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(yplll III 1.1 Mil
Residing .Mnlfn- tin Err.V rime.
JOHN II. OBIJntiY, Editor.
'I'ii.tox moors like a book ol poetry.
"Kvr. nml licr glrlV wrif tin ub.fl of
a lecture by a lady at Cliiciitjo lately.
Tin: CotiiiiictiT (Mn,))iijMM etnilt
iiicitt two or the young turn of I bat vll
l.ifcr, by .iylii,', tliat at a Cape lilniitlcaii
hall they "woriiiotl tbeirway t tlic- heart
f tbe Mr by robti't yullnntry."
l'ntit down, the hern ofllio VU-k-liuri,'
trouble, announces III a oiinl In Hip
Vlckhtirjj papers that be I- now liro
iiuretl to receive tin taxe line lor tin
year 1871. nntl h;ii lilincll' Hit-rill' ami
Tin Collector of Wiuroii eonnty.
Mil. .M.iniioin being nuilou to know
how niucli lm- been paid by tbe -tate for
n'gMrybl.inkfulurhigtlH'pa-t lle year-",
Introduced a resolution Into the I louse
on the liith lnI. ri fUOllng the Auditor
to give the Information. The resolution
wa 'cut to the printing committer.
Tin: State Superbitciidcnt of I'uhllc
Kducnlloii. CaitloAi. of Mll-lppl. In
his report lor the year 1S7I. show a
total expenditure for nilloe rent. ahn le,
etc.. of Sf-lM'iG 77 : and mid to that a
mall Item of SliMUH ." expended thr
printing ll:.nl. etc., which the Ml
ippi paper. claim U a delicate Mt-iil.
NitKTii. of .lncUoiivlllt-, In a letter in;
the Chicago Trihmv di'iK'inici d Logan'
Louisiana .speech hi I omul t. rin-. 'I'he
State Journal. lin iiilt l.tigmtoi tlu-htuhi.
being dflcriniiicd tomakebbii iec-l'iv-Ident
In W(i. ha- rtidicd to th- Setiittor'
dffciie. but l not a champion of great
prowi-s.. North ha the . lmriil on tin-
Tin: (iovcnior o"JVxa a that Im
migration i pouting-Into that ''tale like
a.funerlH'. TJie annual average for the
past three car 1 one hundred thousand
and more a comlu'. Tlio fJovernor sayi,
profoundly, "the .State' great need U
population." and hciih to think Texas
imii iiecrlKi happy until t-heenii proudly
point to one Inhabitant on every -(piaie
mile of her Unitori.
Titnmi i. .I.uit:s. lua .Southern paper,
Ncrt.-i that while the contribution hox
wo lM-ingpj-cd In an Illlnol. church
ifccnty. the ollicmilng diine l moaned
the calamities of the pa't t-nr in the fol
lowing touching ftr.iln: I'livt, that
I'.eechcr-T'ilton hii-iuc: ilicn e.ime 1 1
grjhoipcr;.inj.t,lbe gical Ivniocratic
victories, and. ort ot all. now conies
tbe inert iM'd tax on whM:,viimltnl.ieco."
'Kchieiiiber that Ik who givcth to the
Lord, etc."
' Till: J 'hivngo Trihwi' mivs Speaker
llahiu I a ciuiilitlalc lor (lovernor. If
ho U.hu will bo nominated by the Indc
t ciidciit Reformer, accepted by the Dcni--oerau,
and elected. 'I'be runners are
bis meat" ami tbe Dcinoerjitf aie the
nii-.it of the Farmer. He knows no Mich
word a fall. He I-thcduvll on a plank
road; a hlg tblnir on Ice; chained lighten
ing; old oil; ipiall on toat;thebull boy
with a gla:eye. lTegoes m-c and con
qtien. Wi' iirremler hi adv:ince. U'e
are for him, and are now ready tobel two
to one on him against the tlel 1.
CONOitr.wi.i.v Hooper, w.io died la-t
uepk, sv.is fcsyu Hie Chicago Tim'., one
ot the wealthiest men at the caM. He
was born at .Maiblehcad, Mai--aehii'-ctts,
in lS-OS, received till ae dcinic ctbu-atiou.
and at oncts engaged In mercantile , nr
miiK He wa- elected to the Maa-hu.
-ett houe hi 1S.11, l.-.VJ, and l;5.'l, and of
the Senate in lb)7. He was ebced at
member of tbe Thirty-eighth Congress,
and has ever -liice occupied a seat hi that
body. I.;ot fall be declined a le-noiiilna-tlon,
Intending to retlu ttt private life at
tbe explratloii of bK prt-.-nt term. Ills
nieci-, 31i. Mason, U the dlsoiei .1 wlfeof
tlir late Senator Suiuiier.
'I'm: Superintendent of ihe Souilifrii
Illinois llo.pital for the Inline, located
at Anna, Pnlou count, made to tin
House on the 1Mb iu-t..eosers tin period
from September 'J. Is7.t, to November !!0,
1874, us rci'iured by a letoltitlon of Mr.
