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Hrndlitir Mnllrr on l'.wr Vngm.
HJ..1. -11111 -l.tg-
J01IN U. ODEntV, Kdttor.
Tiik llllnoli .Slate fulr lint been located
tit Ollaua for tlie next ttvo years.
"N'ott l the
jfn-nt ellt. W
tlnio" to nutko Oil to a
II, wlui Mill Icntl tn tlic
O.si: of tlio rt'iMirtcr-t nUeiiriiiij!
llivolier tiial has been taken ilottn
an nttnck' of iiiall-Mj.v.
'I'm: total vote polled In l'mlna-ili at the
late. liiunlcli:il election, was 1,01(5. Vtlro
can U-.it that MM) vote
Tiik citizens of Mlc-lilfzan Hre'iietltlonlnj:
tin- ttntu lcslslatiirts to tviK-nl the lsiw
rtf.it liitf the ollltvot County Superintend
ent of .Sch(vd.
Tim: heavy Mioit .storm In the North
mid Northwest liave Impeded niilwny
travel, anil many trains were -mow
Tur. folloitln'- la "Chloipo 7W Mu
tation:" A Cairo, 111., alderman l doomed to
llfe-lsnff misery In U-arlng the. scandal
'ujrpestiu;; name ot 1'eeclierelitiek.
A )ioxt'MKNT has been rnUwl to
the iiicniory ot Mat tic .Stevenson,
Uiuouri'r IUinolx trlrl who went to Mem-
phN during I ho yellow fever epidemic-
and lost her life in" the kttI.-o of tin- Mek I
and dying.
TiiKl'aducah Ktntiteki wiy: "Tim
tU-ctlon excitement mbslded verj' quickly
and l'adticah Is as quiet a- though tlica
had never been an election." In other
wonl, n- quiet as a grave yard when
there Is no funeral proces-lon in it.
TiikXcw Vork Daily lUUttin, a coin-
iiicrrlal paper, expreei the opinion thut
Sjirlng trade, of the metropolis will
ojieu actively, and that In all branches
there nre encouraging ludlCHtlun- of
revival of boi-iness.
on tiic Itli hist. Kellogg will call an ex
tra Marlon to last ten ilayr, and It is now
U-Heeil that miiiic forty-fight Con
ervallves, entitled to -eats In thetJciienil
Assembly, will tnku their place, nt the
xtra r-sIoii. under the Wheeler Com-proml-e.
Mr. John O. 1'i-hki:, Dciikkt.iIIc ciin
illdatc for mayor of I'.-ulucah, wa elected
a day or two ago by a handsome major
ity. The Democrats of I'aducah arc de
termined to have a thorough and coin
pan organization o that they may act
with ilTci-l In the great political battle lin
ponding. Might not the Democrat. and
Liberal of Cdio prollt by the example J
One of our corrc-pondents a lady
corre-pondeiit say-" we threw slur? at
the anti-progressive. Christian clement,
U-catise that element has r.ded It voice
against our "beloved i'.ccr." Uureorrcs
pondent 1 lui-taken. Abu-o of Beer
docs not now offend its. Iteer is no long
er our Moved. In ,m evil moment we
abandoned It, and fell Into the embrace of
Sparkling Wluc. And then we roe up
like William Allen and deliberately went
back on Beer and Wine. At this time we
look at It, hut touch not, taste not,
handle not. Our corre-pondent I mis
taken lu her man.
Tins Buli.kti.v could not. In good taste,
advertise the lecture ol Mr. O. against
Woman's Bight-, but It fan, hi good
taste, advertl-e the lecture of any other
woman In f.ivor of the advanced Idea.
Tln-n-forc we eall attention to the an
uounctment of Mr. Martin's lecture at
the Atheneum. We have no doubt Mrs.
M's lecture w ill be a very Interesting one,
and we hope the people who cannot
agree with her will not le-ent the expres
sion ot heroplnlons na persoiul affront.
