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AM.AI.O.N f.ODUK, No. t,
Knlidits of I'jttilas, meetst-tii) r'rl-
input l l ! mt t ss rii, in w I
mill. U H. SLAia,
(.'hiuIIorCniriuinilr. ,
AI.KXASIlK.il I.OMJK, M) if-il. ,
IndriwinUnt Oniff or OM-Kil-lows.
meets rre ry 'fetiradajr night
C'nmmi-irlsl attune, IrtlttM-n '"Ixlli awl Setrntlt '
lint .lulls II l.'.siAf, X (i I
ClAlltO KSUAMrMKNT, I O. (). t ,, ll.n-ts
Hi Od-l.Ki Hows' IIaII Miilt.a ilrslund tblnt
Im s'la In etery month, a! huf.nit wxm
i: l( nun, C I'.
AIIIO I.OIXil:. .NO 1H7.A.K A A. M.
llnlJ ri'iitir ennimunlnitlorii In Ma
sonic Hall, rmn-r Comiuirclal avenue
Anil klirhtli stm-i. cm Hi tccuriil unit
rtli Mund.iT eft-jcli month
Stuart & Grholson
Respectfully announce that
thoy will romovo to tho elegant
store room adjoining Rockwell
& Co.'s Book Store, on Com
mercial avenue, between 7th
and 8th Sts., on Monday, May
Gratefully acknowledging the
patronago of our friends in past
years, we hope, in our new lo
cation, to bo able to serve our
friends quite as faithfully as
boforo, and to their greater i
wo snail oner a more com
plete stock in all departments,
and at the usual low and uni
form rango of pricos which
have rendered our house so
popular. In order to open
with a clean stock we shall of
fer during this week such bar
gains as will ensure a cloaning
out of stock.
Iresli .Supply.
vl . P. I i'.zgcrald hasjii't received and
.1 on i ale t bin sales room a large stock
if Kiij.Mli ale, porter, Ileimcr brandy
Jtid wltii, and liquor of all kinds, which
at- will ditpoic of at reasonable price.
I In- llesl.
Dr. s'eih Arnold's Coiish Killer tbe
jreat rrndlcstor tor a' I lung dleaes a su
perior remedy to all otticr tm-JIclnts yet
dl-covercd, In severe rases. It Is sure,
rjuUk, and perfectly safe remedy lor
roughs, coll, core throst, wbooplngcougb
:ronp, iind all diieaui of the throat mil
luin;. Itc'ail j-rice, 2.'i and U) cnn.ind$l.
Any hottlo tint doc not ghe relief iiiij he
returned, and the money will be refunded.
Dr. St th Arnold' Dlanhiea llal:ni, and
tVJcent. Jteinemlicr It i trarrautcil. Ar
nold'n Ull loui Mandrake I'll!-, operation.
without diekncit aud piln. Coinponndcd
by Dr seth Arnold' .Medical Corporathn,
Wo in-OiVet, It. I. oM liy l'aul tl.Selmh,
druivUt. Clro. 111. rjVl.Sfi.S.n.
A " HI) If.
U. ItloeW, hoot and -.hoemaker, on Klghth
Mrctt, between M'aihliii'ron ind Commer
cial avenues, ha jii't received a new ,tyle
ot Int. and H now prepared to make a boot
tnat, for noitneu and comfort, cannot he
vcellcd. Olvehlm a call and examine
thl new ty!o ol lat. OI-MO-lm.
l.mlii'k' I'urnUliliiK More.
A tadlei' furnishing itoreliahccn opened
In iIib Theatre bnlldlnj, and stoi Vcd with
a lu I line of everything pertaining tiladlei'
wear ready-iuadi ilrcicj, underwear,
etc.- all of the lateft tjle, and wlllboold
at lower figure than ever before ottered In
Calm, Tlit-c good wero purchaied In
New York, aro of the hA material, and
will he ohl very reasonable. Alo 31U!1
nerygoodtotall kind-. nO-l-KMtu.
The hlnle Nuuilny Nrlmol Ciin i iillou.
The Seventeenth Annual Convention of
the Stata smday Sehool Association ot Mil
nol will be held lu the City of Alton, Tues
day, Wednesday an 1 Tliurnhy, May 2Mb,
20th aud 27th. 167o, commencing Tue'day,
at 10 i. in.
Kaeh county in the state, except Cook, Is
entitled to t?n dclci'ate. The number troni
Cook county la not limited. The pro
Kramino will he puhliihed -oon, ami for
war 'i-d to tue county .Sucrctarle. The ar
mn' raenti lor the enuventloii give prom
! ofa ninl profitable and plcaanttc!ton.
County ."'ccretatlcs are requested to hae
tli'i nofce published In tho cou-.iy pipers.
II. Y. .Iacoh,
Clialrmati of the Kxccutlvc Committer.
I'ulrn mill Nt. I.oiiN ltiillroiul,
On ami after May .'th the racngcr
Train on this road will leave from tho cor
ncr ol Commercial avciiu and Second
iitrettatTiiria in. The train will ahvays
top at the platform ot the l'elyht Honie,
foot of 1'ouith .itrcot near tho Mls!6lppl
Icycc, whera pas-enger cau obtain ticket
to St. I.oiiN aud all liitetuicdlate points.
C.ui'.o, May 4, l7r.
.Vfi-2w. John Kocijitt, AKeiit.
