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to -mi: vn i:ns or twinn.
In llio local governments of tlio conn-trj-
lit the city mid county jjoveriiuu'iits
the people should take more Inti-it-it
even tlmn In the governments of their
State, mul of the Union. Tlio President
may ha munitions, the Coiigrc- eorrcpt,
mill the scrvntits of the people ill the l-'ed-eml
capital liiclllcleut nml nnp:itrlottc,
lint tlio pwnleofCiitro will feci few of
the bad clfecW resulting from this condi
tion of nlhilrs If they have an honest, In
telligent and energetic Mayor and Conn
ell, and other competent and faithful oil!
cor. Tlio Suite government liiay ho de
plorably Inclllelciitand corrupt, but tin
peoi1c of Cairo, if they have tin able mid
honest city government, will not sitlli-r
In any degree as lunch as If they had a
bad niUnlelp.il government and the State
were ruled hy-irtCn model of eltleleney
and paragon; ot honesty.
In the local governments (lie people
nili-a look to llml haipliiea and prosper
1(3'. The people of Cairo should there
fore consider carefully the claims of the
candidates for Mayor and Aldermen at
the election on next Tuesday. They
r fdiould pcnnll'iio con-lileralloti of pnju
dice to Inlhieueo them ; but Mioiild nk
Uieinselvus : "Of the two candidates for
.Mayor which Is the bwltvr man ? Which
will contribute mint tntheproperityaud
welfare of the city tho election ot Mr.
Morris or the election of Mr, Winter f"
The clllen who can answer tlieso
ipie?llons by on; lug: "Mr. Winter N
the bettor man ; his election will i iin
lilbute ino-t to the welfare ot the city,"
should vote for hint. Hut can any per
miii trulhliilly make answer In llu-e
questions In this waylr Who rim reply
In the itlllnnatlvef In what ifptet i
Mr. Winter n better man than Mr. Mor
ris Morally ! No. Intellectually? No.
As a business man? No. In what way,
then? In no respect whatever, ittil lei
us ask the other question ? Is .Mr. Mor
ris a better man than .Mr. Winter? We
believe he Is. Although .Mr. Morris
does not Fijitare his walk to the I'mllanl.
cnl doctrines of the Mrntght-liiccd among
the extremely Godly, he N, us (he world
gou. n man of lrieproaehnble ehnracler.
Intellectually be Is certainly Mr. Winter's
Mipciior, us every im.i-.oii will admit, for
even II Mr. Winter should be elected
Mayor and the city had occasion to speak-
by the tongue or lis chief olllror, Mr.
Wluler would be compelled to .speak by
pro,y. As a business man, .Mr. .Morris
has been successful, and although Mr.
Winter's friends hoast of his bmliu
ijunlllleatlons the events of his life have
given no evidence that ho po.cssos any.
Would Mr. Monis be a belter Mayor
than Mr. Winter? Who can doubt that
he would? When did .Mr. Winter ever
gio any evidence that ho po?sesed exec
utive ability? As president ol a tiro com
pany he HourUhed his trumpets, but the
results ot Ids administration did not us.
til'y the promises of his truiupethigs. Mo
made expensive dii.pl.iys, took all the
glory to himself, and mismanaged the
company's allalrs Ihiauclally and
otherwise. Tho best llreiuau In the
city, be proved hlim-clf to
be an lueoinpetentaud dangerous exeeti
llveollleer. lie has been a nieinber ol
the City C icll several times. While In
that body, what wise policy for the man
agement ol city allah s did he ever pro
mulgate? Aft n member of the Council,
did he ever iy or do anything that at
' tntotvd attention or challenged npplim-u t
Ilewaslheadvocatoofuowl-epolley that
we remember, and he said nothlngaud did
nothing as Alderman that was worthy of
the plaudits ofhscoiitItiienls. And now,
whllola'slilng to bo elected Mayor, while
declaring that a change should be made
in tho city government, hu does not in
dicate in what rospeet his administration
would dliltT from that of Mayor Wood,
except to declaro that the police regula
tions would ho relaxed.
On the other hand, Mr. Jiorrl. al
though he has been a member of tho City
Council but ono term, has proven lilnn-eif
to bo a worthy and wUo puidlo H-rvuiit.
He Is ono ot tho Aldermen who are to be
credited with tho movement that ha.
brought scrip to par, reduced expenses
many thousands or dollars and placed the
city In a portion from which It cut move
-to the coininonceiiunt of works of pub
lie Improvement. lu his ofllclal conduct
ho has been Independent, and has at
nil times acted as l ,is Judgment t)l0
best Interest ot the f-lty required. Wo
therefore beltevo and have no doubt
that tho best Interests of thy city demand
that ho hatl defeat Mr. Winter on Tue.
day noxt.
rnoK Radical newspapers whleh havo
hvi'ij fnvored.with the higli-prlccd adver
tlscments of United suten mall routes,
will get ho more such prolltahlo Jobs from
Secretary JoWll, Ilo has decided that
thU Is one ot tlio'lcaUs Which cu be ston-Id.
