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BmmIIhV Matter on Etcrr Vase.
OitASOEit Jones of Arknna, will in
ter i'ic contest tor Powell Clayton' teat
lo the Senate two year hence. United
States .Judge Caldwell and Gov. Garland
will also try for It.
Vicr. President Wilson lnu publMicda
lengthy letter In which he ilifciuU the
bounty bill, which President Grant re
fused to sln. The Vice President evi
dently wants the soldiers of the country
to contrast the course, he would take an
President, on a matter so nearly affecting
tlicm,vKli tliat President Grant has.Uikcu.
Gov. Timu:n of Xcv Vork, has par
doned the man who killed the cat. Ilcrgh
maybe dissatisfied, but people with less
philanthropy and more sense than Berali
will be pleated that Gov. Tllden listened
to the dictates of humanity and released
fntn durance vile a man who 111 deserved
to be held there.
Juror. McKr.AN, of the Supreme Court
ol Utah, has been removed and ex-Uon-irivumim
l'.nVLTot .Missouri, lias been
nominated In Ills fitc.nl. JimId loKoaii
was more zealous than UUervct In his
lute dealings with Urili.im Vouinr, and
in senienehig the prophet to twenty-four
hours In the penitentiary exceeded liU
powers as judge.
The City National Hank ol Cairo paid
$10,000 to the crew of the steamer John
Kyle yesterday, prize in the Louisville
Library Lottery. There, are ten men of
the crew. This good luck ot'n steamboat
crew will Induce other steamboat crew
to invest in lottery tickets, mid It Is Kifeto
conclude that all the money made by
steamboat men during the next few year
will go Into the pockets of the lottery
Two of the Jurors on the lleecher trial
are Catholics, and this parage occurred
in Mr. JJeceher's sermon of lust- Sunday.
'I would rather i-ee any young man or
woman beiore me go over to my breth
ren In the ltomaii Catholic church if he
or she could there be made to see and un
derstand God. If It cm then; be done b.v
pictures or jhk- or any thing eUe
no matter how It is done let It be
The advertisement or the reward offer
ed for the one copy ol the Memoirs of
George the IV., said lobe the only one hi
this country, turns out to have been an
advertisement with adillercnteudln lew.
The book has been republished by
A.iams, Victor A Co., of New Vork. anil
will have many purchasers who will be
Induced to buy the book out of mere
curiosity. The trick was a sharp one, and
the gratuitous advertising the. pulHlier
received woull have cost Uiem otherwise
many thousands of dollars.
A thousand or so colored men, oMon
slbly a "labor league." called on I'n
dun Grant u few days since and request
ed a reilrrss of grievances inilcied on
them by Hie city commls-Ioner.. Tin
President refused to see them, and alter
an animated protest from one of the lead
ers nt the despotic conduct of the head
servant of a few people, the crowd
moved on" nnd left the Preldent to tin
peaceful enjoyment of his cigar. Since
this occurrence, the President ha de
scended several feet in the estimation ii
the loyal Africans of the District.
ItOlll.V-iO.V, OLD JOII.V.
Old John Uobinson, he of circus fame,
has been solicited by the people of Cin
cinnati to become a candidate for the ci
lice of mayor of that municipality. "Un
cle John," n, he 1 familiarly called by
his Irieuds hi Cincinnati, is a Democrat,
owns a million dollars' worth of real es
tate in the city, enjoys the reputation or
being a thoroughly honest man, with no
party lntere-ts to serve and with a
thorough contempt for everything in the
shape of rings except the circus ring
or cliques. Though Dem
ocrat, he is the candidate ol
the GazHU and has the good will of the
Knquirtr and other of the dally papers.
The olllce sought him, not he the olllce.
Mis election is probably certain, and at
this distance from Porkopolls, we believe
Uncle John Uobinson will run It, munic
ipal affaire as succesilully In Us In, crests
as be has done the thow btteluess in his
Tiir. .m:- i'ostai, uw.
One of the U.t acts of Congress at the
lat ftetiou was the parage of uu
amendment to section lht r,f t.
pproed June 23, IS7I. making appro
priations fur the service ol the post-olllc.
department for the Ucul year etidlnu
Ju, ao, urtt, r.