En-ry M I'll Yeiim,
plilolO''lil say, Uio niiuiun tioiiy en
tirely changed aud rancwud. Kwry mo
nient ol our lives, every part of our IidiIUm
la wearlns out and U being built up amiw
of fre.h matter. Till-work Uaeconipililicd
bythchlooa which (roe through overy ,
pavt. Hut If tho blood hscomes wcaV or ,
vltlitcd, and does not perform It ' work
properly, the syalem U actuilly poUonol
by tho worn-out mattor elolns tho Ual
organs Instead of leaving the body. Kor
dypcpsla, blliouuo, klduey, iklu and
liver troubles, levari, and all dUaanoi arli
Ing from vitiated blood, On. Walkkb's
Caukoiinia VlNKOAlt lllTTEKs are a o-
toi y
navliitf again eatablUhed myn-lf 1" the
Lumber hu.lnes, at tho Wall Hut Mill,
I am prepared to fell lumber of all kludi,
latin and ulilr.glen at wholcaalo and retail,
aud to on"er cx'.ra luducenients at nil times,
guarauioclni' tho !vet pouble price.
n;.Ml-tm, J, fi. McOaiiby.
he ulli-tt.
Wi:iNK!)AV, MAV 111, 1375.
I.iirnl Wenllicr llrpori.
i. Ainu, II I. , Mii I- Is75,
'I me
'I he I Wiin. I VtL. I WcATiir.ii
lp in.
sn -.Ml ' i;
Sijijl ui
iM.ltoj 7,-i'
! fair
, lair.
1 lair.
IIIUMA- JO.SKH, Srifl. 1. H., f. b. A.
1'lrM M il I rr.
Tin.' A ruin claim flrtt water nt the big:
tin- yesterday imniilii!.'. unit It Is mi
erully eonevded Dial thev tire- entitled to
that honor.
III the fllj .
.Mr, Walter A. Mollu, proprlotor of the
Laclede hotel, .St. I.oiiK wim In tlm elty
ftenl.-iy. Mis headquarter were at
tin-St. Charles.
.Mr. i. I). Williamson U now eiiffujjed
In putting a new roof on his residence on
Washington avenue, anil otherwise Im
proving the premise.
I'lillee Court.
I lii poiiH- courts wi-iv vitv dry yes
terday. Jiiilc llro U uniiifitl hi roiiii
ty liisiiii, county iimrt Iwlti In m
.-Ion. mill .linli' lllnl hint notliim; to do.
I'lml Tlmr I'nr 11 - Yenr.
It U Mihl Unit nil tin.1 t'li'-illi" heloli'-
iiU the tin- ik'partinent of tlil city
liavi; not Ik'cii workoil nt oih- tlni". until
vc-ti rday iimriiin, for over live year-.
(tlin nueil
3Ir. Y. .M. Stricklhdli lia rumov.il from
thf corner of Niulli and Walnut Mrivt,
to th' re-l(lenc' lately purclia-cil by him
from Hon. I. W. Miimi.on Ninth 'tn-et,
upon which he lulnti y put many im
provement. 'I'll .11 lit IS,
Wc iinil. r-tninl that Mr. Steele, ho
lor cevcnil yiiiri p.i-t. h.i- n'-hlexl at the
corner of Kourleentli Mreetauil Wawhln
ton iiui)ll(. remove to tliu lar'.-e
frame building. llti,itcil at the comer of
Sixth tn.i't and M'a'liiuton aoiiu.
within n bort lime.
Dints' Lecture.
Mr. U. 1.. D.nl.' lecture before the Lib
oral Ileli'.'lou- .Society va one ol th"?bt
which ha- b-ctulelhertil l-cforc that '0
tlety, ami a llMcned to Willi maikrtl
atteiitioii by the audience. Unvh mlkcd
plainly to the Liberal Ucllionl-ts hut
they look hi r m.nk-i in -;ooil plrit, ami
one and all enjoyed tliu lecture.
Alex.'inilrr 'li.iiter.
A ru-fular mcetiii2 of Alexander diop
ter. .Vo. 121, (Ha'tern Star.) will be held
at .Masonic Hall, tliii (Wctlnc'djy)
vciilii?, May Hith, 1 .". ltu-lne" ol
Imtmrtnncf; licfore the Chapter. All
member uro rcypie.-tcil to attend.
r.Nir. K. Lyon, S-cretary.
Ilrustnliii'r Sam."
'I'lie .Miiriliylirii tmitptiutnl report"!
the prcemt nt the race In that place
la-t week of a prominent -portln:.' j;eii
tleiuaii named (ira hopper Sam. A
prominent -portln-.' ri-ntletiuii of tlmt
named ued to abide in Cairo, and it 1:
Jii't poa-lble h" U workiii!; hi way hack
to tliN city, lint he will not receive a
ho-pltabli; weleouii;. Mayor Winter ha
jfivcii gambler- and i-oiilhlciiev men lair
warnln-r that their pre-ence will not he
tol''ratiil in the city during hii adinlui5
tration. S.im inii-t pa on to Meui
phU. IHinlileil.
The cnluu owned by the llouli and
Kcady Fire Company, the "Ocean,"'
while bcltij; worked at the fire yetcrday
morning, wa lu souu: way ihmaod.
which i;reatly Impeded the work ot the
lireincu. They, however, did till that
could be inked of them, and won the
pr.il-! of all.
The "Little Arab" al-o met with a
lljrht accident, hut kept on at her work,
never wavcritr.' from the duty before her.
The Arah are ffood llrenien. mid merit
the hlh prnlv) bestowed on thein tor
their labor yeterday lnornhi'f.
Mr-. ( W. llradtey and Mr-. C. M.
Howe, returned to Cairo on Monday
iiioriilup: at two o'clock, from New ()r-Ican-,
whither they went -ometwowceki
n-,'0 on a pleasure trip. .Mr. Howe and
Mr. Ilradley cannot, It fceins, llml word
to exprei their -.'nitltude for the manner
In which they were entertained by dipt.
