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KiiIkM of l'J'lhlm, meet eiery Frj
ly nlKlit it Iwlr-tnit t,rn, in OtUl
Fellow' Hall J K SLACK,
( Ininr-llor Commnn-itr.
HOr. imleiitniilrni uni'r 01 wrrn-
Free !,.... I.,.,, ktorv Thiimiluv II I'll!
KwrfV' allMlr-MMtM-U'ii, in incir nnuon
. . ... ',.,... ittvlll Ulill Sl...litli
lUIIIlliercilll Hivnuri u..," M . .... ... .......i
1tl-t JoUll UoklJlAN, .S U.
ClAirfO ):ni;ami'.mi:nt, i o, o. j,inu
in O-1't-Frllovrj' (lull on Hie llrntaml tliilil
'liipiUr In I'trrr month, Ht hnll-pail wicn
U K .ILICK. 0. r.
Af. Hold mtubir communication In Ma
tiioiiic Hull, corner Commercial nrnti
' 'mill Klghln stn-et, on the eotnl uiiii
fourth Momlny of uicli mouth
Xcilup nt Itrtnoxiil.
Finding the present store room too small
lor our growing biiMnc. 1 will, In tho
latter pa t of February, remove to the rji
r.lotit building form rly occu'iied l.y Elliott
.VlUythorn, where, with the litcrcano) la.
iltieit, I will keep a larger Hock ol Hooti
uid Mioc than uvcr before. In the mean
'.line, to avoid the expense of moving and
to prepare for tprlag trade, 1 will otter my
sntlrc lock of winter koo1k at aciuai.
Cost This I liUHINKhs. uml great bat
alnn are olleriJ to the lol tnnnU
A. Itl.ACk,
lUM'SO-ll City Shoe Store.
frrmli llliily.
.Mr. P. KltKralJ haijuit received and
!ia on sale nt hi sale room a lurgc Flock
nf CiikIMi ule, porter, IIeiinc-y brandy
and wltio, mid lUiuom of all llnd', whlvli
Li- will dispoic of at reasonable price.
2MMW.V tr.
Apini Fcbruaiy lt, $1,000 reward will
be glvoi. 'or (If y fjoid pu)ln day boarder
Hlhe Del.; nlco Hotel $4 a week.
Aktkk February M, cl.'MO ruwanl whl
be plven lor fifty j; od pa) In:; day boirdom
t the Dc'inrmleo Hotel?! a week.
LanpilLampi! Lampi!
For the million, mid tin- frradc of
Coal Oil, to; had of C. VV llciidcr-on,
corner Twelfth street anil commercial
avenue '.'10-lm.
Kilty to Seeity-fle dollum per month.
Agcntu wanted everywhere. Teachor, la
dle, gnt, ttc., etc. No capital or out
lay required. Send 20 cent for postage on
OUtflt, 10 1). C. WlXCItMAN,
tf Irvin Station, t'nlon County, Ohio.
Wlntrr'n fiiillcry.
0w.'ii Friday and Satunlii) only.
o nml Hi e Her.
I.indlord ol hotth and Ixiardiug iouet
will tiudlt to their adai.UL'c to call upon
Mr. Culruun, No 12 Fourth street, be
tween iVtshlngion and Commercial aven
ue, and acettaln hertiriiM fur dohu hotel
and boa ding hou-e wahcii by the week
Hfr wholeale pri. v are fxlreinely
low Tie. per dozen. For piecework pr eei
are a follow.: Mnsle shirt and o il
ia r, 10c; per dozen 8 e; s.ock Te; two col
lart, fc; two handkercbleM, lie; vctts "Oc;
and all gentlemen' wear. Tic. per
dozen. I.adUV dree, 2-"i to W)e;
klrti !) M 20s; drawer 10 lo Kc; two
lalr tiosi tc; ttvo coII.iri.ri to lfc. For la
dle' plain clothe SI GO per dozen; lor la
lie line clothe. $1 'i' per dozen; done
dromptly, nnd promptly delivered. la
trouase solicited.
n'-MO-l HI;
Ilnrdw lire.
Table and Pocket Cutlery, and in fact
anything In the Hardware line Mich a
Lock1-, llinf j. File. Nail. 1'i-toK Cap
nnd Cartridge can be had (iieajwr than
the chenK."'t by enlliiifrat my store, ror
ner Twelflli and Washington aveuue.
'.'-lO-llll C. V. IlKNtlKlt'ON.
hill n I Churlc.
(Jo I simile, room on the tipper floor at
the .Saint Charlci can be had, wlih board,
st the very low rate of $39 per month
1'nrMi School.
Tho undersigned will open hilliMclty,
on the llrl day or March next, u Parish
school. While he will give to It hi per-t-onal
attention aud cir-iMs. the dt-clplliiK
mid geneinl Ir.stiiktl- n will be in lull
charge ol Mr. 1" A. Taylor.
The school will be opened, d illy, with
religion rcrvlco. Tho rill.'iu Instruc
tion "111, at all limes be ba-cd upon the
tc.i'hliu;i ol the TroteiUnt Kplipal
'J hu couno ol tudy will ( nibr.icc all the
coininon Ki'll"hktudle, the higher mathe
matics Hi ft natural Kieiicvh, uud ul.-o i-'Uln
.uml lircek.
Tho prl'jof tuition, for the term of
sixteen week, will be only eight ilolln.
i'avaiile IN advaxci-'. There wii bo no
extra yli:ir'cs. for any ttudy, linlcfS Ueiiuau
liotilit be required.
Athiia pri.ato hclnol, application
foradiniiolou miit be m do cither to ilr.
Taylor or to tho Hector.
