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ncxot-xriM' r.i.r.tTU.v rit.iins
A mectliir 0 Ir',') Americans wni
held at tlie Slicnnan home, Chicago, on
Friday nW'1 10 denounce the frainU
pcrictralfd upon the ballot-box bv tlu
Aldermen s party or tu.ucity ni tin- i.it
election held there. Among tlio-e pre-
nit t tlie imx'tlng, were Senator Kelioo
and Messrs. CoiuUWy, Suerlil.in. Conk
and Doyle, rcprcentAtlve Irishmen, and
nil the spveche-f were pitched to the
key of high Indignation. Tim meeting
resolved, that the election had heen con
ducted without regard to law or J n Mice,
and that Its result va aicoinpll-hed hv
the most Mianiefnl frau ls and outrage?
upon the purity of the ballot-bos.
miss nritviiY'.s xvr.tuu.M;.
The daughter of Tom Murphy, of NVw
ork cuMoui hoii'e notoriety, wa tnnr-rk-d
last. week. The wedding xvu one of
the moM magulllcent of this or any other
season, and the bride' dress white Mlk
elvet covered with iolut lace llounecs,
a point lace, x ell, mul diamonds, was tin-
most eo.tly wedding attire ever worn,
even in the richest city of the American
Kepubllc. The ceremony was jtcif'orineil
by Cardinal .Mci.'lo-key. and anions the
g'ueMs at the reception were many of tin
most dNtlngulOicd men of New York
City. I're'ldeut (iranf-irecnt to the
bride w-.is a pearl ?cl of Jewelry: .Sena
tor Jones', a diamond cross, anil the
other presents which were ininurou-,
were all costly and uleg.int.
itA.T KJiir.i: with .Mic. am:.
.v.ui:n mi itit.w.
A late dispatch to the St. I.oui- r.'rVw
trom Washington ays that the l're-ident
favors the. colonization of the negro In
Cuba, Sau lommgoor.ome other .south
ern country, "not became of any prom
ISC' or e.pre.don lately made." but be
ratisc the rapidly increasing death rate
among the colored people threaten- to re
duce them to a condition on a par with
the American Indian, mile-?, a- a nice,
they can beromeil from the ambltlonles
and Inactive state they are now in. It
propo-ed to establish eoloidz-atlou socle-
tics at ouec for the pupoo of inducing the
colored people to emigrate to countries
where tlie climate 1.- f ivorwble to the
health of their race, and where they may
cngaifc whh prollt in luduMrlal ux ora
tions. i noMTin: ATi,TU"ra xnixir.v
niir. Col. Tom S-ott, the "lVnn-ylvanla
railway magnate,' who arrived In .St.
I.ouU on Sunday from an extended visit
though Tcsas and Mexico, says that
the manager of tlie International
railroad contldtntly cxwt to m.-
lu"- -M'JMvan sovenuncia
the grant, for the great Inter-1
national Hue of railroad propo-ed to Iks
built from tlie Uio (iraude to the eltv of
Mexico and fioiu thence by ai
air line to San Jtla oi
the Paelllc coast. 'J'lie completion oflif
railway wl1 give, through Cairo, the
Miorte-t transcontinental line tli.it can be
bulk from New York to the;i'.iclilc coa-t
The line I- formed by the connection at
Cairo of t'ie Cairo A Vhiccnnei with the'
Cairo, Arkansas it Texas read, and at
Texarkana by the C, A. .1 T. road with
the Texas A Tactile railway.
ut i;iti:i:i.i:vs nr.siii.vo.
Mls Ida GreeleyV hii.-baud Is named
Verres Nlckoh- Smith, the -Injrularlt' of
the llrit name making up for the pro-ale
ugllne-of the -ecoud and the eommoii
ntt of tlie la-t. Col. smith for he N a
Colonel apjx'ar to have acquired his ti
tle by a short service In the regular army,
prior to tlie war of the rebellion. He J
a widower, 'ome tweheor tlftecn ycar.t
older tlian the younv lad who ha- eon
Kilted toly-eonie one of the ten thousand
Mrs. Smith- of the I'nlted Stale-, and I
a writer of considerable ability and ele
gance. Col. Smith It regarded a one of
the handsomest men In the country, nud
doc, not believe that male leaiity. un
adorned, Is adorned the nio-t. lie has al
ways exhibited a fondm for expensive
Jnu ia-iiionaWi! clothing, and earned
from the Kan-iv- -ople the ti
tle of a dandy. Col. Sinilth and
his bnde have gone to J'.nione,
awl when thty return will lake up their
residence In Kan-as, where the daughter
o. Hoiav (.recley will Uoiibtles )k
warmly rett-ived.
