Cairo Ktiwmtp
tnent No. 1 II llils (TiU'Silfiy) evening, lit
7:.W o'clock. A full atlcmk'ncu rc-qulral.
Vi-ltliiR rHtrlarchs cortllully Invited, liy
onli-r of tlii-C. I'.
' Maitrix M.Mooiu:, S'crlliu.
A useful uonian (iiiirrled prclcrrcd) for
two or three wcikn. Aoi Klrl, about
f urti-cti or tiflten, pcrinancuily. Apply at
Dr. VarJt)fl'iCoUagi;,betwinMm;tteiitli
anil Twentieth itrcet, Waililmston ave-
mi?. 3-ltWt.
AvcouutR tltH! I'iiroiu, DavU t Co.
mutt It paid on or bt-forv Friday, l'cliru
nrylOlli. If not jiald by that lime I will
itibllli names of ilcliiiiinunU and
amounts owing. 1'craoin intt'resltd
tik-aic take notln;. I inoau bii'ltici.
.1. T. Thomas, Alfiiff.
Turner Hoelety Hull.
The Turner society will give a Tan.
Kr.i'iii.elicn Monday evunlng. l't liruaiy
2ind, ( Washington' birthday) tit Mr. .1.
it. I'hlllW Hall.
Also on on the evening of March KUh.
(EaUcr Monday) at .liihu Scheel'a Hall.
All iiieinbers of Hie coeltty and friends
are invited to attend.
.m ltnil i:(ntr I'lrm.
Ill another place in tills Usuc of the llvh
i.K.n.v will lx: found the eanl of Mckis.
I.Tiielt A llowley, who have purchased
tin: real eMate ollice and litialues of (.'ol.
Winston. TIicmj gentlcnvn are well
known lu Alexander county for their In
tegrity and knowledge In legal all'alrs.
and we trtt-t will retain In the future their'
high reputation.
SiiiiiIM'o. f
Some time ago we pttbllOiod an Item in
Tin: Hl'i.u:ti.v Mating that one Mrn. Ma
ron, living lu the upper part of this city,
had Irtii nttarked with the Mitall-pox,
and wu lying at the point of death.
Ye-lerday wo li-.irned that the lady
died and wa burled fometwoweekago,
and that now a daughter, a young girl,
about fourteen year. or age, is confined
10 lier ImsI with the tmc disease, but that
there are lioH'S of her recovery.
Whole Hog or .nnr.
A lively time between twonegros who
indulged too freely in the tp-e of bad
whlnky, wai all thattnuupirwl lodlMurb
the eMianlinitv of the people who dwell
near the corner of Fourteenth and Wal
nut MreeU yesterday. One ncirro was
determined that the other negro Mionld
give him tlieentlrc fldewalk, while negro
No. 2 had made up his mind to do no
sum thing. A good deal of talk followed,
then the larger negro, the one who
wanted the whole of the Mdewnlk, ad
vanced upon his table antagonist and
knocked him off the walk Into the mud
on hU back and that's till there was of It.
I'olirv Court.
VeMcrday morultig, a colored lady
natnetl l'.irolee.lhrbour, made complaint
toolllcer doliu Gladney that he had
tnls-ed from licrwardrobeaualpacjitlress,
ind had reaon to believe that l.oul-a
lltttler, alo colonil, was the party w ho
had purloined It. The oillcer had a war
rant Issued for tlio arret of the ticcu-ed
I.oui-a, arre.iled her, anil took her before
Judge Bird, who, after hearing the tcMi-
monv of several wltucs-cs whom Paro
lee had brought up, held tliedcfcndent to
ball lu the sum of 300 to answer the
charge at the next term of the clreult
court. I.ouUa not being fortunate enough
to pio.-iire the required bail, went to the
county jail, where she will remain until
the time for Iter trial shall have arrived.
She emphatically denies havh g stolen
the dre?; swears that she bought It from
a colored man who Is now In the country
.lanu's c oyne, ,101111 V, est anil .loitn
Campbell, llirce wayward gentlemen,
became drunk anil w ere picked up by the
guardian!- of the city during the Sabbath
day, und placed In llio. keeping ot jailor
McCarthy until yesterday morning, when
they were taken before I lis Honor, Judge
Bird, who lined each one dollar and eoMs,
and were, returned to the calaboose, be
cause they had no money, to serve a
to rut of four days.
