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MM K. OBBRY. Editor.
wsr WORHS.
To-day, t!io electors of this city un
called uon lo iletcrmlno wlictlipr Mr.
Henry Witter or Mr. Wni. II. MorrU
shall lcM(iyor. Wo liono they limy ilo
(jjc wisely, but thl hopo may not bo
realized, for the friends of Mr. Winter
have been very active while thoe of Mr.
Morris, conlldcnt of his suca'4, have
done llttlo work In his behalf. They
bavo hod no doubt that the jjood tamo of
the people would not penult them to
elect to the highest olllco In their 111 n
man so unlit ns .Mr. Winter to perform
Its duties.
We speak without feeling "'"'l simply
for tho welfaru of the city, when wo say,
that the election of Mr. Winter to-day
inay be o inoro severe blow ut the pro--porlly
of Cairo than a conlliitf.-.itloii or
the pestilence would be. Whnt was ties
troyed by tiro could bo replaced, nml the
effects of tho pestilence would soon be
forgotten, but Mr. Winter's election
would be nu nckuowledircmcnt by tin
citizens of Cairo that whst h i been mi
often said In our disparagement Is true.
The facts wilt sustain us In this nsu-r-tlon.
Mr. Winter has declared openly,
tlmo and njfnlu, that gamlilor ought to
lie encouraged to loaito hero for tho rea
son that thoy would roiitrlbuto to our
prosperity. "Thry win the money of
strangers," N his argument, "and expend
It nmong our citizens, thus making culi
more plentiful." We can ttirnWi
witnesses who havo heard him argue In
this way. That ho does entertain this be
lief no person who knows Mm Intimately
can deny. And In nil scilousness, wo link
our citizens, ran you ole Id make this
man MayorV Am you willing that
It shall bo said abroad: ".Mr. Winter was
elected Mayor of Cairo on the lmi that
gambling should Iks encouraged, became
resident gamblers win the money ol
tranzers, and, their expending It In that
community .(ihusnakes cash morcplentl
ful? WIihii, therefore, you paw through
Cairo, look out for sharpers, beware of
three-card monte and bu not Induced to
visit tho lair of tho Uxor?" If the people
ot this city aro anxious to have this sild,
they should vote for Mr. Winter.
Hut, It may be said, "Mr. Whiter has
only talked In thl way ; Ifelected ho will
not act upon this declaration ; ho will lie
faithful ollleer." Well, ho may be.
Thlswoaduilt. Dot since thureeord shows
not that the leopard has changed Its spots
nor tho Ethiopian his skin, the chances
am nil iwilnt tho siipjxnlKon that .Mr
Winter may, If elected, prove to ho a con
scientious Mayor, faithful In the dis
charge of hh duty, unwilling to p5rmll
gamblers to win money from Htrangers,
and strict In the enforcement or
police regulations. To do so, ho will bo
compelled to break away from (lie
men who elected him, a fact that must bo
apparent to nlt. To "go hack"
on friends rcrpilres moral cour
age -Mr. Winter does not, In our opinion,
possess; and we therefore are nlmot cer
tain, that he would not, if elected, aban
don the Intcicsts that on to-day will glvo
him such hearty support. Ilmldes this,
there Is no reason to lHillevo that Mr.
Whiter would bo a sagacious executive
otllcer. The wholu tenor of hl life
proves that he has no c.vcc.ittvo abilities.
Ileforc ho came to Cairo ho was n failure,
and since his arrival hero he has been
anything but a sucees?, Ills election
Is an experiment tho people should he mi
willing to try.
Mr. Morris, on the other hand, may bo
relied upon to represent tho sentiment
of this community that deprecates
lawlessness. In tho council ho has al
ways been found on the rtilo of economy
and good government. Ho Is a young
man or energy and ability, and would In
every way bo a better Mayor than Mr.
111... T. ... ... -
Minicr. ins election will bo a procla
mation that Cairo will not retrace her
uui wniu ot tiio result? We do not
know. It Is In tho hands or the friends of
Mr. Morris. If they do their duly to-day
he will be elected by a decided majority,
but If, In their conmumco nfliU election
llmw rlA iinf In... ah. Ia 11 ..
uivj mi nut nun uui tu mo j,oiis or aro
lazyorcarelcsJ, tho result is not assured
Thcactlvlty of Mr. Wlntcrandhls trtends
may result in Mr. Morris' defeat.
Referring to Mr. Henry Winter's ml
r . . i i . , .
lurmui-a in uiismcsd, nis organ says
i i-ni. . . . i ........ ,. . .
nu ;m vni4iiu im controlled is gono
anu ins business is a wreck, and to-day
John II. Oberly and a good
many moral, respectable citizens
rub their hands and gloat over his mis
fortunes." John II. Oberly. whatever
certain moral and respectable citizens
may do, docs not gloat over Mr. Winter's
misfortunes, a'l wo would not hesitate
u W? ?Ula to rc!n,ta '!'" I what he
has lost. Wo wouia not of couho go to a
rMt,dMl of trouble or cxpeuso to put
Jack f, again, becauio he has not been
to uaa'wry.Renlal fellow, but that wo
!lBlJl8.f0.rtun U not true.
