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Rending Hatter an Kvcry 1'ngo.
JOHN It. OBERLY, Editor.
Unit known that Tom MerrUt. the Jo
vial unci able Marlon county ri'iireK'iilii
tlvi1, In the House nt SprlnulU'Iil Mutter."
Willi tliU knowledge read this Item from
tlio Qiilney Whig, mui lnuli: "On.
Singleton keeps n number of line 1of
around his ptvmWe, nil ii.ilt tuml inofl'eii
she. Tom Murrltt, of Sprltiglluhl, was
out there Sunday nntl took real IntereM
In the amines, lie putted the St. Iter
.lunU, nnd made friends with tin; terrier,
but when he potto coaxing tho big black
fellows on the doorstep the company ux
plotted. Men Hi sube(picntl,v explained
hat he's-s-saw they uerec-c-cast-lron.' "
The April number ot lilppineotf.i Is
very attractive nnd popular. The. con-
cluillnp pap:r on "Austndlan Scenes and
Adventures" Is remarknbly well written,
contains numerous nnd Instructive facts,
nnd Is handsomely illustrated. "The
Golden Eagle and Ills Eyrie," with lie
beautiful illustrations, will prove n ver.v
Interesting paper to moU readers. Mr.
Black's '-Three Feathers" Is decidedly tli
best serial novel that American reader
have to read In these days, and the April
Installment tirliuri the reader to a ver.v
fascinating point in the story. Then fol
lows an exquisite "Sonnet" bv F. A.
Hlllard. "Xlcc." by K. Davey, is a line
descriptive article, full of information
about that old city nnd Its ways, and Is
written In the author's well-known clear
and forcible style. "The ltakol, and
Sects in Kiifla" contains a good
deal ot Instruction principally of an ec
clesiastical and theological character.
"Eleanor's Career." by Ita Anlol Pro
kop, is short and interesting, with the
usual supposed pleasant ending. "Seven
ty Years Ago." by Ethel C. Gale,
breathes a delightful odor of the olden
times, and is very charming reading.
"A March Violet," by Emma I.azaru-.
is a very beautiful poem. Mr. T. Adol
pints 'Trollopc explains the question
"What Is a Conclave?" "Monoor Pacha.''
Is a short and strong poem by George 11.
Boker. "How Ham was Cured," by Jen
nlc Woodvllle, evinces much good humor
and philosophy. "Oi the Study ol
Shakespeare's Sonnets," by Kate Millard.
Is a very healthy piece of literary criti
cism that should prove as useful as It Is
valuable, and "Our Monthly Gossip,"
as usual, has some very charming selec
tions. iiAnrr.n'K MAiA7.iNt: ran Arnu.
Harper's Magnsine tor April oilers fresh
attractions to all clases of readers. It
opens with a beautiful narrative by Ml
Constance F. Woolson. amply and'tlnely
Illustrated, of a summer tour among tl c
mountains of Western North Carolina.
The grand and picturesque scenery on
tlie t rench IJroad lllver Is hero graph" e-
nuy portrayed liy pen ami pencil, in.d
tliere are numerous character-sketches
always a prominent feature hi Harper's
descriptive articles.
Headers who li;ive followed Miss Thack
eray's charming serial, "Miss Angd."
will turn with special Interest to the ar
ticle by E. Mason on Angelica h'aullhian.
Illu-trated by some of that artist's llnest
The Sixth paper of the First Century
Series Is contributed by the Hon. David
A. 'ell, and isan able and comprehen
sive review ot our progress during the
century in Manufacture.
A new and very important series of
papers Iscommcnced In this Number, en
titled "The Stone Age in Europe," and
prepared by an eminent archaeologist,
I'rofesor Charles Itau. The treatment
ol the subject I scientific and modest
this first installment relating to the Drift
Period, and containing accurate illustra
tions of the human Implements and ani
mal remains of that period.
The most Interesting and novel feature
of this Number Is the lion. S. S. Cox's
paper on American Humor, which is
characteristically Illustrated. .Mr. Cox
makes bis readers laugh while he Is tell
ing them uhy they laugh.
James Parton continues his scries of
papers on Caricature, dealing this month
with the "Caricature of the lieforma
tion." It is dlllieult to decide which is
the more Interesting, the writer's brilliant
tssay. or the quaint and curious Illustra
tions whkh be has carefully selected
from so many sources.
