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Knight (j I Pythian, mcUi eiery Krl
ilny night at li.ilf-i.it aeicn, in Odd
fellow' Hull ( K slack,
tliinccltur Cnruuiandir.
Inilcmlmt Unler of Odd-Id-
rjJX- lum. meeia ,:irr .U'llt'lii; lliym
l. at hulr.luLMt telru. Ill their hall ml
Commercial atenue, betwieii nlxthand Se vntli
IllteU JtjU II (iOHlUMi .N. ll.
OAlltO KNCAMfMKNT. I O, () 1,iiimI
lllUdd-KellHHV H ill onllie UMtalld third
Ki.fjiil.iy In erry month, at lulf-ial K-nn
(J K ftMCK, U r.
JVU Mold regular Ciiiniiitliilratlnin In Mil
sonic Hull, corner lninitieicl.il uttiiur
' 'ami KlKtittt atnet, on UiJ second Hid
fourth Monday nfench month
l'nrlali Nclinol.
The 1'arMi School was opened on Mon
day, Mirch In Hut pup In will ho ie
reived lit u y fine, on the condition'
already puiilUhed. The acnlci of I'ro
fe nor Krick hav- been aecured for Inatruo
li n In tlm German language. PurthU n
exta cIhiko wllUi" mute, l'un Is wlaldnij
to study German only, w II (.onto to tho
school t 1 u'c ock p. in.
Cium.ru (iii.nr.uT, Hector.
I'riali Supply.
Mr, I. Fitzgerald liasjtit received and
h on sale at Ida aalca room a lartfo Hock
if Kiiglbli' rile, porter, IIenuctj brandy
slid wliif, nnd lliiior of all Hud, which
he will ditposo of at reasonable rlee.
Kilty to Seventy-live d dlara per month.
Agent wanted vrjwhore. Tear.hci, la.
dies, g"tit, tc., etc. No capltd or out
lay required, bend 2) cent, fur pout tge on
outfit, to li. r. Wklciimak,
tl Irvln tatlon. Union County, Ohio.
Hit it it (I Her llrr.
landlord ol hoteN and hoarding- bouse
will find It to their dai tij; to call upon
Mrs. C'dernan, No t'i Fourth Mrctt, he
twren IV ahlng'ori and Coinmi rcl.il aen
uc , and aret Uln her term lr duln .' hotel
and bos dliiR house wadic by the neck
Her wholesale pr. c arc extremely
low 7 c. per dnjen. For piece work pr cw
are at follow.: Single thlrt and e I
lar, 10c; p r dozen i c; sock- ?c; two col
lir, fic; tw i hmdkercblel, fe; vctta We;
and a.) setitleinon'a wear, 7."c. per
dozen. Ladle.' ilrec, "ii to f0 j
skirt-1 1 ti 2-, drawers il to 10c; two
pair hi'NJ 'c; two co'larfi lo p c. For la
dle' plain clothe 1 uo per dozen; lor ladle-tint-
collie, ft 'i per dozen; done
drjinptly, and promptly delivered, l'a
trnnajre oliclted.
Nnllil 'linrl.-i.
Good dnijle roomi on the tipper floor at
the Silnt Charlti can he had, ulih hoard,
tt the very low r.ito of g.D per mouth
Ituy Ilnnrtlrro.
Two or three Kintlrmrn can In-acrom-middled
i h diy board, lloiiji! on Wal
nut, between S viuthbiid 1-Uhtli. Apply
at thliuificn. SO-n-'J-Ct.
Dnlly l.uiirh.
(ieor'e Littnr tornerof Fo'irfcnth and
'.Vashlnfon awnnr. will In nMi he eatu r.
jvcry day to h pitron a No. I lunch, he
Jwcen the hour of ten and twelve o'lck.
fre-h Milwaukee beer and frasr.mt Itavnua
zigiTt to he had at hit I ir at all time.
otlre of lteimnl.
Hclilcht A L'lrl.h have iitiioxed their
chetnlcd djeinj a-id ilea-iln i-itai
llihiuent Imui the lornrr of Kl htu ml
Comtn rcl d to Vahliiston Avenue,
between NI 'th and Tenth tr em. Tu inert
the wni of thele lu ny iul mer they
lieve ordered and h 'e j isl rtc I" d from
E r pe . U k lot ol the tlnet dye atuir,
and are now rea iy to attend to aor ordern
In heir line. 3J-31Mii).
for Niilr lienp.
Any peron wjiitlnir to litiy a line Urge
hore, Ita'ile fr wa-'nn o dr.y, ca be
accoiumnd.tted by c.i ling at the ilcilindl.t
l'arsonigc on Kiylith ntrcrt.
Nm ii- u r itt-inotiii.
Tho well known barhur ehop, corner
K ithth and C intner. lal, pre Id' d ov r i y
the popnU arlM, U orjee st Inh u-e. lux
reinovidoned or north on omtii' re al. I
the O and (.'ellTal Hotel. The new lmp -U'gu
and comin dlou, and tin-ae w iniij
for any hlnx artl-llc n the way of f hl -n-alii
hair cu llnr, mootli aha e-, et . will
do well t j call at the (Hand ttntial llarber
ihop. 71 H-in-tf.
