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HrHillnfr Mnllrr on r.vrrjr I'HRr.
It l rumored Hint tin inntlicr of tlto
.lutiii'i l)J'''' ' notorious MIouil roli
Iht?, M ilcid.
Tin: ltaltlmorc ami Olilo tuttl tlm Pcim-
mIuiiI.i rnllroatl ooiniiittiles. nre about to
settle HiilrlatiMlllHoiiltk-sliycoiiiiiroiiil-M;
Tin: late .now storm, which struck
Memphis ou lbs way. was the heaUc-t
which Im-t vMted that city since 'IM.
Tnr. total expenses of the railroad and
warehouse commissioner of Illinois. since
the organisation of the board to the Will
Itii-t. have Ikvii $.Vt,'JS3.:i.i.
Jilts, llov. Ik'verldge was one of the lend
ing participants hi the llfth annual meet
Ingofthe Woman's Foreign lMmiury
koclety w hlch met In Milwaukee on the
7th lust.
Tim dUcti'sIou ou the adniNlou of
I'lnchback Into tin1 Senate will probing
the executive session four or live days
but will not bcnellt the sable aspirant for
senatorial honor-, lie will not get In.
CoNflnr.sHM.xs .lames Bnfllngton, of
Fall lllver. Maachu-elt, caught hi
death In the protracted night mIuh of
the JIoii'P. Tie deceased had been a
member of M'ven congresses and was re
flected to the forty-fourth.
Tiir. State Journal pertinently remarks:
"The Cairo Keating Sun pronounces the
civil rights bill unconstitutional. Whetb.
cr the Supreme Court will now think It
worth while to render a judgment ou the
subject remains to be seen."
A "national gacnbaek convention"
meets In Cleveland. Ohio, to-day. The
object of the convention U the formation
ot a new political parly on the basis of
more palter promlycs to pay. The meet'
lug was called and will be run by proinl
nent labor reformers.
A conur.spoxrinNT of the New Orleans
31m lias cliarged that it cent Andrew
Johnson ten thousand dollars to buy the
support of the Shelby county delegation
in the late senatorial contet In Tennessee.
The charge Is said to be entirely without
foundation, but a committee of Investiga
tion ha been ordered.
A JtvsTKttv attends the late tire In the
navy department at Washington. The
lire destroyed the records said to eontaiu
the statement' concerning Secretary
Uobefon's loan of 1.000,000 to .lay Cooke
& Co. to keep that firm from bankruptcy.
It is said these records will be wanted
somedix In an Investigation which must
come, and that when they are they will be
reported destroyed or injured so ( to be
.Mu. Haiis, the father of tlto
original lluultnore ipiartlet-, has
been presented with the bun
tired dollars and each of the babies
lias received a gold and siher inula!
When the story was Marled that a Chica
go family had Itecn MchiI with ouartlels
also, Mr. Hahti determined that noim'to
tltlon should Ik put upon the public and
telegraphed to Chicago lor the truth of
thetory. The response was: "J f Haiti
more cm IK so can Chicago."
siEXATOif, Cameron, or I'eimsylvania,
Morton, of Indiana. Logan and Oglesby,
of Illinois, Clayton, of Arkautai, Cordon,
of Ceorgia. I.'anotn. of North Carolina,
Dennis, of Maryland,. Stcvcu-on, of Ken
tucky and Conklln, of New Vork, will
leave Washington at the olo-c of the ex
ecutive elon of the Senate, for a trip
through New Mexico. Tom Scott will
furtiMi l'tillmau palace car free to New
Orleans, and from that city the party will
take a government steamer to Vent Cm..
The ostensible object of the trip is pica,
sure, but a Wa-blngtou correspondent ol
the Chicago 7W says, it means btislnu-s,
and that tlte Senatorial party, aided and
abetted by certain railroad rings, 0 to
Mexico with the intention ol "gobbling"
the exceedingly rich mining portion of
the Northern part of the countrv.
Cov. Caulaxii, of Arkansas, has njt
loiiited March 1 as a day of thanki-giv-lug
for the political blessings tm g,,.
1cciiJo.vm1, the particular and e-peclal
blis-liig iK'Ing the adoption uv congre...
or the Poland report. The Governor
We have been sustained bv the true
u 'iVli ?'l,u''"'-'"' "iitiment in the
north, which i. wieol theimm gratirvin
eaturis connected with tin struggle; and
o teofwl, eh we ,l,ould feel proud, ,,.
we should strive by ,, mean-, to prove
3 ' l.v tho- supposed to
Uller with , politically' who
ntii- lie''''CU ;ilil Mill nr..
