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,1 iiiiiKiim i i iiiipqi iiivtui cmj rii"
il .1.. u ..(,.,. .. i...ir.....i i.ii.i.i.
iT 111111 nt UMit'iJikTi nrvnia iu wuu
f tllOWtt
1 Hill (J K SLACK.
Chancellor Commander.
JPHfe Indcpeuilent Order of Odd-Kel-nEQP
low., mcU every Tliurailay night
at hu(r-pateten, In their linll on
Commercial asenue, hetneeu sixth ami frtrnlli
streets Joiim II Uvumiam, K. U,
OAIUO KNOAMrMKNT, I. 0. 0. F.. meets
la (JiM-Fellows Hull oil the first Mid third
uesilaj lu etery month, at half-putt seven
C! K SLACK. C 1'.
A UAIUOIUI)UK. NO. 237, A. F. A A 'M.
Hold regular cnmiuuulcnllon In Mm
sonic Hall, corner Commerci.il mrnue
' 'aud Klghth street, on the second anil
fourth tlutiday of eacli month.
l'arlab fsctiuol,
Tue Parish School was opened on Mon
day, March lit. lint pupil will bo re
volved at any time, on llie conditions
already published, The services of l'ro
fessor Frlck Lave been secured for Instruc
tion lu the Uertnan Untfuuge, Korttili an
txtra charge will bo mule, l'upils wishing
to study (lerman only, vfill come to th.
school at i o'clock p. in.
CniitLis A. UiluxRT, Hector.
Fr.ali Nupply.
Mr. 1'. Fitzgerald has Just received and
bus on lale at hit sale room a Urce stock
ff KnglMi ale, porter, Ilcnncssy brandy
aud nines, and liquors of all klndi, which
be will ditnoie of at reasonable prion.
UsO-tt-io- tf.
(Jo and Urn Ilrr.
Landlord! ol hotel and boarding houses
will find It to their advance to call upon
Mri. Coleman, No 12 Fourth street, be
tween Vaihlnf;ton and Commerclil aten
uei, and ascertain her terms for doing hotel
and boarding house washes by the week.
Her wholesale price" are extremely
low 76c. per dozen. For piecework prices
are an follow : Single, shirt and col
lar, 10c; per doien hOc; socks 6c; two col
lar, it; two handkerchief, uc; ctti '20c;
and all gentlemen's wear, "5c. per
dozen. I.adlei' drese, V to Wcj
iklrta 10 to 20c; draweri 10 to lie; two
pair hose, fc; two collars o to lCc. For la
diet' plain clothei (1 00 per dozen; lor la
din fine clothei, f I i'i per dozen; done
dramptly, and promptly delivered. Pa
IronaKe solicited.
taint Charles.
Clood single rooms on the upper floor at
the Saint Charles can be had, with board,
it the very low rate of (30 per month
Daily l.unch.
fleorge Lttner corner of Fourteenth and
Washington avenue, will furnish hcrcalter,
svery day to bin patrons a No. 1 lunch, bo
Iweeu the hours of ten and twelve o'clock.
r'reb Milwaukee beer and frapratit Hasans
:lgars to be lud at hit I ir at all time.
.No tire of Itemoval.
tiehlcht fc Ulrlrh have removed their
chemical dyeing and cleansing cstat
llsbment tram the corner of Kl.htntid
Coium-rchl to Washlnjtou Avenue,
between Ninth and TVnth utri-rts. To meet
the wanu of their ra.ny cut mers. they
heve ordereil and he Just received from
E ir pe a large lot ol the fine,t dye stuffs,
and are now ready to attend to any ordera
tn their tin. 33-3 Hm.
Nullrr of Krmuval.
The well known barber ihop, corner
Eighth and 0 mmerclal, predded nv -t hy
the popula' artUt, George fttflnlinu-e, hai
removed one d tor north on ommercial, in
the Orand Central Hotel. Tbe new hop l
laife and coin in dlou, and thote winding
for anyhlng arti-tlc in the way of f.nlii'in
able hair cutting, imoolli hac, cl .. will
do well Ui call at the Grand Central llarber
hop. 71 S-13-tf.
Illackililltli HUop.
TheoKUtandou Sixth atreet, between
Commercial avuoue and Ohio I.evee, I al
waya ready to do any kind of work In the
bhcktmltn line, mtkliijand repairing AVa
oiik. Hurtle aud Ura) i. Knpecla1 attention
given to hnrie-ihocln', at I make my own
hoei; I ran make thern heavy or llyht,
Juit a you de'lre, lor ynu all know that the
home made shoes are the beit. Call round
and I am Hire to Kive youoatlafaction.
Ti-S-H-lm. r'liKD. IIokiikinz.
Piano and Organ Tunlna.
