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Knhrhls.nl I ' v 1 1 1 1 n . meet., cvere Krl
vSiUJin 'iy'Uiii t imir-inwi .eii, m odd-
' H ill V. Ii. SLACK.
t halicellur commander.
AI.i:.'.NIti:i! I.ODllK, NO 'ill.
Inliiiiiliiit Order i.r (idd.t-,-1.
Inu-a. fit.-..!. -rv I liliritnl- uKrlif
"tow nt li.ifr-ti.LnL Mlrn. ill their li.ill mi
C'Qiiiiucicial Hti-uuv, li-twceu nixlli unit ."dentil
Ituela. .JolIN II (JossMA, N. O.
CAIKO KSC.VMt'MIINT, I u. o l'..inrtlk
lu Udil-Felluwa' Hull un the Untitle! IhlrU
l'iii-d.iy In every ni'jiilli, ul hull-past m-wii
C- K DLACK , c. r.
ACAIItOt.OIKIi:. NO. 237, A. K. ft A .M
- Hnld uvular communications In Mm
7oulu Hall, corner i niiitm-irl il ateuiie
' 'uml Cllitli nit, mi Hie n'-cuml uml
luililli Holiday ul cell month.
1'nrlsll .Sellout
The Parish M'lioul was opened on Mon
day, Mirch 1 . Hut pupils will ho tc
celved lit u y fine, on ilm condition
already published. Tlio crie- ol I'm
Ic vir Krlck li.tv been secured fur liitrue-
tl ii In tli" (l rm in l iiiiiar. I or Hit i -ii
i .xt it rli 'rR vll Ic in u"c. 1'u.i wllilii!(
to study (jcrmnti only, w.ll tome to the
M'tl'llll at I u c ock p. in.
. "jiuiiLKM . (iii.nitiiT, Hector.
I'rcsli .Supply.
.Mr. 1". l'ltgcruld has Just received and
has on sale, at lili mice room a large stock
of KiikIMi ale, porter, Hciines.y hrnmly
mil wines, ami liquors of all Limit, which
br will ihr-poio ofut reasonable prices.
Kilty to SewntHivu d llur per mon'h.
AiffiitH wmlcd everyw hern. Teaclici", la
Jilt", unt, tc, etc. No capltd or nut
Uy required, hend Si cents for po-tixc on
outBt, to I). C. Wki.ciiman,
II Irvlti fit itlon. I'iiIoii County, Ohio.
nml See llrr.
landlord, ol hotel uml hoarding bouses
will liml It to their ti'lvai 1 ige to call upon
Mr C'leiiiin, N'o 1 2 Fourth street, lie
twciiti V lit u on ami J iii iij t-rt-lal aen
tii i, Mill a-ontaln hern nil' lir duliw hold
ami boa dlii liou-e wu-lie by the week'
Her whlal jirl cs aru extremely
low 7 n'. per dozen. For piecework pr ccs
nrn as lollow,: Mn,'i -hiit mil c-1-l.ir,
lOcs p t dozen H ci sock- tic; two col
lar, fc; IW i luinlkcrclilel", !c; vets iiOV;
anil a'l gentlemen's weur, 7'c prr
loeii. Uiilii' ijri",c", to 60c;
kirt-li to '!); iJrtWHn u to l&c; two
pair lioe f c; two co'lar fi to 1' c. For la
ilii." plain clotlii" ill m p- r ilovn; for la
ilic tltiH u'oitin-, it ii per ilocn; done
ilioinptly, nnI promptly delhcrcl. l'a
trotuK1 olleltoil.
Sullil f'lnirli'x.
(iood In2lo room, on tin-tipper floor at
tlu aaint Cliarlun can lie had, Willi lioard,
t tlii; very low rate of 11 1 per month
lliij ItoiirilPnt.
Two or llirci! hiiIIhiicm can lie accom
in idi'rd I'll d ty linaril. Ilmirc on Wnl
nut. hetweeu S w-nt!i mid Klgfi'li. Apply
nt thin mlkc. a)-VMjt.
Dully I.iiik Ii.
(lorc Uittncr tornerof Fourteenth and
A'aliln'on avenue, will fi.Milth he caller,
Mery day to li p.itron n No. I lunch, bc
'. een ihc houri of ten and twrlvo o'cl ck.
r're-h Mllwiiilkee lieer aud frarint II ivatis
;IH'r to he had at hi- I ir at all timer.
.Notice of Itciuowil.
Snhlclit .V L'lrl.li havu iiinnxcd their
clicmlo I de n a d ilea,lnx etai
lllimiit Imiu the lorner of i'.i litu -nd
tonimrcll to Va-hln;tori Avenue.
lictwoBiiNI ih and T-nlh tr- v. To meet
th -ni-ofiliel' in uy iii,i mer they
hcio onlcru I ami h c J nt rce v d from
K r po i l.i lot ot the tlnet dje Htuff,
and are now rc.i y to ut.end to ny order.
In heir line. :i W !lm.
I'ur Sulc I lienp.
Any per-on wantl if to l.uy a Hji large
hnr-c, lu'de fir wanu o dry, ca he
nt'cu iitnod.i' d I iy ci lin at the MelhoUUt
l'aron i'i! on lliyhth ttfct.
Notice nf IteiiMUlll.
To well known Imrhcr rhop, corner
i: L'lilli iiid 0 nnnenlal, pre Idnlov r t-y
the pnpula nrtut, () oru M lull u-e, Ikii
reiiinw d one d or north on oinnu re ul, !
the (irand Oeirral Hotel. The new i-tiop i
l.i K" "l ciiinm dlou, anil tln'se w nhlng
fur any bins artl-tie n the way of fo.li! n
aid hair vil'tiliKi S'oooth eli;n e-, ct . will
do well 1 1 call at the t irand central Ilarher
hhup. 71 S-IH-tf
IllncliMliiilli Shop.
