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lay night at half-past itu, in llilit
I'ellov?' Hull C K. Slack,
( luiticellor Commander.
. linlriHwIt'iit Order l Odd-lil-Mows,
iii-U avrry 'lliiirwlny night
ul liafr-iiMl M'ttiii In thi lr Imllou
( omimrclnl nlciiiic, Ulwwii Mxlb and Stwntli
streets JuiwH U0SM1M, .N (I,
CIA I UO KNCAMPMKNT, I O. O. '.. inert
An lidd-Fellow' Hall on the (lot mi. I tlilnl
Im-wlay In every month, at haif-jinst wirn
t K nLAi K, U. I'.
lAlltOI.OIHJK, NO.i17,A.I A A.M.
-raf" Hold rvinilnr communications In Ma-
sonic Hull, comer Commercial avenue
' Biid Kightli atrei-t, oil the second ami
"uurtli Monday ofcach month.
Stuart & Gtholson
Respoctfully announce that
they will remove to the elegant
storo room adjoining Rockwell
& Co.'s Book Store, on Com
mercial avenue, between 7th
and 8th Sts., on Monday, May
Gratefully acknowledging the
patronage of our friends in past
years, we hope, in our new lo
cation, to be able to servo our
friends quite as faithfully as
before, and to thoir greator
We shall offer a more com
plete stock in all departments,
and at the usual low and uni
form range of prices which
have rendered oUr house so
popular. In order to open
with a clean stock we shall of
fer during this week such bar
gains as will ensuro a cleaning
out of stock.
I'mli niply.
Mr. P. Fitzgerald has Jnt m-elscd and
lias on tale at bla sale loom, a large Mock
'if KtiglUh ale, porter, llenncny brandy
and wines, and liquors of all kinds, which
Lp will dispose of at reasonable prices.
tivl Ulr Hnl.
Dr. Seth Arnold' Cough Killer tbe
(real eradlcitor lor all lung dli-cases a u
perlor remedy to all other medicines yet
(Uncovered, In severe cmi, It la a sure,
quick, and perfectly safe remedy lor
i-ought, colds, aore throat, whooping cough
:ronp, ami all dileases of the throat and
lungs. Itetall prlco, 2.1 ami 60 centa and el.
Any bottle that doe i not give relief may be
teturnvd, and the money will be refunded.
Dr. Seth Arnold's l)iurrhui llalsim, '.!.' aud
M tents, llemetuljerlt Is warrauled. Ar
nold's llll'loui Mandrake Till-, operating
vtllbout alckness aud pain. Compounded
by Dr. Seth Aruold'a Medlcul Corporatijn,
Woonockct, It. I. Sold by Paul li.Sobiib,
druggist, Cairo, 111. SM-Si-Siu.
l.dlrV I'uruUhhiK Mow.
A ladles furnishing store has;ticen opened
In the Theatre building, and stocked with
a full line ofeverythlng pertaining to ladle'
wear read y-mad dresses, underwear,
etc. all of the lateet stylet, aud will be sold
at lower liguree than over before ollcred In
Cairo. Theiie good were purehaaed In
Xew York, are of the best material, and
will be aold very reasonable. AIo Mill
nery goods ol nil kind. atl.4-30.Jin.
The mtf Niimlny Nrhool 'nif nlloii
The Seventeenth Annual Convention of
the State Hnoday School Association ol 1 1 1 1
uola will be held In the City of Alton, luci
dity, Wedneiday and Thursday, May 2,'itb
Stitb and 2Ttb, 1ST5, cotnmeuclng Tuesday,
at 10 a. m.
Kach county In the .State, except Cook, U
entitled to ten delegates. The number troni
Cook county i not limited. The pro.
irramme will be published toon, and for
warded to the county .Secretaries. The ar
rangements tor the convention give prom
he of a moil protltahlc and pleasant leislou
County Secretaries are requested to have
Ult notice publMicd in the county paper
II. K. Jacoiis,
Chairman of the Executive Committee
Every ajeven Yearn,
physlologltt aay, the human body is en
tlrcly changed ami renewed, Kvcry mo
went ol our lives, every part of our bodies
It wearing out ami Is bcint; built up anew
at truth matter. ThU work Is accompllihetl
bv the blood which goes through ovcry
part, unt irthe tnoou oecouies weak r
vitiated, and dooa not perform Us work
properly, the lystem U actually poUoned
by the worn-out matter clogging tlio vital
orjaiu Instead of leaving the body. For
dyspepsia, biliousness, kidney, akin and
liver trouble), fevers, and all disease I arl
lug from vitiated blood, Dn. Wauckk
California Vinegah iiittkks are sov
orelgn remedy, S-HnUVw-tw.
Ilaviug again cstubllshed myself In the
Lumber business, ut the wall & Dnt .Mill
I am prepared to sell lumber of all kind
laths ami shingles at wholeale and retail
and to offer extra inducements at all time
guaranteeing the lowest posiblu prices.
113.n-U.lm. .1. S. McOahky.
Mrs. Monarrat, one ol the most ac
complished lady musicians in Southern
Illinois will, during the summer mouths,
teach pupils of this city, iniislo for the
very tow price of ten dollar per term.