Mr. M. Kuune deslrea ui to nay tint he In
ready to receive ordera for Piano aud Or
gan tuning, and repairing inuslc.il intru
meat". Order, may be lelt at the corner ol
Thirteenth aud Walnut streets, or I. O.
tloz MO, and will receive prompt attention,
Whence Tlila Great Commotion
the country throuirh, among the Alcoholic
Hitter monger l They Mind ighatt at an
Innovation on their privilege of making
drunkard ol the sick. A eotnpctltir has
come Into the field with which they cannot
contend. Dr. J. Wai.keii'h Cai.ikounia
VtNKflAR IltTTKns, the undcfllcd ewence
of tbe most eftlcacious vegetable tonics and
alteratives in the world, U driving all tbe
still-born nostrums of Kin:,' Alcohol to the
wall. Thero Is no disease, internal or ex
ternal, In which It is not beneficially admin
Istered. 3-17-d w.Jw.
Our Haloon.
The above saloon, corner of Klghth street
and Commercial avenue, Is fixed up In
good style airy and comfortable. Kvery
Sunday morning you will find spread a No.
1 Lunch and a gla'i of Milwaukee lager,
beer, which can't be beat, and there Is not
any change. Ilehind the liar you will find
the bmt kind of Liquors and Cigars, aud
my desire Is to give every one of my custo
mers who patronize me, satisfaction.
Call round 1 Fred, Hofiiiu.nz.
I havo just received the largest asrt-
tnent of Qucenswuro and Glassware, of tho
brst quality, which, having bought Mr cash
direct from tho Imprrters and Manufactu
rers, I am enabled to sell at prlcts which
defy competition, viz :
White Granite Hreuklaht Plates GOc per set.
White Granite Cups and Sail
ers, without handles, . COoper set.
White Granite Cups and rati-
com, with hamlle", 7te per set.
Large GlarB Goblets, r 60c per sot.
Largo Glass Table Tumi rs. UOo per set
1 invite everybody to call nnd exumtno my
stock of Quern and Glassware and com
pare prli'cc.
I have al-o Just received a larKfl Invoice ol
Table and Pocket cutlery, -liver Plaicdand
DrlttuniaTablo nnd Ton Spoon nnd Soup
Ladles. i)Atf IUrtmaN,
-W tf. cor. Blith ft Com. At.
TIIU1WDAY, Al'ICII. 1, 187C.
A N M O VX V, KM K Jl T.
ror City Clerk.
Kuitor lll'LLKrix i'lfjie announce mean
candnlute Tor le-electlun to the olUce or City
tleik, ut tlit enauluirclmrtrr elrctlou
KuiTOn ltCLLtTlx: VltM announce We a a
Qiudhlate lor the olllce or City Clerk, at Untu
tului municipal tlecllxu. . .
For Trtainrer.
lly the rfjueit of many cltlzeni I announce
tuytelf m a candidate for the oOlceof 'lieaiurer,
at the vuiuimt city elrctlou.
Mh. KtitTon- Me announce me ai a candl
(Ule fune-tlcctlou t tlieo0ic of Lily Truaurtr,
at tht eonulng munlchial electlou,
W are atitliorlipl to announce JJAMKS W.
STKNVAUT iu a aiiiillitate Tot the offlc of Cltr
TrtiMUrrr, atth'eiMiiliiK charter tltcllou.
For City Attorney.
Kbiron III'LLKTIX ,-riewe announce me a
caudMatefor the oniceof City Attorney, at the
tnaulutf muukltial election, ami ohllKe,
For Alderman.
We are auUiorlied to announce JOHN O.
Will lb at m carulhlata for Aldrruian vf the
Fourth Ward
Loral Weather Itepurl.
Ciino.lLL., .March 31, IH7.V
IlAH. ITlll
VaL. I WaATtun
7 a in
11 '
1 p in.
20 Threat.
a W!7 m
17 I'lhrrat.
17 'ihraot.
Itallfall .it Inchrn.
THOMAS JUNKS, Pergt. 9- 8..U. S. A.
The Colorrri Hehoola.
The examination of tho puplln Bttcnil
ItiR the colored echools of Cairo com
menced ywtenlay mornlnu, and will con
tinue through the week.
The Cairo t .St. LouN narrow pauj;c
railroad turn-tab'c, which lias for weeks
l:ift been ill course of coii'tntetion, was
eonitik-tcd a day or two ago.
.Nearly lone.
From Mr. .lamec Hlgp wo learn that
the Cairo, Arkatitar. & Texas railroad
coinjiany's incline plane, on the MlMOtiri
tiliore of the M lsls lpjil river, U approach
ing cninpletiou rapidly. A few more
week', it h atd, tviil tilllcc to flnlh ltd
Oir the-Track.
The two o'clock train on the Mlf-iiiein-pl
Central railroad, while running from
the Incline plane down to the IlliuoU Cen
tral depot, on the Illlnol Central track,
on Ttieeday, ran olTthe track and sinaslied
the truck of the bafrfrai: car tt i badly
that it had to be mmiIIo the shop for
repair. Xo Injury done to any one on the
lladl llrillavd.
