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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, March 16, 1875, Image 3

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Asi AI.ON I.dIKjK. NO 51
(Krf ,,av 1,1 'ir-i--t '" "'1'1
cliiincill'ir Uiiuiiunutr.
aixxanuth l.onui:, no 2:1.
rn.li'iLi Onlirur (Mi-KI-I
JjS.'S low. iint cur Ih'irvliy mlit I
?rtiT nt nu i-iuiseicn. 111 uifir iiniiiin
I uimiierrliil nvuiue, bttuicu llli mi'l siU'iitli
Itril-U .VU1 II O'JISMA.N, N u.
l.viuU.MtVIIjW' Hull 011 the llutuii'l lulnl
lie lay in i:try ruvutli, t li.ill'-iit mx-ii
I.' K SLAlh, (-'. 1'
.."?, lluMntfuljr eoiiiiiiuiiluitluiif In 3U
jOXwnlc Hall, corner (.uiiiiiienl il nvemie
' " uinl Llghtri slittt, on Ihc ifcunu nl
frutth Jlwiviny of each Ui'mtli
I'nrltli Helmut.
The l'arih school wm oem-d oh Mnu
ily, Mirrli It. Hut t upiN will bo c
iclvcd nt ii' y t'ini, on tin' condition
ul.'f.nly nii.lltii'il. TI10 MrU.'.'t f Pro
Je -or Prick luv In rti tenured for InMrili"
il 11 Itt t1i- rut 111 l:ttij((ii'tKr, lrtlili mi
ixt 11 rlniKO WlMr iuii!i. Pu? U vvWihig
to inly German only, w II tome to tli
seaool t I o'n 01k l. in-
ClUUtl h Gil.llKhT, hector.
1'rcsh Supply.
Mr. I'. Plt.crld liaJut iwlvwl and
',,11 on sle at hi -ales room n l.ire stock
.f LnjrnMi ale. jMirlir, lifiiiiP- f randy
111. 1 mIih-, Htnl 1 i i(iioi of all Ihul. which
1 1' Will iII-IMM! orHt rcil-nlinblM 1 rlecs.
iioa-aft tr.
Killy In Si vent -die 'I :l.r per tnnntli.
iit wwted ever) where. Toac.oct, la
h, nl, ' to., mo. No cupltil or out
my requited, send 2 unit fur postige on
Ol.tiil, ID l. WKIX.IIMAN,
tl Ii1n Station. I11I011 County, ulilo.
Winter"-. fJiillrry.
Open lrlilii iiikI Srutinhiy- only.
;c unit Net- Her.
I.imllordi nt liolili and lmardhig '.iouk-s
will Unlit to tin Ir -that Injv to call upon
Mr " fti-nt in. No '"- Kiiiirtli trtt, Iil
lwt9 W lil-jr'oti and (,'ninuurciil aven
tli t, ntitt avciUIn licrti nnl'ir iluitw hoitl
nnd Inn dh'g houe wa.lip !' Hi- Wrok
llir uli.'liMle rl ci ro i-Un-incI)
low ". r iluzfii. Kor plpwwor pr i
are .it lolluiv.: ;lu,'l -lltrt ni'l c 1
jr, lov: ji r iltuen 8 u oek- (; to
lu, f'c: tw ln.inlli'rlilcl", ,V; et
a ! a 1 Ki"ttltnin' near, "he
t: 11. LaiIii1-' lrv-'o, 4'i l
ftri 1 1 ti 3-1 ; ilnwr 10 to J5c;
t'jlr In" h-i two rolarri to 1 u. Kor U
lii iil.iln rfotlif t 0" p-r ilocn; lor l.i
ilntlnu c'othic, ?l i" per ilozon; 1obp
ilfjinpily, ami prciitly ilelhcrfl. l'.i
IruiKi ) p(jllcltel.
Milllt 'lnrlr.
OoD'l ,kittlo r')m on ilie up t'r floor .a
llr a!nt i;iwilf.4 iti he liail, r U board,
t tliv wry low r.it ol $."ri pnr monlli
Inj Ituurilrl-,.
1 0 or llirco niill'initi ran lio croni
tii'iU til 1 luliT tjarl. II him) on Wal
tint, beiwo-a S tilth ntnl rijtith. Apply
at thh utUci. W"-'
Unity I.iiikIi.
(i-orit I.itlifr lonwrof I'o . 1 1" I'Utti and
Va'hinx'oii aM'imc. will III nMi In cnl" r,
rry day to II p-trotl" 1 No. 1 liuwli, !
nn llie hournif ii'ii nnd ttvelvi uVI i"k.
r"rt"-!i Milwmikei" Im-.t ami Irajmit llavaii:i
IS ir- to he lud .it hl I ir at all lime.
'In t'oiitnictors.
.?(nl"l propoxiN, Hildri-iod to Hie i.'ity
C1u1iM.il of Ihe city of Cairo, will ! rt-
itlvtilat inyollkv ttiilil u oc-lock p. 111.
l l ia-day, tlm IO1I1 day of Mmm-Ii. for
kiiiovIii' llR' n-Mnu-e from its
)rf''iit locution on 'I'liiity-I'oiirih -ln'ft.
to 11 point on "CMVo-Yanl Ulilg11," t "
mar U jimclluit wllh Turk iivtiiuv, If
Snlil Ijulliliii!; U to bo romovi'il to stilt!
lust nii'iitloiuil loeatioii and placed
llllTCOIl 111 tli JJUWl COIltlitlOll tilt" Mlllll!
now U.
'1'lie City Council iv-ervis the riht to
reject any and all bid.
Wim. K Hawkins. City Clerk.
Caiiio, lt.i... March Oth. l$". U-7-10;
.ntlce tit' ItciuoMit.
