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Reading Mutlcr on Ktcry I'ngc.
Ill Mnjrtj" Speech In HI l'poilr
111 American Tour llctlcncd.
(From th Honolulu Commercial Aihertlicr,
Monday monilnjr. nt 7 o'clock, tliu
nrtrcouci-rtwl rlrnnl from I'tiiidiiiowl un
iioiiiiccmI ili:it (he ship ot'Uriiiff his iiinji-s-ty.
tliu kliijr, was hi fcluht from t ho outer
Million. Ituprvialoii liKtl otiiiiliu-il that
the rnvnl party would not arrive for
funic if.ty yut. iiml that tliu innll stettini r
would bo ln-re lirst. Coiitcqnuiitly tin
community was taken by surprise1, nuil
tin-iirr.injrciiK'iits fur the (ItuiionMrntloin
of wrlcoiiK'. as conli'iiipla.ed by the coin
inlttif on iwptlon, were to a coiiltlcnt
blc extent Ineoinplete. lint whatever
wa waltlu-r In thi) way of tho it-nal
tcaltli of evergreens ami llovi-r., ren
ilered unavailable on nt short notice, .va
fully coinpeiiate(l for by the cutlm-lasui
of flit' crowds of people that pnnn-il
d vn to the c-planatle, where nt tliu
loot ol Fort street, llii: debarkation took
A few minutes Mt 0 o'clock, the U.
S. S. IVu-.n.'iil.i. hearing tlie Hit r of Ad
miral Ahny. mid carrying the royal
euiitd.ini of Hawaii at the main, steadied
(lowly Into the haiborntid look up her
position bi twi-en the U. S. S. l'ort
moiithaud I'tHearora. while II. 1). M. S.
lluludeer lav In line beyond the hit cr, all
the ships iielnjr gaily (kcurated with
i1.il'. At 10 o'clock his majesty and
mite left the flagship, while a royal sa
lute wa thundered lorth from the Pen-tut-olaiiiid
I'ortHiiouili.tuul lollowed 'iy
the battery 'on 1'iiiicIiIhiwI 1 A- the Mug
stepped on s-horu hearty eh its of wel
come went up from the crowd gathered
nt Uit! landing, which utii! taken up and
continued nloujr the rouiit through Fori
mid King street, until the palace wa
reached, while all the bell of the oil
rang forth u merry peal. Ills majesty,
who was looking extremely well, fre
quently removed his hat uud bowed In
aeUijowUnlgiucjil of thega-etlngs of his
I nc procession was then formed ol
public hcI'ooI children, the tire depart
ment, military titiikltlzriis, the entire line
Irom tint lauding to the palace being
strewn with riMics. Approprlatu mot
toes were displayed along the route, and
nrelics were built on several street cor
ner. At the palace the hninenc crowd pour
ed into the ground, and the King n
ngalu Welcomed home with t-iitluiiiiistiu
cheer?. Ills majesty alighted trom the
cirrlage at ICinuti Hale, and standing on
the veranda said a Jew words of 'aloha''
to the asH-nibled crowd, which heartily
gave mi "aloha" in a-ttirn. Tho commit
tee ot reception, through its chairman.
S. 11. Dole, Kq., delivered an address ot
w, Iconic, in w filch he said:
".May It please your luajc-ty : Wo,
your subjects- and residents ot Hawaii
Kil, welcome you witli gladness at the
threshold of your kingdom on vour re
turn from foreign lands. We have
watched with great Interest tho pro'res.
of your visit to America. W I UiV'it ni.
joleed at thuenthulatle reception wliieh
our American frleniU liave so lie.iritlv
given you ; nuil wo honor the uniaUlnj:
inanuue-s, modesty ami (lljrnlty witli
w hich you. sire, have received their in
tentions. For the ilr.st time. In their his
tory u crowned Win: has been the guest
of that nation who 'claim to he nil kings;
and they have proved tlieinelu-s nival
hosts to the royal VMior. u eongratU'
late yon upon your successful and ilea-
aut vMt and sale return: wc congratulate
you upon the tranquility ami lovaltv
which have cxUtcd during yourab-eneo!
we coiurnilulatc you upon the liii-rca-cti
lriendly n-latlons which your visit has
lu-plivd between your government and
tlie great nation willed has so hopItabIv
entertained you.
".Vow. in you return to vour famll v
and people, to take up Iho work to which
proviiiencu nun yoursiiiijects Havo willed
vim. u-. mill,. In tir.ii-i.r ili-ir d.,.1
grant yuti a Jong and prosperous reign;
uuu tun luiiiiiiuii eiMiiiuy may oe in-erea-ed
in pro-pcrity; and that, under
the leadership ot your fatherlv hand and
heart, the nation may grow "In numbers
and strength.
"Your majesty, In the name of nil
llnwallaus. from Hawaii of ICcawe to
Kauai ol Mauo, we welcome you to your
native land with aloha."
