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Hrndln ' "" Tiiisr.
JOHN H. 011EIILY, Editor.
Ai!i'iiBiiioi'M-'''i'HKv, of New York.
It to Im? ni.nU' 11 Cnnllnnl.
Tiik Qiilnoy lltmld li:i Iwn ftil.irgiil
In nilillltnn of it colmnii to ncli pnjro.
r.cirit' .Miill .Siibl(ly JH'liiiiinWrr left
tills tHJiintry flr Kiirupenii tin- -tiniiirr
Sncrhoii InM Salimlay.
Sr.NATOtt Andrew .JoIiiimiii ha ln-on
Oacod on'tlic committee nn iiiivljrii re
lations nml on I"'-' oHlec nrnl road.
lion tut. t., ol tlie I'vorhi Xutkmut i'no
i nf, bo.it that lie I tlic father ol an
other fon. Soini' iH'oph- an1 very caMly
Dox P.utnKi: lm- hwn iiomhiatiil hy
Orntit to ftieixTtl DnrcM u I'tilted Stiiti
District .liuljrc in l.ouMana. (.'oiiHrni.1
lion l doiilitfiil.
A ninTitr.M on tli i-rong siili of
ilft.in thoii'anil tlollHr lin- bwii found
on the hook or liii? liva-urr dopartmi'iit,
in the account ot Mr. .Uull a Mlni'tiT
to J.'iik-I.i.
Anna Dickinson in hor liTturc :
"A Woman's Opinion of It." ilvc- ail
vice nhont the tniliilnjr-up of hoy. It
fore sin' will be n fomputt.'iit ti-aelivr on
till nihjeot she mut llrt lmvo x little
one licr.-flf.
Tin: -.-ciicr-il nsrcmhly look .vith In
crea-Ktl favor on the proiwition to appro
priate ten thou'.iii'l dollar to defray the
'XlK'iiee of the Illinois department of
the centennial exhibition, and It I not
unlikely that the bill will pa.
t ALtronNiA's new M-imtor, Xiwton
Hooth. will enter no alien?. JIa-iii
Ixtii elected a an Independent, lie sui
notinces his dctcnuinatioii to coiidnct
himself a one. until circuuutance.-i make
It consistent for him to act with one or
the other of the parties.
Tun election of Senator Kerry of Mich
igan, to the pre-idency, pro tem,
of the Senate. Is regarded a a triumph
of the tie senators over the older ele
ment in that body, which has been in the
habit of not perinltthixnew men to at
tain to any prominent portions on 00111
lnittccior otherwise until they had orved
:i "loir and humble aiprentlee-hlp."
Tin: secrets of the Holme-' cabinet,
which stood Mich .severe and search
ing examination at the baud, of men
ready to le deceived, hae been revealed
by tho Philadelphia carpenter who made
U. lie m:-Ve atUdavlt that thu walnut
board were titled together so as to slide
In and out with ea-e like a seciet door
And thus U the last fond liope torn away
irom tlie believers in Katie King.
A covvn.vrio.v of e-irpet-bagi'iii-r fed
end olllce holder- hi Xun OrJean, paed
thl resolution a few ()a, s ajro . ,(0H.
slderlng the uncertainty of other iik ii in
high place.-, It now become a duty to
oiir-elves, our children, and our country,
as Kepubllcun who have heretofore per
sistently opposed a third term, to deelaru
that Ceneral t. S. Grant U not only our
first choice, us thins:: now stand hi the
.South, hut. In the opinion of this assem
blage, hi re-election h demanded by
every lutere-t of both the white and col
ored Jtcptiblicaii- of the Xorth and the
South, of the perpetuity of tlie republic
and of justice and locality throughout
the length ami breadth of the land."
That's the idea. "Loyalty" to Grant de
mand hi re-election, and eury otllce
holder in the country Is loyal.