.Mrs. Monsarrat lias for years past taught
the art of music in several of the most
noted academies of Memphis, mid ha
gained by her thorough knowledge of the
art a most enviable reputation. Parents
wtio have children whom they would
havo become completely versed in muslo,
will do well to placu them under tho care
of tills lady. M-tf.
Twu.llorne Wagou For Male.
Anew wagon lor salo at a bargain. Ap
ply at the Bulletin counting-room. tf.
if he 1
I'l'IDAY, MAV 21, 1875.
I.ornl Weather Keporl.
Caimo, III., Muy l7'.
Time. Hah. I Tub. Wind, Vkl. Wkaiiikh
7a hi. fioiill ! "or sT 4 KaV
II " 3n.in7 H' a. U tloudr.
i p ill. .i).OI3 7'J' H. W. U Cloudy
TIIUMAii .IONKS, (wrgt. H. ,, U. S. A,
Man Killed.
The pas?nger triiln ran over and killed
man at Charleston, .Mo., one day tliU
week. WV could not learn lit name.
t'niiurll Hertlng
There will bu a meeting ol the city
council till evening, for the purpose of
arranging the Mreet committee, which In
some way or other, tin become slightly
Mnsoiilr Xollce.
.Special convocation of Cairo Chapter
will meet at the Masonic Hall, this (Krt-
lay) evening. May 2lst, lor work In M.
M. degree ; prompt, t 7J. lly or-
ler of.M. .S. II. I'. C Hannv. ike.
fotinly Court.
Judge Bros ha done hut very little
the county court tlil-i week, owing to
the room vt hlch he imtallytitc1' font place
hold ld- court, being occupied liv the
nuid Jury, lie expects to go work in
earne't next neck.
In Hi
Me-. I'. K. CauHu, one of the con
tractor of the Cairo & .St. Louts railroad,
W. H. Hearts one of that corionition'(!
uttorneyf, mid J, II. Illnklcy. general
Micrintendeiit of tlie narrow gauge road,
were In the city yesterday, trauetiiij;
;illroad liitsliii.
I'nllrd NlMlr Hrajulnnt.
A Kiiad of L'niteil States regular, num-
beriiig about lllty-livi! men, under com
mand of C.'ipliiln .Maylau, and clongliig
to Company A of the Seventh t'nlted
Slates Cavelry, pa-ed through Cairo ye
terday. 'J'hoy arc on their way from Al
abama to Dakota Terrltorv.
Jnl IteroMrd,
And on sale at I'arkcr. Asley it Wild's
commtsdou tioue, No. 190 Commercial
avenue, a large lot of Potatoes Onions
Ilcets. S'lU.i'ln;, CocoanuU, Oranges and
Lemons. Ato a lar'e lot e.vtr.i choioi
Northern Itutter, nil of which will Ik; sold
ut the lowest market prices. 3--Jl-3t
Kaiin Trani tirnkM t'olnratto
Low regular rates from St. Lout.
Special Excursion Tickets sold. Kate
sheets, maps time-tables descriptive
pamphlet and (till Information cheerfully
furnished frtt. Address K. A. Ford,
General Passenger Agent, .MIsourl Pa
ellle Through Line, 25 South Fourth
Street, St. Louis, Mo.
INillrv S'ouri.
Oitlccr f.n llm- yetenlay nrreatwl and
took before Judge Bro,two eolored wo
men namiil Minerva Hurly and Harriet
Bandy, for indulging lu a big light on
Fifth street. The Jndge,alti-r ll-teiilng to
tlie evidence advanced, put a tine ot live
dollars aud costs upon the heads of each,
which they paid ami took thelrdeparture
with nu emphatic vow never to light any
TwoSereiiadlug parties went the round
of the el IV, on Wednesday night, lhe
Coneojdla society, under the lender-hip
or Mr. Schleslnger, serenaded a number
of their friend, and a vocal serenading
band, e onipo-ed of a number of the rldng
generation of thl city, who by the way
are all exceedingly good singer, called
upon their trleiuU aud complimented
them with several very pretty song each.
Niuiiliiy Hrliool Contention.
The ltev -Mr. Tallar, who left this city
on Monday morning last, tor tlie purpose
of attending an Odd-Fellows' demonstra
Hon of some kind nt Princeton, In this
Slate, will go from that place to the city
of Alton, whew he will attend, as a dele
gate from Alexander county, the State
Sunday school convention, which will
hold its next regular session at that place
on next Tue-day, Wednesday and ThiirS'
Circuit Court.
The Oram! Jury Impanelled last Mon
day, have returned Into tlie Circuit Court
twenty-five indictments, to two of which
the defendants have plead guilty. The
court consigned one of the criminals,
.1 on n i.oe, to the penitentiary lor one
year, and tlie other, Louis Williams, lor
two years. The jury will no doubt find
eseial bills more bcfuiu being discharged
on next Saturday.
The Petit Jury for the second aud third
weeks ot the circuit Court win be em
panelled on next Monday morning, when
tho Court wilt begin the trial of causes
In earnest. ThU week will bo consumed
in preparing for the conflict.
Mr. Jewett Wilcox Is ruMlcatiug for
a few days In St. Louts.
Marlon Wright, Miperlntfiident of
Halllday Brothers' coat mine at St.