Albright. The expense opening tlir
institution was y:) m. The .aillnary
expciiM! account Is fjin.'.vj :,, Th, ex
pense of farm, barn, and garden iniprosc
meats and repairs aggregate ti'M 111.
Tho .iinount collected trom sentrlty of
private patients I,?l(i;t7 Hi. The amount
eollected of county patients i. j..Jl xs.
ine-wiioientimlrol patients in the in-
slltutlon November. 'to. 17I. w:i-- Males
K't, female'. .1 ij total IICI.
Tin: number of bluS introdtmd into
the Ilotue of tb! (jeneral An-emhly lip
to Saturday la?t wa too. 'J luci- bail
tx-en paed. In the rnate - luul
been lutiodueed. and -J.t jiti-rcd. .Mr.
Jones.of Jo Dasit p, Incited lo it bv Mr.
'itllom mid Mr. t oiiuelly.U to blame lor
tbn fesv bills passed hy the Hou-e. He
has done eserything 'in h, power to
blink the whe.1. ( legMatlon. ami ha
uiccecdcil In a orcat iiita-uro. The
SN-altcr Iih- emleasorul. baekul by the
majority, to -upiiies. this gentteman, but
iiasomy pajtially siiewdeil. It Is hew
lined, however, that hi tlnicthe maturity
will get inattci Aell in hand, ami go on
III spins ot .lones.
ciili.au. vi;aki:iis.
lbo.Sc JlfrUter calls thie who will
not applaud the conduct of Hon, K. M.
Ilalneb as Speaker, -collar-w carer.."
Till Is a refreshing epithet to be u-ed by
iheMyufrr, that wear a collar :oii-pki.
ously and proudly on which U tho legend:
, ....... "
iaiiii-, ins uog.1' jiut tiicn we must
iiov mui muit with otirconlcinporarv. It
U an amiable little thing, and If ft has
incite cidihan wlwlom, has no power to
nunc iW mmiaww cilwihc for mischief.
It Is loyal to party, and doe, not hc-ltato
to declare that Its- party can do no
wrong. Speakr Hlnln... giving the ml-
norlty every o)portunlty to denounce the
proceeding, connived with bUpaitlsiim
to change a rule ot the lloit'e. ami the
.vi'scr denounced hhn. speaker Unities
refused to observe tbe rules, took the
lloorand after ileiiouiieln,f hl opponent
pijjgodthcin hy tho previous fiietlon.
The Itrgiitfr applmided bliu. Speaker
ltlahio Is a liadlcal; Sp.-aker Halne I
well, not a ltadleal. and the HtgUtrr I a
'reat Democratic organ. It wear." , col
lar, ami win ii It barked at the wrong-do-Injf
of ltlalne and wnggid Its tall at tbe
i long-doing and eowardlee of llabie it
did li duty nobly.
.Mark Twain ay that "woiklng be
tween meaU" U kllilng him.
The (ueeu liai ollcrcd to make Mrs.
Olail-toiie a IVcre" In her own right.
It U remarked that there I a good
deal of "ton" hi the Tlltou-Moulton-rul-lei
ton all'alr.
Tbe ailnilvlou ot Colorado and New
.Mexico a State l 'ci lou-h talked of In
politletil eiiele.
Honice White, late edilor-ln-elilel of
tbe Chicago Ti-ibuiif, Milled from New
Voik to Knriti Thur-day Iat.
llltiekade runner-' would be very val
uable and .serviceable owing to she
colo-ial 'liow cli III-, that lm'M-de coui
meice. A bill proposing to make ii mar
riage obllpitory thioiigbont the empire.
In- been read a tlr-t time iu the (iermaii
'I'he I're-ldclit of the laii.a Agrl
eiiliund College complain- that not one
graduate of the IiiMltuilou has become a
farmer since b.
I h.y arc going to hits c a grand ball
at the I'lilladelphlaAeadciny ot .Muleon
th -M lust., in aid of the Cenieiuiliil
fund. All the uri-toeratie liroadbiiuii
are going.
What a pity "IN that the loe docn't
aoeutnulate every day ami all the ret of
the M-a-ou in ihe lla-t river, cutting oil'
the communication between lirooklyn
and tberc.-t of the ssorM.
Hen. Hutler I- building three big new
house- In Wa'-hlngton, but then! U one
big Houe in that city from which be w ill
have no income alter March I thank to
the -pler. of the Ks-e.v. dlkttict.
The San l-'raiiei-eo Chi e don't
mviii lo be troubled inueb by thedeatliof
the hiiiMror. Only a few of them ai-
pcar to iimlcrslaud the polllon of an Km
pcror. and they -ay : "No care; nodcr
man all the -unie good."