Some people even of our side cannot
tolinite opposition, but we do hone the
logy clement may have wisdom enough
to not exhibit Its Intolerance by rc.-enthig
the free expression of opinion the logic
do not endorse.
Tin: completion ol the Cairo A .SI.
Louis railroad is an went In the history
of Cairo. If the road I operated w ith
ability If the management do not fall
under the malign influence of the Illinois
(Viitraliuid Cairo Short I.tne Interest
this road will be the inol
valuable one to Cairo that termi
nate here. But railroad are scry tin
eertnln quantities. They are boosted into
existence by popular favor. People light
i...i-.m.tniciH,ti nL'alnt people who
tight to prevent their eon-tructloii. The
licoplu lighting for thcin succeed. They
are conMrueted. Presto ! I ow n go the
people who fought the battlus ol the road,
and up go the others. This Is a qurer a
well as a w icked world.
Tin: Paducah Stw seen iu the result of
the late, municipal election in that city
evidence that tnith Is mighty, and calls it
a glorious ovation to the 'principles of
constitutional liberty and .self-government.
Improving the occasion, now.
shouts the Xeict, -'Gen. Grant and his
followers may do their worst. They
may heap Insult upon injury and outrage
upon outrage; they may tear down the
institutions which have been bequeathed
to us through the blood of our ancestors
and trample under their unhullotscd tut
the dearest rights of American citizens,
but the people ot tins city, Irrespective
of past party adulations and color, will
rally to the rescue of Imperilled freedom
whenever the tocsin Is sounded, that
strong arms and brne hearts may inarch
forwanl to victory !" Good Lord ! The
man who wrote that U not . lens than a
brother of the man who wrote the tocsin
addrtst of tlui Democratic coinmltteo of
this State.
etti;h's hucimo.'s.
atto Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion, Mr. Etter, has. dteWul ngauut Mr.
l. II. Ilarrell, who made mi Inim ttllh
I'ounty Superintendent, .Mr.-". Tiiylor,ut
on the right of that lady, w hile Wupy
hiK the ollleo of .Superintendent, to tench
a cchool, mid In particular n scelurlun
Weli.ive no doubt Mr. I'ttcrV ili-d-loti
U right. If .Mr. Taylor lia a right todo
any work beside, that of herolllre, he has
a light to leach school, and If she inn
a ilxhl to teaeh nuy school, she has n
right to teach a particular .school. All
that lit rcfjulrifd ot" her m nn olllcer, U
that he skill fnltlifully perform the du
ties of her olllce.
Mr. lfarrcir assertion, that private
school" are detrimental to the Inter-t-its
of the puhlle schools cannot Ik?iiu
tnlned. If It can, thru private schools
should he prohibited by law. In our
opinion, Mr. ilarrell' other itolttoti
on till uuetloii art" ju.t a untenable.
We shall my nollilug of the remark of
Mr. llatrcll'e rani, )tib)lshed by ut. thU
uioriiliiir, that the fact that Mr. Ktler U
nu Episcopalian ex pl:il n hl decision in
favor of a County Superintendent teach
Inga parochial school. In tidiner mo
ments, Mr, Ilarrell would not make such
n charge; mid it he knew Mr. l'ttei- well
he would (c iitvinv of the fact that the
umoiiiit r religion that gciilli-iiiau car
ries about u itli lihn I- not Mtlllck-nt to
prejudice him In tin or of any church,
lie Is nu hoiic-t shiner it genial lientlit.ll
of the. Moulton kind and decided a lir
did U-cau-c lie has no prejudice ogaimt
religion and Is a gentleman of iterllng
trnod iie.
now mt. a hi: ri:u sr.tr
e-teiday we publl-hcd an article In
which we hiughhigly referred to the Wo-
i man' Bights dlscu-lon now going on In
this city witli u lair prom!c of creating a
Kilkenny-cat light. We hail no doubt
nil the good licople intcrc-ted in the dls-
cuhIoii would if ad our aitlclcwltli pleas-tin-.
