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fJ)JC. JJHU Villi
Keeling Mntff r on V.yvry rngc.
JOHN If. OBEItkY, Kdltor.
Volskv Voitamb Smith Im. liccn np
pointed I". K consul to St. Tliontn,
West ImliV".
'I'm: Internal revenue receipt for April,
iimler the new tax law, nmounted to
Goih.ovk Oimi, tliuuew Austrian
minister, leaves New York fur the ent of
his duties on Satunl.iv.
Tiik Hon. Win. S. Uroehcek, of Clu
einnatl, h.-mlon.-ite I llfty.tlioiis.nul dollars
as a perpetual fund to pay for open air
concerts In Unmet Wood Park.
I'noMi.Nr.xr Catholie.i of New Vork
City have presented Cardinal McClokey
with n carriage, liore mid harness a
innjrnlllcent establishment bellttlmr the
dignity of Ills new position.
I'iumiukxt Uii.vNnutil the cabinet will
leave Washington to-morrow morning'
for Lexington and Coneonl to take part
In the cetitiMiulal celebration- nt those
The Inttitigaior w, that "nine men
out of every ten In Cairo dcMrv a change
In the city government.'' What kiwi of a
rlianff? Will Mr Winter plve them this
eiianpe Ihey wish ? It so, what ehane
Mill lie give to them?
d.vx nitv.v.v r iti:.vn.
Dan Bryant, the prince of negro mill
trelf, died In New York on last Satur
day. He wa born at Troy, New York,
In May, ISM. and was consequently not
quite forty-live years of nge at the time
of his death.
I lie Philadelphia Tunt, n Joiirnnli'tlc
venture now about a month old, ha" ob
tallied a circulation of about thirteen thou
I'and copies which tnakos it second only to
the Ltdgtr among the Philadelphia pies-.
The Timtn U an opposition paper.
u-ignain oung pav lie will never
give one dollar to help educate another
man' child. And the old gentleman Is
perfectly excusable for living so. If he
ha the sixty, or thereabout', youngster
of lils own, taught to spell and read and
write he will do all that can be reasona
bly expected of him.
tiii: i iiihii Ti.ici.
Grant's Washington organ says that
the third term movement Is becoming
daily more popular with the people. The
Washington correspondent ot the Chica
go 7Vim say this assertion Is supposed
to lie a reflection ot the opinion of the
people In the White Home, and In this
lle,ht, the organ Is probably correct.
doi:n xor uiw suoiiriu.Y.
I.lkc lore, the course of the Wheeler
compromise does not rim smoothly.
Some of Its advocates desire Wiltz to
withdraw in order that a speaker le.s ob
jectionable to (Jrant, .Sheridan, etc., may
he elected. WJItz objects and reftee.,
says a special dispatch, to be made a i
burnt ollorlng for the gratltlcatlon of the
men In power.
nt.Kciii.it a.m .'tns. .moi'i,ton.
Jir. iteeciier denies einpiiatiealle evcrv
statement made by Mrs. Moiiiton on the
witness stand, and his denials haveraNed
the question of truthiiilness between him
and that lady. As between the two. it Is
intlnltely more probable that Mr. Ileeeher
Mould deliberately perjure himself by
false swearing to free himself from the
charges under which he rests, than that
Mr Moultou would lend herself to a
con-plnicy the like of which Is new in
the annals of Infjiny. Mr. Ileeeher him
self charartiTfcfd hern one of the no
blest of her sex. If he is not lying now,
he was wonderfully mistaken lii hi esti
mation of her character.
AMinimiT ami tiii: staii:
During the grand row in the House on
Saturday last. Hon. F. K. Albright, hi a
H-hciw-nt speech, denounced the Kepub
licaiis of the Assembly with great vigor.
He was evidently anxious to Indulge In a
ll'tle physical exertion that would prove
to tlie Republicans that .Southern Illinois
could not be cowed. Mr. Albright'.,
manifestation of pluck gave great offense
to the Itadiesls of the House, mid Ihey
pro ure, tlie HUilr ,outW to charge that
he had deserted from the army.
(h, Monday, after Hie llou-ehad llteii
el to the eounter protci-t of the Dctuo
Ciats. Mr. Albright ro-e In his place to a
pruned question, and quoted the
paragraph from the Journal In which he
had Wn charged with desertion, proed
by tlie records that he bad been honora
bly discharged from the nrinv. and that
whendurgfd with desertion he was a
prisoner of war. He declared hi, Inten
lion to hold the oduor personally respon
alble unless he should inake'.ihc necessary
correction In his paper.
