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KnhrfiMol Pythias, iiKitsewry frl
naynhrrit at lmlf-ul .even, in Odd
I'cllowV Hull ; li. slack,
I hiiuccltor (.utnmaiider.
wt vv-- rritw.t -t ,i
slT', Jlitlfltf-tiili nt (InlfT fif llrlil.l-'.l
trur tin..,. i.M.ri' 'I lino.! it t,l,.l,,
l.'oimiindiil uciiiic, ln-tweeu .ilMli mid f-eu-tilti
' trm ui luu. t,.iii Afrii.ii. in iiifiriituinti
"". JollMII (jumnam, N. U
iaiu' i i.nuammii.nt, If O. u. 1'., mcu
in Up lll'l r lotv." Hull mi I l.i. Ilml nlul f ill Ml
nuni) in my month, Ht lifiir-Jriat men
a c Auto r.oiii;. no i7,A.r. a a :m
V llul'l rtittil.ir ciinlitiiiiliiiliona In .Ma
7.A sonic Hull, corner tiiiiiiiicri'inl meiine
' 'aii'l KiKhlli shut, nn tlie mkiii'I i.ik I
luiiiwi .noii'iiiy u eueil lll'jnlll .
I'ni'Uli Nclmol.
rhc I'arlfli School was opened on Mori
da), Mar-ii !. Hill puplU will lie te
celu-d nt my time, nn llm condition
nlrcaily puttllMicd. The M-nlcMnf Pro
fessor Krlck have been eciim! fur Inttrile
(Ion in inu (irrmiti l.-innno. I or I lit nit
extra chuge will be in trie. Pupils wlhln
l j uTiuly German only, vr II come to tlio
i ho A at I o'c oel ji. in.
'.'IIUILKN A. (Hl.IIEllT, Hector.
I'l-roti Supply.
Mr. I. I'ltgcrald haJul rcechcd ami
lift on 'ale nt 111. li'p rouiu a large Mock
if l'ii(.'lMi al', porter, Hcimc.y brandy
and wlnen, nml Honor, of nit Mud, which
tie will (lifjio'c of lit reaonable I'tieo.
(Jo unit ht'v Her.
Landlord, ol hotel, ami hoardiii; houe
will llnillt to tin Ir mhor Uge tocull iijKin
Mrs. ( Jkiiiin, No Vi Fourth Mreet, lie.
twetn Washington nnd Commercial men
lie?, and ucciuln her terms (or doln hotel
nml boarding house wa-hes by the w cek.
Her whult--.de pike, aru extremely
low 7 e. per dorcn. For piece work pr.iea
are as tollowc siinjlo .Mil nnil vA
lar, lOr, p r dozen rvle; oek Ch-; two col
Urs, te; Iwj hsndkcrchluN, Tic; U'Mi Hk;
and nl gentlemen's wctir, 75c. ir
l)cii, l,3ip.' drc-'Cf, 'J.'i to Mk;
klrtl) to 20c; ilnnm 10 to K.c; Iho
pair liPke fc; two rollar to lc. Kor la
i'm plain clothe 61 00 ir ilnzcn; tor la
illi tine clottiff, l !fc"t per ilns-cnj iloor
.lrjniptl), mid promptly dtlhirol. l'.i
Ironat Hilliitctl.
5 lO-tf.
Sit I ii I 4'liitrlii.
(f, I .n.'l(.' rooiiH on tlio iipnpr f.oor at
flic alnt Cliarlcs ean bo hail, wi'h board,
tt the i ry Sow ratu of f&) pr inuntli
.Millie or ItciniM nl.
r-ch.tlit A- I'lrich have rrtnoel tlnlr
chemical djelni: and tlranln',' ctalj
iMiiiieut Irom the corner of I.l.htli ml
C'omin r lil to Vahlngton Aveimo.
hetWicn Math an 1 Tenth ttrnitt. To meet
the wantr of their mmy cuit mer. they
here nnlereil ami h ie jat recrlved from
V. r pe a latge lot ot the llnert ilyc lull",
anil arc now ready to attend to any order
In their line. 3Sii K-ltn.
Nollip of lli'liln vul.
Ttio well known barher hop, comer
K k'htli atul C nnnerelal, preliletl o ir t.y
the popular urtl.t, (irore Mrinhnne, tia
rernovcil one il .or north on i omuieriMil, In
the Ci "anil Cen'ral Hotel. The new hop l
lu iR and conini illniH, and Uiooe WKbinc
fir any hlns nrtlt!e in the way of fihl'ii
ablu ha.r cti.tliiK, imooth hnvo', ct-.. will
ill well t) rail at the (iratid Central llarher
Mieip. 71 S-l.Ttf.
lllilt'kHlllltll S!li.
Tii : o .l Mainl on Sath troet, between
f oenn r lal ai)uue and Ohio I.eree, I al
u. i) ready to di) any kind of work In th
(ila-k-inll'i line, tmkin,' an 1 reptlriin; Wau
nn ItiiLtlenind I)rij. i:;ieeli'attuntlon
Klvcn to tior 'hoeln,', as I make my own
hoe . I ean make tin-in h avy or li'jht,
jli.t a JU de Ire, tor y.ni all kuow thattUe
home mule "hoe1 are thebc-t. (.'all round
and i n:n une to t''Ve you ail-fai-tlon.
"i-J-ii-iui. nir.n. Itorir r.i.vz.
