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Knlclit of Pythias, mcttury Krl
ilaynlnht nl hulf-put feirn, in Odd-
rli(iw mill r k si. aik,
(. Imncpllor Commander.
,.i ., llitil.Kp I-
kl..... i.... '1 lilirsdiir II ifllt
f?hrVV- , I, ..If .Mi ll. Ill llll'ir llllll (III
I oinm-nhil nveliue, between I-H' ""'I W'lilli
Strt JiiK-ill (JomMAt, N. (!
ruuto i:ni,ampmi:nt, i o. o i, meets
yjln odd.ivllown' Hull on Hie tint ami third
luesdiiy In cicry moiilli, tit linll'.pat scicii
t K mai k, C P
a 1Aiuoi.oiMiK. no m,.r &a;m
Hold u vular communication In Mil
Lyoulc Hall, r.irner Cniiuncri'liil avenue
' 'and Lh(htli Mini, cm I hi second nnd
fouitti .Mumliiy of inch moiitli
NnlH'c r lleniimtl.
Finding the present ".tore room too small
lor our (,'rowlni; btiMnc. I will, In the
latter pat of February, remote to tbc iia
clnii building f 01 in rly ucuiiplc tl by Klllott
.V Haythorii, where, with tlio Increased (a-iltle-,
I will keep ii larger atock ul llooti
iiiil Slioc than cvorbelorc. Ill the moan
.Imc, to aoltl the cxpenrc it', moving and
lo prepare for spring trade, I will offer my
jntlre stock of winter good at mivm.
joht. Tuts li uvmukhs, and great bar
gains lire oflVrcd to tlie fortunate
A. Hl.ACk,
IDI-l-.O-tt - City Shoe Store.
Treili Mupiily.
Mr. 1. Fitzgerald ha Jtiit received mil
has on sale at hi ""ale room a large Mock
if lhigll;h ale, porter, Heimc)' brandy
did wine, nnd lliUort of all Limit, which
In- will (liriiotn of nl reasonable prices.
AlTHl February 1st, tt.OOO reward will
be glvct: 'or flf y good paying ilay bonnier
U the Hel.. uleu Hotel St a week.
ArrKH February l.t, SI ,000 rewanl wl.l
be given lor Mty g oil pa) Ing Jay hoarders
it the Uc'llioiilco Hotel $t a week.
Lamps! Lamps! Lamps!
For the million, mid the- Im; t rado of
Coal Oil, Kbu hail of '. W. Ilcntler-oii,
comer Twelfth street ami coiniiii'rohil
avenue. .'-10-lni.
Fllty to .Sciveiil)-fhu Uollar- per month.
Agent wanted everywhere. Teaehei, la
die, gnt, etc., elc. No caplttl or out
lay required, bend 11 cents for postage on
oiittlt, to 1). C. Wkm'UwaN,
tl Irt in Station. t.'nlon Count), Ohio.
Wlnler'n (iiillery.
Gien Fridays and Saturday only.
Iriinlliifss It Next lo OiiillllH'i
Landlords ol hotel and boarding houcs
will Unit it lo their advantage to call litwin
.Mm. Column, No lit Fourth street, be
tween Wi shlrigtori and Comtm rcUl aven
ue, anil ascertain her terms for doln hole!
ml boi'ding house washes by the week.
Her wholesale price nre extremely
low. For pine work price arc
iii follow: Single shirt and col
lar, 10c: psr dozen Tie; -oeki .V; two col
lar, lr; two haudkcrohlilt, 0c; M-t "JOe;
and all gentlemen' wear, "k. per
dozen. I.idlei' dre'cn, as - to fiOc;
iklrtil0 tJ '-'le; drawer4 10 to Km:; 'two
pair hone f c; two eollarnri to ICe. Kor la
die-' plain clolhei ?1 Ol per dozen; for ladle-Hue
clothe, it "i"i per do.eu; done
IroiiijUly, and inniiitly delhercd. la
trouage rollelted.
.1 -2-10-1 !!.
'ooUlllt Slile.
To k(i') iicaci! ill tho l.iiiil Iv, buy a
( 'barter Oak ( 'oal ( 'ookln Stove, witli a
-in:ill ijuaiitity of I'arailUe co.il.niiil you
will a) way lie liappy. All the iliilen nt
patteni iMitli wood and coal Ibrcalciit
'nx'k bottom" Itgurc. by ('. V. Ileiul
er-on, comer Twelfth -trevt and Coin
mcrclal iivciiuc. '.'-10-1 in.
Sittut Clillrli .
(Jood lugle room on the npfer floor at
the Saint Charles can bo had, with board,
it the very low rale of ?:10 per month
I'arUli Sellout.
The imdur-igiitd will open In this city,
on the Umt day ol ilnrcb next, n l'aiirh
school. While ho will give to It bin per
onat attcutl'in and efl'jrt. the d'-vlpHm-and
general lr.tiuctlwi ulll be In full
eh.iri'eol lr. I A. Taylor.
