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xymKmsxvmwimisiUtfmmnMmwsiit, nnw, wumintAiimm amen
glte JuHgi'in.
Hi-ailing Mntlcron r.tcry I'lijtr.
rut '
April 20th, the l'ltty-Mxtli ntiinvm.iry
! tlieeUatjllslimcut of the lnileiviuli-iit
OiJtmf OJd Fellow, was Ecnewlly ""I-
rbratcri lliroutiliont tlic country, nr
r.ichati((!it nil contnlii report if tit? ttlf
bratiom, ami of the iucMi'iit of Hip l:iy.
.Many very cloipu'iit ,i)vr.lie were tn.iilc
nuicti marelilmr wa ilonr, mul n print
amount ot eating, nt a llttlo (Lutein;.',
and some drinking. 'J'h fvent- of tlm
day wore, n far n we Know, nil jiIki-
uiit. and resulted pt1iiid,nl.'iu '( th"
farwiiix'n mum: (i.txi:.
lion. Chat Km Fanvdl I tunhltloit'
He wMu-s to step up from tlio lower
lioine of Cungre Into Hit Senate, and
oeoupy the scut now owned liy S.'tmtor
Logan. To obtain this cud, he h playing
his cutis; and, belli!; on? ot tluj most
expert card-player In tho eounlry, may
win. He know that Senator Logan
wisliej to L'O b.irU to tho donate, and lit
present bu.lnes U llierct'oro toMiovulhat
ri'iitlemnii out of llio way. Ih'wrc the.
'i'lveiity-.VItitli (7cier.il Awinbly cjii
vened lat January, Oiovernur lluvcrlrixo
was n candidate for rc-olection, nnd nlo
had n hankering nfU'r Mr. I.oy.in' Sena
torial chocs, lion. Shelby M. Ciilloin
wa a ismdldato for tho Hi'tmullcin nom
ination to the governorship, and lit
elmnees of sum1 wero bright.
Hut along came Maine' turbulent IIoihc
mid nipped oil' tho noo of tlie?c iinibi
tiom gentlemen. The House lvin to
Investigate, and It enmuout that Govern
or Hcvcridge '-wiiild not nfl'ord'' to com-It-1
the penitentiary ofltcci-3 to be eeon
omleal and hone.'t, nnd that Mr Culloin
had nliled Mr. Shcphnrd to "gobble" sev
eral thousand dollar from tho StiUe.
Thej-u revelations eclipsed both Devcr
Idguaud Collom, who arc now in tho
t-hndow. Then Mr. Fanvell stepped for
ward saying: ".Senator Logan mtut lu
nominated for Governor. HeN the man
in carry the State." If Mr. I'arwell.-'s
sidvlee I? taken, ho will have a
lenr Held. Logan. Culloin and
ItevcrUlge will all be out of
Ins way, and, If the Itepublicaiis have a
majority in the neM General As-embly,
he can tale the Senatorrhlp without
pieMlon. Hut Senator Logan will not
be, overreached, and he Will "prubiibly
attempt toput Mr. Fnrwell out" of his
way by getting that gentleman Into the
gubernatorial chair; or, it may be, the
Senator will leave State politic. to Par
well and bloom into a Vice-President nl
eandidate. Wo shall ree. Hut however
the. political eat may Jump In tho V.epub-
ni-an jinny, uoin i.ogan anil l'.irwe'i mo
Mire to lead all the other ltadle.il polltl
i-hip. of Illinois.
J .HI, iiiuii.
The Chki":o T'ki.o, in it iicciiliar
lye, sometliuo ago c:i)le(l Hon. .1.
McGrath an e.v-Jall Illrd Aldcrnian. Fur
using tin language, Mr. Storey, editor of
Hie 7Virr, w.i Indicted, and lias been
upon trial for the o)len-e during the paM
few day. The lawyer have wrangled
Uwyeis claiming that it general meaning
N: A person confined In Jail for ct Into,
and Storey. lawyer-, that It means : A
Ior.on in j.ill In fact or constructively, or
one who ought to be In Jali. They
also assert tlinl tho e.pre,sioit ".Tall Hird
Aldermen'1 had n local slgnlllcanco and
meaning, and wn umlentood hi Chicago
to mean Aldermen who had been Indicted
and arrested for bribery, nnd that Me
Grath, while hi tho Council had, whether
witli or without c-iu-e, been thus Indicted
nnd arretted.
Among the wltiie-:e. In llih tilal weie
Storey, Wllklcand MattCsOU, of the Times.