Tfch.la a dodfeof Jack's to wteh sympa-
Tun signature of Treasurer New Is
said to bo equally as bad as that of ev
Treanror Spinner.
A. M. Itnow.w ofl'ulaskl county, has
bfn appointed one or tho triMleos of the
Illinois Industrial t'ulvonlty.
Tin: Princess ol Wales attends thorevl
Val luccllng of Mooduy nod Han key at
the Hay market Thratro.
Gov. llr.viutttKir. has removed Major !.
W. Wham, commls'loucrol the statu pen
Itentlary, and has appointed in his placo
Col, Nolenian of Centralla.
Mrs. IIuniiv Waiio lti:i::in;it' laud
hi Florida Is advertised to be fold lor
taxes. The owner ol It Is probably so
taken up with tho trial that she bus fur-
gotten she has any laud In Florida.
Tin: highest point ever reached by tho
advertising department of the Now Vork
Herald was reached a week ago on Sunday.
On that day, tho Herald published eighty
four columns of advertisements. An In
dustrloiii mathematician )ia calculated
that If these were stood on end, the pile
would reach (bo height of one hundred
nud thirty-'! lect anil a half.
iiAiirtfo im.iiam:.
tl wai charged for uwhllo that tho men
who voted to mako a contract at tho
la company's figure were llalllday's
tools. Wo showed that Morris voted to
not mako t lint contract, and now a cor
respondent of Hie iirritiijtttor say :
"Thai U what wit say: Tho Aldermen
who voted agalut makingthat contract
who voted to not make that contract
were llalllday's tools." To argue with
such men 1 folly.
XV A XT A I'll.lN.ll".
Mr. Winter uiW his friends ny they
want a chaugo In the city government,
hut not one of them ha yet Indicated the
changes Mr. Winter would make, If elect
ed. If Mr. Inter could change matter
Tor the better, and would iiSiiiro in of'hls
Intention to do mi, We would favor his
election; hut the assertion that changes
aro demanded and. tho cowardly policy
that prevents the publication of tho pro-
poscil change Is Mikplcloni, l.et well
enough iilouc.
l.s the llulUlin afraid that If Mr. Win-
ler Is elected Mayor ho will Investigate
tho fraud ami corruption that has been
practiced hi tho city government lor the
past few years, or l he afraid his occupa
tion as olllcc-seckcr will be taken Iroin
II there ha beendMioncsty In the city
government we would like to know It.
but M r. Winter has made no such charge
ami dare not. .Me we alratil mat our
occupation as mi ollha-secker will In
taken from us We have never been
a candidate but for two otliccH, Wo are
not r,n olllcc-seckcr. and If we were, we
do not uuderitiiud how Winter's election
a Mayor would take from us tho prlvi
lego to seek any olllco we might delro.
Capt. Had ha perfected n contract with
lames Andrew of Pittsburg, for the con
strtietlon of three hundred and 11 It y thou
sand cubic yards of fascine work and one
hundred thousand cubic yard of .stone
work, at tho South Pas ol the Mlsxls-lppl
river, together with a largo amount
of Umber work, piles, cle., coin-tl-(utliig
the necessary Jet He and
dykes lor Improving tho mouth
of the Mllslppl river. Col. Andrews
Is to construct the work according to the
plans laid down by Capt. l'ads. He will
provide all tho machinery necessary to
do the work at Ids own expense, and con
tracts to construct sixty thousand yards
of the work before receiving any pay
ment on account. The contract embraces
tho construction of so much or tho work
as will ensure twcuty-slx feet of water
and the entire sum to bo paid Andrews
is two mid a half millions of dollars.
A II I'M Ml I'lC
The .Sliawiicetowu Gazette nbucs (he
General Assembly, saying "It Is a dl.
graceful mob." Abuse of this kind should
havo Ik!cii t-untitled to tho House. It-was
a mob. Hut the Sonata was a dlgultled
body, unlet ami Industrious. Upon
Unities and Plater tho Oa:ette would
place most of the responsibility for tho
disorderly proceeding of tho House, and
upon their heads Morgan would have
tho people launch their ills,
pleasure. We ug;co that Haines had
much to do with tho disgraceful proceed
ings or thu body over which ho presided,
but what Plater had to do with It wo do
not know. Uo attempted to do his duty,
and was made tho target at which every
wouiit-iio wil alined mciinlnglcs jokes.
Ho was Insulted time and again, and en
dured too patiently. If ho had attempted
to whip tho llrst man who Insulted htm
ho would havo aved lihuelf inueli Iron
bio which bis tolerance of IimiIIk brought
upon him.
tiioni: ho.miw.
Mr. Winter says that If a proposition
ho advocated some years ao to haru
Odeon it Co., of Moston. till thn
streets, had been accepted, the
city would havo lieen .saved SIOO.OOO.
the work would have been rapidly done
ami to-tiay wo would have no Interest
tn to pay on thu street tilling bonds U
sued during John II. ObeilyViulinlnlstra
tlon. Mr.Obniiy Is not running for Mayor.
nut ho Is willing at all limes to defend his
action on tho Fox, Howard & Co. bonds.
