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Kdlna; ntu'r on F.trjr Iita;e.
I'niNCK Hhmaiik Uto uc rnaila a duke
the Duke of Lniicttbcrg.
SusaxH. Anthony is to lecture
CarbouJale home time In April.
Thu IteniuUcaus Of Connecticut liavti
noiulnatci Hfury I.lniii'll fur Oovimor.
Bk331kTurxk U iirmoii.uw.I avory
unrvlluW wlluws, ami It U probable that
her evldouLt! will be thrown out alto
Acousta Mooiti: t anxious to know
why he was born. It U a conundrum
we uive up. It M mow than we can mus
Tim Governor li:tuiiU theSeUatchl
nomination uf AU'sm. reunion, Hrown
and Steele to be their own successors
Railroad Commissioner.
Tint President suul cabinet will be pro
entat the centennial celebnitlon of the
battles ol .niconl and Lexington on the
19tli of April next.
1IaV1.no dIj)o-eil of Hell In n locliirt.
we are anxious to "go for"iic Devil, and
will If In vlu-d b tome cliureh eoii':n
jratlon. H ami I Is atrald ot Mm. but we
are not.
Victoria Woodhull denies that Theo
dore was more to U rthanaea-iial friend.
She say he never Hayed In her hoiie
but one night and then slept on a
lounge in the parlor.
Tiie Carhondale Observer denies that
there Is much small-pox at that place.
There were thirteen eae in one neigh
borhood, and a 'human drift-wood,"
with a bad case, has been drifting about
from house to hotfe.
Tub lleecher trial adjourned over from
Tliur.dijr to Monday on account ol Good
Frid iy,aud to-day the New Yorker and
Brooklynltes will havo to do without
their n-jrul.tr Sunday installment of the
Dr. Jex.vi.wh, of M'illiaiiin county,
who has been warned to leave that locali
ty on pain of siill'ering the fate which has
been dealt out to others who have lived
there, has removed his family and elk-el
from the moral plague spot of Southern
Gen. Shkiudan rays that his llrM
knowledge of the lllack Mills was de
rived front the late Father DcSmet, the
noted Catholic missionary. The father
explained to him the dehiMvo Indian ro
ni nice of 'mountains ' of gold In the
Hills. The mountains proved to be
nothing more than a lormatlou of yellow
At a cabinet iiu'ethicr on rrldav tln
question arose as to the power of the
president to appoint a Judge fur thu vu
cant Judicial district In Louisiana, to
which Judge I'anlcc was nominated, but
which nomination failed of being con
firmed. The president referred the sub
ject to Attorney-General Williams, who
gave an opinion to theell'ect that the va
cant judgeship cannot be tilled until the
next session of emigre".
Hon. W. Walter Phelps, a lladleal
statesman, who divides his hair and
name In the middle, has been Interviewed
by a reporter of the St. J.ouN Htjntbhcnn.
He Is reputed to have more money tlian
brains, but In this Interview demouMr.iU d
that he ha a number of very good brains.
He talked like a man of seiue. and con
demned the admlnhtratinn in no mca-nr-ed
term. If Walter continues todeelop
politically he will soon bud Into a Liberal,
and speedily thereafter bloom lulu a Dem
ocrat. Tin: correspondent of ilujTs'im X. who
((evidently woman or a womanlrh man.
gives Mr. O. what lie deserves when flic
fay his lecture on Hell was "compiled"
that Is to sav, not original. That I
this man's falling, a lack of originality;
and we have often told him ho ought to
reform. Then X. cruelly sarcastic, say,
he "understand but little thiie
was given to the preparation
ol the lecturc--ierhaps not over two oi
three days, which Ju.t show., wlm the
speaker might d j, If hchtdniorc time."
The lilti. palpable, and hard, in truth
the lecture, whh the exception of the
"apohyy"- fjiirpa.,'.--A is written on
tluSuUyltwH reil--,vi written b-twe-n
lOo'cloc'iln the uurnlng and 7 in
thtfere.ilug w.n re 1 1 from the original
ra miHcrlpr. an I h 1 1 u it W(. read alter
being written until it was read before the
Liberal Association. Wu nvM tii.it Mr
o uws so little of hell, dlil not
" ,'f "T V ,,w-"ln w.ut kind ol
place it U.aud leli his friend all about It;
-''V , . , re rcl llut "'3 was unable,
probably I, .ens, or a la-k ofubiliiv, to
pretent his hut,j,xU tiut 1,1, audience
cuuld comprehend lit tu-anln".