The celebration this month of the qua
tercentenary of Michael Angelo's birth
gives peculiar Interest to Edward How
laud's paper on that artist, treating espe
cially of U personal history, ami givhi"
prominence to his association with
Vittoria Colonna and his beautiful son
new. The two serials. "Rape of the Gamp"
aim "Miss Angel." arc continued; and
Hutu kto aiso me capital short stories:
"l ho Widow Case." bv I?ns 'I nrrr
C03ke;"A I.lon In the Way "by Harriet
i-rescou spoiioril-, ami "Shlnneeock," by
Henry Eckford. '
The poems of tho Number arobv It II
oiuuuuru, inns .m. uan, Win Wal-
ibck itarncy, and Louise Chandler Moul
The Easg Chair recurs to tho moral ol
Jeirerson's "Rip Van Winkle," nnd chats
in n characteristic vein about tint Gre
villo Memoirs. St. Valentino's Day, and
the sincerity of true courtesy. The Set
tntifte Record Is very comprehensive in lie
luminary of scientific progress, and the
Drawer contains some hitherto unpub
lished anecdotes of President Lincoln.
A fiieu na (lie 'lioniml.
At the NtfW Darners a nil saddle Pimp
No. 10) I orameruUI Avohiio. ("Id Audio
Ileuse) ou can buy ull juu want, ironi i
J-Juo name i own to a bamo rtrap, a
cheap M" nt any niiior niii , So use n w ol
goldf to Hi. Loulior my oti.cr place foi
gjodi In ' ur Jlne, Call a d tee ui.
IfrWMW. , L, D. AkikC0.
The .Mnrvclnim luirlrnclri of
.Science ol lliitiiit;, mill IIimv
Tliey Were .Mii.tereil.
Somo Profano Encounter! With Flat-boat-men
Sconoi otLlto Along tno River.
Mark Twulu In the April Atlantis 1
Whosoever has ilone me the courtesy
to read my chapters which have preceded
this may po.-.lbly wonder that 1 deal so
minutely with piloting us a science. It
was the prime purpu-u of theais in tides;
and 1 miii not quite donn vet. I wish to
.how, in the most patient ami pains
taking way, what u wuudcilul science It
is. tainp clmniifls are buoyed ami light
ed, mid therefore it Is a comparatively
easy undertaking to learn to run them;
clear-water river, with gravel 1)0110111!",
haiiL'c their channels verv
gradually, and therefore one
iiceus ij learn thelu tint once, but
piloting been men imoiher matter when
you apply It to vast stream like the Mis-
i.-mjipi iiud the Missouri, whose alluvial
minks cave ami change constantly
.uo;c uags are ulwn.vs mulling up
iiew quarters, whoe sand bars are never
at rest, whose, channel nrt" fnri'ivr ilmlm
lug ami shirking, ami whose obstructions
iiniM be coufioiiied In all ulglils mid all
H eathers without the aid ol a single light-
iioiim' or a single buoy ; lor there is neltli.
'I' light lior btlOV to be ltillliil anvwhere
'ui all this three or four Hum-ami miles ot
villainous river. I leel hist t ed nenlai-L'.
ng upon this great science 1 Jr the reiwiii
mat i leel sure no one lias ever vet writ
en a jMingr.ipn about ll wlio had piloted
a steamboat hluisell, and so had a practi
cal knowh'dgi! ol' the subject. It the
heme were hackneyed, I should be
jbllged to deal gently w,th the reader;
out Milieu It is wuollv new. I have fell al
liberty to take up a considerable degree
U I IIUII1 M Ull .1.
When I had learned tho name and po
ltlon of every visible feature of the river;
when I had so mastered Its shape that I
oould shut in y eyes ami trace It from Si.
Louis to New Orleans ; when I bad learn
d to read the lace of the water us one
would cull the news from the morning
paper; mid dually, when I had trained
my dull memory to treasure up an end
icss army ot soundings and uroslng
iiarks. and keep fat hold of them. I
judg.-d that my education was complete;
o 1 got to tilting my cap to tho side ol
my head, and wearing a toothpick in niv
mouth at the wheel. Mr. 11 had bfs
eye on these airs. One dav he said :
"H hat is the height ol mat bank yon
der, at Uurge b!''
"How can I tell, sir? It Is threc-quar-cr.s
of a mile away."
