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Knights ol Pythias, meets ciery Frl
lar night nt half-boat etrn, in Odd
fellow' Hull 0 K. SLACK,
Chancellor Commander.
llMau.1, Al.EXANDKIt I.OIHIE, NO 4.
iVtStt Indeptndrnt Order of iIl--oJ-ISPJSf
mt firry Thurfday night
-.Wnnn- ut liair-IUUt MII. in llinr 1.1.1. ..u
Commercial avenue, between nlxlh and luth
lttU, JouwH Uossmas, .V U.
In Odd-Fellow' Hull on Hie flntnnd llilnl
I'uia-day In ry month, nt bulr-iut een
' C K MLAtK, c. r.
a CAIItO LODGE. KO. 237, A .F. & A :M
Hold rcifulnr communication!! In Mu
7Voiilo Hull, corner (.oinmrrcl.il nenne
' null Eighth all ret, on Hie, second anil
font tit Monday of uich iiiuiitll
Ohio Ijdvoo,
Hot. Second and Fourth Strcots,
Wholesale anil lletall Dealer In
Milwaukee Beer,
Berliner Weiss Beer,
Bottled Ale,
Sweet Oidor,
Soltzor and Soda Water, Etc
WAIwiiVi Vrepi tiMty stork on html, iinil
l prepaml'tn furnUh full itiille on Tcry short
miUlf,lirwiilrl ruin.
Isrnd lu youronlrrn. lV2.S-'lm
.otiee of Itciiiotnl.
Finding tbo urecut store room too small
lor our growing buUlnrss. I wdl, In tin;
laltrr pa I of February, n mole to tho !
i loin build ng lo in rly occupied ty Kl'lot
& llaylborii, wbrre, ultlithu IncresseiJ I.i
iilller. I will keep ii larger nock ol Hoot
mil lmc than t ut before. In the moan
.linu, to avoid lliu rxpume o! moving and
lo prepare for rprlng tride, I will offer my
zntlre rtock ol win er good at aOICal
COST Tim In IIUbISKBS. anil great bai
jalni are olfertd to tlie tortuintij
A. lll.ACk,
lOM-SC-tl City Shoe .Storo.
frrli Supply.
31 r. 1'. Fitzgerald ban just received nnd
ha on ante at hi sale room a large Mock
if Rngllsh ale, porter, lIcnnory (randy
snd wines, and liquors or all LInl, wlilcli
Uc will di-pofc of at reasonable price.
Armt February Ut, i I.OOu reward will
be givei. 'or til y go d paying day hoarders
it the Del., tilo.j lloto t a wick.
Arrrii Fobrujry lit. jd.wO reward uid
lc given tor tlfty g od pa)lng day hoarders
t tlie Do'initilco Hotel tl n week.
Lamps! Lamps! Lamps!
For tlio million, ami the best grade of
Coal Oil, to had of C. W. Henderson,
corner Twelfth struct anil coinmcrehd
avenue. 2-10-lin.
Fifty to Soventv-tivu d'dUr per mon'b.
Aaents wanted everywhere. Teachers, la
dies, g-nt, rtc, etc. No capital or out
lay required, iend 1) cents for postige on
outfit, to 1. 0. Wr.i.citMAN,
tl Irvln Station. Union County, Ohio.
Winter' Cnllrry.
Open Friday and Saturdays only.
o Hint Noe lr.
I.Midlordn ol lint-1- mio: boarding 'joum c
will tlnil It to their iidai tige to call upon
Mm. Cilnnin, No 12 Foiirlb Urcet, bc
tuecn Wi abli g on and Comuiercial nven
lli, anil a'cei tulu lier ti ruii lor doln Iiolci
and boa ding houe wanlici by the wee'i.
Her wholi-B.de pi lei are xt'rincly
low 7 ic. per dozen. For piece work pr ce
aru a follow.: Sln e -liiit tnd c I
lar, 10c; prdozenS cj ock Sc; two col
lar, 6c; tWi Imlidkercbleli', Sc; eti VUc;
and ail genllcinen'tf wear, "lie. jier
dozen. I.adiok' drcsi, 23 to We;
aklrt'l) t '.')c; drawwr 10 to I5c; two
pair hose To; to collars 5 lo l' c. For Ij
dlci' plain clothes $1 (XI per dozen; lor la
dle tluu clothrp, ?t 'ii per dozen; done
dromptly, and promptly ilelhcruJ. I'a
tronage Dollcited,
Table and Pocket Cutlery, and In fact
nnviliin in the liarilwari! line .such as
Loek. Hinges, Files Xalis. I'i.-tols, Cups
nnd Cartridges can lie hail clioniier tlian
t lie cheapest tiy uillin ut my nlore, cor
ner Twellth ami VWhinton avenue.
'J-10-lm C. llKXDiniso.v.
Mil lit i'liarlci.