The ClirUlt'iiii nr..
Into the Alrica of lullddlty ; and i,m
flnd, before they get throgh with their
campaign, Hut they havo mile a verv
srnous nusiane. Juliu Xiel.md mad
I'hlla Jelpliia, a few days ago. to l. M:Uu
rallzed. t Ditlefeld inaduoalh that Nle
land hail been live years a resident oi
niu umieu Biaies.nnu one year of th
qi i-eniisyjvania ; but, tha fact
came out In soma way. that Nlchunl
n Inll.lel.and the Judge cmlorsed nnnn
-,-miuu; "Knitted Oil UCCOIIIlt 01
an inlldel." If thl
gooa ground for deiiviug
n uuniiizauon iianeii. tilft f:1I n,,,,
citizen If an unllevcr will In tmo n
taken a a sufflccm reaW for d,.nrlvhi..
him of the ballot. Thu ln.ldeB In thu Unh
ted Sutcdsw miiutieredLy hundreds o.
thoiiMnds wulllcyarea runatlonl clas.
Ofpeo.ile. "'JVy woildivnoui ban-
Wkver m l?vWmr would lung an":,,.
thiol, and aggression by tho Christians
will be met by remittance by thu Inlldels.
A holy war may a'stilt, nnd then may
the Devil catch thu hindmost, and the
foremost, too. These hot-headed Chris
tian of Iho Judge Ludlow school are a."
laugerous to the peace ofsoclety as the
hot-head inlldels of thu Woudhult and
Spiritualist schools.
tiii. ji:m;iii. ashiiuiily.
Tin labors of thu General Assembly
have been arduous, but havo resulted til
no legislation of any value. The reve
nue question has received very little at
tention, ninl It was the question of the
hour. Thu Senate hits woiked quietly
ami fdlhfullv, and the Djiii ier.it lo and
Independent Senators have been united
upon all hnp.u Unt party questions; but In
the llauu uproar ha been the clilct fea
ture. This lia resulted partly from the
fact that the It 'publiaiu ineuibers have
hut no opportunity to cre
ate coufudou and Impede hushics, ami
partly from the Indiscretion of the
Speaker, who even when he 1 right upon
an luu raised with the Kepnbllc.ius
eein t ollend the minority by his man
iter. When he does anvthlng, the Until-
cals eoniplaln. and wheii he Is "palvo"
I hev become liirloii. I uus lar me ses-
luu Is n tallure, and mile's much work
Is done within the next two vcck, the
rweiiiy-Nlnth (lelier.il Assembly will
lie iiiurcillvthiguMicd lor what It did not.
ihau for what It did, do,
I'll. ASK I A.I AI.I1X V.Mi:it-ONi:
Tim citizens of 1'ulaskl county, w ith
the exception ot the people of .Mound
City, wl-li the consolidation of that
county and Alexander. A petition prny
hig for legislation toenable Iheeou-ollda-tors
to give cllVct to their desire on tills
subject, was some time ago pre-enled hi
the Hntwc by Hon. It. U. Jones. If the
consolidation of Alexander mid l'uluki
couiii uc elleeted. the people ol the two
counties would have reason to rejoice.
i ue counties now are burdened bv taxa
tion. A levy to the contltu-
tlunal limit doc not give enough
revenue in eiiner county to pay
current expenses, and the eoinmN-loiiei
are often compelled, ns in Alexander
county Ia.t year, lo make Illegal levies.
If the counties were couiHdaicd u lew of
lest than the constitutional limit, would
pay the expenses ol both counties.
There J not now any provision in the
law ol'tl(l State by which two counties
can be consolidated; ami he who under
takes to draft a hill to authorize Mich run-
solld.itWn will Hud the ta-k a nio-t dlill-
cult one; but It can and should be done.
-run .noiivn 'irY .hi.mt.ui;xt.
We have at least one patriotic lawver
In Cairo, and he Is S. P. Wheeler. Iwi.
