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hbciujt aociETiua
hniirhtol I'ythlas, meUsiisery In
May nlKlit Hi hair-past reven, In Odd-
Itlloirs I lull ( K slack,
Chancellor I nnimaiulcr.
lieu m him ill wii-rr ui iii-rei-
ll till.', mill, itil'i 'll,Mr.,lat l.lwl.l
nt liilf-tmt scicn. In their ball on
( .miiiii rri'il atriuiv, Intwit-u NMli mid nitli
tit Jfillf II lioMAi, V I.
ft A I ltd I.NCAMI'MK.NT, I O. O. F., meets
-lii WI-K'ttow- Hall on the flirt mid thlnl
ln "U In eiery month. at biilfit sen n
C K SLUR. ( I'
a Aiitoi.oii(ii:.No irn.A.K. aa;m
P"v- MoM n milnr roniiiiimiratlons In Ma
fnlc Mall, corner Commercial incline
' 'iiml Lixhlh street, on the second nnl
IjUllh .Monday ofcarh month
Parish School.
Tho I'atlsh Sehoil was opened on Mon
day, Minli I'. Hut pupils will ho ic
oelu'd ut ai )' Mill', mi the condition
already pitbllsiKd. Tho mtvIcs of Pro
feor Krlrk haxe been seuiir-d fur ltitrtic
tloti In ttio (.lirmm l.tiii.-iugc l'ortlili hii
rxlta Chirac will lie made. Pup Is wishing
to study Herman only, Will come to tlio
school at 4 o'c ock p. in,
Cltiltl.KS A. (III.iuiit, Hector.
fresh Supply.
Mr. I. Kitjri-rald has Just received uml
!ia on sale nt his sales room a large stock
if KtiKllsh ah-, porivr, Hetines.y brandy
rml Mini's mid liquor of nil kind, wlib li
1 1 will MVpOK' of at reasonable rice.
On mill Her Hit.
landlord, ot hotel nml hoarding jour
will Qnillt to their adsaiti:e to rail upon
Mr f'olcmin, No v Kotirth "treit. be
twewn vr.shlriyloti and Commtri ial aven
ues, and ascertain her term for doltu hotil
and hoarding houe washes hy tho week.
Hit wbuli-a.de pipes are oxtrimely
low ".ic. per tinen. Kor pier e work pr res
nre as follow.: Single ihlrt ami o I
lar, 10c; prr dozen b c; sork'. ttr; two col
lar, f;r; tWj Ininlkerrlili l', .V; Veli 'ir:
nnu n i urmirtiicn - weir. T.ic. per
ilorni. J.aiJIr' Ur--Heii, 55 to Mo;
Llrt-I) to 20i; ilrtwor- 10 In 10c; two
rlr hoe fc; two ciillirf to H'c. Kor la
ri' plain clothe ft 00 prr ilo.cn; tor la
illc tine c otlirn, J I per doen; ilone
ilraraptly, am promptly "lellvrrfl. 1'a
IroiMpe. lolli'lti-d.
Mnlnl 'hnrli'.
(jot IiikIi' rooiii on ilie nper door at
he Silnt Cltarld cm he liail, wlili lioanl,
the t-ry low rato of ?.T) per mouth
JXolIro nf ItOIIKIMll.
J-'ehlcht A- Ulr1i.h liavc removed tlielr
cheinlfjl iljelii anil claoln etatc
li'hment Irom tlic corner of i:i.htnml
Cotnni r til to Wa-lilnifton Aoiiue.
tictwocn Moth am Tenth strc el?. Tonitet
the want of their nuny ctit tnern. they
hr.vc onlercil anil line Jnat receiveil from
K ir pe a large lot ol tho fluent dye ctilfl-,
nnd are now ready to attend to any order
In their line; .TM Mm,
Xollcr ii r Itrmotnl.
The well known liarher ihop, corner
i'lirhth and 0 mmercial, proided o t liy
(he popular arll't, Gcoru htilnhniiie, hai
removed one diornorllion fommerc'al, In
ihe (frand Central Hotel. The new hop I
large and comni dlou, and thoe wmtum;
I r any liln; nrtltio in the May nri'jhion
abb hnlr cutting, inooth hatc, rt will
lo well to cull at the (jrand l.'eutrnl ll.ulicl
ihop. :i 3-in-tr.
IllnrliHiullli simp.
Tho o'il 'land on .'nth ttect, Letwcen
i umin rclal avtuue and (Milo t.evco, N al
a)n re-idy to do any ;;nd of work lu the
liLick.mUti line, in ikinnn I ripilrlnn Wat;
mk HuKciet and I)r.i) K-pccii' attention
ivcn tu horae-hociir, a I make my own
hoe : I oan make them havy or llht,
ut ai ou delre, tor nu nil know that tho
home nr.de hoe arc the lie.t. full round
mid i ntn uto to yoii.ni-fiietion.
71-1-II-lm. i iiKK. )lunii:iN.
I'iniiii uml Oriinii In ii (ni;.
Mr. M. Kulino de!ro'i u to nt tint he i
ready to r cile ordern fur l'hno ai.d Or
i;an tuning, mid repairing inn ral lii-tru-
lilent". Order' may he Icit nt tho corner ol j
Thirteenth ami M aluiit treet, or r. o.
lion CO'I, nnd will tecelvo prompt ait-nt.on,
AVIienrp Tlila Orrul ('oiiiiiioIIiiii
tho connlry through, anions the Alcuh lii
llhter nionccr-J They t m l igliat nt an
Innovat on on their prltilece of nuking
druukariU ol thn ali-k A ouiioit r ha
come into the Hid I with which Ihey ciimot
contend. Dm. J. Wai.kkiiM O.u.trniiNU
ViNKOin Uirrr.lts, tho umlcfllcd e-i-ence
of tho inot eflicacloiM .esctatjie tonic and
nltcr.tlvea In th w Tid, Is driving all the
sllll-bovn noitnuiiH ot Kln Alohol t i tho
wall. TiuTts I n ill-o i -o . in lertKil or ex
tern d, Id which it It not licnehYlully admin
Utered. 3-17-d A- wdw,
Our fiiiloou.
The above saloon, corner of Klghth street
and Commercial avenue, U lled up In
food sjyle airy and romlortable. i:cr
bunday morning ynu will llml spread a No.