The amendment consisted of the Ineei-
tlon of the word 'ounce" in lieu or tin
word -two ounces." The change dou-
bles the postage on transient newspapers.
but appears to have been
voted lor by a majority oi
Senators and lUpteKiitatlves under tin
impression that It atfccu-d mcrchandls.
only, u large quantity of which, nude,
the provWoiib of the posul law, WHl.
truiiniiliiwl through tliu pobt-olllce ik-
partmtnt, in p.uknges not exceeding
mm iiuuuua in weignt, at uie rate ol on.
cent for each one ounce or fraclloi
thereof. The amendment
lobbyed through Congress by the ul'ciiU
ofthe.oxpress companies, which bae
complained loudly lor the last year or to.
of the appropriation by the postal depart
tnent of business not legitimately be
longing to It, namely, the carrying
of merchandise at low rates, which
increased the expenses of thedeparttuen,
ami took the bu.iuess out of the bunds ol
the expa-et companies. The amendment
was Introduced into the Senate byHunnl.
bal Ilamlln, of Maine. In one of the night
eilon, and pasted without dlscuou:
mtroduced into th hou nml paeM.(
wlthoutdlscusilon. fewtenatorsmidre
prewnUUves, under the manipulations ol
Uw ucpruji comuai,' gg,u aoubtl9
appreciated tin? lull scohj of the amend
ment, and knew when they voted for It
that It not only doubled the m dl rates on
merchandise but on transient mull mat
ter also.
iiamii: nim;('L'i,atiom.v his i;vi;:
The Sttite Jmrnil says Speaker Maine
An speculation in hMcvc. If lie has we
lulled to see It. Cnra llulUlin.
So It was the editor of the llulletin. In
stead of the Journal, who thought he was
playing the part of Hamlet In me "ghot
scene.' when he was communing with
the Speaker. Olio-tlv ns the Speaker
may have .-cemcd to llie Ugvptian editor,
a keen observer would have." detected In
the eye of the former, n glimmer of
"speculation" on the effect lli.it the In
terview was likely to have on the latter.
Go to. Oberly 1 thou laeket penetration.
No speculation In the Speaker's eye. In
deed! Why there Is nothing ele. The
man who doe.-u't know that K. M. Maine
was bent on speculation uhi'ii he sold
himself to the Democracy I'.ir several
tluie more than he I wortli. hax no sa
ga ci ly . Sflii nyjield Journal,
Nothing but .'peculation in the eye of
Speaker Maine I This Is the assertion of
a political Journal that makes pretention
to sagacity, and the evidence ollVred to
prove it. Is that the jx-akcr sold hliusell
to the Democracy. The evidence Is not
good, and an infant in IliiuoN politic
ought to be aware of the fact. Mr. Maine
has not sold liluwll to the Democrats. Me
has not sold himself to any party, lie
nuiuls alone, wrapped in the tollttido ol
III own Individuality, or word to that
...I..-. tir ..I.. 1.1. at..t. It . I
i euii'i. iyi-n-iiu nun iiie iiaiuiMii jinny
lie lelt It. lorn time he .-tood uloof,
cursed by Hcpubllcnii', Deinocrnts mid
Furuiers. Me endured the abuse until he
concluded that he wa In need of some
thing In politics, when he gently gobbled
the Independent Ilel'onners and then (he
Democrats. Me took both parties In nnd
patronized tlieiu by permitting tlicin to
elevate him to the Speakership of the
Mouse. Me doe not -peculate. Me Is n
little party to hlmclf. and when lie Hud
It neccsury swallows oni'.oruvo.or three,
or nil of the other partie-. A speculator
he is not. A II, lines man he undoubt
edly Is.
sim:i,i,i.(j miiimii.s.
Our friend, Coming, suggest the In
auguration ol the now la-hiou.ible spell
ing school In Cairo, and wesav, "Ditto to
We would like t- see the Inn. and have
the "Old time" revived in lid way.
Mow nuny year ago was It when we
used logo to opelling school? Let U-
see : ten, twenty, twenty-live veais ago?