The old idatid on S ,th street, between
Coram re I a I aiMiiuu and Ohio I.cvcc, In al
wu i o nly to d'i any kind of work lit the
bl.ick-mlt'i lliu, in iklii,'an I rep tiring Wag
on HllKnluitliil l)M), H-pecIa' attention
Uen to linr. -olioein ', h I mako my own
hh'in-; I end iniike them h avy or lltjht,
Jll t a you de Ire, tor you nil know that the
home inulu tdioe. are the bo-t. full round
and iiiii -it u tog vc you-aii-fiicllou.
7 1-lin. I'ltKti. lliiKitr.t.N.
I'alr nml I'estHnl.
Tha Oci inuii Lutheran church pmpo'co
Blvo a lair and festival at tliu Arab DiKinu
Hou-c on April Kith ami 4ih, part cularsof
which will be announced In duo time.
.'MO. t.
I'iiino nml OrKitu Tunl"-.
Jlr. M. Kitliuo des ren tin to ay th it ho Ih
ready to r ecl-o tA tn lor I'l no and ()r
(,'nii tuning, and rep i rliiif mm cjiI liutru
mo u. Order, may be In t at tlm coiner oi
Thlltecnth and Waluiit street-, or l O.
Ho liiVl, and will rccclvo prompt attention,
Afjonts lor tho "Monumental Xo-Chlin-ncy
I.iinip HtiriUT." No finoku or smell
anil no ixplo!nn. 'Hiey Milt uvuryboily,
uml uveryboily buys them bucitnsu they
uri! what overyboily wants. Saiiipln by
ninll for Il.'i contfi. A. S. Stonehakcr, III
I'attcinoii nvciuu', Ualllinori!, general
njjent. ;MC-3t
AVIicnco 'I'liU lireiil Commotion
the country through, ninoiig tliu Alenlnlle
Hliter inongcru? They stand ighast at au
lnnovat on on their privilege, of mukliii
drunkards o( the dick A eompcllt r hm
como Into tho Held with which they cannot
contend. Pit. !. Wai.kku's Oai.ifok.nia
Vini.'OAU IliTTKitS, the undented o-isence
of tho most oftlcaelotH vegclab't) tonlct nml
alterative h In tlm w irld, Is driving all tho
Mill-born noitruins ol Kim; Aleilml to the
wall, Tharo In nn dloao, Internal or ex
termd, In which It U not beneficially admin
lsteroil, 8-17'd & w-4v.
SUNDAY, MAltCII 21, 1875.
For Mayor.
lltiiTrm Hun; I'lej'e Miinoiinc: JOHN' II.
I'HII.I.IS mi ii cinelliliiiv fur .Mayor of i uliu, ut
tlie tii.iiin municipal ciixuuii
.liinuar) u, l9,j. JU.vr Ciruis
I.ochI vVeitlhrr Itepurt.
C'aiiiu, I LI. , March tl ttf7S.
Tiik. Wind i Vtu I VVeaihkh
It Alt
211 N U I I
J u in I (i trf.
oil. J v .
II" i TJ b.11 ii7
li m. I -J mH M
N.W 1
( luiiily.
IUIIf.il! .Ii Inches.
'I HUMAH.iU.VKS. Sfrgl.-S'S. , U. X. A.
I'emeinbcr tliu lecturu on "llcil" nt
Liberal Kellifioui Hull, on Siiiulay even
ing, March 21. Seati lit-c.
Ltiii:iiAi. I.i.ct uiti: CoMMirrnr..
.Sweet 4 hl. r.
A . Jaccki'l, of I lie Tlinllaii mloon.Ii.is on
haml n No. 1 ui'ti lo of eut elder, uml
lor call' by the Klak, plnl, quart or trill
ion. Lovers oflho bevfrsiu will llud
lUU n jiuru iinailuIliTali.il article.
.Mr. OImtIj'm l.vcttire.
To-iihlit, at Liberal Hell'ioiH hull, tit
tin; corner ol Twelfth MriTt and Wu-h-hitou
avt'iiiii.-, Mr. OU'ily will deliver a
lecturi', Uiklii' for his Mibjet t, 'Hell."
The Ab.-ooiatloii extend :i cordial Invila
lion to nil.
It Is riiinorcil that Mr'. 1'iteralil, n
lady ri.'iddlii; near the corner of Fourth
street uml Wa'hlutou nvcinu. wa, n
lew days ao, attacked with the Miiall
pox. but iiiauy iy that the il.-xt-; U
nothing inoru than a -were caeof chick-eii-jio.
Tlic wrvlet at the Church of the
det'iner will be held at the usual ho iir.
The fiibject of the cerinon hi the evening;
will l"'Our social Duties to the l otui
Men." Diirln- Holy Wwk the Church
will be opened for mtvIimj, Monday, Tiic
day anil Wednesday, at l:IWp. in. ;Tluir
day nlht, 7:30 for mtiiiiiii ami tlm Holy
Coiiiiiiuulou ; (ood trtday. lull ".erviec
at 11 a. in. and l:.'(0 p. in.
itnl f 'I limiltH,
C'aiuo, March 'JI, 1S75.
KniTOit Iln.LKTi.vj Through your
columux plea?e iillow me to thank .Me.-ir-.
Ahb ii, WMdward, Arter, Mcllalc and
Able; a)o Mai-ter- Hob and lli-ey Wood
ward, and other?, who-e u.iuie we now
fall to reineinlKT, for their etllcleut 'enl-
rendered ilurin' ami aftwr the lire of
la't Wfilne-day nlht.
Truly your.-, Ac,
(ir.o. II. OLMiTKAt.
Tilt" Lute Klre.