"Very iioor eye-very poor. Take the
.'lass." I took the glass, ami presently
said :
1 can't tell. I suppose that that bank
N about a loot ami a half high."
"Foot and a half! That's a six-fool
bank. How high was the bank along
lieie.lasttrlpV" "
"fdon't know; I never noticed."
"Von llldll't? Well, voll HUM iilwnva
do it hereafter."
"Iteeaiisu you'll have to know a good
many thing, that it tells vou. For one
thing, It tells you the stage of the river
tells you whether there's more water or
le-shithe river along here than there
was last trip."
" 1 lie lends tell me that." I rmlinr
t'lought I had tho advantage of him
Ves, but sunnose tln lends Hi.? Tin.
bank would tell you so, and then you'd
ui iliu-t ii .iiimi.i n up .I on, i liens a
i ten-foot bank lieu; last trip, and there
is only a six-loot bank now. What does
iiiai siL-uiiy r
"That the river Is four feet higher than
it was ia-t trip."
. er.v goon, is me river rising or
failing? '
"No, It ain't."
"J guess I mil right, sir. Yonder
Is some drift-wood tloatlng down the
"A rWe start) the drift-wood, but then
It keep, on tloatlng awlle alter il.es river is
lone rising. Now Hie bank will n-ll von
a'lout Ibis. Walt till you come to a place
where it shelves a little. Now In-ie; do
you see this narrow belt of Hue sediment?
1'hat was depo-lted while the water was
higher. You sir the drill-wood begin, to
tniMl, no. The bmk bibis hi other
ways. Do you eoc that stu nn on tb..
false point.
"Well, tlw water Is just up to the
roots of It. You must inaku a note ol
"Because that means that there's seven
feet In the chute of 103."'
Hut 103 Is a Jong way tin the liver
"1'hnt's where tho benellt of the bank
oincslu. There is water enough in 10IJ
wne. yet tliere mav not be bv the time we
get there; but the bank will keep us po-l-i
d all along. You don't rim clox chute
on a falling river, nn-.treaiu. and there
ire precious few ot them that von am id.
lowed to run at all down-stream. Tnere's
iw of the United States nfalnsl ll.
I'he river may by rising by tlm lime wo
get to 103. and in that cax' we'll run It.
e are drawing how much?"
Nx feet alt, six and a half forward."
Well, vou do seem to know simm.
"Hut what I particularly want, io know
, If I have to keen un an everl.isiinir
mea.iiilug of the banks of ilils river.
twelve iiumiieil miles, mouth in and
mouth out?
"Of course."
My eilio Ions were ton (leen tor wnnls
for a while. 'Presently I said:
And how about theso rlintpt'. An,
tliere many ot them?"
1 Sliuuill s;iv no. I fnilfiV we slmn'l
run any of the river this trio .is vnnV.
ever seen it run before so to sneak. If
h.; river begins to ri-e again, we'll go up
beblud bars that you've nlw
standing out of the river, hl-'b nod drv
Ike tlm root'ot ii house; we'll cut ncros".
low nlace. that von'vn iw.vim. m,,iI,..i .,,
all. right through the middle of b:ir. timi
cover lltly acre, of the liver; we'll creep
through cracks where vou've ulwass
thought was solid laud: we'll da'n
through the woods and leave twentv-tlve
miles olTtnono side; we'll seo the 'hind
.hie ol every Maud between Now Orleans
and Ca ro "
"Then I've got to'go to work and learn
nisi a. inucu more river as l ahead
.. i... .i . . .
uiim iiooimwico as niucii more, as
. ,? r,,n c0ln" to It."
" ". one lives to tlud out,
was a fool when I went into
I think I
this bus
i es. mat is true a .. . .ii..
Hut you'll not be when "yoWlrlaii
"All, I never can learn It."
"I will see that you do."
He mill In I v.mt,i,-..il itupilt.
"I lave I Lr0t to leni'ii ii k tlltllr. Inc.
as I know the rest nl Hie ilv..r l..i,..
and all-nnd so I cm run it at nlghl?"