IMiiiio nml Orun Timing.
tr. M. Ktlhno dej'res II to my that he l
reaJy to r ceUe order lor I'i mo ami Or
Kan tiinlnjr, and ropi'rliig miii'eal Intrti
inent". Onleri in:i) he .alt at the loniur ol
Thirteenth and Walnut street-, o.- l O.
Ilox (M, and will receive prompt alt ntlon.
Wlirnri" 'Mill Urcnl t'oiiiiiiotloii
the country through, anion, the Alooh lie
III t-r mouccr? They st in I igliast at aa
Innoationon their prlrllee of making
drtliil.nrd'i o( the lek. A lOinpetlt r li:i
rome Into the llol I Willi which they cannot
contend. Hit. J. W.u.KKU'n CAt.iroit.sM
VlNl.ntll HlTtKltS, the limlellled e.(nec
of the most ufllcaeloiM fe'etnblo tonics and
alterative. In tlm wirld, Ii driving all the
lllbborn noitruun ol Klin; Alcohol tt tlio
wall. There It no dUoa-n, Internal or ex
ternal, In which It U not heiiellclally a Imln
Itlcrcd. nl7d fc wlw.
Our Siilonn,
The abovo saloon, corner of Kighth ttrcet
and Commcivlal avenue, U llxcd up In
good style airy and comfortable, livery
Sunday inoriilnj; you will Ilml fpread a N'o,
1 Lurch and a k11 of JUlwaukcu lager
beer, which can't bo beat, nnd thern Ii not
anything. Ilhlud tLo l!ir you will tlnd
the htit kind of l,iuoi-. and Clears, and
my dclro a to glvo every ono of my ctifcto
mers who patronl.o me, tatUfactlon.
Odl round I Knr.n. Uonntt.sv..
I have jmt received the largest nsorl
ment of (Jnccnsware and Olasware, of tlio
btst quality, which, having bought fur cath
direct Irotu the ltnpirters and Muuufaetu
rcrs, I am enabled to sell at prim which
doly competition, 1j: :
White Oranttc I!reaklat I'lates fiOc per net.
Whlto Granlto Cups and Sail
cr., without ItaudloB, COepersct.
hlt'. GranlloCups nud f-nu
cer, with hntullo", 7&0 per set.
I.3r;e OlatB Goblets, 50c pere,t.
Large Gl.m Tablo TumUrn, ilde per set
1 lnvlt) cvorj body to rail and oxandno my
stock of Qucon and (llasswaro and coin
pare prleca.
I have nl'ojust received a Urge Invoice 0!
Table and l'ockct cutlery, Silver Plated nml
Brlttnnla Table and Tea Spoons and Soup
iM'tte. Dan IIaut.ma.v,
a-28 tf. cor. Sixth .t Com. A v.
IllcncllJuc;, Vc,
Mrs. llumbold U now nrenarctl to
bleach and remodel all kinds of hats, In 1
1110 ititesi nyie; also trim. Kesideiico
Fifteenth street, btwoen Wnshlngton
and Ccdur. OO-J-.vaw.
SUXDAV, Al'JMI. I, 1S75.
A N.OI'.M'l;)l I..VI.N.
For Mayor.
Mn Lblioii. At thriuillcltutlonof many rltl
2eii, 1 nniintinru mytHf 111 n anidldale or
AMor, at Iheentiiiiiit niuiifcfpjl election
V. II .MultlllS.
For City Clerk.
KtMloli III l.l.ril I'lttin- aiinounre men
mnillflate lur le-eleetlon to tnc olllccor ( ily
i.inn, hi uiv iiiufnKeiinn.T eitcilfin
Klilimi lliai.KTtx l'lm'e nnnmime nie n a
inHdlibtte lur Iheollkeof Lily (.Ink., at lire n
Mini inHiueiiMi uiin'.iiiiii.
w.m. nti:scii axi.kv
For Trcasarer.
Ily the mpimt of ninny elllieni I Announce
iii)i 11 ki it fumniiiiii- lur I lie oiuie 1,1 1 m.uuiit.
uie t iiMiii.- cut I'leelluii.
JIh l.liTOH.-rifiieaiiiinunec me h n miiiiII
date forte rlrrJlotit tlieolllieurcity I iMstirer,
ai ine I'ustiiHi? iihiiiiciimi rireii'in
We are aiilhorlif I to ftnie.uore MK-i W,
11.11 .Mil U4 H CHIKIKUlie lor in' nunc in l.ll
'IlMttnrtT, nt llir i'IkmIii charter lstlnil
For City Attsrney.
I.IMtoH lll l.l.:lli:-nu.' Rim. Mini e ineaa a
rninlimieror IIh- orneeor I Ily Atlorney, at the
enMlat.- iiNHileltral elrcli. nml oblige,
For Aldermen.
' AIT. .1 IV. )! KINS'IK, r liie Tramfer
tmiiiiTll b Mel ninli. I a eaiHllilale fur At
nVtriuii ( ll.e l ouilti Ward, at Hie niMiln
harttr election .
II V rAllKIIItUnesndiiUler.ir AMinnmaf
tlit-'llilrd nl, at the eiiaulnir eharler 1 lection.
We ale nlilluirli.t It. niinfiiinr. .HlllS V
a rand 11 Lite lur Alderman f the
1'oiirlii Wanl
I.uriil W-iillii-r Itciiort.
Caiko, ll.i. , April 3 l.7..
Tim. I Winn I
7 a m
II '
Ml I
I I'alr.
; P m.
, 1:. . A.
