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Knight" of I'yllilm, meets every Prf.
ily night at liulr-Iiaot "i-lcn, III Oil'l
t'vlluwa' Hull C K HI.S.CK,
( hahilllor (.ollllnali'ler.
Inileix-ti'lcnl unii-rui iiwiii-
''kSOin iii i.lr imikl uriviii III thi'lr liuil uii
II...... ti ...err I htlfMlHl lilil.l
Commercial avenue, between ."sixth ami Scuiilh
stints ilUIII II IIII.SMiX, . Ii,
( UlltO l;N;AMr.MI.N T, I (). O.K.. unit-.
Vln Oilil-Killiiw' Mall on tin- flrrftiihil llilnl
I uomlii) In eury month, at Imlf-h.i.t men
I. K Alack, C. )'.
wV. Hold rrttuliir coiiitiiuiihutloii In Mh
WJK sonic Hall, coiner Comiiidclal itvcime
' 'will lilulitli stmt, on lite iiecniid and
uiulli Monday of each inonlli.
Stuart & GMson
Rospoctfully announoo that
thoy will romovo to the ologant
storo room adjoining Rockwoll
& Co.'s Book Storo, on Com
mercial avonuc, between 7th
and 8th Sts., on Monday, May
Gratefully acknowledging tho
patronago of our frionds in past
yoars, wo hopo, in our new lo
cation, to bo able to servo our
friends quite as faithtully as
boforo, and to their greater
We shall offer a more com
ploto stock in all departments,
and at tho usual low and uni
form range of prices which
havo rendered our houso so
popular. In order to open
with a clean stock we shall of
fer during this week such bar
gains as will ensure a cleaning
out of stock.
I'resl, Slippls.
Mr. 1'. riugerald hriJut received ami
l.ii un sale nt -ales rom a large Mock
if Knlltli ale, porter, Hetincssy brandy
ami vsine, and Ihpiors of all kinds, which
be will dispoic of at reasonable prices.
til t III)- licit.
Dr. S'eUi Arnold's Cough Killer the
tjreat I'tadlcJtur lor a'l lung diseases a hj.
porlor rimedy to alt other medicines yet
discovered, In -ovcre c.xms. Ills a sure,
riuLk, ami perfectly 'afo remedy tor
coughs, cold', iiorc throit, whooping cough
jroup, and all diseases of the throat mul
Inns. Itc'nll pricj, 'J.'i mid M) cents atnll.
Any bottle that does not jjIm- relief tiny be
returned, and tho money "III be refunded.
Dr. Sith Arnolds Dlarrhu-a Ilalsim, S.'Kitnl
W cenH. Itcinem'ier it Is warranted. Ar
nold's llll Ioim .Mandrake fills, operatiug
without idckne-f awl pain. Compounded
by Dr. M'tli ArnoMS Medical Corporatl n,
ootisocket. It. 1. iold by Taul (i.Srhuh,
druggist, (uiro. III. m..'.'5.:i,ii.
A Mmi !.
II Hlock, boot and shoemaker, on Kiphtli
street, between Washlngroii ind Commer
vial avenue, has jtiit received a new style
ol list, and la now prepared to untie a boot
tuat, for neatness and comfort, cannot be
evcellcd, (ilvohlm a call and examine
thl ucwstvle ol la-t. li.-ir-lm.
I.tiillcs' I'tiriiistilnc Mure.
A ladles' fiirnWhhu; store Induced opened
III tha Theatro building, and tockcd with
a lull lice ofevcty tiling pertalnlni!t' ladles'
wiar ready-mad i lrec, underwear,
etc.- all of the latent styles, and will be sold
ut lower Inures than ever before ottered In
Culro. Theso good were purchased In
New York, tiro of the bc-t material, and
will bo sold very reasonable. AIo .Mil I
ncry (jood-ofall kinds. au-l-SO-lni.
Tin- Mnln Siimlny Nrhoul 'iiiM'iilliin.
The Seenteetith Annml CoincnUon of
tho State Sunday School Anociatlon ol Illi
nois w 111 ho held lu the City or Alton, Tues
day, Wcdnedar and Thurtdiy, .May "jrith,
'JGtli and 27th, IS.'), commencing 'l'ue-d ty,
ut 10 a. m.
Kaeli county In tho State, eveept Cook, is
entitled to ten dclezutes. Tho uumbor Iroui
Cook county Is not limited. The pro
gramme will bo published hocm, and foi
warded to tho county Socrctarleu. Tho ar
rauyemcnts for tho convention give pronv
1st! of a mod prolll.tblc and pleasant res.slon
County Secretaries ani reipiested to havo
thl notice published in the county pipcri.
II. V. .lACOlls,
Chiilrm.iunrthe Incentive Cotumlltce
'uirn uml SI. I. mils Itiillrniiil.
On and niter -May Mb tho r.isjcnger
Tralu on this road will leave from tho cor
net- ol Commercial iiveuu-j and Second
troetat7:ira. in. Tho train will ulivays
ftopnt tho pl.itrortn ol tho Freight House,
foot of Kouith street near tho MUslhslppI
levee, whero pascnjrera can obtain tickets
to St. I.ouIh and all Intel modlato points.
Caiho, May 1, 1875.
VQ-2vr. .Ioiin Konnirr, Agent
Htvry Ni'von Years.
pliy.slologins say, tho liiiinan hotly is cv.'
tlrcly slian-odimd renewed. Kcry in i
nient ol our llvct, every part of our Indies
la wearing out ami U being built up anew
of fresh matter. This work UnccoiiipMihcd
by the blood which goes through ovory
part. Ilitt irtho blDod bocomcs weak oc
vitiated, and iloen not porfonn Its work
properly, the system h actuilly poloued
by tho worn-out intutor clogging tho vital
organ Instoad of leaving the body. For
dyi.pepsltt, bllioiisncis, kldnoy, skin and
ller troublej, tovcm, and all dl.oinui arls
lug from vitiated blood, I)K, W'ai.kkii'i)
orelgn remedy. a.H-d&w-lw.