Thorwcpan and his estimable lady, while
on board the Captain' elegant steamer,
Great I'cpublle. They fay that Mr
Tliorwogan Is the kindest ami most jovial
lady they have ever had ihejrood lortuiie
to meet, and thai she mule every effort
to make tho trip one of genuine enjoy
ment to them. They lully appreciate the
kliidiicsioi'thi'lf hoite-i, and will, when
an opportunity presents lively, fully rc
clprocatu the act, which will ovei h re
membered by both.
Nalllimr Ye-mi't.
We yesterday hud the pleasure of tak
Insr a l'iek at a i-tauiieli little Killing craft,
owned by Mr. ). It, Xelon, an old Lake
renin sailor. The little vesrel U capable
ol carrying about fifty pa-'-enL'er-. and
was Used bv Mr. Xel-.ou diuiii.' hi- re.-l-
denee in Lake City, for carrying excur
s1h, partI(;4 ollt on tle ;lke tl.U ,w
thaUiu m ()n ln.UIV0e(.llti01 ,mde trips
,,,, ,w rninanlle snot, the
from his home tn that romaiille spot, the
"Malijen'-i lloek," with pleasuie -eeker-,
and that the little lloater ainied him and
his family from Lake Pepin to Cairo al'e
nud i-oiuul. The boat U now lyliir at
the wharf oppo'lte Kl-ihth fitri et, where
she can bo teen by all who may have a
desire to look at her. Mr. XeUon ex
prvsc bin wlllln-;nei,s to carry picnics
or e.xeurilon parties out, and remain
with them during the entire day, tor the
small -urn of twelvo dollurn. He is an
old time sailor, and understands perfectly
the business of haudllnj; a vessel ol this
kind, mid If any should have a desire to
take n trip with him they can feel per
leetly vtfe utiik'f hi? care.
Clrhli.iir'H lui-tilliue Mine
J.TIlll III ilicu
OiM-VulUwa' Hall hI Diwlly D,iaageJ.
I,ni. ISIIrnnteil nt i'lf'rpii '2 IiomhiihI
About Tuctldrdi of Vhleh U Csverei by
SpoiKniientis iiii!iiiiiii of s.iliirA-
It'll :1UK Aoil'.'lll'lt M lilt. l llll
ol Hip I iiiilliicrilllnn.
Abou' ft o'clock yesterday morning',
the'alleuii'iii ot u gentleman, who-eiiaine
we could not learn, while paln tilong
Commercial awiitie, wm attrncled bv
"eili;; smoke I-suln-; from the -.tore-room
ol Mr. Hlchholl, furniture dealer.
Taking the 'itiialiott In nt a f-l.inec. he
quickly -fttvp the ahirm of lire, nnd nuh-
ik to the front door ol thf "tore, tried to
ell'eet an entratiee. .Mr. I'llls. proprietor
of the Arlln-itnn house, anil .Mr. Frank
kobbhi-i, arrived with 15-ibeoek J'ire ex-
tln-fiiMiers ran a to the street, and
with the ai'Ut.iui " of the Urn L'entle-
mau alluded to, uceteded In breaking lu
the door, l'.y thl tliiv. the entire lar-jc
storeroom, which was completely packed
wltli filrnltun; of every dcerlptlon. bed
mattresse, etc., wa tlllml with a dense
ma-.i ol -.molie nud Ihttne.
.Mesr. Kill and Uobblm, how. ser,
went to work with their oxtinxinherj,
and lie.iu throwin-.' waP.T on the lloor,
In older fo make a iia-xe lhroii.'h to
thebaok i.'iid of the iiparlmeiit. and had
partly -ueewled lu doln" .-o, w hen the
back door was bnr-t ojieii by the crowd
on the out-ide, itdinillini; n -troii" eur-
rent of air which drove tint llaiues quick
ly to the front part of tin room, ilrivhi-r
Me-r. Kill, and Kobbhii Iwfore them.
fhe lire had now -;ot under Such hetid-
way in the furniture, .lore, that the tlre-
inen, who. up till thN time, had Iki-ii
workin-; like hene to -vt control of it.
found that their eil'ort" were of no avull,
so far a -a In-r the .t.j"k and buildin
wa concerned, und tliey very ieeillly
luniisl their attention to the udjolnln-'
bulldinj;-!, which idn-ady had been eou-
idenibly daimi',eil.
Jr. Arter's bulldlii'' had by this tlmu
been eau-jlit by tlie llatucs v. h!ch extend
ed into the thiol tory, the loom occu
pied by the Odd I'ellow., of Cairo, and
the window had nil 1 en nmre or h-.
broken, and the si burnt. The shut
ter, were alo niimxl, and the entire Irunt
of th - biilldlnj.', front the i i-md -tore to
the top. eliarred by the Ivcnt.
The bull'liii-; (n;upiei by Henry
Klehholl, and owmil by Mrr. -runnel
Hnlliday, . mjoii det-tniriil. The
ec..iid lloor :iv way beneath the wtdrht
of tlin st'wk .-itowtil away ujiou It, crry
liirr with it a hrue amount of lurnitiire,
all ol which was broken and burned with
tliebitllillnjr. All that remains of the en
tire -.tructure i. thelront wall and aden-e
mv- of charreil and bluel;oned timber-',
the roof bavin-; been burned entirely of).
How the lire was kindled. Is not really
known, but many expre the belltt Unit
It originated from the .pontaneous coin
buitton of raj;s or other li-jht material,
whleh, liarln-,' Iik-ii .-Unrated with oil
for the purpo-e of olllti-r furniture, were
unintentionally cast a-tde and forj;ottii,
after Icivhi' lieen iti.