Good hIiibIc room- o i the npcr Unor at
the !:alnt Chatlua can oe bad, wllh board,
at lliu very low rate of $IU per month
I'nrloli Scliool.
The tindcrhlgncd will open tu this city,
on the llmt day or ilareli next, it 1'arWi
school. Wlillo bo will give to it bin per
ronal Httcntliin undelfit the tlNclplln
and geueial lrttniiti n will lie In full
charge ol Mr-. 1' A Taylor.
Thu i.chool will be opened, dally, Willi
religious fcrvlecs. Tho relUloin instruc
tion will, at ult timet, bo based upon tho
tea hlugj ol tbo Frotestaut F.plscopal
Tho tonne oi ftudy will embraeo nil tho
common hnglish Mudlus, tho lilghcr tnaihc
malic, tlm natural tcloncss, and aUo i.ntln
and Greek.
The prln of tuition, for tho term of
alxtien weekH, will bo only cl.'lit ilolWrs,
I'AYAin.n IN aiivanck. There will bo no
oxlra glmrgcftforuny study, inilebs Gciuau
khnuld bo rciptlrcd. .
As 111 i-Is a private scUnol, appllcatl'in
forndinlrfilon mutt be m.do either to Sir.
Taylor or to tho Hector,
The Itoetor reserves tohlmscf,a,d leroby
mak '8 this a condition ol attaiidanca at the
l'nrisli Bcbool, that any pupil whoroluact to
Mibnili to tho dlclolina of tha tchiol,
may bo expo led, if, in tho Judgraont of tho
Jlector, this U d- emod beat.
CitAiti.us A )ii.ni:nr,
ltrdor Uliurch of tbo Itcdecmcr.
15-2-18-2 w.
ArrKti February Ut, 91.000 reward will
h give d for lllty good payln day boarders
st tho Delmonlco Motel ?1 a week.
I'or Hnlf,
A pood liorw, top liujrpy, harness, wd
dlo, nnd bridle, on reaeotiahlo tonus. En
quire of Drt. H. WAitD.snn.
i;iu ulltlitt.
as.mi ir.N''i: n.
I'or Mnyor.
Kiiitoii Sck: l'lfae announrc JOHN H
I'llll, I. IS on ii randliliiif fur Mayor of I alro, at
uieeuauiUK iiiiiniciiiai riccuuii.
January it, ls71. Manv ClllztNl
I.ocnl Writlhcr Itrjiort.
Caiiio, III., 1'tbruary IB, liT.'i.
Uah. I The. I Wind
Vitu Wkatiikr
IG I.t Snow.
Ii Lloixly
a Hear.
7u in
II "
3 120 1 .11 N W
30.1W St' W.
IJ0.1U W W.
2p in
Italnfall .OJlnchea.
THOMAS JONK8, Sergt. S' S., U. S. A.
Mr. Obcrlylcft Cairo on H'ediifMlay
afternoon for Sptlnglleld. lie will re
turn on Sunday or .Monday.
Mr. II. .Meyer, the cxtenlve tobacco
nist of thi city, left ycMenlay morning
via lliu Cairo & Vlncennes railroad, for
The St, Loulj Iteptibllcan of the 2Uh
inct. nay: ".lud'ij IJ. T. Mucur and
O. Ilaytborn of Cairo, 111-., aru at the
l lio I'llll rl'itl er .Urn Wilson.
Tlie funeral of Mrs. Thomas Vilon
look place from their family reIdciice,on
Seventh t-tn-et, letwifn Wa-hlnton ami
Commercial nU'iitit'g, yesterday nfler
noou,at two o'clock. The funerl servi
ces were conducted by the I'ev. .Mr. Wal
lar. Thu remains were conveyed by spe
cial train to the place of burial. A large
iiuiiiImt of friends ami ucpialnlances
were In n'.tciiilance.
All iKTsons liidehted to me will avc
co'to by paying up. on or lieforo March
Ut, ls70. I.ouiis II. -Mvr.ns.
Tin- .Nnrrnn ;nili'
From a letter received lu thl city ycf
tcnlay afternoon from a prominent pen
tleman of Jone.boro, we learn that the
Cairo and St. I.ouU narrow rail
road was not completed at the time the
letter wai written, hut that one of the
head men who have the work of tr.ick-
layhitf lu hand, exprc-'cd It as his opin
ion that they would he able to make the
connection yesterday, there lclnr only
one-half mile of track lo be put down.
Since writing the above, we I-arn that
the la't rail has Im-cii laid, and that the
Cairo A: St. I.ouU narrow gauge railroad
Is now completed. i
Wan Int.
Some one to remove the tlop from the
kitchen of the Arlington Hoti, Xo pay
will be allowed, a thu .slop for feed is
consiileril worth the trouble of removing
it. 2-20-31
I.nw I'arr.
Now is the time for thoc of our cill
zem who contemplate spending the
heated term at Long Ilranch or Saratoga,
to purchase tlekeu fur the trip cheap.