Tho Itcclor reeved tohlmfcr.asil hereby
inakfrt thli a rondltlon ol attain! inca at the
l'urlsh hcIiooI, that any pupil who refuse to
nilimlt to tlie dliipllne of tha tehool,
may hcexps led, If, in tho judgment of tho
Iteitor, this h ib emed licit.
ClUIII.Kn A lill.MKHT,
Itrctor Cttirch of the ltedecmer.
o5-2-lC-2 w.
Ajtku Kebruary Ul, ijl.noo reward will
he fjlveil for titty good paylmr day boarders
.itthn Dchiinnleo Hotel?! a week.
Hurgcr the Commerci iliiver.uc dry gonW
man lelt yeitcrday alternoon or New York
city, where ho will purchaso fur hit i)rlnS
trade a lare and maKniliceut Hock of dry
uo dof very d 'neriptlnn, uotlonK, etc.
Jlnrgcr knows whatj tur people want In hh
line, liaMng been In the trt-iu In thin cltv
loi'g enough to lo.irn fuir ta-te, and will
tti douhtcdly g'H'crn UU purchases accord
In ly. Ho will not return foreveral weckr,
it being Ills intention to procure th best ol
everything, but to the ludlci who are in
need of unyihln In Rurger's Uuo of bud
ncm, wo would ay, wall and seo Ills new
ktock before buy ng elowhe ro. D-J- 14!t.
t'ookliiK1 Ntovcv
To keep peace In tho tamily, buy a
Charter Oak Coal Cooking Stove, with a
small quantity of ParadNo coal, and you
will always ho happy. All the dlllerent
patterns both wood and coal forsaloat
"rock bottom" figures, by C. W. Hend
erson, corner Twelfth street and Com
mercial nvemie. IMO-ltn.
L'NI)AV, FKMUJAUV -2, 1875.
A.Nor.i:i:.M lnth.
1'iir Jlnj nr.
I'.niliin M;v I'lmni- nnnoiinri' .tOII.V II
I'llll.l.lf an A niiiillilatr Tor .Mayor ol' (. alru, at
tlie timuliiK lliillilcij.nl flirllon
.lunuar)-il, lc;S. lA!fV ClJKir.Ni,
I.ociil AVinlliiT Iti'tmrt.
Caiho, 111., Ctbruirj 'J7. Ml.
Haii. I Iiii.. I Wish I Vr.L. I Wmtiieh
30 2't I "J" I N T.". I "V I Cloudy
7 a in
, 4'j' VV I 4 J Ciriir.
THOMAS JONI:S, hrk-t. S' S., C. A
tiii: .v.mtov ij.ii'ui:.
peuil lllnpatcli to the Cairo llullrtln
Anna. Felt 27, 1875.
fAiuo ItCM.KTi.v. The last eplkc; on the
Cairo A, St. J.ouN Xnrrow Oiiiiku railroad
was driven nt thirty tnliiutei pastihe
till p. m. 0. A. S.
"Tlir AUKlo-Suaoii.'
The culijeet of .Ittilgo (JreenN lecture
at tho IllliSehool on Tuesday i-venlni.'
next, willb I'he AiikIo-.Siixoii."
It. I'. MtliiKiloii.
Mr. II. F. I.lvliijtoii, a very able jrcn
tleman, will deliver mi iidda"- at Liberal
Kuliirloiit hall thl evenliiy. TlicaiiH.-ln-tion
invite the public to be present. Ad-nii'-loii
Sw 4'lKHr More.
The new cigar store of Fred Tlcheman
wai opened yeitt-nlay, on Ki'hth treet.
Kv cry variety of choiee ei'ari. an; kept
for.aleat whole-ale nnd retail. A full
stock of F. T.'ij standard brand always
on baud. Fine cut chewing tobacco,
pilMj", eti,etr. (Jive him a call.
.otirc ItHlII -.
The rallleof a ewin maehlno, Mhor
watch and hotiin, will take place at
.ScheelMlall this (Sunday) nrti niooii. U
.'liionlr .Vol Ice.
A n-jrular conclave ot Cairo Coninian
dcry No. 13, IC. T.. will l,e held at the
niyliim. .Monday evening, March lt,
1371. Sojourning Sir L'nl'.'ht are cordi
ally Invited to attend.
C. W. Dun.sino, K. C.
F. KnitiMiiYKii, Heeorder.
JiiilUPtiri'cn'i l.iTlllrr.
Next Tiic-day nlKlit the jiuhlic will he
favonil with an address by .luiie Green
at the hljrh school building. Ol'Judi'e
fin it's ability a a jiublie rpeakcr, It i
iiM-U- to -jieak. as his reputation I too
well ciabli-hiil to needeulol.iii'' at the
hand of the Cairo pajK-ri.. The subject
ot the lecture we have not learned.
Iliniril of Trailr.
The regular annual meeting for the
election ofolllcers for the Cairo Chamber
of Commerce will be held at the Cham
lw:r at 10 a.m. Tuesday, March id. The
member- are all requested to attend.
'J-'iS-Jt "mii Hitti:.miou.k.
.o Hunk,
lly n'feniii'.' tothoadvertlsement, It will
he (-ecu that I In Alexander County bank
will Ix'ln operations to-morrow morn
ing, with n capital stock of one hundred
thou-atid dollar-. 'J'he oillecr- of tlie
bank, eb-ctod at a ineetiiiirliehl la-t week,
an-1 C. Kenedy, ot'SprinplIeld. Illinois
pni-ldcnt; Thoma- Lewis, of Cairo, ca-h-ler;
T. .I. Klrth, of Cairo, a-sl'tant ca.h
ler. The fnllowhit: .'eiitlemcu. residing
In this city, were cho-en directors: IVPt
Nell, Charles NcllK C. Winston, .John
McNulty, Chaiie- Lanca-ter, .lacoh Hur
ler, i:. Kleholl. J. C. IIlleN, Cm. W. Mc
Kealj;. W. II. Wilcox. K. Hiider, .I. C.
