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4lnr Mssller en Ery Pe.
Iaura Morgan, a girl spiritual medium,
1 creating quite n scmatlon at Vln
i.tmiii, Indian. A few days njro Hon. II.
I). Slicjvinl, Abe Glmbel, Dr. A. .1.
Tlionm. Mrs. Abe Glmbel nnd Mr. .1.
p. lender, unbeliever, wore appointed
a committee to Investigate the nianlfe.tA
don nude through this medium, nnd
the Inventljratlon took place nt Xotilo's
Hall, In the presence of the Spiritual As
locution of Vlnccnncj. We hvr tint
tamed tlm result.
lit 1IF.AVF.!.
The Golconda Herald publishes tt com
munication beaded "Twenty-Four Hours
In Heaven" a description of a journey
by S. and others from Golconda to Cairo
on the steamer Tat Cleburne. "If' nks
the HtralJ, the Cleburne was (tailing
heavenward, why In thunder did he go
towards Cairo? Don't Oberly lecture on
"Hell," and MieHarrcllonthe"Devlli,!
The Htrald man Ih not posted. Cairo h
Heaven, or near to It, and we lecture upon
bell and the devil because our people
know nothing about either the one or the
other. II. Is n lorx-lgn country to them
ml Ids tnaJfMy kyuiiiIu'ii tniurrT.
ojr TiiriHT.i.'VD.
Mr. Ileccher U a vvltin'ss of jrood abil
ity. He sw ears like a man who had been
brought up to the business as to a trade.
Prompt In bis replies to tho .amlner,
be makes every answer tell. All the
charges made byjTllton he denies tu an cm
pliatic manner, and explain away plaus
ibly aM the suspicions circumstances that
liavc been twl to blacken his. character.
UnleMthe plautlfl can utiecostully :un
tradict him, the verdict of the jury will
undoubtedly Ixj In Needier' favor. It U
mild this fact is known to Tlltuii and his
lawyers, and that Tllton Is iiltno-t In
sane. A dispatch to a Sr. I.ouls paper
says Tllton has become frantic, and that
hU friends fear he will murder the great
preacher In hU track; but this report has
in It a dash of sensationalism.
The future of Cairo U in the hand of
the citizens, and they can make it pros
perous If they will j but to do so, they
must learn to take an interest In city af
fairs. If they stand back and say : "Wo
don't care , let things drift," the'clly will
notprosper; but If they will take hold
and say : "Wc will make Cairo great ;
we will give to the city good government
- oftlcers who can lead us torward and
will not hold us back," the effect will soon
be seen In the Increasing properlty of
the city. At the coming city election
our citizens will cast the die of prosperity
or anil-prosperity. If they elect Mr.
Morris mayor our hope of future pros
perity will not be diminished, but If they
elect Mr. Winter, wc shall decpalr. Mr.
Morris Is the man for the time. He Is
young, energetic and decreet, and will
bo, If elected, a most excellent ofllcer.
A H-LOF a jomi:.
We went surprised to rend the follow
ing notice In the last number of the finl
eonda H'rald:
The Hon. .1. H. Oberly, editor of the
Cairo Jlullttin, will deliver his highly In
teresting lecture on "Hell" to-night, at
7 o'clock, at the Court House. Let there
be a full turn out to hear this talented
ex-member of the Legislature. No
charge, as Mr. Oberly is out taking sub
ncrlptions for his patier, and Just thought
u little light on the above subject was
needed, considering the condition of the
At first we thought that, possibly, our
"double" might have appeared at Gol
conda and lectured, i-lncc wc in crsou
had not been In that Interesting village
for several years; but wli n the date of
the paper, April 1, caught our eye, we
understood the matter. This was the
Herald's April fool joke on its Golconda
..uVl,.,.J,u.lt'rr.v tx'livrt. the hero of
nunc i wain s "liiKied .ge," according
to the Enqulrrr, was at one time an ac
tual resident of Cincinnati, and engaged
in business there on a Urge scale. Ac
cording to the account ol the Knnuittr,
Mark Twain must have met the actual
Col. hellers, us his delineation of the
character is so perfect. Col. Sellers is m
orcein living lu Southern UlitioU, where
he is operating a coal mine. There has
men miIIIIoiis In tho Colonel for Mark
i wain, wneuier hollers has marfu any.
thing or not. Vinctnnts Sun.
Col. Spellers never lived in Cincinnati.
and Is not now In Southern Illinois ojkt
atlng a coal mine. We know hlni. Ho
U an Intimate friend of out, and lus
been for years. He Is conlldcnt there are
millions in It, and o are we. The fact Is,
we have lately taken tho Sellers fever,
and expect soon to git out of it the mil
lions the Colonel U sine are. in It.
tiik iit jioiiors rn.