..... luist.ilii'i s,,
to pal us down.
., i ...... ifiicuii HOW o
that peace and order aic pre,ered. all
vloat onsoflaw. promptly' IfH.ked alter,
and iho. engaged In titeiu be aneste.
andbroiiL'ht to 7m. L.t... . 'v'"1
Individual Infract on., ol law is the Mm.,t
remedy against mob- ,,,,1 on,
(M mi. '. u!';0""'lI,"" "''"-, and almost
It 1. 1 ullrf "nu,r .0 .' government.
r ,tru "u all.v """ctnieuts in tbc
k "'"I'ast political olb..n.e,. I would
to a position of trttt griit,,",;." 1
llAMl(i A I.t l-ri !
Wo have the IteM oflt r.ull0. llie
Woman'i. Ulghtcrsaud5ullhii..ts. rirst.
Mr. O. (last Winter) lectured r.tr the ml'.
irage nan an Hour; then Mm. Waidncr.
an hour and a quarter; then Mrs. Caudee
read an nrtlele on the subject, ilfteen
.i.iuu!s ; int-n .Miss Thompson read Mrs
-wim s lecture, one hour : In all, three
..... .MSMucd, we nave all the papers
. j . t ie i ns4 itellglous Assoeia-
" nty In each or the church
es. Against this combination Mrs. 0
Jcctun-d on the antl-Miltntse Mile, three
quarters of an hour.
We nro aggressive, and hai. frightened
the old-fogy CJirlstianhUd tlement ortlte
city. Tlio jjooil cause advance It ban
ners. Wo aro Ik-coiiiIiij,' confident of our
nblllty to itihIi out tpioltloii. After
awhile only "our lde" will dare to wag
Its tongue. Why should the other lde
talk It l In the wrong, and It Is tlictlti-
ty of those In tlio right to .xupprefs all at
leinpts to iroiogato wrong tloctiine.
ltev. .Mr. Waller, who attacked ."spiritual
ism, must be sent oll'tlil fall : and .Mm.
(.)., who has dared to say the ballot l not
a good thing to have In the houe, must
be suppressed or converted. We. hope
the Club will convert her. II It does not,
the heroic treatment must be reported to.
.tl I H S .M O 1 1 K'N T I :.ST I M O .' V.
.Mr. Tilton must have I teem a very
lad husband Indeed. Ity (lie testimony
of Anna Augusta Moore, one of the late
witnees on the trial. It Is proved that
ho occasionally refused to hike hi- wife
to places ol nuiu-eiiicnt and once refused
totakeherto a lecture; once, when the
coal wa out, be left the bouse with
out saving whether he would order any
or not. lie U-ed to stay out late at night
sometimes andthewlines.-,whoslept with
Tilton' s fc inolhcr-lu-law, always knew
when he came iu,because that lady would
waken her and would say to the witness,
"Two o'clock," and "Again." Mr.Tlllon
sometimes treated hl wife caressingly
and would tell her how lovely and beau
tlfiil .-he wa,aud at other times lie would
quarrel with Iter. Ou a certain occa-iou,
tlte wltnes; itated,Tiltoii brushed iigaln-t
his will' on I heir way home Voni a lec
ture and nearly knocked her down.
From the beginning of (hi Tlltou-lteeeh-er
dilllculty. we have been Inclined
to take Tilton's part; on read
ing Ml-; Moore's testimony we
llnil we waver for the lira time.
If this evidence of Mbs Moore docs
not create a reaction in favor of lleccher,
It will be becaue the public are obtu-e.
If Tllton - habit ol staying out at night
kept Ills poor motliei'-lu-law awake till
the wee small hours, and caused her to
igh nightly, "again" and "twoo'clock."
does not. this prove that lleccher never
made any hut pastoral i-lt to Mrs. Til
ton V If Tilton were so ltase as to leave
his wife In the morning In harrowing un
certainty as to whether he would order
coal, when he knew It was out. does not
this prove that the affection existing be
tween Itceeherand Mrs. Tllton was pure
ly l'latonie as eold .as snow, as chaste
as Ice If Tilton attempted to knock Ids
wile down In the slreet, Is not thU con
clusive evidence that Mr. Iteechcr
has "Imtu sitting on the rag-
gcr edge for four or live
years simply Iteeause he advised .Mrs.