11.U cli and a rIi'b of Milwaukee hicr
licer, which ca 't ho heat, nnd there Is not
any ehinge, Ilrhind ti c lliryou will Ibid
the h pt kind of i.hpior ai.d Clears, uml
my doslro a t givo oery 0110 of my ciirto
mtr who patronize tnc, batbfactlon.
C!dl tOlllld ! KlU'.I). IlOFIIKISZ.
73-,1-t t-lnh
I huvu juitreceived tho largest u'anrt
mcnt of (Jitecnswaro ami Olasswnre, of tlic
be H qunlity. which, having bousht f r cash
direct Iro.n the lmprrten and Mamifaetu
rera, I an eniibled lo sell at prlofs which
doly fompctitlon, ix
White Ciranitc Ilroaklast Plates (iOc per set.
Whito Oramto Cup and Salt-
era, without handle", . COcpernet.
Vhltu Oianlto t'ui nnd rrui- 1
ccra, with lmmllo, . . 7fic per ct.
Large Ola-B Onhlcts, - - Mc pcrfot.
Lnrgo Glas Tablo Tumi tu, UOo per BCt 1
1 Invlt1 ever) body to call and e .vanillic my
stock of Quosn and filasswnro and com. f
paro pi'lcon. i
I hivo al-ojust received a Urgnlnvoleoot t
Tablo and Pocket cutlery, Silver Plated and
HrlttanlaTnhlo Hint Tea Spoon, and Soup)
'adle. Dan Hautman,
-2S tr. Cor. Sixth & Com. Av.
iiieneiitim, Ar
Mrs. Hiimbold Is now menared to 1
bleach nnd remodel nil hinds of hat, In !
uic jniet ttyle: nlso trim, ltesldencn
Fifteenth Mreoi. tiotwron 'nshlngton
and CsHlur Ort-l-fi.aw.
wkdnksdav, apihi, 7, is-:.
For Mayor,
Mn Kinioii At thevl(ciUtiinot'niiiy till
en, I nnnoiiuru myelf m n rnn'11'lite for
Miinr, il (he entiling iiiiinicinii i IicIImii
V II .MMKItll,
Kor City Clerk.
l:mroii III Lt.r.riK. I'1h: unnoiinc: menu
ramliiUte fur tr-rln tinn ti the ollico or lily
i itrri. , ni mo iiih uiKcnani r em non.
lii.iion llfi tr.n.v l'loiii nnnotince ine u n
rali'lW! I'.r Hi'-ijltirv of Uiy ( I'tk, althrtu-
"HIIIX llllllllCII'NI I If I'llOII,
For Treaiurer.
Ily the it-rjiiit of ninny clllirm I aniioimcc
Ill "rll H4 h (.lliilliliilo 1'ir in omrr 01 lunuirr,
mi ine i;iiiiiii riiy nircuou.
.Mn Hmtoii riiuM- Hiinonnrr mr at a rurnll-
ilate rir le-rlii'tlon t tlirunirrortlty lrruurrr,
m lilt -llllllUrf limnicil'iai Tin:iiiiu,
ii. r nr. Kt:
'r are utliorlf"l to announce 'JAMK4 W,-
-il.i'.Mll r.uiuiunio lor mr niun'or (JUT
iiimiiur, at WietuauiiiK rnin-r ntcuon
For City Attornoy.
Wo ar anthorlzrj to announrr JI.'.lTK.K
11. (;L.MMillAJI aiBCamllvlale for City ,t
torii'j , at tin- ciiiuiiix municipal election.
Koitok Itt'l.i r.iK :-I'1im- announrr rni-ann
rinli.I,lr lur the rilUff of Lltr Atbirntv. at the
rn-itlng iiiiiiiIcIikiI In Hon, aiet iMio,
For Aldermen.
'AIT. .1 V. Mi KINNIK, of the Tranfrr
"iHtintr II 8 McUiiiiO, U n eamllilitr for Al
ilnnun of the Kourth Want, nt the ennuliitf
oiiaHir elirtlon
1! f I'AIIKKItl'arnnili.ljtrr-rAl'lernnnof
tl.o'lhlril Want, at lliornuliijt cliaru r rlrttlnn.
M are aiithorl7it to announro JOHN ('
M III 1 1, k a rnnilliUt" lur Al'lniiuii f (tic
r'oiirtli Maril
l.nriil Wontlier l(eiurl.
I A1MI). II I.
pril fl I-
Tor.. I WiNti I Vit, W.Tiirii
in in
II "
2 pm,
.M -tS
I r alr
TIIOMA .lO.SKn, tt-rjft.
, A.
'"lri nilm.
Kepular meolln of tho Cairo Ciulno
lUU (Wwlni'-day) cvtiiln, April "III.
1ST.". Wry Important Imi-Iik"- re
pilri' all mi':nhor to lw pn-M iit. Hy or
dor of tho President.
I!. V. I!i:i.n:ii. Sec.
It Ik- Turtle
A thhcrniati had a mammoth turtle on
exhibition on tin I:V(v, vtenl.iy nfter
noon, and the lioj pretty old hoys,
however had lot of fun playing with It.
'J'hoy Imrnt tli turtle's tall ; mid played
m'M'ral iii'li tricks as that, jii't to make
It "pilrill.
I'ullro 'mirl.
The polieo rourt hao I -t?n ery nuii't
tor the past low ilny, very few nnw-.
liavln"; been made. Only onu caw- was In
cither of ll)ffiourlyetorilay.ai)il that was
a plain drunk, nml tin- aeeuiil, .lo'epli
Klchard'On, was lined one dollar and
eo't". lie went to the look-up for llirt'
da-. beoau-o he oouliln't pay.
DkIiIIi A ii ii ii hi Hull.
The St. Patrick's llcnevok'iit Soolety
will five their tlhlh niuiuat ball on the
nlht of tin- 10th Inst., at N beeP. (Wa-h-intoiii
Hall. It I-hardly necefc'ary to
late that a frloriou- frood time 1 lu ntore
for Iho meniliei-, ami Invited j;ue5t, on
the occiislon of thl- annual reunion, a
fnriiur deiiionstratloii. of this kind will
rendllv attest. j.;.2t
1'nrlor inn ert.