McCartnsy. of the Metropolis 7.-iei, at
our.e xpeiiso and that of Moo, rem irks :
John II. Obrrly, of the noted citv of
?m ,,T,i ,lheUaood reason for
this. John has been abiuln" the )(.n
In u most obstreperous manner, and li
ne expects to make "hell" hU future ll!
entlon, he U very desirous or uwklni
neaoe with tho old "fi.i.tii.....
deviP'-bftore he (John) makes his exit
from time to eternity. John Is wise lu
some thing (not as a legislator,) hut
Mose Harre I Is much the l'r-becaiuo
iiu icrr uiu ouusu me fjevil, tint ahvavs
"took sides" with him. 1 J S
Already the frlonds ot Mr. Winter are
tnnrging thst .Mr. Morris It tho eandl
cma or a clique that he U one of the
utuimay faction, and so forth. If not,
why did Uic-not have a eoiiventlon and
nominate hlraVti,ki one. Stuff, all this.
jir. aornsis su lndeicndent candidal
M Mr. Winter is, and Is not tliu candl
date ol any clique. If elected, he will.
we re sure, do his duty, faithfully, with-
out tear or uvor, lor those who know
Morris are not unaware of the fact
ttuit lie Is h very stubborn gentle
man ou oowslons, and thom iio
fcnow him lct know that lie will do.
In fplte of the f ollcltatlou of nicntt. or
the tlirvntonliijr of foe, what he bellcvpR
to be rljdit. If It were not a uln In Mr.
n Inter to Htinounce himself as a candi
date for mayor without saylnjj to u con
vention : By your permMon," why Is
Mr. Morris to Ikj condemned because he
did not wait until n convention said to
hltn: "Step out, William, nnd Miow
your metal."
The truth If, Mr. Monlt l. In the Held
became hundreds ol citizens have said to
him : "Bun." They have assured him
of support, and we have no doubt will
give It to mm neartuy. He Is in every
way qUHllllcd for the ofllce, and may
safely be entrusted with the duty of ad
ministering the affairs of the city.
The "lecture" of Mr. Wm. H. Morris
on Liberalism vs. Bigotry, before the Lib
eral Religious Affoclatlon, was n very in
terestlng paper. His quiet invective on
the Bigotry of Liberalism was severe. He
referred to the lact mat tlio placards on
the wall of tho room contained tin; wic
words ot Confucius, Thales, and other
great men ol the past, but he could ills
cover no placard 6"n which were the wle
word of .Tctn. Had He said nothing
that was worthy of a place with tht say.
Ings of Tom Palms and Confuelu-? Be
fore Him the law bad been
an eye for an eye and
tooth tor a tooth, hut He taughtthc doc
trine of love and forgiveness. His pre
cepts have made the world better, more
loving and nobler. Are wo Buddhists,
are we Pagans, that wo emblazon our
walls with the words of their philoso
pher!", and refuse to quote the wUe words
ol Hint who i-pakc as never man spake?
Why not have that liberality that can
see In the Christian religion and
Cbrl-tlan church their many good
Hires? Let us come up out of the
otryof what Is called )ilMrallm.
then referred .to that religion" bigotry
that can ece no good outside of the nar
row H'Ct In which It stands, and made
an appeal for larger tolerance.
Of course we do not pretend to giro
even the outlines of the lecture, as bold
too as It was able. He spoke with re
markable freedom to his Liberal Religi
ous friends , and to their credit be It .'aid
they received his words in very kindly
mood. One ol them mi III the lecture was
nothing but another ribbon tied to the
tall of the ChrNtlau kite to make It fly
higher, but most of them said : "All
right : we can learn even trom our ene
mies, and this leson of tolerance will not
he lost upon us." Dr. Brigham, after
the lecture, stated that the nbtenee of
mottoes from Scripture was mure n sin
of omission than commission that the
Association were willing to take nil the
good it could find anywhere.
niinri.n ARciiniNiiop n 'vimhkky
The Xew York Kvenlng rout expresses
the opinion that Archbishop McClo-key
should declnc the cardlualate for two reas
ons: one, that the constitution of
the United Stntes forbids any
American cltlzens'acccptlng title or rank
from any foreign Power ; and the other,
that In a Roman Catholic court n cardinal,
citizen of thl j Republic, would, perchance,
take precedence of the American Minister
resident at that court.
A correspondent of the Xuw York
Hnvld says that the Archbishop need
not decline the ofllcurcouferrcd upon him
by the Pope for the reasons given. The
Roman Pont Iff U no longer a secular for
eign Power and confers no temporal title
or rank; nnd, besides, even were the old
etiquette regulating the precedence ol
cardinals to be universally observed In
European courts (which Is not the ease),
the likelihood Is that even in former Ro
man Catholic courts, as lu that of France,
cardinals will only rank lu future accord
ing to the precedence granted them by
the law of the laud. In Trance they
ranked as Senators under the . Kmplre,
and on public occasions were presented
with Senators. In Austria and Spain
their civil rank, huiI tho consequent order
of precedence, are quite undetermined,
and subject to the only law likely to pre
vail for a long timo in both tbc.-o coun
tries the revolutionary law of (lie nn
forseen. But even when the old laws of court
etiquette regulated all court receptions, a
long Hue of American Presidents, includ
ing Washington hiin!lf and latterly
Abraham Lincoln, and many eminent
American fctatcsmen, Franklin in earlier
times and Seward of our own, were al
ways desirous ol having a representative
of the American Church in tho Pope's
supreme council and In the college of
papal electors.