White, T. .I. K'ertli, M. I'arkiT, 'I'. Lewis.
For -ome time pa-t, Under IJrotherf,
corner of Ft;htli .-treet ami Warrington
avenue, have had in their employ a jew
eler named .lohti Trice. Last Werinc
dny tuorning, one of the proprietor. gave
I'rioe a live aud ten dollar gold piece,
with the instiuctioiii to melt them. Price
took the gold, ami ilid as lie was told
with the larger piece, but the .-nuiller one
he put in Iris pocket. When the mild wa
returned to the proprietor, he dUcou-rcd
that It wii? not all there, and alter Inve.-ll-gating
the mutter, had Price arrested and
taken before .lurigo llros.-. While in the
court room lie acknowledged having
taken the live dollar.-, and upon further
questioning, it was ilUcoveivri that he
had taken other thing- from tho store,
amounting In all to about fourteen dollar?.
The .lurigc bound Price over in the stun
of five hundred dollars to answer t lit
charge at the next term of tho Alexander
county circuit court, and being unable to
get any one to go Iris ball, he was looked
up in the county jail for sale keeping.
Yesterday afternoon about half-past
two o'clock, P. A. Conant, formerly con
nected with the police forco ot this city,
and lately a nwltehman on tlie Illinois
Central railroad, while switching cars
near the stone depot, met with a snvero
accident. It seems that Conaut was hold
ing apiece of timber, with one end placed
against tho end of a freight car, and the
other against the tender of tlie engine, tho
ear and engine being on dlllerent tracks.
When theciiglno started the pressure was
too great for the timber, and It broke, ouo
end striking Conaut and throwing him un
der the engine, which passed over his left
leg )ust a'tove tho knee, mangling the limb
so badly that amputation was unavoida
ble, lln was carried Into thu boat store
ofllulen & Wilson, where lie remained
until Dr. Warduer was called in and thu
operation performed, when he was re
moved to his residence. A gentleman
who wai present while tho doctor was
performing tho operation, says that ho
never saw so much nerve exhibited in Iris
life, as by Conant during the painful
process. At last reports, ho us much
easier and doing very well
Urtitral Itenii.
St. Patrick's day Is not far diltniir..
,'udgo Green will lecture at the High
School building Tuesday evening.
Then; was nothing done In the police'
court yesterday.
The leveo presented u l)iislne.--llke
appearance yesterday.
Mr. Ilavls of the A'ki does nolapticar
to ln!anaplr.int for the ofllcc ol mayor o
Mr. II. F. Llvlngtoii will deliver a
lecture at Liberal Itellgloti hall to-night.
Aililll'Ioii free.
Tho F. F. F. Literary and Debating
society will hold their next meeting
Wednesday night.
- Serenading parties: have already be.
gun to delight the young ladles with their
melodious strains.
ItememlxT the lecture of Judge
fireen. to be delivered at the High school
Tue-day evening.
On Helm, fashionable barber, on
.Sixth street, between Commercial avenue
and Ohio levee. (Jive him a call.
The plea-ant weather brought out a
number of thu young folks yesterday at
teruoou for a stroll.
Large Hocks of wild ducks are pass
ing over this city for tho North, n sure
sign that Spring Is approaching.
Tho next tvg.ilar meeting of thu city
council will be held on Tuesday Wiring,
the 2d day of March.
William Oakley was much easier yes
trnlay, ami theon nitIoii ol amputating
hi limb was not performed.
A birthday party, to be given by one
of the mo-t popular young ladles In this
city, will be the next thing in order.
Thu Liberal Hellglous Association
will give another sociable at their hall on
Wa-hhigtoii aveiiuo next Wednesday
The city Jail not having any occu
pant, Jailor McCarthy Is not as happy as
he would be ir hi house wa- full of board-
When will the first train of the Cairo
&St. Louis Narrow Gauge arrive In this
city? is tiie question aked by the curi
ous. The St. Louis Htpullienn says that
"H. L. Morrill, Superintendent ol Cairo
and Vlnwniies railroad, Is domiciled at
the Southern."
Harney Crane Is improving the ap
pearance of hl neat premises on Wash
ington avenue, by putting up a new fence,
planting tree, etc
There are quite a number of new,
hand-oine and sub-tantlal dwelling
houses to be built In various parts of this
city during tlie coming Miminer.
A couple of gentlemen amii-ed them
'elves by riding up and down Wa-hhigtoii
avenue yesterday afternoon, behind
Jimmy Mehan's mou-e colored donkey.
On Friday, tlie river bii-iues opened
in a lively manner. Tlie wharf was lined
witli steainer. and our levee has not pre
enteri such a bUilness-liki; appearance
for mouths.
A little boy by the name of Harris,
while trying to kill a blue bird with a
pi-tol the other day, had Iris hand badly
hurt by the accidental discharge of the
Mr. P. 0. Kenedy, president of the
Alexander County bank, which will te
glu operations at the corner of F.lghth
street aud Commercial avenue to-morrow
morning, is in the city.
Mr. Chale A. Saup, who. for over
two year, has been an employe of the
IU'LLCTi.v ofllcc, left Friday afternoon for
Jone-boro, where he ha procured n situ
ation In the Gaztltt otllce.
