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RmmUK XMtW on r.crjr rnjrr.
JOHN R. OBEIU.V, Editor.
Kx-Sbnatoii Sciiuiiz Iran's this conn
tfryforUiiniwon thoMth lusl..nnil wil,
remain nbro.nl till autumn.
Tub first conitnllon Issued lo n u'r.
man ns n notary public In Dm Statu of Il
linois, wns hIjtih'iI by tliu-Unvvrnor In fa
vor of Mrs. Owiloy, luistntlstri'ss of Hit
Tiik New York IftmM " ill mioii open
a brunch olllcc In l'litl.iii'llilii, nml ul-i.
in Ualllimuv. when linvu tin-
riilhitMphl.i Xtw l'orl llfrald and tin
naltllliorc Ntto Vork Itrrald.
UK WOl'LltVT uo.
President fJr.int win ronli'iMy Invttrti
by the North Cai-iitin.i pcopli to p.irtU;'.
palp wlili tin-in In t lit celebration of tlu-li
Mccklt'iibnrK declaration oflntleptMiileiiM
on the 20th of May. Tlion-nio.il of ill
I'n-sldent vn made In a manner whirl,
lias aroti'i'tl thu Imtlpiatlnntif tho Nurll
Carolina people, followed in It will be s
cloely by his pnwnii! lit the (' ineon
nnd Lexington celebrations or Mtinilai
A lir.MIAI..
The friends- of .Mr. Winter My Ilia
t'lo-o dilz ih wlui oiiii-e lil.eli t'lliin a
Miyor prononneo lilm (lie a lt'oe.iie o
giiiittlliiirJlV.IN. We do not. We. vu,
th it hu lias deel irnl time and again lb it
to permit ginilili-r to ply ilmir vooalioi
In Cairo nml win money from sti-aiuii-i-to
be expended here, would i: re illy lift
cilt the city, nnd tb.it ho lias Maid that h
will ucl upon lliN belief If lie Is elect 1 1
Mayor. If be h.-w not made Hicm nfi
tlon, we Miall lx- glad to give lo then
i-inpbatlc contraillelloii ; but. If no nr.
not mMiiforuied, the cneourajreiucnt o
gambling Is one ol the planks ofhU plat
Tim Chicago Inter-Oican of n latu dab
publMieil tlie Iiit-t that within n week,
four murder had been committed wllhh
forty mile or I.lttle Hock ; appropriate
comment, such a "Tim people there an
franllo with Joy over llio propect ol
getting a taste of Itadleal blood." wi-n
made by the Inttr-O cctin. 'I w Inttf'Ottttn
i simply mistaken. No Hbito In the
Union Is more (pilot anil peaceful lit tbl!
time than the Siato of Arkansw. The
people there are well KitNik-d with the
present condlilon ot allalrs; political e.
citi-menl has been cooled down, nml ll
cltlzemnro turning their attention to tin
material and educational advancement ol
thu State. Hitch inUreprcH-ntallouR ol
the condition of Arkansas as ilm: In
dulged In by the Inier-Qttnn. have lo-t
their point. 'J'lie people Uu.w belter.
Postmaster-Ooneral .lewell bin been can
tloncd that Iflm perWt In examining In
lo the post-ollU-e fraud-", he will run against
some very eminent piTHOinigi-i. Mr.
Jewell Keeps right on, however, and will
not desist, apparently, until he li.is purl
tied the whole department. The fraud
uate oacktmiuy yiuim, unit rover the nil
niiiiNtr.itions of several of Mr. .Ieveir
predecessor hi olllcc. They were In me
cessful operation during Hie whole of .Mr
Crosswi-H's term of olllcc went carried
on under his very lion-, with or without hi
connlvancc,and prove lilm to have been
Cither n very e.m-ti
'i'll'lj iUlllllHL.
ollklal. II he was not aware of tlicin. he
was a remarkably Inclllclent man hi
charge oHi highly huporlaut tiust if lie
knew of lliein be must have been a parly
to them. Mr. .lewvll deerves tlie coni
mcndatlon of the whole country for hN
rigid and Impartial ellbrls to abolish the
wholesale corruption wbk-h basso long
digraccd one of the mot Important bu
reaus of the government.
Mn. jack wi.vrru .s t:Ti:itiitiNi:i
The .Vmm bfycMcrday evening says
The Inccttigntor. Mr. Winter's organ,
my lhat lor a iUartirofaccniurv be has
exerted hUbcst cnciglcs in iiifiiiliii
tbls city ; that ho has made large sum"
of money and expended It with a liberal
baud in Improving tlie town,
Mo won'r " ilNpuie about this,
but as It has i ecu iiguhi !mi
niraln urged as a rea-nn wliv Mr.
Winter should lw made Mn or. we a.K
the Investigator to tell the people o Cnlio
when, wliere. and bow Mr. W. has ex
pended large funis in building up Caho.
Suppose ho gives us a IM ofihelnriilai".
li . recti (I. nml the Iii.ms he lia- pah I.
anil the sums ho lias conlribiin d. It
VO..IUI) g n.ii uiiihiig.Ju-i now.
Mr. Henry Winter ha, built uo Iioiihv.
nun nas expcnucii no large nuns of
money in Improving the town. Mr. Wil
Hum M'inter, a most estimable gentleman,
for whom we will be pleased to cast our
voto whenever he shall desire any olllee.
has Invested money In Cairo
by building lioue., ,Vc. ' Mr.
