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1J 'L'Ll'B1!
aualun i.odui;, .no 51
Knights ol I'ythlns, mods every l-'ri
day flight nt linir-iiiit seven, in Odd
Chancellor Commander.
At.l-.XAS'DKIt I.ODdi:. Nl) IN I
Kt IlvlrM-ul-iit Order of Odd-Fel-
'SS'oIc I'jwa. inecis every iiiuminr uigm
''S(,V, at ha f mist seven. In lhi-ir bull un
( oiiiiiieicial m ciiuc, liiwiiii sixth nml Seventh
i rim dull.", 11 uoSsHAM, i, u.
( www i.scAMP.Miisr, i n.,0. r., unci
Win Odd-l cilows' Hull mi the llrst nnd llilnl
Mniluj In every inuhlli, nl Imlf it icvcu
C K SLACK, 0. I'.
i' i mri 1 niwiL vn i t 4 n
. llol'l regular roiniiitinirritiniis In .VLi-
sonic I lull, corner Commercial n t titn
Mind r.lvlthl fttr,st. (Ml Hi Wiililill lilill
luuriu .iiou'iuy 01 uicu mourn.
I'nHsli .Ncliool.
The 1'nr'tli School w.11 opened 011 Mon
iiuv, Glared is'. Hut impiis wllllio re
ceived nt any time, mi tlm condition
nlrra ly jmhlls'jed. Thn servIeM of I'ro
fuor Trick have bi"-n MictiMd for Untrue
Hun In Hie Ueniim lahgUiik'f", 1 or tlili mi
rxtru ehitgo will Im 111 ide. I'linds wlshlm;
Id s inly ticruiah only, w.ll tome to the
tiool nt 4 oV'nck p. in.
L'n r.t.i:s A. (lii.iiF.iiT, Hot-tor.
I'm stl hiily.
Mr. I'. I'ltjjnruld bus just received and
lias on sain ut hi union room n largo Hock
if Ku ,hh nle, jiortiir, llcniiossy brandy
mid huh , nnd liiiur of all which
be will i ,ioic of atrousonnhlo 'Tien.
tilt unit Kit Iter.
1 and'oids ot botch and hoarding lottH's
will find It to their ailvnrtaj;i to call Upon
Mrs, C leman, No 1U Vourth street, be
twem eshington ami Commercial nven
lies, and accrtaln her terms for doing hotel
and hoarding bouc waidio.i by tho week.
Hir vhdcale prices tiro cxtrinioly
low Tic. per dozen, l'or jilecu work prices
nre as follow: Single hlrt and col
lar, Vr, 11 r dozen S'Je; socks 5c; two col
(ir, fjf , twi handkerchief-, fie; vetts liOc;
an I a I gentlemen's wear, 7!, - per
.mh. Ladles' dree, ii to bOc;
skirts 1 to tlOi-J drawer 10 to. Hie; two
, a.r h .e fc; two collars fi to lfo. For la
i.iis' pU. 11 clothes 00 per dozen; for la
il.c linn clothes $1 i" vx dozen; ilonc
drainjitly, and promptly delUeicj. Ia
trona c nollcltcd.
,l :t 1 1 1 ( rimrli'H,
(!r,ol Ingle room on Hie upftr floor at
'lie a:nt liarlei ctn be had, with Itoard,
t the f ry low rate of ?U1 per month
Knlly l.uiirli.
deorpe Liltner corner of I'o'irUenth and
iVuMilnRi'in .wiiiitie. will ft.rnUh hcrrattcr,
Mery day t h pitroli a No. 1 lunch, he
'.vci'i'ii 1k hotiroficn and twelve o'clock,
r'rh Milwaukee beer and fraifrant Havana
'h'ari to he hal at hli 1 ir at all time.
.Nolle III' ItCIIIIIMtl.
S h 'li' .V I'lrkh have tetnoved their
r'rtnlcsl ilyelnii asd tlcanilii!; cttab
lUbmctit Intn the corner of Kllitn nml
tomiii rwll to Washington Avenue,
lictwieii Ninth and Tenth utrecK Toineet
the waul of their m ny cii-toincrn. they
I eve or lerid and lnvi-jot rcctlvvd from
K r poalargelotol the ilnctt dye tuQ
and ate now ready to attend to any order
In 'hi .r niio. 35-3 0-ltn.
.Vniii ii r iti'iiiotiii.
T'-e well known barber hop. corner
1. j;litn and ( intuerclal, prtihlfd ov.-r by
the j.-pulir arti't, Heorue Stelnhouie, has
tunv ved one djor north on rotnun-re'nl, in
t ( .m l t irra) Hotel. The new i-hoj U
largi an 1 conun .dlou-, and tho wb'n
I ;r anj l.in' artitie 111 the way orfolirni.
Hbl ba r cutting, 'inoolh lia, el -., will
ill will 1 j ill at the (irand Central It.uber
khi p. 71 :MS-lf.
Ill :-:. il i ( I .Shop.
Tin old Maud on Sixth trcet, between
( nam r -lal av.mue and Ohio l.evee, U a.
way ready to do any kind of work In tho
bla kmlt:i Hid, 111 iklnand lop ilrinWa
ill'' lHijf.-jIf and Dray?. i:pccla' attention
(len to hors '-'hoeing, as I make my own
rhoei , I can mako them havy or light,
jtut a ott dcMre, lor you all know thai tho
home undo rioe are the bent. Call round
and I am Mirctoglvcyounllnfactlnu.
"wS-H-lm ri:i:i. Ilotiims..
t'liino nuit Orirun T1111I111;.
Mr, M. Ktihiie dei'.rci in to my tint he Is
ready to receive orders for 1'ijno iir.d ur
K.111 tuning, and rcpairlnj,' mns'eal Instru.
me A'. Crdrrs may be !elt at the corner ot
'Ihirtcentli and Walnut :reets, (k I'. O.