But It seem? we were mistaken.
Yi-terday we received several letters that
convinced in ne had gol into something
like a hornet's nest. One said . "Yotl are
a mean fellow. I'alr IMay did not intend
to say Mrs. Wnrdncr's lecture amounted
to nothing, and you know- It " An
other conveyed the cheerful information
that all our pretense of devotion to Wo
man's Bights is bosh, and contained this
sentence: "I have no doiiht you men
tyrant ,Iu your lamlly, and compelled
your wlte to lecture against our rights.
If 1 had an opportunity, it would nllord
me much plciitiuv to pull out of your
scalp the few lmir tli.it still remain upon
It." Another rcm.uk: "You have
done Mrs. O. and 'Truth great i nj u
'ice, ami ate giving aid and comfort to
the Free Bchgloiis Association element
ot Cairo that I. trampling down Christi
anity and leading the city into Spiritual-
ism and dcfenc of Woodlutlllsni."
Another, goes at or fur in hort,
overwhelms u. In this way : "It icems
to lc a atlsfactIon to you lo know that
there Is out In Cairo upon whom you can
throw your sarcastic slurs. And where
fore .' Bec.ntse that on', ilnrtd to niIo her
IVeble voice anlust your Iwlovcd Beer !
Ye, and she will keep on daring. II there
wereathoif-auil.I. II. Oheily- In her
path. I think Mr. 0.s remark" about
election day struck home, If I might
Judge from the ro'hiess of your face on
the evening of dcllery," etc.
Good Heavens ! Indie., let up ! Wedld
not intend to arou-e the tiger in his lair.
It was not our purpose to have you come
down upon iu like the much-talked about
thousand of bricks or u mountain ava
lanche. We throw up the 'ponge. We
beg pardon.
I.TTKIl'K ni'l.VIOX.
1'n. BfM.r.TLv : State Superintendent
Ktter, writing to Us uudcrdateof the 'Jud
Instant, say. that "a County Superinten
dent is not debarred by any consideration
moral or legal, from teaching an avowed
ly sectarian -hool, If he feels dlspoed
to do 'o."
Thl decision is in direct conilict with
decisions of abler men than Prof. Ktter,
and does violence to the facts Involved
hi the particular ca-- under considera
tion. We shall not ay that Piol. Ktter, be
ing a member of the i'plst-opal church,
wa Influenced by sectarian bias: but
that his decision, If It stand, will counte
nance the Inlllcllon of Injury upon the
public K'hool. and the utter destruction
of mi occasional one. Is undeniable. It Is
out of harmonv with the drill of nubile
sentiment, and the geniu of the public
scuooi system ; nut netng autlioritatively
announced, uiii-t of course, earry with It
the clk-ct ol law.
I w rite you, let yon do not, through
other source, iccelvo an Intimation of
the Superintendent's decMon.
lit. Gai:tti.
'', 'Minly .Soirliiliiiliil, I.e.
unlly itr.Mitrnllr, TeiK li i .Seelnrinn
School ? .Mr. litter IIciiIIi-h (lint i....
KHlly lie din.
M. B. IIauuki., Kscj,, Caiiio, Iu..:-
inuii hut : "4 our lavor of the -.'tth tilt,
reeched. I have carefnllv ((jiii.li I.
ered tlio following quetlon wjilch von
ask, mid upon which you dcslic tlmopJii-
ion ii mis uepartinent : "Has a County
Supcrhitindcnt, wliile holding his olllce,
as the head of the public schools, cither the
moral or legal right to teach an avowed,
ly sectarian private school?" Ac.