The Michigan legislature lm defeated
a bill to allow the keccr-of alms houses,
pri-oiis. hou-es ol correction, etc., to fur
nish to physician and to the l'iilvr.Ity
for dl.-cctlon. the dead bodies of persons
dying under their charge whose friend
do not claim the Mime for burial. Grave
yard robbing ha- occasioned much suffer-luganddMre,-
to people in Michigan,
and the hill met with favor from many
jn-ople who regarded It as a mean of -.u-ifyhig
the demauds of -eiencc. -tripped
f thedistres-iiig features which usually
:iccijuipuiy all ro-erches In that direc
tion. Hut tlds eh-, were overruled bv
the larger one who U-IIevo that not even
In the ltitTi.,t, of science sliould Ihe bod
Its of the Iriendlo, the jioor and the un
known, ! given over to that fate to which
opUjoraUcla.e. recoil fnun eon-i-'ii-Ing
their dead.
House at hi.ringiiehi ,a, eo,lu. t() ... ., ,l
. n ,n. 111 m- t,J, ,,a .''Ported that ho I,
?iV,i;...i.,. .,"!" lc1!,A'i w one of
" Ill Hie JlulUlin lilea-e -tnle l..il,..r
the ntructiou of ,!,: IIouet tl e' ,.
mlttci; on K eciimi.i.. t
ofJH.Gehringwn, u n
;. T- ""' "ran I") HO f lie i
Spnnjjul( Journit.
The short horn; of our opinion on thl.
Miojeci is soon curried. A Her the major
Ity had voted down tin. resolution to In
venigaio tne right o Mr. Gehrhig to
wat in the House, the majority made
Kivui ioujs Ol IlieillsClV0.s liy voting
to Investigate the claim of Mr. Clalllu,
one of tho minority, to hit seat; and thev
were mado ridiculous by being compelled
to tack on to the Clalllu resolution an
order to the committee to Investigate
n ueiinng mailer. Jlut aner they did
o tills, they should compel the commit
. 10 ooey ii,c order of the House and
niort upon Gehrhig , ,v,. as upon
Clatlin. The conduct of tho Opposition
In reference u, Oclnl,,s looks suspicious.
iitridentJy hi. claluu to his ,eat urenot as
good as Clalllu', orelse the committee
voul'J not hetluite to ieHjrt the fact.
i."inniMTii:s to iio. i.. r vi.
ti:k. Durlnj;thedleu-ioiiol Hon. -M. In
ccoix''. propoed constitutional amend
ment, In the State House of ltepresenta
lives lnt Vedneday, Hon. I.. 1'. Plater
took the tloor. lie bail not proceeded In
his remark many minute before an ef
fort on the part of hl colleague to an
noy and humiliate him lieeame evident.
They lutriieted the pafe to siipjily 1dm
with water, and every four or the sec
ond, n pa-re would approach hlni with a
tumbler full, and iutcrruptine- him, would
ak:"llae some water. .Mr. l'laler?"
The peaker tolerated till j;rof Insult of
the meinlMT. and Id eolloajruc laii'-hed
heartily. Mr. Plater endured the lnult
n lonas bo could, and then taking a
tumbler from one ol the tiiinoylii.' pajie,
dahed Its content-Into the little urchin'
face. Tnriilii; to the pfakcr
he -nld, that he had been
iiHtilted Wvond endurance: that Ihe
tin- tvnortfr- had made him the butt of
thelrjoke, Ihe object ir their nbue.
Their conduct ought to exclude them
iVom the tloor : and, he added, "If It con
tinue' if I am nude the tar;M of their
vlllliieation any' loner : If treatment Mich
it- Ihao reee'hed lo-d.iy eontlnue. I
shall be coni'ielled to vindicate toy liian
hoiHlbr Inillctlii'r personal eliiiMl-oinent
upon the blaek'-uarils, whether nicinKrs
of this II one or reporter- of the pro,
And till we bellow to be a very proHr
determination on Mr. I'luter'. part, lie
owe. It to himself to hi constituents
to Southern llllnol, to compel hi col
leagues and tin laughhig 1'lncJ.ptuirtl of
the pre to rcpeet him In the
performance. of hi duty. He
I a gentleman -mall in
stature, with a pule. Intellectual face, ami
evidently a j-ood-liiwrtwl, upright and
fen-lble :eiitleiimii. rufortunately he I
cros-H'ywl, and In hi addru- einhar-ras-nl
In manner. When he llrst ad-dres-cd
thellouse he was lauj-hed at.atid
tlie corre-poudenl of the Chicago Trihut
ridiculed hi personal appearance. Mnce
that time, no matter how wl-e a -uj.'):es-tlon
Mr. Plater may make, it I laughed
at: no matter how sensible a mea-ure be
may Inlrmluee, it i lauj-hed at. His po
sition ha In-come di-a-rieeable. and he
inu-t do somcthlii'r to compel thl- lattgli
nt habit to bo discontinued. If he can
not by entlomanly protest do thl-, lie
mut in joine other way. We know that
physical protct against inult should not
be resorted to except In extreme cute?;
but this is an extreme case, and Mr. Pla
ter, who'l known tv have physical cour
a'e if he doe lack physical strength.