For months past, tills place has been
Infested with a gang of thieves, nnd
Mores, cellars and dwellings have been
entered and robbed of whatever might,
perchance, full under the observation of
the thieves, and tho guilty parties, to n
great measure, have- escaped being
brought to Justice. Last Friday, Burger,
tho dry goods man, on Commercial ave
nue, missed from his store u lot of blan
kets, eight in all, and was blind as to
their whereabouts. This fact ho reported
to the authorities, and Deputy Sheiill's
Coin and Shecliau were detailed to work
the matter til). About the same time,
Howie Brothers, pork packers, on Wash
Ington avenue, missed n lot of smoked
hams from their cellar, amounting to
about forty'dollars. This, too, was put
Into the hands of the nbovo named olli
ccrs, who Immediately set to work to fer
ret out tho thieves. From some cause,
the su.nleloiis of the olllcers were
directed to two colored men, both well
known in Ihls city as villlans, named
Charley Williams and Bob Anderson,
who were at oneo arrested and taken bo-
fore Judge Bross, who held them to bail
In the sum of live hundred dollars each,
to answer tho charge nt tlio next term of
tho circuit court. OlllccrSheehaii Informs
us that tlio blankets went recovered Irom
the two partle", nnd that a crock of but
ter which had been stolen by one of them
from the steamer Great ifepublle, while
that boat was lying at the wharf, was al
io recovered, but the hams have not yet
been found, though Williams and Ander
son are known to be the parties who stole
tlicni. Anderson I? one of tliu most des
perate desperadoes in thU county, lie has
already served three terms in the peni
tentiary at Juliet, ami Mauds the best
show in the world of going there once
more at least. Williams Is also wild to be
a bad citizen, having been Implicated lu
several villainous nets.
Ilittli from lriiy.
Ltut 1'riday niht an old iadv named
Sanderson, accompanied by her xon,
daughter-in-law and two grandchildren,
came to tills city on board the steamer
Cherokee, from New Orleans and had
intended to take (lie liljilit train at this
point for St. I.oui. where they reside,
but the old lady belli;; iinilcted with
dropy, felt very much latlgued, and the
son thinking that a little rel would re
fresh her and lit Iter for the remainder of
the Journey, procured room at the Ar
lington hnue, where the old lady was
token. Saturday morning they had pro
posed to re.Mime the trip, but llndlng that
his mother wos no better, the sju con
cluded to remain longer. The old lady
began to hlnk rapidly Saturday ntter
noon, and that nlg.it she died, and was
burled yesterday morning nt liecch (.rove
cemetery. The son and ills family left
on the two o'clock train yesterday after
noon for St. l.ouis.
fuller tlir-
-The Hidden
lu accordance with the exportation of
all, tlie wonderful play of ruder the
G:illght" brought out a very large and
appreciative audience last night. The
pi ty ini' evidently iicrformed according
to the Idea which pervaded the minds of
tlie entire aembly,el-e the many dem
on-trations of approval that were show
ered upon tlie actors would not have
found vent In tbeiiol-y clapping of hand-
and stamping of feet which the audience
so frequently Indulged in. .Mr. Ilnnchctt,
the manager ot the troupe, proxed, lu the
distribution of tlie characters lu tlie play
among ids people, how perfectly lie ttn-der-tands
the ability with whleli each is
endowed, for it seemed that they were
made to llll the places aligned th-lii, o
truly did they enact them.
The aetinir of Ml-s Price was ju?t what
it eer is excellent, being natural, spir
ited and effective. To say that shendded
new link to the chain of fame which
she has Iohl' ere this won, is but weak
praNc. And the soldier mou-engcr,
Snoiky, wa done by Pope inoit nobly.
He 1 one of the few men who hai taken
a strong hold on the theatre-going people,
because of his truthful Impersonation of
whatever character may fall into ids
keeping. That infernal old ra-eal, Byke,
in whom the author has concentrated ev
ery feature of which a villain of tlie
blackest dye is capable, was done by An
derson in llret-cl.iis style. Peacliblos-om
was satisfactorily enacted by Ml-s Ilnn
chctt, as indeed everything is that is cn
trusted to the care of this really deserv
ing youutr Iadv. Voorhecs' Bay Traflonl
irave the Mectators no room for crlti
cism. Bermudas, the sidewalk merchant,
was, as a matter ot course, Iieyond ques
tion. Ikcjiuso Tom Hampton hud that
part of the play in charge. Old Judas,
tlie counselor of Old Byke, was charac
terized by Mrs. Isabella Phillip, to per
fection. To-night we will be favored with the
"Hidden Hand," dramatized from Mrs.
E. D. E. N. SouthworthV great domestic
story of that name, and retaining all the
Incidents and variety to which that Mory
owes it popularity. .Mi--Price appear.
nsArchy, the newsboy, and t'apltola
Black, the heiress; Pope does Black Don
ald; Anderson, Old Hurricane; Hampton,
Wool, and Mls Haneliett, Clara Day.