Tllton to leave .Mr. Tilton "! Of course
it does, it proves that Tilton la wretch
w bout it were base Mattery to call a cow
ard, and that lleccher N as Innocent as a
nursing doe.
Tin; it. yom:t is r.iioiu: isi.am.
The protest of the Governor of Rhode
Island again-t the usurpation of the Fed
eral authorities in that Suite, is one of the
"signs of tltu times." The United States
Marshal sel.od certain Uipt(if.s that were
under the protection ot tuc Stale, anil
threatened to "wipe out the little con
cern" If any fii-s was made about the
seizure. "I had,' say, the Governor.
"no doubt in my own mind that I might
direct a portion of the military establish
ment of the State to sutaiu the State of
ficers of the law, but prudence required
that the question might better be decided
by a court than the military." The re
sult was, the I'nltcd States Marshal
placarded this action as a back-down
and boated of the victory of the Federal
over the State Government. "There
have," -ay.- the Governor "been dinned
Into our ears tor the past six months
threau in regard to Fort Adam and rev
enue eutter; but .-o long as these threats
were words they have been treated :is
ueh. Vet, when it is gravely stated bv
a resjcclable and Intelligent journal that
troops from Fort Adams and the I'nltcd
states revenue cutter, Samuel Dexter,
have been placed at the disposition of die
Mar-hal, It cem- proper to inquire, why
Is this done'?"
'Tills event should Induce the people to
pause and think. While tltebayouet wa
conllncd to the South, suppressing liber
ty and upholding governments the inot
corrupt in tlte world, appeals to tlte peo
ple of the North were in vain; but now
the evil lias come to our own door, and
the Governor of a Northern State com
plaiustliata I'nltcd States Marshal has
had troop, and a revenue eutterput at his
dl-posal to conquer tlio State troops if
they darn to attempt to enforce the Stale
laws, when, as the Governor says, the
universal opinion I-. uud In which he
agrees, that tltu attachment under which
the Mar-hal act- are csllu-lvo and a tltlu
lydl.guis.'d shain ! Well may the Gov
ernor say, "I xhari tlte general sense of
inortlticatioii at the Indignity to which
our eomm.juwealtli ha in thl- mailer
been subjected."
How llie'-drriil Uimmi" Ths Iteeelteil
In New OrleaiiM.
IN O l'lmjutir, Otli )
The signing of the civil rights bill full
In ti ls State, none ol them earing, appa
rcntly. much about it. and few, If any at
ail. seeming to de-lre its enforcement.
v saiion wun sueli negroes
.' I' lliv ;oilsU-
ercd the passage of the bill merely an act
If, Im. lis. il I.. .1 . . .
v.i in u.u iirji gc crai election.
in an the htates they clalui there are al
ready laws enforcing coital rb'hts, to till
t tl.-;y can hardlyle. 'crrltsl on t, I. e
n l're"' JIT ,"!V,,,, 0,,1' !l A"w
retire-, through the courts, and render-
maril, elected front but severely fnlured
.. any place of resort which t hey J ay
widl'es!0''" ',U!'1 ,m"b w"h ,h"
.,f!i1'U,1,,'Il., ,,1U Position taken by p,0,t.
" he leading colored men. It Is not
1 ''light aii) attempt will Imj made to e.
ice the law, .,t ea,t in this city, ti e
m- k , ? i, "I'ProariliM. In order to
nuke capital out ot any cases that may
?he hw!1'' ,l,c a,,l"'l f ntoreeuient of
oiilnSr!'0r,',vur' M,i' "ttsiinin is made
on tlto liart or negroc, to foreu an en.
SSf'IV1'1"' "!rant " an!
fl..?i i 'v"'"1 l'ri,lr ,llu lMr before
m, r.vm V,"r1' "T 'wnstllu.
tlonallty may bo decided on.