I'osT'MArim General Juvvrll Is not
nfrnUl oftlio iro. but regard limit
liovvoiftil tiRcnt lit rvuicttylitjr existing
llnsssin Tinisnit has been solicited to
go upon tho lecture stand, on one hand,
and tlm boards, on tho other, but has de
clined both Invitations.
Two wcak-niluded women nnd ono
weak Fpeclmeii ot iuaciillnltv, in Wash
Inglon City, have gone en zy over tho
Tin: Chicago Adveullsts iuu making
elaborate preparations for tho end of the
world, which, according to their chronol
ogy . will take ptaro to-morrow.
Oov. Haiitiianti of Pennsylvania, was
strongly Importuned to veto the bill re
pealing the loeal-oplloii bill, passed by tin:
general assembly of the stale, but be re
The national niontuneiit association
havu Issued an aiqieal to the people or
H... 1....... I ,K , . ...
lilt i lllliil Dime's hi riHIininiii- iiiikis m
completo the Washington inouimieut h
fore the ceuteunlal celebration. It has
stood for twenty years In Its present eon
illllon.and will io stand for twenty year
longer unless something Is done to hel
tho association to raNe the means to ilnlsh
It. The memorial of the society appeals to
org.iulAiitlous of all kinds, orders, lodges
granges, soi'letlus, ele,( etc., to ji--lst- In
the' work of compiling the shaft, at
least, of tho t'lonuiui'iit, prinr to .Inly I
Mr. Kd. 1 1 Hefner denies that Mr. .Iiiel,
Winter ever I'leetloneered lor hlui'elf In
tho Planters' House, and that Mr. Win
(er over appro.iehed htm about gam
hllng, &t: Mr. I luefner swears to Ibis
If Mr. Iluefner never said that Mr. .lael.
Whiter told him that ho Intended to be
candidate for Mayor ami wauled Ids lu
llitcncc, ami lu the same conversation
spoke to lilui about gambling, tin
wo misiimierstooti .Mr. inieluer, lur wo
have n distinct recollection that he told
us .Mr. Winter had said to him In substance
what has been slated. We me w tiling lo
make an alllilavil that wo heard this from
.Mr. Iluefuer, biilln the face of his di
ulal under oath wo aro willing to I
convinced that we misunderstood lilm
The present municipal canvass has not
been marked by any undue excitement
The friends of Mr. Winter have been
little noisy and demonstrative, being id'
the class that Is oftcnest seen lu publl
places mill Is (ne loudest lu speech. Mr
.Morris has had but lew to help him. II
has, wo may say, played the game alom
We have supported lilm because we In
Move .Mr. Winter N not a lit man fur tho
responsible olllee ol .Mayor. What the
rosull will be, we do not know. The
friends of .Mr. Winter claim that he will
undoubtedly be elected, while on the
other hand tho supporters of Mr. Morris
are sure there Is no doubt of bis election.
Time will tell ; and until the time when
time does tell, the friends of Mr. Morris
should work with a will, They have op
ponents who are Industrious and who
will not ilNeonlluue ellbrl to elect .Mr.
Winter until the pulls hit elo-ed on Tiie
diy. h7ixi:n.
Ilou. Klljah M. II.dniM Is at tills mo
incut umb ra cloud ; but ho has been un
der many clouds bolmv and Is probably not
unhappy. The Ihiiim) adjourned wllbout
pas-lng the usual vote of thanks to tin
presiding ollleer. Indeed, no friend of
.Mr. Ilalnes could be found bold enough
to oiler such a resolution. Hut Mr.
Haines need not bo discouraged. Not
two j ears ago, he was hustled out of a
banners' convention at Hprlnglleld, nnd a
fowinonthsiigowas the Karincrs' candidate
I'orSpeaker. A short time since the Demo
crats damned lilm and voted for lilm.
And now the liepubllcaus, In the councils
of which party he was at otie time verv
prominent, are denouncing him bitterly,
a fact which leads us to believe lint III all
probability ho will be theeaudldateol the
Kadleals for Governor. The party that
damns Ilalnes Is In great d.ingerof adopt
lug 1 1 1 ii i iua short time alter It has ut
tered Its curses.
nil. yvi.v n:n oi:mi:s.
l.vnsTin,voii The intimation
eoutalned hi this morning's Jlullttin to
tlio elleetlnat I was eonneeteil with the
swindling of u stranger hi the sale ot a
restaurant, is laise m every particular.