'i'he lire wai ilrit dl-eoveivd. we are
told by Mr. Cobbing who was one of the
flrM to cut -r the room aer the trout
door had been broken in, about ten Icet
to the rent- ofa sfalrea-e 'ititald on the
outh Mde of the More.about half w.ty Ik
twii'it the front ami rear doorJ, and that
It had already burned a hrj.'eopenln;: In
the lloor of the n-cond -tory when he ilr-t
The lo?s of th" Hveral ii.irtK-. whoe
property was damaged by Ihe eileots of
the lire, will reach nearly tlfteen thou
and dollar's, and li cllvhlcl as follows,
anions the several liidlvidujls :
Theentla- -tock of Henry KlehholT,
furtiltun; dealer, valued at nine thou--audi
dollars, rpiin till- he had In
surance to the amount of lv thouiand
dollar-, tlm-e tlioiuand hi the underwriter'-,
and three thouind In the Ni
agara. .Mr-. Samuel Hnllidiiy, whooweucdtlm
bulldin-i occupied by Henry Kichhotl,
valued at thirty-live hundred dollar-, en
tirely destroyed, was ia-ured for two
thnu-and dollar- lu the rrauklln of I'hll-udi-lphlu.
I). After" bnlldln-r. ndjolnlti-; that of
Mr-. Hallway, valued at ten thoii-and
dollar-, wa. damaged to the amount of
about, tlfteen hundred dollar.. ; lo--i cov
ered by insurance.
Lluc'rar it Lau-den, whose hv ollke
is immediately below Odd Fellows hall,
In Arter's building, had a number of law
books -Hjrhtly damaged by water.
The furniture In Odd Fellow" hall, In
chilling the carpet, a jiuuiIkt of chair.-,
wrltln-; Uek and other tlilnr-s. wa. dam-
ajed to the amount of feveu liumlriil
dollars, nil of which I covered by Insur
ance. Arter A Stewart's ywuery tore was
not dlsturbel by the lire, t honjrli thev
siifler a slight los by the water dtippln-,'
upon -roods, and nl-o by j-oods belli'; -to-len
ditrlu-; the exelteineut.
This, as far as we can learn, covers the
whole loss Incurred by the coutl.ir.illon.
Thoe who answered to the call of the
alarm, both lu aud out of tlm tire ileii.in
tiienf, did ;o'd work iu tins tlmo of need,
and t;iiiei ot t'oiico iiiiams, who was
on hand anion-.' tho llrt. Is loud'ln his
jinihe of the colored people, who nit-
sweied without he'ltatlou to his com
mand while the flames were at their
highest Mage.
lleiielllH iil Ailtci-tlNln-;,
The linn ol'llobt. Smyth ivt'o., whole
sale liquor dealers , on Ohio Levee, can
furnish evidence of tlm benefits derived
from pcrd'tent newspaper advertising:,
They have published to ihe world
throu-'h the Hl'i.M'.tin, tint inUslu a slu
rle l.suo from the first, their bulues:
and where they mblit be louu.l. The
coiisequeticu Is that tlirouliout the dull
est neason they have done a strong nud
steadily lucrraslnslmslticsi. Ailvertlsln-;
brinj; them new customers, mid Ihu lit in
has a reputation of never lesliii? friends.
Their stock of liquors Is largo and com
plete, and of the finest brand. Their
price romiK'fe with any In the Wef,nnd
there 1 no rcaion why tliey hould not
be, n, they have proved tin m-' Ue. sue-
llie lli-ni'lll Tenilerril hy them In I tin
-tVoiii.iu'i lull nml I.tlirr
At the Atheneum, Erlday Evealug, May
21, 187S.
Tho Taj lor Literary Society, whoe
member-lilp embraces some ofCalro'.s
most accomplished nnd vtn.-retlc yottiij,'
gentlemen, and who are nn.lou to aslt
the Woman's Club and Library Ai-ocla.
tlou in the atfoinpll'liment of the worthy
object" enunciated lu their Hj'-Law'.
lately publl.h-.il lu thec eoliimn, hac
kindly tendered tin- Woman' club a
benefit. The Club havlnjc accepted their
ofler, th" boj-s have procured tho
Atheneum, nnd will, on next Friday
evcnlti-;, xlvcnnentertftliitncut which we
canasutre our readers will lo replete
with j;ood thln-rs; and n this U their
first appeanuiee before the public, nnd a
the entertainment will 1ms lor the lenellt or
a most worthy obieet, we bespeak lor
litem fitch a welcome from the citizens of
Cairo us their ffcneroslty merits. We
will on to-morrow present to our readers
the programme which will be otTered.
The follow In-; c'lrrespondence rclatinj;
to the entertainment explain, Helf.
Caiiio. Illinois, May 15th, 1-T5.
'i-etnry "f V C kud f. A..
The Taylor Literary Society lx.inj; in
lroii. of a.-ltitiir you in j-our cllorts to
procure a library, tender yon a com
plimentary hciivlitat the Athetieiim tie.M
Friday evenliij,', May 21-1. Trusting thi
will meet your approval, I await j our
earlle-t coinenleiitaii-wer.
I'e-in-ctftillj-, your,
JoiiN Osw.i.n, Sccretarv.
Caiiio, May 17, IS75.
wri'lii y of Til) lor Literary
Mr .'oliii M-nll, -
Vourlllivral oil
rha bi-en ratelully
rccelvi.tl, and we fully apjireciate the
compliment you tender u hi an enter
tainment next Friday evetiin-;. It will
materially aid us in takinir an Important
tep fowatd. nt which the public aro in-
tef'-'ted. Frati-rn-illy your-.
t . ( . K. Go--.
See-tetarj W", C. and L. A.
I'iiiI l.lsl.