" es. and you've got to have good fair
mariis ironi one end ot tin) river to tin
hut, ine.v win neip;ni) nanK tell vou
when there is walerenongh In each of
iheo countless places, like that stump,
you know. W hen the river tlrst bi-'iiV
in jie, jiiii mil ruii uau a dozen ol I lie
nee pest oi iiiem ; when It rises a fool
more vou can run another dozen ; the
next foot will add a coiipluof dozen, and
w ou so you too you Uavo to know
your banks and marks to a t'ca I moral
certainty, and nevir v'et iliem mixed ; for
when you start through one of those
ci-ai'KS. mere's no bauKing oin again, us
there l hi the big river ; you've got to
go through, or sutv there six mouths If
you get caught on'a falling river. There
are about llftv of these cracks which you
can't run at all except when tho river Is
urun inn ami over me oanKS."
" 1 his new lesson U u cheerful pros
"uicortni enongii. aim iiiiim just
what I've told you ; when ' i Into
one ot those places you've g t io go
through. They are too narrow to turn
around In. too crooked to back out of.
and the, shoal water Is always un at the
head ; never elsewhere. And the head of
llieui H always likely to be tilling up. lit
tle by little, so that the marks you reckon
their depth by. this season, may not un
HWer for next."
"Learn u new set, then, every year?"
"Exactly. Cramp her up to the bar!
What are you standing up through the
middle of the river for?"
a ntsr. i.v tiii: ntrcn.
next few months showed
strange things. On the same day that we
held the conversation above narrated, we
met n great ii-e In eoinliigdown the riv
er. The whole vast face of the stream
was black with drifting dead logs, broken
boughs, and great trees that had caved
in and been washed away, it required
the nicest steering to pick one's way
through t ie ril-dilm? rait, even Intiiedav-
time, when crossing Irom point to point;
aim ui iimui me iiimcuiiy was uugniiiv
Increased; every now ami then a huge
log, lying deeit in the water, would slid
denly appear right under our bows, coin
ing head-on; no use to try to avoid It
then, we could only stop the engines,
and one wheel would walk over the loir
Ironi one end to the other, keeping up it
iiiiiiiueruig racueiaim careening me tioat
in a way that was very iiiieoinl'ortalilu to
passengers. xowniid then we would
lilt IHlU it 1 1 titbit tiltiiL'itli littr ii vnrllliirr
bang, dead in the centre, with a full head
ot steam, and It would stun (he boat as
II she had hit n continent. Sometime..
this log would lodge ami slay right across
our nose, and back (lie .Mississippi up be
fore It; we would have todo a little eraw
ll.hlng, then, to get away from the ob
struction. We often lilt while logs, in
the dark, for we could not see tliein till
we were right on them; but a black log
Is a pretty distinct obct at night. A
while snag l an ugly customer when the
daylight Is gone.
Of course, on me great rNe.down came
a swarm of pn dlgiotis tlmber-ralts Irom
the head waleis of the Ml-slsslppl, coal
barges from Pittsburgh, little trading
.cows from everywhere, and broad-horns
from "Po-ey oinii'y." Indiana, Irelg'ned
with "fruit and luriilture," the ii-ual
term fordeseihilng It, though in EuglMi
the Ireigh thus aggrandized was hoop
poles and pumpkin.. Pilots bore a mor
tal hatred to these craft..; and it was re
turned with usury. The law required all
iich helple-s trailers to keepu liglit buru
lug.butlt wasa law that wa-oflen broken.
All of n sudden, on a murky night, n
light would hop up, right under our
bows, almost, and an agonized voice with
tue naekwooih "whang" to it, would
wall out:
"Whai-'n the 'you goln' to ! Can't
you see nothln'. you dasli-d.i-hed nig
siiekln'. sheep-tealln', one-eyed son oi a
stulled monkey !"
Then lor an Instant, as we whistled bv.
the red glare from our furnaces would
reveal the scow and the loruiof the ges
ticulating orator a. if under a lightening-lia-h.
anil In that in-taut our lliemen and
deck-hands would send ami receive a
tempest of mi. -lies nnd profanity, one of
our wheels would walk oil" with the
crasliln ; fraginen s of a siearing-oar, and
down t ie dead 1)1. e wouitl .hut. oi,t
again. And that llai-bnatmau would I e
sure io go lo New Orleans nnd sue our
boat, swearing stoutly that liehad a ligl t
buniliu' all tlie time, when in truth lis
giug had the lantern J'luwu below, io
slug and lie and oriole ami gam
ble by, amino watch on (leek. Once,
al nlghl, In one of those foret-border.-rl
crevices (hi hind an Island),
which steamboatmeu Intensely describe
with the phra.e, "as dark as tl'ie Inside oi
a cow, ' we should have eaten up a Posey
county lamlly. Iruit. furniture, and all.
