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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, April 16, 1875, Image 2

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...... M.IK-r "'
'rlnicnik'iit Kt' .at. I.imi.L nm. rfti
!h.wi otl.ce' v l"vc ilccldeil tliat nil
oatli pre' xv'10 ',;,vo 1,1,1 ,a'c" ""'
.noeu uy section iweuiy-iour.
Illlt. of the State constitution, nre
loipttly quMliliMl to net.
Soiintor Gordon, of Oorgl.i. who .u
Interviewed by :t lltmld reporter, s.iys
liv now conslilers tlie Greeley movement,
to wlileli ho w.is .'trnnly opposed nl
tlrst, as the wl-ct polltlinl UJovemeiit In
the history of t1i country.
The color line In Arkiin-.'is. s:iys Mr.
I'li.irltM Nonlliou". Is liroken. Tlie Ueiuib
Ileum nrceorpii'ttlns: with white Demo
crat whose votes they mint -ouip to re-s-.iln
the neriiil.iucy and the iHuutn-riits
he for ii yenrpat been busy lno'tnb
llshltu; trkudly relation- with Intliteiitlai
iii'.r.t-iir.irs i.vsr sr.iiMON.
.Mr. llfeeher's irmo of lu-t Sim .ivy
was jireached from the text. "Thou h:il.
love the Lord thy (od with nil thy he.in
and u ltd all thy'oul anil with all tiii
strength mid with nil thj
mind, and thy neighbor its thyself." II.
might have appropriately wldul "and
thv nclulilior's wife n thyself."
tiii: rusi'Ai. iuaiik.
For yer.s pat, It h.i e i the t'nittd
S'atc one Imiulred lhoitaiid dollar a
year to repair the buy.- "-"d by 1''"
tal department for the carrying of the
malN. This fraud i one which Mr.
Jewell ha jut tll-ooviretl. 'I'll llfty
mall bi"; depositories wliere the rep.ilrhi"
has been done will lie i'..iliiml to three,
one at New York, one at W:isiliu.'toi
mid one at Indianapolis, and the cost o
the repairing will be ivdinvd to twenty
tlmnsand dollar? per year.
tiii; ciii s.inn viiiix
I'he female rusiilers h ive skirted out
afresh III New York, and lietriimin;: :it tl e
itpcr end of the city, intend to make n
clean sweep of all the salonn. in It. Tin
result of the cm-nilr in Ohio, notably h,
Washington, wiiere it bean, are not en
coiiMjtlnj; to tlie women to le;in au'.ilii.
Washington has two more saloons now
than It had before the temperance wai
was Inaugurated. The .viloous are nil
by the sain'! men who ran them before,
with the exception of Van Pelt, who
drinks liquor blui-ell now lii'lead of Jell
lin: it to others, and spend his dine prlt.
'ipally In Jail.
vririMHT Acriox.
The tieiienil A-.t-mMy of tills State
will adjourn nnc nV to-d.iy nt 0 o'clock,
mid will adjourn without having mwh
any provision for the suppression of tin
Williamson county outrages. Hut, pre
bably, the discussion that has resulted
trom the eflort to obtain an appropria
tion to be evpended in bringing the murderer-of
that county injustice will have
a pood ellect. and result In tho paclllea
tlou of the bloody proiiud of .Southern
Illinois. Indeed, there Is teason to be
lieve that the terrorism that has prevailed
In Williamson does not now inspire n
much fear amonp tlie cltlens us it used
to, and It Is believed by many that the
court now in .session at .Marion may re
sult in the pood work of brinpiup some
of the polity men to Justice. Hut these
facts do not relieve the General Assem
bly of the odium that should attach to ii
because of its ucplcct to do its duty in
'he Williamson county matter. We, of
Illinois, have been denouncing Kentucky
nod other .Southern State, as lawless
banditti Suites while in Southern 111!
nois. Ku-Kluxi'in and murder bvlnp ram
pant, our leplslators have niit-cd to do
nnyihlnp to suppress these crimes'.
When next we reproach the mote in the
eye of tlie south, we will be referral to
the beam in our own.
Those cltlens who jiropow to vote for
Mr. Winter kliould not do 'o upon im
pulse. They Miould eou-ider the situa
tion carefully. It they will do so. we are
Mire they will conclude that the best In
tercsts of Cairo require Ills defeat. He
has no qualifications for the position, and
Ins election would have a disastrous of.
On the other hand, Mr. Morris, by
his record in the Council, ha's
demon. trated hi, Htm-, r tlie
ofllec of .Mayor. We do not
approve all his act- as Alderman, but no
one will deny that he In? b rn Idcndiied
with tho.e who have labored to econo
my for the elty and pel n hiio condition
to inter upon works or public improve
ment. There can be no doubt that he i-a
Vale iiiiti,- nnd will prove to be n good
The charge tint Mr. Morris will be
controlloibyC.ipt. lUlUd-iv, now hciu
made by .Mr. Winter an I his friends, Is
made for tho purpo-o oi hiihiclnp the
cltlns hostile to what U called the
"Ilalllilav ell,.,,,." ,,K
i'"- nu.1 ior inter.