St. amer J.tmes FIk, l'uducuh.
" Tliomp-on Dean. New Or!cau.
Great Hepubllc, New Orleans.
City of f iie'ter. st. Loui.
1'oiv-bo.tt Future City, St. LouK
" Jno. Gilniotv, Ohio river.
Steamer Jame. Fisk, l'aditc:ih.
" Great Itepublic, St. Louis.
" Thoutp-ou Dean. Cincinnati.
City ot Che.ter, MemphU.
Tow-boat I'uturu City, New Orleans
" Wild Duck, St. l.om.
' Jno. Ollmorr, St. I.ouU.
no .sit nun.
.Tim Flk, i'aducah; Xlck Lonpworth,
luo. F. Tolle, H. C. Yea-;er. Grand Lake
from the South : C. II. Church, City of
Quliicy. Ohio river; Ste. Genorievo,
Utah, St. Loui-.
nivim. wcATUKit ask nrst.sT.s..
The river la-t evcnhi'.' was 20 feet 0
;t-5 inche. on the xaiii-v. havlii" fallen 12
Im he. duriii-; the previous 21 hours. The
decline continues general atlpolnts above-
WV-ather mild and delightful.
in'.M'.iut. iti:ms.
The tow-boat Traveler wa sold at
I'ittsbur'.', Saturdaj', for tl,700.
-The Hepubllc had about S00 tons and
a fair trip of people for St. Loui.
-The llanuoek City Is enyajred In tow-
ill'' hi-;, tor the Cairo box factory.
Copt. J. S. West and Jake :-wivel
have purchased the steamer John II.
There wa. a inart fro-t at Frank-
lort, on the Kentucky river, on Sunday
-TheCha. Morpui, Cherokee, Atlan
tic and bare-. and Loimwoith are en
route from Xew Orlean..
Ctpt. John 1'. Kal.cr.siiperlntendant
of the Anchor Line, has piirchaed one-
eijfhth of the steamer Himark for 51,150.
-Fxetirslon trips to the pro-pectivo
Jettyville of Capt. Kads. at '' 'oul11
pa?, are now advertised in New Or
leans. -Commodore Parent, of the "1"' Hue,
Yiuoo river 'teamer. ays hi5 new Itoat
now buJWInir at Louisville will be called
the letter "IV
-Capt. Kads, on his late vi-lt to the
south pit's, found matters more favorable
than he had anticipated, forcoinmenciii-;
the Jetty work, nnd he U -ntlslled that In
twelve months" time ho will have 2d feel
water in tho p isaud over the bar.
-The Thiinip-on Dean had a Rood
trip of freight audSO pacnj;er.N for the
Ohio. dipt. W. II. Millar, her now com
mander, is delighted wlthtlu! behavior of
the Dean, and Is satisfied that she Is all
her niafrnilleent appearance would indi
catethat i' an A No. 1 money maklii';
boat, asjwcll as one of the finest and mo.t
comfortable pas.enj;cr packet., atloat.
Capt. Kiifjeiie Shlukle, formerly clerk
of tho Cha. Jtodmann, Is now command-In-;
the exclusion iteainerClmtnpInn Noli.
She Is eliainplon of all the champions,
built expn'Ssly for pleule and pleasiuu
partie. ; I fat, ale aud eU'if.nit, and will
no doubt Ik' (he favorite at Cincinnati tin
rlnji the tVw lays thai yet remain before
Winter rets In. ' She made her first ex
cursion on .Monday, taMiiy tho St. Paul
German r.vanjjelleal Association to Par
lor Grove.
V. dispatch to the Cincinnati Com
mercial from KvausUlIc, speakln-; of the
GJasj;ow k.iJ's : "lillent .loimsoiivuic.
a inaTt luvadeil her und carried oil' her bar
fixture', under pretense that the bar
keeper owed cost lu a State ease, tu
which ho hail prosecuted a uero for rob
bing his drawer. Not belli-; ablo to es
tabllslbthe jrtilll of tho excused, the pco-
, pin claimed he should pay tho cots ot
proectitlott, whleh ho refused to do; hence
the dastardly outrage."
1'aii Drt-AniHEar. IIivkk lUroiir, I
.'lay ii, ifra i
Ilowwawi,.! -"",
Nmlitlllr .......
St. Loul
I 2
to UK iivi:n bv tiii:
On Sundn)', Muf 7.1, 1H7.1.
At the Beautiful and Bomantlc Hill ot Ken.
tnclcy, Near Fort Jefferion,
Tho well-known Steamer "Three Statts"
ha- been clmtsred for the occadon, and
w ill convey the jarly to tbe groundi. The
boat will laave the foot of Fourth trcet, as
lollowa t Flrft trip, . m. ; return, 12
in. eoon llnp. H10 p. in. ; rjturo, 7. p.
m. '1 he excellent Delta City Cornet Hand,
and n splendid "trlnit band have been en
gagel to futtilih inlldc. Kclrf nUnicnts of
all kind will be onthe Kroimit. A ood
time Is anticipate..
Ticket, for round trip, 5) cents ; children,
25 cent.
Tickets c in bo obtalued at the following
I.'. A- W. Ituder, Loui, Herbert, Win.
Alba, 1. (I. .--chilli, CUif. choeiicmcycr,
Kd. Iliivfner, 1". M. Slockfleth, Amaiidua
Jaeekel, City lircwery.
Notice Is hereby (.'hen to all parties Inter-
cited, that atter ths 50th Imt. the ordi
nances In nlatlon to obstructing !dcwalk.
tlirowhig tilth, broken 2las, or other rub
bish Into tho trcet, or c.poliiz their
warci ormcrchandlie in ueh a manner,
upon awning, as to obtruct the frco pas
f a-;e ol peron, nn or on" the ldew,dk, will
be rigidly enforced. W. M. Williams.
