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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, April 08, 1875, Image 2

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Hemline Mitltrroii f.i'-rf I'nxr.
JOHN II. oni'MLY, KJItor.
A Mr. SfcKi'niio, nn ex-Suimtnr of the
Sttc of lVnncMfP, innrrleil tin? pnttnl
UftU"Mcrofli' I'p wife. For tlil crime
he w.n scn'onccd to live years Itnprion
ment In the penitentiary, hut Iwfore the
cloortoftlmt iinpW.iiit ilwollliiy hoii'o
clon'il upon htm, Governor Porter nr
ilnnetl him.
s i: Tilvi-vw; i a i if"
ICnlser Wllllnin hn.eniiipleletl lils'r-vctt-ty-clghtli
yenr. On hi Mrtluliy he tv
ceivxil the conj;r!itiil.ittnn of the fninlly
of the C rown l'llnee nnil I'rliirrss, the
other inctnbvr of the ro.vnl fmnlly nntl
the numerous (.Sernmn nnd fort-lpi prince
ly personage now In ltt rlln. 'i'lic mem
bers of the lnierlHl houehol(l nnd the
superior mllilnry olllcer who nrrlvcd
from the province also offered their rnn
ifrattilntlons. riciiitoitM:.
The lialmanl, TIchborne. U plucky and
lu friend faithful. The London corres
pondent of the I rlh 771" .ny the ca'e
has entered upon a new phac. A decla
ration lm been tiled nt the suit of Sir
flower Tkhborue. the claimant. aglu't
Mr. Murray. rU'rl- at tlm ivm y ttn nut..
Queeu lti'iich. for AHIiitf to Nno n writ
of error, nnd proceeding arc In (lie form
of nn action of mandamus under tin-Mxty-elj.'hth
section of tlio Comtnon Lmv
rrocedure act 1S."I, and the Onuintri's are
laid at XoOO.OOO.
The Cairo (UK) UutUin call it ".pell
unacy, ' and wiy the (nireiltc-. have had
thri-e "K'II" already, while tlm Wi
tnan" C iith Is Ihreateiieil villi an attnek.
Poor Cairo! to x thn iilllictwl. Wt
r jA .Vrir.
And i'aduenb, nficr ln-r manner, lm
followttl the cxample of Cairo. She, too,
b is bud an attack of .spulltumoy," but
not a very snceejfnl one. A iiul I'a
ducih filled; but Cairo. n uual, .nccml-
ed. and made the f-jtelN the blfe-t of
uifr things ot the kind.
IIAI Wl IT IX 1.7"
The New York lhml,l in nu article on
"The Inllitenc or Ortliograpliy l.'pon
C rime." relates a funny aneedote: Col
onel Forney , on the o iIon of one of
Mr. C hoati V ;;reat itf-li..., w rote blm
a complimentary letter. In which luf snld.
In hi poetical way, "You 1,1m an hen
then heaven In yourulf, and top hljsh
crownc l Ulyinim,." .Mr. Clioate read
theseiiteiHtethu': "You teem an hea
then in heaven, you wretch, at top a llv
blown biunpu," and in a lit of aner
wrote a mo-t abusive reply, which Col
onel Forney still keep, in lit allium :i a
eonlial Invitation to dinner.
H Vll.ltOAKs I j CM fo,
Mexico t,. cni to t.Nakln no. and u
not ili-no.-d to be behind In the world
march of prore-. Ti. lineal railroad
irom erat.ru. to the city ol Mexico
dir.... 1. 1. ,i....i ...ti. . .
.iuiiiiil-u nine, looif. 1 10 oe urn
lontred northwestward from the capital
10 uie i .iciue ucphii. The extension I
. iw. ..ll..., .1.- ,. ... ....
ir ur t-.iin.-n me .uexican e mitrm. ..'
Aiifl'Io-.MeAfi.ni cuiiijuny Jta? already
contracted for Its construction. It will
re-el ve a sub-lily of ?1.,000 p"r mile in
pold. and nui-t be completed bv danunry
1, 12, (nit will receive heavy premiums
lor every year or earlier completion. At
the eliy ol Leon, which ha a population
or 100.000. mid Is 20 miles from the city
of Mi xt . a raid to he called thu .Mexi
can Inter latloinl. will branch oil to tho
northca.t fir Trxas. to join tho Interna
tional of Texa. at Laredo, till. branch
to ree( n-e tlie .ame nb.Klv a- the main
From time luuneinorlal. fays an ex
chunge, a thriving trade ha. been carried
forward in the way of f mugglliiif goods
from C ai..vl.i to tho L'nltesl timto. and
de spite the watchful wiieand nil of reve
nue o!!l vn. it continue. to llouriidi from
one eiH .,f the bortler line to the other.
Mean of communication l.twei'ii the
twoe . trit are so ainple and speodv,
nn 1 ii u.e of the great highways In bot'h
la couimon to American and Canadlnu
al'.ke that there an: afforded fucb uuusunl
facilities tor the eti.y pnr.iilt of contra
band tr.itli-ilut human Ingenuity will
probably always be fvowcrli-s to whollv
He- inly the authorities at WaOiln--
lotuisrue'l that a large (juantllv of llk
good, ha J ifii sent to Canada from Km.
roj fr tr.mml.,lon to America fn-e of
duties (ii. l order. hav been (.,uw f,
an :-rne of vigilance among tho eu.
torn ttou-e henchmen, who-o englo eyes
are d vou 1 to the -apt,lr, of )nw:le, 1,,,
porter, t,m the jf.-l,tl,n,en will jn-olw-b
y do 00 better tlmn ever, and llmttl.OH-
JhwIy.ii8U,H!l..S.m one cent of
tribute , may Mit o,m a, an.nred.