Ilox iiii'i, nnd wid tecclx v prompt iiUf-nt Ion.
Wliencc 'l'liti Jrimt I'oiiiniotioii
the cotmfrv throuah, among the Aleoh ille
Ul ter monertf They stm 1 i(;hat at an
innovation on their prltllee of making-drunka'-Js
ol tho tick, A competitor hat
come Into the ibd wltu which they cannot
contend, l)Jt. .1. Waukkh'h Calii'oknia
VlNKOAIt 111 n Kits, tho undellled eeuee
of tho mot ufllo.ielotis vcKetablo tonics and
nller.Ulvis lu tin wjrld, U driiua' all the
still-born nosi ruin of Kill,' Alcohol to tho
wail. Thcro Is no dlea'o, Internal or ex
tcrn.il, In which It I not beneficially admin
Istcreil il-17-d t w-lw,
Our Saloon.
The above saloon, corner of Klt'hth street
and Commercial avenue, U fixed up in
tpod frtyle airy and comfortable. Kvery
Minday inorulut; you will llnd cprcad a No.
ILuochanda (jli's of .Milwaukee lagcr-
beer, which can't bo beat, mid there U not
uny change. Iltdilnd the liar you will llnd
tho hct't Mnd of l.lqunr.) and Cigars, and
my dcslro 's ti give every ono of my cibtO'
mcrfi who patronlo mo, batl-f.ictloii,
Cill round ! Kr,i:i. JIoriiRi.v..
I have Jii'trceolved tho largest a?sflrt
ment of Queouswaro mid fllasswaro, of the
but quality, which, having bought for c.uh
direct lro:n tho Importers and Manufactu
rers, I n'.n cnahlad to sell nt piles'- which
dely competition, viz :
Whtto Oraiuto llreaklnct I'Jates file per set.
Whlto (iranlto Cups and Sail-
ctn1, without lriudlcri, (iOcpersct.
Whlto (iianlle Cups nnd (nil-
new, with handles, . . 7,i pPr tl,t.
Largo (Uai.8,(loblets, f0c per tut.
I.argo (Has? Tablo TlliuUrs, !IOe per set
1 inlti everybody tooalluud oxnmlno my
stuck of (Jiiuon and (ilunwitie and com.
pare prices.
I have nl-ojust received a larolnvolcool
Table and l'ocket cutlery, silver l'latedimd
HrlttanlaTablo mid Tea 8pooiu and Soup
I.uaio. i)AN 11.utT.MAS,
8-29-tr. Cor, Sixth & Com. Av.
Fit I DA V, AI'llII, 1875.
a x n o i :xci:.mi:mn,
For City Clerk.
K11IT011 tlll.l.bTIH l'lue nntioiiiicc ineosii
cmidluute lor re-i lectlon lo Inc ulUcor Lily
tletk, ut tliui'iMUliiKclmiterrli'Ctl'iii
Wll.l, Ii. HAWKINS
Km roll llt'M.KTlN Plcnte onnontire Ine a n
enmlUliile lor the ulllce or Lily llerk, at the in
eilltix millilcliml vler.tlon.
For Treamrer.
I ly the ii'ipicst of mn 11 r cltl'im I nmioiinee
Inynlfii 11 uiinllanti' Tor llieolIicor I nnsuiir,
nl Hie 111-11111 city flection.
Mn. Emton l'lin"cnmioiitiic me ns 11 ramll
dull: furit-cliTllun 1 1 llii'olllieof City Ireaiiirer,
III Die liisillni lliuhlclllal ikclloll.
II V 111, A KK.
We an- iilitlioileil to Binioiinre J) AMES IV,
S'll.W AItl iinir.iiMli'Utc for the olllceorLIIV
I leajiiii'i-, at the ensuing charter1 rlef U0I1
' For Olty Attorney, '
ElUTOli lll'Lt.i-.TIvi-l'lre announce Ineas u
CiiiidliUlcrorlliv oni'i ol' Lily Attorney , ut the
en-lliliK lulltilcilKil 1 li'i tloii, und ohllire,
For Alderman.
We me authorized lo announce
will It: as h oiwlliulc rui
Knuilli WmhI
A lili noun wl' the
l.oenl Weill her Itcjxii-t.
(.a mo, 1 i.i.., Apiii 1, i;..
I'lMIl I II Ml
I I'ur. J Wihii I Vix, Wkatiikii
I 10 i W. I Ip fair.
I II" I V,- , It Kulr.
M' N W. Kalr.
lam I .T) 2i:i
II " 1 .7) I
i jnn. : ni'il
Hulhfall .lMlicliix.
'1 IIO.MAS .JO.NEH, Sirt. 8' ti., V. ft. A.
.UlllKliti horlntile.
rtiPfSrlablcf the KnfslitH 'l'cinplar
w ill t;ile plnco nt tlic-ir luill this cvttiiliifr.
'J'Iioh' holillntj liivltntloiis nn- refUeUrl
to Ii'- prc-i nl.
Tin- S jiellers.
J'lii'jmrlors of tin; .Metlnxllt clmrch
were oniiil'ortnlily tilled but I'vciiliif, on
tin- oem-IOIl of Un; kjiolllll'T lliatell, of
which wi- will cmlcftvor to ijlvu our rwul-
it a inlnnti' anil eorrttt uccount In to-
innnnwV in of the Itn.i.KTl.v.
Tin- .M lllllcljllil i:ii'Cllon.
W'f liavo enlleil .ittelltioil of llu :itl.cn
to tli iieec-lly of tnkln netloti in reli-r-
1'iK'c to tin1 iniiiilciiial flection itcurat
liiuiil. Vi have flout all wc Intend lo ilo,
iiiilwi a movement 1 inadu by the citi
zen. look Wiiiiteil.