We learn from a report made bv the com-
nilsdoners appointed to build the Sol.
tilers' Monument at Mound Citv. that
Mr. Wheeler has acted as attorney for
thu commt-slon without char-re. He
may eouMder lilntHdl heartily applauded
by the IK'i.i.uriN. llut, Indeeed. all the
ll'imile who have bad :nivililn Imln ulth
this niDiuiuient, the Moiind City Joumtl
to tli" uini.il. nuin iiusiaiiiiiiie, ii.iiu
lieen unellNli and self-sacrllleiug. .Mr.
J. A. '.ui''h, of Mound Cltv. has acted
as secretary without charge, and the com
uiissiouera have given tin Ir labor and
time grail". We applaud them all, and
would if we could, call them before the
curl lin and throw b'wpiets allheiu.
From this -aine report wo learn that
of the $2.0)J appropriated to build the
inoiniiiielit SUI.OJJ have Ik-cii piill lo tin
i pilil I
contractors and 9,1
hauiN of tlh' treasurer orthecoininii-loii.
Hon. W. It. Hrown. of MetripnlN, The
m iterlal for the ninum mt Is all on the
ground, and the' stoun is all cut and
ready to be put up when thu weather
has beeni
nu in: ai'ii.im;isi:?
We have not been preMmt hi our ofllee
during the paM week, and have not there
fore replied to the .S'iim'i coriopoudeiil
X. who intimate, that Mr. Obeily, In hU
prefatory remarks to Ids lecture on
"Hell," exhibited bad l.ite in apolog!..
Ing for hi- appearance on the platform of
the Liberal lillgimii Association, nml
ivs he underlook lo explain the pecu
liar views of that society. We were one
of the audience on the occasion oi' Mr.
O.'s lecture, and are sure he made no
ipology. lie stated that he did not wlh
hl appearance before tin; society, on Its
invitation, to be eon-lriieil into an en
dorsement by him ol" the religious Ideas
of the members ol the soeielv tlial be
wa not an Atheist. Sniriiiiall.t or
ihiiserof Christianity. The corre.pnu-
dent X rem irl : "I wonder whv tin-
Churches dl I lint eneu n'ur Mr. O. with
the duty ot'explainlu.; his or their relig
ious view when at dill'-rent times he li.is
read for them" It Mr. O. sliould b i in-
Turn iijr ti eliurcb congregation tooeetipv
Its pulpit and lecture it, and he should ae-
eeptthelnvltatloii.lt would Hot be In
bid taste If lie were to say as a nref.ieo to
his lecture th it ho did not w,h Ids pre-.
-nee hi the pulpit of the sect before Its
mbcr.hip and upon Its Invitation, to be
construed into an endorseni Mit nt he re.
ligious views o (be. sect. t it whether It
would ho bid or good laste, Mr. O. would
we are sure prelaw Ills lecture ill that
atiii-.u v. i.k 1:11 odi,mm:i.
ue sermon o Hid ltev F.uher Walker
s.umm. me public schools of New York
v......mcic.iu lew siiiudavs ago, lin
been generally con leuuied by the
Catholic clergy and laliy 0( Hm city
Hie schools of New Vork city have an
average attend nice of onu bundled and
s-ycuteei, tliousand two hundred and
t ilrty-nlue pupiu. nft. p(,r W f
heM, are the children of ; n,.
parents, to whoui Father Walker
ould, if he could, refuse Hie faeranieiits
ol tiie church. The Catholic parochial
schools Iiiivij nu average attendance ,
itxMtt llftccn thousand. If Father
Walker's logic Is com-ct, only about one.
slxtli of tho six liumlnil thousand Catho
lic, of New York city nro In g wd stand,
lug In thu church. A Liberal Catholic
prie.t of Now Yorjt city piouoiiucci this
n "inoustrnus libel," and asserts thai l.o
has reason to hope "that thu Jusults will
punish the llbeler, and send him to the
gloiuiy solitude ol Sault ntt liecollet, In
Cauuda, lo revise Ins theology ami learn
at the feet of the salutlv Master of No
vices, Father Perron, that humility and
charity should bo the charaetcrMlcs of
tiie Catholic priest, and that It is his duty
to draw people to the slier liiieuts, not lo
diive them from them."
The same priet say that Father
Walker has virtually condemned Cardinal
MeClo'ky, who "has never spoken a
harh word against the public cliool sys
tem mid lia o u great e' nt recruited
his priesthood from lis s..i .. '
UIM.IA.MSe.V ( llt'.MY.
