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pte $ till Dim
HraHlne Miltrr nit l.trr.t I'bbt.
of Nevada, I in-
A -rvutu XWr&i let ot tliclciJ
i t" hi prorp at New Yuri;
rut IUlUrd .Vm, whh H brad lovrl.
tbcCUra ItcLLKtrN' lsaaor not
fetT itrotrirnl In itallanl county.
Wi pM('h ht wiotlxf colttron tlicdvll
ntto WH K i-tl coartv and wa
wrwcl bjr the Pntahltm.
JUtok Cotviv, of Cltkngo, nVetatv
hh no person hH ktvjt a coniHiiinUt
j.- in Dot cky. mm! that llto judgc
irr cMtramHi't. There h lkt; f
t intcti'm in tW.
nui community of Frw l.ovcr. iuv
..iu-rtMtir Splrftswllmi. Tin- iiu-in
cr. w tkc "ww rellslon" Jo be Just
Uk ibmr they h c 'ostclit lor and mourn
! lveaw tht-y fostnd h wot.
A fouinr.n member of the North I aro
Una klatttns tnVe to hlnwlf tlio credit
nflMvinp roasle the rootkni to cxiwl from
tlLtt bodv. J. William I homo, on the
Itarsv f M msn-WIIef In a God.
The tHfflcnlty with the HrturriN t
that, like Mr. Tllton. wc f'l ".o, so."
If wWi lh.ni "fO. .-" or morv.lt
uvnld ! lctcr; but we do not. am! there
fore, a ""o W-iorv remarked, mc nn imt
H'cwn'iil .SprinliiM lint urck with
Llm-pir, JTartzcIl, Wliuk-r, Glllwrt ami
'ti'ht Inioti." Thelwot! wcru so tlclit
wv couM not jM tijrlit our.-df. ami arc
Ihcrvlore tinablu to ny wo cnjoyeil the
in'i. lint we did enjoy it pnrtiidly, for
wo saw 1'later and Jutivs and (.mninnwd
fr a time with Spoakcr Haines.
A "iticii.'iml tuneful robo do chamhro"
lialK.?u nvonted to the l'ri'liyti;rian
nilni.terat Carhondalo. Iy tho ladlo ol
Ids L-wigrvjr.itloii. After ".-ilently in
HK.ctlnjr tlio beautiful attln; and enrobing
his (KTMrnin it? ample fold" the rewr
end irent loi ji.-iti H'tit IiIi;iiiIii? thank-1
tho donors id tho gilt throiish tin yonrr-
Oil? column ol'tllU Obn'rr'r.
Tin: frvdief on the S ltuylkill rier i
the heavle.-t ever known on that 'trentn.
In the vicinity of I'lillwlelphia. it; bonks
iuv Mibmergetl, and all the manufaetur
lag i'-tablUhment' of ilanyyunk
have Miipended operation. .lx
tliou-aiid per-on- liavo liecu thowu
out of employment, and much sntlering
miiit eii'iie.
Tiinileciea-ool the public debt during
February was $0,fiSl.lKI. This heavy
deereat-e 1- attributed to heavy receipts
from Internal .revenue collection- eau-ed
by the agitations of the now taxandreie
nue bill when that bill wa under lNcn
lon hi the lIoue, and it wn tliought
the stock of whi-ky on hand in bond
vould lie t.TM'il. I.aigu lil-K. iIimIi r.
took out of the bonded warehouses thn-e-fourth
of the stock on hand to avoid pay
ment of tho anticipated tax.
Mlt. I'.u k.uiii, one of the gentlemen
whonro u?ed by President Grant in the
laborious work of governing the State of
l.oul-lana contrary to the will ol the ma
Jonty, understand;! the -ltuatlon. Hols
now at Washington, clo-o to the car of
His Excellency, and remaiks : "Tho
more hell we can ral-e among the t'onser
latlvc" in ell'eetlng an adjustment the
better able we will be to get our people to
Moinaoh it." I'rom thl it a)uai that
neither the f'ou-ervatlvi-nor the Kadi-ol-approM:
the propo-ed adjuMiiietit ;
bmirGr.uiteudor-e.lt, a few bayonet
will compel approval. Thl U the day of
"bayonet rule."