In our account of the lire of Wednes
day night wo failed to notice tlm fact that
this Iioiimj on the corner of Tenth anil
Walnut i-trect-, (except the grocery store
III front.) was occupied a a re-idence by
Mr. (!eo. K. Ohn-le.ul. At tho lime Hie
lire occurred, Mr. O. vn on a vl-lt to
hW frleiiiN at Caledniila, and only reached
hii late home In time to 'ce It u heap of
iinioulderiiii; ruin-. A portion of his fur
niture was -aved in a dainited coiiditiou,
but the family clothing, (except mch ii
they had on) wa totally destroyed. Wo
iiiider-taud hit lo-s will not tall lnu t of
lour hundred dollar-. In another col
limn Mr. 0. publl-hes :t card ol thanks
to friends for their us-Utancc on the
night of Ihc lire.
A Kllclit .Mlminiler.imitllii.
Ye-tcrd.iy morning, between 'J and 10
o'clock, two colored men, named Hodge
and llaniiy became engaged In a coutro-ver-y
almut a wheel-barrow load ot coal
which Hodge had found or claimed he
had picked up on the streets, but which
Huuiiy declared he had picked up and
piled away, o that he might get it when
lit) felt so dl-pood. The tli-piite dually
grew tube very hot, when Hodge struck
Huuiiy In the uioiith anil kuoikcd ..nn
down, llauny was not to be easily whip
ped, anil regaining hU footing, he went
to work in it scieiilitlc maimer, and gavo
his adver-ary a pumtueliiig that he will
not soon forget. The allalr was dually
settled by each taking a -bare of the coal,
and now Hodge and Huuiiy arc once
inorti friends.
Watlr mill Itotiei lt ItlsclinrKcil,
The prcllinlnary exumlnatlon ol" Wnile
nml Huberts, the two men recently ar
rested near Dog Tooth Hend, cliarged
with the murder of John Delauy, was
brought ton close yesterday, mid ended
In the (11-chargu of both tho prisoner.
Wo have now in our hands the testimo
ny hi full of each of the witnesses mio
pocnacd In the case, which wo will.pub
llsli In ft 11 on Tiicday morning, feeling
that wo should do o injustice to Messrs.
llobei ts and Wade, having given space
In thcKU columns to what has turned out
to be an untrue statement, but which,
nevertheless, was communicated to us by
a gentleman in whom wo havu the utmost
coiilldence, anil who gleaned Itj as It was
given to us, Irom parties who clulincd to
know all about the nfialr.
An Anent Wanted for llto VlclorSew
Intf iliicliliie Coinpiiu'.
Thos, G. Mathews, traveling agent for
the Victor, Is stopping nt tlm Arlington
hotel, where a sample ol tliu Victor will
be on exhibition for a few days. Any
lady or gentleman wishing to engago In
, this business is invited to call ami exam
! ino tho Victor and test Us merits. Coin
I missions more liberal than any other
llrst-class Sewing Machine- Company, and
n machine that im'coiul to no other In
i tho market. ;t-19-2t.
j runners Jiollee.
Iluy your Field ami (latdcii Seed nt New
York Store. Timothy nml Clover Seed, On
ion Sett, Karly Kono Semi Potatoes, Oats,
Swcot Corn, Hungarian Hussott Seed lo-
tutoeu, Pens by tho o,uart, Hod Top, Cost
and Steel l'lowe, Plow Hitrnnss &.; .full
linos anil prices guaraiitoo'l low,
8-3-io-iot. ciiA8. o.rATiicnaco.
Hurfucr lo the I rout, n f Hunt w
Oambrlnui Commoneei 3IU Royal Reign in
Cairo lor tho Summer ot 1875,
IMmuiid Htiefiier, the enorgcllchost of
the 1'lanters' House, Ohio Levee, has pro
pared his lino dancing room for a Sacred
Concert thU (Sunday) evening, anil In
vites the public. Ho has provided aplen
did music, and assures llio people of (,'nlro
Unit they will be r 'rtitliicd Inn most
pleasing m.'ii ii
Yesterday he iccived a car load of
ScIiUI.'k celebrated Milwaukee bei'r the
only beer of the kind in Cairo tit the pres
ent time, and the best lager iiitulu In the
United .States. Lat .Summer it was the
favoritu beverage of the city, and did
more to ndvaucu the cauoof teiuperniico
abstinence (roui strong drink than nil
the temperance lecturers In the country.
fner will beep It from this tlmo con
stitutly on hand.
Of course this ha nothing to do with
the concert lo-ulght. It Is a fact we Men
tion by the way. Just because we lia
pencil to think of it. This Inter is much
bettcrthitn Heats' Milwaukee, now o gen
erally dispensed nt the saloon countcm
In Cairo. Everybody says so. In 1870,
when Schlit. commence;! brewing ut
Milwaukee, he made 8,717 barrels; In 1871
he iiiad.! Il,0:t7; In 1872, a0,803; In 1873,
Iti.tliV In 177 1, 70,000. This shows the
public appreciation of (he Schlit. btcr.
The concert, with which till Ibis (II
course on beer has nothing to do, will
commence to-night at 8 o'clock.
Tluit thepubllc may have au opportu
nlty to Indulge In the cxipilslte Seblit.'s
leer Ireshas n new-blown nt; Ilnet-
ner w ill pre:ul an extra flue frclutich to
morrow (Monday) morning. To iuhl to
the pleasure of drinking tils splcndcd
beer, pickled vcl. nnd ccrtiihi other dihes
of Charley I'lUferllng!! eokhig, will be
served up.
Hut don't forg the rinccrt to-night
(Jenernl llem.
Ve neglected to stab; in yesterday
morning's I--iie of the Hn.i.iiTi.vthat Mr.
