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Knight of I'ylhlui, metis emy Kf I-
Uyiialil at lulf-nu-t n en. inUil'l-
IVllowV llnll. C K. Slack,
Uianrcllor Cumiiiniuh-r.
Jmlc-irfuitciit www 01 iwtci-
wv iim'ib ., ..r
Rl hiifr-mut wtl'Hi. In. I'l'lf ill Oil
CoinincrcIl aicnue. ImI' MXtll '! hMMitll
jtrnVi .full II OuM.v, N, li.
C1AIKO KNTA M I'M V.ST, I. O. 0. I'.. in
in O.M-Ftlliiws' Hull on I lie first mid third
liicmluj III umy IlionUi, at liir-al seven.
(J K ALACK, (J I'.
MUUI.OII0K. N(J.S37.A.r. A. M.
1 lill rfirtiliir loiiimuiilriillQn In Ma
sonic Hall, corner Commercial aleutm
aml lliitlilh trel. mi ll.r- ecoinl uii'l
lurid Monday nfnJi month
Stuart & Gfholson
Rospoctfully announco that
thoy will remove to tho elegant
store room adjoining Rockwell
& Co.'s Book Store, on Com
mercial avenue, botwoen 7th
and 8th Sts., on Monday, May
Gratefully acknowledging the
patronago of our friends in past
years, wo hope, in our new lo
cation, to bo able to servo our
friends quite as faithtully as
boforo, nnd to their greater
Wo shall offer a moro com
plete stock in all departments,
and at tho usual low and uni
form range of pricos which
have rendered our house so
popular. In order to open
with a clean stock we shall of
fer during this week such bar
gains as will ensure a cleaning
out of stock.
I'rrsjii ft(iiil).
Mr. I. Fitzgerald h Just received and
has on tale at hi sales room a large stock
if F.uglldi ale, jtortiT, Hmnessy brandy
tnd wlnef, and liquor of all kind., which
If will dipoe of at reasonable price.
tivt I lie llt-M.
Dr. Seh Arnold' Cough Killer the
great cradlcitor lor a'l lun g dlease a m.
jierlor rtinedy to all other medlclue j et
discovered, 'n ecrc ctct. It Ik a Hire,
(juUk, and perfectly iU remedy lor
cought, cold, ore tbroit, whooping couh
croup, and all dheaei of the throat and
luugi. Itclall pries, U and ,V) ccriti ami 1.
Any bottle that duet not k'lve relief may be
returned, audthe money will he refunded.
Dr. Seth Arnold's Dl.irrlm a Jtabiiii,2.'iand
It) cit(, lltincml.or It l warranted. Ar
Cold' IHI loin Mandrake I'llN, operutlnr
without lcknei and pain. Compounded
by Dr. Seth Arnold' Medical Corporall in,
Woonocket, It. I. Sold b Paul . cauh,
drUKsl.t, Cairo. III. nvi-iVS n.
A Srr HlyXr.
II, Mock, boot and shoemaker, on Klhth
trcet, between Waihlnijron nd Commer
cial avenuei, hai just received a new style
ot lat, and i now prepired to mike a boot
taat, for neitne and comfort, cannot be
excelled. Give Mm a call and examine
thil new ttylc ot Iat. OI-MMin.
I.liillls' I'llrlliollillK More.
A Udlc'furnlhlns store ha',l)cen opened
In tho Theatre buildlni;, and stocked with
a lull line orcvcrytblng pcrtnlnln' to ladies'
wtar rcady-raadi drcc, underwear,
etc. all of the Utefct styles, and ulll bciold
ut lower llgurcs than ever before ottered in
Calto. The?e good were purchased in
New York, arc of the bct material, and
will be told very reasonable. Al3 Mil I
ncry goods of all kind. SO-l-SO-lui.
r.xrellrul Tcioi.
Tho original American Tea Ooinpauy, of
New York, of which ltaht. Well U l're.l
dent, w.n e-tililMied In lblO, and since
that time hai been steadily glnln in favor
not only in the city of New York, but all
over the cour.try, Mntll now It" teas reach
every section. The leading presi ot the
city and of hundred of places in tin coun
try have endoraed it at perfectly reliable,
ond parties wishing excellent tem nt low
prices, can with perfect eonildcnce send
to tlili company for them. Their loan are
put up in one pound pickaxe, with tho
kind and price prlnttd on tho wrappers;
alo, in boxes cjnt lining .", 10, 20 and 30
pov nd. They range in price from 40 cents
to 1.1) per pound. Our mirclnnt cm
have sample mailed to their address j
enclosing 10 centi tor ca.li sainplc. Tho
company wish reliable agent'' In every town
to vet up club among-t famllls lor their
ta, and olfer groat Inducement. Send
lor our circular. Addrct always, Holt.
Wei', rre't, No. II Vecy St., New
York, fi-6-dw-tit.
Ttir Nliile .Suitiliiy Srlimtl Cuiiveiitloii,
Tho Seventeenth Annual Convention of
the Slate Sucduy School Association ot Illi
nois will he held In tho City of Alton, 'J lies
day, Wednesday and Thiirnhy, May 'J.'ith,
2fith and 'JTth, l&T.'i, (.oaiiiienelng Tuesday,
at 10 a. in.
