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ASCA1.0N t mui:, no. si
tu'v'i'ifjfiit" yt jial'l ,
, niicUi'irrjr I'rl--even,
in Odd-
i tuon
Hull t. K. SLACK,
Chancellor t'oniiniiiucr.
nfviL'tiiMi i mwir. V(t -?'!
:X&&&t- lows, MK-. H ilJ 'll!ur..lii- titKMt
k- ... flnlr fir (lilil.Ifl.
Wrnl' 111 IIUH-plM winii in iiivii imu
Ctiiuiiiurciid venue, Ixtwi"'" Mxih iiikI Si-,. Mil
tUitU John II iosm..x, V (..
C1AIIIO KNIjAMrMEVT, I C). O. r..iiifits
in Uild-ivilows' M ill on Hie ililninl third
1iicsLi In tu-ry mouth, hi ,i:iir-pnt mami
1 K tl.UK, C. I'.
A CAIIlOt.OIXji;, NO. 2ff, A V. fi A IM.
lloldieirul.ir comiiiimlisitlom In JIa-
ionic Hull, corner i iiiiiiiii'icUl mcnue
' 'mill I.MIilli !-. t( iin the second and
foiuUi Monday of (Mi ll month.
I'nrlsli .NeJiool.
The I'arish School wm ojuiuiloii Mon
l.iy, Mirch Iv. Hut pupils will bo re
ceived ill nr.y time, mi I lie condition
ulrcady puilliied. The ii-nlcis of Fro
fe nor I'rlrk havi been secured for liivlruc
tl ill In the (Icninii l.tnungp. I'orllili mi
i xttachir;e will In nude. litj H wMiln
to study (icruiau only, will mini' to tlio
caool it 4 o'r ock i, m,
Cm nil. Uii.iiekt, Itector.
I'itsiIi Kliiily.
Jlr. I'. rilKiTuM hasjust received nnil
iiDi (ill falc at hl -nlri room a Inrjre stock
if KiikIiiIi nlc, iKirli'r, Heninissy lirnlnty
ind wines, mid llo,uol of all I. hid, which
tie will dispose of at reason tlilu I rices.
iso-ls-sr, tf.
IVitti It'll.
I'lity to rieventy-:lvo d llar per inon'h.
AKPiitt wante-l everywhere. Tenc'icis, la
uln, K''M etc, etc No caplul or out
lay rciilrMl, .Send it cents for potiK on
outfit, to l. C. Wki.ciiman,
tl Irvln Station, t'nloii County, Ohio.
Winter' fiiillcry.
Open Fridays and Saturdays only.
lOI-l-lC-tf. '
lu unit Sec Hit.
Lmdtord. ol hotels unit lKarillnjf 'joiie
will Hail It tn thflr arivai tiK to imII upon
.Mm. C deiniii, No '-! Fourth strict, be
tween W shlejtion ami Oinuicrclil aven
ui , ami n'ceitulii hertinn fi-r ilnln hotel
mill lio illi'K house wnhe by the week.
Her wIhIcmI inln are extreme!)
low 7 'C. per ilnzcn. For piecework pr cc
are in follow: sliiij'o lilrt ami cel
lar, 10i; p-r dozen is e; ock two co!
lit", &c; twi Imidkerchlct, ,V; veft UOe;
mill all stent leirifii't wear, "'. icr
tlorri. I.-nllo' ilri, S"i to WK-;
klrtI) t 2')?; dr-iwcr 10 to lftc; two
1 air hoe to; two eollar u to 1' e. Knr U
nick' I'IjIii rlotlivD 91 00 p r iloeu; lor la
ilk'kl.iK: r!othe, ?l 'i't pir ilozmi; ilono
iltsiiiptly, am) promptly ilelhcrel. l'a
troiiagt' kollt'ltcil.
MllllC liirlr.
Oooil iiitlo room' on the tip; cr tloor at
the Halnt (;li.irlis ran be hail, wlili lioaril,
the very low rate of 30 per month
Itiiy ltonrili'r.
Two or three sunlUuicn ran ho accom
nnUateil i'h il ) hoanl. lloimo on Wal
nut, hctwrrii .S.Mtiih mid Klhlli. Apply
at thU oilier. 30-8-2-Ct.
To Aeurntnl' lii'Mln,
Introil'ii'c Aleoliol Into I ho itonurli, an 1
threby roh theillKxHivp ilulilor lt 'ohent
p nvrr. S .turaie a pierc o' hre ul mi I m&t
witli aMrio julit, ami it will liolve.