lioulde-ill to his vindication a -:ood
stout cudgel, and Mabor the head-of the
blaekiiuard who are annoying him.
Hcfore we lH':nme acquainted with Mr.
. C. Ile-lug, wo dl-likcd hlui and believ
ed hint to be a political r.i-cal and moral
leper. We had no doubt he wa tit for
str.itegem and spoil- 'f not for treason.
and that b! wa the patron saint of all
that Is despicable and vile In society
that In politic- he was abrlhcr ol cltl.cii'
and a tultcr of ballot boe-. and In mor
al a ero-s between Gambrlnus and the
Dos 11. Hut afler we became aeiiuainted
with Mr. lleslng, tlii lmpre.--iou of his
character, It'll upon our mind by the
unique and masterly abuse ol him by the
Chicago Timet. In-earne iiioditled. When
wc came to know htm well, nothing of it
rcinainid. On tliecontr.trjf, pcronul con
tact with him. -tudy of his
character and Information concerning
his "dally wall; and conversation." have
compi lied Us to regard iiini a a remark
able man in many respects, and the anti-
pode in politic and morals of the charac
ter sketched by the Chicago Ti'iand la
beled : "He-Ing."
The career of this man ha- been one of
struggle against, and victory over.advcr-e
circumstance-. He had, in the start nnon
the race of life, neither friend- nor for
tuneonly a stout heart and tlie deter
mination to succeed. Hut hi determina
tion to succeed wa not allied with will
ingness to sacrifice well-grounded convic
tions on any demand. He legaii by
thinking for hiin-elf. Irresistible he wa
draw n into politic-, ami at a time when
ill G cruian were Democrats he Secatuea
Whig and the champion of Henrv ( lav
in Southern Ohio, nisiorceol charac
ter, displayed In a bold manner and ex
pressed in language strong If not elegant,
soon -ecured tor him a powerful follow
ing. He was a leader from the day he
became a politician.
In time, he located in Wlcon-in, and
became wealthy; lint lie went down in a
financial crah overwhelmed by debt. He
then concluded to attempt to" repair his
fortune at Chicago, and arrived in that
city w lihout a penny. There he soon en
gaged in the lumber bu-ines, on a small
scale, and began to pay hi- Wl-ecnsln
debt. Kscry surplus cent, over the e.-jieu-e
of Ids bu-iue-and family, wa-devoted
to the satl-faetlon of hi- 'ci editors.
Soon hi- Iniluence was felt in politics, and
wiinin two year- after 111 arrival at Chi
cago, in he was nominated bv lb
Kcpubllean for the literatim
olllce of Sheriff of fimL- ,.,.., ..
i, - "...
lie accented tl lit nnniltfitl....
---- " nut, dMl
and wa elected. Tills smile of PoriTuTH
give him tlie opportunity to get upon
nis ieet again financially, llo paid hi
debts. lie took Into tlie liimlu.r i.i.u t
partner. and organized a companv, he
holding one share more than the half.
. .kvmhk again a weil-to-lo man. At
lie vtsltisi Klirnne. On l,u .
