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ahc.w.ox i.onai:. no. si
KiihtMsof I'ytlilai, in U twtj' Yt-
day ufaM nt liiilf-iil )' i
riiiutri' nun n. i
t liiincllcir uiimiiHiiurr.
A ,I..i '.'. ..-..., ..... - . .
liiilrio-iKlriit Onl-r of Odd-til-Kgf
lows, imvin every 'I immUr tiislit
. . i.v . .,.,,) rmiiii- vn i.
''OfM"' nl lii'li wsis'di, mi uinr nun on
l.oiiitm'iciiii 11 . n " , .I . . Vy
ttlrttl. .lOH.S II UO'MIAN) X.
C1AIUO lIXCAMr.MKM-, I O. O.K., Minis
In Odd-IVI lows' Hull mi tlif Hint nml tlilnl
liH-titit) In vtiry fllOlllll, III lmll-HMt seven
t K HLM.K, U. I'.
n I AIIIOI.OIHJK.NO. 2.I7.A.1'. A A.M.
.VV llnldnioihir vtnimtiil-jtliii' In Mn
)J kuiilg Hull, iwiw-r Coimiu-rctHl HUnte
'xttid I'Whtli Blurt, on Hie second und
omul Plummy li (itcii iii'jiiiu-
I'rt-xli Sntl.r.
.Mr. P. FltsTa1il litis ,nt rcceled nml
!ins on sale at lilt sales room a large 'took
if Kiik'.Mi all". poller, llcnne) britiiUy
oid wines nml liquors or Ml kind, wlilvli
lie will dispose of at reasonable rlcc.
MAILS, iS Ohio l,i'Ui', ha- tin- hde-t
Mjii'iin sunns -"Tiii- ruvfn itr," mid
several other style- of the l-t In the
country excellent In make mid iin ilor
in material. MAKX. U tin-only ilinlcr In
ihi' cli.v who hn lhi-f -lyle. nnd make
hi llgiirc conform to the lowct prices
i uncut. "-'Jw
.Villrc ol ItcniiMiil.
Tho well known barber shop, corner
Lihth and Ciniiiiercial, pre-lded o :r by
.do iopul:tr nrtlt, llcorge Stclnlioiue, has
riliiovcd oiii' door iiorlhon Coiiimerc'al, In
V firaml Central Hotel. The new Jm. I
arjre ami ntifiioIlotl. uml those wlub lujr
ir ail) thing nrtl"tli' In the w.iy or fashion
ble hair cnUhig, smooth shaves, etc., will
.i well to rail at the (irand Central Harder
Ciop. "'""
i nuitf.rr ;i-r.
LindlunU of hotel and boarding bou-rs
mil llmllt to thilr -iHabUge tocill upon
Mr. oli-man, Liundrc, No 12 I'ourtli
street, bctwcun Wssldnglon ami Coiiimcr
ihl avenue. Hotel nml bo-inllng-bomc
w a'hlnir, Tiri-nts per doen. K-jr piece work
pi.ie are .i follow "IukIc thlrt nml col
f.ir, 10.; per ilo:ii .0'; so.ks fx-; two col-
ar, lie: two luiidkcrchlcl, .V; ven i!Oc;
an J all gentlemen's wear, Nk-. per
iloeii. I.nlle-' ilr--M, U to Me;
kliMl) to i: ilriwori 10 to ire; two
I air lioe fie; two collar ft to 1CV. Kor 1
illci' plain clothe fl V) per iluen; lor la
ille lino elotlier, Si 'i" per itoen; Ionc
ilrjinptly, inJ promptlv dellvireJ. I'a
Irouagc kollclteil.
.fllllliu'ry llooiN.
Mr. Hull. ha tbe Iireft .Millinery store
lutlie city ol Cairo, with a lari' stock of
Milliner) (iooilt of all the latcil falilon
mi' I tylci of I.nllek', MU-canilChllilrcnV
b.i'. ami I.ailicy bonnet, Irimtncil or un
trimiiictl, all of which have lncn carefully
ki'lciteil, on I bought at the teiy owtt
( 'li 1'ilci" at tliefuur illfferiint rnirket.
St l.oill, Clilc'K". CltK'innati ami New
York, ami whleli klie will offer for kile at
oil. Xow It your chance to get your
Hits. Call .inl see her bolore jou pur
ibae at oilier place. Kbo liai a line a-kortim-iit
ol I.nlle,'MIii' anil Chllilrcn's
Slmii, all mute to order, that the will cOer
for kale llf y per cent cheaper than ran be
bought itt any other ilaee In the city of
Curo . also, a .atlcty of other tiotlor.
Mil.. M. C. Hi'LT,
'.ihlnton avenue, between Tenth and
K.' cplh ktreel-. -I'i-13llii.
Inl.c .Vol lei- li Tlilx.
1 mn prefiired to hirnl-ti to i'U.tomer
Itooti and .Shoe, of.it line materia', a neat
In lit and cheap In prieo n ran be proeured
by per.MltllnK kpeeiilatlvi' pefon, or men
not khoemnkeri having frlend-hoeinaki rH
IiIdk In the Kat, to send lor them. 1 ak
baukiTi, public oillccr-i, and other peMin
to take notice ol tlih aniiOiinceint nt. I
make IlootK and -lioos in any ttylu ami of
every iiuallly, (live me a trial.
Kcrni-mbcr the loe.itlon of my shop
Twentieth itteet between rniihritNetand
YVaihinston aMiitle, near the Court Hono
4-M3-tf. Vm :iii.i:ks.
Tlio llenrt li a U'oiiilerlul I'niii i.
the valves ol which open and -dint eeuty
or v t'lity tlnie per minute. If an alcoholic
btlmillaiit b.: taken Into the blood the pump
wotkiinuch raster, and thin unnatural ipcvd
wears out the vital in ichluery. All tko lu-
toxieatlni; no?trilina advertised as "tonics
"renovators," "corrcctlw," Ac , produce
thti dlsaatrous ellect, and hence nil ilttelll
i,cnt C In 1-tlain lire thankful that Hit.
WAI.KEIt'n VFIHtT.llll.K VlNKd.MI 111 I IKIC
an InUsjorant and Alterative without ;i
stlnif I cverywhcio mpplantliii,' thfj
proprietary polMin.. 4-13 lw,
Tno'llitrftr. Uncoil l'ir Nnlr.