Till li ihi'-i'on. Aihl to nu ll a mixture
a Utile ulcoliol, ulitl It will not ill iclve,
Ihl'lllmtritek ItuUse'llar. l'cware, tlien,
yp ilypf pth'k, of t nctiirr, lslulon or ile.
i" u'.i c mialoln .'pirliuoiik liuu
iihini all Ui h rum "tonle," ami tely l ly
on Dr. Walke ' Viiifar lill tr, the tincsl
herl.ui I t.v l.-oraiit Kn jv. ii, slid free from tin
dery rural- of Ah- iliiil. I-lfi tlArw-liii.
I In It .V t.lilirli.
flporffi- Iitlnrr loruerof rmirtreiilli and
iVa'lilnlon avenue, will funiUh he ealu r,
very il-iy to hlk patron a No. 1 luiu-h, he
'ween the hours of ten ami ttvcUu o'clock,
fre-li .Milwaukee hcer ami fragrant Il ivaua
'iK-ir- to l had nt hi' I ir at all time-.
I'or Iti-nl.
'rhglmu-c now K'ciiili'il liy Mr. Win,
Wetzel, known n tlu "St. Nteliolnt
IIoti-1," kituuti'il mi f'oinini'nl:tl nvenue,
lH.-twcen Surviilli ami Ki'litli r-tivet.-i. N
y-ultnlilc fur tiny Mini of lm-Ine-i. Kn
ijiilrt' of .Mrs. Auti'la IIitrrN.oii.St-vf-ntli
Mifct. or lo lVlcr .Vi'fi', Olilo Levee.
To 'on t riiclort.
Sealed propd'al-i, uihlre'-o'l to the City
Cutiucll of the city ul' Cairo, w ill he re
rclvert at my olllw until 3 o'clock p. m.
of Tiu"-ilny, the KIili il.iy of -Marcli, for
rcinovliio; tin; ie-t-luiii' from its
lirc?cnt location ou Tlilrty-Foiirtli tivi-i.
to a point on "Grave-Vnril lllilxc" at or
near Its junction willi l'ark uvciiius If
yahl liuihlint; I1-to he renioved to salil
last iiu'iuloiicil location ami jilitccd
theicon hi as jjooil comlltion a the t-niuo
now 1.
Tlio City Council reserves Ihc right to
reject any ami all hiili.
Wtt.t, IC Hawki.nj, City Clerk.
Cuuo, III., March Oth, 187ii. U-7-lOt
.Millt'o of Iteiuovnl.
SMilcht A- L'liieli have removeil their
chemlcil ilycln,? and tlpaiitltvi cstaU
llthmcnt Irom tlio corner of KLhtii inl
Comm"n-iil to Washington Avenue,
hetween Ninth nndTontli ktreots. To meet
the wiiiitu of their ni:iiy tti-t inorj. they
hevo ordered ami luc Jnt received from
K r pu a large lot ol tlio finest dyo stuflr,
and are now ready to attoiid to any order
tn their line. 3J-3 0-lni.
I'or Kent.
K'glit large roomi over l.nnnon'd hoi-k-ttorj,
on Commorelul Avenuo, and a cot
tugc of live rooiiH (one of tlio l)ovniey c( I
tage) on Dlvi.ton utrcot. Apply to
LoUIfi IlKltllUHT,
8i 3-l-flt. No. 72 Ohio l.cvee.
New lliiliery.
II. BchraotMtorlV announce lolds frlendi
hihI lonner patiom tint ho has opfnod the
DELTA HAKEItV, corner or Nlno!rcnlh
and Poplar strcntx, where ho will be plcaisd
to greet (hem aBittu, and amuren them that
lio can furnUh tho betof ireth bread, rollt,
etc. Oknuixk Uyk HitK4i) will ho mado a
pcUalty. Try him ngnln. llWMMni
l'ltlDAY, MAKCU 12, 1S75.
I'or Jlnjor.
KtilToll Set: I'lMi-o aniiolinrc .(OlIN It.
I'll 1 1. 1. 18 no ur.imll'lHle for .Mayor of taint, at
tlieiii'iiliiK tiiiiiilcliml election.
.(miliary tl, 1K7S. Maw CmrwN
I. unit Vt'riitlH-r Itrpoit.
Caiiio, li.t. , March. 11 I.i7.i.
'J I nr.
If AH. ITllB. WlNII. I 'CL.
sTTs! 17 I 1
2I.7U i (if ! H. Y '
7 it in
It "
2i ni.
THOMAS .IO.NK.S, Scwt. S' S..V. -S. A.
Tim (;oyli;. an old ami well-kmiwn lit
Ien ol'lhlk place, illril at tin; Vlckibur
Ituiuu WedncMlay nltiUU nliout 10 o'clock,
alter helno; cunllnctl to lih bed for Ihrec
lit tli- lly.
Kcv. Frank (illbert. n brother of the
Itiiv. Charh-.s O. Gllkrt, rector of the
church of tho Kedcemcr ofthNclly, U In
the city lllln.