t would observe in reply :
! It has always U-en lield by this ile
partmcnllhat under the school law of
the state, s they ha u-en and now arc,
a County Superintendent of Sehools Is
not thereby necessarily debarred the
privilege of teaching. I am not aware
that tills opinion has ever lieeu traversed
by the courts ; It may Indeed U- easily
shown, that County Sujieriutcndents, as a
general thing In this State, arc compelled
to resort either to teaching or to some
other means of adding to their income,
since in but f.-w Instances are the emolii
ments of the olllce sulllcient lor a liveli
hood. '2. It seem to follow from tho preced
ing that a County Superintendent of
Schools must be considered a- nt liberty
to iiipiy- h. .my supplementary occupn-
1 1 o 1 1 that may be right and honorable Ju
It-elf, the same m If he (lid not hold tie
su"orcaltl olllce
It N uianifcst,for example, that aclcrry
man or priest of any church or deiioinha
tlon may lawfully he choeii, by the p:o
pie, to llll the olllce of County .Supim
tendent of Schools, who may continue to
dUcharge the duties of li' sacltd otBce.
There has hi fact nevir been a time
when one or more suc'i persons were
not in the .Suporlntciidiiicy hi the.Stato.
The one thing to be Mifctly observed, mid
i Igldly Insisted on In Mich r.-ie, Ulng,
that siteli olllcer should crupulouly
refrain from carry'ng anything of n -c-
tarlau character Into the pcrfoniianee of
his oillclal duties With churches, relig
ion societies, and private ehool,
wlicthcr scctoiian or not, the school law
ha nothing whatever to do.
.1. Hence, I conllileiitly conclude, that
a Conntv Superintendent ol School is
not debarred by any conWdeiutloti. either
'tnonil or legal," from teaching an
"avowedly sectarian private school," if
hr sees lit aiidllnds it nccesary .o to do,
It is a matter wholly separate from and
outside of hU otllclal dutie- and obliga
tions. It may U-a question of UHtr or expf'
illcncy us to how hu shall dispose of the
time not required in the discharge of his
otllclal duties but so lomr a he keeps
that portion of time allowed him for pul-
Hu duties free from sectarian bias, and
docs not permit it to he interfered with
by hlschoscn pursuit, lie Is only aincna
blc to the same moral and h-gul obllga
tlom of any other eltlen.
Very rcspectlully,
.S. M. I'rruit.
Superintendent ol' Public Instruction.
A Touch of SpritiK SioiilelhliiK Alxxit
1'rtlll. I'curlu-n Clime The fate ill
the Apple not Known, Ationt To
Tin: IIii.i.s Oviut Aoai.n.st Coiikks, i
March 1st, IS"."), i
KniTOit Bli.i.ktin: We have had n
few Spring like days here at Cobdcn and
would It not please your town people to
ivada short letter prating of their loveli
ness.' The cold, long Winter his left
few vctlgcs of verdure. The lawn and
borders are sere and desolate and our
eyes have been prone to search the land
scape for the tinted wheat llclds and ever
attractlvo evergreens. But now tlia:
Winter Is vanishing and Spring stuishhe
occasionally tempts us out and falrj
makes theroi of us indulge hi pot
cal searches Into Nature's "crooks aid
crannies." we llnd the greenest of fetus
and mo, ses that have kept good "heart
and faith" through all the buffetings of
ourupparently disarranged hothtnnai
'Seed time and liarvest" may both lc
distant yet the Interested observer -i-s
the swelling bud- indicating that .Va
lure's countless, tireless forces have nut
yet caught the "spirit of the age" m.d
"struck'' cither for higher wages or
shorter days !
When blossoming time comes nad
"Spring .styles" decorate the orchards
that crow n our hills the tender pink of
the peach llowcr will not ixj entirely
lacking but alas 1 we fear that owinc to
the Winter's cold, the Summer record of
most each orchards will be, "nothing
but leaves" '-nothing but leases ! "
However, no proper spirited 'Egyp
tian" it'll deplore Mir, tor arc not our
Michigan rivals In still worse plight? l)
we not ham from "spies iu their land
that iu many parts of that mam-lout
"K-.ich U-It" their trees have U-en killed
outright by the fearful cold of the past
few months? That In other parts the
buds arc blasted, and In still others that
frightful fungus which is supposel to
produce the "yellows," has fastenec its
fangs into the doomed peach trees? But
the anticipatory consumer perhaps will
Interrupt me with : "How alwut straw
berries cherries, apples, pears, etc., a
Cobdcn." Shall I parry the qtierry with
another? "Quleri sabe?" (who knows?)