The .Mnssncre In Uir .nn JI.
N'kw Yokk. Anril .1. A Calcutta cor.
respondent, writing of the massacre in
the Naira Hill.-, of tlm survevlnrr n.irlv
under Lieutenant Ilalcomlie.' l.-ivi dir.
headn ot tho slain were taken off fiv surveyor.-,
to prevent their being paraded in
the villages ol the Xagas, as those say
ngv uiiuk as much ot the caput as the
American Indians do of tlie scalp. The
iiuiiiinT ui Kiiieu, ;ik inr as can ne ascer
tained. Is eighty; flfty-one Mere sllglilly
wounded; lifty-two were unhurt. Tho
supreme government Intends sendlnjr
two regiments forward at once, when tlie
massacre will be avenged. The orders to
these regiments are to exterminate, root
and branch, alt of the villages and vll
lasers of what are known hm Sanim iwl
Nlnn, illaucs of the Naga Hill trilnis.
Hie mvages uumljcred nearly two bun-
oreu, aim omahud access to tho camp of
till; hllf..V.irk tiii.l... . f t i 1 i
. . ....... r, .iii.iui ureie ire Ol orilljrinflr
presents to otlicers nd filing j.rovP
,'(''-' 10 t,,,! remaliulei- ot' tho'
The rllst Arm.v WrH.1,,,,,1,. nissiilv-
MAnitti), Apt II 3.-The CarlUt General
baUilla 1ms had an Interview with Gener
al "aiupas at Olot. under the Hag of
5! n'ln, U".'n! !s rV115011 10 ,M'liuVB Ht he
will soon glveln his adhesion to Kltiir
A fonso, and rj turn. His present rank
v,.nv V'$ V'y !'',,! pvernment.
rJ.?,N,'.Al'r11 :l AdvR.es from .Spain
i' ii . 0,.M' ""'"Ireil nnd eighty
CarlUt oillcers wvo already given In tl efr
submission to Alfonso. ' l"'-",l,,mir
M .ui ii in, A prll 3, since the issue of
General Cabrera's manifesto, two hut '
dred and torty-foiir otlloers have left Vl e
M rv ice of Don Carlos and entered Frai
Of these some wero generals.- Msnv
others have nirtendered to Allonilsr.,
The MnlfNennlnrlnt r.xeutKloii-.tt OH'-
nrnln ot wie rreaiilenl.
Tin: owt.r sknatoiuai. knci'ksion.
N'rw Oiilkaxm. Anrll .1. It Is not vet
decided whether the senatorial party will
leave for .Mexico to-morrow or not. .urn.
Morton Is quite 111 yet and It is possible
tho party may be broken tin. Plumb
iiml Phelnu fro liv strainer CIIV of Ha-
vana, which boat Is detained by order of
.. - ....... n . - j - .
the Mexican coniil to awn t the eominir
ot the Washington mall with the formal
protest from this government to Mexican
authorities against Mexican rahN on the
Texns norder.
Kmaiikth. X. .1.. Anrll .1. 1'iveldeiit
Grant and family left for Washington
this mornlnc The nrcMdcut held a' re
ception lat evenlnsr at the residence of
.. j;. .;oroiu.
N'rw Vouk. Anrll .1 Charles A.
Dana learning that nn attachment had
been Issued iiLMinst him from the su
preme court of the District of Columbia,
surrendered to-day to the 17. S. Marshal.
His counsel then asked for n writ of An
beat corptn and citing the marshal to ap
pear and show cause whv Mr. Dana
should lie detained, I'. S. di-trlct nttor
nev askluir for adjournment. It was an
ranged that a heat lug lake 'place on Tues
day next, uauamcaiiwimcDcing tmowcii
to go on paroic.
csnuiNAt. mVloskbv's carruoi:,
Nbw Yohk, Anrll .1. The state
rlaee of Cardinal McCIoskev was tdaced
fin I'Tlilhlllmi to. (I iv lie Hih iii.'iiiiilnnliir.
ers. It Is nn eight-spring Ilerllu coach of
unpretending appearance, out ot the
lluest workmanship. Its weight U l.lW.'t
pounds. The body Is black, while the
running part Is painted a very dark green.
it is lined with tnue-irreen sat n. A lew
inoiiiillnud used as handles of doors and
setting of the lamp are of plain polMird
silver. The cardinal's coat-of-arin has
liwii handsomely emblazoned on the
doors. It consists of n sblelil vert bear
ing three crosslets argent on chevron
gules between two stars In chief, and
nower tie luce in lias, 'iho ere-t Is
double erosslet. The carriage will be
drawn on state occaflons by heavy black
horses with silver-mounted harness. The
harness cost $ W.OOtl.
tiik i.atk cai't. oost.v.n nv l.orisvn.tx
Lol'1kvIU.e, April H. The board of
trade, steamboatmeii, Short Line railroad
directory and directors ot the Union In
surance company, met and passed sulta
me resolutions upon the death ot taint
.las. W. Go-lee. Tlie funeral to-morrow
will doubtlcs be the largest had for
years In this section.