Not to long ago, surely, or else w e are be
coming old very old. Let in see:
Twenty-live year ago we could uoi
spell b-a-k-e-r could we? So bad n
speller nt twelve? No; we must be
mistaken. Hut then we never were n
ood speller, and even to lids dav "Con
stantinople" puzzles us sorely. We wlh
not stand up In class against Hrother
Twenty years ago! Sometime we
look back at that time wander through
the village, Tom and live over the sccnci-
of our youth again. We shake hands
with .llni, John, Hill, Nancy, Sarah aim
others; go to pasture tiller Hie cow-; set
ridobklp atom- side; climb hickory
w.iuiui ami ljutterniit trees; mid bin
what has nil this got to do with Coming.-
scnudi- turning mat we can
see; but then It Is so ea-.v to run ol) Into
retro-peet, and linger over the day that
are no more to ponder over the time ol
twenty years ago. th time of .snellimr
cliools, friendship for Joe smith and love
of Sally June. Hut In view
of existing facts Sallv
better be dropped. We- might sav some
thing of her beautiful eyes, red litis and
but the subject Is a delicate one mid
must not be touched. Sally Is now Mrs.
Urown, and let us see about ten little
Hrowns rl-e up In the inorulnz and call
her mother. A we remember her now
he was but what ha till to do witli
Comings' sneJUiiL' school ? Vfttllltifr
As Comings suggest, we should
pell In Cairo us the children of a 'nrirer
.'lovvtli me spelling in other cltle. It
will be an Innocent dlverti-emcnt. There
will be lots of fun In it; and no doubt a
number of good spellers will be "devel
oped" a good spellers as those of twenty j
years ago. The beU speller we ever
knew was Hilly llowcrs. Me wa small
iml not many year old. Me was the sou
ol poor but honest parents. Me ran bare
footed in cummer and li 1 not wearmanv
hoe In winter. Mis hat was nlwav
had, and his pantaloons very much patch
ed. A blue-eyed, ''ood-taced line. u.i.
Hilly, and he w as speller of tlie'scliool.
Me could spell down everybody, lie
wasnlwiivs one of the emiialn. Tin.
only objection we ever had to Hilly wu-,
he would never choose us. Me was evl
dently of the opinion we couldn't spell.
And Hilly was right. When last w..
heard of Hilly he had fallen int.. ... n
ways. Me had taken to Honor, nml imt.i.
lug oulcc. Me but. n.Mll..
mucnicur uu tins na i.reciou's llttl,. i,.
lo with Comings' spelling school.
If the Woman's Club that the Gentle
Getievra don't like, would take this mat
ter In hand, get up the match, and charge
ten cents admission lor the beuellt of the
proposed library, the Club would turn
in honest penny in tins way. mid tulghi
b ty several volumes as a nest egg. Ol
course we of the progressive iiriny wliu
mi with no social, political or religious
midline that U not our. to
ooutrol. would not drop In our dimes;
nt there Is a large number of the be
nighted nill , Culm n i.,
fi-i'viioiiaveuotad;;;;,:;. "0
the past-who would p,y their dime,
md thus benefit the chuAlui u w"";
.v;u not t be and yet was to be as It j.
iVeuiike this suggestion In good fain,'.
" "i"J " may uu acteil upon by the
-mi-. LWVIitftho.Sil will not ,.h.
.cut to It.
u UuillU. wo wo 1I1I iliiiDilr.
He Is an objecter of uch
Ijroe! Soj.ik-
t'g ol' Davis reminds us of
Ml . Cr
"' io opening .cliool twenty vear.
iffo. The boys calietl him it,i,i,.,
iJead, and made lihn the butt jf alt tlu-ir
Jokes. Me wasn't a better speller tlian we;
no couldn't run fast, couldn't play ball
well, couldn't swim, couldn't do auv
Udng with any utility. Iig had no frlimdi
nnd wn the friend of nobody. Me grew
up to a life of usele!iie, and when mo
lat heard ol Mm he was editing ti small
evening newspaper nnd had no opinion
on nny nubjeet. Me w,i In manhood
what he had been In youth nothing, and
veryllttleoflh.it. M.iybo Davis is Sol.
We have often thought he wa. Hut
what ha that lo do with Comings ct. ..
lug school?
A we have ald,we like Comings' sug
gestion. We won't spell, but there Is
.Major S.ill'ord; Drs. Smith. Dunning and
Wardncr; IMitor M.irrell tmd D.ivl.;
Ilev. Gilbert mid Wallar; Col. Taylor,
C'apt, ll.dlid.iy, Mayor Wood, Aldermen
Mallid.iy, Morrl. .Snup. NVIII, McKwen
McGauley. Thlstlewood.Wulder, Mathu-s
and Wright, and other., would. Mr.
l'i'lier would no doubt also take n hau.1,
and llirclay. Sehuli, Hros-, PhillN. Irvlu,
Kil7ger.ild, Mctctill', Lynch and Ilawklu.