The -i-hool will be opened, daily, with
religion ten lee. Tho religion lntrue
t lo ii will, at all time., hu ba-ed upon tho
lei' hlng ol the I'rote-tant Kpl-cojul
The couro ol M'ldy will t uihra-e all the
common Kngll-h tuillc. the higher matlit
malic, the natural pcitnccs and al-o Lutlu
and (ircrk.
Tho pries of tuition, for the term of
sixteen week, will ho only eight dolUr.
I'AY.uu.i; in AHVANCK. There will be no
eitra tlinrgcfor any htudy, uii1:m (leimali
t-hotlld be rcipllred.
A thin In a private ieliool, application
forailuil1on mut he nude either to Jlr.
Taylor or to the Itcctor.
The Hector tvttrse tohlmsef.atd hereby
makes till a coiitlttlou ol atlandalicj at the
1'urMi "chool, that any pupil whorefiuc to
tiihmlt to tho diclpliui! of tho i-clnol,
may he expelled, If, in tlio Judgment of tho
Hector, thU ii deemed best.
Clt.lllI.Kn A. (ill.IimCT,
Hector Church of the Hcdeemer.
A itku February Ht, $1,000 reward will
ho glved for fllty good paying day boarders
at the Dclmonlen Hotel $1 a week.
Xw I! nil cry.
II, Schiiictntorirannouncc to hU frleiuU
and former patron tint he baa opened tho
DELTA IIAKKItV, corner of Ninoteenth
and l'oplar tlrecls, where ho will be pleated
to greet them again, and afcitiros them that
ho can furnish the hetof Irceli bread, roll,
etc. (1k.nui.sk ltVK IIiikau will bu inado a
Hpeclalty. Try him again. 15-a-l'Miii
Unlly I.imrli.
Oeorge Iattuer corner of Fourteenth and
Washington iivciiuc, will furnish Itcrealtcr,
vcry day to bin patrous u No, 1 luuch, be
Jwcru tlio bourn often and twelve o'clock,
Fre-li Mllwaukeo beer aud fragrant Havana
:lgars to ho hud at his I r at all time.
II unit) are,
Tnbli' ami I'ocket Cutlery, anil In taut
nuylliliiK Id )liu Harilwnn! line such as
Locks, Illngc. Fili'f, Nulls 1'IstoN, Caps
;uid Carlrldgci-cau lie bail cbeapcr tb;u
tbo cheapest by callliifr at my store, cor
ner Twcinii .and Witsbitigtou avcutic.
2-in-lm ('. V, IlKNPiiniiO.v.
Uit in.
, n N o i .v i: i t; "i h .
I'nr .Mn j nr.
l.lilToli Si ,v I'lni-f nntiouiiie .lOll.V II.
I'llll.l.lS nn n riimllilaie for .Mayor or tulrn, at
lli-i-niiln iniiiiii'linil i lirllon.
Jimiiary I-T5. .Manv CmKsa
or Ni'U llooin
of a .lob I'JlnllUK olllie
nl' ii dally r or tlir loiPIiuinlili of u wwkljf
lf'nlitlif r HMil JOO inure; imi iiki "ll! eji'
rli'iicru liM-nl "Iti'liilr-r " llenl ii fcrenre.
A'liln i., 1. O. bn "J.
Iirnl Wunlhcr Iloiorl.
( Ainu. Ii.i,., Ki'linuii) 21, l-7.'i.
Hah. I I nr.
7 a in
2HH a
Clouil) .
iW.l'il i jr, , .-,
a "ii r ci m
'.' p m,
lllllllfall, Indie
'IIIOMAS .IONi;!f, M-rnt. s
, 1
4'nlrit 'iilmi.
Special nicctluy UiU( Wednesday) uven
Injr, at half iat mivtn o'clock, I'ebruaiy
2ltb, IS'ft. A prompt attendance U ex
pected. Ily orderof the I'n-ldeiit.
It. V. I!ki.m:ii, Secretary.
The widow of the Into William .Martin,
who wa a prominent member ol the or
iler (ifOdil-I'ellowii of thlt city, wa re
cently the n-clplent ofubnndome sum of
money from the Odd-Fellows' HenchVial
I'nrlor 'olnrrt.
The ladles of the l'n-hyterlan ehurcb
are making n very strong effort to have
the parlor concert, which will take plan
at the re-ldeic; of Mayor .Ifdm Wood to
morniw evening, a inot enjoyable and
i.iere-ful event- Among the ladle who
will favor the audience with muli', will
be Mr. Lan-ileii and Mm. W. I'. Jl.illi
day. Thee ladle will, we are told, slug
a number of very cbok; song. Tlie-e
eoiiccrt have grown very popularamoug
the iK'OpIe of this citv, and the spacious
residence of III Honor will no doubt he
crowded on this occasion.
rutMl f.tinrh mill Coiirerl.