His majety made a brief replv, and
then the populace cheered again, 'in the
evening there was a torchlight proeeslon
by the llreiuin and citizens uud all the
build ngs wire brillliinllv Illuminated.
On'l hursilay, the 18ih or l-Yliiiurv.
his majesty gave a reception to Ids ex
cellency Henry A. Fierce, United Stales
minister resident, and Jhiir-Adiulral John
J. A I ui', U. S. X commanding the
l ntn-ii Male, naval forces in the Xorth
Pacillc station; also I'apt. Oheradi. V.S.
IS., or tho United Stales ilag-liip Pensa
cola; ('apt. !: S. Ski-rrett. U. S. X.. com
inaiiillug 1'nlted stales steamer Poris-
liiomn; rapt. u. Krbcn, Jr., I'. S. X..
conimanduig United Stales steamer Tiis
carora. loiter in the day Ids uiaje,tv n
celvei the consular corps, who extended
a cordial welcome on the safe return of
Ills majesty,
tiik Ktxo's Anrmr.ss to iiij ruortu.
On Saturday noon, Ih, 20. the khi"
was pleased to addres. hi, people In Ku
wilaliao church, which was crowded.
e nuke tliu following extracts from
the address:
"Only three months have passed awav
big I t time I have Journeyed nrarly .1.
000 miles on the ocean and 0.000 miles on
the land, or utxmt lo.(KW mUes In all.
tbrouKlithe im-i IIs of the deep nndanud-t
mid over the snows mid frosts mid moun
tains Ou the arrival of m v-cll ami sup-
tyltll s1.luL.7rnm7.rr. V'l
war, and will, every demon, . TPk 0
hkd lu.l.nr l.v' il.. .fj.i. ' ,01. lktratl0U O
or the Amerle.i.1 ,.v -r, 15 . ''H
cr, 1,1 ."' time i
., iu, iM..iiiiiiinauce and our tni eiiii.f
again waswrdlal. On lauding, we we're
K 1,..: . Jbu.tuayor of San
v "V" 'v -'ii. uuf, mo inavor (
I rancUco, and by the military we
were if-
iwiraiuuur uoiel. T ie cltv n.tiinu.,1
t l.l li:ll-inlltnl nil ,.v;.." " "'''h''"
njr o.irbtay, and this was but the 1 ri
ista.reln our exiXTicnce of the .
u leeiiuj; in iiiaiiiuunn toward ours I
.-...m.uiwu in oiu, r nmcisco one week, mid
took up our long Journey of 0.000 miles
across i ho continent by railway. Throu'di
... . 1 """ "mi nirco iiai'iinccut
cars lr ollr MH.cIa, ltt;
trh. .ni,i l.'.g"i',,;i''''lv''8,".n acoount or the
ner'n iejit iit i . ' .'"" uivanamy cx
tiaj. bvtl,LV,Vv-n,,s or 1,10 ntl--men
1 S desio. ,S'rillllC111 '' Unit--ol
l l "u"11 '"' Journeys
pte, U. S. N.; Dleut. TitUn, U? g. SI","
Lieut. Palmer, U. S. A. ; Lieut. Hooker
and Lieut. . 1.'. S. X. Throughout
all these vailoiis Journejlugs, and at
every stopping place, the government ami
the people ol America have placed in
under weighty obligations by tliu unvary
ing kindness, re-pect mid g iod
feeling which the' have exhib
ited toward our nailon, through my;
self. Therein lias that great ami power
ful government evinced that It is In truth
a friend to our small nailon. As I ob
s-ervo ..the vast wealth and prosperity ol
that tuition. 1 was impressed with there
llcctlou that It wii a result of the Indus
trious habits of tho people. They are
never Idle, day or night. The wealth
and greatness of nations are created by
the cultivators of the soil and by the men
who toll with their hand-; and thus has
It ever been since forms of governments
were llr.-t Instituted on earth. To these
cum-id rations let t.s of Ha sail Xcl ear
nestly direct our attention, to the e id
that by our industries we may be enabled
to attract foreign commerce to our ports
and freight it with the product ot our
"If we take a retro'pect of the past wo
shall plainly perceive that a failure to
put our hands and our faculties to a
proper ue has been one of the causes ot
the decline of our nation. Indolence,
while It degrades the Individual, saps the
lite of the entire nation. And therefore
there Is a vud illU'crenco to-day In the
numbers and In the lubits of industry of
the people, from what was to bo seen In
the days of Ivamehaiiielia t.
"Our position Is a most lavnrablc one.
in tlie midst of the Pacillc ocean, on the
highway of the world's commerce.
C'.iillornla ou the east, Australia ou (lie
west, Chile ou tlie south. Japan mid
China ou fie north. All llu-o coun
tries are progressing, and It will be Im
possible for us to remain stationary. Col.