.1 i.nu mimoer oi ino J,.u,w
the "ncces'ary correction."
Xo rni:r. nciiooi.s run
'run mii .
The forty-fifth annual conference of the
Mormon church, in se.vim, flV(, ,iavSt
closed on last Sunday. The latest at
tendance iinmliered lire thousand lire
hundred saints, llilgham Yminr.
the principal speaker, and the burden of
his speech was denunciation of the free
school system. Ho declared that thme
who clamor for free schools are the peo
pie who pav no taxes, mid that he would
i'cr nay one dollar
He ucato other men
t. lt . .
iiei e.es uie free schools do harm
and harm only ,, tllat ieIrt.,rwt,
be found In Jails, gambling j,0II,P, m,;,
densofinlnniy. Kl,l r 0. q. cannon,
also meniberof congren. hk.Vi, bitterly
against the public kchool. denominating
the system as ono having & tMKiccv t
paupcrlzo people. To give rb, "jrw
schooling was next to Rising them fiee
food and tree clothing He nilvi.nl the
"saints" to spend less money for whisky,
tobneco and Indulgence of other a Its,
and they would then have money enough
to educate their children without depend
ing on the public. This wholesale de
nunciation of the Tree school syIeni has
caused Intense dlsall-fiirtlon among
many Mormon , notably the Scandina
vian clement, and ha detrojed the hope
entertained by both (icutllc unit .Mormon
teacher of the passage of a bill author
izing a ehool tax.
o.MiM.n i:tauv iti:soi,i i io.nh.
The City Council, nt the ineetlug on
Tuesday night, tinanlinou-ly adopted res
olution thanking 111 Honor, Mayor
Wood, "for the elllelent and Impartial
manner In which lie has presided." and
expressing the belief "tliat In hi retire-
inent the city will Ion- not only an elll
elent executive but aNo a good and faith
ful public set rant."
We heartily concur with the Council.
Mayor Wood' administration has been
exceptionally benclleial to the city. Ili
um! the council have labored to do what
ever w.m possible to advance the Interests
of Cairo. Kconomy ha been :i rule they
have never departed from: the side
walk, under the careful eye of (ialllgan,
have not caught any unwary pedestrian
and made the city liable for damage, and
yet the amount of money expended upon
them hasbeen veryniall ; the police force
under McHalc, has been elllelent and
faithflil, and there Is no elty hi which life
and property are more secure; the public
debt has been reduced, and scrip h is been
brought to par.
It may be said, that nothing ha been
done to build up the city. True : but
what could the Mayor mid Council do
backed by citizens who seemed to have
no disposition to help in the work of
pushing the elty ahead'!1 They had no
means not a cent hi the treasury, which
had been empty for eleven yeats. The
best they could do was to labor to get the
city into a good ilnanelal condition, and
this they have done.
During the next two years the poller of
economy should be pursued, and some
thing done to take advantage of the op
imrtuultytliclHtlldlngof.hu Kid's Jet
ties will afturtl in to make Cairo the mt re
pot of the Southwest, to devise way ami
mean to lift from the city the railroad
and other bonded Indelitedues that Is
weighing upon in so heavily, and to en
courage the Ineoiniiigof manufactim r-.
Now Is the time for this work, and this
fact the people, In making llp their minds
about candidates, should not forget.
Thoe w ho hare concluded to roto for
Mr. Winter for Mayor should remember
that It will be a dangerous experiment to
elect him that he Is not a well-balanced
gentleman, and Is liable to run into
oxtruragauces of policy; that lie I the
open advocate of doctrine that would
render lcs secure the person and purses
of visitors ; that he denounces the nolicv
ofhavlng scrip at par. and would proba-
niy urine;ai)outa condition of alV.drs that
would compel the city to pay one dollar
lor every iiuy cents worth of services
rendered to it. The election ot Mr. Mor
rls would not be an experiment. He has
been a member of the City Council du
ring the past two years, mid Is Idciitllied
with the policy of economv that ha dis
tinguished Mayor Wood's admiiiistra-
tlon. He ha no L'tonian ideas-
Is not an experimentalist but
would administer the all'.drs of the city
carefully. He would not appoint n po
lice force that would permit gambling to
be carried on with bolduc, and confi
dence men to Hock to it In droves. He
would not pursue a policy that would
make scrip a drug on the market ; but. In
sisting upon all necessary improvement,
make them at as little cost lo the treas
ury as possible, euloree tlie ordinances
with fidelity, anil do his bet to adranee
the interests of the city. He would tiso
every endeavor to induce manufacturer
to settle in Calro.and ue all the Inllueiiee
he could command to take advantage of
everything that might contribute to our
prosperity. At the worst, with Mr. Mor
ris, wc can lose nothing ; at the bet. with
Mr. Winter, wc way lose nothing he
may prove to be a good .Mayor. It is al
ways best to be on the safe side.