1'. II. l'o".of Chicago, was the lo-crofa
buggy by the burning of Mr. Parker's
stable on Weilne-day night.
We learn that William Oakley, who
was so badly injured some weeks ago at
Mt. Carmel, by a freight train on the
Cairo vt Vinccnncs railroad. Is slowly
improving, though the pain which lie
Millers Is said to be Intense.
It is 'aid that Mr. French Axley, one
of the linn of Parker it Axley, commie
don merchant- of this city, will enter the
Held nt the municipal election for the of
llceofclty clerk, and w ill make a very
strong raw.- for the po-itiou.
Hujnes in the police court was
lively yesterday. It seemed to us
licit the whole town had broken loo-cand
gone on a rampage. If plenty of work
would make a man happy, Judge Hlnl
was certainly in a most pleasant Mate of
Friday afternoon, while the mammoth
steamer Hell Lee was being towed to the
upper part of the city by a tug, she broke
looe, the "-troiig current being too much
for the fit-teniug-i, and went against Phil
lips' wharf-boat with a cru-h. Hut little
damage was done.
Ow big to the heavy stage of water
now In the Ohio river, drift-wood Is plenty
in that stream, and the boys who make a
bit-lui'ss of laying about the wharf, are
kept bti-y pulling It out to ite for lire
wood. Load nfter load of it Is now
being caught tip.
Owing to the Inclement weather of
Friday night la-t, the Knights Templar
concluded to po-tpoue their -ccond --ocia-bl'j
mull the coming Fr ilty night, when
they hope to be lease I and honored
by the presence of tho .c w ho hold Invita
tions. The "Taylor Literary Society" will
hold their second meeting in the council
chamber next Wcdiie-duy night. A very
intere-tlng programme1 has been arranged
toi this oceaion,coul-tiug ofadebate.au
on.' ion, an esiiy anil select reading, anil
the members of the society extend a
hearty Invitation to all to be present.
The Turner Society are still going
ahead with the preparations for their
grand ball and supper, which they pro
pose giving on Ea-ter Monday night.
Tin' members of the -ociety are manifest
ing niue-li interest in the ulialr, and they
as-ure us that it will be au occasion long
to be remembered by the people of this
city, and we believe them.
We hear that tho member of the
Thalian Club, which was disbanded after
Tjiu last party given by them at the St.
Charles hotel, will come together Imme
diately alter Lent ami give a party, that
they will endeavor to make creditable,
and we can see no reason whatever why
it should not be, as their circle ot friends
have not beenalfordcd a pleasure of this
kind for a long while, and uro hungry for
Next Wednesday night tho Liberal
Religious Association will give another
of their sociables which have proved to bo
n source of so much pleasure to tho pub
lic generally of this city. As usual, Els
cubiirg'.s string baud will be present to
furnish music for those who may wish to
spend the evening in dancing,
and nil who may wish to
atlend can rc-st assured Unit they will be
highly pleased with the pleasure, that is
ever idlorded nt these entertainments.
A littlo colored boy attempted to
ride a mule Into tliu water In Locust
Grove a day or two ngu, when tho ani
mal inaile a dash mid lauded about llftccu
feet from tho shore. Tliu boy becanio
frightened and tried hard to get him
headed for tho shoro again, but tho mule
was mad, nnd never stopped until he had
reached the opposite sldu of tliu pond,
splashing mud and water nil over the
rider at every Jump. When ho landed
on the shoro he gave n hearty shako and
tumbled the boy oil, scratching his hands
mid face up,but doing him no other injury.
Jut Ileccivlil.
Splendid lino of Spring Prlnls, now open.
Also full lino of Ltdics.' and Oont'n shoos,
ut Etstern price, Ijo.1i ut wliolenalo uml
retail ut New Yoiik Store,
HcIiIIU'h Milwaukee Ilcr.
It will bo remembered that Mr. A.
Jacckcl supplied his patrons Inst summer
with Schllt.'fl celebrated Milwaukee beer,
which Is pronounced far superior to that
manufactured by the Heat company, and
our beer-drinkers have been tit u loss to
know why Mr. .1. has not kept It since.
This was owing to tliu fact that it could
not be shipped during the w inter in less
rpiantttics than the car-load, packed In
hay, etc., to prevent It from Ireezlug, and
also to the fact tbt the company,
owing to the heavy demand on
them for their beer, could not
supply deal rs by the car-load. We note
in a lull: number ofthe Milwaukee Sentinel
that of tliu &0.8.V) barrels or beer
the eleven companies ol that city hnd on
band the first of the present month, 2.'!,
001 barrels belonged to the Schlltz
brewing company, ami that the
company have now every facility
for supplying Hie demands made
on them, no matter how heavy they may
be. Mr. .'acckcl lui made arrangements
whereby he will keep constantly on hand
this celebrated beer, and will have the
same on tap this morning, where lovers of
lager nro Invited to will and test It.
Polltleiansshould by all menus call nrnuiid
and sample this great electioneering bev
erage, as the time is approaching when
they will be expected to dispense It with
tt liberal hand.
Snturilny n I.Uclj Hay
I onrl.
Ill (lie Police
Plenty ef Work and Ho Pay for Hli Honor,
Judge Bird.
For many a day past business hi the
police courts, of this city ha been ex
tremely dull, the work taken one day
with another not averaging more than
one case per day. Yesterday, however,
was an exception, Judge Hlrd's court
room living full ol men. women ami child
ren from eight o'clock In the morning,
until four o'clock In the afternoon, but
for that gentleman the profit of his labor
amounted to not one cent, each nnd every
prisoner committed having gone to serve
out Ids time at Jailor McCarthy's cafe.