TIiIk U mii ... . .
-. -....n ,.,i mioiiui eaicii no
utiu-, . am. ll: rise l,..t I.
.- tit
many way., manifested hi. linlrlcndll
nefs to tlie Hi-Lurm. and W(. nre neither
hU advocatn nor apoloSi ; tmt W(. lU,
not bcllove he h is any lutrre-t hostile to
the Interest or tho city, and Wl. kllow ,u.
oould not, if ho w ould, use Mr. Morris
as Mayor to the disadvantage rX(. ,.
nlclpallty. Not at Capt. Hiillldsv' nolle
itatlou, but upon the reque.t of nvmy
"""""""'i.i nouns, .nr. .iorris consi'iit
ed to become h cjiudldate fur Mavor
upon the request orimndreds of our dt
Hilt it cannot te, that this haow trick
-tills Ilalliday cry-cati Inducu Ihccll
lzen of Clr ) to elect Mr. Winter to the
Mayoralty. If It dow, Uw people will
reprot It and deplore their notion before
two months, of liM ndinlnUtritioti nhrdl
hare pawed w,r.
... st .v i.vint;v. i:.
.ply to our nsiertlon that den.
tfan, in bU debate wlih I'd. I ii'!.-., nl
Garboudlle hi lSO'J, ndmltted that at the
commencement of the war, hi' had or
paniwd n company ol men in William
son county to resist the arbltrarv arrest
of citizens by I'nited States tro ip-. the Sun
named ('iptalu A. 1. Corder, lion. W.
J. Allen, Hon.. f. M. Washburn", M. C.
Campbell, T. M. r.oxjn nud Dr. W. I..
Johnson, nnd s.iys.allof tli-Mepcntleinen
are. likely to know whether General
f.opan orp.inled such a eomp.tny.
We accept the witnes-m presented by
Hie .S'loi.
itcfore the mcellnp was orpuile.l nt
Giubondale, certain charges were prepar
ed apalust (Sen. I.'jp.iu, union;: them the
one that he had orpauled a comp my and
marched it to Crab On-hard bridge for
the purpose we haw Indicated, to proie
which witnesses wciv In attendance, ready
to face the General on the platform and
taken solemn o.i h that they were there.
Our recollection is, that tlie eharpet were
written by Hon. W.J. Allen; ami. If our
memory U correct. C.ipt. (.'order was one
if tlie witnesses. Mr. Tom Login, tin
General's brother, called the mrctluu' to
order for the Democrats, and was. If we
mistake not, the most prominent D.'ino
'ratto manaper of the dum lustration,
l'om will tljlit for "John" ns nu ludMd-
ml. but tlphts hhu In polities as bitterly as
liedo-'sany other Kepiiblle.iil. AtCar
bonilalelie was CjI. Dlck-y's ripht h ind
Hut in addition to these ultnes'ei, wo
on'ir Gen. Iiopin hlm-elf. We a-ert.
mid we do not believe he will deny, that
In his Carbondal speech hcadiultted tint
lie had mustere I his fellow-cltl?pns in the
manner we have Indicated.
Hut what of all this? .i the eoni-
niPiiccment of tlie war, tlie thii Mr. .lohn
A. liOp.iu w.is a violent DiMiioor.it, anil
hated and dete-teil the Abolitionists, lie
believed they were responsible tor the
'ail blood exIstinplM'tween the North and
South. With Douplas and other Demo-
ocr.it, he ireae.hed that war was dls
tnion : but when the eonilict earn he
'ook up firim for the national eiuse and
oroved himself to be a' rallant soldier mid
i patriotic citizen. At tlrst. a violent
inti-war man. he became, when the rebel
ion was fairly lipupurated. a most vio
I "lit war man. mid deiiouneed
dl who did ii'ita-.'ree with him. A'.Mint
iiini werearrayed most of his former po-
itleal friends, and between him and them
tasted a fulllade of iibtie. Hut all that
softhepist; .Tid we. one of his former
ibuscrs. are wllllnp to admit that the old
-core- honbl not be counted apalnst him
'hat his pallantry in the war entitles him
o have them all wiped out. On hU part.
"ie must permit us to say, there Miould
iNo be a little charity, it does not be
oine him to ny, the Dcinocratic parly,
before the war, was a pro-slavery party,
when In fact, he was fine of the leader- ol
lie party and the advocate of the horri
ble black laws of Illinois. It does not
Ve nue him to ay. the Democratic pir
iy inaupurated the war, when he wn one
of the leaders of the party and denounced
i war for the union even after Doupli-
had declared that there were only two
partlcj: in the Republic, patriots and trai
tors. The pat Is dead and he should
not roMirrcct It.
i'hoti ni a.m oi .ti:ii.i'I5oi i:st.
The Itepubllcaiis of the Illinois llon-e
or Kepreseiiiatives have protested again-l
the partiality of "he Speaker and the un
fairness of the majority, and the majority
in a counter-protest have denied and be
llttled tlie charges made by the minority.