It lll-llllK,
There will If Umj tirll rrii-i" at Uw
fliundi 01'thf l.'i-decmrr, on roiirtevntli
'Iti iit. lrt-lwii'ii 'nlilii"l'ii nVfiitiij and
NVnlnut i-trect, tiila.v. Theervl", will
k- i-oiidik't'il by tin: l!ev. .Mr. Gilbert,
rwttir. at 10J it. 111., ami 7 ji. 111. The
tnoriiliiir riiioii will ! iixn Ihf "lies
-Stieli a general deelro lin l.ceii t-x-
ir"el to lieur again tlw Katir inu-tv
Unit wh jrlvi'ii by Hip idiolr of tin t litireli
oftlM lliiliwiuor lati:tiuiU, that It lii
I1H.11 iluturinlnal to repent It at thU
inrinting's wrvlec
Tor A lili rineii
Uy referring to our Miiiioiinci iiieiU col
umn tliU monilii''. It m ill lie H n that
Mr. 15. K. Parker, and Ciiptnln .MeKln-
iM'V, two old and iv-txTtable citizens of
I'Hlro, Imvi annouticitl their Intention to
outer the contot for aldermen in their
rcMi'tlo ward. They arc eminently
liialilleil to llll tlie M"iitlon they eeck.
Another I.rrlure Wuiilrit.
l h; lecturi! of .Mr. .M. It. Ilarn ll, on
UM .Siimlay (veiling, wa a very exhaust
ive liitory ot Cairo, Alexander county,
In It.-, mrlle-t days, but a xn'. many of
our eitl.ens any that tliey arc, and will
not be lmpiiy until lie deliver another
lecture on the satne.suhjeet, Lrint;iii( the
matter down to tlie riHsolk-ctloii of men
now living.
Tlieyouiijj folk. liottid Ixttr in mind
that on next Wedm-Mby ulylit tlie Mo
ral Ilelli'lou aoeiatloii will n-'aiu
throw open their hull, and iillurd lliein
an oKrtimlty to enjoy them-vlve- uinU-r
the iiu-picci ot tho organization. A
urin' ImihI will l In attendant.', tuiil
di-eoitre weel inttiu lor tin beuellt of
tln.-e who tuny wlli to trip the lljflit
lniitiitlo. All are rc'peet full v lniied to
In our ramble about tlio city in march
ol news yeterd.iy afterirooii. we stopped
into tlf ollleu of Trea'tirer Iliako, and
that gentleman inforineil u that up to that
time, two o'clock, he had en-lied ottt
taudinff iioulutere$t bearlii"; order. to
tlieainoitut of two ihou-and live hundred
dollar, and was ready to riiuVi'ina many
more a- were pre-eiiled to him. ThU U
a fact that -liotihl make lad the heart of
every citizen, and cau.'u Ilium, instead of
eiiiiln;; tlie irpent city pivernuiPnt, to
bleM It. Thl, U the iirt time in ten
year. when :i lil.u lit,tatico has taken
.Snereil Concert.
Another of tltoe popular Sacred Con
certs will be the feature, of this (Sunday)
cvcnln at tho Planter's House. Tho
be?tof music has been provided lor tlio
occasion, and a raro musical treat will bo
enjoyed 'iy all who may attend. Tlio
puhlle Is inviied. Adinilon Irec.
Tlio excellent Selilii.'s Milwaukee beer
sold only by Iloufnerand number deal
it In the city Is now all the rage. Hettf
nor keeps this beer always on hand fresh
and flue.
Hut of course this fact has nothing to
do with tho concert to-night, to which
everybody Is invited. Tho mtiMe will l;o
worth hearing.
Siimri unit fliiolsiiii.
Wo take pleasure la calling tho niton
tlonofold friends to our New Spring
Stock, which will bo found more attrac
tive, than ever, our arrangement being
such that all novelties will beollored by tt.
simultaneously with their nimoaraneo in
! the Kaptcrn markets. )Vo have Improved
every department of our lmlness, nnd
aro carrying much larger llnc3of nil
clashes of goods than heretofore, lendcr
ed necessary by our rapidly Increasing
busbies. Wo aro determined to mnko It
to tlio interest of every cah buyer ofdry
goods to favor us willi a pharo of their
patronage. Our success has been tho re-
I suit at careful buying, with 11 view of ilv-
Ingtlto best posslblo valuo to the eon-
Wo aro coitllduut tliat vottr In-
1 l..,lo ,,111 l,.. .MO...I I... .. .1
ll'liaii ,11.1 uc ci.1 1t.11 uj 11 eilieiiu 0X11111
Inntion ot our stock.
Stuaiit A GlIOLSON'.
A Wnrni I'onlpfit lur Member, of (tin
Ilonrtl, Vcslt-rilny.
'I'heio wasconkldentbleexcltenienl over
tho tiecllon of two member. of the Hoard
of education yesterday There Were three
tickets In the Held: Cant. W. P. flalll
day nnd F. Korstnoyer, S. Wallers andd
II. Me teal f, nnd .lainos Carroll and Win.
K'luge. The following U the result In de
tall :
Kor. mover 001
Halllday n:
Kluge ; y,i
Carroll rf, 200
Uulter. ..ez. V,
.Metonlf. J. VI
I lio Hon. P.itvfi'k Henry Pom', of
Clileago, and latWy of Cairo, is iu tlie
city on bulne-'. Mr Pope look bale
and hearty, for which we tue thanklul.
for he Is 11 clever gentleman, and doerves
the good will of all.
Mr. .1. It. Tarnum, proldent of the
Cairo City Ga Compan, whoe home I
hi Wnltliain, Miissieliim'tt". armed iu
the city yesterday. He Is here for the
iurH; of attending the regular annual
ineetliiir of the compan v of which be Is
provident, to le; held in till' city xhortly.