A Natural liitcriuelatlon. Sunday
schoolteacher: "U'liat do you under-
stand by tillering for rlgbtvou-iiie-sKikey
Hoy (proinptls i: "Practicing hymns In
the morning, teacher, and Siiuday-chool
In tbe afternoon, mid Bible clas In the
There are tltou-amU of per.-oii' who
wi-h to scud away a newspaper, and at
the 'ame (line write a few lines to the re
ceiver. To meet, thN wnnt Postmaster
lewcll U maturing a plan of eonibliiing
the po-tal card with the newspaper -tamped
wrapper, at two cents po-tage.
The t'tlca (N. V.) lU.-ul.l fays. ths
night employes ot the American Kxpres'
Company in that city now wear regula
tion -eveu-.-hootor- strapped about tiicui
o:i the ouUIde ol their coat. An
armed iianl accoiiipaiiic all of the
train me engcrs who have charge of
.1 VomloiiUed .luilirnliire.
About two mothago .Judge MeArtbur.
magistrate of tbe l'lr.t Municipal Court.
New Orleans. inyMcrously di-appcarcd.
The elrcunistances stirrouuillng his unlooked-for
departure into another or per
haps a dlllereut portion of thU world Mt
no clue by which to trace his step,, ami
wince the day he vsas lirsi mi-ed up to
the present time the police have not re
ported any succes.-ful result of their
search. A liulhtin reporter has heen
looking the matter up, and has been re
warded for his diligence by .some (pieer
development.. His Honor, it appear-,
entertained an mirc-liabicd likbiL'fora
good-looking ilam-el of color. They had
never iliagi ecu, nut lor soino reason the
woman becanm c-xceedinglv jealous of the
.ludge, and helng a linn 'believer In the
etllcaey of Voiidou charms and fetish
spells she had rceour-.o to those old
negro queens who makes a trade of this
catering to the superstitions of the Igno
rant. Strange-looking objeut began to
be found about tbe Judge's room. Utile
black cotllns old teeth, hairy shapes, and
other like ornaments of the trade, were
found In his pillow.s and on the svimlow
slll. He thought little of this for a long
time, but the frequent iciictltloii of these
present at la-t had the ile.lrcdcirect.antl
the Judge hee.uiie mo(idy,dc.-pomleiit ai.il
morose. 1'roiu tlio nomiucurenient of
this, whirl i svas about six mouths ugo.up
to the time of his di-apiiearaiiee, Ihe
Judge had become so Mnguiarh bewlhl
ereil by ihe-e tricks that he be
lieved lully that be wa- under
some spell. His health be.-.amc poorer
and bis mind was to a imtieeable de
giwi unsettled. P pun being ipistloiu-d,
the woman stated that the .Indue svas liv
ing and well. You'll see." -aid -he;
he'll come out soon, ami s-ou'll -ee biiu
for yoursell. he U "-tavlng awav so
U his liu-hless, but he , not erav." The
Cre-eont City i ccrlaluly on tho lagged
edge-, lletwecn Governor Kellogg and
i.euciai nneriiian ami the ii.imllitl its
peaie of mind was svofullv up.-et, but
now that Voudoul-ni threatens to iuvudc
tho halls of llicjudlcaturo and. with hor
rid -pens ami incantations vile, depopu
late the bench, tliefiituio does not abound
in pti'pcctsaltogelhi)rlosclv lor Hie In
habitants. Judge MeAitliur should ma
terialize ami explain.
Kraut' i l.ooli lulu tin- i'iiiui,.
(Nesr York bun, II.
liiant -tiltluialo object In all tlii h
plain. He intend! to lie a candidate for
President in 70, ai)d ho purpose to
carry as many State at be can by the ai
pllaucus which he has already iind so
fuecclbllv: and then to secure ilnoliii.
sets of electoral votes hi a sulllcleiit imm
lier of other States where he l bealen at
thepolU. (,
Tor example, sotno Judge Durcll 1-sucs
an order commanding the Senate ami the
Hoii'o to count Hie Hcpublieau volen
jroiu thiulbputcd (stales-anil the num
ber ol !-uch Slate- rum be multiplied
to meet the emergency and not
to count the Opposition voles, HMiro-Iher-ln-law,
Mar-hal Shatp. of tho Dis
trict pt Columbia, willasklortroopttonid
hhn In executing tlieludlclal order. Tliey
will be loithcomhig. and Sheridan will
lead the column up Capitol Hill, and the
Senate and House will obev the order, or
Sheridan will drive tbe.-o banditti" Irom
the hall-lust as Cromwell drove out the
I.oii-' Parliament, ami Houapurto drove
out tbo Five Hundred. Hut this e.mnnt
be, euvi Incredulity; we would not sub
mit to it, sa Stibservleiiey. Ah, hut the
nrcccdeiit s abeady estahfished, and von
bavu biibmlttcd to It and have i.iiplatided
It- and OrJiit H.preclales vour conduct.
He I'enrs llpnelt'N Coiilliifi Tliumler.