A new wagon (or .ilo at ft bargain. A p.
ply at the IIui.i.ki in cnintln?-room. tr.
lift Hie llcsl.
Dr. setli ArnoldV Coii'.'h Killer the
reat cradluitor lor a'l liiuf ill-ea-es a
pcrlor remedy tn all other medlelncii yet
dlcocicd, In sovere c.iMJf. Ills a turn.
Hiik-k, and potl'ectly tato luiuedy lor
voiigh', eoliN, sore till out, whooping eoush
jroup, and all dlieateb of the thtout and
luiis. Kelall prlca, 2,'i mid ,"0 centHuudt'l,
An) bottle tint doe i nut Ue relief may be
relumed, unilthe inouey will be refunded.
Dr. Peth Arnolds Dlarihu'a llaNsm, '.Tumd
fiOcenU. Itciiii'iiilicr It I- warranted. Ar
nold'H llll lous Mandrake. 1'IIU, operatluK
without fleknes mid puln. Comiioumled
by Dr. Seth Arnold'k Medical (.'oiporathD,
Woonwckit, It. I. Soldi.) I'aiil (i.Schuli,
druggin, (,'ulro, III. fV..-.:iin.
l'or Item.
Two good rfldoiieeii on Twentieth street
near the Court Honc Alio the Court
Houne Hotel, at low rent. Inquire ut 11.
Moyei'n Cigar More. .Iacoii Ki.r.i.v,
A ,u Nlile.
II. Illock. boot and shoemaker, nn KIl'IiIIi
ktreet, between AViiklilngrou iml Couuner
clul avenues, has jut received a nmv htyle
ol last, and Hiiow prepared tn iimko a boot
tnat, fur noitncss and comfort, cannot bo
excelled, (ilvo hlui a call and examine
this new ntyle of lad. Ol-MMm.
I.mlli s" I'nriilsliliiK More.
A ladli'V furnhhlii!,' htore lm-;iiecii opened
In tlio Theatre building, and stocked with
lull lino ofoverythlng pertaining to ludlci.
wear roady.inadi ilressc!!, underwear,
etivallof tlio latest style", and will bo sold
at lower llgurcM than over beforo ollered In
Cairo. Tliene goods were purchased In
Now York, aro of the best imiteilnl, and
will bo sold very reanonable, Alio Milli
nery goods: of all kindu, UO-KO-lui.
Tlll'I.'SDAV, .MAY III, 1875.
I.ocnl AVentlior ItPiorl.
Cairo, III., May I.' Is75.
IIaii. I'll i r
:0)Tii ! u '
a'l.Hil HI'
I I Clwr
Hi ' Cli ar.
7 a in
X. V,
li in,
I MOM AH JOXKS, hirt. H. .1., U. 8. A.
In lln (ll..
.Mr. I lurry Knrl, u -on of thu uxten
h. slilit iiiiiiiulhi'tMii'i', Wllll.iin lCtirt,
ol TrliH'i'town, Indiana, U In thu elty.
IraiiJ.'K'llii'i- liii-liii"s for lit lather's linn.
Domic Well.
It U -mIiI Hint Mr. I Mn Kelly, the inr-
jieiiter who had Ills lets broken hvhiw the
knee, nml ;tlo thlh broken, by the tall
lnni'n porch of thu Commercial Hotel
la-l Satutilay. U ihiln ery well.
On Wtisliiiilon .ivenuo. NYilne.iliiy,
nil India i libber tillx-, The Under will In;
rowiiriled on leaving It nt Winters v.il-
lery. i17-.vi:;-:u
It lu ! I A If" I n.
Trains on the Cairo, Arkiinsis A Te.a
mill oul, which l'or I hu pat Ihive il.iy
hiivi' lii'li very Irregular, owliiir to the
Iraek wiishln' uwaynt n plas enlleil
Si. I'lMtieli, tire now runulii on time
Attention Itoiiutik !
A s,eelal tnevtln of the i'oiiiuiny will
bohehllliN ('I'liurtilay rtenliiL' lurlh"
piirpou of taking uetlon In renril to
renting our hull to thu city l'or aeouiiell
uhmuberauil city clerk's olllir. J'verv
inetiiber N reUe-ted to be pn.-eiit.
Haiku Scut ii, Sfirelnry.
'I llllllUS.
The l.lilles Ii.imiiX In charge the DpU
eopal festival lo't ewiilti, while thank-
hitf all who conlribiited tmvanlJ thu m.
ek? of the oeiti-lon, ilelru n to evtenil
their 'Kidiil tlmiik to Mr. Scott While,
for ue ol room, to Mr. ' Ilexforil lor do
nation of lee, mid to Mr. I'luk, nNo
Mr. Wileox, lor proeurlii brrrle and
I.iiiirlii l.unili!
Thu bie. Iiiueb ricr ret in Cairo, will
be spread terj mornlm: at the rianter'
Hoii-e. ilner beer U the (Treat attrai-
Uoii. It pa)s to vi-tt thu l'lnter' lloiife
and try a drink of till, the finest bier evir
otfercd In thl' city. In rainy weather Cun
iiln'bam'a lmk w ill be found on the cor
ncri, ready to concy patron to the Plan
ters' free if charge. llirj-lMn',
Another i;cllrklon i-urly.
Another excursion party, consisting ol
ladles and 'entleineii of this city, will
viMi Tort .letl'eron lo-ilay. Ainon
tho-u who will neeonip.iuy the party, tin
Mr. and Mrs. Wood Klltenhoii-e, Mr.
ami Mr-. C'npt. Wrijrht, Ml'-es l.iu
Steele, Allle I.anilen, Carrie rngle, and
a iinmher of other ladles and gentlemen.
Slrmi lierr IVslltnl.
The 'tniwherry leslUal on '1'iiuiday
evening was a sueiv". The ladle, of the
Kplcoial church hadt ikeu every ncce
iry step to Iiisiiit the ucce- of their
uiiiU-rtuKltiLr. and their labor proved of
much avail. The ti'fre-hments ollered
were of the elmlri.t kind and greatly
relished by tho-i! who partook of them.