Tin: attcinpt to miumfaetuie ixeltc
mcnt by the report that the "eoinniun-l-t"
of Chicago Intended to atl-cln their
might and devour the ari-tocmt- of tha
cit, wa iiioic .iieeossliil than It dcK-rvod
to U". The ".Miflorhig poor" have a curl
olty tokn,ow what the Kellel Committee
ha- done with tho mean put Into IU
hand, and arc seeking to institute an In
vestigation. They did the Mine winter
lufore la-t, and were blull'il oil'. Wirt
Dexter involved Hoffman In a di.eii..lon
mid talked to him until thepurpo-eol'the
"eouunimlnts" to have the money counted
was defeated, ir in-tesul or 'debating
with Dexter, llotluian had In-lMed ujon
counting the money we hae Kaon to
Ulleve a large moii-e would lif; b'fii
discovered In the meal tub of the Keller
Mn. A. C. Hiin(! Inlonneda repoiter
ot a Ch'eago paper that a Mutement made
livhlmwit.ad l lie. It was and the
rejiortcr did not object to Iiifonnatlon Mr.
Hesliighail given lit him. Hut now he
mi) me was mm!, ami that Hcslug I a
big man ho dare not bit one of hU sle.
Aim an tnc papers nro calling Hesiiign
rudlan. If ii Miult newspaper
man iublllies a lie tUjut a large eltlen,
the eitl.en has a right to tell him he lies!
It Is then the duty of the newspaper man
to hit the citl7.cn us hard a blow in- he can
Htrlke, If poidb!e behind one of his ears
i no eiii7cns may men winp tne newspa
per man, wuo mioukj liglll as long as
possible. TliU we know is not encotirag
ing to newspaper men, but such expert
cnccii are common to the profession, nnd
no pcHon idiouhl beeoine a nevsspaper
man who cannot endure them. Atte
yearn of practice he learns to like them.
Tin: proportion of Mr. Untitling, of
Ohio, that the date of the meeting of fu
ture Congress thall be March ftli, has at
tractcd some attention, though It will
hatdly be seriously considered during tho
present term. In mo-t Stales Congress
men nro elected In October and Novem
ber; but the Congrem to which they aro
clionrti docs not meet until December hi
the following year. Thus, a member
choH'ii In October 1874 will not tako his
soat In regular seslon till December 187S.
It Is urged In behalf of Mr. llannlnp s
projioMtlon that a year l too long to
await a beginning of the enforcement of
a policy which succeeded in tho election.
Hut on the other hand It may bo urged
that what often iaos In a campaign for
twpiilar sentiment dlappoar when "sec
ond sober thought" come to the front.
and that, therefore. uliicieul time, should
I.ipe to prevent haty. unwUo legNla-
tlon. New ticnlirctl lejrMator ihoiud
have iin opportunity to understjind tho
Irift of public opinion Iwforo plunginj;
Into tho w ork of making and unmaking
law. TIhto are two lde to tho ipie-
tiin iiivolvini in Mr. Itann'mg' mrauiv.
M llt lt..
flic UeimblleMU. have Ultimo very in
dignant at the DcUHHrat, U-eau.'o tho
Democratic majority in tho General A
vtuMv of Mi'.-oiiri refined to make Hon.
Carl Sehurz hl own successor in the Sen
ate. All the llaJienl paper of .-landing
hM' ilt uoiinced this notion of the Mis
souri Demoerntj. and iho rural papers of
the ltadleal iRT-ualou eoutluuo to harp
upon the ituv string. "'IhN prove'
tliov ;-ay. "that the DtMnocrat- do not
like the Germans." In fact, Ihl- iroves
no -ncli thing. Mr. Schurx had the 01
portunlty to Ufomo tho leading man In
the Democratic iarty, but he n lu-i.il It.
He ivjueluded to ro-'l-t the party, and U:
eHiucthe ally In MI-ouri of tho ltadleal',
who were known a Iho Tad-Poli. lie
did all that was In hl power lo defeat the
Democrat-', and ho did lhl loo while
agrei'lng with the Democrats and de
nouncing the pollrv of the very putty
with which he was acting. Ho made
Democratic .pecche and yet aoelated
with ll.idieals In a political canvass and
voted the Kadlcal ticket. Tho truth I.