S hlflit & I'lllili have jilnoied their
ilicui'i'l d 1-113 "'''I Uea'uln,' esta!
IMtlitent I roia thu oreer ef l'.i htti -lid
Conini rid l to Walilstoij A mio.
i,i.iui.,.ii M ith iind'IViuli ftr. et. Tonaet
111" 'i nt of tlieli" in liv Hist iner they
hevo orilnrrtd and hue J -t itched from
K r po .1 1.1'ije lotol tlio tieicfct dyo s!U!b,
and are now re a y 10 utleiid to unv or.lers
in helrlitic. :)i..".!i-lii.
Tor Sule hen.
Any pen-on WMiitl ii: to buy a line laro
horse, ItaMu fr wa.-en o driy, c.i he
acco.iiiiioilai. d by c.i Huh' l l"" MothudUt
I'attoiiiSD oil Ulghth sUect.
icw Ilnrnesi unit .Smldte Simp.
The el lz ns or t'dro and vUtni-y tiro
hereby rosp it ul m tui'"i tlut o Iwvo
o;cne I a II 1111 ss mid S.uMlo -hop ut N '.
IO'i Connni'icUl Avenue, whoro can be
found a", all lim is a lull too' of artb'l. s In
our line, at as low prices .' thu suiu il.i
ot worn cm hi bought in a-iy 111 re-. He
p.urleg done pruinptiy. Can lags ti'iinmlng
a specially. 1'Icjso gh 0 11 a cull
OI-.-li-Gt. L. !. Ai'icx ,v Co.
To ,ct;"iviil tye)sln,
Introd'K'C Alco.iol Into tho Momuli, ant
Ih-rohy r ib tlm illgistlvo fluid ol Its wlvent
ptivcr. S ituraiu.i pioo'- o' broid mid nuat
with gastrlo Juice, fciul It will illolvp,
Till Is digo-lloii. Add tosurha tnlxtuni ,
n Utile iili'oliol, nnd it will not ih sclvu. ,
lhsllliistriiti'8 liidlgcsti in. licwiire, then, '
ye d)pi'pth , of I'm turfs, Inluslonsnr d.
cnctoiii cinnlnliig Bplrl'ito.ii" II pi'im
Slum all sin h ruin "tnnb'S," nnd icly -oli ly
on Ur. Vlko'' VliKgar lllitern, tho llncK
lieihatliivluorant knoivii, tud free fromihe
ilory f-itr-o of Alcohol. 10 d.tw-lm.
Xollcc or ltciiioval.
T'io well known barber nhop, corner
UiKhllt and 0 iiuaerilal, pmldid ov r by
tho popular artlM, Cleorgu Htdnhouse, has
reiiiovi il one il 'or north on (.'ninmere'al, a
thq Grand Central Hotel. Tho now shop U
la go nnd comm alious, nnd tliuso wtHuhitf
fur an vt bin arthtio 111 the way of fashion-
utile bnlr (-11111111'. ininotti slmvo', Ct"., Will
do well to -nil at 'the Grand Central Durber
shop. 71-3.13-tf,
lrc tilliit.
A.vot;.t'i:.Mi:.M s.
I'or .Mnyor.
KnitDi! iiis I'lcuw nniioimcij JOHN' It.
I'llll.l.ls 1111 u raniliauir fur Mayur of i nliu,
tlicciiiiiliikt iniiiiicliiul tin Hon
Jnuuuiy ti, H7J. .MaXY CltULNl
t.orul Weiitlier lloport.
C kino, III., .Mutcli IS. IsTS.
IU11. 1
w.imw ,
Tut. I Wish I Vix. I Weatiikh
i p tn.
'J I
(.loudy .
Ilnilftitl WIim-Ii-.
'I IIOMAs .lO.SKS, f-tTg. S., U. f. A.
I'litii-r.-il .Vollro.
The IuiitjI ol Mr. Jane Croftou will
tnki'placu to-d.iy from Iit residence, HI
Walnut meet, at lull-pat 1 o'clock.
Tinhi will leave foot or Ki'-hth -trcct at
IJo'clo.k. I'rlemN of the family Invited.
'lly iiiiicll.
'I'liere will Imj 11 ,pcelal uicethi of the
Cllv '."oiiurll thN I'M'iihiL' called by the
iniiyorforthetnitiuietloii olueneral bu-
'lioic Holler.
'Mm pouuiN choice Northern packed
butler, In prime order, Jn-t received nnd
for wile al No. Ohio l.evee.
II-IlUJl. Mti.i.uu V I'wiKi'.lt.
"1 he I'oliil ot I'lntpr."
To-nlbl, at the hl'h school building,
Iho Itev. Mr. Wallnr will deliver lilt lc
turo onthe',rohit of Power." The ad-drt-i-Kulll
be an able one, and should, ii'
ii undoiibliilly will, draw out u large
lUlleil ly l.tuliliiliiir.
During the heavy thunder iorm which
MM tlil section latHuml.iy nl'-htaiid
.Monday moruhig, u valuuble cow belong-
big to 1'elth, the undertaker, w hUcMand
Inir hi lb"! stable yard, wa Mrttek with
lightning and killed.
Agents lor the "Monumental No-Chlin-
ttej Iriunp Kiirtter." No Miioke or smell
hihI no explo-lon. 'lliny ult every body.
unl exerylxely buy llieiit beeau-; they
are what everyb'xly want. SiiiitpU by
umil lor .13 rent-. A.J?. .Stoiirhnkcr. 1.1
lMtteron aeime, lialtlmore, general
iiKCiit. :)-nwt
The Indies of the M. Iv. Church will
give one ol' their pleasant enterbiluiueui
nt the church 011 Thurwlay evening,
March lSlh, and extend a cordial Invita
tion tothtlr friciiil ami the pubde .fen
eiully to meet them there. The pro
gramme for the evening will lx- varied,
and will con-l-t ol Instrumental mimic,
ulnglng by the choir, select ittulhig,
dut, qii-rlelte, sIo. etc. Uireh
menu w ill be ervetl in the ehurcli par
lor. 15-HKlt
llriilte Jiill.