.Ioh Mltc-JK-ltVioTrUU j.4ti Jot, died
In Uie house In wl.lei, he Hi4S tj0rn'
-A monument i honor of the Ute Km
peror Maximilian, of M.;Xi,:o, va htelv
unvellc 1 at Trieste, Au-trla, tH 1fte4.l)t
of the Kmperor FniueN Joseph, the 4Kt.
(iukcs, t'10 siinliU r, hikI an lmmene or..
course of )eopIe.
The London coiif-ldotn the
Moodey and Sankey revival Inmsllory,
although long to be rememU red as a cu
rious feature of rollglotu Hie.
Governor Tilden, of New York, luu
made his mark. He lin, attacked the
wrrupi canal ring of that State, Ui u
wiu prominent iigtue in the polltlcf
me I.IISI.
- Vnal Indian Comtnlsloni r Atkln
on. ui,-jrr date .,f Zaragoa, Mexico,
ilfrch ii informs tho Indian Ibtronu
Uiat "''bud concluded a trcatv with l
twcen lOOand..ooKlekapoo,.;ho agree
f ur '"'"iuudy for their rwcrvaTlou
nthcUnlicl 8tM ami In.rbn
tory. A part ofthetrlb8wlllr nV(,Sr ,
Mexico for tho present. Mr. Atklnso
met wHh.mt.vli oppoMtlon from the cx
lean mlllinry nutlioritl; . ntid citizens on
(lie frontier, who wanted to rednln tin' In-thnm.
t'AXXOI' Al l iiiui IT."
Major Wham, warden of the Illinois
penitentiary, tlisivptrilliij; the wi.-hesof
the p 'iiitentlary comtnisIoncr. bnijrlit
hor'eji, bungles, ejirpet, mm-, furni
ture, anil, In one Instance, n piano paid
for by the money of tlie Institution." The
eonimbsloners adopted n resolution dis
approving this reckless extravagance,
and re(uli hig the warden to lay before
them, each month, n lit and estimate of
articles needed forthc prNott. He replied!
"I will purchase jut what I please, and
apwal to the Gove, nor." lie did appeal,
and tho Governor wrote to Gen. Untie,
one ot thu commissioner, ns follow:
"Nnvr.Mtir.i!. If. 1S73.
"I)KAitGi:Ni;mi. : As to the
resolution pn'ed bv the board retjuiiitig
the warden to make etlmates fur pur
chases and present them to the bo.ird.
Arc., it only tend to create Ill-feeling.
Wham regards It a a nllectlon on his
action, mid I think-Justly.
I want thiit tlii resolution shall not
bo enteled llK)ll the reconl. If It I'.
Wham will leave, and tiny such change
now I. to Im.' deplorel. Far many ratti.
eniuwt niFctrd if .'
.loiix L. Ui:vi-.iiidoi:."
The Governor can prolwbly explain
till letter, Mild we hojHs be will. W'u
have alwoys regnnlel tlie Governora su
honest and upright nun; but we cannot
understand how". Icing boneit and tip
right, ho permitted a public ollierr one
of hi appointees to sipuiiider the juili-
llc lilour r b o,ni c In cflil'l 11M 'Mltrd-
to take lue with blm.
Tin: sTirn uot-.si: i.n vi:sik; v.
1 ION.
W" hnve publihe)l, in synnp-i. the re
port of tlie committee; appointed to in
vertlgntu the conduct of the eommi-loner
of the Slate bouse, and ido the re
port of the minority of that committee.
The fact H t fortli by the committee, or
at least ino-t of them, were known to us
long ago; and as explainer! by the com
mlloner, relleet no dieredlf upon
thoe i.'1'utlemeii. It 1 true, thelaw says
all work the cot of which will exceed :i
evrtnln amount, iiutst be- let tn tho high-e-tbldder.
but certain kind ol work lrivu
been dono by day labor. Thl fact the
committee preent. a evidence
of the unworthlness of the
oomnilloner. but In fact It
i n feather hi their cap. For iii'tnne:
The wall ol certain rooms ol tho build
ing were ornamented by a certain kind of
work. Thu commi-loucr advertl-ed for
bid. They received a few, and the dif
furence between highest and lnwet wa
'ouiewlicrr hi' the nciahboriiood oi'jr.0,
W. The eoniiiii-Ioner, Ignorant of the
leal value of Mi'h work, concliiib-d that
when expert differed so widely, that
price ol it were not very well settled;
and, to obtain information on the subject.
iielenuliied to llui-h one room them
sulve. The ex)eriiuent conviueed them
that, by doing this work In till, way
they could do it lor thousands
of dollar, lc.s than the low-
e-t bid they had received. Tlmo facts
they l,dd before a committee of tlie gen
eial A-embly, and it universally de
cided that tho coiuniU-loiier. had ncted
hi accordance with tlie spirit of the law
even If they had dbobeyed Its letter.
We are .1 partisan. Wo wish the itntvn
0.11 .i nn, jf.. Mid ilea 11 parry. bee.iuo wo
believe It to be, among fliortcomlng, cor
rupt; hut wo will not denounce all 're
publican ollicer as corrupt; and we can-
not, with tlie Information wc have, be
come a parly 10 the eru-aue
against thu .Suite houe eoiniuls-Iouerx.
In which mine oi the Democrats wish to
engage. 0 have given tome attention
to this matter, and believe that the com-
nil-loners have honc..ly served the
State, that they have had an eve Inj.'lc
to the Interest, of the people. Indeed we
hive no doubt that the coininl-sloners
have bull! the .Slate house forlcs money,
ill tiling, considered, than ha been ex
pended for any work ol as much magni
tude over done in tlie world.
