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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, May 01, 1875, Image 3

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As'tALON' I.ODlii;, No. Al. i
I 5.J ivi nniani 01 i-yinim, mwicm-yi
ngifil div nhrhl at hill-pa"! n-ien, nt Odd-
, ..... i.
I hancsllor Coimiwnncr.
ilfvlvlifll t f'llldl' VII MJ
1mm. inn-la i-tery ll'ilr.'l iv nlvlit
ntrrfii&r ,lt lulr-iiiiit f'-tin, In Ihrlr lull nti
OiiiiLVH'Inl Mentis
Mentis, In-lit wn .-Hlli ami ,'rifnlli
.tOIIN II Co9.VAV, .V tl.
'1AIKO KNTAMP.MKNT, I. O. O. t, ii.ii.ti
. ...t.l. k..l,,,Faf If. .11 ft ... a . .1 II. I. .1
I f ,t,1.frVHi.rf II..M ....
I wU 111 lumitli, lit It.iir-mit rM'M'll
1 1 lllll'l
I ( llllk t iliiil' I'll .at a !. I t
oCfK HoM niiiltir f unitiiiinl'iition IiiM:i
K sonic. Hull, corner (.'oininiiiliil nimur
tinl l.ljrhth Miiil, mi Hie aicoli'l
'iiiitlti Monday ef each Month
1'rcsli Siiiilj-.
.Mr. 1'. l'ltwrnld hasjin-t it-celtcd tnul
tins 1111 alu at his 'tlci room n largo nock
if CiiglMi ulf, porter, Hcimes hrtindy
ind tvlnc, a'nl li'l'iors of all kinds, which
he will ilipoie of at rca'unahle price.
Nollil- lit' llllilot ill.
Tho well-known bather shop, corner
i:ijt.hth mnl Ojintntrelal, prctlded uvir by
'.tie popular at list, (Jcorgc. St'-dnhotie, lias
rmovcil nno door north on I'otniiicrc'al, In
,lic (IranJ Central Hotel. The new shop li
nll! Hllll COIIItllolllollil, Mill tllCSC WMliHg
fi.r anything artistic : the way of fashion,
t' lo hair i-llttllif.', smooth sh:iii.-t, etc., will
lo well to rail :il the tir.iud Otitis! llarber
i'iiji. 71 'MiMf.
(Jo niiit ire ;irr.
landlords of hotels ami hoarding .i'Ucs
will Mini It ti) llirlr r.d i a i. Litre toesll upon
Mrs. C'-jlcimn,. I.mtid ( s, No 12 I'our.h
sired, bclneui Wshltit;loii ntnl Onirncr-
lit ntcutio. Il-dil ami ImarJln f-Iioiite
W3hlD(.',7recnlhiierily!,;D. V'ii c:ti work
ir.it-i nro an lollow: hliilo fliltt and col
lar, IOv, per ilozcii fere; kcU .V; two rol
lnr, fic; tv j hsiiillitrclilfl., fn; cti l!Or;
anil a. I s'Mleincti'i wear, he. vr
i.iix'ii. Lullo' ilrrijeii, 'J.'i lo fiOcj
lliHIJ tii -i)e; ilrnvnr 10 to Kc; two
I lr heje Cc; two rollar.'i to H;. I'or la
ilUV plain I'lothcj iil U prr ilocn; lor la
lie lint! c.'othef, tl 2."i per ilocn; ilotip
ilrsniptly, ami prompt! v deliwriM. I'a
'ron.i'c Bolltltoil.
.illllllli'O 1oihN.
Mrc. Ilii1!. ha. tho IukoH Milliner More
li, the ;lty ol Cairo, with a Urge tot of
Milho-ry nooiltof all tlm latovt fmhloin
utvI ljlo of l.jilli s', Mitie'aiiilChil'lttn':i
ha', ati'l Inl'e' homiet, trlinmeil or mi
tr iimied, all ot wlilob hare h:en cirefolly
i toil, an I hoiwlit at the irty lowest
( iili l'llcc at iliofour illfferdii lasrkeK
1. illU, Chh-'KO, Clnrhinatt tut Nijw
or, ami which Aie will olfjr fur sale at
. S'tw H )our cli.uicc to git your
II l. all ami trc her before 3 oil pur
1 ti 1 c nl other plica. His ho :i Hoc u
wtnii nt of I. lilies' Mlssn' anil Clulilron'a
Shoi , nil inide to unlsr, that ihc will o3er
f ir ale llf y per rent cheap r than ran be
bought tt any other place In tho lity of
(,'alro i alio, a arcty of other 110II01 c
Mi:. M. 0. llt'Lt,
"a!iin? ton avenue, between Tenth ami
Klcvcn h ktrcch. il",-Z-lu.
TnKc .iillic In 1 1lls.
1 ain prcrarcil to iurnMi to ciirtcincri
llooti ami iioc, of n fine niatorial, a neat
In fi anil cheap In price u can ho procnreil
by per.iiitling tpe.-ul itlvc jicrioi, or men
not rho'-tnakerit hnvlrs rricnl-!iounaker
In Ir.L' In the Kurt, to mmhI lor them. I ak
liiiikers imblie olllce'r, ami other pcr.ors
to take notice ol ttili iiaoinn'i-mciit. I
ninke I!o'i;.i ar.il Hli'ji In any Hl nml rf
eitry ijuallty. (iivo me a ttial.
It nrmber tho locitlon of my hop
Tvv n'.ieth dttoet hotwocn l'oj.lar i-trot't atnl
W'a hliu'o.'i avtuuc, iieur tho Court House.
4CM3-tr. WMl:ilLKIf.