Henry Winter, the candidate
for Mayor, brother ol William, has acted
as his agent, mid lias not alwavs ex
pended his money with discretion. If
Mr. William Winter could bine tupci In
tended his own buvlncf s In Cairo. hN In
vestments would, we doubt not, have
been ptolltablc. As It Is, they have in
volved him In ruin. It the Investment of
money by a Winter Is to be used as mi
argument to elect tho public-spirited
Winter to the otllce or Mayor, let Mr.
William Winter be put up ami we will
shout lor hhn.
fi i i.oon "m i- i:n sr.s.
Saloon llccnso In Cairo was $100 a yenr
until the present Council ralcdlt toSW).
There was an attempt nuda to rahutho
license, to S300, but llnallv it was flve.l
at $i00, and Aldermrtn .Morris voted for
it. Mr. W inter ami liU friends arc using
i us ucl win, a view ot Injuring .Mr. Mor
ris. They are denouncing him for It, nnd
aiicmptiug to array the w,loon Interest
jramsumn. 'nil, they have done hi
freat measure, nlthough tho ' more' rc
pcctable ealoon keciK-n rcfuso to bo
. Will the people of Cairo permit Mr
Winter to nake tills Issue sucoes.-fiii, umj
wWthe wloai-keepprs be uliortslniitiiii
! l4ruiiMiMlw crcittlnj; such w
luc? Cairo bns n low nloon llcen-c.
In Charleston, AH.,inrI. It li SLOW) n
your; In Cotuinbiw. ICv., SVM; In I'wlit-
c.tti. S2:-0, we believe. No Mlo should
be made ttiinn Ihesa'ouii lleeiieque.tlo I,
and the naloou-Keeperc ought to be wlc
enough lo appreciate this tact.
in in: I'll roil .11 tvoii?
People d.-lrlng to elllelii Cairo .hotlld
not be h it to tlie mercy of sharpers to
"sMn"lliiMii.liut weli'itrthil some oftheni
are. A m in Irom luillau.i mil veil In Cairo,
looking lor a location, and the owner of -i
restaurant concluded to sell to lilm. The
irauger was tol I that the business of the
roslatirant want driving limine, anil be
la.vcd around lo be couvluceil. Many
!ttitoincr. crowded llio re.-ilaiiraiil, and
linlly the si nil, ger bought, lie paid
i'tU down and gave a ehatllc morlgiige
m the furniture lor I lit- balance. Hut iw
oon u he got in, the Iiii-Iiii-h dripped,
Hill the stnimrel- began to believe he
had been swindled, lie clalimd Ihal
llio re'tiaiir.mt hiier inn ,et u
lob up on lilm 'iad procured people who
lid not want to eat to crowd in ami call
oriue,d, Y.e. He hail the rcilaur.iiit
n in eiiiiMr, and III' oil will l.e Irlul
levt lenu ol the Circuit Court. The re-iib-.ml
keep -r in ly b guilt v or not. Wt
I ni'l know. Hut till Wi. do U low, that
iflerthi! Hale ol the icMauruiit. wbllr
I. Wheeler, w.m In hWetoiv, Mr.
lack Winter, candidate for Mayor
'alro, i-pikoof the Mile nnd bow tin
li-ingi-r had been taken In. nnd Nild:
-.Maybe I dliln'l gel hi my work In that
trade! And M ijor II Why, he
ell in ire vlelllil-i dill-lug that lime lli.iu
lie had eaten lor u year pn-vloiM !"'
Nov, here I- a man who M a candidate
for Mayor laughingly bo idling that he
.'ol III III- uoik Iiimu Ii a trade, ali-l we
w.b. In all cliounc-i lo uk : Is be III
lor Mayor? ill Hie ellli-us ol ('alio
proelabii to the world that they cudor.-e
amaiiixbo lo it- that he got In hi
win k in tb it trade? Will they nay, by
the election of this man, thai stranger
who niv looking I'm-a location In Cairo
imi't keep a sharp look outV,
It uny bo -aid .lack was Joking when
he ii-cd this language, and wcare willing
t.indiiiil that he was; hul Is any man lit
.o lie Mayor of Cairo who i.iii laugh at
such tricks, ami im .t. truthfully or not ,
lhat be "got In his wink hi Unit trade?"
If any cill.eii doubt our wont In 1I1N
matter, wc refer biin to Mr. S. T. Wheel
er In whiKo hearing Mr. Winter nii.de
the dUcrcdltablt! boat wo hac tefcrn d
to above,
Susan II. Anthony's late ledum on
"social purity" does not appear to have
done "the eaii.o" any good. In fact, llio
partiality exhibited by the woman'
rights advocates and lecturers for the
subject of Ml Anthony's nildiv mid
for kindred su-ijecls. Is one of th i princi
pal reasons why the worn in' right
c.inso lias lieen regirded Willi
a growing coldness of lale.
The burden of Miss Anthony' ad
dress is the old argument th it. wh a Is sin
in a worn in is 'in in a m in in it it is an
unjust illsei'linln Mloii b-iwei'ii the sexes
wli cli cists down a woman I'nm vice and
ovei looksmid condones the same vice In a
mini lhat uo woman ever did
wrong who dlit not h ive a m ile j-J.,.
panioii, etc., etc. The song Is-Told one
and has Ik-cii simgniilll 'f. people are
tiled "t ''.r i-rtTi ir nml mi tl... mi. in.