The .S'faff lieg,ttr, in an article on
"The New Party." strikes at us In this
way :
Wc are not at the end of our list of one
converted editors, for our old friend
Oherly, of the Cairo HulUtuu rises dark
on our sight, lie was for a new nartv In
Wis. when he held a hall-lnlere.l In 'tin.
Chase patent for Illinois, and he W:is I'm'
ii third or thirtieth nartv In ls:- mi i.
was for a still newer part v, or a parlv of
higher numerical power. 'In Is;,), when
lie made hi. railroad tiecch In Hie bou.e
of representatives He Is probable for a
more novel organization just now, but
we are quite sure that, long belore l,7ti,
the work of Ids political chronograph
will have worked around lo either de
mocracy or republicanism.
N e have no objection to try the i-sue
of political consistency with the liq;t, ,-
In Ms we weienntln favor of a m w
parly, In the sense of desiring the dis-
bnndmcnt of the Democratic party ami
the organization ol another political party I
to take Its plaee opposing tlie Itepublican
party. , At that time we advocated the
pouey or abandoning the Issues
ol the war of the rebel
lion of admitting that the peo
Pie of the Southern Statis had
Ix-en lUfcateJ.that slavery had been abul
i'hed. tlmt It would bo a rcvoIuMimarv
act to attempt by force to undo the r.".
suits of the comllct, that , ,lill4iuj
uew stiouui i,e honestly naid. and thai a
a pledge Hint the Democratic rortv ,,r.w !
po-ed to act upon thco prm. ipi, s m
good faith, It should nominate II, . s i
Cha'e for the presidency. The li-i...,
denounced us a. not Democratic, ., i
held up Pendleton and hlsgreeiibu. k He -oryas
true Democracy. FidlinK ,,,.
lain Pendleton and greenbacks, ii drojim d
to Seymour and Itlalr, as candidates, mid
a platform declaring for Incidental pro
tection, denouncing the results ol Hie war
as null and void, and asserting financial
doctrines, that no percon could under
stand. Wo protested, and the Rtgnttr
denounced u. Defeat resulted and the
V,ii''-acknoTledgi that the I), :,i lomli
shoui 1 have noinln.iUd ( husi-. n.d ih.it it
wasa crime tontlmk the le-nlt- of the war
Hendricks nnd Vallaudlgham suc-t-ed
the"newdepartun'"to the Democra
cy. We applauded. The llutrr de
nounced. Hut aflerwaiils It Wheeled into
line with the Ut;i.i.KTiSHiid shouted with
it for a departure as new a-a nl.-kle lust
from the mint.
In 1S7J, we delrcd the Democrat to
nominate u Democrat upon a progrele
anew departure platform : hut the
llrgistrr fell III with the Liberal llepubll
cans, niid became a Cincinnati convention
Democrat. We yielded to the iiressiin..
anil gae to Mr. (irceley a hearts sup-
port, n fact weare proud of, forout of that
canvass has grown reult that will be ol
great good to I ho country u union of the
elements of opposition to the Hepuldiuan
party, and a eoulldeiiee in lis strength that
lias led the Itadicul organization Info ml,
takes out of which It cannot iii. In
18711, in the political work we did hi the
Orneral Assembly, wi-laboied to consoli
date the Democratic and aiiti-Mouoiwlv
elements, mid In our inllroad speech vve
laid down principles by which we -taml
to-day principles the Heginitr applaudi-d
when they were pronounced, but which
It may. In aceonlauee with iu dU
position to beat about the bu.h.n'piulliite
In I." I the result of the efl'oHr of tho.e
wllh whom we were laboring In (he Slate
became apparent. The Democratic Cen
tral committee organized the party on u
new bii'l made it tlie Opposition parly,
which by the nomination of Mr. Kiter,
Independent Hcforni cnn.liil.ile. declared
Its willingness to throw down the bars
of exclusive uc and meet all the oppo-
uentsol the Kadleal parly upon equal I
lerms. Ami. u tlie ortfiinlzuliott of the
Ocncral Assembly, the Democrats made
good this declaration by stepping aside
and permitting the Independent Hefonn
ers to organize both the .Senate and the
Tlie llri.i.Kris im.i nothing tocomplaln
of. The advice of thoso with whom It
ha acted In politics ha been always
taken by the Duuioeiatlc party not
promptly, perhap. but at last. The
Hsyiitrr has been one of the papers that
hare held back In the trace, but It ha
idwar walked up to our trough and
eaten of our political o.tN.