Owing to the competition now oxlting
between the various nillroads running
cast from St. I.ouU, the rate of parage
on the! road- has been reduced to less
than one-half the u-ual fare. Tickets
procured now, over any of the compet
ing roads, aru good at any time, and are
being bought by the hundreds, and even
Ihou-nmN, by men who are of a tpecula
tlvc nature.
In In- Wit rill ill?
1 hereby notify all uroiiB not to work
for P. Howie. He is not reliable he
proinl-es big wage, but will not pay
them on settlement. A Hkktiiam.
I lie I.llx'rnl Iti'Ilglnilt SoWiililo.
I.a-t night tho regular sociable of thu
Liberal liellgiou Association took place
nt their hall om Washington avenue. Thu
hall at an early hour was v.dl filled with
ladle.- and gentlemen of all ages, who
whlled away the hours either In plea-ant
convcr-alion, or in tripping over thu floor
with "flying feet" to tho time of the
sweet mu-lc discoursed by F.l'cnburg's
string band. When once the young of
this city have ta'ted of the enjoyment
which Is afforded them by the managers
of lhi'-e plea-ant events, they look for
ward anxiously for tbo time to nrrive
when they will again be allowed to as
semble under their au-piccs'. Through
endeavors of these gentlemen to furnish
their friends u suitable place where they
can gather and forget for a few hours at
least thu eares of life, they have incurred
an expense which tie proceeds of the o
C'lblos seldom cover, but still they keep
them going, their only recompense being
the knowledge that by so doing they aru
ull'oriling others a good time.
Tlie I. F. 1'.
The debate between Messrs. Jones and
McGee, and their assistants, which took
place ut the I'nlteu States signal service
rooms Wednesday night, was very good,
though It might have been much better
on both sides. Mr. Lawrence Smith,
who was on the programme for an essay,
from some eauu was not present, and
the next proceeding, an oration by Mr.
John Oswald, was called for. Mr. Oswald
took tho tloor, and in a few hut very de
cisive, words proved to tho audience very
clearly the benefits derived from thu
unions now existing among nearly every
da's of working men in tnls country, as
well as in England. A movement was
made at this meeting, to consnlidato tho
F. F. F. Debating nnd Literary Society
with that of tho Young Men's Debating
Club, but whether tho consolidation will
bu eilected, is as yet unknown.
Thu next meeting of the club will take
place on Wednesday night, when tho
question, "Resolved, That Intemperance
produces more misery than war," will bu
discussed, with Mr. John Hacker, assisted
by Mr. William McGec, In the alllrmatlve,
and Louis Shuckers, assisted by Mr. John
Oswald, lu tho negative, llesldo tho de
bate, numerous other literary exercises,
consisting of select reading by Mr. Frank
Van Dorcn, an csay by Mr. IjTimm not
Mr. Slum, of .lorley's wax works nhow,
but Mr. Lumm will go to make up the
evening's proceedings. The club havu
decided to admit the public nt this meet
ing, nnd extend u cordial Invitation lo all
to Iw present. Any person attending the
meetings of tho club, luw the privilege of
giving liw opinion In regard to any ques
tion upon debate. Thu members of the
society do not only give strangers this
privilege, hut would be pleased to have
them give their vlew, as the society ha
been organized for thu purpose of mutual
Entertainment nt Hip l'liintrr'IIouap.
The musical entertainment and lunch,
that was given by Mr. Edmund lluefner,
proprietor of the Planters' House Wed
newlay night, has seldom been equalled by
any similar demonstration Hint has taken
placu lu Cairo for year. At eight o'clock
Elenbtirg's siring band, consisting of
seven of thu finest muaieluns In this city,
entered the hall and began the first part
of the programmu with an overture,
which was followed by a uuinltcr of oilier
nnd beautiful pieces. At half-past ten
o'clock the most luxurious lunch thatha
been partaken offor years by the citizens
of Cairo, consisting of every delicious ar
ticle of food that could be procured, wns
spread before the large audience of guest",
who Were not ut all backward In helping
themselves. As thu host remarked Im1
forc the nll'idr was ndvertl-ed, It was got
ten up regardless of evpene, and wi s
really beyond question a first-class enter
tainment. 'nl Xo. a.
Entron IH'llkti.v: Pleae allow me
once more to make a fuw remark
through your paper. When elected to
the olllce of County Superintendent. I
rclgned my position ns teacher In the
public school from the fact that I was en
tirely Ignorant of the duties pertaining
to the olllce. Having had a year's cxxiil
enceand become familiar with lis dutle.
I accepted a position lu the parish scliool
with the undemanding that mv olllclal
duties should not ho Interfered with. Our
late State Superintendent, Hon. Newton
Iiateinen, in his "Common Scliool Decis
ion"." says: "Many County Superintend
ents ot schools aru engaged in teaching.