.Notice liunibcr.
Havlugagala ostablUlicd myself In tho
Luiubor biulncsi, at tho Wall & 1 -ut Mill,
1 m prepared to fell lumber of all kiudu,
Uthi and Bhlngten at wholcnalo uud retail,
and to oiler extra inducement i at all timet,
guaranteeing tho lovrast possiblo prices.
WS-Ml-lm. J. S. McUaiikv.
rill l!!IMV, .M A V 2(1, IS".".
I.ociil Wciilhcr lti-iiirl.
cahio, li.i. , M.i) I.' Is;;
It Ml.
3) IVI
Tiik. I Wind,
Vtx. t Wk.Allll.ll
7h in
II '
'p III.
1 1 nlm.
74 '
ih. y.
I l nlr.
' Ihiint.
. v.
1 IID.MAS .IONKS, feifKl. S. ti., I! A.
M II it if.
'I'lii! Woiimii' (.'lub and Library AsO'
chit ion will hold tliclr next n'uhtr meet'
UiH ut tluj rcsldeiici) ol'.Mr. I Jr. Smith,
on next Sutiinlav utU-ruoon.
ImpriM Iiik.
Ilitliic4 mi tin- Cnlio iV.St. LiiiiU Nnr
row (Snugi.' rallioMil U ticcoinlii hi'tti'f
L'vvry iluy. Luiulier, Hour, corn,
oats and other uierfhaiiillfo U now coin
ing over (hi- road hi large Humilities.
It U alil that tlic lk-Ii-n U'Ksti: the
titrlcal compaiiv will visit Cairo .shortly.
The troupe, lui:o lt last visit to ourclty.
haiiiiailca micccss'uI tour of llu'Wc-it
ami South, ntul an; now on their return
to the North.
A llrst-cla-s orchftr.i, tintler the Io.nl-er-hlp
of .Mr. Wlttlg.oiu: of the ho-t inii
slclaii In Southern Illinois, will in-Ut
thu Taylor Literary Society, on I'tiday
evening, on tie occasion of the hciiellt
teiiilercd the Woman's 'luh and Library
.Woriutloii bv that body.
I'nrH uril.
Wis inidcr-taiul that Me-sr. Canliici
fialne an; irogrc-ing rapidly with the
new City I directory, and wo fluwrcly
hope that their cll'oit- will ho rrowmil
w 1th success. Vt. luive long lcen hi need
ofn gooil city I Jircelory, and wet'eel that
these gentlemen understand tho hii'luess
thoroughly, ami hope our cltl.cns will
-uppoit It without he-ltatlon.
Ilnsr Hull
There will be a meeting of the "Lu
nl.it" lt.is.' Hall club at .lame Kelly',
-table, b.vk ot the City National It ink,
to-morrow (IVid.iy) evonhig, at TtlW
o'clock. All Iuti.'reteil arc reUe-teil to
attend e-peclally the following nine:
1'ro-t, Povorc. Kelly, Hogan, (ilhu;s,
Lally, Caviiaugh, Stewart, J'loyd and
l'hll Howard to organize to piny I'adit
cah. .VJU-Jt
To Vlsll Culrii.
Vi arc told that the mammoth circus
anil inenagcrio of Cooper. Ilalley,v Com
pany, which will exhibit at I'ailucnh on
the thlrty-llr-t day of thl month, will
visit Cairo shortly after I'lillllllng the en
gagement nt that place. Prom (lie amount
of advertising thl company is doing, wu
should judge that It Is a successful enter
prise, anil that th gentlemen who con
trol and own tho concern posc-s plenty
of wherewith, and that they give their
patrons their money's worth in ivonders.
'I lie ItnrrarUs.
That part of '"airo which tor 'oine time
Inn been ile-Ignatcd as the "barracks'," Is
liming altogether a new nppi-ar-
ani '.'. v II Jilt the pat two weeks a targe
number ot the negro hmities which stood
out so prominently In that -cctlon, have
been torn down or moved away, and the
rubbish hauled out of the vicinity. The
I (arrack- arc now a thing of the p.i-t,atid
will, o ttu-t, within a few ycnr, be
built up with new ami civilitablc dwell
ing house-. There are many beautiful
sites in this neighborhood for rc-ldciices.
M i-s. ( 1 regg, of Alexandria, Missouri,
I- now hi the city paying a vMt to her
-Islcr, Mrs.Capt. Kiley.
licotgc W. Wall, of I Mi tjiiolu, U hi
the city attending court.
Mr. Sam. L. Southern, formerly as
Maul superintendent of the Cairo, Ar-
kaiiia- Texas railroad company, ar
rived hi the city, from St. Loui-', on Tues
day night, lie will remain In Cairo ov
oral days.
.Mr. .loo Kooarts, ot i ttrmimiuie, ci-
Itor of the .lack-on County .Vi, wa hi
town, yc-terday, on biHino. Ho re
turned to Carbondalo lat evening.
llei iiriiliini liny.