Mr. Ilenuett, manager for the Howe
S-wliig Machine eotnixiuy iu Illliioi, lias
taken pocaIon ol thetoreon Commer
cial iiveniie, lately oeeitpled liy . I. Sttlll
villi a a drug tore. and e.M:ts in a few-
day, to 1m ready lor bttluc. He will
make Cairo his headquarter. nud b.ie of
operation", will appoint agents iu tilller-
ent localities and jtudi tlie Howe mnchlue
a It de.TVf..
Altenll IraliH V
The :inntml meeting of the Arab Plre
comimuy will he held to-morrow (Mon
day) evening, at Tt.'IO o'clock, for the elec
tion ol olllcer. and pnymciit of due.
II. F. lli.tKi:, Secrelnrv.
A Narrow lenpe.
The 'aloou of George Iitner, coruur
of I-'ourteetith atreet and Vabhigton
avenue, was very ninny iu dninrer of
being bunic-d out 011 Thiir.day evening.
Georgt bad ti'ed eol in his stve all win
ter. hikI, until that evening, h.-nl not
thought of litilling the old chunks that
have iiM hIy lain In hi- Imck yard nil
winter, but when lie Jut undertake to
tio tbi, kind of fuel hie fdoe didn't
like It, and for revenge, M-t tlie tine on
tire. Till did not alarm George, how
ever, as lie i an old 11 reman, and ha- 'on
mmy llin on lire before, but when the
moke and ilame lxgnn lotning up
through the lloor, he eoncliided come
thing must be done, so he went down
-tnirs and dl -covered that through the
defect In the line the lire had been com
tntmlcnted to the -flw-dttt covering the
ice which he had stored lat winter hi
tlie baement ; and lu a lew moment,
more would have undoubtedly been com
municated to the lloor of the -aloon, nud
iu that cn-e tlie result might have been
dl-Rstrou. With tho a-ltanco of .Mr.
I.in Kelly, after a few plunk of the
lloor were torn up. a few buckets of
water iiueiiched the Ilame.) without any
alarm having been t'lveu.
PliirsTKfas'Plum !
ki:m to Tin: spki.i.ix skci.i:
.Vllteiiiifiim 011 JIiiikImj- Nile .Verkxl.
Sptllin tcill begin at 8 o'clock iharp,
Adinlshun Tj cents; children l." cent-.
'I'.'ie i:iectloii VeileriliiT.
The election held at the eleventh treet
school houe yete. day, for the purpoe
of electing two member of the Hoard of
Education for the next term, contrary
to all o.eetatlous wa, a very lively
eonte-t. Cp till ye-terday mjirnliig It
wa generally understood Unit only two
gentlemen, Mers. W. P. Halllday and
F. Kor.-tneyer, would enter the lleld for
the otllce, but, when tlie poll, Were open
ed, tlie people were somewhat -urpri-ed
to learn that .Mcr. dames Carroll and
II. Kluge. and nlo Mr. Metcalf and Mr.
Walter, had al-o -Ignllled their Intention
to challenge the right of the former gen
tlemen to tlie place. Tho voting
throughout the day wits very lively. At
1 2 o'clock, live hundred votes had been
cat ; at 2 o'clock, seven hundred ; and at
3 o'clock, eight hundred and twenty-ilvo
tickets had pae5 Into tho ballot-box.
In comparing this with the entire vote
ea-t for tlie ..itno olllceat the last election,
which was but nlnety-fotir vote, it will
be readily eovn that the excitement ran
high. The negroes were In a high state
of mind from tho opening of tho poll,
until they were eloed, and we venture
to say that nearly tho whole vote east by
them yesterday was for Messr.s. Halllday
nud Korsmeyer. The oilier candidates
worked like Turks also, and seemed con
lldent that they would be rewarded for
their labor by being installed iu tho shoes
of Mesi. Kor.-moycrand Halllday, but
they were doomeiLto disappointment, as
they learned to their sorrow when tho
result of tluyioritcst had been announced.
The Ills: .Spclllnif Mutch nt tlie Atlie
It is all tlxed, nnd tlie "Woman' Club
and Library Association" of Cairo aro
Jubilant. Tlio committee of arrange
ments appointed by tho club have per
fected every preliminary for the spelling
match to be given by tho club nt tho
Athenettm to-morrow night, and it Is tho
general opinion of our citizens that it will
Iw the. grandest success of tho season,
ThMs proei'ely the Idea under which
tho Hu'M.r.TiN Is laboring. Tito
association have succeeded lu gain
ing tho consent of Mrs. Professor Alvord,
who Is. pronounced ono ol Me nblo ladies
of Cairo, to give out tho words to tho
spellers, nud wo are certain that
a inoro elllolcnl lady or gen
tleman could not have been chosen. For
umpires on this occasion, Professor Al
vord and Miss llogers have been selected.
Tho words to bo .polled by tho com
panies, will bo taken from Mq.
Otilfey' Eclectic i-pnlllng book,
and any dispute that may arhc as to the
correct way to spell a word, will bo de
elded by Webster"" Unabridged Diction
nry. The prize to be contested fur Is an
elegant copy of "The Poets nnd Poetry
oflCurope,"' by Henry W.I.ongfellow.or .1
copy of .Mrs. Hrownlng s complete work",
In two volumes. The prizes are on ox
hlbltlon nt Itockwell' stationery More.