Kach county In tho State, except Cook, Is
entitled to tin delegates. The number Iroin
Cook county Is not limited. The pro
gramme will bo ptiblldicd toon, and for
warded to tho county Secretaries'. Tho ar
rangement lor tho convention give prom
iso of a most protiiable and iilea.ant icislon.
County Secretaries are rc(Uustcd to have
this notice published In tho county papers'.
11. Y, A scow,
Chairman of the Executive Committee.
I'ttirn mill HI. I.miU Itnllrunil.
On and after .May Mb the laenger
Train on thl road will leave from tho cor
uor ol Commorcial avcuuo and Second
trcetat7:l&. in. The train will always
btopattho platform ol the Freight ilouo,
foot of Fourth street near the Mississippi
lovco, where passengers can obtain tickets
to St. Louts and all Intermediate points.
Cairo, May 4,
ft-e.Jw. John Foocitt, Agent.
hl'NDAV, MAY 10, 187.",.
I.ornl Weather Hcmrl.
'J'IMK. flAII. I Tilt. I U'ltll, VLL.pVEAIIII.il
Turn. 30 170 ! Hi IN. K. p fall
11" 3'Vii.ll (IV I N. t. il'nlr
I :V).-lVl )' 1 .V S '(.Inllll) .
'1 IIO.MAb .IONKH, hcrjtt. H. St., V . A.
Mr. I). L, lMvl. cdltot of the .S'mm. will
this (.veiling deliver nu address before the
liberal Hellgloiis Association. Tho As
sociation extend nu iiivitallouto nil.
liitKar bargain' in Wenched ami llrown
Cotton", at Stuart .vGliolson's, till- week.
, J.alc-, rrM ill.
Mr. iiikI Mr', .lames linn-lay are now
njolclllJJ III till' possession Ol'u lillt! Utile
ilrl. which put In nn Hpiwnraim at their
house on Friday iiioriilinr.
I.iiiu l.
At itu (cluck thl morning, Hucfiicr,
or the Planters', will .et a Due turtle
roup liincli. He de-ires nil ol'hlsfHends
to be present, a thu soup will lit- ol ji mi-jx.-flor
quality, iteineniber the time,
ten o'eloek precisely.
Ill y your tine shoei of O. Ilnvthoriie
A o.
Ueiiiittip limine iillmli r Mils,, rn-esr-.
.lint received by A .liicekcl at Hie J im-
li.i illoilll.
i'i n laiilmiicil.
The pcoplo of this city w lio own hw
should tak'" care Hint they are not allowed
to cat yoiiiis kocklebur. Within the
pa-t four ilajs. not Ic- than twelve line
milk iuwh (iwikI In Cairo have died from
tlie (.llccts of eating tills ilanverou- wcl.
uliieh 'ftrown in nenrly every nook and
corner on tho out-klrts of town.
I'MUipu or two story, wlihood aeeoni-
inodatloiis. A(iiln)'orannlv to U. V.
Bennett, Howe iscwlii" Machine Olll'-e.
.' I'lriii.
Dr. Ilriglnin has associated witli him
self In tin practice of medicine, Dr. II.
N. Keener, of .Sprlnll'ld, III., who
comes hlphly recommended, he leln a
physician ol" many year- (..periencc, and
sticceful practitioner, and hcrthv
takes plensure.In nconiinendin lilm
such, to ills many pa(ronaud trlcnd.
Their curd will apiK-ar Tuesday inorniti.
Gknti.i;mi:.v, buy your .iiinmer under
wear of O. Haythornc A Co.
If nc fur rS Siirrcd t'uncrrl.
T he loveri of 'wmI music are Invited
to be present this evening at the regular
sacred concert at the Planters' Homo.
IsenberK'i string band will K on hand,
which is a iiar.uite that the mmlc will
1 line. .Schllt.'a Milwaukee tx-er will be
on tap, and the lover of that excellent
bevcraL'e are Invited to be present and en
joy it. Miffucr' eoiiecrin Imvejfrown
to be one of the Institutions of the city,
and cadi one ha' been better than the
Nr.w prints In elegant 5tylcs, nt tu
nc! & Cihol-on"-, Mondav mornln''.
In (lie Itlwr.
Friday afternoon, about funr o'clock, a
man who is a stranger in Cairo, at
tempted to jump from the ferry tloat of
the "Three slate-," optm-lte Fourth
street, in the Ohio river, to thy ferry-boat,
which had just started away from the
landing, on her trip arrows the river. The
distance, however, proved too preat for
the "lift" the fellow had Kven his body,
and he went into the stream, where he
tumbled around for awhile, Dually be
ing iMied out by a number of looker-on,
and ct upon his feet on the Miore.
There will be the unal services
the Church of the l'edeeiner to-day,
10J a. in. and 7J ji. in.
The Kev. IV. FarrN, of I'eoria, will
conduct the -ervlce at thituual hours,
10J a. in. and "J p. in., at the Presbyte
rian church to-day.
Mr. 1). I,. Davis will deliver a lecture
before the Liberal Itcllglou Aoclatlou,
at their hall this evening. The public
are invited to attend.
There will bo services at the Metho
dist church at the usual hours, 10 a. in
and 7 p. in., to-day.