IThr rennaylt milii niutent
HAiinisiiuno. Pa.. April U. Governor
Hartranft has Issued a proclamation, I
which he says :
Whereas, It Is represented to me that
In the counties ot Luzerne and Schtivf
kill, certain evil disposed persons Iiav
combined themselves together In vlola
tlon of law. causing terror to law-abiding
citizens, and placing nie anil property in
peril by their tumultuous and disorderly
comma, ami w 1111 lorce ami arms arc in
trudiii'' uiion tlie rights of individual
and corporations, are preventing well
disposed persons from tho pursuit
of their lawful employment and avoca
tion, and,
Whereas. It is made the duty of the Kxcc-
utivc to take caro that tlie laws are faith
fully executed.
twi iiicniorc, i, .iouii r. narirauit,
Governor and Commattder-lu-Clilef, do
command all such cvil-dinocd iersons
In the aforeaald counties to disperse and
depart trom further unlawful comhiua
Hons and demonstrations, nnd to return
without delay to their homes; and all
such persons are hereby notified that If
they tall forthwith to comply w ith this
command, the .Sheriffs of said counties
shall call for whatever military aid may
be necessary to preserve order and pro
tect life ami property nnd enforce obedi
ence to the laws of the Commonwealth.
IIazi.kto.s. Pa.. April It. A delegate
meeting of several branches of the Miners'
union Mcioiictni! to tun reiMon was held
here to-day. Its object Is supposed to
nave nan some ucarinir ou the works at
Mt. Pleasant. Rumors are clrculatihir of
a tnass-mcciinir ot miners to lie held .Mon
day. Merchants ot Die town who formed
part of the. Sheriffs posse Wednesday
and Thursday have incurred the oppoi-
tlon oi tno miners, a grocer s wagon
sent to hbcrvaln to deliver goods wai
stoned out ot town, and the driver was
obliged to return without delivering his
goods. Several ot the merchants
ordered out to assist theShcriff, fearing to
incur the iii-wiu ot the miners, refused to
go, preferring to risk the penalty.
Ni:w York. April :). The Wiicm of
Henry M. Cleveland has made it neces
sary that his testimony lu tho lleeehcr
trial should be taken at his residence.
Tlie examination began yesterday after
noon at .i o ciock, .Mr. uieveianu reclin
ing in bed while answering the questions,
which were taken down by stenogra
phers and are to bo written out and read
In court at tho conclusion ot Mr. Ileechcr's
testimony. At IliIlO recess was taken for
dinner until 8 o'clock, w hen tho examin
ation was resumed and continued until
about 0:30. the examination to be re
sumed lu the same manner each afternoon
until the testimony is concluded. The
testimony Is regarded as important bv
both sides, on account of Mr. Cleveland's
confidential relations with Mr Ileccher
lu reference to matters at issue on the
trial. It Is Ix lieved he has consequent
knowledge of Important facts relative
The Supervisors of Ilrooklvn have re
fused extra pay to the iurorsln the needi
er case, and Ji.ive voted down the resolu
tion that the .Supervisors indorse the bill
pending in Albany, providing for extra
iy. m
To CnuiiiuiiptlTew
Tiioadvortliior, a retired physlciur, hav
ing providentially discovered, wblle a Med
leal Missionary In Southern Ala, a very
simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and
permanent cure of Consumption, Astlmn
Ilmnchltis, Catarrh, and all throat and lung
affections, also a positive and radical fpc
cltlc for Nervous Debility, Premature Do
cay, and all Nervous Complaints, f.eln it his
duty to roako It known to Ids differing lei
lows. Actuated by this motive, ho will
cheerfully umid (Ires of charge) io all who
desire- It, tho receipt for preparing, and full
directions fur successfully using, tlm provi.
dontlally desired remedy. Those who wlh
toaVallthcmselveiof tho benefits ol this
discovery without cost, can do so by return
mail, by addressing
..... "I Niagara .Street.
ai-4-l.wBt. DulUlo, N. Y.
Aid. who ie Inlermteil will take notlcelhat
the underslsueU will beat the lollowlng
county am:
lu South
times anil iilaoerf lor the collection of llieHtate.
itv ana oOier laeri nf th r Im71 .
lu south Cairn iireciuct at the real entitle oltlcn
pf .lobn Q. iUrnuin A Co., comr Math ani
ln trerta.on tt.e loth In.t
North Cairo iirrelncl at tbe Conn Home on
the lttu Intl. ami until the flunnitti Inat.,
whtu vlrertlsement of real estato win 1 made.