Among the g. neral herd ef black, the
signing of the bill is looked upon as a sec
ond emancipation proelan atlon, by which
tney are to gain some sort ot inucnnue
privileges which they suppose the whites
to enjoy, but as tliev will not be support
ed by their leaders In any ell'or. that
in L'ht he madi) to enforce the law. It l
thought the whole matter will be quietly
lorgotien until resurrected tor campaign
Miss Mai:y L. Kr.i.i.ocii, a Connecti
cut girl of education and relluenient,
placed her fluttering heart In the keep
ing of .Mr. Yung Wing, of Clinton,
China, the olherevenlng In Avon. Yung
Wing Is chief or the Cbince hilucalloual
Commission at llarlt'ord. 'The parlies
were married by a Congregational minis
ter. " lug has long ineo anousneci ins
pig tall, and clothes blned! in "Meilcan
An English barmaid has publMicd si
statement di fylng some of Kinllv Falth
full's observations upon KnglMi bar
maids In L'liier.il. She savs that as a
class tliev are modest nm'l economlc.'d;
that they go to church with comiucinla.
lit.. .jiiriit.i r If mi. I ilisid 1 1iiilll.nl VIU Vel'V
prettily on $100 per aniiuni. Jslie does
not consider an acquaintance with a tap
room at all antagonistic lua good mural
character; lu tact, sue declares mat "ine
majority are highly respectable, well ed
ucated, and lady-like." We art! all very
happy tolearnililsabout the rosy-cheeked
I'.ugiisii oarmnms.
III. .Schriirli'o Sliiiiitnt'tt H-5nclles
Tl.e 'tatilji'il remedies lor all (IIschsjs of
the aucs aro SMt. vrv's I'ri.uoxic
Svui'i, sonuxeit's Ska Wkup 'I'o.nic, ami
sjClir.M K'sMiNPlt.UK PlI.I.N, unit, IllaWeti
belore the hue's nro destroyed, a speedy
cure Is elleetetl.
To IIiihj tlireo instlli-hies Dr. .1. II.
.Sclitlirk'. orl'liilsdiinlila. ones hit imrlr.i'.
let success in Ills treitmout of plllnto tl :i r
Tlie l'utiaonle Svrup ilOtitlio morbid
mittsr In tltu Innw; natii'e throws it f it by
anciisy expectoration, torn lien the phlegm
oruiHttcr Isilpo a sliL'ht coiikii will throw
it oil', the patient has ictt and t.io luegs
ht'irlu to lien).
To enable thn Piilnioule Syrup to do thi,
Sehciick's Mitiilrnkc l'lIN anl Siiiciek's
b'ea Weed i'.ttile must be fftely Used to
i !eantf the stomach an l llcr. sjehenck's
.Muii raku 11 Is mt on the llv, r, rcmovhig
all ob'trueUons, relax the gall hlaihlri, the
bile sta ts freely, mid the liver is soon
.S hecek's Sea Wccil To-Ac U a gentle
stliuul.int and slterHllte; the alkali ol which
It is compose I, mixes with the food tin i
provents souring. It aslts the dlgcs ion
by toning up tltu stent tch to a healthy coi.
Oltlon, o that the f.ioil mid tin lungs' heal,
and the patient will siuely get well If care
l taken tJ prevent freh culu.
All who wtii tocoiisitU Dr. Seltenck,
cither rcisotMlly or by letter, caii do so at
Ills principal oillce, corner of Sixill noil
Alien Sis, l'ht ailclphia, every MoinUy.
Sebenek's inoiliclnt' arc sold bv sll drug
gists throughout the country. " S-'J-'Jiu.
rUIK ltCI.I.i:ilN liiiiblUlnilcr) mornln
(c.xcrpt.MniiiU)) la the lIulU tin UiilMIn?, enr
tier Wiisiiiij;tun aicnucninl TwcllUi lu-t
Tnt IIli.lliis h servisl to city sab'ctlUr by
Dltliful carrion nt-TMc-iily-KUc Cents nWet-k,
juuble wctkly. llyMnll, (In a.trance), iinjicr
mniunil six months, 0; tlilir nioiiths, S.l; one
month, SI '.'j.
l'ubllstiul every Tlmrwluy itioriilnx at 1 25
IK-raiinmu, inviolable In advance. 'J lie imitate
on the M'evkly will lie prejiaM at Hits onicc, to
that ubcrllx' will obtain font subscription
lice of $1 a year.
I A I I. V .
Iliislness Cauls, jht nniimn,......, uj
line Siiuait, one hiKrllon,. 1 w
ine S'jiiaiv, two hiM-rtloiu . 1 so
ttnu siitair, onewcik, "to
Our tqunre, two wuki, a U)
One S'liiaro, three wtrks,. t in)
One 'pur, oiieinontli 5 w
W K K C L V ,
One fiuare, one Insertion, 01
Knch unbMijneiit Intertloit 50
O"0ne Inch Is a eiitaie.