but that they hanneued to be HddUm?
down below, and wejust caught thesoin d
of the music In time to sheer oil, doing no
serious damage, fortunately, but coinh g
so near It that we bad good hones for u
moment. These people brought un the r
lantern, then, ot coiir-e; ami a. wv b iel d
mil lined to get awav. tlie line in.
family stood In the light of It. both sex
es, and various. -iges, and eiirsed us till
eveiylhlug turned blue. Once a coai
boatmau sent a bullet through our pilot
house when we borrowed a' steerlng-uar
of him. In a ver.v narrow place.
miring in s nig r -e I live sma -trv
emits were an Intolerable nuisance. We
are running chute after chute a new
worui to me ami it mere was a nartlcu-
lar cramped place In a chute, we would
be pretty sine to meet nhrnad-horii there;
mill If he tailed to be tliere, we won d
tlud htm in a still worse locality, name
ly, the head of the chute, on the shoal
waier. aiki men tiieru won n
no end of profane cordialities exchanged.
Sometimes, in the big river, when we
would ho Jecllng our way caiillouslv
along through a log. Hie dien lin-Ii
would suddenly be broken by veils and a
clamor of tin pans, mill till in an Instant a
log cratt would appear vaguely through
the webby veil, close upon u.; and then
wudld not wait to swan knives, but
snatched our engine bells out by tin-
roots and tilled on all the steam we hail.
to scramble out of t he way! One doesn't
hit a roek or a solid log nilt with a steam
boat when we can get exeu.ed.
Pimples. Eruptions, Rough Slihi.
T'iu y tcmliel g put uni. r Hie Inlluein o
( Or Here ' (i"l(lcil Metlleid ill ci.v v
fo afosvw ck , tao-Mu bojomei smooth,
clear, tot . a.ui .hi ty. and being 1 1 inn a.
led Willi tho ..w i) pi rltct hujltli I' o
within, iiiu l an y sto d- itirth in nil It.
vlo'y. Tliuellou soiiih mi i clues whleii
onernt" upon It yslcni i n n Ii the me-
u un oi l ie ni mil are necoksinly .oaviwhtt
I . no lUHUer Imw "nod Inu .uini'ile mil.
p ovt'il. v lile i. mj io uui'o b ml' n" i leal
e aKI) 01 n inn . hi.t, iTtimlnn.
julliiw s mis, cuit'il n s or "grubs," a uoz
ii iiiiiy I'o.Miuy no emur tl to ell h snni''
;n s wln ro h - .It-n I. niit.'ri vvlili ...r., .
u on or Nliulont blood '"U:ina. 'the mre
man ui so in-oisus, nowvt-r. tnnn 1 1
o nnni'in (.liiiple t . tlm wo -t scrnlulu Is
wii'i iiio use o tins nin.i ntont aucnt, u Iv
mttioroi tluio SuUI b) ilcalursln infill
covehfi) wmi Euurnoss, ci'iikd.
x , Cl. VUlACK, rouilibln Co., .N. Y,
On It. v I'lutcK, Ihitl tio .V v. :
I'oirslr: I am sixty yours or nsp, n d
lisvrt linen utllio etl wi salt Hheuni In tb'
wo st turn; f ragro,tm ny y a , unill
c hi niiilly, I buv o e of you b .ok.
WHb li lii.-crlbn I in ca-n oxan . I boil"tit
tour Guillen M 'ilir.il I)e. vu y ami to,
ttvyb'iitl uml a lulf, a. i was t nl relv
ured Croin my sh ublcr. to my h n il I
w.i.enllr Iv ovnred wllb crup uni.. a so
ni tuen nnd body. I w i Hkuw Un t tlllulii
with lllicinii;it.ni s tli m t I waUcd with
i" mill u'tv, and tint I- entlr-ly uroi,
Uiiy do spiiu j on a lomrllfi io reimtln n
'lu ! b io luniiktmi. Willi ii'itMiil grst'.