Tin: ventilated hat told by (J. Hay
thorn .t Co. nro just tho thing for .Sum.
Hlicclllr lorNniHll l'n.
IMilor Cairo lii'LLcm--
Di:aii Silt : The small pox prevailing
In our city, allow mo to re-publlsh a spu-
cillc which I have found Invaluable In a
practice of more than a score of year.
It Is as unfailing as fate, a well in
fcarlct fever as small pox : One grain
sulphate of zlno; nno grain fox glove,
(digitalis); halt tea-poonlul niigar; mix
with two ounces water. When thor
oughly mixed, add lour ounces water.
Give a table spoonful every hour.
Either dlcao will yield in from .seven
teen to eighteen hour. For a child,
smaller do-es, according to age and con
dition. KKrini:i.
Gv.r the best ! Tho "Star" shirt Is the
best hhlrt In existence. Sold only by O.
llaythorno & 'Jo. -120-5-1 l-3t.
Tho Kev. W. W. Farls. of Peoria, is
Mopping at tho residence of Mr. .John II.
Phillls, on Walnut street.
Judge Green, who has been absent on
professional buslncs lor several days, te
tiirned yesterday afternoon.
Charley Flyn, once of l.'llln, now of
Mcmplil, ws In tho city yesterday.
Ho has lost no llesli since we saw him
Mr. T. F. Houton, editor and proprie
tor of tho Joucsboro Oatette, and Mr. II.
F. Drepler, a fruit dealer of Chicago,
were In town yeMerday. They made
their headquarter at the St. Charles.
Yesterday afternoon, about five o'clock,
a ctii'pcuiiT nauieii meK .UHriiti, wno
was under the lullueno: f bad hlsky,
ucnt into the tin store of A. Hnlley, on
Washington avenue, and told Ihoelerk of
that cstabllsiimetit, who is I- ahoy named
(ieore Wlntir, that he wanted some
money with which to buy whisky. The
clerk told him he had no money. Mar
tin wanted him toUkeiloiitofthu drawer,
but Winter refused to do It, wherupon
Martin casually remarked that if he didn't
lie would shoot him. Whitersllllrefused,
and Mnrtlii drew a revolver from his
pocket uud discharged It at Winter, who,
bythlslhne.hadjiianaed to gut out ofthu
back door. The boy went to .Ijide Ilros,
got out u warrant for Martin, nnd had
lilm arretted. IIr Is now In the loek-up.
I'aiisoi.i, Hun I'lnhrellas and Fans,
in great variety, and at price lower than
any other houe. Sti aiit it Ohoi.ox
The editor of the Anna Adrtrti'tr, In
the lat Issii.; of tint p.ip'-r, rap? over thi
knuckles, In n very severe in inner, ome
of the Cairo folk, who visited .lonesboro
on the ocmsion of the t'nlon Sunday
.School plcnle. "They seemed to take de
light In makhuf It iinpleHaut fur both
themselves and lhoe about them," ny.s
the Ailtm-Uitr, "and If thy cannot act In
a manner iiiomb b"eoniing ladles and gen
tii.Min'ii, they hud better stay nt home," or
word'totimteir et. Wc aro unable to
say whether crt.iln ones who went from
this city on thitt oceii'lon merit
.such eomiueuti on lite part of the
.Mr'rtivr man or not. Itut one thing we
do know, the charge have rul-cd the ire
of many of the fair damsel of ti.i place,
and If the Mt'riUer mm: ha any inten
tion of vl'ltlng Cairo, we would, as
his trlend. advl-e him to defer Ids vi-lt
until tho terrific .storm that I raging in
the breast of thom injured ereatiire lias
to a great e.tunt abated, or he will Im
flayed, sure. They have sworn, by all
that is holy, to have vengeance, mid they
will keep their oath.
Ax Iii-petIou of our stoek oi white
goods will convince purchasers that we
are olferlng some very cheap goods in
this department.
STt AitT A- Giiot.-nx.
I.'lllertuln mi-ill
For the pust month, the member.) of
the Taylor Literary Society, oompo-ed
ot a number of voting men ot thl city,
have been engaged lin rehearsing for
an entertainment, to be given by them at
the Atlieneum, lor the Uuellt of the
"Woman's Club and Library Associa
tion."' They have embraced every oppol unity
tlutt has presented lUelf, t- make them
selves ellleient by practice In (he various
role.s In which they will apin-ar on this
ocea-ion, and they now believe that they
arc able to oirer to the citizens a very
creditable entertainment.
The programme that has been selected
by them Is of a varied ami, as they be
lieve, an attractive character, sonst'tlng
of song, by a good (pnrlotte, character
song, two burlesque play, cntittled
the "Arrival ofT)lckens"aud "i'o-edale,"
and ! utnnlMfr ir"e!altli, uliteli Imv.i
been wdecteil in accordance witJi the
ability of those who are to enact them.
The time for the bonelit to take place
has been arranged for next Friday night,
ind the members of the society live in
hopes of greeting the friends of the Wo
man's Club on that occasion.
A .Nurr.nt Neitte.