M 1 ,'
i of the world remains tin; same, and
people who clamor the loudest
dust (he social rule are
ise who show li-tlieir observance ol
it, Hi it a custom which appears to lie al
most the result ot instinct is iiillnltely
strouger tliiiu mere individual opinion, be
It expressed never so forcibly and neu-r
so often. MNs Anthony and tin whole
train ol people who express thcon-lvcs
as she dues, contradict their words liv
their actions. They invariably treat tlie
male sinner with respect an I Justus Inva-
iably piss thutciu lie sinner by on the
oilier sid ; they do this nut iinlntciitloi).
ally lint with a full knowledge of wlnii
they are doing. And lln-irconiluct Is a
tacit acknowledgement th it they d i not
themselves accept their own teaching.
and Is one of the Mro-igest arguments
th it ll is a diictrlno which ilm world will
bj slow to accept. Tli.! sup.) r en of
Ilm p illtlcil e'ptility of tin sevs will
hurt tbiit cau-e as long as iln-y pei sl-t In
welgldnglt d iwu witli thu advocacy of
s-ues at once unpopular and not iicco
sully connected with it. Whether w.i.
uii'ii should vole, Is one ipiesiou,
Whether, as a social shiner, she is wotve,
nreqiial lo, or better iImii man In ilie
sauie i-atalogiie, Is auothe:.
mmnt a i iiamii;.
The fiiends ol Mr. Winter say they
want a cbangii In Hit! iniiulclpal govern.
inent. but they neglect I o say what aiv
tlie changes ihey desire.
'With what am Ihey illplcaod ?
Do they oiijccl to Hie fact, that gam
bling Is not perinllteil hi Hie city? This
Is. Indeed, tho only change Mr. Winter
lias said he would make If elected. He
his declared, that gambling saloons
should be fostered, not suppressed. He
has said, time and again, lhat bu believed
gamblers as a class contributed to the
prosperity ol the clly, that they won
money from stranger anil expended it
among the (".ilene. and that lloiirMilug
gambling saloons were evidences that
business wasgood and the city prosper
ous, tie has said, that If he wVo elected
Mayor ho would encourage these Institu
tions. Ho It understood by tbo citizens of
Cairo, that Mr. Winter does not talk this
way In a whisper. He loudly proclaims
this as his platform, and. will If elected
act upon It. Ami why should be not?
If hu should be elected, after having thus
declared himself, the vote will be an as.
Wtlon on the part ol the people of Cairo
lhat tbeyilonol wish gambling suppress
ed, but that they wish that business lo bo
fostered and protected,
Do (ho friend of Mr. Winter object to
the fai t lhat fcrlp has been brought to
par, and tlmt tho laborer for the clty.niid
iiih citizen who furnishes to thu inunlcl
j yat corporation any food or g(,rvo0(
can rccivc money? ini-y can
5U rely not desire n clinngi' that
will di pn-clale scrip, nnd bring about n
condlliou of all'iii-.s such as wo experi
enced for leu years previous lo the pics
cut lime
Do the friends of Mr. Winter objiet lo
the fact lhat the e.peues oftheeiiv have
been reduced ihoilauds of dollars- sala
ries cut down and economy nude the
rule hi every dep irlineut of the city go-
eminent? They can .urcly not delre n
change that will result In an c.traviigaut
expenditure of the public money.
Do the filend of Mr. Whiter object be-
cau-e Hie orilluaiiccH ol the cil v me en
forced moie tailhl'ully (hall I Icy liae
been for years? I'r ibalilv.
Why ilo not Mr. Winter' li lends hull-
cid! the changes I hey dclrc in
the clly ? What Is wrong? The only
declarailon their candidal)- has mailc Is In
fivorol'lrcegainblhiir. This Is the only
Isiue they havccle.irlv pr.-sciited.
(iitttur.s .Ki.ti.vvr .mi. .nuitiiis
It Is charge I by Mr. Winter anil bis
litcmls, that Mr. William II, Mollis I Hie
ellipie ciiinllilale for Mayor, and the spee
llleiillons under Ibis charge are that be
has breii lullllelicediu hiUfllollu AliliT
iiimii by Copt. Ilalllday mid the Clly Na
tional II. ink. ami that as Mayor be
would be under the same hillueuei-,
We reply that Mr. Winter ami lib
filciuls have uo gnml ground upon
which to li.i-e such n charge, that ill
fads contradict ll.uud lhat If It wi re true
ll would be much belter to elect Mr. Mor
tis Hun Mr. Wluier.