Ileiifiier will give n grand concert and
spread a plendld free lunch on Wedue
day night. 1 le w 111 furiil-li to hi viltor
the bt of inti'le anil have every season
able edible on hi table. On tap be will
have the late brewing of the City Brew
ery, which Ucufiier. who Is certainly a
good judge, say i is really excellent a
good as theliocr of Best now on sale as
Milwaukee b-er. He Is sure all expert
beer drinkers will bear him out In this
To-morrow night the n-gular eoelable of
the. Liberal Kellglou A-oe!atlon will
take place. The ball will be tlmiwn
open for the enjoyment of tlio-e who
may feel dipo-cd to attend, and I.Ien
U'rg' .string baud will Im pre.ent to fur
iiih inuIe fur tlio-e who may wl-h to
spend tin- evening In dancing. As this
will lie the principal nuiu-ement reort
lor the young folks of Cairo duHug the
next four weeks to come, the -oclahle
will no doubt be very largely attended.
The ball, though not large, 1 one of the
mo-t plea-ant place In the city for th
monstr.itloiis of thi kind, aud tlio young
folk never fall to have a good time when
once they are within it wall.
'I lie Turners.
On Monday evening, the Turners' So
ciety, which i made up of a iiiiiiiIkt of
our ui(it prominent (iermuu eiti.ens,
wMihig lu some manner to bow that
they had out forgotten that the '.'-.M day
o February was the birthday of the
Father of tbU great country, concluded
to celebrate tlu occasion among them
selve. by congregating at I'hlllls' ball,
which place they have rented for their
meetings, and spending a few hours in
amusement. The hall va comfortably
filled by the member ol the society, and a
few invited guest, whopaed the time In
dancing, a string hand being prc-ent,dee-
laiiiatloii-, recitation-, etc. I he party
lasted until nearly two o'clock, when the
people began to leave, all going to their
homes well pleased.
.MiirrU' Lecture.
Mr. William MoitN' lecture on "Sub
stance and Show," which took place at
the High School last night, was largely
attended. Mr. Morrl having been booked
for an address, as a matter of course the
people looked forward to a rare literary
treat, a he i. considered one of the most
able men on the rostuui of whom Cairo
can boat. There was no disappointment
in .store for them on till occasion, a the
speaker wtis equally up to thoetiiudanlof
excellence which has won forblina namo
a a public speaker wnich would do
honor to many who are much more pre
tention. Ills effort was well written and
equally lift welldeHven'd. and was highly
praised by the entire assembly.
I.etf llriikeu.
A mouth or six weeks ago, we published
an Item hi this paper, regarding an acci
dent op the Cairo .v Si. Louis narrow
g-nuge railroad, in which a mnii named
Michael Hayes bad one ol his legs cut oil'.
Hayes! was brought to this city and
placed in St. Mary's, hospital for tieut
incut, where he Improved very rapidly,
and about u week ago was allowed to
leave that institution. He went back to
Ids boarding house the VIcksliiirg
House where ho remained until Satur
day evening, when bo met with another
accident, which again necessitated his re
moval to tho hospital. He was walking
down a lllgljt ol'stali'sol'llmaboye named
hotel, wftlt bis unwell and caiie, nnd when
half way from the bottom, his cane
jtvjiitcd lu lh hamj, )uy threw hint lieny
Ily tui tlio fopj, breaking his leg Just be
fowj the khije,' 'i jdjlsgi'ttliigon vry well,
considering the circumstance-,
Wlllliun Oakley.
William Oakley, who w n. so fearfully
crushed about tile limbs by being ltm
ovcrbyn freight train on the Cairo &
Vlnecnnc railroad, at Mt. Cariucl, n f.w
ihiyuigo, laltl to belli u v ery danger
otu condition. When be vu biuliglit to
thi cliy lat Siinduy evening. It was
Ibouglit thai If "iilllcleiit care was cxer-el-ei,the
aiupulaliiiii of the right limb,
which wii tlif most Injured, eouhl be
avoided. Hut on Monday night the limb
began to mortify, and now nil hopes of
saving It arc despaired of. The left limb,
nlo, we are told, l very badly lacerated,
part of the left foot being cut oil". The
kiifferlngof the poor boy, occasioned by
the lntene pain which lie has experienced
since il arrival nt home, nre agoiil.lug
to wltnes.s. Sine! .Sunday night be has
Im cii very flighty, and It i feared that be
cannot live.
Iteiniit nl.
The undersigned have; n-tuovfil their
real e-lote olllce tn the Court lloue, In
coue(pienee of which they lire delroll.s
of selling their olllce lurnltiirc, consisting
of I large sale (Hall's), de.k, etc. TIiom
whhlng bargains will do well to (all on
u. Lynch A Howi.ky,
a2llt. Ileal I.etaU; Agents.
Mr. I.oul 1'. Uuller, formerly of
thN city, and nowii prominent lawyer of
.Ioneboro, was in the city yctcrilay.
I'liikertiiu, of the world-famed I'in
kertou Detective ltureau, of Chicago, Is
n the cltT looking for n gentleman
wanted at tin; above named city, where
he lately committed a heavy roblicry.