Mr.. Dcrr.'proprii'tres. nf the Hallroatl
Hoii'L. corner of Jllhti-cntli 'treet and
C'otniiierei.il uvenue, Is iluelroiisj of obtain
In1,' tho ervle' of a llrt-'la.i colons!
cool;. Tor i)nrtlciihir, niiply to her.
Illietorleiil i;ercliei.
Wc a if ruiniotcd to slate tliat the rlic-
torieiileverei-i' of the pupils attcndlii''
the colored ehooU ol this c-lty will take
place nt their school 011 Walnut trcet,
Ik'Iwim'h Nlnetcentli and Twentieth
'treets. this .iftcrnooii. The public are
respectfully requested to attend.
Tho annual meeting ot the loi kholdera
of the Cairo City li.i Compiuy. forilect'on
of Dlrectori, will be held on Mondiy,
April . th, at o'c'ojk a m., at the olhcc of
the -omjiauy In the city ot Cairo.
II. T. (iKitofi.n, rjee'y.
CAtlio, Msrcb 31st, IST.'i. -J-.'!'.
Our I.iU-rnl Itell'.'ious frlemN inform
that on next .Sunday evening there
will be a lecture deli vent! in the Liberal
lielljrlouj hall, by .Mr. William II. Morri.
to which the public am cordially Invited.
The subject of the lecture has not yet
Im.-cii nmde known. W e lircdlct a full
houe for .Mr. Morris.
Illeilelllllk'. Ac
.Mr. Hunibold U now prepared to
bleach and remodel all kinds of hats, In
the latct Myle; also trim. Ko.-Ulenco
'ifteentli street, between WashiiiKtou
and 1 Vdnr. i-li-2w.
liiiUhlsol I'jllilus.
There will be a regular conven
tion of Aealoii I.odo No. ,M,
Kulj'lit.i of rythi.ts, held nt their
Castle Hall this (Krlda.v) evening
at 7:1)0 o'clock. Work in llie IC-q. Haul;
and other iuiiiortaiit bitslue.. 1'ull at-
tendeiico delred. Vl-itlii',' ICulhts eor-
dlallv Invited to attend.
Wiu. IC. Hawkins, K.of It. and .S.
A fun 11 11 ml 1-11 111 .
I'rom -evcral ciitlemcii, we learn th.it
.Mr. .lames Lane, proprietor of the Crys
tal Kiloon, corner of Commercial avenue
and Sixth utrcct, Is huylii1; up all the
claims of the Cairo A St. Louis narrow
fttu-ro railroad, that ho can put Ills hands
on, at thirty cents on the dollar. This
action on tho part of .Mr. Lane Is a mys
tery to tho citizen's of Calm, ami the ques
tion asked by nil 1. "What can this
Member, ofllie Ilonril ofSeliool IHrcc-
The election for two members of the
Hoard of Kdtieatton will ho held to-morrow
Saturday. Capt. William 1. Hal
llday ami Mr. I Korsmoyer have con
sented to be candidates for tho vacant
place?, to .succeed themselves. Two bet
ter men could not bo .lelectud. They nro
much luterc'ted In educational matters,
nnd will fjlvo their time und attention to
the duties ol the hoard. They will un
doubtedly be elected without opposition.
Wo arc informed that on last Tuesday
iilslit, tho dniK establishment of Dam
son A Damson, at Vienna, Johnson
comity, was broken Into mid robbed of
about three hundred dollars' worth of
llnejewelry, consisting of diver and gold
watches chain-; and various other ar
ticles, Tho thieves, who made their es-
; cape, me known to the authorities In VI-
j euna, nnd It Is thought they are eoine
where hi this neighborhood, and hopes
i nre entertained liy them that they will
Im able to bring them lo justice before
) many days.
IIiikc Hulls of livery ltcncrllloii
I'lIlL Il.Slvl'PU
Phirst Klas Phun 1
AT tiii:
Allteiiiientii on ,ltiiuliiy .Mle Neeksl.
Sp'lUn will li'iin nl ,V t'cliiek niur,
Ailinlshiui 'J.'i cent"! children lo cents.
TIicNcIhio! rlillilllon.
To-night the scholars or the public
schools of our city will give mi example
of their ability, nnd all Is now
in rcadlno". The programme has been
made complete, the scholars, each and
eyciy one of them, have their respeethe
duties nt heart, and the mecess of the
exhibition Is 'assured. Tho programme,
wc nrc told, i one that cannot fall to bo
of great lute-rest, embracing a varied lot
of uuiiisliig and entertaining declama
tions e.says, elect readings, dialogues,
music, and In fact everything that will
ndd in uny way to the excellence of the
entertainment. The pieces to be pre
sented have all been carefully selected
anil prepared, and cannot, In considera
tion of this 'all to gain the admiration ol
the audience. The performance will
commence at precisely tight o'clock, and
.-hould be attended by every citizen. Ad
mission -J"i cent; children 15 cents.
Police Coill-I.
Tin; police com Is remain very quiet
The only business yesterday was that
transacted by Judge Itro-s. w hlch is given
below. Judge ItirdV court was closed
yesterday, owing to the dc'lrc of Ills
Honor to be a spectator at the examina
tion of the colored schools ;
I'irt edino WHIN i'arkcr, arrested by
Ciller Mel laic on complaint of Willis'
w ife, charging him with ussiiltlng und
striking her. The defendant plead guilty
to the charge, iitid wa lined live dollars
and the usual trimmings. In default of
payment he went to the cooler for tnrce
days, lie will labor on the public high
Then we have Benjamin Lynch, who
was charged by Chief Mcllalo with hav
ing used offensive, threatening und abu
sive language to a fellow mortal. The
evidence was heard by Hi Honor, who,
ifter due deliberation, came to the con
clusion that Benjamin had acted In a
maimer unbecoming a gentleman, and
therefore he was found guilty and fined
live dollars and cots, and was scut to
the calaboose for three days because ho
couldn't pay. lie alo will labor on the
fiiiierHl Items.