AI.K.X. II. IltVIN, Cnaty Colhctor.
''slm, III . AprUlst, 17 'iwMn.it.
rjlllE liUM.KTIX li imMlhcdefTyinoinUi
(xccit Mohilay) in tti Ilallflln Uulldliijr, cor
ner WsiliiDgton STsniic siul Twolnti (?!.
The ltt'LLstis Ijumclto rltrtatnctlWtbjr
Biltliftil cittlprsatTH-rnty-fivB Cnti iWnk,
psysble wwVly. llytll( (In S'lrsnef), llovtr
annum) ilv month, S1'! thw tnonttn, fS one
month, 1 Z.
1ii1jI tshtil crerj" 1hursUr morning at $1 li
lr annum, inTsrliblr in adrsnce. Ihc nituis
on tlie WVckljr will t preinld t this offlct, so
tlul stiliscrltif rs trill nMn fur snbcrl!tlon
l In of tl ytnr.
liutlntss Cards, r annum, I'M to
On S'lUate, one lnsllon,-... t OU
lus 9'Uare, two InstrtloM, 1 M
One sqiuire, onr wnk
One juare, two wwkj, - A 50
One 'unrr, three wreks,. 1 1
One qure, one month, A
w ic k 1 1. r .
One squur, one lu-erllun 1 ui
Kcli uli-eiurnt In-.rt Ion , ,
O0ne Inrh Is n square.
t-To rt-Kiilur aJverlUers we offer superior lu
dueemcnls, both as to rate ot charges and nun
ner nf ill)i!ii.vlnir Uielr flivnrs.
S3-.S'otlces In Iocs! eoluum Insertft for Flf-
teeu nt )er line for qne Insertion, Twenty
Cents it line for two Insertions, Twtnty-J'lie
t'ente a line for three Insertions, Thlrty-Flre
Cents a line for one wetfc, and Perentr-Klte
Cent a line forone month,
Communication upon oubjscta of can'
eral tntereat to the publlo aollcltert.
tJ"AII tellers should addressed to
I'rrslilint (jilro Ilullelln Company
Special Assessment Notice.
IDt.III.IC nolico Is lierehy Ken thst Ihe
J count)' court of Altxamler conn it has reu
clerrtl Jii.ljcmriit Inr a trial
aKeinment uinin
the iiroiieriy neiicuttru uy tne
reeonsiruciion o.
the follnwIiiK nldewalkt, vU:
soiltli side of r mirth street. between Waikinr.
ton and Conimerclal avenues i weit sldeof Wimi!
initon avenue, from hourtn to Klftli etreeui
rust aide of Washington avenue from Kinh to
Mxm Dtrectm norm ainenr einn atreet from
Waxhinirlon to Commercial air nuei north side
nfN-Tenth fi-om Walnut to weeterly lint of Lot
M, IllockiiS uorth sldeof KleTenth from Wuli
Innton avenue to Walnut street at ride of
l'oplar street, ltvfeen Division and Twenty
eeond streets; noiith sldeof Twenty-llrnt rtrwt
from I'oplar to Sycamore streets j eouth lde of
KiKhth atreet between Walilnifton and Com
mercial avenucM el slle of Waiihlntfton ave
nue from KlKhtri to Nlnelli Mreetut north elite of
r.lKmn.in.'lvrmi waninKlon avenuaand Walnut
mrrett eoulh side of Seventh, between Wa'liinv
ton avenue and Walnut ntrevt, ai will more fully
ai'ix-iir Irom the eertllleil onv ol the ludirnient
on tile in the ofllce of Ihe city rlrrk of the cltr of
mims in ii n warrant fur me mneciion orruch
as-simenls Is In Ihe hand of the undemlgned.
.Ml iierions Inteianteil air herebr notlHeil to cull
aim jiay the amount" auM-sted, at the collector'
onice, .xi. ir.' commercial avenue, witiiin thirty
liny innil uiu lime nrreui n r JJ1..J.,
City Treasurer anJ Kx-Offlelo Collector.
Dated this .list day of .March, l!7J
Election Notice.
t,Air.o, 11.1.1 , jiircn nu, isia
'V'OTICK Is hereby nlven, that on Tuesday the
'."'III day of April, A II .iBt.i.a general elee-
lion will beheld lu theCIt
in oi euro, Aiexanntr
I ountv. Mate of 111 uoU
follow Intt iiumiil city otliers, lo-wlt
, lur me election or ine
A major,
a city clerk, a city treamrcr, a city attorney, a
elty nkror, and oneuldennun fromeaeh ward.
for the term of two j cum Kor the imriosei of
r.ui'1 riecuvn, fiMl.l Hill ujieiiet, at the lollOw
Iiik named iilatri, to-vt It In the r'lnt Ward at
ine nricK uuiiness nouie lately occupied by K.