V--t I. City Marhal.
Tor Mule.
L'lijrinoand Holler: also Saw Mill fix
ture, If wanted. Forpartictilar. enquire
off. H. Woodward. .Vl-lm
lleunro! ! !
In order to 'iiard ajr.iint the 'pread of
small hjx, I would respectfully ttprj;eH,
that all i;rons who have not alreadv
lieen'saeelnati d. and are pecuniarily able
so to do, to le vaccinated at once ; tlio'e
who are not able to paj- for the same to
call immediately on the city clerk, ::nd
procue vaccination ticket?, entltllnjr the
holder to free vaccination.
H. Wisrtn, Mayor.
Cottage or two .torj, with rood accom
modations. Addres or apply to I). F.
Heuutt, Howe Sswlny Machine On.
l lie Old Itelliitilc.
I hereby announce to the public that 1
am better prepared than ever to aciommo
dato my patrons at the Central Hotel, on
Sixth ctrcct, between Commercial and
Washington aTcimci. I have taki-n a part-
ncrln tbo hotel bulnes, Mrs. Apphuian,
wbohashad onslderable oxverlence In
that line, and will not fail ta make quests'
fed at )i9iue. Tile lablu villi nlay lie
supplied wttti tbs licit tfcu mirket afford,
'erved up In the limit palatable iiiaiuii-r,
HoarJ andloJgins per week, ?t 50; tilncle
meal, i5., to be had at all hour. I have
abo In connection with my bote', a rirt
cbs. barbe- fhop, and am prepared to xlve
cu-toaicr a ;'0od sluw, hair-cut, liainpoo
Ini;, etc. I will run three chair, and have
cmplo) cd tou.orhl attlst. who tmdcr'taiid
their tmdncsj. Shivlng. in cents ; thatii
poolng, -0 cents ; aud bilr cutting, 'J.'i cent!.
Give me a call. Pitup. F. (li.Klitt..
i hick ii rue.
Mrn. Honuardoffer her erlcea as aalek
tiurs). sliu U experienced In all kinds of
uurMii. Public pattor.ai;i respectlully 'o
Melted. Leave orders on Cedar hlrect, be
tween Twenty-Third and Twenty-Fourth
streets, In tho Porter Home, or P. O. Hux
lJpci flaP Tobm-eii.
Fred Tclchinan, at his cigar and toba?co
store on P.lrfhth street, has jut received a
large and complete msortmeut of pipci, etc.
and it latge Hock of the be-t brand-ol smo
king and chewing tobacco. F. T.'a tand
ard cigar alway.. on band, (live him a call.
ollie of lleinosiil.
The well-known barber 'hop, corner
Cighth nnd Commercial, presided ovsr by
;ho popular nrtl-t. Ueorge Stelnhouse, has
removed one door north on Commercial, In
,h tirand Central Hotel. The new shop t
argo and commodlou'i, nnd those wishing
for anything artUtie tn the way of fa-hlon-able-
hair cutting, suiooth shavei1, etc., will
Jo wtll to call at the. Gtand Central ltarbcr
dtop. "1 8-lU-tf.
Ha In.; bought out the Mure of Isidore
Ullman, on Washington avenue, between
Ninth and Tenth trect. I tako tbls
method of Informing the public nt the fact ;
alotoa-s-jrothcinthat I 'hallendeavoratai
times to merit thelreoiitldencc audio make
it to their Inter? t tu give to me the patron
ago I aV.
1 liavejustroturned Hunt et. Loui-, where
I purchaed ft lull and complete stoclt ot
Dry; Uood. Hoots, Shoe?, Heady Mailt
Clothln;, .Notions, etc, which Is now opei.
and fr.r "alc at my torc. All l ask I tha
you call and cxamlno good and prices.
' .VI). If. SAMI'KI, ri.ufvs.
l.illu h t l.uni li !
The blggcs. lunch evcrn-t hi Calio, will
be 'prcad uvery nioriilng at the Planters'
Ilon.e. Wiener beer U the great attrac
tion, it pays to lIt iho Planters' Home
und try a drink of thlf, the linest bter eer
offered In thl city, ur,.s.i:w.
ItrUnri'il Itales.
We will take, nt the St. Chiiies Hotel,
during thekumniermontli,Mil)'boir.lcrt,
at $12 rf month, ntidW boarder, with cool,
lileaunt room on tho upper lloor, nt fi30
per month. At this cxtrmniiy l iw rate,
none but promptly raying hoarders will be
accepted. Jmvjtrr Wilcox V Co.,
:u--i3-luij Proprietor.
I'lanu ana OrKn Tuiilutr.
Mr. M. Kulmo desire us to say that he U
ready to receive order for PI mo and Or
;an tuning, und repairing musical Instru
ments. Order may bo left at the corner ol
Thirteenth audWaluut atreeti, or P. O.
Uox 000, and will roeelvn prompt attention,
.Mr. .Monsarrnt, one of the most ac
complished lady mii'Iclans In Southern
Illlnol". will, during thesummennonths,
leach pupils ol tills city, music for the
very low nrlec of ten dollars tx-r term.
Mrs. Monarrat has for years past taught
the art of music In several of tho most
noted academics of .Memphis, and has
gained by her thorough know ledjre of the
art a mot enviable reputation, Parents
who have children whom they would
have liecoiue completely versed In music,
will do well to place them under the care
of this lady. 5-4-tf.
Ran linn ofr.sery llcacrlptliiu
no ; uiikh : ii(ia : t
Onandancr Juno 1st, IST.'i, all doi: run
tiltig at large, onwhlthtax has not beau
paid will be dlroscd of. ditl t fltv
Clerk's oillrn nnd pay tar.