Johns, is in the city.
Dr. Lawrence, ol'(!ooo Island, Is lu
town, attending court.
Capt. C. M. Moylln, of the United
States army, and lady, were at tho St.
( Diaries yesterday.
Mr. A. W. Boll, of Pittsburg, the
builder of ttio Cairo and St. Louis Nar
row Gunge railroad engines, was nt the
St. Charles yesterday.
Mrs. Dean, wife of Mr. Dean, clerk at
the St. Charles, hotel, left Cairo yesterday
morning for Cape Girardeau, where she
will pay a visit to relatives and friends,
Mr. Goodrich, of the Cairo & Vln
eeuue railroad, who left this city sone
three weeks ago for New Vork, for tho
purpose of beginning life anew by taking
unto himself a fair lady of that city, re
turned to Cairo last Wednesday night ac
companied by tils bride. They ure stop
ping nt tlie St, Clinrle.
The Wnmisu'i t'lult isihI l.llirisrjr Ao.
rimiois nrsipiii
The Taylor LlUrary Society Heady for ths
The 'ruKrHinuie In he l'reetileil.
lb low we publish In lull, for the bene
fit of our reader, the programme ar
ranged by the Taylor Literary Society,
Ibrtbeentrrtnlunient to be given by them
for the bcuellt oftlie Woman's Club anil
Library Association, nt the Atheneuiii
this evening,
Th members of the society have for
nearly a month past, devoted much time
to rehearsing the parU assigned them by
the manager of ttieaflalr, aud feel confi
dent tliat they will ncitilt themselves
with credit In the several characters for
which they have been named.
The programme! Is of a varied charac
ter, and ha been chosen by the Society
lu the belief that the theatrical ability,
posvsv.'d by the members Is best adapt
ed to the kind ol acting which It re
quires. A nuartette, eonlstlng of four young
gentlemen, wlio'f ability as singers has
been tested on many occalon during the
pat winter, namely : .Me-rs. AUthorpc,
Hacker, t'weker and Kobhlus will take
part In the entertainment, aud will not
fall, we are sure, to please all In thalr ef
forts. The two play to lj preeuted, the
"Arrival of Ulcken" and "Uom Dale,"
a burleitie on Letter Wallack's famous
play of that name, an both very amus
ing. The relier-al of the-e farces has
been wltuei-ed by u couple of gentle
men of thl- city, who-e theatrical pow
ers an: highly prahed, and pronounced
lte-ldcs the above namad attractions, n
numlM-r of.-peclalttes have been practiced
by uicmlx.-rs of the society and will be
given lor the amusement of the audi
ence. The purpo-e for which the Taylor Lit
erary Society have undertaken the enter
tainment Is one worthy the patronage ot
the citizens of Cairo, and they should con
tribute lllierally to It. The following is
the programme in full :
I'aut nrtsr.
"Send for Mother, Birdie's Dying,"
Messrs. Aithorjx, Pecker, Itobbln and
Banjo Exercises Mr. Charte Norton.
"I'll Be Home To-night, Love."
Jim Bulletin, (alias Cha.
Dickens) Win. Q. Mcfiee
Cerolemus Peek lip,( agent
for Cha. Dickens a
wind raiserj ,..H. II, Milhurn.
Old Bullbe.-ir, (gouty, but
wants to ee Dickens)....!. S. Hacker.Jr.
Bill Blunt, (boy what
never tells a lie) John Oswald.
Bobby ..K. Hunter.
"Old Bhck Joe" Mr.Jobnlteeve
"Awfully Clevuh"....lr. John AMhorpe
Bones and Banjo Mesrs ltecve aud
Banjo Solo Extraordinary Mr. John
The evening's entertainment to con
clude with :i laughable burlesque on I.e-
ter Wallark's great drama, entlted
Aunt itoe John Oswald.
Itagly H. ILMUburn.
Waxend N.W. Hacker.
Arthur (Aunt ltose's little
boy) Win. Q. McClee.
Policemen, etc.,by the Company.
Admission, 'Jo cent ; reserved seats. Ml
cents; seats eeured at Dan Hartman's.
Love and Jealousy.
A Jenlou Woiiiiiii li-ovra Iter lie
crritnt Liurr IMihiIcIIimI lu till- I'rl
suit Apnrlmenl or Tlilnl Flirty,
nml HnfiiiK Willi Jealoiioy. I'roreeda
lTkf Kenge.
Quite a little scene took place on Thir
teenth street, corner of Poplar, Wednes
day night, about nine o'clock.