Yesterday morning, we are told, a ne
gro woman named Corll. living some
where on Walnut street, in the upper
part of town, got up and attempted to
make a lire in the kitchen stove, to get
brcaMa.-t lor her husband, as usual.
Finding tho wood to lie damp nnd hard
to light, she went to a pantry, and taking
down a can of coal oil. .-he returned to
the stove, and supvo.lng there wa no
lire hi It. lifted one of the lids and lx-gau
pouring the oil over tho wood.
She suddenly, however, became aware
of the presence of lire somewhere In
close proximity to the stove and oil can,
by the llames which were communicated
to her clothing in an Instant after I he
oil had saturated the kindling, and which
very quickly, no doubt, would have ter
minated seriously, had he not been po-se--ed
with a great (b-al of presence of
mind. A soon as the flames had Ignited
her drt , she ran quickly to u bed room,
and -eiing a bed quilt, she wrapped It
elo-cly about her lower limbs, tho lire
having caught the bottom of her dre?,
and held it there until -he hid smothered
out the llnme-.
Thl- Is another proof of how much
precaution should bo used where coal oil
is brought into ue. It Is a danirerous
article to trlile wt Hi.
The Delta City Silver Cornet band con
gregated ill front of Mr. Charley Glllliof-
fer's house, who was lately married, on
Fouiteentli street, Friday evening, and
gave that gentleman and hi bride u very
pretty serenade.
The programme arranged by the band
boy, however, wa somewhat di'ar
ranged liy another party ol young men
and boy.-, who had, as It so happened,
made their arrangements to make things
lively for tho newly married couple by
giving them a regular old time "belling.''
When the baud boys started, the pro.
gramme they had selected consisted of ev.
eral pieces of music, compo-ed by noted
mu-iciaiis. ii ncn tneyarnveu ait ui'iruef-
tlnatlon, thuprogrannno was materially
altered and consisted of the following se-
Iccllons :
Chorus by tho heller ; with fox horn,
cow bells, horse llddle, tin pan, old wnOi
boilers, and various other instruments or
like description. This band consisted
ot about tilt v piece'. Gllinoro'ii Huston
baud Is left far In the shade when coin
pared with It.
"Silver Threads Among the Gold,"
DeltaTJTfy Cornet band.
Followed by another chorus by tho
This was kept up until tho Delta boys
had worried through three tunes, whtn
they gave up lu despair, and then
marched down to .laeckcl'?, followed by
tho boiler, who all the while kept rat
tling their tin cnn, sawing tho horn- lid
die, pounding on the boiler, etc., until
they reached the saloon, where ull took a
friendly -mile" Mid went on ih-lr way
Hell! I UN Wiener l.iiKfr lleer
On tap this morning nt tho Thilla sa
loon, corner of Twclilh street nnd Wash
ington uremic. A. .Iaixkiii., 1'roprletor.
Itorttie llalletlii'l
The Mllle I'ollii .MuUe -Mee Apprnr
mice. A large and line audlcnen of school
patrons avembled In the High School
room Friday afternoon, to be entertained
by the pupils ot Miss Llvintfton's room.
The scholars under this lady's charge
have bteu noticeable all year for the ex
cellent training they have taken advan
tage of, and their earnest endeavors to
acquit themselves well In every depart
ment of their school.
The entire room was represented hi a
varied programme ot declamation, duels,
quartette, ehoni'e, original letter, etc..
ending with n beautiful! little
Fairy Operetta, which was full of
grace, pretty drcec, good acting,
complicated inarching, etc. In truth
wo were almost tempted to MU vc wc
had the real childhood's fairy-land before
it, from the glitter of Iho fairy wands,
the twinkling fret, the cllln song", and
the mass of green boughs enrlodng the
"mytlo vale."
The children all looked happy, grace
ful and at home on the stage. The par
ents have cause to congratulate them
selvo that this phao of their children',
education his not been neglected, while
tho more solid work has been rigidly at
tended to, showing a generosity on the
teacher's jwrt to work out of school
In fact, It Is no more than justice tost.ntc
that this room In- already thoroughly
completed it course of study for the
Wc hope next year to hoar again from
thi pleasant clnsof pupil". I. N. C.
ro nr. (ii;x nv thi:-
(In Suiiiln...Mn. a:j, IST.I,
At the Beautiful and Boraantl: Hills cf Ken
tucky, Near Fort Jcffers-.n.
Th well-known Steamer '-Three States"
has been chartered for the occasion, and
will convey the parly to the grounds. The
boat ulUUavc the foot of Fourth street, as
follows : Fir-t trip, 0 a in ; return, IS
m. Scionlfrp, 1:1) p. m.; rjturj, 7. p.
m. '1 he excellent Delta 'JIty Cornet Hand,
and a splendid string hand have been en
gaged ta fumlnh mmlc. Itefrtslmccls of
nil kinds will he on the groiuii". A gosd
time Is anticipate J.
TIciets for round trip, V) cent ; children,
i"i cent?.
Tickets c in be obtained at the fallowing
place's :
V..k W. Uuder, I.oui Herbert, Win.
Attn, 1. G. seliuu, Chan. Schoencmcj ( r,
Kd.Uuctncr, P.M. fetockneth, Ainandu
Jacckel, Cl'y llrewery.