tiun.liuaseertah,,,! that the Inu.berco.n-
...v "...tune wa- nieiuber was
llitauclally cmbarras-i,lti,at he was
again a hankrupt. He Immediately
assumed all the ubl,
the com.any-a very hug,. ,im-a,i
went to work again. How he got to
tlie printing business we do not know
but he did, and became a successful news'
paper publisher. He was once more on
the tide that leads to fortune when the
great lire occurred and he went down
with mmiy others. Hut he did not des
pair. Up went tlie Stuutt Y.ituj build
ing, and when his pres-cs U-gan to re
volve again, lie wa a debtor to the
amount of $130,000. To pay t,i, debt
became tlie object of his life. Tim He-
publican offered to nominate him for
Lieutenant-Governor on the Oglesby
ticket, with the certainty of the governor
ship when Oglesby sdiotild become Sena
tor; hut he relli-ccl, saying he could not
conult Id political aspiration until his
debts) wcii.atiliei1. 1'or theame reason,
he it'flised a nomination lor Congress
last fall iefii-cd It after It had been tend
ered to him thus' time and Id declin
ation had liccn rejected rc'catcilly. "No
party can compel me to accept an olllce
that will n quire tne to neglect my bul
ne until my debt arc paid." he said,
and .-tuck to It.
During all thl time he wanot Inactive
in politic, lie wa rccognl.ed a the
llepubllcan leadir of Cook county, and
conducted all tlie cumpalgusof that paity
in Chicago. I low sueccful he wa-, every
body know. When he -tcp-ped
across the line, the Kcpub
llean majority of from r.,0il to 10,000
alil-hotl. Tlie Democrats abucd
htm, but thev could not lay at his door
political corruption. He never, dining
all the time he Ittl the l'epublicaii party,
Used unfair mean- to carry mi election.
Xo fraudulent lutiiRillMtloti paper were
with Ids knowledge K-ucd; no man not
entitled to vote wu. with hi knowledge,
permitted to vote; no money wa u-edby
him or with his consent to brllw oter-.
"In the l-allot-lxix Is our only hope." he
Kiui, "ana lie i a villain who would cor
rupt It in anyway.'' He carried id- parly
nnd the public with him by hi cuthii'l-a-iit,
which In a man of his lores-of chttr-
tteter. I iowTr.
We do not shut our eye to the fact tlwt
lu manners, he I overbearing that in
langitaire. he Is often rude that, sometime-
he I Insulting to an :ider-ary. He
cannot correct these shortcoming, and
would Iv like Sampson -horn of hi- hair
if lie could ami would. In them is Id
strength. He incrlmirs opposition, and
tlio-e who a-ocLitc with hlui almost al
ways learn to think a- be docs and act as
he direct-. Put him Into a crowd hostile
to him in an excited time ; If he can in
duce Id audience to listen to him, he will
without full curry Its sympathies by storm
and make friends of most of hi
enemte-. He I dictatorial because he
liellevc- what he advocate, and he Is an
liulucntial pollticianlwcutisc his follow ers
admire tlie stubborn pluck of the man.
and hi- devotion to the cuu-e In w liieJi lie
is enlisted. Ho I not a state-nun. but 1
onc of the greatest of our olitician. If
be had the suavity ol the man of the
world, he would better ploe the la of
jmrlor eople who believe that the Stat,
should be managed by gentlemen in kid
glove-, and If he were more of a dema
gogue he would not, a- he is. lie hated by
the eloquent vagrants of the commune
who belles e dirt, vulgarity and la.Iiie-
necessary to good government :
but he i as frank in
condemnation n the .-tatcsmaushlp ol
vagrantism as of the while-choker Mate
maiishlp that would run the go eminent
to the mea-ured ryhthm of Old Hundred
and give It over to the Pral-e-God cunt of
li' ti'heilsm. All the abu-eofall the new s
papers In the laud cannot htvak liliu
down. If he fall at nil. pride will user-
throw him. The con-elou-ncss of power
may grow upon hlui, until dlcbitlon w ill
Im the result ofinolencc rather than of
euthll-ia-m In a i-aii-e he Ik'Ucvc to be
Just, and then lie will fall. Hut he is not
likely to make such a mistake. He under
stand hlni-elf, and If the Coalition do
not blunder If tlie folly of Democratic
Impracticability does not put formidable
weapon- Into the hand of the Iiadlcal
If the Oppo-itlon ieopIc can be organized
into a harmonious party Mr. Ile-lug
will contribute moro than any other man
in the United States to the downfall of
the ltadic.il party in I.-70.
thi: i:iiMii'-t;ii iti:vn;w .