.Mitkiiiiic Nolti-i.
lti'Kular A einlily of Caiio Council No.
21 I!. A S..M. will l held at Mui-onlc
Hull thl (Friday) evening .March 12th.
at 7J ti'clock. All nicmlicM arc ri'fjncit-
ii to In- on hand.
F. KonsMKYKH, llocorder.
1 lip llrrtfcn.
'1'hi! Athi'iietiui win lllli'd to ovcrllow
liijr la't nlfjht with one of the most k
l"Ct miilU-iic.' that ha jm-ctcil any trouM;
who h.n lltcd our city this scaou, to
wltni'k- the entertainment oHVrcd hy the
llertrer Family ('nnc-rt 'rroujic, which
I-, to kay th! least, fxcclk-nt in every rc-kjn-cl.
'1 hey arc a talented combination,
and tin' audience from the bflniiln to
the clo-f of the performance were highly
nt- rtului'd and dell-'htHl.
A .V Mr run ;m-iip.
Vi-kti'rda.T nflci noon. while a little lie
jn hoy was pliiyiu on one of the harp's
lylnif In the Ohio river m-ar Ilallldny
Ilrollieri.' coil dump, hi the upper jtart of
the city, he jrut too iii-nr the iili- and
tumbled ovcrhoanl into the river, which,
ow in to the heavy wind, wa' very rouj,'h.
lie Ilouuilenil around for a while, and
Ihmlly ucoi-cdiil hy hU crie in lrinitiy
M'Wiiil hoy" to hi a.l'tancc, who, after
lUhlii around willi poles and ktrhi,
llnnlly kui-ti-iilcil In hrini;ln hiui out
kafp and Miuml. though cold, and pretty
badlv M.-.ircd.
A DllllclllO.
Two ferociou lookiiinrneroi-s pot into
a di-jiuti' over same trilling matler, hi
the neighborhood of the barracks yester
day nltcrnooii, and ciiuc near beating
each other into ajclly, which would have
licen a l)laknr to tin: community had they
acuouipllshcil tho Jeut, Jiiilpn; friii the
clmroetcr heii them by acrpiniutaucc";.
It -n-iiis tltut the one who-e name in
Conwy, i a tonsil cltl.i'ii, and ilcli'htk
in toying with Ihc tnus of inollnnl ve
darkle- willi his llt-. The other party,
who-cnume bus -lipped our memory, 1
aii-ordi-d a n-piitatlon itiualiy as (latter
Imr as that of his autaonl-t, us far as
incauiic" jro'.
"fJeiiev ri" utiil lli- Woiuan'k Club.
The Suh kiiy It was windy ye-lerday.
The couiiiiuiiiciiilou of "(icnera" wu
proof positive of tin fact. The llrft com
munication of tlii writer was humorous
and cu-nted a jjenerHl lauj;h in tlic city,
but his o;!tli of lu-t evening wa a fnil
ure. Ill attempt to create a dl-turbaucc
In the "Woman's Club" i mean, and will,
we hope, not kllccecil. The a-scrtlon of
this female-named hu-wrltcr. that women
who an curfnijfl-ts and aiill-ull"r.ijiftj-cannot,
without llplitin, alllliatc In a mi
ciety tho object" of which tire lorci''n to
politick, N ridiculous. Democrats and Re
publican, l'n-byterlans, Methodists and
Inlldelk arc .Ma-ons and Odd-Fellows.
They do not quarrel about politics or re
ligion. Why then cannot women who
aro lighters and auti-l'lhter?
meet In a koclely for lit
erary Improvineul, to iUscu the allalrs
of the family, of ilrc-i, and oilier female
topic, ami act in perfect harmony ? Xo
body but a man, and a rather mean fcl
low at that one capable of disul-lnp
hluisclf In a petiicoat would a.ert that
they cannot. When "Gcnevra" siysthe
CI ul) was organized to bo an oil.mii1z.iI ion
forthu protnotlon of the cause of Wo
man's sutrVajje, ho must know that what
he asserts Is not true. It has no such ob
ject hi view. Not one member of it claims
that it hus.hut out hu contrary all distinct
ly and emphatically declare that its only
objects are tho?u we have Indicated.
Why have not men been permitted
to tako part in the, establish
ment of the Library? lU'caiuo
the men ol Cairo have not energy
or enterprise to nuke such an Institution
successful. They established a library
Mime years ago, got together a good
many hooks and then permitted the as
sociation to collapse. Tho books were
sold, and the money who got It? They
established a Literary Club, and met In
Democratic Hall, sounded their trumpet,
and collapsed. They organized the Delta
Club, turnlMied rooms and failed again.