Let me remark that we generally have
enough of peach fruit in It season to
treat our.yisitora and distract our railroad
otllclftls nl Cobdeii. If any dvtbUr exlsu,
let Jil in consult the station statistics. The
strawberry lie-Ids went into winter quarter-
(straw) in unusually line health and
spirits, and though some bloomed for tlie
holidays, a flue yield of fruit In due sea
son la hoped for. Cherry and pear trees
tire full ot the-lr tell-tale bud, but the
mystery loving apple trees still cling to
tho secret of their summer's arrange
ments. Here let me relate a fact to de
light the lie-arts of all lovers of that beau
tiful vegetable, tho tomato, who may re
side w ithin a thousand miles of Cobdeii.
1 dare sny that smoko ascends night and
day from a hundred furnaces among these
hill-. And tlie-se are glowing to produce a
tropical temperature iu the glass hou-es
and hot beds where millions of young
tomato plants, are starting and growing
green nnu strong, nnd laughing defiance
to the cold storms that occasionally hus
tle above and around thcin. It astonishes
the most sanguine to noto how, though
the production seems to increase yearly
tho demand seems to keep pace, and 1th
apparently ttst as long as ever before tin
dread word comes home to the produce
that "the market Is overstocked !"
Every year seems to add to the ability
of the packers to select and pack the u
mato properly, and thus It finds Its wiy
to more and more distant markets. Atd
now incthlnks I should call to mind tae
text I started out with. That neglected
paragrapli was the loveliness of our few
Spring days, but they are so coy and
evanescent who can wonder that I wan
der. Ilol ye "dwellers ofthe lowland,"
long ye to see. the first tender green of
spring.' lllcyeto our hills and rejoice
hi the mosses and ferns that crown and
adorn our beautiful rocke. Arc your ears
wearied witli the noises of sordid coin
me ice? Come and listen to the chirping nnd
twliteringof ourflrstSprhig.birds, come
and forget for a time the dread nges be
tween ci cation's mom and this.
Haum-ion Caiiv.
liliioil Illsenae.
Tho blood being the ourco from which
oursyMoms are built up an J from which
no der yo our mental uswollas i-hyslcal
oipabllltles, how Importatt that It should bo
kept pure. Ifltcoutaltis vilo festering pois
ons nil organic function tiro weakened
thereby, settling upon Important organs,
as tna lungs, liver or kidneys, the effect Is
most disastrous. Hence It behooves every
one to keep their blood In nlierfoct henltliT
conJiuon nnu inuru u i'vi-ibiij uuib inn
npplyntthls particular ars son of the ycr
thun atnnyotbcr. Noiutttcrwhatthecx-
inmgcmso may uo, me rcn cnuso ui n
large proportion ol all diseases Is bad blood.
Now l)r l'lerco docs not wish to phc his
Golden Mtdlcal I)lc9icry In tlio catalogue
of quack jiatent nostrums by recommendhur
II IO euro every oueas. ur uocs ne leicuni
mend it, on tlio contrar there nre hundreds
ofdlscnsos ho acknowledge It will not cure;
but hat he claims Is till, that there Is but
oua rm of bliod dlscju unit it win not
cure, nnd thut itiene is
Ho ilaes not reconiliiciiu Uls ui'aoerjr
for that dl-ease, yet ue knows ii
to hi the most searching blood cleanser
yet discovered, and thai it will free the
Mood and syiteni ol nil other known blood
poiious, bo they animal, vegetable or min
eral. The Golden Dlscot cry Is warranted
ly lilm to cure the worsi lonn oi nam un
ease, as all lorms of Blotches, I'lmplcs and
Kiuptlons, also nil Glandulir tiwelllngs, ami
ttin wnnt innn nl SeroluloUn and Ulcerated
Soreiof.Veck, I,ei?or other part, and all
Scrolulous DIjcihsoI the Hones, as White
Swelling , Fever Sores, Hip Joint nnd Spi
nal iiiseascs, an oi wnii-u ueiung iirwiu
Ions dlsoascs.