I3"To tri;ularu(lFrtUers weoffi-r4tiierlorln-thieenients,
both us to rate ul charges unit man
ner of iliijilayhiK their favor.
13-Notlces in local column inserlisl for Kll
teen Cents ir line fur one Insertion, Twenty
Cents a line for two iiikertlons, Twtnly-Klve
Ceuti n line fur three Insertions, Thirty-five
Cents n line fur one week, and tetenty-flve
Cents n line furnnv month,
Communtcatious upon aubjectu of Ken
nral interost to the public solicited.
JIJ-All letters shouM ln;a(Mii-sssl In
I'lvshlciit lilro lliillella Coinimny.
SherilTi Sale.
H Vllllie of uu i:ectitlon to me .Ihvcteil by
lie Cleik of the I limit Cmnt uf Atexumlr
! 'iinly, In the stale or IlllnoU. in I'moriirAI
lust II. t-anopl, ii.si tin e uf Alexamler II In In
nml ucuinm Jitliii II llriiwii, I luir h vleil up.
ni the liillowhiii ihs-eiiliisl piiiiirh, in llie
(.iiiinty of Alexanilet ami Slate u llflimU. tu
w it : All llie rlKht .titln anil Intel enl ofMilil .Inlin
II Ilniwii. In nnil In the NiMlhunt oiiartirof
lie .smiihwestiiiartenirsiTtliiiitlilrty.r (:i,
In liiii,lilillllieii (I.',) Miulb, ami In Itaniri.
iini'(l) wistofthetlilnll .M ,al.u bloeks niiin
ii iwl one (IJ.two (-'), Ihliu (.1) rmir (O live
(J). lx (iJ),n!en (,) anil i Ijtlit (-) In the luwn of
I ally In nalil eonnty ami Male, in tlie iiruiierti
if wilil Jiilin II. Iliown, wlileh I shall oiler Ht
rtlbllu fale ut llie hontii-west (lour ur llie Oiurl
lliitlM', u the t.lly or l.'iilro, in tint Cuiiuly (,f
Ah'Minilir unit Matu ul' llllnnU on the rmirth
t'tli) lUyof .Mureh, A. I) , ifls, ut the liniir uf
eleven o'eluek, A. l , tnr rash, to natlufy fM
l.l.'.IMllll L ' I, lllt'll
,,. Ill I 1,1,
; heiliriil AUxiniiUrCiiiiiity, llllnuls.
lotlrn, Ills., Kelniuiry Slh, le7S,
I niiuriiiiaiiee orilielorejtoliiK nolh e or wile, 1
till ilxy otrrrisl the mil e.lalu llierelu teciibeil
lor wile, ii ml there lieinif no hlililrrs tlie sale wna
Uieteliiiv nljminuil until Ihe'joih ilny uf .Match
Instant, ut the name pluru anil time
Al.i:.. II.IHV1N, SheiM.
(hIiii, 111... March llh, 1S73,
row""' rrtllowlK vurlettcKof I'l lit: Hiikd
At K'J I'er Doaen.
IJatk nml Light IlMlmum UuH unit l'litlililire
Vs,i;ir'c;,,",,;;rk,;!iiic u '
l uurraut une-hall of imli ilnin Van t
eenUt!Ier,&"U"0t' n'.'i.,in .U K
hem! Mump for circular.
A.,lrc, ISAAC lyxdj;
1H-S-1I Htit J,l,r"A""' fjl"1' Conuly, Ohio.
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
on terns i
W 1 IIAl.t.lllAV. I'ielilent.
A. II. SAri'llltll, fii'ltlrr.
WAl.TKIt IIYshOf, Au't Cifhhf.
It. 1.. llA!.!.lt,, I' HaM-IIMI,
II. I. Wii.t.tAM'ov. rKein..N Hum,
, II SAI'tOltl)
Exchttngo, Coin ttnd United States
Bonds Bought nnd Sold.
DKrflSITS neeiteil nntt a Ketieral iKinkhiK
t'll-llli'jil ilnnr
Enterprise Savings
timer n:
A II. S.m'OIII), 1'iwilihtit.
H TAVI.OII, Vhe lrvltlent.
W. HVsI.OI', Deo'vutnl'lteasiner
P. M
It. II
.1. SI. 1'UIl.t.lfs.