' ongressmaii Kelley, of l'cnii-vlvaiiia.
heivtofjre one ortho mot ultra Jtadlcab,
been upon a vblt to the south, and
has jia-sea throu-h -eiendoi iho recon
trurted state., takln- unrk-c m .
H'lngs Since 1,1. .,,. u, u. $onlli
lie has expresed reret that he voted for
the I ore Hill, and doclare, timt . u
take no more stock hi the Kadical South
era Outrage JVtory, an ctablbhment
that has done a driMa Imdiie diirhi"
the past decade. The ioj.l,.. i,c sav;,
arerpdet, and that where Ui.ioiori i
pie arc sober mid linlu,trlniK M.X ,s
little troubled as they would bh, aL
porn ol the North. The -recti and ra
pacity ol the Iladlcal noim,..- ,.i ,i.
South, black and Wl. ,Uu,t0( Jlim,
. m ui i..e t.ipnai or Somi, Carolina.
vWe heMva negro tliler.trutUn about
In the dignity of the oflke ol I.Wiuenan,.
(oxernor, ho was shocked. "To .tt. ,, ,.
wan in that onice," wld CoiiKres-mau
"vii i ic'iijuiuijcr iiiai iif was
'pmiT,1, fr0,n a c,,' "'"aurant In
Phllalphu lor Mealing i, verv hard.
To kc Wm ln ,,u r,ak.s allJ'hu
mondi. wiling ftromu, , roll1I,.,,
wm a melandioiy i;ht."
of HgrMtura tor ; April th(! m
Ing u tt coadlUon of tu w,llttr w
throuirhout the country :
"Tht condltlop of the crop, lfc (ur a
eta UJudgtd by IU ppemnw iu AptU
In the more northern latitudes', 'nforc
the ground Is bare and free from fro-t. .
bslow an nvr ragi, and far below the
stalm of last sprkiir. In Urn .South gen
eral1ythoprojici:t3arciiultel1atl(:rlugand the crop tecitro against all propable con
tingencies excepting ruM. In California
n large breadth ha been -ceded. Prompt
germination and vigorous growth have
followed the wlntrr rain'. The early
sown area I probably eouie. but dnlng
winds and the nb-ence ol the latter rains
excite apprehensions ot Male planting.
The state in the valley ot the Ohio and
Mh'ourl repoit inferior condition of
w heat, n u re-ult of wluter-l.llling. l'lio-e
eetlon In which drought prevented
early eediug and sittllelent root-develop
ment before winter et In, have -nllVrifl
ino-t. The protection nllbrded by miou
ha been exceedingly valuable hi all the
nrra north of the thirty-ninth parallel ot
latitude, the Inlurle- u-uhied re-nlting
mainly from thawing and siib;riueut
frcelngln .Mar h. In the Middle ,State-
till- protection lint been more uniform
than In the Wo-t. The more exposed
llelds present a brownand lll'ek-- appear-
aiice, but the root lire found to he 'oiuid.
except In patches eovernl long with lit
a iiiT:iti:x: or oi'i.vio.v.
T'"e l.ouitville (.)tri"-;lininioU in u
dleu.Mon with tlie Cincinnati Uot'llr.
aid . "The rourtecnth Amendment
U valid, and under It .li-fler-wi luvl- 1.
Ineligible to the I'lv.-idency. 'Mil, opln
Ion we maintained when thepo-ltion eo-t
us more than any opinion ever -ought to
ho' vindicated by the fn:f (''.''
"The Inevitable Inference froni thl- I-.
that there 1- a Mroug party dl-po'ed to
m ike Jell. M.nl a 1). inocr.Ule candidate
lor the I'ni-idcney," ':iM the S't, Jnm--.tl.
How the .liiti ii-ii arrive.- at it- Imputa
ble inference we r.uinot understand,"
?aid the I'.i i.i.i iiN. in a torn; that Intima
ted that the l!ti.u:i iv v;i. nlariiied for
the sanity of It contemporary.