Till- Itinrl f a Woliilrrrnl l,iinii,
tho all en ol which open .iijiI vlmt ecnly
or o gUly timet per minute. If an aleoholle
ttiuiulaiit Ui taken Into the blood the pump
woil.MUudi fi-tcr, mi l thi unnatural pced
wear' out tho ital in ichlner. All tho In
toxicating noMnuuadcitlfo I ft', "tanle-,"
"renovators," "corrective,1' &a . produce
thi Ji-astrou clloct, amlhtlico all intelll
Kent CIi'MUim arc llianUful that I)i:.
W.u.ki nS Vr.oiiT.iiit.r. Vincg tit ISittriis
nn lnvlgorant nud AllcrulUc without a
Ming U overywlit rc tiipphiiitius thos
proprietary poUonf. 4-13 -fw.
Tiio-llonf Wiicoii I'or Snip.
A new wagon lor snlo nt 0 bargain, Ap
ply at tho Hi i.t.UTi'.'f coiiMinii-room. tf.
! ttio llt'Sl.
Dr. s'fh Arnold' Coujh MMrr-tUo
ureal eradleator lor a'l lun (lucres .1 tc-
perlor rcinely tou.l otlicr medicines yet
dUcovcred, In ovcro cafe. It I; 1 -tire,
ijulok, and perfectly nafe icmcd) lor
cnugli, eoldi, soro Uiioit, tthoopitigc uh
roup, and all dltciic of the throat mid
luiii'i. Ilo'all prlea, IS and f0 ccnn and i-l.
Any bottle that dosj not.glvo relief may bo
returned, ami tho money will bo refuiiilcil.
Dr. .Sslli Arnold's Diarrlirr.i H.iNiiii, i. utut
iOcciiti. itemomher it U warranted, Ar
noldV Uil loin Maudrako l'ilN, oper.illus
withojt hlckncsi and pain. Compounded
by Dr. Sctlj Arnold's Medical Corporail id,
W'oonioekct, It. I. Sold by l'aul (!. Sohuh,
ilfliltt, Cairo. 111. r.V(.'j;i.!!t)i.
Tor Hi'iK.
Two good roMilciici'g on Ttvrntieth trcot
uoartho Coin I IIoiuci Alo tho Court
IIouko Hotel, nt low rent. Jixiuhu at 11.
MayerMCItf.tr Siore. Jacod Kt.ct.v.
.1 X(M Mlylr.
II. Dlcck, boot and hoclii.tker, on tiglith
'tvi I, hrtivi'on Vahinj,ion tnd Coinmer
rial nvenurs, li:njutrecolteiUi now tylo
of last, and lit now prepared to malio a boot
mat, for nnstncM ami comfort, cannot he
nxcelled. (iivo him a call ami examine
thi now hlylo of Ian. ill-MMm.
t'al 10 nuilNI. I. outs Itnllrimil.
(in anil alter Moiuluy, April 2d, 1S7.'",
lie ili'H will bo reivlicd and alo delivered
to romlnnei'S at tho Krolfc'lit House, fnat
ot Fourth Klrocl, near tho Minlnslppl levee,
liomH 10 12 u, m., ami from 1 to (I p. 111,
Tlckotoftlro, corner of i'ommcfctol uc
nua on.l Sccmul street. .Ioiin F.tiioi rr,
l-21-Ot. Afcillt.
Mre. Charlotte Saudem having been rc
MUoHod to glvo inuile towon-. In Cairo, hes
lo mate alio will do ho on the following
terms : For puplU ttidcr twelve, seventy
iivo cunt por lcisou 1 tor yoiiiig lailles, Ms
leauonn, Ivo ilollar j cpeclal vocal leiion
In tho Italian molhod, 0110 dollar. Apply
at Mr. A. MaeVli', Klfiwmli ilrett.
l.ornl trntlier Iti-jmrl.
Cnno, tit,., April ft 1 K.V
Vr.i.. I Wi Ainni
I. ! Cloudy.
h ; 1 in i-it .
riiojiis .ioni:s, N ret. . t.'. A.
Tlio Invllalloii" for tlio Jail patt ol'
IliO'crles linvo Uvvu cxtcmlud ly
Ocllu City Cornet Itoutl. It will lake
place nt KliitfuN hall ncM Tlitnvthiy
ullit, uii'l n litr crntvil mnl phMsant I line
1" lookcil for.
'J'liu Taylor Literary Soolt ly w ill hold
:i special tiurtln at tho law oilier ol' tin
II011. Si. P. Wheeler this oveiiln. l;ul
lmssor liitt;n;tt lo nil vuttccriicd with the
society will ho tr.iu-actcil, and 11 lull :tt
teiiihiiico of the iiieinbt.Ti' Uoarnc-'lly 10
iitosli'd. l'rlinlr 1'nrt.r.
A iiuiiiIkt (if tlio yoiiiig ladlo and y.'ii
tleincii of lliN city, who nro ever ivady
to trip thclilit faiituMic, alhiTnl ut tho
ti!deiico of .Mr. Wnltow, In tho tipper
part of town, lastfVenin,itnd were very
ploa-.tntly rnteitaliii'd hj that pjiilleiuan
and hi "001I lady till 11 late hour.
Tin; ooiij.Ti'i.Mtlon ot'tho Cliutclt iif the
l!i(h finer will liohltlii'lrrt'iilariuontlily
soclablo ;tt tho ivlduiicc ol the IJov. .Mr.
(illhfit, on noxt Tliur.'il.iy livening. Tlio
ladles (,1 the I'resbyterian (hute'i will
al-o hold their regular i-oelablo on that
eveniii';, littt where we have not yet been
l'rulii Mrlilllr.'t .mir.iuiUrc Urc-vn-ry
)n tap, till" iiioriiln, Mny 1M, ntthu
Tliallan Saloon, corner of Twelfth tni't
and HVliiiiton nvenue.
Kmull I'm.