'1 ho nridm boy Kerry and Hilly
who wete Imsueermusl In the Jolm-ou
county Jail, at Vienna, lor the robbing
mill buttling of .I.W. ltoyle'lioil-e ide
their ecpe from that hiilltutloii ome
thin-during Wediit -dny night, or Thurs
day inornhig. The e-cape we effected
by boring out one of the windows ill the
upper Mory.aiidilc-eeiidliiiftolhcgrouiitl
outide by niittus of rope made of the
bed clothing 011 the prisoner' beil. How
the prloner proeure-l the tooUwith
which to bore out the window I a my
tery.aud hi all probability will remain so.
However, It is altogether likely that
fi lends on the outside furnished them.
ami that they w i tv got Into the cell to the
pri-oiicr by means of a string let down
from the wind w, the tool Hid to the
cud of it. and then drawn up. bherlll
Curler and a number of other are search
ing tor the fugitive.
Itetween Fourteenth and Klghteeutli
street on Wa-hlngtou avenue. Iat Satur
day night, si small pocket book contain
ing money. The owner can have it by
calling at'llie .Stone depot, proving prop
erty, and paying for thl notice.
l'llANK CuP.COltVN.
The IIII1111U Ceutriil.
The Chicago Tunes, lu all article publblt
cd In It Sunday iiiornhig'isue. speaks a
follow ol the working of the Illinois
Central railroad since the cotnpleilon ol
its southern extenilon : "I'or the llr-t
year of working freight south by rail
from Cairo, the experiment ha- been -ue-ce-tul.
although owing lo polltk-iil trou
bles in the south, the volume of business
ha not been so hu ge a In previous year
.,iin u ill.
Tim hulk of the freight from
. ,, ....11. 1 ,1...
recil'il oy r.111, himi 1 iwoui i ,
...i.it,. .1,.. .nniiu.rn lines arescantllv sun -
..,,...1 ....... iiim., K.o,.k. The 1,,;,.,,,,,:"" In which demonstrations of thl kind
' . ' , . ... .
bv thu fri'shct in tho
WHS lllll'll Ulll-,1
spring, and generally Impeded by the Ill
complete condition of the .southern rail
ways. Cairo has now become thu centre
ofim I'stabll-hed trade to and from tho
south, chlclly tributary to tho Illinois
Central line, which is more direct than
any other."
Micllhiff .Hutch,
Tlio Mound City people are contoni
nlatlmr a very enjoyable time next Thurs
day evening, when a grand spelling
match, to bu given under the auspices of
Ihu "Choral Society" will take place. A
Mound City oxchaiiee gives us the fol
lowing Information In regard to It: "Ar
rangements; have (list been completed lor
a lively spelling match to he given under
the auspices of the 'Choral Society,' at
Stokes' Hall, Thursday night, March lSlh.
Tho prize is a photograph album, Mr.
C. K. Streeter will give the words to be
spelled, and Messrs. N. It. Casey, 15. L.
Ulen and II, W, Dyer will act as refer
ee?. Hon. J. IL Obeiiy has been Invited,
and, If possible, will arrangu with thotal.
ented Calroltes to attend and compete for
tlie"l)rl7.e. Thu price of admission Is onlylaughlng stock of tho town
ten cents, mid wo predict n pleasant
1 cvctilnj; and plenty of Am. Tho public
I aro liiviledto attend ami participate."
Mm. Dr. Wunlncr and Mm. I.oih
berry will leave to-d.iy Torn Wilt to the
miter of thu hitler lady, who reside- In
Terra Haute, Indiana.
Mr. Frank Van Doren, who for the
p:nt two year." hii been In the employ of
J. H. Iteetl, of IhUeity, left yesterday for
Oiilvestou, lVxim, where he will Join hU
p-rents and an elder brother, when the
family w ill make an extended tour of the
country, for the benellt f the health of
the mother, who Iw !l! ti.d for
Mr. J. C. Hu. U. projirietor of the
Cairo City Hook lilndery, left Saturday
night for St. l.oiihnnd Chicluaiill, where
he w ill purchase ti large "lock ol paixjr.
Urniitl tte-opeiilns.
The old Oelmonlco In Winter'-) block
having been repainted nnd papered, uNo
changed jiroprletors. will be re-opemd
thlevenlnj! under the management of
Michael Covin-, an old Calrolte, who will
be glad to see hi old friend and the
candidate forolllce. During the evening
he will regale them with 11 grand lunch,
eonlthig of every variety ot eatable
that the market allurd. .So come every
bo.ly. Coyxi:.
.Mop of the Ciiiiniy,
.Mr. .lohn 1. Ib-ly '."ailed on 11 jeler
day with a map of Alexander and a part
of l'ula-kl counties which he will pub-JI-li
provided hegetsiilllcleiit!'ubcrib?r.'
to cover the actual expense. We exam
ined the map and cheerfully sub-crlbed
therefor. It shows the location of the
Cairo ,; Vinceiine, llllnol Central and
the Cairo & St. I.oul railroad, and the
town thereon ; our comity load; the
Mlkbipl river and the cities thereon,
and such point of inteiest hi the country
as an experienci' of eight year as county
.surveyor stiggeMed. Ilctetofore nil at
tempts to gel up u map of this county
have failed, tiiid we are this day the only
county in the Stale without a county
map. We hopeMr. Ilely may procure
enough subscriber- to make it an object to
Iti tit to piiMbh hU map of Alexander
county. Kvery public spirited citien
will and should take one, at Ica-t.