Iiolls liosslp Abaiil the Trlwl
IN'evv Yolk U-tter to the Troy I'n'.- 1
Tho Hrooklyn nbomlnatloti will take
book-shape a-soon as th-- ttlal liall be
lini.-iieii, ami Hence will prove it serious
rival lo the $.",00) volume, i'he llrst
uieiilloned book will have a large sale, for
thetrlal has no precedent in America.
The only thing In the svorid's history that
erpials ft l Oeorge the Fourth' prosecu
tion of the inccii for adultery, biioru the
House of Lords, to which reference has
been made. Never before has a witness
stood ten d.ivs' examination mid cros
examination. Moitltou has won admira
tion at least by his coolness and sell-po-M'smoii.
i'ilton also Huts Ikr sit-taius him
self, but the pnblie leel aggrieved at lie'
Injustice ofi.hat riilingwhlcli pcrmttsbhn
to expose a ssoimiu s suaiiie (ami mat
woman Ids svii'e) while her mouth is
clo-ed. Among lawyers the genliisof
F.varls wins inueb adiulratioti. He has
acted on the defense for weeks Willi
wonderlld coolness and tenacity ofimr
posc, and his friend bid us wait until be
brings out the other side of the cac.
How these men keep Up nerve dining
this lirolomrcil light I wonderful. Ills
oxhaiMlng iu the hlgbe-t degree, llcccb-
er. It is now annulled, should naveie
tiilued Ik-aclt at any expense. All who
know the power ol this man exiiecl that
his lusectise on the defendant will be Ihe
ino.teruel thing ever perpetrated In anv
eotui In Ihe woild. 'Ilicreurc buudrcifs
who would give li u dollnrs to hear Heacb
spread hlni'tif. Tbeea-e will conclude
willi an asalanche of aumbliatlng power.
Mi.r.t iiv.i:'- dim so.
It i- -aid tliat lleci ber dread- Hcacli
more than any oilier element hi the case.
He had an Intimation of the tatter's Incl-i-lvo
stvle III a few 11111111106' -iicecli which
thrilled Hie audience like a -n-oke of
lightning. Thin plalnl siigp't thi'lcr
rots which sire in -lore, liench and
Heccheraiv niucli alike in eh.iracier. and
an-almost eipial Iu age, Iu stature mid iu
weight. IIad;ilcach been u. preacher he
would bas e rivaled:! he oratorol'PI month
church iu uieicurlal wit, brilliance of
thought, and originality of expression.
On the other baud, if iteeeber had Iic-uh
lawver, he would have been noted tor
tint er-atilily of language, th.il pictorial
liplay of words ami Idea-, that com
mingling ot law with wit. mi the unit
-rattling denunciation, nod the
llexiblc and lilajc-lie uttcranec which
imuk the tamott-advoeate. As thocae
slaiids It I- one Heceher let looe on an
other. A" a gentleman calmly remarked,
"Sir, Hcccher ba always Hceit lit- own
svort enemy. Ill- free and easy nulplt
style and his general di-pl iv of what I
called Hccclieii-in have continually In
jured hhn. and now be is obliged" not
only to meet their damaging iulluence,
but be Is also lo take the iiiml-hniciit as
it were from hi own -elf. ' A man re
marked: "I would rather have all the
lawyers in America ngidut me than Ut
Hca'cl'." During -ix weeks Hceehcr ha
seen thi-antagonist, liken littgeauaconda.
calmly waiting ihe proper moim-nt
to crush and .-wallow him. For this rea
son It is now apparent that the great
blunder in tile case was the omission on
the part of the detcii"' to retain thi- legal
Jupiter Toiiaus.
Tho newspaper.- complain of the r-
moils expeu-o of setting up ilail) ten column-,
beside keeping reporter- on the
snot. Tho trial, however, u-sist their
circulation, svhieh 1 larger in the aggre
gate by tlO.UOO than before the trial.' It is
now said that at lea't Il'Ki wood engias-llig-ichielly
callcatlire) have been made
on this eae. and more may he exjaeted.
It lew woke joiiriialisi:) Ihe most vividly
iu its lower elements', whieb.liko the buz
aid, have come forth to prey on moral
and rociul corruption. As 1 previous
ly stated, l'l-ts are now ofi'i rediu tin- etty
as to the reiull. ami some have gone -o
far as to tlx the amount ol' damage- nt
$10,000. I should not he -orpri-ed H
such were Ihe case. Juries arc M-ry
strange bodies and tire as likely
to be wrong a- right. If any .!'
the twelse who arc sitting in ilo
t rial can keeji track ot the testimony tl,py
must he remarkable men. It ha alrcad
Jlllcil about '.'00 columns. Iu the mean
time the titilplt Is compelled to keep
silent. Till is tho llr-t trial thai has
ever required uch a sclf-impoed lojunc
tion. 'I'he clergy can not arraign their
iiiifoiiuuatc brother, and at Hie viiiih
time they are unable lo defend him. He
is in Iho'hand of tho law eeular. not
eccleslastlc.il. In ancient lime- uelia
man could plead "benelli of clergy." but
he inut take his chance along with other
litigant. Kven Fulton I compelled to
hush his blatant eulogy. While Hecdier's
clerical friendsare thus reduced to silence.