'We will try to make Hie .Wn'
propo-ltlon plain, even to tlie coinpie-hen-ion
of the I'.t i.i.inix," retort the
J-nriinl. and 'oe- to work in thl- waj :
What was it that "eo-t" the Cmiri'i
.hiirnnl o iiiiieh' Clearly the mainte
nance or the "opinion" tliat "llio Four
teenth Aiiiendmeiit 1- valid.'' and that
"under It. Jclleron lai- I- iliell;ible
to the I'rejldeney." How could t 111- be
made an oeca'lon of "co-tM to the (mi.
ri'fJu-i, ,nh unle-t there were aiuoiig
the iiii.il tiipportert of that paper u eon
Mdenible ela?t who dU-eiilcd from Us
"opinion" on thl point in otle r word-,
who believed that the rourteiiitltAinend-im-nt
U valid," and that,
In spite of it. 'Jell'. Dai,
it ('''' to the Prisldencv" and who
have made thit dlllerence 'in M.ntliiunl
theocea-ion of intolerantly withdrawing
tlielr patronage to such an extent as to
make adherence to itnUew. In this re
spect u matter of "eo-t" to the paper';
And it there Is Mich a ela-, what po-.-l-ble
object could thev have hi their Intol
erant eour-e towardt that paper. iinle-
It were to put in practical elUct what
they claim to hcthelr light i.: to elect
Jell'. l).iU to the l'rc-ideney. h. detlanco
of the rourtecnth Amendment.
I 1 lie uigeiiloiit argument hat not made
Uie JwunC piov.o-Ulon
than xva lwtotv. Tin
1 that
1 xva-
the loiirteeiith Amendment
valid '-com' the (V-.irv-
.u'ovetf patronage. 'l'hel--ue between
Iho f'n'i-uf-.o"ri'i niul it- llre-ealhi"-
i.iiren- wa- upon the broad iiiie-tlou of
the validity of the War Amendment. to
the con-tltiitlon. That paper maintained
the p't-iilon that liow.nei Jcctionalile
the uiamier of their adoption might have
been, that notwithstanding tlie fact iicy
had been adopted by biguu le'Nlatine-
t the south, had hten eroivdeil lliroii'di
by the bayonet, they would be held to be
valid were, therefore, hi fact, valid, and
houlil Im. -ubuiilted to. Thefooll-h pat
ron of the C'fW.v-.AiKvu IHicved the
Aineiidineiitt were not valid declared.
a- the Ilenioei-Jlt ol the North did at tha'
lime that the had been adopted In
force and violence, mid were.a- .Mr. lllair
e)rc.eil it in the Uroadhcad letter,
null and told. "Thl I folly," .-aid the
C'JirUr-Ju'imnt. "Slop mv paper." was
the reply. In thl-way It eo-t the ('
irr-JvHvmil something to maintain the
validity ot the I'ourtienth Amendment.
which provide tli.it no per-on -hall Ik- a
Senator or Kcprc-uutatho ln Congres.
or ele-tor of President or Vlec-Prc-ldcM,
hold any olllce, civil or military, under
the I'lilted State, or under anv State,
who, having prexiou-ly taken an oath as
a public olllner to -uppnn the. eoilttltu
tlonorihe I'nlted Stale, engaged in h -siirreelion
or rebellion, utiles, Mich di-a-blllty
-hall tlr-t be removed by Congie.,..
Ilil t what the (' ifr-.h-n'H'it
Mild, and we have no doubt
the .State Jurnal U aware of the fact. A I
the time the couirover.-y concerning tie
validity of the Amendment wa- in pro
gress between the f'virm-.imninl ailll it-hot-lnsidcd
patron-, not oneol iliein, we
seiiture to -ay. thought that Davl- nil-dit.
even If iho Aineiidiiicntt wereoiil of the
way. hi any exigency, i a r.'imliilale for
Die I're-lileiny. Tliec mi i.ucu note
tvat no pot-iliillty o IjU election, :iinl
at that time, just alter their defeat, a m:i.
Jority ot the Southern people would have
voiiki agaiu-t lilm. a, we believe thev
would tinki . for any mllee.
Thf.WWttammt, hi i.ilrne,-, deny
that our construction ortho Cwirlri.Jou,
fit' language I- correet. and that wi lud
n rilit to 'ay, a we do ayaln, "how the
J:.;,-tl arrives nl llr Inevitable liilerenee
we . oinot understand."