The Knights Templar anticipate a
big lot of amuscmeiitat their sociable this
The "Taylor Literary Society" held
their regular meeting In the council
chamber Wednesday evening.
The examination or the scholars or
the colored schools or this city wcro
brought to a cloe yesterday afternoon.
The new balcony now being con
structed around the Grand Central
hotel is nearly completed, and looks very
Klectlon of incmlicrs of the Board ol
Kducatlon to-morrow. Messrs. W. 1
Halliday and F. Korsmeyer are candi
dates. Another big -poUing match took
place at .Stoke's hall, In .Mound City,
la-t evening, in which a large number of
the solid men of that city participated.
The rhetorical exercises by the pu
pils or the colored schools or this city will
take place thi afternoon, and we are as
sured that they will be very Interesting-.
The entertainment by the public
school .scholars will be ery plea-ant. and
should not fall to draw out an immense
Yesterday being the llrst of the
month, men and hoys, with their lists
full or unpaid bills were to be seen rit-h-ing
to and fro in every part or the city.
The police courts were rather dull
yesterday, but an Increase of bulues U
looked for with the approach of the
coming election.
The .Vioi 'ays 'hat letters have been
received from tho Kev. .Mr. Hendricks, of
I'.ulueuh, stating that ho will be unable to
preach In this city next Sunday.
The regular monthly sociable of
the Kplseopal church congregation
did not take place last evening, ow
ing to the sib-cuco of the Jtcv. Mr. Gil
bert. One ol the largest audiences
will gather at thcAthcneum this even
ing, to wltne the scholars' exhi
bition, tiiat has entered that structure
for many a day.
Everybody is looking lorward to an
unusual amount of pleasure, on Monday
evening, when the "Woman's Club and
Library Association" will give their spel
ling match at tho Atheneuni.
The two candidates for tho olllce of
city clerk are making things very lively
far each other. It Is said to bo very
hard to decide which one will come out
Howie Brothers' pork packing estab
lishment has not been entered by thieves
since last Saturday night, and the proprl
ctors are in hopes they will not be both
ercd by theso gentlemen any more.
i.very citizen oi L;airo who feels any
Interest hi tho wclfaro or the public
schools or this city, should contribute lib
erally to the replenishing of the library,
by attending tho exhibition to be given
by the scholar at the Athencum this
When tho pleasant weather arrives,
and tho roads around the city becomu In
a condition that will permit of buggy
rldlng, good horses will bo in demand.
The burning of .Mr. Parker's stables re
cently, carried oil' nearly all the valuable
carriage horses owned hereabouts.
The Interest exhibited by tlm parents
of the scholars who constitute the colored
schools or Cairo, speaks well of them,
and encourages tho pupils to n great ex
tent. The scholars under tho Instruc
tion of Miss MeBrido worn examined
yesterday, and the school room Is said to
have been crowded with spectators.
A little boy whoso imino Is Henry
Conlon, residing with his parents In the
upper part of town, was badly bruised
yesterday afternoon white riding a Hying
Iior-c, Two boys of hU own age had
hold of the opposite end of the board,
trying to tumble hhn ol)', which they did,
the board striking him on the temple as
ho fell, ittiil knocking the wll out of
The election fever Is becoming more
contagious every day, and tho sports are
scraping their dollars together with a
view to pick up greeners when the
proper opportunities are olTorcd.
It Is rumored about the city that n
Louisville (Kentucky) Hrm has pur
chased the hub factory In the upper por
tion of tlili city', und Intend converting It
into a flouring mill.
The pupils under the care or Mhs
Thompson, in the Thirteenth street
school, were examined yesterday in the
presence of a large audience of Indies
and gentlemen, and acquitted themselves
in fine style.
Mr. W. P. Halliday and F. Ivors
meycr, we are told, have had a strong
pressure brought to bear upon them to
Induce them to again run for school di
rectors at the coining election, to be held
on the Lid int., nt tho F.loVenth street
school 1ioii-i;, hi this city.
The little politicians the inattercrs
hi politics, may be seen standing on the
corners, loallng about saloons and other
places, trying to "get in their work," as
they sny, but It don't seem to be their
forte, a the encouragement offered to
them Is In very limited quantities.
As the warm days arrive, the young
gentlemen of this city become more and
more lmpresod with the idea that a base
ball club Is essential to their happiness,
and they are accordingly making an elfort
to organize a nine that will be able to win
a game or two during the season.
Invitations for the birthday party of
Mes-rs. Paul II. Schiih. Charles W.
Scharro and Charles C. Under, three, es
timable young men of this city, have
been isucd. The party will take
place at Kluge's hall on Thursday even
ing, the eighth day of this month.
A little girl, who had been ull "fixed
up" hi white dress white shoes, blue rib
bons etc., by her kind mamma, that she
might look pretty at tin: examination
yesterday afternoon, while crossing
Washington avenue dipped and fell into
the mud. I Icr poor little heart was al
most broken.
We are told that one or the candi
dates, who is now in the Held tor a posi
tion to Iw given by the people at the next
municipal election, has a box or cigars
In sonic store on every street In town, ir
this i true, wo wouldn't give much ror
the profit of the olllce after he has paid
the cigar bill.
The "Paniccr.-" will hold a meeting
on next Saturday evening, for the pur
pose or deciding whether or no they will
give a select party. The sea-son lor this
kind of amusement is Just drawing ton
clo-c, and It is our opinion that it will be
a grand -ucccss should they decide to
favor the young people with n party.
The next sensation in Cairo, It Is our
private opinion, will be a duel between
Lafayette Demosthenes Davis, editor of
the .S'kii, and Charles Alexander Saup,
river reporter of the Bi'i.lktin. This
will be a high toned aflalr, and the
seconds, whoever they nmv be, will be
heroc? for the remainder of their lives.