'Die r.ouisiitiiii 'iniii-omtsi,
Nnw Oitt.KAN. April la.-In-iiiitioiu
arc Hint the eomtirniiilru or ui).uiincnt will
lie Micecssful to-iu .rrow. bat n thing ut
present Indicates ju.t how tlm thing will
lie done Members of Hie two p irtlcs were
III fxeeiilho ses-hn tu.dny. and II Is stated
Mr. Wheel, r, v ho arrived I .t nldit, ws
with e.'.ih body for a time, but lb Ir
eenlimjs hare not been made public.
A Selnu- Niimi-stonii.
Nmv Vciik. April i:i.a drlv.ng maw
Sturm prev.illcil hern a.l day, oml toa
tlimus tills evening. Ilis);itclies f.om the
interim- of the st ito and e istern portions of
1'. nusjlvanh, say Hi it I tie siww hs fallen
t thi! di'ptli id lUt, to nine liirlivs. 'ihe
slovm cxwiidej 'n It illluioro and Wasbb (.
fiSjTlie Hon. I!. F. Wade Ins declined
to be Hie republican candidate It I lie
uorernor-iiiji ot Ulilo. III. ilrst ivn.sou
as giri'll ill lis fetter, fs Unit Ills roler
not iiong enough lo make u xpeech, and
the second lea-on that he would sooner
ucg lor old clothes than as; any iii'-rtal
man lor olllce. A third reason Is Unit be
cannot iillurd to take Hie nodtlon.
seems cruel, "yet we cannot iirold suiting
ine louriit reason, wnicii .Mr. iVade does
llotL'He. It s that the Democnit e in-i,
ority in uiilo Is about lortv thousand
i ins reason manes an ins other e.xeuws
seem unnecessary.
Tlie Heart Is a ,Voiilc rllll Pump,
tlm valves ol willed oi en and stmt sesenty
or o glity lime, per nilnuto li aiulco'iol c
tlliiul mt be taken nio tdu b md t-:e pump
works much fader, an I tlnstnn dmid -jK-ed
weirs out the sit d uiuhlnory. Al. fie in
toxicating nostrums a. Iveni-e I a-"I tiles,
"renovator." "e rrecllvos" ,Vc , pr..dueo
tln disastrous eilei-t, and h ncn all infill
gent Clulstiiiiis arc tlianktul ili.it Ult
Wai.kkij's Vi:oRT.nr.K Vimioau IlirTfits
an Inrlgorant and Alt. rut.vo without a
sting Dercrjwliro mppluntliig lUesj
proprietary pol-ons. 1-13 Iw
Correi lisl IKillv by i; M Slenrii., eoimnls.iiui
iiiercli.iiil, semiary ut tlie luim lloanl ol
Flour, niTneliiii: to gnuU-
Uorn, llliMll. Mil kill
?i cvto ot
(i sue
corn, white, s.u i,i.(
l Itk, inl.e.
Until, r tun
Meil, uteam ilrusl ,
Ititttt-r, iliuiit .'.uriliirii roll, jweked.
Ilutti r.i'ieiiii' si.iiiiiiin in. pui'liwl ..
limits, per ilnzeii
Clm liiis, iiTdii7in .... $3
iuiki , iirrdiiea
9 J 70
n .IK'
( He
Wo I "0
Aiil i lii'i'.e, in r 1'iin'l
(u l no
..M 0V"3 H
mi 09
Din ins.