And the ladle. who would spell tire le
gion. Wo will not name tliem, lest Hut
let Mend of the Sun should say we had
dragged their names before
the public unnecessarily for fear
the Gentle Geni vni honld aim tit us one
of her swift-speeding arrows. We huo
no doubt a spelling match might be
madea stieces. Who will lead t Don't
all epeuk at once.
The hi't spelling miteli we partieip ttotl
In was a racy one. It was In a country
I'liool hoil-e, and the attendance mi,
large. Prominent aiiiung those preent
was but what hit- till- to do with Com
ings sH'Iling cthool? Nothing wv are
Mire ; and llnircfore we drop it like u hot
The tptil Is broken. Let it spell.
V Letter frum Ilie i:.vjii-IIpiI .sienitirr
or Lie .S'orlii t'liriilln t l.elshiliit'e
A Id. Ileitl. tits Oitlr.t.-e.
A few day ago we publthed the ac
count of the expulsion of J. Williams
riiorue Irotu the Ibiu-e of U.-pre-enla-tiv.-s
of North C.irolmia. Ilelow wegue
hi own ver-lon of the allalr. given in a
letter to the We-t C hester (Porni.) Tfiui
lUan: MorsnoK IlK.rnnsuxT.vTiyr..
ll.vi.i.imt.N.C.. Feb. 'Jo. IsT.I.
Majoi; .M00111; : For the lat foui'duv
th.' lloit-e ot K.'preseutailves ha been
ciiauged into a lugli ecclesia-tical court to
determine whether, on account of niiv
ivhgloits opinion, I had a right to a seat
oi the "iloilsy." After lour seioiis
of the ino't exciting cliuractrr. in vv liich
llie Mall of the iloil-eof l!epiv-eut.itive
wa- crowded with spectator-, they paed
at iiiidiilght a resolution of exjmi-ion.
The Jit -l charge untie agauisl uie wa- tin
denial of Uie exi-teliee ot Almighty God.
I'lii charge lliey utterly tailed tosiitaiu.
I proved by lliiee witne-es that 1 not
only never denied, but alvvay iilllriiied
the exilcnci' of a God. Hut as they hud
predetermined on my epulloii tbev
changed the charge into one of ' tViitlug
mil publishing a hlnpliemnus uiitl tin
iliolid liaiuplllet." Again-t Ibis lnl
eliurge I hud no opporiiiiiity w liateverot
ilefeiiding liiysell'. a it was'ouly illt be-,
fore the lloiie about halt an hour before
the vote ol exptil-iou w,i taken. In a
lew days I will publish iifull account of
till great ceelclasilcul trial. I have
only time to say ju-t now.
that I was d feuded by iliree"nr four of
lite best and tilel Deuiocr.ils in the
lion-e. The stieeelie ot .Mr. I'iniiW unit
.Mr. Mc iidciiliull. iiieiiibei's tur llie David
son anil Giiilt'.iiil euiiutie-. were especial
ly earnest mid able. Mr. Mcndciihall is a
member of llie "S icieiy of FrlemN."
He i both ii learueil 11111! eoii-eienilou-lv
Ju-t 111, in. Mr. ."strong nnd .Mr. Gale-'.
both able Ueiuoeialic lawyer, voted
against my expulsion. Their defense of
llie, linwever. Il.nl I it I lt inlliieiiCe on the
great body ot the Deiuocratie members
Who Were UVtlelerilllliet 10 exile me.
Ostensibly 1 was expelletl on account of
my religion- opinion but reallv because
I was a radical Keniilillcaii. All the l!e-
liiioiieau-, out one. voieti agaiu-t inv ex
pulsion. Von will hear from uie again
OOII. J. N ILLt.l.MS I itoit.vi:.