Toi.r.i.o, O.. April 0. The eleellon
ycMcrd.iy resulted hi the Micces, of tbe
entile Itepiibllean ticket, except Police
liulge. Mni fur Mayor ha- 1'i'J maor
it v. There-t ol the ticket b:i. ;i nm'l,..--
llyoflUO to ,Vlu. Keiiiiblieans ejected
lour Coiincilmeii and one Alderman : the
Democrats four CouncllmcD and time
Aldermen. On Joint b.illot the votu will
be ntle.
Ctse-iNNvft April 0. The Democrats
elected their tickets nt the election- in
Ohio ye.terday. Iii. laiiesvillu.Trov, Lima,
l.oeyru.. t reMliiie, Dayton. Wooler; all
exceirt M.ivur. In 1 hiiiio,,n... u. .i..
leld, eimt. t rhaiu. M..iill, d, WiludiiZ'
ton. imatw'.,. New Vj,,mil ,, ,
don, tlie JtcpiiblliMtis and linlem-nileiit,
were sunce.. Complete retuVns from
the election in this city are not vet re.
celyeil. btu ulii-n lecolvcd will not mate
rially change the figure. In la-t nl"lits
Lai 1:11. Completo return of veler
day . eleellon in till, city uiw .IoIulioii.
Deiimerat. for mayor. 5.:j;,s inajoritv
Limlemau, Cili.ei' eandid.ile fur I,,,)-,,,!
of police court. 1.71K) : Callahan. iKino.
erat.pro-e.Miihij. attorney, l.llti; Stroio'
DeiiHHr.il, city s(jcu,,r. l.vj)t UilT,
jeuiocrut, tni.tee of water-work.. H.Il.t'
iVJf0 V'-T' "''""1"'r"1' ") tiea-uicr. !.'-0-K).
luclmnan, Democrat and lepubl
cm. director ol Inilioi.irv. IIO.KVI; Wa".
tier. Democrat. whaiTmater. :t.-J3 ; How.
ekanm. lJeinui r.it ml u .1:....'
Vln.,l''.!J''"""''rjta-"J "I'lllilicutl, Jilil
tlcooj theHwe.-.'7,sfliu,,joritv.
I At Kill,. . ,.V. "."'
b i i. ,r" " tJiiiciul returns
bvms t a'i!!'-!'-'''' ''''''''
iJi'lllfK-ratS eleel
uuii'i i;ny i,l,.(.r
lUKl five out Of
t..i;i. ii t Duuelluieu.
I'm vi.i. i .t '
Mru- . 'J, , ' :T ,Mr r"lms make
1 . ui, ,V " ."J'-rtiy for
:!:?;:!!. ...'''s.i.n.
oniu have two m.ilurltv ,,, .. ... "
"! lli. "ho Iti.i.ul.ll
tho Council. ' 111
Ciiiinertli nt
Ni'.w II.WI..V. Anrll (12 . t ......
returnsirom this, Hi,- sj,.00(l c Zv
ow'i hi-lloKK of 1,1!.:.. wl.h five iovtn.
IX. l,KS,rui' "I''1'" i't year- nirn
t'.i-n h Dmmwut e mulorllv nf l I'l
W', M.S,uilers. I)i luoer'ule In the
I rt )M, let. .lefejtis ,j. lt ff i vie'- hv a
plurality of hs. w. n. Itarnni I l ii
Uy probably m tnajorliy. Uetunis
from tho J hlnl UUtrlot arc iwWrc, "t
prohahly .starkMuiihiT is elect e.l Slate
HllUoilhtWllV IlllimiMlIn .l-l.. J .....? " 0
.1 . . V HO .JlJIIIIllJ S
Dm nocratlc by laro innlotliv. returns
UavJitj; Qlrca.ly clucid thirlui. D "ino!
crnts out of twenty-one. There arc
large I!eiubllcan gains on Hcire.senta
Uvea, and the House Is probably
Ni:w Havi v. April C Governor In
persoll's majority over nil I about O.CCKJ.
There was n Inrgelr decroascd jirohlbl
Hon vote, the total In the .Slate belnr
about U, 100. Tlie Senate will utand tit
Icon Democrats to six I'epubllc.ins. I
train of two for thu latter. The Iiepubli.
can have also gained In tho House, but
there will still be n Democratic majority
of about twenty. .Starkweather, Itepiib
llean, Is re-elected to Congress over ex
United States .Senator Foter.
Tlie Ate of llincosery
IV. Winter, the artist, Is about to pre
sent to tin: eltl.ens of Cairo a new pic
ture, with all tho coloring of real life.
Tlie means of working thee chaimhig
and Hfi-1lkc pictures will not bo with
held from tho public. The nmlits ovr
nntli Is as follows : On the right ha ul
side of tlie camera Is attached n mill
which contains the prismatic colors hi .1
pulverized Mate. A the colors pan into
the esiinera they are received by a fun
wheel which keeps tlie atoms In
motion. The photographic plate, while
wet. I then placed In the camera tie
sitter being In po-llion. The handle ol
lite mill I gently turned. The cap M
tube I reinoel, the image ot the slttu
lgln to form while piilng throng'i
the coloreel attnoihere', the iartieles ot
dil-t falling where they properly belong.
When, Preio! you liave a beniitllul plf
lure of yourself or friend.
Mr. W. I alo making n picture willed
the nonpareil, n beaiitlnil style, suitable
for locket and miniature cji-es. Lirge
assortment of the latter nn hand, fi ni
tre open dally.
As he:il lis (lie ClienieM.
At the Xw llurncrs and d.itltllu Shop
No. lot toiiimeril.il .Weiiiic, (old Auction
Ileii.e) jou can buy all jtiti want, from a
Hue llurne down to a h:iioe strap, a
cheap -i. at any oilier puln'. No ue n. w cf
itolti j to St. I.nuU or tny other pltro for
g ol. ir our line. I.'allauil 'cell..
leV'a-Sw. I,. D. AKIN ,V Co.