Illtiv .'. -
".nil OWXIIIS AMI Tin;
A spe.-iui dl-pittli from Sprlngilcld to
iheM. Loin, .Vl,.-.,,dated .May -J, ha-
til'- lollowlii;
'lUOtl'JII :
C.i:,.-rulllg Ihe rldewilll.
tbu .Vn. '.T" ,l'Jw"l h many l:inr., In
Ht', 'f,i' unriiii.. i-oiirt bis "
r.niroitiAi. iti;ms.
-I'lv.-Melitfil-atlt Intend- oon to s'-n
St. l.otll.
The 1'ioila Ttviwipt say.-there 1
not n liepiibllean thlid term paper In the
In June, Gen. Sheridan will marry
MJ Kneker. daiigli'.er of the Chief Quar
termaster on his stall.
-The "defaulting'' tnllnwb of the
United State owe M. hundrrd mlllloin
of dollar'.
-The 1'ilueess I.o -,sa and the Mimptis
of I.oi tif, her hit-hand, contemplate ti
tour ihroii'jh th" I 'nlted State- thl nni
i tier.
Tlie lllluol. suite Mclli;al -oelety
wllllili-ei ill Jack-onvllle on the ISth
lllt.. .Hid Will hold ; -es-iou of three
day. f
The town of (.'anion, In this State. i
making a vigotou attempt to teruie the
location of the new in-tltiitlon for tlie
feeble minded.
-Mr.Clms. 11. Wiight, nl Philadelphia,
has licen elected pre-ideut ol the Northern
I'acltie railroad In place of (i. W. i'ns,
who retlgt'cd to take the place of receiver
of the road.
One thousitid pa'-engers pa--ed
wc-t over the l iilou l'aellle railroad from
Omaha, last week, on the mending fit the
la-t brink In the road made bv the Moods
in the (Ireeu I'.iver region.
The report of the railroad cominl-idolier-
ol'llie Sate of Ohio. In-t I lied,
Miowt that the State ha-01 road, which
have a lulu! length of.i..11(i mile within
the State, witli ,'J7 1 mile- of main and
1,1 12 milet of double-track and -Idhig-.
mid repie-ent a cot ol $,J7J.!i.ir.sp.. or
'il.O'KJ a mile l'ir coii-triiciinu and
eqiiliuii' in.
''tie ent illiiil ol lite Iteecliei- 'I'rlitl.
(sjiocljl Di-jatrh lit llir .f I.imiI, iii.l.i'. I J
Nr.w Yoni;. May Tin- Ileecherlrial
had an Inteii-ely s'en-.iiloual i-iuuptiou
thl- idiii nliir. .Xr. Tiliou came into
court witli her whilom companions, Mrs.
nviuj-toii and Mr. Held, and the party
wa jtlvtn their old place. A niniiiiMit
later Iteivher and hi- wife entered and
look their iKvii-tomed -cat-. ThccalUm?
of the jury roll had jn-t cesi-eil when
.Mr.-. Tiltoii stood up ami faced tlie
bench. Judge Neil-ou did not -tv
her al onee, bin at length -he caught hi-
She -aid. ".ludge NVil-on." but Iier
tone was low. and the Judge did not mv
nor near tier. . viuor who s,at elo-e In
front of her. comprehending her de-Ire
and Inability to attract Hi Honor' in
tention, repeated Judge Ncilsoif In a
louuer voice.
1 hit wa- heard bv the Judiro. :mil ll
not only atlrai ted hi- notice, hut the at
tention of the congregation. Ileeeher
seemed lo be atoni-lied. I!vartt mrneil
around In Id- clialr, and 'tan d at Ihe wo
man, ami I lie rcttol the Ileeeher lawver
made an eipial -how ot 'iirpri-e. Tilton.
w lie-" back bail bet n toward hi- wile.,
tiiinci. and -tared at her with the re-i. I
Sir-. Tilton's low stature did mil iieiLe 1
iier very conspieuou. and inanv of tlie i
spectators -tood up in tlieir seat- to -co
ner. l ne 1101,0 wa- lor a moment !
tiiiivnUuuii-. lint tb. rapping by the olll-
ei-ivi.uieu iiiu e.xeiiiti jit'iipiu lo deco
rum. Mr. Tilton was outwardly calm
and set-po--eeil.