Tlie Uev. Mr. Gilbert has rented the
large room on the comer of Tenth street,
over Wlritloek' grocery store, a- a suita
ble place to hold the parochial school, to
be opened by him on tlie tltstdayot
In another place In this Issue ot tho
Hi'i.t.r.Ti.v. will be found a commit idea
tion from "Old Fogy." The wilterthlnks
that uo one should be allowed to build a
frame house within tlie lire limit- ol the
An lulluciitial lawyer, one of the
brightest legal lights hi this city, has In
formed Us that he Intends to go on tlie
track for thu olllce of city attorney. He
thinks tli.it lie Is jibt the man for tlie of
fice, ami will make a hard tight.
It the Ik'i.i.KTiv were given to pul)
llshing romantic stories of great length,
we might, by continuing tlie Mory from
week to week, a the weekly paper- do,
amuse our readers for at least three
months with a true romance, the scene
ol which Is laid in this count v.
Two white men, strangers In this
city, got on a high daddy yesterday and
before they were well freed from the ei
fects of thu liquor that they had swal
lowed, had a quarrel. They scraped all
thu skin oll'of their faces, and then shook
hands across the bloody chasm.
It is said that an lulluciitial gentle
man of this city, who can without a
doubt deleat either of the candidates now
In the Held for otlleo of mayor of Cairo,
lias been prevailed to enter the contest
for that position, provided no other man
comes out who stands a very good chance
of winning the nice.
The question which has divided Mrs.
P. A. Taylor, county school superintend
ent, and the editor of thu Gazette, has
been referred to State Superintendent
Ktter. We make this announcement in
order to eae the minds of any who may
be excited on tho subject, and advise them
to possess their souls hi patience m.til
Mr. Kttcr's decision is promulgated.
A couple ol little. darkles,
one living on Thirteenth street, between
Washington avenue and Walnut, the
other between Washington avenuu and
Poplar, have a pugilistic encounter
whenever they meet. The other day they
came together on Washington, near tho
HuLi.r.TtN otlleo and had a regular knock
down and drag out. They nro about thu
samo weight, and both are plucky as
Tho dogsjthat caused thopeoplo who
resldu near thu court lioususo much an
noyance by their unearthly howls lit the
dead hour of tho night, must have be
come, disgusted with that neighborhood
and removed to a point within hearing of
the Iiiru.r.Tiy olllce. The noise made by
a thousand dog, tn ore or less, about two
o'clock In thu night, each one giving a
loud, prolonged howl, greeted thu
cars of the people hereabouts Friday
a largu how, owned ny a
darkey livinir In the bat nick, which runs
about the coniini ins opposite the custom
house, I a leal living curiosity,
Most animals of I Iris kind have only two
ear, but tills (iiiailrupcd has three, (ser
iectly bhaperi, and it Is said that Hie ani
mal can hear with them all. If there Is
any one who would like to go into the
museum hushm", here is a chance for
him. Tin jov In question is but on- year
old, and could be eally taught to play
and, cat from a plate, e(c, and the man
who would get her w ould certainly make
n fortune In a short time
Some one. i rcinovu the slop from the
kitchen of the? Arlington IIous.', No pay
will be allowed, u the slop for feed Is
conslderd w orth the trouble of removing
It. S!-2Mt
Custom .Miulo Mine.
Just In and u iw ope In,', thu best lino of
spring bhoes everbroiight to Cnlro. We
also handle the clel,rat-d C. M. Henderson
A Go's, emtom Shoe!, a'l warranted. Why
buy poor goods when Rood good- can bo
had u low lit the
27-2-24-St. N'kw Yokk JTOIiK.
The services at the Methodist Kpls
copal church, will, as usual, Iw directed
by Hie Hevereud Mr. Wullar. Tlie sub
ject for the sermon in the morning will
bo "The Christian Orowtli." Subject of
the sermon at the evening service will be
At Liberal Religious hall, .Mr. It. F.
Living-ton will deliver u lecture under
the auspice" of the Liberal Hellglous As
sociation. The public are respectfully
Invited to attend.
Tlie Iiev. Mr. Gilbert will conduct
Hie services at tlie church of th He
ileeiner to-day a usual, at 10:30 a.m., and
7:30 p.m. At tlie evening sei vice tlie sul-
Ject of hi .-eriiiou will 1- "Temptations
and Billiard .Saloon.M The church will le
ojicii for service during tin- week at 10
a.m., Tue.-day and Thursday, and on
Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 p.m.
Uev. Dr. Thayer will preach In the
Presbyterian church this morning and
evening at the usual hour..
A Nuiciccstlon.
KniTOit ItfM.KTiN : In view of thefact
that the coming Spring will, in all prob
ability, Inaugurate the erection of a num
ber of building, would it not lie wi-e for
the Council to pass an Ordinance requir
ing each person desiring to build to suls-
mlt their plans and specltlcations to a com
mittee of the Council, to be known a thu
Hoard of Public Improvement1-, which
committee shall consi-t of four or live
members of the Council, and -hall be ap
pointed by tlie mayor? The duty of said
committee shall be to examine the plans
itul specltlcations which may lie submit
ted to them, and hi their judgment grant
permits for tlie erection of such buildings
as will not be of a dangerous character.
I sug'uet this to apply, for the present,
only to that portion of the city which is
embraced hi what Is know as the lire lim
its, and when the city commences to im
prove, (which I tru?t and believe will not
be long) their duties can extend and ap
ply to other portion of tlie city.
My reason lor the above Is this: du
ring the pa-t three or four year.- a num
ber of building have been erected w hich
are. in my opinion, a di-grace to the city.
I refer to that class known a "balloon"
buildings composed of three parts wood
and one part Inlek. but which "pass
muster" as brick house. It is a shame
to permit such buildings to be built, and
If tlie city council w ill lake tlie nece-ary
steps, we can in the future have ueh
buildings as will prove of -ome benefit to
our city. A building eompo-ed entirely
of wood I preferable, and 1 think safer
even in case of Hre, than the clas of
buildings referred to.
