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glu lull oft n.
IUoiIImk JlnHcr on I'.vcr'
JOHN It. OHERIA, Editor.
.Vacitnwmi'MAXN't.Nfilia been um
innued lo Koine.
Tnr. palace of the Catholic Areliblilioit
f lluenos Ayros was sacked a lew week
luce ninl the church of the .Ii-nilts I
on fire. llellfdoiw liitolivrann'. Ilnnr
ore hi demand.
Twa Mm. l'inch who prevented
I'lnclilutek from becoming st member of
(he I'lilted State Senate. To reocivotliat
dark-skinned daughter of the tropics on
an equality with Senator.' wives vn an
anticipation not to he tolerated hy the
aristocratic feinlnines of Wiulilncton so
ciety. Hence, (inlet cjiucuIhk i"l Iipiicp.
IMii'chlmckV defeat.
Thk defen-e In the llccclier cjimi has
Moved thatTilton wasKullty of saluting
hU friends with a kls,lalkliiKnboul"iui
folding hlisoul" mid moody spoil?. TliU
It Is claimed, nnd wo believe wo inn fee
the point of the claim, establishes Ucceli
t' Innocence. A husband who W moody,
only and kly has nothing to fear ft out
tin preacher ol his wife.
"It Is hardly possible," sy (he l.on
don corropondent ofrlic Cincinnati CJiw
,itercinl. "to sIiul ones eyes to certain In
dications of a lowering ot thu tone, of
character hi sonic of those eminent gen
tlemen In this country who have become
prominently connected with Spiritual
Ifun.'' Till ha" reference to Crookes nnd
Wallace. The corn-pondent mint be
Tun Jtev. Tnlinngu, who preached
jigalnst the theatre eonic time since, lias
concluded his laborn in thatditcctlou nnd
entercdon a crusade against Spiritualism.
In a late Mirntoti, hu declared that III
thocxoentlonol' the worklti." of some, oc
cult law which will by nnd by be ex
plained, all spiritual inanlfeMatlons lire ar
rant and unmitigated humbugs. "late
too much before going to bed, not long
ngo," said the preacher, "and In u short
time 1 saw thu president of one "of our
eollcgus astride the foot of the lied n-klng
lor n loan of 11 ve cent.'. It wa not a spir
itual exhibition, it w'a too much hot
mince pic. I indict Spiritualism as n so
cial and inaiital curse, n nu uuclenti,
adulterous damnable i ellgion. nnd tlio
sooner It drops into hell, whne It came
from, the better. I wi-h I could gather
nil the raps that were iver heard from thu
blc-t or d. mined and bring I hem together
Into ono tliuuderous rap on Its head. I
would try to cruli it out forever. I hate
the doctrine, and believe that It long
haired dl'clples, wlio-o head' arc soil
tuarnhes yielding rank gras?, are doomed
to d':alh'."
and Mioils." and ought not to Imve any
'iniiMc hi his soul" torcver.
In the nwrtlou tliat. women me not
men and can't lie men, we ngrco with the
.Sim, nnd wo are Inclined to compliment
our neighbor on the boldness- and origi
nality of the nsscrllon. The Sun would
not. nnd neither would wc, have women
to lie men. They suit us bettor as wo
men than they would n men. It l the
difference that makes llicin charming.
Xulther would we, as the Sun expresses
It, have women do or say anything Hint
none but men e.in do. Anything that
none but men can do or .iy, cannot be
done by any but, men, mid therefore can.
not he done by women, which is it Minnie;
but, nevertheless, wo would not have wo
men do or Miy anything of Ihc kind. Wo
understand this to be the Sun' position,
nnd hope it I understood.
flic .Sun Is right In saying that Uod
mw man needed u companion and created
woman. The .S'm, wo arc sure, knows
nil about It: and can with eontlileneo tell
God's design. Wo arc however of the
opinion, that the .W by till' expression
of truth will otlend "our side." If Cod
created man beore Ho created woman,
nuil created woman only because He caw
that man wanted a companion, the Infer
ence Is that Cod Intended woman to play
second fiddle. "Our side" believe that
God did not thus create man and woman.