The fe-tlval proveil. we are a-siiri'd, of
lunch h -unlit lliiaiu-i.illv to the ehurrh.
Hew lire! '. !
Ill order to fruaiil aalii't the i-pix-ad of
mall iox. I would rcspeetliilly Mi'est,
tJiat all person-, who liavu not alretidy
lieenlvaiTluateil, and are piTiinlarlly nblu
so to do, to Ikj vaccinated at once ; those
who are not able to pay for thu same to
call Immediately on the city clerk, and
procite vaccination ticket-, entitling thu
holder to free vaccination.
11. Wi.vrmt. Mayor.
lll-odlKlt. miii copy.
The plonle pollen tip for the h'-iii-iit of
the SMers ot l.iuetto, by the ladles of
thl city, which c.unu nil" at St. Mary's
p3ik yuitciil.iy, was largely utti-nded.
There was everyihln at hand that could
In auv pn-sblu way add to the enjoy
ment of Iho-e who were precnt, and
none wciv allowed to depart Irom the
ground- without b-lnx fully .-.itUlled
with llielr vl-lt. Thu (iroa-eds derived
from Hu- umlerltiklu' niv -:dd to have
reaehed a i-oti-ldcrable stun.
Two wenches named Harris and .John
sou, lMn' down town, had a hl Haiti
yesterday. Tito woman named .lohuson
became so unrated at her antagonl.t that
sho scled a stick of wood, and ruMilug
at her, would have crit-hcd her unpro
tected cranium Into atom., had it not
been for thu lluu-ly lnterfereneu of a coti
pie of ne;;ro men, who caught and liehl
her fast until thu other women pit out ol
her reach. Thu fuss commenced about a
do-j, that Harris had driven out ol her
yard by tyin' a tin can to his tall.
An Insult llcNciitcil.
YeMurdav tilteruoon, about one
o'clock, us thu school children VM-ropiIng
to their .tudles, a llltli) colored boy
stejipeil ii to one of Ids while brothers
and accused mm ol tclllne; lies on lilm,
for which olVencelu- propo-id, without
any furl her ceremony, to put a head on
him. Thu white urchin listened very ut
tenlivelv to the little black piurllin until
hu had llul-died his say, when he -quarcd
himself nml dealt the little negro a Mini
, nlu blow Hat upon hU nasal oran,
I knocking him entirely oil' ids feet, and
i then throw thu weight of his body upon
him, and proceeded to glvu him a learful
beatlnjr, nuver even fdlnjr; the nero n
clianee to say enouli. lie eoutlnued his
chastisement until taken oil by a colored
I man, who compelled thu two to shake
i hands across the bloody chasm uml make
l- . ..
For Niile,
Knglneand Holler; nUo Saw .Mill llv
lures, If wanted. For particulars enquire
ol'y. II. Woodward,. 5-1-lui
(Jenenil llcoik.
I'ollco hitsluess icmalus dull.
Wenrc to hae a iiimilier of hor-u
races this Summer. So they sny,
Another party of pieiilcrrs from Ihls
city will jro to I'ort Jcllor.-oii lo-dny.
Fred llulllii.liiz and Inmlly wilt leave
to-day on a vblt to Waslilnton city.
Sam. Williamson lias opened a neat
grocery store on south side ol Highlit
Uase hall fever N tigaln iK-eomlnit
trouhli-sotne to many of our joiuitf men
of Cairo.
Trains on Hie Culro. Aikaiia' t
Texas railroad have again commenced to
run regularly.
Poster it liexford are .still til work
with their engine and machinery, tilling
their hlif Icu hou-o with the clearest of
Tin- weather lias become warm and
plea-ant ngniu and it now looks us il we
werc to lie biev.cd with a continuance of
the .ame for ome time.
Where Is "IJnnd Conceit" Itlake, and
why ate the concert stnnd allow ed to
rest lu lillcuen. (lining this pleasant
.lodge Itro's' police court ha been
eluH'd lnci: Monday lal. llonorhav
lug gone to it. I.ouN in attend a meeting
of the ollhri s of tie- Culro A St. I.ouis
The complimentary parly tendered
Mr. Matt. Fulton and Ids bride N out,
uml the party-going folks of thl- city hac
again ettb d down into a -tate of iptl-
The school children -pend many ot
their lel-uiv hour, now-a-day. hi hunting
emwlMi ntjthc mouth ofthe'uwers. They
seem to enjoy the .port tuiieh butter llian
going to scliool.
Small pox still continues about a
usual, hut hopes an- entertained by the
authoritlek that they will be enabled to
put a stop to any luereti-e ol the dliM-e
Irom thl time forth.
An dibit Is lciug made by the base
ball players of I 'aduc.ih to get up a
match with the Cairo boys, but up tnthl
time there has been very little -aid about
It by the boys of thi city.
It U -aid that tin- fruit crop i, not
so bndlv injured as It hn lx-en re
ported, tin that there will yet be a good
"half-crop" ol peacln-s. which U better
than none, by far.
A fitim man ollered to buy ninety
one Interost-beniing gold bond., on the
city of St. I,oul, recently, and piv the
neat .mil of nine liuudrudtind ninety-one
dollars a piece fur them.
The iilenle trlveti by the ladles of
Cairo for the benctlt of the Slaters ot l.o-
n-tto, at St. .Mary', patk, yestenlny af
ternoon, va a suei-e.s'u undertaking,
and proved of much enjoyment to tho'e
who attended.
Thu Mound City people are stirring
about In a very lively manner, making
their preparations for Decoration Day
They cxvct to, and will no doubt, have
a large as-eniblago of people In their vil
lage on the occasion.
P. Itros and Mr. Oberly returned
from St. l.oui ye-lerday. where they
went on Monday, in company with Col.
Tavlor. to look alter tliu Interests of tin
Cntro A: St. I.oul. Narrow (iauge rail
The elty authorities are talking ot
moving the council chamber from its
present location, at the corner of Twelfth
stteet and Commercial avenue, lo the
meeting room ol tin- Hough and Ih-ady
llre company.
The .Johnson county Ttoman wants
Cairo to get up a rou-ing Fourth of duly
celebration. TliatJourn.il says Vienna
will contribute a goodly number of peo
ple to help swell the Immense crowd that
would surely take part in tliejubllce.
