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!n I iefin.
ItcmlliiK JInttrr " t'.rry Vngv.
JOHN U. 0D8nY, lMttor.
(l.VTAl'IOllll IT.
(ovcrii.r Ilfvcrlilv'e informal Geti.
liiuif could not nlTord to penult
tlie inlloiiiMry rommtsiloncr.s to jin-
viiit W.iriPii ham from iMyirjr um'
l.i,lrri.igo1 onrptits nml plnuoi Willi
die j- 'pli'' money. The question tlwrc
f r ii", onu tlio pcoplo nllord tore
1 1 t in their ktvIco ns (Jovcrntir. or In
.y other portion, nn olllocr who cn
ii Jt nllonl to li vn such tiling (invented?
rite cointMt Mutch .Mnrri- mid Win
ter li w.ixliijr warm. The friends of
Winter an- noWy mid eonildcut; the
frit-mis of Mortis fpilil end attrc ol
.iiiw. It U reported Hint Mr.
Winter'. friend" met for oon
.iilt.itlon on .VeInedy nlglit, hut wlmt
tr.uiilnil Inn not Hern Hindu puhlle.
They met to determine whloli candidate
i r clerk and treasurer tho Winter men
wotiM support, and to make up th" Win.
r ' i1" of appointed olllnere.
iiiten AMI Il.l noes.
" r' Jul d'jjr." 'iid Itwlwr In lil Kir
i ion I i-t hnnd.iy, "1 lit lor Immortall
tj.'" Very true; urd so In a Imtl do.
l'hr good do should eidny Immoriiil
Hi- Joy ol ro.inilnjr with wajrjfitiK
f .11 ov t I lie gram ileitis of Iirndle, ent
1112 fr !i meat every tnenl nml Imklusr
. v The bad ilo;r the Cairo dog
V. .1 h.irk under our window every nljrht
f v.i 10 until o o'clock In the inornlnjr
1. j.iM llt- forever, and. with a tin pun
lii! .1 with pebblp lied to hi tail, should
'm -c.it r inning and liowlinz down the
rr ' - "f tferuliv.
frth Xew Hampshire election, the
1! J 'idp.ttH chuckled and declared Unit
!!.: 1. 1 d wave of nntl-Cr.tutUm had vetit
...II 1 ire. "Ami now," they aaid.
-w ; tt'ilil the Connecticut election."'
Wi I. waited, and tl propo-tl re
j : "ri'f the KepubHcatu have bn
r - ).! I. The Democrat have derted
Vj r (, iv. ruor. a majority ot the meni
l. r of th General A.'MorMt. anil thnr
f'i t j ; ctii.jrreiueu gain ot two
- --n.n. The result ii u decided
w 1 i. )ortau anti-Kepuliliean lc
' r Aii.J it nas not aubieved without a
" Tlie admlnltration tued every
rtion to defeat the Drmo
r- . Blaine, Oleiby and many other
' . '. rr ininent KadicaU of tltc country
. . ' 'In- State ; much money was
l-et?rythin(r, in hrrt. that could in
r iMc way Mrengthen the llt pub
. ' .u done. l!ut for all this the
I' . u' 5 pained a f.unous victory.
m hi: tiii: iiiimiht jicx:
11 ' U't(v. eimpllm-ntiiij; Gov.
i- r ( ia ii'rlan. ot oulli Carolina.
-.'! I. In "ramilil with mc of the
r.: i nverlulof the cormpt cllfjue., and
hiu ; .d fraud. "In hW etfurts to
e ir t . hli State, recently so nadly
ml-.,' IV. niej, order, economy and con-
11 Ii . . lie de-urve?," wys the Heelty,
"the ii.o. t eonlJid .'upporf oflioimt men
t vi n liere : and he teem 3 to b: rceelv
ir.,' it. tor the Charleston ami C'
. 'lit- leading Democratic mper in the
Mste, -or Jldly sustains him."
Tin r i- a eonfc-lon In this declara
tion I 'ne H'y ackHowledes that the
uipor ot a Governor by u Democratic
pup r i evidence that the honest men of
IV tat" are hU frieudi. The Weekly
mrlit liae aided, that nil the limited
p..pcM of South Carolhw are denouncing
G iv, m i Clunnberlain, and that their
,ipp .t would be conclusive evidence
tin' h was the tool of corrupt cliques.
The iicmr-t men of the South are not In
Hi Iti p iblican party. Ymi inut seel;
hem in tlio party the HVXy denounce?
tic Iluorbon party.