The unveiling of the monument at
Mound City thc?.)th hist., promises to be
a grand allalr. The Cairo it St. Louis
and Illinois Central railroad, wo under'
.stand, will run excur.-ion trains to con
nect with tho Cairo ,t Vlucciine rail
road, at Cairo. Tho olllccrs of tho Cairo
,t Vinclnue.s road, will run exclusion
trains front Canni and Cairo at about
half faro that is, from Canal, SJ round
trin. and on thu same calu from other
points. Tito faro and time front Cairo are
not yet given, hut tho company will un
doubtcilly ndvcrtlso It In tho city papers
Tho Odd 1'cllows of Cairo will attend In
a body.
.Mr. ham i iinan, tnc dry goons mer
chant on Washington avenue, Informs us
that on .Monday night his store was
kroken Into by burglars. The robbers
effected mi entrance to the storoby means
of a crow-bar or large chl-cl, with wlilch
tliev niycd open thu front door. .Mi
Chnaii was in the store asleep during the
time tho Intruders were at work, but was
not awaUencd by their pre-enco, nor did
he know nnvthlng ol the transaction un-
til about -I o'clock Tuesday morning,
i when ho was arou-cd by hearing some
I ono call him, and upon opening hi- eye,
' saw standing In tho door a man, who,
, upon seeing tho door standing wide open,
hiippo?c(Uoineihlug was wrong, and tool;
this incaiis ot ascertaining. Nothing had
uccii tiiKeu iroui uiubiore, anil it Is sup
posed by rimnii that tho burglars, upon
llmllng liiiu there, became frightened
and lo ft without securing any booty.
Cottage or two story, with good accom
modations, Address or apply to I). T.
Bennett, Howo Sowing Machine ODIco.
Ncnrly n lliiiiiivrnj'.
A horse attached to a light buggy bo
came frightened at a largo piece of paper
which catno sliding along Washington
avenue, near the llt.i.t.ini.S' olllce, yester
day afternoon, mid making a sudden
s-ptlug, turned the bugg over on If Mile,
lauding thu driver, u colored man, on his
feet, but he was enabled to hold
thinly to tho Hues and top the animal
before he had succeeded In getting hilo n
run. The buggy was set right side up,
and It was found no daina'.-e had been
done, beyond a tew scratches and a
broken bolt or two. IVopIo should not
throw loo-u paper about the streets hi so
proml-cuoiM a maimer, a has been the
custom of lalo In Cairo, ns nine cases out
of ten a hoMf will become frightened at
It while being driven on the street, and
unless it Mop Is put to the habit very
loon, serious results will follow.
itt st : ni si :
t:er prtscnl ''rest for the weary," Mat
ticfsc", Pillows and ItjUtcrs at (i. W.
1Iici;'b .MittrcM Mumlactory, corner of
-Nineteenth and .1'oplsr streets, between
tho New York store and Coljntl Tiiyto-'ii
ofllcc, as follows; KxccMor an I Shuck
Mattrctscs, full slc, cotton top, ."i f)j set
ond slc, e'itton top, ', good plain Shuck
MaltreMcs, and j"; l.uiinge, Single, and
Crib Mit'restes at reduced ptlcc to svtlt
the hard llnifs. Tctui" strictly cash. High
est cash prlc? paid lor c iu shuck', dellv
ored at my factory. .'i.-JO-dAw-Sw.
;it the Wo is I ol 1 1.
W' learn from Mr. .loo Kobert-'. who
was In the city yesterday, that Mr. Fon
taine Albright, ot Catboudale.got slightly
taken hi on the hor-e race hu-Incss at
MurphyslRiro tinting the races t tint
vlllaL'e recently. .Mr. Kobert.s tells u
that the White county tiiifuicii, the party
who owned tho hor-o that defeated Al
bright's brag hor-o so easily, are thu
owner; of twenty-live race hor-es, and
that it wa a lucky tiling for Mr. Tom
Logan that the White county horv" be-
cauiu lainejii't b d'ori' the race which hail
been arranged for hltu with Logan's
horse, or Log.iu would have been a
badly taken hi as Mr. Albright wa. The
White county man, it I- -aid. oil'ercd to
Ive Mr. Logan one hundred dollar.-, and
pay the expanse-of that gentleman, his
hostler, rider and hor-o, to any other
place b'Idos Murphy.-born, where a
good track was to be found, mid run
hi- horse ngaln-t hi-crack racer. "I'iu
Fad," tor $109)n side, but Mr. Logan got
his eye- opened diiringlhoAlbrlght race.
and very flatly refu-cd to accept the pro-
po-ltlon. The Murphysboro pcoplo have
had enough of White county hor-e racers
for awhile.
I'uloii It.ll.er.t.
Frank ICritky, of tho t'nlon Itakery,
Comnicr.lal avenue, between Fourth and
Sixth street", has rc-opcicd lih bakery, and
U now prepared to deiher Ilrcjd and Cakes
of the be-tiifvllty, anywiiere In the city or
country, In such iptautltlcs us his custom
in niAydeslrc. l'tlces will bo mailo cn-
tir.'ly with rcfcrin'ie to the present hrd
times ; tn other words, rhsavcr than the
cUeapttt. Sena in jour orilcrs.
413.5 -20-tl.
Mriil l.iiinpH.
In a stroll about Cairo, on a d.iik night,
one become- Impressed with tho Met that
light, more light we mean more gas
light is very badly needed in thu billow
ing places :
Sixteenth street and Coutmeivi.il, Sev
enteenth street and Commercial, comer
Poplar and Twentieth street-, corner
Cros and Walnut streets, comer Center
and Walnut street-, corner Twentieth and
Walnut streets, corner Nineteenth and
Poplar streets, corner Lleveiith and Com
mercial nvciiuc, corner Twelfth and
Washington avenue, corner Filth -trcet
and Commercial, corner ."second street
and Commercial avenue, corner Fifth ami
Walnut street', corner Llevcnth and
Cedar street-.