F. Davis, on the Southerly side of Sixth street,
txtvvccn Commerclul ami Waihinirlon arenuen
In theiecond Ward at the engine house of the
Hough and Itmdy Fire cotnmny: In thaThlnl
Want at Ihe eniriut' house ofibe lllbernian Fire
comianyi in the fourth Wanl at the Court
llotirei and lu the Fifth Want at the house of
M.s. hulllvan, on the North-went corner of
iwenty-llltn street and t;ommercial avenue.
Said election will be opened at eight o'clock In
the morning, and continue 0)en until seven
o'clock in the afternoon ol that day.
Ily order of Hie City Council .
Special AsBossmont Notice
PIMIMC NOTICK Is hereby given that the
Circuit and County Courts of Alexander
County, have rendered Judgment for a upeclal
antcasment upon property benelttted by the fol
lowing Improvement, vli Cravellng Ohio
Levee street from Fourth to Fourteenth street,
as will more fully apiiear from the certified copy
of the Judgment on file In tb ofllce of ihe Clerk
oftheCllvof Calroi that a warrant for the col
lection of such assessments is in the hand of tba
undersigned. All l erson Interested are hereby
notllleil to call and pay the amount assessed, at
the collector's ofllce, No Isit ommerclal avenne,
wilhin thirty days trom the dale hereof.
Dated this Ulli day of March, A- I). IS74.
u.y ni.A.KK,
City Trea. and Ex-ofllelo Col!ectr.
IlisnlsS, r Un B...I bs
Bsrrr. u. ;kriisria
BjuiH. ul N'sUUsa.a
IsUat SJMrrtsa la las palsies f rTsu.s, yrsss,U
Us ssmplsilsa, At.
TSIs Is 4a lassrsstlaa mri- sf In StaSrs sa4 fifty
f'Sfss, vita atossrsss SBfrsrltfS. sal csaulas sslHskls
sUnasll-a for lasts wm sr. nsrrls sr ssstr mu.
rlsrsi sail II It a twt Utl itl ss Ss ,pl u(n u.1
ol ksy, sal asl Isn ssraltssl aUat Us Sssss.
II esatslas lbs snf1eao aa a4rtes) sf sSrslslsa
ekssa rspolsilsa Is verts-Was, a4 ahsal ksi sa Iks art.
tsu drsvsr of sssry avals aa fssssls Uarvoatssl Us saust
(lbs. It saikraMS rssrfttlai to Ifca sah)sslr Us rsr.
sUts mum utl is vana taniai, aa taask uat u ass
pabUUs la aar astsr vark.
Kscl la aar aaa irrsa af pssUts) Str Pine Csass.
issrsss Dr. Utna' Dlmaaarr, s. Is A. (IfHik latsi.
Si. LtiU, Ma.
Nolls to tht Affllclil and Unforiuniti.
Bsfsrs tsalrlaf is lha asssrlssa qskt vba aSfsrvlw la
Rsblls atpsrs. sr oalat aay sssk rsarSiss, Mrass tr,
aiu' vsrk. aa aatllsr vast raar sUesaaa Is av fcsv isalsr.
ak'a yssr osadlusa.
Pr. Bsiuossrls4adSUkaasaarrBrr.ar?arossatt
Is U4srsl Sy sstss at ua asasft aslssras laaiVsal arsfss.
tss sf Uls asuatry aaS Baretss. aa aaa as ssasalls asr.
aMall or bf aaalUaa Ua aissaaaa tssaUsaa la bit vasts.
lts ssS rsrlsrs. St. II Sank llbUI IVSH, tatvsja
uU sal Cbr-asl. Si. Uoli. Ua.
BhsrifTf 81.
B- virtue of an Kxrcullou to roe .ilrfcted by
ho Clerk of the Circuit Court of Alexander
County, In the State or Illinois, In favor of Al
Ired II. Saflord. ajislirneM ni Alexander II. Irvin
audagalnstJohnll. llrown, I have levied up
on the following described jironerty, In tne
Uounty or Alexander and State of Illinois, to
wit: All the right .title and interest of said John
II llrown. In ami to the Northwest quarter of
Ihe Kouthwest quarterof Section thirty-on (31),
InTownsliliiUrti'en (13) South, and In Uauge
one (l) west ofthe third I,M , alto blocks num-
ID. two (a), three (3), lour (I) flva
(41, six () .seven (7) and eight (d) In the town of
Unity In Maid (ujuntv i.nii Ktsi.
i?ii2ii0,n "rown, which I shair olferat
I ubllc Sale at the Houtn-west door of Uie Court
"". a the city or Cairo. In the Cunlyo
iul-L'iWl'J11'- . 1H7B. at tha hour of
i'.IUSi? c ' M.,for cash, to satisfy stld
Uxecutlon, ALKX H. IHVlS,
rMi. t tTlrv?f A 'iMII, llllaols.
Subscribo for
Leading Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
Will steaiHsstl; opposo tlis policies ol lhv
Republican party, and refusi to be tram
melled ..the dictation of any clique In tti
Di-taocratic organisation.