The protest Is a voluminous document,
but contains very little of Importance. It
proves, we admit, that the Speaker was
not lair, but it admits that, with nil his tin.
talrnew, no act objectionable to the pro-
tfstants was consummated.
They complain that Speaker Haines at
tempted to do certain things, which they
prerented him from doing.
for Instance, the protestants charge
that lie permitted the bill for an act to
repeal tlie registry law to b" taken up
out of its order. He replies, that it was
taken up out of Its order us other bill
had been. Hut. no matter, the protest
ants defeated the bill, and therefore no
wrong was dune to the people by the ir
regular action ot the Speaker; a great
beneilt would have been cotilerred upon
them if Id-action in ibis matter had re
sulted In the passage ol tlie bill.
Again, tlie Speaker refused, upon de
nnud of a uvunb r. to divide a divisible
question the question being that certain
pcr-Oll" should be eleeted to small olllee
olthe House. The decision was appealed
Irom, and I he House Mi-talm d the eh.iir.
Kven Ciillom. the Itcpublleaii h.el. r.
voted to hi. tain tlie Speaker. Hut now
tlie minority protests,
AgMln, a motion was made to rceonsld
t r a vote. The 1 loiw pot into eonfiision.
and adjourned before the chair had pa
ed upon the question whether the motion
waK In order. The new day the resolu
tion sought to be reconsidered, was re
scinded. Hut thu minority protests'
Again, (and this Is the great ollense).
the Clerk recorded tho naiiies ot several
members hi tlie alllrmatlve on one of a
scries or resolutions upon tlie Loul-lana
question one condemning Grant, The
members claimed that they hail voted in
th" negative. The House refused to per
mit them to have their names transferred
trom ihr alllrmatlve to the negative the
next day. The minority orotests that
hi-action carried the resolution, when in
fact the vote uooii die resolution as a
whole adopted them by a large majority.
I hW is all. The protest, with all It-
words, nmounts to nothing, and Is In bad
taste. It prote-is against nothing that hat
boon coii'.immated.
I'iiul Itoyntoii ha i-wiun Into uotorletv.
If not fume, in :t lew hours. Paul
Iloyntou Is mi Aineileaii pe;ul illver, who
Is eretlititt it), h-ninj, my,.,! j,,,,,,
ilrowiiln iliiiin one ur two Ke:t,oiis ut
Atlantlu City, Miinu m-veuty persons,
men, women ami dillilren. Jut u w.
not his holdnersiinil intieulility on meli
o-:c.i'oiis which mutlo him famous. It
was his late attempt to cross tho ftraltn
of Uovu, from Dover, linalaml, to Dun-
j lopne, i ranee, In n life-saUuy dress ol
India rubber, of peculiar pattern, 1
coiit.ilulup compartments which in.i) bo
Inflated at will. Its weight is ubmit lif
ted) pounds, hut the articles wlileli ac
company the suit Inercnse tile weight eon.
Iderably. Theso articles nre slpnid
llphts, urtlcles or food, two or three
weapon of defense, nxe. bowle-kiiife.ete.,',
nnd n l.i Tire doiibln-blaiJi iia ldlc with
which to propel hlliHelf. The suit Is the
Invention of a Yankee, ami has been worn
by ISoyntoii on several occasions prior to
Ids sen-wall. Irom Dover to Itolllopne.
On the tlr-t of these occasions, he donned
his rubber suit, on a wild, dark night, tit
half past nine o'clock, and was lowered
Irom a vessel, ten days out from New York
nud about lllteeii miles irom the
Irish eoa-t. He drilled o.it Into the s.-a,
lost slight of the vessel, and became sur
rounded by tin' darkness and a toriu of
wind nnd wave, sometimes eompletelv
llbinerped and again tossed hlpli on the
cro-t ol an enormous billow, nil the time
plying his p iddle vigorously, lie was on
the water -even hours, nnd tit fourn'elocl;
In the morning was hulled high and dry
on the Irish coast near ftkihberccn. 'i'he
III'- saving dre-s had lulled In no particu
lar, nu 1 hi- navy uniform, which he wore
beneath, was dry utid wtitiu.
Iloyntou subsequently te-ted hi- life -living
apparatus in the harbor of Cowv- be
fore Queen Vleti'ila. was per.oimlly
tliaii.'.ed by her .Maeiy nud limply re
warded when -in. ordered the -afety
e(ii;pmeuts for the lo.Md yacht.
lie attempted to cross Dover chant el
on the 10th in-t., starting at I u'eloek in
the morning. When live iull s from the
c i.i.-t i.f I'raine the darkness of the
lilglit eo.npellisl him to ilesisi, utid lie
was t ik -ii on board the -tenner whleh
aeeomp-inieil liliu.
rpllK ltL'M.KTtN U imMUheil fury morning
(ec-it Mninhj) la tt.e Halt, tin UiiiMltijr, cor
ner V jhingtn uxciitieiOHl Twilnti sins t
Tia lli't-LKTiy Is -eiwsl to city MibucrllitTs by
filthPil curriers aiivrtiity-nvt UiiH n Week,
isiv.il.lc wwkly l!y Mull, (In nJ vaiice), !I0.'r
uiiitim; six monlh, 4i three tnnntljs, jj om
uvinlh. ?l ill.