The ro,Idence of Mr. (ireon, ol the
linn of Green iV Wood, will u- made a
plaee lor the youn' and old people of
thl elty to a'-eiiiblp. on 'i'burday nl'ht,
the oviilon of a parlor concert to lie
jrlven by the ladii". of the Prebyturlan
ehureli, lo which everybody is Invited.
I'ho evenlii'.'S entertalnincnt will com-Nt
flf vocal
mil lutrum:utal inuU, telect
reading-, ete., all of which will no doubt
prove very interMlii;r and enjoyable.
A Hnppy I'lillier.
M. M. CJIoiiu. the well-Unown drayman,
U eelebratltif,' the birth of a daughter lu
his family. Two wen expected, but
filenn has reconciled himself to one, and
has named her Mary Galway Glenn. The
father ay no uei ;rlrl could rome
Ironi Cork parent., mid that he Is in ev
ery sene ot tho word a (ialway rlrl of
A met loan blith.
The Carlotta Comedy company, who
will appear at the Alhemuu next week,
and tulllll an euagenieui of live nights,
Mlllopfti by placlnjr upon the boards
thullr.st,iil(,'ht the ;rrcat sensational play
of "Daniel limine." Tho play was writ
ten and nrranifi'il by Mr. John A. Ste.
veil, who Is now tho leading man of
this company. Hu will appear in tlio
title role.wlth CnrlottanVAda." Boone's
s wee 1 1 it-n r t
Illinois Ccntiul Uailhoad Co., 1
On ici: or Gi'..ni:iiai. Aobnt.
Oaiko, III., April (1, 1S75.J
On and after tho (lalo nf this notice, ho
tel runners will not bo allowed to ply
their vocation on hoard tho trains arriv
ing at Cairo. This rules will lw rigidly
enlorccdi .Tamks Johnson,
General Agent, III. Cen. It. It.
Sim Copy.
Tojlor Literary Noclety.
Tho regular meeting of tho "Taylor
Literary Society" will tako place nt the
council chamber this evening. The mem
bers are all requested to bo present, as a
proposition will belaid before the (society
which will prove ot Interest to nil, and
should not go by without duo considera
tion. The meeting ot to-nlfiht will be
open only to member or the society.
Noelnbla Tm-NikIiI.
To-nlght the Liberal Religious hall
will ngnln wring with tlio merry laugl
nnd happy voice of thn young folks of
this city. This Is the nlsht far tho recu.
tor sociable of tho Llbcrnl llollglous As-
Foclatlon to take plnce, nnd the hanny
times heretofore afforded by theso
demonstration tlll reinnln fresh
In thn minds of tlic people, who will not
let such an opportunity for an evening's
enjoyment pasJiy without paying I -- 1
to It, nnd n largo attendance may there-lore-
be looked for. P.verybody should
t'llllliliiuliiiiii (ur Cll.v Attni ney.
'c nunounco this morning Mr. Justice
It. Cunningham for City Attorney. Mr.
Cunningham studied the profession of
the law In tho olllceof .ludgoMulkey,
and will bo ready to enter upon tho du
ties, of the odlco ho seek, If elected. Ho
I desirous of meeting the approbation of
the people of the city, nnd will endeavor
to till tlio. ollico with vim, vigor nnd abil
ity, If tho suflra'es of his fellow -citic ns
shall call hlni lo the discharge of It dr.-tie-.
-Capt. P. Halliday left yo.-tonl.iy
ntleruoon on tho Illinois Central
train for the Knst. He will vUit
New Vork, Philadelphia, Itoston and sev
eral other cities while absent.
LVhvord Harry, who gained (insider
ablefarorasu comedian iimonjr our
amusement )coplo. while tdaylnj: with
the Funny II. Prlw troup" nt the Athe
neum. nyearaso. Is now in the elty. He
has Just returned from Havana, whither
he went sotno lour mouths ago with the
Palmer Ulaek Crook Company.
Vf tinrr-lliinl lliirneil.
.Mot'Nii Cirv, April Ctti, 1
KniTOit HfLi.KriN: The .Mound f'llv
wharf-boat, owned by Frank A. Fair,
was burned hut nl'dit about 11 o'clock
a total lo. Two bovs, one a son of Mr,
fair, who were sleeping on tin- boat,
wore with dilllculty awakened in time to
(onpe being burned to death.
The boat was valued at 5:1,000 ; lniired
tori.i. rortuuateiy there was no
freight on the boat at the time. In this
connection we may nav, that .Mr. Fair
has fell the truth of the old savin;,', that
misfortune never come 'Inlv." Xoi
long ago, his io.deuoe was damaged by
lire to the amount ol several hundred
dollars; n fine team of horse, belonging
to him, died, and now the pre-ent lu-s.
Tin- Wny Jnoeliol Ilne l, nml Why he
li Hiiri i N-fiil,
That luiinen!' Ice box (the largest and
be-t hi Cairo) at the ,iioon of Mr. A.
aveiiiie.Mas yo-tonlay. for the llr-t
time thi sca-on, lilted wlthVe. of whidi
ho seeunil a large -upply during the pa-t
cold winter, and ho propo-os during the
slimmer to keep it lllled. not only wllh
Ice, but Sehlltz's premium .Milwaukee
bi.-er, and other delightfully cooling bev
erages. To those that can appreciate a
(pilot, cleanly and orderly houe, with
all the late dally nnd w wkly illustrated
papers, singing bird-. &c. we can truth-fully.-eay
that no place in Cairn excel,
this popular resort. Mr. Jaeekel ha.
also pilvjto parlors where parties with
their fatnillo- may lie entertained without
fear of lielng intruded upon by objection
able persons.
Sne Money.
It is well worth saving, and you can
save It In buying a sJowliijr .Machine, and
get one of Iho host and most perfect ma
chines In existence. The Wil.on Hhutlle
Sewing .Machine lias reached a point of
excellence and perfect ucs equalled by no
machine in uo, and the constantly and
rapidly Increasing demand, which Is al-tuo-t
beyond tlielr manufacturing capaci
ty to .supply. Is convincing evidence thai
the merits of thi- machine are apprecia
ted. Machines will bo delivered at any
Itallroad Suilum in this county, free of
transportation charges, if ordered
through the Company'? Ilraneh House
atClOXorlh Fourth street, St. I.ouN.
They send an elegant catalogue and
chronio circular, free on application.