There is no legal Impediment to thi
tho two are not Incompatible.'' I will
here say that I never have and I never
shall seek any podtlou by resorting to
sympathy as a subterfuge. Tho only
foundation upon which I seek to stand U
merit, and that alone. Is there not such
a thing us having double interests and
succeeding equally well with both ? if not.
I may lie so presumptuous as lo inaugu
rate a new era, and demonstrate to the
world that a woman can do two things,
nnd do them both well.
Mrs. P. A. Taylou,
County Superintendent.
Caiho, III., February 25th, 1875.
Wedncday evening, about 7 o'clock,
after the employes of the IU'LLEtin olllce
had appeased their appetites, and were
congregated in the compo-lng room dis-cus-Ing
national politics, two of these gen-tU-meu-
one hailing from Hrownsville,
Tenn., thu other from Zanesvllle, Ohio
became heated over the subject, and one
wrathful word followed another, until
thu Ohioan blandly informed thuTcuuus
seoau that "he was a d d liar." The
gentleman from Tennessee, being natur
ally hot-blooded, replle 1 : "I am a gentle
man, by G il. and will not take any
such insolence from you," and accord
ingly he went for Ids antagonist. It 1
hardly necesary to state that these repre
sentatives of two great States made
things lively for a few moments, and in.
their endeavors to "pie" each other's
forms, almost succeeded in accomplishing
as much for those of thu Uullktin.
Hut thu Ohioan, being well
up lu the art of handling
thu mittens, much to the ilgut of the
Southron, who has been taught to settle
all diltbreiiccs with the pltol as all
Southern gentlemen do was about to
place hi antagonist hors de cennhat, whi u
the lm-luess manager. who had been In n
adjoining room rehearsing Shuke.-peaie
Othello, and who had been dUturlied by
the fracas, suddenly made hlsapioaranc.'
on the scene, and seizing the combatant.'.,
and holding them at arm's length, ex
claimed : "Why, how now! ho! from
whence ariseth this? Are we turned
Turk; and to ourselves do that which
heaven has forbid thu Odontites? For
Christian f hame, put by this barbrous
brawl, lie that stirs next to carve for
Ills own rage holds his soul light; he dies
upon his motion." The guilty parlies
stand with bended heads, a blush o'er
spreading their manly faces; silence reigns
supreme. Thu hu-luess manager, al
ter reprimanding them for their tolly, re
tires, nnd the curtain drops.
General Items.
nil! Ciillbnl claimed to bo invlno'
bleat seven-lip in a liehnont saloon the
other night, and a drunken negro accept
ing the challenge, Hill shot his nose oil'
Tlie bar-keeper objected to tlie noise nnd
Hill killed him, having first received a
shot from the bar-keeper's pistol In his
right arm,
Reports received ut tho rooms of tlie
state agricultural board at Springfield,
although not from all the counties of
Southern Illinois, show that the wheat
crop has been Injured lu this section by the
cold, dry weather, without snow. The
reports from tho fruitgrowing counties
are to tho efl'ect that tho peaches nnd
grapes aro as yet safe, and tho buds prom
ise a full and abundant crop,
During tho past five days,
several transactions have taken place In
this city, which, if wc wero allowed to
lay before our readers, would mako very
interesting local articles. Hut. in com
pllnuco with tlie request of tho parties in
terested, who seem to think that the pub
llcatlou of tho said items might havu n
tendency toward putting a damper upon
a trick that lliey aro now enacting, we
aro compelled to remain quiet lu regard
to tho matter, for a time, at least, w ith
tho hopo that before many days have
pn.ssed by, wo will bo permitted to lay
the matter before our waders In full.
Mayor Wooil'n Itrolitrnrn CrntulHl
With n Ilrllpliletl Auillenrr.
Who Th Prfonars Were, and What tbt
.1 tlrllllnut
The Concert Prosouncsd a Brilliant Success
For some time past, thu Indies connect
ed with tho Prysbytcrlau church of this
city have been kept busy making tho nc
C'ary preparations for a mutlcal enter
1 1 nmcnt, in theshape of a parlor concert.
This kind of home amusements are not
what we might call a novelty to our peo
ple. In fact they may be said to bu
common with them, but to one who Is a
stranger In Cairo, provided he would
have observed the Interest manifested by
them lat evening, would have surely
come to the conclusion that parlor concerts
lu this section of the country were a
The ladles who engineered this alf.dr
deserve the greatest credit for their untir
ing enrrgy and determination to make It
i complete nieces, which they certainly
accomplished to the satisfaction of every
nan, woman ami child In the large audi
ence who u'sembled to listen to the Miperb
instrumental and vocal performance, and
ilso the flue literary exercises of the la
dies and gentlemen w ho took part lu the
evening's proceedings.
At nn early hour the residence
of ills Honor, Mayor John Wood, was
.illie'wlth WwtUU of our city, who were
eager for the entertainment to commence,
knowing full well that they wen; to bo
thu recipients of a mulcal treat such as
is not often their privilege to enjoy. To
ay that thecntiroaudlcnce was delighted
even beyond expectation, Is needless.