1 Uj Mas. . W. W111.UMS.
.the "pHtlynire cf Sfmlnnl Wmknrtt,
. !l,'Miin loixt am nil iUeiitrr liriiniil.i
.r't.s7nV,rH'i,n."' or " Any UiuBgUl
in'NyCSH' Dr' B' ""'TON A CO.,
rpilE HUM.UTIN' Ii puWllsticU every morning
(except Monday) la the Ihtlletln llulliltnK, cor
ner VVashlugton avenue anj Tw;elnii street
Tin Iln.LitilK Is teritl to city subscribers by
faithful carriers utTwenty-r'lve Centi Wek,
payable weekly. UyMull, (In advance), $10 er
annum) ilx inonUit, C Uiree inouthi, 3 nne
month, SI 2J.
rubllslicd ctcry Tliursdny morning at 1 !.
pcrnnnum, invariably In advAiicr. lite postage
on the Weekly will be ptepuld at this olUce, so
tlial sub'crlbern wilt obtain for n subicrlptlou
rice of 1 a ye.tr.
ritihiess (,'nnls, per Hunum,.
One nqtiuie, nne Innrtlnn, ..
One tqtiaie, two liitrrtlunA,
..30 CO
... 1 00
... 1 M
... 'i to
... a W)
... 4 CO
... a oo
m sipwrv, onewevlj,
One Kjuarc, two wwki M
One nipuue, thicr vvi-ekn,..
one inure, one month,
w k k i r. y
One square, one lnerllon,,
KiK-li ubsctiieiil Iniertlon,.
si oo
fJ-One Inch Is a square.
J3" To rrRular advertisers we offer unxrlor In
ducements, both ns to rato ot charjfes and man
ner of displaying their funrs.
55".Vt)tlces In local column Inserted for fif
teen C'euti per line for one insertion, Twenty
Cent n line for two Insertions, Twenty-Five
i.'ents a line for three Insertions, Tlihty-FIe
(.'tats a line for one week, ami Eevent.v-Klve
Cents a tine foronc month,
Communications upon subjects of iron,
oral interost to tho publio solicited.
tJ'All Icttire bhould be addrrtsetl to
JOHN 11. OIlKltr.Y.
I'rtjldent Oilro Hi.llrtln Company.
Evansville, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah. Shawncotown, Evans
villo, Louisvillo, Cin innati
and nil way landiEgj.
The unrivalled side-wheel steamer
I 0. Kowlku Matter
i:u. It. Thomas Uvik.
M '".'S'A? Kvionvllllefurl.'alro every JIOMMV
uml limits, i.) at4 o'clock i in.
Letvt's Cairo every TUKsD.i Y unil K.tlDAY.at
Uu'clock p. m.
The elegant sldc-whitd steamer
IIen HoWAiiu Mutter
Waltmi II. I'cmsinoton Urk!
Will leave l.vainvllle for Cairo every TUKS
...V,.v. U1"1 ytli A V at 4 o'clock ii m.
'V,rr.c',llor'.lr' 'KI).K3lAVundSAT
UllUAYatUo'clock p. in
The elegant slde-wheel steamer
.Tniis flnrp it...
Mat. Williams '...."V.V".".".!".V. Clerk'
Lt-aves Kvansvjlle for Cairo every WKD.SKS-
fc... . uiii, . u nan i ui ; n. ui
Leaves Cairo every IIIUKsDaV ami SU.VUAY
111 It Ik 141
K'tch boat m ikes cli-,0 connection? at Culm
": "iraniciS Hir Tl I.UIIIS, .Hl'lll-
Phis and .Nejy Orlean,, uml at Kvausvllle wllh
t MSa l A I It It l,, ll .. I... . k . . i
I -i.i .1 , ' ""I'Ol'llSOllllUIHI l.llll,
and with the l.oul.ville Hull steamer for ull
poiiiis on l ie Upper Obi... (fivhijj tlirou'li re-
Cft'llltS Ull lri'L'lltK Mm ihi... ... ..ll t... .
roriiinn r iniormitlon njiiily to
SOI. sll.yKil, r.isaeiiger Agent.
Hl.l.IIYnit()S ,( ,
, . J.M 1'Hll.hll'h, t Agents.
- V? , . , i ' .Kt.MMi-.lt.
sitperlnlendent and Ucnerul Kreinlit .Rent,
If-J-SO-ly. l.vau.ville IndUim.
Special Assossmont Kotico.
P4.I,,.V!.V N0,".'K u i,mhT Blven Unit the
Cllfi it iimt l oiiniy luiirt of Alexander
I iillfitl tinin mm bi. i.i
w ' " ll'""n.4 juiiKinriii mr Ii Bl't'CIUl
iii'iisment upun proj-vitj U'liwiitnl by Hie t'nl-
ll.ivllll. I til III!., . Illui.. It- .V . . ..