Tiieday evening, a little boy re'ldliif:
on Walnut, near the corner ol Kitrlitli
re't, while playiuj; with oine com
panlonn on the new turn-tableof the Cairo
iV St, I)iiU Narrow Unne railroad, fell
under the table and received several
severe bruUci about the llmbe. He ww
carried home nnd his wound" bathed with
liniment. He will be all rlht aain, and
ready for another doe oftlie kind, in a
few days.
rtaaeTlnlla of r.very Ilcarrlptlon
4-1 -tf.
The Illicit .School Exhibition.
The scholar of the Ill-h School are
engaged every evening iu preparing for
their exhibition to come oil at the Athe
neutn to-morrow nit'lit. Their zeal in
this air.ilr Is most commendlble, and
xhould be rewarded by our citizens on
Friday evening with a crowded hotue.
We are told that the programme will be
one of more than ordinary Interest, and
will be enacted to the satisfaction ol the
TheUnirrhts' Norlable.
Treasurer Illake inlornis us that on
Friday evening the Knights Templar, as
heretofore announced, will hold their reg
ular sociable at their hall, and the mem
bers will be pleased to greet tho.e who
have received Invitations, assuring them
a very pleasant time. To add to the en
joyment of their friends the Knights
have secured the services of a first-class
string band for thoe who may haven de
sire to pas away the time in the pleas
ures afforded by tripping the light fan
tastic. The sociable will be amusing and
pleasant, and those who are fortunate
enough to hold an invitation should not
fail to honor It.
The Delta City Cornet Band boys
gladdened tho hearts of the people resid
ing near the comer of Eleventh and Wal
nut streets, on Tuesday evening, hy giv
ing them a prolonged serenade. The
boys are proud of their new and beauti
ful instruments, aud well they may be,
for In tone they are excellent. The mu
sic played hy thu band Is also fine, nnd
has created considerable comment on the
part of the citizens. One piece in partic
ular, If practice Is kept up, will not fall
to draw many flattering words from all
who chance to hear It, aud that Is, "Sil
ver Threads Among the Gold." What
is needed now to make the Delta a baud
hard to excel Is practice, and wo hope
they will not neglect it.
A Might IlldlcuHy.
Yesterday morning between 7 and 8
o'clock, as a brace of darkeys were stroll
ing along Washington avenue, they were
observed to stop and begin to flourish
their clenched fists in thu air, in close
proximity to each other's nose. Present
ly the larger darkey, known to the boys
by the appellation of "liunky," pulled
off his coat and went for his partner with
tho llxcd determination of teaching him
a lesson not soon to hu forgotten. The
I other darkey, whose name we are told
Is Thomas Green, didn't seem at all back
I ward, mid received his enemy with a well
directed blow, which for u moment stun
ned liunky; hut ho !oou recovered, and
then It was give and take until the combat
xtM brought to cloe hy tho lutcrven-
tion of some friends, who chanced to be
passing by. Tho fuss, we are told, grew
out of Jealousy, both the darkies being
suiters of a damsel who seems to be
endeavoring to keep on the good side of
both, by treating them alike, showing no
prelerence either way; but the darkies,
each wishing to outwit the other, took
opportunity to pour some story Into
the ear of his adversary on every ocea
slou. liunky swears he will have revenge,
as does Thomas, il it costs lilm his life.
They Thought lie Win Danil.
Yesterday morning, a llttlu German
boy, residing In the lower part of the
city, wltli his parents, wanted to have a
little sport, and accordingly mounted a
colt belonging to n gentleman of the
neighborhood. No sooner was the ur
chin seated upon the back of the
animal than It lifted him gently into the
air, and he fell to the ground, Hut upon
his stomach, where he lay, Insensible.
The mother and sister of thu boy saw
the mishap ol their beloved, and ran to
his assistance, wringing their hands and
sobbing iu the most heartrending man
ner. Upon urrlviug at the spot where
the boy lay, they discovered that to nil
appearances he was dead, and
the sobn and hand wringing grew more
touching. The boy was picked up and
carried to his home, when suddenly he
came to life, and after a moment or two
rolled from the bed, when It struck
the mother and sister that the wind had
been knocked out of the lad, and nothing
more. Their tone suddenly changed,
and the mother said : "D n your little
hide, if ever you get on another horc,
and scare me that way again, I hope he'll
kick your infernal mean head off," and
she caressed him upon the cheek with
the back of her hand, the same making
him yelp with pain. The sister also
Joined in with, "Vou always were a d d
little fool and the sooner you're dead the
better it'll be for us aud you too," aud
Johnny left the hou'c with "Illg hall up
town, boys big ball up town," none the
worse for his tumble.
The HethodlM Npelllnic Mutch.