Mr. Storey, the delendant, Is one of the
'best abided" liien i:ov living. He has
published a newspaper in which, with
out fear, he ha lashed hi enemies and
all persons he ln deemed un
worthy, with nio.t merciless sc
mltv. In thl way lie ha,
Invoked to his own annoiauce
a swnrin of persecutor., who are attempt
ing to annoy him In every way their in
genuity ci nicest. Mr. Wilkio U one
ot tlio popular writer of the Times. Ho
ha been upon tho paper twelve years,
and Is attentively known as one of the ,
raciest writers In Chicago. Mr. Matcsou,
the principal writer for the editorial page,
ha given to tho Timet tho reputation it
seems to enjoy. Ho h an original writer,
as bitter hi his invcctlvo n gall and
wormwood, and bo strikes at any
head that obtrude Itself into
bU notice. Socially ho U one of the
most companionable of men, and would
not bo rocogni.ed by n table companion,
who did not know him, n tho "Snar
Icyow" of the VimM. Tho Tiw with
out Mattcson would bo the play of Ham
let with tho 1 toy id tune omitted.
In the Republican party the question :
"Who shall be the candidate tor the Pre.
Idenc.y in 1R70V" U now being fremicntlv
...b,.l !!.
-Tin.il. ue uuni term adjuration ot
uwn.uram nave ceased to be r.iuo of
nluim in the patty, and luve been, nppar-
rmiy, aoaimonni uy Himself. Tho signs
01 inc nines uiuieaie inui .Mr. Hlalnu I
111c corning jieputJiuun, but hi, .viii
Imvfi not a low very zealous rival for the
nomination. Senators Morton and Conk
ung, and Vlee-Presldeut Wiliou ami
tbtii, hnvn their cye upon the mie. if
I'riw It may bo called, and w ill not bo put
'Mo without a Mrugglo ; but Mr. Hlalno
PV(ii to m ahead of hi rival?. Ho l(
I?. ,oub, trongo-t man the lie
mihllejiiik ..,.... 1 . ...
, -"" nominate, no 1 an
fctcr iiiuii with Wettern Impnltc,
miu iwiiiera-.,oung, cucrgetlo and
i;ii-iihu.i4 iiiuv woni,i ,,.,.,.1.,.
veryentliusUtsUo tupi,o,t. u u proba
Wo tlmt if Mr. JJlnlno Hl0uW Um
tho Itepubllian candidute tor tho Presi
dency, Sciwtor Logan would o-cupy u,o
swud iU on the ticket. IllMnv nnd
Logan would iepieM;nt youth, encigy.
uidaelly all that l peculiarly charaeter-
Ntieln latter-day Anieilean Statoiinan-
ship and would prove to l? a powerful
ticket before the people.
It the Democratic party the Mibjret of
the FrcMdeney I a No ticeoinlnyr mio of
frerpirnt dNenlun. "Who shall be our
candid iter" N now ' fiitMinu 31110111!:
Lately, the New N oil, Grtijiloc nomi
nated for tho Presidential rnndUlr.oy of
the Dfuiocratlc-Llberal patty, GouTiior
Tlldcii 01 Now York, nnd yent n cnrre
pondeiil to Interview ex-G owrnor Sey
mour on tho subject. He laired In spc.ik.
but iutiiuatcd thatho fjvored (lie nomi
nation of Governor Tildcu. In hi opin
ion the per.;on at present mint promi
nent -as probable IX'inorT.itic presidential
candidate, are Governor Tlld"U anil
.ludgeSinfoid L Chureh, of N'ew Vork:
Governor Hendricks of (udiniia, anil Sen
ator Tliurman, of Ohio.
Governor Tildcu, who l making a
goud reeoril, may succeed in H-eitr-
lug the iioinlnatlou. lie will
have powerful backhur. All the inonled
lowtrof the L:ct will urgehhn. Hut It
I probable I hi will ho not sultlclent to
overcome the determination of the West
to obtain the candidate. Governor Hen
drlck" U iiopulnr throughout the West,
and would 1 revive the cordial snjiport of
tlieSoutli. 1U will provo 10 bcafoiml
djble ojijionent of either of the other .c
plrlng gcntlcui"n who may 'go before the
Democratic national convention. Senator
Tliunu.ui N n po.'iible, not 11 probable,
caiid'date. Ho I rcpectoil for hU nblll
tie and integrity, but, in hh
own State of Ohio, a fiction
of tho D.un icr.itlo party, led by
Mr. Pendleton and hl Cinelnnitl
quietr, will throw ob'taclc In hi way
Hint will prove to bo insurmountable.