.Mr. H. V. Wheeler ami several others
were in my store talking about the mat
ter, and 1 remarked that lithe e.i.c, was
as they represented It, I condemned II.
A parly present remarked, -l gues you
got your work lu, loo." I replied that I
knew nothing about the matter until at
icr uie iraiie was made, when tho man
was introduced to me ns tlio purchaser,
and my store the place lor lilm to buy
oysters and meats. 1 1 i:uv Wixn.u,
Wo do not know that a stranger was
s.vludlcd lu the sale ofn restaurant. All
that we know about the all'alr Is, that a
stranger claims to have been Rvvhidledln
this way ; and that S. I'. Wheeler. '.t,,
says he heard Mr. .lack Whiter, lu speak
ing of the sale, say that ho "got lu bis
work." .Mr. Wheeler, If wu aro not nils
taken, ha told Mr. Whiter that ho heard
him use this language, 11 is a question
of veracity between Mr. Wheeler and Mr.
Winter. That U all.
I rav Harris was hanged at Commerce,
aeon county, Mlssom-. on I'rldav. In
November lust, 0n election day, he intir-
iieieuius lattier-ln-law, Square Master
son. There had been bad blood between
the two men, and on llio day of Master
son's death they met at the iiolls. a ills.
putegrevvup bet ween thciu.diirhig which
-Mastcrson put his right hand Into his
pocket, when Harris said tolihn : . "Von
Intend to shoot me, but I'll kill you If
you make the attempt." 'Voit
aro a coward, and dare not
-hoot at mo," was Mastcrsou's
retort, wlicn Hants drew bis pistol and
fthot Jlasterson dead, Harris then lied,
but after a week's abfenco returned and
gave himself up to the sheriff. Ho was
tried, at tho last term of court, In Coin
mlTce, was found guilty and sentenced
to bo hung. This sentence was executed
on trJimy in the prwoneu ofa great
multitude. The tloomed man asceudul the
scnltohl with a Ilrm step, and died with
out exhibiting nny evidences of fear. An
attempt to icectio the prisoner was leared,
and thu town waspatroled by men armed
with shol-gtiiu, but the exectillon pased
oil wllbout trouble. This was the only
execution In Scott county dining the
past llfly years
vt i:.iti:uiti:T it.
Mr. William Winter, lu a card, sajs!
lu rcnlv to the article lu the llutlrtiii ol
this morning, in reference to Hie enter
prise of my brother, I will cay, that as
my agent, ho hall my entlio coulldence,
and I believe that the libelous course pur
sued in warn mm ny uiu iiuiictm uas in-
urcti uie nusiuess maieriaiiv.
W.M. WiNrmi, Hit.
We never made a charge against .Mr.
Henry Winter we did not believe
to be true, and which we felt wo
were called upon by our duly as a public
Journalist to make, or which wo
were Jiistliled In making by the
venomous hatred with which
Mr, Henry Winter has pursued u. If,
as Mr, William Winter says, we Injured
"llio business," wo regret the (act. What
ever quarrel we may have with a mm,
wo ncWT Intentionally Injure hlni lu bis
business- mid, really, In our whole
course towards tins man, never
for a moment entertained against
him any malice, Wo do not at this day
He It Is who hat been malicious, lie has
abused us hi season and out, ami has
struck at the olive brunch whencUT It
was tendered lo 1 1 1 1 1 1 .-'
.'IcIIAI.i: It I rnlMIAWN.
William Mellale, the present Clly Mar
shal, has done his duty as n public olllee
faithfully and honestly, and, as a matte
of course, has obtained tho enmity ot
all tho(! eltl.ens who bellevo law's air
made to be broken with Impunity. .Such
people are active, and these have been at
tempting to Inline .Mr. .Morris hi eer
lain quarters by deelai lug that bo has
agreed to leappolut .Mellale Clly Mar
shall. William Scott, the colored saloon
keeper, who Is a very active friend of Mr,
Winter, Is scandalously abusing .Mr
Morris, lie knows that Mr. Winter will
be a better Mayor lor him than tiny other
person in tile city, tinder Mayor Wood
Chlel Mellale ami bis force bao not pi
milled Seoll lo run bis game unmolested
ami now Scott for the purpose of helping
Winter Is appealing to the colored prrjil
dice, and Is telling the colored men that
.Morris will appoint .Mellale, the IiMi
man, and that Winter will not, Mr
.Mel lain bus never bad any conversation
with .Morris on tlio subject of the Mar
shalsblp ami Morris has made no prom
ises lo lilm. In fuel, Mellale has con
cluded that the olllee of .Marshal may go
to llong Kong for him thai he will re
the from tho service of Ihc public and go
Into other business. This determination
hi has ili'il.uvil hi u card published In the
Nun yesterday evening and lu the Hri.
ixi in this morning. Wu applaud .Mae's
determination. And now the other boys
have an oppoiluulty lo step Into the
Marshal's shoes, ami we have no doubt
they will avail themselves of It.
ci:mi;.vm.ii, msroitv or ui:iti.