W.' aro infoniied by Olllcrr l.alllle,
that nn lrili woiiian n-idlii',' In tlio it
per iart of lids city. Iia-s bi.-eii attackdl
with tho inall po.v. Tlioptopcrantliori
tlo witooii Tliur-day iiioruin Infoniied
of the matter, and (it oneo attended to It.
and tho itiifortiuritc woman ! nowdolii'
a- well n cnu bo exjuidfil. Tlio enc 1
liot n crloti- one, anil it is liop-d til" pa
t'ent will soon recover.
nrcK i'.i:i:i: at i.ouu
Tlir MiIt nt" t.iiii'(t:i
TJ10 lailie of thh city w ho have taken
in char-ru tho j;ettlii-iii of a plonle for
th. I.miiU of tlio ?l-lors of l.orvttn, are
huily en.iud In pvrfectln iirrane
nienl'. I'or the event, which will eulito oil
In at. MaryN park. 0110 week from noxt
W'eiliK-day. Th" eaue which li:t. called
forth thU tindertaklii h a eoiiuii' iidahle
one, and the plonle will no doubt Ik :i
ittece- In every respect.
line 31 ore.
It va jtnteil in tho lli'i.t.Knx a few
days ii'o, that it prc-nro was heiu
brought to liear upon tho Mberol llellf;
iou A50ciation by n niiinber of younj;
folks to persuade tint body to rive
another ol their enjoyable sociable". In
consideration of this reqtieet,wearo:tked
by that organization to say. that they
have considered tho matter nml will on
next Wedueday evenlntf, frlve nnothcr so
ciable, to which they very cordially Invite
all to participate. A f;ooJ string band
will bo secured for tliu oeea-ton,
nml n very plea'.mt evening U assured.
It i" iitiuored about in laihlonahleclr
cIm that the ooil old flaiid-by, the
Tliallan elub. will lvca grand reception
to 0110 of tlio prouiiueul young men ol
t'iilro. who ha luen n ineinber of that
club ilnce it' organli lion, suid who la
about to 'tart n new in lil'e 'y inarryiu'r a
beautiful ami nceompli-hed lady. It Is
sild aim. that the young unit nforeaid,
will, nller nn oxten-lvo tour of tlio Kat,
return t" Cairo and lake up hi? quarter.
at the St. Charles Hold. How soon this
all-important event all-Important to the
young man, nt leat will t iko place, we
cannot say, hut nro nured Hint the tlnm
s not far distant.
Ntiinln.v Kchiml Pi I'll le.
Tliecommltteo appointed to niako nr
raugciiK'nts for tho transportation ot tho
Sunday school scholar of this city to
done.ihoro next Thursday, have succeed
ed In securing pa-ago to that place over
tho Cairo & tjt. Louis Narrow (iauge rail
road at 0110 dollar for each grown person
tor tlio round trip, whilo fifty cents will
he charged tor each child. All the Sun
day school scholars of this city, ns well as
a large number of hnllos and gentleinini,
aro expected to participate In tho plonle,
which will ba luddoii tho fairground'.
Mr. William II. .Morris will net as orator
of the day for tlio Cairo delegation.
' Hero rati 011 liny.
We clip Irom the Mound City t'airloi
tho following as the names ol Cairo peo
ple who have been placed on tlio various
committees in tlio approaching Decoia
lion Day at Mound City :
Committee on Ueccptlon .Inhu II.
Obei ly, Gcprgo FUher and V. Hro-s.
Committee on Orators A. II. Sall'ord.
Committee on Tranpoilntion M11J.
H. L. Morrill and .Mat. Walsh.
Coiuinilleo on Finance William Wet
zel. Committee on Flowers Mesdanics
.lueekel, W. V. Halliday, Aim Halllday,
Tom Halllday, H. H. Taylor, S. l Wine-
1.. ii 11 ti 1 i .. .k . . .
iui, v. li. 11 iHimwini, ui-, tiiuilUllg, nr.
Wardneraiid Paul Sohuh.
Marslml of tho Pay William II. Mor-
AlSlttUal Alai.Wal-l'hll Utuni J.
TlMr. IUr. I I me. Wimi.
7 j in. noJ7u I "fTP t:
11 " '."j.iivjI ui 1.
spm. vn.Kvnl W 1..
mmriwari'rtriT"-ri- n rri-r"T---r-
llPiitl llieKlKiii tleriirf Votil ni liilt t'l'.
1111 Fitit'r i-i-iiii- h b-firriii- .411 .vii
lure r 11 liiitiuv t iiiiple.
Tlio lovely weather of tho pt't few
eveiiing lni hii1iedni.iiiy of the young
folk-i of this city Willi it givat dclrc to
enjoy u Mroll, and llteiv nn low young
ladles we dare say, whoe iiuniinui were
not Ion irict Willi Ih'iti. wlio liate not.
expel ii'iiifd lid plea. lite.
Thl very natural di'lre, a H-w eien
lugs ago, crept Into the booni of a very
e-tlntahle young eoitph ofthh oily, mnl
Ihc young lovrr. il-lng lo liW frcl lioni
when; ho had heen rei'llnliig twumth tho
houghs ofa sliadu tree In the ifront yard
of his nllhnci'o's home, said :
"l.'onie, niy dear; let IM lake a walk."
Tho young lady accepted Iholuvilallou,
nud the two walked lol-tircly up the
street, until they reached a ivddeneo
standing back from tho sticet in 11 yartl,
wlili h to nil appearance wn iinoecuplctl,
ami upon which the young e-eort
thoughl ho dix'crncil :t card with the
words "For lletit11 upon it.
Tlio thought nt enco forcibly Improved
Itself upon tho anxious lover's inliid that
this would be tut appropriate trtlng
place for hlniflf and true-loyo They
could here, without fear of Interruption,
talk our the plans lor their future ltappl
lie", and lie might again listen to tlio
lothig words of hN Idol. I!elde thl. It
would be romantic, mill love, you know,
love' romance.