We believe he created them slmuluneous
ly by evolution that a be and she were
evolved from lower luturo nt tlic'same
hi'tant several yeau ago, and are therefore
cijii.il. Hut the assertion hy t lie .Sun that
It knows; what God saw In the gar
den and "designs" has convinced us.
We heartily applaud our neighbor's as
sertion that ho who icfuscs woman the
privilege to do nnd say what she can do
nnd "ay as well ns a man has no music In
hi" kouI forever, nnd never had. lint we
would like to know If tlio.V'w believes
that woman, to carry out God's designs
uutl all tint sort of thing, must obtain the
ballot. The .vn neglected to make a re
mark on this subject; and all "oursldo"
nre now pausing for Information.
IUiljr i A. Y.-.l Wwintiii Hor
lliilt.-r In Another Mclit
Tim sv.v.vy stun: or iur, womax
Until Friday evening we were In -onto
doubt as to the po.ltion of the .Sun on the
Woman Question. Wo knew that the
lnilueii3es operating njian Urotlter Davi
wcie potent lor good, but we feared tint
the restraining power of Ids church was
holding htm hack. We fear no longer.
His article on "Wom.in's Klght.-," In the
Friday edition of his paper, lias con
vinced us that ho stand" shoulder to
shoulder with us, the noble army of the
advanced thinker, who have thrown
oil' the superstitious of the pat and aro
advancing boldly to thu Investigation ot
the great problems of society and several
other things. He Is with us ho is ours
he U the jewel of our eye. tlie leader of
the hot.
The llrstsenlcnco of ids article ring
like a bell ol rich tone. Mark it :
We. are lor woman's right ; that Is. we
believe they nave a right to do anil say
any and everything that wlllenable them
to Vnlllll thi'Obllgnlloiu- they are under to
noil una humanity.
Those who have not studied our nuigli
bor's luminous style, nr.ij bo templed to
as-crt that this is iudelluite; hut it is not
i.veryuociy Knows wnatnro the otiiiga
lions women arc under to God and hu
manity, and therefore It Is not dilllcult to
determine what women have a right to do
and say.
The obligations women arc finder to
God are clear. Everybody knows what
they nre. They arc under obligations to
Him to do their duty In the language of
St. Paul, to submit themselves unto their
husbands a unto the Lord; to rerercne
their husbands to learn In MIcuco with
all subjection; to not teach or usurp
authority over man, but lo bo In silence;
lo adorn themselves hi modest apparel,
with thamefaccduuss and sobriety, not
with braided hair or gold or pearls or
costly nrray, but. which becometh women
profiting godltnosN with good works.
As the .Vim truthfully remarks, women
have the right to do and ny any and
everything that will enable them to ful
fill these obligation.
The obligations women are under to
humanity nre also clear. St. Paul has
expressed tlicni as follows : will that
the younger women marry and hear chil
dren, guide the hou". give none occa
sion to me adversary to speak reproach
fully;" sew on button', bathe a fellow's
head after ho lias celebrated election day,
anu so lorin. as me truthfully re
marks, women have the right to do and
ay any and everything that will enable
them to ful till these obligations,
Tho Sun goos on as follows :
W hllo wo bellevo this, wc still believe
that women are not men, and can't be
men, and we would not have them to bo
men. or do or say niivthinir that none but
men can do. As a rule women art' letter
than men; more patient, more loving,
inoro constant, more trutiitui nuJ more
industrious. Go:l saw that man needed
a companion, not a slave; n helpmeet,
hot a servant; an equal, not an inferior;
and he created woman, and It Is the wo
man's duty to help man in making tho
womi what God designs it should Inland
in trying to do an eriual share, nnd Hie
ono who refuse her the privilege of doln
mat which mo ran no as well a- man. or
laying that which she can say as well as
him, u only fit for "tmmon, itrtegmi
A XT.W Vonii KI.MH:itfiAltTI'..V.