There U another Ohio man Governor
S'yiuourdld not mention, who. we have
reason to believe, U more likely to lead
the Democratic party in 1PG0 than any
other person. He ro-e up several year
ago and hi name is William Allen. He
1 a favorite witli the Dcniocr.ule people
ot the Wei and South, and not objection
able to tho?e of tho F.i't, nnd If he mic
ceeiNiu being reelected Governor next
October, ho will, we have no doubt
whatever, be made the Demo
cratic candidate for tho Presi
dency. That ho would be bltterlv op
posed by many of the opponents of the
llcpublicaii party we believe, but he
would nevertheless bo nftrons candidate.
lie would rle up again, and with such a
man n Senator Iloolh oeeiipyinir the
K'cnnd place oil the ticket, would be
triumphantly elected.
Hut whether the candidate shall bo
Tildcn, Cliureli, Hendricks Thurnian or
Mien, no matter. He will receive the
hearty support of the Democrat and
Liberal of the country, nnd will, hi all
probability, be the next PivMdent. of the
V lilted State.
ion fin: iii.acu 111 i.i.-..
Col. Carpentrr,who I organizing a raid
upon the lllack Hill, iulormcda reporter
of the SI. Louis 7VWon " hursday, that
n company ol two huudivil men would
leave that city on tho .1th of .May, for
ICanas City, the lvndezvoiis. About
l,.V0a men will a-cmble there and leave
for the gold rogionon theOth. The Colo
nel says hei constantly reviving letter
from all parts of (lie country,
and that the Imlicjtlou an- that thou,
sand will b; (locking to the Xew Lido
rado willtin a few immths He and Id
party arc going to Hie section of country
which lie northwest of Hie Hl.iek Hill's
reset vat Ion.
In speaking of tho country, Col. Car
penter Kiid he had every reason to be
lieve an abundance of gold and silver
could be found thcie. He has been on
tho plains lor over twenty years,
and In seen largo nuggets of gold
which had been procured by t rappers a ml
the Indians of tho country. Tho Hlack
f ct and Sioux Indians Inhabit th" coun
try, but he doe not apprehend any dan
ger from them. The Hills abound in
wild game and fruits the soil ot the val
ley being exceedingly productive.
Waler 1 nbilndant In all n:irt of the
country. Arrangement have been
made by Col. Carpenter, by which
cheap tran-porlatlon can bo had
to Cheyenne. Persons who con
template goinj; to tho gold digging. are
adNcd by Col. Carpenter to purchase mi
outilt in St. Louis, a all necessary aitl
elc can be purchased cheaper there than
further west. He recommend. the Whit
ney gun, but cays there are other- which
will answer every purpose.
U Cheyenne, the men will be divided
Into Frpiudsof fournud six to u wagon.
Jultc a number of person from Mem
phis ami other point will Join the St.
Louis companies.
A meeting held on Thursday nli'ltt tit
St. Loul to make arrangements: lor this
proposed expedition, was addrcsfed by
Col. Carpenter. Ho stated that in 1 f7."
lie awilio tirn gold that ever came to
whlto settlements from the Hlack Hills.
A few nuggets, several weighing four
teen ounces each, wero brought to Alli
son'. ranche, on tho Arkansas; liver.
whom lie w,n, by a parly of Cheyenne,
Mown mid Arnnulioo Indians who bad
iieeti up Into tho Hlack Hill country
to make peace and I01111 an
alliance with Hie Sioux against tho Paw
nees, "l learned." said tho colonel, "In
ICJ II. ..1 .1. ... '
111.11 urn iimiaiw Held their peace
council near the head or Llttlo Ito-o Hud
river, where they have obtained tho nug
gets. That is some distaiico west or dm
Indian reservation, and therefore an ex
pedltlmi to that country doe not infringe
upon tho rights of tho Indians, and need
not apprehend any Inte.rloienco on the
part of tlio government."
Col. Carpenter then stated that ho and
Capt. Mcllrlno had during tho afternoon
called at Gen. Sherman' headquarter,
and In conversation with Gen. Whlinih..
uliilant general, that otlicerassured them
that their expedition would tm protretcd
by tho government,!! tho point ol destina
tion I ouuido the country allotted to tlio
Indian ; in fact, that bodies of United
State troops will .e M'iit duiluglh'o
"pibigand tuimnrrtn the very ctin
i nuifjuanat
ot eiitnlry tlio expedition pro
pose to strike, to explore nnd protect
miners. The penker described the
boundary lines of the rwci vatlou. and on
a map pointed out Hie locality he pro
poe to ilt. whleli 1 several hundred
miles west ot the iv-ervatlon and on
ground to which Hie Indian haxeiio
tight except to Intnl. lie cxiuc-ed the
opinion that tlio ilch deposit of gold lie
there, nnd lh.1t only fiirfnee digging o.v
il In the reservation. Tho colohel
stated that he had secured the Per
vlre of two excellent guide for the ex
pedition. At the conehislo-i of llieaddic-, dpt.