A number of ladle, uml gentlemen of
Charleston, who had Intended coming to
tills city for the purpose of attending the
reception at thu St. Charlci on Tuesday
night, were deterred from doing so by
the irregularity of the train- on thcCsiiro,
Arkansas & Texas mil road.
(iuptou has again been brought to
Cairo and lodged in the county jail,
where he will be compelled to linger un
til duly or Aiigiit, when a sncclal term
of the .lohn-'oti county circuit court will
bo held for the purpo-e of giving him a
A Utile eolored boy. while playing
with a companion near thu corner of
Walnut and Fourteenth street yesterday
afternoon, ticeldentaly struck him upon
his bare head with part of a brick hat,
(.'lining an ugly hole in hi. .kull. and
knocking him oil' the sidewalk.
The llfi.i.niix reporter who was to
have accompanied tin- party who took a
trip on the coa-tlng schooner "Wave" on
Tuesday uttcmnon, was left behind mid
ho cannot therefore furnish an account of
the ride, but all who were in the party
are loud lu their praise. of thu very pleas
ant afternoon afforded by it.
A negro man, w ho?o occupation Is
white-washing, met witlt u serious acci
dent yesterday while, tit work lu thu
upper part of town, by the bucket, whleli
lie had placed on tt step ladder, falling oil"
and emptying Its contents In his mouth,
noso and eyes. Thu pain suireivil by the
unfortunate darky Is said to have been
great, but It nuverthe!cs did not prevent
him from getting very mad and cursing
like :i trooper.
Till- Old llclliil.le.
I hereby ammum-e to tlio public that I
am better prepared than ever to uu.-oimno-date
my patrons at the U-utral Hotel, on
Sixth trcct, between Commercial and
Washington avenues. I have taken u part
ner In tlio hotel business, Mrs. Appl-minn,
who has hid eonslderabb expcrleneo In
that line, uml will not fail to make guetts
fuel at home. Tlio tablu will always hit
supplied with tha best the unrkot affords,
served up In the mint palatable manner,
Hoard and lodging per Week, $1 f0 ; alnglo
meals, Site, to be bad tit all lours. I have
also in connection with my hotel, u llrst-
class barbe- liop, uml am prepared to give
customers a good shav, hair-cut, ahmnpoo-
lug, etc. I will ran three chairs, and have
employed tou-nrlil artl-ts who umlentutid
tholr liuiluesj. Striving, 10 cents ; sliam
poolng, '20 cents ; uml hair cutting, lilconti.
Ulvo me a call, 1'IIOP, V, (InlUlKl.,
a.jLL'j'-i1-'??- 'j -11 .
Ilcgliliir .Mcollntr Tlicrcnr.
Coi;ncii. iiA.Miu.it, 1
Caiiih, li.i...Mny U, ls". 7::tnp. hi. j"
Present III" Honor, Mayor Winter,
and Aldermen Halliday, Xellis, Lancas
ter, Parker, Patier, ltlttenlioue, Saup,
I hlstlewood and Wright U.
On motion of Alderman ThWIcwood
the reading ot the minutes of the previ
ous meeting were dispensed with.
I'he clerk then rend the following veto
message from the mayor.
(iv.vii.iiMKv ok nil: City Coi.ncii.:
I heiewlth rcpcelfully return to your
honorable body for your eou-ldcratlon
the ordinance to amend section N'o. IWof
ordinance. No. 2, mid will bneily
state iiiv objections io s1(tue. lu our
starting" out tit the commencement of the
municipal vear, and at a called -pedal
meeting for thu purpo?e.nf organization,
and the appolntineiit ol olllcer and their
conllrinatlon, and In my luaugnial 1 set
forth recommending tieiiner.ittou in all
vottr business tninactloiis, Untlng my
objections to hasty legl-lation, 1 was in
hopes you would lake heed by my ad
vice and prollt by It. In lids I was tils
appointed as well as your eonstlt
ticnts, Cutler the charter and ordinance
of the city, my prerogative Is to make
nominations, anil me euuucu io coiiurui.
While making llio-o nominations, a reso
lution was ollered by one ot your body
postponing lurther nomination until tliu
second Tui-.ihiy in May, ttlthoiighthere
olutlon was ou't of order, thereby voting
my rights from ine. I allowed thu same
to go befiitv von. out of an net ..f cour
tesy and willingness on the part of the
executive to conciliate as much tt pos
sible nil eltv all.drs with you, supposing
the postponement inteiitteil deliberation
on the subieet ol police, none oi wtiicit
was had with the executive. At jour
next meeting, your ordinance committee
tirc-fiitctl nn ordlnancu to amend
ordinance No. '., which Is clearly to re
duce mv powers and prevent me Irom
making mv nomhiatlon, and give toyou
right.- guaranteed to me exclusively.
Said ordinance to amend wa- read, mid
tin motion the rulci were dl-pensed with,
to place said ordinance upon its second
reading, which was done and ptietl by
a neariv iiiiaiiiinuii. vote. .Teeing me
point, iind lulng anxious to make, my ap
pointments, proceeded so to do. thereby
lllling my police force, by putting lu
nomination for day policeman. .Mr. .lobn
Hogan. Motion was Immediately made
for the Council lo adjourn, which mo
tion prevailed. Hence, I eon-ider 1 wa
unkindly treated.
The original ordinance read, "tin- police
force of the eltv shall eon-i.t ot illy mar
led and 7 noliee constable. Ac., wlueli
number inav be lucrca-ed to by resolu
tion of council". Tlio proposed amend
ment to the ord nance nronose to in
duce the lone to a city mar-hal and live
policemen. I tliu not, noruo tttesire tne
police to be Increased, a- tliu ordinance
rends to nine, out t tun ot int.- ojiiniou
-euii U as small a torce outsido of the
chief to gnartl and protect a city of the
M.e ol vottrs. in uiaKiiig notmuaiioiis t
had an eye single to thu city's interest by
selecting men lor the police torce, that
I coil d as-in to attend to "miliary duty
in cae of necessity ; that itece.slty lias
arrived. Small pox being on thu Increase
in vour eltv, and no health olllcer being
appointed, the board of health having
given mo tliu full control to suppress the
disease, I have been compelled to detail
from the police force, olllcer ootcti to
nl.tiiiu lu tliu dime tievoiveu upon tne
by the board of health, as they are more
t Ami any one man can possibly attend to.