The city of Now York has a Kinder
garten, a real, veritable Kindergarten,
conducted clouly on the principles and
according to the rules laid down by
Froebel, the founder of the system hi
Germany. Froebel was suppres-ed at
one time nnd Ids Kindergartens were pro
scribed, but titnohas demonstrated the
wi-dom ot ids philosophy, and his Kin
dcrgatten system i now one of the pecu
liar institutions of Germany, nnd Is meet
ing with large lavor In the L'nlted States
wherever Introduced. The Now York
Kindergarten, conducted hy .Mrs. Kraus,
who spent three years under the instruc
tion of the widow of Froeble, appears to
ho a model Kindergarten. The
school room, or play rooms rather
for study l mado a recreation and not a
tnk are largo and airy, and beside tho
necessary furniture, contain (lowers,
plant, evergreen decorations, birds In
cages and pictures on the wall. The ex
ercises of the children are varied
with every tiay and every
season and are Intended to familiarize
the nilndi of the children with the ele
ment, of the natural sciences, inithcin.it'
les botany, zoology, etc., but these arc
divcMed of all hard name" that would
mystify and the tho Infant student, nnd
all the Infant plays and occupations are
directed to the natural unfolding of the
mental and moral nature of the child.
Music and motion arc made active cle
ment In the Instruction of the children,
manyof ihc lessons being exemplified in
rhymes, set to sprightly musle, which the
little one- soon learn, white they learn at
the same time to Illustrate the lesson of
the song by appropriate motions, grace
ful of course, n the movements of child
rcn always are. The children uuderMrs
Kr.ui' are described ns belrg bright
happy and Interested, and as a natural
consequence, obedient nnd teachable
Conceding It as a law that children play
as birds sing because they must, the ben
ellts of that system which turns toj's
amu'cnu'iits and nursery songs Into in
strumous of Instruction, thus beginnln
the child's education with its carlius
years and compelling it to exercise all Its
faculties to a healthful extent, cannot bo
MilKimtoii:- With your permission I
would like to make a few remarks on the
very Interesting historical article which
appeared hi the Hi'M.utin of the. IJlh
tilt., headed, "Oncol the Strong Minded
Women of History,' referring lo one of
the IdMoiic'd characters which, say A.
"ihc author of the lecture on Woman
fulled to mention."
If 1 understood con ectly. the propor
tion the author of that lecture wMicd to
lay before her hiarers, wasthl; That
girls should be so thoroughly educated
and trained that they could III! tee,
whatever sphere In life Cod or tho com
munity might call them to occupy ; and
most particularly that f mother nnd
educator ; that girl might bo so edu
catcd that they would be able to control,
iuMructiiud iiitlueucc, not oulv their
daughters, but their sons also ; that
every woinail should not only lie a good
housekeeper and seamstress, butthatshe
should be nble to Influence them not by
love alone hut by example, nt leii't tilt
they reach an age sulllcieiilly mlvaiicid
to be safe and proper fur them to go out
among other minds and other liifliitmccs
and lltat every girl should be o tho
roughly Instructed In Mime ono branch ol'
learning or Industry, that the could feel If
ever called upon to go out Into tho frown
ing world lo earn her own or another'.'
support, she was in a measure Independ
cut and not be reproached lor not being
equally well prepared as man, nnd there
lore not to have a situation nor ninal
Hut what do wo sec in (his historical
ketch? A child born, no doubt, of
weak, uneducated, untrained woman, lor
the llrst quotation made Is tld : "The
Queen mother was so disappointed that
the child was not a boy, she never loved
the little blue-eyed llaxcn haired jfr','
nnd the kingly father, lilted with anibl
tlon and lovo of military glory, despised
the little unwelcome princess. This stab
of things continued, wo aro Informed,
until the baby was nearly a yearold, when
i brilliant Idea occurred to him: He would
educate this girl baby, t raelly as ho would
i boy; n fttr whith timt, be keeps her Willi
him, constantly taking her (a year old
baby), on long and fatiguing inarehc.