MoHrlnu Informed Ihoso nenibled that
ho proposed leaving SI. Loul witli hi
company on tho sixth of May, mid gave
them 11 lit of nittele iieeer.v for Hie
About sl.t men have plaeed their
name on the muster roll of tho St. Lout
e iinp.in.v.
Mtiottr rr.MH.
.Senator Henry D.iwei and .lolin
Fraud Adanis-, of Jla?vacltuetl, were
present at the llcecher trial, April Slilh
Tho Grand Division of the Sou of
Tcmperanc'.' of Illinois met lu semi-an
nual olon on the 'J"(li of April, at Mar
Tho stcaintlilp Mimno.i anlved at
II. illlmore from llio on April 'J.th. with
III. O Y) bag of eollee, ni't of which ha
already been sold t Chicago.
J Leading German citizen id" New
York hinipielted Hon. Carl Sehtiiv. at
D.iinoiiico's on the night or April 2Sth.
He ..illod for Kuropo on the 'JJth.
Mr. II. Overstolz, who ran the Into
Mayor H.irret n hard race for the mavor-'
ally of St. Loul 11 few weeks ago, ha
announced hlniclf again a an Independ
ent candidate.
Vice-President Wilson pns-ed
through Cincinnati Apill 'J9th. en route
to St. Louis and Denver. He 1 in search
ot health anil the l'epublieaii uoiniiiMion
for the presidency.
Tho State Temperance. Alliance Cen
tral Committee of Minnciota In de
termined to operatn hereafter politically
a a separate p itiy, and to call a conven
tion to nominate a State ticket .Line 1M.1.
-On the 29th of April, at the fair
ground at Hlooiuiiigtou, occurred one of
tho greatest auction sabs of short-horn
cattle ever made in llllnoi. One hun
dred and lllty-live were sold.
- Gen. Cutter Is ntSt. Paul, Minnesota,
mil will start on the expedition of explo
ration to the Hlack HI)! .tune 1st. Hc
Ibro tho expedition can move, reinforce
ments from Hie South must arrive at St.
- The little town of Areola, Illinois I
pioud of a new public hall. op?iicd by
one of It energetic citizen. Th! hall,
lu honor of which the Arcolians are now
shouting, i loi ty by ninety-live feet, witli
stage, scenery, etc. Sueh a hall add
much to the iittraetlon of n country
Grant ha bad two secretniie of
state. Wnhburno and Fi-h; four of the
treasury, Stewart, Houtwcll, KlehunNon.
and Hrlstowf; two of war. 1,'awilu mid
Hclknap; two of the navy, Horle and
L'obeson; three attorney general, Hoar,
Akernianand William, and at le.it one
more to come ; two pnl master geneniN,
Creiwell and .tewell; two seerelarie ot
Hie Interior. Cox and IX-hun, and Hi
latter soon to retire.
The Leavenworth Time of Friday
morning will contain the following In
diau news, obtained from military head
quarters at Fort Leavenworth: "One
hundred and twenty-live Indian-, eon
flsllng of thirty-two Cheyenne?, two Ar
rapalioes and nitity-oue Kiowa and Co
niauchcs will arrive hero a prNnuor., 011
Saturday, from the Indian Territory.
They are In the charge of Company 1).
11th Infantry, commanded by Major Sau
di rou. Among them 1 the famous
Chief Medicine Water, who cjuintauded
the band that murdered a portion ot the
German family nnd look foiirgiil prison
ers; nlo, tho Arrapnhoe Chief Whllo
Dear. They arc to bo encamped on the
reservation between tills city and Fort
Leavenworth known as tho Hluo Grass
and will be guarded by u company of sol
dier. All llllunti .Viro-'i li;Iil.
(I'roni the r-jiiummi Mojllor
No State In the Union L'lant- n maiiy
licetillar hleislnK-i "li tho wife, as tlio
xrcatM.no ot iiiiuoi.. 'iiniact i not
vrl cncrallv known union" llu. ''!i. mi-
llttlo vlxcllP,,, or there would bo more
uiax'iilluo nieasiuenient ot tho i L'hwav
by those who had been scut olf "on their
ear ' tn tno titno oi "ijeinui you wortli
less ens. '
A niariied woman ha untold ri'dit.-
Slio can sue nud bo sued, darn and be
darned, mm their own "bljer halM'"
nnd keen the babies. Let an uususpoct
intr husband not Into the penitentiary,
Mrav Into Indiana, set j;ra.Miotipi'red
in Kani.vi, nr cat away on an island in
tho sea. mid ho Is a jroner together with
all bis earthly ( H'ects. tstiaii 1 no long
er liable loi'.lolin fi debts lucurivil brloie,
ami only in certain eacs alter inarria-je,
Mr.. .tones can run a fa.Mory, tann.