r lulli.'li, . . i ! ,
, l r I, in. I
lil'l I'UI ul
Ilt. (1. I.OV.VIT
Il.n taken an flfpmt
1 Miinil llnlil, I mi-,
I ui'.iliij .Veitl I.I
I ii-.ils nil i'liioiiir
.urn irrmnis nt ilirimiml
I i m ,U., i, euiiimeni.-iii
li.c-ic T M'l'.-WllltVI
r inuti-il lu 11 liunri. si am mi uk,:
Hilly i-ure.1. OIUiv li.,m n.,in tii '.., m. u,
,1, ii, i,nn luum- uuiies' iur-
i.i. i-i
Q0nnn nwnUi to scent,
O A U J A'Wi Mi KvrKtsion
rlisnun, Mich
V sry-whre
Jlro i o , llu-l-U-wfl
stoo Ifoi.r; r i- nuts In full con'rol ol
ho Waluty: . n ,,rr, nod Imvlng leuin
i d the wuiit-ul 'iciublie, Is ircirpd ta
nil ply on eel l ''einniids for French lo:if,
Mo-ton, llrouti oid tiritintn bread, met
evtrythiiig else -rdliwrlly leiitul In n llr-t-elnsl)k'
ry. lie m.iiid'ilns a fu I "toil; ol
confectioneries. Mid cm. as well s any
otlier dwder in the city, till nil orders In
Umt line, ck baicd, 'roded or orni
uionted on short notiee. Apedn Inilentlnn
glvon to Uib uMeisol wedding or picnic
.'iirtles. tl 12-tf.
O.vii liOMini.K i n t i:s IH'W and choice
styles prims at xunt A Uliohon'.
fioim-tlilliK Xc.
I Imvejiist teciv d a complete asort
ineiil of Ola's sh.nlcs of nil sizes mid
'hapiw, s.iiliuljle ..r clock, wax flower,
etc., nUo iloss ar t Chenille, and pie
lilesmd Indies' Tnvellng Hmket the
Inrgcst tock ever h;. night lo Cairo.
D. IUhtsi.vn,
Corner Sldi an I Commercial.
.llentloti, 'leie.i uiH of tile ,Sili'
roiiililliiif Hii!ly.
1 luvo s full t(K-k aii I can lw i fld or
derson Quti.,vi,re .md i.l..ir) nt M.
Irfjttls prfien. Tlie foil .wiii!l nllst of what
I hue on liniiil nt .n-s.-i i
f-nmp Cliliiinej-. or nil kinds, by the Bur.
rcl, bii Ol'dnceli,
1,1 I - ol all 'ws and ktnttt.
t"0 illlfweat s:yei and klndi of lUr
fli .
Ump Humeri of all doscrlp Kins.
I.iiiip.wn k. ftoer mu.g, UUa II. fleet r.
rual OIKIian tel..r-, C'n'o St'tUds, (His
Fiult .stands, md In taut ote.y minx in he
t'rovkcry and Ul vswurc linn.
I w II uarimteo to dnpllcata 0v bill
pur.-ha.-il in .-t. Uirn mid glvo c,'im
us .-.o i an u-.oi tnwni, hm my .tock In i em
pb K in t.l kinds I (iiton and lil-wjr.-.
I al o have put up in enk Tor the retail
trad It ichhiif ham and Yelluv. Ware, wh.ili
I wbl at i5 por cent ofT die tegular list
Also a lull line of TmbU and P eh. t Cut
cry, Plated, llrltttt'da, I'ntilu mil IVn
Spo n, sn i Soup ladles Come amli-ic
lory iirlvcs. D. Il.v tvi.vn,
8-tf. Cor, blxtll A Com. Av.
Si I'AHT ,t Oitoi.'io.v nir ofB-rhig Kpcelnl
liurgaiiis in lioslery, to which fliey desire
to call siieelal attention. 4-lWt.
Tim A(co of IMitrGvetT.
W. Wlnti-r. the nls, about to pre
sent to the elii. us .iff.Hlro n new pic
tun', wllh all the coloring of real llle.
Tlw means of working tle-e. ehannlng
and life-like pictures will not lie with
held from the public. The -.,, nprr
andi is as follows : On the right hand
ulile of the camera is attached a mill
which contains the prismatic colors In a
pulverized atate. As Hie colors pass nto
the camera they aro received by a fan
wheel which keep the atoms In
motion. The photographic plato, while
wet, I, then placed In the camera the
sitter being in position. The bundle ol
tlie mill Is g.-uily turned. The cap ol
tube i- removed, the Image ot the sitti.-i
begins to i' nil while pausing through
tlm eolon-d atmosphere, the particles ot
dt fulling where they properly belong.
When, Pn-stol you have nlieautllul pic
ture of yoiir-self or friend.
Mr. W. 1 also making n picture colled
the nonpareil, a beautiful style, unliable
for lockets and miniature eases. Large
assoniiKiit of i he l itter on hand. (Jal-ei-y
open dally,
Vov Rent.
Tsvo (food r, slsleueus on Twcatleth itreet
nciriliu Court House. Alj itio CiLt
Huuie Hotel, at Ijw rent. Inquire at II.
Mo er's Cijfar Star.'. J.vioii Ki.r.i.v,
Tvvo.Iloisie Voicoii for fsnle.