Hcach Is getting up his thunder.
Illelitirit llrlnsle.s Slicriilnii on .silll
tnr.v lnlerlert lit e.
To Ihe lMltorof Ihe Cutirlvr-.fnurn.il )
Itcatlliitr "Wits ,'ind Iliunoii-t-." inilt-
lUhctl 1S72, aiillior .lolm iimh-. V. S. A..
London, therollowlii" extraet irtun sa-r-idan's
spi-c-ch In Parliament on "l-or the
hctter regulation ol' the police of W'tvt-luliii-ter,"
attractetl uie, and slvldly re
called some ol your late eilllorlal. It
vaeilellveietl on the ."III of .March. 171.
Hay the author: "III chief ohlet-t lie-
lii'' lo exiio.-e the iiiieoiititiitlomil rxer-
ei.-e of the prerogative tliat hail ln--u a
sumcu in empioyiuv: tin- niiiitar.v to sitp
prc.s the Jale iIol-(l7Mii, wil limit within"
lor authority ol'lhe civil power."
Says Sheildan: "ll'this tloi-triuc wu
to he laid down tliat tlie eroun could
j,'io orilctr to Ihe inlliUii's to iiiti rrere,
wlien. where, and lor what lem.-tli of
time it please, then we inijrlit hid I'are
svell to Ireciloni. II' till- was the law,
then we should he reduced lo u oilliiari
government of the scry wor-t -pe. le,, tit
wiileli we should have all the i-sil of a
diiipolle btati: witlioul tlie discipline or
the secitiity. I!ut we are xlseii to imiK'r
Stalldllial we liatl Hie he-t ptntieiliiu
ii(fiiint this evil Iu the virtue, tin- mmler
ation and tlie constitutional prim-iples uf
the hOTcreli'ii. No iiiati upon tin-earth
thought with more ri'i'creiicc than liiiu
self of tho vliiue.s ami moderation of the
Hiveniiju ; lutt tliN was a specicfc ol lib
erty which lie Iriislrd would never til,
crraco an Kiijrlisli noil. The liheriy tliat
rested upon the virtuous inclination of
any one mail was hut suspended di poi
! i u ; the Mvord was not, Indeed, upon
their tieclis.liut It litniir by the small and
brittle tin cad of human will."
How apposlto that epoch In Iht-o
Ihnes! lJojoiisiippo.se that t.eiiernl 1.
Sheridan I a descendant of tlie ojeut
itlchanl Hrlnselyr If so.crrcat Clod ! what
it ileiccnt.
Tilt-Th hil.'l'eroi .llolelilelil.
The events of tlio la-i two weehs liave
deelo)cd a strong feclhiK- In fasor of tin
third term. 31eiuber of (;nii''iess who
havo hitherto heeiioppo-cd tothesclietiie,
who hato Grant, ami who have not ss m
pathled with him nnd tho rlnjr which is
workliiKt'or his ri-inuiiiiiatloii, now hei ,
to eoiicedu Unit a thlrd-terin iiouilmitl i
Is almost inevitable. A leatllii"; Itepui. i
cau tiieiuher of Congress from Pennsyl
vania uy to-nlpht tliat Grant lias tlm
whole llilii hi Ills own hands, and that
he Is evidently determined to play eicry
card In his liuml.
. -
To sell Hit. CHAM: ItlXII'l.s; ,l)r, I..
FOItMAiiO.V FOIt I.Vi:itYIU)l)Y,' hi iitiy
ivninly in the 1'iiltisl MaltM tun: l lunulas ;n.
largul by lln- I'lihllslu-r to Ills uign ll uni.
talus in er 'J,(s) linn dit.lil ivcIm o, nnd Is rullol
10 nil rluMi-4 uinl lOiidilious nf eni-lily. A
wtiudufnl book and u himMhold iivrnsity. Il
iflls at night. liitMtu.1 InUiifHiuiiM eier of.
fried lu lawk cut nit, Sample' fopiej sent by
iimll, post paid, for $'.'. r.xchuiic luriloiy
given. Agents umie lliun iliiuble llit ir liioin-i .
Aililitss, flit. CliAhK'ri hTK.YM I'lll.S'l I.StJ
JIOL'ei:, AN.V .MtllOlt JtH'll tTI-ll-so.vvSni
rjllli: IIL-I.t,i:TI.S I. nilillslnil every mnrnlntr
(vxc(it .MiiikIu) oi the Uullrtla liiilldliiff, cor
ner Wnsliiiigt'in nvi'iiiu-.iuil 't'Wflnii Un i-t
'I'm! Itm.t t iiv Is iiuil In i lly f ulifci Ibirs by
fnltliAtl cir.iirt lit Tntnly-l-ivii (Villa u Witl.,
li:i)iiMe vei Vly HyM.ill, (In a-lrniK-c), $lH-r
niiniuu) l iiDiittis, $Ui t In t e nieiitlis. . i
mo nt li , ti -j.-,.