SifART A- Gnot-so.v. ill order to re-
lur! -tort; IKTJiro removing to their now
building, will offer some of the greatest
bargains which they have ever oll'ered.
(ieniernl I I-m-.
There will be services a? usual in the
various places of worship In tills city to
duv. -There is a man in Cairo, we are told.
who oilers to wager that he can eat
twenty hard boiled eggs In one hour.
-It is said that the Mound City people
expect to have ten thousand vl-ltors in
their town oil Decoration Day.
-The weather lias become warm, and
the vairloiis lee dealers of Cairo have
put their Ice wagons on the road for the
Loafers arc scarce In Cairo at present,
though buslnes Is not extremely active,
and the police officers, are not overworked
by keeping tlie city In a quiet s.tate.
Mound City lias neglected, thus far, ,
to get up a ba'o ball club. That burg
falling behind her neighbor in this
particular this season.
-It I said that "buffalo gnat, those
tcirible Utile Insects which have created
such havoc among the hor'e- fii the
South, have madj their appearance in
Coal oil came very near dolus the
business lor a negro woman up town
yesterday, mo lire wouldn't wru nun
she got impatient. She came within one
of cremating her.-elf.
The Taylor Literary Society will, on
next Friday night, glve'an entertainment
at tho Athcneuin, for the benefit of the
"Woman's Club and Library A "Dela
tion." The Kev. Dr. Foote's address, de
livered on Ascension Day in this city,
which we publish lu this h-uo ol the
It i" i.i.i;tin", takes lip niiicli of tlio space
usually devoted to other matter.
A drunken negro while wending his
way homeward yesterday morning, was
run against and kuo.ked down by a team,
and barely e-caped having the daylights
squeezed out of lilm.
We have been furnished with a re
port of a chicken light, which look place
In the upper part of town a day or two
ago, but will have to forego publishing
It, on account of a pressure ol other mat
ter. Iluefuer, of the Planters House, will
make It lively at Ids place to-day with a
big turtle soup limi-'li this morning, and
a sacred concert to-night. lie wants all
his friends to conio nnd see him, and par
take of his offering.
Cocklobur are death on cow. Nut
lesthana dozen of these useful animals
have gouu where the woodblnu twhieth
within the p.vt four days, from eating
these weeds, which grow In abundance
about Cairo.
A little girl strolling down Washing
ton avenue yesterday afternoon with a
young wolf in her arm, wa.' the observed
of all observers. They were extremely
friendly, anil neither seemed to be at all
suspicious of the other.
A number of the young folk who
visited Joncjboro on the occasion ol the
Union Sunday School picnic, arc anx
iously nwaltlng tho arrival of the editor
oi tho Anna Atlctrtua; hfCalro. There Is
to be n funeral, and tho aforesaid editor
will turnlh the corpse.
Thieves and burglars have not been
of any Inconvenience or trouble to the
people of Cairo for quite a while. They
have not given Hie papers of Cairo a
chance for any speculations, neither have
they lessened the fortunes of any of the
Mesrs. Thrupp and Fitzgerald, who
are active and enterprling members of
the Alexander County Shooting Club,
in ii -t have felt indisposed at the match on
Friday afternoon. Neither of them suc
ceeded in bringing down a pigeon,
though they were allowed six trials
Ponies have become quite numerous
in Cairo lately. A daughter of Mr. Fred.
ICor-uieyer amucs herself every after
noon by riding a little gray "ho-s" about
thu open lots oppo-lto tho city Jail. She
has become an expert horsewoman, and
handles her pony with as much eac as
one of much more experience.
The Tajlor Literary Society have
made nrraiigmenu to give an entertain
incut tit tlie Athcnoir.n on next Friday
night, lor the benellt of the Woman's
Club and Literary Association. The peo
ple of this elty should give them a good
audience, a the programme to be pre
sented l thought, by the members of the
club at leat, to be a very good one.
Two poodle dog, owned by a couple
of negrocs;hi the upper part ofturn, had
a set-to yesterday morning on Washing
ton avenue. The brute. were both
very plucky, anil fought for at least half
nn hour, when they were separated by
their owner., and Hie battl'- was declared
to bo a "draw," neither of the canines
having exhibited the least d'-slrc to quit.
A little rumpus between two negroes
yesterday afternoon, on Washington
avenue, attracted the notice of many cit
izens. One negro designated the other
negro as a "white livcred nigger,'' which
was too much ol'an Insult for the latter
to bar, and he forthwith proceeded to
cha'tiso ids offender for his unfounded
assertion by knocking him down witli a
We are told Ihat an effort will be
made by the city olllcers soon, to have
the street of Cairo put In a reioctablc
and good condition. Tills is a very pleas
ant rumor to listen to, and will no doubt
Ik-joyfully received by all who have any
of their fortunes Invested In horse and
carriages. The gentleman who wasted
nearly half sn hour in cursing the rut on
Commercial avenue, that caused the
smashing of the springs ol his buggy,
ycterday, will not have occasion, we
hope, for another eloquent outburst of
thl-kind 'oon.
Ilress (itiuilsi ( tiriip.
Stuart es Gliolsou are offering some
of the greatest bargain lu dres good
ever oll'ered In this city. An Inspection
ol our stock will amply repay every
buyer of dry goods. We take pleasure
in showing good.
in-nnre'. '.