Slelubcrger, who came in the same ship
with us to Honolulu. Is the United
jlates commissioner to Samo.i. We
do not know the precise nature of his
mission, but we do know that it is hu
manitarian In cll'ect. and that this oillcer
has ali'e.idv displayed his devotion to a
remarkable people, whom we are proud
to call Mimui u. The Pacillc ocean, with
Its productive llauds. now attracts the at
tention of the world. Our commerce
will now enter upon a new and grander
course, and we are proud of the elevated
view and modest action of tliu United
States In Samoa.
"Let us, therefore, wisely take cure of
ourselves; and the best way til do this 1
io endeavor to make such material and
social progress that tlie powerful govern
ment whose friendship we now fortunate
iv possess shall lie convinced that We de
serve t heiraid and support. Let us in short
prove to the world that Hawaii is worthy
of her poitlou among tlie independent
nations oi tliu worm."
Uoserliitlon of tlie leiirlu Tornnito
Aftii'sTA. Ga., .March 2;l. The path
ot the tornado was trom two hundred to
Ix hundred yards wide. Tho evclone
was cylindrical in shape, and i mated
wlih fearful velocity from north tosouih.
i'he trout of thi! cloud was black as iih'ht
and hall' a mile high, while the rear was
illumlnaleirby a bright IWht. It traveled
nearly due-east, veering a little to the
north. After desolaliii'r Comock. (lie
tornado seems to have divided, one por.
tlou golu cat by north, and one crossing
the Savannah river above anil below'
Au-'iista. both tirovhi" euuallv
dcsiructlvu and laying waste every
thing in their track. Huge trees were
broken like reeds, and In some instances
carried three-quarters of a mile. The
lornauo was preceded by a dull, heavy
roaring, us ol heavy artillery in tlie dis
tance. It spent Its greatest lury hi about
three minutes.
An cyc-wltucss says : 1 he seu'cs were
utterly deadened and appalled; there was
ii jrasii, a roar, nun tuu imii';iuig ot u
iiuiiureii icrrinu ami uui'iiriuiy sounus ;
houses were demolished, and oaks that
had withstood the storms of a century
were snabiied In twain. There is irreat
distress In the devastated district, einbia
dug eight eiuiniies in Georgia ami iwoor
three in south Carolina. 1 lioilestriirilou
ol no 'J c.'l.v is iiuiueu.se, iiul too list ol
killed uud wounded appalling.
Treasury (Jnlil Muteiut'iil.
Washington. I). C. .March 2.1. There
seems to he a persistent lil'ort In Xuw
1 oi l; to create an impression that Secre
tary Hrlstow s gold statement s lalse.
The fads of the cae are these; The ac
tual cash gold hi tliu Treasury, idler
meeting all current liabilities, including
lie rcdt'iuiitloii of stray bonds under the
old calls mid cauecllug all outstanding
old ccrtlllcatcs, Is S.V) .('00,000. This
represents liie honest cah gold ami the
Issue, subject to the fallowing checks.
between now and .Inly K: .March
ami .May Interest SIO.OOO.OOO; .lulv
lutircsf, 9W.000.000; bonds calle'd
for the sinking fund. SIIO.OOO.OOO 74.
000.000 in all. Those trylngtocrcatodi-
li u-t in this matter calculate accrued and
unpaid Interest both as such ami In pros
pectivo liabilities, while uncalled for In
terest increases rather than diminishes In
amount, and all accrued and aecruiu in
terest is calculated in the above tlguies
Customs rcceiius will, unless some vi
olent ami liuexnt'cted contingency shall
arise, just about mecl Iho dcilcleucy be
tween me casiignui ou iiauii now ami io
be Used, Including the Julv iutirest.
I'hus, the year V sinking fund will be naid.
and. atU'rili-clmigiug the July Interest.
there win be a gold cash balance on
Tlie Louisiana Qni'st Inn.
WiSlllvm IIV. Mnrull 9:1 Tlu Snilntn
came to a vole and passed Mr. Anthony's
resoiiiiion ai i o chick io-(iay, uy a vole
lll':l:t III :!. nil llii. I f l.l 1 1 Tl , vntln.r
tor it except .Mr. Itootli. Senator Thu
man ncreu seve til iiiucililmcuis, de
signed partly to cover some points of the
dlllcrcnco Indicated bv Senators L'tl-
iiiuiius aim v,uriiiaucy wiiu ineir lie
publiciu colleagues and partly for IVmn
cratlu Use in the next campaign, hut lie
wKseiiurciv uuuceessiui m oiitaiiuug a
single Itepuhllcaii vole even Mr. lloolh.
who linallv voted witli Hie
Democrats on Mr. Anthonv's
lutlon, voting against .Mr. Tliur
nmn's propo-ltloiis. Leave was
then given to commissioners ou c.lvti - ,
vice, printing ami pot."- "ueilugs and
groiuuU v "' ''s'vess ami die Sen-
- . ii. iiiiueieiiuvo session ami look
up the nouiiiiatlou ofUon Pardee as judge
In Louisiana. Alter a long discussion n0
cone his on could i,. 7,..i i
Jouriuncui wa, ordered till to-morrow.
iei ii.uiees aru mere will not Im u n.io
rum licrmiltcr morning trains leave.
n.i u'1-' U "".,1!1,t nM led I)' Sen
ator W esi mid Is very hitter. Some of
; . ; " v" c 'o mo contest uro au
venturer!, ot the worst stripe.
til l.6iMuiiir7-Kov. HcnitrlcUi.'