Thu tlr-t part of thu entertainment was
opeii'.'d with an Instrumental duct, by
.Misses Jessie Phlllls ami Lucie Wilson.
The effort on the part of thu young ladles j
was very satisfactory to the hearers, who
mowed tneir appreciation or It ny ap
plauding the performers.
Heing alllieted with a severe cold, Mis j
Ella Steele, who was upon the
programmu to favor thu audience with a
vocal rolo, entitled "I'll Follow Thee,"
did not slug the piece, but performed in
its stead a beautiful instrumental solo
called "Somuambula."
Miss Lulu Pace then took her placu at
the piano, and perform ;d a beautiful and
dilllcult instrumental solo, which was
very deservedly complimented.
Then came tne select reading of .Mr.
Widter Mclvee. This gentleman Is well
known among the literary people of this
city as a very well read and Intelligent
man; his selection was very excellent,
and the execution was fine.
Mr.C. Hobbins was the next to take
his seat at the Instrument. He sang a
song much to his credit, and retired amid
"The Return," a solo, was then sung
by Mr. Wright, who was, as she always
Is. heartily praised when shu had con
A duet, entitled, "Holy Father, Guide
his Footsteps," was then performed bv
Mrs. and Mis Landen, who rendered it
to tin; satisfaction and delight of all. The
compliments showered upon these ladles
would, If wu were to put them in print,
till two columns of thispaiMT.
Tills concluded tlie llrst part of the
The second part was to have been
opened with a vocal duct by .Misses Imo
geuuaud lzzlo Steele, but the former lady
being unable to bupre-ent, tlie latter per
formed a solo called "Watchman," which
was excellent.
"Hy-gone Hours." a vocal solo, was
then sung by Mr. W. II. Morris, lu line
Mrs. Lansdeu's solo, "La Prlmavera,"
was the next event, and that lady fairly
charmed the listeners by her superb ren
dition of it.
A select reading by Mrs. G. G. Alvord
was next, and in keeping with every ellbrt
of the kind which that lady undertakes,
was very excellently done.
"Sonata" a piano duet, by the Misses
Kate and Laura Yoenm, was very beauti
ful and well performed.
Mrs. W. P. Halllday then sang a very
beautiful solo entitled, "Taku me Hack to
Switzerland," nod received the applause
of the entire assembly.
The choir thn took their places around
the piano am) sang a beautiful elioni.
which elo-eil one ofthe most brilliant
musical entertainments that has taken
place lu this city for years.
Ilu rKcr.
Hunrcr tho Comimrcl.il. verue dry goods
man Irityi sterday alteniooii or Saw York
city, where ho will ptirchuo lor his pr.nt;
trade a largo ami in ignlllcc t stuck of dry
odsof vory description, n ulon. e'e,
Utirgcr knows what; mr people w mt In Ills
line, amg bcn lu tliu tr.i-te In this city
lorg enough to lo.irn mlrta-te., and will
u doubloUly govern hN iiurihcs nccoid
In iy. Ilo will not return lor several weeks,
it being his intention lo procure. tli best ot
everything, but to thu ladles who are iu
need ofunyililn,' In 1 urger's lino of Liul
lien, wo would sy, wall and sec bis new
Hock t efore buy ng eUeivhorc, U-i- 4-0t.
Port l ist.
Steamer Jas. Flsk, Paducah.
' Arkansas Helle, Evansvllle.
" Future City, X. 0.
" Alice, Ohio River.
Steamer Jas. Flsk, Paducah.
" Arkansas Helle, EvansvllU',
" Allcu Hrown, X. O.
Painter Xo. 2, Ohio River.
Tho Ohio rlvrr fell two and one-half
Inches yesterday.
Waii Dm-AiirMKnr, llivitu llra-oicr, (
February 13 lh"j. i
rr ik. ft, im,
I'lllalmrtt 1 1 ii
Cincinnati 17 7 1 I
LuilUvllle 7 0 XI II
Nu4livllle SI 0 xll
St. Loiiln 7 7 xl
aoncrnl mid Count AenM Wmited.
An established Life Inurance Com-
pany of New York, Is desirous of obtiln-
! lug General, County nnd Load Agents,
.u southern Illinois and Southern Indi
ana. Those who are already In the business
may find this a more profitable connec
tion; while to new livk mk.v this may
prove a flno opening.
The Company In question is one of
good repute nnd undoubted strength and
Solvency, and desires only Agents who
will make contracts based upon lllieral
commissions and renewals.
Address full name, residence, details of
experience, If any, and references.
P. 0. Hox 300.-1, Nr.w Yomc City.
Cairo, 111., TinmsoAT Evening.
February 25, 187C.
The weather shows pretty conclusive
evidence that Spring has come to stay,
lliu wind changed to tho North, last
night, and the ground froze quite hard.