It seems that a colored woman, whose
euphonious name Is Mary Hunter, mi
Inz her sable lover troni his accustomed
seat at her fireside, suspected him of turn
tug traitor to tier Interests, and looking
after a certain other female, wlioe "Chris.
tian" name Is Jennie, and who belonged
to the antagonistic race tlie Anglo-
Saxon. Her suspicions were fully con
firmed, for a "mutual friend," who trav.
els through life with tlie high-toned cog
nomen ol "Boiler," getting his ittum up,
rustled over to the doubting
Mary's house aud informed tier
that ' Jim. whose other name
Is Moore, might bo found over the way,
at Jennie's, evidently having u happy
time, to the utter neglect ot the out) to
whom, of all others, he should most
necessarily devote his leisure moments
Saying which tlie Boiler "bursted," and
was seeu'no more In tlie whole course ol
tho evening's entertainment. After think
ing over the matter, Mary decided that
tlie best thing she could do under tho
circumstances was to go imuicdiathc
ly to the wily Jennie's house,
and catch the unfaithful Jluuule "In
a narc," which she did accordingly,
rushing Into Jennie' house upon the un
suspecting couple, where Jimtuiu was
pouring Into Jennie's lovIng,llstenlng ear
soft epithets of endearment, and Jennie
replying with tender emphasis: "Oh! My
dear, how sweet you nro !" and Jlmmlo
cautioning her "never to tell." This was
too'mucli for the forsaken one; she made
her. sell visible, heaving with a great rage
and the recreant Jim, thinking perhaps
they wanted to sec htm at home his
poor, old mother, for instance cut tils
sentences oft" short, without any periods
and made a hasty and not very grace
ful exit through tho open window, about
two stories from the ground.
Then, rushing like tho frightened deer
trout the pursuing huntsman, or au ar
row sped from tlie quivering bow, he
made tracks back for "home, iweet
home." Alas, for Jim! Tlie only home
tie hud lu all tlie city was Mary'i
own house, and thither she followed 1dm
arriving there soon after he did. Then a
lively scene occurred ; a second battle of
the Kllkcnnys was next lu un. !ro
gramme, and the air was freighted with
the odor of the conflict t man' wool ami
woman's dress were at a discount, and
loud oaths and dire threats werr lnter
sjiersed by way of accompaniment.
Directly It all ealinned down to me
inlet command of Mary for Jim to leave
the lioue, and never set foot lu It again.
How It all ended, we don't know, hut
tho last we heard was the pleasant prom
ise of Mary's to "chop your head off
with this axe if you try to stay here to
night ; get out," and we venture to say
he got.
Cairo, lu.., Tiii'msday Evenixo,
May 20, 1870.
The weather Is warm and pleasant
again. It would lie too warm for com
fort were It not far the steady eool breeze
from the southwest that prevails through
out each of these almost sleepy Mimmcr
days. Buluess Is very quiet, ami trans
actions smnll In almost everything, lu
some cases the meagre amount of hint
ness done Is owing to the scarcity of sup
pile lu others, which Includes hay, oats,
meal aud bran, with very little demand ;
lu fact, In these branches business may
lie considered at a stand still. Corn Is
II rm aud scan-, with no signs of weaken
ing a yet. Flour is very scarce and lu
active demand. Large orders arc held In
hand of dealers walling for upphes.
Butter, egg, chickens, fruit, etc., arc un
rOur friends should bear in mind
that the prices here ven are usually for
tales from first hands in round lots. In
tilling orders and for broken lots it Is nec-
eary to charge an advance over these
Scarce, active, and linn. Orders ar
held lu hands of dealers, waiting lor snp
plie. There Is no a-ortmcnt at all in
tock. We note sales ol 400 barrels,
$5 :0Qfi 50 ; .TOO barrel, $5 50(0,7 ; 100
barrel, $5 50tfi,fi 75 ; 500 barrels XXX
Spring. $5 70; 100 barrels choice XXX
Winter, $r, 10 ; 400 barrels line, $4 75;
100 barrel XX, S3 50 ; 50 barrels fancy,
$7; 100 barrels various grades, $50; 200
barrels various tirades. $0(3,0 50 : 200 bar
rels various grades, $5 5og,7 25 ; 'JO00 bar
rels city, on orders, $5Q" 25.
Hecelpts are light and upply small,
but there Is no demand except lu a small
retail way. We have no sale ot car load
lots to report.
Scarce and lu demand. Transactions
are limited by lack of supplies. Holders
were asking as high as SOo in bulk for
while to-day, but no sales were made at
that figure. Sales were 1 car white In
sacks on track 82c ; 2 cars mixed lu sacks
delivered 82c ; 1 car white in bulk on
track 77c ; C cars mixed lu sacks deliver
ed fOc ; 5 cars white In i.acks delivered
Uecelpts arc light aud ilemaud smnll.
j nere are very reiv in roarxct, anU no
chance lu prices. We note sales of 5 enri
In wks oVlhvrl 70c,
Steady aud unchanged. There Is no
u-rstock in maiket and only a limited
demand. We note sales of 50 barrels
green meal $3 CO; U00 barrels steam
dried S3 S5; 100 barrels kiln dried
delivered S3 70.
The market 1 over-supplied and very
dull; $1S 50 was the outside figure otter
ing to-day. e note sales of 500 sacks
delivered Sill.
Choice Northern butter I very searee
ind lu good demand. The old stock is
being gradually worked off for the rea
son that not enough choice comes in to
upply tlie demand. Sales were 3 pack
ages good Northern, 23c; 5 packages
cooking butter, 15c ; 100 pounds choice
Northern, 35c; 0 packages Southern Illi
nois, 20o ; 20 tubs choice Northern, 25-
20c ; i tubs choice Southern Illinois, 22c ;
buckets choice Southern Illinois, 20o.