So mother's loving hand to shield, guide
and caress no loving mother to pro
tect her tender infancy from tlios? rough.
coarse demoralizing Influences no w. ll
trained, educated, but tender mother, to
train and lead her baby mind, and edit-
ato her in tlioo tender years, the. i iItt
from the wrong. Instead of till- 'lie was
taken to forts and taught to love the roar
of camions and the thoughts of war, ami
bloodshed. And wc nre told there were
flvo of the wisest old men of the king
dom appointed lo teach lids babe of two
year?. ;,o graceful, playful, ovous
grace nnd Infamy upon themselves and
their realms. A. Y. never said a truer
tiling than this ! "Tho practical and old
fogyisli manner of Judging as to the mer
its of a case Is by Its results." Yes, look at
the "practical results" that arc constant
ly before, us of "womanly, lovable, deli
cate, elegant ladles, good housekeepers
anil nurse.-," all this and more, filling all
these places with grace und dignity as long
as the good husband and loving father is
with them to protect, provide for,
nnd shield them lrom rough contact
with the world. Uut how Is It when this
piotector is suddenly removed? What
then Is there in nil this she can male
available for her support or the support
of her children? Xothlnir but her
knowledge of housekeeping or Ihc use
of the needle. Oh I if she (hen could
only (ill some one of the places in tho
world her brothers or her husband could;
If she could only keep books, set type,
telegraph, write a good editorial ; If she
could have the opportunity to 111! some
olllce of trust where she would receive a
good remuneration for services equally
well rendered, or do or be a thousand
other tilings equally welt with her broth
er or friend, do you think she need lay
aside ntiy of those lowly, womanly
graces a. . so graciously rclers to as
oeiug ine ohm iiiing required dv a wo
man to All any of llio'e places, more than
she would keep a small, cheat) boaitlln
liou.-e. taking hi Mrangeis of all kinds
ami classes? Is it more "womanly, deli
cate and elegant," to go from door to
door, begging for work, and sitting Hp
night" to sew for tho merchant, making
shirts lor IllUeii cents a piece In order to
keep starvation from the door, ami If the
poor tiling should be so unfortunate as to
possess beauty as well as "womanliness,
delicacy and elegance," miming a
rik of meeting In-ult as well as mts
ery? If tills kind of struggle does not require
"push," "cheek," mid "loud st.r.,',iir
ance." tell ine what does? Atidspcak'tig
of ladle filling olllce", .vim will dare to
say but what the two young ladle", as-N-tant
county clerks hi this city so long,
, nave not tilled that place with womanly
! "grace, delicacy and elegance," mid 'i
j have yet to hear any ono say that either
have acquired push, cheek, "or loud self-
assurance, but on tho oilier hand, many
have spfken loud In tlielr.'pralsc, a-not
: only transacting thu bu-lness with accu
racy and faithfulness, but of lending a
relluing intlueneij to even a so-called en
tirely masculine position. Would not
either, think you Mr. IMItor, till the olllce
as well as the men that have hail it? And
now I will venture to maku another asser
tion. It A. Y. will searcli among the
statist'1" in regard to our fallen slstcu.or
inquire among them a- to llulr history,
lie will 11 nil that this very want of sulii
dent education and the power to copo
with men and find work according to
their ability, ami the very small remuuer-
iiioji lor mat, which they can (n, i" one
lty and gcncml good will so neetsary lo
an atthl's success as a cosmopolitan. She
wus tendered a bait'iuit by the admiring
municipal and ilp om itlc oOlctnls, While
the toasts In h r honor wcro passing round,
n hoMicndtd secretary to a Cuban gtnerul
in a cusli ot entliiMimn nronoiod that she
rUph rcpirstntiitlon lortliohcncfltoflu.
hi. Shu uccptvd at once, 'the next day
she was nnnoimcrd ns about lo pcrlonn for
thu heccll of tho lllban Insurgent when
she s ud"irhc at Hnvnn.i. 01 courso
tuli r in ,t ral'i: llht , and us tho
had beiii l i reI lent ol marked honors
from tho (jucin ofpain, It inudo her ap
pear bs guilty ol tlio veriest Ingratitude.