Ill order to guard against the spread of
small pox, I would rospoeltnlly suggest,
that all persons who have not already
becn'vaeclnatcd, and are pecuniarily able
o to do, to be vaccinated at once ; thoe
who are not able to pay for the same to
call Immediately on the city clerk, and
proeue vaccination tickets, entitling tlie
holder to free vaccination.
II. WisTr.n. Mayor.
Still In llio ITelil.
Mr. Phil II. s.iup wiskc to announce to
hi friend and the putilia generally, that
ho has lately lilted up, In excellent styls,
hi commodious nnd comfortable, p triors on
Washington avenue, noar J.'lghth street, for
the t-ntert'iinment of thos of our citizen
and tlie ret of mankind who Indulge in
Ice cream, todawjter, confectioneries, A;o.,
and loathe is prcpired to Itliul-h to citi
zens of Cairo, it home or at hi parlor.,
anything In hi line. Phil. Is well known
to our citizen, and a hi room are very
pleasantly lilted up, and a ho can always
be found at hi po,t, dy or night, to look
after the welfare of hi ciHtimer, wc be
speak for Ida that custom which hi enter
prise merits. Ills ice cream and lemonade
aro delicious, his sod i water Is not equalled
by any In ths city, and a far as correction-
eric- arc concerned, ft camut be denied
that hi stock Is always thcbe.t In the city.
422-5-1 l-lm
Noileo is hereby given to all parties Inter
ested, that after ths 20th Inst,, the ordi
nances In relation to obstructing sidewalks,
throwing tilth, broken gla-, or other rub
bish into tho street', or o.polng their
wares or merchandise in such a inanucr,
upon awning, aB to obstruct the free pas
tase cf persons, on or on" the sidewalk, will
bo rigidly enforced. W. d. Williams,
ft-S-td. City Marshal.
Notice ol' Itcniurnl.
The well-known barber shop, cornel'
I'ighth and Commercial, presided ovsr by
'.he popular artl't, George Stelnhousc, has
removed one door north on Commercial, lu
.ho Grand Central Hotel. Tho new shop is
argo and commodious, and tho-o wishing
for anything artistic lu tho way of fashion
bio hair cutting, smooth shave, etc., will
Jo well to call at the (itand Ceutral llarbcr
(hop. 7I -a-IS-ll.
Uier Meveii Vciir.
physiologists jy, thu hum in body Is en
tirely changed ant renewed. Kvery mo
inent ol 03i- lives, every part of our bodies
Is wcaiinc out ond I being built up anew
of frodi mittcr. This work Is accomplished
by the blood whleh goo through every
part, llutirtho hbod bjcomes weak or
vltlitcd, and dors not perform lu woik
proporly, tho system t actuilly pobone I
by Iho worn-out nutter clogging the Hit
organs Instead or leaving the body. For
dyspepsia, biliousness, kidney, skin and
liver trouble. Iovor, and all dWasui aris
ing from vitiated Wood, im. Wai.ki:ii's
Califoiixia VinkiIau llirrKiis aro a sov
ereign remndy. .VH-d.vw-tw.
MAKN, "SOlilo Levee, has the latest
styles lu SWIM'S ''The Favorite," nnd
several other stylos of tho best hi tho
country excellent In make and superior
hi material. MAK.v Is tho only tieaier m
tho city who has these, styles, and makes
Ids figures conform to tho lowest prlcec
Tort X.lsl,
Steamer James I'lsk, Paducah.
" .Mary Houston, New Orleans.
" Con. Millar, Memphis.
" Susie Silver, Pittsburg.
" City of Che.-ter, Memphis.
" Hickory, St. Louis.
" Idlcwlld, L'vanvHIe.
" Hello of Memphis, St. Loul.
Vint. Shlnkle, Cincinnati.
Tow-boatJno. Glluiore. Louisville.
" A. J. liaker, Louisville.
" Alice Itrown.St. Louis.
" Liberty No. H, Wabah.
Propeller All. Stephens, Obion river.
Steamer .lames Fl'k, Paducah.
" Mnry Houston, Louisville.
Cons. Millar, Cincinnati.
" Susb Silver, St. Loul.
" City ol Chester. St. Loul.
Hickory, Mound City.
" Idlcwlld, Hvaimille.
" Utile of Memphis, Memphis.
Vint. Shlnkle, Memphis.
Tow-boat A. .1. Itaker, St. Loul.
" doe. Fleming, St. Loul.
" Iron-Ides, Grand Tower.
" Alice l'.rown, Louisville.
" duo. Gilmore, St. Louis.
Propeller A If. Stephens, St. Loul.
no its rifi:.
Arknntis Jielle, l'vaiisllle; Comti'on
wealth. Julia, Flab, and Future City,
St. Louis; Andy Itiiini, Cincinnati;
Great He-public, Thomp-on Dean, and
Long worth. New Orlenn.
iiivkii, wi:atiii:u A.vti ni:tNi:ss.
The river, lat evening, was 'i'.i icet
1 Inches upon the gauge, having fallen
'J 3-3 Indies during the previous lit hour.
The rivers eUcwheroarc all tallhig.