Mr. &hui7.Nti political Miidutit, not a
politician a writer of political e-ays,
not a .-talesman. He ha- In hi- character
nothing practical. Ucactsujiou impulse,
and often unwi-oly. If, with hli learn
ing and genln-, he had the political saga
city of Ilejing he wotdd be the
German leader of the country, but he
lack many of the essential element1' of a
loader, and must follow. Ho cannot lead.
jiomi'vixn .si:crio. ..
Henry'; bill to amend the Illinol- rail
road law by the addition to sections of
the proviso, "that the rate lixetl by aid
-elifilulei sliall In im way atfect or
apply to rate- charged by railroads in this
Mate for tin transportation of iasengers
r freiglit- in tran-it aeros the .tate. or
from, miy xint out of the state to any
Aia in the tatc. or from any point in
the -tato to any jiolnt out of the Mate,"
has been favorably considered by the
coinmitti-e on railroad-, ami was rejvorted
to the house with tin rfcomim'ndatlon
tint it pa-.-.
This proo-ed amendment ?hou!d not
U- made. It will ojierate dlsaMroudy to
ecry Illinol- railroad town near the bor
der of the State. It declare by Impli
cation that freight? may be curried at
lower rate from .St. I.ouis to Chicago
than from Kast St. Louis to that city;
from Chicago to Columbus, Kentucky,
than to Cairo. It would give to tlw rail
road, nn opKrtuuity to coutinue their
attempt to make the law obnoxious, by
carrying fa-lghtat reduced rate toj-iint.-jii't
ouulde the State than to point with
in it by building up railroad station
not effected by the law and eru thing
tho-e upon which the law oH-rtt-. ainl
then saying: "This 1 the Uw: we told
you i-o."
The Mipit'ine court lias, we are Inform
ed, declared the law to U; eonMitutionaJ.
Till decision will coni'l the road to
Mibmlt to it in good faith. Wo liave
therefore an opportunity to on Its
operations, and to a-ccrtain whetlier it U
really th law wc dedre. Why not. tltere
foie. let it aloud
i riTi:i.is t.tvixii Am:.
No. 1002 and 1WI of T,t Liting Ag,
for tho w eeks ending Feb. iiOtli arnl 27th.
refj'fctively. have tho following note
worthy article.: The Grevlllc Memoir,
from the Quarterly lltri'f; The I5vtand
Marriage of Catherine de I'ourbon, C'vm
ill; The Mmperor of China, SptrtaUr;
I'oju'sof the Sixteenth Century, Our Ovn
J'imi'le; Clllliei-c Obituary Cll-tOln-. l-
Ititial r.mpirt Skiintjliai; All Only Child,
Saiinlay llrritir; I.'ra-IIIUS hi- ClltiraC-
er. Jlrilih Qnrlertjl lltri'tr; SaXOIl
Studic.. part V, by .Julian Hawthorne.
(inlnnporaiy llerieu-; The Coll Vent ol'Satl
Marco, part IV, Savonarola as a I'ollti-
lan. M'trmilloii; A Vandal Venlc-, I'all
Mull flntdtr; Karl)' KetireillCIlt, Sjitrln
l',r. Thew nuinher al-o contain In'taliiieiits
of "Thi; Story ol Valeiitine and ids
Ilrolher," and "Alice Lorraine." the
latter by the author ofthe"Mald of .ker."
and both unicually good serial-.
I be usual choice jMietry and uil-ccllaiiy
complete the uiunbcre. With llfty-two
such nuniU'r,of sixty-lour large page
each, (aggregating over IJOOO page a year)
iiiesuocriition price Si U low: or n
U'tter, for $10..V) any one of tlio Ameri
can 51 monthlies, or weeklies is sent with
Tit Litittrj Age for a year, both poit-ixtul.
Llttell Gay. lloton, I'ubll.-liers.
tLu A terrlilo combat taken place.
a n the l'all .Mall Gazette, on the shore of
Like Iaiitulu, Initio tlciultyol Hournabt,
Ailn Slmor, lit-tween a pnifcndonal sport
man, named Caronnuctil, and a lesjurl
wlilcb lia lor Kimc tune bien dcvustatlnK
iup nei'q'iiiioriiooil. so liea y were the loss
tsofthc InhuMtaiitis ot tUo dl.lrlct owing
w iiiv rasagi. r nils anlma tLat thev
"grei'il to have abiuue lor htm, but In tti'o
meantlmu Curair.ouelil determined to attack
the leopard hne. HallvinZ furilt one mor.