A pressure I- being brought to bear
upon Kdward Knott, n young nnd Intelli
gent colored man of this city, now In the
employ of Louis Myers, to enter the
Held l'or the olllce of city clerk at the
ensuing municipal election, but Mr.
Knott informs us that ho has not yet de
cided whether he will comply with the
request of his friends or not.
While every city, north, south, cast
and west of Cairo Is being Inundated by
the heavv rains ol tho pa-t few weeks,
Cairo remains high and dry, w ith the ex
ception of little puddles here and there
caused by the rain, and we would advi-e
any of tho alllicted inhabitants of the
Hooded cities around us, who wish to rest
their feet upon solid earth, to come to us,
and wo will receive them with open
Tlic Aire or Discovery
W. Winter, the arllst, Is about to pre
sent to the citizens of Cairo a new pic
ture, with all tho coloring of real life
Tho means of working these charming
and life-like pictures will not be with
held from tho public. The modus oper
andi is as follows i On tho right hand
side of the camera Is attached a mill
which contains the prismatic colors in a
pulverized state. As, the colors pas into
the camera they arc received by a fan
wheel which keeps the atoms hi
motion. The photographic plate, while
wet, is then placed in tho camera the
sitter being In position. The handle of
the mill is gently turned. The cap of
tube is removed, the image ot the sitter
begins to form whllu passing through
the colored uttiiosnhcre. tho particles of
dust falling where they properly belong.
When, Presto! you have a beautiful pic
ture of yourself or friend.
Mr. W. Is ulao making a picture called
the nonpareil, a beautiful style, suitable
for lockets nnd miniature cases. Largo
assortment of tho latter on baud. Cab
cry open dally.
NjirliiK Millinery Manila.
The Missos McCarthy wish to call tho at.
tendon of tho ladles of Cairo and vicinity
to their lawo stock of tpring millinery
L-oods. inst hrouuht to this market from
Philadelphia. '1 ho stock comprises all tho
latest stylos of Hats, Bonnets Flowers,
Itlhbons and Trimmings of all kinds, a largo
variety ol ladloi' underwear, hosiery, belts,
huekioti. collars, culfs, olc, etc. Theso
gDods aro otlcred at tho lowest prlcos. Tho
Misses .McCarthy will bo lound nt Mrs.
Swauder's old stand on Commercial avenuo,
between F.ighth nnd Ninth street s 2-3-1 w
Sioniellilior New.
I have Just reel ved a complete, assort
ment of Glass Shades or ull sizes and
shapes, suitable for clocks, wax dowers,
etc., also Moss and Chenille, and pic
nic mid ladles' Traveling Ilaskcts-tho
lurgest stock ever brought to Cairo.
D. II.umtAN,
Corner Sixth and Commercial.
Joe Itonokcr Is now In full control of
the Washington bakery, and having learn
ed the want of tho public, Is prepared to
inpply on call nil demands for French loaf,
Boston, Brown nnd Uraham bread, and
everything else, ordinarily found In a first
clastbtkery. He maintains a full stock of
confectioneries and can, as well as any
other dealer In the city, II 11 all orders In
that line, Cakes baked, frosted or orna
mented on short notice. Spccia lattcntlon
glvon to the orders of wedding or picnic
jiartles. (MJ-tr.
IIIiioIn Central llnllromt.
(loon ton tiik vi:ah i 1375.
Itnllronil l'nssj lo f'lilcuif o anil Iteliirn.
The holder of this pass Is entitle! to ono
first-class parage to Chicago and return on
horseback or on foot, providing be gets his
holr cut by F. Theobold F.lgbth street, be
tween Commercial and Washington ave
nues. Ticket olllce at F. Thcobold's barber
shop, Cairo, Illinois. lS-Jl tr.
Ai 'lieniiisi (lie ClienjicM.
At the Xew Harness and Saddle Shop
No. H) i Commercial Avenue, (old Auction
House) you can buy all you want, from a
Fine Harness down to a liaiue strap, as
cheap as at any other point. No usonow ol
golnj to St. lulsor any other jilace for
goods la our line Call and see Us,
lc-5-M-Uw. L. I. Akin .t Co.
Attention, .Mercimnl of llic Sin-
rounilliikr Country.
I have a lull stock and can always 111! or
ders on (Juccuswarc and 01aswaro at St.
Louis prices. The following Is a list of what
I have on hand at present :
Lamp Chimneys, of all kind, by the Bar
rel, bor. .or dozen.
Gltss Limps nl nil sizes and kinds.
100 dltiercnt styles and kinds of Bar
Lamp Burners of all descriptions.
Lamp-wick, Beer mugs, Glas Bellcctors,
Coal Oil Chandeliers Cake Stands, Glass
Fruit Stands, and In fact every thing In tho
Crockery and Olassware line.
1 will guarauteo to dupllcato any bill
purchased in St. Louis and give equally
us good an assortment, as my stock Is com
plete In all kinds of Queen and Glassware.
I alo have put up In cask for tho rctull
trado, Buckingham and Yellow ware, which
I will sell at Im per cent oil the regular list
Also a full line nf Tablo and Pocket Cut
lery, Plated, Brlttanla, Tablo and Tea
Spoons, and Soup Ladles, Come and sec
for yours'.dvcs. I). HautmaN,
3-'Jvtf. Cor. Sixth ,fc Com. Av.
A (dilution In a Drug -Store ; ten year's
experience ; thoroughly competent, and
can take charge 11 required. Tho hest ref
erences, Ac. Address Theo. Smith, t't.ib
and Lexington streets, Baltimore. I'-TO-Ct.
Ileal r:sitii(e Taxes.
All taxes of whatever character or de
scription, will become delinquent on tho
Kith Instant, and work upon the delinquent
tax list will then be commenced. Persons
In arrears for taxes will make a note of
this, as iiDfurlber notice will be given, and
no further Icnloncy can be extended to
them by the collector, Hnder the law.