The ndmlion fee to tlie match will be 25
coiit. Children 15 cents
The rule adopted by the "Woman's
Club nnd Library Association, nnd by
which thoc participating In the match
will bo governed, nrc ns follows :
All words of same sound and diirerent
Mgnlllontlun shall be defined; and at the
demand of the .MeHcr any given word
shall be explained by dellnlllon or clear
Under thee rules n speller shall have
the right to protest iigalnst n word pro
nounced for him to spell, and the e.iM;
hall be Immediately decided by the um
pire, whoe decide!! shall be llnal.
Only ono trial shall be allow cd one
given word to the same MTsoti.
If a word Is -j'ollod neeordlng to tlio
authority of tlie latet edition of Wcb-
ter'n i.'nabrldoed dictionary or Worces
ter''- large rptarto, It hall be ib-med
(ienrriil Items.
100 pieces choicest i-tyle Print, at
Stuart it Oholon'.
Cti-toiu made ladle,' and children's
shoe, all rtiaranted, for sale at the low
ot price, at .1. Hurger A Co'.
Summer silks of the very Iwt rjual
Ity, prices ranging Irom 05 to !KJ cents
per yard, may be lound at .1. Hurger
& Co.'s.
Stunt t A Gholson offer Hie itrwite.-t ya I
riety iu ladle," Tie.. Collar, Cull', Col
larette and ornament of all kinds.
Hott'ekeeper. -liould examine our
Mock of Linen and hoit-ekeepinggood.
We are ollerina -oine decided bargain.
Sri aiiT tt Giioixin.
Neck Ilea of the newe't ptyle, hand
'onie make, and the llne-t aortinent of
collar nnd cull, to be found 111 the city
ire for sale by .1. Hurger & Co.. at popu
lar price.
.1. Hursrer it Co. have the largest
stock of piira-ol,, umbrellas and -1111 um
brella hi Cairo. Children'.- p.ir.ol at re
nmrknbly low price. These articles are
going oil' rapidly, and ladies should mill
before the let of the stock I gone.
Ladies' and children's white suits,
braided and embroidered; linen -tilts of
all color., can be found iu the city only
at.l. Hurger tt Co'. Children'.- suits
from 50 cent to $5; Ladies' stilt, from
S2 to f20.
-Stuart it Gholwn are offering the
best a-ortment of Hosiery, Gloves, l!il
bon, Coret, Dre- Trimming, Parasol-,
ite., iu tlie city, at their tiMially low
md iiiiiforui range of price.,
-The llne-t selection of dre,, good of
the very latest style and all the new fab
rics sold at pi ices which defy competi
tion, nl.l. Hurgur it Co.'s.
Single button kid glove, good ounl-
Ity, SO cents, double button kid glove.
ttperior quality, 75 cent. Oil and see
them at .1. Hurger A Co.'..
-J. Hurger A Co. have the mot beau
tiful nortmeut of embroideries ami la
ce. in tlie city of Cairo, retailed at whole
sale prices.
The hou-ekf-per,' department at J.
Hurgtr tt Co's will delight the ntttnerou
lady customer., of that linn. The table
linen, toweling, napkin, sheeting-,
pillowcu-e inu-lln, etc., etc., aro ot all
kind and qualities and tlio prices Iwitliln
the re.ieli of everybody.
White- goods, the haml-oniest line
ever brouirht to tbi, city, Including
Piques, Natisook. Swiss luu-lins, tarlet
an. etc.. all scIIIiia- at price, lower than
tlie lowest, for sale at .1. Hurger it
Co.'.s. Ladies will 'ave money by exam
ining thee goods liefore purchasing
Wo c.ill attention to the large and
haud-onie stock of gent', funil-hlng
goods Just brought to this city by J.
Hurger tt Co. These good- have all
been selected with great cure and are of
the latest and most desirable style, and
sold at bottom prices.. Gentlemen are
requeud to call ami eo for them
illilthiii I'rlilny Xl-tlil.
AHlrcaSucccss for Teachors and Putlls.
Theiilght for the exhibition of the nub
ile school, of Cairo, ha pased, and we
take great pride lu congratulating tlie pupil-
upon their sueee.,3. 'lite Athenettm
wa- packed and Jammed to it.s utino-t ca
pacity, and wo venture the acrllon that
there has not been a larger audience as
H'tnbled within It., wall, since its erection.
It I- true that the entertainment wa pro
longed, hut to any ono who will hut
give tho matter a second thought, It will
bo very plain that had it been concluded
nt any point but tlio one chosen by Prof
Alvord, dissatisfaction would urely
have been created H the minds of many,
which could not have failed to bring with
it hard feeling.
Tho greeting hong, a, Ming by the
scholars of tho high school, with Miss
.I0M0 PhlllU presiding at tho piano, was
good. The fault so common among
young folks wo a'ferto tlteexttctnolook
of solemnity when before an audience
was not to be encountered on tills occa
slon, aud was noted by all. Tho manner
of tho young ladles and gentlemen, was
perfectly easy, nnd this coupled
with tho good tlnio kept by
them, made the piece a success.
Gcorgo Chirk, n pupil of Professor nml
Mrs. Alvord, then ga70 tho piece en
titled "America and Washington," iu a
way not often equaled by a young man of
ills age, nnd ho retired amid tho npplauso
of his hearers, followed by n pretty
pleco of niiislo called tlio "Mountain
Song," by tho scholars, nnd tho curtain
descended upon tho groupo to ho ng.'iln
drawn up to reveal tho cotmteuriuco of
Chatilo Johnson, who gavo the audience
a German recitation Iu linostylo. Tho
scholars then sung a patrfotlo German
song, which was very pvctty, but which
we dnro say wnsltimlciinood by but few-
Tlie i:n
idlzabctn Smith s effort on "American
Literature" was very good and was his
tlly applauded.