The Leonard seott Publishing Co., II
Harelay Street, New York, have Just re-piibll-li.il
the Edinburgh Itectcic, for .Jan
uary, with tho lollowlng content-:
1. Mill K-'ay.s on Theism,
i. Lord Kllenborough' Indian Ad
mi ill -1 ration .
Ii. Lu-lo Pllari- and Lawn Teiinl-.
I. Leonardo da Viuel.
i. i he Agricultural Labourers
II. Memoirs of Archibald Con-table
7 The Progress of Law Keforin
S. The Heart ol Africa and the Slave
0. CoxV lll-lorr of Greece.
10. Theodore Martin'- Life of the
Prince ( 'on-ort.
Tlie flr-t article takes up Mr. IllllMast
work, which was reviewed with irreat
prai-! by a writer In the Wtstminitrr Jr.
r"" lor .January, and argues with much
earnestness again! the inateriall-ileoiiln.
ions therein proclaimed, on the origin of
all things, the nature of man, and the
being and attributes ol God.
In the eeond article, Lord Kllenbo-
rough is described as a weak and vain
man, and many in-tauees arc given of
his want of sagacity ami good -eti'e.
Thoe who know Leonardo da Vinci
only asanartl-t, will be surprised on
reading the account of Ids career heie
giren, to find that he was cquallv, If not
more eminent, a a phlslologl-t, engineer,
and mathematician ; that he was a skilled
labourer In every department ; that he
invented numerous mechanical applian
ces ; and that he was "chlelly artist to
tlie generation in which he Used, becau-e
the arts were the only form of his actlv
Ity then generally in demand."
l our ol tlie remaining article- are de
voted to topics which, like that of thu llrst,
have been ili-cu-ed lu one or more ot
the other iluvlews. It is one or tlie ad
vantages ofthls series, that readers have
tlie opportunity of comparing tbedlverso
opinions of men eminent in tlie literary
world, and thereby of forniln-' a tolem.
bly correct opinion of the subjects under
Theielsii scry interesting article on
ne iiean ot Africa and tlie Slave
trail.',' lu which we have a short ac
count of the tw o late expeditions iu,.,
Dr. Si'hwchifurlh anil Sir Samuel linker.
The periodicals reprinted hy the Leon-
am wiiii ruoiisiiliig Co. (11 Haiclay
.-micci, l .late as follows: Thr 4ut.
don (iMirtcrtti, lidtnburgh, 'tlmiiui(try
nnd tiritish Quarterly Jlerieie,iuul Utile.
icood's Mttgaslnr. Price, 91 a year for
any one, or only Sir-for all, and Ihe Pos
tage Is prepaid by the PublMicr.s.
Tlir IHirerrure Itelwrrii 11 liny nml n
.(I'lein llie I t (lull flic 1'rcss.l
'If I waa horc now," mused n big
bov a he -trugglisl uii Grlwold street
ycsterdas. "I'd he stabled, rubbed down,
"and fedj'liut I'm a boy, and I'm got to
go home, clean oil' now, brlyg In wood,
tote water, and rock the duuui'd old ba
by for mi hour or two."
A lliii.v llrlilojiroom Untie Wrt.
(l)r.icin Itirlunl .-Millli'n Clncliiimti (i i.illc
Mr. Aljernoii Sartoris lias gone to
Green Hav. Wi., where he has a farm,
lie lived then' and tilled the -oil forqiiite
a while bffure his wealthy father and
Nettle took pit on hi 'urtl condition.
lr. M'lieii.'li'- Miniitiiril Itenirilles.
The -tai.d.ir.l riincdic lor all .ll-e.is ol
the lungs art SCllKNCK'f. l'fl.MO.MC
Svnvi', .-ciiKxrk's -i:.s Wkkii Tonic, and
liCIIKNi'K's M ANPIUKK Pll.l.s, nnd, II taken
belorutlie liliu-Bro desttojed, a speedy
euro Is etrcotcil.
To t huso three medicine Ur. J. II.
Scliiliek-.ofPlilUiIellilila, owe hi litirlsa!
led tueetfs la the ireattueiit of puluiutury
Tlic Puluioiii. ?rup tlpnistho morbid
inatttr lu the lmis'-: natutr throw It ell by
an cay rxprtor.ition, lorwhen tho phlegm
ornisttcr Isilpc a flight eoitsli will tlirow
Itotr, the patient has reit ulid Uo lungs
be-Mii to host.