At.KX II. lltvi.v,
County Collector.
C.miio, 111., April ht, 187..
Two-Ilorsic Wftffoii Tor Sale.
A new wagon for salo at a bargain. Ap
ply at the Bulletin counting-room. tf.
1'orl I.lnt.
Steamer James I'lsk, Puducah.
" Arlington, Cincinnati.
" (.'has. Drown, St. Louis
" City ol Vlcksburg, Vekburg,
Julia, St. Louis.
" John Mean and barges, X.
" Arkansas Belle, Kvan-ville.
Eddyville, Nashville
' Belle ot Shrevcport, N. G.
Alt'. Stevens, Obion Itivcr.
Sle.iuicr James Flk, P.ulucah.
" Arlington, Memphis
" Vlcksburg, St. Louis.
Julia, Vlck-burg.
John Means and barges, St. L.
' Arkansas Belle, Kvansvlllc.
Kddyvillo, Nashville.
" Belle of Shrevcport, St. Louis.
" Air. Slevens.St. Louis.
iiivr.u, lifsi.NKSs and wianinr:.
Last evening tho river showed a de
cline or.rJ Inches, with 10 feet 2 Inches
on the gauge The Mldsslppi Is on a
stand at St. Louis.
Business continue. dull on the lovisp,
and shipments lew.
Weather clear and cool -with tho
wind from tho west.
Tho Idlewlld is tlm Kvansvlllc packet
this evening.
The Cons. Miller Is expected to-day
from Memphis for Cincinnati.
Tlic price paid fur tho It. W. Dugan
by the St. Louis aiid.IeH'crsou ( 'Ity packet
company was $12,000.
The James Howard was due last
nlffht. Her ewro consists mostly of
com, of which sho has 2,"i,000 bushels.
Capt. John V. Caution and family
aro en route from New Orleans for Lou ls
vllle, on tho Thompson Dean,
Capt. Crowl of tho Kisk complains
of hard times, mid sayst.he I'lsk does not
make enough to pay l'or her fuel.
The Hello Shrevepoit passed up yes
terday morning with 2." cabin passengers,
O,") deck passengers and 400 tons for St.
Ajull 1, im.
AllOVB (.ilANfli:.
it is. rt. in.
I'lttsburtr is 1 xl "
Cincinnati '-".i U x 10
IiuUvIHb 10 g x i
Nashville ,
SI. louls I - I l "
Cairo, III,, Tiiuhsdav Kvknino.i
April 1st, 1875. ;
The amount ofbuslni'M done lnce our
last review of the market has been very
light, owing to adverse circumstances,
such as light stocks, in nrtlclvs most hi
demand; one day's steady rain that put
a top to out door business, and to-day
being the llrst or the month our merchants
were busy .settling up the business or the
last month, and attempted very lit
tle hi the way or buying and selling. We
note very little change hi the leading
markets. Stocks or corn and oats were
light, the demand steady and prices un
changed: although the shipping demand
for oats has fallen oll'ln consequence of
the glut und decline at New Orleans.
Flour Is scarce all round, with an active
demand .mil prices llrm and likely to ad
vance Other branches of the market
exhibit no new feature since our last re
port. TIIK MAltKKT.
OSTOur friends should bear in mind
that the prices here given aro usually for
sales from llrst hands In round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots It is nec
essary to charge an advance over these
The market rules steady and llrm, and
owing to the increased demand, light re
ceipts nnd reduced stocks, prices show n
decided upward tendsucy. We note sales
of BOO barrels i lG; .7)o" barrels $ 7fi;
200 barrels f I ."O'.'; iVW barrels $t 25
.) r.;fiOO barrels :?lo.
The market is steady, active, and bare
of stocks. Itecclpti fall short of the de
mand. Prices are still". Choice timothy
Is quoted $2;) to-day. Wc note sales of
3 ears oyer-rlpe timothy delivered $20;
2 ears choice timothy delivered ?22rT1,2.');
2 ears choice mixed delivered $20(n,'Jl; It
cars choice mixed delivered $31.
The demand is small but stocks nnd
receipts are light and prices hold steady
and (Inn. We note ales off, cars So. 2
mixed in sack delivered, 7Sc; .1 cars No.
2 white mixed in sacks delivered, SOe; 1
car No. 2 white mixed in sacks deliver
ed, SOc; 1 car No. 2 mixed In sacks deliv
ered, "Sc; i ears No. 2 mixed hi sacks de
livered, 7$e.
Owing to the glut hi the New Orleans
market and the decline In prices, specu
lators nrc holding oil anil the demand Is
confined to tilling orders. Prices hold
steady, Hrm and unchanged. Kcccipt"
very light and stocks not accumulating.
Sales werj 1 car No. 2 mixed in sacks de
livered, (7e; 3 cars So. 2 mixed hi sacks
delivered, (VSe; 1 ear No. 2 mixed in sacks
delivered, OSe; 3 cars No. 2 mixed hi
bulk on track, C3c; 2 cars Xo. 2 In sacks
delivered, Ce.
Wo note n quiet market and light de
mand, with an excess of suppllc. Sales
were 200 barrels hteam dried, choice, $3-
03-, UOO barrels kiln dried, $'. IM); 300 bar
rels city, on orders, f.i
The market holds quiet and unchanged.
The demand is purely local and not large
enough to prevent nu Increase in etock"
consequently no change for the better
may he looked for very s0ou. Sales
were 500 pounds packed, northern choice
20.j ; 30 tubs choice packed lS-24a ;
000 pounds choice packed 222."c; 1500
pounds common to choice packed ltspMe.
Itccelpts arc light and In consequence
of speculators buying up all on the mar
ket yesterday, prices show a dlspo-ltlou
to look up, but the season is too far ad
vanced to make It safe to predict any
thing extraordinary hi this branch of the
market. We note .:dcs ol 300 dozen, to
day, 16c ; 3000 dozen 12J1 1c ; 1500 dozen
13Ue ; 300 dozen in small boxes lie;
500 dozen in large boxes 12J(Ti.l3c.