Your honor," -be -aid, when -lie aw
that .liiilge NVil-on'- attenrlon Ji.-m livvn
seeureil lor her, "I have h comiiiunlea
llon uhleli beg your linti'M' wll icail
aloiid, or li.ae n-inl nlouii" befnrc the
opening -e-lon."
ji hoi: .nlil-o.x
bail not lio.m il 11 wonl. hut bo ici-oni.i i
Mr.. Tilton brcau-o ol' IiiivIiih-vii IhtIii
tin i-oiirt room.
.Mr. I.vurls." bu ..ilil. iiCnr nu bi.t.-ini
of hesitation, "will you ; to thi-nr.ii-
Mr. i.varls wa uiinm-titlv In a mi.unl.
ary, mul did not nroiiiptly rl'sioiul to ihe
riiiii.si.-iiis iiiuec'i-iou wa oniv inouieii
tanly : out iu thu interim or thusiniieiisi..
mil witli .Mr. Tilton till .-t.iii(Iiir hoi'nr.-
tho .scrutiny of tlie excited voiiiianv. It
-eenioil lotiir In ilura'Ioii. Jleu.1ll.eil
ne.irl to bur .-eat. reaelu il overtheheatl-
ol iiitervenliiir ir.-on-. ami took iln
document from her extended hand. On
the -Iiort way back to III nlace. Mr.
Kvarts -llcutlv road an iii'crintion on the
enveioiM.', ami v.nen 11c turiieil toward Ihe
heiich to -jiciik, there wa a hiijlihiof
every noiH'.
"It I- addro--eil to Voiir Honor,'" he
Ill-Ilonorcalnilv ailiu-ted Id- o.vta-
! ami owiicd the uu-ealrd euveioi'
lUKinir iiiiiviioiii -everalpaL"'. ,.i note
liaiier, elmciy ruti n our. He read the
letter, but not the Whole docilliient. nml
tlKii reil.iced It In the envelope..
Mr-. J'ilton -loud up iijMiti. a- tliouli
luten.llnu to iiru her iiiiet.
Thl matter will be eoii-ldeivd deli'i
erately." he -aid, uilda ln' hlm-ell' to
Mr. 'rilrmi nml iniMiliwr .1.. 1 !
. .. iiitiiiii v Ilil l.lll 1 l'
he added : "Are yon ready to proc, ed'f"
Mr-. Tilton ii'.Mlu took her -,-at. -till
iliiallated, but Willi an e.xirc--i.m In her
laeuiliat would have pa--ed lor dlsplc,,..
lire. Her pliy-le,il llttleiie- allowed Iier
larger companion to neai W hide In r
from I'urthir oberv.itlon, nlnl to them
i-ln whl-iiered earnestly.
Mr.-. 'lllton sn!i-eiiientlv -aid. "It iv.
lateil to urittcr ot mv not i.em culled u
11 wlliie-."
JAarl- Mild that they had no knoul
ed'.'eol the doeinneiit. and liraiuiaii ib
elarcd very eiuplialleallv that h- bud
been as Hindi siirpr.e .uivliody dv
'en..,,.-. 1!... '
. .1IVII Llllll .
WHAT Tin; von. ON I Al
Information conies irom a trutiorth v
-oiiivi. timt Mr-. Tilton IkIii- her eoni
munleatloii with 11 statement Hint she e.-(K-'ctt'd
lolicoll'eiwlasu ullnes, Uy U
duteiice, and that, through liieiiil-. she
nrjriil iijion members of ihe l.e-lslaturii
the pas-ai-ofthi! proposed special art.
iiliojvln her to le-ilfy. T. .. ar'lle,
tlio Injustice ofclo-In the limn, of the
!iccu-ed per-on, and appeals to .ImP'o
Nell son ns an act of proprictv, If not of
leelinleallty or itllt . to put hn on the
stand. In conehi.lou .-he its?erts her In
iKKvnet ortheerhiie. and declare that
an e.xplnuation r. her comliict in tlt.
seauil.il Is due to ller,ef, th.. dcfiMl-f o
Ileeeher iiavlu kit niauv of her nut
ojien to advere crlticl-m.'
Wholesale, Rotail nnd
"VS7' iloo at'M BIqq Xt,
Comer Toplnr cud Jilnventli ativntn.