Hecelpts arc all taken on arrival aud
the market is kept bare. Prices are
toady and unchanged. Sale were C cases,
shippers count, 12J13c; 10 case, 'nip
pers count, 13c; 0 cases, ahlpper Vomit,
12Jc; COO dozen In boxes, 12Jc.
Tlie local demand is very small, nnd as
there has been no one buying on specula
tion for a day or two, the market Is
easier. We note sales of 5 coops choice
hens $3 75 ; 3 coops choice mixed $3 25
(3 50 ; 2 coops choice hens J3 75.
The apple season U over, there are none
in market. Oranges and lemons are
scarce and wanted at quotations. Small
fruits, berries, etc., havo not commenced
coming In. We note sales ol 10 boxes
lemons 7 25 ; 5 boxes oranges $5 50.
There are very few In market, nnd only
a small local demand. Old peach blows
nre quoted SI Ptr bushel. We note sales
of 10 barrel Southern new, $1 75.
Coirtcted Dully br K. M. . Slcanis, comrnUalon
merrliant. bccittury uf the tulro Hoard ot
riour, arcouliug to grade
Corn, inlxt, sacked
Corn, white, nacWed
Oats, mliiil ' 1
llran, per ton.......
Mini, aleani dried
Itutter, choice Northern
Itutti-r. choice Southern III
KK. Jperdoien
ChTckeiu, Tt dozen
Turkeya, per:'011,1!
I'outoes, r barrel
Onlona. r barrel
I'leplant ;
Asparagus do ......
0037 00
$3 SO
1 71
bits U0
(4 3 00
.. 45 00
I) OK I Dot I Don 1 1
On and alter June 1st, 1875, all dogi run
nlng at large, on which tax has not been
paid will be disposed of, Call at the City
Clerk's otllce and pay tax.
D-8-td. Wm. M. Wn.UiMS.
City Marshal
Winter's OalUry.
Open every day of the week.
(Mi Nnndnr, Mmy 33, IH7.1.
At the Beautiful aid Romantic Hills of Kan
tucUr, Near Fort Jefferson.
The well-known Steamer "Three States"
has been chartered for the occasion, and
will convey the party to the grounds. The
boat will leave the foot of Fourth street, as
follows : First trip, 9 a. ni. ; return, 12
m. Second trip, 1:30 p. m. ; return, 7. p.
m. The excellent Delta City Cornet Band,
and a splendid string band bare been en
gaged to fui nlih nmilc. Itcfrohmenta of
all kinds will be on the grounds. A good
time Is anticipated.
Tickets for round trip, 50 cents ; children,
25 cent.
Tickets cm be obtained at the following
Usees :
E. & W. Budcr, Louis Herbert, Win.
Alba, 1. O. jcliub, Chi, ischoeneiueycr,
Ed. Hucfner, F. M. Mockfletu, Atnaudui
Jaeckcl, City Brewery.
Thn Old Rellnhlr.
I hereby announce to the public that I
am better prepared than ever to accommo
date inr natrons at the Central Hotel, on 1
.Sixth street, between Commercial and
Washington avenues. I have taken a part
ner in the hotel business, Mrs. Appleraao,
who has lud considerable, experience in
that line, and will not fill to make eiets
feel at home. Toe table will always be
supplied with the best tbc mtrkct afford,
served up In the most palatahlo manner.
Board and lodging per Week, t J 50 ; single
mcali, 25c, to be bad at all hours, I have
alto in connection with my hotel, a first
class barber fhop, and am prepared to give
customers a good shave, hair-cut, shampoo
ing, tc. I will run three chairs, and haw
employed tonsorisl artlats who undcritand
their business. Shaving, 10 cents; sham
pooing, 20 cent ; and hair cutting, 25 cents.
Give mc a call. I'ROF. F. Oor.iiKl..
5-Win. m
Nick Mnrar.
Mrs, llonnard offers her services as a tick
nurtv. alie U experienced In all kinds of
nurtlnir. l'tiblie pationage respectlully so
licited. Leave orders on Cedar street, be-tweeuTwentj-Thlrd
and Twenty-Fourth
streets, In the l'ortcr llouic, or P. O. Box
H, 5-8-lm.
I'lpm-ClKum Tobnrco.
Kred Teichtnan, at bis cigar and toba:es
etore en Eighth street, has just received a
lare and complete assortment of pipes, etc.
and a large stock of the best brand of smo
king and chewing tobacco. K. T.'s stand
ml cigar always on band. Give him a eill.
Notice of Removal.
The well-known barber shop, corner
Cightb and Commercial, presided ovar by
'.he popular artist, George Steinhouse, has
removed one door north on Commercial, In
die Gtand Central Hotel. The new shop is
arge and commodious, and those wishing
for anything artistic tn the way of fashion.
able hair cutting, smooth shaves, etc., will
Jo well to call at the Gtand Central Barber
ihop. ll-M-J-tf
Lnncla t I.ttaacta t
The bhegea'. lunch ever set In Cairo, will
be apread rtry morning at the IUutera
House. W fencr beer fa the Kre attrnr
tfon. It pays to visit the I'Jatiters' llouo
and try a drink of this, the tlneit beer ever
offered In this city. 41C-6-13-3W.
Uo nnd Ks Her.