IllltcUsilllltl Mli.
Tho old tand on S.tli atro t, between
Coram rclal nv-mie nnd Ohio I.ovee, N nl
way icudy to d'i any kind of work In th
bl.ickinltn Hih, m ikin,' and rep drln W.il'
on Hiigylo'and l)r.ia. lpecla' attention
Klvcn to hora-ahneln, a- I make my own
hlmc ; I ean inakx them li avy or light,
Ju t a- you dclro, lur you all know that the
homo ti) ido vhocii are the bc-t. ( a'l round
and inn Htiotogtveyou-all-facttnn.
7J-3-1 4-1 ill. FliKH. HnniKl.NZ.
I'nlr mill IVstltnl,
Tlin Oerinun Lutheran church pr"po c o
irlvo alairaml lentitatot tho A'ati I'nglno
Ilou-r on April 13th and 4h, part cularaof
which will ho announco 1 hi dun time.
3-10- t.
I'lnno mill OrKiui Tiiiiliiff.
Mr, M. Kuhuo de res us to aay th it he le
ready tor celto orders lor l'l no and Or
gan tuning, and repa ring mus cal liiatiu
mo ts. Order may be luit at tho cot nor ol
Thirteenth and Walnut atreew, or 1. U,
Uo t 061, and will rccelvo prompt attttiition.
Agents tor tho ".Monumental Ko-Chhn-ney
Lamp Burner." No e moke or smell
and no exploi ton. They f nit everybody,
unci everybody buys them because they
arc what everybody wants. Sample by
mall for 35 cunts. A. S. StonchaUcr, -13
ratternon avenue, Baltimore, general
Hgent. 3-10-31
Whence Tlila (l rent Commotion
the couuiry ihrough, among tho Alcoh lie
III ter moiiitcraf Tlioystiu l ighat at an
(nnovat on on their piMlcgo of making
drunkards nt the tick A . oinpoltr li.n
como Into tho llol I with which lliey cannot
contend. Ui. J Wi.kkk' Califokni a
Vtvau HITTKK9, tno und (led osi-en-e
oftiomo-tofllcaeious rge'ah'e tonlo and
ltorttvi s In th w r d, Is driving all the
Ull-born nostrums o( Kltu Ale i ol M tho
wnl, Tnero li qi dleaso, In omul or cx
torqsl, in which It li not boa ncUlly admin
liUrnd, l-H-d waw.
F1MOAV, MAItCII 19, 187.
A N. vx i:.m i;.m H.
I'or Mnytr.
Kliltnn fiiX: I'leane announre JOHN 11.
I'llll. I, IS an a c.inill'l.ilt fur Mayor or I ulru, at
theenauliiK iminii:lul eleutlnii.
.laiituiry u, ln"i, Mant Citizkns
l.ncnl M'eiillier Itrpnrl.
CaiHo, III., March '8 ifii,
Time I IUh ITnr. I U'l.sn Vru I Wr.Ainr.w
7a in
'I p.m.
;i.Wll 34 I K Hi I
3 '.Hi i IJ . ,
.al.OJ'J. la- M. ' 10 '
THOMAS .IONKS, hert. S- S., 17. a. A.
Mpcllliit; .llntrli.
The "Woman's Cluluinil Literary A
eoelatlou" will glw fpi.lllnj,' matcli nl
nn early day, jiiirtlculur- of which will
bu uiiuouiiet'd In iluu tline.
To-nlglit tint M'contl of a erl( of o
clalilc to bo tflvcii by tliu Kiil'liM 'IVin
plur will taku pl.iw. anil it happy time Is
anticipated by tlion who coiiti'tnplati; at
lenilhi. I'oiiml.
A ttnnll rold "ii, in trketl "Aniin from
Klljt." Tlit' owner can havo tin; miiiiu
by cpIIIiix nt the Ilfi.i.iniN ollku and
paying M cents for Ihla iiollec.
The .MelliiiilNl Sulrre.
The aociable jrlveii by thu I.uIIch of the
Methodl't church hi 111' timrcli parlm
lat nlht, w.u wvll atliMidl. We shall
'ivo a moru I'Meuded ueouiit of (In pro
cci tllngi hi the next lue of the IIcm.k-
i)iiuly Court.
Owhi to thf fact that (or 'cvoral dnyi
pat .Iiitl'i' llnni (mi Ixt'ii tiinewhat hi
(llnpoHil. Jtlitlc; t'oinlng', h'-I-leil by
uiiotht-r legal gentleman, Nthilng tliulnt
hi'"") of that giMitleiii.ui during hU nl-
I'relliiilnary i: t hid I mil Ion.
The preliminary xamliiatloii ofItolTta
and Wade, now in the county j ill. chary
isl with having killed a yoi ny man by
thf iiaini' of Delany souk; alx wcek ago,
took place ye-tcrilay, but was not yet
concluded when the ootirt adjourned.