I'ntilsl cury ThumUy miruln?l it ii
l-r ainmni, nimrlaljly in a Ivbhcd. 1 ho ts;-e
m th U'wAly will to pri'id at till oftke, to
ih it a!rlbi will obt'ln for a sutcrljillon
rice of sj M ur,
! A I 1. V .
tiUsln'M tiinls. rriiiiuin,....
ilin; .iUiiii', otU' Iht.mIoii,
line muuic, iwo In-riUuna, .,
one -Hume, one
One fHMic, two wittvs,
Ono "tjtuuv, tluti' wK,
One cim onv inoiilli
s.M CO
1 00
1 GO
i so
3 AO
I tw
w ; ; i. v ,
Ono .fjime, oce insertion,..,
Knell mli.Mii m liKi-rtiiiu,,..
.M en
J3"0inr lndi Is n i-cjiiniv
Kt"To nKiilnrii'liorti.iTS w offer mpcrlur In
duct invnt'i, liollius to mte ot cbTRP- tunllnnn
ncr of iliilnyln tl.i-lr fvors.
SJ-NollfK in luciil roltuim Insortnl fur Ilf
tiii Cents per Hue for one inwtinn, Twcnly
Cmts line for two insertions, I'wenty-t'ive
Cents n lino fur tints- lnoriion, Tlilrty-Fivo
f.'onts u line f'-r one eoV, Hnd seroiitj-Klve
CciiI.sk lino fi.ront iiinntti.
Communications upon subject of wen
em! intorii.it to tho publlo aollcltfid,
r.ll leltt rs shouhl lie :el'lrr.i. In
.inns ii. oi!i;i!t,Y,
I'lo.lilent i'iiIisi III llt-liii ( niii.iiiiv.
runu and
Silver Gloss Starch,
T'or tiio Ijrvtxiaclx-y.
UlMh 1 1 llhli ll
Thi lijstSt-rch in tho World.
;iT.-iti;M iii n.i im-ii m i hi; i.im.n.
mi l the ililli ii ie o 111 i .: I.eiwu ii it unit e .ui-
m ill sUreti j. M-unih hull' u i out inr uu nnliii.
ury ws-lio, A-i, ..in !,. i ,. ii
Oswego Corn Starch,
Forrutldlnics.BUncMsnKO.IcaCrHam, etc
1 Hip fiiiCim-l-LstulilisliH in l-is Ami i,ts.
Hl'os 0 leiltl itl'i'i u, I't'lll.lS, sltKM,.
I.ltuiel Moltl. ln.l.li 1 1: Hi i i nn ,,th, r
HI lit- If i'l' III.-knot ulliie I, e.lhei '..riuo
Lame nutiii with utiiei i ih ,t
STl'M-s.ns M ,i Miwi 'n II, . .to . Sho lii.-li
e.t ,:i.,uiu' il until inn nl I.uwpH, .j i l til I .in,.
I. nt int. . (u u tuit-ll . till I , ly t II I, II 111 1,1
eelllllt llllh'loiil liol nml in fill Mill' tl Hinl lot-.l.
InK lil'iiillllo. Is l'tlll ililli lolllo lit'.tuliuw
Dinrlliiin for niiV.iii I'li'l Hii.-., CinlirU,
Ac , ltd' illlp.iny ,. u ti unt-1 ,11 1. 1 n-fc ic
I'orN.ile l) oil first. iluss lir-ieer-i.
r.i-i-iivtiiw in
XT S. Collection
fJ-I'mnint elirnliDti cuen t,, otillii-tiou ol'
rliilms uml ee .nut ; to the nir,'lm -e ntnl mile of
.Minimi i.iii'is. i .uin. itesnie nee., ,e
!I'J-Wr hare mole uir.oiK' ine.iiH i n rm allnr
ney III meh C 'Uul ill tlie "iiiiml -i,iie, in-m-In
lirninpt utlciilion to .ill Intone. -e.it tiii,m-h
lis Also lillllllsheis nf WlUiiit'it lli.l.tiv mil
Iiitrctnryuf snuhorn Ml-nutttl un.i -nntliem 1
llllniili.iinill'. P Lfnl Klrctory I'nrf I
uno, i
I...1I l-ll. I l"-. .
s 1111 ...III, .-i... j
I he Moulin r diirlng the week has been
cool, with high winds throughout tli"
day and cool at nlphl. 'I'he fruit trees
have been In bloom lr two weeks In this
section, nud a fr-'-t or freee would be
very tiiiwelcom-. - high wind Irom tlie
.Southwest prei.iii'sl to-day. 'I'he sky
became overea.t with clouds about it
o'clock thii afternoon. and u slow lain
set hi about tin- tlwt may continue
tl.ioiigh the night
Tlie rivers me lading -lowly, and tlie
lilgh water 'fun' is over for another
twelve months.