As Ilarrell of the Onutte says, "we
have got It" the spelling match fever
and a bad case of it at that. The next
match Is the one to be given by the la
dles of the Methodist church, at the
church parlors, this evening. The per
sons into whose hands the arrangements
for the entertainment were placed, have,
we arc creditably informed, completed
every particular part of them, and that
the spelling match will be a success there
is no room for doubt. The programme,
as it now stands, embraces select reading,
singing and spelling. Mrs. W. I'. Wright
will contribute to the entertainment a
xelect reading, which we arc certain will
be of much interest. Holde this, there
will be some splendid music by members
of the choir. The committee of arranrre-
menU wih us to state that the
amusements for the evening will
Ix-gin at precisely eight o'clock, and
it is their desire that every one w ho can,
should be present. The prize offered for
the best speller is a very appropriate and
beautiful one. being either a Webster's
Unabriilired rieiorial Dictionary, or
Maeaulcy's History ol England, beauti
fully printed and bound. There Is much
peculation as to who will carry away the
prize. Some are of the opinion that Miss
McKee w ill be the lucky person, w hile
other are confident that MUs Houston
will come out of the contest, with llylug
colors. The male spellers of the city
don't seem to sell very high at the pool
box, the people being disgusted wllii the
effort nude by them on the occasion of
the Presbyterian spelling match There
is certainly n very cholcelot w sport in
store for those wlto attend, auU we pre
dict that the audience will be a very large
Poller Court.
The following business was disposed
of by His Honor, Judge Dross, yester
day : The first cae was that of a colored
man, who gave his name as Irvln Max
well, whom Ofllcer I.allue had bagged
for stealing a coat, the property of a man
named Henry Wilson, valued at live dol
lars. The ttvidencc iu the case did not
seem sufilcicnt in the mind of the Judge
to convict the defendant, and he was al
lowed to go in peace.
Ofllcer Vi ooten has become tired of
seeing stock, such as horses, cows, mules,
hogs, etc.. running at large upon the
public highway, aud has made up his
mind to put a stop to it. Willi (his view,
lie took Into custody a man named Nel
son, who he alleged Is tho owner of
hogs, and allowed the same to run at
large. The Judge, after considering the
case, fined Nelson three dollars aud costs,
and sent him to the lock-up for four days.
He will labor on the streets.
Matt Keys was arrested by Ofllcer
i ooten for the same offence, but the cvl
deuce In his case was not deemed strong
enough to convict him, and lie was set at
The last case was that of Louis WI1-
llauw, the negro arrested in Howie
Brothers' cellar, last Saturday night,
whllo iu the act of stealing hams. The
Judge, after hearing of Louis' bad con
duct, placed him under six hundred dol
lars ball; In default of payment, he was
sent to the county Jail to await the action
of the circuit court at Its next term.
Tho People' I'rlcnci.
It is susceptible of easy proof that the
Sewing Machine has been a greater bles
sing to the masses of American people
than any invention of the present century.
Nothing else has done so much to save
thu lives and health of the wives and
mothers, the patient, overworked women
of the land, who, ns a class, most needed
relief from the burthen j ofevery-day
life. Every father and husband falls In
his duty if he neglects to endow his
home with Mich a triumph of science as
the Wilson Shuttlo Sewing Machine.
Machines will lie delivered at any Hall
road Station in this county, free of trans
portation charges, If ordered through tho
Company's lirancli Houso at 010, North
Fourth street, St. Louis, Mo,
They send an elegant cataloguo and
chromo circular free on application.
This Company want a lew more good
j agents.
General IletiK.
The masquerade ball nt Charleston
was a grand affair.
Go to the Methodist spelling match
to-night, and have n good time.
Don't fall to attend the spelling
match nt the Mothodlst church this even
ing. It will be good to be there.
Thu warm rain of yesterday after
noon brought the buds out on the shade
trees oftlie city.
.Justus Cunningham is oittand about
again, after several weeks' sickness, look
ing us hale and hearty as ever.
From mi article published in the .Suit
of last evening, we leiirn that during the
year of 1871, IW 1,892 barrels or flour were
sold lu this city.
It Is said that Mr. James Ileardon,
of this city, will succeed Mr. Weirick, as
agent for the Mississippi Valley Trans
portation company.
The levee has not presented an n
pearanco so dead for many days, as
on yesterday. There was comparatively
nothing done during the entire day.
Dr. Wood Is tho fattier of a bright
boy, who made his nrrlval several days
ago, and the doctor says h don't feel
"stuck up" over It, either.
The police courts still continue to do
a reasonable amount of business, though
no trials of very great Importance have
taen place for some days past.
The members of thu "Woman's Club
and Library Association" are determined
to make their spelling match, at the
Athencum next Monday night, a grand
The lovers of real enjoyment should
not fall to attend the spelling match to be
given by the ladles of the Methodist
congregation in the church parlors this
Capt. Weirick, we arc told, lias re
signed hN po-ltion at this point as agent
ol the Misi.-'Ippl Valley Transportation
company, and will remove shortly to St.
Wc are told that the Kev. Mr. Gil
bert will deliver his lecture, which was
postponed from last Tuc-day on account
oftlie death of a personal friend, on next
Tuesday evening.
A fight between two negroes, all
about a colored damsel, who don't care a
continental for either of them, was the at
traction on Washington avenue yesterday
The public schools will close on Fri
day for one week's vacation, aud the
scholars will have an opportunity to en
joy themselves In the pleasures of boat
riding, base ball and other sports.