Mr. Wooten having bad thu small pox,
nml having had previously cliargu ot the
Pest Hou-o. I lift the person needed to
take care of It now. and also have a ren.
er.il stiiiervi-ion overall the other eases
in thu eltv. Uy bis removal me work
liitr lorce of thu police i reduced to lour
nn-il and the chief, which Is entirely too
email for your city. Furthermore my
idea wa. with a full force consisting of
ii mar-hal and eveit men. I could detail
one lor au health olllcer, lour lor the
nlht noliee. and the other two lor the
day duty onu of the day police to patrol
tne levee, iietween ine two ucpoi- ot tne
lllhiol. Central rtiilroad company, and If
..itrrotmdliig. the other to patrol the bal
ance of the city. 1 believe by Mich a
eour-e, many an oU'cndcr would be
brought to jtistlco that now
goes unpunished; also, thai the
increased arre-ts that would be made, and
the Hues imno-ed would more than
make up the tllll'erence hi the cost of the
extra policemen, and aUo that wu would
have a much better regulated police force.
Take for an example nit In-tance last
week, while the day policeman was on
duty on tlio levee, boy- were playing ball
In t'he street- at the upper end of town;
the re-ttlt wa-, no policeman about, hall
it ruck it hor.-e attached to a spring
wagon in which were three ladle-, causing
the animal to run away, iip'ettinvr them
out of tliu wagon, injuring them terribly.
mining onu o much as iiKeiy win crip-:
pie her for life. 1 trust therefore, gentle
men, von will give tills vein your careful
attention, and while I am in favor of
economy In regard lo thu expenses of the
city, I think It bad pulley to reduce
your police force below the number
named in ordinance propo-ed lo he
amended, so it will become an Inellleient
form, as it will o:iu become noied
abroad, whleli will be tut Inducement for
thieves to vllt it and commit depteda
lion. I do not believe In a polley that U
pennv wl-o mid pound fooll-h, for there
I nothing that rclh-ci more credit upon
a city government than a good, ellleleiit,
gentlemanly police force. If you pas.
thl- otilluance over mv veto it goes far
toward-, doing away with the very object
the eeeutlve"had lu view.
Your-, re-pcctfully.
lli:xitv WiNTim. Mayor.
AN CUIUS ANl'i: to amend -cction uumU-i ed
ul Ordinance iiiuubcrol 2
lie II ordained by the city nutiu-ll of the city of
t.ulto. ,
hrrtioxt. TliatSivtlnn niiinU-ieil M ol Or
ilinnnce iiiintbrml -.' he anii-mliil w an to ii't m
follmva, vlt: '1 he ihjIIcl- lorcc ol' tlio eltv shall
consist ot the city nwrlial and ' U- police i-n.
tallies, whleli iitnnbrr of police constable
may; (m; lneriii-nl tn " hr ivsohtllon
ot tliurlt.v eminoil, mlonti-it by a majority fifull
tin- liii'inlK-ikelii-ti'l. 'Ilieclty niatalial rim II lw
clilifnl'lMilU'e, iiiiihau Bcncnil cliaw ol tne
polhx- force of the city and umler the general 1 1 -Itcllon
of the mayor sliull ii-rlnteinl, cnnlrnl,
iilitl I emulate Hie iiiieiiitili ol'tlie hi-li-ml kii'
constables while mi duty i lie shall carefully oh
mii'iii fur as it In his powt r the conduct of the
police coiiBliiblis ilniiiiK tin Ir I'","" ofiliily.and
pininiilly i)tl any oinlJlii, ueliiult, or dire
Ii'i'tlon or duty on the p.ut nl'iiny ot'lheili, to the
inuvor, iiiovldi-l, the city council may ut any
llm'eniilhmlie tliouii)liilnienlol Mich niiniber
of police constatilcs lor necuil mtrpnrs us they
may deem c.ellent mul llv their riiinpi iisutlon.
Oh motion ol Alderman Halliday Un
vote by which wild ordinance was
adopted, was reconsidered. Tito que:tlou
was then put, shall the ordinance become
a law, the mayor'. veto to the contrary
notwithstanding, which was adopted, by
tlio following vote:
Ayes-IIalllday, Lancaster, NcllN,
Parker, Patier, Itltteiihoue, Thistle
wood and Wright S,
Xuy Saup 1.
Iteport of II, F. lllake, city treasurer,
was presented and read, mid on motion
of Alderman Wright accepted and ordered
to be placed on Hie.
Tito committee on claim, to whom
were referred the following bill,
reported tlio same hack, rccoineiidlng
payment thereof as follows :
Hatelay Ilros, analysis of water
from publk- wells 2 50
I). .McCarthy, boarding prisoners
hi City Jail hi April, l.Vj dav.s at
50 centi ..
IJ. .McCarthy, extra meals furnish
ed prisoners during month of
April. Mmenk Hi jj
Peter Onion, '.'5 days labor on
kldewalk. at f 1.50
I). McCarthy, 11J tlays hi charge
of chain gang
Stephen llradlcy, hnullng7l loads
brick, ntaoo .'.
Stcpbcn llradley, li.tullug two
loads of lumber, nt IIOc
M. K. Powers, iiaullng lx lo:ttl
lumber, at ::n:
.Stephen llradley, hauling two
drunken melt to jail, at UOc
Tito. I. airy, hauling 1 dead cow
Cairo I'veiilng .Sun, publishing
mayor's proclamation
Cairo Ilnlletln. publishing voter'
eertllleatus, Ac
W. K. Hawkln. for ..citliiig-wax
Are., furnished .".
M.r...la. Hulllvaii, rent of house
lor election purpo'c
I.. II. -Myer, rent of house for
election purpo-e
Cairo City (las Co., gas bill for
April.... ?.
Tlios. Stack, putting Iron grating
ill city jail
Henry Slack, guarding small pov
patients, 11 tlays at $2.00
I. H. Cunningham, rent, of coun
cil chamber to dale
Oberly uml l)a i. publishing ordi
nances nnd iiroii-etllngs to date.
Cairo llox A llaket Co., lumber
for sidewalks
(i. W. McKealg. P. (i. khiih, W.