I'u I r nuil IVstitxI.
Tlr Gctiiimi l.utiicrjiH'liuri'h prpo-e o
jrtvc a jir anil festival at tin Arab Knlae
I Inii-c on Ap il 1Mb and 1 h. part ciUraof
whlc'i will be .iiiiio.ii.i'.c" J in dun I line.
IMO- t.
The Minstrel-.
Cnl Wagner, with Ids new troupe of
burnt cork gentry will appear at the
Atheiiculu to-morrow night. The
company will no doubt Ik- greeted with
crowded hiue, from the fact that C'al Is
one of the men who ha won the fi lenil
hlp of our eople by his getiileinanly
conduct and line aethiL'. a- he has that of
every community in which he lias be
eome known, lie has slice hi- la't vl-lt
to Cairo, given hi troiie a thorouli
overhauling, and we are as-uivd by gooil
authority that the performance given by
them Is one that I rarely surpassed.'
The following wo take from n Detrott ex
change o recent date : "The old reiki
hli" fal Wagner' m!nstrel--aipeare(l
hi't evening to a good hou-c In a round
of new anil refn.-hlng t-ood liihig. intro-
(luein? Cat W.iner, I.irl Ilruec, D. 11.
llawkln. Sam l'riee, J. H. Murphy.
HoV'1 and Turner, lien, llrown. I.eni Wi
ley and the other favorite. Tills is one
of the mo-t siicce-eful, us It lone ot the
nio-t entertaining uilntn.'l troupe, on the
road, and Detroit I one of the places
where Happy Oil Is alway sure of a wel
come that mean both compliment and
I'i'aiioniiil Orcein 'I'liuliik:.
Mr. M. Iviituio de.'re, u to -ay Hi U he I
ready to r echo "rd-r for l'l no a il Ur
pin tunlnir, and repi rin' uiu t-il Imam
tneiit. Outer may be ldit at the coiner ot
Thirteenth 1111 1 Wab.iit ircct. or I. U.
llo iW I, uud will receive prompt alt ution.
S!-v-Hl Uin.
Diitrrlultinif ot nt lliel'lunler' ttoue
Lat nlghl. Mr. IMinuud Hueftier, pro
prietor ot the Planter.' House, gratified
the wlhe of hi many fi lends tiutl ac
oualntauces hv complying with the re
quest made by a number of lliein, to re
peat the musical conceit given at hi
house some time ago. Tho audience was
a large and appreciative one, being made
up of our :itot estimable German citizen,
who enjoyed the ent-rlainmcnt. as the
host Intended they should. At an early
hour, Kisciiberg's string baud, cnisl-ting
of a number of the be-t musicians In Ibis
city, entered the spacious hall.and opened
the concert with an overture, which was
followed by a number of oilier ami beau
littil selection. After the concert had
been concluded, the guest were invited
to partake of one of the mo-t ilelielou
lunches, non-lthi'' of every article of
food that one could wi-h for. to which
' tlu-y did ainplejusllee. Mr. Hueftier, a a
1 liosi, m 111 iiiiuuiin 0 o nil lu ur iHium ii
I ... .. 1 I II AI... ...Ill
- ... , ., ..
1 l'T. and understand perlectly the man
iliouhl be conducted III endeavors to
make friends at homo while under his
roof, ho can rest assured, are appreciated
bv each and every one of them.
Tin- "sun" unit "llpuevrn."
"Genevr.i," lu thc.S'im of yesterday re
plies to the lh'M.r.TiN of Saturday, and
the .S'101 also rushes at us with Its blunt
Thu Sun fays : "Wo regret that tho
IUu.u:tix man could not defend himself
without Introducing the names of ladles
not engaged in tills newspaper win fare."
The .Sun, in this tentence, hints that
"Genevra" having attacked us.we are de
fending ourself from her .shafts", but every
person acquainted with the controversy
knows this to lie not true.
Let us now seu how tho cae stands. A
Woman's Club was organized In this
eltv. The otllccrs elected, with 0110 ex
ception, were ladles not advocates of wo
man suffrage. This fact evidently dis
pleased "Gcuevin," who published u
1 communication In tho Sun, In which she
' charged that the nutl-sullraijlm had caj-
tured tho suffraglots aim iiiauo inem uie
'Iho Bul-
li:t:.v, in n snort pnraifrnpu, sum.
" -Genovra' writes with a laughing pen;
but In this matter flic U mlilnkeii, Tlio
club U not and wm not lntemled to be n
Wom.iti'1 HlghU Club, except o far a
by teaching women to think for them
seven It may help that cause." To thh
aeiievrit" replied In effect: '-The In
tention ol the originator of the club was
to make It a Miffrago club, and they lacked
the moral courage to carry out their In
tention." To which thu I1lli.i:tin re
sponded : ' -Uenevru' mint be mistaken.
Mesd.unes Wardner, Candee.aiid Satl'urd
arc the originators of the club. They ay
their Intention was not to organize 0 suf
rage club, but one In which women, suf
Irairhts and i,nll-iiffraght, might unite
and iliscu'siiie.tlousof general Interest lo
the sex." "Cieiievru" leplled; "I cal
name three, even lx. ladles
who Will bare wltinis Xhat
thu organler.s of the club
us-crteil their Intention to make th rlub
11 Woman's Itlght club." Then the llux.
i.r.Tt.v swill : "Oenevr.i. you have fallen
Into the habit of hinting. .Speak out.
If you mean to charge Mesd.imes Wnnl
tier, Cnudee nnd rf.illord with misrepre
senting the club, say so." And now
here comes "Uenevra', saying: - Thee
ladle did represent to the women who
advocate woman' nillragc th.it the club
was to be a Woman's Rights Club. On
the contrary, I have no doubt that the la
dles who are oppoed to woman's sul
frage were told from the lirt that the
club would be Jil-t -ibont w hut It is."