I'ul.ll'ln-l ncix 'iliurMlny moinlnpiit $1 'IS
K-r iitiitiitii, in vui l.iUl v In adsmicr. 'Ihe iMittngr
on tlie S'kly will ! )itiiall nl this oBlce. so
that mlicrlt i will obtiln It Tor a suit crlpthin
rlceof St ajrat,
t) l I 1. Y .
UihIiipjs Ciuil', nr niiimni tW ol
One sijii.iir, ime litn-rllon, - 1 isi
line iium', tsrn ln-rtloni I .VI
Him s'jiuus-, niio Wfk, '. -Vi
One siiiiuv, two witls, - SSI
One iiiau-, llnw sul.,. I I"'
Out' 'iirc, one inonlli, -1 W
w i: i: i. v .
One jiiuiv, one In,citIon, 1 t
l:i:li snl)ustK.n Inn tile n, ft"
r.t)ne Ini-li lii fiMii.
"Cpl'.i iipilnr nihil tloT.s ieofleriisrior In
tliuvimsil, bnllini to mto ot ehnr;e- mid man
nvr i f -lUlfl.vhi- their liuoor.
Jr3Vellct.s In loent rotunin in-ei lisl tor Hf-
'ten Cents icr line fur inn IntrtlcMi. Ivvinlj
Cinl n line for Imo hiM-ilitni' , I'wiiilj I'lie
On Is a lint-for tlmv insertions, Thiiiy-tin
Cents a line for one week, nnd sritnlt-t lie
Lent a line furni.e inontli,
Communications upon nubjects of kou
erul intorost to the public BOllcltctt.
3.ll trtli-rs lionM U-tuMn-'mt (
JOHN II. OWl-ltl.Y.
' I'lS'i-Mfiit CSiim llillvlin C'nln.jii
CAino, ILL
,- V7
risui - M.-trn
r-iT-r trif: rt.$
I Pianos and Organs,!
Of Worl I wido Rputtttion.
Af'ltliowlisltrt'l l' ull sooil Jlllslrlsiit t lie the
U-sl I'l.ino nuW nude
Ol which we have ml.', over -loo thinn;;
twclie year past, bccoinliis: more ami more
popular every Uaj.
"jilctiiliil tunc, l'owcr ami Durablllii . 1
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A vcrv lino lintrumcnt, aiii)tcd to Instru
mental as well us vocal uiulc.
Am. 'tin: siiovi; am; ofit:m.i on 1
Il isy .Monthly Payment, lit low tiiruri- '
rcKnnlks" ol I 1st Prices.
In srn.it variety, including all the new
mui populir music ol tlio tlni.
Orders from the Coontiv
lU'tiiuriliy lllleil and sent
iiy mall. ,
riM'.vcu luiii'.s. kt .. Ki t . i
Band Instruments of till Kinds
FuiTislif.l to tinier.
Of tliejlt.t nuallty,
Classical Studios anil Exorcises
Of all snides for Pinm. or Voice.
l-l'very ilc'crl.loii of Must-.il Mir
cliutullsu furulhcil louiiki, promptly tint
at price loWtr tlltlll cm r clleied before,
Y!rtNt-v Af.sn or
.vml for Illustrated C'uiuloxuo nnd rrico
1. 1st of thce licaiitllul 'I'oupus.
All Ooods Warranted 8 Itcprcscntod.
Cairo, Illinois.
E7K!xl7ELL & CO.,
' J l)nleM lu
' '
No. G10 North Main Strnot,
13-N. B.CS
"I'luniesllnnnlil.v the heat MlHlnliieil
worn ol I Ho UiiMl In I lie SVorlil."
ll.l.t .STIt ATDI).
NOTK.KH Ol' Till! l'lti:..
Tho ever Inert a. tug cl.riil itlnn ol this
n.vcollcat monthly t-rosun It cintimieil
ailnp Ion to iioptil ir iiestn-s ami ncils. In
drcd, when Wv think Into how lie-ny homes
It peiici rates eveiy inontli, wo must rn
filler It as one ot tlio educators n well as
cut rla-iiors critic pub lc mlml. lorlt at
piipiilsiay li i been w.-ii by no n peal to
lipid lujiidlccs or ilepras oil tastes. Ho-
i II (llot'C,
. 'I'ht chaiact.-r which this .Mocaxlne tios.
,sisc I'oi v irleiy.cnlci prle, artistic wonllh,
mid literary cuhiiro Hint h.ikcpt pace with,
ll It ha mil led I lie Him , sleiiild cniisu it
s-imliu-tors to i eg.i d It w lib luMillnbln com
tl.icoi.ey. It i lo cat-tics llicni to agicat
claim ii on tlio public gratitude. The
JhiifiIue has I on c onil mill not e il nil
Ihe itiyeol It life Hrooklyn Kile.
I'mtacc Iree to subscriber In tlio United
4i Mates.