I'll fillowlnjr Hit ofpatenu grant-
1 by th- Ciilte l States patent ollloeto
inn ml-iimntors. i fumUliedlho llrLt.i:
tis in il. H. Cuidee, solicitor of patents,
Cur.. Illinois: Lanterns, I.eivls V.
Hi ". t hi'iigo; I.'ibric-iting Cms, I,"wls
I Hi -, Chicago; Pan-Korming Ma-
lime G orgc A. Iloweiv, Chicago;
WV -M Alfred Gathri, Clilcag ;
C ar-suners, D.xter I). Hardy, Delavan;
s'r'i Pili.-DrivM, Thomas T. I.oomU.
Chi: i'.. hifety Valvei, Alex. Onn.-,
f r .M. Ilg;r Heai'rt, Martin Cllnc,
hli j ' . ( .utinir .teel.raeel AnvIU.
lolid Dmovon, Carpentpftville; Disunee
M ir, 'Iiistrumenu.Win. I. liurruih.
t m
Mn.le-r.eaf Turner, F. G.
Chicago; Ik-er Vents,
M. Spahn, Chicago ;
. Henry T.imnvi, Uartlott ;
i ,
t j i i
M.ng ,
l na .
I i ii' K '
.Given B. JlUkcdee, Hankln;
Fred Cole and D. D. I,. Ale-
u. n. Kankakee; Han-enter. ,Marfils
I- G rinm, Jtoekrord; lturglar.alarin,
M Ii I.. -her. Champaign; Windmills,
G o II. I.iea,l,iklii;b.iwiiig-inaelilne.
M M. Miller, MoIIivj; I'ipe-wrenelic.
Henrj Otto. Illooinlngtou; Steam and
Alr-liral.es, Jamek It. n..mfi, IHooming.
ton. Hav I'resH1, Charle W'mi; Galea
burg. I'nloadlng and diimpitiK prain. ,1.
II. Wiiiteomb. Farmer City.
riizr.NB m ho Ai:i: too (;ooj).
The friend ol Mr. William II. Morris
tnir.t not ret hi the easy in lief ihnt hl
"ailing mid election are mrv. Mr. Winter
arid hi friends are induMrlou-ly working
wi nit without hope ol rwu ind'cd,
i''i in'li hope ui siiccvw.
The friends of Mr. H'lnteraro the
tivc pi -ipie of tho city the men uho "go
aritri and wo the people who t tnnd
on corner, and buttou-holo their fellow
citizens On the otlior hand,
while Mr. MorrU ' is ns bu.y
as n nalUr, too many ol his friend
mo not n active as ih-y .honld he-are
not active at all. Some 0f hk friends are
of that class or pood citizens who "re
ally, now, cannot, you know, take part
in these, matterf." quiet people who do
nothing to help the city to koo-i govern
moid and vt are always cymi.uiuij.
We would rather liavo In our favor one
of the "rip, st.ning, sit 'em up ngln"
bys who roar a one over the counter
and clinks hi gins Wih a merry -ort
of n 11111-11 in i:, ft he declare-: "I am
for .lack, be God, and lie's going to be
elected by ten thousand majority." than
a regiment oi the citizen who are fo
"good" they really cannot, you know,
lake part In such elections as
thce, while lliey roll up their
nerlninnlou- eyes until the white of
them is seen, ami declare: "Till i n
wleked world nh!" Out upon ueh
"good" citizen-! I T it were not for the
-Inner the "heathen," a Moulton ha
It who prox.e to work for Morrl. tlie
canvn would go to sleep. "Good"
citizen! A plague upon all citizen- o
good they onu take no p-trt In a eanvn
the object of which li to give the city a
good government. They ought to 1hj
daintily handled, wa-hed with lo-ewnter
and laid aside, label' !: "Too tine tor u-e"
'Hie old opinion wa, and lnnuj Mill
entertain il, tint the effect ot wave wa
not felt more than thirteen or fourteen
feet b'low the Mirf.ic? of the water, but
Cpt. i:. I'idcoii, :i w'-lbknown diver, ha
prmed thl opinion to be Incorrect. At
a meeting of the Society of the Engineer
ot the Norlhwfst, held at Chicago on the
Oih lnt.. I'rof. I.ym t't ), Coolev lead
some ol the expcrHiec of Capt. l'aleon.