(i. Cary, services as judges of
election In First Ward, 1 day
eacli :tt Sit
J.S. Kearden and .Mutt Clarke,
clerks of election hi Fir-t Ward.
1 dav each tit ;:i
C. Lame, H. Meyer.s and C. .
Huglie. iudgc- of election in
Second Wartl, 1 day each at $11...
A. A. Ilayne. and A. Coming,
clerk of election in Second
Ward. 1 day caih ut sl
(i. W. Hendricks It. .McMnnn
nml K. A. Itiiructt. Judges of
election lu Third Ward, 1 day
each at $:i ..
M. .1. Ilowleyand.l. II. (iomaH,
clerks of election in Third
Ward, 1 dav each ttt'fll
It. Fitgeruhl, C. Clo-e and F. M.
Wanl, iudges ol election lu
Fotirth'.Wnril, 1 davciichnt .:(...
W. 1 1. Ulover uml W. II. Fisher,
clerks of election hi Fourth
Ward, 1 day each tit $:i
Henry Stout, .1. P. (iamble and
(ieo. Wilson, Judge of election
In Fifth Ward, 1 dav each at
.1. C. Talbot and 'Charles II.
7" (K)
1 1 OH
:w 75
'i:t (X)
-J '.0
I Ml
1 50
1 5U
S U)
I 00
10 00
10 w
llll 50
J .5
t!2 00
JO 00
:i; oo
II 70
!l 00
li (J
11 00
(1 (Xi
! (HI
II 00
0 (0
!l ID I
Thomjisou, clerk of election lu
Filth Ward, 1 day each at iJ P. 00
Oh motion of Alderman Ilallldav the
receommeiidatloiis ot the eouimlttee
were concurred In, and said bill allowed
and ordered to he paid.
-Mlderman Saup presented a communi
cation from tliu Akron Hubber Co.,
which, on motion of Alderman Thistle
wood, wa referred to the committee on
Fire Department.
i'he Finance committee submitted
their report for the month of April, show
ing that during said mouth, coupons to
the amount of $1,171 10, and city scrip to
the amount of $1,751 0!, hearing Interest
to thu amount of$0S2 01, had been paid
and cancelled, which scrip and coupons
had been destroyed by hurtling.
On motion of Alderman Wright s.dd
report was received mul ordered tiled.
Thu Uoard of Health submitted their
report, which, upon motion of Alderman
Halliday, was received and ordered to be
placed on Jlle.
itui-oitT or rio.titii ok hi: ii.tii.
('riillillieii of the City Council.
The undersigned, your hoard of health
eouimlttee, upon organizing, Hnd the
late mayor had turned over to Mayor
Whiter three cases of small pox wlilch
had uo attention paid theiii to keep the
pread of the di.ea,e, lurther than Mr.
Slack hud been engaged to look after
their wants and Inform the occupants to
neither come out of their house nor let
tiny one enter. Tills tirraugemeiit an--wered
well while Mr. Slack wa present
iit any one place, but one ca-e being on
Twenty-seventh street, and another on
Washington avenue, near Fifth street,
tlte two extreme point- nearly ol Cairo,
the third lu the heart of t lie eltv, on
Twelfth street, near the public school,
and liudlug out. in the ub-cucc of .Mr.
Slack from any one of the.e place-,
parties were visiting the sick, we knew
the germs ol the ili-ease must be circulat
ing, nnd would in a few day. make Its
appearance elsewhere. A short time de-u-foped
the fact ; the casu lu the lower
part of the city died, Immediately after
wards a cise ileyeloiicd lueir M m(! i,
Pilot hoii-e, on Washington ave
nue, near Tenth street. Slmultniicoihlv
it broke out on Twenty-third street, anil
another e.ise on Washington avenue near
Fourteenth street. We concluded II par
ties having tlio dl.cn.u would go
to thu pest house we would open the
same, they refu-ing. and ho way to com
pel them, we, ou recommendation oi the
elty jiliysiclaii-, who kindly met witli u.
eomiiieuced tooiiaratitiuu tliu ubnde-of
sill patients. A few other case- have
broken out in tlm same localities, all ol
which have had prompt attention. Yes
terday afternoon about 11 o'clock a case
devcloiied ltselt uiioii the streets: the sub-
Ject was a negro man. being a stranger;
we promptly Housed mm in an inieeteii
house. At tour o'clock your committee
had another meeting, together with till
tlio elty physician-, nnd by joint action
decided It to hu policy to open tliu pet
liotisu immediately, and by 0 o'clock, the
strange negro, witli uurse.ptovlslons, etc.,
wits safely at the pest house, remote front
tiny habitation.
All ca-es that are resident.- will hu re
moved to the snme if willing, and care
fully attended to ami nursed.
Thu number of eases now m tin- city
is twelve, four of which tire roneultaetnt
and thu balance, eight, are doing a well
as could be expected.
We have given the mayor full authority
to manage the whole alliilr,
with power to hire such help
tin may bu needed to take euro of
nnd control this loathe.omu disease, at u
sum to each pcr-ou not to exceed two
dollars per day. Wu have also requested
hint to make public notice to everybody
to be vaccinated Immediately to help
check thu disease, and persons too poor
to pav for same, by making nppllcatlou
to the eltv clerk, a ticket would bo fur
nished t fit-in free of cost, which, on pre
sentation to any doctor, the person
applying would mi vaccinated tree of
co.-t, doctors to bo furnished by the city
with vaccinating matter free of cost, the
ticket to lie taken up by them, to he a
voucher of vaccination, and oh presenta
tion of same to tlio clly clerk, to receive
from the citv thu sum ol 50 cents for
each ticket s'u iirceuted.
Willi these arrangements nnd precau
tions, we aro satlsllcd, lu a few days thu
spread ol ine uiseiise win no eueettiitiiy
checked. Trusting our ellbrU hi the
city's behalf will he upproved by the
city council, we have the honor to be,
Yours, respectfully,
Hunuy WixTiiii, Mayor,
Chah. O. Patikii,
Woon HiTTiisiiot'si:,
Chad. I.anoasikk,
W. P. WniiuiT,
Committee of Hoard of Health.