Mr. Laiisdeii anil Mr. W. I. Halll
day will sing a number of very beautiful
songs at tlio 1'resbyterlaii I'nrlor Con
cert, to be gheit at the rcIdenee of
Mayor .lohn Wood to-morrow evening.
Mr. Herbert Harrell, who has come to
the conclusion that Cairo is no plai-o for
a young man to make a fortune, will
leave till city to-day fortbeSiinny South,
where he will enter a new Held of labor,
and . we hope, make a bushel of money.
Herbert 1 a most deserving young man,
anil will not fall, we trust, to makua suc
cessful voyago through thN life of trials
and tribulation.
llurgcr the Commercial avenue dry gonl
man left yctcrday afternoon 'or New York
city, where he will purchase for his 'pring
trade a lart-e and magnificent stock of dry
gold of f cry description, notion, etc.
llurgcr known what; mr people want in his
line, having been in the tri-lc In this cltr
locg enough to learn Ciclr Uito, aud "III
ii'douhtcdly g .vcrn his purchasis accotd
In.ly. He will not return for several weeks,
It lieing his Intention to prorure the best of
everything, but to the ladles who arc in
need of anylhln; in Uurgar's line of bind
net, wo would say, wait and nee Id new
tock Leforc buy ng cbewhere. 0-!- 4-iit.
(eneritl Hems.
The coiiiinunlciilion of Mr. M. U.
Harrell will apicar to-morrow.
The pay car of the Mi-ls-lppl Cen
tral railroad arrived In the city Monday
I'ollei: biisliie is not very lively.
There was nothing to speak of done lu
the courts yesterday.
The reiilence of Mr. Thomas Hulll-
day, which a lately damaged by fire to
a considerable extent, Is now undergoing
A meeting of the stockholder- of the
Alexander county bank wu.- held on
Monday evening, lor the purpose of elect
ing ollicers, but who the parties were
that were put Into the various portions
we b ive been unable to learn.
Then: wa. a good deal of talk yester
day afternoon, a to what brought Pink
erton, the Chicago detective, to this city.
There'- something up," said one. "You
lct your bottom dollar," said a second.
"Nixy Jim," ald a third, "the main guy
knows w hat' the matter with tlio purps,
vou can bet high."
A II r II II it 1 1 1 .Moslem lliilerlnliiinrul
The following 1 the progninime lor
the parlor concert, to be given by the
ladles of the Pre-hyterlau chun h at the
residence of Mayor .lohn Wood, to-morrow
Duet Instrumental,
ses ,le.le I'hlllls and Lucy WlUon.
Solo I'll Follow Thee,
Miss Kiln Steele.
Solo Instrumental,
Mi.- Lulu Pa ce.
Heading W. F. MeKec.
Solo Song,
Mr. C. liobblu.
Solo The Return,
Mrs. W. P. Wright.
Duet. Holy Father, Guide his Foot
steps Mm. anil Miss I.an-den.
Duet We LovuTlnv, Sweet Night.
Messr. linogeueand I ..Id Steele.
Solo ..Ily-gone Hours,
Mr. W. H. Morrl.
Sob l.:i Prlmavcra.
Mis. .1. M. Landcn.
Iteiidlng Mrs.O. (i. Alvord.
Piano Duet Sonata.
Misses Kate anil Laura Vociim.
Solo Take me back to Switzerland.
Mrs. W. P. Halliday.
Chorus Choir,
Morse Title! .
Last Satunlay;nlght ageiitlemau tunned
John Lynch, ol this city, while stand
ing In front of the Planters' Iloiie, on
Ohio levee, noticed u man pasb by who.se.
lace looked familiar, and, stepping up to
lilm, asked him If U name was not Dan
iel Modgley. The man replied that It
was, ami after talking for a few moments
with Mr. Lynch, passed on. Lynch re
cognl.cd hi Modgley a man who had
been Incarcerated In the. county jail at
Ciolcomla some months ago for burning
a barn, and knowing that he had escaped
on the tlilh lust., made up his mind to
watch lilm and have hlin arrested, Ac
cordingly, he followed his man, who
wenUlrulght lo the livery sUblo ii Mr.
.Parker, whoro ho had left n line, grey
gelding, and mounting lilm, rode out; to
Ulio MIssMppi levee. Lynch Informed
.1 man employed nl the stable ns to who
ami what Modgley wns, and the two
mounted horftcsiiml followed him. Modg
ley, after leading them around for ome
time, wa finally caught near the .. tim
illt church, by Lynch and hi friend, nnd
handed over to Sheriff Irvlu. When llrst
questioned by Sherlll Irvluns to where In
got the horse, be said that he lieloiiged to
Ids father. Oiuiiiotlicrocealou,hc owned
that he b.id stolen hint from a farmer who
lives near Metropolis. The Sherlll lodged
Modgley hi the calabooe, where be re
mained until Monday morning, when he
wa removed to the comity Jail. Lynch
avers that .Modgley I ii ilcierate man.
having been Implicated In the burning of
barns, bouse and .bay stacks, In the vi
cinity of (iolcondii. Modgley, when he
found the Jig wa Up wllh hlin, told
Lynch that It was a damned shame for
hfm (Lynch) to "iIo"hhiitbat wav. "Hut
never mind," ald he, "II ever I get loose
I'll kill you: I'll get even with you In
onie way."