Within tlie pit ten years it has lien dis
covered thfit large iiiisjc have heeti
moved al the bottom of the en by the
action of the waves
The paper read wn an exceedingly in
tere'tini? one. ileeriUing, nmong other
thing, the divert experleuc with two
ve-H'l whieh collide I hi the strait of
Mackinac in 15.". and kink hi one hun
dred feet of water. Capt. Falcon ilr-t
vi-lted them in 197.), when he found them
MJitnd, with the exception of the injury
incidental to the collision. The next
yenr he rcvilted the veel, but liefore
diving for iliem he learned from tho tin
lives that a storm had occurred in De
eeinbcr of 1573, whldi wa more severe
than nny which liad lw-n iiri vlo'usly
known In that region. He wa. stirprl-eil
in diving for tlie ve.-eJ to And tliat they
had botli gone to piece.
'lite iwper also gave another Instance
MistaJnhig the new theory of tlie action
of waves upon deeply submerged bodle-.
In one of hi diving exploit? dpt. Fat-
con discovered hat the propeller City of
Itoton had moved 200 t?t along the bed
ot iIks lake, from tlie ittlon In w hieh he
had tir-l fuund her.
Ttttct.H or Ttu: lu.viir.
Mr. Wllllain II. Morrh. one of the can
didate for Mayor, has informed the pub
lie, that lie lias not in any way made any
pledges, to appoint this or tliat man to
this or that ofllcc, hi the cent ol his
election. This Information was given to
the public, because, as we uiider-Uind the
matter. Mr. Henry Winter and hi friend-ha-eWna-ertlngtliatMr.
Morris ha
promlKil to nonihiHte Mr. William Me-
Hale to be hi own ucetsor in the ollleu
oi i.uy Jiarnal tlie oblct ot tin- as-
wnion ueiiig 10 muuee tne citizens op
posed to Mr. Mcllali' re-appohitncnt to
vote lor .Mr. Whiter. We believe that
.Mr. Meliale has been a falthlbl ollleer.
and we .now he has been honest
and cjinietcnt in tlie discharge of hi du.
tie-; but we do not know that he wl-hes
io occupy me omee oi uny jiarsiiai an
other year. The olllcc i not one to be
dclred. Ho who. lining It, dop Ids du
ty, will be dislike 1 by a large element In
tlie community the active element the
womelcineiit.and will havebutfewnotlve
supporter among those who endor-o
hint. This wo do know, however, that
Mr. Mcllule ha not nked .Mr. .Morris to
make any plmlg,; to lihn ha not a-ked
1 1 1 in to even consider his claim for the
otllee of City Mar.hal, and doe not in
tend to make Mich a renuc.-t of hint. He
doe not propo-e to encumber Mr. .Mor
rh with hi weight.
lint I Mr. Winter Justified In using a
weapon of this kind '; Ifhesay: "You
ought to eleet me, because Mr. Morris
will not appoint a proper man to lie City
Marshal," Is It not id duty to tell who
he propo-cs to appoint to that olllee V If
he van to Mr. William Scott, the colored
iwllllcinn, "I will appoint you, and you
will h; safe in your own hand," and
then iy.s to his friend who object :
"That i nothing; the Council will not
cmtirtn him," is It not hid duty to let
the people know these facts? If he ha
determined to appoint Mr. I.ane, or the
Crystal Saloon, City Mar.hul, or Mr.
Coyne, ot the Old Dthnonlco, should he
not, since he 1 attaeklnu' Mr. Morrl in
tiii way, say so'r
Hut. In truth, wc presume Mr. Winter
doe not propose to publish his prospec
tive otllenrs Manhul, Jailor and police
men. He lias them In lilt mind's eve. no
doubt, nnd who they will be the public
may utrinlse; but, certainly, he ha not
b en so foolish as to publish their niinn
even among lit associates. Tliat Mr.
llorrls has been lei wis1: limn hi we du
not believe; and thU wo know, that Mr.
Meliale ha made no application to him
directly or Indirectly for any ollleu and
does not Intend to make, sueli applica
tion. ioiio.sii::
We are not one ol thoie who are con
tlimally eomplaluliig tliat the member
oi our hute Legislatures take too much
time in the consideration of the buslnes
submitted to thum. On tlieoontrnrv. we
believe, and in fact know, tliat not
enough time is spent in consideration of
such business. It would lie to tlie ml van
tage or tllO SUltei If the lel.lnliiri.8
pasted not half as many bills at they do,
and look at least twice as much time for
the consideration or tlio-o they do vah
u Ii now taken in the consideration or
the many laws enacted. Wo do not
therefore say to the member or the Illi
nois General Assembly : "Go Home,"
because wo believe they could have ills
posed ol tlie lni.lncw submitted to them In
less time than lias been employed by them
in its consideration. We say "Go Home"
to them, because thulr conduut has be
come absolutely scaudalou. In tho Sen
nt they cflU noli other "dog." nl in
the House snarl and bark like n kennel of
angry cur cacli with his bone. In th"
lloue there I enacted almost daily
seen. disgraceful to tlie State of Illinois.