It believes that the Hepubllcan parly nas
fullllled Its mission, and tbat tbe Otino-
eratle party as now organliteil sboulu ber
stored to power.
It believes tbe Itsdieal tyranny that has
for several years oppressed tbe f-'outr'
abould be overthrown and tbe people cl in
Southern State permitted to control their
own affairs.
It Vieltove that railroad corporations
should be prohibited by legislative react
merit from extortlnx and unjustly dsscrim
lnatlng In their business transactions with
tho public.
It recognUe the equality of til men be
fore the law.
It advocaU free commerce' tarlir :o.
revenue only.
It dvocle resumption or pilo ;'y
ment, and honest payment of tbo public
it advocate eonoy ia tb ailinlnlstrc
tlon of publlo affair.
The Ilulletln will publish bit tbe local aevri
of Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, i
lltlcal, Foreign and General News, and en
deamr to please all tastes and interest alt
Is a thirty-two column paper, furnished lo
subscriber for the low price of
$1 25 PER YEAR,
l'ostag prtpald. It I lha cheap! ptper
In the West, and is a pleasing Iflreitue
Visitor and Family CompsnloD,
Cannot tall to see the unrivaled Induee
menu uffered by The nuiietln In tbe way
of cheap and profitable advcrtlMtneutc.
Subscribe for
Commission Merchant
ASt) nr.AU.n If
HAIR, &o.,
Undar City National Bank.
' WILL sell In car-load lots at mnnufitclmer
. rrlces, addlnit Krclght
(successor to John II. I'htllls)
Commission Merchants
And tlfalcr In
MEAL, BRAN, stc.
Corner Tenth Street and Ohio
'.. 1) Mattiiiss.
F. C Uhl.
& UHL,
And Oeneral
Commission Merchants
Drnltr In
0L OXilo Isovoo.
K. J. Ayres.
H l. Ayres.
' And general
Commission Merchants
No. 78
Prices to suit tho Times.
WholcsaloFigurou.butNo Credit!
Mrs. O. McLEAN,
Nozt Door to Stuart St Gholnon'n
TT.lTS, Iiimnets, Klowers.s, I Jices, Itlblxms,
-lj. .-ins, velvets, lies, iiiicuinirs, lorrtts.
KlUlaloveil, Hosiery, V lirsteils.
Al-n the "Ijidlfts1 Dn-s Iteform
And nil the new styles of Irlmmlnjr .SIILs lot
Mprinic unu summer.
tiriiiffte (fuiKts will lie s old at very low fl
urc. lur CAsil nd CASH O.VI.V.
Don't dalavtolmv n liond of the INItl'S-
Ilon't eoinparc Itwltlm Ixitterj'l lienrln ininil
mat tliu (.aplul invemtil Is alwaji Hcnrisl.
Everv Ilond nurehaseil tieforn Anrll Sth will
particlpite In the fourth Heri-s DrewinK. tu be
held publicly. In the City of New York, on Mun-
(lay, .vpril otn, s,.i,
Bonds are $20 each.
Tlila Loan ia Issued on a novel iilan. nnd I-
authorUedliv-eelal Act of the I.elslature of
ineniateoi . lora
CAPITAL PRIZE, 8100,000.
Circulars giving full explanalinn, will be sent
mt nicnarKe, on atiinication
For rtonds and full Inclination, ruMrc-s with
out deluy,
Financial Agents,
25 Park Row, Now York.
Or hi C. N. IIUOHE3,
H.1 Ohio Ierec, Cairo, Illinois.
Remit by draft on New i ork t Itv Hanks, He-
clstered lA-tter, or r w. 3lony urdei
Wholesale Dealer In
Tobacco and Cigars
SmokerB' Materials,
Cairo IUh.
' von
Pro. Fowler's Groat Work
lores Its Laws, Powers, 4c.
A (IHNTfl am aelllnir from IS to l!3 contas
XX day, Hend for specimen page and terms
to airerits, end se why It sells faster tlian any
other Iwok .
Ad.lnsu Xatlonal I'nblUhlmT Co..
HdatnW, P , rrtinT0, Ills,, or Hi. loirls,
Morons nauonsi rnuusi
City National Bank
CAPITAL, - - 8100,000
W P IIAI.l.tllAV, President
1 1 1 ; N 1 1 V I . IIAI.LIDAV, l.ePirt
A II MA TOIIII. ( .uhl.T
W ALTI.lt IIVSL01' Aas'KSv-liltr
S Stjiai-Tvyi.o... ll li ciavivaiiiu
II I, ll.VII.IUAV, W P IIalmiiav.
(i II N II.I.MM-uv. Srl l llK? lllllll,
A It Svrruiai
ExchnriBC, Coin nnd United Statos
liontiH JJOUKUC ana bold.
DKI'OSlTd ieeilve.1 and n Kineral bankliii
Enterprise Savings
II SAFKMID, I'leaMeut.
H TAVLdlt, Vlre President.