Tom Sullivan is removing his drug
store from his old stand to a more busl-nes-llke
part oftlie city, and Is confident
that the expense Incurred In the change
will be fully made up by the Increase of
Mr. Gilbert Informs tisthatlils parish
school is lu a most flourishing condi
tion. We arc glad to hear this, nnd hope
that the reverend gentleman will reap a
rich reward for the trouble he lias In
curred in establishing it.
Thu board of education have set apart
Saturday, the 3d of April, as the time to
hold an election for the purpose of elect
ing two members of the board of educa
tion for the ensuing term of three years.
The election will be held at the Kleveuth
street school house.
Much Interest Is manifested In the
public school examination now In pro
gress. Hie knowledge ol the various
studies pursued by the scholars proves
clearly to those in attendance at the ex
amination that their time has been use
fully employed.
The parents oftlie thousand and one
children that plav about the railroad
tracks In tills city, .should teach the dar
lings there is danger hi it, and keep them
away from the cars. A bight that may
be seen at all hours of the day, Is young
sters, hardly able to toddle, jumping on
the cars when in full motion.
The time announced by the Odd-Fellows
for their great celebration to take
place on the fair grounds at Joncsboro,
slowly approaches, nnd the members of
that order, we learn from the Journals
of the various towns around us, are
making arrangements to participate. It
will be ii big thing.
Olllcer Wooten has come to the con
clusion that the habit of owners of hogs,
cows, mules, horses, etc., of let
ting their stock run at large on the pub
lic tlioroughl'ares is "too thin", and is
working hard to break it up In thu part
of the city under hi care. He had two
offenders up before Judge lira's yester
day, onu of whom was fined and the
other discharged. We hope that he will
continue In his good work.
Real rntnte Taxe.
All taxes of whatever character or de
tcription, will become delinquent on tho
IS h Instant, and work upon the delinquent
tax list will then bo commenced. Persons
inarreais for taxes will make a note of
this, as nt further notice will be given, and
no further leniency can be extended to
them by the collector, under tho law.
Alex H. Ibvis,
County Collector.
Cairo, III., April 1st, 1875.
Two-Ilorao Wnicm For flnle.
A new wagon lor sale nt a bargain. Ap
ply at tho 1IULLKTIN counting-room. tf.
To Consumptive"
Thoadvcrlli-or, a retired physician, hav
ing providentially discovered, while a Med
IcM Missionary In Southern A-ia, a vory
simple vcgctablercmeily for tho speedy and
permanent euro of Consumption, Asthma,
Hr.inehttls, Catarrh, and all throat and lung
affection",-''0 positive and radlcul spe
cific for Nervous Debility, Premature- Do
cay, and all Nervous Complaints, feels It his
duty to muko it known 10 ms suuering ici
lows. Actuated by this motive, he will
cheerfully send (free of charge) )o all who
desire tt, the receipt for proparlmr, and lull
direction for successful! usln, tins provi
dentially desired remedy. Those who wl-h
to avail themselves of the benefits of this
discovery without ijost, can do so by return
mall, by addressing
Dn, CHAitLEs V, Marshall,
01 Niagara Street, v
27-M-w8f. Buffalo, N. Y,
Joo ltocoker Is now In full control of
tho Washington bakery, and having learn
ed the wants of tho public, Is prepared to
supply on call all demands for French loaf,
llotton, Drown and Graham bread, and
everything else ordinarily found In a first
class bak-ry. Ho maintains a full stock of
confectioneries, and can, as well as any
other dealer in tho city, fill all orders In
that line, Cakes baked, frosted or orna
mented on short notice. Specla lattentlon
given to the orders of wedding or picnic
parties. tf-12-tr.
Tho Aire of Discovery.
IV. Winter, the artist, Is about to pre
sent to the citizens of Cairo n new pic
ture, with all the coloring of real life.
The means of working these charming
and life-llki) pictures will not be with
held from the public. The tnodut optr
audi Is ns follows : On thu right hand
side of thu camera Is attached a mill
which contains the prismatic colors lu a
pulverized state. As the colors pas Into
thu camera they are received by a fan
wheel which keeps the atoms iu
motion. The photographic plate, while
wet, Is then placed lu the camera the
sitter being iu position. The handle of
the mill is L'ontlr turned. Tho cap of
tube Is removed, thu Imago of the sitter
begins to form while passing through
the colored atmosphere, the particles of
dust falling where they properly belong,
When, Presto! you have a beautiful pic
ture of yourself or friend.
Mr. W. Is also making n picture called
the nonpareil, a beautiful style, suitable
for lockets and miniature eases. Large
assortment of the latter on hand. Gal
ery open dally
IllluolaCrnlritl Ilnllroatl.
1S75. : ooot) foii the vkaii i l7o.
Itnllroad I'aan tn Clilcago mill Itrturn.