Slio tin n bad it p ocNiincd that the pro
ceed" nl thu p"rfiirmsnce would bo appro
priated for (be tiuullt of the wounded Cu
bans. This was a work -t Immitilty, but
the fc'p inlaid" strctiu tlily otilcctid. What
transpired, tlio actress hcr-lf relatis:
"On my nrrlvnl at II t V: lu, where It wns
my hitctitlon to pcrrorm, 1 wjs told by lite
agent that tlin Spanish party was highly In
censed, and that It t attempted to apprnr I
would rrrtalnly bo sut'Jcetel ft tlditilo
and driven Pom the scene. 1 was asMiivd
that If I Wiitltd appear the hou-c would ho
crowded, bill that thcro would probably
roil i a (km ns'r.-itloti iignli st nits by the
v lunlecis mid a eotfiiti'MleiMonstratloii
by th Cuban", wlfch wn Idprobtb.y cr
m'ltste In a ciiilllit .n wlilrh llu's wott'd
ccitamly ba lost. Kmhr tliee clr uic
stilii'i's Ills n-edl(ss ti say that I nfu-id,
forlhi -nl;c of a few thousand dollars Ine
I oc m so'f to po-ft.bte InHtll mitl te the
iMtl.e of Ll'i d being shed, and abandoned
tli Met of appnirlrig In lluiaqa. I w.is
told that II 1 would apo'o,;.ij tin iippotilinil
would bo mnile to my per'nrm.mrp. 1 his
I rinised io do, bee ue it vn cot in k cp
lug with my (ll','nlly."
lie .sclicneliN Ntmiiltin! Itctiieillcs
Tl.e sta d.tnl leinedlc" lor all dls-a-s of
the lung" nre sell r sen's Pulmonic
simi'i', -hium'K's m: v Wkkii Ion c.iiud
fifninNCK's M tNint ikk l'll.I.s and, II take n
liulore lint Itllisalo di!stto ed, a speed
cure Is ell'i'Cteil.
I'd lln.'si thren medii-ines Dr. .1. II.
Si'liinck, of I'ldladelplila, owes his Ut.riv.r
Ic'l piieecss In tho ticatmcnt of pulni'iinr)
The Pulmonic Syrup tip.'ns lh morbid
milter In the lungs itntti throws It . II by
an easy expectoration, mrwheii the phlegm
oriintter Urliio a s'lght i'ou;h wlh ihr.w
it oil', tliepitlill. h:is ie,t ami tic lungs
liuulll lo licsl.
To enable ih- I'uhno'ile Syrup lo do ibl,
Sjehenek'" .M iiidruke 1'ills.uid Schf el.'
Mm Weed Tilde must lie tV- ely il-ed to
claatis.i tlio stiiiii.ieli mi I liver, .-eh. ni'k's
Man r.iku I'l Is ait on Iheliv, r. nmoWiiv
allolj trucili'iis, it I in tlie gull I'lad'ii i, the
bile stats freely, and the llvir Is sio"
S henek's Sea Wei d Tonic is a g. ntle
stimulant and ullcruthc; tit- idka i ol which
it 1 oniiiio-e t, mixes witll the food mil
prevents souring, ft ass'sis the digestion
oy lonliig ti tlin sii in .ell to a healthy cm..
illtl oi, so that the f '-'d and th lungs heal,
and the pitlent will mi ely gut will If care
Is taken ti prevent fresh o lit.
All who wisti t) eon-tilt Dr. Seheitck,
ciHicr . cisoinlly or by letter, enh do so at
hisprlnclp.il tulle, corner or Sixrit and
Alton Sis. I'lil aili'lpli'a, every Moud j.
SclicnekV medicines are sold by nil drug
gists t'.nmgliuut the country. :v:-'lm.
Wliolosnlo nnd Hot nil
ti -
tube coi.ona,
l) It, urut'ra.
ETC., M'l .