The first cae that demanded the at
tention of His Honor, was that of Matt
Price, a colored man, who was arrested
on a warrant taken out by Frank Thotni
sou, iil-o a colored man, charging him
with stealing tweiity-nliie dollars of hard
earned money. It seems that Frank had
great confidence in his wife, and as he
earned money, would take It to her, and
she, like a miser, would hide it under the
pillow of her bed, which she had found to
be a good a safe as she wanted, up till
a tew days ago, when lo '. and bchold.shc
mi cd the treasure. Some one hail gone
down on it. and they Frank and his
wile Knew ol no one who was acquainted
with the hiding place but Matt, who they
at once had bagged, but the evidence was
not sutlk-ieiit to convict him, and he wa
The next cac was that of Frank
O'Nell, who was found dead drunk In u
negro ranch In the lower part of tliu city,
bv Olllcers Cain and Hrown on Friday
night, ami was taken before the tribunal
of Ju-tlco, where lie was llud five dollars
and co-t.s. Having been robbed ol a for
tune, which lie claimed he h td hi Ills
vet pocket, he wiu left a pauper, and ac
cordingly took up his abode with Mc
Carthy, with whom he will sojourn for
three day?.
Then came Tom Hlack, a gentleman
who had "fell In wid some frens, and
taken a swig or two." This swig or two
seemed to make Thomas imusitally hila
rious, as tin; noise made b hi in with his
"Ya ha, whoop, whoop, hurrah," near
the Planter'.- hou-e on Friday evening,
wa enough to awaken the dead. While
in till- cheerful state of mlml, hu was
taken hi charge by Officers Cain and
Hrown. who marched him to the lock-up.
where he amused McCarthy during the
night by yelling murder, fire, thieves, '
etc., and finally wound up In the morning
by kicking over the stove. He was es
corted to tliu court room yesterday morn
ing, nnd was compensated for the concert
he had delighted the jailor with, and his
other iul-deiucauor, by the judge, who
as-esscd a llnu against him of twenty dol
lars ami co-ts. He went to fill an en
gagement of fifteen nights with Mc-.
Carthy, during which lime, he will very
likely compose and execute some line
tnii-lc, nml perform a number of start
ling and wonderful feats.
HeulM'ii Smith, a colored man, went
to the river yesterday inornlngand pulled
out a lot of drift-wood, which, with the
pernil ion of the clerk of one of the
wharf boats, he piled on the boats, ami
then procured a dray to haul It to his
house. While he was absent, Frank Hen
ctnip. a whlto boy, wont to tho wharf
boat ami when the drayman came to take
the wood, Frank tried to stophhn,.sayiug
the wood belonged to him. Smith told
Frank that he had picked the wood from
the river, nnd a dispute arose. Finally,
Frank struck Smith with a rock, for
which Smith hud him arrested and lined
five dollars and costs. He went to jail,
but not until he had a warrant Issued for
Ileuben, who, ho claimed, had attempted
to strike hhn, but the evidence was too
weak to convict him, and lie was dis
charged. The next case was that of a colored
man named Hobcrt Sanderson, who was
picked up on tliu lovee, Saturday night,
with a sack of smoked pork on bis back,
by olllcers Cain nud Hrown. Tho evi
dence showed that Robert had been
going down In a barrel of meat on Phil
lips' wharf-boat, nud tho judge held hiin
to ball in tliu sum of live hundred dollars
to answer tliu charge nt tho next term of
the circuit court, mid now ho reclines In
n cell of tho county Jail.
Wayno Swank, the colored boy arrest
ed by Deputy Sherlll'Sheehan a few days
ago, for having mado himself too numer
ous around llowlo Hi-others' pork pack
ing establishment, ami thereby getting a
number of Jhosu'gontli'men's hams Into
his keeping without their consent, had a
hearing before Justice Comings yesterday
niornltnf, nud was bound over In tho sum
of five hundred dollars to answer tho
charge at tho next term ofthe circuit court.
He Is now on exhibition at the county
Joe HoLeker Is now In full control ol
iho Washington bikeiy, and having learn
rd the wants of Ilia public, Is prepared to
U ply on call all demands for French loaf,
llo-ton, Drown uml Or.ihnm hrcad, ml
everything elso ordinarily found lu a first-clas-biik
ry. He maintains a lu l stock ol
conleetioiierles, and can, as wcl! any
other dealer In the city, till all orders In
that line, Cakes baked, irosted or orna
mented on short notice. Sporla laltenilon
given lo tho oner or wedding or picnic
fatties. 9 12-tr.
Illrarhlni; nml Trimming.
.Mrs. il. in William. en wl lies toaiiuouncc
to tlm public uml her old atroustli.it she
Is prepired to bleach, press uml shape hats
In tho very latest style, al the low price ol
75 cunts each. Her porronnl attention will
he men to trimming lints and bonnets.
Price 2S lo fit) cents. Residence on Wush
Ingt -n avenue, between Eighth and Ninth
Mrct". Any j oilng I idy desiring to learn
the hlldness may upply to inn.
3- sxit. juts. Sam Williamson.
Our .Snloon.
The nbove saloon, corner of Eighth street
and Commercial avenun, Is fixed up In
g -od style airy nml comlortablc. Ever'
-unday morning ynu will Hnd spread a No.
ll.unchanda ,''' f Milwaukee lager
beer, which can't be beat, and there Is not
any change, lb hlnd ti c Hir you will timl
the In st kind if I.tiiuors nud CL-ars, uml
my desire i to glvu ctery ono ol my eiisto
mcrs who patronize me, satisfaction.
Cull round I Kurd. Hofiikixz.
,1 Positive Cure For Itliciimnllsm
for sale at the drug store ol .M.J. Mctlaulcy,
between El htc nth and Nineteenth streets
on Commercial avenue. :) li
Tuo.llorse Wnicoit For .Sale.
A new wairnu lor tale nt bargain,
ply at trie Hullktin couutlnB-rootn.