Miss Allle Lansdcn then took her scat
at the piano, and began a march, to
which tho little children of Miss Roger's
room kept time Willi the precision of
old soldiers, winding here aud there, as
suming a different position with each
command given by their wor
thy teacher, lu perfect order. So
well did they perform their part that they
were the admired of all admirer, nml
drew forth the most flattering words of
praimrrom all, upon the deserving head
of MI? Ilogers.
"Hoys' Itlghts," by little Wood Kitten
houc, nn urchin six years of age, who
Is also under the carcof Mls";itogcrs, was
truly excellent. Tho expression upon
the little youngter's face, as he gave
his opinion in regard to the subject, was
very amusing and created much merri
ment among Ids hearers.
Harry Greeley's rendition of the "Hat
lie of the Ivry," by Macnuley, was very
good, and was well-received by the audi
ence. Little .Vellle Farr, 11 Utile cherub only
a few years of age, a pupil of Miss Wal-
hrlOge, then took her Maud upon the.
stage, and ricited "Mrs. Skinner" In a
manner mo-t creditable to hermlf and
"The .Vatlon," by twelve young la-
tiles of tho high school was elo.ed
with "Hail Columbia," lu which the
young ladies all look part, and marched
from the stage timid loud applaite.
Miss Katie AUord, a pupil of tho High
School, and a deserving one. too, then
made her appearance, and recited Mrs.
Stevenson'. poem, entitled "The PolUli
Hoy. Ml- Katie wearc told, had but one
day and a half iu which to prepare her-
seir, and gate her own Idea
of the manner In which the piece
-liould be rendered, but w e are pleased to
say, that It has seldom been the lot of a
Cairo audience to listen to n more excell
ent ell'ort. Her exit front the stage was
tn ule witli deafening applause.
Willie Halllday, Hubert Woodward aud
Egbert Smith played " Trick in a Har
lerShop" very welt. Little Halllday
would make a very good Irish comedian.
Dal-y Hiillid.iy, ten year old, a pupil
under the tutorship of Ml, Nannie Mc
Kec, recited very nicely a piece entitled
"Water." She wa perfectly at home
upon the boards, and did her part with
tlie grace of an actre5 of much greater
Edward Heley then gave "Warren's
Own.'" to the perfect satisfaction of the
Moore's beautiful poem of "Paradise
and Peri," was then given by MUses
Cora Slratton, Kate Williams, Lizzie
Humboldt and Ellle Close, each reciting
In turn one verse, and all proving clearly
to the spectator that they had the correct
Idea of the author.
Willie Kornieyer then gave n decla
mation entitled " The Death of Lconlda"
in good style.
-I'r"'K " song, uy Laura v albrldge,
was very pretty. The. child Is but six
year old, and has a .,wet childish voice,
uiueii was admired by all.
Willie Whliaker' rendition of the
"Ship on Fire," for a boy eicTcn years
old, was excellent, nnd under the care of
ids teacher. Ml, lluth McHride, he will
become quite an orator.
A very Interesting and truly line red
tatlon, and one we take prido in saying
which was pronounced by the entire au
dience to be really wonderful, taking in
consideration the age ot the speaker, who
is but six year- old, was that of little
Louis Fo, "IlienzaV Addre-." The
piece i an unusually long ono for ,0
young a boy to undertake, but ho went
through with It without faulterlng, hi
gesture aud pronunciation being perfect,
1 he -pectacle talrlv brought down tiie
house when he had elo-ed. This was
followed by a parody on I.oul,' par. by
four little girl-, which had been pre
pared by their teacher, Mls Living-tone,
which was full ol hits that con
vul-ed the throng in front.
May Harnian, of the High School, did
very well in her recitation of the "Gam
bler's Wile," which wa well received.
Harry Smith, a little boy under the
charge of MUs Powers, gave "Halning
Days." iu good style.
Willie llalliday's "Independence Hill"
was good and received much npplauc.
Edith Obcrly then read nn original
compo-itlon on "Housekeeping," which
was well received.
Misses Annie Alvord and Lulu Pace,
two young mtt-kians of the
high school, then gave the audience an
example of their ability, cxeetitlnglu lino
style a duet upon the piano, entitled
Puck, which was very pretty.
A German recitation by Mis Laura
Itennlo was next. Thu powers of the
young lady as tin apt German scholar
cannot bo dUputcd, as lio proved by this
effort, nnd Will Smith's "Envoys of
Homo" wa beyond reproach. Hoth
were heartily applauded.
Then came little Carrio Morris, bare
footed, with dishevelled hair and tattered
garments, and recited "Nobody's Child."
Tho pathetic tone of volco ami tho ges
tures of the little girl wero touching In.
tho extreme, aud would have, done credit
to a person much moro advanced In years.
So much did tlio audience appreciate tho
excellence of Carrie's eflort, they could
not rest until they had brought her out
upon tho stage a second time, with yells
and stamping of feet. Her appearance
silenced them, when she made a neat lit
tle bow and retired.
Duff Green appeared aud crowned
himself with laurels, by n declamation.
"itobcrt l.mmet," by George Clark,
who Is surely one of tho rising boys
of Cairo, gave tlio audience another op
portunity to show their appreciation of
good speaking, which they did. and tho
young orator retired amid the din.