The Farmer? AdeoMte, Williamson
county, relates the dctallsof the recent dis
covery In ll.ilnbrlihro Precinct In that
county, ol'lhu body of n woman supposed
to liave been murdered near Cartersvllle
hi thu ttitumir of 187.1. The body of the
unfortunate woman was found in the forks
of a fallen tree mid from Its appearance
wht'ii discovered. itIssuipo-ed that It hud
been partly removed from Its original po
sition by hogs and dogs. At the coro
ner's Inquest, bullet holes were found hi
the clothing that remained on thu body
and Hie fatal shot was found to have pen
traled the bowels. Tiie wo
man was about thirty years
of age, with light hair and small hi per
son. Who or what she was. Is mvstery.
The Adeoenle supplements Its account of
the discovery of the body ot the woman
by asking the quc-tluti : "Will our Rep
resentatives dare to adjourn without
making appropriations to ferret out the
numerous murder rs and other outlaws
of Williamson county, ami lo bring tlieiu
ti Justice?" We very much fear that our
General Assembly will dare, ami intend
to adjourn without meeting one of the
gravest and most important questions
before it; namely, the suppression of the
lawlessness and crime peculiar to Wil-Ham-Kin
county. The time of the Gener
al Assembly appear to be wholly taken
up with purposeless wrangling andjang
lingiihout nothing. Williamson county
must wait, and when all the reputable
people h ive deserted it and It Is given
over to moral nml material degeneracy.
the Mate authorities will, may be, do
something. Now. is not the day of sal
vation for Williamson county.
urn ini:ji.As .mommi;xt.
Nearly all the Independent 1!' formers
in the House of the General Assembly
voted ugaliist the bill making an appro
priation for the Douglas monument at
Chicago. Independent Reformers are
economical men. Thev deprecate theex-
peiidilureof money foranypurioseexcept
i he Improvement of the condition of the
fanner class, believing that in the pro
perily ol the man who tills the soil is the
pro-perity of all other classes. Douglas
was a lawyer, not a fanner; and therefore
thus, no doubt, thu Reformers rea
soned It would be wasting the money of
the people to expend it in building a
monument to commemorate his virtues.
Thirly-elght Republicans also oles
.HfltlWl til. I Kt! 'I'll..! Il.lll ,,o I..
I. lute ulaut In life, and would not
honor him in death. This Is a sentiment
peculiarly Republican, and the aiitl-iiiou-umeiit
Republicans acted in couoiinucc
witli It when they kicked at the dead
Douglas by refusing to vote to complete
a monument proposed to be erected in
eoimueiiior.itlou of him. Fourteen Dem
ocrats voted against the uill, for no other
reason probably than that they are mean
demagogues ami little-minded fellows.
Twenty-three Republicans voted for the
bill, and to these uieubeall honor. They
roo above old-time prejudices, and by
their votes attempted to commemorate
(lie patriotism mid virtues of a man who
with all hU (anils was one of the great
men of a notable era in American history.
tiii; ui:iisruv i, i w.
The bill to repeal thu registry law of
this State has been killed in the House.
The vote stood 70 njes and 07 noes. Of
the 70 members- wlm voted hi the nlllruia
live there were 1U Democrats, 20 Inde
pendents audi Republican. Of the 07
who voted in the negative there were 02
Republicans,:! Independents and 'J Demo
crats. .Merrill and another Deinociat vo
ted in the negative, when it became ap
parent that tile bill would not receive the
constitutional majority, for the purpose
of moving a reconsideration.
It Is lo be regretted that this bill failed.
and it would not have done so. if Hie
member of nil the House Intavorol'it
had bum present, .sixteen members weie
absent, of whom at least ten would have
voted for the bill. Seventy votes Were
cist for It, and two iigalust it that would
have been can In the silllrmative If it
could have been passed. Seventy. seven
were required. Il therefore live of the
absentees who favored the bill had been
lu their seat, the registry law would have
been repealed, ami a great burden have
been I Hied Iroui the people.