Iliipp' Hollef for Yoiinir .Men from the
tflVct of Krrors anil AIhihm in mily life. .Mnn
hood reatoml. Iiiiilliiicnts to Marriage re
moval. New rartliixl of treatment- New and
rtmarkabli! rrmnlltn. llookaaud circulars sent
free, In scilwl cnveloi AiMrea, IIOWAIttl
AS-OU.vl ION, 119 N Ninth street. Philadel
phia, l'a , un Institution having a high reputa
tion for hnnnraljle conduct and professional
skill. ItKM-IS-ilSwSm
lottcr Lilt.
Lit of letters remaining uncalled for
In the Pot Olllce nt Cairo, Illinois. Satur
day, March 'JO, 1S73.
ladies' list.
Anderson Kettle.
Hell M iry, Hlato Margaret. Hou:hct Jen
nie, Ilcckun Honoro.
Cham -Ion N, Chambers K nrlino.
Desmond Kuza, Krlcs l'llzubcth.
Frrob Mrs F, Korgy Commit.
G llman Clara.
Harvard K ith, Hunter Fauulc.
Jo kl s E Iz beth.
Knutz I, u.
Llmanu Minnie.
McConi-el W II, Magen Susan.
l'o ter Julia, I'crbain llo-e.
K l.crt- ii l.'ui iy, lliigeizlc.ka 31 ry, HI-
ley .Mr-J C.
Siov II njrglc, Shorley Mrs Mary, ii'iel
ton Mary.
iuhh H I..
W, dm u W, Welch M A, Walker Katy,
Ward Lulu.
Anderson Ui.lle Ad m- Poicr, Anderson
C u. ,
llrlgs ,t llro, Ilern idlnl Achllle, lluchan
nan M, Ilulcy Hrue, lleuch 0 o w,
Uuilington J L, lUrreti J i II. Hue. worth
Mr, llui'kljj'iiaul Stephen, Heiicluul W. 11.
Costs Ell) 'b, arney Josiali,
E '1 son M , E.c0'er U C
Fry lley
Geek w :s.
Hall larr C, Harris h II, Hues Tim,
Hays Willhni, lloa.erlu Win, lloi'i Win.
Kendail w C.
Lantz I ian'1. i ow Moe.
M anus Alfred, Mabmey Oa Ul, McDowel
folin.M DcruoiJohn Mut own.! L, Mur
phy Joe, Mulllus M E, Manner Mich'l,
liar in It.
Nicholas Geo.
OldUnm Japer.
1'iiiclthwilt L'dw'd.
Sclgw.rtAS" Movall I) II, Stocko Geo,
SUvun Js, -kedd Will.
I hnmp.oii John
Vlrgen Clns. Vanlels D.
Persons eallhijf for the above letters
will please say "Advertised."
Geo. W. MclvKAto
P. M.
I'orl 1. 1st.
Steamer Genevieve, St. Louis.
" Nick Longworth, Cincinnati.
" Pat Cleburne, Evansvllle.
City of Chester, .Memphis.
" CityofQuincy, St. Louis.
" John X. .Macomb, .Mound City.
" Louisville, New Orleans.
" -Mary Houston, Louisville.
" Colorado, Vlcksburg,
Steamer Genevieve, Vlcksburg.
" Nick Longworth, New Orleans.
" l'at Cloburne, Kvausvllle.
" City of Qulncy, New Orleans.
City ot Chester, St. Louis.
" Come nnd See Me, Ohio.
" LouUville, Clncliinatl.
" Mary Houston, Now Orleans.
Colorado, St. Louis.
mvr.it, nusiNLsa and wkather. . , 71
The river lias risen 2 inches since
last report, and continues to rise at a slow BREIH AN
rate. The Mississippi contlntiecs ( '
falling at St. Louis, and If tho prusont se- LoV00'
vero weather continues (or a day or two d Fourth Stroots,
longer It will be down to Its fori iter low t iUua Dealer In
stage. The Ohio Is declining at CluUn
natl and Evansvllle, and it Is expected 9 BOOr,
tmit It will soon commence falling here. WeiSS BOGF,
The Cumberland Is on a stand with 33 j in
feet of water on the ShoaK 1 luslness lu AAG
wr. Iweot Cider,
. -,T " "
icusciy cum, nun i.'viiiiiiii".w .-.'v
cold yesterday.
-DavU is smaller thau wo ti':otight.
Hccausehe failed In getting an advertise
ment of the Evansvllle Packet company,
he devotes one-tenth of his little sheet In
correcting our report.
The little Come nnd See Me passed
up the Ohio yesterday withabargo lu
The U.S. snag boat John N. Macomb
(all Iron except the cabin) Is In port. Hho
will leave to-day for St. Louis, and from
there will go up the .Missouri river.
The City of Chester anil Colorado
passed up with light freight trips.
liuj Nashville hud a fair up stream
trip. Shu hnd loO tons of gunboat Iron,
w hlch she will discharge nt Covington.
The City of Qulncy added 200 tons of
com, oats and meal, and left loaded Hut
on the water. She has at least 1,100 tons
with W hut Shu added here.
Tliu Mary Houston iiussed down with
u big (rip of both people and freight. Shu
added 100 burrels com meal here.
The elegant side-wheel pas'cngcr
steamer Pat Cleburne, Capl. John joll'r"-'.V lattW.
In command, with Mnt William, lu the
olllec, will leave at 0 o'clock this evening
for Kvaiisvllle and way points.
-The largo and beautiful side-wheel
passenger steamer Charles Morgan will
leave to-morrow for Clncliinatl and way
points. Capt. Albert! rfteln Is her popu -
lar commander, and Harry, her gentle-
nemlv first elerk
iii.uilj ursii.ltrK.
The City of Vlcksburg, Hob ltd
ley, master, Is due tomorrow from St.