.Sprint; .Mllllner.v (iiiod..
The Mle .McCiirtliy wl.h to call the at
tention of the lad.c or CjIm and vicinity
totnelr l.ir,'e oi)k of spriiii? nil.lir.cry
irood, just brought to this market from
l'ollidelphh. I he stosk comprise all tlie
littt tles of Hit, llouuet, Flower,
Uibboiis and Trimmings of all Kind, a largo
vari ty ot ludie,' tmderwc r, hosiery, bells,
buckle-, eo.tar, cull, etc., etc. These
gwJs are oJert'l at the lowest prices. 'I ho
MI-.oj McCrthy will bo found nt Mi.
s-wamler'- old ftaoil on Comniorclil avenue,
between Kighth and Ninth street). 2 :i-lw
Township Election Notice.
ON fiiitiirdy, A.rit loth, 1ST'., nt the Arnb
1'iiKhie Imii-e, un tmiiiiiercliit as ciiuo. ni
liiwile t'Hrntll elitTt, nil i lectliiii nil! be held
for one trutiv of m-IhidN lor toun.hip No.
Sllfllllill, It., lill-we.t, In .MfXilll.lerciillli
ly, llllnoi. 'the noil- nil I o)en ill nine n'rloen
11. 111 , iiml cIum-ut ' ii'i-lni l. ji. 111.
iiy unuroi ii'i.-ini m i niMi-es.
.. -tuns m. i..H);n-,
l.-l-C-dlt. 'Jowiolilirrrruiiur.
At.!, who nrt liitucM.-d will take nnlieetlmt
. tin-lih'leriiUiieit will U-m Un- rullnwlnir
linns uild 11I111 to lur Uie iiillection ut tl.tMnlr,
cuiuity nnd iilliir litse of tlie sear 1st I:
III lllltll I !kilt. ii,f'lni. t.l tli.. ,1 1 1 ..dtnli. nHli..
of 1) 1Iuiiii.iii lii , enriiM' slxlli mid
1.1 see Fiitti.,1111 1 1.1' iuiii ln-t
rlh 1 Mini jirt-cluet nt the (.'mill Houe on
uir i.-iu in. i. iuiii 1111111 ine hit. rurri int
.i..u 1-.......-.. mi .-viiiii. ,1 ill In1 iiinde.
.ti.i.A. 11 ntsi.v. e oiinty tollictur.
fnu-o, III., April HI, IsTJ. :i l-l-lt.
Special Assossuiont Xfotico.
7DL'lli.Ie' NO I Ii i; is herein- l-Iwi, tlmi the
J. Circuit and 1 nmly ( mu'i, ol' Alcxuinler
1 iiiuiir, hum! 11 imciiii iiuuiiieni lor u .iitTlii
a--f.siiit'ut iiiion tiiniK.-it iN-neiltti-il lit- ii,.. r,,i.
I'iniiiK iiiiiiuifineiii, iz i.niitllio; iililo
as will iiu.ro fully iiiiur from tliecniilleil miiv
ol'lhe jiuliriiieiiu on llle in tin- oilier of the ( li-rk
I'l'llit-(. lit ot lulroi tlmt 11 warrant fur the col-lei-tiiui
ol such in.einnitii Is In the hulid-i of tlm
liinler.lKiiiil. All 1 iMoiM interesteil lire lit-icuy
liutillwl tn cull mid iy the iimuunls iis-e.ied. ut
thei-nlleetor'i'onirf.No l-.'i uniliieicisl nti urn-,
within thirty d iy troin the dale heieot.
Ialcl Una Ulli 'luy ul'.M.iifh, , I). I.-M.
II K lll.AKK,
(.llv Ticis. mid i:x-oilleli I nlhi-inr
i.t'tit- fiii-i iiuiii 10111111111 1 011 rii-i 111 11 .ir,..!.
Special Atiessment Notice.
"TTOrin: Iflien-liy Ritvn to nil pirions inter.
J.N e,ltd, Hi it the city Omnrll of theCllvof
Liiiio hitliioiieied that the following named
mili'tMilkt lie hllHt and li i-.m.lnirli-il S. ir .1,1...
wiill. on Ihe norllitrl) si It- nresenteenlh sln-et,
l.-i tt it ii uuiiiiiit-rrini Hteime nun 1'ittiiiir .111.. i
iinu on tlie Miullieilv Mile ot Ih rteenlli elu-it.
iitlitei n Wadiiiotiun nteiuie and Waliuil slit-t-t.
lf(-ontrtirtcd tii h-ilalli un the ttt-.teilt- sl.liw.r
. "iiiim-ii-iiii tiiriiiu-, iM-ittttll ISltl'lllllltllll .-i-.
eni.tiiin Mrii, iiate ii..IIi. tu the Count v
'nun ol Alt'X.iiidi'ri-oiiiity, f.ii uii in r.cmi nt n't
the e ml ofiald lliimivriiieiitsaerunlit; tu N-ne-III.
a lid an asses. mi nt tin renf hut iiilM.ii inml..
and letiirned tusnid rmirt. the final hearing
theleoll Mill h' Iiml Ht lln .lull- tr.r.M
of mild eolirl. eomnieiieiiiB on the l.'th
iliy of July, A. It.. IsTS All iicr-oii" ih
lriiijrmi Ihun and lliere HiitKuriind tu-iki- tin ir
allo, Ills., Maii-h.Ul, A. I).. liCS
, , , TIMOIIIV tiUltMN',
G-1'Q.ut, Csinillilmiioiier
Klectlon Notice.