Petition of Mrs. K. Hamilton, against
Hie erection of certain frame building ou
lot .'1, In Mock 1 1, wns pre-cntcd and rend,
and referied to Committee on Fire Do
pal tmcut.
Alderman liiltciihotise presented tlK
following resolution:
ftcioleeJ, That the cleik be instructed
to advertise for proposals to do tlio elty
printing for one year from tlte date of tho
expiration of the present existing con
tract, (giving dale; ami lo .state fu said
advertisement that said proposals must
cover the cost ot publishing council pro
ceedings, ordinances and notices ot ult
kind, inserted by imy eltv olllcer, or by
order of the council.
On motion of Alderman N'elllssnld res
olution was adopted.
Alderman Thlstlcwood presented the
follow Ing resolution.
llttolrett. That the cleik lie anil I
lieieby Instructed to advertl-o for sealed
propo.-als for nil lumber the eltv nmv
require during the present llscal vear.
I.timlHT to bu good, sound white or'btur
oak, free from sap ami bad knots, and to
be of "itch dimensions not exceeding
twenty-four Icet hi lcnghr, and to be de
livered in such quantities atld tit such
time as the committee ou strents inanv
direct. Proposals to Ik- directed to the
committee on street.
On motion of Alderman Halliday said
le.olutinu wns adopted.
State liquor hondol David Hurry, with
Putilck Clancy, M. Mnhnncy and M. .1.
McUuuley as eeiirltlc, was presented,
read, uml ou motion of Alderman Saup,
City liquor bond of David li.irry, with
.Tunics Kynii ami .lames Sullivan a sc
entitle, Wit, on motion of Aldermaii
Wright, refrrred to the elty attorney for
The mayor nominated .1. C. Talbot
fur special police at Plilllps wureliou-e.
uml Dan Mtgerahl ti special police at
Cairo Ai Yliicennes railroad depot. Con
tinued. Ayes Halliday, Lancaster, .Wilis,
Parker, Patier, Itlttcnhotisc, Saup, Thls
tlcwood and Wright !).
The mayor nominated Henry O'llrleu
for tile olllco of city Jailor. .Vol con
tinued. Aye Parker, Saup anil Thlstlcwood
Nay Halliday, l.-inca-ter, .Will,
Patier, IClttciilion-i- and Wrlglit-O.
The mayor nominated John Clancy
for the olllee of elty Jailor. Continued.
Aycs-Hnlliday, Nelll, Parker, Patier,
I'lttenhouse, Saup, Thtstluwood ami
Wright H.
Nays Lancaster 1.
On motion of Ald-u-man Wtlght, coun
cil adjourned.
W.M. FltKNCII Axi.ky, City Clerk.
Tor Nnle.
Ono open uml one top buggy, with har
ness ; ono seven octavo pi ino, nearly new -,
one Kalrhatik scale, tlshow cues, 5 lounters
and shelvlur, one Hall's Douilo Combina
tion safe, with liuryhr low I will otfer at
auction, commencing tins Saturday
nlijht. May 8th, and continue du
ring the next week, every night,
the enllro stock of llojt, Shoe, Dry
C.ood', Notion1, etc. now In my store.
&-7t. Louis II. My Kits.
I'orl I.I.I.
Steamer .lame Fl.k, Paihieah.
" Chas. .Morgan, Cincinnati.
" Arlington, Cincinnati.
" City of Alton. Xew Orleans.
Hello of Meiuphl., -Memphis.
" Capitol City, St. Loui.
Tow-boat Alice Ilrown, Pltl-burg.
Wild Duck, Pittsburg.
Propeller Laurel, Louisville.
Stwimer .lames FI-k, Paducah.
Chits. Morgan. Xew Orleans.
Arlington, .Memphis.
City of Alton, St. I.oul..
" Hello of-MeinpliI, St. I.oul.
Capitol Clly, Yicksburg.
Tow-boat C'ov. Allen. Ohio river.
" Wild Duck, Pittsburg.
Atlantic, Pittsburg.
no.irs iiui:,
Jim FI-k, Paducah; .'no. C'llinoru and
barges, Louisville; Clly of Qulncy, Pitts
burg; .Mliineolii, .Mcmplil-; St. (iene
viee, Yicksburg; rami Toner mid II.
c. Yacgcr. St. I.oul-.
iiivkh, wi:aiiiku and ih-sixi:..
The river lust evening w.t-112 feet ou
the gauge, having fallen III 1-5 luetic,
during tho previous 21 lioiu. Tlio Ohio
is rising again at I'lttsburg, hut falling
elsewhere. The Cumberland i still fall
ing, ami tlio .Mlssis-lppi al.o. The ruin
and wind of day before yesterday was
pretty general north and west of it, but
uo serious damage is reported. Weather
clear and mild. Hu-hicss dull.
Tlte schooner Wave sidled for Oalvct
ton evening hefoie last.
TheNiek Longworth left New Or
leans .Monday evening for Cincinnati.
Tim Cha, Morgan and Arlington
had very good trips for tlm south and
boll, made light additions here.
Thu Wild Duck put oil' some glass
ware, Ac, lor roshlpuiciit South and had
three barge- for St. I.ouis.
Thu Laurel brought a new transfer
barge, named "Chicago," for tho Xew
Orleans, St. I.ouis A. Chicago railroad, to
he Used at tills port,
Diver Al. Htirrls came from St. Louis
on tho City of Chester, and took charge
of the KckertS consort the Xolch Cut
ter which Is now ready for active oper
ations whenever called upon.
dipt. Joe Fowler, who has been nt
Hot, Springs, Arkansas, for a few week,
passed through tills elty yesterday, on
Ills return home. Hu Is tho very picturo
of health, and Is much pleased with his
Wharf-master, A. II. Until, Mr.
Kckeiibiirg and Mr. Henry Wood have
chartered the lerrybout Three States for
picnic excursion to Fort Jefferson to-day.
They have spared no palus In their pre
parations for the event, and the frieiiiU
whom they have invited to accompany
them will find the excursion enjoyable.
.Mr. Albert Hunting, latu cleik of the
Mollie Mooie, took passage on the
steamer Arlington for a trip South, yes
tettlay, in n-arcli of lost health. .Mr.
limiting lias been suffering witli maw
sjilnal dlseaso for u long time past, which
nearly deprives him of the tte of his
lower limbs, and renders him unable to
engage In nny business. Ills physicians
lniK! that u genera! ont hem country tour
may,leiieiU bm, and we sincerely hope
that it may.