A new W'uxIl lor sale st a bargain.
tf. ply at tuo lii'M.r.rtN com ting.rjoiu.
J. o-i.
Hetweeu Winter'i. Uow and tlto Uclm -
Tlx olllee, somewher" on I'itVeetith street
it 1 Ix'llevcd, a pair of gold spcetuelea.
The Under will be rewarded by returning
the same to lheI5u.l.l.ll.N nlllfie. fit.
Sru.vnT .t Clnoi.su. are oirerlng a
plendld Iluo of ladies' and children's
flue custom made idiocs at 'popular
prices. Theso good, are manufactured
expressly for us and are warranted In ev-
ry respect. 4-1 Wt.
IpIs.1i .Incus.
We now oiler Irish linens, tablo linens
uuil towels at great bargains.
O. Ha i nous A Ci.
I'nrnsol i uuil Kllli Sun riulii'rlliiH,
Htimrt & UIioUoii will oiler uii ilowkiy
uiornhi tin; luindonit -t Inn- o iIh-bo
pioils ever kliowu in tiii- niuila't iiikI Ul
priii's vvliieli tliuy gu.ir.in'i-i- to lie us low
us ollereil by any liotie i:i ihe Wii. An
inspection of their piir.i- il -toek will
amply repay till. Thuy w ill also olF-i'
(Inl ine; tlm vvtcI; tin exoelleiit u-siirtiuuttl
of tuiw vvhii'li will i'Xct'1 in Variety mill
style ituytlilnjj yet oll'ereil hi tins elty,
1-1 Lit.
( !)M llllls,
We still have itioio of those liuvm hats
th.ii imvo I'iiuswl such a rush.
O. II.VVTI10I1.V A Co.
"IVonled-Tii Tr.tllO
A 'u-w liort-e sjovviii MiiLiilno forn tonii
,i - . . ii i iy Ultr. to t'v In ciMi, Apilj
Hi-- o !i 0 ul the lluwo Mlleljitlt) COflip.-Oiv .
i-' i- :.
Hoi i itellel't'iir Yoimi.-.ileti from tliv
1 ii' unit Aliiuid In imly life. Jfi'.i-
' llllil-.lllilruls lu .VllllllilV II-
i n.i'l.o-l ol' tixulmint New iiiiil
" i ni-' liM. Iluo!.. mill circulars rm
e , , - . , liint'loj-M. AilUrco, IIOWAItl)
s in I VIlilN. 4I0N. Ninth mint, 1'lllljllll-
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ltttl)KM.l;: Comer Mulh an 1 VVnlici
Ot'l'K II : Coinw Sltth tliwt Hud Obi i 1 nr.
OKI'ltK llonilS: Promt a III. liiii , m, I
from - tu c , in.
j)R. W. DLAUW,
Gorinnn I'hysicitm.
(iKKItK: l!u,Vr' ItliH-V, (iip-it.slr) , coresr
l:lrlilli strx-lsiiil VVsshinRtiiii uuntte.
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ocil,U.l by tir.l SKll.ilial tksnk,
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olTIi ! Ohio l-VMr, rooms met
I 1 1 N.ili ,hhI Hunk,
W i!lmni II l.i.s-n.
'Villiuoi l, ll.i il
Vli'e. I'rnl'k liil'-vit
I AlliO fl.f.l.VllH,
rA,is isl niicntmn t'ntu to Ailinirulrr mi l
4ti-4tnl4Mt liu-mrss.
r.i;i. i:ta'!':. aiii;xt.
Heal Estate
.Land AeunU of the Illinois Csntml unci
jJurliiifften and Uumoy It. K.
Xorth Cor. Stzth mol Ohio l.ovoo,
CAIHO. lI.t.I.S'or.
4. . MX' II.
2-Xcuso AgtSH'te,
Collectors and Conveyancers.
OFPICB-At th Court Kousk
Elwtion HoUm.