"". -""""i, ,ii . umveii ii im o
I ,'V . fef I fl'lklll I...IIP.I. L'....u. .
.""iini'i r inn it-iiui siievis,
ns will molt) fully iiur Irom the tertilltil eopv
.. r J r ,. , ... i ",c 111 "e OIUI oi me t It I K
ol the Cily ol Culrtii tlmt u vvuriunl lor the col.
Ifl't I (111 lir MtlPll HHhs,.. man., I l..tk.. I. I ...!.
.. vino (B 111 inc lUllI'lM 111 IIIU
uiii tor Kiutl. M ern UunM me liritby
IHlflllMl ,( mill lllld I. nt. .1.- . a
" '""',"',' "r "lll'niius IIKalarltl. 111
'I'.';,0'"?.' .r "V('''-Sr' "niinerclatuveuiio
Hated this I3lh day ol Mmch, a U. Ib74.
11 F lll.AKK,
. ,9'i' Trm' al"t Ex-oulclo Collector.
Sheriff! Sale.
TDy virtue of an Kxecullou to me. Jlrectrl lv
I lllitt I Mui-L- nf tin. I 'Ifnlt t'...iK. i'
I t . . .... . ui tieuiiucr
utility, in the slate ol llilunU, In favorol Al-
Tlf-ll ll .lllltlirtl. U.llllllMlir Aluv II
.nut Hitalnst John II. llrown. I have levied up
on the follovvlin; tlescritH'd propeiiy, in tlie
County of Alexandir and Mute ot Illinois, to
wit. .UI the rhrlit .title mid lult-rt.l oi ilil .uim
11. llrown in ami lo the .Voiihnrtt nuuitrrof
the Houlli west quarterof Section tlilrtv-onu ('ill
In lowiuhlplllleeu (15) South, nnd in lUuJe
one (i) wet o the thlid I" M ,uUo blocks num.
.eiiiloiic (l).lwo(J). three (J), four (I) live
ii ;r. "'veil (7) and elsht (d) In Hie town of
enny In s.ilil county ami late, as the properly
'f'iM John II Hrown, which 1 shall oiltrut
I ubllc .sale ut the Soutu.west door of the Court
House, ii the city of Culm, In the County oi
Am Wl" "' of Illinois ou tlit, fourth
(1th) day of March, A. I , le75, at tho hour of
' c'"ck, A. M., for cjish, to satUiysald
hxecutloi, ' ALK.V.H IIIVIS,
r,,ir n',""r.?f, Alexander County, Illinois.
culro, Ills. , February Blh, 175.
ihi!?,V!lJ"!!lnc8.0f,1'el?rc'rolnS nntlooofMlf, I
I ' i "Ul''ed the leal e.tate Ihcrein described
i .'i U "'" ,"'' htlnif no bidders Ihe sale was
. " ."; J"ll""d "tll theiuth tlay of March
instant, at the same place anil lime.
Cairn III. m Al'- !' "'V1.V, SherilT.
Filttw111'0 follown8 vurlellesof I'ntu Huku
r. , . At3 pr e.
i'!'.w,i.a,"l,.,'lKllt Ilmhmast llulT and furlrldco
"tP.'r(0ri!?n')',luuot 1 ilIr..lacthU.i?at W
ben., stsmp for clrcuUr.
et-A-uu, Mflb''0 t"k Conuty, tihio.
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
W. . 1IAI.MIIAV, frclilcnt.
HDNItV I, IIA1.I.IIIAV, Vlrel'ieil.
A II SAFFOItll, Cuihlcr
WAl.TKIt 1IYM.UI', Ass'tCufhler.
S. Siaats T.iYl.on.
W 1' II.U.t.lliAY,
11 I,. llALI.IIIA, .
11. 1). Wll.LIAMHII, HTKt'lirN lllllll,
A II. S.moltl)
Excliango, Coin and United States
xtonds iioii;lit and Sold.
DEPOSITS received and n gentral lanklnp
Enterprise Savings
A II. fUlToltl). I'lt-ldent.
H. S TAVI.UK, Vltc I'li'.lil.nl.
W. llVsl.ol', Mv.'viiiid'lieu-uicr.
1'. St. Dutei.AY, Ciiah (.Ai.Kiiirn,
e'. .ii. Mm KH.i.Tii, 1'aii. ll in if.