' i tv 1'i.h'iK'n Orrie k, (
l.viiio, h i - . Marc.l ltli. Ib71
'VTOMCKIslieieliyt.'it.ii, that on lueeilavthe
i.N .s'llulay of Aiuil, A I) .le;'.iii:eiienil I-lw-
tluu will l held In Ihe i it fi aim, Alexiiiulir
i-oimt, fiate s.r 111 , fur the election of the
lulluwiiiK ii.utii-,1 ell) ollien, u-ut: , mayor,
a t iiyrleik it city lie.i-.uriT, a rlty attorney, n
ells a..e..i,r, and oni ahrman from inch ttiird,
lurtheutiiir Ittojear, l.jrlhe niri.iM-.s ol
aid tleeliun im.IU will lie owned t 'the follow
iK naintdi.l.relu.Hlt the l lr.t W aid at
the lirit-k liiinne-. hou-e lately occupied by I..
1 IMS I, oil Ihe hoiillurly Mile ol sixth alriet,
l-ttueii l uiiji,,. leial and luhlnifloli aienne.i
t.,i LTi. .,!i"l ,h' "K'"1' ''" or tbf
Itu ilthi iid in-iuly 1 Ire coiniunti in tho 'I hint
t al il a I I lie i in. i ne h tii-e o ihe llllit-i iiuiii t'he
;'iiinji in iU PmUl Wtipl at ll'e Col I
.r.?,',liil,l,',',1ll'1!11-,,1,:r1 NoHli-Jwl'S'ii
Ue li.oioii.B.and oonli.iue oi, n iiiifi tet i.
o'eloi-k In tlie aliernooii n th u !i.V. """ M "
II) ordiroftheUtv ii.uneil. '
,-10.,,! WlUU HAWKl.NS.f l.j. rUrlc
Special Anonmeat Notice.
-pt'llLIC nollre I, heieby lflvin that the
iii'ir-dVi!'!'!,1 l'",",r' h'xaiidermuniy lm ien
liitdjii iuiiiint i..r a iial as.me ,, f
south atilf ..I I'oiirilisiti-i-tllttwecn Woshunr.
on and l iwnmereial ai,e, weiul lcr wi.n
liiKtoii iitenue. Iron, ilri ,i Ci h alutt.!
mat .l-lti ui Va.hlnL!ion ineniie t, ,, n th fo
NM h .tuet.i nortli tidnnr I'lnii e ut fioiii
W it.hinttlon lo Commercial auime.i imi Hi Vi.i.,
oi .-etL.iih l.om W almu i,1 " ,' iV.V I A
Illui kii liollh ldeof Uleti, if, fr", , vV
;oi iiMiuif tu Walnut tliiiTi -a.t .hi, r
I "I. ,.r Mre. I , I , I tree,, I ui ,, ,'! " l e,,t '5
tn .', 'i'.,",u"" "uu"' '''' I uil).lr,l i ut
I J ii "'i !".'" '"n"rc """t outh side of
ii'iei ui ,"V.,U ,'U,,U 11 " uelifnlrti.n and low!
Liuhth l ivi, i it , i1 "'lh '"''t "oiUi t..lc of
ton aieniieaiid wil,m 1 V. '. UJVf,' xvl'l"K
ai'litur from the r, ii"f '?.. , ''"' fully
on llle in the utile" f ',, . 'i WSf, ihe,
lairui Uiat a w.u M it r ti i rl, "M c,"v ".'
llsv from the dale hutof. 1 ( I 1 1 1 V i " i 1 ' 1
rjTlllK llUt.M--.riN isriikllshMvTeryinnmlnit
(Kxey Mondn)) in tlie llullciln DullJIuf, ror
ner UVhrngton attnueiiitt Tivrlntiotml.
Tiik licu.trtN l -nn to city mlmlbtti by
fulUinit rjirrlcrsMTainty-ritB CV11U sffni,
piiy.tble weekly, llj Mull, (la r.itvnnco), Jloper
tntiuni) Ix monlh, U itnw tunntus, it one
nionlh, $1 jv
ratillOied every TImrd!,y mornlnif at l 2i
ITunmun, inrsrinnly m ndrsncc. IhepiuMge
on Uie Wctkly W 1. llITjl.l l lids offirt , no
tlut sutirlt-ri. will otitisln f.irn subscrl.Uon
rice of i n jmr.
Ilusln Cauls, ivrdnnura, U)
One ittiirr, onelnxrtlon 1 (O
tine squire, two lnwrtlon,.... 1 SO
VM fiiurc, on- nr-k M.. ...... 3 ;j
One .Uire, two wi.k ,1 jij
One fqu.ur, Umv weLs,- I ro
One inrr.'orw nmnth ;, ki
w r. f. c t. v .
dm hmt, one Invrtlon, ......M t eo
Kuril HlK,viinit lntrtlon,. m
JCj"Oae iurli I n 5.imn..
tQ-To tepilsr admtbir wr offer ;iiprlor In
ilncrnirnt', 1-oth a. to rat, 0t ctuirpps and nun
nfr of ili'iilflylDs their furors.
S3N'iii-i In lorjl column Jn-vti,.) f,,r flf
tern Ont -r line for one Insertion, Twuily
Cents x line far two luwrtlons, Twenly-l'lve
Cents a line for three Insertions, Tliirty-KUe
Out. a line fur one wetk, nnd f-eTenlr-KlTr
ft nt ii line fur one month,
Cotnrauntcatlona upon aubjecti of gen
eral interest to the public solicited.
rf.Wl Utler- -hould 1 ddrctl to
JnllS II. OIIKltl.Y.
I'nIdent Cairo llrJIetin Cotniany.
Evansvillo, Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Pnducah, Shawncotown, Evans-
vinu, jjuuiHviiit!, jinoinnaii
nnd nil way landings.
the unrivalled nMc-vtheel steani"'
it t.