-ui. wueny urn not ismio any bonds. The
vuiim-ii, men composed of two bodies
-tho Hoard of Alderman and
Select Council, containing cl"hteen
iiicmovre imrcuiy, iiiliunsoii, Hear-
(ten, .lorgctiscn, Carroll, Kennedy. Thn
O'Callahan, Lohr, Hedman, Win, Martin
aim otuer goon citizens voted unniit
moiHly In each branch of tho Council to
Issue tho bonds. Mr. Oberly advocated
the settlement, but not until he had con
suited with tho citizens, tho heavy tux-
payers, 'j Hero was only ono person In
(ho city who protested against tho settle
ment to the Mayor, nud that gentleman
was capt. . v. Halhday. Kven Mr,
Winter was hi favor of It. Tho sentl
mcnt wns nt tho tlmo unanimous, and the
lawyers of tho city advised tho settle
ment as tho -best thing that could bo
nr.AU tii in, Tiir.. von; i on
Prom llm Culm I'limlte 1 ;
.lack Winter, at ono lime, urged the
lllltogof the stiveU to the (op of the h
vcos, mid built (ho Winter' block under ,
tho Impres'loil that lli'it ruinous policy
would control, It did not control, and I
tho result is that ini)t or our original lot
owners aro still In possession. Had his
wild, Impraclleable; scheme prevailed,
who, nulling the property-holders of
18(11, would to-day own n foot ol real ci
tato In Cairo IVlor Nell', at thu corner
of Highlit nud Commercial, might havo
"paid out," but tho balauca of in Would
havo been bankrupted and driven out of
Cairo J
How rulnoim duett's policy would havo
been, can ho tco.) hi tho result of tilling
our streets "to grade." J'vcn thai un
dertaking, exacted from our lot-owner
$150,000 cash, and left upuu our boul
ders n debt of not less than $110,000
more. Had .lack Winter's project suc
ceeded, as he Intended It xhouhl, all of
us would have been unit out, mid tho city
been Hindu hnpeleuhj bankrupt I
!o to tho poll to-morrow; but before
you vote lor .lack Whiter, remember
what would hare bent, had hf hod n eon
trolling voice!
Th.tt ho Is more practical now than ho
was ten years ago, you havo no proof I
He Is the same .lack he alway wic !
tiii: ,m;sv .iiivoirs mi.i,.
Wo publMi this morning tho new
Mayor's lllll at length, and Invite to It
tho attention of our citizens, It enlarges
tho power of Hie .Mayor of a city, and
makes him absolute hi police matters.
lie may remove any otllcer for any caue,
and unless, two-thirds of all the member
of thtf Council disapprove ol stteli re-,
inoval, It becomes permanent, lit cii'eof
the rcnnual of on otllcer, the Mayor may
appoint any person lie pleases to the of-
lice, and sneh pcr-on thus appointed shall
discharge the duties until the Mayor has
appointed ninie other person and the
Council ha continued him by a vote of
the majoilly of nil the ineinber.s elected
to (he CoiiiiiII. l'niler this bill, .Mr.
Whiter, If elected .Mayor, may appoint
tho wnnd mail hi the city .Marshal, and as
bad men as ho can Mud policemen, mid
keep Iheiu hi olllco In spile of the Coun
cil. This is a fact every voter who In
tends to vote for Mr. Winter to-day
should consider before ho goes to
the polls. He lioiilil consider It well,
and then volengalnt Mr. Winter.
iixroi'.n a s it i.i;.tiTi.
Tho celebration of the centennial al
l.exluglou and Concord yesterday were
lining memorial ofthe events they coin
menioratcd. hto hundred years ago, the
llrst blood shed III the cause of American
Independence, Unwed at l.cxlngt' n. lit
the gray oftho mornhigof April 111, 177ft,
the militia of Lexington, hi obedience to
the warning of Paul Itnvcrc, who had rid
den from Itoslou to warn the people of
the village that the llrlll-li troops were
about to inarch on Concord ami m-Io
tho provincial stores nud cannon there,
assembled on Lexington common and
waited for the Hiitlsh. They had
not long to wall. Tho klug'.s troops, nu
dcr.Midorlitcnlrii, approached within the
or six rods ol thu Lexington mllllla and
(heir otllcer called out, "lspcic, ve vil
lain; ye rebel, Jay down your arm
mid disperse I" The rebel did not dis
perse, and Pltealru tired a pistol Into
their ranks. Tho result wa a melee, In
which seven of tho Lexington men were
killed and nine wounded ; the barm done
to the troops was sllht : Pltcalrn's
horso was grazed by a bullet and one ol
his soldiers was wounded hi the leg.
I hu battle of Concord took placo u few
hours afterward, litcalrn marched bis
men to that town. The stoics had all
been secreted by the people, but the Hrlt
Ish troops soon had possession of a largo
part oftho town and they destroyed all
tho arms .-nd the provisions thai tell Into
their hands. Meanwhile, the militia of
Concord and of several neighboring
towns were drawn up at the bridge north
oftho town, under the command id Col.