II Vsl.OP, r.T'v aud 'I iwisurir
1UIICI.AV, (HAS. (I Vl.llllll n,
StocKii.r.ni, I'll t. ;. feVniii,
.1. M PlIII.LIl-s.
P. M
It. II
1N'II:l!i:sTldoilili jM.,ils at the rale nf -ix
IK-rrint nr iiiniiiin. .Match Istanil S.i.tnii
lr 1st Inls ri l not viIIIkIiuivii lssd.i-l Iiiiiih
ilUtily In the irlnrlial nf llw deH)lts, tl.i '
jlrln them coiiii'niirid Inurvvl
Married Women and Children mny
xjepoRir. monoy unci no ono
cIho can draw it.
IIikm everv IpiMlnessdav lriin!4 in toil in
nnd ."ntiirdny eveiilm- fr eatings deposits ci I
W. IIYSf.OP. Treasurer
Corner Commercial Av. nnd Eluhth St.,
Isuipcii fruniU a.m lo I ti lu. fir Ihe trill- ic'
Inn f rei;uliir ItJiikinir business. Al-n uii-t-iml.i)
I'vcnlriKfniin H tnao'elwW for tbe mwiii.
mwljti n if i-nviii? deiHitiirs
Exchanee Boucht nnd Sold on tlis Fiin
clpnl union in tne uniica auues.
SI- 1'oivlcu Kjchsinre drawn, on England.
IiiUnd, Kruuci , niHliill llw irinrlial eilies 1 1
(ernuiiy. -uitprljiid. HcIkiimm llulland, llus
sin. Ilcmnarl:, Italy nnd iitl.t r lurelcn tuition
TT"( ullectlnn made in nny part nf Kurois- 'jv
Uniltnl' jKiHerofalt'itney
Cl-I tiers of erMllll'.r
irareler in Kiir K
Gold, Sllvor, United Statoii und
otneriionus uougnt anu uoiu.
i:1,:;;:'. c: lis: !.;::';'.:
P C. CANEDY. Prcaldint.
JIENIIY WKLI.S. Vico Pioaldont
THOMAS LKWia, Cashier
T J. KEKTli, Aaslntant Caahlor.
Evansvillo. Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducnh, Shawnootown, Evans
villo, isouiHville, cinomnati
and all wuy landings.
I he unrlvnllnl slde-n bevl sttiim I
II t. I'iiui.kii l:i-iir
Ki It. Thomas Uir I.
ill lenve i:nnsv lllle for Culm every MOM
niid'lllt.'HSIiAY ut I o'elock 11 in
Leaves Cairo eiery TL'K.-DA Y mid fltll. al
oo eiocK ji. Ill
The eli-int sidu-wliKl slratner
Ill.N lluVV'.VIlll ... -...Mil-Ill
WaI.7I.II II ri.NNl.Vl.TUS Cl rk
Will leave Cvnnsvllle fir Inlro every 'UK"
HAY und Kill. 'A ut I ii'idoek n. Ill
Will liuvi I alMevciy KONhsHA mid "AT
i iiu.v v iii i o i inci; i in
Tin eliynnt .Ide-vvheel ste.iui' i
.lulls (Ion MaiHr
.Mat. ili.1 vms lleil.
leaves I: van e Ills- for 1 iilro every V;)M
UA Y mid .'sATI ItAllY nt ft H. Ill
LeimnC'iiiroeviry I llfUSDA Y mid fl'.N"l)AY
ut tl p m
Kucli lio.it makei eloso cnnneellons nt ulM
Willi llisl-i'liisH HliMiners fur l l.oiilii, Mem
liliisiind .Sew Oi leans, mid nt Kvansvlllc vvitlt
the i: AC. II It t'nr till lxiititu Not tti unit Unit
and with the Louisville Mall Miiimi M forull
ioIiimiiii tlix rpiwr Olilo, (tlvlnjc UiiiiiiKhre
eeliiln on fiidglits nnd li:is n!.ls In nil 1'olnli
ror liirtiiei iiiiniiniiinn apiny n
sOI. f-II.Vi:it, r.isii'iiifi'1' Airenl
ii At.i.iimiiito.s. ,!Al?..1,l
J. M 1'llII.I.Il'S, lM
unu (i j nitMIi:it.
aiiierinti'iiileiit und General ritisht At'eiit.
l' -.i-.n-iy i.vtuisv uiu iiuiiuii.i
Tea. 3H OO n dav Is frtinrnntccd tmlnpr wr
Woll Augur and Drllio n boou iciutory.
IIlBlicst testimonmi; ""''i"'ia ui
Tovvii. Arknnsai nnd Diiknln. All tooli wnr.
runted. Two woIW r inoi ueep onn i o unrtir
....a ... UJII1.-IIVI.IA
a unll ns eiminpi.
I ...iinirnn fren. Cnnnlv rlnhtn nni..
WjJV,; jiCaXTUU AV0U CV.ut, I,tiAi, M

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