nlor, aecominnled by two friend, he found
me iraeic or tin; animal to the dhow, ami fol
iowcu ii up m a cavern in tlio ro V. The
three men lircd their guns hluiultanromlv
Into the cntrsnceortho taeni, ami were
rewarded by the smMen appearance of the
leopard, who, bound.n; forward, selcd Car
amoucii', lacerating him severely In the
armi and legs. After a detpcrate strngjlo
me icoparu, uiitui nail liccu wounded by
uiu ui-riiirge uiiuoKUlis into tlio ctvcin.
ijullted It prey and withdrew to the brink
o a ravine a I. w yanls oil Caramouchr
frleiidsiit tl.i- luncUire pnnlemly proposed
to retreat, but (.'aramoucbl tlgntScd his la
tentlon of pursuing the sport, and reload
lug his KUti, Itrcd another sliot at the oljact
ol hli pursuit. Tho leopard was now thor
oughly out cf temper, and bounding ogaai
on Iti atallniit the light eoiniiieiicc.il In earli
est. Carjinouilil wailiorrlMy manglctl, but
jii't as lihstteuglli wnselvlugawarho drew
out n knife, and stabbing the leopard In the
utainatli, by a lgoroui ettort he shook It
ctriinil eiiuuVeil It (hwn tlio lavlne. The
lcoptrd was kll'ed by tlio fill. Caratnoucld
falkt -d, bii. ptrtlally -chln, was e.irricd
with the ilcad leopard m trlumpli to tlio
tillage. He wa thin put to bcil, where lie
Is likely, by latost account', to remain f.ir
several wcekt, and a l.ttle iibieriptlou lias
been opecedfor him by his grateful nci?ir
. I.. i
I'nllTexl n It ttenelieil flic I'rrililcnl.
The following 1 ii full text of the Civil
Right bill which passed Iho Senate on
Saturday last, and now only requires the
l'roIdeiit' autograph to Uuoine n law :
That all person within the jurisdiction
of the I 'lilted States thai I bo entitled to
tlio full and equal enjoyment of the no
nnmmod.ttlons, advantage, facilitle ami
privileges of Inns, public conveyance on
land and water, theatre. and other places
of public amusement, subject onlv to the
condition and limitation c.MahH'shcd bv
law and applicable alike to eltlen of
every race ami color, regardless ol any
previous condition of servitude.
See. 2. That any neron who shall
violate the foregoing section by denying
io any cui.cn, except lor rea.-on oy law
applicable to clticn of every race and
color, mid rogardlc- of anv prcviou
condition of servitude, the full enjoyment
in any oi i no accommodation, advantage.-,
lacilltie.s or privileges In said sec
tion enumerated, or by aiding, or Incit
ing such denial, shall lor every such of
fence lorfelt and pay tho sum "of live hun
dred dollar to the jier-ou aggrieved
thereby, to bo recovered In an action ol
debt witli lull cob. and shall also lor
even Mich olleneo lie deemed guiltv of a
misdemeanor, and titmn conviction
thereof lo lined not less than 000, nor
more than ?1000, or shall U- Imprisoned
not le.- than thirty davs, nor more than
one year. Provided that all persons mav
elect to sue for the penalty afore.-ald. or
to proceed under their rig'hts at common
law and by State statutes, and having -o
elected to proceed In the one mode or the
other, their rislit to proceed In the other
jurisdiction sliall lie barred : but thl pro
viso i-liall not apply to criminal proceed
ing, either under this act or th1 crimi
nal law of any State; and provided fur
ther that a judgment for the jienaltv In
favor of tlio party aggrieved or a judg
ment upon an indictment shall U a bar
to either pro'ecntlon re-iectivelv.