In procuring those street lights, we are
fully aware of the expen-e which iiiu-tbo
incurred, and we are alo fully impressed
with the truth that tin; city already has a
heavy debt' upon her -boulder-, which
she ha for year past been making an ef
fort to wlpo out. Hut, wo also believe,
that were the city authorities to make an
appropriation of a siitllclcut amount to
-upply tho above named plucks with
lamps, the act would ho heartily -anc
tloucd by the elti.ens.
Sonic of I lie l'lfiisdiisr I'cnturc- ol the
Sliilc Alius.
Within the compass of this magnifi
cent volume, containing no less than :!03
pages, ICx'JO Inches in sl.o, ono travels
over the Stato lu swiftly alternating
movements ; from statistical detail
to pleasing landscapes; from history
of towns and counties to striking sketches
of prominent cltiens of tho State, and
from mi admirably executed prolusion of
towns and counties to costly and elegant
homes at dlfTerot localities within its bor
ders. Its collections of maps will show
the boundaries of county lines, sena
torial and congressional districts geo
logical formations, maps of the
United States, showing density of popu
lation, and thegrado ami complexion ol'
her people : colored maps showing the
characters ot agricultural products, con
splcuous in designated localities, such
hay, wheat, corn. etc. Vital statistics ami
lllus'.ratloii- Miowing tho morali
ty by consumption, malarial
diseases, levers and Intestinal
complaints; resiliences and public build
logs; maps of counties, lakes, limber,
water courses, etc.
Thu agent. .1. W. ndwardi, U canvass
lug the city, mid using (ho .Mlime-ota at'
his as a sample. Ho will call on our citi
zens, and would be pleased to have thorn
examine tho work, n It is ono of grout
lntcre-t to the public.
Ilcmire! t 1
In order to guard against tho opivnil of
small pox, I would respccttully suggest,
Unit all persons who havu not already
bceii.vaoehmtcd. and tiro pecuniarily able
so to do, to bo vaccinated at onco ; thosu
who aru not able to pay for thu samu to
call immediately on thu city clerk, mid
procuu vaccination tickets, entitling thu
holder to free vaccination,
11. Wi.mi:h, .Mayor.
flciiiprnl llMin.
County nnd circuit eotirlB arc. now In
session, and tho coin I houe thronged
dally by spectators. .
The police courts were veiy'ipilit
as usual ye-terd iy. Judge Itro-s is en.
gaged In county busliics.
I'l-hlng Is said t" bo good lu tho
Ohio liver now. The hoyo catch bullalo,
cat and other iMi, ns well as now and
then a tine cel.
--Paducali scents to think that Cairo
docs not po.('s bac ball material of a
sulllclent quality to defeat the Idlewlld
club of that city.
The Paduc.ih Kculuelian, we notice,
Is now having Its fourth page printed lu
Herman. The German clement must be
Increasing lu Paducali.
It 1 thought by nmo that the cltj Is
again atlllctcd by burglars. The police
will no doubt, If they once liud this tobe
true, keep a sharp lookout for the rogues,
and bring them to grief hi due time.
Wo hear that steps will bo taken at
an early date, by the proper parties, to
have the streets of this city put in a good
condition. F.very cltl.en, we sre sure,
will hall this bit of news with applause.
Tho Presbyterian folks are going on
with their work In getting ready for the
costume concert to bo given by them at
the St. Charles one week from to-night.
A stage will le erected In tho spacloii
liall of the hotel suitable for the occasion,
and a very Interesting and aimi-lng en
tertainment I- as-ured.
Tickets of aduiMon for thu enter
tainment tendered the Woman's Club mid
Library Association, by the Taylor Liter
ary society, at the Athcncum Friday
night, are on -ale at Uobblns' Mu-Io Ila
zar. The prices are :i'i cents for general
admission and .7) cents for reserved
Owners of valuable canines have hut
a few day-in which to pay the tax on
them. After the first day of Juno, the
police have been instructed by Chief
William-to put an cud to all dogs run
ning upon the street without thu proper
label upon them. Thu tax will be re
ceived by City Clerk Axley.
A young man, while walking down
Twelfth -met, yesterday' afternoon,
whistling "Pat. Malloy." was somewhat
astoui-hed, a- were fully halt a do.cn
other- who chanced to be within hearing,
to hear Jaecker-mocking bird Lake up
thu tunc and finish It for him lu such
line stylo that the young man hi ipic-tion
felt nlmo-t ashamed ot hhnclf.
The Taylor Literary Society, which
will, on to-morrow evening, give an en
tertainment for the benefit of the Woman's
Club and Library As-ociation, are putting
In all their spare moments, rehearsing for
the event, which they Intend shall bo a
first-class cll'ort. Wc shall, to-morrow
morning, give the programme for the
cvenlntr's nniitscinmit lu full, for the ben
cllt of those who think ot attending.
Three little girls ainu-ed themselves
by playing "cradle" yesterday afternoon.
The two larger girls getting the
smaller of thu three upon their locked
hands, lxjjran to rock her to and Iro, when
one accidentally let go her hold, and the
little one, who was -uppoo! i
to sleep, suddenly found herself landed
upon the sidewalk on tnu n.icK or nor
head. That member, however, being
made of rather tough material, stood the
hock without damage, and the little ne
gro was not Injured in the least.
Murphysboro Is making her arrange
ments lorn big l ourtli ot duly iiiow-out,
and wants everybody to go. An ex
change received at this olllee Informs us
that the Cairo tire companies, have been
Invited to participate, and have accepted
the Invitation, which, wo are compelled
to state, I- a false alarm, as the firemen In
tend to tav at home on that occasion.
mil participate in tho grand demonstra
tion tobe gotten up hero. Murphysboro
had bettor give up her projected celebra
tion, and come to Cairo.