They have been dlsllngtii-hed failures In
all Mich alliilrs, and have not spirit
enough tho better class lo take any In
terest In their city, but allow It to drift.
Thu ladles wl-h to work without dead
weight of this kind being fastened to
them. Therefore they propose to "go It
alone" in llm library.
After all, says "Gcnevra, " the men's
money will pay for tho library. Not so,
If tlio women of this city cam nothing
hy tlio labor they do In the household 11
they arc to hn Insulted by being told: You
own nolhlng.undtluy pickle you t-pcndis
your husband's," tiy days of thu rod when
a man had u right o Hog his wife Ids
slave have notygono hy yet, All tho
women spiui in tucir iiDrary will bo
their own money, "Gcnevra" nnd nil
other men to the contrary nolhwlth'taiid-
I'reiieti t'anillr'v.
Jml roce'ved n full line ol finest French
candle, ubil for k ilo at Ono Dollar per
pound, I'iiil. II H.vl'l-.
purr;tl Ilriui.
County eourt It now In session.
IliiklncM on the levee was :ry active
Peter Conant, who lot his leg hy the
car.s, u few weeks ago, Is rapidly recover
ing The Perry Houe, situated at the cor
ner of Klghlh ittreet anil Commercial
avenue, Is undergoing repairs.
T. J. Kerth has begun repairing his
building on Commercial avenue, which
was iliiuingeil by lire recently.
Judge Ilriiss's time now being devoted
to the county eourt, ltlrdls attending to
the pollc business,
The Hev. .Mr. Wallar will lecture
next 'J'ue'day night, certain, sure, with
out :i doubt, provided he Is well enough.
Several tars of Cincinnati lager
beer have been received by the saloon
keepers of this city within the past few
Hrother Jacob llrndlcy's church, on
Fifteenth street, was somowhat damaged
yesterday hy being blown oil' of Its
Thi! Parish school l, wo an; glad
to learn, progressing finely under
the able management of the llev. hr. Gil
bert. The corners of our principal streets
are now well propiied by idlers, who
eini)racethepleaant weather to sun them
selves. A number of the young folks of
Cilro met at the residence of John Q.
Harmau last evening, and organized a so
cial club.
We give much of oursp.ice to-day to
a description of the Cairo and .St. Louis
narrovv-giiuge nillro.nl, which will U
found on the editorial page.
Captain Pink, agent at this point for
the American. Adams ami Southern Kx-pre-s
companies, Is absent from the city
ou a business trip,
A whlto bov named Carroll, vvhlli at
tempting to bridle a vicious hor.e ye-ter-day
morning, was bitten s-everely about
the head and -boulder- by the brute.
The llev. Dr. Thayer and ititnlly will
leave tlili city to-morrow for Yincemies,
Indiana, where he will cuter upon his
pastoral duties.
A man who-e nam: we did not leant,
had two of his lingers ma'hed yesterday
afternoon w Idle trying to .-plit a large log,
with a maul and wedge, in thelowcr part
or the city.
The police courts have been very
ipilet for the pat three or fourdays. Yes
terday there was not a isise brought up.
The city Is certainly becoming a model
Perry Power-i Is Improving the looks
of his new residence ou Twelfth -treet.be-t
wee 1 1 Washington and Commercial ave
nues, by filling up the yard and leveling
the sidewalk.
A leeturi lor the henellt of tho chil
dren, is now being agitated, but the trou
ble seem to be hi getting some one w ho
will take the ta-k upon lilm ur her-elf to
write and deliver It.
Mr. Tlil-tlewood has again had a
man at work planting ami putting neat
hoxe- around the trees hi front of his
dwellingon Washington avenue, and they
are now ready to be torn to pieces again.
Tile Turner- ate driving their prep
arations for their F.a-ter .Monday .-upper
and ball, and when it come- oifthe lovers
of thi-kind of sport may look for a big
A team of mules attached to a coal
wngou made It lively for the people of
thi- neighborhood yesterday morning'
Tliey tos. ed the driver out into the mud
on hi- head, but being a colored gentle
man, no damage was done.
I illor McCarthy Informs u that he
has two boarders at his hotel, one of
whom lie will lo-e this morning. The
other Is a woman, who was arre.-ted for
wearing men's clothing, of whom we have
The streets arc drying up very fast,
and the -people who have kept hor-es
through the long Winter, that they
might enjoy a drive hi Summer, will have
an opportunity to use them before many
Tim plea-ant weather of the past few
days has put It Into the head of thehae-
ballists of thi- city that thj raising of a
base-ball club Is cs-ent!al to their happi
ness, and therefore they are going ahead
with that object lu view.
Sine water Is again making Its ap
pcarauco lu the locust grove, opposite
(lie custom house, and the men and hoys
who have skill's, canoes, or dug-outs, are
getting them hi readiness fur boat-riding,
provided the water should attain a sulll
eient depth lo allow their ue.