Sec. ,'l. That di-triet and circuit court
of the I'nlteil States shall have exclu-ive-ly
of the courts of the several States, cog
nizance of all crimes and oil'encos against
and violation- of the provision-of thl
act, and actions for tlio penaltv given bv I
the preceding .-action may be "pro-ccutetl I
in the territorial. dUtrict "or circuit court
of tiie L'nited Mate-, wherever the de- '
fendant may be found, without regard to
the other jwrty, and the district attor
ney, mar-hal- aud deputy mar-hals ot
the L'niP-d states, ami comthi-sloiiers ap
pointed bv the circuit and territorial
court of the l'nited Mate with power
of arresting and imprisoning or balling
otTciiders against the law s ot the United
State, are hereby epecfallr authorized
ami required to institute nrc.cwllng
against every ht-oo who shall viobi
the provi-kMi of thisie:jndeaahiinto I
lie arreste.1 awl impnontl or baikt as tfc? '
ea-; may b,;. f'r trial batons ssaeb eoortof
the l'ni'1 states or territorial tour, i, ,
by law bs vrgwzaaee of Itn 'iZemtx, '
exvpt in r-f-rt of tin rirhc r'
H-titia aeertiiit? to !k irw vi"rrvrl.
and -octi fttrict attomrs sfeail aaus
proctlingi to to tiir .
rrrmiiMtiia, a.s in ofh-r ras: rvVl
nothing eonuinl in tfai -wrtfi 'tail
coo-trwl ro 4cnv or ki anr n-ht &f
dall action a:roing to aor trs.vn.
wMhrby reason A tbi- art vr otber
wi and any distrv.t aUoratr who hall
wiuiuuy laii to in-tiuit- ml tetnn
prtalings lerein refrr.-el to ihaJI
for ever)- uch offence forf-it and pay tiV;
sum of iVt to tfe jA-r-onaggrv-ve,! there
by , to be iwiverert by an action of dot
with full t-. ami 'iall on conrictKm
thereof r d'- rn-l guilty of a ralwfe
rntanor ami x; rlr.ed not le-s Uun Jlf.O
nor more tlian i-VOy, ml provided
further, that a Judgment for the rsalty
In favor of the trartr ai'ricvwl a"ln.j
any wsrli district attorney, or a judg-
rueiii uixxi an indictment agalu-t any
such district attorney, shall f a lir t
clthf.r profutIon nrsjicctlvely.
Sec. i. nut no citizen joss'-dfig all
other qualliicatioris which an;, or may Xr.
pre-crio.ti uy law snan i ditquahlietJ
for services as a grand or txstlt Juror In
any courts of the L niUii stkto, or of
any Stat-, on account of race, color or
previous condition ot servitude, ami i.nv
officer or other (K.-ron charg'tl with any
unit or :ietiioii or ummoilirig 01 :r-
sons who shall exclude or fail to summon
any cilf.cn for the rnu-; aforesaid, hall,
on conviction thereof. U; ili-cini.il guilty
or a inl-demeaiior aud U; llnwl not more
than .$:.
S'C. 5. That all ciivs nrl.ln U
the provisions of this act in courts of tho
United Mates, shall be reviewable by the
Supreme Court of the United state-
witiiout regard to the sum In controversy
under the same provisions and regula
tions as are now provided by liiw
for Hie levlew of oilier C!iue of said
" i i i
JKairMr. Harrv lleckett. the roinedlaii.
has u fund of humor, upon which he
draws In every emergency. In the house
where M r. lleckett reside, a uielanclioly
lookiug individual occupies a room Jiut
above him, ami for a week jiast has an
noyed the comedian bv wulklii" the ibmr
all night. When lleckett could not stand
It any longer, he jumped out of bed
about daylight onu morning, mounted
the stair, and pounded upon the door
or the perambulating nuisance. It was
opeueu, aim a sepuiciiral voice cut its
way inrougii me early gray ol morning
with the itmiilri'. Uiill. iuv ivi mill
what's the matter V" "See here, old man,''
biiiu ueuKcu. "you arc Keeping me
awake, walking the Hoor nlcht after
iilght for weeks. I can't stand It any
longer. S hat's the row'r' Alter a
slight pause, the fellow drew a slgli ami
saiu, -viy inenu, i am tlio most m sera
bio of men. I owe a man live hundred
miliar, uiiii can i pay it," "Dill" CX
claimed lleckett. "Is that all? Why don't
fim ici linn mi mo wanting r ineii you've
got the best of him." A new light broke
upon the mind of tho unhappy debtor,
and there win. no more Iloor walking af
ter that night. This Is very good ; but
Charley Backus, tho minstrel, claims to
be the author of tho joke.
IIIoimI llUoimr.