'l'lie lleiielll Tenilereil l,y Tlieni to till)
st iiiiiiin x nun mul i,iiirur
Asoocuit Ion.
At tho Athenoum, Triilay Evening, May
UlSt, 1873.
The Taylor Literary Society, whoso
membership embraces souiu of Cairo'-
most accomplished and energetic young
gentlemen, and who atv anxious toassl-t
thu Woman's Club and Library As-ociation
lu the accomplishment of tho worthy
objects enunciated lu their lly-I.aws,
lately puhll-hcil lu those columns, have
kindly tcmleroir thu Woman's Club a
benellt. The club having accepted their
oiler, the boys have procured the
Athcncum. and will, on next Filday
evening, give an entertainment which we
can ii-sure our readers will be replete
with good tiling; mid, as this I- their
flrt appearance before tho public, and as
tho entertainment will bo for the benefit
ofn mot worthy object, wo bespeak for
them such a welcome front tho citizens of
Cairo as their cenero-lty merits. Wc
will on to-morrow present to our renders
the programme wlilch will ho ollercd.
Tho following correspondence relating
to the entertainment explains Itself.
C.miio, Illinois, .May 1.1th, 17.1.
fricietnry f W 0 and I' A.i
Tho Taylor Liteiary Society being ile-
sltoitsof n-sUtlngyou in your cllbrts to
procure a llbrarv, tender you a com
pllmeutary beucllt at the Athcncum next
Friday evening, May 'Jlst. Trusting this
will moot vour approval, I await your
earliest convenient answer.
L'ospcctfully, yours,
Jons Oswai.h, .Secretary.
C wim, May 17, 1S7.1,
Mr John (Hwidil, -wrctury of TJ lr Literary
Vour liberal oiler lias been gratefully
received, and wc fully appreciate the
compliment you tender us lu an enter
tainment next Friday evening. It will
materially aid us In taking an Important
step forward, lu which tho public aro in-
torestod. Fraternally yours,
C. C. K. d'oss,
Secretary W. C. and L. A.
I'o r So I c.
Kngiuo nnd Holler ; also Saw Mltl fix
tures, If wanted. Forpartlctilai s enquire
of C. it. Woodward. ,1-Mui
io nr. iiivks ii v Tttn
On Siiniln), .!) u.'l. 17.1,
At the Beautiful and Romantic HllU ef Ken
tucky, Near Fort Jefferson,
Tho well-known Steamer "Three Slates"
has been chartered (or the occasion, and
will convey the pirly to the grounds. The
boat wlllloavo tho foot of Fourth sttcet, as
follow : First trip, U a in. ; return, 1
ni. .Second trip, 1:3) p. tn. ; return, 7. p.
in, '1 he excellent Delta Jity Cornet Hand,
and a splendid string band have been cn-
Raged to futnliii tiiuilc. ltclrohtuentii of
all kinds will bo on tho gronn !. A koocI
time is anticipated.
TlcUtts for round trip, ft) coiai : children,
SS cents.
Tickets cm be obtained at tho following
places :
l. A: W. Under, Louis Herbert, Win.
Alba, 1'. (I. Tclmli, Cii.i. .Schoetictncyer,
Kd. Iluefncr, K. M. Mockltutb, Ainandus
Jaeckel, el'y Hrewery.
Notice Is hereby given to all parties Inter
ested, that after tin 20th In.t, thu ordi
nances In relation to obstructing sidewalk--,
throwing llltb, biokcn ,iass, or other rub
bish Into tho streets, or expo-lug their
wares or merchandise lu -uch n manner,
upon awning, in to obstruct the frco pas
fae ol pcri-ons, on or oil' the sidewalk, will
lis rigidly enforced. W. M. Willi ami,
,1-s-t'l. City Marshal.
Tito OM Itellnlilc.
I hereby announce to the public that I
am better prepared than ever to accommo
date my patrons at the Central Hotel, on
Sixth street, between Commercial and
Washington avenues, I have taken a pait-
nerln the hotel business, Mr. Applonun,
who has hid considerable experience in
that line, and will not fall f make guests
fed at home. The tiblo will always he
uppltcd with tho best the tuukct atlords,
served up In the uioit palatable maimer.
lloarJ and lodging per week, $1 .0 ; slnglo
meals, i.l.s, to lie bad at all hours. 1 hale
also In connection with my hotel, a llrst
ch barbc." shop, and am prepared to give
ciMotnor a good sbav, hair-cut, shampoo
In?, ftc. I will run three chairs, and havo
employed tonsorl d attbts who under-taud
their business. Shaving, 10 cetits ; sham
pooing, -0 cents ; and Inlr cutting, -" ccnU.
(live mo a call. l'Jtox. F. Uorni:r..
Mck Xnr-ic.
Mr. Honnard oilers her services as aslck
nurt. she Is experienced in an kiuus oi
nursing, l'ublie pattor.age respectfully so
licited. Leave orders on Cedar street, be
tween Twenty! bird and Twenty-Fourth
streets, In tho l'orter Home, or 1. O. Hjx
asi. .i-s-ira.
l,cs ClKtirx Tnliiicrn.
Fred Toichman, at his cigar and toba;eo
store on Llghth street, has just rcccUed a
Urge and complete assortment of pipes, etc.
and a large stock of tho best brar.iUof smo
king and chewing tobacco. 1 . T. stand
ard cigar always on band, (live htm a ill.
ID 1-5-y-l tm
Xotlrts ol IU-uiu-.nl.