During tin1 lime Mr. Morris has liecu a
member of the Clly Council he lias acted
with iiiili'peiideui-e. and bis otes would
hull, iic he was mi opponent r.ulier than
the particular parlNan of Ilie ciique Hie
Wind r men aie i iideiiMiilug to iiiaiiu
laelure Into such a bugaboo. What are
Ilie facts? Toeiihiiuce the value ol .erlp
the Council piil upon ll leu pu- cent, in
terest, and the City National Hank ab
sorbed the Is. ue. This was a hem-Ill to
the city. It can HI the price
of scrip Irom liliy end to
ninety live cents on the dollar ami lo
par. Hul afierawlille the Miluuie of In-lerest-liearing
scrip became redundant,
and Ilie price began loiliop. It bad fal
len to sevenly-llve mid slxi) -live cent on
the dollar. Of cour-e tin; haiik had no
objection to lid as a hank. If ll bnuglii
scrip at these llgures it would gel very
high interest on the investment ten pri
ce it. on exci-y slt-ile mid scciuy-ilo
cents Invested in seilp. The suggestion
wis made that interest should be taken
oil' snip, 'fins the bank oppocd, mid
so did ( apt. Ilalllday : lull In the I, ire of
tills pressiue Mr. .Morris advocated the
policy oT Inking oil' the Intrii-.t irum
se'rip. Did this look like siiiitcrv.cncy
to the clique?
Sometime ago the city got Into n con
troversy witli the gas company. 'I he
company demanded a certain pi Ice tin
lighting the eily. Tho Council rcliised to
piyil. Cnplain Ilalllday believed the
gas company' demand reasonable. Al
del mail Munis ln-llrvcd It to be uureiisou-
..i.t i .1, . . . . -
nine, aim .MiliTlll.lll .uorru .Tii.Tf ilu.
Wll.V he belleveibu n,im(iiy ,.
sl.lcd th!it.Uuro,,(, r i,egasc..iii-
puny 'tTnil. b. eepled. Aldenuin Mor-
a soijjjjt'r; insisted that ll ought to lie nje-leil.
kiii mis act loot, like Miii-crvlciicy ?
Hut we will lie tol-l lhat Mr. Morri
voted Willi Capt. Ilalllday on Hie Narrow
(i.lllge bond qtli'stiou. Well, so IiimIIiI;
but lei us look at this matter a moment.
The Cairo and Si. I. mils railroad com
pany requested the Council to permit the
bondso!' Hie clly, which had been voted to
the ro id anil placed in cmtiiw to be paid
when the ro.nl had been completed, lobe
removed out ot the Slate to St. I. mils, the
company proposing to give bond for their
return to Cairo if Hie i i.nl should not he
completed In a certain time. The prop
odilnn was a fair one, and we believe
Mr. Morris should have voted for it. Hut
he didn't, mid some of Ilie elti.ens who
are now enthusiastic suppmters of Mr,
Winter app'-arcd before the Council and"
in strong sp'cches urged tlie Council out
to ontisiiiil to the transfer. When car.
bad run over the road, from St. I.onls to
('.dm. In nuc rd nice witli Ilie contract,
Mr. Morris voted to pay the bonds to the
We are also told that Mr. Morris voted
to reduce tho wharf-boat license to JJ.'iila
year, mid ll Is ald this vote is evidence
that lie acts In Hie interest of opt. Ilalll
day. evidence ol uo such thing.
The Council alleiupted lo collect the 11.
ccn-c. $.M, 1ml Hi,- wli irf-b Mt owners
went Into court and obtained an iiijuiie
tlou ii-lr.iliiln: hid collection, and
Investigation pnncd lo the sillf.tclou ol
the Mayor and Council and eurv
lawyer hi thn clly ulm was couuiiui.
Hint the Mceiisii could not he enforced un
der Ihi'genci-d aci of incorporation that
It was ilouh' tbl whether more than a Sill
license could be collected froiu the half
boats. The Council as much by Hie in
lliienceol' Alilenuiii Mortis as any oilier
member resolved to make Hie light and
not give up unill the Supreme Court bad
determined the question ; Imt Dually a
compromise ,vas iibcicd. The whim'
boat owners agreed to not eontot t o
light of tlie city lo ll wlmrl-boat h-cou-es
higher Ibau nieivhaui's llccnsis,
provided the city would reduce tlie h.
censes to .iU ii year. Tlie Coiuull ac
cepted the proposition.
We know the city could not in the
courts collect more than $10 from each
wharf-boat, and then-foro believe the
compromise was a wl-e one. Hcslde.
35i.K) now are mom to tho wharf-boat tin n
than SoOO wem a few years ago. Then
business was brisker, and lorS.'.VJ or$:lcu
In money f.VJU of scrip could bo bought
by the wharf-boat men mid naid tor t tit Ir
? licenses, but now they must pay j!-.);,u m
s cash, Tills action of Alderman Morris
does not prove tint ho Is subservient to
Hie clique. If be li id acted otherwise ho
would hive proved himself unwise.