I N I'Cltl ST iiaM on iliii. at the mlr uf -Ix
I. Kvient itrniiniiiii, .March l-t nml -ivlrin-
ni'i' i.i niiiMv.M tun u iiiihiiiwii m mi'im iniino
illati ly t'lthi' il'llii:li:ll of the ilcuslt-, tlril.
Kivini: mi in eiiiniHiuiui iniereM
OlKIl eterv lilliineHMhil fnilnilii 111 III .1 11 111
nml satunliy evenings fur hiIiik ili j-i'lti oul)
lium i! to s o'cloek.
W. HYSX.OP, Treaauror.
Coal Coal
ST. JOHN'S and
Ordoi-H for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for shipment,
promptly attended to.
KrTo largo consumers and all
manufacturers, wo aro proparcd
to supply any quantity, by tho
month or year, at uniform rates.
CJ-II.illlilay llro 'nollire, No To Ohio
fEJ-lIallhluy llro wharf but
ICKU Kfc'yiitlan SHIN, or
Sj-At the Coal 1iiiiiii, foot of Tlilrty-Khtht
jrS-l'iut OlUce Drawer. 30.
Coal and Wood Yard.
tJtS3- COAL -Sy
KEPT conntniitly on l.anJ nt Itom Ymil
. Coinmetclal Hfiiue, oiiiioslle Jltu
itnlus proinjitlr HIImI
Coal nnil wooil ili'liwit! ft if of thnrjre
Tortua ktrictlv ili.h sn-lU-niiLl
ANY peri'oii ftifl'eiini; from Iheaboie illie
UitiiietnltouiMie- lr rilieumliitrl.il
buttle of hia unit eine will tie lnruunliil
l)r l'riee U u relllariih'. lrlan. anil Iiim maite
the treatment of
a utility for years, ami he will warrant a cure by
tlie iim) of bin reiinily
Hi) not fail lo tenil to him for n trial hottlei II
coiH notliliifi ami he
No nuller how long Muwlhix onr ease may
Is', or how many oilier teineillea in.iy har
l-iivnhir ami trstliiuiiliils tent ullh
New Voik
Dealer in Fresh Meats
Bofween Waahln(fton and Commorciol
AvonuoH, adJotnluH: Hanny'a.
K-KKl'S for nalc lhbt JUf, I'mfc, ilulton
Veal.Ijiinh, haiiMitte, Ac , anil ii pro
part il lo rervt fiunltle in an aeemUhlr maanvr
t't'' ' "i'M '. "Wl U.I, uilll l.'i Oily ink Hi
IBf I"! CUuu lllkml cUif., lua K.wi.jlfl
"M.lliiiiBimiltCu.,;iTkiiar, N, lull. IM
Tho British Quarterly Reviows.
W IWI .MI.NSTTIt IIH'li:U' l.llicral,
nitmsii ;i-Aim:uiiY iikviiiw
It'iulnteil by tho
liKONAItl) StiO'lT l'l'llLblllNO CO.
40 Fulton Street, New Yorlt,
Ity nrr.iiurrtitoiit with tho Kuk'Mi Iu1.H1i-
ers wifj reeetvo n unerai eoiiiiiciis.iliou,
The.'p nerloillcnN constitute a vvniiilerlul
nilneel'ituv of in iilertt III iliuht. rosea rehiiml
eritleism, Tin ercaut ol :t!l Kuropenti books
worm loviRttirj; ts rotitui Here, nnu tney
treat olt I .i -i.itf cM'tttMil the world lit
inVKtcrly a . i . Iitrn by nicii who hiivn
rpcelul laimii d' the inatti i ' treateil.
'I'lln A.ll...tn.. II . .-I....- .....111...
nil. ...it. man i f I'liui: m.u iiii.ii ml iii
t IlL'cnt remliis In tlilj eounlrva liberal
Miiiorlof'th lt-nirits whleh Ihey have so
mm' nnu o eniiiiiy iiirtusue .leentj; sure
that no exi'orilllnr.) lor Itlerarv matter will
ylrhl mi il h n letttru ;itliat ieitnrtil lor :t
MinjiTtptioii to ino'c me leaning ret tout
eili ul (iieat illitilti.
Ti:itMr3 OK Sl'IISCHII'TluN.
l'or tuiv one review,
'or tuiv two Itavlew.s.
? t oo ior annum.