Turning to tho beautiful girl b Ills -I1I0,
he made known Ids thoughts In glowing
woid', and she, somewhat timid, and
fearing lliat they inlirht be seen by prying
eyes, nl tlrsl objected, but upon being
again nml again ir.sured her fears were
wholly unfounded, cou'entcd, and the
two made their way softly to the porch
of tho lioti'o.which was H-ieoned from the
view of pa"(;rs-by, by several bcititlfiil
shade tree. Seating, themselves, the
young man's arm about his darling's
slender walt, nud her beautiful head re
clining upon liU manly shoulder, their
loving words fell like sweet "train of
rnti'io upon the ears of earh.
For some time this lotvand earnest con
versation was continued, when the young
man, gently rat-lug the wctt girl's head
from its resting place, aroo to his feet,
and with Inclined hid, commenced pac
ing lo and fro upon the pou-h.
lie had made several turn', and was.
within a yard of the alorc-ald card, w hen
he Moppet! and suddenly glancing up,
ho detected, printed in large bold letter,
the word-SMALL PO.V.
The feelings of tito young 111:111 can be
belter Imagined than de-cribed. With
blanched cheek and failing heart, he
Mood riveted to the spot for some mo
ment'. Finally, after n struggle with
hi- fear.-, he iiiu-tcrcil up courage, and
nude hi- way to the side of the unsu
peeling girl, who, with Iter head upon
her hand', w.t thinking, undoubtedly,
ot how happy slit! was to be, when once
under the loving protection of her tifli
anecd. With arms folded upon Id' breast,
and striking the attitude ofa martyr who
U about to snller death by being crulicd
between two ltillI-toiie. he (iactihtted
in husky to-ies calling Hie young j.nty
by her first name.
"Are you prepared for death ':"
The girl burst Into a lit of laughter at
the question, the thought striking her
that probably her low.- had a premoni
tion, and wa alarmed about it.
Xay, do not Jet with me, girl ; an
swer me. Are you prepared to die;'
The uilrlli of tho lady became greater.
Seizing tho wrM of the young lady
within his iron grap, the scared lover
again exclaimed :
"Girl, you know not what danger
threatens you. Annvcr inc. Have you
made your peace with heaven ;"
The tiling lx;gan to look serious. A
tearful thought flashed through the mind
ol the now thoroughly frightened girl.
Was Iter lover mad ';
'What do yon mean r" a-ked the ten
der being soothingly, and stroking his
face with her left hand.
"What do I mean':" said lie, -till re
tailing lti' hold upon her wal't, and lead
ing her to the (.mall pox card. "Head
that. Wo have both got the small pox.
and are doomed to an early death."
The young girl was stupiileil and
fell Into the arms of her lover, who
carried her lo tho irate where
lie stood hi r upon lur feet,
nud alter spending several minute; in
his endeavors to persuade her to make 1111
cll'ort to walk, finally succeeded, nud tito
doleful couplo made their way silently to
the young lady's home, not a word being
spoken until tho gate was reached, when
tho male portion of tho procession mus
tered courage and said, "good night,"
the young lady answering "good night."
Tho couple scperated, the man to tlud an
apothecary shop, tho lady going to her
sleeping apartment to pray to the good
Lord to deliver her from having; that
dreaded disease to which ;thoy had heen
F.ngiiicand Holler; also Saw Mill llv
turcs, If wanted. Forparlienlatsciiquiio
oft;. It. Woodward. .1-1-1 in
" lliiefner Still 011 nnml,
Mr. Kdiuiind lliiefner. proprietor of
the Planters' IIoue, desires us to sav
to hlsl'iiends and the citizens of Cairo in
general, that tlio services of KiseubtirgV
splendid string band have been secured hy
him, and that they will oneo mom make
the hearts ol all neat quick nud la't by
their beautiful 'trains of miiMo at Ids ho
tel Sunday evening, the ooaslon of his
regular weekly sacred concert. Tills Is
news that will be welcomed witli ap
plause, hut till Is not all. That delicious
and sparkling bovcrage, known through
out tho, world to ho the ertms tie la crtms
of drinks SiiillU's Milwaukee hcer will
ho on tap, and at' the command of all,
fresh And cool. Huot'ner, as every one is
Intly awure, in a host niiinng hosts, ami
never falls to pleaso his pntroh, Co,
fkm, hv an! nil, umi kara a Jtlly lima,
Inyo'lerday morning l-'i" ol the
l'.t'l.l.t.i IN it was "dated that Hit- picnic to .loo Itic.okcr Is now In full control of
be given hv the ladles of till" eliy for (lie i the Washington bakery, and having learn
bemiltoftlieSl'ter'uf l.orritt.i. would ed the wants of tho ptthllc, Is prepared tfl
lake nlaee on the 1th ol' My. We now
desire to liifonn our reader Uml we made
a mkltike in tlio date. Tin- event will
litkophtce on Wednesday, Hie 12th ln-1.
riiir. a o.n. it
The following gentlemen n.ii-tltule
the nowly-ehcleil boatd "f directors of
llm .Mobile A Ohio railroad compairj :
W. P. Halllday ntrl A. I!. Sallord, of
Illinois; II. lhipuy. W. II. Pratt, M.
Waring mnl II. Hall, of AMtama; A.. I.
(illlosplornd . Murdoch, of. Mli.ippl;
W. II. Duncan. It. If. Dow. W. II. Hays
andW.i:. Kimball, of New Voik: and
A. P. Kllloit, ol Louisiana.
1'iitlec Court.