In connection with litis snbleel. In .111
article written before llieabove letter was
recelvetl, the llepubhean said: " I here's
110 doubt but that this 1-a Democratic ex
pedient to get rid ol Mr. Thome, as he
seems to have become finite it imuer in
the district in vv lilcli lie lives. l',,r a ittiin
berofye.ir pat lie haspos-essetl a mania
for writing 011 religious suhcots. Me is
lillte lauilllar witli llie leac iiiil's of l ie
Itlllle. mill one of Ills lift slllileels lew
been lo show from it nml other authoii
ties that t lie S.ibbalh was no more entitled
to sacred ob-ervance than any other day
ol tin- seven. We have reasoned with
him lime and time again, that no public
good could result even If lie proved be
yond ipiesiiuii an t,t he cl.iime.l was
true, ii'nl lor that reaon relii-tMl him ihe
Ue of our eoluiiiiis tu dl-cis, 1 1 1 1 ques
tioil. While we have no eiteiice tliut
.Mr. 1 home Is tin 'Ailicit.' bis i , .1 i . 1 ,
discussion of tile Sabbath ami nthe re
ligious sulijeets- lia ut last brought ei l-
oil- trouole upon Ids head, a IIioiil'Ii wo
have no tlmibt tli.it lie 1- in nil iv-peets a
gretit deal belter mail than a uiiij.u ily nf
those who have pronounced iiul'jineiii
iigauist lihn."
- .
N.m I'riiiiel.e.i Jury men.
'I'liey li.ive peculiar Jury men m S.m
Fraiieiseo. In January, a 'hinuiuuii.
named Wall All Toong. was cumiii,,i
of murder. Iteeently. vvlieii a tiioiinn
for a new trial was being argued, one (
the jurymen made mi iillfl.mtlo disorder
ly COlnlllet ill tile ilrV-IOOIII. Ill whleh i.e.
curs the follow lug tlevclopiiieut: "When
they rellll lieil to the llirv.roiiin nne nf il.
Jurors prodined a but tie of wlii-kv anil
Several liael.B ol cnriN. 1 lie liimr. uln v..,l
eards Btime i.ir money, all night, thirlmr
i 1 .1. ,i.., ,1,, ro Wll hiiiile of wills"
n tir.uiK. Alterwanls ihcre wa a tint.
,Y :: ....Mii.niireiii ,is ,1 inn-.
IXS. z)GvCCriCB' Vc&ctablcs' Game,
Jur':r,",l itntl tli-.uiU by thu Juror, during
M-.'i.iiiiiiis n ion 1 no tjl i'st uu nt
Ihu L-liill nf the. .,c. u.(M. liniluL' U.
iiWlitthuru wi'ri'tvvoor tlirttt boiili., ,,(
liquor ilriiuk by tl. jinr i j,uvilI.,
fnU crackcTa vvt iv iist-tl. with vvliidisev-
. ..iijniuis stTIIH'tl in I)u IlllllUtlallllv
ihivu. lis il lfllt'S 'IllilllVu Ol
M'liiov whs nUi) iisim! in ii...
liitrlnir thi-lr (lflllx-railoiib ulllant wa', IV
liifiiuv insiiiicti ami tiiiviiti'iifil win, ,.,..
tiiiul violi-tico. It vv-LMit sn far n 1 tmiu
Mii.ui, n,. I'llinnflltMl 10 Clll III till
ty sIht it inr iirtiitrtitni. i(
tu mnl
I "1 "10 r.ict nt th
uie u.iif wiicii tim inunli'r
tfiklm iii'ivr vvuulil have
ilii! vcnlmt."
CiOIISC'lltcU tu
.1 Tcrrllilo i: irt! 'i 1U0
C.rrcpnii(lfiici from Gitailalaara
win aim an hit 1 of aii cai tliiiu.ii,,, i
inoi-t) than 11.11.1l fnrtv. vvnicli on In,. ,.,.v.
b,i K-bru ,ry sI.ojU a lar-o portion
s i1 " :ri; I"x,cn 1 "'vii ot
.tn.vV.' "'l'1 Wa" !,l,l""t '"I"''I.V lb--troy.-
l. ai.,1 s -vvnty si,-. I h , wvr..
j U. miniu, TlKic-ntruul il .
o nr, r,ui:,1.,1'''!U-!' IS. '',vu ''' v. -
curivtl m .) ' . w V:"-"'q m.-., o.
in.. i.. .." J ,,m I'HTor
iii. 'ucrcisfii by
tlio dark-
C2r I'ho now ii.i,ry aw nf G.Mir.Ma nl
low. i-i ni-rcfiit. to In, i,,l-..,. 1... T . ",
contraet. llm ltr.il raft b...,v tl,orvvko 7
Per twit. TI11. iwiuity of t.iM.n.' Z.J.
uhM ic tna iiirif rni-u .(1... t... .