There can be no doubt that the people
wl-li the registry law repealed. It s ot
no use in protecting the ballot-box from
Irauils; It Is rather an instrument by
which corruption Is uiadii easy. In the
rural districts. It requires electors lo give
two days to the election instead of one,
ur ele bu put lo unnecessary trouble,
while in thu cities it makes fraudulent
voting easy ; and besides this It Is very
expensive. The registry blanks alone,
in one year, cost about S20.000. If to
(his Is added, thu per diem of the judges
ol election who maku the lists, mid Hie
loss of time of citizens In registering, the
cost of Ihu system will Imi found to fall
not far short of Iroui three hundred thou,
sand to half a million dollars each J ear.
The last assembly attempted lo make
the law less ohjeeliomiblu by making It
less expensive, ami ill doing so made It n
iiiHuii-liiucii. in uctoiier ol each year
III J Judges of election in each election dis
trict ol the Slate-In the wards of cities as
well as hi tho townhlps mid precincts
must meet and maku a t ofilm voters
entitled to vole at the next ensuiug elec
tion lu said election dlstrleis-inust make
In October a Hat of ptrsoui entitled 4o
voto ut tho election lu April, six. months
alter, In the wards of all the cities organ.
lzed under the general incorporation net.
Tills cannot be done, but the law says It
inut be. One week before the election
hi April, tho bulges of election must, un
der the law, meet lu each ward to revise
tho list of voters ol tho ward;
and any voter who was not in the ward
at the making of the list lu October, hav
ing been in the county ninety days and
hi the ward thirty, may appear ami have
his name put on the list; hut if the name
of tills voter is on the list of thu adjoin
Ing ward, having been put thereon In
October, the only way It can be got oil Is
by tw o electors of the ward making oath
that they know he lias removed from thu
ward with the Intention of remaining
away. There can be no necessity to
point out the many frauds upon the ballot-box
that might be perpetrated under
this law. It Is a fraud. And yet the
General Assembly refuses to repeal It.
I.nte .
U Is reported from T c-imi, W. T.,
Hint the stesniKr It itiv, crusdni; l'ltgot
Suund. mm Seattle lu P'ori M llson, w. nt
down with ul on hoi d In a Kle. I'll lp'
iirauiatl" troupe wt re siimnK the pussin.
gets. Tim n purl lack continuation.
si y Goutil, i-yilnr-y IMIIm. tlenorsl
I) .d'e nnd other well known riilmsd mrii
are hi l'hil I'lelplilu. Tn iiroim.e tin dhig
a eon ereliee wllh Col incl.Soitt. lo-diiv. il
lative to iicrt'ctl g it ranxmiiits to com
plutu tun TviiUJiitcpic rua i iodic I'.icltic
dl pitch trm Prcseo't. Arlnnit,
si.ii.i in ti ueHitrui rno anil stsll -It I r
me uep.iriiiifiu or tue I'liitte, Smi
Fr.nit se i. (leiieral Koutz. Colonel nf the
Kbditti Int miry, lia. umed cjiuui ,ud ol
Hie D.'portiuentol Arizona.
A mMitlnzol while lead insnnlucturer
Ints hen liel I'l Chicago Dol'gs'. s wvre
IKi s-nt itom i i.otii". rittsi.UfL'li Clu -ln-lia
ll, I. oul illi!iuid Ch ago. It w a ib
! I It- to ..dvance t'oi pi ice uT lead lu oil to
ten c ills i r , nii id.
V mvi'tlag whs held In llo.tnn T ur-
la ,o llios liitr-- ste in form lu .in ex
; dit on lo Ih Ut n.k II mhos It I
pr no e I In lit oit hii e p illllnn if 0
iiiMK, with ml ttiy nrai lz.it Inn nnd pr -tectien.
and to start about the luiiiulu ul
It up cr from trimerlnts ol record
ricuity hi nle in lie nice ot the Clerk of
hid supreme t ir , District ol Cotillion,
nit'u mr l lit- Hri,'i Minister, thai .lohti
Mlti'ln-i wt. a citizen ' Un United Stnt-s.
I Is presumed the government of (Irent
1) lUIn lu ei.deu to use Mid trante.lpt to
uii.tr.it tliluta-1.
Tin' Herd mulch frame of billiards for
the IMun.'y em' li-ui an. I t hitup oiuldii of
Am ilea ut Pile - I nil Krctii h u ue, pity id
in New Turk at Tuiiitiuiny II I, nriweru
I yn.l 1)1 ii mid .Muuruv Vinaii', w
oi In the l;ilt-r In I lie tlf leth inilii.-.