Laudlorda ut hotels aud boarding boiltes
will mailt lo their advantage to call upon
Mrs. Coleman, Laundress, No 12 Fourth
street, betwevn Washington and Commer
cial avenues. Hotel and boarding-house
washing, 75 cents per dozen. Eol piecework
prices are as follows : Single shirt and col
lar, 10c; per dozen B0c; socks ,V; two col
lars, 6c; two handkerchiefs, 5v; vests itOc;
and all gentlemen's wear, 80c. per
dozen. Ladles' dresses, 35 to 50c;
skirts 10 to 20c; drawers 10 to 15c; two
pair hose 6c; two collars 5 to 10c. For la
dles' plain clothes 1 00 per dozeu; for la
dies tine clothes, $1 'J5 per dozeu; done
dromptly, and promptly delivered. Ta
tronage solicited.
MUM III the Field.
Mr. l'h 1 1 U. siaup wlakes to announce to
his friends and tbc public generally, that
he has lately flfted up, tn excellent style,
bis commodious and comfortable parlors on
Washington avonue, near Eighth street, for
tlie entertainment of those ol our citizens
and the rest of mankind who indulge In
Ice cream, soda water, confectioneries, Ac,
aud tbat he is prepared to tumlsh to citi
zens of Cairo, at home or at bis parlors,
anything In his line, Phil. Is well known
to our citizens, and as his rooms are very
pleasautly fitted up, and as he can always
be found at his post, day or night, to look
after the welfare of his customers, we be
speak for him that custom which his enter.
prise merits. His Ice cream and lemonade
are delicious, his soda water is not equalled
by any in the city, aud as far as confection
eries are concerned, It cannot be denied
that his stock Is always tbc best In tho city.
Kedueed Knleo.
We will take, at the St. Charles Hotel,
during the summer months, 50 day boarders,
at H'l per month, and 60 boarders with rool,
nlcasant rooms on the upper floor, at 930
per month. At this extremely low rate,
nunc but promptly paying boarders will be
accepted. JnwrniT Wilcox ,v Co.,
SM-28-ltnj proprietors,
Pinno mid Oi-irnii TuiUnix.
Mr. M. Kuhue desires us to say that he Is
ready to receive orders for l'lano and Or
?an tuning, aud repairing mulcal Instrn
inents. Orders may bo loft at the corner of
Thirteenth aud Walnut streets, or P. O,
Uox tWO, and will receive prompt attention,
Ilnriieaa wild Maddlea,
A full and complete stock of tine and com
mon buggy harnesi, single or double, at
t. louim pricks, at tho new shop uoxt
door to Theatre-105 Commercial avenue
n.7-2w. L. D. AKIN Co.
Obstacles to Marriage.
HaDoy relief for young Ben from the ef
fecta of errors and abuses in early life.
Manhood restored. Impediments to mar
rlage removed. New method ol treatment.
New and remarkable remedies, nooks
aud circulars sent free, in sealed envelopes.
N. Mlnth street, Philadelphia, Pa, an Insti
tution having a high reputation for honor-
at lo conduct and yroltitlonal skill.
;,.ll-d A w-3iu.
Port I.MI.
Steamer James Flsk, I'aducnh.
" J. I). Parker, Cincinnati.
" City Qulncy, Pittsburg.
" Capitol City, Vlckshurif.
" Vint Shlnkle, Memphis.
Tug Ariadne, Mound City.
Tow-boat A. J. Maker, St. Louis.
Steamer James Flsk, l'aducoh.
" J. J). Parker, Memphis.
" City Qulncy, St. Louis.
" Capitol City, St. Louis.
" Vint Shlnkle, Cincinnati.
Tug Ariadne, Mound City.
TowJioat Gen. Anderson, St. Louis.
" A. J. Baker, Pittsburg.
boats nun.
Jim Flsk from Paducah ; City Vleks
burg, Alf. Stevens, Wild Duck and barges,
Bismarck, from St. Louis ; Thomas Shir
lock, Itobt. Mitchell, Kd. Hobbs, Thos.
Means, Mlnncola, from Ohio river. City
Helena, Chai. Morgan, Sam. J. Hale,
I.oulsvlllo, etc., from the South.
ItlVKIt, WKATimt AM) HUrtlNI'.SS.
The river last evening was 24 feet 11
2-5 Inches on the gauge, liavlng fallen 10
4-5 Inches during the previous 2 1 hours.
Tho rivers elsewhere are falling, The
weather wa quite hot yesterday, with
some clouds and other 'Indications of a
coming ritlit storm.
The Itobt. Mitchell will getn full load
for the South, before reaching this point.
lhe "Merry liny-makers'' is the
name to Ic po-ted on the new W abash
river packet.
Tli" steam yacht Ariadne of the snag
licet, lted Cairo yesterday. She Is very
T. C. Burnout, of Cincinnati, U
naklug the new shatt aud tlanges for tlie
Tow-boat Warner.
Capt. Abe Hutchinson Is quite ill at
St. Louis, but hoes are entertained that
he will soon recover.
Company "A," U. S. Cavalry, going
to l ntiktou, came across the river on
the transfer yesterday.
The J. D. Parker took the barge of
cotton ties to Memphis which was left
here by the City of Qulncy.