Tie; contribution nl' the .Valloual Hu
rem I of Kdiicallnn, under llio manage
ment of (ien, John C. Katon, 'o die cen
tennial celebration, will consist of a cen
tennial history ol American education, the
work to be divided Into three periods; tho
colonial period, embracing the lime prior
to 1770; tho homogeneous period, extend
ing from 177U to IS 10, and so called be
cause It covers the years when the
descendants of the uolouMs hav
ing iieeoinpllshed their separation
from the mother country, were win king
out the problem of the Kepiiblle the era
of WebsterV spelling book, of the Federal
constitution and ol the Introduction of
steain:;the heterogenous perlod.cinbraelng
the years from 18 10 to IS7(I. audcoinpie
heiiillug the Invention of the electric tele
graph, and of the sewing machine, laying
of llio Atlantic cable, discovery of gold hi
California, (lie war between the States,
and tho abolition of slavery, mid
which will contain u lull
history of tho educational advance
ment of tho years It covers. The plan of
tho hltory wilt bo submitted to the na
tional committee of school superintend
ents, which meets lu I'hlladelpha next
A 4'ni'il I'riHii N. I'. Wheeler. I'.si,-1li
tsiijs Mi: Winter lllil N.l.v He tJol Ills
Worli in lit Uie Itcstiiimiuf Niile.
Mil. Oimui.Y : It seems that I have,
without any Intention on my part, be
come Involved lu a controversy wllh Mr.
Winter, a candidate for Mavor. A lew
words from mo seem necessary. Sinie
two or three weeks ajro, it report was
current on the streets, that one Coyne had
overreached a man named .lohusou in a
trade eoncernhi'' a lestaurant, and that
In so ilolnj; he had been aided by some elht
or ten persons, and the name of ".lack"
Whiter was mentioned as one of these
persons. With these u-poiu I had notli
in' whatever lo do. I was employed, at
about tliis time, by .lohmou to Institute
suit against Coyne, and shortly after, (a
day or so perhaps) was met by .Mr. Whi
ter and lie asked mo what .lolmsim had
told me. This I could not disclose. u
then deprecated the rumor, at this partic
ular time, and 1 remarked to him that he
was probably as much to blmno for its
currency as anyone. Ho asked ine how t
and I remarked to htm that be had talked
Indiscreetly about the all'.iir, if lie was
not Implicated In It and had Mild In my
presence, when the subject of Coyne's
having "Ken parties money to spend at
tho restaurant proposed to be sold lo
Johnson for tho purpose of Inducing a be
Jlcf In- Johnson that tho business was
prnlltable, "that I got my work
in there, ami old Ilurusldo hadn't had so
much to eat for three months." Aner
several explanations, cuc 0f which was
Inconsistent with the other, l staled that
my Interest In the nllalrwasthat ofa law-
yer, and at Winter's request I proniltcd
I to say nothing about It, ami that I hud
Bald nothing. This pronilso 1 observed
strJctly until otherwise tho matter
was made nublio. On inquiry to-day
1 llml that Winter hlinelf repeated what
I said to him pilvatcly lu tho presence, of
Louis Shuckus and others. Thus Whi
ter himself has given publicity to u
purely private conversation, or which I
said nothing to any perton (except Mr.
Winter) until afler ho stated what I had
said to lilm. Yours, respectfully,
n.urt.i, I'. Wnrxixii.
riMH.' IIIH.I.iniN h imhllshnl every mornlii)?
(ixccpt Moinhiy) In llic lliillolln lliillillutf, cor
ner Wntluiixloii nvriinc .nut Twelfth street
Tub lln.i.i;iis Is ervnl lo clly tnibsci Hmtj tiy
f.iltlifnl mrrlvrtnt I'Menly-l'lvt- Cents n Week,
ni)ii1ite wn'kty. Ily M.UI, (In uilvniicr), IOnT
uliiiiiliil tlx tnoiilhs, tU llnev nionlhs, f.l one
liwnlh, 41 'J.I,
I'nlillihtsl every '1 Imintiy inornlng nt $1 2i
issi-ititnttni, uiviirl.ihly In inhume. 'Ihc iutn.'e
on Hie VVceUy will Is- piTalil tit tills m,,.( M
Hut siiIwiIIhii vv III ohl.ilii Cor u milwrlillon
rla "f l ymr.
II A I I, Y .