Th" profii-dinKS In the will be coii
cltitlud to-tlay.
The unknown peron who wrote ami
-cut to .Mr'. .1. McKwvn, the line on the
death of her daughter, .Mr. Ktlzahcth
Moore, Is itirne'-tly rcpie-tetl to furnhlin
copy of the 'anic to .Mr. -Mcllweii, or
the editor of the Jli-i.i.inix. The copy
eiit to .Mr. MeKweii v.n uiifortiiuately
lost nfti-r it reach "1 the hands of the
I'ullle ',,nrl.
Kotxrt Huriii was arrested and con
fronted by Jiidgi Illrd, charged with leiny
dnink, and wa liuwl one doilnrandcuft
.Not being prepari.il to pay lie wa bent
over for three hiy.
Iticliard Martin was alo aircsted for
the .ime oireiie, and His Honor a-e.-ed
a line upon hN head of one dollar and
cot.c. whhii he paid and was allowed to
The H-coiid and last performance by
Wagner's minstrels was witiie-ed by a
good audience at the .Vtlieneilui la-1
night, and the acting of each member of
thecompauy was eipially a good a on
their llrst apiear.iiice. From here the
troupe will go to I'.idiicah, where they are
waited lor witli anxiety by the atnti;e
inent loving people of that burg.
KniKiiis or rj (iiins.
AiJ-v 1 1 ii-1 e iu iiT ii ii'uiunr
MM Ill 1...
; iV;A lloil of A-cxloll l.odgi
V&Zfi Kni-'lits of I'e.bla.. be
', No. 51.
Id at their
Castle Hall, this (Fridav) even
ing, at "::!:) o'clock. A full utteiidauec is
earnestly ile-ired, a matters of impor
tance will come up for consideration.
Vi-ltlug Knights cordially Invited to at
tend. Wii.i. IC. Hawkins,
K. of It. and S.
Agent WiiiiIimI for Hie Vlelor Sell
in Tiiieliiue i iiiiiimii)
Thus. G. Mathews traveling ngent for
the Victor, Is stopping tit the Arlington
hotel, w'.crc a sample ot tho Victor will
be on exhibition for a few days. Any
lady orgcntlciuan wishing to engage in
this business is invited to will ami exam
ine the Victor and test Its merit". Com
mission? more liberal than any other
llrst-elass Sewing Machine Company, anil
a machine that li second to uo other In
tho market. 3-10-2t.
Let lit Ilnre n Nielllnpr Mulch.
Caiiio, li,t,..;March 10, 1875,
HitOTiiuit Oui'.hlv Let us have that
spelling K'hool. First, for the older
scholars, and then tor tho younger ones,
for as a general thing, there Is not in
terest enough taken hi orthography.
You can count me lu, when the match
comes oil'. A. CoMtxas.
Tho Hum-etin heartily seconds Mr.
Comings hi hU endeavors to start the
ball rolling, believing that attch a demon
Mratiou would bo both Interesting and
Instmctlvo to llio jiubliu of tho city.
Opcnlnir of the IJraiul foulriU
B.lll .1 lilll.
The Grand Central Hotel, corner of
Eighth street mul Uommcrciiil avenue,
lately repaired and furnished by Mr.
William Wetzel, Int. proprietor of tho
St. Nicholas, was opened last ulglit by
that gentleman with a grand supper and
ball. A largo number of tho friends of
Mr. Wetzel were In attendance, and the
hours wcro passed In dancing and various
other pleasant amusements. Tho pro
prietor has slgultlcd his Intention to maku
the Grand Central out) of tho lirst-class
hotels of tlieso parts, nnd wo havo every
asitirance that ho will do so. To thoo
who may visit our city, and who may
wish to stop at n house where llrst-class
accommodations can bo had, we would
ay, go to tho Grotid Ccutrul.
Tile Intensive l.lser.v Mini llonrillillf
Maiili) in ir .'illi s I'arlier
Twenty-Two Valuable Horici, and at Many
Carriagei, iingglct and wagons
Ilnrlllitfr (il'.sirsi. riitiiiioni Also
The Origin of tho Firo Wholly Unaccounted
The llullt or Hie l'roierlv lliirneil
0nril by l'l-' ' . miles.
The Leu Estimated at i .u ihoniand DolLari.
Tim I'.nllre Aliioinil ii Total Loss.
Lat Wednesday night, between eleven
nnd twelve o'clock, the livery and board
ing stable of Mr. Miles Parker, which
was Mutated on Tenth street, between
Washington nvi iiue and Walnut street,
was discovered to lie on lire. The alarm
was Immediately giveu.but before the en
gines had lime lo arrive, the entire build
ing, the structure being hutltof lllit ma
tcrlal.tindllie upper portion of it filled ulth
hay mill Mraw. along with twenty-two
head of line horse", anil fourteen or fifteen
line buggies and carriage", were burned,
heldes between thirty nnd forty sets of
Inuni'ss, ten raddles and a number ol
rltlhig bridles, halter, robo,horso blank
ets ami foot rug".