It. II CL'NSIMIIIAM, II I, IIai.i.hiav,
J. M rniLLli'".
rNTi:ni:STp:ildoiiilfiolM ut Ihe rate of six
Lpn'o'iit r annum, .M.irch 1st and "epti iu-
hit ii mu re"! inn niimininn ii uniicn iiiiint
illalely to the prinelp.il ol the iltniiils, llieit by
KivliiK tlirni coiiipiiiinil Inltii'st
Open every liii.)ieji.iy frnniOi. in. to Hp m
and utnnl.ty cveulius for hi villus deposits tody
IrumlituB o'clock
W. UYatiOP.Tronaurer.
Corner Commercial Av. and EU-hth St.,
Is open from 0 a.m. to 4 n m for Ihe traniart
Ion of iTul.ir IS.tnklnj: biislne-s. Also on -al-
uitl.iy eieoiiiKlroiii U loso'clnek lor Ihouicoin
in jl.it iuu of .-avliitrs tlcposllors.
Exchanco Bouulit nnd Sold on the Prin
clpal Citlus in Ulu UntttiU blutta.
C3 "roielRii I.xchvnee ilrawn on l;n?lanil,
llti.iud, t'nincc, unit nil the priiiciil cities III
tieriii.my. "vviteil.intl, Dfl'luin llolbiuil, lliis-
siii, itvoiiuii k, iuij nun uuicr loieiiin iiitll'ins
tO'Lollecllotis made In nny pint of Kurnpe by
until or power oi ituuilii'
EjIj-IIcm of cieillt lr travelt'M In llurope
Gold, Silver, United States and
otiicr nonets Bought and Sold.
IeIj:."'. alloi 03 Tic; De c:ii;
P C. CANEDY. Pro3ll.nt.
ilKNKY WULLa. Vico I'rasldi nt.
THOMAS lliWIS, Caslnoi
T J. KJiXtTil, AasUtaut C.ishlor.
C3-3 U-lf
Coal Coal.
ST. JOHN'S and
Orders for Coal by tho car-load,
ton, or in hogsheads, for ehii raont,
promptly attonded to.
BSyTo largo consumors and all
manufacturers, wo nro piopand
to supply any quantity, by tho
montli or year, at uniform ratos.
Cf"IIalllday Ilro ' olllcf, No. 70 Ohio l.eur.
jrrllalllday llro ' whail'buut.
ChAt Kuyiitlan MIIU, or
Cj-At the 1.0MI Dump, foot of TbIrty-KiRhl
Cfi'oit Office Ornwer. 300.
Coal and Wood Yard.
l&SS? COAL 3t3jr
KEPT conntantly on hnnd at Ito' Yinit
Conimeiciul avenue, opiioslle llioar
Orders promptlr niled.
I'oul ami wcmkI tlellteixtl free of choree.
Tciraii strictly ch 317-10-0mn
lBuir6(LY .HQMUlfitii hahumcLuturlh. 1
IftinpU tvikM.. wttb I'rio LUt, ni4lln4 rr cnu.fl
ElMMBt rkhlnttl wtllinal tbftrr. Tin Phwiaal
JOBBERS - Av-AAlLufcJttto OP
a4 :-
""Ti; nollcit corrtpondciiff mid order tiofi' I'r".i'l p I'hvlan and fieneral 'tore in w u
V of w'iikIi in our line -te nni.at , Ii .i i ! .i an . 1' .no. J Mellcine La- lnrnl?l.rl ol
lllle.1 ttllli ii'lnilile UriiK' al reuioiiabte ruii
74 Ohio Loveo. I - v,Co-8th
The Sprague
Wo linvo replonislio I our Job Printing Office with
mtny fonts of new type an I have oivlera out lor other
fonts of tho latest popular stylo-. " i are clotermineil
to establish tho reputation of our offi io for first-class
work, ami mako our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foroign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any other of.
fice in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted tu bo ono o
tho best practical job printers West and South, lias
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
ami Retail
Can Opener C&
trm.ifiw ixi n ni i i o ax
Should he sold hy the Ilarthva J Canned
Goods Trade every
cr:.:: :t::t ;r :r.t mzlzz . i'.;: :?2A:tT.
Will onf .Sample, J'ree, on receipt of SS Colt.

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