W. Orove Station-, la., July 14, Utl.
Dr. I'ikuck,!) ITdo. N-V.: .
Do-r Sir .My wile first bec.iine lame
nine years af?o. Sivel Ins would, appear
and disappear on her hlp,nd she was grsd
uilly bccoinln? rcdifeu, and her whole
syttiii rotten with dl-essc In l?Tt nswel
Itnz broke on her hip dicharKlngri;c quan
tities, nnd since tbat llinu tberc are setc nl
opeiiln'a. Hate ha J live dortoir at nn ex-
pe-ii'e or 912.1, vihy say Homing win no any
good butn surKlcalopcrailou.
July 10th, li:s, he wrlu-i thus; Iy wife
his ccitaluiy received great bene it from the
usa otyour llcovery, for the was not nblo
to get off tho bed and was t3t cxper'cd to
live a week when she coinuirr.rcd u-liuf It.
B)arngo. .hr hi been dolt.gino-t of
licrwnrK lor over six moiinis. iiasucu
twenty bottle nnd still Using It. Her it
cotery Is considered as almost a ml a ie,
and we attribute It nil to tho u?c or your
tamable medicine. lean chcerfinly re
cttninsnil It as a blood purifier and
strdik'th restorer. J. M. ltont.No.N'.
UiscQieiy Issold by druggists. K-l
rpili: IlL'Ll.KTIN lspuUItit-tcterymomlii
(iit Mou-h) iu the Ilidletlu IlnllillDg, cor
nr U'jOiuii'lon avenue and Twelfth stn-et.
The Ucllltin Is mud to city tuUcribcrsby
fulthru! carriers ut TtTtnly-Jr'Ite Centa nM'trk,
inyulile vrtvkly. JlyJUll, (In mlranct), $10 r
annuio) six months, iit three iiionlln. $3; one
month, ft -.'I.
Published t.i cry Thutlay moniinsat SI its
l-rimnum, Invariably Ita.halue. 'Jlif ii:Ut
on the It'ivLly will U- jmpulil ut this orUo.-, to
that su!rlbim will obtain for a ub-rlpUon
riccof $1 a Ji-ar.
ISuslntsa Curds, rwr annum -.Si) to
One square, one liurrllon,......... 1
One Kiuart, two (nsertluna, ............ 1 .VI
One square, one week, 2 ,V)
One square, two week .1 .VI
t)n iiare, three treckt,. .... I In
One tqure, one month, a do
W K E K I. Y .
One square, one Inwrtlon - S1 M
Kach f uliM.iuul In-trtlon .. M
KJ'One Inch l a square.
t3"To n-ifularaitvertiiera Weon"iTlUrtorIu
ducemcnti, tth as to rate M ohargia ami man
ner of displaying tlietr favora.
tO-Notioa In local column lnert(sl for Kif
tn Cents jr line for one Insertion, Twenty
Cents a line for two Inrtlon, Twenty-Five
Centa a tine for three Insertion, 1 hirty-t'lve
Cents a line for one wn-k, and .Sevtntr-S'lvi-Onta
a I Ins for one month,
Conununlcationa upon aubjecta of gen
eral lntereat to the public solicited.
E3AI1 letters should 1 ucMn-jmt to
I'ltshlent Cnln llullilln Comiuuy.
Hotel and Restaurant
No. 122
Two doom north of the Cairo and Vlneauuea
railroad deixit.
WH, WETZEL, Proprietor.
ATHl.VrY watch kept night and day for
tralna and steamboat ,
The best of accommodations for transient
gueata at Two Dollar per day.