Till is the present status of the case,
and it iiittt stand where It does mile-
'(Jencvni" -ees proper to carry it fur
ther. She suy the oris. I lator.s of the
club mb represented It, and we say they
did not. We know thcjo ladles will
enough to believe they would not be
guilty of the charge "(ieiicvra" ha made
against litem. They are among the mo-t
e-teotnwl ladle- of the cliy. They are us
truthful as the day Is long, and the
charge of "(ieiicvra" that they aru not,
must be very painful to them, and will
not, we are sure, he believed ny any per-1
son who knows them. 'Ocnevra" ha '
iiil-.umler.stood them. She Is a lady with
the one Idea of suffrage, and when these
ladies said to her and tcvcral other wo
men's right- women : "The female mind
of the city is excited 011 the woman rights
que-tlon, and now would bo a good time
to organize a club for the benellt of wo
men." "(Jenevra" and the other ladies
who think ot suffrage all day and dream
ol It at night, Instantly Jumped to the
conclusion that the club was in be a uf
franc club.
When these ladle s.ild to the anil-uf-frage
women: "The female mind of the
city I. excited on the woman'. rights
rpiestlou, and now would be a good time
tu organize a club for the benellt of wo
men." they concluded, like senihle wo
men, that the club was to embrace both
tuffr.iglsts and uutl-iuffr.igit. and did
not believe that Hie dUeus-iou of the
question of uffrag'- would Ik- excluded.
7',fy expected to illtctis this ami many
other rpie-tlon in the club, an l this was
tin? Intention of Mcdame W C. and S.
Hut '"Gcuevr.i" with her one Idea, and
her one lduiicd sl-ter in the cm-p. con
strued the purpoii- of the ladici
of a
to be the organization
club In which there
bo no women but sullrage
Thi Is the kind of a elub that
would have pleaded us. lor rcaoiis our
desire to Ii-domestically happy will not
permit 11 to mention ; but we are sure it
Is not the kind of u club the ladies who
have been so cruelly abused by -"Genev-ra"
and the .Vim. intended to organize
-originally." as "Onevra" put it.
Hlitflouillli Shop.
The old stand on S xt 1 stre.t, between
Comm retal :tv uitte in I O no l.evee, I al
w ij s to uly to ibi a-ij kunl of iiirk in tin
olai:kmii"i lun, in ikhi,'.ui I tepilring W.u;
oils ltu,";leaiid l)ris. Lipi'ili' attention
0'iven to lior -.li'iiilu.', as I itial.u tny own
sli. e-: I ''.in mako ih'ia h-.ivy -r ltx;lit.
il t a- you do Ire, lor you ail know that the
home m nle shoe are the hi--t. Call round
and am 'll e to give yiitl-.idf.icllon.
TJ a-tt-lm. i'hkii. Il u iiKixz.
surrosED mueder at doo tooth.
A Illooily Trniisiultoii Just Come lo
The Fattie Now Ccnfincd in Jail.
The following facts, in regard lo what
is supposed to bu a black deed, were
gleaned Irom a gentleman, sterday.who
Is acquainted wi.h theiulaii :
On the .'lOlli of Jiuiuari laM.a young
man named J.S. Dclany went to wot k
for a farmer named F. M. Wade, residing
in Dog Tooth Islam), and on the lth of
Febiunrv. be died verv suddenly. The
evening of the death of Delain , -I dm It.
Hobctt-. a brother-in-law of Wmle, who
lives mi n tow.hend near the Missouri
shore, which is separated from thu Is.
land by a slough, went to a man named
.1. II. Foster, who n sides about eight
miles from the hou-e of Wmle. ami told
him that Dclany was dead, that he want
ed lumber to make a coilln in which to
burv hhu, and that he would get
a gcnllijiiian named .1. 11 uavis to
mauu it.
Fo-tcr had known Dclany from child
hood, and thought it rather strange that
lie wa not invited to go nnd seu his re
mains. Huberts went home, and word
got mound the m Ighborhood that Delany
was dead, but nouo of the neighbors wtro
nskod lo tho housu where ho died; but
Mr. and Mr.. Simons, hearing of Ills
death, went to Wade's house to sit up
wllh tho remains. No one except Mr.
and Mrs. Simons, saw ihu body from tho
time of thu death ol Dclany until he was
burled. About sundown on ihu day af
ter hi death," ado we,lt ,0 rost'T
houoe with thu coilln, saying that ho was
taking tbe corpse to Lo buried. Foster
told him It wastoolate.andthathe should
wait, and that ho would help him In tho
morning. The sister nun oriiiiier-iu-in
were at the houe of Foster at the time.
Wmle consented, and took tho body Into
Iho hoibo.
Di'hmcv's "lster remarked to Wade:
John had 11 silver watch which was giv
en to him by hli father, nnd on that ac
count ho wanted It burled with him."
.r. . . . .11-... 11 ...... -.i
Wmle answered : " Ves, 1 have often heard
him snv that, and have put tho watch lu the
cofflii.'' Slio then cspreed a desire to
Heblm, to tvIiMi Wudo objected, saying
that he could ny-t take off the lid of the
coilln w ithout breaking It. Foster said
that was n .sinll mailer, and that ho
could get tli7 lid oil' easy enough. Wade
said : "Wil, he Nabout lallingto pieces,
and I woudn't do II." l-'otcrald : "If
she wiintthe cofllu opened, It shall be
openedyind if he is not in a condition to
bu seei, he need not look at I1I111." Fos
ter tticn proceeded to open the coilln,
vvlin Wade said: "Iluhus been bleed-
Insat the mouth, mid t huvc put cloths
oer hh face to keep the blood oil his
lothes." When the coilln was oiR'iicd
it wis found that the watch was tnissliiL',
when Foster remarked 'to Wade: "The
watch I not hire, nnd you have It."