Another thing, Mr. Kdllor, to which I
desire to call the attention of tlie council:
Section 20, of ordinance 11, provides that
"no wooden building shall be erected,
etc., in said lire limits," but any one can
build a frame house aud put a biick trout
to It ami not come under the ordinance; at
least such was the decision of one
of our courts a few weeks since, tlie rea
son for such decision being tliat tlie house
was partly brick and partly frame, and
could not be called a cooden building.
The decision was light ami ju-t in view
of the reading of tlie Ordinance, but the
Council should aim nri tlie Ordinance so
that in tho future this could not lie taken
advantage of.
To commence the reform suggested
now, 1 believe, would be ot great benefit
to our city, lor if the building-arc erected
In tli- future on a better plan than they
have been in thu past, all Improvements
made will hu of a hutlng nature. Instead
of the llhnsy affair- which have been
"thrown iqi'MaU-fy. Ittspcclfully,
Oi.n Foov.
"ivculi Scerti.
Just Itere'vfd, and for sslc cheap In the
trade, New York K.UtLY ItOSEShKD Po
tatoes and other Uml.
Clover, Timothy, H d-t p aud other
Top OlIoiis anil cuoleo garden ictds,
bith In papers ami bulk.
Plow low Har.iess.
AUo a full lino or Krocorles, cn which we
shall oflerexir tndiiccmeuts.
Wo are now opening the flnfst lino ot
pi lilts that has ever been brought to Culro.
Wn rtler barfe-ali s In nil line r .
20-2'2S-at. NliW VOUK STOItll'
All persons Indebted to me will save
costs by paying up, on or before -March
1st, 187B. Lons II. Mvnts.
New llitlicry.
II. Schmetzstorfl announces to Iris friends
and farmer patron- tint ho has opeuod tho
DKLTA HAKKItY, corner or Mneleonth
and Poplar airrulr., whero ho will i o pleased
to (j red them agalo, and assure thum that
ho cau furnish tho hestof Iroeh bread, rolls,
etc. Oknuink ltYK 11 a mi) will be made a
spoclaltr, Try him agtla. !S-2-12-lm
Letter Lilt.
List of lettrrs remaining uncalled for
in tne rostunice at Cairo, Illinois, Satur
day, February 27, I87"i.
Mtilf.V MT.
Anson C. It.
Ilym Tliniii', Hooker F.J,
HurgralV J., Iladger Mary A.. Hrown
('lenient Martha.
Gildoii Annie.
Harper P. A., Harris Jennie. IlolpMol
He, Hunter Fannlf.
Johnson Amy, .lone M. A., Jami
Kennedy .Mary.
Lole Kate, Long Mary,
Martin Sincy, Moore Mary.
Patleison Mary.
Hiissell Julia, Horel Nannie.
SleveiH Carrie, Strayliorn Mar.,Stove S.
Victor Ktta, Vaughn Kate.
Waiigh Mary, Welcome Nancy.
ukxti.i:mi:nN list.
Anderson C.S., An hel Gordon.
HiideCha.,Hiickney Frank. Harnett
H. S.. Hell Jordan, lllacknian John.
(Vila Johairie, Chapman I.iyf., Carroll
M. C, Cowen Willis, Carson Tho., Cher
ry Steven, Chirk Thorn, Casey Tho.,
Collin Tho.
D.ivI.sC. H., Dawson J. II.
Kque K. J., F.thririge.l. A.
Fanner 1)., Ford Hilda, French J. S.,
ITatley M.
Grig-liy MnJ., Gorrien J.
llnynes Charley, Ilickasou Dave, 1 1 II
Ierus Henry, Harris Jajier, Helton
Iiance, Howard I!. A., Herald Walter.
Johanoii C. A., Jackson J. W., Jus
tice Moic.
Kleer Frank, Kelley H. V., Kaiu John,
Klnciild J. A.
McMurry Duke, .Miller G. P., Mlllow
Frank, McAvoy George, McKay II. O.,
McAllister 11. P.. Murphy John P.,
Moore .lame P., Martin J. J.
Putnan C. II. , Pollard John, Parker
Frank II.
Kanchmaii Harry, Hedliurii W. I.
.ScliauliGeo. P., Saw er.s.Ja.. Squill' Le
Hoy Squires O. I)., Smith Patk., Shaw
W. It.
Werner Cha. K Walder G. I)., Wash
ington Ja Wright P. W.. While M. M.
Person calling for the above letter
will plea"' 'ay "Advertised."
Gi:o. W. McKuaiu. P. M.
I'r Sale,
A good hor'e, top buggy, harne., 'ad
dle, and bridle, on ri'aonableterm. Kn
qIre of Dn. II. Waiidnkii.
2-1 1-2 iv.
Port l.lsl.
teanicr Ja. Fi'k, Padtieali.
Ja. D. Parker, Memphis.
Idlewild, Kvansville.
T. F. Kckcrt, Vleksbnrg.
Mary Houston. Loni-vllle.
Steamer Ja. FUk. Padneah.
" Ja. I). Parker, Cincinnati.
" Fntiiix! City, New Orkan.
" John Kyle, Cape Girardeau,
i M:iry lion-ton, New Orlean.
" Idlewild, Kvansville.
" Tom Jasper, St. Lonl.
I.onIville. New Orlean.
" Lady Lee, St. Lonl.
The Ohio river rose throe feet and
.eeu inches yesterday, and wa still
going up very rapidly.
Hiisine.', a the day previous, was
extremely brisk.
The weather continues delightful,
with a light breeze from the north.
The Thompson Dean left Louisville
Friday for New Orleans.
The Henry ij. Turner left Louisville
for Memphis Friday.
Tlie Tom Sherlock will leave Louis
ville for Xcw Orleans to-day.