Thchotdcrof this pas Is entitled to one
Hrst-clas passage to Chicago and return on
horsctiack or on foot, providing he nets his
hair cut by F. Tticobold Eighth street, bo
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nue. Ticket office at V. Thcobold's barber
shop, Cairo, Illinois. ie-3-K-tf.
An Cheap an the C'lienpeal.
At the New linrnoss and Saddle Shop
No. 10S Commercial Avenue, (old Auction
House) jou can buy all jou want, from a
Fine Harness down to a harue strap, a
cheap as at any other point. No uo now of
golnjto St. I.oulsor any other place for
g ods in our line. Call and sco us.
10-0-23 2w. L. I). AKIN .t Co.
Allvntloii. Merrhmits of the
roiiiullni; Country.
I have a full stock and can always fill or
ders on tjueenswarc and OUsswarc at St.
Louis price" The following Is a list of what
I have on hand at present :
lamp Chimneys, of all kinds, by the liar
rel, bo. or dozen.
Disss l.nrnps of all sizes and kinds.
100 dltierent stylos and kinds of liar
Lamp Humeri ol all descriptions.
l.amp-wlck, Uoer nuns, Glass Reflectors,
Coal Oil Chandelier, Cake Stands, Ola
Fruit Stands, and In fact every thing in the
Crockery and Gls-swaro line.
I will guarantee to dupllcato any bill
purchased m St. Louis and give equally
as good an assortment, as my stock is com
plete in all kinds of Quetn aud Ulasiware.
I abo have put up In cask for the retail
trade, Itucklngham and Yellow Ware, which
I will sell at ii per cunt otT tho regular list
Also a full line of Tablo and Pocket Cut
lery, Plated, Hrlttatila, Table and Tea
Spoons, ana Soup Ladles Conic and see
for y 'UrelTCJ. D. Hahtman,
8-25-tf. Cor, fclxth Com. Av.
Nprluir Millinery !noil
The Mlsics McCarthy Wish to call tho at
tention of the ladles or Cairo and vicinity
totnclr large stock of spring midincry
good, just brought to this market from
Philadelphia. I ho etoek comprises all tho
latest styles of Hats, llonnet, flowers,
Itlbbous aud Trimming of all kinds a largo
varl, ty of ladles' underwear, hosiery, bells,
buckles, collars, culls etc., etc. ihese
gaods are ollercd at the lowest prlcjs. I ho
Misses McCirthy will be found at -Mrs.
Swander's old stand on Commercial avenue,
between Klghth and Ninth street s 2-3-1 w
Siometliliix .Vow.
I have ju-t reclved a complete assort
ment of Glass .Shades of nil si.es and
shape, suitable for clock", wax ilower.-,
etc., alo Mos and Chenille, and pic
nic and ladle' Traveling IlaKets the
largest stock ever brought to Cairo.
D. Hahtman,
Comer Sixth and Commercial.
Asltuitloniu a Drug "torn; ten year's
experience j thoroughly competent, and
can takecaarge il required. Tho best ref
erences, Ac. Address Theo. Smith, Utah
and Lexington streets, Daitlmore. l'-30-0t.
About Clicnp Knle Wcatwrtrtl,
We have frequent Inquiries nbout the
cheapest rates, best route, Ac, to Western
points. We cannot undertake to answer
such questions In detail. It is evident
that many of our readers nre seeking
new homes and fortunes Iu tho West,
and for complete and reliable detailed in
formation nbout that country from Mis
souri to Oregon ami California inclusive
we do not hesitate to commend them to
Mr. K. A. Ford, General Passenger
Agent of the .Missouri I'aclllo Through
Line, nt 23 South Fourth Street, St.
Louis. Mr. Ford has thousand of pam
phlets, circulars, timo tables, maps, rate
sheets, Ac., for free distribution, and an
swers nil questions promptly aud cheer
fully, without charg.
ALL who are Interested will take notice that
the undersigned will beat the following
tlliii'S uiKl inaces tor the collection ol the stale,
county and other tmesnf the V ear 1871
lu Koi'th Calm iireclnet ut the mil eatnte olllce
of John Q. lltirimm . i Co , corner Sixth unit
l.trro streets, on tbu 10th Inst.
North Cairo precinct at the Court House on
the h!lh Inst, aud uutil the nrtceutli lust.,
when advertisement of real estate will t made.
ALKX. H. HtVlN, County Collector,
Cairo, 111., April 1st, 1S7S, 8-4-l-.
Port l.lt.
Steamer James Flsk, l'aducab.
" Thos. Sherlock, Cincinnati.
" Kobt. Young and tow, Ohio,
" Idlewlld, Evansvllle.
" City of Chester, St. Louis.
" Fannie Tatimi, New Orleans.
" Hello Memphis, Memphis.
Strainer James Flsk, I'aducati.
" Thos. Sherlock, Now Orleans.
" Itobt. Young and tow, N. O.
" Idlewlld, Evansvllle.
" City of Chester, Memphis,
' Fannie Tatuui, St. Louis.
IJelle Memphis, St. Louis.
niVKn, ncsiNESj and weatiikii.