The chair, "running" without help from
any person on the lloor. ha earned a bad
reputation, nnd tlie members have be
come noted for their turbulence. A
member a. something; and tho retort
I: "You're another;" tlie Speaker rap?;
then all the members ri-e at once nnd
nil talk at the same time; the people in
tlie gallery are sure a "menagerie ha
broke looje," and the thing adjourns
in confusion. For awhile we
wire told, that thl condition ol af
fair was attributable to tlie Republicans,
but lately the Democrat and Independ
ents have been at If "hammer and
tongs," and dl-gr.i.vful scene' arc of
dally occurrence.
Dfmoemf."l denounce you ns un
worthy the coniiilence of any member on
this lloor."
Ind'jrndcnt. "You're another, and I
don't propose to be ehoked oil' by you
and your railroad lobby. I'll dlo 'right
here before I will be bullied in this way."
The Independent draws a knife, and
lays It on his desk-. The Democrat -cowls
at the iiideiH'iident. The ehalr eiles;
"Order!" lion adjourn In confusion.
This was it scene enacted in the House
l.i-t Tuesday. No llepubliean took a
hand In U. It wn a row conduct! ov-clu-lvely
to our political family the.
Happy Fanillv of the Democrat and In
dependent. Already the people are di-gu-ted with
conduct of this kind In our General As
sembly, and If the majority were forty
time our political friend we would 'ay
to them: "You are inak; the de
fent ol the Opposition a certainty. You
are dl-graclng your.-elf and friends. You
have become more than useless. Go
Itlioile Isl.mil i;ieellon.
i'uoviDE.vii:. I!. I., April ".The
Slate election occurred to-d.iy. The ques
tion ot reiK.al ol the prohibitory law par
tially broke up political parties and ren
der the ela llleatlon of As-cniblyineii
hnpo-ible. There is no election ot Gov
ernor or I.ieuteiiaiit-Gosernor, but the
remainder ot the Republican state ticket
I elected by a very la rue in.ijorltv the
largc-t ever given In "the state with
three ward and three town to hear
Ilonry l.ippett. regular Republican.
Mipportcd by tlie Liquor Denier- League
for Governor, ha- 7.0? I; Rowland ('.
Hazard. Independent Republican, sup
orlwl by the Prohibitionist, has ,:mi
and Charles R. Cutter. Democratic. -I 31.1.
In tin- el'v only tnree of the A embly
meii are elected, and they were run on
the regular Republican mid Democratic
tickets. Whether l.ippett or Hazard
-hall bo ejected will probablv depend
upon the result or ubptent election of
As-eiiibl vineti In till- city and Warwick.
wh.p'. hI-o. there wa- no choice.
PnovtriEXCE. 1.'. I.. Anril 7. Return,
from the entire State, except iilack I-land
;:ivo Haard s.(.1: l.ippett. SJnij. cm-!
ot. u.i.i. .i;ijiriij inr uepnoucau candidate-for
Secretary of State. Attorney
General mid Trinsurcr I between 11,(k)
and 12.000. The vote U the largest ever
cast in this State, with one execution.
1 lauid ha a plurality in ttie citv and
county ot rrovlileiiee jiiul oiiii!ie- of
Newport and Wa-hington. Cutler has ;
tihmility In Ivent and ilrl-tol counties,
i'liere arc twenty vacancies' in the Gener
al Aenibly. and the election ol Cover-iiordipend-
upon the party iiee's-ful hi
lllllng the vacancies. At the next trial
tho choice i between Hazard and l.ip
pett. The friends ot the latter claim a
majority of the members o far elected.
Wasiiixcton. April 7. As-I-tant At
torney General Hill re-lgncd to-dav, to
take ell'ect on the approaching adjourn
ment of the Supreme Court. A llr.-t as
sistant he has had chief charge. In con
nection with Mr. William, of govern
ment cncs before that court. Ill work
both there and in the olllee has been -uch
a to .secure for hhn the character of it
most in .iistilou, able and elllelent olll
eer. With the .lu-tiee of the Supreme
Court he ha gained a high standing, and
his resignation Is much regretted.