This Company want a few more good
Church 1'c.itltui.
On the fourteenth and llftoonth diys of
this month (next Wedne-dav and Thun-
day i veiling-), tho German Lutheran
Kuianuel church congregation of this
city will give a fair and iesiiv.il at tlio
Arab engine house, which, judging from
the arrangements already perfected and
those now In progro-s, proiul-e- to bo a
success In every sense of tho word. In
noting tho dilloivnt mode- of atnu.-ement
that will be afforded those who wi-h to
bo pa-sent, there is one Item which struck
us very forcibly, which has heretofore
been looked upon as one of the most
amusing departments of which this kind
of enterprises nre constituted, but which
In tills Insiaucu will be altogether done
away with, Wo reler to the lottery. The
managers of this uflalr wish It distinctly
understood that there will be
nothing In tho lottery line
tolerated on this occasion, nnd also
wl-h us to mate Hint any one who wishes
to nttend, will not be solicited to pur
chase any nrtlclo mi exhibition or for
sale, unless he wishes to do so, and there
by contribute to the church. There will
be refreshments of every kind for tale,
which will be sold to those w ho may
wish them at very reasonable prices. A
very interesting purl of this demonstra
tion will be tho balloting tor a silver
trumpet, now on exhibition nt Under
UrotherS Jewelry establishment, by tho
friends of the different lire companies of
Ibis city. Tho right to vote will cost
each person fifty cents, and thu company
receiving the largest number of tho votes
cast will ho entitled to tho trumpet.
Kvcry amusement, In fact, that U usually
afforded by affairs of this character, with
thu exception of thu lottery, will bo nt
tills one, and a very pleasant time may
be looked for.
Just llerelveil,
Wo oflrr to tho trade 80 wicks IIlo cof
fee, M barrels Wood, Weeks & Co's re
fined sugar and 8 tierces Geo. F. Davis &
Co's celebrated Star sugar cured Hams.
1-C-2I Stuatton A- Bmn,
A situation lu a Drug rstoro , ten year's
oxperlence ; thoroughly competent, nml
can Ukocuargo If roijulrcil. Tho liestrof.
orencc, Ac. Aildros i'heo. Smith, Utah
and Lexington trt, Ualtlrnore. r-io-ot.
rim Vtmiiiir lull spelling liimo lulu
iiin.i.1 in, ami mi
I Ofll.c friinl lil.itrh nt prlllujt, r. ii.t Monday
In anlrmii mood, wc now propow i.i iviiic.
And in.iV.rn rcconlof what thru Im
Tho'c who wtrnviftlmsof that roielr,in rdl
The houe was full-tlie Allitneilm hull
And two larse elaaiei anW(reil to Ihc tail
Arnoitz tlic nun nerv llawklnaamt l sn'lrf ,
Kred. Kent, McKrnlK, and William Morri, he
Who nun for Mayor; .Mike llonley on I JlcUici
steaim and Alf CoinlnK, and great p'llrr,
M'anlnfrand itllwcllt all Rao-I nwn. who oxr
And tske thtlr places l&idy fur the hw
The ladt- Mos lhem!lliy wtmr imily, all;
And aotne ftc short ami aomo Wirt railH-r tall,
And all stood up to iptll like little iii'ti
And piovc the sni.trtne f tt.elr ix ngslii
Hut flritl eamoSnlTbril, Alf , M tea hr a1,
With cow Indl hldcoii! tint the Mmera cold
t'p all the back of nil Ihe nudirars .rut
And turntd all Krnj the Ml lock of Kred Kent.
'This Is A. Cominifi," s-ild A. SJord, when
A Comlnifii liiil "l.an Sync," anil then
Said. ''With voice-, loud you uple all now
And mike the rafters wllh lb old in rln
.a(riird struck up-r.in on a little wnllc.
Win n Wood, the M.iyor, with tmtiy a srlnnliiiT
JuiupcJ In on "should" when -af. wr-nt out oil
And ran with Hyslop, but gm oni behind
'I here neier was Ufure Mi'h aliiKin; hejnl
Krmn throst of man or bent or suramin,; bird!
A himdicdmt-n with illeion blades of -an,
A hundinl lawyers WMnsllnir o'er the laws,
A hiiudri-1 w,im-n Ulkiusr all tuzetner
About Mr neighbor inur-h, mid om- almut
the weatl.fr,
Vere nothlnj to the way that audience sail,
Andicn.Saiiil'ic.iwt,el mvle moirtnuiic
when II ranit
TI said llwt noncn.o no and then
Is relbhul by the best ol men.
And we belieivitj for at lmt the half
Of Jov kv know hn-' hidden in n UiikIi
A exiinm .nplare, k-rant thiai but 'lis true.
As I- well know to all t,, you and )ou.
We uu- It hereesplainlnx now ihe fact
Why Sarl'inl p,t out on the itajretn net
The art ofmsit-r of n :hoil nf eld
When mj'ter-' htwl untmnrhof Imrnlnrluld,
Why -auorl callnl M ek, of 1hj)s nnd j;Irl
Iloys with elmrt trowrer nnd biz iritis with
While Lucy Thompson rmdhereasnv "Pnrlns.' '
In tone that threiilml se would mndy sins
A piemte of Ihe srhoola that used to be
fiulltl's of order and fiom harnlns fn-c.
Thdi the pelllnr br,-an, ami the won!, (rivin
from one to the other wcie rapidly pa!
To this hoy a word, Ihen one to that pal,
Till Mlties x. I.lnlonwentiluwu--"Cutlciil."
Then lla-skin-, therlerk, was plicn a wonl
A peace mar , like lllllv neer had hum!.
And he "isi-k.I in his checks" on "Ilelliir-
erent" Ml.
And -aflonl he unit and l.e tolled his row 1!
And c ol .MrKcnlj.', of the lalro 1'. O. ,
Who knoweih rl.'ht well hnw to hoe hi own
Took "Ncreef ltal" up and drnpld out an ,
And wa told that he might then go, jr tnti-
Then pood Mrs Steam Into "Orlllce" put
An exlra amall r, and was fent to the foot.
While llalllday.Mlslress W. I' ,
Got In "lllam-oii" an unforlunale e.
And Mi-.IUtlle Wliwler, whUelin.Vr a iell,
Iz-ftoutof "r"raiiklneeiu" the . aint the fell.