Itccelpts aro all taken on arrival, for
home, consumption. The demand Is
steady and prices llrm. Cholco mixed
$2 75(u) 2."); choice hens $3 251 50; 5
coops lions fj oO; . coops choice hens
53 7.V, -1 coops good mixed $2 7."5i)3', 3
coops choice $33 50.
The market Is overstocked and dull.
Sales were .V) barrel common $2 50; 35
barrels choice $:t3 25; 15 barrels
choice S3.
l'ccelpt.s have been large and the mar
ket is over-supplied nnd quiet. Stiles
were 12 boxes oranges i?5; 12 boe lem
ons ?7.
The season Is too far advanced toquoto
seed potatoes, although a few early ro-o
nre still In request. Common varieties
nrc quoted slow salu tit $2 S0:i 00. Sales
were 30' barrels choice peach blows $3;
25 barrels seed early rose f 3 75; 25 bar
rels peach blows f 3; 30 barrels pink eyes
$2 85.
Tho market rules steady nnd unchang
ed with nothing doing, except hi a small
order and retail way. The only transac
tion reported to-day was 50 barrels mess
pork sold at $22.
Corrected Dully by 1'.. M Stearns, commission
merchant, .-secretary of the Cairo Hoard ot
Flour, according to grade
Corn, mixed, sucked
Corn, white, sucked
Outs, mixed -
limit, iwr ton
......i ' ' ....... .i.t...i
$ 13 00
, (a lire
. 0iH)
.'mil, rit-.nii iiiiv.1 ,
Iluttcr, choice Not thcrn roll, packed
lliitlcr,chiilc! Southern 111 packed .
K'ggs, pcriloa'ii ....
9l of
I -si:
thickens, per dozen
Turkeys, per dozen
Aiple.s, choice, jut banel
Aiming. I'miiliiini . n,r luiriYl
,J ,'VC1 111
(4,10 un
la- 00
Potatoes, jut barrel
Oul-jns, jier barrel
lluppy Keller for Toiinif Jfeii from Ilia
fi'wts ot Errors und Abuses lu early life, Man
hood restored. Inijicdhiicnts to Marriage ie
moved. New method of treatment New and
rcuurkaUt' remedies, Hooks ami ciiculars sent
fVis!, lu sealed euvelojies, Address, HUWAIID
ASSOCIATION, 419 N. Ninth street, riilladol
phla, i'a u Institution having a highrejiuta
tlon for .hinMntble conduct and iirofinsloual
klll lW-.i-il.Vw3m
Special Aiteiiment Notlco.
PCUf.lC nollcc Is hereby g,,' ,,, ,K.
eountr court of Alexander ewnVh..V!S!
ileit-JJuilKlncntfor n special JS.ZnV
, property benelllled by the reconsCtlon ir
the following sldfwalks, rlzs
South side of Fourth street, between Wxhin,.
ton and Commercial arenueai West side of WrlR.
i!lfJ0i,iM'PH? rrom f'onrth to Firth street, .
ea.il .Ida nt Washington avenue from rinhii
wllHnU"'! north Mde,r rinh ,r' "'"
nr.V.n'ih ? 10 -',0.P,.m'rcl"1 "n"l north side
ai iwi'rl"' V"iit to westerly line of Lot
mitiin n"0'."' ',y'.or from Wash
tanri m.2 Walnut street j owt Sld.of
I opinrstrret, Utwn Dir Hon and Twtulr
second strcetsj south sldeof Twmy-rlr.t strtJt
from 'ojilar to Sycamore slrteU, soulU sld.Jf
high h street belw.n , Wwhliigton nd Com
mercial avenues I east side, of W?i,l"lnKton are-?-Veirr.om
,.:Kh,1? -Nlnr" streets "otfl i s"Je of
hiKhll. , tetwien Washington avenuo an." Walnut
s Ircelj south side or Seventh, between WItV n.
ton avenue and Walnut street, .iVui mor. rulK
opjsrnr from the ccrtlflcd ojy of the JuJSin.M
on nie In the olllce of the city 'clerk of the X Vr
(alruithatu wnrnint for the, collection of such
iin-v7iiii-ui3 ii in me imiiua oi ins uniicrsfgned
All Jicrsnns interested are hercbv notlfleit tornl'l
aim jiay the amounts AS;esscd , at the collector's
office, Ji'n. ISiCoinnierclalnteniie, within thlttT
davs from the ilate hereof, II. K. Ut.AEK,
i uy m rrasurer una r.i-umcio collector.
Dated this .'list tlar of March, 1-7.1
District Election Notice.
NOTICK Is hereby given, that on Haturdsy,
the third day of April, 1871, in election
will lie held at the school house on Kivreiilu
slieet, In School District No. one, townshlj.
M'Wiitten, range one, county or Alexander und
State or Illinois, for the jitirjiost of electing tw
members oflhe Writ of education for the term
orihire years for mid dlttrlct the iiolls will Iw
oiieii at nine o'clock, a. m .sad riostit at four
o'clock,)), m , of the same dar
Dated this Sid day or Mnrch,'IS7S.
.IS 3-27-il w
Election Notlco.
CitTCLr.uK'sOrrici!, I
C.uno, It.Ls , Mureh lsth, 1ST A
"VforiCKIs hereby given, that on Tuesday the
i. -"illiil.iy of.lpril, A.D ,IS7J,agcncral elec
tion will I held In the City of Cairo, Alexander
( utility. Slate of Illinois, for the election of the
following named city olllers, lo-wll A mayor,
n city clerk, n city treasurer, a city attorney, u
city assessor, nnd oncnldrrninn from each ward,
for Ihc term or two years For Die purposeiof
snld election, jiolls will he. evened at the follow
ing niinict jilarea, to-w It. fn the First Ward at
the brick business house lately occupied by K.