-Mr. Morris' recordas Alderman proves
that ho Is an independent mm, qq,,,
slander lhat he h a clique candidate goes
down before the fats. lt.it if lie wem a
clique candidate, It would bu better to
elect lilm th in .Mr Winter. Tlie clique
to whWli lie belongs, If lie does h'ciuiu to
one, Is not a ellipie (hat ml vocal the
doetrlno that gambling saloons sb-mld bo
perinllteil in do bn-liii-ss in the clly, as
grocery sIoivh and dry goods stores do,
Aitjiiiiriiiiienl ol'
.lNeiiiiil3 ,
I tin (Jeiiernt
Hi'iii.Mitim.ii. It.t... Aurll l.l.-Tbe at
tempt last nlglii ohac Ilie Journals ol
.Mommy -i-,--lcn or uir llniiro Itepre
seiitatives npproved witlioiti Hie minority
protest iippeiiring in th' , bid lair lo
make an i-iiipiioii (Ins niximng, nml the
i-xprrlnlliiu ol a Dnale helliliug Hie repu
lalioii of Hie llou-e drew out ll large
crowd of speeinior to wiiucss Hie inilic-
Ip.lted scene, hut llialll.s lo Hie go. nl
sense oi uie Wi-iiiiicrauc leailrrs, wlieii
Hie Journals Were read, the pioli-st was
found lo have tieeli lii-eilcil. ami. witli a
lew verbal iiuicnihiicul. w. te iipprovnl,
Mr. Iliiliies was in Hie chair, ami about
llfi uieiiiber on the Door many moic
thaoeer lii fore nil the elo-ing 'day of
(leiieiul .s-enililli -, .Snnle linpoilailt
llildlless was traas.icleil. I.i Ilie fjeu.110
Ilie lime, will!.- swilling lorihe hoiirof
inljoiiruuieui lonrrivi . was taken up in
lUicliliig to a sliori Imt nppropiiale
Ml'CKUH 1'il i.u iii;x. .ion s .v. i.'MIAS',
Culled Stale Senator, who has for a fi-w
da been the giie-t ol Ootcrnor li ve
llilge The S-'iialorailib-r ed the Sen do
ny iiivuiitiou, nml in icuiuii. woe
warmly ivrrivnl, lie was liillow'ed liV u
liniolii i- ol the Mate Senators mid al I l::lll
n. in. I'li-lilnii (iieiiu n in -e mid sn d:
" I'be hour of uiloiiruiucnt liavuig ai
1 1 Veil, HieSeli.de "of the 'I'wi HM -iilnlli
(eiieial As-cuibly ot the stain ol Illinois
Is aiijiiuriieil wlllioiit tide.' Coiigralii
l.dloiis ainoiig the ineoili'-rs lolloweil,
mil soon Ilie .senate diamine was de
'cried. norsr. .Mi.iortixs hint, nn:.
Mr.Aiiusiroiig.nl l.aS.ille.u Dunn.
cim mid one ol il Ii,t in vear and
ervice, vainly llleil togel Hie S lien 1. 1 r to
con-eul lo calling Up ii S 'llille les ilililon
lllsllllclllig the NeielaiV ol Male lo
eail-e lo be printed l.'i.OiK) conies ol the
road law lor ill-lilliinioii among Hie peo
ple. Inn lor some ie.ioii llaliie wasop-po-eil
in ilu-, but Dually ciiii-ciiIhI ton
mil cab on Hie iiioiioii to concur, wln-n
il was loiiiid uo qiioriiiu olcd, and Hie
re-oluilou laded hi pass,
Al ll:-.!lMhc journal ot the lloii.e for
to-day was read and ilulvnppiovril.ai.il.
ai 1 1;. HI a. in. .-speaker Halnc hi iici. Ins
gave on tin disk lor the b.st I. mi li
Speaker, and ileelan il the IIoimmiI I.'i p-leseiiliitivi-s
ol he I went v-iillilli ( ieiieral
AsM'iulil. iiiljoui'lied wilhoiil dale.
I'lie niilioiiiiri iiirnl Was leccivnl Willi
clierr. clapping ol hands mill oilier de-ninn-lralioiis
i, penllic. And so the
work was done, and the record lliiide.
'pill! IIKLLKTIN lsiiil.lnsl(irrymornln
(i ii il .Mutet.iy) In Hit- lliillilln lliiililin, cur
lier W utliiiiittiiii iiii'iiiit-auil Tut'lllh bIHTt
'1 in: III i.ixiin Is iris to i-ily miW-rlUr li)
r 1 1 1 1 ll 1 1 i-.oilirsiiri'n-nl-Fie (.Viils Wuk,
pajulile turkljr lly .Mall, (In ii'hunu), slo n i
iliiiinni .U nueillis, Vllj-thlis- lU'iiilliK, .l nne
lllulllll. $1 -.'.(
riil.ll.lii-il i-nry I liiosil.iy innniliient w
I ii minium, luiuihitily in alnnei-. 'tin- iutiis'
nil tin-Wii'Lty will In- iitiiitnt llils olliie, su
Hut siiWill.cr hIII obulu fi.ra sulirriilion
liiv uf l it )tr.
n a n. v .
Itu-Im-sn CuiitSi I'lraiiiiuni 10
One hill.oi-, imp IlKi llliiii 1 t)
line siii.iu-, tun liuntiuim,
inn- ili.oe, nut- unk
One iuoi-, two wis ks,
One nin.nv, tloee wivLs
One ipiiv, nun inuntli
1 Ul
i! .'si
2 SO
I 10
o W
V K V. S 1. V
One aiii.iir, one In-iilluii, ,
l.'jdl auliMsiiu-ut IllM'lUiin,..
. 1 )
f)"Oiie Inch Is h siU:ot
S3"I'i ivRiil.iriuUtrtlsi-r weoUV-reiiiiorlorin-liiivnuiits,
IidIIi ns In into nl i-lmrgrti mnt niiiii
hit of illnpliuliiK tlu-lr tutors.
B3"NiiIIm-s hi limit f iiliiinn Insrrtnl fur I'if
Uf il Cent per I tin for one inmitlidi, Twinly
L'cats a line fur twn tu-i I limn, Tw caly-Flic
I'i'iiU a line lor tlim liuuiltum, 'llility-t'hc
t ints a line fur one wrek, nml ft-MMity-I'lic
l.'i ills a Hue fnrmie iimtitli,
Commuutcationa upon subjects of Ron
oral Interest to thn publto aollcttod.