Horace Wardner, M I)., preat inUil innn--A
dcTotee he oflhc renl-blnwlrs Tan
"iclll It "Cholr-cter" loudly, ami then blii,h-
m! a led
A llir !,!., llml oootn Miehael llolllej 's poimI
"Ilyemrch" Mrs. Itittcnhou-e pU'd II, and
"at ilown, sahit jofily fm Wa'iinp fur
Aii'lthediil not wait lonjr- fnrpooilMr Tlinip
rill au i m"Cli'aioin" nnd f-nie the nung up
Ami then Henry t'niiilie I.onl ble-i the roI
He at home when he' ln;in? n Ifiuiiful
SpUIedlt "IVlam-o-d) " boldly, and nkon
hi- chair.
Sadly , dl.coii'olale, youns- nnd how fair1
And Comliijr. a Kller of ruetal the lie't.
-pellcil it slow ly "Liltlff-ou," am! lank down
to ie(
" I'laKlarl!' ' took ofT her feet .Miss McKtc
And .Mr Will Winter Ions "ynecilodie
.Mr (.os was'nt sine "Conpcrks" liow lo
And "Krteiprlua" the death wasofilr. t It -well,
II was "Aolrdiipos" floored Mi-. At Sloo,
"acrlbvlou" it was laid Mi j. Smith low.
And Wll-11-.iiii Morris by plain "Gatetlier"
Slutiuhteiisl he was nnd "walked (iff on his
Mr. Candie was ecd,and wedo not Maine
I'or she lllnuiable' apvllid h sit)rilunus e
"Dissension," Mike liowley j "Concordance,"
S Strarnai
Mrn. obcily," i:clniier,,-l'y trial one
Mr Kent's "Uockobit" laid out for the ulrhti
Mr. Slillwell "Piinclillo" did not spell rbrht.
And then on the floor the coined h now!
Stood Mr .lohn Unsden and .Mr I'rank llowc.
1 he battle wa, Iniim Mrs. Lnnsdin atood will,
nut under "Confutable" ilnally fell
And tlicn Mr. llowc how mude-t helooks!--M
a irtor proclaimed, und wa giidi the books.
The clock had
struck ten, nnd Hits endid the
In which all of the spellers ttnod up to the
A CiUtlnt; .Noriipo llelwroii Two Hirer
Jtetween ten and eleven o'clock yester
day morning, two well-known rher pi
lot, named Jim Dougherty and Angelo
-Mcltrlde. had one of the most desperate
encounters that has ever taken place. In
this elty, nnd which camo near terminat
ing In the death of Dougherty. Thu row
Is said to have grown out of an old dill
cnlty, that the parties engaged In over a
year ago. and which Dougherty has been
nursing since the time tho trouble first
began. The particulars of the fuss yes
terday, ns told us by parlies who wit
nessed the fight, are that Dougherty,
Mollrido and another pilot, named Tom.
Seymour, were silting on some barrels
near the Dchnonlco saloon, talking, when
Dougherty. In reply to a remark mado
by Seymour, in regard to his paying vis
its to certain persons who did not caro
about seeing him, said: "Yes, I know.
There, are a good many people In this
town who don't llku me, whoaro always
talking about me, and I'll mako some of
them swallow their words before I'm
tlono with them yet."
Ho then turned to .Mcltildo nnd snld:
"Yon have been talking about me, nnd I
want to know what you did It for?" -Me-llrldo
answered : "I have not said any-
thing about you nt nil." Dougherty do.
clsred thnt ho had, r.ml tho two budsouio
high word, when Dougherty snld;
"You are a Ijlng s-n of a b-h," nnd
reached out his hand to seize .Mcltrlde.
who stepped back, thus evading htm,
nnd exclaimed: "Keep away Jim, I
don't won't anything to do with you;"
but Doitghttry did not heed the warning,
and followed Mcltrlde n he walked
backward, finally grabbing hold of his
coat collar, and striking him on tho head.
just above tho forehead. This was the
signal for the light lo begin lu earnest.
.Mcltrlde, who had a small pocket-knife
lu his hand while the conversation had
been progressing, thrust Itat'lhe neck of
his antagonist, striking liltu Ju,t below
the car, and drew the knife around until
It had reached the middle of tho chin,
laying the flush back a the knife went,
making a horrible nnd sickening sight lo
look at.
This wound iilouo would have boon
siillklent to have conquered almost nnv
mini, bu: Dougherty did not nliioe nnv
stain upon his character ns a deiter.ii"e
man by quilting, but ugniii went into the
battlo with renewed
whose temper Is none of the lo.t when
aroused, whs now fullv nwake to the
work before bin), and again made a
wicked lunge nt his man, this time the
knife entering the right side of Dough
erty s lower Jaw, indicting a deep mid
ugly wound three iuel.es long; but this
even did not deter him from still fighting
iiheauomon. I he blood was pouring
from the wounded man's neck and (ai.e
in perfect streams, ami the men who
were lu close proximity to the combat-
tuts stood with blanched cheeks anil fall-
big hearts, none being willing to risk their
lives hi making au attempt to scperatc
them. Again Dougherty made nn at
tempt to get nt .McHride, nnd again he
received the knife blade, thl time In tie-
Hy thl time, a large crowd had ir.it Ii-
red around the spot, but none nude a
move toward stopping Ihe desperate en
counter except Chief of Police .Mellale,
who caught Dougherty Ju-t In time to
'ave him from another thrust ofths' knife,
which Meltride was about to adtnlni-ter
to him. Dougherty was placed In tho
bauds ofaeoiiplo of gentl-inon who took
him to the oiliof of Dr. Wardner. where
his wounds wure dressed, while Chief
McIIalelook Mcltrlde In charge. Dr.
Wardner in his examination of the
wounds of Dougherty, found none of
thoni to be dangerous; though the one In
the stomach i "bid to be two Inches dtep
and nearly an Inch long. Those on the
face and neck are ugly looking cut, tho
lower one being nearly live, and Ihe up
per one three Inches long, and both
pretty deep, but neither . -aid to he il.iu
gcroit. though very ugly wound.