Harrelt. Harrell was informed that the
enemy was hunting tho ul
lage, and ho determined at once
to attack litem, and marched his men ti
ward tho bridge. The troops advanced
from the other side, and when thoAiui-r-leans
were about lllteen rods from tho
bridge, the discharge of a gun from the
IliitMi ranks wounded two of the mili
tiamen, it ml Immediately afterward a
shower of bullets fell among tho Ameri
cans, killing Davis mid llosmer. In the
engagement which lollowcd, tho HritMi
lost several men wounded ami killed, and
the Concord militia hud llvo wounded. The
Hiitlslt retreated toward Lexington mid
wero pursued by the provincial, who
made the retreat one ot disaster and vexa
iid thus was Inaugurated the war of
tho Revolution. Tho towns of Lexington
mid Concord celebrated the hundredth
anniversary of the events yesterday.
F.laboralo preparations were made for
tho event at both places. President
Grant and his cabinet were present, llrst
at Lexington and then at Concord. The
statues ot John Hancock mid John
Adam wero unveiled at Lexington.
Mil. Al.llltltlHT AMI Till: NT All:
Tho State Journal copies what wo said
about Us charge that .Mr. Albright had
deserted trom tho army and Mr. Al-
Aiiirigitt's action hi reference to the
charge, and savn :
I ho UuUttTn unintentionally as we are
willing to believe misrepresents (ho
i.icib in ino anuve. Hn one "procured
tho State Journal to elmrini" tlmt Mi-
Albright "had desorti-d from the army."
t nai mo journal uui was or Us own
motion, and that was to print a single
lino from tho sixth volume of the ltoport
oftlic. Adjutant General of Illinois in
i, i lr' A!'"'l!ht wus recorded a hay
Jr. 3 .v. . Ul(' oxistenco ot tins
though ho dlir deny its (rutldul
ness, and at hl , personal request,
um-r mi nan caned attention to
uriuvnvu in anoiner volume ol tho Ad
jumiii oenerars report that ho bad been
transferred from tho r.-i.im...., iv....
which ho was elsmvherc reported to have.
iiccvi ii-u, ium ii.iu iiceii nuisiered out at,
iiiu ciueu ui mo war, ino Journal mado
mo oinicinejn ni uiifl ict as on net onus.
tle to on whom It had uulnNullouiilIy
misrepresented, Whatever Mr. Albright
may havo said on the floor of the Hons,.,
hi ireipiost for correction at (ho Journal
olllco was made In a gentlemanly mini
iier. and wuschecrl'iillv compiled with.
In fact, Ifwu had known of tho existence
ol tho second entry In III" Ailii(uul (ien
erars report, wo would have been us
lii-.itmit .....I .!... ...til...... t.
'ii.ijib iu tiiiitti' i;i,i i ri nun .iiiimin. HIS
reijucftt us with It, n the Journal Is under
no political or oticr necessity of mlrep
rcsciitlng tho record of any one.
rptli: llttl,l,-).v lii.mll.litiluu-vyiii'jriilhK
(mi lit Myiutiy) tl die llulti-llu Uull-llng, rot
urr WinliniHioii mi iiiie uui TwiMli atiwt
Tor. HuLLim Is pmrit tu city nulwcrltxr hy
lallhntl carrl.-rtTwiit)-nw OiiH a Wttk,
imyiiMe uwldy. lly .Mali, (in mHaiire), $lujwr
iiniiiiini W iniiiitlis, lli.ir mioiiIIm, S.l one
uiwiitli, l Hi,
l'ulilllii every I Imml.iy fiiuniliijt ut tl i-
iH l iiiiniin,, tuyjdty ml,,,,,,,-. 'Hit- ioUc
tin the UYcUy will U- einlil nt llil. olllfe,
lli.it milnorllMM will dlituiii furn iilm-ilitloii
I lie. if l uycAf.
n. s l l. v.
ItiiUnrM UiiiiI, icriiiiiiiiiii,' no
One Mpiuie, niif im rlliin, (m
Mm-wimu-, Ih-ii Infntlimj m
linn Mii in-, cine yM,n -j ,.)
One ii.iii, mi uk, a An
One iil:ilc, linn- Wrtks,. 4 HO
One iiiic, ntii-Inuntli,, , ft (
w is i: ( i, v .
One mUin-, uui- liiti-rllnn, ( im
U-ieli Kiilwnpii-ul In'crllun, ftii
t-Om- ini'li tin Miuum.
tw"l'n ii'Kiil.ir ii'HrrtlU'i's unnL-i'(Uirilirln-ilinnuiil
, IhiIIius In ml nt iJinrRiH hihI man-iii-rurillspliiyluK
llnlr f.nnrs.
S3"Siiltc( In liioil niluiiiu liiMrteil I'm- I'lf
(tfii Out )nr lint- fur urn- liitirll'in, Tivtnly
1'i'iiU II line fiir l(i IllMtllniifl, I'ufnlJ -Klvr
Out. ii Uui-fur IIiit-c lii.fiiloin, 'Itilily-KlM-Out.
n llni- Tnr nne wist., urn I Mru-iily-I'm-I
"i 1 1 1 ii llni- rnriim- lllillllll,
Coinmuiilcntlona upon uulijeoti of rcii
oral interest to tho liuhllo sollcltit.