Ilhtidiirod wii-;on. or "liali laetory,"
and idd.lone.-ey ha ''narv red" of the
nrolltf. oxcent nho wauN to tahu Smith
Into partner-hl), when nuiKuauiuious
Illinois step. In and saves the bll'ditcd
donees from chagrin. The corner lot I
hers to sell II she so desired, and farewell
nil hope of attachment on Mlllo' land,
or l.uileV lot, or 'KinniaV' carnlntrs lo
nay the debt of "dead beat" IMvld-.Dau
(els or Doctor.
Chancery Notice,
WILLIAMS .loliunt iiuiiiinulnitor of the
eslule of Miiiuiil V. .lohn ilcreal
.liy AM .limn, .wn nt iiimuia, t.naiirs it i.
Hams. lauirn Juliu nml William S. John, tie
liinlaiita, uiv notbleil that on the lTlh ilay ol
Man h, lnT.1, .loseph I.. Itnlieits. i'omi)liiliiiiut
Ulnl Ills Mil In rlmiu ci V III llni Alrxiiniler conn.
I)' circuit (villi I, in the sNlr of Illinois, lor
loieelosuir, ulisieln you me ine iit'iiniiunit,
iiHiuui uiii aiiit h unit- ieuiuni; in sum luiuri,
that a miinmnus wu llieicniioii Usnril out ol
inhl iviurl, avutnsi you, rvturiiulile on the tliliil
.Hominy in jiny, l7S, to u term or ntlil conn
lien to Irholili imt Hie enuil-lumti, III Cilio,
in nji'i iieHiuirr iyunir .
JUIihI, April Mh, 1h;S,
Sarunrl ' AVImler, feolitltor for t'nniillii
nt. U-I-7-UM
FOIl tint sjH-nly cure of Hrinlnsl Weakness,
. Lost MtnhniM und till ill.unlpm InotiKht
on liy Imllscivtloni or fMeis Any DiliyKltt
iw. iiiu iiiKirllVUlSi
Or. K.
HILTON ,t-,C'0..
tlwfiuiKll, Ohio
rpm; llti'l.t.K'l IN Ul'iitflleliwlcMTj-uioriilni;
(except MoniUy) n.t'ic I'lilldlii UiilUin, cor
ner WnMntizton inrmie :ltt Tinirtli rtitft
1'IIE llei.LVTIN I- uil l In llj' lileilUitiy
r.ilt!ifil nirrlsrint I'netily-flre ('tut A Wit).,
'jr.1ilewillj-. II) Mill, (In fi'lvsilicp) ( ?tisr
annum) tlx: month . Itirte niunlh, ii.1i one
inonlh, tl ii.
rntillilird every 'l'Min.liy imirnht nl l ai
rr minimi, iittnriiMy 111 .nlvonce. 'I lie irit.isc
oa tlic WevMy t,c i.tx'tul't "I ltd uiliw, m
t!ut Milncrltji ri will ol.'.lill l.ir R Ul,Tfjlloll
OA I I. V.
llutlncii C.inls, oranuu:n iZO no
One (lunic, one li'cttton, I W
one annrr, two Intertlom 1 W
tine sniiuiT, imc wnk -j ;i
One fjn.ue, tivn vl, a ,-i
One (itu-rc, lliirv ivifk, 4 in
Onu one month ., r. 0)
W It K K I. V .
One fn;tuiv, one inwrllon,...
KbcIi stiliK-iuent Inx-rllim,....
1 . il 10
30;,r Inch l a equaic.
J3 In reytiLir Hlt rrlbtm weofll-riiiiici lr In
iliictmi.iitJrij'itli n lo rati- ol churgi'S mi'l man
ner of illiiliilii!t their ota.
J3'.S"olirw In local column Inn-iUit for l'lf
Itrn (.'Hits icr line fjr one Insertlmi, Tin My
Cent line fur two Inccrttoiit, Twenty-fit t
(.'nils 11 line l'.ir time Inicrltmni, Thlriy-l'lto
Cents 11 line I'jr one tteeV, nml i veiityl'lte
l.'iti! 11 line IVironu inontti,
Cointnunlcr.tlons upon subjects of(,-or.'
tral Interest to tho public uolicltict.
E-AII lelti rs should K-is'Mip.'siiI to
ioiin 11. om:i:t.v,
t'leililent Culiu llutU'tln (,'oiutnuy.