J2rHiKliont Cnnh Prico pnn for
IIoks nnd emtio,
rpili: llUIJ.irtl.S n puMi-liiMi'serj nmrnliig j
(tfAiT)it Mumby) I,; tin I till Ut in tlnil.tlo, i.r
lier WmliMiRlon titciiri .ni'l Turlltli ill ml
The IIixi.ktin j n'tu l l city siilwilUr!')
fjithnil mrr!tr!it rnil-t'ie t'tntii a W'ih,
MjfaWi-wiil.ly. II j-In I (InailTiuw), $l0.er
(liniini) lv UHiallin, . 'I n iikhiI!ii, tiw
m-.nlli, SI V.
I'nlill'hitl i-rtrj TliMf'nj iniiiiitng lit SI il
tr imntiin, lniir!.).-r m u.ttuMre. 'llieiU
on tho Wiitlr t11 l- "iU hi litis e, s
that tublllr uU..in fot snbMrtlteli
rlcf of 11 n ywr.
I) A I I. V .
r.mtncM Cnnls )r anuum
One 'Uun', one nirtIon,
line xiuair, two lu-trtluiu
Onv piUjii', eiitMiuV,
Kr.r fijujlc, nu H.--L. ,......,,.....
One -fjiuue, llit.e rV- i-M.M..m...
One nunc, oue month
.ti ()
.. 1 1J
I U)
5 SO
.. a so
... I IO
.. A '"I
w i: K H I. V .
OlIU .IMH', ltf lll'llll.ill, ...........
lUnli nh-.iKni InM'iilDti
.. .VI
t"JUne Inch I-11 s.wrt-
J3"' ic?obrmlrirthi' weiiQVriiijxilorlii
tlucviiit nl., llli to imtf ol i lKirtM .tn.1 tn- j
nr of iII-.IIiik tbWr Uf.
S3.viift" in lotui cGiuiini inx.itut rr vir-
Irfii (jM- itIIw fr eiio In'trlluti, littnly
Ctut- u line inr two biMilli.11 '1 cnty-rit
l.Vnts : llf.tr tttr thiw lniiin, Tlilrty-Hc
Cents a lint- fur om week, ant sesitily-HM
Liil k He- f'iroiir nioiilll,
Cointnunlcatloat upon subjects of gen
eral Intorcst to tho public aoliciteil.
S3" Ml '- -hmil-l : aililiciMtl ti
JOHN It. (ir.Kltl.Y,
-iilctit l iiro lliairtln Cnii,iaiiy.
sv.w .m 1:111 im:mi: is.
A Imn.ljiiiiic iIl.i-trilrliKMV-;i.i i, -.,itj 1101
lurornutlnn Ir i.i- 'kuK h:n low mi l
nlifK- lo feruiv n limn i 'uai ill licv t i u'.l
j.nn nrilio W01M
lli'oiitimnlie ?,rw lliiim-ienl nri I I Iml.i-r
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in Oil- ItMCiT
nr ! n r-sn in- n T" nil n r ,
OUiV rUII li h I UlU.t .'
i nin ..iii.v .-t -iiM tuntal "i l. Ni-,
niiii.lfr O.r -X.ril ju-.t mil. A'14n-4
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tom . PACKA52 K.tt'BPACWaBP.S,
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Dcrry Boiicu, Poach or Or.ipe D.xskota.
. h IMI. A CH . .f ' ..I s Wutir -1.
( tii'.i.u.
.iSi'.iTS 1 .iiost .itiiiitiiiifi'iit ;m
I i'.vi'.h nfi'i urn
J.o vi. ,v;ic'xs
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IT., .fctHl'.J
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l.iVn'.n -l . N Y '
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I -tii. Im.u.1 ji-ih.i
IMI II II.L A M- II. 11-1
I.ntli'1 ran 111111 n little Inn. nil p. i-r.n, i :ui I
Mil ll.illlriliiilii'. Muni 11 1 . iilli'l.' I:i .il I
On nr.,, 111..11I .111 ,ilia Illil .,1 ,..il Hn.ili. '
iniliuiee. W ri'i' liirrin ;i.u i.
.I-s .M. siXWAICI I'liikilii, Mn-
Q't C OOA l,r ,lj " '""i"' 'I inn.
l.l.il. MI.s().V A i ' , l oitljIHl, Mi-
$CJ A WKKK p. rnii.r. nw! uml
iVilMlli I.Cl'111- III lln- lliiwlltt.