CoLi'Mnvs, O.March 23ln theStnate
to-day the Senate hill i o l I rail o I
traiisimrlatloii comn.inles w.u Vnissu I
In the Jlou,c, a House bill t
lilt! Cr 1111! O r:lllil llmin ,. .,1.11.1 l .. "v"
iwelve years of age by hnprisoiuiici.t for
lite, at liard labor, was passed.
Gov. Hendricks spent the (lay In tliU
city, llesolnilon.weroiulopicillu both
biimches of tho General As'sembl v. ,'x-
udlng to him Hit. privileges of thciloor.
which heaccepted, making a few remark
. "us,., mier which members were
Ii nnally lutrotluail to him.
HOT A grcuiaT(maf"ii tiscnin Is to be
caclcd at St. Petersl urg. Foreign as
well as native iiichl icts have been Invi
ted to send In iiluus lor cotupoiitlou lu
tho bulJdJiiff,
Tho British Quarterly Reviows.
Hervat ve.
.!';3..'.'Mi x TKIt IIHVIBW-Llbcrot.
lllUIISU gUAitlLltuY UKMliW
U prln cil hy the
ID Knit nStrrei, . w Yoik,
Uy nrraiiifi m nt widi ill- V MMIsh
trs wiiii leuclvu a llher leuiiiji. uoailon.
Thco pcrl xl cnls constitute a wnmlerlul
m I any of m Uc-n b umi, rrsearclatid
critlcls ii, Tiie ereunn.1 u'l K ir an b"ok
w rin luvlowli K found lure, and th y
ireit o fie b'sui ig evi ui ol ih i world in
m terly a it i . willttn by in u ho Lave
pec id kimwl difo o' (lie matter tr. ted
the Aim; 1 1 un I'liii uli is org u .nn all lie
t lllu'uiil rend h in lids c-unlryH liberal
lllllinrL nf f ll 11 I, rlin. I .... I ....
I 'lijfands cliu.iy lurnlshe , li-ellig mire
ill uii'ir mr ii eniri ill ill rwi
) it-lil so lib it-turn n tiiai n cpiirfil or ii
subscription io tiie c tliu Icolluv; i't-riodl-caisOlGiea
Po' aiiv onn re lew, 4 00 pur nmntui.
or any mmi H .-h, Too '
K o any ihrco ltevlews, 10 00
P r all our l(eU-w-, 12 to "
Por 1(1 ckwood's ilaa.
zl'.c. J An ii
Por Ilia k wood and one
Keview. 7 CO "
Por Ilia, kw od nnd to
K Views to CO "
Po lll.icsw odand Ihrco
Iteiln s, i'j io
Por lllackivond mid the
lour Itev ims. tftm) "
I'n.tMf.., tit., .....itd ,iil... ... l. .
paid by .liequnt rat tlie ollke ol delivery.
A d'sco'lnt nflvviin v n r ront .III l.n ..l
' it to i lu'is i. fou or m ru tin miii.i
I tills: f HIT I! intra III III .. I
II l"v wil be sent iii ii ii- aildn-H Inr
io rcop 1 1 no lour He. leu a anil
III k d I- r sflfl, ud so mi.
Tn-lilb. f ouuiir mow, hi tidlltl'in to
tliii slime ibscoilli'. acipy cratU will b
llowcd io thug iter up ! tho club.
NcWMi'-N-rli-cr, (nppi)lng ca'ly) lorlhe
ar i St, i in y lia.e, w lilmut eleirge, t1 e
iiuinb rsl r lie a-npiirnrol 1S74 ot siieli
p nodi als a-ill y sunerl e Io .
i r In-lit .il, new sii . Ibcr- io hut two
hr c, or I. ur nl tlie lib .. perl Ulcus, may
ll'ivi (ill nl (hi. !.' nr lli.i l..u.f i... iu'i.
.litis, rllii rs I-, nil thv ina liiutWuot tbJ
rinir ItuvluU's' t H ls74.
- un-; iitmumi t siibsi-rllicrs no di
count n cllin- ct lu iill iwi il tin ess he
in liL-ylsr mlt nl dir. i t io the paidislins.
No pn ml ii in tli i'ii 1 1 chilis.
I II l-nlals Willi fill tiler n irlli.lil ir. In iv Iia
Ii id n pplit-a ion.