The markets mv a little unsrtlled. The
advance in corn niliiilnatcd yesterday,
and to-day lite in rl.-1 i- weiil; iinddrix.p
lng. with quotatleii a c ut or two lower
than early in tin- w"l- .Hi aro held
lliinlv with iiothiiiir doing. .Stock and
rceelpifi being lib , .eller decline to
III ike eoniin.loii.. M'-id i deelllllllg ill
yiiipaihy wldi coin. Ilierels no Hour
to speak of on tin- market, and no receipt-,
mid an m-me demand. Other
branches of the market are without
thi: mai:ki:t.
fis-yOur friend- should bear in tiilud
that the jirlei- here given are Usually lor
.sale-trom ill's! liiiuds iii round lots. In
lllllng orders and for broken lots It Is nee-o-.aiy
toelwrgc an advance over tln-e
i'Kccs are linn nnd advancing -nil
prades are very .arce not supplies
cnoupli fiine.e day's good bushi.-s. in
the mark'-l. The demand Is netlvi- and
.elb rs are holding the ntnall ..toek- n
hand for nu nhiiiioi' 111 prices. We Hole
sale.- of.VM biirrei-, $1 ,100 2- ;:iHi n.n--r.
l- at die mills, fa &) .w barrels. (0
(.i fii ou : Son twri-ids oliy,$3 oOfTi f 7 .'" ; :)0
barrel. (KKoW 2S ; 2(K) barrels. $1 w;
ICO barrels NXX spring, ?' 00 : iftibar-i-el..
i ,Vsi cm : :va lmrn-I,$-i 0"J(a-i
I he supply or choice h ly is wry limit
ctl. the demand steady and market linn.
Large qtitutitifs of hay arrive In a dam
aged condition and has to lie fold tit a
a sacrlfle. We note rale of 1 cur choice
nixed deliveri'd. $22 ; 2 ear- ehoice tliuo-
i liy delivered. ; 200 Imles damaged
oellvered, $2?2 S: 1 ear ordinary mixed
delivered, J'iK ; II e.il-s ehole" timothy de
livered TORN.
The market is weak and depn-e I to
day. The demand is light, and quotations
nre low. White closed to-lay in aek nt
S3e;aud mi.Neilttt -.'e. Wo note sales ot
10 oar- No. 2 white mixed lit heavy ack
dellven-d "Ic; I cars No. 2 mixed in sack
delivered tile; 2 ears No. 2 white in ack-
ilejlvcred i-'te; 2 cars No. 2 white in aek
delivered fie; 1 car No. 2 white in suek
llcliven'd Me; J cur No. 2 mixed in irks
delhered le; 2 cars No. 2 white hi Ki.-k-
lellvcred WJe; 1 car No. 2 mixed In M.-k
di liveivd Kit;.
Tli-re U verj Vutledolnglti oats. I'rl
ces are steady an I -locks light. S-llers
aro iiiiwiJiiug to mako coiicj-ssIoiis. mid
buyers Imlii ofl. We note sales ol' 5 car
No. 2 mixed in 'cks deliver.-1 "Sjj 1 car
No. 2 uilxisl in bull: on truck 07c ; 2 car
No. 2 mixed in -.teks delivered 71c:. I caw
No. 2 mixed in hoik mi track 07c.
The market U well -uppliodmid easier.
I'rieesnreln sympathy ulth corn utid tend
downwnrti. l'lie d maud is sumll. Sub s
wetf 200 iKirrclt. uteam dried Uolivx-a'd
$a 70; 100 ban-el, kiln dried dciivewi
3 70.
This market show a bettor ftcllng nnd
the iiilllsadvuiic.- piiit-sto $28 In lots.
We note miles) of a ir- in sack delivered
ni.i u;u.
The market 1 uin liauped. Very llttlo
chokv Nortuern niies in and prices are
steady and Jinn. A hu.ivy stock of com
mon ami medium Imiier is oll'ering at low
llgurcH. Wo note ..lie-of u tilbi choiuo
Not tlicrn dairy 2-V; id tubs common
Northern 20c; .1 pail- elioieo buiitlieru
llliuol,2Uc; 5 pail-.Somln ii, Illinois lse;
Hi packages choice packed 2"f ; 15 pack
ages choice Northern 2 if,23c: ."WO pounds
coiniuoii Northern l.vbe.
The marl.'et Is weak mnl d.-ellnln?. The
supply 1-a littlu in eee.s ot ilenintul.
Sale- lepoi ted Wi'le .V)l) ilozell 1.000
lioeli l'Je; TilH) ilo.i-ll ljej 10 hoe.s lv!u.
leiiee inlxeil nml hen- aro In nm ic
iniiel at iitii:haiir(-( llnr.-a. Keeeipts
an- lilii ami there Is ry few In inarl,e.