I M r i,s. uiilliliia I.' fi it I'jiitli'iila'i,
f M tov V u H Kl:iiY .V; lo .
.Mi.'iutii, .Mi
pi IIU.MANl V.OIl-'lI I en.vKillXu"
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till- lnu lll.il ulli i'llun urunj ! i "in lln i'Iihhm',
ui.imitl.v I hi, ait ull can i.ur-r., fnt- liy innli,
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I.M.i.oniMilil. A nmrlMil. ..t.k u,.
MAM A l o , l'li'ili-tnis, I'lu i I. M.iiin
' Vit.X wlm
Tho Iowa II. R. Land Company
iifitisjai'li'ilrclrum nur l.Xi.'inil ni'lci tc , u),
lr j in-iiilliK tline.lnltie Mi" . ;(
sl'n We. urn law. Nn tecr uml n.-i . m,
irml,ii'.'is. Ijii'I Ii.uith'I liy Milriuu. in
Clili-uii, uiili li , iliuuc iifciirt, nnl num. . in
'nil Hint cllnuie in ihe Uml, ol ri nlliil lllii .
I-slail ri.'lii! V.,r uxcur-lriii I li'kil- i.i.
I' (iiin-liiHru li-'iin i lileit-n, or t.iii
mi Ihe I hlixixo A Nmili Win.
nii'l Illln.ii.ifnir.il rjllriM.li In HUH"
nut ami Uick, r Inr Mm un'l ruinnliel!.'lii .
Iiriie. lerm., Ao , ,i',u firr, ihI'Iicm .lOllN ll
L'AI.IIiiI'V, Ijih'I Cuiiiiiil-iilfimr, !'.' l!.iml"l, '
Mitel, I lilini;,,, or I islir Itdlilil-, liovil
I .li-ull '
lit 1 1:1 ) III It. I loot in ,.
And Collecting Agoncy
St. Loniw, 2VIO.
i:-i.il'llsbe. tiirilm iiniUsn uf i-.irrylntr oil ;i
i.Ciieml riiltirlliis nml uiIJujIIiir liin-liu',
Ihroiiidiotii Hi.. Win All Imurnnfo cliilm,
W lit Ilil r 1,1 Life 111' V'lrf nil iu.,1, 1.. I .m.nli
, ami nilicrninnivr iiroiniitlriiml xillmurluilly
lllijjwl li'iukW letmiw. lux. . imlil, lloiin-
... . .11.1. ,.i un'i rail-ill. miiiis, iiitv-Ihh-iteiire
iiu. coiiMiltmlona luv rtnit Xillolli.l.
v 'OILS m. .MIM.KIt.XCO.,
iJIV wii1'"!"!0" li -hiwU A Kinvlnml,
p,li ,,ll,'to','h '." ''Ii'liniaiin A I n , U111
lu ilm luifiiilli-ju, "'vr.i
l-i.tf iy
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7-ii,t.iAw itToMiTii, r.
lib.tllilA'f t: ii sriitiirtiiiii iitt.ii t.
tt ii W'.iliiii::l(Hi nvniiir- ami W ulnnt -In . t
uri'K i.. s.etii M'li- r i:ytiiii -iiiii i t
twirn l oiiiiui'IcIjI iiml W'atilnBtoiinMinn
IIK-JlllLMT Cerm-i Ninlii nh't Wjli.'il
Ot'l'tCli: Ciinii i IMIi -InrtiinO ihlnUi.'.
Ol'I'ICi; IIOI'll I'nnnAiini. I.'iii.iiihI
.Y.uii In s i in
j-R. vr. DI.AUW,
Qcnnnn Fhyaicittn.
nmti:; ISit.Ur't llkMk, (iii-utr), i"iii
I.IkIiIIi 'Irivl anl W'u tliliiff Inn ateiiue
j oh ii.MUutny.
Ai tciif.v til B.niv.
i ll!i1. It.l.lSdl
iifl'li I C.lnh lret, lHrr"m. nmnier-i-1
1' mi 1 W u .lii(tiiii mnitir-,
. 'ATitUt'.T. f. WIlHlILKIl,
Attorney al E.:mv.