General Jieal.v. late Culled States Mar-
hal for Alabama, who is ill-placed by
Senator Spencer, to make room for
Hliid-.just ilisiulssed by -ho President
lor complicity in the postal contract
fraud, was to-day designated for tenp
.mil-re i.nrin'. or tne t'onrt ol t a in.
ha indicated hi Inteiitlou of re.s"iiin''.
and hi place will probably lie given to
Commissioner Dougla, the change to
take place in a short time.
The C'iirr.riiiir IViiiiiIs.
Washington, I. C, Anril 7. Tlie ex
posure of ihe fraudulent contractors In
the Po-t-otlleo Department ha eau-eil u
great sen-ailoii, not only among the as
sociate oi tnose (liicctiv uterestei . but
In nil postal contracting circles. In the
tatter named quarter mere is irreat un
easiness nt the di-eoverv that special
agenti have been examining the rial
character nud frequency of service per-
formed upon some of the large t and
mo-t c.ien-ivc stage routes in the ex
treme UcM, In fact, investigation of the
fact, connected witli awards of all late
contracts ha but Ju-I begun, and It was
necessary to proceed lit the department
with the utino-t caution in order to lire-
vent arousing the u-piciou ot tho-e im
plicated. Now further examination will
proceed openly and with vigor.
Mv,vrms, April 7. At Itrownsville,
Tenn., la-t evening, Robert M. dim.
County Court clerk, was .hut and killed
In hi otllee by tw o brother, named Hcnrv
and lily liond.
The former was a lawyer and adminis
trator of an estate, during tlie settlement
of which, some days Mnee, be (Mcdlln)
had an altercation In regard to the clerk's
fees, which rculleil In the two brothers
going into Mcdlln's olllee lor aii. fac
tion, ami It H reported on enter n.. ilw.
otllee that Henry produced n pistol, when
Mcdlln rose from nis seal and exclaimed,
"I am unarmed"' Without replying,
itond Hied nt him. Mediin closed "with
hint ami attempted to seize the pistol,
when lily tired several shoi,and ho fell
dead. Miot eight times. The liond sur
rendered and were to have an examina
tion to-day. 'J'lie ail.iir has caused great
excitement, as all the parlies are proinl-
ueni (inizeii-. .Mcilllii leases n wile and
one child
fionitlie f. llowinj? vjintUsof Pi Itu II WP
At Ha rr Hooil.
Doit and Llhl llmbma.i nHij ,n,j PuurldKO
Uiriniiki llrnwuaiid W hllr Wlmnui llouduni
nA sliver On y Dorking
I u arrant our. !, nil nl (A( Il flnTr.fi V-nra frt
IUtcii. Jflheyibj noli will i.phceiluiu at W
Clillif in I ,,.,.11.
bni. slamp for circular.
Mnrlboio. St-nk ()untv oun
M-3-1) wet
rjUlK llfl.t.KTIN I iiuMi-halrtrry muttilng
(except MoniUy) in the Italklln DulMloff, cor
ner Wnhiiiston nuuue snd TwelAli trecl
Tin: IlfLLCTis I -errisl to city utscrlts.rJby
fallliful carrier t Twenty-1'lvc Cent a Week,
payable wwVly. IlyMsl!, (In a.lvncc), 10r
anntimi tlxamntl: $i three minths, Mi one
niunlli, i 2J.
1'uMl'linl every Tlinrs.ljy inurnln;at 1 "
pcrnnnuin, uiVHrlaMy In ".lvuuce. lhejiostujc
on the We.kly will t- prepuld at this office, o
Ihnt ubicrlliers will eltnln fnr a !iibscrlitlon
rice of 41 u year.
Il A I L V .
Iluslnesj Cnnli, persnniun V W
One Sfpiare, one Insertion t W
ine square, two Insertion", 1 50
1 1 lie iiuire, oncwrtk 2 5.1
One wttaic, two wiLs ...,.... 3 M
One "nwie, tliti- wirks,. M,. 4 ci
fine ture, ore month 10
W K r. K I. V .
Ou! vpistv, one lnnIlon, ft to
leh .W,.it iDHIttnn, .VI
J'J-'Oiie Ih.'Ii Is a .iisir.
tS'To rtxjlarftliertbrr4 wroDVr superior In
duomcnt", Iwtli ns to ruin ot clis.r?i nnilnun.
tier of lliUylnR their f.ivori.