1 nwi.Kr. M.i.ii.f
l.ti. II. Iiiiima. clerk
ill leave Kmnssllllcl'nr Cairn etriyMUNII.W
utt.l'llllfl.kll.V ......... ,. . . '
Hiid'llll'li.ii ut t o'clock m.
ViV.7i.,,?1:r;!.(,1I','' '' ' -"" Y '
IIIIiAl ,nt
llieilt-Kiint alde-wh.el ete.iniei
IIks llott ten Matter
.si.Tt.ii II fi vvi.n,.i.v Clerk.
ill liiui- l.tuiHVilN for luiroeiery Tt'K.S-
,.'.' . i i in loiiix-kii tn.
w1,.l!',''f.CMlf,"''r- W i:i)NK-'lAVnd AT
I If OA) al ilu'rliK-k in
The elt'sant i'le-whetl leaniii
Ions (loi-i- m.....
.'mt. n ii.lia.m Clerk.
. . , . . - .'lu-i, r
I-ave. l.viinavllle fur t ,i,m every WKD.VHS
OA nnd s.l'l I'ltAliv s .. ...
l.tiiiiaLiilru every 1 III Itl)A V and SU.VDAV
Hi U J' J J J
Kuril bout mikrM rlntp rfinni-ltvn. u, I'. Im
tvltll lilat-ela.M htmimiT. e.ii- i i ,,1 t.....
Phis und Neiy Orleans, and at Kv.itins Il'le with
III!' I. A' C It. If f.ir nil i.nnl. VnHl, L-u..
mid with Hie I.niil.v,. .Mail .steamers fur all
IMiints on Ihe I ii r Ohio, xmnir throiixh re
ceipts ontieiKhls iindatnKtrsto all jminls
1 1 1 i'H ittrj
l or liirlher Infnrmsliun aiii.lv to
.-Ol.. MU Clt, fasnenjrer ARi-iit.
II.VI.MHVY ItltOS . J . , ,
J. it Pllll.i.ll'.s, 'AKtnts
, nr'' , . I.IMMMKK,
-iihrinleniliiil and General fteiffht AKtnt.
1 - '-"'ly lAun.tlllelndijna.
Dealer in
All kinds hard and noft,)
Mill and Yard,
Cornor Thirty-Fourth Stroot nnd
Wholesale, Retail and
Wilooat' Bloolc
Cornor ropla,- and Elvonth BtreeU.
IlSffihCSntttloa.9hPdCO POidfr
Centrally kntcj, Elegautly Fnrnishcvl.
ivorji nonEHATR.
The OommgrcJtvl Hotsl of tho City.
111 l'NH'I ANN,
llKStDEXCKi .Vo H Thlrtcentli atreel. b
ween Washington aveuue anil Walnut 3t
On-tCKiN-orUi aide of Klghth itreet
tn-en Cotnmcrclsl and Washlnirton avenue
ItKriIDK.NCi:: Comer Ninth inl Waliuit
OFFICK: Comer Sixth strivt iuJ Ohio Uvef .
OFFICK llOUflS ; Irom0a tu. lim ..ml
iVom'itoep m.
jn. W. BLATJW,
Gorman Physiclnn.
OFFICK. lln ler'a Mock, fur-ltalm). erutr
Klgtith tlreet and Washington aruiue.
AUorncy ut Iiaw.
OFFICK Klkfhth .Street, ltwen Coiiinnr
e.utl and Wa.tklngton attnu.-,.
A t, r n tiiiroof vr
Attorney nt jLuw.
OFFICK. Ohio Irr, over room fjrtueily
oecuplnt by First National Hank,
it.oriio.r.H and Cotiiiut'lor
nt Iwavv.
OFFICi: Ohio lvee, rooms : and f
lily National I Link,
William II Oreen. )
William II (llllrt. 5 CAtltO ILLINOIS
Miles Fnd'k (itlhert i
tTTkcterla1 attention fftsen to Atlmlniltv and
simiuuoai oivinees.
Insurance Agent.
OHIO IjE7-33B,
Over Mtthuii k VU'i.
"VTONK but 1'irit-CUit Coniuinirtt reMT
j.s senii.i.
Lisui'ance Agents,
City National Bank Building, np.tUlri.
Thu 01dt.it Eatnbliahed Aency in South
eru Illlnota, rapreaentinif ovir
Prices to suit tho Times.
Wholesale Figured, but No Crodit 1
Mrs. O. McLEAN,
Next Door to Stuart St Gholson'fl
HATS, rtonnets, Flowers. , Ucea, Itibbon',
hllk. Vtlteta, Ties, ltiiehlnT. Cor.-ets.
nei t.iotcH, Hosiery, worieiu.
Also the 'Lulie,' Dress tliforra'
And all the lieu- atrlenr irl mm 1 1,',
sills for
,-3iriu, mum .--quiiner.
ryillf-e trill i U Will he nnhl al mrr luu- Hit.
urce. for CA.llI und CASH (I.Vi.V l-II-.-Jif
Fashionable Barber
xoimrsini: or eighth stiket.