The blood being tho notircc from which
our systems aro built up an 1 from which
ue dt rive our mental in well as tihylcal
eipahilltics, how Important that It Miould lu
kept pure. Hit contulm vile fcMcrliiK poI.
oos alt orgiulo ruuctlonM nio weakened
iherui y, Settling upon Important organ,
as ti.e lung, liver or kidneys, the cflrct Is
unit disastrous, Henco H tiehoovcs every
one to keen their blood In a oorfect limlthr
ton lltlon and uioro especially does this
apply at thl particular susson of the year
Hi . ii at any other. No nutter what the ex
fill g cause may he, tho real cause of a
r 7T7. . . ... .
arge iiropnriioii oi an urease is uau oiootii
Now l)r l'lervo dues list wlsb to Place hi
Golden Medical Dbcoscry in tho catalogue
of quack patent nostrum &y reeomnicnulm;
ll to cure every uisea. nor uoc ue roccuiu
mend It, on tho contrnr tlicieari)hundrctls
ofdlseutM heacknnwlcdgts It will not cure;
but. h it he claims Is IhU, that thcro Is but
one rui of bljotl tllo.io ih.it II wll not
cure, and that diseaso Is cancer.
He does not recommend bii LHscovcry
for that dbcase, yet ho knows it
to be the most searching hlood cteansrr
)ut discovered, and thai it will free the
blood and system ol all other known blond
poison, be they animal, vegetable or min
eral. The Gulden Discovery Is warranted
by Idtn to cure Iho worst form otSkln Dis
ease, ii.H all lorins ol llloichc, I'lmplis and
Uitiptlons, also all G 'indtilnf Swellings, and
the worst form ol crolulntis and Chelated
Sores ol Neck, be;s or other part, and all
Scrofulous Dhca'cs of tho Hones, s White
Swelling , Poser Sores, Hip Joint and Spi
nal Disease', all of which belong toScorlu
lous diseases.
W. HnovK Station, la., July II, Mi.
Dr. I'lKitCK, II ffilo, N Y,:
Deii- Sir My vvlle llrst became lame
nine years ago. Swcllngs would appear
and disappear on her blp,,md she was pratl
ually beeonijng reduced, and her whole
ydem rotten with dlfasc In IS71 n swel
ling broke on her hip dlscharglng;iugc quan
tities, nnd since that lime there nro seve at
opening. Have ha J live doctor at an ex
pensimf ifVi:, who say nothing will do any
good but a surgical opcraibu.
July lOih, lbTJ, he writes thus! My wife
has certainly received great bene It from the
uso olyour Dl-r'ivery, lor she was not able
to get nil' the hi d and was lot expected to
live a week whn she romm.t.cetl tisii g It,
uyearngo. he h's been doing moM of
her work for over six months. Ilaiu'cd
twenty botilcs aud still udng it. Il-r re
covery l cinslilercd as altuust a mliele,
and we attrltilite It nil to the use of your
valuable medicine. lean cheerfully re
commend it us a blood purilW and
Mrciwth rcdnrcr. J. .VI. Itonl.NMi.v.
Dlcvcry Isnold by druggists. i'-'J-lw
rj-MIK llfl.LKTI.V Is puWithl fry morning
(except Monti) in the Cullt lin lluiltling, cor
nrr W'aibington at c nut; and T dnh Jtrttl.
The ItcLLKriN Is tcrvitl to city (ubrritr by
faithful carTiert Twenty-Kite ChiU i Wuk,
p3)abl imkly. lljrMall, (In ntltancr) lir
acntuni six months, t4t thrtr niunths, i5; one
month, SI
Publishfl etxr' TharKtay mornlsf il 1 3
r annum, InttlUWr In adtuKt-. 'lt .M;r
I on the Wetkly nill U- prtuU at thit arllee, so
tKM sabterlbm nil! obtain (tor MfeetiptlvQ
ncc of $1 aiar.
DasiawM Crli, r nsm,.Vi (O
On -Tttoft, one tnrtloo, . 1 (O
uw tturt, two lntrdei, . . 1 V)
Out fnArt, ost wetk, .. . 5 .'!
th fiuin, two wl., . j m
Out toarc, tbrw trrckt,. -.. t lo
Vex irr, ott nmtl, 1 Co
Oss ssjsLirr, e kurUB,
.11 o
0r isrstr t4ssrUrt w riTMr lo
tkitesti, Wa ia v r ot tktrfn t4 nun-
rj" ' ' la U-il vAmm hnrtl fr flf
lta Csts yt W fcr oat if rtitvii, Twenty
Cts a ItaM In two lairtim, Twenty-KIre
Uott a Ii; for ihf iBrlnn, TWrty-Mve
CaU a lfc fr o wsi, mil StTtcty-i'lTe
Out a Use fur oat iMcth,
Conunnsicatlona upon aubjeeta of sren
oral IsUreat to the public aollcitod.