J.V,!ilfc in loasl rohinin limitol for Klf-t'-n
luiH it Hue for one Insertion, 'twenty
Citit- a tine for two Insertions, Twenty-Five
Ccnii n line for Dine hiirrllon', Thlrty-Klie
Outs a line for one ctk, nud Seienly-VIre
Cents a line for 011c month,
Communications upon subjects of gen
eral Interest to tho public nollclteJ.
rAII ', f,r shr.uM la.MixK. ti
JOHN It. OIlhlM-V,
I'nsji.knt euro llullciin Compmiy.
Evansvillo. Cairo and Memphis
Steam Packet Co.,
Paducah, Shmvnoctown, Evans
villo, Louisvillo, Ciuoinnati
and nil way landings.
rv unrivalled tldc-nliecl Mnrnin
11 i
Ton Ll:n ..
II. 'I Hum s .
W 111 lemc l.vnnsiilllef.irlalroeM-ry MO.Ml.W
and IllfllsliAl ut I o'clock p in.
I.rir 1 dlroiury 'I II.'-IIAV and Ki:II!.Y..it
I. li '."I'K'lc ((. Ill
Hio i lrirnn' ide-nhil -tinnier
Ilrs Howakii Master
Walteii II i'r.vM.si.ii.v Cli-rk.
Will Imve l.v;inUlli f.n l.nlro evrry TL'KS-
li. Y umt Kltli'Al HI loYIockp in.
Will ImirCnlruriery W KI)NKlAYiid-AT-
I'lillA Y Bl li oVliK'li p III
The 1 l.'anl mli -h'IihI -tenmi r
-I'liiM ma lit Jim
Ions r Matter.
.M.w W n.LisM Clerk.
!,o.iie Ktmisville for nir . i nrv WKDNK4-
Hiei s. 1 L il.vlii at r. p m
U'uies Caiio fiery lilt llsU.v Y mid Sl'.N'DAY
hi 0 p 111
Kncli bo.it mikci close eonneelloiis nt Ciilro
Willi nrm-clm flcmiiTH f.ir m l.ouU, Mem
phis mid .New Origins, und tit Kvunsiille wlih
Hit-1: AC JC.lt for ullpointi North mid Kuit,
and with the I.ouls villu M.11I trjiiieri fur nil
jiolnis on the Upper Ohio, pun through re
ceipts nn fivlKlitu nud pajMiien to ull points
I 'or further Informillon ajiply to
OI,. hlt,Vi;it, l'ii..vnger A?.-nl.
IIAM.lt) Y IWIOs , j .,,.,
I. .M. rilll.i.ips, 'Mscnt.
Or 111 ( .1 i.UAMMKK,
Miperlnlendeiit and General 1'reiirht A vent,
1 -i-'-D-ly 1. van. Mile liidUim.
Chancery Ketiee.
T.ir. or Illinois, Ali:.x..micr ( 01 ntv,
In the Circuit Court Ma tertn, A. I) 17:.
."Rrnh.l I'hi.ni v .tuhn I) Uuiiii, Moe II.
( hiniii, .Ijnic W. Chisin, John thUin .Maiy
."incUir, Nimuel Miie.l.ur, M.irtin K Miidiii,
1 Urn Hell 1 lilain, Will lum 1. 1 hiim. Murtha ,
V i'hi.-m, Mary Chlmn, .Martha I I11-111 Victoria'
1 hi-m, Doc Nli'hnla, Klithetli I.jneh Itoltrt
Lynch, talifonuu Oliver,. lame Olnrr, 'I homaa
.SirhoU, June sawyer. Noah -aw yer, Caioline
ltollllla(in,.Iollll ltoblin.011, Itilrv I hUm, Wil
I1.1IH Itobiuioil, llnlxTt Uollii'iiii, lltliiciii Hub
In. on, und June ItnbliHnu - llni f,,, I'urlilinn
Allld.ivit nt tlie iinii-lesnlen e of John I).
Chism. Mn-es II. I lilsin. John Chl.in.Miry
Sinclair, sainuil 'Inclulr, .Murtha 1 hiro, N ic
torw 1 liism, Mury (.hlsin Doc Ni. hoU, Kluu
liclh Lyne.h, Holier! Lynch talir..rm.t Oliver,
J.inic. Oilier, 'thoinua Nichols, .lano awrer,
Noah Stwjer. Ciiroline lluliluaon Jnlm Itohln
.011, lliley hUin William lloliinum, llohert
Uolilnsoii Ilehecca Holiinaun and June liohin
fon 01 the ulime named defendant, having Ucn
tiled In Ihe clerk' olllre of Ihe aid 1 Ircult
1 ourt imlicc l Iherefiiru hereby plieu lo yon
Ihe aald Ji.lili I) ( hum. Mosei 11. I hlmn, Jnhu
,i hliini .Mury Slmlnlr, haimiel SlncUIr, Mar
lha Lhi-in, Victoria i III. m, Mary t hUm 1-uc.