Wm. M. Williams.
City Marshal
Allll In llie rielil.
Jlr. Phil 11. Saun nl-Lips tu iniir.ii,-f. in
hlstrltudsand the public generally, that
he has lately tilled up, In excellent style,
his commodious and comfortable pirlors on
Washington avenue, near Elghtli Ueet,for
the entertainment oftho.eol our citizens
and the rest of mankind who fndnk-e In
lee croam, oda water, confectioneries, Ac.,
Mid tbat he l prepared to furnish to cltl
ii of Cairo, tt home or at his parlors,
anything' In his line. Phil . Is well known
to our citizens, and as hi rooms are very
pleaatitly titled up, and as he can alwa;
be found at hl not. dav or nlirh. tn Innk
after the welfare r.f his cutiuier, we be-
p'lk for lilm that custom which tits enter
prise merits. ni Ice cream and lemonade
are dellclou, his foda water I not equalled
by any In tli s city, and a far as confection
eries are concerned, It rantut be denied
tlist his toek Is alusj- the lift In tho city.
I. ii nui! Mrr Jlr.
landlords ot hotels and bonrdlng houses
nill tlndlt to thrtr advantage to call upon
Mr. Colcmm, Laundrcr, No 12 Fourth
street, between Washington and Commer
cial avcn.ic. Hotel and bn.irdln-.'-houe
washing, TSccntspcrdozcn. Fot piecework
prii ire a follows : Single shirt and col-
Isr, 10i; per dozen S?cj oi-ks 5i-; two col
lar, Sc; two haiid'.erchlcfs, fte; ct BOe;
and a'l gectlctnenV wear. fc. per
doen. Ladies' drc-'Cf, to 50c;
skirts 10 t-j '.'0c; drawers 10 to 15c; two
Fair ho.'C uc; two collare 5 to 10c. Kor la-
lie' plain cl-ithca SI 00 pur docn; for la
lie tine clothes, fl i'i per dozen; done
dramptly, nnd promptly dells cred. Ta
tronasc solicited.
Winter' (Jnllrrj-.
Open every day of the week.
Itnriir nnil Hntltllr
A full aud complete stock ol tine and com
mon buggy harnci, single or double, at
sr. touts 1-nicp.s at tho new chop next
door to Theatre 105 Commercial nvenuc.
S-T-aw. L. 1). Akin ft Co.
Two-Home Wuuoii Tor Kale.
A new wagon for Mc at a bargain,
plr nt tbe IIullutin counting-room.
Obstacles to Marriage.
Happy relief for young men ir.m the ef
feet of errors and abues In eatly Ufe.
Jlanhond restored, Impediments to mar
riage removed. 'ow method ol treatment.
New and leiuarkablo reinedte. Hooks
and c'.rciilir rent free, In sealed em elopes.
Address, HOWAItl) ASSOCIATION, 419
N. Mnth street, Philadelphia, Pa. au Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
al le conduct acd professional skill.
Corieetcsl Daily by K .M Stennn, comniltnlon
nirrcliunt, M-crrlary uf tli C'uiro Hoard ot
Flour, luvontiug to gnuti-..
Corn, uilxnl, tarkrt
Com, uhlte, tacLisl
Oat-, mixoi
II ran, ir ton
.Mml, lram itrlisl
Ilutur, etiolce .Nortliirni
Ilutter.choicr souttitni 111.
Kirg, ; f r ilozi ii...
(.lili'Lcin, jwriUxrn
TurLcvs. err dnzrii
ioar oo
1 70
Si ioitl to
(n-ia to
(.i.3 ui
I'ututo-4, r li.in 1
Onisiis, Ir Uuul
3 SO
t eo
ipm,rii. loz . ............
West aide Cominercinl Avenua. betwoaa
Eighth aud Nlntti atroata,
ISrxi door tn -I llur.-i r' dry pvt tmc.)
A full line of tlw lah st and inn'l fishlonable
" 'hiats and bonnets
at on tiaml ALoeisry lailrlyor
Ribbons, Lqoos nnd Trimrniui,
from the clirj-t to the moat rostlr. ji1le
vrill llixl uuy nml nerjthlna hi litrtoie lora
complete trfit, lull or outfit.
Prices to roimwtr wiilt any In tli weit,
Wliolia1r and Itilall HcuIitIii
Engliah. Port
Imported from Now York City.
No. 178 WuBhtuittou Ave.,
Comer Elaveuth St.,
IU- r-lf-'.'IH
rha Prlvata Freaoriptioa Book,
BertCBiiU '"wr MblllViK
la ft4 BIUaU DUtMC. Atlktaa,
KMbcfctu. i'tuni, Cns-utsiiaf iiat, nui,
let... ajfbniLU 4 akin 1'ii.m.s, lit
ir Catlltt. riaii srlt.i, iwiij
liwwi, Mmtnai Bd KcrrouiD-
biUir and aituuailoo, Xnpouu-
cr, iiiii.auuiurf ui iMiHkn.