10 IW '
lUCO "
For an)' thiee Itevlowii,
For nil lour Itevlew.,
For lllirkwoml'!) Maya
For llhti kwoo.l ami ono
For lllackwnoil ami two
It views,
For Itljehwcuilntitl threa
For Itlnekwooil ami the
lour licvioiVf.
i 00
10 00
15 00
I'o.taL'e two cents :t iillmbe". t-i he pra-
pnhl hv thi!iiiitt rat tho ollloe ol delivery.
A illsonunt of twenty pr cent, w III he nl
lowed to clubs of four or tiinru pi"sott:
Thus: f'jitreiilis ol III itkwoml or ol one
Itijvlew will be tent to onu tulilrets lor
Sl'J 0, lo ir eoplcn M" the lour lloie anil
111 lekwooil for US, ami m) on.
Toelllhsnf oiu; or more, In .tillilloil to
the hoe ilUeoiint, i eopy clntlh will b
allow cil to tho (,'ctter up ol the eldh.
Nnw uhs 'rlbrr4 (appi)ltij; ctllj i tor the
ypitr lb'.'i itity have, without ctturxn, tin
iiiiinher.s lor the hist iii.irier ol l.sTl ot tomb
nerioilh ills as tie v rllbrerl ic fo.
Or lii'ttatl, new Mlbs.'i lher to anv two,
llirte, or roltrol the abnve peitQilletl., Ilia)
havo ono of tho Fottr ltevlw' lor lf7l:
subscriber to all live may li iu two of ihu
'Four ItevleWs tor 171.
Ni Ither tircnilunii 1 1 fiibserlberi no tll
count to ehtb e.m hit ull iweil utiles- the
nnney Is nmltttil illreet to the pabli-het-.
No premium, uheli lo ehlhs.
(irculur.s with fill tticr partiettl irs tu ij he
h nl on Miplien'lnu.
Tin: i.i;tNAiti) M.oTT l'l iiiNi; ;o,
10 ! tiltonstrcct. New lork
A complete I'letorial lINIiic.t nr llie
"liiiie"," llie lieil. rlipnpel. nml
mist .ueeesi.liil I'll lit 1 1 j I'nper
III llie I mIiiii."
ii.i.rvritv 11:11.
No riCKS of 7 in: ritirss.
The Weekly Ii the ub'e-t anil mil iow.
eliul lllu-trateil perl 'ilieil ptib.lhel In
this country. It- cilltorlu.'s ura Hiitlnily
ami eonviticl'ii;, atid carry much welyhf.
Its lllti-tratlons of enrunt events are full
ami ires', Ht.il art; iirep.treil by e ur he-tilo-hlKiiets.
vYlli it circulation in 1M),W)I. the
Weekly Is read ni. Uutl by halt n mlilon
personH, and Its tiilltieuce. ns an orirait of
opinion Is dimply tretueudotis. The eek
ly maintains a po-liivu I-iiMttun, utid e
preses decided vleivpott political unit so
cial prohh m-. l.oulsVllll Coiitlei'..Iourtial.
Its tirtlelcs are inoilids, of Ijlti-tnneil i!l
I'tisdou, and Us pictorial lllu-tratlor.s an.
often corroborative nrKumcii's ofifi Mnill
force. N Y. Examiner ami liiroulch
Its papers upon existent iptest'ons ar.il it
inlniit.iblc iar:oou help to mould tho t.-
tlments ot tho country litthur' torn
uiercial. Ti: ..Ms :
I'o-tngs free to Mih-crlbcrs lit the Uctleii
HarperV Wsekly, onu )eir .. ?1 05
Four dollars include prepayment of V.
S. poliu.'o by lite puh'lshi r-
.Stth-crlii'lons to Harper'ii Mja.iue,
Weekly, and llaar, to one address tor i.tn
yc.ir, f 10 00; or, iwn o' llarjier's I'etiodi
vats, to ono address lor onu ve.tr, J7 0 i
po-tauo I fee.
An extra ropy of he Magazine, Weekly,
or lla.ar will be -upiil'cd units for rery
club of live BUbier hern at fl 00 eit h, lii
onu remittance; or, nix cop c lor W,
without ex ra eopy; potat;e lire.
Hack iiutuhers can Lesttpi icdal any lime.
The annual volumes ol Harper's W eeUly,
In neat clolh binding, will I e .ent bj e
Iire-s. trie ot epei se. lor 00 each. A
complete Hi. eoiiipri.inj' eighteen vhIiiuk ,
cnt on receipt of cash at Iho r to ot ?r vr
pervolutno, Irelglt at the expen e ot the
ja3Ncwpiui'rs arc not to e py this ad
vcrtlMiucut without tho expri"'- otdetsot
Harper A; llrnthcrs.