At the time the fire broke out, Mr.
Ileinps Solomon, the head man at tint
stable lu Mr. 1'arker's ab-encc.wasat the
terry landlng.where he had taken a hor?e,
which had been stolen some time ago, lo
ship to his rightful owner, w ho lives in
Shawneetown, ami cotild not give any In
formation whatever sis to the cau-e of the
lire, but wiy that w lien he arriied at the
shtlile. It was one solid aheet of lUmi'.nnd
that the horse- were running to iiiitl'fro
neighing and stamping, and that to enter
in the hope of aavhig any of the property,
would have lieen certain death.
Harry ThonitH, a colored man about
twenty-two years ol age, was asleep in
the olllee connected with the stable when
the flames were ill-covered, anil says that
the lire llrst startetl near a pump In the
centre of the barn, but 'suinot account for
the wny it caught, declaring that there
wa no light within twenty feet of the
pump, lie nl-o say- that when he llrst
SAW the lire, lie ran out Into the stable,
but says he was so badly seared that he
did not know what to do, ami he ran to
the re-ideuce of Mr. I'.irker. bur-t
ojtcn tin; door and told him what had hap
R;iiod. Mr. Parker ran to the stable, but
says that when he got there the hore
were all dead, and that it would have been
madtie-s to have tries! to enter and make
an attempt to save any of the pnicrty
ill the stable.
The heat of the barn soon Ignited the
roof of a small dwelllngot a widow lady
named Timmoiis. ou the corner of Tenth
nnd Waiiiutstri-et-.aud before thccngine
could render any as-l.st;mce, the entire
building wa hi llamc. There wu con
siderable furniture In the liou-e, which
wa all burned except a piano and sever
al other article-, none ol" which were In
sured. The room fronting on Tenth
atieet was used as a grocery store, anil
had u small stock of goods stowed away
in it, tlieiilu-tofwhli.il was raved. There
was no in-tiraucu whatever . we are In-
forined.by Mr. Parker, ou the barn, which
was the property of Mr?. 1'iehU, and was
but recently improved by her. Mr. Par
ker's lo-s will reach at least three thou
sand live hundred dollar-, with no Insu
rance whatever.
Among the private turnouts in the ta
ble at the time it was burnt, was a num
ber of the llne-t lior-es and carriages In
the city, the vehicle- being v lined at from
two liuudrtd and filly to six hundred dol
lars, and the hor-e- lioni one hundred to
lour hundred dollar'. Among the hor-es
burned was a line bred pel pony belong
ing to Mr. Parker, which he pried very
highly, nnd say.- he would sooner have
lot a ihoiiraiid dollar- than her. There
w.isal-oa line blooded pacing mare In
the barn owned by a gentleman named
l'M-oii. of Villa Ridge, valued at lour
hundred dollar.-, that was burned. It is
salt! that the moans ot the
poor brutes a they ru-lied frantically
through the tlainc Irom one cud of the
b.irn to the other, stumping, kicking null
rearing, wa- most frightful to listen to.
Chief Mellnle, who was one of the llr-t
persons to arrive on the ground, tells ns
that the tine grey gelding belonging to
Woodward, in company with the pony so
highly prized by Mr. Parker, both ran
out to within the leet ot the door trout
lug on Tenth street, but when they saw
the reflection of the llames upon the
ground In front of them, they turned and
ran back Into t he rear end of the stable,
which was a dense nias of seething
llame. The animals seem to have tiled
lo f 1 1 nl each other, as In several places
two and three were lying with their heads
and shoulders close together. There was;
a number of chickens roosting lu the
barn, which were roasted, ami were to be
seen lying In various places after the lire
was extinguished. There were only t wo
buggies saved out of all that were In
tho barn, ono belonging to Dr.
Smith, any one to Mr. Lallin.
The following is a list of tho names of
thoso who are losere by the tire, and also
the amount, as near as wo could learn, of
tho loss sustained by each :
.Mr. Parker, proprietor of tho stables,
seven horses, nluo buggies, carriages and
spring wagons, ten sets ot harness,
seven saddles and a number of riding bri
dles, halters, whips, robes, nigs, blankets,
etc., which at the very least wcro worth
Mr. Jewctt Wilcox, proprietor of the
St. Charles hotel, ou last Monday bought
of Mr. Parker a bay horse, ami n neat lit
tle family carriage, I'or which ho paid
that gentleman $350, both' ol which wcro
S. P. Wheeler had n carriage, ono
setitetl top buggy, a set i,f harness, robes,
whip anil horse bured. valued at $3,000.
Mr. O. H. Woodward loses his lino
grey gelding, anoa lino saddlo and bri
dle, which w-ereyYaliicdatSJW.
Mr. Lotllu ishe loser of a sorrel geld
ing valued nt70.
There- wcro four flno hortw owuwl by
parties III St. Louis, who had shipped
them (otitis place III care of Mr. Parker,
supposed to be worth i'JOO, which were
also burned.