KCrAII Irtli'M slmiilil lwiiiiht-snl to
JOHN II. oiu:iu.v,
I'lTsl'li nl l.'iilp' Hi llitln (.'iinieuny.
I'nriiflol Ikilly liy .M. Slinrns, foinmUklon
iihivIi.iiiI, Miuiioy vl' I no lhIid lliuinl ut
Klmir, ni-cimlliijr to itnuli
St O?.0 ll)
IvIMII, IIHM1, Mll'klil.:
I hi ll. Millie, hli'kisl..
O.iIh, mlvnl
(il Kn'
I I'd
S'l fs.
li.i Hi
l l
ft j l
in a hi
limn, jur tun
.Mud, H-.mi ilrlnl
UiiIIit, iliiinv .San itit-rn mil, pm-knl
liiitn'i,iliiiliesini in. paiktsl ,,
LtfKs, l l ll.il'li ,.
iinki-y.. nr anin
ili'ilu-. n r Ihiti-I
.Miili-. rniuiniiii, ,i,.r liurcl,,
t'liiali.e., i-r luiii-l ,
OiiI jih, jier Imiii I ... . . ...
n S. Collection
jpl'rimi.t atlMitlon slien tn rullrrtlon ni
cl-ilm. iiml an- inn - to the i.ik-Ii:ii- nnd wlc l
.M iifinl LiiiN, f.iiin,, i,V.iii-ni-i.j, Se.
it f'Wi-lmu ni ule in raiiiii'iiitMla wl Ii im utlnr.
jioy In rie-lic niuly In thu Uniiisl ht urs, lii-ur
lux iir.iMiit :kll-iiil.iii to ll iMuii.i-oM-iil lliliiuli
ll. AUn iiiI.1,1ku uf VVII.nn'. Ill.loi v tonl
li lectin)-ur siiiiiiu-i-ii Uliinarl iiinl oiitlii-in
yiLLlAM It, BMITU, I.t. D.
IIKlll-:.C'l;. No VI Thlrttrntll Mrt,
;nisn Wk.IiImkIoii n rime unit W iihmt stirct
OKI'ltl;: Nciriii lit.! i.r i;iKhtii .n.rt t,c
twivn t,iiiiiliii-ii'lid nml WiuliliiutiilinM-llilr
ItKSIDr.NLK: Cmni-i- Slntli ami Wnlinit
OPKK i: (.'ornerSlxtli nlmt mnt Ohio ft-.
on'tl.t; ItOtilis; FioiniJu in. Urn , nml
rii.ni -l to h i in.
j-jn. W. I1LAUW,
Gorman riiynlclan.
OITIfi;: llmli-r'n lilm k, (iip-itnlrs), ciunrr
l.lMlilli nliKtmnl W jiiIi hiKl'Ol in t nuc.
Attorney ni I.iuv.
UKI'ICK: Khditli Mlis-I, la-tu-en'coriitiic-r
l i.il Hint WllalllllKlilll lllilllll-s.
AMUi:t, P. W1IKI2L15II,
Alioi'iicy at l.nw.
lIKI'lt;!:: otilii .i itr, ihit nmiii furaii-ily
ia.h.iiiIii I. y Him Niiiiuiml ll.iuk,
CAtltU. ll.LI.NOt-).
Attorneys 'niiNi'lor..
at 11 in iv.
OKKH'i: Olilu l-iif, renins 7 and 8
( II) Siitliiii.il ll.itik,
Wlllhiin II Ul. i'ii, 1
Wllll.iiii II Olll.i-il. t AlltO ILLINOIS.
.Mil.-. I'ml'k lillUn
!L'in-i-liil nlli'iilliiii kiu-ii to Adiidnilty nml
Slminl oat iiinliivi.
iu:i, i:si- i i: iiir.vr.
Real Estate
Land AkoiiIs of tho Illinois Central and
..MiiiiiiKiuii hum t4iii.uy iv. iv
.Vorth Cur. Sixth and Ohio Lorco,
J. fl I.VM II. II. J inuvLkV.
House Agents,
Colloctors and Conveyancers.
OrFICU -At thn Court Ilouaa
Election Notice
l ITY I I L'lh'S Ol lK K, I
l Alllil, ll.l.s , Male. I l-lli, It-,'.', j
Vril'I'ICI; IS III It'll) Kllt'll, lll.lt nil I tlt-tilo V I III-
i J'llnl.iy ill A.ill, ll ,lNM;i'hii-.il .'lu
ll" il will l,f iifi.i in I in-(. II) nil nn. i, k'iiiiil.'i
niiiii) , Mnli- nl' llllluils, Im- llit-ili t'lliiiir Hi.'
I'.illnw oik. Ii.iiitnl ell) i.iik-i ,l.i-nll. A mil) or.
it en) i-lrik ncily lii-i-iiii-r, ii rily iitltirn.v . n
ell) u"I'a-iii , nml niii-iilili ini.in loaiitacli uunl,
I'm tin' liini.it iHiije.os I'm-Ilu- iiiiii.M'.snt
Mild t'lirllnii. ...lli will 1 1' . 1 1 i i.i I ul i hi' i'iiiIiiw
liU ii.iiiiisI el.ui", tii-mi in n, i' flint i mil at
Ilu- lirli'k Iiiioik- liuii-i' l.ili'ly iiii'iiiliil li) I,.