Thl will Insure the presentation of the
'Hidden Hand" in a maimer that will
bring out all there I in it to Interest and
aniti-e the spectator.
llnverlj'M MlntreN.
Of Hiivcrly'MiiIiiMrcl.s, wliieh organi
zation will vl-lt our city on the 20th hist.,
tlie Chicago Timet says : "A little fun is
relished by the bct of men, and several
hundreds last night ut the Academy were
heartily amused by the performance of
llavcrly'rt MlnMreN. Since their visit here
earlier in the season, the troupe, which
even then was hard to beat, ha been reor
ganized, and several additions have been
made to It. whleli now places It par ex
cellence among the gentlemen of burnt
cork notoriety. UN unnecessary to speak
of those ol the troupe who visited Chicago
then, for their reputation iu their line Is
as laminar as iiouseuoui worus. .nr.
George- Wilson and Mr. Milt G. Barlow,
the end men, are two of the best delinea
tors of the negro character that we have
cverseeti. Tlicircoinlcalitlcs kept tlieau
dlcnco In convulsions ot laughter during
their entire performance. The Welling
brothers nnd Messrs. J. W. Freeth and
Tho. B. Dixon make the very best quar-
tcttooutho stage. Mr. Dixon, In his song
'Yon will never miss the water till the
well runs dry,' was n complete success,
nnd received loud and continued applause
until lie was forced to repeat It. Tin; clog
dancing of Mcssrr-. Primrose and West
could not have been excelled. We think
the management can well ntlbrd to offer,
as It does. S.100 a week to tho man who
can produce two better ones. Mr.JD
L, Morris, the Dutch comedian, a new
Iciituro since the troupe's last visit, was a
decided lilt, and created roars of laughter.
On the whole tills Is tlie best minstrel show
that has ever vMted Chicago. Their sal
lies of wit and puns are most of them en
tirely new, rich, raru ami racy."
CfloltiHK Sloven,
To keep peace In tlio lanilly, buy a
Charter Oak Coal Cooking Stove, with n
small quantity of Paradise coal, and you
will always bo happy. All tho dlilcrent
natt cms both wood nnd coal for sale at
"rock bottom" llgurcs, by C. W. Jlend.
ersou, corner Twelfth street nnd Com
inerciul avenue. 2-10-Itn.
jrni iau ,ieiiniik
The undersigned will opeit
on the first day of March nr.
school. While he will give toj
sonal attention and eir.irti, Ha
and general Instruction will
charge of Mrs. P A. Taylor.
Tlio school will be opened, dally, wli.i
religious services. Tlie religions Instruc
tion will, at nil times, bo based upon tho
tea hlngs ol the Protestant l,plcopal
Tlio courjo of study will embrace all the
common Kngllsh studies, the higher mathe
matics the natural sciences, and also Latin
and (J reek.
Tlio prlaaof tuition, for the term of
IxtcoD weeks, will be only cWht dollars,
I'AYAIILK I.N AtlVANCS'. 1 here Will bo 110
extra ehargesfor any study, unless (iermau
should be required.
Asthlalsa private school, application
foriiilinlfsloii mint bo initio either to Mrs.
Taylor or to the Hector.
The Hector reserves tohiinscf.aod hereby
makes this a condition ol attandacce at the
Pnrlih school, thatany pupil whrrefuscs to
itibmttto the dlrlplinc ofjfhe school,
may becxpa led, if, in tlio Judgmontof the
Ito.'tor. this Is deemed hat
Ci!Altl.K)fA. UlMIKItT,
Hector Cburi of the Itcdcdner.
A Colvtiml It'iniiHe.
The following corresioiideiice fully bx-
plnlus itself:
Caiiio, III., Feb., III. 1875.
David lluurliett, Fmi., Manager I'liuuy 11.
Price (JOniblnnlloii.--
Aiipreciatliig your ellbrt to please our
ritlzens with a proper rendition of the
drama by your excellent company, and
realizing tlie enortnousexpeuse necessary
to carry on a successful theatrical season,
we, the undersigned, would tender you a
coniplimenlnry testimonial, to take place
at as an early date as practicable,
Awaiting an early answer, we remain,
Your respectfully,
W. II. Morris,
Jewett Wilcox,
A. Mever,
W. A. Drips,
C. W. Bradley.
C. IE. Woodward,
,1. II. June,
Paul C.Schuh,
S. S. Foster,
W. Dunning,
S. Kent.
II. I.. Halllday,
Then. Carrlgnn,
Sol. Fnrnbaker,
I.'olit. Smyth,
M. A. Walder,
l.ouis I,. Davis,
D. Hcxford,
and many other.