I!uine-s in tho polloo court- was very
slim, yesterday. Three cases w the
Sinn lotnl that occupied the attention ol
tho police magistrates, two of which went
lieforo .Indge llird nud out- In-lorn .lodge
The llrst (use befoto Ihrd was that of
mi IrMi woman named .lohnnm Conley,
wiioaverredtliat sliohadcomiupthetlvcr
on 11 steamer Thursday evening, and be
ing cohl nud chilly, took a drink of bad
whisky, which mado her drunk. She
was picked up by olllcer Cain, and f.-tken
lx.-1'oro III Honor, who lined her one dol
lar ami cons. Sli was given a stay.
Then Kim" the caj of Lottlloic. a
colored woman, ami an old ollVnder, who
was picked tip by Olllcer Ltlfuo for dis
orderly conduct blie was lined ten dol
lars nud cos's, and wa given a stay ol
execution upon proiuidng to lea'.e town
In n very short time.
The case bcl'oi'.- .ludge I5ros
wa9 that of Tlionia Conley, who was ar-lx-iled
hy Olllcer Shcehan for acting in a
disorderly manner, and tulng ollensive
language. Ho was lined live ilollar.s and
the usual trimming', and in default of
payment was sent to jail. He will labor
on the strict- (or six d'tys.
.Mmanj Jloriiiusr. .'Iny :
1 will spread a sumptuous lunch Sun
day morning, .May 'J. and invito all my
Iriend' to come and partake of tho same.
I will al'o have on tap Sehlltz's eelebra-
Patrons and other' are rcpcctftilly ii.
vitedtoeall and sample this delightful
beverage and judge for thetn'elve. I
know the verdict will he, that Schlit.'s
Lager and Uoek 15 -er aro the llnest In
Cairo. A..Ui:xi:i..
.Notice (it Iloliler of Interest tlenih'.j:
Cll.v Oiilt-rs.
Public notice 1' hereby given, that I
ant prcpaifil to redeem interest lioaring
City Order' o. SJO, 221. 223. 22.1. 220.
227.22.'. 22!), 2.10, 2;ll, SIM, 2.".l. 235, 2.10,
2.)7,2:t-i, 2:iti,2l0.21t, 212, 2i:i, 211 and
21 r In principal ami Interest, on
pivi-ntatloti, atnl the Intetlft on all of
the itlxivi- orders not prc-euted within
ten (10) day- from date will cen-e.
II. f. Ulikj:. City 'IVea.tm.-r.
C.itito, Jj.i. -Vliril 29, 187.1. l-2!l-.'!t
(iiiimt i'tiloti .'.iiiidny 'ieliool r.x"tir-
The I 11I uil Sunday School of Cairo ha
made arraiigements with the Cairo and
St. Louis H.illroad Company for an excur
sion on Friday, lln 7lh of May, to Jones:
horo and return.
Tin? train will leave Second street, at b a.
in., and Tenth street at S:1.1 a. m. Will ar
rive at Jonesboro at 10 a. 111. Returning,
will leave Joucboro at I p. in. : arrive In
Cairo at 7 p. 111.
Arrangements have also been made
with all the School of Jones bo ro and
Anna, to unite witli us in a Grand Hun-
day School Celebration, and a lt.t-kct
Picnic, Dinner on the County Fair
Lvery friend of tho Sunday School
cause Is cordially Invited, and we truM
they will Join with us on tills OL-ca-Ion.
llefresluncuts lor salo on llieground.-: al'o
plenty of good water.
Faro for tho round trip : Gentlemen,
$1.00: Ladles, 50 cents; Children, under
12 years, 2.1 cents ; programme lor the
occasion will lu published in duo time.
-I. W. SmwAin,
G. M. Aum.v,
I!. J. Crxnirr,
Cjuiuiittec of Airangenient..
The, ,lr;(. of Dim-in er.V,
W. Winter, tlio artist, I' ahotit to pre
sent to tlio citizens of Cairo a new pic
ture, witli nil the coloring of real life.
The means of working these charming
and llfe-liko pictures will not bo with
held fiom tho public, i ho mniiu$ oper
andi Is as follows : On tho right hand
side of tho camera is attached a mill
which contains tho prlsinalle colors In a
pulvcilzeil stale. As the colors pa's into
the camera they are received hy a fan
wheel which keeps tho atom, in
motion. The photographic, plate, whilo
wet, is then placed in tlio camera the
sitter being in po'itiou. Tho handle ol
the mill is gently turned. Tlio cap ol
tube is removed, tho Imago ot the sitter
begins to form will!' passing through
the tolored atmosphere, tlio particles ot
dun falling where they properly belong.
When, Piedo! you have a beautiful pic
turn of yourself or friend.
Mr. W. Is also making a picture called
tho nonpareil, a beautiful style, suitable
for lockets and miniature .ases. Largo
assortment if the latter on h tml. Gal
cry open dally.
I, miles' I'tivnlslihix hi ore.
A UilliV furnishing slor!iafbepu opened
III Ilia Theatre htlildllifc', and stocked with
a full line ofevorylliliitf pertaining to ladli-i'
wrar rcady-madd dresses, underwear,
ete.--ll ol the latekt M)U, ami will besold
nt lower lisurei thau over before oilercd In
Calto. i'lu'ti KooiW wcro ptueliaited In
New Yotk, are of tho best material, and
will bo told very reatosable. AUo Mill
uety gooili of all kind. :i(M-30-lni.
J.00K 11KBEI
luiMollnllK oM'.very tvrJilluu
puth u.a.unrs.
mifply on call nil demand for French, loaf,
lloMoti, llrown nud (Ir.1l1t.111 bread, ?nd
everything il'o ordinarily lound In a llrst
elnstb.ik He iiialntAlns a full 'lock ol
eonlectionerif, ahU caii, well at itny
other denier In tho city, fill nil orders In
that II in-, Cak( baked, trostcd or orua
luentcd on huit notirr, Hpc- U lattctitlon
(ilven In the orJcrs of wedding or picnic
purtlo'. ' ! 12-tr.
Ripe Wiilfr.'