'A ltvj)o'.tt(ir.v il S'.iitilon. I'li'iiMii
nml IiiMi-iii'tioti.'
MtTibiis or -run 1'iir.s..
Tho lla..-trl edited with a cunlrili .tloii '
ofl.u'.Umil talent that wereUlnni liml lnunv
Jonrna'; ana the jotimnl P.-clI i Hie orin
in llio gieul wonu 01 lasnioa. iiovon 1 ra
tl. r.
Tlio H7.a i omniunO It-ell to every iiiein
ber of llio household to flits chllilrou liv
droll and pretty lileturc. to the jotuig la
lf ly IIh (.islilfia-plaleK in enillos.1 variety,
to thn iTot blent matron liy its pattcr.iH lor
the elilMrcii'ii el tlie.i, to pnturlanillfn hy
It lateful design fur ffliihrolderoil sllpprr
an') i.iiri')iis drosli kowiis. lint the
teadln;,' matter ol tho llazar I uniformly ot
grrnt excellence. Tlio paper lu acquired
a wide popul:ril) lorthe llreshlo enjnynient
11 nuimi 1 . i.Ti'iun-; m-i.
Ilurjiei'rt li.iz.ir, ono )er....ft 00
1'oiir dolliri Include- nrcnaviiicHt ol Lf.
S. postao ly the publMu-r.
f)iuicsiiiiui.s ri Harper Magazine,
Weekly, nnd ll;;7.ax. to ono nddre for ons
cir, fill iQ; orf.to or Harpei V reriudi
ca!'. to ono ndJrcst Ur one yen', $7 00;
postsp;o tree.
An cxira copy oi ciur.r tho 3ii:;ainc,
Weekly, or lltuar vrllt im siinnlleil crall
for every club ot llio suWcrllitr. at H 00
each, In ono remittance ; or, h!x eoplt-j for
il ) without cxira copy ; postnuo free,
Hack number can lie supplied at any
Tho seven volumes of Uirper'n Unzar, for
tbo year I'CS, ). '70, 7t, 'Vl, '70. '71, cle
cjantly bound In K'ccn morocco cloth, will
on sen! uy cxp-t , irutii i repaid, for
f 7 00 earn.
!75"NeiviinapcrH ,i,c not lo conv tl.U ait-
Vdrliscincnt wlilmut tho cxprcn uvJivr of
Harper ,fc Brother.
Ail'lro?9 IIAIiruil.v IIIIO ITIKIt-J, N. V.
Chancsry Notice,
ir.trr. oi Ii.mvoi. Ai.i.x.tNiir.tVit.Nrv, .
In the Circuit Court Mj)- tirm, A, I), P75
Haruli .1. Chlsm .tiilin I) Chlsin. JIh-m II.
( hlsm. .lame . l'hl.ni,.lohn H Cliitui. Mary
Sinclair, smmiicl Wnel.ilr, .Martin IJ. Chiun,
(iani llrliyiiisin. W illlmit K.lhlim, Mnrttm
V. Clilani, .Mary ChKin, Mnrth.i(;iil.m Vietoih
Chirm, Doo. Mrhols, l.llalwlli l.tlitli Itolart
l.ynca, Luuiorniimii'i r,.iiiniejiiiitir, iieima
Xlclioln, .lane irawyir. '. S'oali .-ntv)ir. Caiollne
Ilnlilnson.John liohinsoii, Itlley Chtim, Wil
liam Itoblnson, KoIh rt Itolilusoii, Ui licren Ituli
Inson, nml lane ltolliioti IIIU lor t'aillllon.