I his morning opened with a thick driv
ing snow and signs of more Winter, but
before noon t'.e sky became clear, the
snow disappeared, nnd the day closed
clear, warm nnd plcaant.
The market rules steady nnd unchanged
hi thu leading line. Hay is in excellent
demand and the market, not being over
stocked, prices are steadily firm with an
upward tendency In strictly choice.
Prices on oats nnd corn are well sus
tained. Tlie Inquiry being moderately
active on both and no supplies hi market.
Tiiere I a fair Inquiry for low grade
flour, hut everything cl-o U quiet and
dull. .Meal Is llrm at S3 05 for steam
dried. Fresh meal Is plenty and none
Hutter, egg and poultry are quiet and
plenty, with a downward tendency hi
JSaTOur friends should bear iu tnlnd
that the prices here given are usually for
sale from llrst hands In round lots. In
filling orders and for broken lots It is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
Thu demand Is limited and stocks
large. Prices are unchanged but the
market is heavy and dull. Sales reported
were 100 barrels $.1 SO.". 70; 100 barrels
city $3 SOgl 2.1; 200 barrel, XXX $1 75;
100 barrels XX $1 50; 300 barrel S3 00
CO J; 300 barrels $1 50(H 50; 300 barrels
$1 003 50; 300 barrels $1 00g,3 73.
Stocks are light and prices are firm
with an upward tendency. The demand
is good and holders are to-day asking an
advance to $22 on strictly choice. Wo
note sales of 2 cars choice timothy deliv
ered S20 50; 2 cars choice timothy deliv
ered $21; 1 car choice mixed delivered
$20; 2 cars choice timothy delivered SSI;
3 cars prairie delivered S1020.
Receipts arc all taken on speculation,
and stocks aro not accumulating. Receipts
for the week ending to-day were eighty-
one cars. Trices are staetly ami firm at quo
tations. Sales were 2 cars white ear com
on track 00c; 1 car Xo. 2 mixed hi sacks
delivered 75c; 1 car Xo. 2 white mixed
iu sacks delivered 7Cc; 1 cars Xo. 2 mixed
In sacks delivered 75(a,7Ce; 2 ears Xo. 2
white In sacks delivered 7Sc; 1 car No.
white in bulk on track 70c; 2 cars Xo. 2
mixed lu bulk on track (Vs'c; 1 car Xo 2
mixed iu sacks delivered 70c; 2 cars Xo. 2
mixed in dundeesdeliveml 70c; Ocars
Xo. 2 mixed in burlaps delivered 75c; (1
cars Xo. 2 white iu burlaps delivered 70u.
Receipts for thu week- to-Jay ending
weruslxty-threo cars, all ol which have
been satl-factorily disposed of. Prices
aru firm and unchanged. Wc note sales
of 5 cars Xo. 2 mixed iu sacks (JfOoc; 2
cars Xo. 2 white iu sacks Cf(2,(i3c; I cars
Xo 2 black mixed lu sacks CGc; 2 cars Xo.
2 black In sacks delivered 70o; 1 car brown
In sack delivered 0 Ic; 2 cars Xo. 2 mixed
lu hulk on track 00c; 2 cars no grade, In
sacks delivered 53c; 5 car Xo. 2 white iu
sacks delivered 05e; -I ears Xo. 2 mixed in
sacks delivered Gle; 2 ears Xo. 2 black lu
sack delivered 70c; 1 car No. 2 mixed lu
bulk on track 50c; 2 cars Xo. 2 mixed In
sacks delivered 03c; 2 earsXo. 2 mixed in
sicks delivered flic; 3 eara Xo. 2 mixed in
sacks delivered Clc.
The market is oversuppllcd with green
meal, for which there is no demand.
Choice steam dried meal is iu good de
mand at ST.) 05. Sales weru 200 barrels
kiln dried, delivered, $3 70; 700 barrels
steam dried, delivered, i'i 05.
The demand is not so active, nnd prices
are a little shaky. We note sales by the
mills of 2 cars in sacks delivered, S'&'iO.
There Is a fair demand for choice
Xorthorn packed butter and none arriv
ing. Everything else Is plenty nnd quiet.
Ve nolo sales of 200 lbs. sirlclly choice.
Northern roll 25c; 200 lbs. common
Northern roll 20c; 300 lbs. Southern Illi
nois roll 20e; 600 lbs. Southern Illinois
roll 20c.
Tho market Is becoming overstocked
and prices are declining. Quotations to
day are 22 and will not bo over 20c by
tho end ol tho week. Sales were 500 do..
2223c; 500 dozen 22c; 10 boxes 22c.
Dressed poultry iu tills weather is a
drug In tho market. Choieo llvu chickens
aro quoted at ?3 to-day. Tho demand Is
small and market well supplied.
CniCKiiNS. Sales, 10 coops choice,
S3 25;5do7cn da-ssed, $3; 13 dozen
live, $3 503,
Tuiuckvs. Sales, 100 pounds dressed,
810'j; 100 pounds dressed, 10c.