W line 's av r gc IJj Vlgi aux's highest
run 8i; Duoi's. il'.i.
Mr. J A. lUni n. the ltdv win lunin
c i lrua tim Ciii hi I'a ltlc trmn, lu silny
il'Ci t, at from Viideio t til nrula, eu
r-ut o h rmo liera It til Maine 11 1 r
liiit U'l l 1 nia utVilfiu, two lirotliirs
in San Fran. I co one In central C'.iy.
Co rnlu named New r ini.r. fcli,. Mb-n t
hecn inund, d jiite the st arch of the lal
ro U euipl yes.
Spec! I' ton ltnova, on the wist
br.neiiol di- S isijue tan a rlter, slate thtt
l.e;o neo ends Ir miiit-ruMir ceu nillis
hel w, hut witli no Usn -er to til it i uc , s
the n:c al ih l .ol'. whim li.ai h'i w Is
heavy, mi i re ts n the b ttoin a' he rivi r.
All, cklliv n, aiMiut oven ml s irliw
It n va uu ie.'.eh aunt 1 I iclu c ii, m
Ii p lo s4ie ,.i Hk.'C to the town. At
William no't "c 2 0 inci r hi wo k
Wtduesdai elltt nz vliuino's U Ictwl e,
hiiiI nth r m ii or b n'c lielng iken to re-i-nt
dam ezo liy b cW wster A M lion It
U bcluiti'd tho i Ivor is forming a n w chau-
Prices to suit tho Tlmos.
Wholcanlo Figures, but No Crodit 1
Mrs. C. McLEAN,
Next Door to Stuart & Oholuon'B
HATS, ISitnnrt, Klou rr., !.rm, Itll.honi.
ui el ' f!"."' Tu'' "'"'diiK". Corsfta,
ANo the "Ijullrs' Dnn itcfurra'
Ami ll Hi- new stj lrtcf trlniniine Silks for
.iiini nml MinimiT
Jr-iliisu j,'iiik mil I. t very low fl.
urrs, fur CAM 1 1 nml ( Asll O.VI.V. I-U-Wif
Election Notice.
Cirr I lurk's Orrirr.,
Caiho, Illm , .Maicli Istli, lt7&
"VrOTICi; Is litreli)- Kirn, that on I tienlay the
X Uliiluy iil Aliill. A li ,lt7Vil!fiieral kIh:
11. .n Hill l.t-lirl.l in ilivt itj of i.'nlru, Meximilrr
loiinly, Mate uf lllhinia, f.ir Hie rlcction ur Hie
fullowliiK nanasl city win , tu-wit A niayur,
Hiilycleik aclly lie isiirtr, n city attorner.ii
rlt iissessur, unit oiiealilriiiun rriunracli ward,
for Hie leriniif two )tMM Kiir the imrimsea of
s.lid tleitiiin, polls Mill W (.j,iuh i Uu- follow-
! i i.. I",l,i iu.wii iii tiie Kirat W aril at
tiie biiek biitluesa limisr lalely ucriiilri liy h.
r l).iU. on Ihesiinillierly siilriif ftlxlli airrtt.
iHlwien Cunimerclal ami W a.liiiiKlon aeniieni
in the -erouit Want ut (lie engine house of Hie
Itmijjli unit Itt-aily 1'lie couiiaii) i In thel hlnt
Wiuilut the eiiciue house iil'lhe llllivrniuii VUr
riiiiiaiiyi in the i'mirth Want al the diurt
iioiisei ami in me film warn al the bouse of
M a. snUU-uii. on the Nnrth-wrst rjirtit i.f
'iMtuly-lltlh alreel uiel Coniiurtctal atenue
-am einitou will l opened at elht o'rlnek in
the moriuni;. anil cnnlimie mien until sin
o'clock in the afternoon ol thatitay
..j uiori in mr . uy . (luni-ii.
Corner UiRlatlx iStx-oot,
WM. WETZEL, Proprietor.