Ihnlnesit liinl, iierunmim,...
One siirun, onis nscrlloii,
One ssiialp, Iwu Innvrllons,.,,
line f'lii.ni', one uivk,
One KjiLiie, two wit-La
One suture, Unit-' Hecks,..
One sqinv, one iminlli,
i el)
I li
1 M
'.' .VI
a U)
1 mi
.', IK)
w it r. ' i. v
One niiiiiip, (Hit- iiiKi-rllon,.
Kncli suIishhk-iiI linerlloii,.,
..l (l
S3Onc Inch Is n siiiiue.
fj'l'o n-Kiitiii nilirilUeis w r oiler bii-i l lor In
ilureiiienls, tiolh n to rate nl ctinigei nml Hum
tier or ilUilnyliiK their furors.
J3"N'nllei-s In Iwiil milium lioeilol for Klr-
tifn I i-nls n-r line f.ir one In-eillon, Twenty
Cento ii line lor Iwo bin-rlioni, I Wrnly-Klvc
(.YiiU a Urn- I'nr time IiimiIIiiih, Thiily-Klve
Cinls ii line for one wiL, nnd sVu-iily-l'lv
Cents n line for one month,
CouuminlcfitloMii upon subjects of Ron
nrnt lntereat to tho public uolicltoit.
H.J".lt t It" rs ulumlit be mblit-estsl to
John ii. oiilui.y,
I'nvMi-nt t.'iili-o lli.th-lbi (.'oiiiiumy.
'I'll 'PIIStl(lli VH.
'I'liead-crlUer, a retired pliysleiao, buy
ing providentially illnovcred, vvldlo a Med
leal Mli,limarv In s'oniliern Asia, n very
simple vcjr-jtiiiitoifiiiuUy for llionpeeily nnd
permanri I euro nl I'oii-uinpllnn, Astlnnii,
llnmeldlls, I titarrli, nml nil throat nnd Inns
alleetlnns, nisi n pittlve and radical i-pe-cllle
lor Nervuos Di biniy, l'rciiiiituro lie
cay, and nil N't rvons Complaints, IVt'S It his
duly l make It known to lilt niirerln-r lei
Imvs. .Utii'ilc I by this motive, ho will
chcerlutly hi-nd(lrei iifelurKe) ;o nil who
ilcsliu it. Ha- receipt lor preiatlnir, nnd lull
illrcctloiis for siiei'es.iuiiy usinv, tins provl
ileiillnlly du-trril reinedv. 'I'lio-u vvlm vvlsli
lo avail tbeiiiM-lves of Hiu beuclits ol this
discovery without eml, cim do so bv return
mall, by aihlrcliit;
ill N'liL'nrn Street,
57-l-l-vvSt. lIuHalo, N, Y.
U. S. Collection
EJ-rronipt nttditiini kIvcii lo culled Inn of
chlma nml iiitiiiiiiisi lo 1 1 is- nnrlme nml sntr of
.Mlm nil Iannis, I'lirnn, lle.iili'iieen, Ac
1CJ-VVV lime iiunle iiiriinureinenU w Mil mi ullnr
ney In fiiclicuiliilj In (lie I illicit Mutes, Intnr
biK lirnmpt iilleiilloiilo.ill liiiklnesssi-nl IIiviiiik'Ii
lis. Also jmlilliiheis of W'llwin'fi 111.1,0) nml
Dliei-tnry nl' Sonllii in Mlssnurl unit Soullii in
lllinoU, nml IJ. h. l-il Dlreelory. 1'ilco.'.
Shoritr'B Snlo.
13Vlil'ie of two rrii.iln eenillo In me
.IT) illreiiisl by Ihe Ll,uk of the liienit oiitt
nl' Aliixuiuicr eoiinly, In th Mnir of Illinois, III
f.ivoi'iir Ihu .soiilhwestiiu Insiiiniii'i- Conipimy
lor the u-ii of John 0 H.irnmn. I!ei'tler, nml
niilntl VV'm. ,1 . Allen nml II VVnHon W'thli, I
hiiie It vli-il iiiioii the rollowlni; ilescrilieil iroi
(ily, In llit rllvrtif Culm, runniy ol" Alcxnniltr
nml Miilnol' Illinois, lo-w It l.,, miniKinl al
(il). In hlork miinhciol twenty nine (,:''), us the
inoiieilv nl' tin-wild II . VV'iit.oii VV ebb, which I
feluill oiler nl iiublln 8.1I0 lit lies i,tiiliui.i limit
ol'lht-Couit House, In the city nl' I ulro, In the
ennnly ol'.Vlexiiniler unit Slult- ol' Illinois, onlhe
i tiiiy 111 April, A. 11. is, , ni me iionrnl
i leM-ii o'eloi-k 11, 111. , for -null, lo salMV sal, I
uvtvall'us Al,i;.,ll tit WIN.
shei in ol Ak-Miniler Loinilr, Ills.