'JJIIt: llt'l.bt;riN Is iuMlshnl every momltiK
(ciccpt Jlurvby) In llie llullrthi Ilullillni;, cor
ner VVniliinglon uv ciitic mill Tnclnh tiw:t
Tin Itiur.N.v l eervtsl to dty sulucrlWrs by
fjlUifAil cjrritriitl rwriily-Kho C'enti a Witk,
I'ujablc weekly lly Malt, (In a.h:iua), $IOr
iiitmtint lx iiunUts, S'J Ihtve niunUis, J one
nianth, St 21.
I'ubllshid ivvty lhurtiy moniinsat $t iV
lir nniiuni, intitrlnlly liuvlVKitcr. llieiot.i;c
on the Weekly will U- iirei.iM at Dili olllce, no
Hurt ul)sctilxr will olittln tor a sulncrI.tIon
riceof SI ajfur.
r a 1 1. y .
Ilulnesd Otnls, itrunmmi (,10 10
One sitiie, unr tiiMitlim, 1 vo
Unr itiniv, two lu-itllun, ,
vine wii.nr, one wisk, ,
tnc ,tMit', nru w,sk ,
One Kjieirr, three irl
UMe .ijurr, unc nitintli
, ... 2i
.1 !)
4 01
.... A l"l
W K K t I. Y .
Oneqtwre, one Insertion, f 1 ro
K.W1 eubsUrut hucrtliiii M
fTOnt hieh It n Uure.
Cro regular wtuitlsiM vveoftrfiiHrtorln
liifilicnt$, tnitli us to mtu ol chatvc and man
ner tf ills.la.vln their fitter.
S2N'otlc.-i ,.., Munm n.m,i for -if.
iito Cents ier line for one Insirtiun, Twmty
Cens n line for two Insertion, Twent).rie
t.Vts u line for three Inertloin, Tlilrty-Kive
eita n Hue fur one w,k, nml .Scveiitr-t'lvc
Cuts u line for one nmnth,
Communications upon subjects of Ken
erallntorest to the public solicited.
SEAII letter ahoultl bewliliest to
TrejUlint Cairo Ilulletln Cvmiuiny.
m iiii.i:sai.i: ;km cits.
Wholesale Grocers
Commission Merchants
57 Ohio IiOvoo.
II A. TliuiiK I, I) Thomi.
(Su-ce.sorj to II M Htilen,)
Commission Merchants
-Ban. oKEna
Ami dculeri in
Foreiirn and Doroestto Fruits and Nuts
Wholesale Grocer
Dealer In
Commission Merchant,
S''?',''n"'n"uii 1,'ivni tocoiislKiiiiicnti and
illllnz nnl-r.
sri'i'i.v ii:i'or.
Stonmboat, Hotel and Family
Fishi Eggs, Northern Butter, &c.
Eighth Street,
Between Wuablnirton and Commercial
63"Uiioi1 iM tciul flrt. ofi-hnrae.
n, rsroiti.s.
No. 110
Olilo Tjovoo,
S"i.irii.s.iis iVrtiui.run.at.fLiiSrt;.'. I
f.nu HI
. '"LV''"14 HI.'ci'. Int tiwitvi
City National Bank
CAnto, iltjIkois.
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
n V ItAt.t.lllAV, I'rv.lilcnl.
ItLMtV I. IIAI.I.IIIAV, Vlcel'mt.
A II sjArKOItli, Citshirr
WAUWt IIVnl.01', Ais'lCn'Utr.
R. .'TAAK TaYI.OB, It It (.'fStHltOIIAM,
tf. I). VltLIAlloy, hltlllt.1 1IIKU,
A II fiAiroioi
Exchange, Coin and United Statos
Bonds Bought and Sold.
KPOSITS twrive-l ami 5 gencrmt Unking
Enterprise Savings
ori'H run:
A tl SAKKoltl), I'nwlilrnt.
S S I'AVl.tllt, 'Wr I'lv.iilflil.