Mr. 1Moii, of Villa Kldgc, lot a
thoroughbred bay pacing mare, ami one
other line bred animal, w hicli are said to
have been worth i.t least six hundred
Mr. Thomas, of this city, will sus
tain the loss of a line bay mare valued at
one hundred and twenty -live dollars'.
M. Jacob O. Lynch Is the loser ol a
promising young gelding of line blood,
valued at two hundred und lllty dollars,
and a buggy worth two hundred dollars.
Miss Grac Whuor io-tsa line black
horse valued at two htm .red and filly
Mr. A. II. SafTord loses n bay horse
and a line set of harness worth two hun
dred and liny dollars.
Mr. Hyslop loses what was said to
be the hand'onicst nnd best set of single
harness In Cairo, which were valued nl
one hundred dollars.
Or. Dunning sustains the los of a
phaeton valued nt three hundred dollars.
A Hue piano box buggy, owned by
Mr. Wlckwireiintl valued at two hundred
ami llftv dollars. wa burned.
Deinps Solomon, one ol the men em
ployed by Mr. Parker to take care of his
stock at the stable, Is the lo-er of n line
trotting wngoti. a trunk full of clothes
and a -liver watch, which he valued at
two hundred and llfiy dollars.
The stable, which was owned by Mw.
Field-, and valued at seven hundred nnd
llfiy dollars, Is a total loss to that
lady there being uo ln-untiice whatever
upon It.
The small dwelling home ou the cor
ner of Tenth and Walnut streets owned
by n widow lady, and valued ut lourhtin-
tired dollar. Is also a tot-n los to that
ladv. the property being but lately pur-
cha-cd and no policy having been taken
out lor it.
Tills constitutes the bulk f the entire
Ios sustained ny the eonllagntlon, which
when taken together, foots ip the neat
aiim ofiiearlv ten thouand lollars, ou
which there Is not ono dollar of Insur
ance. While the llnmca were jet at their
wor't stage, inany were the reasons as-
-ignetl for it origin, and niaiy were of
the opinion that young Thoma. the ne.
.'in who wa hi tho bam wleii Hie lire
started, knew Jint how it ciuglit. Thi
opinion seemed to gain gronnl little by
little, until Chief Mellale vtt about to
arrest Thomas ami contlue him in jail,
when Mr. Parker stepped (or ward anil
prohibited the officer from ixilng .-o. ex
pressing his candid belief llut the colored
man wa perfectly iuiioceit and saying
also.thathedid not think ho va capable o1'
such a crime.
Inrllll'is, . ll I Ice.
I'uy your Khid anu (Jardei Seed at New
York slore. Tim Ihy, Onio-i .-e t, Setd
Oats, t lover, Kurl) It o Sicil Potatoes,
swcttCorn. llunusrlJii Uns-ttt Seed l'o
tat'iea, I'eat by the iiiatt, 111 Top, 'ast
nd steel I'lo l'luw Harness A j.;Ju.t
tine- and nrk'ti gil uantee 'uw.
s-'M0-to Cn.ss. O.l'.sTIMl & CO.
Joe ltot.cktr is imv In full control ol
he Wa-hiiii;ton bikeiy. ami having Prii
eil tho waots of the ilibllc. I- prepaied t
sin ply on e.tll a 1 ilenauds fr Trench loaf,
llo.ton. Drown mul (iriiiaiu bread, una
. ryihlng l-o oraliarlly lonn.l in a tlr-t-eets-h.k
ry. lie iiulut diis a (u I -to k ol
eonteetion-rles, and van. a- Well a nej
other de.di r lo tlu.' :ity, (ill a'l orders In
rut due. Cakes bi'i d, 'ro-teil nr orna
incited on ahori not ice. Sfe la laltfii lti
Ivnn 'o the oricisuf wedding or i leiile
.artlis. 9 li-tf.
Our Snliion.
The ahov i salo in, conn r "f Eighth street
and r-o'iiraerclal aveim. Is Used u lu
X od st) e airy and com nt.ihle. Kver
ilidiy inof'd iy y. u w 11 llml spread i N .
I ll eh a da cl -a l Milw.illkie lage'
tiecr, hleh . .a 't bo I eat, ami the' c is mil
any eh li','-. 11 hi ill elliryoil w.li tl !
t 'e I. st kind f L!i Kir a d C ars 'ml
my ilc-irn t g vu ecry oiib ot my eu-t
mers who p.itron zi' me, aatl-laatton
U ill ro i ml 1 rni:t). IloriiKiN.
Ilnppy ItellelTur Viiiint .Hen lioni the
eot'cta ofErrursnnil Aku-es In tuily life Man
liuuil rvilMiiil lmpvillineiiti to .MarrhiKU lv
niuiiil. New me'huil of treatment. New ami
rental kiiulu remeiUej. Iloukaiinil circulars rent
fiee, III seahsl enveloii-j AiMlrss, lIDW'Altl)
AS-OC1ATIO.V, HON. Nnnli sttitl, I'lilhuUI
phla, l'a an tnstltiitloii luivhiga IiIkIi reputa
tion fur honorable coiuhltl anil professional
skill. la).l-.1-ilwJiii
.lust Iteeeivlil.