Ljc fraiu BzoMHwa tbi Imprudtnt
'-oClaaaaaaaaaKvU'st'lu. m un.t,mttj u. dub
'tn-BHtV tT hbui aft Mill fur its Frlvalt
Prwrtplloo Book. u Iiiji ul tail
L Birroui J Ul til frk-
iii , Va I rrMri(li( htm Maussu or TrMimani i
mm WDm m IMI wa umm tmuw
t&f ?f U.!
i. aatnaa
'1 ho Truatccat of tho Ctlro City
Property desire to call public attention
to the merits of their property, coinprh
Injf a considerable portion of tho City of
Cairo, iu Alexander County, In the SUt
of Illinois, and lauds Immediately adja
cent thereto. ' "
i his rlty, as It well known, fa altiutiadtt
the confluence of the Ohio and Mitklnlppl
rivers, at the bead of unlnterupted natfja
tiononthe Ml.slastttil. tieln tielow ob.
tnictlons by lee In itie winter and low
Water In Hltmufr. and thin has ernr anrt
open riser communication at all time over
thcMi'sMrpiandltatributarU, with all
the countrv south, to tbe Gulf ol Mexico
and the Atlantic Ocean. Calre- has alao the
.same character ot communication with all
the country north over the streams flowing
"f ii, ssnen inoae nirnim are not iHtavt
gable by reason ot Ice or low water.
Dlore the era of lUllroads, Cairo had a
commanding position as a centre of com
merce and navigation. Thia lmiortanca ot
position she til I pOi--eie. but baa now the
additional advantage or being a great rail
road centre, a number of the moit Import
ant ralltoad In the Valley of IboMIwIaslppI
comers-lug tu und hating tnalr termini
there. Among these, coming from tha north
are the treat Illlnol Central Itallrotd,
which travcr-ca the entire Mate of Illlnoia
fnini.'its etremennrthen and north-eastern
to Its southern limits, and lv Its connection
extends into all the great northwestern
grain producing States ; tbe Cairo and Vln
eenues, evtiinh'iigfrora Calm to the City of
Vlncencei. lit the State of Indiana, wh'ere
lt connection afford direct railroad torn
iiiutileations with all K.vtern citlea: and
the Cairo .V St. I.ouib Itatlroad. aitordtne a
direct railroad communication with the
I It v at l.ouls and all the railroads cen
tering there. The roads eoalni; from the
.-outn arc inc .cw uricana. jacnaon ana
Great Northern and the Mobile and Ohio
Kallroadn. which irlvc direct railroad com
munication with ttte cltl- ot Mobile and
New Orleans, and other Southern Atlantic
tea port, and by onnoctlng roads with all
the countrv satith of Cairo; and coming
Irom the southweit Is the Cairo, Arkansas
and Texas Hallroad, which aflorda similar
communication with Southern Mlttourl,
AnsanMi and Texas, and tho principal cit
ies of those States. Tbli last-named road
will glc, alo. direct connection with tho
Texas and Pacltlc. I to. id when it it comple
ted, thus giving direct communication wr.n
the prlncipsl parts ot tho Pacltie Ocean.
tiictc rauroauf,ierroinaiiDgai, uairo, rr
now- all .-ntnnlMi-.i sind 111 aucccsafttl opera
tion, tho-e tn Hllnola coming into the city
on a bank ot each of tbe rtTew, Ohio and
Mississippi, and terminating ui their conflu-
ence, inua encirciiDgine cuy. mwiij
Springs, llrownhvltlc and Ohio HIvar Rail-
ru.ui, .uu vun V.S11U .mmv---.vw
ItHlrjail, wnicu win tmit vcrminam ai
Cairo, are In course of conatntctlon and will
sonnbe completed, and other railroad both
lu Illinois andln State aouth of the Ohio
river, which wilt nlo terminate at Cairo,
are projected, and arrangementa mails to
build l hem ''' ennit(fon of them
will greatly increase tha rillroad communi
cations of Calru.
Its central location in the vriv.it Vallcr nt
the Mississippi, and the great wealth of river
and railroad communication, give to Cairo
unsurpissed advantage aa u commercial
point, as it otrorda to her easy and cheap ac
eea to all the train producing dlatrleta ot
tneNorth and West.andsimllaraeceaalo all
the agricultural rroduce ronsumera of the
South, thus presenting the best location lu
the West tor. m Interchange of the reaped
Ivo northern und southern eoinmoditlea and
At a mai.uticturtnc location the Million
of Cairo U not less important. The crude
materials if evtnr draerfntion. whick con-
atltute the elements of manufactured arti
cles, absund on eierv side. Iron ore. coal.
of superior ipiality, and timber of every
eiiaracter, more mail otiiera, Detng easily
and ebeaplv accesdble, and the rich agri
cultural nglon of the immadiate neighbor-
liooj, ai wen at tni more remote innrieia
rendered tributary to It by river and rail,
furnlli suppllesot tiiet.ecestancaot lire in
such abundance as to render thing except
ionally cheap. When the manufactured arti
cle are proimcou, ine laciniica iur curaii
distribution by river and rail are not
Cairo has a iimr.il. Intelligent, liberal and
enterirMng pjpulatlnn of about 13,000 baa
a upcrior system of public K-hoolr, which,
with other conducted by private eater-
prise, aiiorii uotvrp sscit educational tu
vantasrc Is paxessed of well-eatabllshed
churches nt nearly every denomination
has publl't and arlvate building! of a tupe
rtor character lita a climate, which for sa
lubrity and hcstthtul Influences cannot he
urpissKil has a well-regulated an1 ef
tlcletil mimic Ipil organization, Ita streets
H;hted with gai, and other metropolitan ad
vantages, whlcl make It liltbly dealrabl
and In reality mt to be excelled aa a pltc
ofpenument residence.
I.oti and land iu Cairo aro now ottered at
very low ptleei. tiTstttllng tavoranie oppor-
tunitlea to purchase, and the ownert pre
lent the locatlou to Ihe public aa offering
unrivaled advantagei lor the auece afful at.
tablishtiwnt of cowuierelil or manufactur.
tnx euterprisiMi, and the best locality tn the
country tor profitable Intestmentof capital.
8. STAATa Taylor,
Kdwct PARM4,
TnuMtf, tlf.
caiw), ai., My W, c - s

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