MchoU, l.iz.iheth l ynch, ilol.ert Lwich, lull,
furiiia Oliver Jamei Ollur, Thomun Nichols
Jane aw(r, No.ih uw)ir, l arollne Itobiiinon,
Jnlm Itobinsnn, lliley ihlMii, William Hobin
mn, Itobert Itobinson, !elHra Itoliinson and
Jjiie Itolmuon, that the coniiluinrut 11M h.r
bill ol coiuiil.ilnt In cait court, on the chancery
tide theiv dun the Mil day of April. A I) , 1S7A.
ami iherinpi.il a niunnions Imiicd out nf mild
c iuri, reiiiriiaoiiM.n Ihe .'id .Monday In the month
of .May in t a is by w iwMilrfsl Now unlem
j.u, ui ' uu.,, iiiiimsi iieienuantn. ninit
pt r.oiullv tie and appe-ur before Ihe court on the
tlrtilayof ihcneuierm thereof, lo beholden
in aim uir uic aiu county, on theJ-l .Monday In
May next, and plead, anewer or ilemur.to the
mldciiinplainaiit'a bill of complaint, Ihe a.vne
and Ihe lujiter. and HunKs therein charged und
taint, will beiaicn a, Conft hcl. ami a decree
entered against v.mi acrorilinnlv. lo the wraver
or ram ui ItKrillI.N 8 YOCL'M, Cferk.S
l airo. Ills , April Mh, 1-7.V
( randall A Linear, solicltnrs for Complain
" c. 4.tJ-4t.
Shoriff's Salo.
Bi virtue of two certain exicitllonn to me
' dins-Jill bv the Clerk of the circuit I'ourt
of Alcsjindci counly, In , tate of llllnoia, 111
ravorof tlio sotithwutcrn linurnnre i.onipany
lor the ii-c of John llniman, Jtecelvir. and
against Win J Allm ami II . W'uUon Webb, I
bale Uvie.1 upon the followlni.' iktrrlberl nron-
eriy, n thecf y iif tulro, county or Alexander
Vm1'. ' 1,rf ""hoi", lo-wlt Lot numbeieiUlx
(il). in block numWrcd twenty nine C.'j), the
, li ii-"ui'i ii ivnibon ienn. which i
liaUuflir at public sale at the unttthw-iit door
ol thetoui t fiouM.., In ihe city oi i alro, In the.
nt . i- --,vn-ni , l, UllV III llllll'IIH, VH ,,IV
.lit (lay of April, A I). 1874, at the hourof
" u ni , lor ran, 10 aimy aaui
"'""' ai.i.a. ii. nini.s,
, nhtrlff of Ale. under County, llli
''. HI Aplll 1, IK75 f-i.wvt
ItK.SlDK.SCKi No -il Ihlrteenlli Mrett, U
Iwcen Wa-hington avenue and Walnut itreet
OrnCK.North aide of Klghlh atrcet tie
tVTeeu ConnuercL-il and Uahlutoiiulciiiie
ItKSIDKNCK Corner Ninth and Walnut
OKFlCEi Corner Sixth tiTvt and OhloUvie.
OrriCK llOUHSi Front On m. liln , and
from i to p in
j-n. W. BLATJW,
German Physician.
OKFtCK. IluderV Illwk, (up-ftali), corner
Rlghth tntt and Washington ariiiiir
.itlorncy a( I.tur.
OFFICII Klghth Sirwt, lietwecn Commet
clal and Wasklugtoti aleiiucv
Attorney at I.niV.
OFFICK Otilo Lctre, over Wiin formerly
occupleil by l'lnd Natloiul Hank,
Attoriuvs and Counselor.,
at liiuv.
OFI'ICL ihln Ivi-, riHinis 7 and
City National I Link,
William It linen.
Wllli.im li (iillH-rt,
Mill- Fierk Ollls-it
0.al'lal attention given to Admirnlly oi.d
slunboat buiiict
Insurance Agent,
OIZXO Xj 32 3313.
Over Matbuu k Uhl'i.
NONK but Flnt-ClaM Coinpanlei itpre
Insurance Agents,
City National Bunk Building, np-itain.
Tho Oldtat Eatabliahod Aircncy In South
ern llllnoia, rapreaentliicr ovor
805 000,000.
Prices to suit the Times.