It 3" All I'-ltin MiultM lie lutilu-SBisl In
IIIII.V II. OlllCltl.V,
I'lt-sMi-nl Culm lliitlelln (.niiUMiiy.
"lIlllllH-NtlOKIlllly III). Im-mI MIISlllllUll
lliiiU ,l llm niml lii tli. tVtirlil."
NoriC'RH Ol" Till! I'llKHM
'I'lli' rVi i' Inr-li'inllK' rtriMilitlnti nt iI.Im
cxeelleiil intnitjily iiroves Its eoctituu-il
iidiii:lon to popiilnr ilcdres and needs. In
ili'iil. when w.i llilnk lulu linvv nmtiv liim..
It penetrates evmy niontli, wo must, ciin
ldcr it as ono ot ihu eitueutnrs as well as
fiiUittainui'H on lie public mind, lor Us vast
iiipulality has tiecii w.m hy no niiid:il to
stupid i lelmhecii or depraved tato. Ilo
tun (ililie.
'CIia i-ll'll ili-l.ir tlil.-li llita M....t
..no .,.,(a&tllL- lllll-
vn.Liii Tin-I'n rli.l v .ml ii-.i,. I. .1 i.
unit literary eiilturo that has kept imco with.
Ii'li mi l,t.l id,, il . i. ..t.i.i ..'
I, ik i...-- iiifv nu in.? iniir, 7.11111411 cailM) US
sonduettil to regard tt with imiillaolu cmii
llacmicy. ItidM) cntillei tlieiu to a great
claim upon tho pulillu gratliude. iim
.Maitazlne hns ihmo uornl ami not uvll all
(lit! il ivts ti I lie It To. lirnuulrn I'-iglc.
l'ostao free to MiliserDjcm in tho United
Harper's Magazluo, emu ve.ir ...$4 00
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agu hy thu puhlUhciH.
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Weekly, or llazar, to nuo address fm- mm
year, ?10 COj or two of Harper's period.
c!h, to ono aildrcss for ono year, i?7 00;
postage Irec.
aii nxirii oipy oi euiicr tlio .Magazine,
Weekly or llazsx will lie siiim.d ,.riu fm-
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iiiiii AiiHiriit-iiiiii."
NOTiciis ot nu: riiKss.
iiio llazar Is cilitod with a roiitiiliutlon
oft.iotaml Uleut that wo seldom tliul Inany
Journal; and tho Jnurnnl Itsell Is the organ
oi utogrcai world oriMsmon. iiomonTiav
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SISt.!" V'!u ""omittance ; or, slxcoploifor
ii L wlll'oiit extra copy ; post ago tree,
tlmo lm"'"!M uan lju supplied l any
Tho soven oluiiics uf Harper's Hazur, for
IXZV 'uu' '70' '7, 'W. '7.1. cle
K"ml' bound In gtcen morocco cloth, will
It&Mcf. UM'0,', trelbl fst"11'1' fur
v.-ST."?,"wfl",P?M aro ,u,t o copy this nd
iu.'T,1,1 ,,,0,,t esprcis order, of
AihhenUAItfKU MltOTIIKU?, N. Y.
I'll VNM IA.S.
lti;Sllli;Sfi;: Nu il Thliks-iilll slrrfl.lir-ims-ii
Wiikliiiigton inniiiehiiil lmtt flitcl.
om(,l:. NoMli sl.ln of IIIrIiIIi Mrcel bo
iwtrn lAiltinieri'lal ami Wmlilnnlnn uvfiilu-.
liiismi'.M i" i VI..H. .. ii- .i.....
..... v.ii.i ...nu. inn, i.niiiiu
OtTICl: Curnrr SKtli tlnrt umt Ohio Uut .
OITJCI llODIts, Ki urn n ii in in., .,,!
011111 'J to ti p in.
n. W. DLAUW,
Goruinn Physlolan.
Ol-nU"! Iludfr'n lllotk, (iip-nulm), comrr
l.llllilh Mre-tund Wuililiijlim iitmuc.
.tloriity u4 l,nw.
OI TK I": KIjjIiIIi Strw-t, ltwo?ii fiiiiimn
el.it mill Wii-lilngiiiii imiiiicn.
Altoi'iu-y at Iitnv.
OKI'lcr: uiiln l-vif, ir room fnnncrly
ncciiilis tiy flr-t .Nutlonul Hunk ,
Aittn'tivyn and C'oiuisclor.s
ni, liatv.
Ut'KH II- Oliln t'w, hioiini 7 niiil S
C lly .Nutliiinil Rink,
Wlllliim II (lin n, )
'yilllnin II lilllinl, C'AlltO IM.INOIH,
MUM l-'inl'k lilllu rt )
trVlss'lnl Hllnillon Hl-rii In Adinlriitty ntnt
itr.Ai, i:sr,v n: .ir..T.