Cns, i.rtK's Orrii r., I
AIM), II I- , Mal-.i l-tll. r7V (
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X 'lh liny ul A,nl, A.n ,lsT',,iihii.trdl rlts
IIihi will l- ht-lil in lhel.il, nTl u, k.stiii'li r
i omity, Maleiil" IIIIuuih, ,ir ll,i-eU-cliii ..l l lie
r.ilIuM-inx iiams"! city oBin , 1,,-wil. ,v nmr.
k ciiy ,-lrrk u city Irewun-r, is eily nlturiiri . u
rlry ii.iH-i,r, hihI unvaMcitnati rnuiim li wiinl,
,i- lli- imii'il iwuteirs. t'erthe ,uri-,T. ,,i
eul,i elei-ll.m. Milla will l,f,. li, ut His- l.ulun
l, ik' i, ,lin-l i-l i.-e-.. Im-wii. In I ur I ir-t i unl ul
tin-In H-k I'li.iiii'.s leni-e lately s.sm-ui -1 l, I..
t' II.im- on ijiv s,,uiln-r! .ul- ol mmii -iti-,1,
U-twi t-ii 1 oiiiiiii reiiil uit-1 W ii-hiiiKtnii .iM-iiii,--.
in I'le -evinl Wiinl .il tliu riiKllH liullse ,. II i
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Wur ihe ( II.-III hiiii- of ihi- Ilil i iinuii I- lie
null), in I in- I ,,111'th Wm-cl hi Hi,- t,.uii
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.1. r "inly i-iiiirt of ,Uevaiiiei-rli,,l) lm n-n-
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tin- iriiK'it U'lieilirt-il li rie
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ton uil'l s.uninier'iliiruiis west shlcel VVurh.
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vast aiilo ! VVusliiuton HirniiH fii.ni t-iiiiiiu
niMli siiis't.) iii.rth aiiliMif l ififi siiisi IV ,ni
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Ill.'ck W imrtti ililei.l :ie, iiih ft-nin VVu.li-itiKl-iii
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l'uplur .tri'i't. icIhkti iMvUiun umi Tut-iii).
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llu-ri-ial HH-niii-si eu.l slav ul vv u-lilnulnii ui
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ou Ilk- in Hie ollli t- i,l tliei'ii) rlirk tin- nt i,r
l Hlro lli.it u u-.n rant for Ihe i:,.lls-ll,in .f r-ti- It
HVsC.MIii'iils is in Hi haiiil- nf lheumleisiii.i-,1
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mi, i (my lliL'iiiiiMiuitci 1WM -.1-.I, t tlu- i-ulh i i,, i -(illli-e,
No. ISJ I i,llillii'ri'iiiliiM'iiue, u ilhin Ihn i
0;nh IV , III tut-iliill-lu ltsil II r 111. Mil.,
I If v Treiisiner l.t I x-iOlei t'illi-i-,.i
Ha'iil llii. 31.1 tluy ufMurch, IsTS
ChcuMry JIotl:c.
State or Illinois. Alkxvsheb ( oi-ntt, ;
In tliu Cirruit ouri 3Ju h-rm, A. I
fiimti-l. riii-m v itohii Ii Lhirin, Mi,
Clil.in. .Lime. l hisiii, John -i i ln-m
slu lull-. s,uiillii sim-liilr, .Marlln I. I Ii
I Im-u 1111 hl-iii, W ill linn I. i lu, in M.,,i
V I'liirin, Mary (,'tilniii, MurthiiLlii-m V i i ,i,
- lll'in, UiM' Mi-IihI ,, I-. I u.i Ik-111 I.;, ni-li I!,, 1 1
l.J-IK'ii, vulifiriiUilllvi'i,,funiu.Oliii'i , I l,.,n,
Nli'tiols, J.UIH -oifji-r Nuuli -nH)rr ( , in,ii
'.oliiiisnn. Jiilin liiilim.iiii. Itihy i lu lu. W
Hum ttolniii-oii, ItoU-rt II, it, In-, in. Ijtlii-n , i ,-!,-Ilison.
anil Jane llitliitimin III 1 fur I'm I in H
Alliilnlll nf tlm iiiin-ie.iilviii't. ut' ,1 l,ni
Uin-in.Mv-c.il liirin John s. thl in M.ny
sniri.ilr, suimii-1 slni-i.ilr, iiniilia i In - in V ,, -lorlu
Llii-iin, Mnry ( iil-iii tine .Sklml-, l.ie
Ik'Ui l, ni'li, Hultf-rr l,)iuh i.ulii'uriiiii mi
luiiii. Oliver, 1 li. in j Mi-iiol., .inue -nu m i ,
Xiuli s iwjir I'nroln.v It'iiiiiisuu .Tuiiii l.'ui-in-miii.