Person hating alfio it alnr In their cis
tern, ' an lure them ptiiii.cl out and rc
IialrnI on reaioiub'e (--inn, br cailtitf on
J. Si.H tWKIN,
4-2i-2lV. ( ids Street.
Itnlneril liiilra.
Wtf will I ike, tit tho Ml. Charles Hotel,
during tlio summer mouth, TOtliy hoir'tcrs,
ut ill per month, and.'st boarders with ecol,
pleasuit rooms on tho upper Hoar, nt f.JO
pcritntrh. At this extremely low rstc,
none but promptly pajhiK bootderi will bo
.-icetpied. .lr.tVLTT Wn.co.x V Co.,
ul-l-2s ;ia. IVcpriU'M,
t'innii nnit Orunu TiiiiIiic.
Mr. M. KuUnu de-tres 11 to sjy that he Is
ready to rocclvo orders for l'lino -and Or
gan tuning, and 1 epalrlng mit'h-al inxtnt
inont. Orders may be lolt at the corner ot
Thirteenth and Wahiol streets, of P. O.
llos 003, and will iccel t o prompt a t ntlon.
1'iirl Mil.
Stcitnier James Flk, Pndiiculi
' John A. Wood & barge-, ?"
Capitol City, St. I.011M.
Cons. Millar, Memphis.
" Schooner Wave, Chicngo.
" II. C. Yaegcr, Now Orleaii'.
John F. Tolle, St. Lnu!.
Sieiuner lames Fi'k, Padticali.
" Joi n A. Wood; Louisville.
C.tplic! City, Vicksbiirg.
' Con'. Millar, Cineinnali.
It.C. Vaeger, St. Louis.
John r.TohV, Xctv Orleans.
lilVKIt, WEjniir.l! ANI IIVMM'..s.
The river last evening was "27 feet
J J.j inches 011 the gauge, having ti'en
22 l-"i inches during the previous 21
hours. Tho Oiiio Is tatlonary at Evatis
ville, rising a little at Pittsburg and fall
ing nt points between. Tho Cumberland
is still swelling, with 21 feet i inchc on
the shoals at last accounts. The Missouri
and Illinois aro tailing, and the upper
tributario. of tite Mis'Uslppl ri-iug.
The weather was cloudy yesterday,
nud during the evening a light -howcr
of rain visited us.
lltp-lui'ss only moiL-raic.
ttOATs nn;.
Jim Fik, Padticali to tclurn, Ail.aiisa-
Hello, F.vansvlH" to return ; NlckiLong
worttt, Cluelnuatl to Xuw Orleans; Lib
erty No. I, Poineroy lo St. Louis ; Oreat
Ifeiiiiblie, St. Louis to Xcw Orleans ;
John L. Khode, St. Louis to Pittsburg;
Leopards and barge', Xew Orleans
to St. Loiil; Storm nud
barge, Loulsviie to Meuiphi'.
iiKNiuttt. iri;j!-.
The .Ino. F. Tolio wa tlcejily laden.
ThoT. F. Hckerl coiue oU'th'-doek
nt St. Loul to-day.
Tho Thompson Dean tv.t. to leat
Cinciniinll last evening lor Xew Orlcau'.
Tlio Cha'. Morgan, coming from the
South, ha1 170 pu'-enger' and ."03 ions
-The John A. Soudder, C.ipi. Pat.
Zone, was to h-av Now ("irlean ye-ter-day
The Slide Silver tv.t' aground dx
hours at llutllngtoii anil was heljietl oft'
by the tow-boat J. S. Xcel.
Tho .Ino. I-'. Tolle no doubt passed
down without landing, a' sho was deeply
loaded when she left St. Louis.
Towboats are laying up as fat as
they arrive at Pittsburg, a? thero is not
water enough to let them nut again.
Kales 011 Xew Orleans lieiglits are
advancing at St. Louis. On Thursday
121 nud 2.1 cents were tho ruling ligurcs.
Billy Ilrown Is rapidly recovering
under the skillful treatment of Dr. F. 11.
Dc-nnl', at the City Hotel In Xew Or
leaii', ami will 'oon be out tigaiu.
Captain M. W. Francis, of New
Orleans, has engaged to wreck tint burn
ed hulls of thcCltas. llodinaiui, Exporter
and John Kyle, and begun operation- on
Tuesday last.
The Louisville, dipt. Aleck Power.-,
loll Xew Orleans Tuesday evening with
"S ca'ks ciuory stones, 4S0 barrels of oil
7.1 bales of rags, M ca'k of Iron, fiO bar
rels of rice, HO barrels of sweet potatoes
and 20 barrels of sand for Hie Xorth.
The Schooner Wave got oil' Dog
tooth and arrived hero yesterday. Tlio
damages oho received at Liberty Island
was compromised with the Alton nt Mem
phi', Tho amount of damage was eMl
mated at $:kV).
Two lines of steamers aro hi opera
tion upon tho lied river of tho Xorth, and
the rates of freight arc, of course, greatly
reduced over last year. Steaiiiboatmeti
would not bo happy oven with abundance
of hii'lnc's otleihig If I hoy could not cut
At Cincinnati on Thursday a thrce-
clguth Interest In tho steamer 1 hotnp'uu
Dean sold lor $12,000. Sho cost, new,
$200,000, was bought by Capt. Paul and
ntheis hi-t fall at auction lor $10,000, and
according to tho above, ligurcs her pres
ent worth would bo $:I2,000.
W.tn l)n-Aiii:ik-Ni, Jtivi.it lit-roer, (
.tpvll fin. Is7
AtlOVK 1
low tv.triai,:
IT. 1 IX.