Wad! took the watch irom hU pocket and
rumarked with reluctance: "Hero It I.
1 forgot to put It In." Thu watch was
then placed upon the body, and the coilln
Wade spoke up "cvoral linirs saying:
"I cannot lrly nil night; I ought to beat
home." lie was told he might go, but It
wn olhserved by the persons preent that
he wl-heil lo remain. Tho next morning
Delaiiy was buried. It was stib-uipieiiily
found that Huberts had told coullietlug
stone in regard to tho death of Delany,
saying ut one time that he had choked to
death hi his bed, ami at another, that he
had died while .sitting lu a chair by the
in". Tlice cireunitanef's Induced the
people of the neighborhood to 'end for
Sheriff Irvln, who, In company with Cor
onor Uomati, went to the grave of Ue
lany. taking with them Dr. Sullivan, of
this city, and l-wrence. of Ooom; Island.
The remains were ill-Interred and
it pvl inorton examination held,
when It was dicovensl that
he had come to his death by
being struck 011 tho back of the head with
some blunt instrument which, had fine
turn! the skull.
As soon as Sheriff Irvin had made this
dbcovcry he lilt Coroner Go'-man and
the balance of tin; party at the grave,
ad mailt- his way toward tho home of
Wade, and 011 hU way came In contact
with a party of hunters Fearing that if
Wmle should .-eu him approaching, he
would sunni-e ills intentions he sskul
John Oate. of tills city, wim happened
to b ! one of the party, and 11 young man
named Henry Iliuisaker to go over and
detain him until he nunc, which thvy did.
The parly then made their way to the
limine ofllolierts, who howid some In
clination lo re.-int for awhile, hut seeing
that he could not get away, altrr a few
minutes iptleily gave hlni'elf up. and the
two were hi ought to this city and placed
in l lie countv fall, where they now are.
f.ppitritl Hem
To-morrow Is St. Patrick's day.
Do not forget that Oil. Wagner, with
a new troupe of minstrel performers, will
open at the Athoneum to-morrow night.
The Gazelle predicts a long and use
ful e.iicueu for the "Woman's Club and
Library Association" of ibis city.
Tlio Turners are untiring In their ef
forts to secure tor tlio-u who may auenii
their Master-Monday ball, to bo ulren at
Schiel's Hall, an enjoyable time.
The sermon preached by the Itev,
Mr. Atkins of Lexington, Ohio, at 1 Jit.
Presbyterian church 011 Sunday morning
was an able one.
The lli-t freight received at Jones-
horo, over the Cairo A St. Louis narrow
gauge railroad, arrived lu that city lat
A counterfeiter was arrested at
Charleston last Saturday, but before the
capture was effected, ho beat the cliy
marshal black mid blue.
The wind anil rain storm that vMted
tiles,- parts on Sunday night and Monday
morning, was the 111 it ternll J that has
visited tills section lor many years.
The second sociable of the Knight
Templar will take place on next Friday
evening. intcad ot one week from that
date, as erroneously stated In ouriuc of
A man employed as watchman at
thu Iron Mountain railroad station, at
Charleston, was bitten severely by a mad
(logon Saturday, and It Is feared that he
will he the victim b! hydrophobia.
Ilon.G. W. Wall, of Du Quoin, and
Jttdgu W. 11. Green, of Cairo, have been
Invited to address thu Odd Fellows al
their celebration on thu Fair Ground, at
Jonesboro, on the :10th of next April.
Spelling matches real old style spell
lug matches are again becoming a very
tmmilar amiia'Uieut. Mound C Ity. lu or
iiwiriii.il iiimi.vn"i - - - , ,
dcr to keep up with the times, will have
olio TUUIsiiav evening. " n un i -"-one
start tho'ball to rolling lu Cairo?
A man named Travis Harris was
sentenced to bo hung at Commerce, Mis
souri, on the ICth of next mouth, by the
S-ott countv court, a few days ago. Har
ris, li l, Mild, intiidered his fatlieplu-law
without an cause .vhatever.
,Ioo HoLokcr Is now hi full control ol
the Washington bakcty, and having turn
ed thu wants of tbe public, i preparod to
mi ply on call all demands for French loaf,
lio.ton. llrown ami ur.iiiain nreau, 11110
ovr-yinlng eUo ordinarily found in a llrt
clas.btk ry. llo maintains a fu 1 stok of
confectioneries nnd can, well any
nw.r iwicr in the el tv. till all orders in
that line. Cakes bilked, inMed or orna
mnntpil on short notice. Spotia lattcntlon
Klvonfo tho orJcrsof wedding or ph-nle
parties. .
Happy llclleffoi" Yotiiitt Men from IU
effects of llrroru ami Atms tn mily life. Mail
,. ..i rr.inrr.l. liiuieiltmciiU lo .M.irrlKf ic-
moved. N-w meihod of tualmcat. New ami
irnvirkablf rcnifJIcs. HuoksmM rliciilsrs wnt
flic, 111 .ciUsl invrloiifS. AdlKiS HOWAIItl
AS-OCIATION, HON. Ninth tr-t, I'lilleld-
nlila. Pa. ,-an Itiilllutlot) navinjf h iuku i-
lion for Innomble
conduct ami prulV'sslonal
Our Moloun.
The aboVJ talooii, eoruer of Klglith street
and Commercial avenua, Is fixed u.i In
n.iod style-airy nnd eointoitnble. f.ver
.-tinduy morolng you will Itnd spread a No.
lUuehnnila cli'sof MllwauUce l"i;,r'
beer, which en-i't be eeai, aim uieiu i
any elniiKC. Ilrhlml tl e h ir ou vvll 11
thn ist kind if I.inuori a
u i,uiiis.
my dcslro a t v give every ono of my eiist
mors vvho initronzo ine,
ine, ssiisiJ-uon
I! II round I
Fnct, HorK-is".
l-ort 1,11.