'In cnatile ths Pnhnonlc Sirup lo do thl.
Sclii'iiek'" .M.inilrko Pills nt.il ScheackV
sea Weed 't'onlc nmt lie lrely u-ed to
..Van -the floinaeli and llier. fshr lick's
Mau :r.skv Pill-nit mi lliohwr. rinuivlnit
xll oti-triK'lloti-. rrl. the cnll tdnil.li r. the
bilo tt.i I Irrcly, and the User I non
- Ii nek' ScaWetd To ids I i ifentlo
.tlnm'.int .mil nltcratlM': thn lk:idul which
it I-. inpou-1, mixes Wlt'i the food mi J
pri'tciit touring. It assists the digtf-'lon
ti t"lUDg up tho stounrh ta a hrsltt) con
aitl in. o th.1t the r. oil and ths lun i.'- heal,
and the patient will -urely -.e'. will if care
t- tilcin t preu'iit freli euld.
All w ho wiu ti consult Dr. selietick,
enber l eisouilly or by letter, on .hi so at
hi-principal oitice, corner of Six ill aod
Ainu j-Ts , l'hiia.lelphia, csrry Mondiy.
sehenck' mcdtciiie are old by all ding-gist-
tLrougliout the country. O-'J-'Jui.
Jm: IIL'hLKTIN UiiuMMnilcsirymornias
(.cr)t .MoimLs)) lu Ike ll.ilktiii llnliaioc. for
ms; '.'liiitj-1uii n Mine ami Twelftli ilnt t
The ticu.utis It strusl to city nbrtUilir
filthful rTirsatTfnlj--nt UnU) h W'hL,
bk wisrkly. Il7Ltlt, (in al Vance), slHT
annum; sl moalli. ?''( Ilim- iimntli. J-3; n.
monlli, SI a.
l'ulili-'ivd ciery 'riiurMby momlnjot $1 2i
II'hubiuu, liiMtrUilly In wtiiuic. 1lH')uala;c
on III W'Kly will 1' pn-imld at ltd ottki-, so
Hurt HiWrllnisi will obtulu lor n juWriptiun
I Ice of f s jr-ar.
I A I L V.
I'u-lii.! lanic, r anmiin,...- .si m
Uhc Kjiiaiv, net ln,Ttlii, -......... 1 lo
line Minor.-, to lnnrtl.ni 1 U)
due xiuait, n wc-tk, s
One rUiire, two Wi-rli, ., 3 so
One suatv, thru; H.Vs,-..M........ I O)
One .iurt, ow Iriontli, 3 Ol
w i: i: kuy.
Out a-turv, ouk iB'trtkui i mi
lUiK-nl iBivrtn,,.... U)
t3"Ont Inch u a so,iua
JCJ"ro rvynUr nhisilMrs rd'Tiif iiKrloi ln-
iluiwiueuts, bijth a to rale ot cluirxin mid nuiii-
hit or H)iInvlriK their ravors.
:N'otlces in local column InserKt for Klf
twrn Cents pir line f.ir unx hiserllon, Twenty
CriiU a lUi.' r..r lo lu;rtlon, Tivriity.l'Ue
tents a line for tlm lnrrtlona, Thlny-l-'llf
Cents n line fyi one week, and .H'lenti -Khe
Centa a line foruin- umiitli,
Communications upon subjects of iron-
oral interest to the puMio Bolloltod.
Ej-All Irtlem atiuulil Ijc- uditrce.wl to
I'lv-I'lcnt luli-o lli.lltlln Comi'iiny.
BY ylrliir.il'iin ixeeuiidii mine ilirrrlrd by
the (Jkrl. nf H.i- rin-nii i'..nti i,f .Mn-
uiulerniiiiily. in tin "latenl Minion, in fmor of
me niiiiiiiH-lern liiMiiuiire Ci.inpiinv for the
u'V,,1'r''"ll,i 'i- llinnmii, Itteelur, iiim'I dkiiIiisI
t lllim J Allen nml 1 1 . U m-cm W.-lib, I hale
lelled llMin the lullrmin le,i'riliel pioperty,
in the tll ut Ciilio, couiil) nt Alexander and
-tateof Illinois, tci-wil iiiinilwied III i- (.1).