The weather turned cloudy and cool,
with a strong north wind, ycstenlaj af
ternoon. Ilusiuess unchanged.
The Idlcwlld carries a rattling brass
band theto day.
Two men fell overboad from the
Vint Shlnkle a she rounded out from the
wharf yesterday, but fortunately they
were rccticd.
There Is oine talk of a big excursion
party on the Idlcwlld from this city next
Saturday evening. Sol. Silver, Itlgg.
Mallory, IJradley. Mat. Walsh, G. P.
Miller and others are getting it up.
''There's nillliousjn It."
The mud lump that rose up during
one night in Pass-a-l'Outrc the chief
pa-s at the moutli of tho Mississippi
covers, an area of eight acres and Is eight
feet lilghcrtliau the surface ol the water,
completely obstructing the outlet. The
south-west pass 1 rapidly filling up, and
the sooner Captain Eads can make the
south pas navigable the better It will
be for the Intere-t of commerce.
Win Ui.rAiirHt.Nr. iuvlk itt.i-uur, i
May 15. t'U
Umln Ills ....
sit. Louis
Letter List.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in the Post Ollleo at Cairo. Illinois, Satur
day, May 1.., 1S75.
Hn-li Josephine,
Itlrdsong Alice,
liuekucr Iteiiah.
Chavers Sarah,
Clark Mrs. L. L.
Dcrmott M. I-'.,
F.vans Lou,
Fitch Mr. Jus. N.
Grason Lou.
Howe Annie.
Johnson Mary Jane,
Hrown Jane J,
Cella Sarah A.,
Clayton C. J.,
Delany Alice,
Davis Alice,
Field, Josephine,
Gilbert Mr, M. A.,
Henry Jane,
Johnson Jennie,
Johnson Mary M,
I. idler Dianali,
Pirce Sary,
Hobiiisou Willie,
Lawrence Ada,
Miller Mrs. Francis.
Pitrld Lizzie,
Heynold Josephine,
Sullivan Mrs. Mary,
Taylor C. A.,
Strawhall Miss M.,
SheaonMrs. H.,
I'lluian II.,
Wright Lizzie,
Walker Ilarlett.
i:.r.i:.Mi:x'.s i.i.sr.
ldrich F., Itcll Frank,
Ilalley Jas., Hansen Paul,
Curtis T. M.. Collins J.,
Collins J. II., Cooper Sam'l.,
Duvull D., DaviceMr.,
Doney.l., Glenn Itro?.,
Griffith Henry, Gill Patrick,
Hampton Henry, Hubert John,
Hen-en Win., Isaac HenJ. K.,
King Ora, Lacy HenJ H,
Lowry Albert l.emay 1!. P.
Longlloland II. Maxwell A Itro,
Manly John, .Murphy John Y.
Mciuald Patrick. Miiuroo W. A,
Norton Loui, Patton Curtl,
Powell II. C, Pankey Harry,
Pniess John, Potway Willie,
Itedman Tony, Hay William.
Smith, P. C, Shafter, 1- rank,
Squire-, O. D., Snusid, S. I-.,
Stroad, Silti, Thomas, I..,
Taylor, O'boru, Williams, Ark,
Wood-on, C, Wade, Geo. II ,
William, John W., Wordcii, Tim.,
Williams, Win. J., Watson, Win.
Persons calling for the above letter
will please say "Advertised."
Geo. IV. McKkaio, P. M.
li ninths: !!or.
l.andloids ot hotels and boarding bou-oi
III Hud it to their sdvantago to call upon
Mrs. Coleman, 1iundrcss, No 12 Fourth
street, bctwesn Washington and Conimcr
ihl avenue-. Hotel and boardlng-boufc
washing, "3 cents per dozen. For piece work
prices aro as lollowst Slnglo shirt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen 80cj sock .V; two col
lars, 6c; twj handkerchief?, 3c; vests 20c;
and all gontlcmoii's wear, 80c. per
dozen. Ladles dreses, 25 to 60c;
ddrtilJ to 20c; drawers 10 to l&c; two
i.alr hose 6c: two collars 5 to 10c. For la
dles plain clothes $1 00 per dozen; for la
.Up Una clothes. l 2 per dozen; done
dramptly, and promptly delivered. Pa
tronago solicited.
Oicn every day of the week.
Two-Morse Wuon ror Halo,
A now wagon for sale at t bargain, A p.
ply at tho bcimnM counting-room. tf.
Mn. Monsarrat, one of tho most ac
complished lady musician! hi Southern
Illinois, will, during the "timmcr month,
teach pupils of this city,' music for the
very low price of ten dollars per term.
Mrs. Moii'arrat has for years pat taught
the art of mulc In several of the most
noted academies of Memphis, ond lias
gained by her thorough knowledge of the
art a most enviable reputation. Parents
who have children whom they would
have become completely versed In music,
will do well to place them under tho care
ofthls lady. 5-Mf.
Keiliirrtl Rntro.
We will take, at the .St. Charles Hotel,
durlni; the summer month, Wday boiHcrs,
at ill per month, andAO boarders with cool,
plca in t room on tho upper floor, at ISO
per month. At this extremely low rate,
nunc hut promptly pajlntf boarders will be
accepted. ,Ii:wtt Wilcox .t Co.,
ai-l-23-lin. Proprietors.