We note sales ol Ti eoop-' I IlllXeil, $',) ;
II coops :ooi inlxeil. S2 Y!f "J5 ; 0 eoops
i hoe.e lu'lls.SIt "lO,
C'liolce apples are In demand anil
scarce. lleeelpU are all taken utcnfiO;
eommoi) varleliei aro plenty and not
wanttsl. We nolo salon of IW bairuls
eholee, $Llfi:i W0 barrels had order, $1;
no harrels eholco, ?:t Till ; 50 banvlfi
eoininim, iiC'i 50.
In ood supply nnd quiet. Wu note
sale n .ill ho.es oranxes, $ll.'0:10
boxes lemons, $0(ii)7.
Tin-poiutoemmket Is iiulet and e,iy,
the supply 1, luliy (.quill to tlm deinaml,
wuieii is ery llln. Sales were HO
Uil.hel, peaeli 'blows, S11 (Ci ; HO liar
rels poaeh blows, 2 r.0(ri,2 75; 20 bavtels
sweet potatoes, ,
The umrket U (pilet and dull. Trail--aeilmis
,-u-,. in sn,., to rut any Htriue In
a report. IMeeiiare rjllotid llliehaiiKed
-iue. Inst ,-prt as follows :
lry -all slmuideis, HJc ; dry Kilt clear
sides, lj;,.; ,..0 ham-, lie; lar.l,
bin-ket ami ili ree, l.'e; smoked meats. Ie
hljflier tlma dry -all; mess pork, $22 50.
isOrW.' iti.'Ii lo nKcnu, cvery-wlii'io
JJ V.l lie,. .M la.slllll lo. i o , Itti-
1.1 Ml,l, II, , l-lft-Wtit
RJ.. I i si sjU,,. .nl, I , , Ll'l.r t M1 'flilif
.,Utai"lS.rrvil,(t,W1lV--s..f1i-j it E-sl
rii.LiAM it. SMITH, M.
ittiiii:M l; No m riiiitisntii n- i.
Wi-ii WmlilUKt'iii n.onuo nuil WnlieC .lis . I
ot'i'ii.i;. s -nil or i.ishiii -itm i..
hfei-ti l.Miumvri'lJl atel Vjslilniliiii n mi.:
w. uumnuo, tl. n.
llF.'IlibVC'K Cnrnor Slnlli find Walnut
I irflCI!: fornor SIMIi utost nnd Ohio lu.
OfKH 1. ItOLIts Irom h in. Uni.miJ
ilnm .' f p m.
prs. W. DLAUW,
QBrmnn riiyfiioian.
orFIC K: llielei's lllmk, (ii-.sfiilr) , eoinor
I'.iKtilli -in, t nml WnslilnKtnn hvciiiio
j OlIN It. MUliuiJYr ' "
i Allto. IJ,t.NOt
Ufl K K l.l'lith Mns.1. l.olvon (.imilKf
el,l! nml WnsIiIiikIijii hi.iihk.
.1 AlttUKI. 1
It lot'iioy at B.iiu',
Ot'UcK- Ohio I'.s-, ..ir r-itn fornwrlx
iH-iilts by I l r.l .Wiuii.il llik,
..ttoruc.vs ,'im. il'outi'.t.'loi'.'i
Oh i
i n .
.is , r,..nris
T .-eel s
IVi'l'iinlt 0
Will, on II I.
Mi -s Krt-l I.
Ul!" ll.tlNOH
"ii .-nl ii li A .ii iml') Mvl
I'Htltlll ,Wlt llll-lll '
it i:a i. ir. ti: aoi.vi.
.Real Estate
Land Axon'.B of the IlllnoU Central ni.tl
Utitllnuton una Wiiii.i.y J, It.
North Cor. Sixth nnd Ohio Lnvoo,
IHousq Agents.
Collector.? and Conveyancers.
OFFICE At tho Court IIoia
KU.lion Notit.
ii i t 1 1 wr" - On ii it, i
iiei, I i.i.-. , M.1U-.I inin, i-;'i i
'VT'oTtL'K I liorrl. ifitt-o, Ui.il on i iti"!n llio
i.N ;'lliia nl April. A l ,lr'..uom ral ilt-r-10.
n will U-leM in IheLili of ( aire, Mo.iu lor
I ..nun , .Stat,- -.r llllni.i-, ri Hie elo- ti-.ii el' inr
f illo-vinir ntuiKsl clt Dllioi lo-wll. A inn) or.