F. Davis, on the Southerly side of Sixth street,
hetneen Commercial and Washington avenues
In the Second Want at the engine houe of the
Hough unci Itrndy Fire comjiauyi In IheThlnl
Ward at the englnchoioe or the. Hibernian Fit-,
compniiyt In the Fourth Ward at the Court
llnuscj and 111 the Fifth Want nt the house of
M.a. MillU.ni, on the North-west corner of
Twentyllnii strut nnd Commercial inenue.
Said idictlon w ill be oicncd at eight o'clock In
the morning, and continue open until seven
o'clock In thr afternoon ot that day.
Hr order nr the City Council.
Wll.t. K. HAWKINS, City Cleric
Al.t. who are Interested will take notice that
the undersigned w ill lie at the following
times and jilaces for the collection of the State,
county and other taes of the nirl7t-
In South Cairo rrcinct nt the real estate office
of John I. Hamuli .t Co , corner Sixth and
Levee streets, on the loth Inst
North Cairo precinct at the Court House on
the l.'th Inst, anil until the llftrentli Inst.,
when advertisement of real e-tate will be made.
AI.K.X. II. lltVlN. County Collector.
Cairo, III., April 1st. 1S73. 3 4-l-Jt.
Special Assessment Notice
PUIII.IO NOIICK Is hereby given that the
Circuit and County Courts of Alexander
County, hac rendered judgment ror a special
assessment upon jirojicrty hcui'llttcd by the fol
lowing lllipiovciiieill, tie . umveiing wmo
I.cce street Irom Fourth to Fourteenth streets.
as will more fully appear from the ccrtlflcd copy
of the Judgments on ule In the olllce of the Clerk
orine iniy til unini; mar, a warrant lor me coi-
l nun ill rui.il Ii..ir3!iii.ii!", I- ill iiii: imimo ... iw,
undersigned. All I ersons Interested are hereby
nolltleii to call and jiay the amounts nssestu, at
the collector's oMce, No. ls.'.L'ommercialaTCUue,
within thirty days from the date hereof.
waieu mis i nn nay oi .iiarcn, -a. i. ibiJ.
II. F iii.aki:,
CltyTreas and Ex-otndo Coltectur.
Sheriff's Bale.
By virtue of an Execution to me directed by
the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Alexander
County, In the State of Illinois, In favor of Al
fred II. Suttonl, assignee of Alexander H. Irxin
mid against John II. llrown. I lime Icr led u;.
ou the following described projierty, In the
County of Alexander und Shite of Illinois, to
wit: -Ml thi- right .title und luterrat of said Jahn
II llrown. in and to the Northwest ouarter ol'
the Suiithwcnt ipmrlerof Section thlrty-on (31),
in iowuftiup uiifcu iiaj .--ouui, anu in nungo
one (I) west of the third I' M ,ulso blocks num
bered one (I), two (), three four (t) lire
(A), six (0) ,K'en (7) unit eight (s) fn the town of
t'nitv In said county and state, as the property
of said John II. llrown, which I shall oiler al
Public Sale ut the South-wont door of the Court
House, in the City of Cairo, In the County ol
AlexaiiderundSUUeof Illinois on the nineteenth
(Kith) day of April, A. D., 1S73, at the hour of
eleven o'clock, A M , for rash, to satisfy said
Execution. AI.EX 11. IltVIN,
Mierlffof Alexander County, Illinois.
Ddro, Ills , March 3dth, lsT.V
47 l-.TO-wJt
Sheriff's Sale.
BY vlrtne of two certain executions to tue
directed bv the Clerk of the Circuit Court
of Alexander county, In Uie State of Illinois, In
favor of the Southwestern Insurance Comjn
1UI IIIU II-.I- III ..mill (- ..ni.llWII, IIIMI.ri. .!'
against Wm J Allen anil 11 Watson Webb, I
Imve levied liiion the following described prop
erty, In tlieclty of Culio, county of Alexander
nndStuteof Illinois, to-wit Lotnunilwrrd.lx
iu, in mock numiiervsi twenty nine i-.j as in
proiwrtv of the said II. Watson Webb, which I
nail infer at public sale at the southwest door
of the Court House, in the city of Cairo, in the
coiiuiy oi AiexuniHT una .Time oi iiuuoiv, ouiun
21st day or April, A I) ',S, at the hour of
eleven o'clock a in , for cash, to satisfy said
nxeciillons AI.KX H.lllWIN.
Sheriff of Alexander County, Ills.
Cairo, Ills , Ajirll 1, lbTJ. 4-1-vrtt
Yes, 1 20 OO a dnr 1 imaninteert nslnn ont
Woll Augor nnd Drills In good torrltory.
nighestteBtlmonlala from the OoTernoraol
Iowa, Arkansas and Dakota. All tools war.
ranted. Two wells rO foot deep can bo bores!
In ono day, nnd ono well will furnish water
itifriclent for 100 head of cattle. ..Splendid
work forwlntcrna well na iroinmer.' lioserlp
tlvo catalogue fteo. County rights for salo.
Address i Jls W1XI. ALU Ell CO.,Bt.LouU,il.
'ThoBost Thing in tho Woat.
Atchison, Topska. & Santa h 1 1
a, 000,000 Aonua
Of the lirst farming and Agniullural 1-andsln
America, eituaUsl in and near the beautiful
Cottonwood uud Urcut Atkuas 'alleys, the
gavdeuuf the West, on
1 1 Yenra' Credit, with 7 per ount. Intejr
eat, and 20 per cont. DUcouriT,
for Iinprovementa.
r a n r. it i: r u i n k
To jmrcruueri of Iml,
5-Clrcnluis, with map, giving full lafuru-s-Uon.-s.,..
Asling hn Commlssloter, Tois, Kan
kis. 17-1-7S'

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