Tlie Hobbln left- LouUville yesterday
with a tow for Hvansville. Padicah,
Cairo and tlie Cumberland river.
Owing toan expected luavy flow of
ice, the Anchor Line did not send down
any boatw from this port to-day.
The Atlantic and barges leave the
wharf this morning, ad Mill leave Hel
inont to-morrow evening for New Or
leans. The St. Loul Ilepublkan says:
"Open to Cairo" were the wekome
words t lint passed from Hp to Hp along
the wharf yesterday alternoon, Tho ice
below the bridge pa-ied out the day pre
vious, and by p. in. yeiterd.iy, by the
assistance of the harbor-boat inula coal
tug tlie Ice from above the bridge began
moving down in small cake.. Not a par
ticle) of damage to river crafts was
doneat St. Loul, or as far down as South
St. Louis."
The LouUville Courier-Journal says:
Specials to the Cincinnati paper report
the Milking nt tlie steamer Argosy, laden
with 1,'JOO barrels of salt, at Mlddleport,
Ohio, on the 20th. Itiver win full of lec
from broken gorges above, and a heavy
cake struck the Argosy on the larboard
side, just forward ol the cylinder. She
was hacked Into shore, and sank in six feet
of water. The boat was old, ami valued
at about S 1.000, and owned by dipt. Mud
dy and Win. Pahley, and will be a total
Wall lltl'AIITUENT, lintn lltl'OHr, (
Kcbriury Ib73. )
LOwwATKn. caNr.s.
it is. rr is.
TT -
31 II .xfil II
Id -' X 1 J 5
3m x vli tl
I f) I ' 1
CI iiclim.it i
r.viiniWIIu ...
at. Iml- . ...
"IItity Heller fill- Yoiiuk Men fruni lh
clftrU of r.rrm-b anil Abmes In kftrly life, .Mau
li.Hul ruatnieil. IniiH-JIroi-nti tn M.irrlai! ic
iiiomiI. New nn-'hoit of tieatuient. New anil
rrmurkubU-ivmolli'ii. Hooks nml circular oi-nt
fire, hi t-culiil enveloi-, AiMretis, IfflWAItl)
ASSOCIATION, HUN. Nlntli itrei-t, I'lilUJet
plila, I'u , an lastllution liavlns a IiIrIi re)mta
tion for honorable conduct uud proiWlonal
.kill. ikf IM-MMAirtro
Ql CANEDY, ProBldont. . .
I W r, liliH. V lf'(!.l'ri'HI(l!1IlI. 'I -I WTimiT A U c
Capital Stools: $100,000.
conimcncod regular Banking business this day, and is prepared to
-aw mwwvw S Wl KUUlllLli ttllllUi
v.wvu ivuuusi h. uuv liki hhh imn.
SislJ,UV?3.Irirno Bills, in short do a general banking busincsa.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE for sale in sums to suit on Germany, E
land. Ireland, and othnrnnnntrlftii.
PASS AGP. TintrRTH rn-
, vtwiJvailil Ilk
....r,v ....H..WVU U1UI lUlUliVUU 1U1 Uil U1U UlJ WUIIVVilVUl
rates ol Exehnngo. Patronago solicited.
tll.. n. W ll.1 .l . ..
ItWnir nun, Im'llniia .l, Hon. l.ilunnl llnu,
( II III.I3 NKI.I.I''.
Ili ii. r. WINiToX,
JAcoit until Kit,
.!. C.IIflH.S, J
Col p. W. McKK.VIO, UKSUX WKL1.,
H. llt'DLIt.
j.o wtirn:.
T. J. KKItfll,
M. PA UK Kit,
T. I.KWtS.
T.5. W.mi!, laoler Hiving Ituik, dprlnsllelil, Illlnd.
CM. sjmitii. ofC. M.MiilIh.tro., '
J. h'. Hillmls, Lnlo Aiiilltnr otMitc, "
J). I.. Philip. Pio.i 1 1. State. I ii ii.il.
Hen Wm. .lav tie, M. !.,
I. . H. Ail .in, Lawyer L". S G nnd N. P. ' "
It. P Jolmst n, Af. S e'y o' Mate, ' "
II 1. Vanl.oir. wlt'i ThiycrA fo . " "
J. . Heef, C elk to tm.v i.' Mate, " "
I'. (J. i:a eily, Hi tired Men h u I.
K. I.. Merrllt, ol llinoi. .-t.fe lle(rllor, "
Vai' N i-.-tratnl, Fitrn tr. Sir:; inon Co., HI.
Ilefiry WVi'j, I. t 'or Nn 'I Httik, III lug sim. Itnl.
H. It. P. nietoy, l.:ite ta-li r l-t aiI Hank, Kansas City. Mo.
J. Y. CI'lli'Mii, .l"relinit, fale Irnl.i, II .
II. P. Pinter, Piop Mi iimI ' Itv (II ) Jnurn.il
(!. W. veJCValj;, I, wyr-rar.il P. s-niastcr, Cairo, Illlnol-.