C'Aino. Iu.., Feb. Kith, 1ST.".
ToMtmra. f. W. Ilunnlnjf, II. I.. Halllday,
C I!. Woodward, II. Meyer, Jewett licov,
and othrra:
fJi:.vri.r,MKx: Your kind note of tlie
loth Inst, has jil-t been handed me.
While thanking you for your generous
offer, I lieg to name Wednesday evening,
the 17th. when the proposed beuctlt shall
take place.
Trusting that tlie above will meet your
views, I remain.
Gratefully yours,
D. IIan'ciiktt.
4,'i'iiernt fleiua.
Mr.. Winston, we are glad to
Is Improving rapidly.
Glllet's Baking Powder the best lu
Use always reliable.
The election fur State's Attorney takes
place to-day.
There were a number of Mound City
people lu town yesterday.
The congregations of the churches of
this cltv were unusually large Sunday,
(Jlllet's Baklntr Powder for sule
Business on tlie levee yeterdny was
mote animated than It has been for sev
eral days.
Bill King, tlie negro who stabbed
Sam Grace to the lieurt at Charleston,
Missouri, a few days ago, i -till at large.
Call for the 'bet Glllet's Baking
Powder for it never dl-appolnts tlio
A wedding, to take place Thursday
night, Is agltulini; the minds of the peo
ple at present.
The city is very quiet most too
quiet for tlie comfort of newspaper la
borers. It is said that tlie concert to be given
by the members of the McthodlM church
choir w ill be a most interesting allalr.
Do not fall to go and see "Hidden
Hand,'' to Im- presented at the Atheucum
Jailor McCarthy Is not overburdened
just at present with tho eare of guests at
his hotel.
Vote IbrMulkcy for Stale's Attorney
to-day. He is worthy the support of
every citizen of Alexander county.
1'ho piping of a blue bird, perched on
a tree near the llnllttin nlllee yesterday
inornIng,'gave warning that Srplng Is near
nt hand.
The now books for the Sunday sihool
library ol the Episcopal church were dis
tributed among the scholars lor the lirst
time last Sunday.
There Is talk of a benellt, to be given
hv tho Fanny B. Price combination to
the Knights of Pythias of this city, some
time during tills week.
The Cairo and St. I.onls coal dump.
now being built on the Hat opposite Hal
llday Brothers' warehouse, U progres.
in-r lluely.
By the ttmo our readers receive the
HiTi.Mvris- this inornlnir. we can assure
them that the Cairo it St. Louis narrow
irau-re railroad will be completed.
Foster it Bcxford's U'ummoth Ice
bouse, situated below tho St. Charles ho
tel, is said to le one of the most complete
structures of tho kind In the tatateol nil
Those persons who luivo the Convent
lu charge are eontldcut that ere many
days have passed by, the small-pox will
have been entirely rooted from within Its
Ttwinnrrow lll'dlt. tlio citizens of
Cairo will tendera complimentary bene
llltto Mr. D ltauchott, on which occasion
tlio nlay will bo "Damon and Pythias."
Tho fashionable barber of tills city
Is Gits litem, who can always bo found at
his shop on Sixth street, between Com
mercial avenue mid Ohio levee. Give- him
a call.
A domestic, dilllrulty in a colored
family, which took place. Sunday night,,
ended lu the husband's getting a head
put on him, and the wife leaving his bed
nnd board forever.
Mrs. Nettlo Coleman lias again gone
for Unit "Heathen Chinee," Wall Lung.
The 2Cth day of thl mouth is the time
set apart a) appropriate, when the Odd
Fellow s of Southern Illinois will bold it
grand celebration on the fair ground at
"Thrown tin the World," now lu re
hearsal by the Price Combination, and one
of the mo't nttraitlve plays now upon the
American stage, will, wo are Informed,
be produced Thursday night.
The "Hidden Hand" will lie put upon
the board liy the I'llce combination to
night. Miss Price will aiime the role of
Capltola; Tom Hamilton will do Wool,
und Anderson, Old Hurricane Go, every
body, and see this great play.
M. B. Harrell, editor of the C'llro
Uaiftie, hits Urn I o Tern haute, Indi
ana, where lie became chock full of Spir
itualism ; but lie Is not selllsh. and tells
Ids subscribers alt about It ill Ids paicr.