Real Estato
in-acorrsiE A.c3-Eiiro:s
Limit AifnntH or tho Illlnolo Central and
UnxlliiKton unit Uulncy It. K.
North Cur. Sixth mill Ohio Lovoo,
J. II l,M II. M. Ji IIOWU.V.
- AMI -
Collectors and Convoyancers.
OFFICE-At the Court Houo.
Election Notice
Citvi'i.mik'h Ohick, )
Caiiio, t i.i.i , Mm oil Inn, ls7.- i
NO'I IL'i:i hi-u-liy Kiti-n, Hint mi 'lm-iiliiv tin
'.""III iluy ni" Airil, A.I) .lfl.iiKeiirriil ,-1,-c-I
toil Mill tit-lit ll ill Illi-Cllyiil'Cilll'ii, Ali-xumlil-("iinnly,
Mule or IlllnoU, lur Hit- i-lt-cllon of lliu
I'iiIIiih Imk" imiiiiil t-liy iilllt is, Iii-m II. A inn) nr,
iii liy cli-ik, a i-liy iio.iiiiii-r, n city iilliniu-y, 11
city iiwiwdiir, mill imi-iililcriiiun liiiiii i-arli nril,
lur tin' Ii iiii nl' lu-ii ) in ra. l or Mil- iiihim-s nl'
mi Id livtiiin. inlli will In- nm-iii-tl nl Uu- I'lilliiw
ln,' n:iniil iitiii,-!,, tii-wlt i In lliu Khl Wiml nt
Iht-lirii'k IiihIih-i linii-t- Inlt'ly Cit-ciiiiUsl liy I;,
I". ll.ivlii. nil Hie Noullu-ily niilt-nr hl.Mli Hlrrvt,
liituii'ii l.'niiiiiii'icliil nml WiislilnKtini nM'iiiii'Ai
In Uu- t-trunil Wnnl nt Hit- cni?liui Iiuiimi ul'tlit
Kniiltli uinl lii'.uly Tin- rniniiiiiiyi in Hit-'I hint
Wmil ut tln-i'iiRliivliiiiisi- ul Uu- llllii-riiiuii l liu
i"niiii.inyi in Hit- rmiitlt Wiml ul lliu Court
lliiun'l anil in llm I'lllli Wnnl nt On- ln.ti.i-
M n. Millimi, on Uu- Nurlli-wi-Dt corni-r ul'
i nt-nij .nun MiTi-i iiiiii uuinnu-rciiii lueiiut-.
Nilil ili'Ctliiu wilt lieun-niil at clKlU ii'i-lofk In
Uu- innmlng, uinl cniittiiuii ni-i'ii until h-icii
Hoc!; tu tin- iilliriHiiin ul Hint ilny.
lly onttrnriliH city r.mnril.
Lily Civile.
1 lll-til.
Special Asicsiroent Notice.
prill.lC niillre In lifidiy kUiii Unit lilt
.1. cuiinly I'uiirt tf Ah-xnnilt-r t-ntinty lum it-n-ilt-rcit
'inlKOii'iit lor ii Hiirlnt unci-isint-iit iiikjii
Uu- iiniii-ily bcnelllti-il fiy Hip ivi'oiintrucllon nl'
tin- riill'iwiiiK flituwulks,
Milltli nlilnul" I'liurlh Hliitt,lit'tMi'li WiislmiiC
Inn uinl t.'iiiimii-icliil nvcniif.H west kMi'dI' Viili
iliRloii I1M-IIIU-, IViiiii t'ouilli to I'lllli PlIicHi
nisi slilt-nl' WnalllilKlon iiwniiu Iroin I'lllli In
Mxtli Htiivtm niiilli Blili-nf Filth Ktrtt-t In. in
WikIiIiikIuii In Uiiiiiiiii'icliil ini'iiiK-ij nnrlli itiili
nl'M'Mlilll I'iiiiii Wiilnut In Mivlt ily line of Lot
o.l. IllnckriSi noitli Hiilciif lilt-H'iiili rinin WiiIi-
iiiKlou iivi-ntiu In W'ulnut ulrit'U cunt slilouf
ruiir ninii, ihimicii iiivikioii iiiui iHt'iily-si-i'onil
Bin tin euulli niilt-nl" "l' rnly-llinl i-llwi l
I'iiiiii I'lijilur In hyiunioiv liii'U sunili alilu ,,r
;IkIiIIi olti-vt lu luini Wiislilnutnii nml l.nin-liii-irlnl
UMiiiii'ii i-iihI hlik- of Wiisilii.'l(iii ui i'lllli-I'iiiiii
I'IkIiIIi to Mnt'lli liwl noiili Klilenf
i;li.-lillil'i't it'll ViiitiliiKliiiiiiirniiciiiii Wiilnut
Htltt.lt OUIItll llllll'llf St'lflllll, IlltMlt'll IVuililim-
Iiiii ni rime uinl Wiilnut nlrict, 111 11 111 ninrii lully
uHiir IVum lliu I'trttlUil tiipy nf lliu j in Iiikii t
on lilt- In tlit-iilllri' ol' Hit-city rli rk nt'llu- i lly of
lulini lli.it ii iviiiiinit lor tin' rolU-ctlon ofMirli
nM.sini'iil' I-) in tlm liiimli of lliuliuiliTiilKiirit.