clt cloik it oily tif-i.tin-r. u nly atlr -,. , u
cil -M-s.ir, mill om-uhlriin.iii from ouoh wiinl,
for Iho lorm nl' ! )tr fortlH- uo-)h,--, ol
mill rlooti .li Hill. will bo oininsl m Uu I tlh.w
iiilC liuliitsl .:iis-, b.-wlt ' lu the I' list nr.1 nl
till" brick liti-iness house Uli-I) im .mi,;,-I i, h
1'. Kiiti- nu llic '-oiilliril) snlr ut siii ie.1,
Ulwrrii I i.inrnoieutl Jli'l lVslno; .n at i nt.... ;
III tlw -isr.Miil Wanl ut tlio ci'ione I o ol II,, (
iioiiKii un.i ueiuiy i irr coniwint i in nu iimi-i
Want ul the riiKiiioln.ii v ol ihe IliUit.iun I
cniiuni in li.o l-etirtli Wtinl nt ii.t .uu
llou.e; nml in tli l-'ilili Want m in, I, ,u.,. ,,
M.a. --uUiiaii, u:i tho Nurth-tlost . ortior ol
TktoI) -llfl Ii tmt iiml i.oiunioi. nil ntmur
Saltl i-in-tluu will l ojK.no.1 at i-imti o'eho-l. m
the morninir, uml i-'intinno -sit until u-t-u
o'elock in tlie nfimiooii n that .It;-.
llr enter ef Hie iij i uunoil.
WILL It. llAWKINl,C;iy tlrr's.
EpK'.al AsKiraent Nulte.
rjLIII.IC notice is liorrbr pUm I hat the
.1. o niiiir eniirt nf Aletaioler l olllily Inn, r n
iloitsl Ju-lKluriil l..r a -im-ial a-M-atiis-ul u ...n
tho i''(''Oil loiio;iii-l iho , -.,u-i,u-io-ii ul
I Ihr relluuiliK snlotvulka, viz:
I soltlll sil- ul r'oiirth -Urol i oImooii W ii-Iim k
ton aii'M iiiimt'i't'iiiluvoitufs; vtis(sii ei Wii.n
iiih.n uMiiiie, lr'iii I nurlli l tiOli -inf.:
! inisl seto e VVu.lniit-ili avenue ,.,iu I ilili lo
.-iMli stiiet-l te.rih sitlt-ijl Kifili -nis i 1 1 ..in
; W in liiti);i. a lu Liiliimvrt-l.il uli-uue,; noiih siilo
i -etentn t'iMlii Uiiliiut tu uoMerlt Ion of Lot
3.1, llh.t'hi.-i i, n III siiloufLlolrulli I'lein W u-.
; liln'luii uMiinv ! Wuillill stiirlt isi-l snleol
I ',, .Inr -Iris-I, I t'llM en Hi vision uiel Itlenlt-
eeoliil alKi-ls; -tiitlti altleul I nl -111 .1 simi-l
I'n.ni l'iil:ir tuenlliiri.-lierii m.iiIIi nlo .,i
l.llilll rl I ill Letueoii W ii-li in sil.li ion! i i iii-
l. i rial iitoimos j i-jt ie nf Wuilniiloii uu -inn.-
from i.iKlitlil" Ninolli -Iriet.i noiih -,i.o ,
l,illlll.lietlen Wustliiit-ill ,iolllleiiii l lnul
Sllts-tj solltll allto III M-W-ntll, ht'lUlcii tl - Il 1 1,-
tun titoiinr anil Wulniil streoi, u. u ill none lit,!)
uia.nr II' mi the roiiliiel to.y ol lie- JihIjii i- il
on lllr in tin- olUeii of lln-ril) fit ik ol l.ie.iu .1
l ttllo; llllt n wnrr nil lor Iho oolln lioii ,.l -t, i,
uaosruenls Is in tlie lianu. ul oil- llll'li l - -i,i !
Mi i-orsuiis inleislel nre lioiil.v ie.li.iol I
ami my llii-iiinuiiiil. us.o-.i-l, at lite t -.11, t i,,i
olllci', '.So. IKi l.oininoreiiiliiioiiiio, iiniu im i
il.n friiiu IlinUtf nolo if II 1 III..M.,
i lit Tu-Hstirir mi l l.x-unloiui
Da'iiI Una aist .1 iv ul Murch . l-7'i
Chancery Notice.
Statu or Ii.i.ivuis, Ai.tA.tvnri! '
In Hit-L'lioult 1-1UC--M11) tritn
Sarah .1. ' liiui vs .l .lin I) t.lu
Cllislll. .I.IIIIO- W ( lii.ni, .lohn
i I
iiiifl.tir. hiinmol slnoliir, Jlmtni 1.
i'larii Hilt III ill. William I. 1 11 -11.
I" I'liiiiu, Mill) (Jill-lit, M.irtli i( hi-iu '
I Ill-Ill, Urn' -Niellols, I linljetli
l.vncii. .ulil.nniiOlliir.iljinii-,oin, 1 .
.Nieliuls, .I.1110 -hW'Jit .Su.iIi -u w . 1 1
llnliin.un..lulin liuliiii-nn, Itil. 1111
lllllll ItlllllllXlll, ItllllOll lillllltl-oll. Ill on
iii.uii. uinl.I.lli''li'"liiniiii - llnl I'oi I'm
Alllil.ivll of Hi iKin-ic-iiliiiie oi
Llll-lll. .Mu-os II. 1J11-111 .lolin - I hi
Mnehtli', Miinnil sliii'luii, .iiuitlm In
luri.i l-liniii, Muiy I'hi-in Due Meli..!