Tlie Spiritualist of Terns Haute, In
diana, want the Itev. .Mr. Thayer of this
city to go to that place and take part lu u
debate on Spiritualism, to come oil' In
that city some time dining this or next
To-morrow night another sociable
will lie given by the Liberal Itellglous As
sociation, at their hall. Klenbcrg's string
band will lie preent. and it gay time may
be looked for. Everybody I Invited to be
present and participate lu the evening's
The editor of the Oatflle Is lu favor
of cutting the clerk's salary down to
nine hundred dollars a year, and taking
the fees away from him. lie says lie can
produce a number of men who would
take the olllce at six hundred dollars a
year, and no fees.
i'he subject llrst selected by Mr.
Oberly upon which to base her lecture,
which will take place at the High school
to-night, was : "Six All Girl; What
Shall I Do Willi Them?" But, from
some caii"Q she abandoned tlii. and took
Woman, the wife and the mother, not
the Politician," as her subject.
Tlie election to llll the olllce of State's
Attorney, now vacant, comes oil' to-day.
Mr. William Mnlkey,ol this city, who U
w ell known as one of Cairo's most esti
mable, as well as intelligent and able
young men. is a candidate, and should be
elected. Though lie ha? no opponent iu
tlie Held, yet it may lie well enough for
every voter to turn out and give him hi
The fact of tlie statement lately
published lu the Billi:tix, to the effect
that tlie members of the Presbyterian
church had declined to accept tlie resig
nation of the Itov. Mr. Thayer by a unani
mous vole, very much Incensed one or
two of those opposed to the reverend gen
tleman. They demanded that the state
ment should bu corrected forthwith, lu
justice to those of the congregation who
voted for tlie uece ptnrce ot the rcsigna-
tlon. We have complied with the gen
tlemen's request, and have accordingly
pleased them. Therefore wc are happy,
C'lrnnlliicHk Is Next lo tioilllucsH.
Landlords ol Lotels'nnd hoarding houses
will tlndlt to their adtiltago to call upon
Mr. Cjleman, No 12 .Fourth street, he-
tween Wishlngtou and Commercial nvcti-u-s,
and a-cottiln liertcnns fordolnj hotel
and boarding houu washes by tho week.
Her wholesale prices are extremely
low. For piece work prices arc
as tollow: Slnglo thlrt and col
lar, lOe; per dozen 7.'ic; kocks be; two col
lars, 6c; two handkerchiefs, Be; vests 20c;
mil all gentlemen s wear, ic. per
dozen. Ladles' dresses, 2 to 60c;
skirts 1) to 20c; drawors 10 to 16c; two
pair hose 6c; two collars & to Kc. For la
dles' plain clothes $1 00 per dozen; for la-
lies lino clothes, 51 2.1 per dozen; done
omptly, and promptly delivered. Pa
trouage solicited.
To Asxravute Dyspepsia,
introduce Alcohol into tho stomich, and
thereby rob the dlgjttlve fluid of 1 s solvent
power. Saturate a pleca ot bread and meat
with ginrlo juice, and It will dissolve
lYIs Is digestion. Add to such a mixture
a little alcohol, and it will not h telvo.
I hWillustrates Indigestion, ltuwarc, then,
ye, dyspeptics, ortln itures, laluslons or de
coction ontalning spirituous llquo's,
dbtin all such rum "tonics," and rely solely
on Dr. Walkoi's Vinegar Hitters, the. lines!
herbal luvlgorunt known, and free from tho
llery clirto of Alcohol. 2-lfl dAw-Ilii.
I'or Sule,
iV good horse, lop buggy, harness, satl-
tile, tillil lirlilie, on reasniiainoicuiis.
. . ... ,., . . I...
quire of Dit. II. Vt aiih.vuu.
tiiisllllll Ntoillll I'lttiUK.
Charles 11. Newiand Is prepared to do 1I
kinds of gas and slcam lining, repairing
pumps, driving wells, hell hstiginy, etc.,
Shop on Commercial Avenue, between
Ninth and Tenth streets. isi-1-Ji-iw.
l'Mraillar t'onl,
for grates, steam or
The best
Table and Pocket Cutlery, and lu fact
anything In the Hardware Hue such us
Locks, Hinges, Flics, Nails, Pistols, Caps
and Cartridges can be had cheaper than
tho cheapest by calling at my store, cor
ner Twelfth and Washington avenue.
2-10-ltll C. W. llKSPKItSOX.
Nnlut Clmrlci.
Good shiijli) rooms on tho upper floor at
tho Saint Charles can bo had, wi.lt board,
at the very low rato of $:njicrnionth
New Haluirr.