CJ-AI1 ItUrra sbouM I aldreiinl Uj
JOII.V If. OHKItf.y,
Pjs-tl'Wil Cairo linlltlln Company.
N"ew-York Store
Goods Sold Vory Clone.
Corner 10th St. and Commercial Av
C. 0. PATTER & CO.
Uoilir In
?aints, Oils, Varnishes,
vVnll Paper, Window Glass, Win
dow Shades, Sic,
Alnay on luintl, the celebrated llluininutlatf
Broun' 33u.lXcllxi(c,
Cornr Elevanth Street and Within?
ton Avenue
. L I I
OT. C3. 33CT73BXJIS,
Bulletin Dulldlnsr, Corner Twelfth Street
and Washington Avenue,
Oniro, Xlll.ola.
Rr"CuuntT und Itallivnd WoiW a sudaltf.
Commission Merchant
A.1U IlK.tl.lli IV
iiAm, &c,
Uiiilor City National Bank.
T WIM.ffll In rar-ltuil lots nt uianufactinvrs'
X prices, adding Krcljjlit
Commission Merchants
No. 138,
(Succrnon to .John U l'liUtls)
t Mi
Commission Merchants
Anil Drali'ra in
MEAL, BKAN, etc.
ICornor Tenth Street nnd Ohio
7. 1) Mathuti. I. ( I'M.
And (.(t cntl
Commission Merchants
IValrrt in
04 Oliio Lovoo.
E. J. Ayrtts.
S I). Ajrr.
AYRES vfc CO.,
Ami general
Commission Merchants
No. 78
V-T"tS ' m
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wido Reputation.
Ackn'illi"l hyall ziiful .Muilrlan, tu lw Hit
Ix-t I'lmm now nuitf
Of which we haVe snIJ over 100 during
twelve rar past, tic-coining- more anil more
popular svtr' day.
Splendid tone, I'ower and Ditrahlllty.
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A very lino liii-trnmi'iit, iidnptcd to lii.tru
mtntul as well as vocal limbic.
Kasy Jlonlhly I'jymunts, ut lfnvllnri).s
rcgaiuiuca oi i. i jticu.
In reat variety, iiiclndln? all tho new
and populiir innslu ol tho day.
Orders from the Country'
promptly liltml.nnd sent
liy mull.
Band Instruments of all Kinds
Kundshcd to Order,
Ol the llest (2mdlty.
Classical Studios and Exercisos
Of all uradea for I'hino or Voice,
ItSTHveiT dcscrlntlnii of Mnsieil Mer
chnndUo fiirnlsheil lo order, promptly und
at prices lower man ever onercn ucioro.
Send for Ilhislrutcd Cataloguo nnd l'rlco
Ust of theso heantlfnl groiipt's.
All Goods Warranted ai Represented.
. Oniro, IUinoit,
t. a mt-inTm mnTnTXTrto
""l: liril i.m-r 'i.trii ' ati'l i.rlus ll in Dri'lf. I. 1'htsicUn ami firnfral Slnrr In w n
i,f K....t, in .. ir I ft. 'tHini-.al I'll.: ;i. turn h i . 1 .mny ili-Jinnr oi-t funiiit.nl or
flllwl tf ita tl !'! Ir,i.- t r'.i-i.nM. r
71 Ohio Lover.
The Sprague
Should be sold by the Hardwa-
Wo liavo reploniiihccl our Job Printing Oflice with
many fonts of new type and liavo oiler3 out for other
fonts of tho latest popular styles. "Wo aro determined
to establish tho reputation of our ofli ;o for first-class
work, aud make our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit, that wo do work at lower pricos than any othor of
fico in tho country. Mr. Oborly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printor3 West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nntl Rotnll
A l-
"aahtn-to- Av., Cor 8th"
Can Opener
ir :rr.r: rvr:? 1:2: :t w.ztfz . .so j:ia:it.

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