The dredge boat Octavia and -snag
boats It. K. DeKussey and S. II. l.oug,
and the dismantled J. J. Abcrt, arc at
Mound City.
The local inspectors of New Or
leans have examined Into the facts coil
nected with the burning ol the Bodmann,
Kyle and Exporter, aud have let the otll
cers of the tugs Dime, Nellie and Tyler
off with a light repremand.
The Fawn and H. S. Turner arc lav
ing lively times in the Cincinnati and
Shawncetowu trade. The war has ad
vanced to such a poiut that the Fawn ad
vertises to take Cairo freight at 10 cents
per 100 pounds, and ItaU rates on every
thing else.
Capt. John Wowen, the river editor
of the Glolie lias charge ot the Globe.
Democrat river. Mr. Ryland stepped
down and out without a word of good
bye, or even a bow, ami )'U Wruj.t
left lu the dark us to what his future oc
cupation will la. People Interested In
river news will tlnd It very hard to part
with Mr. Kylaud.
Mr. Jas. A. Vlall, general agent of
the St. Bernard coal company at Pudttcah,
was a passenger by the Shlnkle, He has
been absent some time on au exUnslve
southern tour in theJnterest of his com
pany. He wu a passenger south by the
Charles Bodmann, aud lo-t all of his bag
gage when she burned. He
says the value of life preservers
was strikingly Illustrated during the
burning ot those boats. Not a single
person who had the presence of mind to
put on a life preserver was drowned.
Some of tho-e who wore them and were
rescued stated that they could not have
drowned themselves If they had wanted
to, aud could have remained In the water
for several hours without danger.
May iM. 1K7S. ' I
rr. t. ik.
I'lttsburg T i 4
Cincinnati U 10 - 10
Ixmlsvill " - -
St. Louis 17 0 2
i - si II -1- - -
Ham Hall.
There will be it meeting of the "Ku-
reka" llaso Ball club tit James Kelly's
stables, back ot the City National Hank,
to-morrow (Friday) evening, at 7:'M
o'clock. All interested are requested to
attend especially the following nine:
Frost, Devoro, Kelly, Hogatt, Glines,
I.ally, Cavnaiigli, Stewart, Floyd and
l'hil Howard to organizo to play I'adn
cah. M0-2t
llaaeKitll ofKvrery Irswrlptlou
I'll IL 1I.SAUI"S.
B'Muled ltouae.
Cottage or two story, with good accom
modations. Address or apply to 1). F.
Bennett, Howe Sowing Machine Otllce.
BUCK HKKIt at I.otils
Vuloii link ry.
Frauk Kratky, of the Union Bakery,
Couimerdal avenue, between Fourth and
Sixth streets, baa re-opened hli bakery, aid
li now prepared to deliver Bread aud Cakes
of tbe best quality, auy where lu the city or
country, lu such quantities as bis custom
er may desire. I'rioeawill be made en
tirely with referjnee to the present hsrd
times j in other words, cheaper than the
cheapest. Send In your order.
ia-o-go-tf. -
presoriptiom rmsE.
FOR the speedy air of Seminal Weakneaa
Lost ktanliood and all dlMtdm brouah
on by Inaucretion or scos. auj uneja
vllMMnaiBui, usiv,
HEW ADYMTIinrttfti,
Erer prvient "Beat for tb Weary .
Mattresses, I'lllows and Bolster at
Mattress Manuftwjtory,
Comer of Nineteenth and Poplar atreeti, be-
fZ'y.tTJ Eel'or ' 81 Mat-
.nrc His-icn irK un ana Ml, Taylor's of-
atrletly cash . Highest cash price ild fr oora
anucaa. uuisemi at nir ractorr.
Meeting of the Stockholders
or nir
Cairo St. LeuUKallroatl Company.
PUIIL1C nolle Is hereby given that there will
h held a meeting or th stockholders of the
Cairo A .It. Inils Railroad Company, at the
station houienf said company, In the city of
Last .St. touls. In Uif county of St. Clair and
bUte of Illinois, on
Mondnjr I far antu Bay of June, A, l.
at the hours or eleven o'clock a. m., for the pur
pose of then and tliere electing by aald atock.
liolders seven dlrettora for aald rompauy lor the
ensuing )ir, and then and then transacting
such other business aptrtalnlng to aald com
pany as shall come beiore said meeting.
A mil attaudanc or all the stockholders in
said company Is itUMtl and much desired
atel, tbtszotliUay or Mar, 1871.
Mtocahvlders O. A St. L, It. It. Co
40-. -Jt-il til.
BY virtue of an order of ths county roiirt of
Alvxanilrrcouuty, In the slate of Illinois,
made at the IheiiiU-r terra thereof, A II. 1S7I,
iimiii thutwrtltion ot tli undersigne,!, aitmlnla
tratorortlifralutenr.fihn U. DeWltt,decsel,
ngulnst ILirlira K. IMVItt and others, I will, on
Tenth Dity t Jnnn Xest,
at thr hour of 10 o'clock a, m., of said day, sell
at public vendue at the front door of tbe store of
Ulcbard A. Kdmondsou at Kat Cape Ulranlniu
In aald Alexander county, the following describ
ed real estate, situated In Alexander county, In
the state or Illinois, to-wit.