Alllilavlt of the iiii-iMilenre of John I),
f'hlsm, Jloses 11. ( hUin. .lolm S, Chlsin, .Maty
hlnrl.ilr, Samuel Mm l.iir, .Martha flilsin, Vic
toria Chlsin, .Mury I.IiImii, Doe, Nidiolj, KIU:t
K'th Lynch, Itoliert Ljii'-h California Oltrsr,
.lames Ollter, 'llionms Nichols, .limn Sawter,
Noah Nawjir, Caroline Itoliinson. .lohn Itohln
ton, Itlley ( hlsm, William linhliifon, Itol.erl
Kolilnxin, Iteheica Kohiavin ami .Janu llohln
ioii ofllisaliove imiuel l f.-tiilanl , liivln( boil
nie. In the eluk'ii oulee ot the saM Uicult
Court. iHillic Ib therefoie l.tifhy ghtxi to yuu
llu'raM John II, Clilsn., lii,., II. (.Iil-yii .'"hn
.s ;(.hlsin, Jlnry Sinclair, .nini:l alnelair, Mar
tha Chlsin, Victoria I IiIhiu, Mary i hism, Doe,
Nh-hnls, hli.ihitli Lynch, itnliirt Ljnch, Cali
fornia Oilier .lames Oliver, 'Ihoinjs .Nichols
laiie.-atv)cr, Noah Miwjcr, t moli.ie llohlusnn,
John Itohinson, lliley Chlm, Willi.im Itohln
Mil, Itohirt Itohliisou, Itelxecn Kohmsoii nml
.lane Itohliisou, Unit the compluiiiciit !llc! Iter
hill of eoiuiitalut in raid eoiilt, on tin-cluinri ry
siilelhneofnn the Mh day of April, A D., H-7.1,
uml tin riupon ii suninious issiusl out ofsulil
court, leluiualileou tlm.'M Mnmhiyliilho month
ofMaynoxl ns Is iy latv nnuirnl. Nov,- unlets
otl, the H.iiil aliot e immel ili finilants, shall
pi rsonally he nr.il appear hi font the conn on Hit
llrst ilay oflhc net term thtieof, lo hcholilen
In anil for lliesahl i-nunty, on IliniH .Momlay in
May next, anil ple.nl, mibtter or ilemur.ln the
.illi'oinilnliinnt's lilllur eomplnlnl, theHamu
ami the niilli rs inul thlna; theieiii i Inivnl ami
stitteil, Mill helakeu lis rnnfessisl, ami a ilccrru
enli nil iicalusl ton aceorilluKly, In the prater
ol sa il hill IIKt'UKN S VOCUil, Clerk,
(alio, Ills,. April 61li, Is7."i.
Cramlall A l.liieiar, -lolieilors fur Complain
?' H-l-ll-lt.
A TrlrftU Coi-mrkr to tM
U4rrM-J, or tbu tUyt w
tuirrf on tb pli?i6'.erl4.
tuji'itei to I rrttiin t,i a
lb tutnl lyitftn, th tt
Quid. 1
tUvoaiiUilcn, ifl.
Iivi. tlilt btiuifto.1 cBtrKilbft, ftQii contain itlbibA
ofruUoQ Ur itoM wbo im mtrrlwi orcunteu-plne mar.
fUti tun u ii i tut uitt to ! ktpi bu4tr luck
to 1 Uy, ail bm Ufi erltilf iUl tb lo.
hotp r-fu-illen U orl4 wlir, a houU U In thtrl
t istttttittttry n&l4Ql rfniiitouttitt iLt tbtlrt
t (i9. It rattwi cvrrytLlQC on ttt vatjMt of ttt rrorr
liv ijiwra ihx it wnrih iuoloi, titJ much ut u ut
(ubUifawl la qj QUitr wurk.
Hrnt u ttf cat i irt of foit') for Ftftr Crat,
A iifMi lit, rtuiu' Vitfwttj, Lo. ii :ituit jVt,
rt Lbui, Me.
Notice lo (ho Afflicted tnd Unlorlunati.
tfor mJjtbi toth fiOtoHvul 1'Jtekl tdfltlili
rutl. i'trt, r ailoc tor qutck rinnlU, iwru ir,
)tiiu' rk. m mttter wktt jvu 4Un it r Law drpltr
Pr. Ut(ioccv(iMftDtUbMtif twffily inntoai
U MonM ly iom of U mol ktrtW-t ntitrkl prcfr.
orif tblscoeiiry u4 Uarovt, tl a tcnstullc4 pvt
Ktler ty mtl.o&Uud)fMt wmi'fstlhu workt.
Pra trlort, M 11 Hortb klfbtli trt, WtW
Vi:i' jiKl-'uui. fft UuliiUv.
I'll Y.SM'IANrl.
Y7-ILt,tAl SMtTH, JI. D.
i:kiiii:m 1:: S'liPihimriiiii tm, tic-
'wsrn Wntliliit'iiintcnneieiil W ntnnl alnt
orncii: Nciuii iit or i:ir-hi!i imt t-
tw ci 11 l,uliiliu-lii:ll inn) Wsisliliijttciii nsi-imr
V. DUNNING, ?:. t).
l.'KSIIll.XCi:. Cninf S inlli nmt Miilnnt
Ol't'UV.: CuriKr lth Mint nel Ulun Letts.
OVl'K K Hot;!!: nrml! a.in, I2nt , mid
from 'J lnH)! tn
jy.. w. Di.ft.uw,
aormnn Thytiioinu.
orKKlI: Itii.Ur'n lllml;, (np-alali.), r imr
l.lKlilli strict nmt Wnsliliinloii are nne.
,llrnt?,v til I,ntr.
Ol'flfi:: l.i,tilh Mnxt, lnltte-.li Ciiinlini
el.i! unit V'n!iliigtnn iiveiini-.