All in-rsons Inli-iMtiil nru Inritiy notlllcil lomill
mm iiv llii'iiiiniiinti) uhhiviiiI, ut lliocolkcloi'ii
nllUv, No. lr.'CoiiiincrcliiluM'iiiic, ullliln Ihlily
lliiyslVnlllllit-iliiliilniriii' II. 1' 111,. Mil;,
l.lly Tn-iutiivr un.l i:.-oilli'l(i UotlccUir.
Il.itril lliln :iUt iluy ol'.Mmcli, Mi,
Chaucory Notice.
Ill llio Cirrtilt Court Jlny term, A. I), IS7S,
Snnili .1. Clilini Vi .liilin II. L'liliin, Mosim II,
Clilsin, JiiniM W. i'lili-iu, .Itilui t, ciilmi. Mnry
Miii'lulr. hiiHiiiil Mm-l.ilr, .Muitln K, CliUni,
Clara llcli;('liliii, Willluin V.. I'hleni, .Muillui
1". CliUni, Murv CliUni, .Minllm Clilsin. Vletorlii
( liUm, Hoc Molnilii, i;ll.uliflli l.j mil Itohcil
l.yncli, Ciiliriiriil.iOliti'r.iliiiiiMOllirr, 'I lioiiim
Nli luiU, .liine huwyi-r, Noiili "siim jit, Cniollno
ltnliuioii,.loliii Itoliinsoii, lli-y Clilmn, Wil
llinn Itoliiusoii, IJiiIk i I Itolilnaoii, lu-lnvni llnli
himin, nml. luiii'llolitinioii. Hill lor rmlilinn.
Allliliivlt' ol" I lie iioii-H'lik'iirc of .John I),
CliUni, JIosm II. Clilsin. John H, Clilmn, .Mury
silncliilr, Simim l Mndiilr, .Muillui CliUni, Vic
lorlii CliUni, .Mary Cliimn, Hoc. MrlioU, KII2.1
lxlli I.jnrli, Holx-ii l.yur.li, Ciitiroriilii OllH'r.
Jiiinri Oliu-r, 'llmniu NlrlioU, Jane HnwiiT,
No.ili Snwji-r, Cui'ollnu ltoliln-inii, John Itoliln
mui, Hllcy tlilsnt. William llulilnnin, Itnlirrt
Itnliliiion, l.'i'bciT.i ItoliliKini anil June Ilobln
011 nl" llio ulioii- iinnii-it ilrfi'iiiliinlit, ImvhiK luni
lllml in llio l ink's mure or Ihc ciitil Circuit
Court, nnllro m Ihiit foru liercliy Riven to you
the wilil John II, CI1I.1111, AtoM-n II. Clilmn, John
S ICIitim.-Mnry i"liitlnlr, s.nimii-1 ihiclulr, .Mnr
II111 Cliii.111, Vii tori.1 I I1I1111. .Mary 1 lilsni, Hoc,
NlclmU, l.llMliotli Lynch, Itoliort I.yiuli. Cull
rnrnln Oilier Juinoi oilier, 'lliomna NlfhnM
Juno Snwj tr, Nnuh Sinvj t-r, Cuiiillnr Itoliimon,
John Itohlnsnu, llllt-y lhlln, Wllll.1111 llnliln
ton, Itolirit Itolilnson, ItelHi-c.'i Itiililumin unit
Juno Itolilnson, Unit llm ruiuilalurnt II If "I her
lilll ofcoiiiplalnt in miiil rourt, on Uu-i-lmnrcrr
rtila Ihrn-of 011 tho, Mh il.iy ofAiirll, A. 1),, l7S,
nml thil tiipoii 11 fiiinniuiis Uiunl out nfsalil
rnurt, iTliirimlilt-on llio .tit .Mnuttay hi the mnntli
of.Miiy ucM. 119 it tiy law rcquhiil. Now ntilcst
you, Ihn until iiIkiic imnieil dil'i-nilaiit, thai)
jiersoniilly lie nml npjirar liofniis lh court on llio
lliBt il:iy nl' the next lerm Iht-renr, to lie, lioliliii
In nml for lliv nil' I nmuty, on iIki.'H Moiulny in
Jlny next, uinl ile.iil, mitwt-r or iltiiiur.lo (lie
allconiilnliiuiit'n lilllol' i-oniil:ihit, the mime,
mil the mnllera nml thltix therein eliarKnl nml
ttnteil, M ill lie taken in i'oiiIV.hiI, unit ullecree
tuleieil nnlnl you uecorilliiKlv, to lliu iimyer
offulil hill. KKUIIKN ti. VOCUM, Cleik.
.Ciilro, lilt.. ApilUlh, 173.
' rumlall A Lhiegar, hoUcltor 1'nr Ccniiiluiu
nut. 8-4-il-4t.