The river has fallen "J Inches since
last report. The Mississippi is still rising
at St. Loul, and there Is plenty of water
in the channel. The Ohio is rising nt
Cincinnati, and Is on a stand at Louis
ville. Tho Cumberland Is falling, with
'Jl feet 0 inches on the Shoals.
- Hulness on the levee yesterday was
dull. The few boats that arrived added
very little.
Cloudy and mild In the morning;
raining In the afternoon aud evening, and
no signs of clearing up at this writing
(7 p. m.).
Constable Gladney arrested a couple
of negroes yesterday afternoon, who
have been loitering around the wharf-
boats for several days, for stealing a coat i
from a colored gent, claiming to be a
Cinelnnatlan. The coat was hardly
worth picking up, hut the owner claims
to have paid $ for It in Cincinnati two
years ago.
The splendid passenger steamer, I'at
Cleburne, Is the Evansvllle packet at C
o'clock this evening.
Thu Carrlu V. Kountz and Atlantic
are due this evening from St. Louis for
New Orleans.
The Chester had a moderate trip.
The Hell Memphis had 0 bales cotton,
100 sewing machines and several tons of
The Fannlo Taluni, John A. Wil
liams iu command, pa"ed up forSt. Louis
having no freight. She will lay up at
that port.
-The St. Joe is due this morning from
Memphis for St. Louis.
The Signal ofllce at Wahington has
given notice that owing to the small
amount of funds at the disposal of the
Chief Signal ofllcer for telegraph pur
poses for the remainder of thu tlscal year,
the river reports from Shreveport,
Cairo, Ilenton. Davenport, Dubuque
nnd Nashville, have been discontinued.
Last Saturday morning, while the
Carroll was lying at Vaueil's lauding. 10
miles above this city, n man by the name
of Thos. Jones, who had shipped as deck
hand nt Long Keach, fell overboard and
was drowned. He leaves n wife at Long
lteaeli, to whom he had been married
only three weeks.
lhe Grand Tower U the Anchor
Line packet for Memphis this evening.
The Evansvllle mid l'adueali packets
arrived and returned with lair trips.
Wax Pii-iiuuiNT, Jlivur Itc
.March 31 . :73.
annoys. Low watxii. ciUKas.
rr tn. rr , tx.
Pittsburg Tt I x
Cincinnati -is '2 ij x
IDuUvlilt u u
KvausvilU I
St. Louis Ii '2 x 7
Corrected Dully by K M Slenni', commission
merchant, secretary of the Cairo Hoard ol
flour, accordlnc to jrrude 51 r3 nc
Com, mixed, wked 7-c
Corn, white, sucked QfV
Onls, mixed (abHC
Until, ,tr ton ft $11 1
.Mr.il, rlcam ilrloil (J 70
Ilutlcr, choice Norlhcm roll, packed. (ai'lc
Mutter, cholrc noulherii III pucked.. tv20e
K per dozen (U4c
Chickens, er dozen $3 Mai 10
lurkrya, perduen i'ul& OS
Apples', choice, per barrel as 00i3 '0
Apples, common, per barrel ..- ('i oo
Potatoes, r barrel (.t.KO
Oubns, per burrii s a
Dealer iu
Manufacturer of
Tin, Shoot-Iron, & Coppor Waro
Bet. Commercial and "W&ahinrton Avea
Tho Private) Prescription Book.
Bifoueonuinoiuf 4 Kat rvruiiron.
la mJ As)iul DUrsuci, Aittm,
Himc&llli I'aunta, CooiuiupiltD, HI. i,
tisttii. Virtcixflt. Ilyjrorilf, Htrcfus
lubo.tfj, Lllltla tudflklti ItifM. Llv
l r Comi'ltiDl, nitlt W rtkbt tiJo j
IHifiiii, flemlntl tud Ntrvoui !
btlllr nd JLihaiuitlcn. ImroUn
, Cjr, IsUei, NLrktiir fid l' UJtr.riiU
Mu from Xiccttc mi Imprudent
Ir tentl.Lt Ofl crcta for lt lrliat
Prescription Book, the lauit nt tfit
MARRIAGE GUIDE KiS.";ii?.w:i,!r
slugs. ftuJprraertt,lBr4tw Methods or Trealsisntsr
Ut sIni.s ilifstii, Um4 eu 80 year el psrtrnsr, tutur,
lssiitlj sol Ltrnisbtul cur.s, lu sll tsisbls tss.
usiisrSsorwbslil,slisifsn4. A I. II. II. Uuld, for Us
UsrrlM sol idol. kcuddIsIUi Msrrtsit imltsslsi lu
wrttBl fats fcuuJUDSsusr work. UtlltJ suisr ssl sa
nsslrist ttssau. tdlrsss ,
W. 7W rins emi, tt. locia, lio.
ShorilT'a Halo.