Louisville .....
hi mi. 1 Wo ....
nr. iiuis
To ('uiisiiiiipllvc
Thc.idmtler, a retired physlciar, l at
ins provldoutlalii dbtovcrcd, ivlillo a Med
leal Mlfslotmty In Southern Atht, n tery
simple Tfgitnhle remedy for tho speedy and
permanent cure of Consumption, AMhnii,
I fro ncli 1 1 Catarrh, and sll threat and Ittu
aircetlons, .M3 a positive mid radical spc
cllle for Nervous Debillly, Prcinattire De
cay, r.nd nil Norvotti Complaitits, Mi It his
duty lo tuakis It known lo his HirTeritis let
Ions. Attuatcd by this motlte, ho will
ihoctfttlly fiid(lrto ofclurgc) to all who
delrc It, the receipt for preparing, and full
direction for ueeefull7 usln?, this rot I
dontlatly deMrod re nn-dy. 'I hoso who wlli
to fll Ihfintcltes or tho benilits ol this
tll.icovery without rost. can do o by return
mill, by addressing
fit. Ctutit.ES P. Mntiisu.,
27-M-V.Pl. r.tilfalo, N. V.
Conerlcd DjJIy by K M Olairn, wmiulitton
insrclmiil, Sci-n-Urr f the I alio ll-mnt ,(
Hour, urconllii- to qr.1 S I VCC ""
Corn, iiilxml, nut L11I t'hi
i.'urti, irlilti-, uickiil ' ft trie
Out., Uilxi-d (lUx
llnm, rr ton i?MJ
Mrjl, sluim drleil 41(11
llilitir, rlniKr.Surtlii-rn luckwl . Q.'i'e
llutlcr.cliiilie SMUIirni 111 luiU-d H'Jui:
y.HiH, per ilnin... wHc
t.'tili-k.riu, 4rdulen VI 73
'lurkuyj, prrdozen H 1)
KiAn, chiller, i.r LtrrU $li"J
Al-l'les . cmumou, )'tr lurixl Si3 V)
I'ou-.luvs, rt lum 1 (-..1 UO
Onl'iuj, imr lund , ...
.. I ... I 1
.dmlnhtrAtor'c Notlcs.
73TATl;0r Zjrlmrlnli McD.nWi-l, dr
li 'Ilie iiri'lcrsiDcd liarlnj liirti up
Ailnilnlatraturor tin: rstdte of .ai-hurl;
lijtilsljatviif thvCuuniy orAlexHiuIvrm
orillliioi-, ileeeaicil, lu-u-by sins notlcr
will nppmr l fore the roiiuty court of
iter County, 11 1 lliu toiirt lioiife hi Cut
.lime ti-rro, 011 tlie.tnt .ilotid.iy in .Intu
M'lilcli tltneull -ctsnns IiuvIiik cIjIiti
111I1I i-.luti- me liotllU-l au-l iniuu.tiil
for the purpose oritiivln the buii cudjul
l-ron Iniltlile"! to snld evaluate tupl
in.ike Imnnsllntij j.iyioent to thi-tnidi r-il
DjI'.-'I tlil-Wd uty of April, A I)., I
I). I f ll.Mttils, Adniliiht
3po:inl Asieiimont Notice.
DIMSI.IC nolleo is hircby glu-ii
.L county emu t of Alexiimlcr count)
ilrrcil jiuUiiirnt for a Biiccliil ftn-ssrn
the pmpetty lnmUttisl by Ihs luitiJtf
tin- lull'.wiux Kbit-witlkji, viz;
south slilr of fourth Mrcft.Utiwcn t
ton and lotiiir.i'i'clalairnuci; nest i-llei
Inpton nrrinte. from fourth to fifth
e;it tide uf tVuihlnston nttntio from
f-lvih stnt! north side of flflli fin
ttVhlnton lo Cnmmcrrial aieniusj m
f.f-evi-tith lioni Walnut to wcsurly 111
.".1, Illoekoi noit.'i Milpof Klevrnlh fro
InKtnn uienuc to Walnut Huctj i I
l'liplarettxn, U-tirM-n Hit iion tind 1
fociiti'i smi-tai south slocor incnty-lliv
from I'oplur to Sycatnore Rtrrs t9 south L
i'ii.,k . ....... 1,...,..... i-n.i.i.,A..
..iuiii .lire, "itimii . iiriiiiiKi.'n nil
morrlal avenui east side of Woshhiyt
nne front t;i?hth to Mrith strtsts j north
i;iirhlli,lHl it-ii trm-hlnstoniutnuennd
Miv.t j S'.uth hvW orbdvetith, Uwetn W
ton avenue and Walnut street, as u ill m
appear from the certllleil copy of the Ji
on lite In the oUcei.f tin-city cli-tk of Hi
lalroi that n warrant for tl.o collection
Kjesiments Is in the hand of tlicumlr
AH pcrsnn lnli-rstcil are hrrcbv notltli
aim pay the nraounts as.-csi-d, ut theco
oRlce, No. lsJComraertlalaVMiue, wltlu
davs from Uie date ln-reor H. f . III.A
1 tty Trcas-ait-r and t;.-OlUclo Coll
n.itcil this 3IU day ofMaich, IfT.'i.
NOTIt'f. i hcrrliy given to the -lock
of the Cairo City ferry ronij-any,
anuaal niri tins for tho election 01 n-u-u
nri, and cnnliicir.tion of mrh ntlitr liu-,
may foiiietitfori- It, will be held o-a JI
May :tnl licit, utl'i o'llnek, n. 10. Kit,
of the company, corr.rv slnh ami txitc
111 law cny. iuu iy . ii.si.i.iii
Callii, lltln.)l. AplllPllli.lsV" X ' '
SlieriJTs Bale.