I 1 1 1.S I Lrnv nth cr-ii r-n i,.tiii.r.
m i.y,iiii' ' I I I 11)1. .,'f t. J.
40 PulionSircL-t. New
M HrpoNltory of rnsliliin. l'leasiire
nun instruction."
The llazarls edited with n i-nitrll,- lr,i.
ofl.c anil t It-lit lail we clliiiii llml Iil.i.v
Jour-11 ; -mi U Juiiriial U.-n I is Hie or 11
01 inu great wunu 01 lustiion. Host n Tiav
el r.
I lie II z i eotiinonils t ell f n i.vnrv tiw.ut.
hir ftliu ll 11. ell Id -t.i III, rlill.lr n l.v
droll and (.ret pie ures, to t 0 yi-uiig a
lies by is boh o (il-itt'sj in cii'-lcss vui cty,
Io tliu r tilfiii mat mi by ts pa n r h t r
ticc II lien's el t e, lo liatuil.imillas bv
it-1 us cliU deslg . lor 1 iiitiioldcrr-ii sllpin-r
an I I xuriull il u slliu' eo.i.K. Km H...
u-ailiiig inuttu ut ill 1 ii.ar ism Iforii Iv ol
gr, ut uxuulluiii-c. Tim tmit-rli k uuiiuiruil
a wulu in)iiil rtylorth liivsMu euioyiiiuiit
It ailords M. V. i:eiilng Post.
Harper's Ibmar. o e yoir....il 00
Pnur doll ir nulu-lis prcpiymcHt ot U.
6. piisiugu by 1 lie publishers.
Mlbs slptne h 10 Ila t-r's .Mngazlne,
Weekly. - ud llazar 10 one a Idics lorono
ye r. $ 0 (10; or two of Harp r's Periodi
cals t 0110 adJrt-ss rr one yi-u , 7 005
posfigc tree.
An ixt a copy or citli r the 31 g zinc,
Wciklv. or Iw.ir lll 1 1- sm nlb-il imhii.
fir cw-ry club ot live -utfscrili i.s.n $1 no
eai-ll. Ill one r mi t:lll.-e : or. slv rnnln fur
$J0 U 1 without ex'ra e py : 110 age tree.
Uni'k miliibcrs can be htionlli-il t m,v
lime. '
I lie Si'Vcn volumes of II iw-r'. Hut ir Yw
the ) ear 1 (!i. '01), '70, 71. '7J, 73. '71, tie
pintly bo mil liigiecn uioro.-co elolh, will
huse I by e.p e-s. Ir l'lit iiipal.i, t r
$i (M) eacn
iSTNewspaiicr- aro not to copy this ad-v-nbcinetit
wi liotllihc express or els ol
Harticr A lb oilier-
Addle k IIAKPKK& lilt OT 1 1 ICU--. N. Y.
"A complete I'lelorlnl lllslor'or Hit,
'I'lines)" "Hie iifsil, lieiiiesl, iititt
most HiicccNsl'ul I'miilly 1'aiicr
In the I'liiou
Tho W'-ekly Is fie lib e.t a d m st pnw
crlul llliistratud perl dical pub.i.lieil I i
IImm elm .Irv. Ilu illt.ti-l .
ami com- in-i g. au-l carry much wt-1 lit.
Its ill. intra tons oi ctiir-n events me lull
mi I ires ,a d a e p-epated by ur hi-stdii-nl.'nit
s vV it a e i c-itl ttlon o l.'iU.iO'i tliu
Weekly Is -e ila If si by mill a mlllluti
liiiri,iiri. nil IIm I..Miimi..m hu hi, ., ,.r
opinion Is siui,y treiia-iiduus, i'he Wci-k-lyitliimai
s n posl Iv 0ltion, aid nx
presses ilu bled Mjumiii poliil'-id and so
ulal probl ins.- L ailsi 111 Join lei-Jour. ai.
Il.ii ililn. .r, innit la hC l.li.n.i
cits on, mid 'ts I'li'torml lliustratlo n are
olicn cor o-.oriiivo nrgtmii-u s ol n mii .11
line-'.- .s. . r. limner un i uorouicin
IIS ltpi-rs tll' ll CXis l-llt lU st otis slid Its
liilmlt ii-Ik uir onus help to iiioiill the m i
timoiis oi the cmmtiy Pittsburg Com
lucre al.
TK (MS :
Po.tagfl rrco to niloi iihcri In tno Uiiitod
tita cs.
Harper's Wsol.lv jut tl 00
Pmir il l clulp- prepaymoiit of 1 1.
j- iio.fa o by Im pub .. , rH '
.-utiscrlp t its io Hifrpur's Murnilnn
vni;.",,,:1 "azar' ."'ad.lres. for '
jo.ir. Iti onjoi wo o llarpct'h I't-riodl
eat-, to o o uudrcss lor oiio jt-ar. 7 u
Au . xtra .-( py of he Magazn0. WroUy,
T llazar will .,0 nipi.1 cl Jr.it b.r f .cn
''Ub oi live sub., r hers ut t 0.) 0 ch. In
'"; rem i unco; or, .Ix con c- lor 20 oo
v It ii. m ex ra copy. postiiKo lice.