A number of tho scholars of tho High j
School presented a pleco entitled 1
"Wirto," Mlsi Ktta Farr lu the rolo of '
"Miriam," and Will Smith ns tho"Hrlde-,
groom," The net wns very well done,
add was applauded loudly.
AVlllIo Wright's recitation of "Mnko
all gave in.
A delegation o. ,
McKec's room then nx.
tlfnl poems from the works o.
Thomas Moore, Itobcrt Hums
great German poet, Schiller,
which were pleasing and Interesting
to the audience.
"Washington's Dream of Liberty," a
tableau, by a number of scholar irom
tho various departments, was pre
sented, nnd was very acceptable.
"Little Mable," by Minnie Halllday,
was very neatly enacted by that llttlo
Mis? Phlllls' little wards then bad a
march about the stage, and sang "Yan
kee Doodle" very nicely.
Edward Hcelcy once more came for
ward, and his recitation entitled "Sun
day Hccdier" was what.the boys would
call Immense.
The "lllver Town Woman's Associa
tion" then had a meeting, Mls Etta
Fo, At. President, and the other
young ladies and gentlemen, Including
Will Smith as "Gtitavus" and .Miss Ella
Armstrong a his alllanecd, were all ex
cellent. The play occasioned considera
ble merriment and elicited loud np
plause. "The Granger.," by tlio high school
boys was n Very correct representation.
The mo-t notable acting In this piece was
that of George Clark as "Holln," the IrMi
potato grower, and young Kendall, as
president of the "Granger's Association,"
though all wero very good.
The exhibition was brought ton close
by the preentatlon of "Widow Hcdott,"
witli Mis Kate Alvord as "Widow Hc
dott." Jc.c Phlllls as ".Melissa," Will
Smith as "Mr. Crowe," and John Wood
a "Mr. Kler." The other
meinlxT.s nil plaved their parts
satisfactorily, making the play very
Prof, and .Mr.. Ahord deserve credit
for tho manner lu which thev labored
with the pupils and tlie success which at
tended their efforts.
tetter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
iu tlie Post Olllceat Cairo. Illinois Satur
day, April :i, 1S75.
laiuuV LIST.
Haley Adaline, Hagger Carnella,
Hudd A utile.
Carroll Johanna,
Carroll Tndic.
Ducraw Annie.
Kill? Louisa.
Gonard Maltle.
Htincher .Maltle,
Kennedy Maggie,
Lea Mattle.
Maylleld Annie,
Hues Jennie.
Kcas Nellie.
Murphy Annie,
Morford Flora F.
Porter Matilda A., Powell Elmliia.
Stlflt Hosa, Spencer Alice.
Sellan Elizabeth.
Vandack Manila, Williamson Mrs. S.
. (ir.NTi.r.str.N's mst.
Hecks David,
HIankIc J.,
Hell Win. F.,
H.iynerW. H.,
Heverly W. IV,
Holleu Geo.,
Ittilllnglon J. I...
Hrown T. A.,
Hly Wash,
Hast wick Wallace,
Haker W. IC,
Illark Jim.
Crawford Harry.
OtnbbellJ. W.,
Clay Win.,
Day, Harrv
Dully, T. F.
Fowiey, Geo. M.
Fergu.-on, Titos.
Grant, Alex.
Gardner, .las.
Hamilton, C.
Hamilton, F. G.
Hall, I.. S.
Kllpatrick, I). W.
Conway John,
Culp John,
Courtney Win
Davis. L. II.
Kagan, W. H.
Foster, L. It.
Flaunoy, Win.
Gray, Edmd.
Jlol-ton, Haptlet
Henry, Dan'l.
Hall, J. A.
Jewell, W. II.
Idler, F.
Kelley, Homer
Kinsely, J. Frank
Kcnner .t Co.,Johu Kuapp, Dr. J. C.
Leach Charles,
I.indsey Jacob,
Merrlweather F.,
Miir.-h J. II.,
Mcars Moses,
Moss Win.,
Myers Win. E.,
OlIlphautG. IE.
Palmer A. M., 2
Portle F. W.,
Mlntou A. J.,
Morri IL,
Martin Johnuu,
McAlester Win. 1'
Mahoney T. O.,
Oliver F. X.,
Perry Chas. S.,
Puttie Geo.
Kiddle Calvin, Itoark II. C.
Hose John.
Sheridan John, Steel John,
Sutter Jake, Sanderson T.J
Stevenou S. II.
Thornton Thu.
Thompson S. G.
Whtled A. II.
Whltter Joint,
William Josh.
Virgin C. H.
Webb Alice.
Walker J.,
Wllllamou John,
Person calling fur tho above letters
will pica-e say "Advertised."
Gr.o. W. McKiuio, 1'. M.
Port 1.1,1.
Strainer Jatue Flsk, Paduc.-ih.
' Atlantic and barges, St. LouU.
" Kanawha and barges, St. I.oul,.
ldlewild, Evausvltle.
City of Chester, .Memphis.
" Simpson Horner anil tow, Ohio
T. F. Eckert, St. Louis.
" Liberty No. I, Ohio.
Carrie V. Kotintz, St. Loul.
Vint. Shinklo, Cincinnati.
" Nick Longworth, X. 0.
" Alex Swift and tow.
" James Howard, St. Louis.
" Bannock City, South.
Strainer James Flsk, Paducah.
" ldlewild, Evansvllle.
" City of Chester, St. Louis.
" Liberty No. I, South.
" -Carrie V. Kountz.Xew Orleans.
" Vint. Shluklc, Memphis.