I'. I M i is, on die s-iuiiin il) hiiIc ul .sislli iiini.
U'lHi-m i iiiiiini-it'iio anil ii-liliiKtim tiii'iini'ni
In (In- ci-miil W hi I at Hu' i-niOhi- Ihiiim- ill' llio
Itniik-li nii'l Itci'ly I lu- i'nuii.iiiyi In llif 'llilid
Mill 111 III.' I'llill.' III. Il-C Hi ll..' IlilitlliliOl In-
ciini'ini) I In Ilu- I.iiiiiIi Ward at ilu- i.uini
iliiiit- and In Ilm I'd'Oi A'liril nl the linii-.-ul
M . -nllliaii, nn Ilu- Nnidi-wivt I'olliir ul
I Hi'iili-lll'lh i.ln.1 anil l.ninnii'ii-lid ait'ini.
salil i lirlloii will lie n.i'iui at ei(;lil u'eloi-k in
Hit- iii'irnlns'. and i-oiilliitii- iiuii niilll m-mii
ii'i-1 i'k In Hi. al' ii'iiiiiiii nl III ltd, iv.
lly nlili'i-nrilif I'lty I'niinclt,
Wll.l, Iv. UAH KINS, City Chili.
Fpoclal Asicisment Notice.
IJtMlt.lC until f Ii lii-ri-liy kIkh Unit Ilie
.1. e.iiiiiiy i'miil ul' .MtA.i.niiiT i nuniy li.i, ii-n-il.
inl Jii lKiiii'iit Inr it riKvtid iiM'siniiit lli..n
till' lilifll) iM'llflllllsl ll) thu llM.ll,IIK'llull ol
tin- inlliiwIHK sliluwalkil, U:
iiiiiii Milt, ni i. mi in .ni'l i.i etui rn Wnslnni;
tun ami Ciiiiiiiii-ii'i.iiaFiiiii-, uii .lilt'ti'Vtli
illXlnll an III!'-, ll.illl Inllllll In mill -1 1 III 1 1
rail ililf .1 W aallllUtull iilililii' in, in ('Inn lu
."iMli iliiti.1 liwilli slih-nl Fil'lh sturt Ir in
U u-lllllKt'". In l.iillUllrU l.ll llMllllla) Hindi alile
"I st'ti-iilli Iiiiiii Walnut In iM'olill) lint nl'Lnl
llliii k mS inn Hi Mil. 'ul' Lli'M iiili hum w iipIi.
Iii'Iiiii ail-line In Walnut lusi in-i Miienl'
I'ul'hir lii-'l, I I'Iuitii niMiinii and 'I wi-iiiy-mi'.iii.I
sliii lsi miiiIii i-l.li-nl' I iit nii -lh niiui'l
1 1 mil l'nilill' In )inmiit-illirla Biiiilll .Mi- nl'
l.l'lilh .lull In u i iii 0 ii.-Ii1ii.-i.ii unit 1 1, in.
ini'ii'lnl iiiiiiiii-s j iat rii- nl W'u.IiIiikIi.ii an
line I'lnlii l.tuliMi In Mni-lli slut ti inn ill i-l.li-I.U'hlh.U'luttll
VasldiiK'liiiiii-iiiii'iil. Will ii n t
.tiit li sniilli .nil-nl M'ltiiili, I'tluii'ii Wa-lniiL-'
Inn mi mil' ami NValniil .im-i, in Hill iiiuie inlly
.iiii'.il li'.ni llieiiiilile I tii) ..' ilu- Juilnin. nl
nil lilt- in tin' nllli t-nt' I In-ell) i Ii Ik nl llietil) i,'
iih'i. ill n a w.lii.inl Im' tin- i-iilli'i'llnii nt .lu ll
mil- Miii'Uls I. ill Ilu- hands nl' tin-iiiiii'.l;iiis
li m i puns init'ir.liil mi' In itliv iiullmd ioimII
aim I'm) llii'iiliiniiiits iu-i'-msI, at llii' i ulln'liir'
ollli-i-, Nn I".' I oiiillli'ii'lidilii liiii', within lliiill
il.i t'onii liii'ilnle iitu-iil' 11 I' III. . I I.,
. I!) I onstm-rati'l I .. Illrln L'ollieloi'.
'. 1 li s.-JIt itj) nf Miiivli. IsTS
Chancery Notice,
Stati: orlLMMiis. .i,i..mikik oi-ntv, Vm.