Harper's Magazine, oae year ...44 W
l W Includes prepayment of U. is. p0t.
agt- by tho puhlMu-iH,
ulHcrlption to Hurpcr's Magalnc,
WtcKly. or Itaar, to mm aJdrcss iur one
yenr, jlo t0 or two of Harper's periton
ei., to ono aJJrcn for one cnr, 97 00;
.listRue (rce.
An extra c py ol either the .Miigalite,
Weekly or P.aztir svill lie utipllud urall-i for
nv ry club o' III c suiocrlhtr nt ft 00 cmii,
Iu one rciniit ii' cj or six enpic t. r (i)W,
without extra copy; po-t igo (rce.
Hack iiumbei can be suppllcil nt any
A compute ft rl Harper's Muuuzlnc,
now cnmiirbliii; lo so'miics. Inn at cloth
biiiillrig, will In- smt by nxuvs, frulidit at
mo expen-e 1 1 purcnascr, lor n s.i pt r
vohiine. Single volume", by m.ill, postpihl,
J;l 00. Cloth ca'c, for blcdli', :S cents,
bv mall, tfittnnld.
tTNcwspapers arc not to copy tlil til
verlUcment without the cxprets onhrr of
Harper V llriMliers.
Ad.lre.s IIAItl'HIt A llHnTIICItS, N. Y.
Ayer's Cathartic PiUs,
For Uie relief
anil t'ure of, nil
tlernnKi'inent In
Uie ntnmBCli, liv
er, unit' tioMi'la.
They nrc a mllil
niiericnt, anil an
ccellriit ptirKn.
sUtc. Helnicimre.
ly vepe table, tliey
ronuin no inct
I enry or rnlneml
Luliutnicr. Jlurh
erlounsleknesf and f-ufferin? Is ireciitJ by
Uiclr timely uno; ami every family ihnulil
have tlicm on hsnd Tor their prutertion &ml
relief, w hen i-tinlrei. I.one experience li.u
prnveil them to be the tarcar.-tUoi'l, ntt
licit of nil tin- rilli uhicli tho innrket
abtinmli. lly their oeeaslOHal use, tlio blood
ii iHirillcil, Hie eorriiitlnns of the s.V!t'm ex
pencil, uljitrnctions rrmnveil, ami the whole
machinery' of life ruatoreil to it healthy activ
ity. Internal organ which become cloricil
anil khugUli are clc.inreil by Ayrr't fill,
anil timulatul into action, limit Incipient
iJIic.kc Is chatiKeil Into healtii, the value of
which chamtc, when lecLoneil on Uie satt
multitudes mho enjoy It, can hanltv be com.
putcil. Their euKar-coatina: riinlei Uiem
plr.ii.int to lake, ami preserve) their virtue
unimpaired for any lenntb of lime, o that
they nru ever freah, anil eifectly reliable.
Altliouich aearchlns, tlicy nre mild, anil oner
nle wiuiuul dliturbance to the coaitituUoa or
tliet or occupation.
Pull dirocUona nre (riven on tho wrapper to
r.irli box, how tout etlnin as a Family Physic,
nnd for the folloirln complaint", which Uuvhj
J'lUit rapidly cure
for Iyprlu or Inrllf esllnn, 1.1st
trMtirtia, l.uiiirnor, anil l.utt if Apr
tier, Diuy ahould bo taken moderately to
aUmulato tho stomach, and restore tta healthy
tone nnd action.
For Utr Complaint ami Its various
bvmptoms, llllluu llcHilMi-br, Nick
Iruilucllf, Juumllcr orf.'rrra Hick
nru, lllllnua Colic nnd lllllnus .
ten, they thouhl be Juitielouilv taken for
each ease, to correct tho diseased action, or
remove the obstructions which cauu it.
For Iiynritirry or lllurrliueu, but one
mild dose U Rencriiliy reiiired.
Fnr lllifumiitlsm, -nnt, Oruvrl,
ulpltutlnn of Ihe llrart, I'ltlu la
h )ltle, llucb, and jLnln. they should
be continuously taken, ns required, to change
thA rlUriSMt action of tha vurn. WlUi iuc.il
hange those oomplaiut tleiappcnr.
For Mronsy and Irislrnl Mnrll
lnir, they thoiild bo tnken in large and fre
quent dosea to produce the effect of a draitio
For Nnpprrsalon. a large tloia ahnuM bo
taken, at it produces tho desired effect by
As a lilmirr I'M, takeone ortwo Villi to
promote digestion, nnd relievo the stomach.
An occasions.! tlose stimulate tho stomach
nnd bowels, restores the appetite, and Invigor
ate the system. Hence it Is often advanta
gooui where no eriou derangement exists.
One who feci tolerably well, oUen finds Umt
a done of theso l'UU makes him feel decid
edly better, from their cleansing and reno
vating effect on tlio digestive apparatus.
rnr.i'AnKK nr
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Practical CheaUti,
l.OWKI.1., .MASS., V. S. A.
roil bal nv all iiKt'ooihT rvTsnrwitEiir.