Itlli-y i Ill-Ill VVilliniii i,ohiiii-nii, liniiil
l. linn-, in lli'l.ciscii llulinis m unit .Iinie nl, in
.',11 ul ilieiilute numuil ili-r iiiiiiiits, li iv Ihk I,, i n
il It-, I In 1 1)0 rlrik'a njlln' nt llic -ili'l ' li.'inl
ouri ii'-tliu I tin u f iv lii-ii-ljy phpu i,hi,ii
Hie iil Jiilin i i lin-ni .M'ue, II. i ln-m, .lot, n
s I tiit-m Ihi-j-sinrliiir, s.uniiel -hirl nr, Jl.n
Oil l.lnnin, Vuloii.i i ln-m, .MuiV' tn-iii I'l"-.
Sii-huU, l.lliMljfth I jnch, llolii'it l.riii-li I nil
,lulii UliU'i- .Itiiiie. Oliver, 'l liom.is MelmU
Iniio iiwier, No id Ntwyei', i nrollno Itoliiiisui),
l,, lin linliiii-oii, iilli-y i lilm. Willi im iluliiu
- hi, IIiiIh-iI II, Mil., in. Id, im , -u l!ol,n-r,u nml
l.inu liuliiiii-im, lil.it llic cniiiiliiliit'iit llli-J lis. r
i,ill nl eoinel.iiiit In nl, I t-iiiiit, on il,o i iiaiirriy
-ela lliircfoii tin-Wh i In or Apiil. A , U., Is7.v,
iiel Ihi-K'nn - ii it tiiiniri'iiiH U.iinl out nl'milil
I'. iirt, iviuiuiililroii tliu . .Miiinlaj in Hie ni, n,t It
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OU, till- .llii IllintO II illll, lll'I'l-llll.lllt., rllllll
i i'iiiiiiilly tie innl iiiiCir I -i-f- '-t- tlie rmirt nil t lie
il.nt il.iy nt the next lerin ilii-Kiuf. in u- hnlili'ii ,
in iii-.'l I" r llu- Mtlil i-iiiiiily, on Ihi'.l't M.iii-lay in
M.ij T.ixi, uuil ilet I, uii.vwr m' ili'niiii-,i llu
...iileiiMiiiluiiiitiit'i hill i,l' eniniil lint. Iht-sime
unit the in iflrr,, anil lliin-i tlli-l eill eh tlut-,1 itnil
.tiili'il, will i ,i- in kin a. j i . 1 1 1 1- s -1.-. i . una u initio
. . .... ...... - -- . - - .- ,
i nteieil tiifitinit mil ui'i- milium . In tin1 innvt-r
ol nultl lull 111. I III-N lUi I il, LlflK.
I ran hill Uni:,s.ir, s(J it-iluM fr ".niptln
i ,1 iv. Ml, . Al.rll th ST.
lTHIU tho tinsily tine nf Pi-nilimJ Wcjiknrds.
V I.O-I Mi.i.hwl innl nil
ii by iml I'ltitiiuK or cxitf". Anj DmiKist
luu tiio minuliiiiU,.
Aihlu, IT I.
nif-TONACO .
C'lncliiimll, Vliio
i llllliliiilll UIIUbIb
VJiolcnlii niiit Kotitll
no IT I1 CWSlFfl
u m u it if tM I, ir-
uituairKS, soaps.
A ,71! .Ucit eornrsiMHi'lfni-r iin-l imli-rs ficsr DniBt-Lli It,vl-Ur m.tI rnm Stmn In nnn
r if,Mil in mir lin u.iml,ii 11 .iilkl.on i.i.u I .i.u.lf M."tii in (. lunu.l,"! cr .
iiiini wiia nu u.ie imiKsm nn-,..ui,,i. i
74 Ohio love.
1 '
Impcricr and
Keeps a fall st ck cf
X-5Lon.tviclr.y Bourbon,
Moiiongabola, Hyo and Kobinson County
MANui.'iCTnSD ay;
The Sfraote
sol ! I v
( jij'jil
::r.r: z"Z7 :::: :r :r.: tlx.
nMwiswiutmmmunuwvjmtMAimuiiuuuui.vw -
; Air um a of: tn a wne J A -
; tern i--'r--rm w
dm a41
kJ PAER unUSB orilOAco
Lr. i wr.ij anTOT.TOtLswta'awsCT r. vum-asf. wmmvn-vi'rrsrnj-s .-.
W iiiiiilis 1 m Umm ! lat1
i OILY SI.25 ik YEAR.
-At -
BTC, iiTC,
J KWAiTi & r-Ki:scnTioN
1 -,VnlH.lr Al- rj,f.l,lh9t.
Wholosalo Denier in
Can Opto. 0!&-
I'.. II it.lv.
i J r elt evi . .
1 Canned
I rrr, on ncrljii vf 2,1 Cent:
h 'WML
if ' . . a
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