M UtrAiimr.iT. Kit Kit Itaronr, I
Jinv 13, is.
r. iv,
0 u
lj II
21 0
Ul u
- 3
Kiftimllle ....
Ht. Iuls
Itiisc llnlN or livery llrkcrlpllon
Tlie Htute .Sllliiliij .Scliool 'nn t eilllon
I he Seventeenth Annual Convention of
the .State Sunday .School Aa-Jclatlon ol Illi
nois will ho held lu the City orAltoii, 'I lies
day, Wednesday and Thursday, -May 2Mh,
JOth and 2Tth. lsT.'i, commeiielii Tueiday,
at 10 a. tu.
Luch county in thu .Slate, except Cook, Is
entitled to ten delegates. The number Irom
Cook county Is not limited. The pro
graimnu will be published toon, and for
warded to the county Secretaries. The ar
rungcnienls lor the convention glc prom.
Isu ofa mo. I profitable and plcntant tcslon.
Coiinly sjecretarles are requested to hale
this notice tuibllshed lu the county papers.
H. F. .Iacoiis,
Chairman of the Kvccutlvc Committee.
5- n-td.
Dues ! Dun- ! Hog 1 1
Ou and alter Juno 1st, 1ST"., all dogs run
nlug at large, on which tax has not been
paid will bo disposed of. Call at the City
Clark's olllee and pay tnv.
6- S-tit. Wm. M. Williams,
City Marshal.
.Mr. Moiis'in-at. one of the most tie
complishcil lady musicians in Soiitlicrn
lllhiol, will, (hiring the summer month,
teach pupils ol this elty, muslo for the
very low price of ten dollars per term.
Mrs. Moiisarr.it has for years past taught
Hie art of music In several of thu mot
noted academies of Memphis, and has
gained by her thorough knowledge of the
at t a mot enviable reputation. Parents
wlio have children whom they would
have become completely versed in music,
will do well to place them under the euro
of tills lady. 5-l-tf.
i'ulro nml Nl. I.ouN lltillronil.
On nnd after May 6th tho Passenger
I rain oivtlils road will leave from tho cor
ner ol Commercial nveuua ami fcccoud
street at 7:15 a. in. Tho train w ill always
stop at tho platform ot tho Freight House,
foot of Fourth street near tho -Mississippi
lovee, wherd passengers can obtain tickets
to St. fouls and all lulctincdlate points.
O.Urto, May 1, 1T,
tVsViw. John V'oqoitt, Agent.
The tamlly rcsidenee ot Mr. ubrey, on
Uolbrook avenue and Twenty-second street
isotli-redlorsale. The yrouudt consist of
four lots, with lino fitilt trees and a variety
of small fruits and shrnhbery. Tho hotiso
coulalns nine room, atitc ami eclsr, all In
go.nl order. 'I ho location and size of thu
giutinds make them very de-irahlo for the
earrjlngon if u lienor garden, for whleli
pnrptiye they are admirably arranged. The
place will be sold ou rcifonublo term,
which will ho made known on application
to Mr. Au'ircy at the rcslik-nce. 5-.VIW.
Xiillci- l.iiinlicr.
Having again established myself lu tho
Lumber bu-ltie-, at tho Wall .t Knt -Mill,
1 am prepared to sell lumber of all kinds,
I ith i and thlvgles at wholesale unit retail,
and to offer ex ra inducements at all times,
guaranteeing the lowest possible prices.
432.Vll.liii. J.S. McCtAllEV.
l'or Kent.
The dwelling house ou ScTcnth near
Walnut, now occupied by Cant, J. A.
Jones, Is for rent, Tho home lias nine
rooms and basement, good cistern and out
house, all in good order. A desirable resi
dence. Apply at the poitotllco to
ft-S-tf. Oko. W. McICbjio.
McU Alirse.
.Mrs, HoniiHrdoffors her services as aslek
nurse. 5he , experienced In nit kinds of
nursing. Public pattonago respectfully so
licited. Leave orders on Cedar street, be
tween Twenty-Third and Twenty-Fourth
streets, In tho Porter House. &-tMra.
Xi' York Mule,
Just III, and for s.do by tho New Yoik
Store ."00 bushels of choice Xew York btato
Peach Plow Potatoes, for seed and tablo
use. 8-tl-0t.
llnrm-NH nml Siulilles
A full and complcto stock of flue and com
mon buggy harness, single or double, a r
st. loui i-iui'i:., at the new iihop next
door to The.strc 105 Commercial au'tiun,
o-v.'iv. L. D. Akin a- Co.
I'Iiicn I'lirnrk Tobacco
Fred Tclchman, ut his cigar and toba:o
ttorc on l'.ighth street, has Just received a
Urge and complete assortment of pipes, etc.
and a large stock of tho best brandsot smo
king and chewing tobacco. F. T.'s stand.
an! cigar always ou hand, (live him n i ill.
HCX'K nr.KK at Louis
Having bought out thu store of Isidore
t'lhnan, on Washington avenue, between
Ninth and Tenth utroets, I take till
ueithod ofliiformlng tho public ol the (act ;
also to assaro them that I (hull endeavor at a!l
times to merit thelrconlldeucu and In nuko.
it to tholr ttitere.t to give to mo the patron
age 1 ask,
1 bavejutt returned from SI. I.ouis, whore
I purchased a full and complolo stock ol
Dry; (lomls, Hoots, Shoes, Heady Made
Clothing, .Notion, etc,, hlch l now opei.
and fr.r sale at my store. All I ack U tliu.
you call nud examine goods and prices.
&-0.tf. SAVIUL UUMAIf.
Notice Is hereby given to alt patties luts-r-eted,
that alter tha 20th lu.t., the ordi
uancrs 111 relatlun to obstructing ldewU,
throwing tlltli, broken 2lasi, or other rub
bish Into tho streets, or oypolns thetr
wares or merchandise in such a manner,
upon awnings, a to obstrucUlio Utt p"
laje ct persons, on or otTthe IdwalW, wllr
be rigidly eufored. W. 11. W"-am'.
frtutd. CltyMaMhal,

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