In tin- Cm-lilt oui'lMii) Ii i in, A I) i-T.1
smiili i lit-in is .loll u II Cliiiln, .Mn i'i II
I'liliiii, .l.inii'i A tliisin, .lulin . i In In .U.iii
slni'l.iir. mmiiii I Miirl.ilr, .Miiilln I, i hUni,
I l.ir.i lull in in, Wdii.ini i. i iiinii .MuiUih
K ' Iiihii, .M.ii) Lhloii, Al.irlh.il'lilMii VMnil.i
Ill-Ill, 11.11! Nllll.ll., I ll.llil'lll Lllil'll Itllhl'lt
I. yni-ii, t idifiirnl iOliii'i..l.iini'oiii'i,-iiinMH
Nnlmli, .Line iiivii-r .Nu.ili nv)ii' imninie
..iiliiiisnii .Inlui liuliiiiinn, Itil.) i lil-in, Wil
II. illl Itnliin.on, ilnlii'it Ituliin nn, Iti-lnri-.t l.uli
Iii.iiii, mid .I.i he Ktiblilsnn Itlil Inr I'iiiIIiImii
Alli'l.iut nl tin- iiiin-icdili-iiiv nt' . I. .tin ll
I IiWiii, .Mu.-i'-ll. t lil.ni Inlin s- Chilli .Mniy
"inel.di, .-s.iiiiut-1 slni-l.iii, .tiinllm i hi. in. Vu-
I oi hi l Iiisiii, .Miny Cut. in Due Mrliuli, I.IUm
lull L)in-li, ItoUrl L)iii-li s :i I n in tn idlirr,
.l.iii-i'. oiiM-r, lliiiiii.ni MiliiiU,.iiiiiisat.',
Nu.ili mu iir I'nrulli.i' Itiihinmni .Inlin Kuliln
siin, Itili-y IiUiii VV 11 1 In in l.iililn.uii, Ilnlii'it
Itotiliimii Iti-I m-.i lt.iliiiis .il mnt June l.nliln
.iiii ol Ihriiliuti' imnii'd ih O nil.iiits, Ii ivIhk Ihi-ii
II i- l In the i li'ik'a ullii'i- u II I- .nlil i licnil
ourt, U'titc-It lln-ii 1 it- hiitliv i:htii Injun
Hit-slid Jnliii D i hi. in .Miim'i II. i hlMii, .Inlin
i hi. m .M.uy liiclnli-, niniii iin-l.ili-, Jl.o
Ilm l.hitiii, ViitmU i lit-m, .Miny i lil-ni I ion
Mi-lmli, t.lU.il t't 1 1 ) ni'li, llobi il l.yin-li, I nil
I'urnla ollur .Linn's oliirr, Tiioih.h Mi'lmls
.l.iint siiivit-r, No ill snV)t r, i m nllnu Itnliiii.uii,
.Inlin Itutihitnii, liili-y i liUm, Willi nn itntiln
.nn, Itolsii Itntiliitnn, Itcbivi-ii ttulitnsoa ami
I in.' Iliililiuiin, lli.il tin uuihil.iini'iit lU4 lur
mil nl i- 1 1 1 1 In 1 t in said inlin, nn thci'liani'i'i)
,l,i-llii'ltM nil tlit'Allld.iy lil Apiil, A, (),, 11-7.1.
in. 1 1 lu i rii . 1 1 ii snmniniis lurid out nfs ilil
.'nil rl, ii-iuintiblt'oii Ilu' .'Id Mnnil.iy in I he month
d'.Miiy iii-vt as Is by law uqiilii'il Now luilesi
)nil, Ilie a.tlil ulHitf liilliinl iti fuiidiniti, shall
eii'.oiiilly I'l'tind niit'ir btrnt' Ihi-cuiirl on I lie
.list diy ol'lhe IU-.VI li'iui llii'li-uf. In lie linlilrii
in ami lur Ihusiild i-uiiniy. on thelM .Mniulny In
M.iy uct, and plead, mii.wki' or demur, lo the
sililcullli.llu.nil'i hill ul' i'nlii)lilnl, lliesiuii
mil the m niiiM mid tilings tin ii-ia eh.irs'isl and
lil.sl, it ill Ih- litkt-ii .us con t'e-.is I , unit a. Irene
i-illfii-il nirnillit lull nrennliiiitlv, lo tilt- U'ii)ll
if ..nil bin iti;i:in:N s vu.mi,urik
laltn, lilt,, .Siill th, IHM.
I mil lull A: l.hii'.-ar, .so Iclton fur ('i.iiiiil.iln
nllt S-l-lt-ll.
IjOlt Ilm ussly t-nrr of Seminal tt rnkni'ss,
s l.l .Mnntio.nl mid nil ill.untirs l iuuthi
ii by liiitl.i-ielloiis oi exit... Any DiUiilil
i.hs ilie liii:ii-.lioiili,
Aililnsis, Dr. K. HILTON & CO.,
l-l-dswlv Cs!in:miKitl, crwo.
JOBBERS -iJiiAAJUixi.- oj:'
Wl', snlldt rorreiion.tiiirsiin.l orders tinir DliiRul'ts I'liysli-I ins nnd Ci ni-nil Slon In wuu
of ix Is lu our Hue Miiiuilnuit I'I .iitutloa mill I'uiiiily .Mislit-lup Cimts lurid.lnil ul .
llll.it Willi It'liilblt- I lilies Id 11'lb.nll.lbll! rut v 3
74 Olilo Lovco. i wt-w-""- Waahlnntoc Av., Cor. 8th t.
Importer and Wholosalo Dealor in
xoiEtizjiGHxr uaLisr.o domestic
Wines and Liquors,
Keeps ti full st ck of
HSLontTuiolcy Botirlaon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
The Sprague
Should be sold by tliu Ilanliva
Ooods Trade cvc-ry
t? crnn iv::t c::r cr rnt txzzmz
antl tlotnll
Can Qrnm Ca
J Canned
IVtll until Sn,uitr, 1'rrr, on rtcetiit ufli.t Cento.

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