I ack numb h can i ott,.p b'dat-iny time.
I ho imiiual vo uiucs ol tlaiptT H W eoklv
l llt-a clo Ii binding, will i n so ,t by ex
press, r eoi opoise lor 7 to racii. A
c niplct-set. coniiri liiw olghtcoiv- Iti-nm,
entoii ivcelptoi cislnitiliB r to ol $3 VA
jiren!"crU' ,ro, 1 al tllu "XPCIl o o, the
EjTN w.pnte rs .ire not to c pv thi-ad
ihS iT".'. wi"' "l l'roiiS oidou o.
Harper iV Pr-dhi-rs,
Aiiiros IIAItPi:i( ,t HltOTIlintS. N. V.
Pro. Fowler's Groat "Work
Iivc! lu Un, Powsri, 4c.
A OK NTS nre clllnc frnni 1.1 to si rnnlet
'JMIK HULLETIK ll puMlilicil every morning
(except Jtomliy) la Hie lltillctln llullillus, cor
ner NVantittigtoa arrnuoHiiil TwcllHi street
Tub Hcllktin It terved to city nubicribcrs by
fjltliful curriers tTwinty-Klvc CeiiU a Week,
payable weekly llyMull, (In adrnucc), 10cr
suiiumi il.t moulli J, 10 1 three inontln, M one
nionUi, il ii.
I'ubllilicU every Tliuriday rnoriilnjf nt $1 23
wr annum, lu variably lu advance. 1 lie postage
on llio Weekly will be prepuM nt llih olltce, so
Iliat subicrlbers will obtain far a subicriptluu
llceof Hayrar.
I) A I t. Y .
IliislnMs Canls, pr annum, SM 00
One square, one iii-ritlini, 1 Oil
(lie sqiuuv, two hiacrtloiu t f.0
('lie miiuire, nut- wivk, -J 10
ne iiiure, two Mirks 3 SO
Uneijimre, three nwLi,. 4 00
One iurr, one niuulli M.. 5 ou
W K K t I. Y .
One sipiarr, one Insertion, $1 oo
Kutli iibxsjiit-iit Insertion W
SQiie Inch l a square.
63 1'n regular mlverlbers wr offer superior In
ducement, both at to rato ol charge! uml milli
ner of ilbiilnyhiK their furor.
t3"N"lloe hi local column Inrertcit for Fll
lirn Cents jier line for one insertion, Tunny
Cents a line for two Inwrllons, Twenty-Klve
Cents a Hue Tor three Insertions, Tlihty-Kiw
Cents a line fur one week, nml Seretity-Pltv
Cents a line forone month,
Communications upon subjects of con
oral Interest to tho publlo solicited.
E3"AI1 letters shoulit beiulilres'ed to
PresMent Culm llulletln Coinpiiny,
Evansvillo, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah. Shawncotown, Evaus-
...llA T I : , . ... 1
vinu, uuiinviiiu, (Jim imiuii
and all way landings.
The imtlvnUnl klile-uhi-tl hteumcr
I) O. POWLKIl Ma.lor
l.ll. II. 'llluu.i. . tlvlk
H III Initf l.vamvlllleriirCulrneery.MOMIA V
tin.. ...u..7'. u. O UIULK III.
I.cui'9 Cilrn every '1 LbSD.vV ui:-t KIIIDAV.at
0 O'clock l. 111.
The elegant siile-wlieel steamer
Hen Howaiiu Muster
W aLTKH II. i'LSXlNr.rnv i i.iL
Will Ikuvc l.rmuvlllu fur ( iilrn every TUKs-
1 V V uml 1.-111 . V nt i I .. ...
W lll luive l.'ulroevery i KI.M'.s.AVuiid.SAT-
w . inuu iivkni. Ill
The tli-oiint slilv-wliiel steamer
Joux (Ion- MaUi r.
I-i'iivc. i; van-, vllle for Culm every WKIJ.N'KS-
t) .Yaml-sAIUItADVuHp ni
l.i-iue. Cairo every lilLKsliA Valid SUNUAY
... ...
ll'll bii.lt 111 llrf. rln. ,nni,...l.H,nii..l
Willi ttr.t-i.iiH .In.ihi.,
WiUiiinl .y.,v Orleans, ami at Kvuusvlllc n itli
. 4 , . , ,i"i, ni" puiius .mii in itiiu i;at,
mill wlla tliu Louisville .lull -sti-uinrr, I'.irall
polios on the Upper (Jill.., Kivinc llirnurfli re-u-ipu
on lieiKUl. uml pa,ii((ers to till points
i or iiirui r iniorni uinn apply to
alb. tjit.vi;.!, I'.o.vngcr Agent.