Sp'cndld line of Spiing I' lnl, now open.
Also lull lino fL dies' a' d Goal's sh n-,
at Ka-tem pilues, bo h at wholesal- and
r. tall at Xi:w YuitK iTOi.K.
IiIksoIiiIIiiii .Vol Ice.
The firm of Llllott A Haythoru. doing
business at No. 101 Commercial avenue,
lb this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Oscar Haythoru Is "lone authorized to
collect the debts duo tho concern, and
assume all the liabilities ol tho llrm.
HxMiY Elliott,
Osc.tit H.vYTHOii.v.
Cuno, .March Sth, 1ST3.
CAtno, Illinois, March 12th, 187."),
O. Haythoru it Co. havo this day be
como tno successors of Elliott & Hay
thorn, J. S. Howe, of Cincinnati, having
been admitted as special partner. With
renewed facilities, wu shall hope to com
mand a full share of tho former patronage
of the llfin. O. Haythokn- a Co.
lllenc hliiv "'ill Irlininlinf.
Mrs. s in Wllll.mi.ou wi liesioautiounco
to tlio puWiiiiui l her old natrons tnu slio
is prciurud to b'cacli, press and sliapo hats
lu tho cry latest style, at tho low price ol
"5 emus each. Her pcrioinil attention will
be (lien to trliiunliiK lia a and bounds,
l'rlco iito ft) coatt. Ittfsldeiicu on Vnsli.
Inii'ii avenue, lutwi m N'lith and I'eutlis
strut, Any )oung lady dcsliiug to luiiin
thu buslneis may npply to uu.
8-iHt MHO, eAMAV'ltUiMSQK.
A I'oaltlte Core for ltlimiinntlnni
for salo st tho drug-tore ot M J. McUutiley,
between Ll hto nth and Nineteenth streets
un Cumiicrclal acnu?: ,'J 18
Tuo-llorse Wilson Tor finlc.
noeV wiu,'n lor sale ut t l.uri.ulil,
tf. ply at tho IILl.i.Kils ton tlng.rouiu
I'Oll 1,1st.
Steamer Alf. .Stevens, South.
Itllewlld, Lvaiisvllle.
" Gov. Allen and tow, St. Louis.
" llurksvllle. Nashville.
" Itaven ami tow, St. Lottl'.
" Julia. St. Louis.
,! Fultire City, New Orleans.
' Hickory, St, LotiN.
" John Kyle. New Orleans,
" Susie Silver. New Orleans.
" John A. Scitdder, New Orleans.
" James Howard, New Orleans.
" Vint Shhikle, MeinphU.
Steamer Alf. Stevens, St. LouU.
" Idlewild. Lvansvllle.
" Iturlisvlile, Nashvllie.
' Itaven nnd tow, Ohio.
Julia, Vtckshurg,
" Future City, St. Louts,
" Hickory. Mound City.
" John Kvle.St. Loul".
" Su-I-Silver. St. LouN.
" John A. Seiidder. St. Loulj.
" James Howard, St. Louis.
" Vint Shhikle. Cincinnati.
itivr.n. nust.vi:ss and wnATitnn.
The weather Is again cloudy, with
Indications of rain.
The Ohio Is rl-lng nt tho rate ofseven
Inches per day, and fears are entertained
by the timid that there will be another
Hood here this spring.
ISusiness here continues good.
W aii liti Aiii.Mt.r, iiivlh Itt-innr. (
llnlnt. Id .
.Maicii is.
I'lltstair?. .
(.iueinimtl .
bnlillle .
Xa-luille ..,
s.t. Loul ..
0 It
Canto, III., Tiiuhday Uvbntso,
Match IS. 1875. j
A light South wind has prevailed, and
me u.iy lias been warm and pleasant.
clear in the forenoon eloudv with imli
cations of rain In the afternoon ami even
Tho general market in leadinz lines
coutinuoMo eiliTbit the same features as
have Ix en noted of them I'or the la-t lew
week a fair and -teadv demand, with
llrm regular prices. Flour -hows con
slderabie hnpr jvemeiit In the demand.
and strenglhhig price- in grades eiubrat
ing iow anu medium, oi w men tin- mar
ket i-almo-t ban-. Cora Uln te.idv do-
iiiaiid'aud llrm. liny of all inscriptions
Is In active demand and very scarce. W
note an improvement lu the market for
o;u, mi uicrenstu uemaiiu ami nrmiies-
iu prices.
liuiler Is over-locked nnd dull. Hggs
and poultry are scarce audio -rood de
maud, iieal is weak and un-etlled. Uraii
dull and (Iroopliig. "Tonagu Is plenty
and rates llrm. l.Vrt)!0! to New Orleans
l-.J25o to Memphis.
Till MAItKIiT.