We learn that the Illinois State Peni
tentiary has been greatly Improved with
in a few mouths pa-t, and as there are
ono or two now lu the county jail who
will very likely spend a few years there
at least, they can rest assured that they
will receive every attention.
Some people think there Is room to
doubt the truth of the statement madu lu
yesterday's Uuli.kti.n regarding the
drowning ot the teamster, Mark Jackon,
Inone of the Cache sloughs, hut we can as
sure them that It Is correct. Thu Item
was not written uutllthe unfortunate man
had gone under.
Judge llird, who has been ut Cham
paign for the last three days, attending a
meeting of the Hoard of Trustees of the
Industrial University, located at that
place, returned to his liomu and business
In this city yesterday afternoon, Hu
speaks lu the most flattering terms of the
Institution, and says It Is hi a flourishing
Two negroes, hy tho name of Charley
and (ieorge, who attempted to murder a
man connected with ono of the mall com
panies running into MclCcnzle, lu order to
rob .the company of a large amount of
money, are wanted at that plnce, and u
. reward of one hundred dollar Is oll'ered
forthcni. They nrc sunpowd to ho in '
this neighborhood
Last Monday night, Henry Woods, a
pilot, was arrested hy Sergeant Cain and
olllner Woolen, while In the act of knock
ing down u door. Wednesday they took
him before llros, but ho refu-ed to be
tried hy that gentleman, and took n
change of venue, and w as lined ten del-
lars and costs. Tins did not satisfy hii,
and he took an appeal to tho county
court, giving bond for his appearance.
Mr. William Wetzel, who for the past
year has Ijoen the proprietor of the St.
Nicholas hotel, will open the Perry House
next Wednesday, with a grand lunch,
under the name of the Grand Central.
Mr. Welz -1 Is n gentleman who under
slanils the bujluess of proprk-toring u
hotel lu first-class style, and we have
every reason to believe that he will mike
the Grand Central mi excellent hoarding
house lu every respect.
- It Is fcald by parties who should know,
that there will beat least live candidates
enter the contest lor the olllce ot city
clerk at the ensuing election, be-lde
Hawkins w ho Is not In the least con
cerned about It, but ays that the more
candidates there are, the merrier It will
lie. If any of these gentlemen who con
template running, exin-ct to defeat
Hilly, they will have to get up early In
the morning.
The city Is again becoming atlllcted
with loafers and bummers of every de
kcriptiou and color. The authorities of
the larger cities around us having given
them notice lo h ave those places, they
make Cairo a hanging-out place, and It
would he well for our people to see that
things of value are kejit under lock and
key, as gentlemen of this description,
as a general rule, aro not at all bashful or
backward in appropriating them to their
own use.
Mr. Oberly will deliver a lecture un
der the auspices of the Liberal Kcllgious
Association, ..t Liberal llellgious hall,
ono week from next Sunday night, lie
will take for his subject "Hell." How
this gentleman will handle his
subject, we are unable to say, but
the employes of the Ik'LLETi.v olllce,
who have had the opportunity of wit-ne-slng
him ral-i; h 1 on various occa
sions, area unit lu thinking that he
ought to make ii success of It whether he
does or not. They believe in the old
saying, you know, "Practice makes per
fect." Yesterday morning, while a number
oT small hoys wereon their way toehool,
and when oppo-lte the custom house.
they came in contact with a small col
ored boy. One of the party walked up
to the negro, and giving lilm a shove,
knocked a bundle of books from his hand
ilown under the sidewalk. This aroused
the Ire of the young African, and he and
the little IrMiman engaged in a rough
and tumble light, in which the negro was
coming out flr-t. The friends of the
white luy were about to make an attack
on the negro In a body, when one of our
-chool dlrectork, a peaceable and kind-
hearted gentleman, appeared upon the
kcene, and determined to see fair play,
said: Ifyou must tight, fight fair."
lint the boys ended the fuss here, and the
director, after learning how the dlfllculty
was brought about, compelled flic Irish
boy who had knocked the hooks under
the walk, to get down, pick them up and
return them to their owner. It very
near broke the heart of the sou of Krln,
but he didlu
I'or Si n 1 1- Ctipnp.
Any person wanting to buy a fine largo
hor-e, kiiltablo for waatui or dray, can bo
accommodated by ca ling at the Methodist
Parsonage on Eighth st'ect.
'et llni-ncks niul Siulille Sliiifi.
Tho cltiz ns of Cairo and vicinity aro
hereby rcspectluliy Informed tli.it we have
opened a Ham- as and Saddle Shop at Xi.