VV. ItMl.ur, sec'VHiiit liMi.tircr.
t". .M MnthKLKTII, 1'Al l.l! 111 II,
J. M. I'lllLLII'S.
TXTKi:KT ii1 on ill ioIU nt thr nil of ii.x
'i-crnl iriinniiiii, M mil I r t snil .rpti'in
N r 1-1 Intrirst mil uillutruun In aiMtst liniiir
(Unlet In I ho irlncii:ll nf till' ilfH..lts, llirlcll)
Kltlntr lln in fiinff,tiiiI inlritsl
Own rvrrv lnMnc'sil.iv fromOt m to 3 n ni
nml nliinliy rtruliijs lor s.it idk's ilfKJ.H only
until u i o ui'iuck
W. HYS'.OP,TroaiiUrer.
Corner Commercial Av. and Eighth St.,
Il nifn from ft H.m. to I p m for the trantart
l.in nl HV'ill.ir ll.llikln bitsliirss. Aim Wl M.
liiil.iy i riling In. in ti lno.i'i l.x k fur ll.tr ucvuln
luuilatluii uf savings tlrHillui.
E.xcbance Bouaht and Sold on the Prin
cipal CtUua in in.) Uiiiluu btuteH.
63-rorrlsn Exthnnirc drawn on I'.nlan.l,
lil.iinl, I'l.imtr. unit till tli prhirijKi! cult's In
i.iiniinj . uitrril.inil, i t'Uiuui IiiiII.iihI, litis-
,runiui naij uii.i uii.ri luiriiu ii.iiiuiis
CJ- iillrctlniis injiltr In any irt of i:uro by
IJiuit or p.jwvrul ulluiiit).
tr-j-iltr of cusllt Mr travlti In Kurn
Gold, Silver, United Stute.s nnd
other iJouds Bought nnd Hold,
tim allowed cs Ii:: hph
P 0. CANEDY. Prosld-nt.
1IENHY WliLI-a. Vlco Proiitdent.
THuMilb L,i.Wla, Cimhlor
T J. KKKTll, AsjUUnt Cunbior.
C3-3 ll.lf
Coal Coal.
ST. JOHN'S and
Ordors for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or In hogsheuds, for shipment,
promptly attended to.
CSTTo largo consumers and all
manufnoturors, wo nro prepared
to supply any quantity, by tho
month or year, at uniform rates.
tJ"IIitllliUy llro 'aofUre, Nv "0 Ohio I.evi
CTi-llulllil.iy lira uhuitliout.
BrrAlKKyptliiilMIIU, or
r.T-At Uie Coul IJiimp, foot of Thirty-Eight
KJ-I'oit Olllce Dmner, 30J.
Coal and Wood Yard.
KErT coiietanlly on linnil ut Itnsj' Yurtt
Ctiiniuuxlal ttiuiue, oipctlte Vto
Onlt-i iromitr (IIIkI
Cunt unit Wiiiirl iklUertil frm of ehnmc
Trim oirlctlv tlt.lt 317-106ni.1
Impw ftwbCM,wilb HUiilJ.l.rnUllh7TjtrrMl.l
ir,ire "Wt.fH wliivwt krtt, TMi I
AM) -
'T'lTI'11"1'!' Vi'r'sinnilrniMiiii'l onttn lir ir
ol K'kmIs in our line MLiniixut, I'l .1.: .t
niltsl with ii'lluMr Uru.'sMl im-Tii..ijl.' r.ilid
74 Ohio I.-ivco.
The Spmgue
Should be sold by the Hartlwa- J Canned
Goods Trade every
:r :rr.:: et::? cr ?r.: ri::i:: - aot irunr.
Wo have replonisho.l our Job Printing Ofiice with
many fonts of now typo anil liavo uilcr3 out for other
fonts of the latest popular stylos. "V aro dotormined
to establish tho reputation of our ofli to for firstclas3
work, aud inako our prices so low that tho most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities nill bo compelled to ad
mit (hat wo do work at lowor prices than any other of
fice in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted tt bo one of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
mnny patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nnd Retail
ETC., E1C.
t'tii'i - ' Is I'hVfllclmt ml Inrrl Florri In wjii
in un . I i..,y lltsllcl
iy Meillclne Cai-t funilihisl ot
v.Co' Bth '
Can Opener Cq
in II trial .V'iiii;ir, fret, on receipt of S3 Cent.

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