All the Interest of the said Jntm It DeWltt
deceased, In and to the undivided one-half of
Unit part or section seven (7),townblpN'o. four
teen (lD.KoulhmngeNo. Inire (3), wetoflhe
thlnl prlnclil meridian, more particularly de
scribed as follows: Commencing at the half
section corner on south aide of said section
seven (T) , running tbenrh north with variation
aix degrees (S degree) andthlrtymlnuteai forty
clialna to centre of section, and running llieno
east uinetcm and eighty-seven hundredths (IS
H7-100) chains ton l)ot ''Ol" thence running
south, variation six ilipw (o tlegrees) and
thirty minutest forty chains to posf'E;"
thence west nineteen and nlnety-flvehundreitth
(19 93-100) chains to post of beginning- at "O"
and containing eventy-nln and sixty-four
hundredths fjl) M-iai) acrea mor or iea.
The above described real eatate being aubstan-
tlally the undivided half of the west half of the
loutb east quarter or aalil aectlon.
TKHMS OF SAI.K: One Uiird rash lu Uantlj
ialan inlw natrl In nna veur from thedav
or sale, the purchaser to give his not drawing
Inirrrat for the ilefrmd nsvment.
and aecurel by mortgage with power of aale up
on the premises aold. The sale la to b made
auuieci 10 nw rigui oi towrr.ii
aal.ldecie.l. CIIAKI.EST. KINO,
George Fisher, Attorney. 412-S-li-dlt.
A BepoaUory or rMoau PleMNit)
ana Inatraetlon."
The Bazar la edited with contribution
of tact and talent that we seldom tlnd In any
Journal; and tbe journal Itaell Is the organ
of tbe great world of fashion. Boston Trav
eler. The uas.ar coinincnua itself to every mem
ber of the household to tho rhlhlran liv
droll and orcttr Dfutiire. fa ths vnnmr .
dies by Its fashion-plates tn endless variety,
to the provident matron by Its patterns for
the children's clothes, to paterfamilias by
its tasteful designs for embroidered slipper
and luxurious dressing gowns. But the
reading matter of the bazar is uniformly ol
great excellence. The paper his acquired
wide popularity for tho Hrei.lde enjoyment
it sflord
rds. N. l . Kvenlug Post.
Harper's Bazar, one year... .94 00
Four dollars includes prepaytneat ol U.
S. postage by the publishers.
Huhicsintlona to Harper Magazine.
Weekly, and Uazar, to one addresa for one
year, 910 00; or two of Harper Periodi
cals, to one uddress for one year, 97 00;
postago free.
An extra copy oi cuuer sue Jiagazine,
Weeklr. or liazar will be sUDnlled eratli
for every club of live subscriber at $4 00
eaeh, in one remittance ; or, six cople for
920 oo without extra copy ; postage free,
Back numbers can be supplied at any
The seven volume or Harper uazar, ror
the years 1888, '00, '70, '71, 'W, '73, '74, ele-
Santly bound in green morocco cloth, will
e sent by express, freight prepaid, tor
97 00 each.
laTNewsparers are not to copy this ad
vertisement without the cxuren older of
Harper A Brother.
"Uaqaeatloaiibljr the boat uatalncal
wora ox toe aiissa in iss worsa."
The ever Increasing circulation of thl
excellent monthly prove its continued
adaption to popular desires and need. In
deed, when we think Into how many homes
it Donetratcs every month, we must con
sider it as one of the educator a well a
entertainers of the public mind, for It vast
popularity has been won by no appeal to
stupid prejudices 0r depravedtastes. Bos
ton uioue.
Tbe cbaiaeiar -which thl Macazlno no-
saae for variety rntorprUe.artlstlc wealth,
and literary culture thnt haakept pace with.
If it ha not led the times, should cause it
conductors to regaru it with justifiable com
placency. It also entitles then to a great
claim upou tbe public gratitude. Tbe
Magazine has done good and not evil all
the days ot its life. Brooklyn.Kagle.
Postage nee to subscriber In tho United
Harper's Magazine, one year.... 9 00
91 00 Include prepayment of U. H. post
age by the publlaheis.
Subscription to Harper" Magszlue,
Weekly, or Bazar, to one address for oue
year, 910 00; or two of Harper' periodi
cals, to one addresa for one year, 97 00;
postage free.
An extra copy ot either the Magazine,
Weekly or Bazar Will be supplied gratis for
every dub of five (uhicriber at 9 00 each,
In one remittance; or six cople lor 9W 00,
without extra copy; postage free.
Back number can be lupplled at any
A complete Mt of Harper' Magazine,
now comprising 40 valutnes, in neat cloth
binding, will ho lest by expre, freight at
the expense of purchaser, for 9 95 per
volume. Single volume, by mail, postpaid,
93 00. Cloth case, for binding, M eent,
hv mall. Doatnald.
7Nwpaper are not to copy thi ad
vertlsement without the expre ordr of
Harper A Brother.
Address HARPER
cotton top, as, good pUlnKhuck iamaW, i
and $li toungt, single, and LYIli MattreaMa it
rciuceu uricea io auit in har.1 ti

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