" Nick Longworth, Cincinnati.
" James Howard, Now Orleans.
mvKit, nu.si.vr.ss and wkatiieii.
Tho fall since our last report was I In
ches, with 39 feet 5 Inches on the gauge.
The Upper Mississippi and .Missouri tiro
steadily rising almost from their head
water, nud yesterday's Democrat says
there U ns much reason na ever to bo
packet this evening.
Tlio Nick Longworth Wi.. -500
tons, thirty cabin and 50 deck ...
Tho Liberty No. 4 passed down yes
terday morning with two banrc of inlr.
Ill tow.
The City of Chester passed up with
25 bales of cotton nnd a few sundries lor
St. Louis.
Tho Sun says the slpc water is grow
ing les. A mistake. It ban risen one
Inch on the Bulletin's gauge.
The Carrie V. Kountz was loaded
flat. She took In tow Miss. V. T. Co.'a
barge no. 22, loaded with Hour nnd grain,
for New Orleans.
Tlie Vint. Shinklo added 500 kegs of
nails and a few sundries, and left draw
ing six feet. Her cabin was full of peo
ple. The Great Republic left New Orleans
lat Monday, with 800 tons freight and
200 people. She 1 due here thla even
ing. The Bannock City, owned by Wal
ker ,t Ncllis of this eity, arrived last
evening, having been South with a tow
of stave..
Tlie T. F. Eckert arrived from the
wreck of tlie Marv Alice vestenln
Ing, under command of Capt. Irwin Du-
gau. ne uas given up all hopes of ever
raising the Alice, and says she is all In
The James Howard catnc Iu drawing
ten feet, with a fair list of people. She
added considerable freight and 20 cabin
passengers here. Conductor Ike Par
sous, (of tho C. tt V. II. It.) and lamllT
nrc among the passengers from here to
New Orleans act! return.
W'aii liir.mrm.NT, Kivem ItsrORT, (
A pi 11 3. IbTi.
ritulmn; is n 3 0
Cincltinalt ?.l 3 0 x(
Lotilavllle 10 11 0 a
ft. IxjuU I.1 0 Xl O
Tnn.llortc WitRon Tor Hale.
A new watron for salo at a bargain, Ap
ply nt the Hullktin counting-room. tf.
Tho annual meeting ot tbo Stockholders
of the Cairo City Has Company, for election
ot Directors, will be held on Moudiy,
April 5th, at 10 oVock a. m.,atthoofhcoof
tho lompitiy In the city of Cairo.
II. T. GrnouLP, Src'y.
CAino, March nut, 1675. i-2-3t.
As t'hrnp nn tlir Cheapent.
At tho New Harness and Saddle Shop
No. 101 Commercial Avenue, (old Auction
House) you can buy all you want, Irom a
Klne Harness down to a hame strap, as
cbenp as at any other point. No use now ot
Koln to St. Loul or any other place for
goods fs our line. Call and see us.
1C-3-23-2W. I., p. akin .t Co.
Notice I hereby given that the under
s'gncd I. prepared to redeem in cab, all
outstanding non-Intcreit bearing city or
der, Including orders allowed for tho
month;of January and February, 1875.
H. i II la k it, City Treasurer.
Caiiio, III., April 2d, 1675. WM-;J-tf.
Illinois Ckntiiai. Uailuoad Co.,
Ofkick ok General Aobnt,
Caiiio, 111., April 3, 1875.
Tlie habit of breaking locks and burst
ing open tlio doors ol freight cars by con
signees, draymen, and laborers, must bo
stopped. Tlio proper remedy will be ap
plied to all who disregard this notice.
James Johnson, General Agent.
Cook Wnuteil.
Mrs. Derr,;proprlctrcss of tho Ilallroad
House, corner of Eighteenth street and
Commercial avenue, Is desirous of obtain
ing the services of a llrbt-class colored
cook. For particulars, apply to her.
UnielliilU on., err Ilenerlpllon
The Ak of Illat-uvcry.
IV. Winter, the artist, Is about to pre
sent to tho citizens of Cairo a new pic
ture, with nil tho coloring of real life.
The means of working these charmlnir
aud llfe-llko pictures will not be with
held from the nubile. The morfu oner
amli U as follows : On tho right hand
side of tho camera Is attached a mill
which contain, the prismatic colors in a
pulverized state. As tho colors pass Into
tho camera they nre received by a fan
wheel which keeps the atoms lu
motion. The photographic plate, whllo
wet, U then placed In tho camera tho
sitter being in position. The handlo of
tho mill is gently turned. Tho cap of
tube is removed, tho Image ot the sitter
begins to form while passing through
tho colored ntmosnhcre. the nartlcles of
dust falling where they properly belong.
vi nen, Presto! you nave u Dcautirul pic
ture of yourself or friend.
Mr. W. Is also making a picture called
tho nonpareil, a beautiful' style, suitable
for lockets and miniature cases. Large
assortment of the latter on hand. Cal
ory open dally.
noinrtliliiR Sen:
I have Just reclved a complete assort
ment of Glass Shades of all sizes and
shapes, suitable for clocks, wax flowers,
etc., also Moss and Chenille, and plc
nleand ladles' Traveling Baskets the
largest stock over brought to Cairo.
D. H uiTMAN,
Corner Sixth and Commercial.
A situation in a Drug Storo ; ten yew's '
experience 5 thoroughly competent, ad
can take charge It tecjulred. ?ha be it ref
erences, sc. Address Toec smitn, vwt
and Lexington streets, Bsltliaor. 'J0Ct.

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