7l; . lint roirr'i ..mli'iin iitel ' "!i
v v oi i. km in our line
lllUil Willi reh ilile Hill,
Sic IMIO 'jt
.it ii .i ' iiiililt
ft' to Imic1 li I'hv
I'l ' I Uli . . i.l.l.)
'i I in Hn'l f,enfrd St..
.VI, li. llir Uir , ( 111
1 1 vr
I (i
childhood surrounded bv those iii her ! 'J1''"'' c'l,,ie Hi'-'irfall. ft i olleii, uh
too often . tarvation and death, or moral
degradation. Why a woman should not
be mentally stromr, helpful, self-reliant
aniUndu.trlou, thoroughly prepared to
do whatever her hand", bead, or ieet lind
tO llO O'.lll llo It ir-.ll, mitt vil ,,o I,,,
manly, lovable, delicate, rood liotisc
keepers nura'S and the best mothers mid
wives, and what appears to be above all
In A. Y's estimation, elegant ladles, I
can not for the life of ine see. (Jhii von,
Mr. KditorV A Woman.
Short Iteini.
-Three thousand bird nests have been
distributed at varlom points in the parks
ol rarH. i hey aro made for the spar
row, titmouse, cuckoo, blackbird, ma,
pie anuotners aiitim ine iorun respec
tively as the birds make tlieiu for themselves.
A very Interesting animal, a dwarf
elephant, lias ju-t arrived In I'arh from
India. Cawnpoore, as he is called, Is
nlnettcu years old, hut for years has not
grown any, and is now only tldrty-nino
inches In height. He is remarkably in
telligent, and performs many tricks.'
1 he annual contest In lloMou as. to
who shall bo the marshal of the St. Pat
rick's D.ty parade, always exciting among
tho Irish societies of that city, is uncom
monly so this year. Tlio candidates arc
accused of securing the support of dele
gate, to the convention, at which the
choice ! made by ballot, by paying tho
dues of hundred of delinquent members
of the associations.
It's adeep mystery tlio way the heart
or a man turns to ono woman out of all
tho rest he's teen In tho world, and make
It easier for lilm to work seven years lor
her, 111.0 .locob did fur Rachel, sooner
than have any other waman for tho ask
ing. I often think of these words: "And
Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and
they seemed but a few days, for the lovo
he had for wr"ntorgt EtlM.
A New York correspondent says
that hundred of consumptives, actln-' on
the advice ofeniliient physician?, visit tho
Slaughter-houses thcro d illy for the pur
pose, of drinking tlio warm blood of mi ox
wiey noiii their glasses eo as to catch tlio
streim as it flow hot from the dying an
imal, ami tiritiK it steaming as it is
ine uauituai drinkers aro said to w
urcatly benefitted by it, and they jay it
lino inoro dl.ajfxcoablo Hum nw rnllk,
own ago and circumstances: no dolls.
no toys, no playful romps with boys
and girl", no childhood sad Indeed. At
tho advanefdnre of four years (?) this poor
child was left r niirtly to the care and con
trol of thrrc wise men. (No wom.iii Mill,
poor baby), and when she was six years
old llieso wise men were bowing lliu knee
to, and obeying every capricious wish of
tills little child and paying her homagen
Queen of Sweden. What a ad picture In
deed, stud ihii Is brought before ns as an
Illustration of tlio "tffttt of a maeitHw
education upon girls'' ! Where is tlio
boy that could overcome t lie effects of
such an education and training? It that
i an illustration of the'Vxoc education"
the good KlngGnstavin Adolphus would
have given a Prince, in my opinion It was
well Damo Fortune denied him that boon.
If thai is the way the Prince of a great
throne aro educated, no wonder the old
world stands still and the Kin j" are ty
Take men that have been reared during
boyhood and even to early manhood,
with the most tender care and lovin
watchfulness of a doting mother, ami
separate them entirely from the Influence
of woman for a few short years, or even
months, and ee what the effect will be.