The Ilelle Leo Is silll in port, and Is
likely to remain here for a few days. Her
captain lelt for St. Louis Friday to nego
tiate for a new hull.
The Thomas Means sunk a barge
loaded with :)50 tons of Iron at Cave-ln-Itock,
on Weilncil.iy. She was en route
from St. Louis to Wheeling. She pro
ceeded to her destination with the bal
ance ot her tow.
YV.MI Dkl-AliniCNT, ltlM.ll llKI'Olir,
.March Vl, .rt.V
II 4
II) .1
17 It
9 0
0 -tl
-1 0
i)( xi
hruunv le
tit. Louis
III !)
For Evamville, Louliville and Cincinnati.
The elesaut paj-engcr steamer
Albert feitis .
IUkiiy STKl.S ...
Will leave MONDAY, MAltCII 2.'.
t or rreigut or pu-siice upniy to
.1 St. l'HILLIPS, Agent.
For City Clerk.
EntTOH nt-LLEiiNi I'lrasa announce mc as a
candidate lur the olllce of City Clerk, at the en-
(tlltiK municipal ciw nnn.
1 .', t-iMv-rlt IV! I'V
Evansvllle, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shawnootown, Evans-
villo, Xjouiivillo, Cincinnati
and all way landings.
The unrivalled sldi-nheet steamer
D Cm FntVLEit Af-Htcr.
r.n. It. 'lnoMAs...... Clerk.
w 111 leave e.vuinvHller.irralroevcry MONDAY
and Til (Jltis. i VI ut I o'clock p in
Leives Cairo every Tb'KSD.Vt and FltlDAY.at
U o'clock p. m
The elegant Jhlc-wlii.l ateamcr
IIes llowanu Jbilir.
WaltluII. t'cs.NiNOTOV Clerk.
Will leatf l.vun,vllle for lalroevary 'lUUS-
t V and Flti V nt I o'clock ii. m.
t ill liatu alrocvery t LID.MianA Valid SAT-
UUDAYutii o'clock p. m.
The decant alik-whrel ateamer
.Ions- (.off Maater.
Mat. Williams Clerk.
Leave Kvnnsvllle for Cairo evcrr WKDNES-
1) Valid sAlUUADY nt 5 p. Ill
Leave calro every I ItUttbDA Y and SUNDAY
ut il p m
Kach boat mikesclojo connections nt Cairo
Willi llral-cliuia atenncr I'ur -t Louis, .Mem
phis uml New Orleaiii, and at Kvausvllle with
Ihc H & C II. It lor all nuliits North aiut Kant,
uml with lliu Louliville Hull nU'iimera fur all
jioiuta on the Upper Ohio, itivinK tlirouuli re
ceiiita on fivlrihls and pxtaent;cra to ull poluta
For lurth r Inform itlon apply to
SOL. MlLVUit, I'usaenscr Agent.
II.VLt.IDAY llttOS ,(.,,.
I. M. I'll ll.l.ll'.S, l8nt.
Or to .1 UtUMMKIt,
Siiperinlcnilcnt and General Fielirht .Kcnt,
l--j.'Jn-ly. Lvutisvllle tndiuii.t.
Election Notice.
CityClkmk'h OlTirK, )
Caiiio, Ills , March lsth, Itf'S i
NOTICK I hereby Kivcn, thuton tnesdaythe
i'lh day of April, A.U ,lB7VKv'rld
tlon will
lie held lu the city r Cairo, Aicxanner
t'lllllltV. f
ol Illinois, fur the election or tue
following iiameil city ollieis, lo- llt
iV mayor,
. 1-iifri.rL. nrltv tn iiiiirer. h citv attorney
city asjeasor, anil one alderman from each ward,
for the termor two jeurs. For the punw.eiof
aulil election. h will he oiwiwl at Ihe follow
lux naineil placea, to-vvlt: In the Flrat Wuivl at
the brick liilslnem house lately occupleil by h,
F, Davis, on th Southerly side of sixth alreit,
lietweeu Commercial and Washington uveuuesi
In the second Waitl ut Ihe cnirinc house of the
ItmiKli and Iteady Fire compiiuytin the T hint
Wuiit ut the eiiKinehoute ofthe Hibernian Hie
company I In the Fourth Ward at Ihe Court
Mouse; and in the fifth Want nt the houo of
II. a. Milllvan, on Ihe Norlh-wet corner of
Tvventy-lllth street and Commercial uvenne.
.aid election will bo opened at eltrht o'clock In
the niurnliiKi ami continue open uutil seven
o'clock lu the afternoon ol that ilay.
lly onlerofthe City council.
' WILL U. HAWKINS, City Clerk.
tn ana Ohio Lavoe, XTONH hnt
ILI.INOI8. -s- "fntea.
t'pti .
City National Baik
,ida Wator. Ftn
ouM aainiv raftMimillrtiL MU'JT.UaLaBJilUIILKa
z.'rizz'u w,.iiu:;7Krz I
". . uk b.L.a i lit mi u.ir,iianeaau.i
Huvn lirruu Co., Ill Brly, Ki Tf r
rnercnam, secretary of Uw Cairo lloanl
- - - ' 4 oi Jimrnii cninuiiiita
riuurf iu KiMe.M,,HM(. ii 0OZ8
I x rti . urltllj. afts rrl ..... . .
Will. niiAi'i, n-,.-. M..M1, TW?
.J Wk Lfl . llliaill.aaa.aal aaaMaaaaa aaa fm OM
itiuiif iur ION ... t...M as, ..., QL7S
.1 nil. Mipniii tritn i
Kkit,. itenlozen
(anckens, per dozen
lUrkeVB. Inlnf.n
;orai 7
.i'i' -s. cimice, tier barrel
Apples, oimmoii, iwr barrel
.3 00-41
i-uiaiiies, ier barrel ...