P. ler Nell. Men h li t Tailnr.
Win. I. li -rz n, omml Ion .M. uiunt, " "
M. .1. Mi Giiiiley, Hrnggist, " "
Walker A Nclll. Dry tluek, '
Julin Major, llnlliler "
0. 0. Patlar A Co.. Merelnn'.. " "
11. P. Hnu'ii; (ii'iicrl J.jIi Printer, "
II F. Parser, Painter uii'l l 'mi iiii tor. ' "
I'. A. V lieelork ,: '"o . C Ulllll'll .Heie't, 41 "
Hon. r. Wln-tnp, Menib'T l.cUl.ituro. "
.1. C. Ilii-N, It.'k Hunk Mmurra iit lllnilcr,
T. .1. K.;rib. I.atc lUnl me Mereh.nt. " "
A. ilailei H.intMiire Mer bant,
II in v Kleli oil, Furniture Healer, ' "
A.J e kil.Siloni st, 'i
.li)epli Sniitli lllile-, Fur. Irni. A,;., " "
P.irke-A Axley. C'l'ntn'n Mer 'li't.s
0. It. Nuivluul. (i.i- F Her. Plumber. A.'., "
(.'. Lnuaster ol I.. A lliei'. I uiiilieinicii, " "
Jae b lluro . linn of llur r .V Co , " "
A. I.ewK Willi Ayer A I n . "
h'. A W. Uml r. Mamil .eturitii Jcwelcr, '
I). Lamport. Ilarbtr, "
J. ('. Wnite, Insir:iti-c Agent. "
W. II. Wdi-ix. (inn er.
Kinl. Hi b- u kei'. Ilikir, ' '
.lnlin MeXulty, II irJware Mcrclnr.t, "
W. 'I'll.'!.'. 'ilOO'T, "
T. l.pl, ba'c M matter I.i e lr.u-ance Co., " "
lour. Itetpeoirully,
tilllet's Hakln
Powder for
Ai'tkii February 1st, ?t,000 reward will
be then for tttiy t,-""'! l"ing iliy boinlerj
nt the Delnionleo Hotel S?t a week.
(fillet's Flavoring Extract. the bet
in ti-e. and for sale by nearly every gro
cer. A ft nit Fcbnnry in. 9I.0W rewaul will
be given tor fifty good payir.-,' day lmnlers
at the Dehnou'ci Hotel?! per weal.
Jno Houeksr is ivjw In full cuntiol of
ihe Wa-lilngton bikoiy, and Imvln;; l.-aru-cil
tho wants of tho pubile, I prepaied u
supply on cill ai demands fur French loiif,
llostou, llrown anil Graham brcai, r.ivi
everything tli-c ordinarily found In a ilrtt-cins-'bik
y. Ho maintain-a fnlsto.kol
confcetionerles, nnd can, as well r ai.y
other dealer In the city, fill all order In
tliat line. Cakes baked, iro-ted or orna
nicnteil on short notiee. Spcela bittentlon
given to the orJer of wedding or picnic
partle. 11 li-tf.
Call for the hest-Clllet's Hakiug
Powder for II never disappoints the
Newly-atteJ, finely ruml-hcil barber
sio;i bytieorgo St Inleiu-u, corner Com
uiereial aveiiuo and Kihih s-reet. Y-ar-ol
praet eo lne glvt'ii liliu a ll,,'ht hand
tint mikts a smooth i.uvu dtll.'htful All
who try lrnii once will call ai'alu. All the
hto dally p.ipors aro kept on bis tnblo fo
tlie binetlt ol his eottunieit), nnd (hero In
no leil'ou waiting f ir turn tf
-filllet's linking Puiwler-the be,t in
u-c always- ivliable.
lieiiernl mill t iiiiiit AKrnts Wniiti-il.
AiicstalUI-lied Life Insurance Com
pany of New York, U desirous of obtilu
iug (ieneral, nnnty tun! Local Agent.-,
In Southern Illinois nnd Southern Indi
Those, wlio are alivady hi Ihe hii-lm-.-mav
llnd this a moie profitable, eonuec-
tlon; while to ni:w i.ivi: Jinx tiii limy
prove a line opening.
Tlie Company in ipn-stion Is one ot
good repute and undoubted stieu-itli and
solvency, and desire only Agents who
will make contracts haed upon liberal
eoiniiilsi.ioiis and renewals.
Address full name, residence, detail of
experience, If any, aud reference.
P. O. llox 300:, Nv:w Youic Cirv.
for Sulf.
A McNeal .1 L'rhan Fire Proof Safe,
wllli latet Improved combination lock.
Also one Letter Pie.-s.
'.'-.'0-101. T. J. Kcinn.
Oliio Xiovoo,
Dot, Second nnd Fourth Strcota,
Whole.ale ami Itefnll Dealer In
IMilwaulsoG Boer,
Berliner Weiss Beer,
Bottled Alo,
Sweet Cider,
Soltzor and Soda Wntor, Etc.
trVAllcnvil Licliil a liCAl'v stuck on Imllil. mill
la lireitarnl to fUriiUli full uinIIo 011 veij nhnil
iintlce, nt thu lulu"! rntf'H.
."tuil In your otdtrs. I 1-W-lui
LIIU 1IIL11 I ll I I H 111 LS Ball w III 111
ni i vnr. unvnrnmfint urrM a nnn
UW lll(..l wfM . lit UllVI WUa.AU
.... ( ... ..I.. .. . tt
l.iie TmiMirrr of the state of Illin'oU, Ileltcvi
f. .it. s, it ITII,
I'.r. I A.NKUY.
1). I.. 11111.1. PS,
1.. II. ADAMS. 1' I. MKltlUTT
To .lasruv.ilr Dyspi piln.
111., u-iiili; .tl.ir.11ll lllLIJ 111U ELUIllLll. Ulll
-U'ltuj I i ii - -iik.1 iifu ii ii ill ui 19 -ill, uil
i-m,,.-i. u ULtiaiu a iiil'U'J ii uiraii an i men
Willi L'ailrlp. inlri- nml It will iM.inlvn
laisl dige-tlon. Add to meli a inlxlnri
a Utile iileiihol. anil It will nut ill -elvn
i in-imi5ii.iit'r. inuijsrsimr. urwiiie, men,
l1,..lir-,ll& nri'llnltll'. Inlt....n. . .1.
eoeVlnr.s ein alnlrg splri'ti n liiinr
Mi u 11 all sui li rum "tonics" mi l rely solely
uii t'i. ii jiivit j i nirir.ir i;niirii inn iinaar
hetbal li.vl.-nrart kniwn, n: 1 free frcmlbe
lli'ry eil- e cf Ale .lint. 2-d JAw-lin
Ilnllj I.mirti.