In liliH'k numlxMcd tlilrlv-uro r:iii. m tin. i,r,.n.
rrlj ol llieaill. Wal-oii UVIih, lilcli 1 sliull
oiler at iitihllc .ulr, at tlie Kiullittest iloor uf Ihe
..nun iiuiise, in inecliy or I alru, III the roiint)
of Alexaiider uml Male ol' IUIiioIh, on the 3t,
day of Match A ! , lH7i, at tlie liuur. if eleven
ii'cluck a in., fur until lo mllnly mlil i xecu
thill Al.i;.. II IIIVI.N,
Slieriiri.f Alexander r.niiit UN
nirn, III.,. March 1'.', Is'l 6S-l-wit
ShorilT'8 Sale.
BV ylituu of two reituln execullonii to me
illn . led liy Ihe Clerk of the Uiicmt ( onrt
iif Alexander comity. In the Mate ut' Illinois, in
lavur of the Sontliwiilcrn liisiiiunre l nnuiniir
fur Hie u-e oi'.lniin y. Ilariiian, It.reiier und
iiKiiln-t Win .1. Allen und II. Wiitnn W'elili, I
luiM-leilni upon t tin fiillowlnK decrllHl prop
irly, in tliiteltv ol' Cairn, eiiinl of Alexaniler
and -tateof llllniiin, to. wit hot iiiihiIh red Mx
(). In Mock niiinlH're.1 twenty nine (J'j), iu Hie
pioiierly of llieald II. Wuton Wehl), nlilch I
liall lifter ut imhllo Kale at the hiiiilhum door
ol Ihe Court lloile, III Hie clly of I alio, In ilm
I'liintj of Alexaniler mid MUite of llllnoU, on M.
IMday nf Ma lull A It., 1N7i, nt the hour of
tleiin o'clock ii. in. , lor catli, lo mtlufy tid
execilloiH A!.i;. 11 IKWIK.
MurllV of Alexander Counl) , Ills.
Cairo, Ills , Jliiieli W, Mi. trt :i-tn-w j(
To m IH. I MASK' lllXIl'KSi Or, IS.
county In Hid Unlteil htte mict l.'uuii.luii. Di.
larKt-lliy the 1'iilillilier In 61-1 pu(;e It con
talUH oier "1,000 ho.lseliolil ivclie, and hiUii
lit "II chiKket Olid I'oliillllolin of MM-iely. A
oniteifii iHink and n lioiieliold nceesdly It
nil at flKhl, liin.lest IndiiCA-inentH tier nf.
lend in lMik ugentn. Hamiile coiiie bent by
mall, po, iiald, lur $i, l.xeliuhe territory
KlM ti Antb moie Hun double Ihelr inoney.
A.1'; ie, nit. ciiKsk'.s stkam riti.sTi.s'd
City National Bank
CAPITAI-, - - $100,000
tV I' f I At.f.UIA V. rn-siilenl
Itr.Nin I. IIAI.I.IIIAY, Mcl'ivl
. II ".AITllltll, ( ilii.r
W.M.'IKIt HYM-OP, As'l iKliier
II I, II VI.I I . W 1" llAl.HDSV,
II. I) Wll.UA "N Mlil'lll S lllllll,
ExchnnRO, Coin and United Stntcs
Bonds Bought nnd Sold.
Enterprise Savings
A II SAKIOItn, I'nwidrnl
f n TAVI.IIII, Vice l'lMlilenl
W. IIVMAll', sec'l nnd'l'nntuier.
iuk roie:
I. M ItAiirtAY, I m (lAi.imn ii,
I'. M. ."-TIU'KII.HII, I'AlLll. ..(Mill,
It. II Cl.X.M.V.IIIAM. It I, ll.U.Lll'.U,
"I X rr.ltlT paid on deiot at the rate of fix
,L tunl -T uniiiini, .March lt nnd iteiii
U r l-l Inteiert not n itl.drun n la adilcd 1111111."
1II..I1I) in Hie principal of the deoilt thereb
-riiln: them cuniimnd IntrnM
lil ecr lill.ilie.,il:iy fnmi'U til lo.'lp III
find -alnrla ernliu fur Kiiiiv Imii only
twill 8 to - o'clock.