Ttio well-known barber aliop, corner
Kighth and Commercial, preilded ovjr by
:ho popular artM, ncorgo Stclnioiue, nan
removed ono door noitli on Commercial, in
.he (Jrand Central Hotel. The new shop Ii
arge and commodious and thoe wishiug
for anything artistic lu the way of fashion-
iblo hair cutting, smooth shaves, etc., will
Jo well to call at the (Jrand Central l'.arbcr
diop. 713-l.t-tf.
l.lllicll ! l.lllll ll !
'1 hu bigges, lunch ever set in Cairo, will
be spread ovety morning at tho Planters'
lloiiic. Wleucr buer is the great attrac
tion. It pays to visit tho Planters' House
and try a drink ot this the tluest bcur ever
otfeltd lu this city. -5ltl-3.13.3w.
41o inn! Sec Iei-.
Landlords ot hotels and boarding hotl-es
w III find It to their sdvaMago to eall upon
Mrs. Coleman, Laundress, No 12 Fourth
street, betwevu Wsshingtoti arid Commer
cial avenues. Hotel and hoarding-house
washing, 75ceutHpcrdot'B. Fot piecework
price- aro as tollows: Single shirt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen SOej socks fie; two col-lar.-,
Re; two handkerchiefs, Sc; rests 211c;
and all gentlemen's wear, !0c. per
dozen. Ladles' dresjes, i" to Wc;
skirts l'J to 20c; drawer to to l.V; two
pair hPso Bo; two collars .1 to fOc. For la
dles' plain clothes 1 00 per doen; for la-
dies tine clothes, $1 2.1 per dozen; done
dramptly, and promptly delivered. Pa
trouago solicited.
Still In I lie I'lclil.
Mr. Phil 11. Satin wiskes to amuiincc to
his friends and tho public generally, that
ho has lately lifted up, In excellent style,
his commodious nnd conuortablo pnlors on
Washington iiveuuo, near Kighth street, for
tho cntei tulnment of thosa ol our cltliius
and the rest of mankind who Indulge, hi
Ico cream, loda water, confectioneries, Ac,
uud that he Is prcpired to luinlsh to citi
zens of Cairo, t home or at his parlors,
anything In bis lino. Phil, is well known
to our citizens, and mills rooms aro very
plcaantly tilted up, and as lie can always
bo found nt his post, day or night, to look
aftor tho welfare of hU customer, wc be
sp'ak for him that custom wlilch his enter
prlso merits. Ills ico cream and lemomdo
arc delicious, bis to.la water Is not dialled
by any lu tho city, and us fur as conteetlon
cries aro concerned, It caniiit bo denied
that his stoclt Is always tho best hi tho city.
122-1.11-1 in
Itciliirt'it Hnles.
Wo will take, at thu St. Charles Hotel,
during tho summer months, ,y day bo inters,
at &M por month, nndM boarders with cool,
nleasint rooms on the upper floor, at $30
per month. At this extremely bw rate,
nono but promptly paying boarders, will be
accepted. Jkwbit Wilcox .t Co.,
:iM.23'ltn. proprietors.
I'lllllllllllll OrifHll TillllllK.
Mr. M. Kuhiio dcslros us to say that he Is
ready to recelvo orders for I'hno and Or
gan tuning, and repairing musical Instru
ments. Orders may bo loft at the corner ot
Thirteenth and Walnut streets, or P. O.
Hox (KM, and will receive prompt attention.
llnrui'SKi mill Nndtllrw.
a full and complete stock ol Hue and com
mon buggy harncsi, single or double, at
sr. Loum l'lticKS. at tho now shop noxt
doortoThuitro-101 Commercial avenue
fj.7-2w. I" IL A'slX s-'o.
TvTii.llorsii Wiiifon rir Niilsi.
A now wagon for sale at a bargain. Ap
ply at Iho HULLKT1N eountlns-rooiit. tf.
Motnarrat, one of the most ac
complished lady musicians. In Southe.ru
Illinois, will, during the summer mouth?,
teach pupils of this city, iiiuslo for the
very low price of ten dolliiM per term.
Mrs. .Monsarral ha for years past taught
the art of music hi several of tho most
noted ncademlcs of Memphis, and hit,
gained by her thorough knowledge of the
art a tnot enviable reputation. Parent
who have chlldtcn whom they would
have become completely versed In music,
will do well to place them under the care
ofthls lady. 5-l-tf.
Hunt1 Hull ori:cry lccrlit!oii
I) OKI t Hon t Ult" I i
On and after Juno 1st, 187.1, all dog. ruu
ulng at large, on which tax has not bean
paid will ho disposed of. Call at tho City
Clerk's olllce and pay tar.
B-S-td. VM. M. WILLIAM".
City Marshal
Winter' CJnllery.
Open every day of thu week.
Herbert s
M'CIC ni'.F.U at Loitl
Obstacles to Marriago.
Hapiy relief for young men fn.ni tho cf
fectd of crrori and abises In early life.
Manhood restored. Impediments to mar
liagc removed. New method ol treatment.
New and remarkable remedies, itookn
and lirculvr- sent free, In seated envelopes.
Address, UOWAItl) ASSOCIATION, 419
N. Mnth 'treet, Philadelphia, Pa. an Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor
al le conduct and professional skill.
.'Il-d A: w-Min. i
I'orl l.lsl.
Steamer James Flsk, Paducali.
" Jno. F. Tolle, New Orleans.
Itelle .Memphis, Memphis.
" C. It. Cliiireh, Cincinnati.
" Nick I.ongworth, Xew Oilcans.
Ste. !cnevicvc,St. I.ouN.