(leorpe I.itin- r torn -rnf Fo irtccn'.h and
ahlng-on avenue, will niMiMi ho cntter,
svory il.iy to ir p itrmi a No. 1 umeli, be
'.ween Hie hour of ten and twelve o'clock.
r'resh Milwaukee brer and fragrant II iv.-ina
?I;ir to be had .it hi- I ir at ah time.
tiiireeliil Dally by I:. .M Stearin, comininalon
ni.nhiiiir. Itiri i.t' il... I ..... n....nl ..
, iuuu.
Hour, nooonllnif to ifi-aile $ to, C. 00
L.-rn, niKi-1, u- lnl .... ii.T.Vi
urn, while, wu'knl (.iTiV
O.U4, uilet c.iilc
llr.m, per lou C42sei
Miul, kIkiiii ilr'.il S.I TO
lluttur, i l.uliv.Nurllum mil .. . 'iV '.Tc
mail r, iiiokc .-i.uiihiu 1 in iidi u
I'.jif, leriliinil cs3e
UncKeiii, iwi'ilureii $3 to :iii
lurteya, . r iloin In ri Ir, lo
Ajil--, iluKe. ii- bairvl , . W li.i
.iliw. eunitiiuii, i ir I mm I , $10012 7..
I'ul itned, er leirivl (, JW
O11I1111., r Uinvl Mm
Hiu-kwIiiMt Hunt- StlSO
l!e Hour )5To
1 Live, per jKiuml li 17
SherlfTs Sale.
D( vlrtiif-nf nn i:ti-eiitlnii t me .1 tvrlnl In
.I.Jllin tleik nf tin-1 it t-iil t Chum nf leumliV
1 ninny, In tlie -lule of lllhi'ii-, In t'.iwu'ur.Vl
lYcil II. -air.inl. ii-li.'iii-c uf Ali-Miiuli-r II Irvin
unit iij;ulii.t.luliii It Ili'uu ii. I li.ive levlnl up
on Hie rnllunlns ili'.0llU'il )l i l t , In the
1 1.1111I) iir.lruliilt'i uiiil M.ilu ill' IIII1111I4. li-
II : .ill the li-lil .title uml iiilciol 0IV1I1I .IhIiii
II. Ilio'.vn. In nml to Hu- Xiirtlinriit iiuarlrror
the oiiilnu-it iiuitcriif Mtllmi tlility-uiu- t.ll).
in I'liun-lihillllrrii (l'i) -outti nml In I'.aiiK'e
line (I) wv.l ul lln- lliliil I' M ,ul.o IiIiicL iiiiiii-lit-iwl
in e (I), tun (.), Iluec ,i), luur (I) lli
Ifo. a V (lil ..i-li-li 171 hii. I t-k-lil Ml In Hi. I ..ii 11 ul
1'illly in .ilii couiiiy uml stale, a Ihe iiinm-rlv
' lirhlll.lJllllll II Iliouii. which I .li!ill nil. .rut
1'iiblie Mile t the Mjiitn-ivriit ilournf t tic ( niirt
Itiill-c, in the I ityof l ullu, In Die l nunty of
VtcMtllllcr Hint Mull- ur lllllllill UII IIih liiiirlh
I (llli) U i.rMaivh, A I) , ls-7.1, t the hiiur nt'
I cjucn n'cluck, A. M., fur ca-li. to :illtl- kiIiI
J-.Mx-llllull. .l.s.. 11 lltN,
Mn-i'IaiirAlcxniHlfr l miuty, lllinoii,
1IU t-Vlni. ..o .11. 1.'.
11 MI-hSh-
"VTollce in hflflir uiien that Ihe tx boolii for
X Ihe jcir 171 limrlici-ii i1jii1 In my htuiUt,
uml Hun 1 i ll lie nt tliu follow Intfliameil iUe
ut the I Inn- U'lim- ttt liiiti, fir the uir-oeof
collecting tin- taxi- of Miht vi-ur
Clear t.iwk I'lrciiict. tully A Msrclilliloa'
stole, Kebiusry Is7i.
l.li.ir creek I'lf-duct, U. A KUnmiKon'n
itnre, February '.'3, Is7s.
't'hclci 1'iei'iiirt, J. l ItoliTliij'ti torv, Feb-run--SI.
Miuta t't 1'ieeliict, Wm. livLiniPi tlore, Feb
rtiury -1, li73.
tiiiusc I.I.iihI l'lvclnet, O. (.ircnU's Horn,
IVhiniiry X, IsJS,
Dujc'lonth I'livinrt, N Hurmickcr' Iioumj,
February 1S75.
I'nliy l'm'iucl, IM-;e Allierton's ttoie,
.March 1, IS73. ...
ILuletioml Precinct, Ginrj-o Short' Hore,
Jlarcli i, ISii.
Itrlii;- your latt )wr's lux rrerlpli, iu It It un
rat'o to trust lo the lav luokn uloue for ilncrl
tlnn.1 of laml.
L'aiko, 111., Jiinuirytl, 1S7.1
lJl-l-II-Tl.l. DUtilct Collector
"1711111 tho Mlcetlv curn nf S.niln.l Wlkur..
I J-1i Iit Mituhooii uml nil ilUmlir hrouiibt
1 uu v. iiiihm;itiioii5 or cxcevii .oy wruKii.
hai tiie tnrreillcntt.
Gudunull. Ohio-

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