O11I10. tils.. . Apiil I, IS7V. t-l-WJt
SherlfTs Snlo.
J Y 1 nliieol' nr eviH-iillon lomo illitcltsl by
I J llireleikii'tht!t'lii'iill 1-0111I of Alexniiiler
esuiiily, In the Sliite of I IllmiU, In 1'ntorol' Ouvlil
Hull, nml 11,-nln-t lliplist lloUten, I hiive lt-vleil
npnullit, fiillowlni; tliveiilnsl iins ily, In Hit
count) of AluMimh-r nml Mule of IIIIumIs, lo
vill llieMiuiliwi-sl oniirttrof sei'llon tweiity
l (Jil), liilnwHshlp lllUen (11) soiilh, nml hi
uiiipe I wo wesl ol'llie t ill xl iirmclpal innlillnii,
iislhu ir,ie,rly of llu- s.Uil lUpilst llollen,
which I w 111 oiler ill public Htleiit the sontliw iyt
'birir of tin- -iiti i-Iioum- In llio oilvof I'nlrn, In
hi-rouiii) orAh-MinilerninlMnlaor IllluuU tin
Ine iluili it ii- nl Aplll, A II., 1S7.1, lit die hoiU'of
tli'Un nV'Im-k, n. 111., for rush, to niitUry mi l
c.millini Al.l'.X II IllVIX.
M'rrin'nf Ah-MOiiltrtonnly, Illinois.
il'lT-S iM Al"" ''"'' W:'
imm house,
Centrally Located, lilfgautly FnrnisM,
m mtr.s vonr.nxrr..
Ttw Oo-pmowial Hotel of tlio (.
liKStllKNCC: No 21 Tlili lepiilli lrrrl. I,e.
Wis.il Washington luemie Mitt Wnlitnl lnl
OKI'ICi:; North s,lo or eighth itrrrt In
twivii Cuininvrclal Hint WuiliiiiKloiinvctitir.
UKHII);.V:l: Coim-r Ninth nn,l Wnliml
OKI'ICi:: Corner HUlli lns;t unit Ohio lvif .
OKI'ICi: MODUS; KiomUn m. Urn . nnit
Amu '2 lo S p in.
Tjn. w. ur.AUw,
Qcrmnn PliyBloian.
OKKtCl:: llmlcr's Illock, (nii-stnlrs). corner
i;i(lilli sliitilmnl VVitshliiKlon iiteinic.
AUornry tt Imw.
OKKICK KlRhlli Slnsl, Is-twi-jo Coinrmr-i-lnl
nml NinkliiKloii inclines.
AHorucy at liiuv.
Ot'KICIi: Ohio lu'Vtv, nvrr room fiiriiietly
oc:iiiltsl hy Klrst Niitlomil Hunk,
M ltKEN & OILllKIlT,
AUoi'iio.vn and CouiiNclorN
ai liiuv.
OKKICi: Ohio l-evcc, moms 7 ami s
Clly Niitlomil Hank,
Wlllhuiill (iivrn, )
.Miles I n-l'k (jllhrrt S
Ci-l-s-clnl nllenlloii kIvcii lo Ailnilrally unit
StRiintont huiiiit-M
udai. r.HTA'ii: ,.i:.v r.
Real Estate
Lmul Atronta of tho Illinoln Contral and
llurlliiKton unit Uulncy It. It.
North Cor. Sixth nuil Ohio Lovoo,
2L33.3Li 3S7.7.T3
House Agen-is,
Collectors and Convoyancors.
OFPICE-At the Court Hoime
Election Notlco.
C'irv i'lkiik'n Oki'Ick, )
C.ttlin, Ills , .Mnii'h bill, IrT.'i )
NOTICi: is heit'by Klven, Unit on lnesiluy the
joili ilny ol'Apill, A.l.,ls74.ii,'cncnil t-lte-II,,
0 will lii'licM in IlivC'itvorCii 10. Ak-Minili-r
( oinily, hiutcnl' Illinois, lor theeleelionol' Hit
fiillowliiK iiuinnl clly olllero, lo-w it: A miiyur,
11 clly eteik, 11 illy trciHiirer, 11 clly utlorney, 11
eily iisM-asor, nml oiieiiliU-iiiinii l'ronieiirhviiri,
lor Ihc In ill ol' Iwo e.ir.s. Koi'lhe piiipoNi-aol'
snlil eleclhili, pulls will beoiiemsl nt (he I'ollotr-
INK nuoieii iniices, io-w 11 : III inc. I Usl It mil lit
II, e brick bintiness hou-r lately oeciiplisl by 1;.