H. Sclnnctzstorn" announces to his friend,
and lormer patrons th it ho has npenod tho
DKuTA HAKBHV, corner or Niuoieiuun
and Poplar str'elH, where be will bo pleased
lo greet them again, and assures them that
ho can furnish tho hestor iremureau, rous,
etc. Oi5.NUi.Nic Uvk Brush will bo mado a
specialty. Tiy him again. 16-2-12-lm
Lampi'.LastpsI Lauipil
For tho million, nnd the best grade of
Coal Oil, to'be had of C. W. Henderson
corner Twelfth street and commercial
r: coal.
erFcbmary 1st, i 1, 000 reward will
ilvcn for fifty good paying day boarders
at the Delmonlco Hotcl-81 ft week.
Those using bac-burner stoves have
found Just what they want In PARA
Try PA1IADISE COAli forcooklng.
Glllet's Flavoring Extracts the best
iu ue, ami for ale by nearly every gro
Aftkk Fubnnry 1st, $1,000 roward will
be given tor lltty good paying day boarders
at tho Dclnionlco Hotel 4)1 per week.
-All that have tried PARADISE
COAL will use no other.
too Uncekcr la now In full control of
Ihe Washington bakery, and having learn
ed the wants of tho public, Is prepared to
supply on call all demands for French loaf,
Boston, Brown and Uruhnm bread, nnd
everything else ordinarily found la a llrst
clftssbaktry. Ho maintains a full stock ol
confectioneries, and can, as well as any
other dealer In the city, llll all orders In
that line, Cukca baked, frosted or orna
mented on short notice. Spocla laltcntlon
given to the orders of wedding or picnic
parties. 12-tf.
Order PAltADlSE COAL from any
city dealer.
Newly-lllted, Uncly furnished barber
shop by (leorgo Stelnhousc, corner Com
mercial avenue and Blghth street. Years
ol practico have given him a light hand
tint nukes a smooth siu o delightful. All
who try him unco wilt call again. All the
l.t'e dallyjuADors are kept on his tablo for
the bcnrllt'ol hta co-tomors, and thcro Is
no tcd'ous walllngfor turns. If
Try PARADISE COAL, the cheap
est and besL
The attention of the public Is called to the
fa;t that tho City Council, by ordinance,
have directed tho Collector to rcce'.vo only
In payment of tho city portion of the taxes,
legal currency of ths L'nltcd States. City
warrants will therefore no longer be re
ceived Tor any portion ol such tuxes. By
tho provision of Section 1IS7. chapter iw,
Ilunl's revision, the Collector is required
to collect and return all personal taxes by
tho loth of March next. This prnMon
will bo vigorously enforced, and Uxk payers
will take due notice of tho lict.
l!M-t-23-dl0t Collector.
Happy Itrllr-f for Young Men IVom the.
effects of F.rrors nnd Abuses in early life .Mint-
hood restored. Iiiiliment to Marriage re-imm-d.
New mciliod of tnu'iiieiit. New und
rem irknble remedies Hooks and circulars ecnl
free, III n-.tlul enieloixM Ailiirrss, nui.i;i
ASSOCIATION, 4IUN. Ninth utriet, riillwlel
ilila, Pa., an Institution having a high reputa
tion for honorable conduct nml professional
tl;lH. HiO-l-n-d.twJiu
M'ir.u February 1 t.lXW rcwird wl'.l
.10 glvcd for lltty good paying day b .unlets
Utho Uelmonlco Hotel $1 a week.
Caiuo, Iu,., Moniicy Kvkkinr,
February 15. 1875. j
A high north wind has prevailed for
two days past, nnd the cold Is Intense for
the season in this climate. We have had
an extra large share of cold weather, but
it cannot holdout much longer. It Is
thought tlie spring will be an iiiitMi.ilIy
forward one, as we have had our winter
all together, and when It bn-ak it will go
all at once.
Tho river I Mill unlocked to St. Louis,
but Is clear to Memphis and New Orleans.
There is very little chanse in tlie mar
kets since last week, and no change lu
values. Oats are rather quiet, with prices
favoring buyers. Corn rules steady and
linn, with demand and supply
about equal, hay is iu fair supply
and rather Inactive to-day. Prices are
held llrm. Meal Is steady and Hi nt, with
fair demand for choice brands,
Poultry Is scarce and wanted; egg are
more plenty and easier; choice butter 1
wanted, but common Is plenty and quiet.
Criy-Our friends should bear 111 mind
that the prices hero given are usually for
sale Irom llrst hands hi round lols. lu
lllllng orders and for broken lots It Is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
" ,,I-i,T,
I'l.Ul l.