Plenty, and slow salo, except for cholco
sound In good condition, Wo uoto sales,
25 barrels, f2 503 ; 75 barrels, f 2 50
3 25.
Tho market (s easy nnd demnud lim
ited. Sales weru -10 barrels pink eyes,
S3; 25 barrels pink eyes, S3. ,
The market rules steady and vvithout
any uoilenble change, We note Jsaleg of
sides, lOJc; 4
lOjc; 1 casks
dry salt, shoulders,
500 lbs. sugar
cured hams, 13c.
Glllet'a llaklng Powder for sale
Aftkii February lit, $1,003 reward will
be ilven for fifty good paying il.ty boarder
at the Delmonlco Jlu.el f 4 a week.
Glllut's Flavoring Extractsthu best
In tue, and for sale by nearly every gro
cer. Arum Fcbnury 1st, 51,000 reward will
be glVMi tor ll ty good paying day boarders
at the Delmnnlci Hotel 91 per week.
Joe ltot.ekerlsnow In fulleoutrol of
ihc Washington bikeiy. and bavlni lorn-
ed the wunts of the public, Is prupurcd to
supply on call ail demands for French Innf,
Hoton, Hrown nnd (irafiam bread, ami
everything elto ordinarily found In a first
elassbtk ry. He maintains a fu I -to k of
conloctioiirrlcs, and can. os well any
other dealer In the city, fill all orders in
that line, C'okrs baked, troti d or ormt
incntcd on short notice. fi c la latu-mlon
given to the orlcrsof wedding or ietilc
i nrtlea. o IMf.
Call for the bost-GIIIet's Raking
Powder I'or It never disappoints the
Nowiy.flttc.l, finely nmiMitri barber
3'iO, by George sjt liihotfe, c.tner Com
mercial avenuo and Klghlli mrcet. Y ars
'ilpractcu lino given htm a light hand
tli At m ki s a luootli ,avu jt.i tul .
lo try I. m once will call again. All the
1 c Lilly pi .ftnarn kept on bis tibbt lo
Hie Ic liellt ol hi eo.tomerB, and thero Is
no te.l t uwalthi,'f r turns tr
Olllet's Raking Powder the best iu
ue always rclLble.
N'eiv UnUery.
II. SchmctZstorlTninio.inces told friends
and former patrons th t ho lias op in .l thu
DELTA IIAKKItY, corner of Nineteenth
atid Poplar uriots, where ho will lej lens d
to jircet iliem again, and assures thim th it
he can furnish the best of Iroh t read, r lis,
etc. Oknuixk Hvk llltr-.AD will be made n
specialty. Tiy him agiln. IS-'JlMui
imllj l.iiucli.
George Lvttner torncror Fourteenth and
Vashlngton avenue, will ftnnisli he eat c r,
ivory day to his pitron a No. t lunch, be
Iwccn the hours of ten and twclvu o'clock.
r'reb Jlllwauk-e loer andfragrint llivaita
cigars to bo bad at his I ir at all times.
Co oil I n pc .Moves,
To keep peaco In the tamllj. buy n
Charter Oak Coal Cooking Stove, with a
small quantity of Paradise coal, and you
will always be happy. All the dlllcrcnt
patterns both wood and coal for sale at
"rock bottom" figures, by ('. W. Hend
erson, corner Twelfth street and Com
mercial avenue. 2-10-lni.
Sfotlcpto CunMfjiicen.
Illinois Ci'.ntiial It. It. Co..
General Agent's Olllce,
C.Mtio, Feb. 22, 1S75.
On and after Tuesday, the 23d. con
signees will be allow ed twenty-tour hours
to unload their cars. A denmrage ot S3
per day will bu charged and collected for
each 21 hours, or part thereof, on all car3
remaining over. J ames Johnson,
2-23-3t General Agent.
To AKRrnvntc Uyipepwtn,
Introdueo Alcoliol Into tho stounch, an I
lft'cby rob the digestive lluld ol Its solvent
pewcr. S ituratca piece ot brcjd nnd meat
with gaitrlo Juice, and it will dissolve,
T.ds is digestion. Add to such a mixture
a Utile alcohol, and it will not dl solve
i hl'illuttraks Indlgejtloa. lleware, then,
ye dyspeptics', of tlinHure, lnlusloaor de.
coc'ions con alnlrg spirituous liquors
'bun nil surh rum "tonic," and rely solely
oil Dr. Wnlko V Vinegar Hitters, tho fine-'l
heilial Ir.vWoratit Kn iwn, mid free frnni'he
llory eur?o of Alwhol. 2-10 d.vw-lm.