CSJ-Otir IrlrniN sboVild bear hi mind
thai Hie prices lit're'given are u-ually lor
sale Irom llr-t bauds In round lots lu
tilling orders aud'l'or broken lots It Is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
We note an increased demand for low
and medium grades within the last few
days that has left the market almost bare.
Prices are tlrm and unchanged. We note
sales of U00 barrels $1 tOS'i 5U; 1003 barrel-St
50-) 75; 100 barrels XXXX S5;
230 barrel-city ?l ir-Qjii 25; 300 barrels
SI 00155 50.
There Is nn active Inquiry for all grades
ami very little ottering. Receipts are all
taken 011 arrival. Sales are limited by
lack of stipplio-, and cou-l-t of 3 ears
choice mixed delivered S-0; 2 ears choice
timothy delivered S.'J; 1 car choice timo
thy delivered S22; 1 car common mixed
dellvercdSB 5U; 1 cargo) Ithn nhydeliv
eretl $21; 1 ear choice mixed delivered
S2I; 1 car mixed delivered S20.
Tho market Is steady, active and llrm,
Wo note sales of 1 car No. 2 yellow in
heavy sacks delivered 77e; 2 cars No. Q
w hile In heavy sacks delivered 77c ; 2 cars
rejected white Li bulk on track 03c; 1 car
rejected mixed in bulk on Irack07e; 2 cars
No. 2 white mixed lu sack) delivered 77u ;
5 ears No. 2 white in sacks delivered 73o ;
7 cars No. 2 mixed in sacks tl live red 75c;
3 airs No. 2 mixed in sacks delivered 75o ;
2 cars No. 2 white In sacks delivered 1 1 0.
The season for black oats seeding
tinio Is over, and liioy may now be
tias-ed with other varieties. Tho mar
ket shows a better feeling and llrm
prices. Olfeiings llnd ready sale at quo
tations. Sales were 5 eir.s No. 2 mixed
in sacks delivered Clo; 1 car No. 3 white
In second hand sacks UJJo ; l ears No. 2
mixed in sacks delivered Olo; I car No. 2
white Ui sacks delivered Clo ; 1 car No. 2
mixed in sacks delivered 03e ; 1 car No.
2 rejected lu sacks delivered iKje; 7 cars
No. 2 mixed lu sacks delivered Olo; 1 car
No. 2 mixed lu sacks delivered U3c.
Tho market Is oversupplled and prices
are weak and lower. Wo note sales of
200 barrels steam dried delivered, $3 55;
125 barrels Kiln dried delivered, S3 CO.
Plenty ami dull. The demand Is very
small and prices aro weak and decllu-
jlng. SaloR wcro 150 sacks In lots, S23.
Tho market Is flat and overstocked.
Itecclpts have been larger sluco Monday
than was ever known before. Prices am
weak and unsettled. Wcuotofales of 13
tubi chotre iN'ortuvru packed, 21c;20tubi
choice Northern picked,25c; 1000 pounds
ch6lcc Northern packed, a3e; WX) pounds
choke Northern packed. 2'i.V:.
The market ts entirely bare and the tie-
maud active nt 10c to-day. There are
none coining In. W note sales of " boxes
splppers count, lb'o; 500 dozen, 10c; 800
dozen, l&SJlfic.
Receipts nro very light and demand
fair. Prices rule steady and unchanged.
Sales were 1! coops hens, S3 GO; 20 dozen
mixed. S2 T.VJ,'! 23; l coops chickens,
$3 r0Q;i 75.
Theilcmand for choice apples Is steady
and active at S3 ami only a small supply
hi market. Sales were 50 barrels, $3; 25
barrels choice. $3.
These have made their appearance. In
limited quantities, ami holders are pack
ing at 7 GO per box for them,
The demand Is fair and steady with
very few In market. Sales notttl were
30 barrel" early ro;o S3 50; 30 barrels
peach blow $3.
Smoked meats are llrm and lu good ilr
maud. The market U scantily supplied,
i.ani l quiet ami eay. Sales were -1.000
pound bacon shoulder lnoe, Sijc; &,0xi
pounds bacon clear sides loost, t ljot
t trees hu-il, 14.'.
onectisl Dally by t:. M Stearin, conimlsalnn
nierciuni, Becivury ui uie Cairo liounl ol
Flour, ofrnnllnir to cnute. SI 0O3R Of
cum, niixtsli sui kisl TUTSe
(.urn, white, sarkisl (t.7ic
i nits , lulxisl - I.t Mo
mini, per Inn fts3.ii'
Aii-it, slisitii itrltil Jil
llutler, clioiie .Nuithrrn roll in?;
Iiuttcr, clioiic -outlifiii Illinois - fa.ix.
I'lTIIOl ll H-l-C
lilikelis. lurilulili t3 .'Ou.1 "j
luikeya, nr ituin la, i i no
Ahiil".. I'lmlce. Mr li.irrti S3 Wall 'u
Ai'l'lis), coinniiiii, 'er li.it let (v (a,
I'nI.ll.iCi, T b.uul (alllSj
Oiiluiis, a.r barul SM W
Electloa Notice.