1'. iMvis. on the Siillllii ilv Hiilu ol' Sixth si n i l.
betwis-ii Coinini'ieliil mill Wiinlilngton uv l-hui-b;
10 in,-.-.fi'ioiii tt 11111 111 ine engine non-11 01 uie
lloiitth unit llemly Kile compiiny; In thc'llilul
VV mil ul the em:lnelioiist- iifiht- liilit-iiiem l'lu,
eoinpiniyi in Ihc Konith Wiint 11 1 Itm Court
lloiisi-i nml In tlui t'illli Wunl lit thu Imii-cnl'
t s. .Siilliimi, on the N,iilli-icst coiner of
rwcnl.llth bllcit nml Coinim-reinl ntt-niu-.
Siiil election v III be oH-nts nt einht o'clock In
II, e iiiornlnK, uml continue open until seven
o'duck lu lite nllci noon ol llmlil.iy.
iiv oiihtoi uie t iiv t.oiiiicil.
Wild, Ii. HAWKINS, CM) Clerk.
Special Assessment Notice
lritl.IC miller- is hcieliy Klven Hint the
1. county court of Alcviiiilcr couutv b is ivn-
tleltsl JlnlKlln iit lor it sl.iui.il iiSMMHiueut upon
the ploiriiy beiiellllisl by Ihc tecoiisliiictlon of
lilt Illl lOW'lll r-IOI'tllllKN, wu
M111II1 slilool Touilli Dlrirl.l iluicii VVusliiuv
ton nml Ciiiiunti clol n emu's i viest slili-urw iish
lucloii iiM-nue, 1'roiii I'ourUi to l'lllli nlintai
nisi ltlt of VV'iishlnKlon iivi-nue I'roni I'lllh lo
Mtli Hlrecmi lioilli Mlileor 1 lllli Nlitrt ll'nlil
Wiisliiuutoii 10 C'oiunieicliil uvenucsi 1101II1 shit-
ol'.Setenlh I'nilii VV'tiliiiit lo wi-i-lcilv II111 ol'ljil
M, lllocklVS; iiortli suleof i:ievculli finin VV'ut-h-
liiKlnu nveiiue 10 t iiiuui urccli ni.l ulilitiir
I'opliiriilris-t, btlwts-n Division uml Twenty
no 1 1 nl Dlict-ls; roiilli ulilcol' Tnrnty-llrst Hluet
IV0111 I'opliir to SjoiiniiiiT ulni'tui nmlli niilu ol
i.iuiiiii niieci iieiwern it usuinuiiiii 1111,1 Coin-
iiu-ri'liil ntcnues) t-a't t-ioe ol VVushlin.'tonuvc
llllc In, 111 KlKhtli to Mneth fin els 1 noilh tiiln ttT
i:iKlilli.l".twccn VViinliluKlouuveuiicuml Wtilnut
t-llirlj tiiiulli siilenrscvi-lilh, Is lwis u VV'itshliic
toll uvcuucmnl Will 1111 1 strict, us will nunc lully
-.iiinc.ir limn the ct illlle'l com- of Ihc linl-jiiii ul
on llln ill the olllee tit" the clly clerk of the i lly of
(iilro) tint it vtiiriiiut for the cullecljoii of null
IIHfSaniltM Is ill till' lllimlsof lllllUI,ll'lslIHll.
iu lier-iouB iiin-ivi-ini nit- ncicnv uiiuiieii locntl
nun pay llieiiinniints iisrt-niicii, ut tlm colltvior'H
tillice, No. Is-iCtiiuiiicri'hiluvcnue, w ithin thiify
ilnvs IVointheiliituheif,)!' II. V. HI, A Kl),
t iiv 1 reueurcr 1.11 1 i..-iiiucio uouecior.
Ilntcil (Ids attrt ilay nl'Murch, Mi.
Chancery Notice,
Sx.vir. or Illinois, Alcaamiui Cocntv,
In Die C'iiciill (.'ourtMiiy tiim, A, I). i,,V
Sunih J. Cliimi vs John I) (Jlilsni, Mom's 11.