BY virtue of two certAltt eiecuttons to me
directed by the Clerk of the llrcult Court
of Alexander county, In the state or Illinois, In
favor of the Southweetern Insurance Company
for the ue of John CJ itarruan, ltreelvrr and
a?alnst Wm J.. Mien and II Watnon Wthu, I
have levied upon tho following dencrlbnl prop
ertr, in the city of Cairo, county of Aletamler
ami Mate of Illinois, to-wlt Lot numbernUix
(0), In Mock nuruU'red twenty nine U'j), asUi
firoirty or the said II , Watson Webb, which 1
hail oner at public sale at the southwest door
or the Court Home, In the city of Cairo, In the
county of Alexander aud State of Illinois, on the
21st day or April, A 1. IK7A, at the hour of
eleven o'clock a. ru.,forcjMh, to natlify said
JecjtLni. ALKX II. IllWIJi'.
-Sheriff of Alexander County, Ills.
Cairo, Ills., April I, 1K74. 4-1-wit
BhsrlfTs Bale.
BY virtu. of an execution tome dlreete.1 by
the Clerk of the Circuit i ! ai.i.
ander county, In the iltate of Illinois, In favor of
the South weitern Insurant Company for the
Uie of John J. lfarman, deceiver, and airaiutt
WitlimJ Allen and II. WaUon Weub, 1 have
levied upon the following; deicrlbed property,
In lhe city of Cairo, county of Alexander and
."Ulcof Illinois, to-wlt. Lot numbered (lt (1),
lu block numbered thirty-two U2),as the prop
erty or the Mild II Watson Webb, which 1 thall
oiler nt public sale, at tha southwest door of the
Court lloue, In the city of Cairo, In the county
of Alexander and Male of Illinois, on the '21st
dityof April, A. I. 1S7 at the hourof eleran
o ciocaa. m., lot can, n -Mirfiy aaui execu
tion AI.KX. II 1ICVI.N'.
Sheriff of Alexander aounty, Ills
Cilro, 111., April 1, 157 i-l-w'it
Sheriff's Sale.
"Dy virtue of an execution to me Jlrccted by
lhe Clerk of the Circuit Court of Alexander
county, in the stale of Illinois, In Mvor or Al
fred It. ."iiflonl, ilg-nee of Alexander II Irvln
iiudnKaliKt.fohiill llruwn, I tune levied up
on the following desrrilied proiierty, In tbe
County of Alexander and Mute or Illinois, to
wlt. All the right .title and intrmit of fuh John
II. Ilrowu In nnd to the Northwest quarter of
the Southnent quarter of Section thlrty-on (.11),
lu'nmtirhlpnitreii (l.'i) South, mid In lUng
one (I) Weil of the Ihlrd 1' M ,alo Mocks nura
liervd one (1), two (2), three (J), four (1) llva
(.'I, fix (i!,!tirn (7) nnd elht (!) in the town of
fully In wild county nnd Male, as the property
of nld John II llrmvn, which I nhnlf onerat
Public Silent the Sonlli-went door of the Court
llou-e, In the I Ity of Cairo, In the County ol
Alexundrriind Stnleof IllinoU on the nineteenth
(I'.'th) day of April, A. I) , Is7fl, at the hour or
eleven o'clock, A. M.,for rash, to eatlify said
Kxccution. AI.K.X II IUV1S,
Sheriff nf Alexander County, Illinois.
Cairo, Ills , March 30th. Is75.
47 3-30-wat,
Milium ir.Ai.r.Rft
Wholesale and Ilrtall Dealers la
Foreign and Domestio
No. 60 Ohio Lovee,
MF.rtr SMYTH CO haTe antly
ii Wire stark nf the lient rco.l ill the mar
ket, nnd KUe eiieeiiil attention to t h holeale
nncn ot the nusiness
WUolssnU and lUtall Dealer lu
Cairo and Konknkoo, 111.
At Hul.n 4 Wilaon'a, Comar Twalflh at.
aud Ohio Lars.
I Mill run an Ice wagan throughout the
.Season, ilelirerinir pur laVa ice iu anjr
liart f the city at the lowest market price, aud
will alao furnish my frieiisU outside the city with
ic lir the cake or air lo.nl, packed In sawdust
or smium-nt to anr illstnnce.
No. 110
Olilo tiovoo,
Coraor IJigrlitli Brroot,
WH, WETZEL, Proprl.tor.
ATUUSTT watch kept night ana day for
trains and steamboats .
Tlie Wet of accommodations
g-ueoU at Two Dollars ir dar
for transient
Tea, f 25 OO " H (uaruurt nsrnsr act
Well Augar and Drill la good un'tory.
Highest tastlmonlals from th. Cotemors
Iowa. Arkansas and Dakota, All tools war.
ranted. Two wells W foot dm can I borad
In one day. and on well will furnish water
aufflclent for 100 bead of rattla. BpleiiJU
work for winter as well aasnmmer. rieacrlp
tlva catalojan free. County rlaliU for sal.
Udmsi J ifis WKUs AVUW .". Ul
Ar SaK it BalLjiaaaEaNaV
WVl IKli flaaaaaH Jtfl

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