Demoralizing! I take the testimony of
hundreds of ii. Associate men to
gctlicrforniiy great length of time, with
noneof tho Influences of woman surround
ing thcm.aud they become coarc, sclllsli
and unsympathetic. If that be the effect
on man how much worse on a boy, taken
from his earliest infancy, fiive liim no
knowledge of a mother's love or the re-
llnlng Iiilluence of woman's life and so
ciety, educate only his Intellect, vanity,
and love of power and if ho would not
present a sadder story of a Ilfo perverted,
and ruined by false Ideas and tralnlnir
than ever this poor little Princes did,
sad though tills Is, then I am no Judge of
the natures of men and women, This
child's lifo from the very beginning wa a
deformity. He It boy or girl, such an edu
cation would make of any man or woman
a mental monstrosity, and I would as
soon think of holding up this poor child
as an Illustration of a thoroughly educat
ed woman, a, I would the child born
with two heads on one body as a good
specimen of a llnu physical development.
Even hy the showing of the story, when
this poor child reached tho years when
sho could judge, for herself of right and
wrong, at tho ago of 23 she had the
good sense to sec the mistake that had
been made in her education, and prepara
tion for the Important station tlio was to
fill, and probably fearing that her false
Ideas of life had become so much a part of
her nature, she could not overcome them,
I say fclic had thu good senso to abdicate.
What mail could do more ?
And now let mo remark, if A. Y. will
read hltory aittntivtly, he will see that
when ho llnds one Queen filling her ex
ulted position so unsuccessfully, ho will
find hundreds of Kings doing far worse,
and without tlio good sense to resign, but
going on heaping disgrace-on themselves,
and misery, poverty, and destruction on
thi lr subjects, and where he llnds one
Clirlilliio, Queen of Sweden, ho will And
many Queens educated by tho purtly fern
Inlue standard, bringing corruption tils.
74 Ohio Levoe.
nnhtTvfco- Av.Cor Bth
D'rtm Uip Courlcr-Ioiirnsl
Ir. .Ilnrj' IVallii-r'K Newest Itctorm.
Tho Dress Itelorni Asioctutlui of Wor
cester, .Ma"'.. Imnamong its mtinbors ulady
bearing the (igiillicant tume ol 'I)rcs,er."
Sho Is reported to h itu been clothed at a
recent meeting, ta a "Hailleal eostuum of
MiitfUbr patto n." Tlie sklit was very
brlel as that appendage Is regarded by the
rclonnersa "Uoin in's badge ol Jcpen
dencj " Mri-. Dr. .Mary Walker bus ad
dressed a letter tollto WorcesttrKerormers
inclosing a resolution lor their considera
tion, which rcadi a follows: "That the
Cotijrre-s of the Tinted tiiatos he requeued
lo ilcllne the icngth of wouiin's dies nnd
the niatnrial that .aatl In lived bj her to
cover her limbs, or that It hall ,, nct
making it a piuiul ulleiist! lor any givcrn
mom oillchl lo uepilvo woman of her post,
lion bcciiiso she reluses lo dress accord
ing to such olll-dal's dictation." It Is a
pliy that Conirrcs should Pave adjourned
before computing with Jlary'n modest re-
C onsumption In I'Jillriilcliililn.
Philadelphia loet 2.200 of her Inhabl
tint every year by cnnuinpt!on. The pa
pers of that city attribute till largo mor
tality from this source to tlio detective
drainage an I the brick sidewalk", wh'ch
i iiicrnoi tub nnu gives on moisttirn Use a
spon.c. ThopertM nt custom of washing
pavenionis t condemned hy tho pres as
greatly destructive of himun lifo. The
Philadelphia!!, It Is well known, are eter
nally washiuE lite r front donr-sten and
pavements deluging tho people with spr?y.
It l no woniltr they Ulo or cousumptton
The Phll.nrjlpliUXortli Amerleun, Iiowhv-
cr, toes no help for tlio "wietcued etiitom "
It i) : 'Vc ilo not alltida to ti) wretch
cd custom with any expect tllon Ilia' It will
be discarded. A woman mint do whit hrr
mntlior and gtnndmotlior did bcloro her,
ami as lirtwccn tclentilio tacts and ancient
superstitions, tho latter guicrally niauage
to bavo tho bo't of It." Cfiittnii al i
ttors must of necessity provide themselves
with thoos ami cotton timbrell-.