To..l-lil nl , the I'lniilcrV House.
The musical programme ! complete,
and we regret that, at the hint moment, too
late to obtain another, the copy was mis
laid, and we are unable to publish it this
morning. After the concert the grainiest
lunch ever given lu Cairo will be spread
fur the tictic.lt of guest.
Hirllll .Mcclllic'l hereof.
CofNTIt. Cll IMIIlin 1
C.UIto. lu.., Feb. '.'J, Wl.TlIW p.m. i
Present Hi Honor, Mayor Wood, and
Aldermen Halliday.MeKweii. McOaiilcy.
Saiip. Thl-tle.vood, Wright and Val-
(ler. T.
The City Clerk belngabnt, Alderman
Ifalliday was tippolnted City Clerk.
The onliniuice eominltlee submitted
the following ordinance which wa read
a first time by the clerk, I. :
AN OlttllNANCH to rrpul.ile Ihe knilng it
tiosplt.ils or liousr wilhlu Die Ilnill Ol Hie
rllv rr (he roitloii of -r'iinh-vliiK'rimt.i-
L'llllls lllMH;r..
l)h II ol(l).MNKI) by Die eily council of tlir
city of Calm
Sti-rioK I It .hall not lie Unfut for nnr kt
son or irson. asix'i.ition of mtsoii or tvullea
rirxinite, lo ki-tp. u-r or m.iliiliiln. wltliln the
lllnit(if tlicrllyon Hlro. Hlivliousr, liullOlng.
hoiil(l or olli'r plarr for the m rplloii orki-e-Ing
uf I'-rmns lu'in th sm:ill-io varioloid,
oruthrrcouU.'Uiu or Intictlou i1I--j-p, with
out llrt ha liiif otitalnt the written rniUlon
or ronsnt of Hie llonnl of llmltli or llieclly, at
li-rri natter invilHl
skitiiis v. Any iiemon or iwrion. assoela
tlon of lroli. or dikIU enniorate. ili'-irinif to
it, cvnslincl, lw, life or iiialnLiin within
me iniiiu oi nit cut , uny noiir, oiiiioiiiir, Hos
pital, or otlifr ptmfor the irrrptlon orkesplns
of vrson bating the iiu1I-kix, MirioIoM, or
olhrr contanlou or Intertlntt ili-'air lny Uo
o ii I xi n making urlttrn iipilicitlon to, and ob
Uinhij' the writti ii cou-ent of Hie Koanl of
HuilUi, whose duly It shall tie In hII such disc,
to determine nnd tlx In Hie writing. kII"K enn-
r nt or iTiiil'lon, the 1 ration of the hoil.c,
mar lie
i normal, oroinir place, u tne et
Anyisrson, ailntlon ofjT-
-on orbmlj oirjiornle, violating any of the
protisiini oi tin oniiiinio f snail, upon ronvir
tioti thereof, I' diusl In a sum not I- Hiain
tuenly-lltr ilolUir nor uior than one liuudttd
ili. Hum fur inch and vtt-ry offcnic
SLcitox 1. K try bouse, building. liositul,
or oilier pbco, Vc t, n.cil or inilntalntst within
Ihr limits ot the city, contrary to the provhbn
of thin (iplliiince Is ht-irli ilrclnml to lie a nul
minrt; t mid iiiion the con ictlmi of the ownrr,
protirletor, or ireirt-r of tlir humv of h vlolnllon
of Sm'ttun one (I) of tliUunlliinticv. uch house,
biiililin, hoMiitul, or oltif r plwe. may lie sum
nurllv rlo-itf. reinoeil. destroveil or otherw 1-r
aljjti-1, mult r the illiectloii oi' the Ilonnl of
To the Ilononible Mayor and City Cniincll :
Your special coininlttiv, appointed at
the last meeting of the council to confer
with the rutted States and county au
thorities, to arrange lor taking care of
noli ier.on having the -mall-pox, a
must be hereafter cared for at public ex
pense, report a follows:
1st. Uellndthat the L'nitetl States
and county iiitthoritles aro willing to co
operate with the city to the extent :
that after a suitable building i piovldcd,
they will arrange, lu connection with the
I! lard of Health, with sonic proper par
ties for the taking care of patient.
2d. 1 hat in order to control the loca
tion ot hospitals, tor the keeping ol. small
pox and other contagion. illeae, the
committee n-commeud the adoption of
the accompanying (foregoing) ordinance.
ltd. That the city should provide a
suitable building at once for the re ei
tlon of small-pox eases, and the Board of
Health authorized and instructed to have
the present building, owned by tho city,
moved to a proper location and lilted up
with such additions as they may think
necessary, to make said building suitable
ami comfortable.
4th. That the Board of Health should
be authorized and Instructed to arrange.