J.M l'llll.l..i-s,, ' St"W
- C"r,, . . MM..It.
siiK.-rlntenitcnt anil beueiul I'ii-IkIu .(tent,
1 -J--.-o-ly. hun. ulli- InUlaiia.
Special Assessment Notice.
PUill.Ii; NOIUi: I, htirl.y Klveii that the
Cbeult ami (.oiinty i iiiit- ol Alexander
Ciuiiily, have lemleuil Jiulcmi-iil f..r a iciul
lo-essim-iit upon priipeil) Ik-iuIIIIiiI bv Iho lot
IowIiik liiiMiiVeiiH-ni, iu (.-ranlliitf uhlo
levir stii-eilruiii t-ourlli lo r'niirlitiilli Ktin is,
a will nwie ,iy upiH-.ir Inuii Un-n-itiilnl ouiiv
ol I ii-Juilinenls on tile in Uieiillii-uof Un, . Ink
ortheCll) ol Uiilro! Hut u wurrmil fur Ihe col
lecllnii ol such use.iiu-iitj Is lu the liamN ofll.u
lliiilrrUnii. All lersuiH liite.,..,i me hiieby
nutillisl to call ami pay tin- mim .inns io.s,nl. at
tin- colli'etoi solii-r,.No IHii niiiiiii.ii'lnl uieiiuo
within ihhty il.iy from Hie .hue ll'i,",'l
tluteil tins 13th day of. M.iiili, . n. IH75
it i' m.tiu;.
. ,V"' T "d iix-olUclo Collector.
Sheriff1! Sale.
By virtue of an Kxeuiitioii to me Jlrrcted by
the Cleik of tliu Clli-iilt Cuiiit of .lexiiinler
. . ....... .. mi. ...i . ,.. .... . .
'.'"t'VJ i I" -iiw i ihiiiwis, iii imor ot .11
lie.1 ll, .sauonl, asslxnce of Alexander It Irvln
uml iiKaliitl John II. Ilrown, I have levied un
n tliu fulliivvlnt' itfirritai property, lu t .
''!'ty'rAle,in.lt.ri.i.a -lute ol ilfl.'ols. to?
i ,iiitv umi iilieiir.i oi sum .Jiil
ilu. L,ru,1" . """ 10 He. N'Ttliwest qiiutter of
i.." . '. -J"""" "i orijiiuii uiiriv-o uu i I
Ii l..wii.hli,ii(, (is) soon,, uiul 'in It. ue
l im' i0.1'"' uinl v M .'d-l)l'cksi.u m!
f l X, ') "''' '''," I3'; f"llr (-"he
Un'ltv hi i.'f.i 1 "d elKht M (u Ihe town of
Publics,.!.. ,.;.i...':'.. ""A"' "i.erai
ei".;;., it"" '"' s-'airo, In th,- County o
(I in i f' ,"1 T"tv ol tl' l'trtl
i erii .&t?U'y the .hour f
iiim.A i ,i "' ii;wesi iioor ni tne c
7.7." r tiuiii-wesi noor nt t ie (.'niiri
Execution ' A' ' S""'. 0 fA"&
ihi?iKViKa " '?w'fr .nitlee of sale, I
f'!r.' tie. Vt". Tl HLTf! J": u,1 '''" (le(-rll.eil
Iheiefuti J T, W?, ''I'Wer. the sale wui
Kox?,he ro,lown varieties of I't-nt: n,lD
and sh.r u H,',',1 Wi l.l.ni, lloiuu...
I wiirnint 1T11...1 V? , W ..... .
llATCi'i"T",!tii,,'m';U" of dozen i:KKs
"im? ler.lwe'n' UOt 1 w, "-'
k Jiirnls ' ,ur e"'-''"ar.
' f. ,u . ,SAAC I.YNT1K,
"-'we, RWirk Coimly, pblo.
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
W. IV It.VM.IIlAY, I'l-ediletit
lIKNItV I, IIAI.I.IDAV, VKel'rest.
A II SAKI'(lltl), C.nhler.
VAI.Tl:i( 1IVSI.U1', Ass'l Cashier.
U. Ll. WlLLIAJl-D.V, &TKI-IU3.N litllll,
A. II. S.vrouu
Exohango, Coin nnd United State
xiouas nought and sold.
DKI'OSITS rei-elve. ami a genewt 1nLlnj
Enterprise Savings
A It. SArTolin, I'rwldint.
S TAVI.dlt, l-l'ii-.lil(iil.
W. llVslAfl', fre'i ami '1 misiirrr.
1'. M. llAIII-L.tr, OlA l.M.lnill-.ll,
f. it . Mm MI.MII, I'Atl.ll M III II,
It. II. CL'.NMMIIIAM, It l H.lLl.lllAl ,
.1. M I'llll.l.llH.