Itlstorl mail llic I'uliinis
Jlmo. Itlstorl, tlio famous Italian artrcts,
has returned to the Putted Mates from
South America, and has begun In New
York this week a lour hrmit'li tld louii
try which will bo her farewell lo the Amer
ican stago Slio Intend retlrlug altogether
from acllvo participation In .ho drumat e
prnfission as soon as sho conip'etes her
voyago aroui.il the w-uild, which will te
fUlro about a year and it half. While (e
Santiago, Peru, sho becamo Involved in the
political diflerencoi of the people, and had
ome iilflleulty In maintaining tb noutrnl-
rjilir. IIUI.I.KTIS Is iniMi-liisl itry inornins
(copt Momln)') In the Unlit tin Uullillni?, c.r
iht Wnsliintoit uvcnnt' and I'wrlflli vlirtt
Tot. tit t.i.riiN is u-rvnl to city uWrtilKr Oy i
fal tlifitl rariimat Tirriily-rUii (nt HWcik,
payable tviilily. lty Mull, (111 lultuni-f), SIOi- r
aiiniiini tlx moiilh", $0 thtii- months, $'); .r:i'
mouth, 61 .
I'uhlislitl ivt-ry 'Iliurlay iiioniinj at 51 Ji
per annum, InvarLihly in mlrani-c. 1 lie K,ta?e
on' the Wwlly will Im; prfifiid at UiU oCIit, so
that uli-ci llx-i-s will obbilii for u sulncriution
ice n f $1 n jear.
Duslnfji Cards, iriinnum, I3'j 01
One square, one In-crtlon, 1 i
Une siiuare, two Insertion.", 1 M
One square, one week 2 fiO
One (Kjuuie, two weeks, 3 .VI
Unv squurc, tlirec week,. , I ui
Onu Iqure, one month, 3 HO
Oh! Ware rooms 'nO-.
a r
The Sp&ague Can Qotee
J Canned
W V.V.W. Y
One aquaie, one IriMillDii,,
Kiicli Hihsequent intrrtion,..
$1 00
CJ"One Incli U a sqiuire.
t2r?" ii-ffiil.iv nilertlrH vvi'o:rcrtuiirloi'ln
dmiminti, both in to rate ol ilmrKin anil man
ner of dliilayhiK their Uoti.
t3-Notlce3 In loral column hiserUd for Fif
teen Cents per line for one Insertion, Tvruity
Cents a line for two lnertlom, Twenty-five
Onta a line for three liutrtlonj, Tlilrty-Flvu
Centa a' line for one week, and Scvuity-I'lve
Cents a line for one month,
Communication!) upon subjects of een
eral interest to tho publio solicited.
K1"AU Utters sliouM b adilrrved to
I'rvulflent Cairo Ilulletln Company.
Olilo Xiovoo,,
Dot. Sooond unci Fourth Stroots,
Wholiaale and Iteiail Dealt r In
Milwaulsoo Boer,
Berliner Weiss Beer,
Bottled Ale,
Sweet Cider,
Soltzor and Soda Wator, Etc.
r-Alwara kern n licavv elm k on hand, and
U piepared to furuinh tail iiiiipliu ou Ttry short
Should be sold by the Ilardw
Goods Trade even
ivr:r :::r cr tr.t pa::!:: - .:t: mailt.
H ill teml .Siiwiile, I'rcc, rtciljit nfitS CriUt.
Wo have replenished our .Job Printing Oflico with
many fonts of new type and liavo ofderi out for other
fonts of tho latest popular styles. "Wo aro determined
to establish tho reputation of our, ofli so for first-class
work, and make oiu prices so low that tho most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will be compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any other of
fice in tho country. Mr. Oborly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
nollie, ut Una lowest rnl
ita in j our
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.

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