AT.!lVTY Jw"'h Dltbt and day for
uuiua toil vwumbouta,
1 mli?. lryof "ramodllon for rnnilmt
P1" Tn o Dollar ver dar. S-18-tf
rpilK llUU,rrriN Uiuhtlbe4 every n.onilu
(eicejit Monday) la tbt Ilnlletln Ilultdlng, cor
ner Washington avenue and Twelfth ilmt
Tin Ili-LtitTiK it irrutt to city tulwllnra by
CtlUifut carrier at Twenty-Five OnU Week,
payable weekly, liy Mall, (lu advance), I0 wr
annum) ilx monUn, 0i three months, 1 one
munth, (1 ti.
rabUibed (vary Thursday tnornlnz at (1 ii
par fuuiimj, lavulably La adv(iio. 'lbeputagt
ou Uw Weakly will U priU at Ibia oCloa, to
that lubsci lUn will obtain fur a wUiej IjjUou
rice of (1 a year.
l!uluii Cvnbi. per annum IX U)
Due aiiuare, one lnxertlou, 1 oo
tine aquare, two tusrtiou 1 W
tine aquaiT, oue Week 1 U)
IMif Uare, two SwLi, 3 U)
One aqunni, tkree Wtvka,. 4 jl
Ou .qure, oue uiontli .... S ou
One square, oue Insertion m 1 ui
Kuxh iubeueut Insertion m
rfOoe inch ! a njuare.
tjffo reKularadiertliers weofferanvrlor in
dureiueuti, tuth at to rata ol charge and man
ner of UiapLtylnx their favors.
13-Nutlced to local coluiiui iruertrd for llf
teen Centi r Hue for one insertion, Twtuly
Centa a line for two Insertion, Tweutyllve
CeuU a line for three luwrtlous, Thirty-Kite
Centa a line for km week, ant! .Setenty-l'lve
Ceutaa line forone mouth,
Communication upon anbjecta of gen
eral tntereit to the public aollcited.
0AII letters should lieaUilrr.ieil to
1'reei.lejit Cairo llullrtin Cominy.
Evansvillo, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah. Bhawncetown. Evans.
villo, Iiouisvillo, Cini innati
nnd all way landings.
The unrivalled ahle.whtel steamer
I lowtra
l.D. It. 'IlKlMAS
M ll'IV.VI!;i,"l,,.,ll,'ru','lroelery AlOMIA V
. Clerk
. v 'i .uu ciori ii m
I.eie. Cairo elery TLKsU.V unJ l lHDAY.at
! o'clock i. ra
The elegant iiJe-Tbl steamer
IUX IIowapd MmiiT
vU,,.hJ!,.,i""!? r,,r "airoetery Tt, h
tiVnV ""' K,UI VatioMuckp in
i .'J. '.Wv c? 'r0 r,,,r: rt ki.nksha vunjs.vr-
L UU A 1 at ti u'cliH-k ii in
The elegant ilile-wheel ateamer
Joint dorr stauer
Mar. WILLIAM! Z'Z Cirri'
If.ff. tran.slllr for Cain. etrry WKH.SKS-
U. V ami sAT UltAHV at A p m
LeatesLairoeiery ilttlltsllAV anil SUNDAY
alHii ru
Each boat mtkeiciote connections at Cairo
with Ursl-cla.a ateainers for at Limit, Mem
lihlaanil .Nv Orliuim, anil at Kuu.llle witli
theh AC It K for ul I i.,inU .NnrlhanU Ka.l.
anil with the LuuitWIle Ml itamert for all
lioluia ou the tniier Ohio, ifivlnvr liimnuli n
fciiita on frelKlila anil isseniera to all ihjIuIh
lortiirth r Inform ition apply to
ftUL. MLVL'il, l'anjier A II t .
J. M I'lllLLll'.S. ' Agents.
. Or to u j ;ic tMMr.lt.
Buiwrintendrnt auil Geuenil Kreifrht VRent,
I -JOJ-ly. htan.ville Imliam.
Special Asscasmcnt Notice.