LXI'CIIKSTpnlil 011 ili-p.i-lts nt thi-rule nf sl
pci et'iit n'i-auuuui, Man h ll nml .svi iii-lu-r
1st liilcii-sl iiul ulllulniun ismldisl iiiiini
tlhtttly lo the priiii'lnl nf Ilu- iIchiIu, lluaiby
KiiliiK them riuiti-otiiul InlriiKt
Married Women nnd Chilr,re,n may
Dcpoit Money nnd no onu
clso can draw it.
0i-n en-ry bmlnrf sday from ill. in. lo .1 p.m
ami atunl.iy i-irnliu-s f,,r ..u lu-s ili'poills 111. I
W. HY8'.Or, Treaauror.
Corner Commorclal Av. and Eighth St.,
Is 0111 from !) a.m. to 4 p in for the lninrt
ion of rivul.ir llinkln busbies. Also uu -ut-tilibiy
eieuliiKlriiiii i. loBii'tluik lor lira accjlu
111 xlutlun of RllVllliCI ltj.tois.
ExohanKo Boueht nnd Sold on thn Frin
clpal Cities lu tliu UnlloA otatcs.
C3"r"oielsn VlTclinnsc drawn on Kn-I.mil,
I It I.ukI , Fmiii-e, mid nil the irlnil.ut t:iiii-lu
i.riiii.iny. -witi-il mil, l.eliduiii ll.1U.1tnl. tins
bi.i, lleuiiiiilk, Italy and oilier loielitu uutl'iiis
t3",'ollitllon iniiile In uny urt of l.unij t- b)
Drull or powrr ol utlonie)
5Cr"lA'iters of citillt lor Irateltis In l.urct.-
Gold, Silver, Unitua atntOB and
other uunas Bought and Hold.
Interest alls?.:! 03 Tic? Drd:
P C. OANEDY, Presl I -nt.
HIiNKY WjlnLtj, Vico Proaldcnt.
TMUMAb LbWIa, Cuallloi
T J.HJSUTii, AjUt.tut Caahlor.
(3-3 ll-tf
t (MI..
Coal Coal.
ST. JOHN'S and
Ordorfi for Conl by tho cnr-lond,
ton, or in hogsheads, for flhii.mcnt,
promptly uttonded to.
CaTTo largo consumors nnd nil
manufacturers, wo ur j picpar d
to s ipply any quantity, by tl.o
.tnontn or your, at uniform rato
TCfILillhljy Ilro 'solllr, No "u Ohio l.evte.
Cr"ILillldny Ilro 'a ivliiirfhoat.
O-Al linjptlan .Mills, or
63-At tliu Coal lluiiip, fot ol'Thlrtv-LiHlit
SO-I'ost Olllcc I)r.mer, 39D,
Coal and Wood Yard.
&gr co. L sstr
Kill' T ronstanlly on liaml al llosa' Yunl
Commercial avenue, opposite Uross
Onleri piomitlv lllleil
Coal anil wo. lU-llvtiet! freo of cliarpe.
Ternu stilo.lv chli aii-IO-Cni.1
liurHitikiY fUMiUiisi M.inuftaUJtliHiR.
IsM. I'-" 1 W, llh I tH. UH. 111.111 l.'l nil. C.Slfcl
ri.eBl r.Sln.ti wlltout th.ri's. THStwi
imiHlHikT3 mi m
w !5 ' ffl is y fa 1 m 0
wui r,ii ivj nt nw kin
nap w
l t'jrt l fllliUlulliM, j viiiij x nuiiuiiou,
niii'MrnA t.s
WII solleit eiirrr"pnn.li-ni-i ami onli-m 11..11
ur ifihhIs In imr line HtenililMmt I'l .1 1
III It-. I witli ivliatile llnurs at imsiimilih' I i
7-1 Ohio Loveo.
r "
i? c:::r: rv::?
Wo havo rop'cnislio 1 our Job Printing Ofllco with
many fonts of in w type an I havo ot'lcr3 out for other
fonts of tho latest popu'nr stylos. "Yn aro (lctormino I
to establish tlie reputation of our offi :o for first-class
work, and make our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will bo compelled to ad
mit (hat wo do work st lower prico3 than any other of
fice in the country. IUr. Obcrly, admitted to bo ono o
tho best practical job printor3 Wosfc and South, -Ins
assumed personal suporvi?ion of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to givo palisfaction to our
mnny patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
anil Itntall
tii a5
- -.J-AAll.iuz-i OF
- il -
ETC., L'l C.
I r-.- I l 1 livsielam and licnrral ."-lores In i
.' , 1.. . 1 n...y Abtlli llie Lm- furiilsheil ot
' ' Av.Co-Bth
-s w uj
5fvlS ...riO.
Should be solil li- tlie Manhv.-.- J Canned
Trade cvtryv
cr r::t ta::a:: - aitd jthtit.
trill ci fMiniilr, J'rcr, on receipt of S3 Cent:
NMMaiml-Ns.Tllissainr,iir I.rS,

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