Mcltrlde declare- that he did not want
to have any words with Dougherty, and
that he walked backward at least ilflv
teet. in order to get a chance to turn and
run away, knowing full well that It
Dougherty succeeded in getting bold of
Win. In: would bent lilm terribly, Dough
erty being a much larger man, and n man
aUo who would have no nurcy. provided
he once got hold of him. Dougliertv I-
now at the Planter'.- House, eoulliieil to
Ills room, and Mcllrldc ! In the county
fail, awaiting n hearing, which it is
thought will take place to-d.iy. hotore
.luil'v Hro..
The Ase nf lllsrosor.s
tV. Winter, tlio artist, Is about in piv
ent to the ciiicns of Cnlro a new pic
ture, with all the coloring of real life
The means of working these ebarmln;
and llfe-llko pictures will not be with
nem irom tnu punne. I lie ,;iw opt,-
(iiwt is as tollows; On Ihe light hand
-hie of the camera is attached a mill
which contains the prismatic, colors in
pulverised state. As tho colors pas into
the camera they are received by a fan
wheel which keeps Iho atotn in
motion. The photographic plate, while
wet, Is then placed hi the camera the
sitter being hi position. The handle ol
the mill is gently turned. The cap o
tube I- removed, the Image ot the lttei
begins to furm while passing through
the colored atmosphere, the particles of
dut falling where they properly belong.
When, Presto! you have a beautiful pic
ture of yourself or friend.
Mr. W. is also making a picture called
the nonpareil, a beautllul Myle, suitable
for locket- ami miniature eases. Large
assortment of the latter on band. Hal-
cry op.'ti daily.
Nrlii(T . Millinery Omuls
Tho .Misses .McCarthy wlh lo call 'ho nt.
tention of the ladies of Ciro an 1 vicinity
to tnelr lar'c 'ock of spring mlibcry
t'ood-, iit oroiuht t i this m rket from
I', ill idt'lpma. I ho stock comprises all tho
litest stjles uf Haw, llounut, rTuwura,
Ribbon j and Trimmings of all kind, a l.iro
varl ty ot ladle' iiuilerwe. ,r, hosiery, bell,
buekles, co lar, clllf, etc., etc. These
g:ods are ollered at tlio lowest price. I lit)
Mlses McCirthy will ho found at Mrs.
Swauder's old stand on Coinmurchl avenue,
between Diihth und Ninth street). " 3-1 w
Atlentloii, .Slorcliiints of Iho
riiumtliiK t'oiuitry.
1 havo a full stock and can nlw lys tl I or
ders on (Jucens.varu nml HI nswaro at St.
Louis prbea. Tho tolWwIngls a list of what
I h ive on hand at present :
Lamp Chimneys, of all kinds, by tho liar
rel, hot or dozen.
fit iss Lamps ot all sizes ami Uliids,
100 ditlorcnt styles and kinds of liar
(lUsse s.
Lamp Ilurners of all dcscrlp'ions.
L'ltup-wick, Ilecr mun, (thus Itellcclor.,
Coal Oil Chandelier, C.iko Stands, (I'ass
Fruit .Stands, and in tact every thing In tho
Crockery and f51aswaro line.
1 will pnarantoii to dtipllcato any bill
purchased in .St. Louis uml givo eipially
us good an assortment, as my stock Is com.
plute lu all kinds of Queen and tllassware.
I al-o havo put up lu cask for tho retail
trndo, IturkliiRbani and Yellow ware, which
I will soil at .Vi per cent olT tho regular list
AUo a full lino of Tablo ami Pocket Cill
ery, Plated, llrlttanla, Tablo nnd Tea
Spoons, and Soup I. idles Camo and trot
for yoiiraelvei, D. II aktmak,
D-SS-tf. Cor. blxth Com. Av.
Tn'n.lliiMn ll'fifrilll rill Sntl.
A new wagon lor sulo r.t a bargain,
ply t tha Ili'LinTiKeountlntf-room.
loo Itotekrrlsiiow In full control ot
tho Washington bakery, and having learn
ed the. wants or tho public. Is nrensrei! to
upply on call all demands for French loaf,
nosioii, nrown ana (ir.iham bread, and
everything elo ordinarily found in a first
classhak ry. Ho maintains a full stock of
confoctionerlc., and can, as well aa any
other dealer In tho city, fill nil orders In
that line. Cakes baked, irnsted or orna-1
mentcd on short notice. 3pccla intention '
k'lven to the orders or wedding or plcnlr I
panic. 9-12-tf, '
Illinois f cutnil Itiillrona.
noon roti thi: vi.An i H73.
Itnllnmil I'nss In t'hlcaco mill lleturii.
The holder ol thi p.i, Is entitle I to onu
llrt-i las passage to Chlcag and return on
horsci.ack or on foot, providing he gets his
hair cut by F. Tacobold Klj-hth street, bo
tween Commercial and Washington ac
tine. Ticket otlkc nt F. Iheohold's hirhcr
shop, Cairo, lllinol. l?-1i7 If.
SoiiielliliiK ..,.
I have Just reclved a complete assort
ment of Ctla-s Shades of nil slea nml
.shapes, suitable fur clocks, wax llowcrs,
etc.. also Moss and Chenille, and plc
nleand ladles' Traveling H.ikots the
largest stock ever brought to Cairo.
D. Hautman,
Comer Sixth and Commercial.
Huso IIiiIIh (iflliiTJ Description
Hen I IXuto Tuxes.
All tave of whatever character or de-
crlption, will become dellnijueut on the
ITi h Instant, and work upon thu ilellmpicnt
tax li-t will then bu commenced. Persons
In arreais fort txe will muke a note of
thl, an luither notice will be tiiveii. and
no further 1, nlency em be extended to
them by the collector, under the law.
Ai.lx II. InviN,
County Collector.
C.utio. III., April 1st, 1S7A.
fiO-l- -d.twtil.
.Is 'ln-iii no Ihe Tieiiiesl.
At the N4 iv ll.iriiets and a.uldle .''hop
No. toi Commercial Avenue, (old Auction
Hi'iisoi ) ou can buy all ynu want, Irom a
! Ine Harness down to a liimo trjp, as
cheap a at any other point. No use m w of
golnj to St. little or any other phoe for
g ods ir our line. I all and ce us.