Wholrsalt and Itetail Dcalm In
At Huten dc Wtlon', OornorTwalfth St.
and Ohio Loven.
'Ij will" run an Ic wagon throughout the
i it iJ """'"'g pure taae ice in any
P""n. Qellvering pure lake Ice In any
wl l ulto fnrnfuh our IVien.ta ouulde the city wlUi
cr sfilwnrnt to anr distance.
Commission Merchant
ASH HK.tt.IK tt
HAIR, &c,
Cndor City National Bault.
IIVII.I. fell In rar-load lots nt msimlncllllvM'
prices, addliis Krelaht.
Commission Merchants
No. 138,
;uecesors to John II I'hilllt)
Commission Merchants
And Hraltrs m
HEAL, BHAIi, etc.
Corner Tenth Strcot nnd Ohio
7. 1) Msllni!! t. c Lid
And Grneral
Commission Merchants
Dialers In
G-3. Olilo Xiotroo.
K J .jn s H Ayrws.
And (riiicr.il
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Pianos and Organs,
Of World wido Reputation.
AcLnonhilxi-d liy all nwnl .MmlcUm to lx- the
wai riniio now nuue
Of tvlilch wo hate sold over 400 during
Mvi-ivu j i-iirs pa-i, iiL-coiiiin,' more nnu more
jMijiuur every uat ,
ilcndld tone. Tower and Dlliallllty.
Kimball's Orchestral Organ,
A very lino Instrument, adapted to lntni.
mttitiil us well as tool music.
a i.i. mi: Aitovi. Atti: opi-i:im:ii nv
JT.V i'.nty ilunthl) 1'j) incuts, nt lotv tltirea
re'inuecs ui i.;si nmi,
In ?reat variety, Including nil tlio m-tv
nnd J.optjlur uuisle, ol tho ilav.
Orders from the Country'
pronmtly tilled nnd sent
Band Instruments of all Kinds
run-.lshcd to Order.
01 tho llott Quality.
Classical Studios and Exercises
Of nllKraili-H for l'lano or Voice.
KjTEvcry description nf Mualcil lcr
cbiindlao (urnlslied to order, promptly and
at prlcca lower thun ever olfi-rcd heforo,
jGKNCV AI.-sO 01'
Send for Illuslriitpil Ctlalouo nnd l'rleo
1.11 of these heautllul troupe.
All Ooodi Warranted ai Roproaentod.
Cairo, IlliuoiK.
jT 1 MKL'j i jTaaPffaKaBr
TniTiKtrctj n a ru nnr.nns riTr.fj
Wy. ..lirt yrre- .nJsnw and order- -i tJmgjrl'l", l'hyalrjmi" and Onera! f-lores in w i
nt i.nwl In uur Iiih- tmml,al , l'i .i -.,li"'i u i . jltiily .tli.llclne fiinil.t.eil I
lllli'l with nlial'K IIi-iiks at r--.wiiaiti i .--
7-1 Ohio Lovee.
MMMMIMSMTOtl l ! mill. mTttAJIi J t Til 1 J
,MI,I i. mi Ill --
The Sprague
Should be sold by tht Hardtvr
Ooods Trade ever
cr::t3 nzzr :::: c? :r.t uzza:
Wo liavo rciilonisliod our Job Printing OlHcc with
many fonts of new type and liavo orders out for other
fonts of the latest popular styles. "N'o are determined
to establish tho reputation of our ofli :o for first-class
work, and make our prices so low thatthe most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will be compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any other of
fice in the country. Mi. Oborly, admitted to bo one of
the best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will ondeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ftEOT r v
f r JiliUAJ 1
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
uml Kotnll
a. .i OF
ETC., E1-C.
" ' I 'Vmhtnato- A v.. Cor 8th '-'
Cam Opener Oi
J Canned
.V.r3 S'liTLT.
,Nuni;,fr, Vi tr, on rccdi't ufj.l Com.
Bin r vmw

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