10 V i-irlWMif nr execution tome din J
.) tin-clcll; ofllic clr.-lllt ruiitt ufAi,
.fx- It. III.. W.n.n ..f-llllM.lla lHr.ifl.V
I Ifultx Hint urxfu.t Uftptl.t ttoUti-ii, 1 U:t9r
ujion 1 nt- loiiairiuir uesi-riuisi propeii
oiiinty iifAli-xamUr nod Ktiitt nt 1111'
wit: I lie toutli-Hcst qiuultr ol lie,
west ipi'iilcr ut section ltirnty-s.il
In toiulilp tl rtet-:i (l"0 (oitth, '
lju?e two west ol'tltu third prim-ipal m
m the prop'rty el- the raid liaptl't 1
iThlrli I will oUVr nt publli; s-i!c at th.. .0
iluurof IhPivurt-lioiiw- In the cllyuf (j
ttiui-oiinty ol Alexander mitt sJt.-ite ol 1111
tlivailhiljyot Apdi. A P., IST.t, ut ttis
eleii-n o'dotk, a ill., far i-aih,to smls
vtecutlon. t AI.IJX. II. IttV
s-herlflofttlewiidi-r li.iuilv, III
Cairo. Illlnali, Apiil iM, liT.t. "
S--."-3w. (
Attachment Nolle. j
f'.r WnUon Wchli l notlflul tlntmil
.1 J.. ilar or April. 1S7.1, n wilt or atti
nuiMsticl out of llierletL'soiUcenf tl.
under eotmty rlirult couit, IntliL' State 1
nol, nxalntt tour estate, i-iinmh!e iml
Miiuilar hi .May, H7.", lit Ilic suit of T
I.-iiiibrrnnu, wl-.rn-lu yini, uu.l Willl.ini.l.
firm of Allen ,t Webb, re iklrndiiiiH,
nun of A'Nl Ti, which writ hns hern levli
tlieetntenf jou, the said II. Wnlxnti Wet
scrred tiion.i r.irnl.hcf, anil sjldritlll
l!idln(T In said court, t'nli-js you chill;
(.-lie had, and plead, within the thr.e llm
1 our appraniuer. Jtnlpmcnt will he ento;
fjtnleio Htlacl.eil sold, nivl proceedlnu
sprhi?t .ilil nnrnlihre. .
Ililist Aplllf Ih. 1.7.1. 1
Sw.uii P. Whcclrr, iiltomev fm plain
t .'.i-ivtt
Tho Iowa R. R. Land Company
oflV:rsn choice from over l,.v-o,nno nciti nt 91 nnd
Si) per rip on iiiiml It.K tlniejnthe Middto lle
irloimt WVilern lotra No four nnd njriiet 110
rri!iopperi Imul travcisi.lhy ralliond-il'iom
Cldca:o, with nn change orcdM, snd similar in
Bull and climate to the hinds of ('cutml Illinois .
tJ-Mnitrmhl! For excmsloii I kleta, Iito
to purchaser, (rum Chlcip.i, or stations
on the t hhnso Noith Wrlrrn
and Illinois t eiittnl rillnudi In Illinois,
out and hack, or lor Slap and J'lunpliIeWglt In
price, tenn, Ac., sent free, iuMre .1011X11.
OALlltll'X, l.nnd foiiimbloner,ri2 llandolpti
Stres'i Cht.-vo, or Olsr Ilaplds, lomi
t JIM. tl
Cfiitrally ImM, Klcgaiilly Furnkhcd,
ciiiiKirsi MoniiRATr.
Thu Ooiyjjivj'nl Hotel of the Oitp.
WholfMta and lielall Dealt r In
Cairo aud Kankakee, PI.
At HhUu WiUoa'a, OovurXwmh St.
Bd Otuo 1Y.
I will run lt wssoa Ibroucbaut U.
flwiou, ittllwluc pmt Uk tea .hi my
Irt of to. olty.M lh lowejl narkct pr ca, ud
Will sIm fUrofih my frUn4 onuioi M city with
ca by tbi tut or ur laid, aasied in WWttMtt
or ifelvmMt to t Ktinnt.
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Leading Journal of Southern
7. 1). Mull.usa. K C. Clil.
And (leneral
Commission Merchan
Dealers in
CSL Olxio Xjotoo.
K. J. Ayres. S. II. Ajica
And general
of Iru
In the
Commission Merchan
jty ;ias
No. 78
! I crc-
it hta
City National Ban
CAPITAL, - - $100,001
OFKH m-.s.
W. 1' II. M.I.I IIAY, President. ,
I1V.MIV I. HALLIDAY, Vice 1'irtl
A It .-.AFFIUCD, Cushlir.
VVM.ll.lt IIYSLUt', Ais't Odil.r
DIIIM llll-.l
Srars Tavi.oii,
I. lt.ii.Mii.tr,
i t It.l.l.lll.llV,
A It
I! If
II . I' II Jl.l.lllA V,
Mci-iiL.v liiiin,
.Sim (i 110
n be-
Exchan;o, Coiu nnd Unitod Stntc4
isonas uougiit una isoin.
f tor
pM-'.POSITsJ rriiivi-"! and a Rcnorat liatikluij
Enterprise Savings
A 11. SAF VOIID. I'nsjMcnt.
S S. TAYLdlt, Vice President.
W. HYaLlU'. .-;' mid Tim.uu-r.
I'. M. l!Alll'ltY, C.'tus. Oaliiiiiimi,
F. .M. !sricKLKTli. I'.wi.d. huncii.
It. II. L'l'NM.NOItAM, II L. II ILtailAV,
jUM'a-v-taMcs ami uiiui.J ah
Is a Ihlrty-ltto column paper, lurnUhctt to
subscrihors for the low prlco of
$1 25 PER TEAR,
l'ost;;e prepaltl. It Is tho cUepct paper
lu tho West, mnl Is a pleasing Fireside
Vltltor will Family Cotupitnlon,
Uunuot tail to ico tho unrlvalotl Induce
racnts olTerod hv 'i'liu Uullotln in the way'
ol cheap mnl profitable tdvtrtUeincuts,
1 . ..'tl 1 l 1 '" J.W 1 .)
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