PM-il-Sw. L. D. AKIN .tCo.
llnppy Heller fur Von lit Men from the
iffi-cts of Krror and Abu-eM in tarly life. Man
IhmhI rclored. Impedimenta to Marrlape le
luoicl. New method of tienlment. New nnd
ivniirkntile remedies. Ilooksand circulars font
flee, In enled envelope. Addles, IIOWAItll
ASSOCIATION, 119 N. Ninth str.st, 1'bllidel
pbla, l'a , an luslltution haiux a blvibiepuU)-
lion Pr bonomlile conduct nml professional
'klU im.l.lS.ilArtm
Cnnecteil Dully by K .M sieani. ciiiiiniiion
fil.iriunii, .-ern'iHi-j" r iik ,.irn li.n-l
flour, acconlhi: t gmdo ....
(Sfi CC
ft SI.'
oirn, iiuxeii, earkni
Corn, white, sacked
O.its, nilxisl
Until, per Ion
Meiil, eie:im driisl
nutter, rhiiire .Northern roll, parked
Uuttrr.choirr Southern III. pucktsl .
Vein, trfrduzin
l-S 2 1 1"
.l TO
'fit, I III
Chickens, ht iluiu..
.- it
i iitmjh, per iiocu
Appl choice, r bsrrrl
Aii1r, common, ier barivl
I'otatoe , r liarn I
Unl-jti, tr barrel
(.1 1 00
fa iki:i .'o
M aii Iin'AiiTMi.Mr, ItiVhH lii:i'uNT,
Apiii s, ir.h.
, .irovt
'tow ST.tlKR
rr ,
I'lll.buiv .
Louisrllte .
Kv.uisv lllo .
Na.-lilllli- ...
St. Louis ...
Evansvlllo, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducnh, Shawnectown, Evnus-
villo, Louitsvillo, Cinoinnnti
nml ull way landings.
I'l.e unrivalled tldo-wheel stcatiiei
I) G Kow'Lim Muster.
bp. IE. Thomas Clerk
ill lease l.vanssllllcfoi Calrom'iy MONDAY
uiiil'lllt.'ltSii 11 hi 4 o'clock p m
U'lios euro every IT KsDAV und ITtlDAV.ut
ii o'clock p. m.
Thoclcpant side-wheel stentmr
lli.s llnWAim Master
WaULU II 1'tNMMlTO.N Clerk.
Will lease l.viinax 111c for tiilnicvcry TUKS-
I) Y am! ITU Will lo'elockp. m.
Will huso Calroricry W I:i)M;ma Yarn! SAT-
ITtI) AY atOo'clock p. m.
riie eleaiuit side-wheel ntcamcr
.IniiK Gavr . .
Mat. Wan ims .
.... clerk,
Lean LiiinsWlle Tor Cairo every WKDNXS-
11 A V and a A IT KAIlY iit5 p. in
Louies Cairo esery llll.'lt'SDAY nnd SUNDAY
utUp in
Each boat makes close cnunecllona at Cairo
witli ilrsi-class ste.imcra for m Louis, Miiii
phl and .New Orleans, and nt Esaniilllr Willi
Ilia ,L .xC.lt U lor all polnln North ami Jist,
nml wltli the Louisville .Mall Mmmer-s for alt
points on tlic I pptr Ohio, kIvIiik tliroiuhrt
celpts mi IivIkIUs and luxscrnKcrs lo all points
Kur turlher Informstlnn aiinly to
HOI,. H1LVEII, I'lieeeneer Aftenl.
J. M. 1'IIILl.ll'S, f AKut
Or hi O J lillAMMKIt,
superlntondent anil General I'rvlRht AReut,
1 -J.UO-ly, i:aiiatlloimlian.i
A I.I who are Intereateil will take notice that
X.V the undcrettfHtal will beat the t'ollduimr
times mid plnec lor Ilie rollcclion of Ihe State,
county uud other taxes or the ve.irlHIl i
in south Culio precinct at the red estate offlce
or John I). Ilarmau.x Co , oonur Sixth and
1a?tcc atm-U, mi ll.e 10th lnt
North Calm prccluct at the Court House on
the 15th Inst and until the tlfteeutli Inst ,
wh(U adieitltemeut of real otate will lie made
AI.i:. II lltVI.V, County Collwtor
Calio, 111 Arrtl I't, 171 ll-l-t-ll
Monday, April 12th,
"crronrio nr-
-.smi iitn-
Grand Comedy Troupo.
Momlaj night will le Pre.ente.1 th. nr.atitl
hensatlonl I'lay or -Modern Y.nU,
Kntltled '
Or tho "Horo of Kentucky,"
In Vita ej, written and arranged by
. ,,'ll,5'7.,i h h,m tlimutrhout the trnited
5.7. '"u'v"1 'nee' '"Irst produced In
Al'ir lurk li. t v.. .rl,. .....
the press and public.
or atrijt,iatiTY
Daiiiol Boone, John A. Stovons.
Ada, (Itoone's Swecthert) Carlotta.
Admiiilon, 30 Cu Beterved Seats, 73 CU.
proru'mnfes'1''" ',;"'"c",',r, ",f ''"n',11 ol"s and
M K. KLKIN, Cencml Agent
TewniMp Election Notice.
ON SatunUy, April 10th, IKS. at the Arab
Knitlne hou-e, on Commercial avenue, op-po-ltosetenth
lintl, an eleetlon will be held
lor one trustee of echoola lor township No.
beientmi, a U ui west, In Alexan.ter coun
ty, llliuols Hie noil will open at nine o'clock
a. in , uml close ut t o'clock p. ru.
Ily oilier of Hoard ofT rutee.
, . ,,. JOll.N'M. L INS DEN,
- -'-d 1 1 To wush Ixf Treasurer.
Chancery Notice.
II.I.IAM S Joliniu ulmlnUtrator of the
tMtale or Siimiivl W .fnh., .l.......i .
.... ,.vt,i,, .iuii iiimiiis, Lnariea i u
liaiiis, !iiini John and William S.John, de
reniUnta, are notiilisl that on the. IJth ilay of
March, IsTS. .lo-rpli I,. ltobert; comuUiuant:
lltts.1 his bill In chunceiv In the AJesanoer rouu
ty circuit court, In the ntate of lllinoii, for
lore.dotiirc, wherein you an the defendant,
and that said suit I now pending In saul court.