I.01I1 l.vni'li, ituhoil I.mh'Ii I nliloi uin
.liiinos Oilier, Ihotiius Mi hut., .1.1110 .itttii,
Nutiii mwm r ('aiolin- linliin'oii John I,'"1 1
sun, Itlley'i lil-m Willutm l.ului 1, Ii.i.mi
iiolllllsull. Itolifi o.i Itnbiiis'ill llli'l l.l,,e I ol. in
still nl tho 11I000 ii'niio.1 tlof. iiil.ini-i, h u mi; ' 1 u
lllel in tie' eleik's nllne nl Uu .ii'l H
1 null, il' lieo i-Iheief 10 huibv (.-Ueii ) . . 1
lilt-Kiel John I hi. ill. Mo.et It. hi-in. John
l.liisin Miiry -iiiritur, s.iiniiel -iiu 1 .0 , M n
Ih.i I, iii-iii, 11 lorni 1 hi. in, .M.o) 1 hi-in I""
.S jelnils, I Ii il utn I jneli, l.'iihoil I. whIi .1I1
iiiliiiil Olo or .Iniiios Oliver, 'I liiiiuns Nirholn
.IHIIO -1IIVM.I', Nlllll .".-IH.tor, lllulino Itohlll.oll,
.luliii liiihiii.-oii, lliley 1 lii.ni, Willi. iin liohiu
01111, Ituheri Itulilin-on, liohtsiit Itiilnii-on iiiel
.liiue liiihin.iin, tliil llio i'oiiiiliilnont llh-l liti
lull nl luiniiliiliit In '"I'l t'onii, on the eti.iiu - y
-1I1I11 Iheieul'ou the Alii ii'l? ol A ) 11 1 1 , A. 1) , I-7.V
anil 1 1 1 t-i 1 11 p - 1 1 11 Miimuous i-siioil nut ofi .iiii
coin I, 1 el 11 1 liable mi 1 1 10 .M Mumli) in the monih
ol .Hit) lies I ns is It. Inn 1 1' 11 1 1 I Nun unit's,
you, Iho .n hi it I Kite Ii illnil ill I'etnl. int., hull
i I'.uiritly ho iiml niie.ir bef ir tlie c-i.uvt on the
lll'itl il l) nl'tlio next H i 111 Ihrieof. lu lieliohlin
in llli'l inr till' s.tnl 1 111111I) , uu Iho llil M 1 1 1 ul.t lu
Mnv nol, Hinl ilrnl, tiii.wer ur ilemiii.tu Ihe
aili'li'iiniil.iluiilil'a bill of euiiil tint. Ihoailuo
nml Ihe mull I . nuil HiIiik- therein eli.uisl nml
-t.llisl, Mill lietlll.oti It- eolllee-oil, null llinviie
i lileii.l iwtlnsl ion h.-i'-ikIi OKI V . In the ir i)ii
ur Mill bill ni-lill.NS VOt-LMl, Link
I nil'... Illi.. ill III, Is7.1. , . ,
t Ian lull lneMi'. -inli-IUin fur t i inpl un
unt h-l-u-ll
ITMjIt thu biiisslr riur of.'nillliiil MinVness,
V li.il .Munlniiiil ill"! 11" 'llMil'UTs
nn by Inili .cretlnns 01
I'Jlieiia Any UrilKKlst
llio liaitillenn.
rr K
'ieclrniitt, Ohio
yi'"'1 HWj'j'.iSf''!li"
J fi .
'TL snllilt , ,,no-H.n I-
r tt t- In .'ir lie.
DIM with nlUhlt limit' t 'r.tssnii'-lerai-
7 I Ohio Ls-vec. '
Importer and
JCeeps u full nt ck of
Monongahcla, Ryo .ind Robinson County
r sac ?: s ier x s
ia .naairfiljS ttcua
so' I I
i' -rinf
ill 11 i 1 1 11 1 mmliiH iT-ium ina-mrnninT.n Tl ..,..i.i i maiiaaa I
. tnrwro i-nn rurnnn.T9 !U).t A.
l::. sfeipM Hi
Atvt''immt9mtmmmfmmrmmamwmmm aHat-at-t-Ma- mmt
liiMMiiwiiii 1 111 urn 1 in- -rM ij-rxvaaannM m m,ixJMIM--1 " "rmw- '
ONLY $1.25 .4 YEAR.
ii IS 1 ill
nud Ilotull
im ML
f!'ri .STUFFS,
ETC., hi C.
e' ami nnlrrs :tuii' Dnis'-l-l- 11.'. -1-1 ill" a'l Conorml si.n.stn rfi!i
Msuulial. IM..I H.t.cm oi.tl 1 ..uv.y .M.-lieiot (-s lorni -In- .
'.Vatilnlor A v.. Cor. 8th St.
Vliolesalc Dealur in
Can Qmm ua
v l! Hi
!s TraJe i v i
- - ..... ,'-1 -' T
nwjtli. I'rre, on rtcriit o V J CVo,
I4f-U"'kr IV L'USKH Lu Pi

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