PUIILIC XUIKK in hereby glten that the
Circuit anil I omily I units uf Alexauiler
Cminly, bate lemleiiil juIunieiit fnraclal
nesiiiirnt upon prupeily Isntlllltil by the fol
louini; inipioti-meiil, tli linnellnif 'hio
I etee atrif I Iroui Fourth lo roiirieeiitli aireelt,
ua will in.. it fully appear liom Die rerllllnl e.ipv
oftlieJuilt;ineuuoii illeiu the nilii of the Ink
of the Lily of Cairo; that u warrant for the ml
leellou ot uch ase.mentii U in the haniU of the
limleirlKlietl. All eraona luleierleit are heieby
notllteil to cull anil pal the uni'iuiita aa.raieil. ut
therolleclor'aolUre.No IHit nmrnercial uteuue
wilhln thirty iby. from the il.ile heieol.
liateilthia Uthilay uf March, A U. IS75.
(ItyTieai anU Kx-olllclo Collector
7I-3. Iltl
SherlfTi Sale.
By virtue of an Ktecullou to me llrrrtnt by
Ihe Clerk of the Clicult Court of Wexuwler
t oiinty, in the -tale of Illinois, in favor ol A.
hi" I II. MalTont, asjliriiit! of Alexander 11 Inln
ami aicainatJohn II. llrown, I hate levlinl up.
on the lollowlm: ile.riilmi iruerty, In the
touutynf Alexuinleraiiil Mate ol Illinois, to
wit. All the rlk'lit .title- auit Inlirr-t ofauht Ji.hn
II. Ilrowo lu ami tu the Northweit nuarlerof
the hoiilbwest nuarlerof .Section Ihlrty.oue (II)
iiiTown.hliiUnetn (15) South, anil in lUiiwe
one (I) westol'thetulril 1 M ,al.o block iiiiui.
Iieietl one (I), two (;'), three (a), four (l live
(Ji, alx; (li).seveu (7) ami eijiht (o) in the town of
Unity In aalil county ami 'tale, aa the proirly
of.alil.lohu 11 llrown, which I .hull odarut
I'uhllc rjale at the onulu.wr.t Uoor uf Ihe Court
House, u the l. liy of Cairo, lu the County ol
t ltxauiler and Male or Ulltiole on the Imirlh
(till) day of March, A. I , le7S, at the bour of
eleveu o'clock, A. M.,for cash, to aatlafvaalil
fcxecutlou, ALKX II IICVlS.
Miertirpf Atexanrter County, IliluoU.
Cairo, Ilia., ftbruary tub, W7.
lnnuriiuBcenfllMorrrnin(r notice nfiale, I
thia day uOensI the real e.lale theit In ileacrilaul
for sale, and (here lieinif no hlrtiUr. Ibe aale was
therefore ailjourneil iiutll Ihe-Jnth day of March
lantaut, at the aaiue plare and time.
i ... . Al.KX, II.IUV1H, Pherlff.
Cairo, till March 4th, I "75,
District Election Notice.
fsTOIIiKli herthy given, that on Haturday,
X the till i il day ol April, l7ft, an elrclioii
will lie heM at Ihe achiHil Imute on Kletenth
slnet. in school llUlrlrt No. one, lowmhlp
stveulien. rani;e oiic. county of tlexandcr and
Male of Illinois, for the purpose of electing two
mmlra oflht hoard of education f.ir Ihelerin
ul three year for said illalrlct I be liolU will In
uiien at nln o'clock, a. m.,aad eloKlalfour
o'clock, n. m , of the tamediy
nattut thia M ily ol March, IMS
By ordernf DOAltU W UUCATION.
TI 11
TT. solicit corre.pondence and orders Ironi Diilavl It l't.yslclani aad tieneral Storea In Wan
V nf hiiiata in our line NKimuuat, 1'l.iiilat.ou una luimly Medlclue Ca-a furuUbxl or.
tlllnl with reliable Unit,', at ita.uiublv mtea
74 0hloLevnc. I Av .Co- Bth
m. -J
The Sprague
Should be sold by the Ilardwar
it crzits I7K7 s:s:
Wc havo rcp'onishol our Job Printing Office with
many fonts of now type an 1 havo uivlora out for other
fonts of tho latest popular st.ylc3. " aro determined
to establish the reputation of our offi io for flrst-class
work, nud make our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities w ill bo compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any othor of
fice in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admitted to bo ono of
tho best practical job printora Wost and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to givo satisfaction to our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
and netall
Can Qpener
d Canned
1 ratlc everyt,
er rw n:n:s - Airs mnr.
IIVH arm SiDiijilr, fret, on rrrcljit of 33 Ctnlt.

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