10) Coiniuerclal Avenue, where can lie
found a' all tlnur, a full stock ofartiolck In
our line, at as low prices as tlio sunt cla-s
ot work can 1m bought In atiy in irKct. He
pairing douo promptly. Carriage trimming
a specialty. Please k'Ivo us a call.
Ut-.-12-St. L. D. Auki.v A' Co.
fori 1.1st.
SIcanicrAlex Swift and hgs., St. Louis.
Itellu Memphis, Memphis.
" City of Helena, Vick-hurg.
" duo. Means &, bgs.. Kvausvllle.
" Fannie Lew is, St. Louis.
" Mary Houston, New Orleans.
J. D. Parker, Cincinnati.
" Jlurksville. Nashville.
Nail City & hgs., Pittsburg.
Colorado, St. Louis.
Steamer Iron Mountain A barges. St. L.
'.' Alex Swift ,t barges, Pittsburg.
" Hell Mcinphi-, St. Louis.
City of Helena, St. Louis.
" .Tho. Mean.- & barges, N. O.
" Fannie Lewis, Memphis.
" .Mary Houston. Louisville.
" J. I). Parker, Meinphls.
Hurksvllle, Nashville.
" Colorado, Vlckshurg.
ittvr.n, nt'stNKss Axn wkitiieu.
The Ohlols rising rapidly at Cincinnati,
and continues lulling at Kvausvllle. For
the past twenty-four hours It has remain
ed stationary here, but U expected to fall
to-day. Tho Mississippi continues falling
at a slow rate at St. Louis.
Tim weather Is still pleasant and bright,
ami the strong south wind of yesterday
helped considerable in drying up tlio levee.
There Is no material change lu busi
ness, and there were very few shipments
made yesterday.
Tho T. F. Eckert left the city of Vicks.
burg and went to her assistance.
The City ol Vlckshurg has been
pumped out and Is now on her way to St.
Fewol Ihe landings along the Ten
nessee river can be made on account of
high water.
Thu tow boat John Means passed
down yesterday morning with her barges
well loaded.
CharJoi Morgan arrived In New Or-
leans from Now York lat Saturday
will have the pleasure of -wing his
namesake, Capt. Al. Moln's new steamer,
The Itclle Memphis added I') tons to
her cargo litre.
The Colorado had it good trip. She
added n couple lit ndrcd batrels Hour
. . City of Helena tsime up Hying
light, and with hut few passengers. She
discharged some cotton here fur rcshlp
incut via. Cairo and Vlncenues railroad.
The tow boat. Mary Alice, owned by
the Mississippi Vnlly Transportation
company, struck n snag Wednesday
morning, ut liuh Tower, forty mllc.t he
low St. Louis, and sunk In 8 led of water,
She was bound down, lowing barges,
which are unhurt, and will be Inkeu for
ward to New Orleans by thu lice, which
was near the Mary Alice when she sunk.
"Wa lni'".MIT)IIINT, ltlrii Ul.rilllT,
.March 11, :s7S.
l'lttkbiirt:. .
UaiUiIIIc .
N.uliville ...
it. taut ...
1 X2
0, A 7
Uaklng Powder for
Gillet's Flavoilug Kxtracl the best
lu use, and for sale by nearly every gro
cer. Joe lioneker Is now In full control ol
ihe Washington bikuiy, and having learn
ed the wants of tlio public, Is prepared to
U ply ou call a 1 demands for French loaf,
lio-ton, Drown ami Graham brrad, ml
t-vtrytlilng else ordinarily found In o first-vlan-btk
ry. He maintains a fu I .tok ol
conleetiom-ries, and can, as well r any
other dealer in the city, fill all orders In
that line, Cakts baked, 'ro-ted or orua
merited on short notice. Hpe la (attention
Klvenio tho orders of wedding or K-iilc
fiartlfn. I) 12-tf.
Call for the be-t Gillet's Making
Powder for It never disappoints the
Newly-fltted, finely furnished barber
shoii by George Stt Inlioii-e, cornir Com
mercial avenue and Klililli street. V-ai-ol
practice hive 1,'lvcn lilm a lltflit hand
tint m ikes a smooth shave ck-llirtulul All
who try li in unco will call again. All tho
I i'c dally pavers are kept on hi tlblo lor
the binrfll ol his eostoinerf, and there is
no tcd-nti waitlngfjr turns. tf
Gillet's llaklng Powder the let in
use always reliable.