Chlsm, Jioncs W. CIiImii, John LIiImii .Mury
siiioliilr, MHiiicI Sinehdr, Mm I In Ii. ( I1I.1111,
Cliii-i Ilcll.C lil-iii, VV'llllnm I!. I libin, Mmlhii
V. ( I1I011, .Miirv Chl-ni, .Martini Chit-iii. Victoria
1 lil sin , Don. .Nichols, Kllzithclh Lynch llolicrt
i.yncu, t.uiiioiiuitt'iitiit-iuiiici. wuvci , 1 iiuiu.iii
Nichols, J111111 Suw)er, N011I1 Hiiw)it, Can, line
lloliinson.Johii lloblnson, lllley L'lil'in, Wil
llitlii Uolilnson, llols-rt ltoblnsoiit Itclicccit llob
Ineoii, nml Jantilloliliiwin. Illll lorruilitlon
Allliluvit: ef the iion-resIilencc of John II.
t'hlsni, JIom'S II. hisni, J0I111 S. CI1U111, Jlnry
sliicliur, Huinucl Mnelnlr, Jlnilhn ( hltsni, Vie
loiiu Clilsin, .Mnry CI1U111, Doe. Nliluits, Kllu-U-tli
l.ynrh, ItolM'H l,j mill, tiilli'oriiln Oliver,
liiinci (lllvcr, 'lli'inuH Mcholfi, Juni-Hnvvver,
NiKili S.nvjcr, Cniiiliui! Itobliimin John lioblu
son, Itiley 1 lilin, VVIlllum liohiiison, Hubert
Itnblnsini, llcbei-Cii lloblinioii uml June lloliin
son nl llieuliotc niuncl iltTciiiliiuts, IiiuIiik' Ih-iii
tllcil III thu link's ullUe ol'llie kiiIiI ( iicult
t.'ourl, notice In llierefiire lieifbv ulten to you
Ihc kiM John l I liisin. Mom'S II, ( hli.ni, .loiiu
8 ;chUin. Mnry Slnclnlr, Miniut-I .slncliiir, Mar
tin Chum, Vicloiiii I'hlsin. Mm) ( IiImii, Doc.
XU-lioU, l.llziibeth I.ynoh, Itobcil l.ym-h.Cull-I'ornhi
Oliver Juuic-i Olivrr, 'I'lionuis MchoU
Jinn- Sinvver, No.ih Snvryrr, Cnrollnc lloblnson,
John Kob'hison, llilcy ( lilsni, Wllliiim llobln
1.011, Itobcrt lloblnson, Itcliccca Itoliln-on mul
.limn Itubliison, Unit tin- coilipliiiucnt lllcj lur
liill of coiiiphilnt in unlit court, on t lie chunrcry
hln Ihcivofoa tliefltll tiny of Apill, A.I)., 1S7S.
uml Ihciciipon 11 biiiiiinnns Itsiitsl out ofknlil
court, rcliiniublcnn the .Id .Momhiy Inllic nioiuli
of Mny next, ns U by law ivipiliiil, Now iiuIcjs
you, tin- Hnhl iiImiic lininiil itrfcmliiiH, nhnll
pcwoually be uml nppcar bcfnru Ihu court 011 Ihu
llrsl ilnv of llio next icriu thereof, lo beholden
In uml for Ihcs.ild county, on the 3d .Momlriy in
Mnv nevt, nml ph-uil, nnutver ur demur, to tlio
ejlilt'oiiiplntnmit's bill of complilut, the tain
nml the m tilers mul IlibiRS thcrem cliiiigc-l uml
stntetl, will heliikcn us ciilcss, mul 11 decree
entertsl usiiliut you nci-onllniilr, to the lintyet
of eitld hill. ItUl'IIK.N S. VOClM, Cfeik.
Cnlro, Ills,, AiuilSlh, 1873.
Criiiulull A i.lncgnr, fiollcltorj lor Comnlnlu.
nt. a-l.ii-41.
17V0U (he ipmly curt) of Scinln:il Weakness,
; I,ol Muiiliood ami nil tlistmlers biouglit
on by Indiscretions or excess, Any DribgUl
has the Ingredient),
Aihlia, Dr, K. IUUO.V A CO.,
1-'J1-0AW"1V. Cliicbinutl, Ohio,
CivilB i,i
k?"i i. ,h
. AN'D
Wl! follclt correspondence tout order finm Ununlnts, rhvlehn nnd Oenend Klon-s luwan
of ponds In ur line Slciiiiluuit, l'laiilcllon nnd 1'iiiiilly .Mctliciiie Cbk-s I'urnlsheil or .
Illlett wllh lelhililc DniKsnl le.isnnnblc mlt-s.
74 OMo Lovoo. I "a. Waahin(t0n Av Cor. 8th St,
Importer and Wholesale Doalor in
Wines and Liquor &,
Keeps a full stock of
L0-xlru.0l-.3r Bourbon,
Monongahela, Rye and Robinson County
The Sprague
Should lie sold by the Hardware
Goods Trade everyv,
it crriTs zvest c:ir cr sta ricsiss i
lfNARPlIANn; ,
1 a3asaana3
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
ami Retail
A.MI -
Can Opener Oct
J Canned
mil ttixl Sainiilc, Vvec, on receipt '" 83 CtHi,'

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