Unit ii summons wa thereupon limed out of
.aidoiurt, iiirainst you, retunuble on the third
Monilay In .May, I.sr.'i, to a. term of slid court
iiieii m e iiuiuen ai me cnurr-noil4e. in Ca m.
ill aid Alevanderrnunty
Da'cl, April 'th, leTi.
KriiKVS Y(ir:tt(. ci..v
Samuel I" WliiYler, Solcllor for Complain
ant ll-l-7-,15t
Sheriffs Sale.
jDY Tirtusofiin execution to ine directed by
the. llirk oflhc C'lmilt I'nuri n( Aln.
audi r county, in the Mate of Illinois, In favor of
Ihe Sciutlmesttrn insurance Oimiany for the
Use of .lohn o ltarmaii, Itccitscr. ami against
Wilbm.l Allen and II. Watson Webti.Thavc
Kvlcil non the fiillowlnR ilescrlbeil property,
in ir.e cur oi i airo, county or Alcxamler and
-late of Illinois, to-wlt ImI nuniUnil Use (5),
In block iiumlensl thlrtv-twn ('l.Hd Ihc nrmw
eriv of Ihe mill II. Watson Webb, sshleh l hall
olTil'iit puldlcsate. at Ihu southwest door nf the
(-nurt lloiir, in I tit- r i ly of (airo, in the county
nf Ali'Nander aud Male, of Illinois, on Ihe 'list
day of April, A II !7 at thu hour of eleven
o'clock a in., fur ra-h, to satisfy saltl execu
tion AI.K.X. If. IHVIN.
Sberlrt of Alexander county. Ill
Cairo. III. . April 1. 1S7S t-lwst
Shoriff's Salo.
BV virtue of two ci rlaln execution to me
dlireli! by ihe Clerk of the Circuit Court
ol Alexander county, in Ihe fiare of llliuols, In
faiorof thn souihuesteni Insurance Companv
lor llie ii.. nf .lohn . Hnrman. liccelrer, am"!
"''"' "V '' -s'leii ami II. WaUon Webb, I
lime levlisl iiiion Ihe rolloivliiif ttiTcrltieil pron-i-riy.
In the eft v of Uilro, county ofAleiandVr
and -tatcof Illlnoi. to-wlt Iit numliereil air
id. in block iiiimberui twenty nine f.'i'l, as the
pi-oirly of ihe said H Watson Webb, which 1
hall oiler at public sale at thu M.utliweit ilo,ir
sir the ourt Hou-e, hi the city of Cairo, In the
county of Alexander and .state or Illinois, on the
2j.t day of April, A II Istv, at the hourol
eleieii o'clock a. m. , for cash, to' aatlsfy said
eMHMti.n ai.i:x. ii . mwijf ,
-herlir of Alexander Cotintv, Ills.
Cairo, lit. . April I, 17... f-i-w-.M
ShcrlrTi Sale.
By trine of an Kxecutlon fo me directed by
tho Clerk oflhc Circuit Court nr.Upt.mW
loimly. In Ihe State of Illinois, In fasor of Al
lied ll -alfol I. ustlLMlee uf Alexumler II Irvln
iiudairaliist.Iohiill. llrown, I hasu levied up
on me iniiotviiiir ue.crtDisl proiierty, In the
County of Alexander and Slate of Illinois, to
" it .XII the rli'ht .title ami Interest nfuM .t.v,
H llrown. in and to the Northwest
lh soulhwisi iiuarterof Section thirrv-ona (all.
In 1 OUIl-tllll lllUlll (13) .Slllllll. nml 'ill lUnJe
one (l) wcaf ofthe third I' M .ftl.o blocka unm-
oerts nnc U), two r.'), three (')), four , (I) tlv
(M, lx ("I, ic en G) and eUht (s) In the town of
I nit V 111 H'llll ,'minl 1 uml Slnln u. K. .mh...h
ufeald Joint II llrown, whlcii I flvall offer at
rulillc hale ut the ffoutii-wejt door of the Court
llou'e, )n the city of Cairn, In thi; Countvot
AlexamliramlStatenrilllnols on the nineteenth
(lillh) day of April, A. I) , )s7A, at tlie hour of
eleven o'clock, A M. , fur. cinh, to antlafr aild
Kxiculion. ALK-V II. inviJ,
sheiid'of Alexander County, Ulinolf ,
Cairo, llta., .March autli, 17J.
Centrally lecated, Elrgantlf FurnLshrd,
Tho Commercial Hotel of tho City,"
Chancery Notice..
is hereby irlreii to
ncnlamlu F.
X Kiel.! that on the Cth dar nf Am
eld mat on the till ilay nf
irtl, A O i
1ST, Althra 11. Kitld lllisl In ihe circuit
court in and for the county or Alexander, and
State or Illinois, a bill ror a divorce, and that
thririipon n summons was taaiicd out of said
court, nualiistthe aaid Ilenlamln V rl.M the
ilcfi'iidaut thendii, rrturnalila on the 3(1 (ihlnl)
.noini.iy in .nay next (is, ),lo n term otaani
court then to be holden at the courl-hou, la
the city of Cairo in eaul count v and alalia.
Clerk f the Circuit Court.
Cnlro, Ills. , April 7th- IS7J. ls-l-7-sl.Vt.
To ruiniiinpllvcsi '.vsH'
Tho advertl.er, a retired phyilMjioiJbav
lug providentially discovered,' yfnuV lied
letl MIslonary In Southern Asl,t ' -very
simple vegetablo remedy for th speedy nd
permanent cure of Consumption, Attbhiif
IlmnchltlH, CHarrh, and all throat and Jung
afTcctlons, also a positive and radical spe'
cltlc for Nervous Debility, Premature- Do
cay, anil nil Nervous Complaint, feds it hie
duty to wako It know n to bis utircrlng lei
lows. AduaUd hy this motive,- Uss-wlll
cheerfully send (tree of charge) to. aU4,who
deslro It, tho" receipt ror preparing, and full,
directions for succc stfully uilng, thl provi
dentially desired remedy, Thoso who with
to avail themselves of tho benefits ol this
discovery without cost, can do to tiy return
wall, by addressliiK
I)u. Ciuiilks P, Marshall,
nt Msitara Street
JM-l-WSt. Huir!o,NVY.
lliimi i-.u.-i. iiAmi am, Ta aai
PMtawtlvrrusi,iW1'srt,'ts' it

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