" I'tah, St. Louis,
row-boat Coal lllll, St. Louis.
" Smoky City, New Orleans
" Chas. llrown, St. Louis.
" Keokuk, New Orleans.
' Itcruard, St. Louis.
(icnl. Anderson, St. Loul-.
Steamer James Flsk, Paducali.
" Jno. F. Tolle, St. Louis.
' Hollo Memphis, St. Louis
C. H. Church, New Orlean-.
" Nick I.ongworth, Cluchinatl.
" Ste. Genevieve, Pittsburg.
(fen. Anderson, St. Louis.
" Utah, Pittsburg.
Tow -boat Coal Hill, Ohio river.
" Smoky City, Ohio river.
" Clia. llrown, Louisville.
' Keokuk, St. Louis.
" Iternaid, Ohio river.
BOAT- !Ui:.
Jim Klsk, Paducali; Itl-murk, Orand
Tower; Hickory, St. Lous ; Kd Hobbs.
Tom -Mean', .Mlnneola. l'obt, Mitclnl,
Olilo river; Andy ltauui, Vint Shlnkle,
City Helena, Itelle Shrovcport, Charles
Morgan, Cherokee mid Atlantic, South.
nivLis. wi:ATiu:tt ami iil-sinks-.
The river, last evening, was - feet 10
Inches on Iho gauge, having fallen 10 li-o
Inches during the previous 'Jl hours Tho
Ohio Is stationary at Pittsburg, with 5
feet In the channel, but the 'ivors else
where are all declining.
- Weather mild and delightful,
ur.xnit.u. iiKMs.
The Itaiinock City towed up .MJ log.s
from below I -laud No. 1 yesterday after
noon. The Grand Tower brought s13 sacks
of wheat for Charles Gallagher's Flour
ing mill, of this city.
The ferry-boat Kitty Woods burned
at (iwlllpolls on the 17th. She caught
lire from her furnace.
The tug Montauk was around back
of tho clt yesterday allcrnoon, and her
cnirhiecr, Hob Nn-h, reports having seen a
red and white spotted cow inlrcd outside
the levee above the stone pile. Who
docs 'ho belong to?
('apt. A. M. llalllday, of thu Ohio
No. I, thinks of buying thu KraNo.O and
building a new boat for her machinery.
Should ho do so, the new boat will bo
17.1 feet long, US feet beam, aj feet
and her engine II feet ! Inches Ion,
VJ Inches In diameter.
Mr. Cox, who lives in Kentucky, op
posite this city, Is busy with two teams
ofo.xen, each something less than an
eighth of a mile long, hauling saw logs
and dumping them lu the river opposite
tho foot of Sixth street. They aro then
innde Into raits and towed to the ltox
-(.'apt. Al. Ihirriss ami diver .too
Honiara are giving tho new wrecking
boat, laying at the foot ol Kighth street,
a thorough and complete painting from
tcin to stern, and when llnlshed ho will
look vcrv pretty. Thu hotly ot timuo.it
Is painted a delicate iliac, while Iter ma
chinery is painted bluo with trimmings
of rod, black mid white, dipt. HurrUs
Is waiting patiently to loam tho namo
wlilch Cant. 15. . Dugau Intends to
give his new boat when It will bo proper
ly displayed on the "wheel house."
Will Iltl'AIUHtNr
ltlVfc.li ItKroiii', (
I Si 3. I
,T. IK. T IV.
littsimiif ,i 2 i
Cincinnati J - !
UiuUvllle - - J
.St. Iiils IT -' "
, i i tl
Sealed Proposals
AT7H.I. beiecetvislat the cltyrlerk's oftlce
""til Monday, May Villi, IST.'i, for all the
lnml-crtlie city limy leipdii! ihirhiK llw pnwnt
UhxiI vear. UunU-r tn lie Kood white or burr
ouk,fnfromsapor bad knot', uud lo tw or
uch dlinensloiis not excmllnK-'l IVet In length,
iitul to bo dellviix-d in suclniiuntitlesaml at siicli
times as the commute on street may direct.
Th-it, ,w."?,n!?:NC,.V .Cxlv!
t nlro, Mnvia,lf7'. CltyClclk
Cornli-t D.lty by K. M. Stearns, commission
merchant, .-"rerrlary of Hie (.'i,t ,,HTI r
l lour, swinlitiK to ftrmle..
Corn, intisil, tarknl
Com, whits, sacked
Osts, tnlxel.,..
Hran, ir ton ...
Moil, k-rn Urlisl M
I lilt tT rhAla VK..
lOitT Ml
n 7ii
t !'!
fsia-i w
93 K
l V
Iliitlfr.ctiolcr houttirni III
'IWi ;itrdoien
Chickens, r itozni
Tnil... ... - .1
rotntoss, r Lirn t,.
Unions. ir lmm-1..,.
Aspsrapns dot.
Allen, Mackey & Co.
Ntw and Elotraut Styles
We nn-olVerlnirKreiit inducements In alt nt
the iilmw ilriitirtmciiU to the Mliole.-nli-Hiel p
tall Inelc. (unfriil lni.ttloii Insfu-t
233 State Street,
One Block South of Palmar Houae,
Oliloaso, XII.
Sealed Fropoiali
WII.I. l- tff-lvsl at the cttrrlerk'i oltliv
unlit MuiidM, Majr'Jl, A. I HT.'i, for
the city prlutliiK lor tlieji-ur i-ndlni? .lime 1st,
IsTU. .-hi. I bids iniisti'iiicrtlierost of imbllsliltiK
tin' council nrocc-isllns. unllntinres. and ntitlii-s
ot'iilt klmU, InnTlisl bv nn v city onicer orliy
onler nf the rlty ootincfl 'J he city reacrtri ll.e
riEiit to ii'M'i niiy iinu nil nun
W.t. KltKNXII AXI.KY, City Cleik
Cairo, M:iJ 1.1, ItTJ.