Onlom, per twrrel ....
man Physician,
,w. Iilork, (up-iulrt), MMW
Id Washington annus. '
.mo irrivots
''h ."trf, ljetwe-n Coramsr-
! ""''"'''
1 ne' al '-aw.
? I'f'.r' room fonaarW
Jy Ural National llank. '
iiito. u.u.vuid.
h and foimMclnr
af Iviuv.
Iv-e. rnsm, ? an.1 a
i National Ilank.
Spocial AssoBsmont iVotico.
PUIILIC NOUlKIa hereby gbren that tha
Circuit ami lounty CourU of Alexander
County, have renileml JmlKinenl for a special
assessment upon prorty benelllleU by tha fot
lonrlnir Inipiovement, vli,; Uravellng Ohio
Ivei! street from Fourth to Fourteenth itreeu,
as will mure fully appear iora the certified copy
ortliejiiilirmenta on file in IbeoOlceof tha ( Icrfc
or Hie City or Cairo that a wnrrant fof tha col
lectlnii ol such RSMMsmenU la lathe hand nf tha
undersigned. All l er.ons Interested are hereby
nntlllnt to cull and pay the amounts aasesied. at
the collector' nUU-n.Nn. IhK nmmerrlal anua.
witliln thirty oays irom the date hereof.
Dated Una Utli ilay of-MstTh, A 11. 1875.
City Treaa. and Kx-offlclo Collector.
ANY person aurTering from the above aieA
Is rtspiiMted to adilresa Dr l'rlreamla trial
bottla nf his miiliclne will Iw forwarded FltKt.
Dr l'ricn la a rrKUlarphyaician, and has made
mc treatment ot
a study for years, and he will warrant a cure by
the use of his remedy
Do not fall to semi to him for a trial bottle) U
costs nuliunf, and he
matter how tone Btamllwr your case nu
be, or how many other remedies may have
Circulars and testimonials ant with
Kew York.
"A lleposltory of Fitslilon. Vienaure
nuu iiiHirnelloii."
Tho llazarfs edited witti a contribution
oft io ami talent hat we reldorn lind Inany
Journal; huh the journal It-ell is the org n
ol the great world of luohlon. liostn Trav
el r.
The Itir.-i commends 't-ell to every mem
ber f the h UKClndd to the cblldr u by
droll and pre t pic tires, to tue young la-die-
by ta la.lno i plutcs lu cmdeas rar ety,
to tliu i rnvlili nt matioii by its pa ler a for
ft. 111m llllll lll!il-ii for etlltlint.(Ar...1 allnii...
iu.iiiii'l: maviu ul in- , UAlir IS UllliOru.U OI
... ........ II. ....... f,'i.. . . .
.. iiiuu uu... ., ... (u. ... UICD1UCUU UIU1IU
ii uuuriia .v. i. .,unio x'oai,
TKltM-i :
Harper's llazur. ono year.... 94 00
Koin dollar' ncludes prepaymeit of
S. pi'.sliiL'e by the publishers..
I. .... I . . ' X ... 1 1 1 -
btlliHi allitlii B to Ha or' Marrailn
.r A O Oil. nrlu-il nf Ham wtu P.WAai
eals t otiu address for ono yea , 97 00
portage tree.
An extra eonv of either thnMiirazlna
HQ on without o.x'raC' py ; po-fage tree,
Ih.. v-i.iir. I CM HO ITO 7l 1? l-a "1
. - . . ' ' - .- .
7 HO each
rV,.u-.nDn.r. ... n, ,n ..n. III. .I
ttur per.v tiiouier
Adilre h II AltrKH.t IIHOTIIEK's. N. Y.
." '. '..'I. 1 rrr
Tlmpsi1 "Tli IicnI, rlienpeal, nud
luoai aueeesp.1111 aniuiiy a'uper
lu the Vulon
mi. - 11. . .1.1.. I . . I . 1 .. -.. .
ami convincing, uud carry much weight
1 . 1 I "1 uunu , . ALB SUlLUIiaiB .1 u .Liiuim I
i. i instniiinna or current ftventa are in
and trca-i, ami are prepared by nur beatue
ncrions. ana un innuonce ai an oreun
.million la almniv tremanflnlla. mi w,l
tircsaca ueciacu view on Domical anu
i La HTLieiea aru moueia 01 oiltu-loiidu ui
cusslon. and its pictorial llluatrationi ar
nrtnn nnprnrritt v r 1 1 m p ri i nr nn mm
force. aN. i. lixaminor unu uorooicjo
1 1 a nannru in.iiii kiiiliiulu uriL'uui i
lraorclal. ,..
ic.ii.ua .
Postage free to .ubscrlben In the Unite
namer's "WaeVly, one yeir ...fa 00
Four dollars include prepayment of
TTTI1 TT1T-' I V ' . .
I Wookly. and llarar, v ono auureas lor
r, rn.r iftiiiKiior. iwu ui iinriivra x en
CaiB, to OHO .sun" w- w 1 J , Tl
ni.tmrH fre.
CIUO ' M. .-" - w. ww
. i . . i . n r nvu uiirMii.riiirrH . . ma t . i ai.n.
mm remiiiaiice; or. aix copien lor r-u
wittinot ex rs conv; uoaiairo tree.
.. .... i. r. ... ,:.....t..ia.i M
i fin anuuai iDiuaiai oi tiimiri wecai
in ..Ant pinin iiiniunoi toin urn nv a
prcr. inooi eapeuao, lor i w eaca.
cut on receiptor capiat tie rt of 90.
per volume, freigut at the eJtpene ot
rasVunNK.nan r not la MPT thM
vcrtUcment without tn exprew orden
Harper Hrotbera. ..'

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