In connection with the I'nitcil States and
county authorities, with the Sisters of the
Holy Cross, or some uthcr proper per
sons to provide for the taking earo of all
patients that may he sent to such ho,
pltal, and to give to such persons, the uo
of the building, and such bedding, etc,
as the city may now own.
W. P. WitiiiiiT, Chairman.
N. II, Tutsi i.kwoou,
Tiios. W. Haixhuy,
Accompanying said report was the fol
lowing resolution oilcred by Alderman
Iteiolreil, That the Board of Health he
Instructed to carry Into ellcct at once the
recommendation contained in said re
port, ami that the comptroller (or clerk)
bu directed to advertise for proposals for
moving the building referred to, from Its
present location to such place as the
Board of Health may select, and to make
such Improvement "'"I addition ihea-to
as tho Board ot Health may direct.
On motion of Aldcimau Ilallhby said
report was received, and the resolution
accompanying -ame adopted.
Alderman llnlllday moved to suspend
the rules for the purpose ol passing to a
second reading the ordinance entitled,
"An ordlmmco to regulate tlio keeping of
hrispitals or lioiis"S within the limits of
the city for the reception ot persons
having contagious diseases." .Motion
lost by tlie following vote ;
Aye Halliday, McF.wen. S.iup, This
tlu ouri Walder and Wright 0,
Kays Mcfiauley 1
(A two-tlnrils vote of tliu Aldernieu
elect being required toii.ponj tho mien.)
Qu motion of Alderman Halliday, said
voto was reconsidered and tlu motion to
suspend the rules reiiewed with the wunc
reult. Alderman MfOnulcy ierulng to
Petition ol .lelf, Phillips was presented,
representing that he had purchased
u building which was situated on the
rear end of lot u lu block II, and had re
moved the same to lot 10 In .-nine block,
.mil that after having removed said house,
he had Imcii untitled by the city marshal,
that be bail violated the ordinance delln
Ing the lire limits, but Inasmuch a the
chances of lire wen greatly leeiied by
tlu removal of said houe to ahl lot 10,
by reason of the fact that he wits farther
removed from surrotuidliig building ami
that as be wii Innocent of any Intention
to violate any of the ordinances of the
city, he earnestly requests the council
to allow sahl building to remain on said
lot 10.
On motion of Alderman ThlMtuwood,
said petition wa referred to the commit
tee-on fin department with Instructions
to report thereon at next meeting of the
The council, on motion of Alderman
McUaiilcy, adjourned,
Till). W. ll.M.l.tlltT,
City Clerk, ;iro iem.
filllet's Making Powder for alc
Aktkii February 1st, $1,000 reward will
bu fdvin for fifty good paying day boarder
at the Dcluionko Hole! ? I u week.
(illlel's Flavoring Kxtracts the best
lu use, and for ale by nearly every gro
Anp.lt February lit, f 1,000 reward will
bo given lor fllty good paying day hoarders
nt tlio Dclmonlc) Hotel ft per week.
.loo Kocckcr Is now In full control of
the Washington bakery, and having learn'
ed the want. of the public, Is prepared to
fiipp'y on call u'l demand for French loaf,
Boston, Brown and Gr.iliani bread, and
everything the ordinarily lound In a first-
class bak ry. Ho maliittius a full stock ol
confectioneries and can, as well ss any
other dealer in the city, fill all order In
that line. Cake baked, lroted or orna
mented on short notice. Spccl.i lattcntloti
given to the o.'Ocrs ol' wedding or .ionic
partie. !i 12-tr.
Call for tho bcst-(illlets IPiklng
Powder for It never disappoint, the
Newly-attcd, finely furnished barber
hop by (Scorge .Stelnhousc, corner Com
mercial avcutic and Kighth street. Years
ol praefee have given him a light hand
that in ikes a smooth shave delli-htful. All
who try him once will call again. All tho
late dally paper, aro kept on his tiblo for
the benefit ol his costomcrt), and there Is
no teillou waiting for turns. tf
Olllet's' Baking Powder the bel in
uso tdway.s reliable.
llnpp.v Heller Tor Vouiiic .llrn from the
effects of Umil s awl Abuse In tin ly life. Man
hood restored. tiiilliiient.s to Marriage re
moved New iii(ii(l of treatment. Neu ulid
remarkable remedies Hook unit circular sent
free, In st-ilcd envelope Addresi, IIOWAItt)
AsWOCI ATIOS, HON. Ninth ttrcet. lMillaiUl
phlii, l'u , nn Institution IiuvIiik a IiIkIi reputa
tion for boiiomble conduct aud profemilonal
skill. lfa-l-15-d.V.w3iii
I'or Niile.
A good liore, top buggy, harnes, sad
dle, and bridle, on rea-onable terms. F.n
qulreof Dit. II. Waiiiixkii.
Notice to t'oiisltrnres.
Illinois Ckntiial I!. It. Co..
Ociier.il Agent's Olllce,
C.uuo, Feb. 22, IST.'i.