AUoi'iH'.r ai 2mm:
Ol'l'ICt:; Ohio Levee, our loom formal)'
ecenineil by Kinl National Hank,
.S.rjuv: n n! 1,'oj:iincJji'.'-:
Ill UilllV.
OFI'ICK. Olilo Ijpv, roonn 7 mi'l B
Lily .Niiliuinl ll.in k ,
WIIII.1111II (,'reen. 1
WIIII.1111 II (iill;.il, CAtKO ll.t.l.NOH.
Mil Ik (,IM..it 5
CO-..fi iitlintluii clttn to Ailmlrntly
3tiriml o.it liii-lniii.
Hfl'I'l.V lll'.l'OT.
Stcnmljoat, Hotel nnd Fcinily
AND IT lU.lt l'(
Groceries, Veg-table3, Game,
Fish, Haw, Ifovtliorn Bultor, &c.
Eighth Street.
llctw-uon WAihlnn'.cu mill Co:suicicial
tj-Coo'ls iU I flic r rt'iirKi-.
UtiAUKbTATt: A (.:.N I'.
Ileal Estate
t " Trt . -m A . Tn7.Trn
La nil At;?n'n ot tho IHlunta Central and
UuiltiiKton and Uulucy 11. H.
North Coy. Hi.vth r.uil Ohio Luvcn,
cairo, ii.lij;ois.
M. J- JluttLLV.
Collectors and Convoyancero.
OFl'ICL'-At thn Court House
5-.". .,
. ..'iU-
Prices to suit tho Times.
WholcfmloFigurcn.but No Crodit !
Mrs. 0. McLEAN,
Next Door to Stuart & QholBou'a
"TTATS, H'inntta, t'luucr.'.s
taires. ttlljlioiir.
miki, 1 1 nits
KM (ilotei, Ilosieiy
lies, ItuoliliUJi, (.uiutr,
AUo the "tallies' DieSs Itefonu'
Aiulitlllhe new tlcsof liiniiiilnir Mlks
cjiriii ami rummer,
-I'liesi- atU will lienlilnl iry lotv
, for OArtll and ( ASH OXLV I-ll-illtr
II 1 1-4.
oitu.JXAi, iiowr
Sevriag Mcchlno
Can he(.eeu lit our olll-e asj liH'itf spcclllcil,
ttlnie will nltvay lie t'ouml a lull ami complete
loci. Also a kooii' fiipply of
Sewing Silk, Tpw! Colloa ud
tlvery ptr-wni t. UIiIiik lo laiyu
First-CIaRo Sowing Maclilno
blinnlil not full toitilliimlrxainlue iiut'iiiucliliic
unit icims, hitiiejnirtliaslni?eJctvheie,
We claim for Hits machine
iieittei- llnriklillily, hliiii'llt ll j , nliil
i:ity ir OpvrAliou,
Anil ticllera'hiptnl for ull kluOsof troiLlhan
uny olhrr miu'lUne In tho maiket, ami will
KiimuuttM inllri! ttiilltraelinni UI im
Monthly l'aymonta if Dcaircd.
Coiner Cm jmteiclal uteuiir ami Nlnlli SI
t-'.'l-tf C.1HIO, ILL.
iii -.J ley! rOit
WK kotiril norri'jMin-l, nri an 1 oi.li i . U ..:i. Ij: s
of In our line Stmml-v: l'l i.l-.l...-
ttlli! tvlth nlbl'le li's at nrirfiiail--1 .
VH OI.KS AT,2 Si RET All. C' "
71 OMo I.o ee. '
wb&. wtz mm jsm i&m
1 hi mm vmvi m mum hwh wlm
Importon-anil Vholcs'alo Dealo; in
ZP 02FL"?Z3 1ZGV10" :0 -O IVUIi STIC
lCcopsi a full bt clc of
Moiiongatiela, Kyo and Kobinson County
i I
..ZZJL.r.M,,mMiarnrrTTnmK,, , v
COFFEE-Rio, LaRiiaym, Java, Mocha.
SUGAR Nov Orleans, Hard and SoftRoflnod.
SYRUP Now Orleans and Eastern.
-Finest Assortment in the West
Commission Merchants,
Provisions,Flour,Grain, Seeds, DnedFruit,
68, 70, and 72 Vine Stieet, CINCINNATI.
autl Ilotntl
, --.iAKLi-'i-j or
colony, oilh,
t l''!.ysIeUn nt Oewntl Mme n wn
I .:o;iy Mvillriii, I luuu-:. i nr.
I WaililnTton A v.. Cor. Oth St.
for G-roeeries

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