Cut t LEtm's Ornrr, )
Caiiio, Ills , March Istti, Is75 $
"VfOTICK Ii lieicliy Kit en, that 011 I iie-day the
JL -."'Ihilny ir.iril, A. I ,lg vtKrneral eli"
linn will Im. lu'lil ill Him I Ifl'iif I "jilen. t.tiitil.r
County, Sjtateut' Illinois, fur Hie tlci-tlun uf the
1 iimu'iiii? naiueti cny omeis, io-iii(. .1 iiuyur,
a city clei k a city (insurer, nelly attorney. 11
ell) asses, ur( ami iineulileiiii in friim each wnril.
T'ir the ttiiniil nviijenrs. tur the purtaireur
it slit eleutluli. mlwill l.e njiemsl nl the l.illuiv-
luir liaiueil iiliiei, to-ii lt In Iho rlrst W anl at
the Ink's uutliies-i liim.e lately ni ciiplisl tiy 1,.
r. i.ii. 1111 uie -niiiiiiriy me 111 im.mii nieti,
ln-(iviiu LiiminercUl ami Wii.tilustuu ait'inies:
Ill the -ecmi'l Want nt the engine Imll-e nl' the
I(oiil.-Ii nmt Ite.nly lite c.iiniaii) In Hie I hint
W1111I nl the euu'iiieliullre ul I lie llllatnian Kile
couieiuyt In He Kuiirlh Want nt the l.tuirt
iinii-vt iiiei ill me ruin vnni 111 1111 nnu-e 111
M . -iiuiMiu, 1111 the .ortti-wri enuiir or
l utllty-tlUll ttliet anil ( iiinint rclul aienue.
suiil eftvtinii will lie onencil al vlk'hl u'rluck In
the niurniiiK. mid enutliiiin n'vn until Mini
u'eluek In tl.e urn rniiun nl Ih.itiluy
ny onirrot me 1 uy council.
t)i-.ilcr In
Uo. GIG North Main Stroot
From the following TiirictleH of Pi 11c Dutn
,l H'i l'er lluien.
Dark ami t.lk'lu llriliimsi II111T nnl I'arlrl'U'i
Cuelnnai llr"uiiuit White l.ehnrns; HuUilaua
ami Hi tr ini H irkiiiKs
I .mailt iine-l a I ul' eirh ilnren I'.ggi In
Hatch iriheyth, uut 1 will replace them at M
Ce.lts 1 er ilnzen
MTi'l st 111111 t'ui'ciictilar.
Ariilivai, lAAC I-YVDH.
M.nllioro, Sunk County, Ohio.
And wliolcinlc ilralcr In
t n 1 1
Keeps a full stork of
Mononcahela and Jlye t
French Brandies,
Rhino, Kelly Island & California
Wholeiila and Retail Dealers tn
At llulen drWition's, Corner Twelfth St,
and Ohio Loves,
WE will' run an Ice wagon throughout the
Stuon, iltllierliiK lmi like lee lu any
liartof tlicelly at the lowe.t nunkfl prke, anil
will uiaoftiriiloh uur rrltinla out.iiU the city with
ce by the cake or car load, puciad In uwdust
ox eluyuicut to ur uiauuiu.
Wines & Liquors
Subscribo for
Leading Journal of Southern
!.( 5w.
it -- J
The Bulletin
YVIIlstcuilf.istl oppose the policies 01 th.
Itepubllcan party, and refunn to be tram
molleU j the dictation ol any clique la th
Demouratlc organization.
Tt hellevca that the Itcpubllcan party dm
mimical ltfi minion, and tint the i)tair
cratlc party an nuw organized slionlu cere
stored to power.
It bellcvett tho Hadlcal tyranny that hai
for several ycara oppressed tho .South
ahould bo overthrown and tbe people ct iu
Southern Ktatei permitted to control tueir
own affair".
It bullovea that railroad corporatloiui
abou'd bo prohibited by leglatlv" f cart
ru uln from cxlortlnc and unjustly da-enm-Inatlni;
In their bualneas tramactlont wttb
the public.
It recognize the equality ol all men be
fore the law.
It adrocatci free comiitcrro' tarttl tor
leienue only.
It advocates resumption of speiL- ;ny
ment, and hnncst piyraent of tho Wide
d bt,
It advocatea economv in the admiriu ra
tion ot public affairs.
The Hull' tin will puldUh all the I"ea. oewj
( I Cairo, and a variety or Comnjcrctti!, i'o
lltieal, Fon bin and Qeueial Kuva, ac en
deavor to please all tastes and tUerot U
Is a thirty-two column paper, lurmnhrct to
subscriber for tho low price of
$1 25 PER YEAE,
Post'ge prepaid. It Is the cheapen paper
in the Wt, and la a pleating ITtreilM
Visitor and Family Companion.
Cannot tall to see the unrivaled indtie
mintt offered by Tho bulletin in tbe way
ol cheap and profitable advertisement!.
-1 1
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