On and after Tuesday, tlie 2;)d, con
signees witl be allowed twenty-tour hours
to unload their ears. A deinurage ol $."
per day will be charged and collected for
each 21 hour-, or part theixof, on all ear
remaining over. .Iamks Joiixsio.v,
2-23-3t General Agent.
To Agiirnvalc II ncNiii,
introduce. Alcohol Into tho stomach, nn 1
thereby rob the digestive lluld of Its solvent
pwer. sj4turatea pleco ot broad and meat
with, gastric juice, ami it will dissolve,
This Is digestion. Add to such a mixture
a lltlc alcohol, ami It will not di solve,
IhNlllustratrs Indigestion. Beware, then,
)e dyspeptics, of tincture, inlmloaior do.
eoctlocs coninlnirg sjiiiittuv.is liquors
:hun all Mich rum "tonic," and rel sulci)
on Dr. Walke.'- Vinegar Bitter, tho tluesl
hcrlial invigorant kiuwii, 1.111I free frtmthe
fiery curie of Alcohol. IMfi-d.tw-lm.
(.'orrecleil Dally by II M teain, coninilnlon
mercliaiit, M-cietury of the Calm Ilonnl ol
Kloiir, ncconlhi!: to s-mdo ti ft0 Oi)
Corn, mixed, shi knl (Tle
Corn, while, sacked (ciTik!
Oat, iiiImsI (atlle
llr.ci, r ton bMil
Meat, steam dried l "0
IlulU-r, choice Noi thtrii roll - sac
llutler, choice southern Illinois :uaiV
Kifrf, per doell M'-'Te
Llilckcn, per do-en - $4 Ki
'lutkeya, -r doieti 10 UHI3 00
AiiIm, choice, per harivl 4i :iif:l la
Apple, common, per harivl tioOji'J "ft
I'oliituN, per banvl ft.3i
Ouioim, wr lianel .V do
lluckwhe.it Hour Wi
ltr Hour f.VTO
Cluvtc, per pound LValTc
V.i7r)MiiiTTii:srr,TTlNi:ii lts7r,7ur, ('"
Tebnmry u. IS7.V
"miom: nuNK
IT I ly IT. IN.
Plll.biirg ' ' '' 7
Cliu'lnniiti II I M; ft
liuUvllle ' o.-t
Hiaux Hie
Nashville 0 3 0 .-1
HI. Iiuls I 1 0-7
Sheriff' Sale,
BY lilticof three tceml eMvuliuiu lo m
illiccleil by tlie clerk of the Circuit
(Joint id AlcMiudir count , lu Hie Mate
of Illinois chic In favor ot Dniili.1 Price,
one In I'm or of I'atilck MockUr and
one hi faor of llciuaiil McMainia, anil nil
a ,uinM lhc( ailouiiil Vlnceutic, Kallrowl ,caim-pn)-
I li.iuilcwnliiii)n Ihel'ollowlngileKPrlbivsl
liropcity, iuthecmiulv of Mi Miiuleraudrttate
of lllitiol. to-wltt tails numbered one l) nud
iwol'.), in iiiock nuniocreii twcio t), una
lul numlHied seven (7) Mini vllit (ifl. iiililiHik
iiiimbereil lenly-tlmv (21), hi Dm t int Addb
Hon In Hieelty nTOilhi, In the enmity of.Utvv
nndi-r mid Slate of llllnoi. u tlie ttruiieilv a
nenty-timv rsi), lu thn tf'it.AdiU-
tlie suld (liilroiiiid Vluct'iinci Hailroadeoiuiiaiiv,
iihlcn I shall oflVr ut ulillc Hide ut (he south.
etiloorof the Court llim-e hi tlie city Qf
( 'iilio, lu the rounly of Alcitiidi'r iuil .S.d of
lllinol, on I h(' 'Jiithilay of Kt'luit.iry, A.-II.
It7.1, nl Hiehoiir of eluM'll o'clock, t, ii, for
cash, to mitiiify said eMs'iillun. ,
ALKX. 11. IltVIN.
RhevhVof AU'Minder coiiutIIII.
Culm. I1U, Keb, 4, 1WJ. al2W3l
ItllitllKNtK No ill Thlttcsnlh slrrst, lie
'.Tfecti WiishliiKton avenue and Wntnut stivcl
OK KICK. North lde of llthtli tn"t lie
twcs'ii Coiuniprcliil and Wn'tiltiKtnn avenue
nK.S)llr.N(.i: Comer Nlntli and Walnut
OKKtt H: Corner "Mil Hivet nnd Ohio l-cvec,
OKKIC'K IIOt'ltH KroiiiRa in. toHin , ninl
iVom 51 lo H p in
German Pliysiciun.
OKKK l: Under' block, (up-suilr), comer
Kllthth stns tiiiid VVahliiKtoii arcntie.
.Kloniey at T.uw.
OKKK II: Ohio la vee, over room furmrrly
iH'cuplisl by first National Hunk,
Attornc.VM ami C'ouiiKoIors
t I.uiv.