Iliippy ItPllcf for Ymitii; . li-ii from the
rflVt M of Krror nnd Abucj In tatly Hie Mini
hood restored. lniiilliiieiiti to Marilaxv li'
liiord New nidhoit of trrutniint. Ncwnnil
remarkable mutiUm. llooknnd circular cent
frwr. In sealed em elope Aildivss, IIOWAItll
AS-OCIATION. tin X. Ninth tlt, Philadel
phia, I'a , nn I list it ul ion having a IiIkIi reputa
tion for honorable conduct and proftKi-lnnal
skill. lo-I-l.',-,.t..v-iiii
Caiko, III., Tm nsDAY Evkmno,
March 11. lt73. J
All signs of the snow have diapicaicd
and the strong west wind that has pre
vailed to-day, together with the warm
sun, had a tendency to rapidly dry up
the mud left by the melting snow, and
unless a storm should blow up from the
we-t, of which there were oiue Indica
tions at the close of the day, out ktrcel
wlll soon pa-sent a bi tter appearance.
Thegcncnil market continue- In a very
gratifying condition. Leading lines ol
groceries and dry goods are active, and
the wholesale trade Is as large as at any
time during the past year. The grain;
market Is steady and actlve;all receipts
find reaily sale on arrival. Hay of all
grades Is scarce and lu active demand for
the order trade; the shipping demand is
rather light. Hutter shows signs of weak
ening. Kggs are plenty and dull, at a de
cline of II to S cents on tho dozen.
BaTOnr friends should bear In mind
that the prices here given are usually lor
sale Irom first hands lu round lots. In
lllllng orders and for broken lotslt Is nee-e.--ary
to charge an advance over the-c
Stocks are numerate In ail grades, and
the demand light. There are no change
In price-, unr hi the condition of the mar
ket. Sales were 200 barrels, r?l 2.Vo.1 fiO;
100 barrels XXX $170; 100 barrels
$115)5 7.1; MX) barrel city, SI iZQfl 50;
51X1 barrels, $1 2-Voi; 500 barrels.
S3 755 50; 100 bairels $1500.1 00;
100 barrels, $12.:05 5O; 100 barrels,
5 1 50.1 75.
llccclpts are light and demand heavy.
All grades are scarce. Prices rule steady
and tl rm . Sales were 2 cars prairie timo
thy delivered. $21 ; 1 car choice timothy
delivered, S22; 2 ears choice mixed deliv
ered, $21 ; 1 car common mixed deliv
ered, $18 : 2 cars prairie delivered, $10 50;
1 car "gilt edge" delivered, $22.
The demand for both white and mixed
corn Is nither lu excess of the receipt.-.
Prices are steady and linn. Sales were
1 car Xo. 1 yellow in heavy sacks deliver
ed 77c; IcarsXo. 2 white In sacks deliv
ered 7Sc; 2 cars rejected lu bulk on track
CC(7 C7e; I! cars Xo. 2 white In sacks dellv
77c; 2 cars Xo. 2 yellow lu sacks deliv
ered 70c; 2 curs. Xo. 2 white In sacks de
livered 77e; I car Xo. 2 mixed In sacks
lUllvered 75c; 1 car choice white seed
cbrn 83((iS5e; 8 cars Xo. 2 white lu sacks
delivered 77c; 5 cars Xo. 2 mixed lu sack
delivered 75c; 2 cars No. 2 while In bulk
onl?ack70c: 1 car No. 2ellow In sacks
delivered 70
The market rules quiet ami eiu-y, and
the supply Is fully up to the demand.
Wo notu sales of 1 car No.2 mixed in hulk
on track C0c; 1 car No. 2 mixed lu sacks
delivered (lie; 1 ear No. 2 whlto lu r-acks
delivered O.le; 1 car No. 2 black In sacks
delivered 70c; 12 cars No. 2 mixed In
sacks delivered 05o.
The market Is steady, firm and un
changed. We note sales of 100 barrels
Win dried delivered S3 C3j GOO barrels
Meant dried delivered, a COQJJ 05.
The demand Is limited and prl r. tin
changed. Ship-stuff sold fiom storu to
day nt $2." per ton. We note sales or II
cars bran nt mills $2d.
The supply of all kinds Is large and re
ceipts liberal. Price, hold steady as jet
but there Is prospect of a decline. Sales
were . packages choice Northern roll,
2'ic; 10 tubs choice Northern packed, 2-c;
10 tubs choice .Southern Illinois roll. 22c;
oOO pounds choice Southern Illinois roll,
20c; WOO pounds choke Northern. 22(2,
20e. KGGS.
lietelpts have been large and. although
the shipping demand Inn been good,
stocks have accumulated and pilee went
down, elo-lug to da-, weak nt. loe. We
note 'ales of 1,100 doen, Lie; 1000 ihv.eti
sold early, 17ISc; 1200 doyen, l.yHk-.
L'ecelpts arellght, the demand active,
nnd prices linn ami high. A lew choice
large hens sold as l lgh as We note
sales of 2coopscholee hens, S.'J 7.1; 1 coop
choice hens. .-51; 2.1 dozen lions $;!.'J 60;
ilcoops niKed. S2 tAll,
The demand Is limited and the market
well supplied. Sales leported were M
barrel, $.1; 30 barrels choice, $3 'iTQQ fit).