Steamer Commonwealth, St. I.ouls
" Chas. llrown and barges, Lou.
" Itelle Memphis, St. Louis.
" Tug Ltiur.i, LoiiUvllle.
11 llismarck, St. Louis.
" VlntShlnkle, Cincinnati.
" Katie I'. ICount, New Orleans.
" A. J. linker anil bg. JU. Ver.
Hobt. Mitchell, Cluclunatl.
" Grand Tower. Memphis.
' Gen. Anderson and tow, St. I..
" City ot Helena, St. Louis.
." Fuiinie Lewis, .Memphis.
Simmer Commonwealth, New Orleans.
" Itelle .Memphis, Memphis.
" Tug Laura, South.
' Chas. lliowu and low, St. L.
" llismarck, New Orleans.
" VlntShlnkle, Mcmphl.
' Kiltie 1'. Kouuiz, St. Louis.
' A. J. linker and barges, N, 0,
" Kobt. Mltehul, New Orleans
" Grand Tower, Memphis.
" Gen. Audiron and bgs.. South
" City of Helena, Vieksburg.
" Fitnntu Lewi. St. Louis
utvr.r,. tit"tNi:ss ami wkatiikii.
The Ohio Ims rhen four Inches since
our hit report. The Mihlppl con
tinues rMutr rnimllv, and I now riingut
the rati' of one inch an hour. The chan
nel Is ten feet to St. I.ouls.
Huslnws good.
Sunday wa bright nnd WHrm until
evening, when n ml 11 storm front the
Northwest, with tirrlllc thunder and
lightning, continued till early yesterday
morning. Cloudy and cold yesterday till
noon, but clear lu the atteruoon, with a
trong west wind.
The Gleneoe from Now Orleans Mile
-Tlio Commonwealth, IJI-inarck and
I'.ellc Memphis hul good trips for tho
The morning Star relieved the Grey
Kagle from her perilous position Sunday
The Fannie Lewis came up light.
SI10 discharged some freight for rcshlp
munlvialhu I.C. It. It.
The ltobt. Mitchell and Vint Shinklp
Irom Cincinnati, were loaded Hat, and
both had good passenger lUt.s
-The City of Helena had a good trip
of freight, but few people. Her freight
consisted chlellv of Hour and grain, of
which she had 1.000 tons.
The IS. A. Uabbagc sunk on Satur
day, at Liberty Island, twcnty-llvy miles
above thl city. Several lives were lost;
the boat Is u total lo. She had no
freight on hoard, and was bound for this
city to bring up a tow of barges for the
M. V. T. company. She wa owned by
dipt. J. Low rlo and dipt. Jiuld West,
her commander, and was valued al
A wellknownyouugiuan oflhls city
after having "smiled" several limes with
the bar-keeper of a levee siloon. on Sun
dav. beforecrosslngihe river for a hunt
met with a narrow escape from drown.
log. About twenty-live yard from tho
Kentucky shore one ot tin- oars slipped
from theloek, which caused him to Ioe
his balance and capsize the skill'. Hciug
a good swimmer, and, no doubt, the cold
water sobering him. he reached more In
rather a deplorable condition.
Walt, bu Cairo river correspondent
of the Cincinnati Commercial, says:
Day before ycstcid.-iy the police arre't
11 1 a s'l ranger whoe actions upon flu
street seemed su-piclou. and It proved
lo lie a woman in man's apparel. The
Bulletin of yesterday staled that she
claimed to be'the wile of pilot Tom. Sey
mour; mid, lurthtr. that she came in her
husband's clothes. The l!ullelii.'s state
ment looks a little 1I1I11 for several reasons.
If true it would reduce Tom to
about the level ot Darwin s "missing
Wo a-siire "Walt" that we stated 110
more or le.-s than what the woman testi
lled in the police court. If ho still doubts
he can call on ihu woman, who 1 now
registered at thu city --cooler."
VVaii Uu'aiiuo.m, I c i v i ii UKroiir.
.March 13. :s7.
I'lttnlniiir. .
I nlllsl I lit'
i : ,t 1 1 - iiie
s .1 -1 1 1 1 1 1- ...
si. l.'iuU ..
C.vtno, lu.., Monday I.vrnino,
March 15, l75. J
This section wa vi-Itcd last night by a
heavy tornt of wind, ralu, hall, and
Ihuuderaudllghtenhig.that lasted several
hours, .without, however, doing any
further damage Hum filling all the low
spots of ground lu thu city with water
that will have to remain until the river
goes down as the water Is now above thu
sewer openings. Tho rain left tho street
this morning lu a very bad condition, but
a strong, dry, Northwest wind cleared
theskyot eiouds and dried up the wet
and muddy streets very fast to-day.
There arc no changes of any Impor
tance lu tho market. Oats aro plenty and
quiet, with prices shaded tuiavorof buy
er.. Com U in steady and active demand
at unchanged prices, ltutterls In largo
siinolv and weakening. F.ggs ave scare-
mid stead v. and lu good demand at 15c.
Poultry Is scarce and wanted, and tho
market In all other lines is generaiij
bieady and tlrin.
Heceipts of grain, as shown hy tha in
spector's book, for the week ending last
Saturday night were 7 1 ears of corn, tl
cars of oats and 20 cars of wheat.
The Ohio Is on a stand and high; the
back water in tho MUdssipplU up level
with tlio banks opposite Cairo.