OKKICt.- Ohio la-vee, rooms T and S over
lity Nutional Hunk,
William II (,'iccn. )
William II (lillHtt, ( AlltO ILLINOIS.
jtileaKml'k (,U1-I1
trVlK-clal nlteiitlon kIvcii to Ailmlmlty and
Steaiiiliat busliio
Illustrated Catalogues
roK 1875 or
Seeds! Plants! )
Vlmplements, Fertilizers, eta
cambering liSpaecu and containing!, vo
txautfulcolortl plaUt, mailed on receipt
of W cents.
CaUlogne, without pUtea , fre to all.
85 Cortlandt St.,
All kind hnnl and soft,)
Mill and Yard,
Corner Thirty-Fourth Street and
Ohio Lcvoa.
Fashionable Barber
TTvxn. nriEssEn,
Botwoen Washington nnd Commorclal
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Botwoon Waahlnifton ami Commercial
Avenues, adjoiiiiuir llanny'n.
KLKI'S for Hilc Hie I est ltd f, IVik, Jtiitton
Vrnl, laimb, MiUMiiie, ,Vc . mid Is pic
pared In trrie iuinlllc.4 In mi iirreiilnl'le mitiiiiri'
Wholesale, Retail and
Wiloox'H XI loo It,
Corner Foplar anil Elaventh Stroots.
03ffIIiBhcst Cash Prico puid for
noes and Cattlo.
I'o sill III! (IIASK". Uin.ll'LS: Or, IN
KOItMATlOX t'OIt I.VIlltVUOIlY, 111 every
count in Hie I'liUul Mates ninl I aiunlii Lu
larked by llm I'ulilirliir lo I'd luigu It eon
tnliiH iii I'-.M"! household rivl) i, unit I Milled
to nil rhis-et uud condition of i-oclily A
Moiidiilhl Ismk ninl ii houMliohl iictcssll) It
sell nl sijthl diiatcst Indiicemiuts nrr of.
leiial to book ngiiil s-umtilf roiile ent by
iti.1 i I . t puid, lor 2 t,i'lu-c territory
Clicii Aisenl tuoie Ihnii iloiihle tlielr money.
Addle, lilt. ( IIAMl'ti S1KAM rttlNTINrt
IKIl'.slZ, ANN AltltOll MK.ll. i;i-11.20.wJm
Tow-Boat For Sale
Till'. Subeillir lifter for sale the Steum
Tnwliikt Heni-Whecl limit. Ike ll.immitt.
with i limine, miu'hluiTy, tackle, npuiiel and
furulluie ns li mm IUm at Ciilro, 111.
llcrlenKihlill. fe, her bmidtlrJI fist, her
h iitn.i fis t and meamirea '.Tit tons. She his 3
hollrra SI lis t lolifrmid 3.1 Inches iliumcUr, '.' high
prensiileeiiKiiicaitinieyliuderi Uli liicheniii
lliinx ter mill A fei'l ttoki't -j 111 puiiip IJi ill
rhcii in illaineter nnd 1J luetic. Mlokc audull
modem liii)pivciiirnw,iiiiil n la ocry ivjpicl
itiiuurli, ttn vcoilliy, uud In 1,'ood condition lor
luuljulluh. Kur ti I iu-i uiU'ly lo.
S. S, Tavloii.
Ollia, 111,, N'iiltliiWr.1, )7t. (.l.-ir.
rtfn rUaU ullWfc ckvr. Thi iwikl
tilt Itfl El'rri-t 731 tkftJprtf, htm Xvtl
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Leading Journal of Southern
?s,JXls.' "v .1 2
The Bulletin
Will rtc.-iill.i-ll, oHoc the follclei ol the
tli'Iiiilillcsn inrty, ami refiuo to be tram
mclleil by th 2 dictation of any clliiio In tho
Dcmoi.r.tlu .r;-3 ti'zatto.n.
it believes that the UrpuMlcati party h:i
nilttilcil it. nil -Ion. uml that the Demo
cratic party a n.w o tran'zed i-boiilil here
stornl to power.
ItbclicNes the Kttillcnl tyranny that has
fcr several yearn orpree'cil tho South
should be overthrown anil the people of tbe
Southern .States permitted to control their
own a Hair.
It believes that railroad corporations
hou'(l bo prohibited by Ics'atlve enact
nu nt from cxtortlui: ud unjustly discrim
inating In thc'.r business transactions with
the public.
It rceognUcs tho equality ot all men be
fore tho law.
It advocates Irco commerce tariff for
revenue only.
It advocates resumption of -pcclc pay
ment, and honest piytncnt of tbo public
It advocates economy in tho administra
tion ol public fUlatr.
Tho ltulhtln will publish all the It cut ncwn
o Cairo, and a variety of C'ommerchil, To
litical, Kordjjn and General Ncus, and cu
deavor to jilcase all tastes and Interest a I
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Is a thirty-two column paper, lurntihed to
subicrlbtrs for the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'ostage prepaid. It Is the cheapest paper
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