Ayer's Ague Cure,
For Fevor .nd Ajrue, Intermittent Fe
ver, Chill Fovor, llemlttent Fover,
Dumb Axue. Periodical or IIUIoub Fe
vor. Ac, ana lndoed all tbe offootioo
wbioh arlae (Tom mkluloiu, marali, or
muumatio poiioai.
-r". No one rsmedy U louder
H culled for by the itceeiiltlei
m of tbe Arnertcuu icople than
H . eura and isle cure fur
JLj Feier iirnl Arue, Such
M e nre now enabled lo offer,
w wlUi a perfect rertalnty that
It will eradicate the disease, mid with ariur
anee, founded on proof, that no harm can
ariie from Itt uie In any quantity.
Tliat which protects fioni or pi events thia
tlliorder must bo of Imnisnsu scrrieo In the
eomniunltiea wheie it prt'Talls. I'rtvtnlion
Is better than cure; fur tho patient oseapca the
risK which ho must run In violent attacks of
this baleful distemper. This "Cuui." uxpels
tlio mlaimaUo poison of vri- and A(ue
from the ayateni, and prcreuta tho tlerclop
meut of the disease, If taken on tho first
approach of Ita premonitory aymptoms. A
Kreat aaprriorlty of thia reuwly orer any
other erer dlieorereil for the speedy ami cer
tain ruro of Intermittent Is, that It contains
no Quinine or mlnoralj consequently It pro
duces no quinism or other injurious effects
whatever upon tho constitution. Those cured
by It are left a htalthy ai If they had norer
had the disease,
JTivr anrt Aa;at is not alone th con
noquence of tho mlasraatlc pniion. A great
variety of disorders Arise from Its Irritation,
among which aie Xenrulffla, Rbrumis.
Ism, Bul, Hemstacaic, JlllnslnM,
Xnatbachr, Kuraeka, Cutarrb, Aslh.
nia, PalpllMtloa, Palatal ArTrclInu
aftkei "pleen,Uystrrlra, Pula In Ibtt
Howsli, C'allc, Paraljal, and derange
ment of the Stomach, all of which, when
orlfrinaUna; in thia cams, put on the inter
mlttent type, or become periodical. Thia
"Cuita" expeli the poison from tlio blood,
ami consequently cures them aJl alike. It la
an Invaluable protection to lmmlrranti anil
persons trarellingor temporarily raildlna; in
the malarious districts. If taken occasion
ally or dally while exposed to tho infection,
that will be excreted Rom the system, and
cannot accumulate in sufficient quantity to
ripen into tllieate. Hence It Is ereu moiu
valuablo for protection than cure; and few
svlll over suffer from Intermittent If they
avail themselves of th protection thU rem
cdy affords.
For Liver Complaints, arising from torpidi
ity or the I.lver, it li an excellent remedy,
aUmulstlng the I.lver Into healthy acUvlty,
and producing many truly remarkahto cures,
svhtrc other medicines fall.
i ratPAaro bt
Dr. J. O. AYEK CO., Lowell. Mass.,
PractUnl and Analytical OhtmiHt,
"ljtoit tin' sptetly cure nf Stnihial Wcnltnrss,
J" bust .MiiiiIiihhI nud nil ilisuntun lirnutdit
on bv lnieieton nr im-s Any Druggist
has the linricillinls.
Address, llr K 11 If .TON fc CO ,
Ml-ilAsvlr Cincinnati, Ohio
Yfl. "ilieil rirrrpni.l"iiit' ami unit i- 'nm I'M;;! i I'lr ' I o nn-t .f 1 1 - d ' la '.f wi
li nf pHi'ls lu our lin- 1 . .. i nl.-.. i li it t uuiiiiI ioiiui, Jli-helnc l u tit. Im-I r.
lllltsl l illi it-liable lira- ul ii-.i-'in IjS. p -
74 Ohio I.ovno. I j "ttn-r-O Av..aor8th
Teh Sague
1 -Hy:?
w t b m
Cl...1.l 1... 1 l .1 ... ...
, . 'iiuui'i in- euio ny inc iiar-nv.. . i anncu
V Goods Trade r.Vtfri A.
:: :?:g rv::r c:::
AVo have, replenished our Jol; Printing Oillco with
ninny fonts of new type ami have tivlors out for other
fonts of tho latest popular Btiylo3.i.,Vo.n.ro,:iletcrminecl
to establish the reputation of our offi :e for first-class
work, aiul make our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign citios will bo compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices' Ib.an tiny other of
fice in the country. Mr. Oborlyj admitted to bo ono of
tlio best practical job rintora West- and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing do
partmont, nnd will endejiypr to givo satisfaction to our
ninny patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nntl Retail
j siyji - rw
B i
r i r u
sv.yw -vt
Can Qep
cr rr.t taczji.- vzizir.
Will rinf .Sii,).lr, Ve'. (Hi nci'V fVS Cuitl.

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