Every thing above SI 50 grade Is lu
good supply and dull. Lower than that,
stocks are light and tho demand steady.
Tito general Icellng of the market Is that
of unvarying dullness. S.des reported
were: 100 barrels X. $1 70; 500 barrels
SH S5 75; 100 barrels city, SI 500 75;
300 barrel. SI 250 00; W0 barrels,
SI 50(ii,fl 00; 500 barrels, SI .'Ofoe'i 75.
Sellers aro Arm but the market is very
quiet nnd well supplied. Pi Ices un
steady and unchanged. Sales noted were :
2 cars choice timothy delivered, $21; 2
ears praliio-dcilvered, $10 ; II ears choice
timothy delhercd, $22; 2 cars choice
mixed delivered, S-0 ; 1 car prime timo
thy delivered, $20; 1 car choice timothy
delivered, S21 25.
Tlio demand Is fair and supply moder
ate; prices rulu stcatiy anil linn, tsaies
were Gears No. 2 white in sacks delivered
70c; 2 cars No. 2 white lu bulk on track
Oe; Vi ears No. 2 mixed lu sacks deliv
ered 70c; !l ears No. 2 mixed In sacks de
livered 75n ; 2 ears No. 2 while lu backs
delivered 77e; I ears No. 2 mixed In sacks
delivered 7 U-; 11 cars No. 2 white in sacks
delivered 70c; :t ears No. 2 mixed in sacks
delivered "00; 2 ears No. 2 while lu bulk
on track ;70c; II cars No. 2 mixed lu 1 11 k
011 track (Wc.
Tho market rules dull but linn at
prices shaded In favor of buyers. Sales
were 2 cars No. 2 white In bulk on I rack
59c: (1 ears No. 2 mixed lu sacks deliv
ered 6'tc; cars No. 2 white lu sacks do
hveieddlc: S cars No. 2 mixed iu bulk
on track 5Sc; 1 car No. 2 black lu sack
70o; 0 cms No. 2 mixed In sack
(OGiAh", I car No. 2 mixed In bulk on
track We; 2 cars No. 2 mixed in sacks de
livered Ole.
The demand continues steady at un-
l chunked pticcs. Receipts are iljrlit and
stocks hnvo no chance to accumulate
Sales were : 200 barrels steam dried de
livered, S3 "0 ; 200 barrels steam dried
delivered, $.'! C5; IW0 barrels steam dried
city, $.1 ":.
Receipts are light and the demand ac
tive. Arrivals are all takttfi at $.10 hv
ton. Sales were : 1 car In sacks deliv
ered, 828; 2 cars lu sacks? delivered, $30.
There Is no change In this staple. Re
ceipts of choice Northern yellow Is too
small for the demand. Southern Illinois
butter Is lu good supply and fair demand.
Sales reported were 200 lbs choice roll,
2l2oc; 500 lbs choice Northern roll, 25c;
15 packages roll and packed, 202Sc; 800
lbs choleeSoutliern Illinois, 2020.
The demand for eggs has fallen olf.
and Increased receipts have a tendency to
weaken the market. e note soles of SOU
dozen, 2fi27e; 500 dozen, 27c; 1000
dozen, 25.
The demand Is active and the market
bare, not enough comes iu to supply the
local trade. Prices rule steady and firm.
Ciuckhns). Sales were 2 coops cliolu
hens $ I; 2 coops choice mixed $.1 76; U
dozen dressed SH fiOfJi,! 25.
Tlie movement lu apples Is very small,
owing to tlie light demand and tho cold
weather. Tlie only sale we have to re
port I 100 barrels at $2 00;i 25.
'There Is nothing of any consequence
doing lu potatoes and there will U little
movement until tliu weather changes,
warm. Prices are quoted nominally $:J0
II 50.
Tho market Is steady and unchanged,
but with little movement. We note sales
of : 5 casks clear ribs sides bacon, 11c; 2
casks clear rib sides bacon, 11c; 100O
pounds dry salt shoulders, 717Jc; 2000
pounds dry salt clear side, lOJfelOJc; 50
pounds ines pork, SI!) 2.'iy 50.
L'orm'li'l D.illy by K Jl Mmrni, romml.Ion
meri'hiuil, s-ivivt.iry of the Ciilro Hoard of
Trad 1.