WholOBfilo Figures, but No Credit ! I
Mrs. O. McLEAN,
Next Door to Stuart & Gholson'B
HAT., Hnnnct. Klnwers.s, Lore, Itiljlir.n,
Mlks, Velvet, 'lie, Kiirlilnir. t'.i--N,
Kl'l (ilincs, Hosiery, Worxtnla.
Alio the "Ijillci' Dress liefnrm
Anil all Hie new slyle of trlmniliiK Silk for
."-prliiK anil Mimmer.
Q"'liee Ki'i'U Hill lie mill at very low flir
lire, for LAMI ami CASH ONI, l-l.-."jf
Fashionable Barber
Uetween Waohinirton and Comraerciul
SherirTi Sale.
TDy virtue of an execution to me Jliectnl by
XJllie fieri of tlie Circuit Court of Alexander
County, In tlivbtate of lllinoin, in fin or of At
freil 11. siaironl, umlirnee of Alrxamler It Inin
anl uKulnst John II. llrown. I linio ltvli-il up
on the lollowlns ilescriliisl pruiwrty, In the
uouiny oi Aieiauuer anil niuu: ol llllnoia. lo
wit All Die rlKlit .title un. inlrn-.t of m.i JIiu
II llrown In una to the Northwest quarter of
the Motithweat riuurtcrof Jii-clluii thlrty-om, (.Jlj .
in Townalilnflrteen (15) himlli, auil In Itinigu
one (I) went ofthc thinl 1' Jl ,iil.o block nuin
wru one iw. ikii ui , wueu uj, inur uiuvi
til, alx (), seven (7) and elitht () in Ihe town of
Unity In miI'I county unit Mate, as Ihe propirty
of.uM.lohn II llrown, which 1 shall olltr at
Tublle fale at Ihe South-wrst iloor nf Ihe Court
Iloii.t-, in the l Ity of Cairo, In Ihe County oi
Alexnuileranitfitutcoflllinolii on the nineuenlh
(jOih) ilayof April, A. 1) , 175, at the hour of
ileien o'clock, A it., for canh.to eatitfv talil
hKUtlon AI.KX II lltVIJs-,
hherllTof Alexander County, Illinois.
Cairo, III , March 30lh, 1B75.
7 3..VI.W3I
BherlfTi Sale.
"OY xlrtunnt un cxistntion to mo illrrcttsl by
O the Clerk of Ihe Circuit fourl or Alex.
aiider county, in the Mate of IlllnoU, In fat or of
Ihe Southweatern Insurance Conipuuy for the
use nf John Q. Ilurnun, ItireUtr, and in?ulut
tWIlimJ Allen nnd II, Watson Webb, I haie
levlislupon the followinn de.cilheil property,
In the city ofC'nlro, eounty of Alexander and
Mate or lllinoin, tu-wit Iit numUred II (')
In block numbered thirty-two 131), aa the proji
erty of the -aid II, WalHon Webb, which I ahall
pflcr at iiubllc sale, at lliu aouthweit door of the
Court Home, In Ihe city or Cairo. In the county
of Alexamlir and Mate of llllnoia, on the ait
day of April, A I) U7i, at tho hourof eleven
o'clock n ni , for cash, to aatlafr auld exi-eu-tlou
AUKX. 11 lltVIN.
Shcrlfl" of Alexander connty, lll
Culro. m, , April I, ie7i l-t.wvt
1U IT-
- M-
Wi; .uli, it o.rrcpoiv!iii.-c and nplirt fimn I)!'..wi J I'M irln und Oeneral Mnr In win
ol (.-'Hull in our line Mi-nmlioat, I'L.Mul -m i. 1 I'.uii.iv Mi-lieir.e (.!. Iunilhs m .
nil.sl Willi n-liablc limit at rnwonahle r-ile-
74 Ohio Lveo.
Importer and Wholesale Dealor in
jpoxvmxGrisr jistjo domestic
Wines and liiquors
Keeps n full Ht ck of
o ntxi c l.y DBovix'laoii,
Monongaliela, Rye and Kobinsoii County
3BE3C S S 9
WL IEaa! X S'T IHj 9
The Sprague
Should be solj Ir the Hardw-ar
Goods Trade etr
:: :rrr: rvrzr :::: :r :r.: ta:::
I " "f
knabe Pianos! A X
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
nml Retail
.iJi'AIL-. -fa O:1
M' mj
I Waahtntor A v., Cor. 6th St.
Can Opener
I Canned
II7M fiii .s,u,i,r, '(., rccrtjit nf HJ Cnit$.

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