OI'I'Ki:- ilii l'Att', mir nxim rotint ily
ini.inl I.) h'ir-l Xiitiiuiiil lUnU,
.inut::; tt oilhkiit,
.Ktornc.vs tunl Counselors
ai !.:;vv.
oi l li I.
lilm. I.i".ii. rni- 7 nii'l
til; Nai0n.1l Haul.,
Willinin It (01 in, )
Willimn II l.,l'fit. ; 1 MliO 1 1 J.I. '.' lis
Mill- ttt-l'!. I.iI'hH S
0-S,, .,lClll...l J'
tlmllitKlt liu-iiie-s
11. 1. 1 .Vlrii.ri.lt am)
m'imm.v ii'.er.
Stoamboat, Ilotul nnd l'nmily
. e umni iv
Groceries, Vegetables. Game,
Fish, 13bks, Korthcm Hatter, &.C.
Eighth Street,
Botvoen aEhln:.on an t CuL.-.mercnil
C3ri'Ml 1 "1 lit' or i-lur.i
i:i;.s 1. 1:,-r vti: iu::.t.
Real Estate
r.aui! Aunt of tho IIHhoih OntrrU nnct
tlurllncton unit (luiuuy U. P..
i Co:un.iilrii,
' Ti'urih Our. Sixth null Oliin T.iiinii,
J. o u m 11.
xi 1. non 1
1TJ2AXi :3TaL.TTi
Collectors anil Coiivoynncors. ;
orFicn- At tho comt iroim-i
. iiv
Prices lo suit the Times.
Vholcsalo Figures, but No Credit !
Mrs. C. McLBAN,
Koxt Door to Stuart : Gholson'n 1
iiETwntu connunciAi. a.vd
HA'I ll'ili.n Hi.el,, l.ice-sfik-.
Wlm-, ne, itui'hiiiy
hlU 1,1'Hi-., Ho. hi;, Mniniiit,,
Al. I'm '"lollies' llii-- Ki-l'iim
i Alll nil t!u r,n -lf.f liiiii'i.ln
. seiliu un.l miiiiiiuV.
I fVHii'i' (."'''Is mil lie milt nl irn n in-.
iircs. Ml i s;inii.u. .X -II IIM
ottii txAi now 1,
Sowing Maclim 1
jii Lumi'ii 10 .jut' otllio ii. l.eliiw mi'i'llli l, '
iilieje will iilu .iys l,e fiiiniil ii 1 .mil i'.(!iiiee
' 1 L. Al' ii j,j'n iiipj of
Swisj Silk,
lyA Cotton aai Mv,
t.irry ii r-n wlslims t i imj n
First-Claos Sowing Llauhino
-nwilil nut lull liicalluuil examine niirini 'Iniii i
uml lei in. U fule iilicli.inail.'lii'ii'
W'i iliilm fuv tlu machine
lircHlci' llitriilillitv, Nlniiilli ll.v, nml
llnsy ol Ojii'i-.iliiiii,
An I ln-ltpra'lailci Ini nil MiiiUiirvrnilwlli.nl
mi) nlliir umi'lilne In Hit inuikit, ami Mill
MUluuUiu 1'iiilrv siilUfji li.iii. i.olil mi
Monthly Paymcnta if Desired.
Uniii'l ( I'liiliir-li l it uuimu ili't Sifflli vl
t .'1-tf 1 A I HO, Hi!,.
hU-Wl r
j Wlioliualu nud Tlolntl
- n-
VARIirIsniia, ETC., El O.
Jl. ibcit cf.in-H.ni'i i.i' n.i't "rib-M fmn P. if i N r..enn, nl l.rnrrul si.,,r. in rt' n
nf k'.ts ot our line Mnunlwal, I'lu I-. n . i ll . t.il SJi-tirint I J" l-mu-hol n
lHWl ttilli rvlinMr lmi nt n.io.iliitlil. I ..' .
71 OMo I.vee. 1 .V.i.hinutoa Av., Cor. blh t.
tZd M
Inipoiior and Wholesale Dealer in
Kcei3 u full Ht ck of
MonongalielUjIlyo and Kobinson County
"'Vr'iT jZ j 5 X 3S! S
, ,
ll- I'rlj mir
Head-Quarters for Groceries !
COFFEE Rirs Laguayra, Java, Mocha.
SUGAR Now Orleans, Hard and Soft Refined.
SYRUP Now Orleans ana Uiastorn.
Finest Assortment in the West
Commission Merchants, '
0, 70, and 72 Vine Stroot, CINCINNATI.
. . ... v-r r-TWv-i -1
BP '

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