Flour, iimniling In cnule $1 (v,l() 00
Com, mixisl, suekisl la "to
Corn, white, sacked ... C" TO:
Outa, inKe-l rtotc
llrun, kt ton rjMoiM
Mmt, slcum dried S'l 70
llutler, choke Northern roll 2.V
llntter, choice Southern Illinois ... KUiV:
Kegs, kt dozen n'.'Tc
Chickens, pcrilozcu SI W
Turkeys, ierilozeu -10 l)' I J On
Aiiliw, choice, nr lurirl SJ .Vln.1 i'i
Apple, common, per luinil 0O.' 1'
l'otiituvs, ierbirrel (1:100
Onions, pcrlurrrl SV lu
Iluckwheul Hour il.'s
live flour..... 5 TO
Cluv-e, per pound ly&lTc-
Sherlfl'i S.1I0.
Byilrtucof 1111 l.vecutlon to inc directed by
ihe I lei I. of Un-1 lu-uil Cotlit or Alcviii'ler
County, in Use state or llltnoi,, 111 luvoroi.M
fml It. .-alVonl, imljrmv of Mcvimler II Inln
mid iixidnstJohn II llnmn, I line lciel up
on Ihu followlnc ile-ciiKd prii'rly, In lee
C'ouutv of AleMinileriiml Mule of Illinois, to
wit All the rinht .title and inteiv.t nfsuM .Iiihu
II llniwii lu nnd to tlie Noithwcst inmtir of
tin- Southwest inurtcrnrsiclloiithlvty-oiie (SI),
III T'JAMIslllplUtls n (l."0 Milltll, nnd In r.iiiK
one (I) west of the thud P l , also blocks num
belinloue (1), tun thuo four (I) llM'
; (M,sl (il),eien (T) und right () iu tlielonof
I'nlty In silil eouniy and -late, as the iiroterty
iifsiiid.lohii II llrnwn, which I sli.ill otleral
Public Nile ut tin: sioutn-west iloor ot the C itirt
llou-r, in the I II v of Ciiiro. Ill the County or
Alevimlcr nml Mute or Illinois on the fourth
(llli) il.irof.M.iivh, . . Is7.1, nt the hour of
eleieli n'Vlock, A. M., lor Kisll. to MtlstV suld
Kxi-ctitlotl. AI.KX II IllVl.f,
(slierlflrnf Alexander t'ounty, llljnul
t'ulro, HI- . relnuiry sth, 1ST3.
II ll-wltw.
Nolle- Is hereby given th.it Ihe tn books for
Ihe )e.ir 1-71 luieleeii ,lmfl iu my haiiils,
:iiul Ih it I well brut Ihe l'olhvlnrf unnietl place
nt the time below n't tmih, tir the purpo.eof
rolh-ctln the tae.s ofsahl rur:
Clear Crvel; PiiTlm-t, Cully & Miirchlldon's
tutu, February lsT5.
t,le.ir C'm-k Precinct, U. A. IMinunsou's
tine, February 1, IsTS.
ThrU-s Purlnct, .J. Jl. Uolwlnj'a stotv, Feb-ruuy-JI,
.sj.iuta Fe Piecluct, Win. Inland's store, leb
rnary Is;:,. ,
(!ooe I-liud Piecluct, O. l,reenl's stove,
Felniuiry X, 1ST:,
Dot-'Ioolh Pieclncl, X. Hunsacker'a houie,
February --T, IsI.V
Unltv J'nnliict, llo(1?cs .t Athcrton'is store,
March 1, 1ST.1.
lluleMoixl Precinct, (Jeonje W . fihiyi's stotv,
M.iieh-. IsTS. , ,
Itrlii your last uir's lax receipt, as It l un
safe to trust to the tax books nliniu for descrip
tions nf land.
Caiuo, 111., .limitary !i, ISTS
I5l-l-ll-wld. District Collector
rpiIKIir. it more fun in IhV
.L Chrotnos l'l.l't K than uiiy
lialnteil or in luted story that luis
been Riven in tho public, for yean,
N'eu-r lH-fnrehns lnvn nrconlfl to
any picture or set of pictured, the
popularity these Chioiuo have
uttalnnl Size, six by twenty
Hvo Inches- Price, ten dollars
Address order to
J F ltVDF.lt,
Cleveland, O,
mwm house,
IVntnilly Located, Elegantly Furnislied,
Tho Oommeroinl Hotel of the City.
WIioIcshI and Itclall Dealers In
At Hulen : Wilson', Corner Two)fth St.
and Ohio Lovoe.
WK wllll rim an Ico waenn throughout lh
Seiuion, dellvvrlnK 1'ure lake Ice In any
iirt or the city at the lowet market prlc, ana
will also roruish our frlena outside the city wllh
co by the aiktvor car IibmI, patkeil In eawiiu
or tuivracnt to any distance.

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