Choice seed varieties are nuotcd $11 60
djfit. Common nrletle are selling at
jtf per barrel. We have no sales from
first hand to report.
'J'hls branch ol the market is rttlet nnd
unchanged. We fpiote bucket lard 15c.
j barrel lard lie; tierce lard KIJc; dry--alt
clear side lOJe: dry salt clear rib sides
l(ie; dry a shoulders 7je; bacon shoul
ders Sij,.; bacon bains'lDc.
Corrtctcd Dully hy K M .tearni, commission
iiieirliunt, MvitrUl) of the Cairo llouid ol
Flour, according to Kru'le tl OO.iQ It.
Corn, niixi'l, Kieki'l "O'i'ie
Lorn, while, sniked If 7 To
Hats, luUil .(H!
Ilr.ui, per toll 8.ii
Mint, -li-.un diied M i.'i
lltiller, choice .Noilhern lull H'iki
llullcr, choice -oiithcrii Illinois nsoe
Kirk's, pirdozeu mia-
( turkfiu, per dou-u S3 'O-.". 7
Inrkrjs, perdoriii smj uo
Appl-M, choice, per liirnl ).1 tfc.'l mi
Applea, oiiiinoii, per li.inil ... ' Co
l'liutoea, n-rlaiia i-.'le-)
OuloU, vr Iniml S'i W
vmioi.fnam: ;ito r.its.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Oliio liovoo.
II A 1'honis I.. I) Thou,.
(.Suceesors lo II M llulen.)
Commission Merchants
And dealer 111
Foreign and Somestio Fruits unit Nuta
Wholesale Grocer
Dtulrr In
Commission Merchant,
Sl'lXI.W, attention Kircn locoiitlirimu-iiti aud
IllliiC order
rronithe following tarti-tle of 1'inr. IIiiud
At SV I'er Doon.
Ilaik and I.lz'it Ilrnhm-isi Hun ami I'aitrhlue
l',H-liins: flmwuilliil W hite l.ehornii HoiiiIjii
and -Ihir Urrj- lloikhipi
I WU1T.IIU llllt'-lall o t-.ICII 1107111 r-KKH 10
IlATcll. Ifthey d not I will leiil.ice lliein nt So
i rills per dozen
M ini hiii in i lor circular.
Addict-', ISAAC I.YSIM'.,
Marlhoio, Stink County, Ohio,
ic i: ii, i:vr.Ti: w;i;n r.
Real Estate
Land Afrents of tho Illinois Central and
Burtluuton unci (itlu:y 11, R,
North Cor, Sixth anil Ohio Lovoo,
Oliio Xjovoo,
Uct. Sooond and Fourth Stroots,
Wholi-Mile and lletiitl Dealer lu
Milwaulsoa Beor
Berliner Weiss Beer,
Bottled Ale,
Sweet Cider,
Soltzor and Soda Wator, Etc.
CJ-Aln-H) keeps a heavy stock on Imntl, and 1
notice, at thu limeyl ntt-.
."eii'i in yeui-opien
Subscribe for
Leading Journal of Southern
The BuIIeHn
Willkteiidl.'iki) oppose the policies of tli
Itcpubllein p irty, and refuax to be tram
melled .., th1) dictation of uiiy clique la tho
Demo. ratio urgaulzatto'i.
It believes that the liopu'.llean pnrty has
fulli led its ml'slon. end Hut the Demo
cratic pirty as now orgati'zed sliould bo re
stored to power.
It believes the Unheal tyranny that has
fcr several yea's oppressed the South
should be ov, rthrown acd the people of the
Southern States ponnittcd to control their
own affairs.
It believes that railroad corporations
sliou'.d bo prohibited by legls'atlvc enact-
m tits from extorting aud unjustly ilsscrliu
luatliig In their bii'lness transactions with
the public.
it rccosulzcs the ciuallly ot nil men be
fore tho Itw.
It advocates free commerce tariff for
revenue only.
it advocites resumption of specie pay
ment, aud liuncst payment of the public
It advoeatei ccoroai) m the administra
tion ol public ailalrs.
The llullctln will publish ail tho local news
el Cairo, and a vnrlety of Commercial, Po
litical, Forrhjii and General Xoek, and en
deavor to please all tastes and Interest all
-.T U U-
Is a thirty-two column papjr, furnished to
kUbicrlberi for the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
I'ost'ije prepaid. It W the cheapest parcr
In tho West, and Is a pleasing Fireside
Visitor and Family Companion.
Cannot lall to see the unrivaled Induce
menu offered br Tho llullctln in the way
of cheap aud profitable advertisements.
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w mum

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