I'liinit anil Ot-Kon Tuning.
Mr. M. Kuhne desires us to say that he Is
ready to receive orders for Plino and Or
;an tuning, and repairing musical instru
ments. Order may bo left at the corner ot
rhlrtcenth and Walnut streets, or 1'. O.
Uox 000, and will receive prompt attention,
NiriiK llnta.
A. MA UN, TSOhlo Levee, Is now tak
ing orders for thencwstylesof Silk Hat,
all the rage at the Hast, known a
"Fifth Avenue," and
Ills Conlorinlture enables him to take
orders and make iw.-rfect tits enables hhn
to make hats to order that will conform
perfectly to the head of the wearer. Call
upon MAltX, and have your head meas
ured for a hat. .V2-2w
Tor Hnle.
I'ngino and Holler ; also Saw Mill fix
tures, if wanted. For particulars enquire
ol'C. I'. Woodward. R-l-lni
A IIL'CK HF.Klt at I.oui
The Old Rellnblp.
I hereby announce to the public that I
am better prepared than ever to accomrao-
dato my patrons at the Central Hotel, on
Sixth street, between Commercial and
Wa-hlnton avenues. I haro taken a part
ner in the hotel business, Mrs. Applfman,
who has had considerable experience In
tint line, and will not fall ti mako guests
feci at home. The table will always Be
supplied with the best the mirkct affords,
served up in the molt palatable manner.
Hoard and lo Iging per week, H 50 ; slnglo
meal, 55c, to he had at all hours. I hare
also In connection with my hotel, a first
class barbe.'shop, and am prepared to give
customers a good sliavs, hair-cut, shampoo
ing, etc. I will run three chairs, and have
employed ton-orlal artists who understand
their business. Shaving, 10 cents ; sham
pooing, 20 cents ; and hslr cutting, 25 cents.
Give me a call. I'KOf. Y. OoEDXL.
5-S-lm. .
Having bought out the store of Isidore
Ullinan, on Wadilngton avenue, between
Ninth and Tenth streets, 1 take this
method of informing the publlo ol the fact ;
also to a- s-jrc them that I shall endeavor at all
limes to ircrlttbclr confidence and to mako
It to thofr Intercut to give to tno the patron
ago I ask.
I kave Just returned from St. Louis, where
I purchased a full and complete stock ot
Dry. Good, Hoots, shoes, Jteady Made
Clothing, .Notions, etc., v, hich is now open
and fcr sale at my store. All I nk is that
you evil and examlue good and prices.
5- 0-if. Samuel Ullman.
I.iiurli ! I.uiirti t
The blgges. lunch ever set In Cairo, will
he spread tvcry morning at the Planters'
Hou-e. Wiener beer Is the great attrac
tion. It pays to visit the Planters' House
and try a drink of this, the finest beer ever
offered In this city. 410-.V13-3W.
nana Hull or Kvery Description
ne ! iok t nog 1 1
On and after June 1st, 1UT5, all dogs mn
ulng at large, on which tax has not been
paid will he disposed of. Call at tho City
Clerk' ollleo nnd pay tax.
6- 8-td. Wm. M. Williams.
City Marshal
Xiitlrr I.mnbT.
Having again established myself In the
Lumber bn-lne-s, at tho Wall Ic Knt Mill,
I am prepared to sell lumber of all klods,
Uth and shingles at wholesale and retail,
and to oiler extra inducements at all times,
guaranteeing the Ion est possible prices.
IOKi-il-Im. J. S. McGlHlV.
I'or llrnl.
The dwelling house on ScTenth near
Walnut, now occupied by Capt, J. A.
Jones, Is lor rent. Tho houo has nine
rooms and basement, good cistern and out
house, all in good order. A desirable resi
dence. Apply at tho poitoillce to
(VS-tf. Gko. AV. McKUAtO.
Mck Xunr.
Mrs. Honuard offers her services as a sick
nurss). She 1 experienced In all kinds of
nursing. Public patronage respectfully so
licited. I.eai orders on Cedar street, be
tween Twenty-Third and Twenty-Fourth
streets, In the Porter Houso, or P. O. Uox
i, &-8-lm.
llnriiev mid Nnddlr,
A full and complete stock ol line and com
mon buggy harness, elngW or double, XT
st. Louis i-niCKS, ut the new shop next
door to Theatre-J03 Commercial avenue.
5.7.2W. I" D. Akin Co.
liiesj-'ltri TsrtMieto.
Fred Telchinan, at his cigar and toh:co
stole en l.'ltthth stroet, has Just received
Urge ami completo assortment of pipes, etc.
and a largo stock of the best braudsof smo
king and chewing tobacco. Y. T.'s stand
ard cigar always on band. Glvo him a caII.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men friui the ef.
fecti of errors and abuses In early life.
Manhood relored. Impediment to mar
riage removed. Mew method ol treatsaemt.
New and reniarkabU remedies. Books
and circulsrs sent tree, in sealed envelops.
N, Mnth street, l'hUadelpul, Fa.-.
tutlou bavin.- a high repuUHoa for koaor
alio conduct and irolMttowl ikUL

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