Between Waahlngton and Commercial
Sheriff-- Sale,
B-virtue of an Kxecutlon to me Jlrected by
hn Clirk of the Circuit Court of Alexander
County, In lliehttite of illlnoi., in favor of A I
fred II. Malfortl, asslznee of Alexander II ltp
and iiKainatJohn II. llrown, I have levied up
on thu following descrilied property-, in the
County of Alexander and Male oi Illinois, to
wit All Uie right .title and interest ofis&ld John
II llrown. in and to the Northwest quarter of
the fioutliweat (iiiarternf .Section thirty. ons (3),
In Township til1een (15) South,and in Uungc
one (I) weat of the third 1' M ,alao blocks mini
hercilone (I), two il), three (3), four (i) llvo
.). six (ri),een (7) and elKht(H) in the town of
1'nity In raid county and nude, as the property
llrown, which I ahalf oiler at
Public halii at the houtli-west door of the Court
llfiua, n Ihe City of Cairn. In the County ot
.VIexanderaiid.StAteorilllnol on the nineteenth
( lith) day of April, A. I) , 173, at the hour of
s even o'clock, A. M.,fbr cash, to satisfy mid
Kxecutlon, AI.K.X II HtVIN,
r, i hherltr of Alexander County, Illinois,
Cairo, tlla, , March 30th, 1H74.
Sheriff! Sale.
BY ylrtneofaii execution ionic dlreetidby
the Clerk of the Clrrult Court of Alex'
ander county, in theMtaleof llllnoia, In favor of
the houlhtTt-stern Insurance Cemipany lor the
'K,J'lh".,l HaimaiJ. Ilecclstr.and agalual
W I lim J Allen and II. Watson VVchb, 1 have
tviedtinnn the followlnif described property.
L1 !h.r!!K of Cairo, county of Alexander and
.State of Illinois, to-wit: Lot numlnred live (ft),
In block numbered thirty-two (31), as the prop
erly ot tbe mid II. Watson Webb, which 1 shall
offer at imhllc aale, at tho soiithv.t door of the
Court House, In the city of Cairo, in the rouuty
of Alexander ami Mate of Illinois, on the 'llrt
nay or April, A . I). 1874, at Ihe houror eleven
o clock n in., for rash, to entlsfy saldexocu-.
tloil. A I. EX. If. 1UVIN.
... Sheriff of Alexander rouuty. Ilia.
Tlro, Ills., April I, 175 t-l.wst
Tho British Quartorly Roviowa.
llltlTlSlI (It'AltlKltLY HKVIKIV--
lteprlnled by the
41 Ilarilay Street, New York,
Uy arranciiictit with tho Knfc'lsh I'uhlUh-
crs wno rt-ccivo n iiucrtlcompensstlon.
Thc'c periodicals ronstltuta a vrotiilerlul
mllcellaur nf modern lh .tliiiit. resnnreliand
criticism. The rreamotnH Kuropean books
sv,iria losiewinc i loutiu nere, ana iiuy
treat oi the leading events ol tlm world In
mvtcrly srlt ie written bv men who have
DCClnl knowl (le-o n! the matter te-.teil.
The Atncrlean I'uli.i.liets urge upon iII in
t.dllKeni read, la In this rountry a liberal
support of tb Keprinta which ihry havo eo
long nnd so ehesply lurnlshe , feeliiif inni
that no expoi tlltura tor literary matter will
) leld so rl ha tcturn a that required lor a
ubcrlptlou to the-e the loacUf J'erlodl
cats ol (ileal ilritaln.
TrntMB ok .Nunseiiii'TioN.
1-or anv one ro lew, 4) 4 00 per annum
or any iwg u views,
Km any three ltevlew,
Kor alt lour Hevien,
Kor IlUrkwood'a Mai-
10 0)
IS 00
A 00
7 W
10 00
1.1 CO
Kor ltlaekwooJ and onn
lie view,
Kor lllaekwood ami tiso
Kor ltlKttkw ood and three
Kor lllaekwood and the
lour Itt-v p.
15 00
l'oslairi. two conti a nuinlier. In Im t.rj
paid by ilie fU-trt.rat thu utllcu ol delivery
A d'scnunt of twenty pjr eent. vt 111 be al
lowed to duliaof four or tnorn tieteona
Thu: four r aplea ol llliekvsood or of one
(view will be font to one addre, for
?l'JN, loi r roplet of the four Itmlews and
lll.ckwood Uir Hi, and so on.
To clubs of one ur more, tn niMltlon to
tlie above til. count, a ropy gratis cslll bv
auoweu tu inu t;eiier up nt inc emu.
New uhs:rltiers (appirlug early) tor Ihe
year lfe7. may have, without charge, the
numb, ra lor ihe last qiurirr of 1ST4 ol such
period! als as th- y suhrerl e lor.
Or Instead, new sutisjilbera to anv two,
thrt t', or four ol the nb-ive pertuillcal, ma)
have on. of the 'Knur Iteviewe for IST4;
subscribers to all Ave may hte two of the
'Kour ItcvieW.,' or one et ot llbckwond's
JUi;uZ ue lor IsTI,
N ither premiums to subscribers nof dis
count id club can bo allowed unless the
tn-iney l r.tnltted direct to the publlrher.
No prttnlutn itlven to clubs.
Circular, ttltli further particulars tnsy lie
had on .tppllca ion.
THE I.KuN.Vltl) .sjCOTT I'i'lH.'NO CO,
II uarclty fitrcet. .New York.
"A Iteiiosltory tir rnoliliiii. I'lcnsurp
niit Iiitlriirlitiii."
n.i.iNrit VTi:n.