W. HYST.OP,Trcaiiui-er.
Corner Commercial Av. and Eiplith St.,
I 0'ii from 9 111 lo I p m for the trauarl
lon of nvulir llinkini: buin(. Al-i 00 -ui-iiplay
e.euiiicfroin B loso'cbx-k fur the nocm
modallan of .-living dtpo-ilor
Exchanco BoUKht and Sold on the Prin
cipal Cities in the United States.
tj'Vun-liin Kxehmiee dran on I'lijcluiid,
Iixlamt, Kraiire, and ail the principal ruin, In
lirrtnany. -witerlan.l, IMlnm. Iloll.ui.l, Itm
U, lif'iiinaik, luly and other foivicn iiatiou
C) ColIiilon made in any irt of i:uroj' by
limit or power of attorriey
t7-Ixtter' of cmllttur timeler- in huro
Gold, Silver, United Stntcs nnd
other Bonds Bought and Sold.
sl!o7.d 03 Tins C.jjfils
P C. CANHDY. PrfBldmt.
HENRY WELLS, Vtco President
T. J. KERTlt, AsaUtaut Cashier.
11 -If
ST. JOHN'S and
Ordors for Conl by tho cnr-load,
ton, or i n hogsheads, for shipment,
prompt ly attended to.
fiftf-To largo consumers nnd all
mtinufn oturcrs, wo nro prcpurcd
to sup'ply any quantity, by tho
month or your, at uniform rates.
CV-IIutlldiy llro odlcc. No 70 Ohio 11. v.
rr"llitllidsy Ilm ' wlmillioul.
r5". 1 Kirvntlaii .Mill, or
ICJ-At Ihe 1.0.1I Dump, loot of Xhlrty-Klsllt
531 'on Olli.e Druwer. 3ml.
Coal and Wood Yard.
KBIT conitantly on hiinil nt Hosk' Yi.rd
'CfiniiK'1'e.lul iivi'iiue, opiioiiltu linn
Oit'.nm.iironiilly llllnl ,
(.'.ml im wood delivered free of clinrifo.
'Ivriimtitrictly chfcli 317-lu-OmS
(mini or tiik ("aiiiii A. Si. I.oin
II.UI, JtOAIi Co. , C.llll.l, ILL.,
Maieli .Mh, Ip-A.
A 1 an' 1 1 111 of the Dlivctori. ol thl I 'oiiiiaiiy
tvlll U-held on t'lldny. Ihe Kill (lay nl .Mulch,
iiiot. , A. I). 175. nt 10 n'elock A . M , ut.llji'
ollleeofS. 11 'lmlor In the City of (Julio, Illl
nuli. ' S KI'AAT-. TAYLOR,
O-illd. I'lv-ldent
TIB! If fi.ff.Tff
TK n.lieil r.inviioni! ncr und .rlrr- fr in I'm.--'' t I'liv!rlnn and Ceneral Ww In vr 1
of nn.l in our 1 1 in. -oiiiiil-.it . I'li i:ii..)ii mi l V mil) Medicine Can- furnlrht I or
tilled Mllli ri ll dile Imiix at rvon.iMf int.
T.t Ohio Uevn. I ""-"' Uoahlnoti. A v.. Cnr flth
Ct.rrJ..r ' n -
Jknabe Pianola.-:
pp 1
The Sprague
wi'j(fmi.4Wi ..-1
Wo lmvo vcplonirihetl our .lob I'rinting Oftice with
many fonts of now typo tml lmvo orders out lor other
fonts of tho littest popular stylos. Sn nro tlotorminod
to establish tho ropulntion of our ofii :e for first-clnss
work, and mako our prices so low that tho most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any other of
lico in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printoi'3 West and South, lias
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing do
partmont, nnd will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
anil Ilotnll
i'AiLLRs or
I "nahlncto- A v.. Cor 8th
Can Opener 0
7 .J
Should lie sold by the IJardu..- I Canned
floods Trade even--
t: cm:: rv::? :::: cr :r.t ri::A;s : . .vs iriiTtT.
II' Html Siimjilr, Vrtr, n r.cffjil of US Cent.
S5?ito :

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