.your lrlends should bwtr lu mind
lut the prices here given nro usually tor
, illlo rom nm haiuls in rounu ion. in
id i ..... onm aw for broken lots It Is nee-
i ,. ..i,.,-,,,, uiii-aueo over intno
l's;i , 1 o v '
Tlil. -tuple 'bows, no cbanjr- iVr better
1 mil
or worse. The order demand continue
steady but there are no heavy iota turned
out. Prices rule steady ntnl unchanged,
and stocks are ample tor the demand.
Sales were 303 barrels, $30;W0 barrels
City, S I 2o MX) barrels $1 2.V3
& ''; 300 barrels XXX, SI C3; lUObnrrH
XXXX winter, $5 10; 300 barrel, &l &0
( """.UJO barrels Sl0.
Itecelpts of all kinds are light nnd thu
demand steady and active. Offering
were atl taken ut quotations, and the
market Is bare. W note gales of 1 car
choice timothy dellvertd, $J2; 1 car com
mon mixed delivered. SIS; 1 car prrdr.e
delivered, SI7; 1 ear prairie delivered,
317; 1 car choice mixed delivered. $21; 1
car red top delivered, blS; 1 car eliolce
timothy delivered, 1 car common
mixed delivered, $1S.
Itecelpts are fair nnd the market mod
erately well supplied. The demand Isao-
tlveand prices steady and firm, ,'ialrs
were 7 cars No. "J mixed In sacks de
livered 75o; 2 cars No. 2 white In heavy
sacks Relived 73e ; ! curs No. 2 mixed hi
sacks delivered ".; 0 cars No. 2 while lu
sacks delivered "7c ; 1 our No. 2 mixed In
sack delivered 75c ; 1 car No. 2 mixed In
heavy sacks delivered "Co.
Plenty, quiet and weak, Kijc seemed to
be the limit for mixed oats to-day a de
cline of J to lo since l.it week. We noto
ales of 10 car No. 2 white In sacks deliv
ered Cl13c; 1 ears No. 2 white lu built
on track "!lc; Scars No. 2 mixed lu sacks
delivered KIJc; 1 car No. 2 black in sacks
delivered 70o; 2 ear No. 2 white lu sack's
delivered (Uc; 1001 sacks No. 2 mixed de
livered O'ije; 1 car No. 2 mixed In s.ick
delivered 01c.
Plenty and dull. Choice in round lot,"
from 11 folium!. soils at$;i CO; in order
lots lOlSe higher. We note sale ol
:W0 barrel steam dried delivered $3 CO;
100 barrels kiln dried delivered 3 C.V, 300
barrel steam dried cily, delivered $:i 1)5;
.lift) bands steam dried cliy, lu order lots
53 7.'.
The market Is quiet and easy, and very
little demand. We quote sales at the
mills of 2 cars In sucks delivered $'-tf00.
The c.ion Is nearly over for roll but
ter, and then- is very little hi the market.
l'hu stock of packed Is in excess ol tho
demand. Thu tendency Is downward,
and choice sold to-day two cents lower
than last week. We note sales of 300
pound choice northern roll 22c.; 100
pounds common northern roll 20o; 100
pounds Southern Illinois roll 20o; 7 tub
choice Northern packed sold early 23c; 3
palls choice Northern packed 20c; 15 tub's
choice Northern packed Sou ; 10 tubs
choice Northern packed 2Go; 10 tubs
choice Northern packed 2.; 10 half-
barrels choice Northern roll 22o; 600
barrels Southern Illinois roll 15 to 20c;
300 pounds packed 20 to 25c.
Itecelpts arc all taken on arrival at 15c,
which seem to bu thu outsldu figure.
The murker Is bare to-day. Sal s were
100 dozen 15.-: 1000 dozen loo; 1000 dozen
sold early 15l"c;
There Is very Utile poultry In, mar'tet
anil prices are steady mid firm. Choice
hens Hud ready sales at $3 50$ I. We
note sales of I coops choice mixed -S3 25
J 50; 2jiIocii choice hens $3 50S1.
Choice apples are scarce and in good
demand. Gooil mixed varieties com
mand ?3 In lot, and choice red $3 50.
We note sales 25 barrel choice, S3; 50
barrels choice, S'iQyl 50.
There Is a fair demand for peach blows
ami pink eyes S3. The inquiry for
early rose for seed Is active and none of
fering. '1 hey are quoted at S3 601 to
day. Sales were 10 barrels pink eyes $3;
25 barrels curly rose, S3 50 1.
The market hi steady and unchanged.
We quote to-day, bucket lard 15c; j barrel
lard lie; tierce lard l'JJc; dry salt clear
side lOJc; dry salt clear rib sides 10'c;
dry salt shoulder ije; bacon shohlera
i); bacon hunts 13c
Corm'leil Dally by IJ. M Me-irm, commission
mi-nil ml, Sitii'tary of Uie Cairo lloanl ot
I'loiir, nccoruinjt to gww II onOO
lorn, lulled, wiekeil "an ,So
Corn, white, .wl.eil '"'
natS nilMil .AWu
llnui, per Ion i?'V
.Unl, iwilii Uriel S IS
llullir, choice .NnilliiTii roll K-i
nutter, choice siaiUiira Illinois H'JOo
l.'k'-'s pcrilixni (.l!o
I nlckriii, pcriloten - M 7
iiirkej's t r ilui-u 'i '
.Viipl'-s, cliolcv, per bind 3 MM M
Aiipkn, euiiiiiion, per luirvl - W W
PutHtiirs, ptTlianil.. - .
Onions, per Uunl - - 0
Woilnosilay and Thursdtiy
Mnroh 17th nud 18th, 1875.
List A:j:iii::3 iVis l&m,
Entfre chango of Pwmmmi firom thLr
Everything Fresh and Original.
r-rllmrveU Seats tl Ibrtrtus'.
V. r. UUUUItS, I 4OEP.MAB8T0r.
Otntrtl Agvnt. I BiuIbmi Msmmt,
lO-MD-tjl .

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