FOIl tha (iHtily cure of Setnhml Weakut'st,
Lnut Munlinwl uinl alt tllauili-r bloujdil
on ut iniiiacri'tioiis or excvn
Any DnutiSn
im llin luxreuleiitu,
lr. tt HILTpXACO..
omi'iimMi, oiilo.
Wednesday, April 20, 1075
"llicli.il, true, iimfiiiiiit-nnd mily
"Old Yankee" Robinson
wirii a
UT 1 1
( or
All on ti HtupondouH Scnlo.
t tin 11 mi) In; el f r iimnnniil.
Tent l.irxei-uoiwh f ru
Roman Chariot Raco Track!
iWV.'t Wllll'l 0 lilllt-n I r lllllil II III I III M ll'lf tM
Ilury iiinli niiil ftiiinlt- iierforinci- a feature,
"Not 11 tluliliy net koih ill Ihe ilnif."
foMiTiiiNij i:.vrnti;i.v ni: '
A Monster 1'ortnblo
Skating Rink !
I'lewilcil ftn nil thr nuitli-ni-i'i-un mi- fi-oni cim
imrlortli" vnit lent. (LurKi'-l except
lli;Vll.lr.lllN'f IIOVITZi:it:il:AT!- nlmnM
iiii'liilllili- till ni'tnallv ecn,
Out of 11 Ileal (.'tuition'
Si nilliiKlilm ncn- Ihc rliiff nt Die ink of
IVCilo In IS Socciiclra 2
N', "Irhk," no Illusion, Inn iilionu ihle i-lml.
So nil can fur tin m-rhri,
Uinl llliiiiirnmeoii 11 ItncnTrnck.
'Hp Top I'lrni. In Uu- lllnv.
lulirt' mill l.'i nts' I'lielnc In ltoin.ni ( Imilnl.
I Jul l.t ' uinl Oflll' Hui'lnKnli 'I Iioioiil-IiIiiv1
LiiiIIi'' anil denH' KneliiKou Holler Nkulei
IjiiIIiw uinl lii nln' lliiehiirmi Velorlpeile
lj'.illiH' unit (lenth l.'ni'lliK' 011 I not
I.M.Iii-1' mill (ienlH1 In .Miiy-I'n'e llanrm.
Lnilies' nml CentH' In'Mllurk Clonk" .Marehe.i
I.iilles' uinl (lenl' In ('liliic'e-Tiirlnr Mick
IjiiIIim' uinl (tents' In Iteilmil "Vinli-ty" AeH.
I.iiiIih' nml Oeuln' Iu I lie lininil I'liKennt.
"Wide World En-Iloiito to tho Centon
nlal." B3-thi:x c()MU" tiii; (iiiiiat
Cannon Terror
N-jlliliiKici Knrlhiirrlrli'Sii man' nene like
IliU "M'poy (inn Ki-al "
Al.l.l ALU llir.HK SOUI) l lIATIJItl.s
In one Kr.iml
Big Bonanza!
Kor one llltle hull" dollar. ClilMmi iimter
liatl' prtit'.
will pusitlti-ly le nu liiinit hhil'cll', Aflernnon
uinl 11 e.
"Cj"Alioiil lliisi- iljyd, "Look mil lor Kim "
"Ootton SHOW House"
(One reller" exelalmeil when lie flrnt uent hi
"All nut ilooin .imler nm; lent ")
Al nlk'ht will In' lllunilnutcil Milh Ihi-iieM'
Galo "CANDESCENT" Light,
Ii.iyliiff to rlnl nld Sul hlunell"
Wflimu ItceiMil St-nH, nli't-ly nitliolslcriil
itIIIi "Ilk uinl wor.iteil u p, unit uinl llily, easy
iiinBol'ai eoM'itil ivllli 11 ennopy, 11 la nrlentiil,
will not leak the my uf the kiiii or liiH of I tic
Onst More by Argnmout.
Tlie universal Yunkee Nntlon work loo haul
uiulptiiy Ion llllli (silek 11 tun lliml hnlrpln
Untie). WhVKillili.-for'iteny )olllntve llllli
cholt'C, eliwi'nl ti.nl rellneil mimsemeiit nml lee
ri-.illoii. pirticiilmiy w lieu so mueli nm In- luni
for no llllli- inoneyv You unit to pay the same
to fen the Old Yunkee'ii slum- when it mih le
t tin ti nteutliofitt pii-int illinni-liiiH. Now nil
Inu Neiv Deparluie, nml
"Old Yankee" Robinson
Wo havo roplonishoil our Job Printing Oflico with
many fonts of new typo and havo orders out for other
fonts of tho latest popular stylos. t. arc dctcrininocl
to establish tho imputation of our ofli ;e for first-class
work, aud mako our prices so low that the most enthu
siastic patrons of foreign cities will be compelled to ad
mit that wo do work at lower prices than any othor of
lico in tho country. Mr. Oberly, admittod to bo ono of
tho best practical job printers West and South, has
assumed personal supervision of tho job printing de
partment, and will endeavor to givo satisfaction lo our
many patrons.
ONLY $1.25 A YEAR.
I nt
ft J' U Ulili

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