Happy Heller roe Yoiiiik JIoii from the
effects of l.'rrors ami Abuses lu eaily life. Mail
howl restored. Impediments to Marriage re
moMsI New ine'liod of treatment New and
lemui liable renifillej. lloukaiiml circulars tent
Are, In milvd envelopes, AiMica, llOU'.Wtll
AS-OUATIO.V, 119 .V. Ninth street, t'hllielcl
plilu, I'a , an Institution having a IiIkIi imputa
tion for honorable conduct and profisaloii.il
"kill. IW-1-l.l-ilA.waiii
i.oriectcd Dally by IJ. il. Stearns, commission
meieliiint, heeietary of the Culro llonnl of
Flour, aocnnlliiK lo irimlo
1 1 nil, mited, Biirknl
Corn, irlille, Nicked..
Oats, miied
lii-.m, pir ton
Mr-d, ttr.im dried
Iluttrr, choice surlhern roll
llutler, choice "outturn Illinois ,
Kui:, pcrilozeii
Chickens, icrilozcu ,
lurkeya, per dnten
Apphs, choice, per barrel ..... .
Apple, common, per barrel
l'nlittoe, it barrel ...,
Onions, er biinti
Ilnckivlirnt Hour
Itr Hour
.. SI OH if, oc
... a.;ii'
la Die
... Ciili oo
6.1 70
... 2Vu 27c
... (' Hit
...3 noan -i-i
id (v)i.'i io
...il M.j.'l
.200a'.' 73
Si : j oo
M 00
Chee.e, per pound ISai7o
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtue of three teend executions to m
directed by the clerk of the Circuit
Colli! ol Alexander enmity. In the Mule
ol llllnoli--one lu favor of Daniel Price,
onn In fiivnr ot Patrick Mockhir and
one In r.ivnr of llrrmml .Mc.Mnnus, nnd nil
apdutt the Call n and Vhirennrs Itatlmad company-
I have levied upon the following described
pniprriy, iii hjq eouiiiv ni .virxamier nnd Male
of Illinois, to. wit: I.its nnmbritsl nr.e (1) nnd
two(j), in block nunilK'ied tuclvo (IS), and
lota uumhfird feien (7) nnd eight (S), In block
numbeied twenty-three (il), lu the riml Addl
Hon to the city of Calm, lu Hie county of . lex
nniler nnd "state or IlllimU, m the procr!ynf
the said Cilmnnil VlncenniM Italliondrompnny,
widen I sbiill otl'irnt ublic le nt lliesoiith
west door or the Couit House in the city of
Cairo, In the couulyof Alexnnilrr and sjtute of
Illinois, on the 'Jlihilay or rrbruary, A. D.
Is7.at thelioui'ol elrien o'clock, n, m , or
caali, to tktlsly laid eMciilloni
. , fcllr.rl,'ro.f AlexaitiUrcounly.llls.
Cairo. Ills. I'eb, 1, Mi. 'il-2-l-w3t
-vrotlco Is hereby given Inst the tax books fur
X ho year Is71 hale been phuril In my hand,
and that I well be at thu following named places
at tl.u tlniB below ct loilh, for the pun.oeof
collrellng the laxei of said yean
Clcai 'Crook Precinct. Cully A Mnrchlldon'
store, February Si, ls75.
Clear Creek I'leclnet, It. A, Edinuiuou's
stoiv, Kebiusrysa, Is7.i.
Thebes Precinct, J. U Itolwlng's Hore, Feb
ruary "I, 1S7S,
Santa Fu I'rfclnct, Win, Ireland's store, Feb
ruary 84, IsfS.
(iooee M.uid 1'nclnct, O. Greenlc's store,
c voruuy inu
Dog'lootli 1'rrelnct,
February 27. 1873.
X. Hunsackrr's house,
I'ully'l'rwlnet, HoiIrh ft Athertoii's store,
.Mnnii 1, 1S73.
Hiulewooit 1'rrelnct, George W. Shovt's store,
M'UThl, 1S73
llrlng your last year's tax receipts, as It is un
safe tu trust to the tax books atone for ilJcilp
tlomof land.
Caiuo, 111., Januarys, 1S7S.
. ' . AhKX. U.IItVlN,
lM-Ml-wtd. District Collector.
3 isks dry salt, clear rib
cask drv sal . n nir bio
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T.Jr- ThCj F3
The Bullcfin
Will steadfastly oppose the policies of the
Itcpubllcan party, and refits to be tram
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Democratic organization.
H believes thai the Republican party has
fultltlcd its mlislon, and that tho Demo
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stored to power.
It believes the Radical tyranny fiat his
for sjvtral ycats oppressed tho Smith
should be overthrown and tho people of the
Southern States pcimitted to control tholr
own affairs.
It believes that railroad corporations
sliotl'd bo prohibited by legls'atlve enact
m nts from extorting and unjustly dsscrira
inating in their business transactions with
the public.
It recognizes tho equality ot all men be
fore, the law.
It advocates trco coni-orrc tariff for
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It advocates resumption of specie pay.
ment, and kuncet painent of tbo public
It advocates economy in tho administra
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The Bulletin will publish all the local nowa
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