Tbullaaria edited with a conlillmllun
of t.ici and talent that wc seldum liud In anv
Joum.-i ; and the Journal lt-e-lf Is the orjf h
ot the Kreal world offashlon. Ilo;ton Trav
eler. The llsza- romtnenilidttcll to every nietn
bertif the hon-eln.lil to the children bv
droll and pret'y pic tires, to ti.u ymiUR la".
dle by its tarhio.i plate- In ciiille.s var.tty,
to the iirovldcnt mutton by tu patter. for
the children's, cl t rs, to patcrlafnlllaa by
Its la-ioful de'lK'is for embtoldered nippers
and 1 ixnriotts dro sln io Hut the
teadltip niattrr of tlm tia.-ir I-unlforii.ly ol
treat excellence. The paper h a acnufred
a wide popularity forth llresldo OD)ut ii!Mit
it aiiorus t. i . r.scniii); vo,
tIciTm-s :
Iljnur'i Ilazar. one- itr tl f.l
Four tfolltrs Inelndea prepsimcnt oil'
ti. postage by the ptlbll-hers.
sntno-lptlors to liar er's MaL'azlne,
Weekly, und llazar, to otii' address for one
VOtr. 0 (JO: or two of Harne'a lHn.ll.
t-.ils, to onu address for one yen-, f 7 00;
An I'Vtr. . 1 1 1 w .r ..l,t. .1... tl l
V ffkly. or llizar will he supplied gratia
for every rhib of flw aub-rnb. rs at t 00
each, in one retniitanuu j or. six rnploa for
wi minimi ex'racopy ; polKe tree,
Hack nntnber- can be supplied at any
i, un ,
'I he seven nlntne of Harper'e Ht7.tr. fot
IDO years I fW VJ, '70, '71. '7-J, '73. '71, ele.
L'.ttitly bound In Kreen morocco rloth, lll
bHi-e I by t xp cs, frcljjht j. repaid, fur
17 1 n. t at:ii.
ir3T-,.-.rillli.r. nr.. . .1.1....
h, nu, i t i'j una ail-
verti-enient wlihout the express oruern of
.ui wit tv iiioiiii-ra,
AdilrCfit HAitrKIlA: IlltOTHKIt-'. N. Y.
"A romplele I'lett.rlHl HUtory sf llir
m iitiei "s lit- nesi, t-lieitieal, nun
llioul llt-ei-Hriil Knnill)- 1'iinrr
III llle I'lllon
Tho Weekly Is the able-t and most ne.w
crfnl illustrated periodical published in
una ton niry. its euuoriai are ariiolariy
anil cocv ncinir. nnd carry much weight.
Its Illustrations of current centa are full
und iresj, aii ii are prepared by i ur best do
hlKtien. vVit'i n circuUtlon o, lftO.WO. the
Weekly fa read a least by half a million
persona, and its Influence) as an o Kn of
opinion t simply tremendous. The Week
ly manual .1 m posi.tve po-lllon, and ex
presses ilci-ldcd vlcwa on nolltleal and o
clalprobl tin. Iiulailih C'oiitlerJournal,
It" a tlclcs are mod-Is of high-toned dis
cussion, and Its pictorial illustrations are
often corrohor.itlvtt r(;uinenis nf no small
force.- N, V. Kxvuilnerand Chronicle
Its papers upon existent finest ons anil Ita
ininuiuiiio car oous ueip to mould the n
tlmcnta ol the country rittsbnrL' Com
I'uHige free to rub-crlljin, In the United
Harner'a Wieklv. oue vesr .. ti cm
Kour dollars include, nreiiavmeut of tf.
S, postain by die publisher
suusenp i us to Harper's Magazine,
Weekly, a d Hazar, unu address lor ne
yoar. em on or. two o- llartier's I'er nd
cala, to one nildress lor onu year, 97 Oj;
1'ua-itt; ut;t-.
An extra conv Of ho ituirazlne. Weeklv.
or llazar will liu upii'eil erat a for etery
club of five MUb.ir hew at ii DO cch. In
one remittance; or, tlx copies for iW 00,
wimoiii cx ra copy; posiago neo.
jiacK iiuiiiiiHia can nueupp icu many time.
'J'ho annual volumes ol iiarner'ii K i-eLlv.
in nea cloih binding, will i.u rent by ox
press, ir e ol expense, for 87 00 each. A
complete tel. coinprMnu clKhtceiivolumra,
sent on receipt of rash at tho r lo ol !S as
pervolumo, frelgut at tho cxpon 0 nt tho
JSfTNewipnti'ra aro uot to opy this ad
vertUcment without the oxprcbs ordera ot
Harper A- Hrothcrs.
AilJro-ii HAKI'KK IlllOTHKItS. N. Y.
1 U. J-.'J
Wholesale Dealer In
Tobacco and Cigars
Smokers' Materials.
Cairo Xlli.
Subscribe for
Leading Journal of Southern
The Bulletin
Wlllstcadfastlj oppose tlm policies of th
Itepubllcan party, and refuso lo be tram
mellrd the dictation ol anyrllque In the
Democratic organization.
It btllev es that the Itcpttbllcin party has
fulfilled Its minion, ond that the lUmo
critlc party as now organized shoult, be re
stored to power.
It believe the Itadlcal tyranny that hat
fcr several ycats opjirewsed the youth
should be overthrown and the people r.t in
Southern State permitted to control lbir
own affair.
It believes that railroad corporations
should be prohibited by legls'atlTf f raet
intntH from extorting and unjustly discnin
liutlug In their bulnes transactions with
the public.
It reooijnlzeMhc ro.tlallty of all men b
rore tho law.
It advocates free comtcerra tarlfl lor
revenue only.
It advocates resumption of ipeilt- ;ny.
ment, and hunt payment nf tho public
It advocttei econom) in tho adraintstf
lion of public affairs, '
The Ilulletln will publish all Uie loca. newa
of Cairo, and a variety of Commercial, J'o
Iltlcal, Korelk-n and General News, and en
deavor to please all tastes and Interest ah
- T It K-
Ii a thirty-two column paper, furmshett lo
sitbscrlbera for the low prlco of
$1 25 PER YEAE,
rostKP prepalil. It Is flic cheapest paper
In tho Wost, and Ii a pleasing Flrenno
Visitor and Family Companion,
Cannot fill to etc the unrivaled Induce
ments offered by Tho Bulletin In the way
of cheap and profitable advertisements.
Subscribe for
Sj ftfl

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