VTOTICt". Islivreliy ghrn that In neeonUiw
nitlt the risiilnments of .sjcctloii rau
net intlllisl "An Art In di'Clnii; nil I comtiliile
tliL'.-tale ol Illinois sole tniativ of that istrtlon
of the state tax leled, nssesisl and collecteil
f.trlheji-ar 1j7.I, in excess of '.".1-30 thervoti and
to provide exclusive irmtMlen for the complete
i, ruiiiliti? nr the -.liny to the tax-iittversj ot tlie
.state who have jiatd such exce-n. and forllie
)imtirttiin of the ux-iHiyrraentftlnl thereto, and
orcoiinui's aim an oiucers or persons cunnectisi
with the colltion,custodyor)ayinenttheieor,"
I will refund to such ivron or corporation the
nnioiiiil by hlninrltjwld In excess of Iwcnty
lilue thirty-sixths uf Mich Mate tax of 1S71, mi
on the iiiv-entatioii of his or Its Ux n-cel.ts fur
salit year, covtruiir lheim.
011.5-ll-iliWlw. County Ti-casurer.
A KopoKltory or Fitvhlon. Plrnviro
Had Inatractlon."
The llar-ar Is edited with a contribution
ot tact and talent that wc seldom tlud In uny
Journa'; and tins Journal lUclt is the or,u
ot the Krent world of fanhlon. Uoston Ttav-
The Bazar cotntnonds Itself to every mem
ber of h howrchoUl to the children ly
(troll and pretty pictures, to tho young In
dfoa by flu fasliloa-plntes fn endless variety,
to the provident matron by Kh patterns for
the children's ctotfn. to paterfamilias la-
Its tasteful designs for embroidered Hipper,
and luxurious dressing gowns. But the
rcadltiLT matter of tho bazar Isunlfnnnlv ni
great excellence. The paper his acquired
u wiiiii popularity loruie iiresme CDjoymetil
It iittonls. N. V. h'venlug Post.
TKItMd :
Harper's lf.izar, one year., ..$4 00
Kour ilollKm Includes nrenavueat ci I,.
ri. nostairo by the publishers.
snliahltitine j In llnrnnr'd XlaipnTti...
Wecklv. and llazur. to ouo address Tor Olid
year. 810 00: or two of Harper's Periodi
cals, to one address for ouo year, 87 on;
postage irec.
Atl extra ropy oi tuner me jiaJziiic,
Weekly, or Itaz.ir will oe Kimilled rratts
for every club of live subscribers at a I 00
each, In one remittance ; or, tlx copk-i for
$10 00 without extra copy ; postaco frco,
U.ick numbers cnu be supplied at any
time. Tho seven volumes of Harper's Uazar,for
the years WW, 0t, 'TO, '71, ',2, '73. '74, cle-
:anuy liounu in grceu morocco ciotti. win
io -cut bv express, frvfebt prepaid, tor
$7 00 cacti.
E3r.Ncwspupcrs aro not to copy tins an
vertlscmcnt without the express outers ot
IImi iiit .t llrotlters.
Addrei-. HAltrl.'lt.t IIUOTHEKS, N. V.
'I'nniipsilioimlily tho brut aualnlunl
torK ui ine hiiiii iii iiip sturiu. '
The ever Increasing circulation ol this
excellent monthly proves its continued
adaption to popular Uoslres and needs, lu
deed, wliou wo think Into how many homes
It penetrates every monin, we must eoi
(.filer It as one of tho educators as well as
cutortalucrs of the public mind, for Its vast
popularity has been won by no appeal to
stupid i ivjudleos or depraved taites. Ho-s-ton
The chat actor which this Macazlno pos
sesses lor variety, enterprise, artistic wealth,
and literary culture tbnt lias kept pace n ith,
If it has not led tho times, thoulif cattso Its
conductors to regard It with Itistlllablo com
placency. It Hl.o entitles them to a ureal
claim upon tho public grulliude. Tito
Magazine has done cood and not evil all
. . i... nr.. tl. 1.1 .... IS......
me ub) s oi us iim. niouiwj H.cstjii-.
TliltMS :
Postage free to subscribers tn the United
Harper's Magazine, one year ...ft 00
H 00 liuiutlcN prepayment of U. S. post
age by too puuiisimis.
.Subscriptions to Harper's SlaKazlue,
Weekly, orllazar, to ono address for ono
year, f 10 CO; or two of Harper's periodi
cals, to ouo address for ouo year, f 7 O'J)
postage ireo. , . ...
An extra copy of either tho Magatlnu,
Weekly or llawr will bo mpplUd grails for
every club of llvo ttilcrlbora at 94 00 each,
In ono rcniltt-uee; or six copies tor W 00,
Itlioitt extra copy! postage frco.
Hack numbers can bo supplied at i.y
A complete set of Harper's Msgaino,
now competing -Id volumes, In neat cloth
binding, will bo seut by express, trctidil at
the oxpeuio of purchaser, for 3 !!5 l r
volume. Sluglo volumes, by mall, postpaid,
til 00. I'lom cases, icr uiuuintr,
by mall, postpaid.
HTNewspapow M not 'Py tul
vertlseineut wlihout tho expres order ut
y?'"Li' .tax., k: is;1'!
"siiwistrrwsjvviiis'nv"" -
BBr"it.. 'Bf.vHf'S'
Mmvit,! . wm i .

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