AdJre-H HAHI'KIt & llliOTIIICKS. N. Y.
"A llepoHllory uf I'lislilon. lIe:isi:re,
mill liiHtrnetliiii."
noticks or hii: phi-ss.
Tho Itazar is edited Willi ti eoiitiihutfon
oftaut and talent that Ueicliluin timl In any
Journal; and tho Journal Hell is the 0r4.11
ol tho rcat world of fashion. Host. .11 Trav
eler. The llizur commends .telf lo every nicni
berof the hotiehold to Iho chlldivn hv
droll and pretty pie tires, to tbo younx hi
dlcn by ItH laslilou plates In endless vui-.t ty,
lo tho provident mat. on by Its pattens Iji
tho children's cl 1'ies, to paterlauilllas by
Its tasteful ileslfits for cmhioldercdsllpperi
and luxurious lrc sIhk gonus. Hut tho
readlni,' matter ot tin lia.ar Is utiirnrn.lv ot
great excellence. Tho paper Irs acipilred
a wldu tiopttl jilt for the llrclile enjoitucnt
It nllords. N. Y. KveuliiK Iot.
'fmi- i
lliirpcrVs I!;i.mi-, one yctr....$l 00
Four ilolIar Intiildes ptepiynieitt oft'.
.S. tiostniro by the publishers.
hllbbeslptlot to IIat-,er's ,Ma.i.Int',
Weekly, and lluzar, to oun address for 0110
yeir,stono; or two of llariur's l'eiioill
rals, to onu nddiCis for one yea-, ?7 00;
postago free.
An extra ropy of elllif r the l is'zlnc,
Weekly, or lln.ar will un supplied piilis
for every chili of live Hiibserlhrrs at jl no
each, lu one remittiincii ; or, six eoplen for
CiO 00 without extra copy ; pmtii!,'u live,
Hack numbers cat) ho supplied at anv
i ho seven volumes of Harpd' Ilazar, for
tbo years W. 'tlO, '70, '71, ,.', '73. '74, ele
L'anlly bound In xrcen morocco cloth, will
ho sunt by exp'et.s, freight repaid, fur
if7 00 each.
B3rNcw(.p:incrs nro not to copy this ad
vertisement without tho express o fit em of
Harper & llrothers.
Adilre-sHAI(lKlt.i IIHOTIIi:it. N. Y.
PrO. Fowler's Groat Work
a mi
Love. Hit Ijiws, Powers, Ax.
AliKNTS nre ifllhnf from 15 to 1.1 roplM n
day feml for nf limn patten nnd tcriuil
to a((Mit, uml uv why It iclln luster tlimi any
olhtr boot. Adtlrciis National l'nblUhlnij Co ,
pllsdclptila, I'a , ChicuKi 1IU , or St I.ouU,
wavurmvEiiMAmrfiT,. wranow ru.AKR
J-Ks- 'ii. if ir,. k.ii.1iih e mi 1 1. lii t fii.rn P. :. I-, tin slriwis uml l.ei.fml .t.)Mln w it
1 nl n'sj 111 our line "-tmiiilsint. I'l u tt.iiikn . I :u.D Sti'licine l lurni-l-l or
fllbit with n lml.lt IlniKS M ti n- iml.li int. -
7'J Ohio Lcvoo. I 1 WBchlne-tor A v., Cor. Btb St
Hi, ITWT---
1 rmmr;
1. DR .qtatp MnNHIJii u s
k PAER,dotJsE ci-lc.o
The Sprague
Aro have roplonisliotl our Job Printing Ollico with
many fonts of new type and have orders out for othor
fonts of the latest popular styles. AVo aro determined
to establish the reputation of our ofli to for first-class
work, and mako our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any othor of
fice in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printei'3 West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons. v
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nml Rotull
o-t-iirAILERS OF
" i-
f)'i! STUFFS.
rooms .nO
t 11
33 o c i-a: e s 33 r
Should he sold hy the Hard war J Canned
Goods Trade every .
:? crr::s et::t :::: cr ;r.i Ti:zaz : a:t: irrATiT.
Il'lll mini Sumiili; J'rre, ( rtitlft ufJZ CvnU,

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